Blackhand and Galakrond

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7m That Moment When You have to raid during Game of Thrones so you can beat the other alliance guilds to Kil'Jaeden. How many outsiders helped this time? I see a mythic priest at first glance. :) I was really pulling for Shut Up and Pull. :( Oh well. I guess they want to kill it without external help.Foojka5 7m
8m @AO You guys alright? or roster issues? ( and no i m not being an a-hole just curious cause we can't fill mythic now as well ) this server freaking sux!!!!!!!!!Parli1 8m
7h CN Recruiting RDPS for Mythic progression Comfortably Numb is 8/10M, 10/10 H NH. Recruiting a few exceptional players 900+ with some mythic experience preferred. Warlock/Mage/Boomkin/Ele sham is priority - but will look at anyone. We raid Tue/Thur 6:30-9:30 progression. Sunday 6-9pm is heroic/normal AP farm and fun alts night but it is optional as long as u keep up your AP yourself. Please fill app on or Contact - Parli, Apep, Optio, Darkytotem in game about any info you may need. All recruits are subject to a 4 week trial.Parli12 7h
1d 920+ Blood DK LF Raiding Guild Looking for a H/M raiding guild that can be pretty chill Can't Raid on Saturday or Sunday from 6-9 PST Other than that pretty openCrydevilboy0 1d
1d [H]<Enlightened Dark> 4/9H Recruiting DPS Hello All! <Enlightened Dark> is recruiting! History - We were founded in 2009 originally on Korgath server. We've moved to Blackhand since and have been a part of Blackhand since 2011. Our guild was made up of some real life friends. A handful of our current members are original members and we're like family. We're all adults and we have a good time when raiding. What are we about? We're here to enjoy playing WoW! We want to enjoy our time within the game. We cut up, we talk sh*t, we have fun, but when it's time to get down to business we focus and get the job done. We're not hardcore, but we also don't like wasting a lot of unnecessary time. Nothing wrong with wiping and learning, but we also don't have fun if we're not progressing. We expect our raiders to show up timely, know and understand your class and role. Have whatever reagents you may need, maintain your gear, gems, enchants or what have you. We will help in anyway we can, but you must also help yourself. We will not babysit. We don't expect to be #1 on the server, but we do expect to remain relevant here. So if you enjoy raiding, you're an adult, don't mind adult sense of humor (our mumble can get weird sometimes!!!) you accept constructive criticism and know your stuff, than maybe we're what you're looking for. Like anyone else we love to find long term members looking for a home and not guild hoppers. Current Schedule - Tuesday and Thursday 7:30pm-10:30pm For more information or to apply please visit You can also reply here or look for an officer in game - Register, Voldaren, Ransôm, Nezla, Absinthe, Anxiety - You may add Ransom's BTAG Zublak#1190 This thread will be updated as time goes and things change. Thank you for your time.Ransôm66 1d
1d [A]Rez PLs 9 year guild recruiting Hello We are rez pls on Galakrond. An alliance guild who has been raiding together since ulduar. We have successfully completed every raid from ulduar to En and we are working on ToS. Rez pls is a guild of active working adults. People with family's, and responsibilities. We raid 2 to 3 times a week. Tue and Thur 8pm-1030 pm server time. We run a calm and decent environment, where we work to better ourselves as a team. If you want to raid in warcraft, but cannot stand people posting damage meters, or name calling, or other juvenile behavior this is the place for you. We are a multi generational guild with sons and fathers raiding together. We even have our share of granparents in our guild. As long as you show initiative and an interest to improve we will help you in your path. We also have several non raiders in out midst who just enjoy being a part of our long term stable family. We are currently looking for a few dps to fill our ranks, as several real life situations have depleted our numbers. That being said if you are a tank or healer and are interested in this environment, drop us a line, and i'm sure we can work something out. My battle tag Jester11254 Or you can mail me at Jestir-Galakrond Or mail our Gm Eliance at Eliance-GalakrondJestir0 1d
