Black Dragonflight, Gul'dan, and Skullcrusher

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1d Anyone Left Here From Vanilla? Anyone left here (BDF) that was here for Vanilla?Valhalla30 1d
3d Local Defense(vanilla skullcrusher) Any of you guys left on here? been trying to make contact but the good old website is down =/Ardoi2 3d
Jul 18 Stangmeister heading out! Hey guys! I felt like I should post here considering I used to spend so much time on our realm forums. For those of you that don't know, I used to run (for years) the Skullcrusher progression thread and have many fond memories of our server. I've made lasting friendships and even married someone from here. But, as you all know, Skullcrusher just isn't the same anymore, and playing alliance here has become pretty unbearable. Since Legion requires a lot of outdoor activities, and we're pretty unbalanced faction wise, it's sometimes impossible to do our daily wizard chores or progress through questing. So, we're going to move Forgotten Prophets to Dalaran (pve) and see how we fare over there. I loved my time here, and i'll miss what we used to be. Take care! <3 /fondleStangmeister4 Jul 18
Jul 17 Retrospect recruiting! Retrospect is recruiting! Alliance guild. The guild is currently 8/9 H and plans for quick progression. We raid on Tuesday and Wednesday 8-12 PM EST. We're seeking 1 dps and 1 healer for our mythic progression team. Almost any class will do, but our prefered classes are: Warrior/Hunter Paladin/Priest Candidates must be intelligent people who can understand mechanics of fights, learn quickly, and maximize dps for the guild to progress accordingly. Be sure that you have a complete understanding of your class. We're not here to give handouts, however we are looking for core members who can contribute to the team. If you're interested, contacts are below. Get in touch with Magikarp-BlackDragonflight or Wyndoor-Skullcrusher. Splash~Magikarp2 Jul 17
Jul 15 <Fatal Chaos> 4/10M NH LF exceptional dps! <Fatal Chaos> Recruiting exceptional dps for mythic progression raids! Currently 9/9N 8/9H! We are looking for like-minded raiders that are mature, knowledgeable and friendly that are looking for not only a new raid team, but also a new home. Our goal is to push mythic progression as efficient as we can on a two-day-a-week schedule (6 hours total per week). We do not need to be raiding 5 days a week to push mythic progression, but we do need proficient players that can push competitive progression on a 2 day schedule. Current Progression Emerald Nightmare - 7/7H Trial of Valor - 3/3H The Nighthold - 10/10H 5/10M Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9N 8/9H Realm: Skullcrusher Raid Schedule: Tuesday 8:00 - 11:00pm (EST) Thursday 8:00 - 11:00pm (EST) What are we recruiting? (listed by priority) Tank: open to discussion Melee: No openings currently. Range: Boomkin, Hunter, Spriest Heals: Druid, Monk If your class is not listed and you feel like you are a top tier performer for your class do not hesitate, we consider everyone. Loot System: Personal Loot Requirements We strive to keep a calm and relaxed raiding environment, trouble making will not be tolerated. Know your class. With only 6 hours of raiding per week, each raider needs to spend the essential time outside of raid to maximize their characters potential for any given fight. Having discord downloaded with a working mic is required 100% attendance during your trial, and 90-95% attendance as a raider. If you fail to meet these requirements, you will be risking your spot. Spots are earned, not given. A computer that can handle blizzard's game and a stable internet connection. We don't need people who dc twice an hour during progression. Contact Information: Discord(Fastest) - Gullanie#9948 You can also contact us via B-tag with any questions: Gullanie#1244 Thank you for your time and interest!Gullanie8 Jul 15
Jul 15 <Simple> Simple is a new guild looking for members to join us in our leveling up process. Want to make a new character and not spend money to transfer? Then look into joining us. Our main goal is Rated Battleground progression and arena success. We are also starting to run some PvE content and are looking for more members to round out a solid guild group. Note we are not a raid progression guild, but will still have a slight focus in it to obtain better gear for pvp. We are an EST guild and are most active afternoon-evening and usually run our events on the weekend. We are looking for nice people to help grow our guild and provide a nice atmosphere for all players.Striden1 Jul 15
