Anvilmar and Undermine

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2d <Vision> Mythic Raider Recruitment <Vision> Our goal as a guild is to push for PvE progression in a fun and relaxed environment. We currently raid new content on Tuesdays/Wednesdays at 6:30pm until 9:30pm.* On Saturdays and Sundays we run alt runs at 7:00pm.* Our current raid progress is 7/7 H EN and 2/3 H ToV. With some new members we are looking to push for some mythic content. Current Recruiting- 2 Tanks- Preferably Druid or Paladin 2 Healers- Preferably Paladin and/or Druid/Shaman Any skilled dps that know their role. All classes are considered for raider positions. Feel free to comment or send me a message in game for more information. *Times are server basedKiñg0 2d
Dec 30 (H) Relentless 7/7M - LFM for Nighthold In Relentless, our goal is to maintain a relaxed, fun atmosphere that will still allow its members to enjoy areas of endgame content often only accessible by joining a hardcore raiding guild. Relentless has been on Undermine since May 26, 2007 and we plan to continue on raiding until the servers go dark. We generally raid current content on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 8:00-11:00 PM EST while running Mythic+ and alt raids on off nights. Loot is distributed through the EP/GP Loot System on Heroic and Mythic difficulties. Loot on normal is handled through a limited need before greed or personal system. Current Progress: 7/7 Mythic EN, 3/3 Heroic ToV Current Recruiting Needs: Druid (Guardian, Resto) Hunter (MM, BM) Paladin (Holy, Protection) Mage (Fire, Arcane) Warrior (Protection, Arms) Rogue Any other exceptional Heals or Ranged DPS All applicants will be considered regardless of spec and class. If you are interested, please apply at or, you can add me: Dherik#1935Dharic0 Dec 30
Dec 29 A<Guild Medieval> social, leveling, mature. Thanks for your interest in Guild Medieval! Guild Application: Guild Cinematic Trailer: Founded in 2001, Guild Medieval is well known as a haven, or sanctuary if you will, for mature gamers. We are family-friendly, helpful, and courteous. Many of our members form friendships that last beyond the games we play. Some have even gotten married! When you join Guild Medieval you are not simply joining a World of Warcraft guild, you are free to play any game and join us in games we have a presence in, the current list is: Diablo Dungeons and Dragons Online Elder Scrolls Online Neverwinter Path of Exile Star Wars The Old Republic And more... In WoW we accept players of any level and our focus is on growing our presence in WoW and helping guild members level and complete dungeons. But we are open to creating other content like forming raids and participating in PVP. To save you some time reading, we do not allow swearing or off-color language/jokes. Or temper tantrums when someone dies or causes a wipe for that matter. Not that our members are all saints, but this isn't the venue for that. We all practice courtesy and the no naughty language rule is consistently and swiftly enforced. Click "JOIN" on our homepage and fill out the application. All serious applications are considered and replied to--this means filling out the reason for joining with more than just a couple sentences. Your comments will be on public display to our full members. This will be your first impression to the guild, so make it a good one. You'll also be asked to write an introduction thread once you join where you can provide more information about your hobbies, gaming history, etc. Responses are usually within 48 hours (could be longer over weekends). Reply here if you expected a reply and never got one (and check your junk mail folder in case). Once your application is approved, you will be sent a code of conduct/rules agreement to reply to, and then we will give you access to our forums and friends list. The rules and policies agreement is long and stringent. We find that making everything we expect from members clear and upfront prevents a lot of misunderstanding and drama down the road. You'll find we're quite different even from most guilds that brand themselves "mature" and "drama-free". If that makes you unsure about joining, we understand. There are other clans/guilds out there that would be a better match for you, and that's better for everyone involved. If though you understand and appreciate