Black Dragonflight, Gul'dan, and Skullcrusher

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1d Anyone Left Here From Vanilla? Anyone left here (BDF) that was here for Vanilla?Valhalla51 1d
5d Local Defense(vanilla skullcrusher) Any of you guys left on here? been trying to make contact but the good old website is down =/Ardoi8 5d
6d Gul'dan So is vanilla Gul'dan dead? Or is anyone still around? I'm sure the connected realms are most the pop.Defiasfist3 6d
Aug 11 100+ PvP Community Invite! <Grand Order> Is recruiting for 40 man Wpvp, Premade BG’s, RBG’s, Arenas. No Guild/Btag required. Join the Community with your Horde toons. Pst for more info: Lightmourn-Earthen Ring Khosian-Earthen Ring Kayelani-Earthen RingLightmourn2 Aug 11
Aug 11 TBC and WotLK Guilds Gul'dan Friend and I were reminiscing about our time on guldan. For the life of us we couldnt remember the top guild in wotlk before Cold came. We just remembered that the GM was a holy pally with the ulduar legendary. Its hard to find a comprehensive list of guilds in tbc and wotlk era. Myself I was in a leveling guild call Smileys Crew. When I started raiding it was BioHazard -> Prima Nocta -> Cold. Anyone have or know of a list of the guilds in TBC and WOTLK?Akishmi6 Aug 11
Aug 11 Ruination of Skullcrusher [H]<Ruination> of Skullcrusher is looking to add to our ranks as BFA is around the corner! We have a core group that has been together since vanilla. We are a 2-3 night a week raiding guild with a casual view point. We also have Mythic + teams already taking shape. We are currently looking for all roles, classes and specs. Please contact an officer or send an in game mail to Rivik for more information or you can add my battle tag Legacy731#1470 and you can always fill out an app on our website! Aug 11
Aug 9 Graveyard Shift [A] The Late Night Community Are you someone that frequently, or exclusively, plays WoW during the latest of hours at night and into the morning light? If so, then you are well aware of the lack of community and activity at that time. Pugs can easily be the worst of the daily batch, the number of active guilds is extremely slim, and you often get the leftovers for Mythic+ and PvP groups. What's worse, is when a formerly reliable late night guild's activity starts to decline, your selection of new guilds is often coupled with a hefty server change cost (and sometimes faction change too). This is where Graveyard Shift comes in to play! Graveyard Shift is a new Discord community that strives to cater towards players that claim the world of Azeroth between 9:00 PM and 11:00 AM Eastern time. The idea behind Graveyard Shift is for you to no longer need to switch servers, or guilds, unless you desire to. This is the not-guild guild, where it doesn't matter what server you are on or what guilds you are in. We have tools to help you get the right info out to other community members so you don't have to bog your friends list down. Currently we are only supporting the Alliance faction, but if the demand grows we will venture into the Horde. To get started, be sure to join our Community: Some, but not all, of the activities and interests you can find here include: • Legacy raiding and achievements • Rare mount/toy/pet farming • Casual and progressive raiding • PvP (Arena teams and Rated Battle Grounds) • Community events: Transmog parties, group leveling events, and more Graveyard Shift is completely open for anyone to join at any time. Anyone can create an event at any time, but those that continuously and reliably create and lead events can become Event Hosts. Everything in WoW is open to cross realm activity now, with the exception of current tier Mythic raiding. Join Graveyard Shift today! Aug 9
Aug 8 Older players? Looking for the older folks that play the game (30ish and up). I can't be the only one! No offense to the younger ones, bless your hearts. I just feel out of place most of the time. I am on Gul'dan with characters of all levels, would love some company. Any guilds on this server (or the ones merged with us) that have older players? I love hanging out in Discord, also, if there are players who like good company :) Apologies if this shouldn't be posted here or if it has already been brought up, too lazy to look at everything. I blame the heat ): Happy BfA all, enjoy yourselves out there. Am I the only one that calls BfA, Beefa? ;)Oleander0 Aug 8
Aug 1 Project Homecoming Vanilla WoW Guild posting on behalf of my bro carespanker here is his psa to all you nerds Public Service Announcement from Carespanker. It's been awhile since I’ve been here. I can still remember when the forums would be flooded with trolls, personal attacks, guild wars, and drama that would rival most RP servers. Those are the days I miss, the prime of the Skullcrusher community. Nowadays you’ll be lucky to see an updated guild recruitment on this realm and those connected to it. I thought the rumors of WoW dropping below two million subscribers was a joke but this is just ridiculous. I knew legion would be the end of the game and you know as well as I BFA wont fix it. So there’s only one solution… we gotta go back! As you all heard the game is getting a reboot sometime between 2019-2020 (Allegedly), so it dawned upon me to take this opportunity to fix our community. Ever since 2017 when it was announced I was working on forming together a team of remarkable degenerates from Skullcrusher’s history to help me form a guild and fix it. I've called this endeavour, “Project: Homecoming”. The plan is to start a guild on the Horde side (due to Horde majority bias) and to keep our community alive As for a guild name it will be voted upon when the release date is announced by the guild members. Currently the roster is over 40 (upon making this post) but only because I've been exclusively been looking for