2d Severe the Mage Dear fellow Blackhanders and Galakrondians, It has come to my attention that our mage, Severe, has been terrorizing unsuspecting players out in the pvp zones. We have tried to appease our mage's bloodthirsty ways by offering him endless demons to kill and duels outside of the SW gates. But unfortunately, it has not been enough. He doesn't understand why Gul'daniel comes back every week when he's already been vanquished. He scoffs at the repetitiveness and has gone out to the world to seek live target practice instead. If you have been one of those mercilessly targeted and taunted with trash talking, here is a simple guide on how you can fight back: Git guud. Turn around and kill him. After all, he is just a scrub mage. Avoid pvp zones. It's too dangerous out there! Bring your friends for revenge. I heard he once took on a party of 5. Do not rez. Log out and make a snack. Otherwise he will just teabag your corpse. Kill yourself. Seriously, jump off a cliff. Do not give him the satisfaction of killing you. Team up. If you can't beat 'em, then join 'em. Whisper him you want in on ganking others. P.S. I heard he has finals this week and won't be online much. It is a good time to venture outside without fear of the lurking invisible mage waiting for fresh blood. Stay safe, friends!Nedra9 2d
3d Solemn is Recruiting a Core team Solemn is recruiting for late night, weekend, raiding. currently building a core group to raid with and get to know, If you are Interested you can message me either via Mail in game or directly if i'm online for more information. We are a laid back Casual group who are firm believers in Real Life issues always come first but we also enjoy progressing and kicking some !@# when the times call for it. So if your new to the server, been on the server for 12 years or just trying to get back into the swing of things with some casual fun you are more than welcome.Aessel3 3d
Jul 19 [H] Surprise Dragon! Surprise Dragon is looking to recruit skilled and loyal players in search of a guild they can call home. Progress: Emerald Nightmare(M) - 7/7 ToV (H) - 3/3 Nighthold (H) - 10/10 Nighthold (M) - 3/10 ToS (H) - 6/9 Raid Times: T/Th - 8pm-11pm Central Saturday - 9pm(ish)-? - We run an alt run on the weekends for fun and to allow interested applicants a chance to see if you mesh well with our guild's environment. Who do we want: YOU! If you're a talented, loyal player in need of a guild, Surprise Dragon will gladly accept you into our community. There are currently spots on our raid team for talented DPS of all types, if you're a tank or healer don't be discouraged, you'd be more than welcome to join our guild and tank/heal our alt runs if that is what you want to do. Plus there is always need for players of all classes for M+ runs. Currently we are working on heroic tomb progression on T/TH and run a normal/alt run on Saturdays. Thank you for reading this far, if this is a guild that sounds like something you'd be interested in being a part of please respond here or message/mail Waterworld/choon#1592 in game for more information and an invite! We wish you the best of luck in your search for a guild that suits you! Random Background: Surprise Dragon has been around in some iteration or another starting during BC on Illidan, then moving to Alterac Mountains during WotLK through MoP, and finally we found a permanent home here on Blackhand. The guild name spawned during WotLK while prepping for a Malygos fight. Our raid lead was explaining the mechanics and strategy for the upcoming battle, when all of a sudden Malygos was aggro’d down from the sky, unbeknownst to us. Moments before she promptly wiped the floor with our raid group one quiet guild member chirped out over vent, “Surprise Dragon!” That was a memorable and hilarious moment for many of us which is why its legacy lives on in our guild name. This guild was started to create a balance between having fun and progressing through content in a structured raiding environment. Many of our raiders have experience dating back to vanilla and some have experienced the thrill of clearing a raid for the first time with Surprise Dragon in the Tomb of Sargeras. Our goal is to provide an exciting and friendly environment for our members to be a part of every time they hop online. If you're looking to join a mythic progression guild, that is not us, but if you'd like to join a friendly guild that's always looking to help each other out, have a good time, and push heroic content then you're headed in the right direction.Waterworld28 Jul 19
Jul 17 Tank LFG Tank looking for a H/M raiding guild that does not raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.Felformation7 Jul 17