what we're all about, by all means, come on in. Please use this thread for any questions you may have or contact me through PM or in-game. If you want to run with some of us before filling out an application to just meet some people and talk with them let me know and we will be happy to set up an game. FAQ: Q: Are there playtime requirements? A: None at all. Play as much as you like. Even if you quit WoW, our forums are open to you, given you've achieved Knight status, i.e. full membership. Squires (trial members) have 90 days to show they are worthy of full membership. Q: Is GameVox/Mumble required? A: Nope. Some members have hearing difficulties or just don't like using it. Some have to have it off for household considerations. You will need to communicate by text chat though. But feel free to join us in GameVox, our current real time voice service. Q: It's okay to swear, talk about doing drugs, sex, and other "adult" topics, right? A: Incorrect. When we say "mature" we also mean having the ability to keep polite, civilized company. We are family-friendly, meaning we keep things we don't want our children hearing out of our guild gaming. You can swear to your heart's content with your mic off, but we keep our forums and chat clean. Q: What are your age requirements? A: Under 16 we take some consideration. Otherwise age is not a factor. As long as you are mature in thought and action, that's enough. We also have a special "Page" rank for younger children of members. Q: What does your clan/guild provide to its members? A: A safe and friendly gaming environment. That's all. We get you away from griefers, cheaters, the dishonest, and the people you just don't want to be around. We have lots of nice members who gladly share loot and will help you beat Dungeons, but none of that is guaranteed. A lot of what you get out is what you put in. Share and be helpful, and you'll see it come right back to you. Q: How skilled/experienced do I have to be to join? A: Skill and experience are not factors in joining or becoming full members of Guild Medieval. We have very skilled players and players that are still learning the game. We are only concerned about the person in front of the screen. If you have the qualities we share that make you a good person, and not necessarily a good player, we will be happy to have you.Sunderskull10 Dec 29
Dec 29 looking for guild Looking for a new guild to call home. Our guild is shutting it's doors and there are 3 of us looking for a new guild. All 3 of us have been on WoW, on and off since 2006. We are all experienced WoW players. Any invites would be appreciated..Tülip1 Dec 29
Dec 19 [H] Heroic ToV Weekly Pug - 12/19 Good Evening, My name is Haws (Haws#1579), I am the Raid Leader of Our Valor and we are raiding on December 19th and looking for people to help kill Helya. We are a small but dedicated guild that has prided itself on running smooth and efficient pugs to help with our progression as a small group. We have been able to teach and work with many PUGs to help us complete farm content, and also teaching PUGs new fights that we are progressing on. We are looking for people to come to our raids and be dedicated to coming so we can clear out content. Whether you are playing on an ALT, want Bonus rolls for the week or you want to kill the fights for the first time and want to come to our raids to progress further, We are the group for you. Info is below. Raid Details Time: Monday Dec 19th 4:00 PST/7:00 EST - 7:00PST/10:00 EST Guild Players: 6 Agenda: Helya Needs: 1 Tank / Heals / DPS (Ranged would be nice, But won't turn away High melee DPS) Requirements Gear: 870 Experience: First 2 bosses in heroic Supplies: Potions (You are expected to double pot), Food, Flasks. Expectations We expect that you can - Take criticism - Attempt to improve - Come to multiple raids - Be prepared - Have a positive attitude - Contribute to fightsRacker0 Dec 19
Dec 15 [H] New guild <BeoWulf> looking for members We are a small group of friends that have been playing WoW since Vanilla looking to grow our ranks for Mythic+ and Normal raid content progression Reach out in game to: Aerotan Fieyro Gragnat GragtarFieryo0 Dec 15
Dec 15 Resto LF Mythic Guild Looking to raid Heroics/Mythic EN, ToV Available Tue-Thurs, some Mondays Will consider faction change for consistent raiding team Edit: JK, Rip undermine... it's been great really but adiosMenopawz0 Dec 15
