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6h [A] <Heavy Hitters> LFM Heroic Raids Hello there! <HH> is Bloodscalps oldest guild. Currently looking for a few more members as we move forward with Heroic ToS Progression. We're a group of dedicated players, a majority of which have been playing together since Vanilla here on Bloodscalp. We've cleared all content thus far 7/7H 3/3H 10/10H when it was current. ToS will be no different. (Currently 9/9N - 7/9H*). We're all a bunch of nerds that like to have fun and kill things. If you're also a nerd that likes to have fun and kill things with other nerds having fun and killing things then please, come be a nerd while having fun and killings things with us. We typically have 20+ People in a raid, but would like to pump those numbers up to add additional loot drops on bosses. Current Needs: 1 Solid Healer (Priest or Pally preferred) - FIlled 1-2 Range DPS (Open)(No Mages/Hunter) -Would love an SPriest, Boomkin, Warlock 1-2 Melee DPS (Open)(No Warriors) -Would love a solid DH, DK, WW Raids: Wed and Thur 8P - 11P MST Loot: Loot Council If you feel you're a good fit and your class/spec/role is not listed above please do not hesitate to reach out. We can always find a spot for a solid player of any class/spec/role. Please reach out to either Basicbear-Bloodscalp or Fhattjawn-Bloodscalp. Either in game or here on the forums. Feel free to add my as well if you'd prefer Fhatjawn#1967 Kill Fast. Take Chances.Fhattjawn7 6h
7h Want to raid? Need DK/War/Mage/Boom/DH dps! <Open Source - Bloodscalp> raids on Tuesday and Wednesday from 7pm-10pm server. We've been doing 1 night of normal, and 1 night of heroic ToS for awhile, but in 2 weeks of only heroic we went from 3/9H to 8/9H! This is a casual guild so it's understood if people have an odd absence within the group, but people who regularly attend and perform well get the invites first. We use Loot Council for regularly scheduled raids, one random member of the raid group is selected to join the council each raid. Specifically we're looking for DK/War/Mage/Boom/DH dps. We're particularly full on hunters and warlocks, but any other class will be given consideration. Casual and PvP invites are always welcome, but if you choose to join our core raid group we will have a higher level of scrutiny. Hope to hear from more of you all! Replay to this post, or whisper/mail Dairyderk-Maiev in-game for more info!Dairydelilah0 7h
11h LF Guild for H TOS Progression. Resto shaman, who can double as Ele, looking for a guild on or past heroic progression. Recently got back into WoW, but raided furiously during WoD and had Mythic Progress. 913 Resto/ 910 Ele and building. Any Guilds looking for the two please consider me/message me.Saadet0 11h
13h <Petrichor> Mythic team recruiting (H) <Petrichor> is currently looking for 3-5 players to join our roster so we start tackling Mythic Content. We are located on the Connected Boulderfist realm. Our raid times are: Tuesday: 7pm to 10pm PST Wednesday: 7pm to 10pm PST We also have a completely optional alt/fun raid day on Friday during those same times, we usually clear normal, might step into Herioc once our alts have better gear. Our current recruiting needs are: Melee: DK, Rogue Ranged: Hunters (yeah I know there are like 10 million of you guys!) Warlock, possibly a mage if the fit is right Healers: Holy Paladin, Resto Druid Tanks: Not currently in a need of a MS tank, but if you have a dps OS that you can raid with it would be nice to have a back up. We also provide food/flasks/repairs to all of our raiders. Discord is mandatory. Guild regularly organizes Mythic +'s every week so no one has to miss out on that +15 weekly chest. We also accept all casuals and fellow goblins! Please contact any officers if you have any questions and would like to join!!! Gambit#1258 Taellas#1192Leveonbell0 13h
16h Any OG Bloodscalp nerds still hanging around? It's been a while.Surn45 16h
1d hello Hi allZellax2 1d
2d Confessions of an aging Dunemauler I think Supernatural is pretty good tbhPerm2 2d
2d Horde Alliance Ratios Out of Whack Blizz can you do something about this? It is the worst I've ever seen. I see this every day (See below). If you want an all Horde server, just come out and say so... Dang... 2d
