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7h Old school Stonemaulers Who's all still around?Phenik13 7h
14h <H> Vital Instinct Recruiting Hello!! This isn't your typical recruitment post, well maybe it is, sorry not sorry for the psych out... <Vital Instinct> We are a group of guys and gals looking to further our adventures in Azeroth. We are a group of 8 players who have managed to clear Heroic TOS with pugs consistently. Currently we are looking for all players interested in progressing further in world of warcraft. Not geared, no problem, just show your dedicated and we will help gear you. If you're the kind of player that likes to push your self in a competitive sense but want a relax environment that's us. We push ourselves to be the best we can while keeping it fun at the same time. Trash packs lets laugh and have fun, Boss fights serious mode kill it and go back to laughing. Raid times Tuesdays 7-10Est Wednesday 7-10Est Thursday 7-10Est We will be currently working on Normal Antorus and obviously moving in to heroic. Our ultimate goal is to be a mythic guild on a relaxed schedule so we can see the hardest content available. If any of this sounds like you let us know! if you have any questions please ask. Gm- Herkilleeze Officer- Paldeo Officer- Sybrin Officer- Dlo/Moggsaron Me (slave to the officers) Gízzímo You reach anyone of us usually in the afternoon or early evening late into the night. Thank you for your time and happy gaming!!!Gízzímo5 14h
2d Looking for guild on Bloodscalp. I haven't played since BC, but I recently came back and I'm leveling this resto shaman. I'm looking for a guild where I can transition into raiding after I hit 110. I like to PvP too. I'd prefer a guild that's active and uses voice chat. Other than that I'm not too picky.Toruna0 2d
3d <Danny Devito Fanclub> M+/H Antorus!!! <Danny Devito Fanclub> (11/11 N)is recruiting for its core raid group. We are looking to fill all positions. Raid times are Fri/Sat 6:30 server time. We have a strong Raid leader, and expect to progress into Mythic Antorus. We are also forming a M+ group. We are currently farming +15 regularly. Feel free to message Tunombre-Dunemaul or Ieatpaste-Bloodscalp or Mirethro-Bloodscalp for info.Tunombre0 3d
Dec 2 <Frozen> recruiting for Antorus Our raid times are 7pm-9pm CST on tuesdays and wednesdays. were looking for players to progress quickly in the small amount of time that we raid. also looking for people who like to do a lot of m+. if you're interested, please contact: me @ wom#1551 thanksElsa1 Dec 2
Nov 28 [A]<Heavy Hitters> Recruiting Heroic Raids Hello Bloodscalpers and connected realms! Heavy Hitters is now openly recruiting. We’re a Heroic Only Raiding Guild and have completed every tier thus far in the expansion. We’re looking to add a few more to our ranks for the opening of Antorus on Nov 28th! We’re a close knit group of raiders the core of which has been playing together since Vanilla. We’re now a laid back late 20’s - early 30’s type guild. We like to have fun while we raid but, also know how to get the job done. If you’re looking to get back into Raiding or maybe want to take a step back from Mythic Raiding we might be a good place to hang your hat. We’re active with members on all the time looking to PVP, M+, Xmog runs, whatever. We even have a mage that’s obsessed with grinding out useless MoP Rep if you’re into that sort of thing. Raids - Wed & Thur 8p - 11p MST. (Wed only when current tier is on farm). We’re pretty much open to recruit just about any classes/specs at this time. Biggest Needs: R DPS - Maybe an Off Tank. Please feel free to reach out to any HH member in game and they can get you to an officer for more info. OR Feel free to add me on B.Net - Fhatjawn#1967 Kill Fast. Take Chances.Fhattjawn7 Nov 28
Nov 27 Old Dunemaul Anyone from Vanilla and BC dunemaul even here anymore? Was pretty bummed when I just found out they merged the forums ;(Naomxin35 Nov 27
Nov 20 Any OG Bloodscalp nerds still hanging around? It's been a while.Surn56 Nov 20