Dec 9 <Reforged> Recruiting for Core <Reforged> Newer guild recruiting, Healers for core group, for Progression 7/7 N 1/7 H EN. Also for Mythic and Mythic + we are a relaxed, fun, social group of people that are looking for good players to have fun and enjoy the game, and to challenge ourselves. If interested please contact myself, Orodur, Vachina, Casylii, or Aelona either while were online or feel free to send an ingame mail or hit me up here, look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.Sephina1 Dec 9
Nov 30 Ravage Where my Ravage bros at people still play at all? what ever happen to Ronoc Claudius Kensei Gunwood Zink. Wheres my bros atEspook0 Nov 30
Nov 27 [A] <Affirmative Action> recruiting! <Affirmative Action> is recruiting! We're a casual group of friends focused on raiding and mythic dungeons. We raid 3 hours a week on Wednesdays from 9:30pm - 12:30pm server time (7:30pm - 10:30pm PST). We've cleared Normal EN, and we're working on Heroic. While we're looking for all roles, we're taking a special interest in Tanks (ideally with a DPS off-spec) and Ranged DPS. Interested? Know someone who might be? Give us a shout, here or in game!Draenerys5 Nov 27
Nov 15 Ember's 2nd team, Phoenix (7/7H) Recruiting! Hi folks! We're <Ember> (US Zul'jin, Horde). Our aim is to bring twentyish people together to slaughter bosses, and have fun doing it. Outside of progression, we favor a fair amount of social activities, in and out of game. We've watched over 20 terribly awful movies and played more than 30 games of online pictionary. Oh, and our guild achieved Cutting Edge in Hellfire Citadel with enough time to farm nearly every raider the mount. What are we offering? A great raid environment. Discord is full of jokes, not shouting. Wisecracks, not grumbling. Support and help, not blame. Progression. We may not be a top 100 guild, but you'll do plenty of Mythic raiding with us. Phoenix will be aiming for 60% mythic progression at least, but we'll definitely push for 100%. Stability. We're comprised of a core group of players who have played together for over two years. We will fill a raid team roster with at least 25 people, which means you won't sit out often, but raids aren't cancelled when 1 person can't make it. Buddies. We like to sit in voice comms outside of raids too and chat with each other. We have guild movie nights where we all watch (mostly bad) movies. Jump in an Overwatch game with us, or enjoy some alcohol-empowered Cards Against Humanity. What are we looking for? Fantastic raiders. Chat with us on Discord, tell awful jokes, be patient on wipes - generally be a solid part of our positive, progressive raid environment. Skill. Hardcore "server first" level skill not required, but we can only progress because everyone on the team is an experienced raider. We have one team that is dedicated to helping raiders learn how to better raid. But if you are applying for one of our Mythic teams, they will not be there to teach you how to do so. Sorry. Commitment. You should attend over 90% of team raids. To keep things moving along, you need to be spending reasonable time outside raids optimizing your character, improving your play, etc. Maturity. You need to be 18+, and act it. This isn't "maturity" in the sense of "strictly no childish behavior" - that'd be boring - but there needs to be respect underneath the playful trash talking. You need to know where the line is, etc. _____________________________________________________________________________ If you have a decent personality and just want to join a compellingly fun and interesting group, we are always accepting social players. If you are interested in becoming a part of our guild/team, please apply at or add me on btag: Shadowrealm#1917 Thank you for your interest in Ember!Paîway0 Nov 15
Nov 4 Thinking about rolling to this server.... I'm considering rolling a character here. I'm wondering how the raid environment is. Progression good on the server? Plenty of guilds raiding at different times? So forth. Thanks for the info.Bankofnika2 Nov 4
Nov 3 [H] Guild looking for members We are a small casual guild looking for more members to help us eventually get to 10 man raiding. Currently we are doing mythics and M+ and are getting ready for Kara. If you are interested in a mature laid back guild and want to try out some bigger content without all the big guild pressure give myself or Halcar a tell and we can have a chat. Thanks for you time. GerackGerack0 Nov 3
