Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council

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8h RP Resources? Hello everyone, I've been on the server for a while now, and I remembered that a lot of the RP Resources that this server had were associated with the RP-Haven website. However, the site has been in maintenance mode for a while now, and I'm really unsure of where to go. I'm going to be playing more on this server now that my real life has calmed down significantly. I plan on adding a few topics on here soon specifically to gauge the server/cross-server intensity when it comes to RP. So my first question would be what locations in and out of the server are people participating in for RP purposes?Lochoren6 8h
1d [Horde] RP Winter Veil Cross Realm Event [H] WINTER VEIL IN WINTERSPRING ((A Cross Realm Horde Holiday RP Party Spectacular)) December 16th, the first Day of Winter Veil, at 5pm PST | 6 MT | 7 CST | 8 EST Come and join us in celebrating the feast of Winter Veil in snowy Winterspring! Meet people you've never met, hailing from across Azeroth! In addition to good food, booze and company, we will be hosting a number of exciting activities throughout the night! Sign up now to participate! ((This event will have people and groups from at least 3 different servers in attendance!)) Blind Date Auction - Polar Bear Brawl - Group Performances Blind Date Auction: Sign up with one of the sheets in the envelope below between now and the party to be an auctionee! Auctionees will be given anonymous descriptions and bid on by partygoers, agreeing to spend some time with the winner (although they are neither expected or required to do more than that)! Buyers are limited to spending only 5000gp overall (you cannot just buy every auction if you're rich). All proceeds will be used as prize money for future events. ((If you are interested in being bid on, please fill out this form: )) Polar Bear Brawl: They say nothing warms the soul like a fight in the frigid cold! A seasonal tradition, this dueling tournament involves stripping down to the bear minimums and duking it out in the frigid snow! While weapons are allowed, nothing else is. Contestents will be inspected before matches to ensure they aren't carrying any jewlery or other items which might afford them an advantage. Bystanders are encouraged to throw snowballs, to add an extra element of chilly fun! Winner gets a special mystery gift! ((If you wish to participate in the Polar Bear Brawl please submit this form: )) Group Performances: Everyone has a different way of celebrating the season, and we want to give you a platform to show everyone yours! We want to encourage different organizations to sign up and show off. Have a few people recite a story, or sing a song or something entirely different! ((Limit one performance per Guild. We will coordinate with you about the performance itself. Performances should be roughly Winter Veil themed in nature, no longer than 15 minutes and be relatively non-offensive, sign up here: )) ((Additionally, we've made a discord server for the event, you can join here: You are in no way required to join the discord to attend the event as it is ingame. The main idea behind it is that discord lets you PM anyone who you share a discord server with, so if you meet someone cool at the event hopefully it'll provide an easy way to connect with them again (encase you forget their server name or anything like that). We will also be using it as a place to share screenshots during/after the event, make updates/announcements, and possibly play mood music via the voice channels. You can also access all of the signups from in there. As this is a cross realm event, we will need to group everyone. You must whisper Ohee-Ravenholdt, Kejala-Ravenholdt, or Raelanaa-Twisting Nether for a group invite at the time of the event. If that doesn't work, contact me (Lahcania#1539 on bnet, Arahe#6448 on discord) or tag me on discord or even post here (although that will probably be the slowest response time). If you are planning on attending please like or comment on this thread so we can get a rough tally of who's coming. Also if anyone knows of a rp community hub outside of these forums for this server (like a discord) that I could broadcast this on, please let me know!))Arahe4 1d
4d Roleplayers Connect Discord Welcome to Roleplayers Connect! This server has been around for a few months, as it was originally a RP server Discord channel. However, the moderators have recently decided to convert it to allow ALL roleplayers access. This Discord is designed with the intention of helping the RP community across servers to thrive and grow. This is especially important with the upcoming expansion, Battle for Azeroth. We’re hoping to set up this server as a means for ALL role players and RP guilds to connect, network, meet and chat. Reminder: this server will only be active if you all choose to make it so. The more activity within the Discord, the more useful members will find it. 
The server is equipped with: + Server categories! Each RP server will have their own category that includes channels for guild bases and guild advertisements. If your server does not have a category yet, message a moderator to set one up + Factional Roles Dyno bot has been put into place to allow all members to give themselves a role. Once must simply type !rank [rank name] into the #bot_spam channel. The ranks included are Alliance, Horde and Guild Representative. + Voice Channels There have been a few voice channels added in case members choose to network via choice chat. + Facebook Group Ads Many RP servers have a respective Facebook group. Those groups will be added on the front #welcome page for easy access. Moderators have only been put in place to help keep an eye out for potential drama! There are only three rules we ask members to abide by: 1)Be friendly/kind to one another! 2)Avoid controversial topics. 3)No trolling or bashing other members and guilds. Access Link: [[ We are currently looking for more moderators to help manage server guild base channels! DM a moderator if you wish to apply! ]]Kalepathe0 4d