able-bodied no-life nerds who I can trust that I expect to be playing this game till the day they die. As for the time of this post I am now opening the recruitment to the public. Along with the recruitment i've also been messing around with Vanilla “Research” on the best route through the content and the multiple ways they could launch the game when the time comes around. With addition of making road maps of our goals as a guild/community, myself and those helping me have been doing extensive research on all classes for optimal content clearing, PvP, and meta-gaming. With the difficulty of vanilla substantially different from today's casual gameplay you could understand why we decided to simplify it for the public (aka it's been fifteen years of this, so there shouldn't be an excuse to be bad). We’re making this hella simple from leveling, to gearing, to endgame theory crafting but this is still vanilla, and it's not a matter of how to play, it's a matter of how much time you play, so at the end of the day if you don’t put the time in, you aren't going anywhere. Long story short if you want to experience the content you missed as a kid/teen, be with the community that put Skullcrusher on the map, and help make WoW great again then sign up today. I of course am posting this on the FTP weekend and will not be responding to this thread after the weekend so if you wish to message me contact with your future character name, race, class, and spec. I will then write your email down and send out personal messages regarding which server to play on and major Homecoming events/news. If you have any questions personally about Project: Homecoming, feel free to message me on discord at Carespanker#1145. Ps. Other beta-male non Skullcrusher server players are also welcome.Rollinz5 Aug 1
Jul 29 Alliance Priests Social Community With the addition of communities under the social tab of and World of Warcraft I would like to invite everyone to join the social community Alliance Priests! Help us build the largest class community in the World of Warcraft. We are growing fast and looking for talented individuals to fill moderator position. Join and help make this the best community in the game. - No limit on communities you can join - Cross server chat for priest discussion - Everyone welcome, main or alt - Positive attitudes please - Recruitment allowed click the link to join Jul 29
Jul 29 The Deathsworn -- Horde BNet community Greetings everyone. I made this community as a place for those who don't have a ton of friends in WoW to have a place where they can socialize, find groups, and hang out with those who mostly play horde (such as myself). Most of my friends quit back in Mists, so it's just me. I know a ton of other people out there must feel the same pain, which is why I wanted to start this community. It is mainly geared towards Horde members who are looking for a casual place to hang out and find others to group up with. Want a huge world PVP mash together? Let's do it. Looking for more for your mythics? No problem. Raids? Sure. Legacy raids or TMog? Why not? All are welcome here. Note: This is a BNet community. I made it such so that we don't have 200 people each with their 5 alts in the community taking up all the space. This way, you can have your one account, and play on whatever character you want. With that being said, we have a strong preference for Horde players, but obviously if you play both Alliance and Horde, we have no problem with that. We will not give you any trouble for logging onto your alliance characters to play for a couple of weeks. But the reality is that it'll be a lot harder for you to find a group or someone else within the Deathsworn that plays alliance. Here's the invite link: (it's a BNet community so you can log in on any character) Jul 29
Jul 21 BDG&Sk OFFICIAL Horde PVP Community Group Community Forum (MAIN): PVP Forum (Arena): PVP Forum (BG): Official Horde PvP Community - Invite Links: Horde PvP 1 (Full) Horde PvP 2 (Join) ...NOTE*: Please help the us grow by sharing the main posts with your Realm, Guild, and Friends. Be sure to [Reply] and hit the [Like] button too.Vvarleader0 Jul 21
Jul 16 [H] <Hive Mind> Reroll Guild Hello all! <Hive Mind> is an upcoming reroll guild for those that are interested in having a fresh start. Are you new to the game? Are you coming back for BfA? Are you looking to get involved in a community that goes beyond just raiding? Then join us! When and where? We will be rolling Horde on Dalaran together at midnight on Tuesday, July 17. This gives us plenty of time to get enough people together to give us that community we are looking for. Everyone can level from 1-20 before July 17 since Allied Races start at 20 already. Please turn XP off at 20! What do we provide? Private Discord server! Fun, friendly atmosphere! Bags will be provided to all new members! New players will also receive a small amount of gold to get them started! Play any class and any spec that you like! What are we looking for? We're just looking for people that want to be a part of something great. It doesn't matter whether you want to PvP, PvE, or just want to be part of a social group. We will have a spot for you. Roll the class that you want with the spec that you want. We want to form friendships and make memories. What's the plan? The immediate plan is to level to 110. We will have leveling brackets set so that we can all work together and get to know one another while we level. It's set up so that we will hit 110 right before BfA launches so we can enter it together. At 120 we will begin to gear through dungeons and mythics to prepare for our first raid group which will be Friday/Saturday from 10pm-1am EST. The focus of the guild will be PvE, but I'm sure you'll be able to find some likeminded guildies to PvP with. Leveling Brackets: Start date: July 17 July 17 - July 23 (1-60) July 24 - July 30 (60-80) July 31 - August 6 (80-100) August 7 - August 13 (100-110) If you are interested, please submit an application at We'd be lucky to have you! You can also join the recruitment section of our Discord at Jul 16