Jul 12 Lf Rated Battlegrounds players Currently looking for dedicated rated battlegrounds players for Saturday evenings. Discord is required to reserve a spot on the roster. Please contact me for further information. Thank you, UncivilizdWardro0 Jul 12
Jul 7 Void-Shrouded Satchel Looking for a Void-Shrouded Satchel so that I can get the Heirloom trinket for an alt. If anyone has one laying around, I would be willing to buy it or take it off your hands :)Ralios0 Jul 7
Jul 3 . .Draxidus0 Jul 3
Jun 25 <!> <(^.^)> Spark Industries <(^.^)> <!> We are having open recruitment to bring a close knit group back together. The group is lead by raiders that are 3/10m and currently 8/9 N tos and we have had a hard time finding a place to work and call home, really just a family like we had in the old raid days. So we decided to build are own and take in like minded individuals like your self. We are a semi hardcore group on area 52 that raid 3 days a week 9 to 12 est. Those 3 days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with alt raids on the weekends just for funzies. The loot system is epgp, we know its new and we know its gonna be hard work to get a roster back so we can step back into mythic but its worth doing. All of the group has AOTC for all of the raids and that wont change most of the group is real life friends just to give us a starting point. Now that the long typing is out of the way we can now switch to the bullet points. Recruitment needs: mixture range/melee dps 2 healers For recruits please be max level and have your wep unlocked for the 10% damage.Gear really isn't that big of a deal since its not hard for us to gear people with M+, and just raiding on alts to make it so who ever we are getting gear for has the most options in a raid. For anymore information or if you want to talk add sparkytiz#1491 or Key#12360.Occisiospark0 Jun 25
Jun 21 [H] <Amaranth> is now Recruiting! <Amaranth> has just started recruitment! We are a group of returning former raiders looking to start a heroic focused raid team that raids once a week on Saturday nights. Our goal is to have a consistent team, that avoids substitutions, to push content with. This allows us to run a more laid back style where your social/work obligations are least impacted. Currently recruiting all classes and roles. We are more than happy to help gear/ level new characters to join our team. If you are interested please post here or message Devium #1376.Daemon0 Jun 21
Jun 9 <Rage> 4/10M LF Hunter/Ele Sham Want to join Skullcrusher's (actual) oldest guild with some of the realm's oldest raiders? Rage’s leaders have a decorated history of server firsts, gladiators, realm fastest CM runs, etc. We’re an ex-hardcore group who raids casually 3x a week (Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 8PM-11PM EST) We want casual gamers who want to play at the top of their game and are interested in seeing new content outside of just LFR. We are back for Legion! NEEDS: HUNTER ELE SHAMAN T18 Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M Trial of Valor - 2/3M Nighthold - 10/10H 3/10M Contact an officer in-game (Merelli, Judgesohard, Bambi, Penpen, Borgoth, Bigblackbmp)Merelli4 Jun 9
Jun 5 [H]<Nagana Happen> 3/10M NH LF Heals/Dps <Nagana Happen> is a horde based raiding guild 3/10M 7/7M. We raid tuesday and Friday from 9:30pm EST - 12:30am EST. We are currently looking for dps and heals to fill a few progression slots. please comment if interested and i will get back to you as soon as possible.Uchihasasuke3 Jun 5
Jun 3 <Simple> Hello, Currently looking for rated battleground players and players for leveling. Pvp is our focus as we're currently forming a rated battlegrounds team.Wardro0 Jun 3
May 18 LT- 7/10Mythic Nighthold LR range [H] <LT> is a formed guild of returning veterans with a lot of top US experience looking to re-start progression raiding in Legion. Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor 3/3 Heoric 2/3 Mythic NightHold 10/10 Heoric 7/10Mythic CORE SPOT FOR MYTHIC We are currently focused on quickly establishing a heroic clearing team so that we can move on to mythic raids in Legion. We have all healing and melee DPS roles filled and just need to plug in some great ranged DPS. We are looking for exceptional players with progression raiding experience who know their class and min max there chars. We raid 2 nights per week and our goal is to progress and clear as much as possible with the time we are allowed. We have high standards and while we understand we are not a world-first pushing guild and while we will work with someone to make them better we do expect strong performance and productivity. We expect you to come prepared for raid being properly informed and knowledgeable of what is to come. Our raid schedule is: Tuesday 9-1am EST Thursday 9-1am EST Monday 8-1am EST (optional alt/carry runs) Current recruiting needs: (exceptional applicants will always be considered) DPS: Warlock Elemental Shaman Hunter And any exceptional raider Heals: 1 Disc priest And any exceptional Healer Tank Backup or for situational fights Paladin Monk If you feel like you would be a good fit with our group, please contact us via bnet nando007#1774. We look forward to hearing from you!Nando16 May 18
