Azuremyst and Staghelm

Sep 7, 2017 [A] <Menthol> 5/9M Recruiting DPS! Menthol is a relatively new guild focused on pushing into the upper echelons of Mythic content while maintaining an active and productive guild environment on the off days. We are currently looking for exceptional and laser focused DPS to fill out our roster for the current and coming raid tier. Raid Times: 5:00pm-8:00pm PST Tuesday and Wednesday for Mythic Progression, and Friday 5:00pm-8:00pm PST for our Heroic Clear. Recruiting: Mages, Rogues, Hunters, Balance Druids, but any exceptional DPS will be considered. Requirements: A good attitude towards progression, meaning being open to criticism, and constantly looking for ways you can improve. If interested you can contact any of the BattleTags listed below: damienallan#1714 (Guild Master) burgessav2#1454 (Recruitment Officer) Korpen#11189 (Recruitment Officer) SupaTecmag#1423 (Raid Leader)Scarless0 Sep 7, 2017
Jul 25, 2017 (A) Holy Paly Lf Raiding Guild 915 ilvl Lf raiding guild that raids on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Looking to push content and make some friends along the wayMuruiak2 Jul 25, 2017
Jul 20, 2017 How is this server? I know it's a small server (I'm on one myself) but despite that, just wondering if it's considerably active for it's size? I just came back a little over a month ago and xferred to an east coast server after playing on west coast realms for years and it's pretty darn dead. Talked to a few guilds but they only really log in on weekends to raid then that's it for the rest of the week. Rest of the week it's typically 0-3 people on max at any given time. I'm contemplating transferring here because I also want to get back on PST server time so figured I'd ask first. Not necessarily looking to join a hardcore mythic guild or anything, I'm just curious if there are decent options for joining guilds here that are active/do other stuff during the week outside of raid times. Thanks.Finn7 Jul 20, 2017
Jul 19, 2017 Legends of Poker - Illidan Timewalking! Let's go! Just us beating down Illidan. Was a fun night, not too difficult or anything, but was good for the memories! For some of us it was the first time in Black Temple, so that was a cool experience for them. YouTube: P.S.: I only just started video editing... I promise I'll get better. :DRuthê0 Jul 19, 2017
Jul 18, 2017 Tell Us A Story Mythic Alt Team LFM Tell Us A Story is starting a weekly Mythic EN/Heroic ToV Alt team that will be raiding on Tuesdays at 7 Server. This is a majority guild group and is looking for a few people that can raid with us continuously. Below is the requirements. Requirements: 865+ Item Level At least a level 20 Weapon All consumables/enchants and etc 3-4 hours of time Discord and at least 7/7H experience For more info add Dracs#1320Dpsonroids2 Jul 18, 2017
Jul 3, 2017 Feast or Famine - no longer valid I am no longer recruiting for this guild. Thanks for your time :)Naishala0 Jul 3, 2017
Jun 28, 2017 Frozen Doom LF Raiders (H) Frozen Doom is looking for raiders! main group: ranged class Day/times: Tuesday, Wednesday & Monday  8-11:30 cst (9-12:30 est). Loot: RC Loot Council progression: 7/7H moving into mythic 2nd group: Right now all spots are open. times and days might change. group has not started raiding yet. will be a 2 day raiding group. We request you have solid raid awareness and excellent attendance. Research encounters and know your role in current raid content. Have Flasks/Consumables on hand for raid nights. realid Dalfina#1473Dalfina9 Jun 28, 2017
Jun 28, 2017 [A] Gnomeland Security @US/Staghelm~Azuremyst Gnomeland Security is currently recruiting for Tuesday night Heroic and Thursday night Normal raiding. We are looking for ranged/healers for both groups. Note: If you don't want to leave your beloved guild that's not a problem. GS is willing to work with other guilds in whole or in part. If you are a guild officer looking for a group context to work with let a GS officer know. I'd say we have cookies... we don't. I'd say we have great times and awesome 1 shot pulls... we don't. I'd say that we have some of the funniest people in voice comm... we don't. We do have consistency and commitment to the time in a raid instance. If you share the view and want to run with us we'd love to have you.Noridel22 Jun 28, 2017
Jun 18, 2017 900 blood dk 53 traits Like the title says I am a 900 Blood DK looking for a TOS raiding guild. I am switching to DK for TOS and I am 7/10 mythic Nighthold. Would preferred to stay on the Staghelm server but can transfer. Have been on the Staghelm server since 2007 and was a member of the Vanquish guild which was the top guild on the server at that time. I have other mythic gear toons as well, I keep up to 4 toons mythic geared and traits. 2 dps, Tank, and healer.Anvill3 Jun 18, 2017
Jun 9, 2017 [A] 897 Veng DH, Looking For Guild LF a somewhat casual guild. Come from a 10/10 N and 9/10 H guild, with phase 3 guldan progress. Just looking for a home BT: ImRips#1367Chippy0 Jun 9, 2017