Jul 13 Highmountain Rep Grind Anyone on Black Dragonflight want to team up for fast Highmountain dungeon clears? I have 14000 more rep to go till Exalted. I'm a returning player and would love to unlock the race!Yobattraz0 Jul 13
Jun 9 Skullcrusher Progression Thread - History I just got back from my trip in my Time Machine. With the merger we almost suffered a massive loss of Skullcrusher history much to the rejoice of the Black Dragonflight Casuals and Gul'Dan wannabes. I PRESENT TO YOU THE OG PROGRESSION THREAD AS I WAS ABLE TO RECOVER. I will add the comments from each person as I can. Granted some information might be missing, but the casuals will be vanquished once and for all. Stangmeister 100 Night Elf Priest Forgotten Prophets 11460 ... ----------------------------------------------------------------- Progression The Horde: Rage........................Ragnaros | Nefarian | C'thun | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Maexxna | Gothik | Heigan Beatdown Brigade.....Ragnaros | Nefarian | C'thun | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Retaliation................Ragnaros | Nefarian | C'thun | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Gothik | Noth Onslaught.................Ragnaros | Nefarian | Emps | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Destiny's Bane..........Ragnaros | Nefarian | Huhuran | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Invictus Mortem.........Ragnaros | Nefarian | Huhuran | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Rapture.....................Ragnaros | Nefarian | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth E B..........................Ragnaros | Ebonroc | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Completely Broken....Ragnaros | Ebonroc | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Conventus.................Ragnaros | Firemaw | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Doomguard...............Ragnaros | Broodlord | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Unrequited................Ragnaros | Broodlord | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth D & D.......................Ragnaros | Vael | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Chaos.......................Ragnaros | Razorgore | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Chaotic Legion..........Ragnaros | Razorgore | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Foehammer...............Ragnaros | Razorgore | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Unholy Empire.......... Ragnaros | Razorgore | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Dark Solace..............Ragnaros | Razorgore | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Dark Exile.................Shazzrah | Razorgore | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Edited by Stangmeister on 9/27/2012 11:46 AM PDTAndromina26 Jun 9
Jun 5 Anyone from BDF during wotlk? Hey guys, curious if anyone here played on bdf during wotlk and remember a guild named Reservoir dogs or players named by slapstickid or beornegar. Even if not, i'd love to hear from you guys and perhaps reminisce a bit.Bleeblörp3 Jun 5
May 26 (H) <LFR Certified>, 10/11M, Argus recruiting TL;DR: We are looking for great, reliable, ranged DPS who can help us get down Argus for Cutting Edge. If you're the real deal, we'll even pay for your server transfer. See contact details at the bottom. ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- LFR Certified is a Horde guild on the Dalaran-US server, currently looking for a few exceptional players to complete our Mythic Antorus raid group. We have been around since mid-WoD, and have a talented/dedicated core group; we're just looking to build on it. We are currently tied for 1st most-progressed Horde guild on Dalaran at 10/11M, and tied for third overall server (includes Alliance). Our primary raid times are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 8pm-11pm server time (eastern). What <LFR Certified> has to offer: -- Guild bank stocked with feasts, flasks, and potions to supplement whatever you are lacking during our guild raids. -- Loot Council: Gear is distributed fairly based on tier-set-bonuses, best-in-slot, etc. basis, with the mentality that the raid/guild benefits as a whole before the sole-player. -- A consistent Friday-Saturday-Sunday raid schedule. We expect our players to also be consistent in being able to make those raid days/times. -- Knowledgeable, skilled leaders and fellow players. We value performance in mechanics over performance on the meters. We are more than willing to work with you to improve your numbers if that’s where you’re lacking. We are currently looking for skilled ranged dps, namely ele Sham, Mages, and another Warlock, but are considering any qualified, skilled, and enthusiast applicants. To inquire further, apply, or just get in touch, please contact Nebeon (Nebeon23#1360), Vythra (SteelPhantom#11476), Fenreal (Fenreal#1600), or Jasny (Soar#1805), in-game.Vythra0 May 26
May 25 Echelon ~ P3 M Argus ~ LF Aff Lock & Healer Echelon is recruiting!!! Affliction Warlock & Resto Druid OR Resto Shaman 10/11 M-ABT : P3 Argus NA-Horde ~ Skullcrusher-BDF-Gul'Dan 8 hour raid week ~ Tues & Thurs ~ 8pm to 12am EST Officer Contacts: Jordan#1302 (BNET) or Jordan#4276 (Discord), Taters#1520 (BNET), Ferro, Distinctive#1680 (BNET) You may also message me MICHELE#0018 (Discord) for questions May 25