Nov 2 Brand new guild looking for members We're hoping to put together weekend groups for PvE, starting off with 5-person and then getting into 10-person content once we have enough members. Willing to gear up new players and run through world quests on off days.Yäh0 Nov 2
Oct 31 (A) LFM steady Mythic Keystone Group Hello all, As fun as Premade group finder is =/ My friend and I are looking to have a more constant group of people to progress through some Mythic Keystone dungeons with, and meet some people on the server. We usually play most weeknights around 930pm (pst). I have been on break from WoW for a long time, quitting back in the early days of Cata. I dabbled a bit in WoD but Legion has sparked my interest in the game again. We both have extensive raid experience from the times we were playing and enjoy conquering challenges. Feel free to hit me up in game if you are interested and maybe we can run some stuff together. ~EphEphrael0 Oct 31
Oct 31 (A) 7/7H looking for a guild merger EST Shenanigans 7/7H is looking for a smaller guild to merge with to take on mythic. Our raid nights are tues/wed/sun 9-1130PM EST We will pay for all your guildees transfer. Add aekopatich#1530 for more infoPinkee0 Oct 31
Oct 30 WTB Blackrock Bulwark (boe) If you have or come across one in WoD let me know =)Egahtrac0 Oct 30
Oct 30 <Relentless> Selling Normal/Heroic EN Carries <Relentless> is selling 7/7 Normal and Heroic Emerald Nightmare runs. Come get your Xavius achievement and 850+/865+ loot from Normal/Heroic Emerald Nightmare! We also offer bundles of normal and heroic should you desire. Bundles: b]Heroic Carries[/b] A. 6/7 Heroic w/o Xavius: 150k B. 7/7 Heroic: 225k C. Heroic Xavius only: 100k Master Loot: first run of week, price is doubled. (Your Choice!) Normal Carries A. 6/7 Normal w/o Xavius: 100k B. 7/7 Normal: 175k C. Normal Xavius: 85k Master Loot: first run of week, price is doubled. (Your choice!) Normal/Heroic Carries A. 7/7 Normal AND Heroic EN: 350k Master Loot: first runs of week, price is doubled. (Your Choice!) TERMS OF AGREEMENT 1: In order to guarantee the run, and your attendance, you will be required to pay a 30% deposit before the run begins. Your spot in the run is not reserved until you pay the deposit, then it is yours. Right before the run begins, you will need to pay the remaining 70% balance of your run. 2: IF YOU CANCEL YOUR RUN, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. If you sign up for a run, you are agreeing to be there for the entire run. 3: If you don't show up, are >15 minutes late, or you cancel the run, we will keep the 30% deposit as payment for our wasted time. Please make sure you can and will attend your run before you reserve it. 4: Even if you main spec heals or tank, you will be required to be DPS for the run, even if you do literally 0 damage. We will probably just ask you to hit the boss and find a creative way to die. 5: Loot will be done on Personal unless you wish to pay for master loot. Loot will be set at PERSONAL unless YOU specify YOU want MASTER LOOT. 6: By paying your deposit, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. If you are interested and/or want to reserve a spot, please add Veloth#1394 to your friends list. The time of run will depend on you, and will be done on either Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday between 8-11 EST. The runs usually take about 1.5 hours for each difficulty, with normal taking less time. *We are willing to sell off-server. You must find a way to pay us though.*Veloth1 Oct 30
Oct 29 (H) Relentless-Undermine, 7/7H, 3/7M In Relentless, our goal is to maintain a relaxed, fun atmosphere that will still allow its members to enjoy areas of endgame content often only accessible by joining a hardcore raiding guild. Relentless has been on Undermine since May 26, 2007 and we plan to continue on raiding until the servers go dark. We generally raid current content on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 8:00-11:00 PM EST. Loot is distributed through the EP/GP Loot System on Heroic and Mythic difficulties. Loot on normal is handled through a limited need before greed or personal system. Current Progress: 7/7N, 7/7H, and 3/7M EN Current Recruiting Needs: Druid (Balance) Warrior (Protection) Paladin (Protection) Any other exceptional Heals or Ranged DPS Only applications that are completely filled out will be seriously considered. We would like you to be a part of Relentless if: -You don't spend your time in trade chat -You are an easy going person -Able to handle killing content at a more relaxed pace All applicants will be considered regardless of spec and class. If you are interested, please apply at or, you can add me: Dherik#1935Dharic0 Oct 29