5d [H]<SRS> Illidan 9/9H Guild name: SRS Server: Illidan Faction: Horde About us: We are 9/9 H 4/10M NH, our goal is to get cutting edge for ToS and we will make the necessary descisons to allow this to be possible. Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 730-11PM Central Recruiting: All DPS classes and spec if your class/spec is not listed below please still free to contact us, high priority on: Spriest Boomkin Rogue Warlock Mage Hunter Elemental Aryastark#1859 Bromby#1673 Audacity#1604Liquidswôrds0 5d
6d <H> No Good Deed Recruiting No Good Deed, one of Bloodscalp's oldest active guilds, is seeking to add additional members to our raid team. In particular, we are seeking ranged DPS of all classes, and will consider melee and healers who are a good fit. The guild leadership and core has remained stable since early in Vanilla. We pride ourselves in having a strong sense of community, a willingness to support each other, and treating each other with respect. Most of our members have raided together for years and have met in person for numerous guild events. Because of this, our level of drama is extremely low and our comfort level with each other's sense of humor is extremely high. In order to keep this drama level low, we recruit as much for personality as we do for in-game competence. We will not tolerate disrespectful, distasteful, or abusive behavior. We wear our guild tag with pride, knowing that those who have encountered us come away with a feeling of being treated appropriately. We have matured together as a guild, with our members having jobs and families. We understand how real life can override this game. We have gone through the hardcore, server first races in previous expansions- quite successfully. Now, we look at raiding as an activity to do for fun: see the content, master the fights, and play with people you actually enjoy hanging out with. Our current raid schedule is Wednesday and Thursday nights, starting at 8:30 p.m. Eastern. Our raid difficulty is Normal/Heroic. Raids go for roughly 3 hours. On non raid nights, we plan on having multiple Mythic Dungeon teams, PvP groups, and other guild activities. If this kind of environment sounds appealing, please contact me (Mensrea), Admetus, or Khrama for more information.Mensrea20 6d
Jul 20 9/9 Resto Druid LF progression guild 9/9 N Resto Druid LF progression guild. I'm a horde player on Boulderfist. Ilvl is currently 905. Came back to wow somewhat recently. Used to be in 25 man guild progressing through ICC and into the first wings of ICC H. Have been pugging through ToS :/ Looking for a guild running ToS H. Thanks!Feraldruid3 Jul 20
Jul 20 Hey Dunelawl, can we party? Any vanilla folks here still?Akamaru21 Jul 20
Jul 20 Old Dunemaul Anyone from Vanilla and BC dunemaul even here anymore? Was pretty bummed when I just found out they merged the forums ;(Naomxin23 Jul 20
Jul 17 [H] <Regression> 7/9H ToS LFM for Mythic <Regression> is a mythic raiding guild on Boulderfist. Our core has dedicated much of their time to raiding since Vanilla and continue to excel in being competitive mythic raiders. Our goal is to continue in Mythic and strive for a competitive, fun guild that takes pride in its accomplishments. We will push progression hard on a relatively light schedule. Our goal is to recruit, and prepare to be among the top guilds in Tomb of Sargeras/7.2.5. What we want from potential applicants is: the ability to perform at a consistently high level and have complete raid awareness, understand the encounters from every aspect, not just your class/spec. We want players who know their class and raiders who can pick up the difficulties of a fight quickly and adjust to mishaps. Finally, we're looking for motivated players; people that are dedicated to not only raiding, but participating in every part of the game(dungeons, world quest farming, keystones, etc.). We expect our raiders to keep up with their artifacts, continue pushing to improve themselves every raid by reviewing the logs for the week, listening to constructive criticism, working on rotations, etc. During progression we will raid Tues/Wed from 7:00pm - 9:00pm server time (9:00 - 11:00pm EST). Sunday from 7:00pm - 9:00pm server time (9:00 - 11:00pm EST). Sunday will drop as content is cleared. For more info, please join our Discord: and check out the #welcome channel. If you're interested in learning more or joining us, please contact an officer in-game; Ahloy#1626, Ephram#1437, Erren#1496, Eryxar#1746, TRuKuRT#1785Droth16 Jul 17