May 23 [A] ⚔️PvP Community Discord RageQuit Discord is the Alliance PvP Community for upcoming BFA. With experienced leadership in large scale communities, guilds and PvP. Join the fastest growing Discord with over 4k members and growing fast. Why join us? -We already host thousands other Alliance members within our Discord. We run events daily as shown in this link: totaling over 60 Officers that work around the clock to make sure you get the best experience in PvP content. We also do many events on the fly due to World PvP. We do our best to make sure the Horde cower before us! -We have a very organized ranking structure to ensure events run smoothly and in a timely manner. If you ever want to become an Officer, all you have to do is apply in the #officer-application channel. We offer nice incentives and perks for our Officer core here at RageQuit. -ACTIVE Discord. Not only are we active, but we have cool things to do in our Discord such as you can personalize your profile by giving yourself personality roles and even personalize your color. We have music bots, Pokemon finding, trading, duel game and more! -PvP includes: BGs, RBGs, Arenas, World PvP, Tournments. Don’t PvP? No worries, we also do light PvE and even public events such as Karaoke, group movie viewing, Community Meetings with GIVEAWAYS and more. ←-What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW! OKAY I joined, now what? 1-Once you join, head to #game-setup channel and React with the emoji below WOW image to get the @WoW role and view WoW related gaming channels. 2- Read over the #rules-info channel for all the detailed list of all that we have to offer in our server. 3-Have FUN within our Community! If you have any questions or need help, contact the #❓support channel. -Deathology, President of the RageQuit Community -Cadigan, President of the RageQuit CommunityCadigan0 May 23
May 2 A-TGTR - 5/11M - stormrage - Recruiting!! <The Gang Tries Raiding> [A]- Is a mythic progression guild on Stormrage made of a solid core of raiders from Medivh/Exodar. We are looking for members who would like to be a part of a tight knit community, be able to perform well on a consistent basis, and continue improving their play style with out falling behind other raiders. Now I do not wish to lie to anyone about our situation. The fact are, at this moment, we have 20 raiders in our ranks. With that said, like many other guilds, we had issues in the last few weeks filling our raids due to poor attendance. With that in mind, we have decided to offer paid server transfers to anyone willing to try us out. This is meant to be an incentive for sure, but it is also to prove that we have no intention of disbanding or take any break of raiding. Progression Raid days and Times: Tuesday/Thursday 7:45pm-11pm Server time (EST) Possible third day in BFA Keep in mind that this guild was formed with the goal of building the best group possible for BFA. So ask yourself this, is current progression the most important feature in the game for me? If so, then yeah, we are 5/11M, there is hundreds of guilds further progressed then us. What we can offer tho, is a great community that raid in an environment with no toxicity, fun, and able to progress at a decent pace. Healer: Paladin Shaman Melee DPS: Rogue Monk Death knight Shaman Warrior Ranged DPS Shaman Warlock Priest Mage -Thank you for your time - if you are interested, please reach out to the below officer: Bnet - Dudetastique#1301 Discord - Dudetastique#3190Dudetastique0 May 2
Mar 1 6/11M Recruiting DPS Dalaran(H) LFR Certified is a Horde guild on the Dalaran-US server, currently looking for a few exceptional players to complete our Mythic Antorus raid group. We have been around since mid-WoD, and have a talented/dedicated core group; we're just looking to build on it. Progress: 6/11M - 6/9M - 5/10M - 7/7M - 2/3M Our primary raid times are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 8pm-11pm server time (eastern), with alt-gearing/normal/titanforge-chance raids occurring throughout the week, usually Thursdays. We are constantly looking for people to push keys as well. What <LFR Certified> has to offer: -- Guild bank stocked with feasts, flasks, and potions to supplement whatever you are lacking during our guild raids. -- Loot Council: Gear is distributed fairly based on tier-set-bonuses, best-in-slot, etc. basis, with the mentality that the raid/guild benefits as a whole before the sole-player. -- A consistent, but casual Friday-Saturday-Sunday raid schedule. We expect our players to also be consistent in being able to make those raid days/times. We realize that people have real-life things that sometimes take precedence, that’s no problem. What we’re not looking for are folks who can’t make every Friday, or can only raid half the night on Saturdays, etc. -- Knowledgeable, skilled leaders and fellow players. We are more than willing to work with you to improve your numbers if that’s where you’re lacking. We will not carry people though. We are currently looking for skilled Mage/Ele/Boomkin, but are considering any qualified, skilled, and enthusiast applicants. To inquire further, apply, or just get in touch, please contact Nebeon (Nebeon23#1360), Fenreal (Fenreal#1600), or Jasny (Soar#1805), in-game. Can also reach me fast on Discord: Nebeon#4320Spicegold1 Mar 1