Oct 28 Aryakin Relentless tank Gofundme Aryakin is a WoW player and tank for Relentless who is in ICU after a house fire. Please consider donating if you can and more info in link. Oct 28
Oct 23 [H]<Riot> Tichondrius - Recruiting for Raid Looking to server transfer? As a high population PvP server that is about 60/40 Horde favored, you might consider Tichondrius as a new home. Riot is a newly formed semi-casual guild looking to fill its ranks with people who are active, mature and social. Our current interests are building a solid 15 person raid team to farm EN N and push EN H, mythic plus, bgs, and world quest groups. We are attempting to build a guild where people actually communicate and do things together, none of this auto invite anyone level 110 that a lot of guilds do now. We do consider ourselves to be very social and are fairly active in Discord so we ask that you please be the same. There is no lengthy application process but we do like to have a short conversation with prospective guild members before they join the guild. Raid days/times will be: Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 to 10:30 server What we are looking for: People who display maturity level 110 Around 200k required DPS Classes & Specs we're currently needing: Hunter: 1 MM or BM Mage: 1 Fire Paladin: 1 Retribution Priest: 1 Shadow Shaman: 1 Resto Warlock: 1 Demonology or Destruction Warrior: 1 Prot (If your class or spec is not listed above please note that you are still welcome in our guild for other activities but will not have a raid spot at this time) *Please keep in mind that we will ask to speak with you in Discord prior to inviting you to our guild so that we know if Riot is a good fit for you, with that in mind please contact us when you are free to talk for a few minutes. If you want to get in on the ground floor and want to help build something great please get in touch with us today. Add to btag: Ghen#11664 or Sherona#11620 Whisper in game: Genrix or SheronaGeniric0 Oct 23
Oct 23 <Lament> 7/7N 7/7H LFM for mythic raiding Lament is currently looking to recruit dedicated dps and healers to its current progression team for mythic raiding. We've had a few schedule changes with certain raiders and are looking to fill in those holes. We're also looking to gain additional members for mythic+ groups and are taking on newcomers who want to try their hand at Heroic Emerald Nightmare. Schedule (server time) : Monday (Cleanup Day) : 7:00pm - Whenever *Tuesday (Progression) : 7:00pm - 10:00pm Wednesday (Farm/Alt Raids) : 7:00pm - Whenever *Thursday (Progression) : 7:00pm - 10:00pm Recruitment Needs: Tanks: Druid DPS: Enhancement Shaman Shadow Priest Feral Druid Rogue Fire Mage Fury/Arms Warrior Warlock Heals: Holy Priest Disc Priest Monk Shaman If you'd like to know more about schedules, the guild, etc. etc., the best way to contact me is in game. You may also send your questions to Nekani-Anvilmar or any of our other officers. *Only progression days are mandatory, the rest is optional.Claire1 Oct 23
Oct 22 Thank you I am not a great hunter, my dps is always too low, and I certainly haven't racked up a whole bunch of crazy achs on my character. I am probably destined to be a forever noob to this game. But THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LEGION. This expansion is AWESOME(especially Highmountain). I feel like I'm playing WOW again for the first time. Seriously, DEVS....great job on this one! Sincerely!Woodsgriff0 Oct 22
Oct 20 Looking for people to start a casual guild I've already got the signatures and two people to help me out - just looking for people to start recruiting and getting us set up to run raids and mythic dungeons. PM me to learn more about Kill All Humans.Yäh0 Oct 20
