Azuremyst and Staghelm

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Mar 1 6/11M Recruiting DPS Dalaran(H) LFR Certified is a Horde guild on the Dalaran-US server, currently looking for a few exceptional players to complete our Mythic Antorus raid group. We have been around since mid-WoD, and have a talented/dedicated core group; we're just looking to build on it. Progress: 6/11M - 6/9M - 5/10M - 7/7M - 2/3M Our primary raid times are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 8pm-11pm server time (eastern), with alt-gearing/normal/titanforge-chance raids occurring throughout the week, usually Thursdays. We are constantly looking for people to push keys as well. What <LFR Certified> has to offer: -- Guild bank stocked with feasts, flasks, and potions to supplement whatever you are lacking during our guild raids. -- Loot Council: Gear is distributed fairly based on tier-set-bonuses, best-in-slot, etc. basis, with the mentality that the raid/guild benefits as a whole before the sole-player. -- A consistent, but casual Friday-Saturday-Sunday raid schedule. We expect our players to also be consistent in being able to make those raid days/times. We realize that people have real-life things that sometimes take precedence, that’s no problem. What we’re not looking for are folks who can’t make every Friday, or can only raid half the night on Saturdays, etc. -- Knowledgeable, skilled leaders and fellow players. We are more than willing to work with you to improve your numbers if that’s where you’re lacking. We will not carry people though. We are currently looking for skilled Mage/Ele/Boomkin, but are considering any qualified, skilled, and enthusiast applicants. To inquire further, apply, or just get in touch, please contact Nebeon (Nebeon23#1360), Fenreal (Fenreal#1600), or Jasny (Soar#1805), in-game. Can also reach me fast on Discord: Nebeon#4320Spicegold1 Mar 1
Mar 1 [H] Frozen Doom 11/11H LF 3 DPS Frozen Doom is looking for DPS for our raid group.  We are a casual guild/semi casual raid group. Looking for mature people to push progression. Currently we need 3 DPS no shaman dps (we have 3 already).   Day/times: Tuesday, Wednesday & Monday  8pm-11:00cst (9pm-12:00 est). Loot: RC Loot Council voice coms:discord  We request you have solid raid awareness and 90% attendance. Be able to give notice via discord if you are not able to raid on occasion. Must use or be willing to use addons (dbm,bigwigs,wa or tellmewhen)Research encounters and know your role in current raid content. Have Flasks/Consumables on hand for raid nights. For more info realid Dalfina#1473Dalfina2 Mar 1
Feb 25 FREE GIVEAWAYS – H Argus, Mounts, Pets, etc Hello everyone! We're a HORDE carry team dedicated to provide the best runs for you! Apart from selling Heroic Antorus services we also do GIVEAWAYS every week! If you don’t wish to buy a run and simply want to be part of our growing community while participating in our giveaways, I encourage you to join our discord! What giveaways are you guys doing? Our giveaways range from pets, mounts, Heroic Argus, Heroic Antorus Clear, etc. As our community grows so will our desire to give more! Discord link: Join our discord to take advantage of our giveaways and be part of our growing discord community! Our goal: We believe in giving back to our community as part of our commitment to sharing our success. To take part of our founded principle we welcome you to join our fast-growing discord community. You will have the opportunity to participate in giveaways that will benefit you and enforce our mission statement: our success starts with your success.Helloimferal2 Feb 25
Feb 15 [H] <Starfleet Academy> 11/11 heroic Once More unto the Breach. Starfleet Academy is a guild that was created as a hangout for a group of close knit friends during the time of the Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria. Eventually, at the end of MoP and the beginning of Warlords of Draenor, Starfleet Academy found itself with a roster of strong players with a hunger for raiding. We would eventually become a guild that would full clear Mythic during the peak of WoD, all while sharing a common purpose; to progress and clear content to the best of our abilities, with fellow guildies at our side. We are forming once again from the ashes, and it is our goal to put together a competent raiding group with an emphasis on guild culture. It’s important that raiding has purpose, and that leaders have direction, and that a guild success is truly based the sum of its parts. The ideal candidate for us would be one who can meet the following criteria: Attitude: Be friendly and respect others. We have zero tolerance for any toxic behaviour in or outside of raid. We look at behaviour strongly, and the impact that it has on the team. This being said you should also have the capacity to take opportunistic feedback when/if needed during progression. Effort: To us the perfect player isn't one who just shows up for raid night. Rather, that player is one who also puts in a