May 16 where is wyndor wyndor I would like to join your guild if you are still around hereZionsfall12 May 16
May 15 <QM> 2/10 M NH LF DPS & 1 Holy Paladin Hello and welcome to <Questionable Morality>! Drinks are to your left, snacks are to the right. Bathrooms upstairs, second door down the hall. We're hoping to welcome a few new people into our Heroic & Mythic Raiding team. We would drool over a holy paladin, (I've had all my shots, it's fine.) We'd also like to pick up a few more ranged - an ele shaman and warlock would be great, but the experience, and that you make us laugh, matters more than the class. We raid 7pm to 11pm EST Sunday & Monday. While most of our time is on heroic, that takes us less than 2 hours to clear. We want to fill in the holes in the roster so we can continue mythic progression. We are hoping you'll be the 20th steady member. If you're interested, message me in game. While I check into this post, it's far easier to catch me in game. (Tthrack#1350 - I killed the other 1349 Tthracks and took their quickening). What else do you do? Outside of raids we do a lot of Mythic + runs, and an alt raid every other Wednesday. Many of us also enjoy a variety of other games outside of raid, Diablo's always a favorite, but really anything where you can blow something up is probably going to work out fine. What do you expect of me? Leave the drama at home. You're already home aren't you? Leave it at work. Improve your own play with each attempt. We want another guild member, not a carry. High attendance. We raid 8 times in a month - that's it. If you can only make every Sunday, you're missing 1/2 the raids.In return you can expect us to: Work with you to try and improve. Everyone always has room to improve. Not go psycho and berate your parents or threaten you when you screw up. Respect your time. We do not go late, I do not add days.Ideally you'd be around 885 item level (my alts 890and has not stepped in a raid, you can do it.) Being short isn't a deal breaker, but someone running at 835 is going to have a hard time making up the dps, heals, survivability (is that a word? who cares! it is now,) that is needed to justify a spot. Details: We use Discord for our voice chat, yes we expect you to be on voice chat. We use masterloot (or guild loot now... Blizzard and the rebranding). I ask for rolls, it goes to the highest roll. I step in if someone is rolling on 3 dps trinkets in a row. If interested, contact Tthrack#1350 (guild leader), anyone in Questionable Morality on Skullcrusher or drop a an app in on our Website Thank you!Tthrack0 May 15
May 9 Thanks for making me miss the invasion As if the invasion times weren't excluding enough, I come home to find my server is offline and I will not be able to participate in the invasion. Come on Blizzard get your s**t together. The invasion times should be extended. Don't give me some bs that's not possible. Thanks to terrible itemization I have to farm nethershards in order to obtain an arcanocrystal because it is better than what I currently have from MYTHIC NH, as in an 860 item is better than 905+ items. WTFThorkos0 May 9
May 6 LF PVP Guild. Can't find any. Lvl 110 Unholy DK just came back to WoW. Aint really played hard since mists. Looking for a PVP guild. Are there any horde guilds that mainly PVP? Don't care how big it is.Plue0 May 6
Apr 30 LFG for Running Mythic+'s carry Hey I play an ele shaman on bdf current ilvl is 914 equipped just looking for a tank,dps and healer around the same ilvl to run mythic +s with. we'd exchange bnets and stuff like just looking for people that are dependable and want to join a chill group.Shock1 Apr 30