Feb 28 Priest & Druid/Lock 970+ 5/11M LF Weekends A friend and I are looking for a Weekend mythic guild. Our only fully available days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We're currently 5/11 M. I am a 964 IL Priest that can play all 3 specs. She is a 972 IL Bear or a 950 IL Warlock. +75 Traits in all our weapons, off-specs included. I have all the legendaries for Priest and she has nearly all but a few for resto on her druid, and most of the affliction ones on her warlock. She hasn't played her Warlock a lot this raid tier, but has played it in the past and is comfortable on it. We feel like our current guild isn't going where we want it to in terms of progression and are seeking else where. I've been playing since BC while she has been playing since Vanilla. We both have experience at cutting edge levels of raiding as well as server first and bests. We know what it takes to achieve that final boss achievement. We are open to xfers prefer horde, but ally is also on the table :). We put a lot of time into learning how to become better and will give 110% to the raid team. We're looking for a team that is fun, yet still productive during raids. Links provided. Thank you for your time and consideration. Syan(Priest) Armory: Logs: Psyrina(Bear) Armory: Logs: Psylox(Warlock) Armory: Logs: N/A (you get an idea of her performance by the bear logs) Btag: Syan#1437 or GiGi#1168Psyrina0 Feb 28
Feb 25 FREE GIVEAWAYS – H Argus, Mounts, Pets, etc Hello everyone! We're a HORDE carry team dedicated to provide the best runs for you! Apart from selling Heroic Antorus services we also do GIVEAWAYS every week! If you don’t wish to buy a run and simply want to be part of our growing community while participating in our giveaways, I encourage you to join our discord! What giveaways are you guys doing? Our giveaways range from pets, mounts, Heroic Argus, Heroic Antorus Clear, etc. As our community grows so will our desire to give more! Discord link: Join our discord to take advantage of our giveaways and be part of our growing discord community! Our goal: We believe in giving back to our community as part of our commitment to sharing our success. To take part of our founded principle we welcome you to join our fast-growing discord community. You will have the opportunity to participate in giveaways that will benefit you and enforce our mission statement: our success starts with your success.Helloimferal2 Feb 25
Feb 9 Frost DK and Restro Shaman Looking for Guild Hello everyone. I am a returning player (only been playing a little over a month) who just got back into the game after leaving in Cata. As I hit cap and started to do dungeons and raids I started to remember the true joys of raiding. Learning the boss mechanics by watching and reading guides then putting them into practice and eventually success was a satisfaction that I have not experienced since my days in a hardcore raiding guild in Vanilla. I crave more however, the thing that only a guild can provide: A community where you learn and grow together while progressing and also having fun playing the game. To learn ever increasing mechanics together while !@#$ing up but learning all along the way. I miss the days of chatting it up with the others in my class. Giving advice about certain fights, tips, banter about performance, what loot we were looking forward to etc. So here I am. I currently have not a ton of experience, just lfr and normal level raids while stepping just a toe into the mythic dungeons. Currently at iLvl 922 on my Frost DK and just recently dinged 100 on my Shaman whom I am currently gearing up. What I am looking for is a guild who is still progressing and raiding regularly. I know it is not the best time to look for a new guild but I want to join one that hopefully will stay around for a while. One where I can go to help grow and grow myself as a player. I am in the Eastern Time Zone. Somewhat a variable schedule. If there is anything you want to know (or if I am posting in the wrong place) let me know. Thanks for reading!Slyvannus0 Feb 9
Feb 3 <Questionable Morality> Recruiting for Mythic <Questionable Morality> Skullcrusher is a friendly, semi-hardcore guild. We're looking for one more raider to fill in our 20 man team for Mythic. Lots of Mythic +, and an optional alt raid on Thursday. Recruiting We'd prefer a hunter or an Ele shaman - these prot tokens are just burning holes in my pockets. We wouldn't say no to the right mage or warlock. Raid Times: Sunday & Monday 7 PM - 11 PM EST If you choose to join us, be prepared for stupid jokes, too many puns, and steady progress. We expect raiders to: · Be a team player. · Improve your play with each attempt. · Be at raids, on time. In return, you can expect us to: · Work with you to improve. · Not go psycho when you make a mistake (we might laugh) · Respect your time. We do not go late; I do not add days. Ideally, you'd be around 940 item level, and you should have at least heroic experience. Trial Run: During your trial run, we want to see if things are a good fit both ways - you to us, and us to you. During this run, you can roll on loot, but it goes to guild priority (Transmog does not count as a priority, nor does offspec, or rerolling for Titanforge.) If we invite you to the guild, you're entitled to loot. Got questions? Cool, hit me up and ask away! Tthrack@Skullcrusher (Guild Leader) BattleTag: Tthrack#1350 Discord: Tthrack#2009Tthrack0 Feb 3
Jan 27 <Trailer Park Gnomes> (A) Stormrage - 11/11H 14680 28 posts 1 sec ago <Trailer Park Gnomes> is a AOTC alliance guild on Stormrage that is currently recruiting to fill needs in our roster. We are currently 11/11 Heroic. We are a former mythic raiding guild that raids Tuesday & Thursday 8-11 Eastern. We offer an opportunity to have a light stress free raid schedule, guild repairs, alt runs and mythic + groups. Consisting of a core group of semi-retired hardcore raiders mostly in our 30's we've developed a goal of clearing current heroic content in a timely manner and venturing into mythic whenever the opportunity presents itself. We are prioritizing the recruitment of healers & ranged dps of any class, however anyone with a positive attitude is welcome to contact me. My btag is ovi564#1271, if you have any questions feel free to add me and contact me in game. Thank you!Oviriato0 Jan 27