Oct 20 Looking for friendly raiding guild. Hey guys, I'm looking for a new guild, the one i'm in currently, well the people are really unfriendly, and just refuse to respond when I say literally anything. I'm looking for a guild, that's 7/7 N, and hopefully does some ranked BGs. 854 Havoc, know most of the fights, due to pugging. Willing to buy flasks, food, runes, etc. Feel free to whisper me, on here or my battletag Rubicant#1235Judeo0 Oct 20
Oct 18 Guild Recruitment For <Eternal Warfare> New guild recruiting anyone interested in running dungeons & raids as a guild. We aim to eliminate pugs of any sort for everything pve for our members. We also aim to be a social guild that treats everyone like respected members. This guild was just created today, Oct 18th, and is looking for everyone that is interested in doing pve with their guild instead of pugs. We want members that are willing to help others with gearing etc and of course people who are still gearing. We plan on pooling together mythic keystones for faster gearing and when we get enough people we plan to raid. If enough people are interested, once we beat heroic we will start trying mythic raids. You don't have to be an amazing player to join us. We accept players of all skills and want members willing to help others improve their skills. Well, that's enough rambling for now. I'm sure you get what kind of guild this aims to be by now. If interested pm me in-game or look us up on the guild finder. You can even leave me a mail if I'm not online so I can invite you later. We hope to see some new faces in the near future!Inferno0 Oct 18
Oct 18 842+ Lock Affliction/Demo Looking for consistent Raid Group. I have several years of Raiding experience, mostly as a Tank or Healer. Available 7 days a week(evenings) and in Eastern TZ. I have no problem with leveling a different toon to fill a needed role for any good team. Feel free to /wsp me in game (Spiritward#1266) or send in-game mail to this toon. I also currently have a personal 30 channel Vert server if needed. TYSpiritward2 Oct 18
Oct 17 Ready to start a guild? Kill All Humans is a guild just getting started out and we're looking for members to help grow us into a productive raiding guild! Starting out, our goals are fairly benign - a regular team for mythic plus dungeons and a core to start out in LFR. Later on, we're hoping to have dedicated and casual/inclusive Raid and PvP teams for progression. Please consider joining if you have ever wanted to start your own guild but haven't been able to get the signatures to do so!Yäh0 Oct 17
Oct 16 <Relentless> 7/7N 1/7H Nightmare LFM! In Relentless, our goal is to maintain a relaxed, fun atmosphere that will still allow its members to enjoy areas of endgame content often only accessible by joining a hardcore raiding guild. Relentless has been on Undermine since May 26, 2007 and we plan to continue on raiding until the servers go dark. We raid current content on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 8:00-11:00 PM EST. Loot is distributed through the EP/GP Loot System. Current Progress: 1/7H (7/7N) Emerald Nightmare Currently Recruiting any exceptional class/spec for Legion. We are particularly interested in strong warlocks, balance, feral druids and mages. Only applications that are completely filled out will be seriously considered. We would like you to be a part of Relentless if: -You don't spend your time in trade chat -You are an easy going person -Able to handle killing content at a more relaxed pace -Have thick skin and can handle a mature raid environment All applicants will be considered regardless of spec and class. If you are interested, please apply at or, you can add me: Veloth#1394Veloth7 Oct 16
Oct 14 <Reforged> 18+ Guild LFM Raids/Mythics Newer guild, about 2 months old, still pretty active 50 or so accounts is looking for steady, reliable players for Raid Team and Mythics. Primarily active from about 5-12 server. Currently doing Wed and Fri 8:30-11:30 server Raids, would like to get to 2 solid days with 3rd clean up, and/or additional teams going. Need Healers. Send me a in game mail if you would like to join, I look forward to having you join our team.Sephina0 Oct 14