4d An Announcement from <Stonefield and Maclure> Some of you may have heard of, or even tried, the Ironman Challenge for World of Warcraft. If not, the rules are linked below, but just to give you a quick idea of it, you essentially can not have a character death, or use anything above gray or white quality gear. No talents, no professions, and such. One of the drawbacks to that is that, in the past, guilds were forbidden since of the passive XP boost given to guild members. That perk has since been dropped, and in light of that, Stone from WoW Challenges updated the rules to reflect it. That said, we would like to announce that <Stonefield and Maclure> is going to be a sponsor guild for players who wish to participate in the Ironman Challenge. Currently, there are only three North American server guilds for Alliance, and we will be the fourth. Those wishing to participate in the challenge will have a specific guild rank with restrictions in-line with the official rules challenge. While recruitment for players wanting to begin their journey for the challenge will begin within the next day or so, the guild will not officially be a partner guild until it is announced by the WoW Challenges website. We would like to encourage those of you who want to make a character for it to let us know, as we are very excited to have you with us! For those not currently in the guild wanting to do the Challenge, please feel free to message us here on the Facebook page, or contact someone in-game so we can get you set up. Good luck! Rules: Our Facebook Page: 4d
6d Oceanic/Late Nighter RP Discord Hello fellow RPers, I started a discord for people playing during Oceanic hours. You might be in Australia, New Zealand or another Oceanic location. You might be a late shift worker from the USA. You might be a vampire. Whatever reason you have for eating dinner at 3am server is fine — this discord is for RPers that share your schedule. Horde & Alliance Welcome!! I made this discord to prepare for an amazing feature coming in B4A: WoW Communities. This feature will allow us to join multiple guild-like groups (with chat and calendar marking!) on a character basis & across servers. For example: <Azerite and Arcwine> <Gnome Girl Power> <Void Elf & Worgen ERP Manor> <Oceanic RPer Chill Mythic Runs> <Tusks of Mannoroth Support Group> <Dwarf Only Raiding> I think this feature is going to be fantastic for RPers and will definitely be a boon for those of us playing on American RP servers from odd timezones.Sef0 6d
Nov 30 Free Dunegon Boosts by a 101 Twink Hey there, been lurking around the server for a little bit and thought I'd offer free dungeon boosts if you have Alts under 110. If you see me around the server, dont hesitate to send a whisper and ask if I'm doing some dungeon runs. I'm mainly in it for the AP and break boredom slightly. Its really simple, if you have a sub 110 alt but have an ilvl of 680+ I can help you get to 110 at a faster pace than normal doing the same 4 starter legion dungeons, DHT, NL, HoV, and EoA repeatedly. I can solo them easily enough with run times average about 6-8 min. You can follow me throughout the dungeon, but I should warn you I will be in DPS spec and que'ing as a Tank. After a few runs you'll get a feel on what you can handle. With looms you can average 3-4 runs per level and without looms you can average about 4-5 runs per level. Anyways good luck and take care. Happy holidays!Shinoken1 Nov 30
Nov 25 Server issues? 11/25/17 4:48 pm Im on shadow council server anyone else having issues? I cant quest, cant do dungeon finder. checked my modem idk wtf is going on i just want my wow D:Alyrah1 Nov 25
Nov 16 What happens to RP servers? Hey, I am looking for support and suggestions for the future of RP servers post-Blizzcon announcement of PVP/PVE server distinction removal. It also concerns server merging. I posted a thread in the General Forums I would appreciate any input you have! Thank you much.Xiolableu1 Nov 16
Nov 15 @Suul I wish more people bothered to keep world PVP alive. Hopefully the BFA changes do something about it, we'll see. It's been fun though, thank you.Alasander0 Nov 15
Nov 15 (A) Starter Pack recruiting dps for Antorus Good Day ShC/BwR Starter Pack is looking to add some more people to our dps roster for the upcoming raid and beyond. We are a tight knit group of people who truly believe that real life trumps the game at all times, with that being said we don't push mythic content. We do dabble in heroic at a comfy pace. We generally raid Tuesday/Thursday 6:45 Server till 10 Server. With Friday or Saturday as a pick up/finish day. We are a mature group(old) and things can get a little raunchy at times, but it's all fun and games. If interested feel free to contact a member or add me(enurta#1680) and you can see if we are a good fit for you.Cardnylsyn0 Nov 15
Nov 15 Priest Looking for Home I've hardly raided or done much with a guild or group this expansion and am now just looking for a place with people have some PvE fun with. I don't have a set work schedule so unless a guild is looking for a shadow priest for only Mondays, I don't think I can permanently join a raid team. Most of what I do on my own is look through the LFG list for M+ groups so I'd like to just meet some people to have a group(s) to run M+'s with. I can heal too, disc is fun for lower level pluses and I like holy when it gets harder, but mostly I'm shadow. P.S. Shadow gear ILvl: 919, a couple lower with my healer specsTelavasir1 Nov 15
Nov 11 [A] <The Redeemed Avengers> LF N/H Raiders The Redeemed Avengers is a normal/heroic raiding guild located on Blackwater Raiders/Shadow Council, Alliance side. Raid Times: Tues/Thurs – 5:30p-7:30p PST (8:30p-10:30p EST) Raid Goals: Clearing Normal mode and pushing as far as possible in Heroic. Not interested in Mythic. Current Class/Role Needs: Melee DPS - All classes welcome Ranged DPS - All classes welcome Healers - All classes welcome DPS with Tank off spec(Or someone willing to tank fulltime) DPS with heals off spec Guild leadership has been leading guilds and raids since TBC and are currently 8/9H in ToS. We are looking to fill the last few spots in our team and finish off ToS with a bang. Then it will be on Antorus! We want to raid with a group of like-minded adults. We foster an inclusive atmosphere of all social groups and walks of life. Respect for one another is key; we won’t tolerate offensive speech of any kind. While we want to approach things with a casual mindset, we still want everyone to show up prepared, fully gemmed / enchanted, having watched the fight videos, etc. Always do your best. People make mistakes sometimes; just own up to them and learn from them. A relaxed and fun personality is important: we’d rather wipe all night with people we like than one-shot everything with leet players that are jerks. Contact: If you're interested in pursuing a spot on our raid team, you can contact our GM Edgewood (Edgewood#1551), or our raid leader Kaidan (Optimus#12403)Edgewood3 Nov 11