Jan 24 Recruiting RDPS and a Resto Shaman Valid, on Zul'jin, is 11/11N and 10/11H and we're getting ready to start pushing mythic. We're an adult guild that likes to get together two times a week to raid and then do mythic plus keys and occasionally some random BGs on the other nights of the week. Our raid times are 8-11pm Eastern Tues/Thurs. Ideally what we're looking for is strong ranged dps that can pull good dps while still doing mechanics and a strong resto shaman. We also need ranged that is capable of doing higher level (+15 & up) mythic keys. Our raid group is laid back and our loot system is extremely fair. We're a group of raiders and friends that have raided together for a while. Some of us have been in the group for just this expansion and some have been together for several expansions. We're looking for long term members that can contribute to what we've built. We're an all adult guild so we don't put up with drama. Our group consists of young adults and college students to older older married people and some older military. Talking, joking and cutting up is fine in Discord and guild chat but we want you focused up when it's time to pull the boss. Plus, don't be easily offended. We're not politically correct and tend to say whatever funny !@#$ crosses our minds. If any of this sounds like something you might be interested in joining or learning more about, then add my btag (Heybo#1284) and hit me up in game.Heybo0 Jan 24
Jan 22 @insight anyone from your guild can 1v1 wg me ill play any spec in the game and win youre all low rate voodoo#11717 <3Babeaf1 Jan 22
Jan 20 Raiders Lf mythic raiders(Not now baby I'm on cd) 11/11 heroic 1/11 mythic need to fill are core team looking for a boom spriest and a few more ranged ! Hit me up in game for specifics !!!Raid time 8-11 tues and thurs! 955 + and at least Aotc !Bedizzlee1 Jan 20
Jan 1 Hey you up? Hey there, Hope all is well. Long time no see. Bout 4 years I guess. Seems similar. Lots of things to Q for. Neat demon hunting? Not sure if anyone remembers me. Played a bit awhile back. Had some fun here pvping for sure. Anyone honor grind here left? or play with the aq wall? How about a guild? It is odd walking around I keep receiving requests from people who do not even say hello first. Would be nice if you guys were active, did pvp and raids.Varr1 Jan 1
Dec 30 LFM PVP 70-110 Ally LFM PVP 70-110 Lvling through PVP Ally only, laid back and fun PVP byob or whatever you need. Ventrilo or discord not needed but would be fun. Message Myself or KundiffChriskyle1 Dec 30
Dec 26 You miss me yet? I always used to say Skullcrusher would die off completely when i left but ffs i expected at least wyndy to keep something alive. This is pathetic guys..... oh well i guess we'll have to restart Skullcrusher on the vanilla servers. Anyone else plan on joining me back in the golden age of wow? I only got game time for like a day so make the most outa this post while it lasts lol. Oh and Merry Christmas.Carespanker2 Dec 26
Dec 11 After Hours - Late night raiding guild. After Hours - Horde's late night raiding guild is looking for more. We are a bunch of friends who raid casually and do a bunch of mythic plus. At the moment we are in need of another healer for heroic progression. Ideally a priest, resto druid or mistweaver. But we are open to others. All forms of dps are welcomed and a spare tank would be nice to have on the roster as well. Progression for the first week 11/11 normal 3/11 heroic. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday from 12am-3am server time. Loot is personal with everyone willing to share gear with each other. We are very casual and understand that life comes first so if you miss a raid day it is not the end of the world. If this sounds like a guild you would like to be a part of feel free to connect with any of us in game or add myself on battlenet. Darcy#1129 or Psiloq in game. Thanks.Psiloq1 Dec 11
Dec 1 Looking for a guild Coming back after around 3-4 years. Looking to raid, not hardcore though. Have a kinda messy work schedule but am off latest at 11. Weekend is usually for my family. Love to heal groups. A little rusty, but am quick to learn. Looking for fun mature (I'm getting old) guild willing to help and not rude. Thanks for the consideration and please post or message me in game. Thanks! Ps don't mind PvP, but not amazing at it.Imsteak1 Dec 1
Oct 23 Im back ;) Burnsey back, If you don't know me when you end up in the graveyard you will. Or off a cliff Oct 23
Oct 15 Looking for a New Guild Hello all! I'm not sure how many people actually read these forums anymore. But, I'm looking for a new guild. I'd like to join an active, casual guild with (some, not all) members who are on every day. I am interested in raiding sometimes, but cannot commit to a schedule. A guild that works on Heroic, but not Mythic would likely be ideal. I'd prefer weekend raid times, but could consider weekdays. I could likely commit to a tight Mythic+ dungeon group. As for some general info about me: I am a former US top 150 raider (during WotLK). I have various levels of experience raiding at most other tiers. I started playing near the end of Vanilla. I am capable of M+15, have completed Proving Grounds Endless 30, and have my Mage Tower Artifact Challenge Appearance. I am capable of adapting to advanced groups and am also willing to work with/be friendly to your newer players. I'm way past the point of wanting to play with Internet tough guys/nerd ragers. I really just enjoy having a few drinks, hanging out with friends, and tackling some mildly challenging content at this point. One or two other friends may want to come with me. Feel free to respond on here or in game. Cheers! BoozeBoozeftw0 Oct 15
Oct 12 reins of poseidus Selling seahorse mount for 750k. Add me on bnet if you're interested jonathan#1247Randymagnum1 Oct 12