Oct 11 858 Vengeance Demon Hunter Hello, Currently 7/7 normal EN and 3/7 heroic. Looking for a progression raid / mythic keystone guild, Would prefer to stay in the Anvilmar and Undermine server but server moving is not out of the question however horde side however would be a must. Open to raid pretty much any day of the week after 7:30-8:00pm EST. I don't know what else you people want from me so feel free to ask any questions or message me. Tensu#1300Tystal0 Oct 11
Oct 9 838 Destro Lock LF Raid Guild I have a couple years of raid experience, and I am looking to start raiding in Legion. I am available Monday-Friday in the evenings server time. If you have any questions please feel free to IM me. Thank you.Lazerrave1 Oct 9
Oct 5 WTB Mythic Dungeon & EN clear WTB several mythic dungeon runs every week and normal EN clear. msg me in-game, Spiritward#1266 or in-game mail to this toon. TYSpiritward0 Oct 5
Oct 3 LF healer for guild raid group Looking for healers to join core guild raiding group, once we have 3 healers we will begin to run EN asapRobal0 Oct 3
Oct 1 [A] <HaVoK> Casual guild We're a social, casual guild. We're looking for fellow players who love to play the game. HaVoK's mission is to partake in PvE, PvP and a few fun side events as well. You have Raiding guilds, social guilds, PvP guilds, etc. We believe you can be all of those things. We are a WoW guild. We'll work our way through the Legion, exploring the broken shores, we'll test our guile in the battlegrounds against other teams. We may even have an occasional Gnaked Gnome race through the swamps or a HaVoK fun day in Stormwind park. We welcome all players, all classes, all levels. Whether you can play a little or alot, we hope you can enjoy your time with us. A two week initiate period is required before given full membership. For more information go to or If you want to join the ranks please find a HaVoK member near you and ask for an invite. :) See ya in Azeroth! Keep it real, keep it fun LunarfrostLunarfrost2 Oct 1
Sep 29 Looking for Night Time Guild (Pacific Time) Looking to join a guild that primarily plays in the evening. My current horde guild is on east-coast time. Because of this, I don't have the opportunity to raid or do other stuff. Due to my work schedule I'm not usually available until after 7:30 pm Pacific during the week but flexible on the weekends. If a good opportunity comes, I would be willing to transfer, re-roll or use my level 100 boost to move one of my characters. A little about myself. I'm an old timer but don't let my age fool you. I have been playing MMO's since EQ and have been playing WoW since beta. I have several level 100 characters from both factions ranging anywhere from 670 to 725 ilevel. My main class is a hunter but I do have a few warriors, death knight, druid and some mid 80-90 classes like a paladin and rogue. I'm more of a casual gamer now-a-days but I have done all heroic HFC encounters (mainly on my hunter). Primarily looking for an adult casual oriented guild with emphasis on having fun and not worrying about how much DKP they have to spend. :) If you have some room in your guild for another player, please hit me up: Grendel #1570 \m/ \m/ Cheers!Bullcifer1 Sep 29
Sep 21 sPriest/Disc looking for PvP guild Current ilvl 840. I've played a lot of BGs just not many rated at this point. Okay experience in Arenas. I have a mic and use Curse/Discord at the moment. I'm looking for a guild who will mainly do RBGs but I'm also down for arenas. Wizrad#1994Wizurd0 Sep 21
Sep 18 830 Mage looking for raiding guild Been maining a mage since late BC. Fairly constant player looking for a semi-serious/semi casual raiding guild for Legion. Currently gearing as much as I can for 7.0 and emerald nightmare. High performer in raids, I don't impress it on others but I am a min maxer in terms of both build and knowing my class/spec cold in any given situation. Top parser throughout WoD and Cata. I can link parses if necessary, but I was regularly top 10 within my ilvl and spec. Very friendly/amiable guy looking to socialize as well as play. Also interested in dedicated mythic and mythic plus gaming. Willing to transfer servers. Ideal situation is between 6-9 hours a week of raiding. Let me know if you have any questions! Been on anvilmar my entire time since BC. Been with Stoic/Strafe/Nights Edge/Nox Aeterna/Tried and True/Care Bear Killers/Refugges in descending order of history. I can get references if neededSwitch0 Sep 18
Sep 14 850 Arms War LF Raiding Guild Hey, I'm an 850 arms war looking for a night time raiding guild. I am available around 10-11 PM Eastern time to 2-3 am pretty much most days of the week.Impalex0 Sep 14