Nov 9 looking for newb friendly guild Starting over from scratch and going through most content, looking for aguild to help out. Character name is Markmark on alliance.Markmark0 Nov 9
Nov 9 [A] The Wild Hunt Recruiting The Wild Hunt is a normal/heroic raiding guild on Shadow Council (Alliance). We’re casual with sudden bouts of seriousness. We’re playing to kill digital dragons. That’s an undeniable part of the game, but nowadays, we’re playing to enjoy one another’s company. Another important aspect of our approach to raiding: life is going happen. We’re recruiting for Antorus: The Burning Throne and all future expansions. The community which has been built throughout the years has lost various members due to real life obligations. Our members do not merely play Warcraft together, but a variety of other games. If we’re not playing, then we tend to hang out in Discord together and catch up on the happenings in our lives. The expectations we have are straightforward: be respectful, be willing to give and receive constructive criticism, strive to be on time, keep attendance high, do not let frustration get the better of you, and please pull your own weight. Recruitment: DPS: We’re considering all classes, but looking to balance our melee and ranged. Healers: Since the raid team already has a Mistweaver Monk, it would be lovely to have the other healing classes. Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday from 7 -10 PM CTZ or 8 – 11 PM Eastern Every fifth week is a break. Holidays are taken off. Progression: The Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Normal and 7/7 Heroic Trail of Valor: 3/3 Normal and 3/3 Heroic The Nighthold: 10/10 Normal and 10/10 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 Normal and 9/9 Heroic If interested add Tanglewood#1661. Our process is simple a voice program interview and raid with us. Thank you!Austendarcy0 Nov 9
Nov 9 <Speakeasy> is recruiting alcoholics and... Forum lurkers. Also hello. I'm looking for more casual members for the guild to run mythic+ and socialize, you need to be able to handle extremely vulgar and abhorrent language and topics...if there's another guild on this realm that is more foul than us I would be amazed. Whisper Ztop if you're interested. ThankZtop4 Nov 9
Nov 8 DK Looking for Casual Raiding Guild Okay so here's my story - I've been playing WoW since Vanilla. Started casually raiding with TBC with a 'lock and joined a dedicated raiding team and switched to a DK tank when WotLK launched. Raided with a dedicated team all the way through WotLK, Cata, into MoP. By the first tier of MoP I was burnt out and I quit the team and eventually unsubbed. More or less skipped WoD entirely and have had a hard time staying interest in Legion. I've come to realize the thing that is missing is being part of a team. I miss raiding and would like to get back into it. So the details: 1. I'm rusty as hell. I haven't raided in 5 years. I used to be a skilled tank though and with a little work, I could be again. 2. My gear isn't the best. I've been out of the game for awhile. My current iLVL is like 873, I think? So, I'll need a little catching up. 3. I have limited availability. I can raid Monday and Wednesday nights starting after 7pm CST and that's about it. MAYBE I can raid some weekends but not consistently enough to be able to commit to weekend schedules. TL;DNR - long inactive Horde DK Tank looking for Mon/Wed raid group starting after 7pm CSTKyusse0 Nov 8
Nov 6 (SOLD) I Have a Pendulum of Doom for Sale! Yo everybody, Stagmoss here. I've got an extremely rare, yet not unobtainable item found only in Uldaman called the Pendulum of Doom. Here is its wowhead information. While it has no current loot table, my friend found it June 11, 2016. It is essentially a 0% chance drop, but it still drops. I have had 2 offers around 250,000g so far. If you wish to inquire about it, don't hesitate to ask!Stagmoss8 Nov 6
Nov 5 <Iridescent> 3/9M Weds/Thurs 6pm - 9pm CST <Iridescent> is a Heroic/Mythic focused raiding guild on Shadow Council. Our raiding schedule is W/TH from 6PM CST - 9PM CST. Our goal as a guild is to complete Heroic content in a timely manner and focus on Mythic progression. Current Progression: Tomb of Sargeras: 3/9 Mythic Heroic/Mythic Recruitment Needs: Tank* Any exceptional Tank but preferred Brewmaster or Guardian DPS* Any exceptional DPS Healer* Any exceptional Healers What We Expect From You: - Be active - Maintain your characters ilvl along with Artifact Power - Play your class well while correctly performing mechanics - Be able to take criticism - Be willing to give feedback What You Can Expect: - Positive raid environment - Top M+ players from the server - An active roster of guild members who are friendly and knowledgeable - Optional raids for alts Loot System: - RCLootCouncil - EPGP Contact: - If you are interested, contact Lavak#11917Lavak2 Nov 5
Nov 1 <Black Omen> is recruiting skilled players Are you good at this game and a cool person as well? I'd like to recruit you. Visit our website at or find me in game. Thanks, SuulSuul7 Nov 1
Oct 26 Roleplayer's Network - Blizzard Group Want to connect with your fellow roleplayer's with the new Blizzard groups feature? Check out your server's Roleplayer's Network! Want to connect with the global Roleplayer's Network instead or as well? Oct 26
Oct 10 Bastion (H) is recruiting Bastion is recruiting! We are a casual guild and are looking for casual players, as well as raiders and RBG players. Our progression is 9/9H ToS. We raid Tues and Thursday from 530-8 PM. We are looking in raids for high DPS, and healers specifically HPriest and a Monk. We are also looking for people to join that want to RBG. RBGs would be on the weekends. For RBGs we are looking for skilled players who understand their class. Msg an officer in game if interested or reply here. Troll away! NursyNursy0 Oct 10