Jun 2, 2017 Acta Non Verba LF raiders Acta Non Verba is recruiting raid team members. We have been arround for almost 10 years and are what you would call a mature raiding environment. This isn't to say we have an "age requirement" or anything but you should know what sort of atmosphere to expect. We're an adult guild with adult responsibilities making adult jokes--while still tackling some of the toughest content Warcraft has to offer. It's been a pretty fun ride, so far, and we hope you'll be here for everything Legion has in-store! We’ve recently moved back to Staghelm and merged with Catastrophe, resulting in 2 raid teams. Both groups raid two days a week. One is SAT/SUN and the other is TUES/WED. Below is all the info for both groups. ------------------------------------- Weekend Raid Team Raid Times: Saturday - 11:00PM - 2:00AM EST Sunday - 6:00 - 10:00PM EST Progression: 4/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic ToV 10/10 Normal NH 4/10 Heroic NH Current needs - priority : Heals: Holy Paladin - High Holy Priest - High DPS: Warlock - High ------------------------------------- Weekday raid team. Tuesday - 9:00 - Midnight EST Wednesday - 9:00 - Midnight EST Progression: 7/7H EN 3/3N ToV 3/10N NH Current needs - Priority Tank: Any with DPS OS Heals: Priest - Medium Monk - Medium Shaman - Medium DPS: DK - Medium Enh - Medium WW - Medium Warrior - Medium Ret - Medium Boomkin - Medium -------------------------------------- Website: All exceptional players are encouraged to apply. Thank you for considering <Acta Non Verba>! Please contact ingame Actavius#1307Fuzymanpeach7 Jun 2, 2017
May 30, 2017 2 Druids LF Mythic + Guild 870's Resto Druid and 860's Guardian druid are looking for a guild with a lot of people on weekdays. We play pretty much all the time during the weekdays, and we are looking to join a guild to get regular mythic + dungeon farming done. We can step in and help with your raids from time to time if your guild is hurting, but our wheelhouse is around mythic + dungeons. If you have a guild with a lot of mythic plus runs through out the week let us know, we'll check back here, or as soon as the servers come back up. ThanksMilkmyhorn0 May 30, 2017
May 24, 2017 Khobalt I'm not sure anyone here remembers Khobalt, but he has passed away. He was my husband & the best part of me.Breelee5 May 24, 2017
May 12, 2017 LF Casual Guild - 898 Fury Warrior Hey everybody, Ever since coming back to wow after a 1 year hiatus and coming back for legion I've been guildless. I've been doing the solo thing for a while mainly doing mythic+ and world quests yo get my ilvl up and mainly for the fun of it. But I'm looking for possibly a casual guild to join one that does its own thing and I'm more than open to raiding. Just hit me uposted in game at Tomtom#1703 or my warrior Graymaine that I'm usually on.Graymaine1 May 12, 2017
May 11, 2017 Herald Of the Titans Hey Guys, I took about a 2 year AFK from World Of Warcraft and came back a few months ago anyway so i am back and am finishing up some of the stuff that i missed as i was doing other things or even in the time of afk. Well HOTT is a huge one on my list to complete as i was huge back into WOLK days and just missed this one due to guild not wanting to get it back then. so i should have my set completely Finished in another week 5/16/17 I dont kill Him ever so if there are 9 other people interested that have a set or could farm set with in the next week or two we could get a run going just testing interest if anyone would be willing to go Thanks, IceetIceet1 May 11, 2017
May 2, 2017 LF GUILD 891 protection warrior hey fellas i'm a 891 protection warrior looking for a guild to raid with once ToS opens , 43 points in my artifact and lots of raiding experience message me in game if you have a spot for me =) wakeuprollup#1588Dwd0 May 2, 2017
Apr 29, 2017 Looking for a night owl guild for raiding I'm a resto druid looking to do some heroic raiding or 5 man mythic runs. Any guilds that run late in the evenings or Sunday evening raids?Zherack1 Apr 29, 2017
Apr 20, 2017 [H] <Has Beens> 2 Night Guild The Pitch: We are <Has Beens> and we used to be somebody. Once upon a time, we were hardcore, top-end raiders, but now we’re adults with lousy responsibilities like studies, careers, and children. Boo, hiss. Our raid schedule reflects this: 6.5 hours a week, get in, make some progress, make some dad jokes, and get out. We came together at the start of Legion, and expanded with the addition of like-minded players. We have finished Emerald Nightmare with 4/7 Mythic, while also achieving AOTC Helya prior to Nighthold's release. We have been 10/10 H NH for awhile but due to the Legion struggles and burnout we have had issues keeping a 20 man roster for Mythic. We finally decided to enter Mythic last week and quickly dispatched of Skorp with 18 people. We are a strong raid group but need a few more dedicated players to reach our 2 night potential. Schedule: Raid days are Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30 PM EST – 11:30 PM EST. Thursday may go later if a progression kill is close. Usually there is something optional going down on Sunday as well. Since we only run two raid days, we expect near 100% attendance outside of emergencies. Raid spot interests: Hunter, Mage, and Warlock preferred. Balance Druid considered. Exceptional players of other classes will be considered as well. 36+ points in your main weapon is preferred. Please provide any logs you may have. We use Discord so please have that installed. Feel free to message me on Bnet: Saviorself#1421 or on discord: Saviorself#4119 if you have any questions, comments, concerns or just want to chat.Tërrorblade0 Apr 20, 2017