Nov 20 [H] \\Tilted\\ Is Now Recruiting! {4/9M ToS} \\ Tilted \\ is actively searching for new players to add to our core roster, we are especially interested in reliable raiders who strive to make their individual play and teamwork the best it can be. We focus on progressing through normal, heroic and possibly mythic level raid content while still having an enjoyable time. ♦♦♦Current T20 Progression:♦♦♦ In a co-raid opportunity with another guild on our small server cluster, we are collectively 4/9 Mythic, with Goroth, DI, Harjatan & Sisters down. Progressing on Desolate Host. ● Realm rankings most up to date via raider . io website for Dunemaul cluster. Information - Legion Progression: 4/9M, 9/9H ToS, 1/10 M NH, 3/3 H ToV, 4/7M EN Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 9:30-12:30 EST (7:30-10:30 server) Contacts: Gankstaboo-Stonemaul (gankstaboo#1152) Matrikas-Stonemaul (kimmina#1358) Additional Info: Recruitment – Melee DPS: seeking all specs Ranged DPS: seeking all specs; especially mage Tanks: tentative, dps with tank off spec preferred. Healers: no positions available. **all interested players are welcome to inquire even if you are not one of those classes or positions that we are currently seeking; chances are that if you make yourself available and are willing to put forth the effort to help the team we are willing to work with you on finding a raid spot. Our History - Although Tilted was a revamped as a guild for a fresh look in Legion, we have retained many of the former member ties and values we developed during previous WoW expansions. As our ultimate focus is on raiding for end game content, many of our core players also have had Mythic raiding experience from Mists, Warlords and Legion. As a guild our experience has primarily come from Legion content and Warlords’ HFC raid instances as noted below. ... ... About Us - While our focus is on raiding we strive to be more than just a raiding guild as we are most interested in recruiting active and reliable members who are interested in being a part of our community. We follow a raid casual style of just two days a week for our progression. Despite this we are still a very active guild who enjoy doing things together outside of raiding. We generally have between 10-30 members online at any given time and most are interested in grouping up for weekly Mythic plus dungeons, battle grounds, arenas, time walking, leveling and more. We also offer alt/new members raid opportunities to anyone who is interested most commonly on Sunday evenings. Feel free to contact us in game or battle net for more information. You are also welcome to check us out on the web starting at our WoW Progress page (Tilted-Dunemaul) which provides additional background regarding our logs, raid streams and more.Matrikas7 Nov 20
Nov 16 Thinning the herd Good day, It looks as though the horde are suffering from a disease. It causes players when around others of their kind to act irrational. So I am pleased to announce a service provided by myself and another Doctor. We will be administering Inoculations to as many horde as possible. We hope to bring health and joy throughout the horde. Side effects may include death and dismemberment. Multiple injections may be needed. Thanks , Cyndrosia. PhDCyndrosia4 Nov 16
Nov 9 OG Boulderfist Players I played WoW at launch on Boulderfist for about 4 years. Haven't played WoW in a few years, and just started playing again. Anyways, I came across this Screenshot of the first ever Alliance PvP raid in Boulderfist history, and thought I would share for any OG Boulderfist players that may still be around. The guild was called Ravagers. The raid was on Crossroads. The highest levels on the server at the time were in the mid 40's. As you can see from the screenshot, only a few of us even had mounts. Good times.Pariis33 Nov 9
Nov 8 930 MM Hunter LF H Guild Hey everyone, I am looking for a heroic raiding guild that is interested in adding a MM Hunter to their ranks. I have been playing WoW since vanilla and started raiding then as well. I raided in Wrath and Cata too. Legion has got me back into the raiding scene and I have thus far acheived AOTC for EN, ToV, and NH. I took a break for awhile and really want to get that AOTC for ToS and for Antorus. I have no problem joining a guild that is currently progressing in H Tomb, nor have I a problem pulling my own weight progression wise. I am mostly casual, but I still do things for my char such as siming and keeping track of all the latest updates to my class. I would prefer raid times that are on any night of the week but Mon and Tues, and past 6pm CST, but I am open to anyone who might be interested in me. Thanks for your time, and feel free to message me in game, Marthronys is my Hunters name. Here is my armory if interested: Nov 8