Oct 7 <A> The Wild Hunt LF Tank/DPS Faction: Alliance Server: Shadow Council Guild: The Wild Hunt About Us Our group consists of a small group of friends and family who want to complete end game content up until Heroic. We do not raid mythic. The guild itself has been around for at least 7 years and almost always engage in end game content while catering to a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Progression ■ Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9N, 2/9H ■ The Nighthold: 10/10N, 10/10H, (AOTC) ■ The Emerald Nightmare: 7/7N, 7/7H (AOTC) Times ■ Tuesday: 8:00pm-11pm (EST) ■ Thursday: 8:00pm-11pm (EST) Recruitment ■ Tank/DPS OS Our second tank has take a leave of absence. We are looking for someone to fill the void and tank in his absence/when he returns. We would like someone with a strong DPS OS in case they would like to DPS once the tank returns. We would prefer a tank with at least 9/9N TOS experience. We are not looking to gear up a tank but rather have a tank that fits in with everyone. Requirements At least 9/9 N TOS Friendly Fits in with group A server transfer is not required at start but preferred if you are a good fit! At least 905 ilevel Contact If you're interested in the group, contact any of the following members: Snoarlax (btag: Snoarlax#1646) Austendarcy (btag: Tanglewood#1661)Snoarlax2 Oct 7
Oct 7 Feisty Corner Is this thing on? Hiyo! I'm Feisty. You may recognize me from such forum threads like, "Feisty Corner: The Electric Bugaloo" and "Feisty Corner: What Exactly is Prairie Dogging?" It's been a while since I've frequented the Shadow Council forums but now that I'm back, I see we've been squished in another another server. Gadzooks, is internet rent too dang high?! I will be posting things I find amusing. That is all. I urge you to do the same. -Feisty.Feiston103 Oct 7
Oct 5 trolling in trade Ok question... whos the top 5 trolls in trade on this server?Mitokiller0 Oct 5
Oct 4 [A] <GoI> 3/9M Recruiting For Funsies <Guardians of Innocence> is a semi-casual progression guild looking to fill its ranks for mythic progression in Legion. We are looking for capable and fun-loving players who are willing to take raiding seriously, but also enjoy the fun in raiding like we do had. The guild is semi-casual and has been around for 8 years now, boasting stable leadership and a close-knit atmosphere in the guild. We've cleared many current end tier bosses in the past including Nefarian, Cho'gall, Sinestra, Ragnaros, Deathwing, Will of the Emperor, Garrosh, Imperator Mar'gok, Archimonde, and Xavius. We want to continue these trends as we push further into Legion but we need your help! Raid Times: Tuesday 6:30-9:30pm Server Time (MST) Thursday 6:30-9:30pm Server Time (MST) Monday 6:30-9:30pm Server Time(MST) Currently Seeking: Everyone is free to apply, but we have an emphasis on: Ranged classes Ranged Hunters specifically Please be ready for heroic and mythic raids right away! We're looking for skilled and knowledgeable players with experience from previous tiers of raiding. We're looking for reliable raiders who can make 90% attendance with advanced notice of absence and enjoys raiding in a friendly but progressive environment. We love to raid, even if the bosses don't love us back! To apply, please add one of our officer's Bnet tags found below. One of us is bound to be on! Battlenet tags: Reanne: Feorellas#1662 Zisa: Zisa#1437 Trixe: Trixxie#1755 Aliera: Aliera#1395 Taraah: Yawn#1822Zisa2 Oct 4
Sep 30 Mortalis (H) is recruiting for heroic raiding Mortalis II is a relatively casualish guild looking to fill out or ranks with DPS. We're currently 8/9 heroic and looking to build up our team for finishing Tomb and getting ready for Antorus. We are a guild of mostly 30-40 somethings that realize real life comes knocking and people can't attend every raid. We value teamwork and self improvement more than ilvl or achievements. We are not a guild that will likely be doing mythic raiding any time soon (if ever) and tend to be relatively laid back. So if you're looking for a guild but don't want to commit to the mythic raid style of play, we might be the place for you. We have some basic requirements. - Use of discord on raid nights (and for any challenging mythic keystones you may run with the guild). - Mods like DBM - Food and flasks, though we often will provide a cauldron and feasts provided the numbers support using them. - General raid attendance. We raid Friday and Saturday 6:30-900 Shadow Council Server time. We are currently focusing on expanding our DPS and healing roster. Depending on real life we typically are fielding roughly between 15-20 folks. While we'll consider most DPS, we're pretty full up on Most wanted: Holy / Disc Priest Resto Druid Mistwalker Monk Medium: Resto Shaman Holy Paladin Really most DPS specs provided solid play. We're not actively recruiting tanksfor raiding, though if you're comfortable with a DPS offspec or an alt, might be worth discussing. We also do a lot of 5 man content for those not looking to raid. Contact myself, Tradias, Ninjor, Vices or Rangér if you'd like to discuss more. My tag is: Corpekata#1618Kafkaesque1 Sep 30
Sep 15 [a] Titans Judgment Recruiting Hello! My name is Divinestylez, locally known toxic player and widely ignored trade chat troll, and I'm here to inform you that Titans Judgment is currently recruiting raiders of all roles! We are a semi-serious raid-focused guild that raids on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 5:30-9:30 Server Time, and off-clear nights on Fridays at the same time. We boast an active off-raid community that runs Mythic+, Arena, and RBGs regularly. We are looking for active, dedicated, and personable players to join us in building a community that wants to learn about the game and how to improve at it. Our environment is focused on earning your keep and contributing to the whole, so we encourage people to partake in helping others complete their weekly M+, adding profession reagents to the guild bank, and aiding others in their questions about how to improve mechanically at the game. If you are interested in this type of guild, as someone who is familiar with this level of Mythic content or as someone looking to push themselves with the performance and attitude to back it up, please read on! We are currently looking for players of all roles, but specifically the following: [Tanks]: Blood Death Knight, Protection Paladin, Veng DH. Accepting most other applicants with mild reservations about Prot warriors in the current meta, but subject to change. [DPS]: Havoc DH, Windwalker Monk, Shadow Priest, Marksman Hunter, Mage (Any), Arms Warrior, Sub Rogue. Accepting most other applicants, with HEAVY reservations about Death Knights, Warlocks and Ret Paladins. [Healers]: Holy Priest, Holy Paladin, Resto Druid. Accepting most other applicants with HEAVY reservations about MW and Disc. If you have any questions about applying, please send me an in-game mail or private message. Battle tags can be shared upon making a potential love connection. Thank you all for your time, and happy raiding!Divinestylez0 Sep 15