Mar 26, 2017 WTB Steelbound Harness I Have all the mats. Need 2-3 crafted for myself and 2 others in my guild. I will tip... send ingame email on Azuremyst, Alliance side.Flapjaxx0 Mar 26, 2017
Mar 20, 2017 1/10 Mythic Acta Non Verba LFM ( Weekends ) Acta Non Verba is recruiting raid team members. We have been arround for almost 10 years and are what you would call a mature raiding environment. This isn't to say we have an "age requirement" or anything but you should know what sort of atmosphere to expect. We're an adult guild with adult responsibilities making adult jokes--while still tackling some of the toughest content Warcraft has to offer. It's been a pretty fun ride, so far, and we hope you'll be here for everything Legion has in-store! We’ve recently moved back to Staghelm and merged with Catastrophe, resulting in 2 raid teams. Both groups raid two days a week. One is SAT/SUN and the other is TUES/WED. Below is all the info for the weekend group. Contact *Prone* in game for Weekday info. ------------------------------------- Weekend Raid Team Raid Times: Saturday - 11:00PM - 2:00AM EST Sunday - 6:00 - 10:00PM EST Progression: 4/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic ToV 10/10 Heroic NH 1/10 Mythic NH Current needs - priority : DPS: Range DPS - High Website: All exceptional players are encouraged to apply. Thank you for considering <Acta Non Verba>! Please contact Fuzymanpeach - Actavius#1307 RoyceFuzymanpeach1 Mar 20, 2017
Mar 8, 2017 RIP Urzhad As I alluded to in another post, I re-subbed to WoW in search of old friends; in particular my good friend Urzhad whom I spoke with daily for a number of years and gradually lost touch with. Today while doing some googling, I discovered he died, just over two years ago. I mention this because I know he was a great friend to many on this server and I understood that he had come back for a short while a few years ago before he disappeared without word. So for those of you out there who were friends with or remember Urzhad, just know he was a really good person outside of the game too and he will be missed.Tinuviel4 Mar 8, 2017
Feb 27, 2017 WTB Only the Penitent... Looking for a group of 6 people that know each other to carry myself and one other to get this achievement. Paying each of the 6 people well. Must be on Azuremyst and/or Staghelm. Horde side. Respond here or in game if interested.Escort2 Feb 27, 2017
Feb 26, 2017 [H] <Exiled> Is back (Staghelm) Hello Peasants. Due to 700 billion people telling me Legion was actually pretty awesome I reactivated my account and decided to come back to this. And decided to bring like 25 raiders with me. Unfortunately, we're all Adults at this point with the exception of Morgore whom somehow is still actually 16 years old even though its been like 5 years. Because of RL things and people having procreated like 15 kids (Lookin at you hizzy) we require some new blood to fill out the raid days for Progression. Openings: 2 of any combination of Resto Druid, Shaman, or Holy Priest 1 Fulltime dps DH 1 Mage 1 Rogue 1 Enhancement Shaman And anybody previously in Exiled is more than welcome, or anybody who wants to apply and isnt a terrible mouthbreather. -ReiRei4 Feb 26, 2017
Feb 24, 2017 [A]<Spear of Athena> 10/10N LF new members Azuremyst and Staghelm, hi. <Spear of Athena> is a small casual and friendly guild with a close knitted community. We love doing raids, mythic+ dungeons and even fun stuff such as transmog runs. Hereby we are recruiting for both casual members and raiders. We raid on Fridays and Sundays 19:30 to 10:30 realm. Our current progression in Night Hold is 10/10 N and we are looking forward to expand our raiding roster in order to move onto Heroic. ANY ROLES are welcome, though we would love to specifically recruit healers and DPS, as well as back up tanks. Off specs are always appreciated. We do have a minimum requirement for one to become a raider, but the requirement is very reasonable and fairly easy to match. As for Mythic+ our current progression is +13 and are striving to get to +15. We also always have a group of geared guildies willing to help with low to mid level keys in order to help alts or new guildies get gear, as well as N/H Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor throughout the week. So join us! Whether you are looking for friends to play end game contents with, or you want to get some progression! If you are interested or need more information, please feel free to leave a reply here or contact the following in game: Shadula @ Azuremyst Itou @ Azuremyst Eschamali @ Azuremyst Desimus @ Azuremyst or Choe#1451Eschamali1 Feb 24, 2017