Jul 17 LATE NIGHT RAID TEAM 1am-4am EST <At Midnight> of Stormrage is currently recruiting exceptional players to improve our roster for Mythic tomb! About <At Midnight> At Midnight is a late night Alliance raiding guild on the Stormrage Server. Our guilds focus is on raid progression, we want to clear the content while it is current. While we are not raiding, the guild does 5 mans, PVP, Transmog runs, we hang out on discord, and play other games with each other (LoL, Heroes, Overwatch, etc..) Raid Schedule: <At Midnight> Wed/Thurs/Fri 12:00 am - 3:00am (CST) 1:00am - 4:00am (EST) --- This is the Server's time as well. 10:00pm - 1:00am(PST)(tues,wed,thur) Expectations: -Be on time. We pull the boss at 12:00AM, we expect you to be online and ready well before this. -Loot is a tool to help kill more bosses, not the reason we raid. -We expect you to have read up on any bosses that we will fight. Whether it's something we already have on farm, or our next progression bosses. -You are expected to be fully gemmed and enchanted as well as having food, pots, and flasks. Upon Joining the Team: -You will be placed as a "Trial Raider" -You will be given a date that we will decide if you will be bumped from "Trial Raider" into "Raider". -During this time you will be evaluated by the raid leader and his raid officers, any corrections or improvements given to you by them will need to been seen prior to your bump into "Raider" status. We are currently recruiting any great DPS, however these are the classes we are short on in the raid group: 1 ret paladin 1 mage 1 warrior 1 death knight 1 shadow priest Whether or not you see your class needed up here, all exceptional applicants are encouraged to message us as we are always looking for good players to join our roster! If you are interested, you can message the tags listed below! Katie#1178Squeekerrz1 Jul 17
Jul 11 [H]Obscure is recruiting! Obscure is looking to recruit for Legion! We don't expect you to join without knowing a little about us. So here we go! Our guild was created in WotLK to create a stress-free raid environment that still looked to progress. We have successfully been achieving that goal for several expansions now! We strive to just have a good time and form friendships. Many of us have been raiding together since the beginning. We like to have a good time and have fun. We are not at the cutting edge when it comes to raiding, but Mythic does interest us if we have the raiders for it. Our Current Progress: Emerald Nightmare(N) - 7/7 Emerald Nightmare(H) - 7/7 Trial of Valor(N) - 3/3 Trial of Valor(H) - 3/3 Nighthold(N) - 10/10 Nighthold(H) - 10/10 Nighthold(M) - 3/10 Tomb of Sargeras(N) - 9/9 Tomb of Sargera(H) - 4/9 Our Needs: Nothing specific at the moment. A few healers and a dps with a tank off spec would be good. Raid Times: Wednesday - 8pm-11pm CST Friday - 8pm-11pm CST Please respond here or message me in game at Vaelfor or Crono#1927 for more information! Other officers are available for questions at Auntmartha, Boinkusan, or Redxelementz. Thanks for taking your time to read our post!Vaelfor25 Jul 11
Jul 7 <CRY MOAR> Mythic Nighthold Carries Add my btag: jello#11422 if you're interested in buying a carry from us. Prices for each raid are as follows: The Nighthold Mythic 10/10 Mythic with Master Loot: 1/5 Mythic Gul'dan with Master loot and Mount: 3.5 million Mount is 100% Drop Rate for Fiendish Hellfire Core Buyers must pay 25% of the cost up front when they schedule a carry, we don't want to waste time and want to make sure you actually show up for your carry. The rest of the cost will be paid before we pull the first boss. 915+ Titanforged gear is reserved for the guild unless no one needs it. You will get all of the other gear that you are eligible for with your class specialization. If you want to just buy a single boss or are interested in any other carries feel free to add me as well. We stream all of our carries on Twitch, you can watch them at:,, Jul 7
Jun 23 Non Guild Prog Group I am looking for interest in a group I would like to make for normal progression and beyond. I would not require any experience, or voice, boss fight videos are helpful but would not be required. Boss abilities and mechanics would be discussed prior to each fight, each wipe would result in a discussion of what happened and how we can improve our strategy. This leads to my list of requirements: 895 ilvl, I do not expect you to be geared as high or higher than the minimum ilvl drops in any difficulty, that kind of thinking is for elitist scrubs who have lost perspective that raids are suppose to be challenging and push people to perform their best, and rewarding them for their efforts with upgrades to further increase their performance. DBM, VBM (if it's still around) BigWigs, any boss mod that will inform you of abilities and timer that affect you. At least the first part of your artifact weapon maxed, this is easily obtainable with the changes. Patience, a lot of it, there will be a lot of wipes, there will be a lot of discussion, and it will be time consuming, but the time hopefully saves us further wiping to small or large mistakes, saves you the