Sep 13 [A] <The Counted Few> Looking for More! Currently Recruiting *Warrior or Death Knight Tank *Druid or Demon Hunter Tank *Hunter *Shadow Priest *Warlock of any spec <The Counted Few> Anvilmar is recruiting more for our raid team. We're a close group of friends that are wanting to find friendly and positive people to fill out our raid roster. We have experience in mid level raiding content not only in World of Warcraft but other MMOs. Because we're going to raid two nights a week, we expect our raiders to be prepared. While flasks and consumables will be provided by the guild, we expect our raiders to come with the proper knowledge of the fights. However, <The Counted Few> is a close group of friends so the most important thing we're looking for is positive players. Raid Times *Sundays 9-11 EST *Mondays 9-11 EST --Invites to be started at 8:45 EST-- We will be using a Loot Council via Officer chat to hand out loot. If you are interested or if you have questions, please add me at Mandaryn#11156Mandalin0 Sep 13
Sep 13 WTB Sky Crystal Having a hard time finding sky crystal sellers on this server. Paying 30k.Herules0 Sep 13
Sep 6 It went down for 3 seconds waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahSmacc0 Sep 6
Aug 28 LF PvP RBG Guild Just coming back from Season 15. Looking to find a PvP guild that will be running RBG's in Legion. I play both Affliction Warlock and/or Restoration Druid. Challenger (1900+ 3v3's) in Season 15 Knight-Lieutenant (1700+ RBG) achieved in Season 15 as well I'm over 18, have a mic, speak fluent English, and know my class / PvP/ RBG's. Contact me through here or add RyanKing#1451Coolidge0 Aug 28
Aug 25 WTS OG Names (Anvilmar) All names are on Anvilmar. Available Wo Kappa Small Dps Shaft Dear Shoot Send offers to RyanKing#1451Riverside0 Aug 25
Aug 23 <Caseous> Alliance casual guild We recognize that not everyone's life revolves the game or the ability to raid. This guild is for those people that real life tends to make the game leave you behind. If you feel left out because you want to play with other people but you always have to stand by and watch or listen to others doing things, this is the guild for you. We will not require you to be on certain days of the week. We recognize that people's schedules change periodically. We recognize that real life is the priority over the next piece of BIS gear at times. What we do promise is that we will try to work as a guild and get the achievements people are looking for. If you are looking for someplace to call home and be accepted, this is that place. Contact Steelpanda in game.Steelpanda0 Aug 23
Aug 18 Veteran Prot Warrior Seeking Laid-back Guild I've done the hardcore thing but mostly consider myself a casual player nowadays. It's been a while, but I know my way around my class in dungeons and raids, so I'm open to that too. Mostly I'm just looking for a relaxed, laid-back guild to chat with and help people out with this or that. You know, people to play with and keep company. EST, some afternoons but mainly weekends.Kril0 Aug 18
Aug 17 ICC Run with Shadowmourne irrelevantVasec0 Aug 17
Aug 17 Veteran Player LFG This forums seem pretty dead but I guess it's worth a shot. Like the title says I'm a veteran player that's been playing since Vanilla WoW. Started raiding in TBC and raided all the way through WOTLK hardcore achieving multiple server firsts on Anvilmar with the guild Stoic. Played on and off throughout Cata and MOP and tried getting back into raiding with a refreshed Stoic until I was switched to 3rd shift at work during Highmaul progression. Finally returning to 1st shift after 3 years and would like to find a new raiding guild. Reason I am staying on Anvilmar is because I have leveled every class to 100 and like having the option to play all my characters even if most of them don't get played on a regular basis. Thanks for reading this wall of text and please let me know who is recruiting and what your raid schedule looks like and I will get get in touch. Also if there are any old players that remember me as Saberlin hit me up.Sabbe0 Aug 17
Aug 10 LF Heroic Archimonde Carry, Horde-side As the title suggests, I'm looking for a heroic Archimonde carry. I want that moose mount! I have 30k gold at my disposal. Please help!Danpin6 Aug 10