Feb 13, 2017 [H] <Has Beens> 2-night 7/7H 1/3H LF DPS The Pitch: Hey Azurehelm, we're <Has Beens> and we used to be somebody. Naxx 40, Sunwell, H-25 Lich King? Yep. Those were the days! Fast forward, we all have lousy responsibilities like work, children, and grad school, but we still like to progress and kill bosses at our own pace. This is where you come in. With Nighthold on the horizon, we would like to expand our roster and community so we can eventually become one of those fancy 2-night Mythic guilds. If you are interested in raiding with skilled players in a relaxed, positive, and successful environment that does not require a major time commitment, then we may be the guild for you! Raid times: Tuesday 8:45 pm EST - 11:45 pm EST, Thursday 8:30 pm EST - 12:00 am EST. Outside of raids, there is lots of Mythic+ action and the occasional random BG. Progression: 7/7 H EN, 1/3 H ToV. Heroic Guarm soooon. Needs: We need ranged DPS players as a priority, but we're flexible. Let's have a conversation! Interested? Questions?: Add Jam#1191 to friends and we'll setup a Discord chat. Thanks for reading and may your oranges be BIS!Hucow7 Feb 13, 2017
Jan 28, 2017 [A] <The Faithful> Staghelm/Azuremyst The Faithful is looking for a few good raiders. We are a fly by the seat of our pants type guild and a working class guild. We run raids when we can and If you work crazy hours and want to be able to raid then this guild is for you. We plan to start out in Emerald Nightmare Normal around the end of February so you dont need a super high iLvl to join our team. We tend to be friendly, social, and active. Currently we are 1/7 in the Nightmare We've had a rough start with raiding and a low participation rate in our guild. We're looking for socially active players who like to chat in vent. If you have any questions or would like to join our guild please feel free to add my battle tag and send me a message. Bengrn80#1935 - Bearlylegal, GMBearlylegal0 Jan 28, 2017
Jan 27, 2017 <Cognizant> is looking for new faces :) Cognizant is a newly formed guild looking for new members to join our guild. We're a fairly active guild that enjoys helping out our guild members. We take interest in Mythic+ and raiding mostly. Our raiding times are 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm server time on Wednesdays and Fridays. All are encouraged to join but we are specifically in need of more healers. :) Anyone can invite to the guild so if you're interested just whisper one of your members!Nowyoudont0 Jan 27, 2017
Jan 19, 2017 Yo, Staghelm... and I guess AZ can come too. We need more of that socialization here in the forums, like once upon a time back in the glorious long long ago when realms had realm forums where people talked and bickered and interacted and did that whole be a community thing. Let's not wait until the Angels win a Pennant to be a family again, if you know what I'm saying. So to kick things off on this new and improved Staghelm/AZ+ forum, let's answer a few questions. Fair warning: Some of these are the type of question that inspires soul searching that might tear said soul asunder. How long have you been on Staghelm and/or Azuremyst? Who do you want to be best forum friends forever (b3fs) with? Who is your eternal rival? What is the primary type of content you do? Be somewhat specific and don't just say PVE or PVP. What is your favorite mount? What was your first Pokémon game and who was your first starter? What is the most trivial thing you have ever cut someone so bad they wished they weren't cut up so bad over? Who is your favorite demon hunter on Staghelm with a Franco-American inspired name? ---------------------------------------------------------- Here are mine. How long have you been on Staghelm and/or Azuremyst? I transferred to Staghelm near the end of T16 because Mer was all like MY GUILD IS GETTING BACK TOGETHER AND WE NEED PEOPLE and I was like OKKKKKKKKKK. Who do you want to be best forum friends forever (b3fs) with? Mer ofc Who is your eternal rival? Loko, when he tries to take me places. What is the primary type of content you do? Be somewhat specific and don't just say PVE or PVP. Poorly making money and AFKing. What is your favorite mount? The Amani War Bear What was your first Pokémon game and who was your first starter? Blue/Bulbasaur What is the most trivial thing you have ever cut someone so bad they wished they weren't cut up so bad over? These people were just wandering around lost during an invasion because there were no skulls marked on the map and two and a half weeks later people still have no idea there are bosses at most of the big buildings. Alright, great, now if you all just answer this, we'll have an instant community, just add water, on our hands, instead of all of this boring stuff about wtb and lfg.Uhospaghetio16 Jan 19, 2017