cost of potions and food as well as repairs. Potions, food, and flasks, I wont push for them until we start making serious progress on a fight, and have mechanics down, but I will require that you have them on hand for when they are needed. Come prepared, be repaired, have your goodies, be on time, and ready to go. I understand biology may require a brief moment away from your keyboard, but chances are a lot of people will have set aside time for this, so don't waste mine or their time afking for 10 minutes. Raging, bashing, blaming, harassing, will not be tolerated, you might be the best person in the group, I am doing this for fun, and attitudes and animosity make everyone uncomfortable, if you are felt to be doing any of these in anyway other than just good fun "poking fun" you will be removed immediately with no Fs given. If you are interested in a fun, laid back group, that is filling to teach an learn together please respond below, all classes and specs will be considered, and I will keep the composition balanced. Even if I get enough interest, you may still respond here and if I need a replacement or fill in, anyone here will be considered first, keep in mind that if you must leave a raid and someone is needed to be called in to replace you, you will have to sit out for the remainder of the lockout or until a spot opens up again, this is just to be fair and not call someone in for once boss and then dump them. Start time will vary between 9 and 10 pm CST and end between 11 pm and midnight CST Thank you for reading and I hope for positive results :)Jerteara2 Jun 23
Jun 23 GL in Tomb! Best of luck to everyone in Tomb! Have fun and may you all get the purples you want! From you friendly neighborhood, ObscureVaelfor2 Jun 23
Jun 18 [A] LF Large, Highly Active Guild (Casual) Hey, As per the title, I am LF a large and highly active guild to make new friends in and group up with to do all sorts of content. Been away from WoW for a long while and am just picking it up again. Feel free to msg me in-game or leave a post here. Thanks, all!Ryuusenshi0 Jun 18
Jun 17 Blackhand WoW Progress :) Jun 17
Jun 16 Healer and rDPS Looking for a New Guild Hello! My boyfriend and I are looking to make the switch to a west coast server and are in need of a new raiding guild. We are casual players looking for a heroic focused raiding guild that may dabble in mythic later on. I play a MW monk and he plays a warlock. Days available: Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday Time available: After 7 pm PST is ideal, 6:30 pm could possibly work (We get home some days around 6:30 is the only concern) We have done all the current content on heroic and would really like to find a new guild before ToS opens.Tukulu0 Jun 16
Jun 13 LF early raiding guild Hi, I am looking to join a guild that raids early. I am in Europe and the 7 hour time difference between the server and where I am doesn't make it easy. I would like to find a guild that starts raids no later than mid-afternoon server time. Please let me know if you are in a guild that runs a schedule like this or may know of one. Thanks.Ptownstyle1 Jun 13
Jun 10 [A] Monolithic 10/10H Recruiting Monolithic is a 2 night a week raiding guild dedicated to progressing through current game content. We are 10/10 Heroic Nighthold. We have not (as of this time) started Mythic progression, but we have successfully dabbled in Mythic content for our current tier and look forward to delving more into it. We raid on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 7-9:30 Server Time (that’s 8-10:30 EST). As Monolithic prepares to invade the Tomb of Sargeras we are seeking to add the following classes to our raid roster: Ret Paladin (With Strong Prot Offspec). Hunters. Elemental Shaman. Resto Shaman. Holy Paladin. Other Healers & RDPS. Other classes will be accepted on a case by case basis. Requirements for our raid team are Level 110, iLevel 885+. There are DPS and HPS minimums to maintain as well, we can go over that in chat! BUT – We love some raids! Ummm! Just can’t get enough! On Friday/Sunday nights, we will often do NH Normal with a mixture of alts and mains! So maybe you are not of the iLevel just yet for our Heroic raid force, but you REALLY want to get into raiding? Join us and tag along on Fridays and gear up, then transition into the raid team! We also enjoy running Mythic + Dungeons, Achievement Runs, and there are a few members of the guild who are REALLY into PvP and looking to get some RBG stuff started up soon! So are you wondering, lost in game, looking for a home? If your Xmog is on point, Monolithic may be the just right place for you! We use discord (heavily), we’re a pretty fun bunch. However, we sometimes have been known to get a