Oct 11 <Fatal Chaos> 5/9M LF dps/heals for core! <Fatal Chaos> Recruiting exceptional dps for mythic progression raids! Currently 9/9N 9/9H 5/9M ToS! We are looking for like-minded raiders that are mature, knowledgeable and friendly that are looking for not only a new raid team, but also a new home. Our goal is to push mythic progression as efficient as we can on a two-day-a-week schedule (6 hours total per week). We do not need to be raiding 5 days a week to push mythic progression, but we do need proficient players that can push competitive progression on a 2 day schedule. Current Progression Emerald Nightmare - 7/7H Trial of Valor - 3/3H The Nighthold - 10/10H 5/10M Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9N 9/9H 5/9M Realm: Skullcrusher Raid Schedule: Tuesday 8:00 - 11:00pm (EST) Thursday 8:00 - 11:00pm (EST) What are we recruiting? (listed by priority) Tank: No openings currently. Melee: DK, DH Range: Hunter, Spriest Heals: Druid If your class is not listed and you feel like you are a top tier performer for your class do not hesitate, we consider everyone. Loot System: Personal Loot Requirements We strive to keep a calm and relaxed raiding environment, trouble making will not be tolerated. Know your class. With only 6 hours of raiding per week, each raider needs to spend the essential time outside of raid to maximize their characters potential for any given fight. Having discord downloaded with a working mic is required 100% attendance during your trial, and 90-95% attendance as a raider. If you fail to meet these requirements, you will be risking your spot. Spots are earned, not given. A computer that can handle blizzard's game and a stable internet connection. We don't need people who dc twice an hour during progression. Contact Information: Discord(Fastest) - Gullanie#9948 You can also contact us via B-tag with any questions: Gullanie#1244 Thank you for your time and interest!Gullanie1 Oct 11
Oct 5 904 Resto Sham LF Raiding Guild Hey all - I recently came back to WoW and looking for a new place to call home on Black Dragonflight. Interested in heroic/mythic raiding as well as world / pvp. Played hardcore vanilla - wrath where my previous guild took home many server firsts, even raid led and main tanked a bit. After that I took a more casual approach to WoW, but ready to start up again and get somewhat serious! If you're in need of heals, I'm your guy!Ngolokante1 Oct 5
Oct 4 LF PvP Guild Have 10/12 at 885+. Looking for 2s, 3s, and Rbgs.Killafool4 Oct 4
Oct 2 [H] Not Ideal - lfm, weekends and alt Wedn Not Ideal Horde- US Hyjal Type: Semi-HC Progression raiding Raid Times: Sat/Sun, 7p - 10p PST (10p - 1a EST) Alt Run: Wednesday, 8p - 10p PST (10p - 1a EST) Current Progression: ToS {1/9M, 9/9H}, NH {3/10M, 10/10H}, ToV {3/3H} Loot: Personal* [will be moving to ML] VoiceComm: DIscoball Currently Recruiting: rDps (3): - Hunter, Shaman, Warlock mDps (1): - Demon Hunter, Warrior Tank: - n/a Heal: - n/a Looking to build a roster of 20-22 Requirements: Transmog: DaF iLvl: 920 eq Weapon Traits: ALLLLLL THE TRAITS (62+) Benefits: Rewarded weekly contests, raid consumables, foodstuffs, gems, enchants, Progression BoE contributions Policies can be summed up as "Don't be a jerk." About US Not Ideal is a newly re-formed, transfer guild from a smaller population server. We are a Horde-side, progression-oriented raiding guild. Beginning a little after the start of Nighthold, we were able to push 3 bosses in to Mythic content, and we're looking to go further in Tomb of Sargeras. Our raiders vary from veterans from previous expacs' Mythic content, to new friends we've made who have fled raid toxic raid environments. Harassment/ verbal abuse is not tolerated. If you are elitist, overly-brusque, or any sort of hate-monger, we probably won't mesh. Don't belittle your fellows. And just to be clear, HARASSMENT IS NOT TOLERATED. About YOU . Raid Awareness >= Personality > Experience> Gear. . Be open to constructive criticism, and have a desire to strive. While there will not be any hyper-scrutinization of game play, if it is noted that your gear itemization is ill-focused or you have poor uptime on your primary abilities, it will be expected of you to address. . We are not necessarily looking for someone with similar raid Progression, so much as someone with compatible gameplay and personality. If you're a little ahead, if you're a little behind - we can deal. You should at least have experience with the current tier in LFR, or be willing to research. Alt's of mains who raid during the week are welcome. . "Gr'up"s guild, would prefer applicants in their 30's, or mature 20's. Several 40+s in guild. . Have a schedule that allows for consistent weekend raiding. Understand why consistency and reliability gets preferred seating. . Understand with a roster of 20, occasionally people are going to have to sit on a fight. That means me, that means you. All things being equal, that means me more than you. . Comfortable with using PTT if you want to communicate during raid. No one needs to hear you chewing chips, humming, singing, or outburst comments when we wipe. Okay, we might want to hear you singing, but still, no- use PTT. Expectations . VoiceComm: Discord. You don't have to talk, but it is necessary you are able to listen. . Come to raid prepared with whatever consumables are necessary that are not supplied by the guild. This may include Food, Flasks, Potions, Runes, etc. . Be prepared for whatever progression boss we will be facing. Ie, watch videos, read strats, plan your Talents accordingly. . Patience, discipline: as we progress to harder content, there will be wipes. Many, many wipes. . Your time is the raids time, the raid team's time is your time. Be prompt, be early, be undistracted, be ready for minimal downtime between pulls. Children or pets should be put in the closet (or otherwise handled) during raid. Don't waste your teammates' time. . Come to raid with your mind right - no drinking or being high during raid. Avoidable mistakes cause avoidable wipes. . Don't be disruptive. If you have an issue, pocket it until after raid to address. If you're interested in applying, contact me as you will bnet: mael8675#1365 discord: Y*on#3465 email: yeon.notideal(at) And fill out the lengthy application questionnaire of: "Tell us a bit more about yourself."Breakpoint0 Oct 2