Jan 18, 2017 Good Horde players to start new guild blahJerichó1 Jan 18, 2017
Jan 11, 2017 Looking for an old guild I used to run with I don't remember what the guild is called or even if it's still running, but I am trying to find it. It was on Staghelm and it gave out stuff depending on how much you did during either the week or month. I got a bag one week and it says it was made by "Made by Miriamor" I don't know if this person was the leader or not, but I really want to find this guild again now that I got back into WoW full time. I don't know if they might have moved servers or died completely. Please help me.Alona0 Jan 11, 2017
Jan 8, 2017 Vis Maior is Recruiting! [A] Staghelm Vis Maior is a newly formed guild, focused on progression raiding with a casual raid schedule. As our numbers increase, we look to add multiple raid groups with varying levels of focus. From the bleeding edge hardcore, to the strictly casual; Vis Maior will be the place for you. About Vis Maior As stated above, Vis Maior is a newly formed guild, looking to push progression on Staghelm. That said, our leadership are veterans to the game, having been a mainstay in the community for 10+ years. Our raid lead is currently 7/7H, 1/7M, 3/3N and still raids with a current progression guild, leading our raids in his off time. Our guild leadership is dedicated to providing not only an atmosphere conducive to greatness, they are also always willing to help out, providing an endless knowledge base for those who are less experienced. We're welcoming to both the new player, as well as the seasoned veteran, and have great ideas and lofty goals for the guild in Legion and beyond. While the guild is new, the ideas and dedication is not. We are dedicated to continuing to grow and establish ourselves as one of the greatest guilds on Staghelm. What We're Looking For Our recruitment is currently open to the below listed classes and specializations, however all applicants are encouraged to apply. We are also open to guild merger talks, and those will be directed to the guild lead/raid lead personally. So if you're an established group, looking to continue progression without the rigors of guild leadership, feel free to contact us. We're open to all players, of varying experience, and are willing to teach and pass our knowledge onto any player. We are a mature guild (18+), as the majority of our current members have families, full time jobs, spouses, and children. Recruitment Needs Death Knight- blood (low), frost/unholy (med) Demon Hunter- vengeance (low), havoc (med) Druid- Feral (med), boomkin (high) Priest- shadow (high) Paladin- protection (low), retribution (med) Shaman- enhancement (med), elemental (high) Warrior- arms (med), fury (med) Mage- Arcane (high), fire (high) Warlock- destruction (high), affliction (med), demonology (med) Hunter- marksmanship (high), beast mastery (high), survival (low) Rogue- outlaw (high), assassination (high), subtlety (med) What We Offer While Vis Maior is a new guild, we pride ourselves in stability. We plan on being a mainstay on Staghelm for Legion, and the future of the game. We're not going anywhere but up. Our ultimate goal for Legion is to finish the expansion, and every tier of content within the top 10 on the realm, and also run multiple raid groups as our numbers increase. Our leadership is rock solid and knowledgeable, and is willing to pass that knowledge on to both the newest players, as well as the oldest vets. If you're looking for a guild filled with Trolls, and toxicity, we are not the guild for you. If you're looking for a place to grow, and to receive the same amount of dedication that you put in, then look no further. If Vis Maior sounds like a good fit, I encourage you to visit our website at and drop an application. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the following GM/Raid Lead- Fleasz (Staghelm) or Nevermore#1211 (realid) Co-GM- Channing (Staghelm)Fleasz20 Jan 8, 2017
Dec 19, 2016 [H] Heroic ToV Weekly Pug - 12/19 Good Evening, My name is Haws (Haws#1579), I am the Raid Leader of Our Valor and we are raiding on December 19th and looking for people to help kill Helya. We are a small but dedicated guild that has prided itself on running smooth and efficient pugs to help with our progression as a small group. We have been able to teach and work with many PUGs to help us complete farm content, and also teaching PUGs new fights that we are progressing on. We are looking for people to come to our raids and be dedicated to coming so we can clear out content. Whether you are playing on an ALT, want Bonus rolls for the week or you want to kill the fights for the first time and want to come to our raids to progress further, We are the group for you. Info is below. Raid Details Time: Monday Dec 19th 4:00 PST/7:00 EST - 7:00PST/10:00 EST Guild Players: 6 Agenda: Helya Needs: 1 Tank / Heals / DPS (Ranged would be nice, But won't turn away High melee DPS) Requirements Gear: 870 Experience: First 2 bosses in heroic Supplies: Potions (You are expected to double pot), Food, Flasks. Expectations We expect that you can - Take criticism - Attempt to improve - Come to multiple raids - Be prepared - Have a positive attitude - Contribute to fightsRacker0 Dec 19, 2016