reasonable amount of effort outside of raid to ensure they come prepared on raid night. This is research on encounters, your class, improving your gear, ensuring you have acquired the proper consumables for raid night, etc. If you only log in for raid night, you will likely fall behind rather quick. A little bit here and there on non-raid nights goes pretty far. Commitment: Attendance and commitment is one of the most important aspects of raiding, and it matters a great deal to us. A player who is committed and shows up to every raid is worth many orders of magnitude more than one who fails to give adequate notice and frequently leaves the team hanging. Don't be that person. Obviously real life takes precedence, especially on emergencies as we understand they do happen, however these should be the exception and not the norm. Your schedule should be fully compatible with our raiding schedule. Raid Times Tuesday: 7:30 - 10:30 PM MST(Arizona Time XD) Thursday: 7:30 - 10:30 PM MST(Arizona Time XD) Expectations Recruitment is an ongoing process, and to rise up back to an established guild from nothing will take a great deal of effort. The expectations are Normal, then eventually Heroic; we want to be full cleared in Antorus. The sum of our guild in the individuals that we will recruit will constitute the necessity to go further. At the present, we will be taking a more laid-back approach, and we are looking for like-minded individuals to achieve this task. Recruitment Tanks: CLOSED mDPS: OPEN -- High Demand-Enh/WW Monk rDPS: OPEN -- High Demand-Warlock/Ele/Boomkin Healers: OPEN -- High Demand-Holy Paladin/Resto Shaman Interested in joining? Our Discord has a recruitment form to fill out. In-game contacts: Cynic#1974 (GM), Emperor#1399 (Co-Leader), Crizle#1766 (Officer), Requa#1887 (Officer)Flamboyant6 Feb 15
Feb 13 [A] RTD come on in Looking for damage dealers in raid but all are welcome to the guild. Healing offspec is nice but not needed. We currently raid Tuesday 9-11PM Wednesday 8-11PM server time. We clear heroic raid content when it is current. Recruiting to begin Mythic raiding. May be looking for a healer in addition to DPS. We also do M+ and other stuff. Happy to teach if you're willing to learn and put in some effort. High performance but chill. We're 18+ but I mean, don't ask don't tell? Our guild leader likes breakfast tacos. We have boats and bear memes. Intrigued? You should be. If our schedules align then join our cast of characters. Message Chinson, Maximo, or myself. Even if this post gets old, send us a tell or in-game mail we're always looking for more.Gruubar5 Feb 13
Feb 2 Graveyard Shift [A] The Late Night Community Are you someone that frequently, or exclusively, plays WoW during the latest of hours at night and into the morning light? If so, then you are well aware of the lack of community and activity at that time. Pugs can easily be the worst of the daily batch, the number of active guilds is extremely slim, and you often get the leftovers for Mythic+ and PvP groups. What's worse, is when a formerly reliable late night guild's activity starts to decline, your selection of new guilds is often coupled with a hefty server change cost (and sometimes faction change too). This is where Graveyard Shift comes in to play! Graveyard Shift is a new Discord community that strives to cater towards players that claim the world of Azeroth between 9:00 PM and 11:00 AM Eastern time. The idea behind Graveyard Shift is for you to no longer need to switch servers, or guilds, unless you desire to. This is the not-guild guild, where it doesn't matter what server you are on or what guilds you are in. We have tools to help you get the right info out to other community members so you don't have to bog your friends list down. Currently we are only supporting the Alliance faction, but if the demand grows we will venture into the Horde. At Blizzcon 2017 it was announced that a new "Community" feature will be added to WoW with Battle for Azeroth. Essentially this looks to be an in-game version of Discord. Once the feature launches, we plan to make every use of it in tandem with this Discord server. More information will become available once the feature reaches the PTR. Some, but not all, of the activities and interests you can find here include: • Legacy raiding and achievements • Rare mount/toy/pet farming • Casual and progressive raiding • PvP (Arena teams and Rated Battle Grounds) • Community events: Transmog parties, group leveling events, and more Graveyard Shift is completely open for anyone to join at any time. Anyone can create an event at any time, but those that continuously and reliably create and lead events can become Event Hosts. Everything in WoW is open to cross realm activity now, with the exception of current tier Mythic raiding. Join Graveyard Shift today! Feb 2