Nov 8 <H> two older gamers looking for guild and myself. looking for good community. Older like 30s not ancientInnett2 Nov 8
Nov 8 is this server horde or alliance pop? TitleLegend5 Nov 8
Nov 8 hello Hi allZellax5 Nov 8
Nov 8 [H] <Regression> 6/9M ToS LFM for Antorus <Regression> is a mythic raiding guild on Boulderfist. Our core has dedicated much of their time to raiding since Vanilla and continue to excel in being competitive mythic raiders. Our goal is to continue in Mythic and strive for a competitive, fun guild that takes pride in its accomplishments. We will push progression hard on a relatively light schedule. Our goal is to bolster our ranks, and prepare to be among the top mythic guilds in Antorus. What we want from potential applicants is: the ability to perform at a consistently high level and have complete raid awareness, understand the encounters from every aspect, not just your class/spec. We want players who know their class and raiders who can pick up the difficulties of a fight quickly and adjust to mishaps. Finally, we're looking for motivated players; people that are dedicated to not only raiding, but participating in every part of the game(dungeons, world quest farming, keystones, etc.). We expect our raiders to keep up with their artifacts, continue pushing to improve themselves every raid by reviewing the logs for the week, listening to constructive criticism, working on rotations, etc. During progression we will raid Tues/Wed from 7:00pm - 9:00pm server time (9:00 - 11:00pm EST). Sunday from 7:00pm - 9:00pm server time (9:00 - 11:00pm EST). Sunday will drop as content is cleared. For more info, please join our Discord: and check out the #welcome channel. If you're interested in learning more or joining us, please contact an officer in-game; Ahloy#1626, Ephram#1437, Erren#1496, Eryxar#1746, TRuKuRT#1785Droth27 Nov 8
Nov 6 940 AoTC Guardian Druid Hey, thanks for reading. As the title says, 940 AoTC bear tank here. Looking for an active, social, and engaged guild to call home. Preferably one with an already established raid team, but even one that is still building it up and working it out is fine too. Good people and a strong guild are important. Raidwise, I'm available pretty much any day of the week around 9pm EST or later. Or I can do mornings/afternoons from about 9am till 4 or 5pm EST. 6-9 hours a week is preferred. I have several clears of H ToS and would be more than interested in dropping the first few in mythic, or at least have the drive to do so. I have 68 traits in my artifact, about halfway to 69 now and BiS legendaries. *Server transfers are possible. Faction transfers too for the right group. Any questions or interest, feel free to hit my BTag or hit me up on Discord. BTag: Proteansoul#1851 Discord: Monsta!#9407Dahmonsta0 Nov 6
Nov 1 [H] Open Source <Boulderfist> 3/9M Open Source is currently looking for reliable mythic quality raiders to join our raid teams. We currently raid 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM server Tuesday and Wednesday. A mythic quality raider would ideally: Take feedback and not have an emotional response (you did “X”, that is bad because of “Y”, and you need to do “Z”). Take coaching from all sources without emotional responses (you did “X”, that is bad because of “Y”, you need to do “Z”, and “A” is a way you can try to be more consistent with that). Communicate in a non-emotional manner: Good = move out of green stuff & Bad = get out of the “f$@&%*!” Green “S$@&”. Maintain 85% 3 Month raid attendance average = 22/26 raids. Have complete Knowledge of encounter mechanics not just your role. Can execute all mechanics at a high level while performing your role at a high level. Complete +10/+15 Mythic dungeon each week based on current rewards. Equip full high level enchants appropriate for your spec. Equip full +200 gems appropriate for their spec. We currently have the flexibility to accommodate any role. We are looking for good, consistent, committed players over class, item level, or experience at this time. Add Horde#11504 on battle net, kimmina#1358, send me an in game mail, or whisper me in game if interested. Thank you!Hordepaladin0 Nov 1