Apr 28 Need Help with Guild Invite I quit WoW about 7 years ago, right before Cataclysm came out. So did everyone I know (we all moved on with life). I just returned and activated my account. I have my old guild and I'd like to invite an alt into my guild. Since I no longer know anyone who can do this, I'm offering someone 500g to create a low level toon, whisper me in-game for a guild invite, then invite my alt. 2 minute job - 500g. If interested, hit me up in-game on Gul'dan. On this toon ("Coagulation"). I'll give gold in person (in Org). My alt's name is Fuddledud (level 1 Goblin Mage).Coagulation1 Apr 28
Apr 26 [A]Velocity-Alleria T/W 6-9pm CST [A]Velocity-Alleria (est. 2013) is recruiting! (Easy recruitment process) Velocity was formed in 2013 as Semi-Hardcore raiding guild, drawing together a mix of veteran raiders from Frostwolf, Proudmoore and Alleria we began raiding shortly after the release of patch 5.2.We are a group of players who have played together for quite some time outside of WoW and into other MMOs. We are always looking for new and old players to join our community Raid Nights: Tues/Weds | 6pm-9pm (Central Time / Server) Type: Semi-Hardcore Leaders: Munich, Lelara Progression: 10/10 Heroic NH | 1/10 Mythic NH Recruiting: 890+ ilvl requirement Class/Role Need: Druid (Resto) - High Mage (Any spec) - High Hunter (Marks/BM) - High Priest (Holy) - Medium Shaman (Ele/Resto) - Low Voice Communication: Discord - Because it is better in every way. Contacts: [GM] Munich-Alleria (Shytpan#1232) [Recruitment Officer] Lelantis-Alleria (Lelantis#2468) [Recruitment Admin] Hawtey-Alleria (Hawti#1528) Links: ----- Recruitment Process: Our process for recruiting is pretty simple, no lengthy application or personal background check. We have a quick conversation with potential applicants on discord. Then we slot them into the raid to see how they fit. Currently we are trailing recruits in Heroic NH on Tuesday nights starting at 6 CST. This approach will give us a chance to get to know each other. As an incentive for recruits, after a two week trial period AND server transferring to join the raid a recruit will be eligible for a free WoW token. What we expect from our guild members: As a Raider: Velocity like most guilds, requires strong attendance, good performance and gamers with a personality. To break that down a bit we want someone who “FITS”. They are fun running content with, good at what they do, absent of an ego. You should be a strong player with situational awareness. We expect our raiders to give 100% to every raid and not waste our time. Raiders should research their class and fights in advance and contribute suggestions and feedback on our strategies wherever appropriate. We’re looking for players who value gear as a tool to beating content but would happily pass an upgrade to a peer who needs it more. We value players who can play multiple specs/roles well, since that lets us maintain a small raid team and still cover for the occasional absence. As Anyone in the Guild: We expect all members to represent the guild in a positive way. We do not engage with trolls, or arguments about politics, religion, etc. - Our guild keeps a low profile and tries to maintain good public relations with the rest of the server. We are not an intensely serious guild (and this will be apparent by our conversations on Discord) but we do not advocate ruining the gaming experience of other players.. ----- Perks as a Raider: Guild Bank Repairs, Flasks & Potions, Feasts, Gems & Enchants, Off-Day Open-Roll Alt Runs in Normal & Heroic, Free Stuff Tab Access. As a Social: We accept social applications, we hold the same standards for social’s as main raiders.Don’t be a jerk, be a respectable person. About Alleria: Alleria is a PVE server that is Cross-Realm connected with US-Khadgar. Alliance is the dominant faction of these two servers. Boasting many active raiding guilds Alleria/Khadgar is a mid sized server community that offers anything you would need on a daily basis.. Alleria is specifically known for its many long time established guilds and communities.Hawtey0 Apr 26
Apr 24 Anyone from BDF during wotlk? Hey guys, curious if anyone here played on bdf during wotlk and remember a guild named Reservoir dogs or players named by slapstickid or beornegar. Even if not, i'd love to hear from you guys and perhaps reminisce a bit.Bleeblörp1 Apr 24
Apr 19 Location/latency Where is the black dragonflight server located? My latency was 41/42 yesterday and after maintenance on 4/18/17 my latency jumped up to 64/68. Why is this?Align0 Apr 19
Apr 17 Skullcrusher Server Blade Long shot but I'm wondering if anyone here knows who purchased the Skullcrusher Server Blade from Blizzard a few years ago during their charity auction. I've always wondered who got itStangmeister0 Apr 17