Jan 24 <Menthol> Antorus and Keystones Services <Menthol> is now officially offering carry services to the Alliance side of the Azuremyst-Staghelm community. We're new at this and still trying to iron out all the wrinkles, but we're hoping we can fill a niche on the realm. Antorus, the Burning Throne Runs with master loot enabled will have major upgrades prioritized to the main raid team, but any other pieces will be forwarded to the carry. Normal Full Clear – Personal Loot – 100k Normal Argus the Unmaker – Personal Loot – 50k Heroic Full Clear – Master Loot – 500k Heroic Argus the Unmaker – Master Loot – 250k Mythic Keystones The only difference in prices will be determined on whether the buyer has achieved Keystone Master or not. If not, we will run a 15 and guarantee a finish in time. If the key dies, we will do another with you until the achievement is complete. Keystone Master – 150k Non-Keystone Master – 100k All gold will be required before the run begins with the guarantee that you will receive a full refund if services are not fufilled. Sign-up information can be found on our website at Jan 24
Jan 24 <Attrition>, <Aion> and Vanilla Staghelm Sending a hello to those that may have been around during Vanilla/TBC on Staghelm. My sub ends on Saturday and wanted to make a post before that ability is taken away. I re-subbed in the spring in an attempt to find old guildies and was able to reconnect with some of my best friends from Vanilla. It was wonderful to reminisce with old pals. I can't even begin to recollect the countless hours spent raiding, wiping and late night vent BS'ing, it was a wonderful time to play. There are many others from my time in <Aion> and <Attrition> who I hoped to connect with but no luck. So, Urzhad, Kurokami, Pontificator, Rohir, Nicia, VX and any others from that time whom I may be forgetting, get in touch (Luthien #1632), leave a note. Every once in a while I check the forums to see if anyone is still kicking. I would love to hear what you've been up to all this time. ~TinuvielTinuviel18 Jan 24
Jan 23 [A] <Knights of Hellfire> We're a new and growing guild looking for members to help us build a friendly and helpful community within the game. We are planning to establish a mythic+ team and raiding team as we grow and as such are looking for any all roles for raid team. Our current officer team is myself, my wife Mongermook, and a two friends who helped me build the original <Knights of Hellfire> on velen almost 6 years ago. If you're interested in joining our friendly and growing community, feel free to message me! Btag: Ranlor#11177Rånlor2 Jan 23
Jan 16 <Reawaken> Guldan Mount and more for sale! Mythic Packages: Nighthold *Mythic Guldan (No Mount) - 250k (Elisande Included) *Gul'dan (With Mount) - 1 Million (Elisande Included) Antorus * Normal on Personal - 150k * Heroic Clear on Personal (Includes Mount) - 500k * Heroic Argus only (Includes Mount) -250k *With the exception of a few warforged or socketed items, gear is included! *All sales are scheduled either Tuesday or Wednesday from 8-11 EST. *25% nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your spot 100% of the payment is due before the run Please visit and visit the sales page to reserve a spot! Contact Dracs#1320 for more informationRagnariskìng0 Jan 16
Jan 12 Taking Back Tol Barad LF help in Tol Barad. Need to capature it in order to run Baradin Hold & complete the skinning quest to skin Occu'thar. Need roughly 15-20 people because the aliance are constantly camping it. They typically have at least 10 if not more there every hour it becomes active with no other purpose than to piss off horde players trying to complete the quest.Sucubuslover3 Jan 12
Jan 12 [A] <Legends of Poker> 8/11H Guild Name: <Legends of Poker> We are a tight knit group of players, most of us have been playing together for the last few years, some even longer. We are a niche guild that runs a raid group consisting of member across many different servers. There are no requirements to realm transfer, you can raid from the comfort of your own realm/guild! Server: US-Staghelm (PVE) Central Time Faction: Alliance Raid Times: 11:30pm - 1:30am Server Time (CT) on Tuesday, Thursday and Monday. Loot System: Personal Loot Website: Atmosphere: Mature Information about us: We are a mature progression and fun oriented raiding guild. We have been playing together for years and look to continue to do so for years to come! Our raid environment is consistently stable and enjoyable for all members which critical to our primary goal. We perform the research necessary to clear content and we expect all raid members to be prepared not only with the knowledge of the fights but with consumables (including flasks, potions, runes and food buffs - though often our raid members are kind enough to provide feasts for everyone). Being prepared does not preclude having fun though, this isn't your second job, this is your opportunity to have fun with a mature group doing what we all enjoy! Goal/Objective: Our objective has always been to reach and defeat the last boss of current heroic content prior to the release of a new tier of content (obtaining the Ahead of the Curve achievement). Guild Activity: We do our best