little merciless or nawty, so if you have little ears around we strongly encourage the use of a headset! (We also request all members be 18+) Maybe you’re not into raiding? It’s just not your thing? You’re just looking for a group of people to run some instances with and hang out and talk to? That’s cool to! We have several casual members who just don’t do the raiding thing! That doesn’t stop us from all hanging out together and having a good time. For more information please contact a Monolithic officer in game Chronostar (Chronostar#1525) Kamodo (Passion4Pits#1657) Melih (Melih1010#1456) If you’re looking to have a good time, meet some cool people and kill some stuff then you are looking for #TeamMonolithic!Kamodo3 Jun 10
Jun 3 Older player looking for a friendly guild Looking for a friendly guild to join. I play a number of 110 toons (Rhondajaye - elem shammy, Clarese - Dest Warlock, & Galesia - Arcane Mage) and lately enjoying my first attempt at tanking (Sherman - lvl 107 Guardian Druid). I miss the old days where there were always plenty of guildies online willing to join up for ad hoc questing, gathering, or dungeon running. I was a hard-core raider in years gone past. While I'm not adverse to casual raiding, my goal is finding a guild where I fit in and can usually find others online that are willing to do things together (questing and dungeons) as well as helping me play a little better (as an example, I'm reluctant to try tanking random dungeons because I know I'm still learning).Rhondajaye0 Jun 3
Jun 2 (A) long established guild seeking members Hello We are rez pls on Galakrond. An alliance guild who has been raiding together since ulduar. We have successfully completed every raid from ulduar to NH and we are working on gearing further in heroic nighthold, to prepare for ToS. Rez pls is a guild of active working adults. People with family's, and responsibilities. We raid 2 to 3 times a week. Tue and Thur 8pm-1030 pm server time. We run a calm and decent environment, where we work to better ourselves as a team. If you want to raid in warcraft, but cannot stand people posting damage meters, or name calling, or other juvenile behavior this is the place for you. We are a multi generational guild with sons and fathers raiding together. We even have our share of granparents in our guild. As long as you show initiative and an interest to improve we will help you in your path. We also have several non raiders in out midst who just enjoy being a part of our long term stable family. We are currently looking for a few dps to fill our ranks, as several real life situations have depleted our numbers. That being said if you are a tank or healer and are interested in this environment, drop us a line, and i'm sure we can work something out. My battle tag Jester11254 Or you can mail me at Jestir-Galakrond Or mail our Gm Eliance at Eliance-GalakrondJestèr0 Jun 2
May 25 [A] SUaP needs a few for Mythic NH! Hi realmies, We are short a few bodies of a full mythic team. 1 tank and a couple of dps would be super nice. Rdps preferred, but will look at any who are interested. Our raid times are pretty late for the server - Tues. and Thurs. at 10:30PM Central time till 1AM, but it is only 5 hours a week. Add me at Neddy#1554. Thanks and hope to hear from some of y'all!Nedra8 May 25
May 24 Heals LF Established Social/Raiding Guild Hello there fellow BH/Galakrondians, Returned to Legion after a life hiatus and wanted to get back into challenging myself with an established and flexible guild. TL;DR Wanting to join a social guild to build relationships that keep me logging into the game and I enjoy all aspects of the game but would like to focus on raid and dungeon progression. A bit about me: I am 30 years old. I started WoW back in the Lich King xp (or as I like to call it, Death Knight's Paradise). Started playing with close IRL friends I knew, most of which no longer play. Took up healing after guild healer got sick one week and fell in love with it. I play most days throughout the week and am generally very active leveling alts, pvping, going after achievements, gearing, and fist-bumping bruls. My main thing is I've spent the last 5-6 years playing an mmo like a pseudo-solo player barely able to scrap a dungeon guild run, much less a raid. I'm tired of that. I lose interest eventually that way and I'm hoping to change that. If anyone thinks I might be a good fit for your guild, please be sure to reply here or ingame at Thorius@Galakrond.Thorius0 May 24