Dec 12, 2016 [A] Gnome Regrets is recruting! Hello Azuremyst and Staghelm! Thanks for taking the time to read the post. Hope to talk to you soon. Faction: Alliance Server: Azuremyst-Staghelm Population: low-med Voice Chat: Discord About the Guild we are a fairly descent size guild. There are people on at all times of the day. We have been pretty lucky with the midnight and weekend warriors. Also, Alts run wild if you that is your thing :P We are always looking for exceptional people and if they happen to be raiders, that's icing on the cake. An observation about the raid group(s), We didn't lose anyone in the raid group when were "progressing" on M Gorefiend. That was very impressive. The core of the raid group has been raiding/playing games together for quite some time. From time to time real life commitments come up. The raid leaders are very understand and accommodating. Take care of RL and come have laughs and fun with us. Raiding: We have two raid groups. One of the groups is 3/7 M EN(Nyth, Ele and Ursoc). That group is also 3/3 N ToV. Other group is 7/7 H EN and 2/3 N ToV. Current Requirements Needs: Wednesday/Sunday Raid Group: Healers Thursday/Monday Raid Group: Healers Raid Times: Group 1: Wednesday/Sunday - 9:00pm - Midnight EST Group 2: Thursday/Monday - 9:00pm - Midnight EST Loot: In both raid groups, we just /roll for the loot. We haven't had any problems with people sharing loot. Mythic+: there are usually 2 or 3 groups in the guild going daily. Usually around 8/9pm EST since most of us have day jobs and families. So once dinner and family time is taken care of, it's game on! Couple people in the guild have successfully completed M+11 (during overflowing affix - god I hate that affix) maybe a +12. We have tanks for both raids, but Mythic+ could also use another tank or two or three! plenty of Dps and heals to go around. PvP: I personally don't pvp. There are quite a few people in the guild that do. Some of the people in the guild are working on starting an RBG team. I am not the GL or an officer of the guild. I joined the guild about a year ago when I was looking for a guild that was progressing through Mythic HFC. if you are interested, please hit me up on BNet# Pocketss #1874.Cygnet1 Dec 12, 2016
Dec 6, 2016 Mythic Plus and Nightbane Sales Hey! Thank you for visiting and taking an interest in our Mythic Plus dungeon sales. Below you will find information on the sales packages we are currently offering. We do this with highly geared 885+ raiders that do many Mythic plus runs daily. We guarantee our work or there is no charge in the end. Complete Package - 150k *Prices are negotiable depending on the carry* Depending on if you have a +2 Key we will run you all the way to a completed +10 key. We 3 chest all the way to 8 then do a 2 chest for a +10 key. **If you don't have a key we will get you one from a regular mythic dungeon** Any Loot that is dropped in the end and is needed will be traded to you. Achievements included: Mythic +2 Achievement All the way to +10 Achievement Individual Runs - Prices are located next to the keystone +2/3 Keystone - 20k +4/5 Keystone - 30k +6/7 Keystone - 40k +8/9 Keystone - 50k +10 Keystone - 75k All loot dropped in any run is included in the price. We can do higher than 10+ just send me a message and we can go from there. Nightbane Mount We are currently offering Nightbane mounts and loot from boss for 250k. We clear the bosses leading up to Nightbane then bring you in for a kill for the mount. Mount - **All sales are to be paid in full just prior to starting. Nightbane runs require a 50k deposit for your spot** If you have any questions or would like to sign up please add me on @ Dracs#1320 Dec 6, 2016
Dec 6, 2016 Tell Us A Story Selling 7/7H EN! Hello, as the title states we are now offering 7/7H EN runs. Tell Us A Story has a long history of selling runs and mounts with hundreds of satisfied buyers! Our Emerald Nightmare raid will be on Saturday at 7:00 pm cst. The price is 200K and will include the following: Ahead of the Curve: Xavius 865+ item level loot - loot will be set to personal so you will chance of getting loot from each boss as well as bonus rolls. We will also be able to hand off any loot that our raiders get that is a lower item level than they currently have (most likely everything) The run will take less than 2 hours to clear and will be done by 880+ 7/7 Mythic raiders from our guild. There is a 100K deposit to hold your raid spot and the remaining balance will be paid mid way through the raid. You can contact me on btag at willow#1693.Kaybaby0 Dec 6, 2016
Dec 5, 2016 Unholy dk looking for weekend raid guild Former main was Timestopper, available for Saturday and Sunday raids. Offspec is blood in case a tank is needed.Timeblood2 Dec 5, 2016