to accomplish our goals on a 2 hours/night (6 hours weekly) raid schedule. This allows a lot of us who have families/intense work schedules to still participate in raiding activities. Raid Times (all raid times are 11:30pm - 1:30am Server Time (CT)): - Tuesday - Thursday - Monday Class/Role Recruitment Priority: Range DPS: - Druid: High - Priest: High Melee DPS: - Rogue: High - Demon Hunter: Medium - Paladin: Medium - Death Knight: Low - Druid: Low - Monk: Low - Warrior: Low Healers: - Discipline Priest: High - Druid: High - Monk: Medium - Paladin: Medium - Holy Priest: Low - Shaman: Low Tanks: - Paladin: Medium - Warrior: Medium - Demon Hunter: Low We aim to be flexible! Often we have tanks/dps/healers utilize their off-specs if group composition necessitates it or if the fight becomes easier as a result of certain classes being healers/dps. Off specs must be geared enough for current content if they are to be utilized. Because our goal is the AotC achievement for all raid members, we are open to accepting applications from other servers and have no requirements on transferring. We would prefer to accept a minimum of 935 ilvl and 65+ artifact. Exceptional applications for any class/role will be considered. Guild Perks: - Guild Repairs - Friendly Environment - Very Experienced Raid Leader - Experienced Raid Members If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us in-game (information provided below) and I will be happy to assist! Regards, Ruthe. Contact Information: Ruthê - Recruitment Admin (Allorah#1838) Remote - GM (Contact in-game) Bitterman - Raid Leader (Contact in-game) Scooper - Officer (Contact in-game) Kaydencé – Officer (Contact in-game) Edits: - 2017-11-20: Added new Officer. - 2017-12-01: Edited class priority and some content for clarity/accuracy. - 2017-12-07: Edited minimum requirements (ilvl and artifact level)Ruthê3 Jan 12
Dec 25 Happy winter veil Going to have presents out today...sitting next to the auction house in Stormwind. Pets and two panther mounts. Edit: not there any longer...happy winter veil to allSharaesdel0 Dec 25
Dec 21 <REJECTS OF ARMAGEDDON> MYTHIC +/RAID GUILD Hello, 1. Times available & time zone: We are still new and working on making a schedule. Help us create a path for the guild. 2. Server preference: Azuremyst 3. Faction preference: Horde (If good we will cover faction change) 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual/Semi-Hardcore 5. Current progression/experience: None as a guild but as players we have ToS 6/9H Antorus 11/11N 4/11H 7. Contact info: BouncyKnight#13205 8. Anything else: We are Rejects of Armageddon We are currently recruiting members for our raid/mythic + guild. We will be running current content raids and high level mythic + dungeons. We will help players get up to speed with current content. We are fun and patient and not elitist. Please join us and have fun doing relevant content. PM me for invite.Achendron1 Dec 21
Dec 1 Selling Archon Chestpiece and Footpad's Shirt I'm selling the archon chestpiece & footpad's shirt. Staghelm/Azuremyst. Hit me up with offers!Myztik3 Dec 1
Dec 1 Gnomeland Security Recruitment Post Looking for general members and raiders for Tuesday (Heroic @ 7 p.m. ST) and Thursday (Normal @ 7 p.m. ST) night raiding. If you are looking to join a long standing guild for guild related activities or wanting to raid at a more focused level or a more general level GSec can accommodate you. Tuesday night runs are progress focused, get the most out of the time we have for raid progression and farm at the Heroic difficulty level. The last 3 tiers we have cleared tier in tier and our goal remains the same for Antorus. Thursday night runs are "pants off" and focused on a more laid back atmosphere and a good ice breaker for those wanting to raid or gear alts. If you are interested hit me up in-game.Noridel2 Dec 1
Nov 6 Raider for hire! LONGtime player on Staghelm (and, since Pandaria, Azuremyst) available for play. I'm a hunter. Yep- hehe. But, I'm 930. I've been gone from the game since early xpac, but I DID raid all through Pandaria and most of Draenor. I'm currently 930 and ready to go. Many of you out there know what I bring to a group. Send me a tell or a mail ;) - SpittingBullDiscount1 Nov 6
Nov 6 Raider for hire Can't tell if the first post got through- I'm back. MANY folks know me and know what I bring. I've got Bull up to 930 and he's ready to roll. Let me knowDiscount0 Nov 6
Oct 5 Shout out to the Azuremyst server .Trexobc2 Oct 5
Oct 4 [H] Reawaken - Selling ToS Runs and More! Mythic Packages: *Full Mythic Nighthold (Gul'dan included, but no mount) 750,000 *Gul'dan (no mount) - 250,000 (Elisande Included) *Gul'dan with Hellfire Infernal Mount - Coming Soon! Reserve your spot now! Heroic Packages: * Kil'jaeden kill - 250,000 (Master Loot, some loot reserved for raiders) * Heroic ToS Full Clear - 600,000 (Master Loot, some loot reserved for raiders) Normal * Normal ToS (Master Loot) Full Clear - 250,000 *With the exception of a few warforged or socketed items, gear is included! *All sales are scheduled 9:00 - 11:00 EST Wednesday *25% nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your spot 100% of the payment is due before the run Contact Willow#1693 for more information!Willowgrace10 Oct 4