Sep 12 Lucid Nightmare and the Shadoweave Mask A lot of players are looking for a Shadoweave Mask since it's required to solve the third puzzle for the Lucid Nightmare Mount. (If you want more information on how to obtain the Lucid Nightmare, go to ) I want to start a list of tailors willing to make the mask for other players at no charge if the player provides the materials. If you're a tailor that didn't previously get the pattern when it was a quest reward pre-Cata, it has been added back to the game as a drop off Dark Iron Steamsmiths in Searing Gorge. It's not a guaranteed drop so a little farming is needed but I haven't seen anyone say it's taken more than an hour to get. Materials list: 2 Bolts of Mageweave (10 Mageweave Cloth) 8 Shadow Silk 2 Heavy Silken Thread Mageweave and the thread are easy enough to get that some tailors are only asking you to provide the Shadow Silk. Right, Lower Blackrock Spire seems to be the best place to farm it. The spiders tend to drop 3-6 per clear so you'll usually only have to clear it twice to get the number needed. For a fast exit, remove your gear and jump into the lava to die. You'll be back at the entrance when you release so you can run out and reset or continue on your way to a tailor. Keep in mind this list is specific to the Shadoweave Mask - any tailors listed might be requesting payment for other patterns they have. Alliance tailors Joynal-BlackwaterRaiders Denivir-BlackwaterRaidersJoynal1 Sep 12
Aug 20 Warden Towers 6: Maybe You're In It! One of my main hobbies (as some of you have learned the hard way) is to defend the Warden Towers. Sylvanas' orders. Enjoy! Aug 20
Aug 20 <Sloppy Seconds> ...Slarkon2 Aug 20
Aug 19 [A] Resto Druid lf raiding/mythic guild Hello folks, after a short break I've decided to try to re-kindle my love for raiding and attempt to find a raiding or mythic guild. I've been raiding since MC-40m on various characters. I've been a druid, resto and feral, for approximately 10 years off and on. I show up on time, with consumables needed. I'm highly allergic to drama. I'm also an adult, so if saying s**t would cause your guild to freak out, I'm probably not the healer for you. I like a guild that is light hearted, knows how to laugh at me, themselves and each other and not get bent out of shape about it; but also a guild that knows raid time is raid time. I'm available most evenings for raids, mythics and just hanging out having fun. Because I'm a nerd, that's why! :P If you're interested, please feel free to add me in game, Daphne#1598. Or just walk up and yell, "HEY NERD!" Which ever you prefer.Lèxy1 Aug 19
Aug 19 920 Bear Tank What's up everyone? Damonsta here, kinda like Da-Monsta, ya know? Anyway, just wanted to see if there's any guilds out there with a consistent progression and a 6-9 hour a week schedule. Looking for something social, active, and most importantly...awesome. Good folks who make all aspects of the game worthwhile and enjoyable. Bit about me? I've cleared all raids this xpac in Normal and Heroic modes, up to ToS, where I'm currently 9/9N and 7/9H with a few close pulls on Avatar. Should have my full clear of H KJ soon. Ilvl 920, 58 traits in my artifact with a max AK lvl. Both Guardian druid BiS legendaries (survivability and DPS), and a 2 set T20. I enjoy other content besides raiding though. Achievement grinding, mount farming, old content annihilation, PvP (not rated though, not quite at that level yet), and pretty much anything else. Anyway, if there's any interested, hit me up on Discord, or throw me a BTag invite. Discord: Monsta!#9577 BTag: BigDaddy#13995Damonsta1 Aug 19
Aug 11 WTB guild WTB guild. I just transferred my main to this server and I have a lot of junk. Does anyone have a guild I can buy? It does not even need bank tabs. Although, if you inherited a guild with tabs and it is full of junk. I will pay extra depending on the quality of junk.Mcbodhran0 Aug 11
Aug 2 Idea:Starting Zone Revamp, and Boosts What do you guys think? 'cause ive been thinking about this but like. Why doesnt Blizzard have incremented boosts? Cause I'm sure someone would pay for a boost thats NOT directly to 100. I would. I would love to have a level 80 or 90 boost sitting around so i can do the previous expansions, yknow? plus, some people might want to get to 100 themselves, but they also might want or need a little boost to get to a point where they can go through content they actually want to be part of. Ive made SO MANY characters over the years, and going through the lower levels is agony and it can get dull. but if I was able to start at a point where im able to go through, say for example, Northrend, Then I think it would be much more fun and would allow me to skip all the old lame content that is in the begining levels. On another note, I feel as though the starting zones REALLY could use a little revamping. I think things should be updated a bit so that the starting zones are actually relevant to whats going on in the current expansion/story. Especially Starting Zones like the Draenai starting zone, They've been in a "Crash Site" for far too long to be realistic. You'd think that they'd start cleaning up the place, establishing themselves a bit more. Maybe even aquiring some help from their human friends, to build housing and such thats not detrimental to the land itself like we see that their crystals can be. And the Worgen's are still having to go through the cataclysm! Over and Over! for every Worgen made, is another poor soul having to go through the cataclysm. I realise that these races are connected to certain expansions and by extension certain world circumstances, but... We're at LEGION now! The Burning Crusade is long gone, and the cataclysm is over and done with! The world should be settled by now, and starting to rebuild! Starting to Grow and Expand! I know this may pose a problem to newcomers to some extent, but honestly, no matter what, any newcomer is going to have to catch up with the lore! Theres no sense in having things preserved for certain expansions. Since, in order to play a newcomer would have to have the latest expansion anyways. Hear me out Bilzzard! As a veteran who has been around since the beginning of WoW, I am pleading to you that this issue be addressed. Thanks for reading, share your thoughts eh?Dionaisus2 Aug 2