Oct 31 [A] The Alliance Empire The Alliance Empire LF all to join the Empire in total domination of Warcraft. Be a part of the Largest and most Active growing community to date. Current list of realms and growing: • Alterac Mountains, Balnazzar, Gorgonnash, The Forgotten Coast, Warsong (CR) • Bleeding Hollow • Blood Furnace, Mannoroth, Nazjatar (CR) • Bloodscalp, Boulderfist, Bunemaul, Maiev, Stonemaul (CR) • Bonechewer, Aegwynn, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, Hakkar (CR) • Darkspear • Dalaran • Emerald Dream • Firetree, Drak’Tharon, Malorne, Rivendare, Spirestone, Stormscale (CR) • Frostmourne (Oceanic) • Kel’Thuzad • Korgath • Lethon, Blackwing Lair, Dethecus, Detheroc, Haomarush, Shadowmoon (CR) • Nemesis (Brazil) • Proudmoore • Ragnaros (Latin America) • Sargeras • Stormrage • Tichondrius What should you expect from The Alliance Empire?  Daily slaughter of the Horde in Small to Large scale World PvP  Daily runs of BGs and Arenas for gearing  Dungeons for gearing and transmog  Random FUN events such as tournaments, prescheduled World PvP, Wargames, Races, Transmog contest, Battle Royale, and much more!  Very social and non-toxic environment for you to join the game with others  Very organized community structure with amazing leadership  Other games for you to play when you don’t feel like playing WoW  Chill music to listen to while playing  Amazing perks for being an Officer if you choose to go that route Interesting in joining us? Direct Message us in Discord, our server: - Cadigan (Owner) - Deathology (Owner) - Ceneria (Director) - Sinjarah (Director)Cadogans6 Oct 31
Oct 30 [H] The living legends we are a Casual Heroic Guild looking to Add to our Raid team we run about 15 on raid nights and would like to see more to fill it up, have gotten AOTC for tomb want to hit the burning throne hard Raid nights are Tue,Wed 6:30-9:30 PM server , open for class/spec as long as you can pull the #s, we are sitting at 22 rank showing on wow progress at this time for the server, we require TS3 for voicechat please msg Tinkerton#1956 ingame Tinkerton-bloodscalpTinkerton0 Oct 30
Oct 26 To Alliance How do you like not being able to quest out at Argus?Mikepenance12 Oct 26
Oct 19 7/9M Recruiting DPS <The Last Pull> Horde Illidan, 7/9 M 9/9H is recruiting a 920+ (Priority for ranged) DPS (must have logs) for ToS progression. Raid times: Mon-Wed 9PM-12PM EST. Apply at: For more information Contact Raeya Btag: Raeya#1889 Discord: Ræya#7807 (alt 0230)Ræÿa0 Oct 19
Oct 8 Boulderfist Heroes: this is for Dak Krause Hello everyone! I just finished a video about Dak Krause's memorial NPC, Caylee Dak, and I thought I'd post it here in case any guild members of his would like to see it: For anyone reading this who is not familiar with this in-game memorial, Caylee Dak can be found in Shattrath City, and is in tribute to a member of the Boulderfist Heroes guild on US-Boulderfist, who passed away in 2007 from leukemia.Avendesora0 Oct 8
Oct 7 <H> No Good Deed Recruiting No Good Deed, one of Bloodscalp's oldest active guilds, is seeking to add additional members to our raid team. In particular, we are seeking ranged DPS of all classes, and will consider melee and healers who are a good fit. The guild leadership and core has remained stable since early in Vanilla. We pride ourselves in having a strong sense of community, a willingness to support each other, and treating each other with respect. Most of our members have raided together for years and have met in person for numerous guild events. Because of this, our level of drama is extremely low and our comfort level with each other's sense of humor is extremely high. In order to keep this drama level low, we recruit as much for personality as we do for in-game competence. We will not tolerate disrespectful, distasteful, or abusive behavior. We wear our guild tag with pride, knowing that those who have encountered us come away with a feeling of being treated appropriately. We have matured together as a guild, with our members having jobs and families. We understand how real life can override this game. We have gone through the hardcore, server first races in previous expansions- quite successfully. Now, we look at raiding as an activity to do for fun: see the content, master the fights, and play with people you actually enjoy hanging out with. Our current raid schedule is Wednesday and Thursday nights, starting at 8:30 p.m. Eastern. Our raid difficulty is Normal/Heroic. Raids go for roughly 3 hours. On non raid nights, we plan on having multiple Mythic Dungeon teams, PvP groups, and other guild activities. If this kind of environment sounds appealing, please contact me (Mensrea), Admetus, or Khrama for more information.Mensrea26 Oct 7