Dec 4, 2016 (A) 845 iL tank looking for guild Any casual raiding guilds looking for a tank? Not looking for huge time commitments 845 iL full epic'd Previous exp includes and more realm first algalon, yogg, totgc, lich kingBroly1 Dec 4, 2016
Dec 3, 2016 [A] Southern Alliance Team 7/7N 1/7H EN [A] Southern Alliance Team is currently recruiting for Fri and Sat nights 8:30-11 EST.Xyleiah0 Dec 3, 2016
Nov 19, 2016 [H] <Darkmoon Foreign Legion> recruiting all <Darkmoon Foreign Legion> (Azuremyst) is a new Social/Leveling guild. Our focus is on creating a place where people of ANY background, role, and experience level can gather and help each other with all content. We're looking to increase our ranks dramatically, with people who are kind, sociable, and helpful. Being a bit silly is great too. We're looking to establish a leadership team, so here's your chance to be the change you wish to see. We will be strictly intolerant of bigotry in all forms, so if you have racist, etc. proclivities look elsewhere. I personally play mostly after 19:00 PST, so if you're tired of playing alone late at NIGHT, come join us; but don't be wary if you play during the DAY - everybody is welcome. I think of a guild as being like a FAMILY, so I'd like members who are looking for the same thing. We'll be doing things on a regular basis like guild dungeon runs, classic raids, competitions, and guild bank lotteries.Saloril0 Nov 19, 2016
Nov 14, 2016 [A] <Tell Us A Story> 7/7M EN Recruiting! Tell Us A Story 7/7M and 2/3H, formerly Reawaken, was formed back in April of 2006. We are a tight-knit group of players who strive to clear content as it comes out without committing more than 2 days per week to raiding. Notable server firsts include: Yogg 0, Tribute to Insanity, The Lich King, Nefarian, Sinestra, Ragnaros, Deathwing, Will of the Emperors, Grand Empress Shek'Zeer, Imperator Mar'gok, Blackhand, and Archimonde. What we’re looking for are committed, serious raiders who are interested in progressing through mythic content. Currently Recruiting: Mage Priest (shadow) Shaman (enhancement)(resto) Monk (healer) Exceptional players are always welcome to apply! •We only raid two nights a week, so it’s paramount that we make effective use of our raid time, which means we need players who can adapt and learn quickly. •Attendance is very important! We realize that real life takes precedence, but with our shorter raid schedule you should strive for 100% attendance. We keep a tight raid roster to minimize sitting and we depend on raid attendance to maintain that. •Come to raid prepared! Doing research on the fights prior to our first pull is a must! You are expected to bring the necessary consumables. •Communication! Be able to listen and follow basic directions and respond if needed! Have a good attitude about raiding, and please be able to stay focused for the entire raid. *Most importantly, try to have fun! Social skills are just as important to us as your raiding skills. We want you to be a member who is dedicated to our community and logs in for more than just raid nights! Our normal raid schedule is as follows: Sunday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm Server Time (Central) Monday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm Server Time (Central) Contact us: Willow#1693 - Guild Leader Nov 14, 2016
Nov 10, 2016 Arcanite Bladebreaker on Staghelm 11/10 The Arcanite Bladebreaker quest is up on Staghelm on November 10th. (I assume it is with Azuremyst as well.) Saurfang hits pretty damn hard but you can fight him in whatever spec works best for you once you get the quest as Arms. Happy Hunting!Gortokk0 Nov 10, 2016
Nov 10, 2016 [A] <Tell Us A Story> 13/13M (2-day) <Tell Us a Story> is an Alliance mythic raiding guild on Staghelm-Azuremyst US. Formerly <Reawaken> on Horde side, our core is a group of experienced and serious raiders that have played together since as early as 2006. We have always been a well-respected and successful raiding presence on Staghelm, earning quite a few noteworthy realm firsts before we decided to take a break midway through tier 14. What we’re looking for are committed, serious raiders who are interested in progressing through mythic content. We raid only two nights a week, so it’s paramount that we make effective use of our raid time, which means we need players who can adapt and learn quickly. Good attendance is a must. You are expected to bring the necessary consumables. Most importantly, try to have fun! Currently Recruiting: MDPS: Rogue, Shaman RDPS: Open Tank: 1 Non-Pally Healer: Closed Exceptional players are always welcome to apply! Our Current raid schedule is as follows: Sunday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm Server Time (Central) Monday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm Server Time (Central) Contact us: Willow#1693 Nov 10, 2016