Jul 22 Nightborne/Shal'dorei RP Connections Starting a new thread for this now that everything's finally set into motion. The previous thread (and links to older ones) can be found right here: It was posted to most of the RP realm forums including Wyrmrest and Moon Guard but didn't garner a great deal of attention. Since then, we've gathered a few people together and set up a Discord server where players can discuss lore, chat about RP prospects and share resources. It's open to those that are invested in the prospect of Nightborne RP but participation isn't mandatory. All you need is an interest in this niche and we'll be glad to welcome you. This server was founded on the idea that all Nightborne RP should be interconnected and that every Roleplayer carrying interest in the subject should have the opportunity to engage with it. We aim to become a community, meaning that we can connect with like-minded Roleplayers quite easily and set our own personal storylines into motion. This isn't necessarily a guild or a coalition, simply a source of communication for everyone intending to write within the confines of Shal'dorei culture. It's mostly going to be self-directed so in a general sense, you're expected to connect with others on the server in your own time and build RP connections. However, I'd like to introduce the idea that we can also become a society. Events could be organized that would gather most of our characters together in one place. There could be a ball, a soiree, a festival, a garden party, a wine-tasting or anything in between. We could build different groups too. We could form academies, military organizations, merchant coalitions, groups of performers and I think there's every chance that we could also form our very own noble households with certain characters picking up particular roles. The possibilities here are almost endless but it's definitely going to take some time to organize something like this. Any and all additional ideas are welcome. If this sounds like something you want to become involved with, let me know by adding my battletag (Zarxes#21200) and requesting a link to the server. For reasons that I hope are obvious, I don't want to throw the link out here where someone of ill-intent could join. The aim isn't to necessarily be exclusive but to keep the environment free of negativity. Thank you so much for your time!Zarxés0 Jul 22
Jul 12 Looking for a primarily social guild (h) I took about a 3 month hiatus from WoW, and upon returning I decided to try a new realm, and to go back to horde, which was my faction since launch (I let a friend tlak me into trying alliance on his server, it's not for me) I am currently leveling a priest, but may back off him and try a war in the near future, I am looking for an all level friendly social-based guild. Just a group of people to BS with while I level an alt, if I like the server I may transfer my other toons there (got a 100 druid, 110 DH, 110 mage, and 110 rogue I would likely transfer)Chekyoursix0 Jul 12
Jul 10 920 Prot Pally First off, I am open to transferring horde. But you will pay for the transfer. 57 Artifact 1600m+ 10/10H 1/10M (Got put on Nights when we started Mythics) 9/9N 7/9H (3 Weeks into ToS, and our raid group was apparently Mythic Ready) Shorten the story up, didn't see eye to eye with my guild. Held through till the end of the week, and decided I still didn't see eye to eye. Came back from working 2.5 months on nights, to giving them the solid tank performance that I had given prior to working on nights, and they had moved on with other routes. Monday - Friday 7pm-11pm CST, are my available times for raiding. I'm looking for a guild that is ready to start Mythic, needing a tank to fill in that last slot. What I bring to the Table: 1. 97-100% Attendance on mandatory raid nights, 50/50 on optional. 2. Can read over my own logs, and adjust from there. 3. Very Vocal, and if put in a leadership position can lead. The only time I won't be vocal, is when there is a lack of communication between the other tank being vocal, if the other tank is not vocal and I point it out numerous times to Guild Leader, and officers, and they do not do anything about it. I will not be vocal. 4. Parses don't matter, but consistently always parsing. Could use additional help on the DPS side of the table though. What I don't want at the Table: 1. Loot Council that funnels gear to specific players. 2. Individuals that continue to mess up, and miss raid nights, and allow them to recieve gear/pats on the backs when they wipe because of mechanical errors from not having the slightest clue to what has happened. IE: Knowing that standing in swirlys from Maidens, will give you the bomb. Making you ineligible to properly tank the boss when it needs to be taunted for your side to receive the hammer. 3. I expect guild repairs, if I contribute to your guild bank. If you require me to put materials in a bank for feasts, then I expect to get something else other than feasts in return. 4. If it's progression 20 minute explanations are good, if it's not progression and it should be farm, then I expect a short overview and a ready check and pull. There is no need to have 20 minute discussions before every pull. If you're looking for a tank that gives you 100% output when receiving output from the rest of the raid, then here I am. If you want someone that will put in just the amount that the bare minimum guy puts in while jerking himself off, go somewhere else. I'm not here to carry your raid team. Add me at Stephen#11786 Have Top Notch internet with no latency issues, also have a back up MiFi hub in case power goes out. Here are my logs from Tomb: LINKS: WoW-Heroes WoW Progress Warcraft Logs Jul 10
Jul 2 Returning Player looking for a Guild I've been away for several years and are looking forward to experiencing all the new things the game has to offer now. I've looking for a guild that is time-friendly, alt-friendly, and, hopefully, just friendly in general. I enjoy PVE, PVP, Dungeons, and, well, not afraid to try every part of the game. I'm looking for a group of friends that I can enjoy the game with again. I've tried the Guild Finder, but that isn't kept up to date, it appears. Look for me in game or post here. Whatever works! Thanks for your time!Chalada0 Jul 2