Oct 6 [H] LF daytime or late night raiding guild 9/9H SPriest here looking for a Heroic ToS raiding guild. I raided Mythic in EN and NH and am just starting Mythic ToS on my other toon but I am looking to play a little more so I am looking for a guild on Stonemaul (or any connected servers) that does at least Heroic clears/progression that is looking for ranged dps. Would prefer daytime hours or late night hours (1AM or later EST). Thanks!Vitalienn0 Oct 6
Oct 5 <TEA> [H - Zul'jin] 9/9H LFM for Mythic <The Excellent Adventure> [H -Zul'jin] is a semi-hardcore guild that is 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. We are looking to bolster our ranks for a strong push into Mythic Tomb of Sargeras before the release of Antorus, The Burning Throne. Overall we are a pretty fun, laid back group but we take killing bosses quite seriously. We only raid two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 830PM EDT until 1130PM EDT. We sometimes do optional clean up days over the weekend, as well as clear normal for alts and some of our less progressed players. We also seem to always have people looking to do mythic+ keys throughout the week. We are looking to recruit like-minded players looking for a long-term home. We offer the schedule above to raiders who fit our standards and we also can offer a home for those looking to just run M+ keys and raid casually. We expect our progression raiders to have a strong knowledge of their class and show up to raid prepared and on time. We form 15 mins prior to raid time and pull at the marked raid time. We are reasonable if you have things come up and will not be able to make raid time, we simply ask that you let us know as soon as you can via our discord channel. We are recruiting the following roles/classes: DPS Warlock (Any Spec) Elemental Shaman Beast Mastery/Marksman Hunter Fury/Arms Warrior Shadow Priest HEALERS Holy/Disc Priest Holy Paladin Resto Shaman We are also open to any skilled players looking for a place to call home, as well as more social players looking for a place to learn, do mythic+, and casually raid. If you are interested in learning more about us, or have any questions at all please get in touch with one of our officers. Zornz (Zorn#1806) Cloysterx (Cloyster#1955) Fôs (KeepAhead#1829) Morningstàr (xXSethlorXx#1821)Zornz0 Oct 5
Oct 3 935 Prot Pally LF 2-3 Night Mythic Raid Group As it says in the title I am a 935 Equipped Protection Paladin and I am looking for a Raiding Guild that has a permanent raiding spot open. I shattered my hand in a car accident during the middle of Mythic Nighthold progression and am finally coming back. Currently I am 4/10 M NH 10/10 H NH 5/7M EN 7/7 H EN 2/3 M TOV 3/3 H TOV I'd prefer to raid two - three nights a week and end by 12 EST. I am available any days. (Note: A little bit about my skill, quick learning, and commitment. I came back on Tuesday at ilvl 903. I have ran non stop mythic pluses to catch up, am now ilvl 935, and ranked #9 on the server for Protection Paladins on I have cleared 6/9 N TOS and 7/9 H TOS Killed KJ Heroic.) A little bit about myself. I have been playing WoW since the launch of Burning Crusade and raided end game content the entire time. I started raiding really hard core in the beginning and all the way through Cataclysm. This being 5 nights a week 5 hours a night. I am always online trying to better myself and push any content I can. I cleared Nightbane the second week it was out and I was the first one in my guild to clear a +10 and +15 within the time limit. I am always trying to push keys as high as they can go just for the challenge and to better myself. I have raided end game in several other games including, but not limited to: FFXIV, FFXI, SWTOR, RIFT, AION, GW2, Wildstar, BNS, etc. I have about 14 years of raiding experience. Feel Free to contact me in game. BNET CiliegiaOrsa#1119. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time. Can provide several references that can vouch for my skills. : )Ciliegia3 Oct 3