Nov 7, 2016 [H]<Riot> Tichondrius - Recruiting for Raid Looking to server transfer? As a high population PvP server that is about 60/40 Horde favored, you might consider Tichondrius as a new home. Riot is a newly formed semi-casual guild looking to fill its ranks with people who are active, mature and social. Our current interests are building a solid 15 person raid team to farm EN N and push EN H, mythic plus, bgs, and world quest groups. We are attempting to build a guild where people actually communicate and do things together, none of this auto invite anyone level 110 that a lot of guilds do now. We do consider ourselves to be very social and are fairly active in Discord so we ask that you please be the same. There is no lengthy application process but we do like to have a short conversation with prospective guild members before they join the guild. Raid days/times will be: Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 to 10:30 server What we are looking for: People who display maturity level 110 Around 200k required DPS Classes & Specs we're currently needing: Hunter: 1 MM or BM Mage: 1 Fire Paladin: 1 Retribution Priest: 1 Shadow Shaman: 1 Resto Warlock: 1 Demonology or Destruction Warrior: 1 Prot (If your class or spec is not listed above please note that you are still welcome in our guild for other activities but will not have a raid spot at this time) *Please keep in mind that we will ask to speak with you in Discord prior to inviting you to our guild so that we know if Riot is a good fit for you, with that in mind please contact us when you are free to talk for a few minutes. If you want to get in on the ground floor and want to help build something great please get in touch with us today. Add to btag: Ghen#11664 or Sherona#11620 Whisper in game: Genrix or SheronaGeniric1 Nov 7, 2016
Nov 5, 2016 [H] Raiding Th, Su, M 730pm-1030pm EST Greetings! Frozen Doom is forming a secondary raid team and has some openings for a few select folks. If our times work for you and you are looking for a steady raid group, please add HELGORE#1924 to discuss further details. Thank you for your interest! Cheers, illmaticIllmatic0 Nov 5, 2016
Nov 3, 2016 [H] <Forsaken Pestilence> is recruiting We are a leveling guild recruiting all players regardless of level or experience. Guild repairs are available to all members. About 120 members at the moment and a lot of them are members' alts. We also have a raid group for those already 110 and looking to progress. We are 7/7 normal and still running weekly for gear. You can catch any of us in game with '/who forsaken pestilence' and whisper any member for an invite or add my battle tag and whisper any of my alts: forsaken#1305 I play quite often. Hope you join us and have fun playing.Fei0 Nov 3, 2016
Nov 3, 2016 Are there any [H] mythic EN guilds? Looking for a guild who does mythic raid content currently and will continue to do soTërrorblade0 Nov 3, 2016
Oct 21, 2016 [H] <Wallet Check> is recruiting all roles! (Sorry this is a copy and paste from the guild recruitment page, but it's with meaning, I swear!) Hey guys! Wallet Check was a raiding guild back in Cata, but has since broken for time and resource reasons. There's only 2 of us left, and we'd really like to get back into raiding in Legion. Wallet Check is currently looking for 2 healers, 1 tank, and 5 dps to fill our ranks. So far we have me, a guardian druid, and Azzgalor, a MM hunter. We're dedicated and would be happy to teach everyone heroics and mythics in preperation for the eventual raiding. Our plans for raiding would probably be Friday and Saturday, with approval from everyone who will be raiding. If you want to help us grow into a competitive raiding guild, or just want to experience raiding in a casual, comfortable environment, we're the guild for you. You can contact me here, or in-game. Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to raid with you.Kraytes3 Oct 21, 2016
Oct 18, 2016 [A]<Spear of Athena> - Recruiting We are a casual guild, but we do host raids and events 1-2x a week. Our raids are normally scheduled at 19:30 realm time, every Friday. We run mythics as well whenever people are available - usually multiple nights a week. Because of the open, casual nature of our guild, we are not restricting recruitment to any certain classes or roles. Everyone is welcome. The only thing we ask of applicants is to be active players. We are happy to assist guildies in gearing up for raids as well, so no ilvl requirement to join, but we do require at least 825 to go on a normal raid with the group. While most of us are PVE oriented, we have guild members that like to PVP for fun. If enough interest arises, this could expand into ranked PVP. We have our own discord server and fight mechanics will be explained before each boss fight when raiding. Experienced players are welcome, but it is not required. If you want to play end game content in a fun, patient environment don't hesitate to join us. Please contact any of these players in-game if you are interested in joining. Shadula @ Azuremyst Zepirix @ Azuremyst Taldan @ Azuremyst Itou @ AzuremystItou0 Oct 18, 2016