Apr 10 Horde vs. Alliance - A general discussion. While doing world quests i have noticed the large amount of horde on this group of servers compared to alliance. 1.) I've noticed that if you are ever fighting a horde at least 1 other will come in and help kill you there are almost no 1v1. 2.) Alliance players tend to just ignore each other getting ganked witch I don't understand. 3.) I never ever see Retrospect in the broken isles I don't know if i'm just missing them or if they just don't do WPvP. (Just talking about Broken Isles WPvP not anywhere else) 4.) This could also be a thread to just complain since that's pretty much what I did.Zavaluulin7 Apr 10
Apr 7 delete deleteMult2 Apr 7
Apr 7 <Fatal Chaos> Recruiting core mythic raiders! <Fatal Chaos> Recruiting exceptional ranged dps for mythic progression raids! Currently 2/10M NH! We are looking for like-minded raiders that are mature, knowledgeable and friendly that are looking for not only a new raid team, but also a new home. Our goal is to push mythic progression as efficient as we can on a two-day-a-week schedule (6 hours total per week). We do not need to be raiding 5 days a week to push mythic progression, but we do need proficient players that can push competitive progression on a 2 day schedule. Current Progression Emerald Nightmare - 7/7H Trial of Valor - 3/3H The Nighthold - 10/10H 2/10M Realm: Skullcrusher Raid Schedule: Tuesday 8:00 - 11:00pm (EST) Thursday 8:00 - 11:00pm (EST) What are we recruiting? (listed by priority) Tank: open to discussion Melee: Rogue, Monk, Sham Range: Warlock, Hunter, Boomkin, Mage If your class is not listed and you feel like you are a top tier performer for your class do not hesitate, we consider everyone. Loot System: Personal Loot Requirements We strive to keep a calm and relaxed raiding environment, trouble making will not be tolerated. Know your class. With only 6 hours of raiding per week, each raider needs to spend the essential time outside of raid to maximize their characters potential for any given fight. Having discord downloaded with a working mic is required 100% attendance during your trial, and 90-95% attendance as a raider. If you fail to meet these requirements, you will be risking your spot. Spots are earned, not given. A computer that can handle blizzard's game and a stable internet connection. We don't need people who dc twice an hour during progression. Contact Information: You can also contact us via B-tag with any questions: Gullanie#1244 Spitfire#1599 Thanks for your time and interest!Gullanie0 Apr 7
Apr 4 WTB Mythic Girdle of Demonic Wrath don't need anymore got itTakaimasurao2 Apr 4
Mar 28 Skullcrusher Progression Thread - History I just got back from my trip in my Time Machine. With the merger we almost suffered a massive loss of Skullcrusher history much to the rejoice of the Black Dragonflight Casuals and Gul'Dan wannabes. I PRESENT TO YOU THE OG PROGRESSION THREAD AS I WAS ABLE TO RECOVER. I will add the comments from each person as I can. Granted some information might be missing, but the casuals will be vanquished once and for all. Stangmeister 100 Night Elf Priest Forgotten Prophets 11460 ... ----------------------------------------------------------------- Progression The Horde: Rage........................Ragnaros | Nefarian | C'thun | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Maexxna | Gothik | Heigan Beatdown Brigade.....Ragnaros | Nefarian | C'thun | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Retaliation................Ragnaros | Nefarian | C'thun | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Gothik | Noth Onslaught.................Ragnaros | Nefarian | Emps | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Destiny's Bane..........Ragnaros | Nefarian | Huhuran | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Invictus Mortem.........Ragnaros | Nefarian | Huhuran | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Rapture.....................Ragnaros | Nefarian | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth E B..........................Ragnaros | Ebonroc | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Completely Broken....Ragnaros | Ebonroc | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Conventus.................Ragnaros | Firemaw | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Doomguard...............Ragnaros | Broodlord | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Unrequited................Ragnaros | Broodlord | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth D & D.......................Ragnaros | Vael | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Chaos.......................Ragnaros | Razorgore | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Chaotic Legion..........Ragnaros | Razorgore | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Foehammer...............Ragnaros | Razorgore | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Unholy Empire.......... Ragnaros | Razorgore | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Dark Solace..............Ragnaros | Razorgore | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Dark Exile.................Shazzrah | Razorgore | Skeram | Viscidus | Ouro | Patchwerk | Anub'Rekhan | Razuvious | Noth Edited by Stangmeister on 9/27/2012 11:46 AM PDTAndromina19 Mar 28