Sep 29 [A] PvP oriented guild Probably a long shot considering how active these forums are, but any around?Ghettopirate2 Sep 29
Sep 26 [H] <Open Source> Recruiting We are 9/9 Heroic and looking to build our raid team to enter Mythic. We are looking for any competent players who can execute mechanics while simultaneously performing there role well. We have the flexibility within our current roster to accommodate any role. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 7PM - 10PM. Add me on battle net if interested Horde#11504 or whisper anyone in the guild if you are interested and they will get you in contact with who is available or you can send me an in game mail.Hordewarriòr0 Sep 26
Sep 24 Stomemaul - A-Team Whatever happened to A-Team? They were around like 10 years ago and i think server first to take down Ragnaros they were top notch I think Barnaby was one of their pallys.Atalantaxx4 Sep 24
Sep 23 Looking for an old friend from Stonemaul I played at Stonemaul from classic to Cataclysm. I am looking to reconnect with an old friend of mine. There was a mage there named Lunara and his enchancement shammy who was really good. He had a thick british/aussie accent. Unfortunately I was fiddling around with the real ID battle net settings and lost all my contacts. Does anyone know who that is or if he's still playing WoW or not? Would like to get in touch with him again. Please let me know if you happen to know, thank you. And this is NOT a troll post if you are wondering.Metoprolol0 Sep 23
Sep 21 [H] <Open Source> Recruiting We are 9/9 Heroic and looking to build our raid team to enter Mythic. We are looking for any competent players who can execute mechanics while simultaneously performing there role well. We have the flexibility within our current roster to accommodate any role. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 7PM - 10PM. Whisper anyone in the guild if you are interested and they will get you in contact with who is available or you can send me an in game mail.Hordepaladin0 Sep 21
Sep 20 [A] <Heavy Hitters> LFM Heroic Raids Hello there! <HH> is Bloodscalps oldest guild. Currently looking for a few more members as we move forward with Heroic ToS Progression. We're a group of dedicated players, a majority of which have been playing together since Vanilla here on Bloodscalp. We've cleared all content thus far 7/7H 3/3H 10/10H when it was current. ToS will be no different. (Currently 9/9N - 9/9H*). We're all a bunch of nerds that like to have fun and kill things. If you're also a nerd that likes to have fun and kill things with other nerds having fun and killing things then please, come be a nerd while having fun and killings things with us. We typically have 20+ People in a raid, but would like to pump those numbers up to add additional loot drops on bosses. Current Needs: 1 Solid Healer (Priest or Pally preferred) - FIlled 1-2 Range DPS (Open)(No Mages/Hunter) -Would love an SPriest, Boomkin, Warlock 1-2 Melee DPS (Open)(No Warriors) -Would love a solid DH, DK, WW Raids: Wed and Thur 8P - 11P MST Loot: Loot Council If you feel you're a good fit and your class/spec/role is not listed above please do not hesitate to reach out. We can always find a spot for a solid player of any class/spec/role. Please reach out to either Basicbear-Bloodscalp or Fhattjawn-Bloodscalp. Either in game or here on the forums. Feel free to add my as well if you'd prefer Fhatjawn#1967 Kill Fast. Take Chances.Fhattjawn13 Sep 20
Sep 10 Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix Any engineers selling this?Thórn0 Sep 10
Aug 10 918 F Mage/905 Hpally LF Horde raiding guild 918 Frost mage/905 Holy Pally looking for 8/9 H ToS with 50+ H KJ experience player looking for horde raiding guild. Weekdays from 9-midnight preferred (for now). Would like to advance to Mythic progression.Slush1 Aug 10