May 23 Blackhand/Galakrond low population concerns Hello! Some of you know me on Blackhand/Galakrond, but I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t interact on the forums often. I was given some news recently that pushed me to look here. I’m sure people have seen good-bye posts from Hells Heroes and others leaving the server. Foojka of Ambiguously Offensive let us know that they are seriously considering leaving Blackhand/Galakrond due to low server population, particularly on Horde side, which would leave the server without a Horde mythic raiding guild. I think most people who will read this realize that having a variety of guilds contributes to the overall health of the server. It allows players to perform at the level they wish, and it affords a wider array of opportunities for players. The reason I’m making this post is a simple appeal: Blizzard, please consider merging Blackhand/Galakrond with one or more low population servers. Another solution that I see might be opening up free transfers to the server to ease recruitment efforts, but I realize that there is a bottom line, and I suspect that we are not the only server in this state. And that’s really the crux of it. A request for the server, and I’m hoping enough people contribute positively and/or uprank this to make it seen. Thank you to Blizzard, the Blackhand/Galakrond population, and Ambiguously Offensive; you’ve all helped to make our WoW experience a good one, and I very much hope that continues.Auntmartha37 May 23
May 21 Looking for guild charter sigs On Galakrond and starting a new guild. Need 2 signatures-paying 100 gold each. If anyone can help, please contact me in-game: kemojo1524.Aldoria0 May 21
May 17 <Soul Cadre> 8/10 H NH recruiting healer <Soul Cadre> 8/10 H NH Recruiting Healer <Soul Cadre> is a 2 night per week casual raiding guild. We have an experienced group of raiders working on H NH progression. Will be continuing into ToS. Outside of raids we participate in alt runs, mythic plus groups, and helping each other out. Raid Schedule is Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 server time. (CST) Currently in need of healer with preference of holy paladin, holy priest, or mist monk. Would also consider taking dps and or tank Contact info: Randumb#1716 Greenhouse#1108 Bellabambina#1185Aethelstan0 May 17
May 16 [H] <theGrief> is recruiting! Hello everyone! <theGrief> is currently recruiting! We are currently 10/10H and looking to add a few more good dps to the roster. [A little about us]- We are a semi-casual guild. What does this mean? We like to play the game to have fun with people we enjoy talking to. We have no intent to be the best most progressed guild on the server. That being said nobody wants to go to a raid and wipe all night without getting anything done. When it comes to raiding we try to focus and give our best to get the job done. We prefer 18+ because our chat can get a bit much sometimes and is not for people that are easily offended. [Current Schedule]- We currently raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm-11pm server, with an alt run on Saturday. Our Tuesday run everyone in the guild is welcome to sign up and come, our Thursday run is what we consider our "progression group" and is invite only. Officers will go over logs and watch performances and we invite based off of that for Thursdays. The point of this is to help a core team learn the fights and what works for us without too much struggle, so we can then take that to our Tuesday group to get everyone to progress. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if it interests you or you have any questions feel free to contact myself (IGN: Jodiefroster, Ðrogo, Moofasä) or anyone else in the guild that will direct you to an officer. Thanks again and see you on the Broken Isles!Moofasä0 May 16
May 13 Murlocalypse- 10/10H recruiting Murlocalypse : We are recruiting to start mythic raiding. About us: we are a pretty tight group of players who like raid and group for other content. Our entire raid team left the guild (bluemoon) we were in to start a new life, and here we are. Currently cleared all heroic raids, and continue to do so weekly. We simply lack the numbers to start Mythic. Currently in need of a handful of aspiring players for progression into mythics. Specifically an offtank, and some smart DPS. Raid times tues/thurs starting At 6:30 (throw on Sunday for progession) If you'd like to learn more please contact me in game. Thanks :) ...does anybody even use the forums anymore? Worth a shot!Hylindar4 May 13
May 4 LF casual guild Hi there. This is my first time looking for a guild. I've been playing wow for many years off and on but now I think I want to try and join a guild. I'm looking for a relaxed guild that does a little bit of raiding, pvp and whatever in between. Thanks for looking and hopefully I get some invites. PeaceElhunt0 May 4