Oct 4 [H] Returned Resto Druid Hi All... So I just recently renewed subscription to game since sometime back in 2013 and I am looking for a decent guild to join that is active in current content, and taking on new members. If you are out there, hit me up in game, or send a message anytime. Would prefer finding a guild where there is more than 3 members online at any given time. No one I used to play with is even involved in the game now and its time to make some new friend. Lonok#1557Lonok1 Oct 4
Sep 7 [A] <Menthol> 5/9M Recruiting DPS! Menthol is a relatively new guild focused on pushing into the upper echelons of Mythic content while maintaining an active and productive guild environment on the off days. We are currently looking for exceptional and laser focused DPS to fill out our roster for the current and coming raid tier. Raid Times: 5:00pm-8:00pm PST Tuesday and Wednesday for Mythic Progression, and Friday 5:00pm-8:00pm PST for our Heroic Clear. Recruiting: Mages, Rogues, Hunters, Balance Druids, but any exceptional DPS will be considered. Requirements: A good attitude towards progression, meaning being open to criticism, and constantly looking for ways you can improve. If interested you can contact any of the BattleTags listed below: damienallan#1714 (Guild Master) burgessav2#1454 (Recruitment Officer) Korpen#11189 (Recruitment Officer) SupaTecmag#1423 (Raid Leader)Scarless0 Sep 7
Aug 28 The Dark Swarm is LFM! The Dark Swarm is looking for laid-back adults (18 and up) that want to have fun and be a part of a friendly, relaxed guild- perfect for people with the duties of full time jobs and floating schedules. Some things The Dark Swarm is: ►A guild who has been around since BC. ►A place for fun, mature people. You must be 18+ to join. Sense of humor strongly recommended ☺ ►A guild interested in doing all kinds of content. Some of us like to PvP, others like to run heroics, mythic+, and raids. Some like to level characters and professions, some love to collect things and camp rares. We welcome all styles of gameplay. Some things The Dark Swarm is not: ►A raiding guild. If you are looking to raid on a team regularly, we are not for you. We have no interest in organizing progression raids for current content any longer. Any raiding outside of older content is done through PuGs/ LFG. ►A leveling guild. We accept characters of all levels, but we are looking for people who want to make us their permanent home, not leave once capped and geared. ►A hardcore PvP guild. Some of us do Arenas and aim to start Rated Battlegrounds, but if you want a guild who is strictly PvP oriented, we might not be a fit for your interests. The Dark Swarm is interested in: ►Creating a tight- knit family of players who like to have a good time. ►Guild events. We have many events in the works, with more being added. ►Achievements. We enjoy getting groups together for achievements including metas for mounts, and guild achievements. ►Past content; we like to go back into some older content for fun from time to time as well. Examples are guild OS3D to get people Drakes, or BC raids for Transmog gear. ►Fun; most importantly, continue to be a relaxed environment to hang out in and meet fun people. Play when you want, the way you want. Interested in joining? Questions? Contact us! ▪ Our website is ▪ We are listed in the Guild Finder! ▪ We use Discord for voice/text. ▪ Leader: Suicune ▪ Officers/Recruiters: Ruinoxx, Acro Drop us a line on the site, this thread, or via in-game mail and we will promptly get back to you!Suicune46 Aug 28
Jul 25 (A) Holy Paly Lf Raiding Guild 915 ilvl Lf raiding guild that raids on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Looking to push content and make some friends along the wayMuruiak2 Jul 25
Jul 20 How is this server? I know it's a small server (I'm on one myself) but despite that, just wondering if it's considerably active for it's size? I just came back a little over a month ago and xferred to an east coast server after playing on west coast realms for years and it's pretty darn dead. Talked to a few guilds but they only really log in on weekends to raid then that's it for the rest of the week. Rest of the week it's typically 0-3 people on max at any given time. I'm contemplating transferring here because I also want to get back on PST server time so figured I'd ask first. Not necessarily looking to join a hardcore mythic guild or anything, I'm just curious if there are decent options for joining guilds here that are active/do other stuff during the week outside of raid times. Thanks.Finn7 Jul 20
Jul 19 Legends of Poker - Illidan Timewalking! Let's go! Just us beating down Illidan. Was a fun night, not too difficult or anything, but was good for the memories! For some of us it was the first time in Black Temple, so that was a cool experience for them. YouTube: P.S.: I only just started video editing... I promise I'll get better. :DRuthê0 Jul 19