Mar 9 After Hours late night mythic raiding After Hours is recruiting 7/7m, 2/3m, 3/10m progress. Raid times: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12am-3am EST/Server. Looking for DPS and possibly a healing role. Immediate spot in core group available. Competitive bench seats available too, spots based on attendance / reliability and damage output. Serious when we need to be, but overall casual/joking environment. Sense of humor is a plus. Several mythic + 15 groups running weekly as well. PST to Bagina, Pandah, Ravalonxx or Zethyr if interested.Bagina0 Mar 9
Mar 2 "Clickers and Keyturners" We are a new guild formed for the sole purpose of Mythic progression throughout the rest of Legion. At the end of this last tier there was a split opinion in our former guild on what style of raiding and progression was desired for Nighthold and beyond. We are the group that wanted to continue pushing Mythic, We are indeed 7/7M and thus, Clickers and Keyturners was formed. We have a current core of 15 raiders and are looking for 5 more to solidify our mythic team. At present we are in most need of ranged DPS, but all quality applicants will be considered. The most important aspect is having a progression mindset and goal. We will be using loot council for our progression raid nights and all Mythic roster slots will be awarded and maintained based on performance and need. Our progression raid schedule is Weds/Thursday from 7pm to 10pm EST.Garrasrin4 Mar 2
Feb 13 LF weekend raiding guild Hey everyone! I'm a boomkin with ilvl 858. I'm looking for a weekend raiding guild or a guild that raids in the afternoon (which is probably a long shot, but oh well) I don't have much experience with the Legion raids yet, so i'm willing to grow with a new guild or whatever. I'm competent and kind, with a good sense of humor, and I know how to play my class. My ID is miriamkw#1792 I'm also willing to conisder a faction change, if needed! thanks :)Mirja0 Feb 13
Feb 10 - -Sinthadra6 Feb 10
Feb 8 Any OG gul'danians remember Beefstew? Does gul'dan still even exist?Açeso0 Feb 8
Feb 7 [H]<Rare Breed> PVP RBG Guild Recruiting All About us: We lost a great many of good men and women to the content drought of 2016. But for us few that remain, we are hopeful to re-bolster our numbers and get back on track. We were an 1800+ rated team in Warlords and want to push harder this expansion. We strive to be an active guild with plenty of things to do for everyone while still upholding a Core group mentality. Our priority is PVP, but we still participate in PVE and would like to accommodate those who participate as well. We encourage those who want to push PVP to join the guild and try out for our positions. RBG Times: (indefinite) Core RBG nights Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday 9:00-11:30 PM EST Free RBG nights Monday/Wednesday/Friday/ Saturday ~7-12 PM EST Communication: Curse Server Competitive PVP: We are currently reforming our RBG group and need all we can get. Core group will be strict and you will have to earn your spot. We are looking for someone with past RBG lead experience who will help recruit, trial, and shape the Core group. Competitive PVE: There is no intention to competitively PVE and push mythic raiding. This is not to say that we don’t have competent PVE’ers that like to partake in Mythic + and normal/heroic raiding. If you are a PVP’er with the feeling to PVE you will be welcome to find that many of our other PVP’ers share the same feeling. Recruitment Needs: RBG Lead Everything Core Guide Lines: -RBG Attendance: If you are part of the core group you are expected to show up on time. If not, you will be benched and will not be guaranteed a spot. If your attendance is a constant issue you will be removed from core group. -Voice: When in RBG’s the communication will be at a minimum. The RBG lead and target callers will always be heard and not talked over with personal banter. Guild Guidelines: -Attitude: I will not tolerate harassment. Everyone is welcome in the guild and it will be kept as a safe community and positive environment for everybody. Guild Contacts: Mirallis-Guild Master/Recruiting core PVP Jezzo – Recruiting/ Core PVP Sosten – Recruiting/ Core PVPMirallis1 Feb 7