May 2 [H] <Rising from the Ashes> Recruiting DPS <Rising from the Ashes> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for more members to fill out our raid team. We are a progression oriented guild, and we pride ourselves on being an open, and friendly guild, while still maintaining a solid group of skilled individuals to continue progressing at a steady rate. We enjoy joking about others mothers in between boss pulls, and pissing off our raid leader. Raid times are Monday and Tuesday, 2100 to 0000 server time. We are currently in need of DPS to help with the current raid tier, to help aleviate the current issue we have with a small raid team. Applicants should be able to perform at a competent level, while still performing mechanics without issue. Consumables are all provided by the guild bank, and we are able to help gear applicants that are willing to commit to our raid schedule. Send a message to any member in game to be directed towards an officer.Corgak0 May 2
May 1 5/10M <Wander> Zul' Jin Need DPS <Wander> Looking for ranged dps! We raid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday 8-11 PST. That is 11-2 server. Looking for 1 or 2 ranged for core spots. We want about 80% raid attendance. Mage - High Warlock - High Shadow Priest - High Element Shaman - Medium Boomkin - Medium Hunter - Medium Rogue - Medium Will consider any good apps we get. Add me on Bnet if you have any questions Nutterbutter#1814 (Me) Jhayn#1922 Impending#11500 DannyRockz#1108Donaldjstump4 May 1
Apr 30 WE ARE FARMERS Hello, sign up for some serious PvP, and PvE content.Thunran2 Apr 30
Apr 30 The Watchmen Recruiting The Watchmen, Alliance. This guild has been on Blackhand since BC. We are looking to build up to mythic raiding and need more able bodies. We raid during the weekend, two nights progression, one night open raid. Progression Nights are Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 sever to 9:30 sever. During these raid nights we do use a Epgp loot system so that there is fair loot going out to players. Open night is Sunday night from 7 to when we quit normally 9 sever. These raids are personal loot raids. Our guild does use Curse Voice chat and it is a requirement to raid but we are a fun group that likes to give one another a lot of crap. If this might be a guild you are interested in you can check out our guild website at and apply to join. or Whisper Corvy in game. Thanks for your time and always happy Gaming.Artsblade3 Apr 30
Apr 26 [A] CN recruiting for Mythic Raids. Not gonna give you the whole we are so great blah blah join us cause we've been on BH since vanilla and here's our history lesson, you should already know that :). We are 10/10H, 4/10M NH and the #3 guild on the server. CN needs multiple ranged dps and a pali healer... Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 to 9:30 Server, with a fun sunday night alt raid and trial run. If your melee, I'll listen to ya, but you have to be sensational (just being honest). Be mature, be ready to raid, kill things and enjoy 6 hours a week and getting mythic kills. Any range dps will be considered but the Primary needs are - Shadow priests, Mage, Boomkin, and Lock. Contacts: Parli, Apep, Optio, Javad, Voldemort in game. Or hit me up on my Real ID Parli#1588.Parlee14 Apr 26
Apr 26 (A) Slapchop is recruiting for Legion Crypticwar8 Apr 26
Apr 25 [A]<Mistwalkers> 5/10H Recruitment <Mistwalkers> is a 2 Night Weekend raiding guild. We are group of experienced raiders, with a dedicated core raid team. Our plan is to continue our progression raiding in Heroic Nighthold and beyond. Our objectives is to have a successful raid team while having fun and enjoying the accomplishments we achieved respectively at the end of the raid. Outside of raids we run alt raids, mythic plus groups and carries. Current Progression: 7/7H EN 10/10N NH 5/10 H NH Raid Schedule Monday 6:30PM - 10:00 PM Wendesday 6:30PM - 10:00 PM Times reflect server time Current Needs: (Updated) Tanks: Currently looking for another tank to take the place of our offtank Tanks we could use: Prot Warrior Blood DK Healers: Currently have 3 Core healers with one able to go dps if needed Healers that we could use: Resto Shaman DPS: Looking for both ranged and melee dps DPS to help round out our guild Elemental/Enhance Shaman Rogue Demon Hunter Ret Paladin Mage Windwalker Monk For more information please contact Warrenfs#1918Msjoobles0 Apr 25
Apr 19 [A]Looking For Raiding Guild ilvl888 Been searching trade chat and general chat for a while now so I thought I'd try here. I've been looking for an actually active guild for a very long time. PUGs have been starting to get on my nerves and would rather raid with communication and with people who understand mechanics. Currently ilvl 888 with two best in slot legendaires. However I do not have the legendary shoulder pad + draught of souls combo yet. Experience I have all keystone achievements. 10/10 Normal Nighthold 4/10 Heroic Nighthold Please message my battletag: trxv#1415 Thank you for taking you time to read this!Xantal1 Apr 19