Jun 20 Time for some <Sweet Revenge>! (Located on the servers Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council) Are you tired of getting pummeled by a swarm of nasty murlocs? Or maybe you just need some friends willing to help you get those hard-to-get achievements, like getting the legendary axe Shadowmourne? Well look no further, <Sweet Revenge> is looking for new members to fill our ranks! We're a friendly, no-drama guild filled with some great folks that are more than happy to help one another. We're currently seeking people who share this mindset, and who understand that we are by no means a strict raiding guild. That being said, we do aspire to rebuild our raiding teams so that we may run current expansion raids again. Casual Raid Team: For fun, nothing serious. No stress, no pressure. Feel free to bring some Darkmoon Ale and jokes to the run! Progressive Raid Team: A bit more serious than the casual runs. No raging, but some pressure and stress is to be expected. An occasional joke is welcome, as is some ale if it doesn't impair your gameplay. We don't have any plans to form a PVP team or push our way into PVP in general, though we won't say no to an occasional PVP night where we have fun and try to not die! Once we have plenty of members, we plan to reintroduce monthly (maybe bi-weekly also) guild games. These include hide-and-seek in various WoW locations (including opposite faction territories!), achievement runs (both guild achieves and personal achieves), transmog contests, and more! Given that they aren't in the middle of something, the members of <Sweet Revenge> are more than happy to help one another with leveling toons, grinding for Artifact Power, dungeons, achievements, etc! It certainly doesn't hurt to ask, we don't bite! Feel free to send a whisper or in-game mail to Corren-BlackwaterRaiders (or message me on my battletag, AlyCat#11192) or Agacia-ShadowCouncil if you have any questions or if you want to join! Hope to see you in-game!Corren1 Jun 20
Jun 14 891 Holy Priest LF Guild Hello! I am new-ish to WOW (started in Sept) but not new to mmorpg or healing. I've been playing a healer for about ten years (just not on WOW) and then took a break, and switched to WOW. Husband and I seem to have 50/50 luck with pugs (who doesn't?), and looking for laid back people who, love this, but also know this is "just a game". I am a Holy Priest currently at 891 ilvl, and just felt confident enough to try out raid finder, have not tried my hand at mythic yet. Husband is DH with 851 ilvl. I have some alts, but at the end of the day, I just really enjoy healing! Due to minor details like having a 9-5 job, M-F (you know, making an income is good, to pay for this game!) we can't commit to routine raid nights- but we will try! If we sound like we might get along, please let me know! HellesBelles#1401Selisetria0 Jun 14
Jun 13 <Doesnt Wipe> LF more! We're a fairly new guild looking for more for our raid team. We've progressed through Nighthold considerably fast and are looking for more as the Tomb of Sargeras raid opens soon. If interested, or to just join and hang out with us, please ask for Antiseptic and I'll be found! We're a collection of laid back, semi-casual players with interests in pvp, raids and M+ content. We like to do well (and who doesn't?) but we don't yell and kick you out of the guild if you stand in the lava. We realize that this is just a game and intended for entertainment- yet- we're more entertained by winning. The name is just for fun as EVERY guild wipes at some point. :) Have a great dayAntiseptic0 Jun 13
Jun 13 Stonefield and Maclure LF Second Raid Group Stonefield and Maclure LF more members to fill an ever growing guild. Family friendly attitude is a must. We are a casual, friendly guild, with a mixture of all player types (raiders, pvpers, casuals). LF players to start second raiding group (10-15 players) for anyone still progressing through Emerald Nightmare and/or Nighthold N/H/M. Raid times will be discussed once the group is full. Healing specs are priority recruitment atm. The goal is to progress quickly enough through N/H EN & NH to start ToS within a month after the gates open, but without putting pressure on guild mates to feeling like they have to be a Hardcore Raider, lol. Please ask for myself, Mineva (GM), or an other S&M member for an invite, and we all hope to see you soon. Have a great day =)Xsesshomaru0 Jun 13
May 29 ✨Moon Guard's Annual Ride-A-Thon 2017✨ Be, our, guest! Be our guest! You are invited to something that's the best! A simple fun event that takes place once a year! On the US Moon Guard realm, Come and drink some beer! Jump a motor-bike and have a cheer! Moon Guard's Motorbike Memorial Ride-A-Thon is an annual event open to the public for both Alliance and Horde! This year I am opening it up an advertising off-realm as well. Specifically to other RP realms to reach out to the greater RP community. The Ride-A-Thon will be held on May 29 (coinciding with the U.S. Memorial Day), beginning at 7:00PM Moon Guard realm time (that's 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST / Midnight GMT), at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaque Lands on the US Moon Guard RP realm. There will be a brief speech commemorating the fallen soldiers of Azeroth given by myself with the help of a translator for Alliance and then I will lead a procession of riders across The Eastern Kingdoms on a predetermined path down south to Booty Bay. Upon arriving at Booty Bay there will be an after party. It is highly encourage that participants use a motorcycle mount during this event. These mounts include: Champion's Treadblade - Warlord's Deathwheel - Mekgineer's Chopper - Mechno-Hog - Goblin Trike - Goblin Turbo-Trike - If you wish to participate and do not own one of these mounts or can not afford one, fear not! All are welcome to join us regardless of what mount they choose. MAPS! Why is the path purple? Because that's what you get when you mash up red and blue! Maps showing the path of the Ride-A-Thon route can be found here: Part 1 - Part 2 - May 29
May 25 <Stonefield and Maclure> is looking for YOU! Hi forum folks! How are all of you? Hope you're having a wonderful day. We're looking to recruit some new people for raiding. We raid three nights a week, usually for two to two and a half hours at a time. Our raids are usually pretty laid back, and we have cleared everything so far on normal, and are going back and working on heroic kills. Mythic clears are a goal for us, eventually. But, we need to build up a second raid group. This is where you come in! Currently, our main group will be down a tank and a healer for the next two weeks, with the healer being gone for another few weeks beyond that. So, we need to fill those slots if we can. In addition to that, we have several people who enjoy raiding, but we would like to expand our teams to include a second one with a different schedule than the main group. We'd like to welcome anyone interested for this group as well. We use discord for raiding, and provide full repairs, flasks, and feasts; and we'd love to have you. Also, if you aren't interested in raiding, we are recruiting for in-general purposes as well. We're a very active group of people, with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. As a social-leveling guild, we lean very heavily on the social aspect. We're always looking for new friends to come hang out with us. So, if you're interested, let us know. Feel free to comment on this, or message me in game, or hit up our Facebook page. Thanks for reading! May 25