Jul 18 Tell Us A Story Mythic Alt Team LFM Tell Us A Story is starting a weekly Mythic EN/Heroic ToV Alt team that will be raiding on Tuesdays at 7 Server. This is a majority guild group and is looking for a few people that can raid with us continuously. Below is the requirements. Requirements: 865+ Item Level At least a level 20 Weapon All consumables/enchants and etc 3-4 hours of time Discord and at least 7/7H experience For more info add Dracs#1320Dpsonroids2 Jul 18
Jul 3 Feast or Famine - no longer valid I am no longer recruiting for this guild. Thanks for your time :)Naishala0 Jul 3
Jun 28 Frozen Doom LF Raiders (H) Frozen Doom is looking for raiders! main group: ranged class Day/times: Tuesday, Wednesday & Monday  8-11:30 cst (9-12:30 est). Loot: RC Loot Council progression: 7/7H moving into mythic 2nd group: Right now all spots are open. times and days might change. group has not started raiding yet. will be a 2 day raiding group. We request you have solid raid awareness and excellent attendance. Research encounters and know your role in current raid content. Have Flasks/Consumables on hand for raid nights. realid Dalfina#1473Dalfina9 Jun 28
Jun 28 [A] Gnomeland Security @US/Staghelm~Azuremyst Gnomeland Security is currently recruiting for Tuesday night Heroic and Thursday night Normal raiding. We are looking for ranged/healers for both groups. Note: If you don't want to leave your beloved guild that's not a problem. GS is willing to work with other guilds in whole or in part. If you are a guild officer looking for a group context to work with let a GS officer know. I'd say we have cookies... we don't. I'd say we have great times and awesome 1 shot pulls... we don't. I'd say that we have some of the funniest people in voice comm... we don't. We do have consistency and commitment to the time in a raid instance. If you share the view and want to run with us we'd love to have you.Noridel22 Jun 28
Jun 18 900 blood dk 53 traits Like the title says I am a 900 Blood DK looking for a TOS raiding guild. I am switching to DK for TOS and I am 7/10 mythic Nighthold. Would preferred to stay on the Staghelm server but can transfer. Have been on the Staghelm server since 2007 and was a member of the Vanquish guild which was the top guild on the server at that time. I have other mythic gear toons as well, I keep up to 4 toons mythic geared and traits. 2 dps, Tank, and healer.Anvill3 Jun 18
Jun 9 [A] 897 Veng DH, Looking For Guild LF a somewhat casual guild. Come from a 10/10 N and 9/10 H guild, with phase 3 guldan progress. Just looking for a home BT: ImRips#1367Chippy0 Jun 9
Jun 2 Acta Non Verba LF raiders Acta Non Verba is recruiting raid team members. We have been arround for almost 10 years and are what you would call a mature raiding environment. This isn't to say we have an "age requirement" or anything but you should know what sort of atmosphere to expect. We're an adult guild with adult responsibilities making adult jokes--while still tackling some of the toughest content Warcraft has to offer. It's been a pretty fun ride, so far, and we hope you'll be here for everything Legion has in-store! We’ve recently moved back to Staghelm and merged with Catastrophe, resulting in 2 raid teams. Both groups raid two days a week. One is SAT/SUN and the other is TUES/WED. Below is all the info for both groups. ------------------------------------- Weekend Raid Team Raid Times: Saturday - 11:00PM - 2:00AM EST Sunday - 6:00 - 10:00PM EST Progression: 4/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic ToV 10/10 Normal NH 4/10 Heroic NH Current needs - priority : Heals: Holy Paladin - High Holy Priest - High DPS: Warlock - High ------------------------------------- Weekday raid team. Tuesday - 9:00 - Midnight EST Wednesday - 9:00 - Midnight EST Progression: 7/7H EN 3/3N ToV 3/10N NH Current needs - Priority Tank: Any with DPS OS Heals: Priest - Medium Monk - Medium Shaman - Medium DPS: DK - Medium Enh - Medium WW - Medium Warrior - Medium Ret - Medium Boomkin - Medium -------------------------------------- Website: All exceptional players are encouraged to apply. Thank you for considering <Acta Non Verba>! Please contact ingame Actavius#1307Fuzymanpeach7 Jun 2
May 30 2 Druids LF Mythic + Guild 870's Resto Druid and 860's Guardian druid are looking for a guild with a lot of people on weekdays. We play pretty much all the time during the weekdays, and we are looking to join a guild to get regular mythic + dungeon farming done. We can step in and help with your raids from time to time if your guild is hurting, but our wheelhouse is around mythic + dungeons. If you have a guild with a lot of mythic plus runs through out the week let us know, we'll check back here, or as soon as the servers come back up. ThanksMilkmyhorn0 May 30
May 24 Khobalt I'm not sure anyone here remembers Khobalt, but he has passed away. He was my husband & the best part of me.Breelee5 May 24