Aug 7 Euphoric - Team Hot Cakes 2/9M Recruiting! Hey there! <Euphoric> Is currently a 5/9M raiding guild looking to expand our sister raiding roster that is currently 2/9M with classes and roles of all availability. We're currently pushing a normal/heroic farm run until we have a solid 20 set to continue mythic progression. Expectations are to be equal to our 5/9M team despite this being a fresh new team, so patience is a virtue! Team Hot Cakes also provides your flasks, potions, and hopefully a warlock for those sweet summon stones ;) Currently we're raiding two days a week for a total of 6 hours, however, times are in the process of changing. The following times are in consideration, but are not finalized just yet. Raid nights will either be Wed/Fri or Wed/Mon at 8 PM - 11 PM CST As a guild we actively do +15 keys to get that juicy 930 loot from the weekly chest, and do other various activities outside of raid days that include RBGs, Normal ToS, or even possible Heroic/Mythic Nighthold runs. We do require that applicants be at least 9/9H with logs. Contact! Cindy#1821 Link#13783 (I'll be routing any applicants over to our GM Broccoliz) Tanks Any Class / Tank Spec Healers Any Class / Healing Spec Range DPS Any Class / Range DPS Melee DPS Any Class / Melee DPS Automatic "Not For Us" Qualities: -Elitist/God Attitude -Not a team player -Frequent excuse maker -Negative Nancy -Finger pointer -Never researches, never improves Thank you for your time and we hope we interest you in joining our large loving family! :)Saru1 Aug 7
Aug 4 935+ Carry Group Selling +15 Our group of Mythic raiders is selling +15's for GOLD on ANY server. Don't risk running with a bad group! Guaranteed 930 gear on Tuesday! Add me on bnet, Kmstadt#1329, for more information.Moarwolves0 Aug 4
Aug 3 [A] LF Mythic+ and Norm ToS guild I'm fairly casual but I'd like to find a guild that I can run mythic+ with and maybe some Norm ToS. I'm usually available 4pm - 10pm realm time M-F, Sat and Sunday are hit and miss.órnThórn0 Aug 3
Aug 2 [H]<Barroom Heroes> LF for new friends What's happening Horde! I'm Falstaff and I run <Barroom Heroes> Who we are: Barroom Heroes is a guild currently made up of three real life friends who have known each other since college. We've gamed together on and off over the years, and despite time, life, moving, kids, terrible ex-wives, significantly better girlfriends, and work--we are still loving playing WoW together. In total we are a DH Tank who likes to link gear in French, a Restro Shammy who does all the content all the time, and me--a lovable fat WW Monk who punches stuff. What we're looking for: We run Mythics and Mythic+ together whenever we can. When we're not doing that we're bull!@#$ting, running around doing old content for funsies, or finding trouble to get into. We are looking for people who want to join in our good times. Ideal candidates want to run Mythics & Mythic +. We have relationships with larger guilds for raiding, and I hope we can get a core group together over time, but it's not my #1 concern. What we really want is cool people to do more group content with whether that content is progression or regression--as long as it's fun. What's very important to us: Wow isn't a job. Our jobs are jobs. We have social commitments, some of us have kids, some of us have dates, some of us like watching Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote reruns. The point is, it's imperative that anyone who wants to hang remembers that WoW is a game and they play it to enjoy it. We like playing new content, but being the first or the best or the most isn't on the docket. We'd love to hang with people who also have jobs, kids, social commitments, and want to have a fun social/casual/content-motivated-but-not-driven guild. Tl;DR: If you want friends to do Mythics, Plusses, and Raid with associates, are a relaxed person who is comfortable with real life responsibilities being more important than WoW, and aren't primarily motivated to be the "edgy one" of the group all the time--come have a beer and a shot with the Barroom Heroes. Shagspeare #11513Falstaff2 Aug 2
Jul 28 Want to raid? Need DK/War/Mage/Boom/DH dps! <Open Source - Bloodscalp> raids on Tuesday and Wednesday from 7pm-10pm server. We've been doing 1 night of normal, and 1 night of heroic ToS for awhile, but in 2 weeks of only heroic we went from 3/9H to 8/9H! This is a casual guild so it's understood if people have an odd absence within the group, but people who regularly attend and perform well get the invites first. We use Loot Council for regularly scheduled raids, one random member of the raid group is selected to join the council each raid. Specifically we're looking for DK/War/Mage/Boom/DH dps. We're particularly full on hunters and warlocks, but any other class will be given consideration. Casual and PvP invites are always welcome, but if you choose to join our core raid group we will have a higher level of scrutiny. Hope to hear from more of you all! Replay to this post, or whisper/mail Dairyderk-Maiev in-game for more info!Dairydelilah0 Jul 28