Feb 6 <Thrilling Heroics> H Recruiting! We are a smaller guild that is hardcore with a casual raid schedule. We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 9-12 EST. Lots of us love pvp, RBGs, arenas and run M+ often. Our site is: If you're interested please contact me in game: vegeta#1169 Looking forward to hearing from you!Hoban1 Feb 6
Jan 31 BATTLEGROUNDS I don't know what's going on, but I have gone about a week without an Alliance victory. My ratio is about 1 win in 15-20 matches. I want to punch someone in the face. ...hard. Blizzard you better balance some !@#$, you horde loving .............Gambino2 Jan 31
Jan 27 LF Glyph of the Observer Lock looking for Inscriber who has "Glyph of the Observer" on alliance Black Dragonflight. PST in game. I can't find a single person who can make it other than a guildy who quit a month ago.Jazy1 Jan 27
Jan 25 LF Vanilla Leatherwoker I am currently looking for a Leatherworker that has the Deviate Scale Belt pattern that was awarded from a Wailing Caverns quest back in vanilla. I'm having a difficult time finding anyone in-game atm, so I thought I'd try here. If you have this pattern, leave a reply and we can work out a time to meet. Thanks.Cedwyr0 Jan 25
Jan 23 [H] <The Nothing> 7/7M 8/10H Recruiting Raid Schedule: (Tue/Thur w/ Sunday optional progression) 8:30pm-12am EST The Nothing is looking to fill out a few last spots on it's roster for MYTHIC raiding. We're a lot of real-world friends with a solid core. We believe in enjoying the game while playing at a high level. So, we will not tolerate nerd rage, elitists, drama, loot freaks. So, if you are a quality player and chill? Talk to us. Consistent attendance and performance expected. Humor required. We use Discord and hang out on off-nights knocking out Mythic+ with our DJ bot taking your song requests. DH/sPriest/Boomkin/Feral/Ele or Enh Sham. Contact any of the following in-game: Gozer, Neidan, or Dakero. Jan 23
Jan 23 [H] <Almost Famous> late night raiding guild Hello! We be <Almost Famous> We're a casual late night raiding guild comprised of og veterans, brand new newbians, and a mix of friends & family. Normal/heroic raiding. Not hardcore/mythic progression oriented. Sometimes you just want to heal with a fishing rod, santa hat, or even in first person view. Open to all classes/roles, non-raiders, role-players, and normies. BUT looking for range with off spec healing as we melee heavy. Raid schedule: tues-wed 9p-12a pst. with the occasional random night. Holler at anyone in the guild for an inv. Jan 23
Jan 20 RIP Dank skullcrusher forums. ITS NOT THE SAMEDinosaur23 Jan 20
Jan 17 <All That Remains>(H)Recruiting Healer About Us All That Remàins is a semi-casual raiding guild and Gaming Community that has been on Skullcrusher for over 7 years. We are recruiting players who want to progress at a steady pace while maintaining a fun and respectful raid environment. Our raiding atmosphere is very relaxed and easy-going but I will yell at you to shut up during boss attempts. We do monitor for performance issues and will maximize our group composition on progression content as necessary. Our guild is largely comprised of members in their mid to late twenties and beyond. We are a very tight knit group and have attended the weddings of guild members, among other things. We also host an annual, multi-day guild meet up. We consider ourselves to be more of a community than a raiding guild. Our guild has expanded into a gaming community and we now host BattleField 4 servers and have an active community of people that play not only BattleField and WoW, but we also host our own Minecraft and Ark servers. There's always people online to play a wide range games with and we have a very active teamspeak. Due to the average age of our members, we would prefer that applicants be over the age of eighteen. (Historically younger members have caused more problems then they have been worth.) Raid Information, Progression and Loot System Wednesday and Thursday: 7:30PM – 11:00 PM EST We use a custom EPGP system for loot distribution. Flasks, food buff items, and repairs are provided by the guild but we still ask that every member comes prepared with their own consumables just in case. Enchants are also covered, mats permitting. All members are expected to maintain at least 85% attendance. The raid group reserves the right to maximize group composition based upon player ability and desired roles. To Apply Please visit: If you have any questions prior to applying; please whisper Varibash, Ftfk, Thiamin or Mythosaur TL;DR: We're looking for mature, skilled players who want to come home after a long day of work and experience challenging raid content with some good friends!Phobia1 Jan 17