May 12 Casual guild recruiting H NH 2/10 Exodar Community College Staghelm US is looking for a few raiders to help flesh out our current team. We are casual and friendly while also seeking to make progress in Nighthold. Schedule: Tues,Thrs,Sat 7:30pm realm time 8:30pm eastern Realm: Staghelm-Azuremyst but we will bring anyone. Loot Rules: personal Progress: group progress NH H 2/10 in much need of ranged dps, but will take any new members Interested? Please inquire with Nineva@Staghelm, via in game mail, or within this thread. GM Battletag Nineva#11394 We consider our members to be family. Aside from the obvious perks to this, the downside is we have very few members in the guild who are currently active and struggle to keep our raid team filled. This has directly contributed to our ability to progress further in the raid. If you think you could help us out in raid or are looking for a new guild family we are the people for you!Nineva0 May 12
May 12 LF Casual Guild - 898 Fury Warrior Hey everybody, Ever since coming back to wow after a 1 year hiatus and coming back for legion I've been guildless. I've been doing the solo thing for a while mainly doing mythic+ and world quests yo get my ilvl up and mainly for the fun of it. But I'm looking for possibly a casual guild to join one that does its own thing and I'm more than open to raiding. Just hit me uposted in game at Tomtom#1703 or my warrior Graymaine that I'm usually on.Graymaine1 May 12
May 11 Herald Of the Titans Hey Guys, I took about a 2 year AFK from World Of Warcraft and came back a few months ago anyway so i am back and am finishing up some of the stuff that i missed as i was doing other things or even in the time of afk. Well HOTT is a huge one on my list to complete as i was huge back into WOLK days and just missed this one due to guild not wanting to get it back then. so i should have my set completely Finished in another week 5/16/17 I dont kill Him ever so if there are 9 other people interested that have a set or could farm set with in the next week or two we could get a run going just testing interest if anyone would be willing to go Thanks, IceetIceet1 May 11
May 2 LF GUILD 891 protection warrior hey fellas i'm a 891 protection warrior looking for a guild to raid with once ToS opens , 43 points in my artifact and lots of raiding experience message me in game if you have a spot for me =) wakeuprollup#1588Dwd0 May 2
Apr 29 Looking for a night owl guild for raiding I'm a resto druid looking to do some heroic raiding or 5 man mythic runs. Any guilds that run late in the evenings or Sunday evening raids?Zherack1 Apr 29
Apr 20 [H] <Has Beens> 2 Night Guild The Pitch: We are <Has Beens> and we used to be somebody. Once upon a time, we were hardcore, top-end raiders, but now we’re adults with lousy responsibilities like studies, careers, and children. Boo, hiss. Our raid schedule reflects this: 6.5 hours a week, get in, make some progress, make some dad jokes, and get out. We came together at the start of Legion, and expanded with the addition of like-minded players. We have finished Emerald Nightmare with 4/7 Mythic, while also achieving AOTC Helya prior to Nighthold's release. We have been 10/10 H NH for awhile but due to the Legion struggles and burnout we have had issues keeping a 20 man roster for Mythic. We finally decided to enter Mythic last week and quickly dispatched of Skorp with 18 people. We are a strong raid group but need a few more dedicated players to reach our 2 night potential. Schedule: Raid days are Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30 PM EST – 11:30 PM EST. Thursday may go later if a progression kill is close. Usually there is something optional going down on Sunday as well. Since we only run two raid days, we expect near 100% attendance outside of emergencies. Raid spot interests: Hunter, Mage, and Warlock preferred. Balance Druid considered. Exceptional players of other classes will be considered as well. 36+ points in your main weapon is preferred. Please provide any logs you may have. We use Discord so please have that installed. Feel free to message me on Bnet: Saviorself#1421 or on discord: Saviorself#4119 if you have any questions, comments, concerns or just want to chat.Tërrorblade0 Apr 20
Mar 26 WTB Steelbound Harness I Have all the mats. Need 2-3 crafted for myself and 2 others in my guild. I will tip... send ingame email on Azuremyst, Alliance side.Flapjaxx0 Mar 26