Jul 28 LF Guild for H TOS Progression. Resto shaman, who can double as Ele, looking for a guild on or past heroic progression. Recently got back into WoW, but raided furiously during WoD and had Mythic Progress. 913 Resto/ 910 Ele and building. Any Guilds looking for the two please consider me/message me.Saadet0 Jul 28
Jul 27 <Petrichor> Mythic team recruiting (H) <Petrichor> is currently looking for 3-5 players to join our roster so we start tackling Mythic Content. We are located on the Connected Boulderfist realm. Our raid times are: Tuesday: 7pm to 10pm PST Wednesday: 7pm to 10pm PST We also have a completely optional alt/fun raid day on Friday during those same times, we usually clear normal, might step into Herioc once our alts have better gear. Our current recruiting needs are: Melee: DK, Rogue Ranged: Hunters (yeah I know there are like 10 million of you guys!) Warlock, possibly a mage if the fit is right Healers: Holy Paladin, Resto Druid Tanks: Not currently in a need of a MS tank, but if you have a dps OS that you can raid with it would be nice to have a back up. We also provide food/flasks/repairs to all of our raiders. Discord is mandatory. Guild regularly organizes Mythic +'s every week so no one has to miss out on that +15 weekly chest. We also accept all casuals and fellow goblins! Please contact any officers if you have any questions and would like to join!!! Gambit#1258 Taellas#1192Leveonbell0 Jul 27
Jul 25 Confessions of an aging Dunemauler I think Supernatural is pretty good tbhPerm2 Jul 25
Jul 25 Horde Alliance Ratios Out of Whack Blizz can you do something about this? It is the worst I've ever seen. I see this every day (See below). If you want an all Horde server, just come out and say so... Dang... Jul 25
Jul 23 [H]<SRS> Illidan 9/9H Guild name: SRS Server: Illidan Faction: Horde About us: We are 9/9 H 4/10M NH, our goal is to get cutting edge for ToS and we will make the necessary descisons to allow this to be possible. Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 730-11PM Central Recruiting: All DPS classes and spec if your class/spec is not listed below please still free to contact us, high priority on: Spriest Boomkin Rogue Warlock Mage Hunter Elemental Aryastark#1859 Bromby#1673 Audacity#1604Liquidswôrds0 Jul 23
Jul 20 9/9 Resto Druid LF progression guild 9/9 N Resto Druid LF progression guild. I'm a horde player on Boulderfist. Ilvl is currently 905. Came back to wow somewhat recently. Used to be in 25 man guild progressing through ICC and into the first wings of ICC H. Have been pugging through ToS :/ Looking for a guild running ToS H. Thanks!Feraldruid3 Jul 20
Jul 20 Hey Dunelawl, can we party? Any vanilla folks here still?Akamaru21 Jul 20
Jul 16 Holy Paladin LF PvP Guild I'm 2k xp in Legion wanting to push further every season. Currently in an inactive PvE guild. Hoping for a decent PvP guild that does RBGs and arenas regularly.Holycoil0 Jul 16
Jul 14 [H] <Open Source> Recruiting for Core <Open Source> is looking for more players to fill out for a 20 man raid group. We've made progress into mythic NH but need a more consistent raid roster to do so. Our Raid Lead is 8/10 M NH. We're a little light on melee, specifically rogues and warriors, as well as priests (both dps and heal) for ranged. Anyone will be considered though! Raid times are currently 6pm - 9pm PST on Tues/Wednesday, though we're possibly adding a third day (Sunday or Monday) for mythic NH and Tomb progression. We'll be doing ML Loot Council for our regular raids. Anyone will be considered, gear and familiarity can be increased but being a competent raider is what we're looking for. We'll look at your parses but we know they should be taken with a grain of salt. Feel free to message anyone in <Open Source>, whisper Dairyderk-Maiev directly in-game, or leave a comment on this thread for more info!Dairyderk5 Jul 14