Sep 30 <deleted> <deleted>Ovo0 Sep 30
Sep 26 [H]<Resurgence> looking for more [H]<Resurgence> is a guild of former hardcore raiders looking for more casual raidtimes. We are recruiting more raiders for more consistent Heroic/Mythic runs. Considering applicants 900+ ilvl with at least 1 Legendary item. A little bit about us: We aren't some elite world-first players. Our guild started off as strangers but quickly became friends who enjoy playing together, during and outside of raids. We have a fun, laidback raiding environment, but are able to buckle down when needed to make progression. What We Are Currently Seeking: We currently have priorities on recruiting the following classes: All DPS Positions: OPEN Warrior DPS (very high) Shaman DPS (Enhance: High/Elemental: Medium) Warlock (high) Mage (high) Death Knight DPS (medium) Hunter (High) Shadow Priest (High) Paladin DPS (low) Demon Hunter (medium) Rogue (closed) Monk (closed) Healing Positions: OPEN Priest (high) Paladin (high) Shaman (high) Monk (low) Druid (low) Tank Positions: OPEN Warrior (high) Death Knight (high) Paladin (high) Druid (low) Monk (medium) Demon Hunter (low) Required addons/externals: Discord DBM (or equivalent) Raid times: Wednesday & Thursday starting 8:30PM EST / 9:00PM EST and running 3 hours each Loot policies: Raider MS > Offspecs If interested, please add me at <Sardrius#1860><Zephyurs#1722> with a message "Interested in <Resurgence>"Stûrm0 Sep 26
Sep 25 Looking for raiders <Insight> Insight is looking for raiders ! we are looking for 920IL plus Dps! ranged preferred! we are presently 9/9 Heroic ! We Raid tues and thurs night 745pm to 11 pm ! We are looking to progress into mythic! please leave a message and reason why you think you should be considered! We have a extremely active guild ! With many helpful people! Looking forward to hearing from ya!Bedizzlee3 Sep 25
Sep 24 Im back ;) Burnsey back, If you don't know me when you end up in the graveyard you will. Or off a cliff Sep 24
Sep 8 If you need a Heroic KJ kill (for free) Did your guild fall apart while you were attempting heroic Kil’Jaeden? Did you show up every day only to watch players dribble away because the kill wasn’t easy? Are you frustrated that you put in all those hours and have nothing to show for it? Ethos <Alliance> on Kargath has a dedicated healing core and several dps who are seeking individuals committed to killing heroic Kil’Jaeden. If you are one of those people who always shows up no matter what, we will take you and get you your kill. This kill is a matter of persistence more than anything else. The requirements for DPS are: ● Artifact power well beyond Concordance (most of us are Concordance 8 or 9) ● Ilvl beyond 920 (because, you know, health pool) ● DPS>800k (the boss needs to die) ● Perfect attendance during the attempts If you are a well-geared tank, we can shift roles around to accommodate you. What do we get out of this? We get our own heroic KJ kill. We lost a few key raiders who didn’t want to stick around for more attempts once we got into phase 3. What remains is a bunch of people who are committed to getting the job done. KJ Raids are Wednesday nights, 8-11 pm Eastern. Leave a message on the HK’J (Heroic Kil’Jaeden) Discord channel at by Monday evening to get an invite. We’ll check wowprogress first just to make sure you’re legit. Rules of Engagement: 1) If you look at the Discord Channel and we have fewer than 15 people signed up by Tuesday evening, you are under no obligation to show up on Wednesday, because we won’t be doing heroic KJ that night. If you’re bored and want to come and run something else with us anyways (e.g., alt runs) feel free. We’ll be doing something on Wednesday. 2) If we have 15 or more people signed up, it will be a heroic KJ run. In that event, if you sign up but don’t show up, your place will permanently be given to someone else (that is, you won’t be invited back the following week). If you show up but then we have to sit you for reasons outside your control (e.g., bad internet), you’ll be invited back. On another note, if you care about Mythic Plus, we generally run our +15’s on Sundays, 8-11 pm Eastern. If you’ve slogged through the Armageddons and Darkness of a Thousand Souls with us on Wednesday, you’re more than welcome to join us for Mythic Plus Sunday. Just whisper any of us for an invite around 8 pm Sunday, and we’ll try to slot you in. Finally, it probably goes without saying that if you like our vibe and want a mythic raiding home, we’re in the market for – ahem – some strategic replacements for the weakhearted souls who left. We love raiding. We hope you do, too.Bubblewraps4 Sep 8
Sep 7 LF a tailor to craft a shadoweave mask Looking for a tailor to craft a shadoweave mask my mats and tip pst in game thanks!Naômi1 Sep 7
Aug 10, 2017 LF PvP Guild LF PvP guild have 10/12 at 885+ looking for 2s,3s, and Rbgs.Killafool0 Aug 10, 2017
Aug 9, 2017 Player Avoid I was in a LFR run earlier and saw a player Named Nowyouseame from Skullcrusher say that this hunter was afk in the raid which the whole time the hunter was holding 6 to 7 place in DPS so he wasn't afk come to find out the player named Nowyouseame wanted a piece of gear the hunter got and the hunter would not give it to him so he got the hunter kick from then run. SO Avoid Nowyouseame very poor player and a big cry babyMidfu0 Aug 9, 2017