Mar 20, 2017 1/10 Mythic Acta Non Verba LFM ( Weekends ) Acta Non Verba is recruiting raid team members. We have been arround for almost 10 years and are what you would call a mature raiding environment. This isn't to say we have an "age requirement" or anything but you should know what sort of atmosphere to expect. We're an adult guild with adult responsibilities making adult jokes--while still tackling some of the toughest content Warcraft has to offer. It's been a pretty fun ride, so far, and we hope you'll be here for everything Legion has in-store! We’ve recently moved back to Staghelm and merged with Catastrophe, resulting in 2 raid teams. Both groups raid two days a week. One is SAT/SUN and the other is TUES/WED. Below is all the info for the weekend group. Contact *Prone* in game for Weekday info. ------------------------------------- Weekend Raid Team Raid Times: Saturday - 11:00PM - 2:00AM EST Sunday - 6:00 - 10:00PM EST Progression: 4/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic ToV 10/10 Heroic NH 1/10 Mythic NH Current needs - priority : DPS: Range DPS - High Website: All exceptional players are encouraged to apply. Thank you for considering <Acta Non Verba>! Please contact Fuzymanpeach - Actavius#1307 RoyceFuzymanpeach1 Mar 20, 2017
Mar 8, 2017 RIP Urzhad As I alluded to in another post, I re-subbed to WoW in search of old friends; in particular my good friend Urzhad whom I spoke with daily for a number of years and gradually lost touch with. Today while doing some googling, I discovered he died, just over two years ago. I mention this because I know he was a great friend to many on this server and I understood that he had come back for a short while a few years ago before he disappeared without word. So for those of you out there who were friends with or remember Urzhad, just know he was a really good person outside of the game too and he will be missed.Tinuviel4 Mar 8, 2017
Feb 27, 2017 WTB Only the Penitent... Looking for a group of 6 people that know each other to carry myself and one other to get this achievement. Paying each of the 6 people well. Must be on Azuremyst and/or Staghelm. Horde side. Respond here or in game if interested.Escort2 Feb 27, 2017
Feb 26, 2017 [H] <Exiled> Is back (Staghelm) Hello Peasants. Due to 700 billion people telling me Legion was actually pretty awesome I reactivated my account and decided to come back to this. And decided to bring like 25 raiders with me. Unfortunately, we're all Adults at this point with the exception of Morgore whom somehow is still actually 16 years old even though its been like 5 years. Because of RL things and people having procreated like 15 kids (Lookin at you hizzy) we require some new blood to fill out the raid days for Progression. Openings: 2 of any combination of Resto Druid, Shaman, or Holy Priest 1 Fulltime dps DH 1 Mage 1 Rogue 1 Enhancement Shaman And anybody previously in Exiled is more than welcome, or anybody who wants to apply and isnt a terrible mouthbreather. -ReiRei4 Feb 26, 2017
Feb 24, 2017 [A]<Spear of Athena> 10/10N LF new members Azuremyst and Staghelm, hi. <Spear of Athena> is a small casual and friendly guild with a close knitted community. We love doing raids, mythic+ dungeons and even fun stuff such as transmog runs. Hereby we are recruiting for both casual members and raiders. We raid on Fridays and Sundays 19:30 to 10:30 realm. Our current progression in Night Hold is 10/10 N and we are looking forward to expand our raiding roster in order to move onto Heroic. ANY ROLES are welcome, though we would love to specifically recruit healers and DPS, as well as back up tanks. Off specs are always appreciated. We do have a minimum requirement for one to become a raider, but the requirement is very reasonable and fairly easy to match. As for Mythic+ our current progression is +13 and are striving to get to +15. We also always have a group of geared guildies willing to help with low to mid level keys in order to help alts or new guildies get gear, as well as N/H Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor throughout the week. So join us! Whether you are looking for friends to play end game contents with, or you want to get some progression! If you are interested or need more information, please feel free to leave a reply here or contact the following in game: Shadula @ Azuremyst Itou @ Azuremyst Eschamali @ Azuremyst Desimus @ Azuremyst or Choe#1451Eschamali1 Feb 24, 2017
Feb 13, 2017 [H] <Has Beens> 2-night 7/7H 1/3H LF DPS The Pitch: Hey Azurehelm, we're <Has Beens> and we used to be somebody. Naxx 40, Sunwell, H-25 Lich King? Yep. Those were the days! Fast forward, we all have lousy responsibilities like work, children, and grad school, but we still like to progress and kill bosses at our own pace. This is where you come in. With Nighthold on the horizon, we would like to expand our roster and community so we can eventually become one of those fancy 2-night Mythic guilds. If you are interested in raiding with skilled players in a relaxed, positive, and successful environment that does not require a major time commitment, then we may be the guild for you! Raid times: Tuesday 8:45 pm EST - 11:45 pm EST, Thursday 8:30 pm EST - 12:00 am EST. Outside of raids, there is lots of Mythic+ action and the occasional random BG. Progression: 7/7 H EN, 1/3 H ToV. Heroic Guarm soooon. Needs: We need ranged DPS players as a priority, but we're flexible. Let's have a conversation! Interested? Questions?: Add Jam#1191 to friends and we'll setup a Discord chat. Thanks for reading and may your oranges be BIS!Hucow7 Feb 13, 2017