Apr 12 Will miss you Blackhand! We never thought we would leave Blackhand, unfortunately the time has come to move to a more populated server. It has been great raiding and playing with a lot of you since WotLK. Best of luck everyone!Bloodtriton8 Apr 12
Mar 31 state of blackhand seems to be pretty dead, at least compared to the glory days.Zêla28 Mar 31
Mar 22 [A] <Guardians of the Slab> Open to All! US Eastern - Blackhand - Alliance - Casual Raiding/Mythic+ About us: We're a group of friends who played WoW at various points on and off since Vanilla, we're back for legion and we're looking to get a little more serious about endgame content. There are about 7-8 of us now and we're looking for more to set up a solid group for raiding/mythic+. Requirements: We just want a group of fun people with aspirations of raiding in this patch. Any experience/skill level is fine, we just ask that you're fairly active. Schedule: Weekly schedule TBD. Planning on going through current content in the coming weeks, as we get the numbers. If you can't raid with the group all the time that's fine, come by when you can! "APPLY": Reply here or whisper/mail me in game with a little information about you! Broll#11883Adrathe2 Mar 22
Mar 15 [A] DragonBlood Hey all, We're currently looking to recruit members to form a raid team. We're currently working our way through normal Nighthold, mostly held back due to pugging. No experience is required, and we're still looking to fill all roles, so all are welcome. If you're looking to get into raiding this expansion then we may be the guild for you. Our raid times are Sat, Sun, Mon from 6-9 PM PST. If you are interested, add Djockey#1707 and send me a message. Thanks for your interest!Djockey1 Mar 15
Mar 13 Enhancement Shaman LF Guild. Doesn't look like there is a whole lot of traffic here but here goes. I am currently 866ilvl with a 35 weapon. Prefer to stay enhancement. I have been playing melee for the last couple xpacs. I have 3/10M experience with some deep phase 3 wipes on Botanist. Looking for a week day guild that raids between the times of 6:30 to 10:30 server. 2-3 days preferably. A guild that is clearing normal NH progressing in Heroic is idea. Bottom Line. What you get is a reliable and no drama raider. Looking for a new not so hardcore home.Lulie7 Mar 13
Mar 10 (H) Weekend Raiding Guild Are there currently any raiding guilds looking for DPS that raid FRI-SAT at like 9 or 10 est?Khrunk3 Mar 10
Mar 10 Onzo Where are you?? I love you!!!Imadrood0 Mar 10
Mar 5 [H] Is there a "leveling" guild? Does such a thing exist anymore? My husband and I are recent WoW returnees and new to Horde Blackhand. Would love to find a friendly group of folks, primarily to socialize with, while we're leveling. And eventually as we get higher level, to group with. We are married with kids so we are in the "have a life" category and consider ourselves casual; just looking to meet up with some fun folks who are similar. Hoping a guild like this exists out there!Rotting1 Mar 5
Feb 27 Looking for guild Looking for an active and social guild for dungeons, achievements, possible raiding, activities and basically just some new friends to game with. I have been playing since 2010. PM me in game or leave a message here :)Klahl3 Feb 27
Feb 24 The Blood God, Recruiting. (The Blood God) We are currently recruiting active players for raids and keystone+ runs. Our player base is active around central standard time, (CST) America. We are casual but, have lots of experience and talent in our guild. Our current raid schedule is; 8-10PM Tuesday: H NH Friday: N NH Sat: N NH Our guild is currently 10/10NH N and 8/10NH H. We also have +16 keys and complete +10-15keys weekly for guild mates upgrades. We have discord and communicate regularly as it's good for bonding and makes assisting guild mates easier. We are also a more forward thinking community and are open to cultures and societal differences. Absolutely do not tolerate blatant; harassment, racism, trolling, sexism-men/women, ideologue's. With that said we understand satire and in what context jokes are placed. Please contact: Candlesticks-blackhand Ranes-blackhand Celiona-blackhand Doncorlleone-blackhand Wumble-blackhand Damagal-galakrondCandlesticks1 Feb 24
Feb 23 Looking For Active Australian Alliance Guild Hi, I'm looking for a fun and active Australian Alliance guild. I'm interested in raiding and Mythic+, but mostly just looking for a social community to chill with late at night. CheersWhilais1 Feb 23