Jan 16 daytime raiding guild I recently lost my job and am looking for a daytime raiding guild. From what ive seen there doesnt seem to be one in this battlegroup. If not id like to start one, raiding 3-4 days a week for 2-3 hours looking to push mythic content, possibly challenge server firsts hit me up if interested @Bluequad#1288Mechanicz2 Jan 16
Jan 15 Zenix's Master Assassin Guide Table of Contents - Why I'm not covering Outlaw Anymore~ (Until Further Notice Anymore) - ASSASSIN - Spec Overview - Key Elements To Assassin - Talents - Stat Priorities and Talent Combinations - Relics - Trinkets - Opening Rotations for Each Sin Build - How to Properly Abuse Kingsbane and it's Damage - BoTA and how to try and stack it with Exsanguinate - Snapshotting With SoT And How to properly abuse it with the MP Talent (Oh it Still works!) - How to Mythic+~ (NEW, Check it out! :D) - Conclusion and Raid Effectiveness for bosses - Final Notes About Assassin - Raid Boss Tips and Stratagems! Why I'm not covering Outlaw Anymore Until Further Notice~~: Much to my Chagrin I simply do not have the heart to play/test/theorycraft for Outlaw right now. I have fallen in love with Sin and plan on breaking down every aspect of Sub due to it's scaling potential. This has left me little time to keep up with Outlaw's very different Meta. Most of the info I had originally posted is both outdated and simply wrong. I don't want to mislead people with poor information as it would both hurt our player base and invalidate the rest of this guide which is all kept as up-to-date as possible. So on that note I will be removing the Outlaw portion until further notice, likely being a rebuff or rework of outlaw to the point that I feel it's either fun or a spec that's a strong contender with the other specs. Please note that I am not saying you Can't be a strong contender as Outlaw, there were plenty. It's just that IMO they have been gutted and are no longer the strongest spec or the spec to play in the future (which leaves little for me to work with). I'd love to see a buff on them as they were my first love coming into this xpac. Sin has always been my favorite and that won't change even with a rework, but I'd still like to see All you Outlaws who got jerked around get recompensated somehow or buffed to the point of viability in *Key word* FUTURE Top level mythic progression~ On Another note I Am working very hard on Sub and hope to post a good guide on it to help those who are making that Transition to Sub from Outlaw!Zenìx16 Jan 15
Jan 5 [H] <After Hours> (7/7M 3/3H) T/W/M <After Hours> Black Dragonflight-US After Hours is a guild formed by friends who raided semi-hardcore in previous expansions. Now we want to take raiding 20 person semi-hardcore by raiding 3 nights per week but maintain a decent progress pace! We're hoping to be top 400 US at the very least, but we'll see how high we can go! About You *You play the game for raid progression and fun. *You expect raids to start on time and you log on early to make sure that happens. *You can handle critiques and don't get offended easily. *You can handle some Adult humor aimed at or about you from time to time. +Points for being able to Dish it out and Take it. Raid Schedule Tuesday, Sunday, Monday 9:00PM PST - 12:00AM PST Loot Rules Gear is distributed by Need before Greed, raiders are expected to know their BiS and upgrades that greatly affect someone more than others will be considered . High attendance is expected of core Raid Members, but we understand that real life takes priority! We're currently looking for the following classes, but all exceptional players will be considered. Holy Paladin Warlock (Any) In-game contact Kbeamski#11369 Ravalon#1759 Darck#1150Boneyards0 Jan 5
Dec 31 Retrospect 2/7 Mythic Recruiting!!! We are currently recruiting exceptional DPS for our mythic core group. Any class/spec will be considered if they perform extremely well. We also do a ton of pvp and are recruiting for it. Message me in game with any questions. Schedule = Tue/Wed 8-12 ESTWyndoor8 Dec 31
Dec 31 890 Ret LF Mythic EN this week 6/7M experience Have links to logs if you need themGarrasrin0 Dec 31