May 19 Looking for Casual Daytime Raiding Guild. Hey everyone! I'm Absol, the lonely Resto Druid with a Blood DK Main and Vengeance DH Alt and no where to call home. :( I stopped playing around halfway through Pandaria and came back a couple months ago! But I've had absolutely no luck in finding a Guild since I started playing again. My main is an 890 Blood DK if anyone happens to need a tank but I would be happy to hit max with this Resto Druid as a healer as well. I would prefer a Guild that does it's raiding during the Daytime/Afternoon. I used to play very hardcore, though I'm not looking for anything super intense this time around unless a Guild is willing to train and gear me back up to par on current content. But I don't mind if you're stuck on Normal or just halfway through Heroic so long as everyone has a good time! I'm super friendly and I can totally RP with everyone or just be myself with a cool group of people! I play this game to help others and never object to doing something that doesn't benefit myself if someone else needs something. I make my own custom lua UI's, I own a multitude of cats, I'm good at congratulating people for exploring elwynn forest or whatevs. It's been months with no one to hang out with... slowly losing the will... to keep pugging Nighthold... wtb friends? Thanks!Absol0 May 19
May 18 902 prot pally 902 prot pally looking for a new home. Cleared N NH, artifact weapon is around 915-920.. have interest in playing ref or going holy if need be.. pst in game. Play mostly late day/night. In my alts guild for time being, but it is to slow pace for me. KnatKnat0 May 18
May 4 [H] Cataclysmic - Recruiting We raid Tues/Wed with an occasional shorter finishing day on Thursday. Our Raid times are from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM UTC -7 (PST)/8:30 PM to 12:00PM EST. Nighthold 10/10 Heroic Most nights we are 15-17 men raid size. We are currently recruiting: Healing (1 or 2) (1) Holy Priest or Holy Paladin. I might take a disci priest if you think you're really good at disci but you'll be vetted hard and you better have some strong logs to back it up. (1) Dual-role healer. Any class. DPS most nights, heal when we need it. DPS (2-7) (1) Rogue (2) Mail (3) Cloth (2) Plate We do not bring in random pugs. To apply (joining as a raider pending a trial run): Join this discord channel ... and tell us: Joining as (social member/raider) Guild History Who you are/were Why you might be interested in joining us More detailed info here:ús6 May 4
May 1 Disjointed Guild Recruitment M+/Raiding/RBG Disjointed is currently looking for a solid healer for Mythic+ runs. Must be at least 890 as well as having discord and a Mic. Also Recruiting Raiders for the upcoming ToS raid. If you are looking to screw around and clear things quick and efficiently then we are the guild for you. If you got a stick up your butt or like to screw off a lot and get nothing done we are not the guild for you. We also have some dudes that participate in high end RBG's if that is your interest. If all of this words above interest you we will get you in for a tryout. Also Mail me in game with the following Class/spec ilevel Weapon AP level Years played Content cleared, (if your a returning player then proof your a good player) Don't waste our time and we won't waste yours. -AshAshael1 May 1
Apr 30 Nightborne/Shal'dorei RP prospects? A while ago, I started a thread related to this topic which you can find here: and here: But my queries had been more in regards to the potential for a Nightborne guild being set up. This time around, I'd actually just like to gauge public interest in this area of RP because I'm still rather interested in trying to get something going. It's not necessarily something that would require a guild format and would likely include players from multiple realms. The aim here is to see if I can find people that are interested in pursuing this sort of RP. My last thread attained a string of dislikes on several of the posts, something that I think I should pin on the bad reputation surrounding RP that doesn't utilize the main playable races. This sort of criticism is something that I definitely understand because anything outside the norm is going to be a challenge to successfully engage but in a way, that's exactly what I'm looking for. I've been engaging in Roleplay for about 6 years now and as much as I adore my other characters, I'm definitely interested in seeking more of a challenge in my writing. However, a large portion of my personal interest is directed toward the general culture in Suramar City. Everything is very stiff and poised, refined to perfection. Of course, this lends itself to the idea of falsified unnatural beauty. The Nightborne are generally very committed to 'keeping up appearances' and holding themselves in an esteemed manner regardless of their private struggles, an attitude that is fundamentally somewhat flawed. They strive for perfection which is, in and of itself, an imperfection. It's a wonderful sort of irony. I'm also a big fan of political drama and intrigue as well as the portrayal of prejudice - especially when it regards class differences. I understand that a lot of these themes are present in Sin'dorei, Human or even (albeit, rarely) in Kaldorei/Highborne RP but there's something very appealing about the Shal'dorei in particular. Maybe they're just pretty. I'm hoping that there are others out there who agree with how I feel about this. If so, I'd like to get into contact with you and the easiest way would probably be to slap my battletag onto the end of this post. I'm toying with the idea of creating a Discord server for cross-realm communication too. What do you think? Does any of this interest you? If you'd like to get into contact with me, my battletag is Zarxes#21200Grullock0 Apr 30