Jul 16 Holy Paladin LF PvP Guild I'm 2k xp in Legion wanting to push further every season. Currently in an inactive PvE guild. Hoping for a decent PvP guild that does RBGs and arenas regularly.Holycoil0 Jul 16
Jul 14 [H] <Open Source> Recruiting for Core <Open Source> is looking for more players to fill out for a 20 man raid group. We've made progress into mythic NH but need a more consistent raid roster to do so. Our Raid Lead is 8/10 M NH. We're a little light on melee, specifically rogues and warriors, as well as priests (both dps and heal) for ranged. Anyone will be considered though! Raid times are currently 6pm - 9pm PST on Tues/Wednesday, though we're possibly adding a third day (Sunday or Monday) for mythic NH and Tomb progression. We'll be doing ML Loot Council for our regular raids. Anyone will be considered, gear and familiarity can be increased but being a competent raider is what we're looking for. We'll look at your parses but we know they should be taken with a grain of salt. Feel free to message anyone in <Open Source>, whisper Dairyderk-Maiev directly in-game, or leave a comment on this thread for more info!Dairyderk5 Jul 14
Jul 13 [A]<Dragon Knight> 10/10H LF Raiders <Dragon Knight> 7/7M 3/3H 10/10H US is open for recruitment Region: US Faction: Alliance Server: Boulderfist US Raid times: Tues/Wed 7:30PM to 10:00PM MT(server time) Loot: Loot Council Voice: Discord Website: Recruiting: We are currently recruiting Tanks, DPS, and Healers for Heroic Level Raiding. Expectations: We expect all raiders to research encounters for raids on off nights and ask questions before hand so we can maximize raid time with more pulls on bosses. Raid spots are earned and kept by attendance and raid performance. If you show up consistently, execute your role and do enough damage then you'll never be sat. Guild Info: Dragon Knight was forged by the hammer of discovery and tempered by the blood of the countless bodies of the Horde. The guild was founded in 2004 by the legendary Dragonheart who has dedicated his life to continuing its legacy of conquering raid content, destroying the Horde, and having fun while doing it. What does it mean to be a Dragon Knight one might ask? Well it means being a part of a community of friends who deliver Justice with a capital J across many mediums. While our main struggle exists in the World of Warcraft, members may find themselves doing battle in a myriad of other games including Overwatch, Hearthstone. Dragon Knight hosts a number of guild events outside of WoW including the renown seasonal Hearthstone Winner-take-all tournament. Whether you are into WoW Raiding or seeking a community of friends who play a host of games, Dragon Knight is the right place for you. Contact: If you are interested in applying please contact the following people: TitanND#1952 Ascend#1302Melkah13 Jul 13
Jul 4 <A> LF Raiding Guild Resto/Balance Druid, Brewmaster Monk, and Frost DK looking for a new raiding option. Sadly, we have a limited schedule and are looking for a group that can run on Tues/Wed nights. Please contact Nymerias#1169 with more questions if you are interested. I'd be happy to go into more details about our raiding history etc.Nymerias0 Jul 4
Jul 4 <A> Undedicated Trash looking to recruit! Let's clear something up real quick here. Undedicated Trash is a guild created by three friends, we are few in numbers and need to recruit people to the team so we can not be sad sacks and get some stuff done as a guild. We are mostly active in the evening hours (Think 7PM Pacific Time until 12-1AM during the week) and aim to be more of a night time / weekend raiding guild. I previously posted a recruitment message on the forums, and then some stuff got put on the back burners sadly and we also had to think about where we want this guild to end up. With that said, here's what we want: We need some active players that are okay with running Normal/Heroic raids with a hopeful push towards Mythic down the road. We are looking for people that know how to play their class decently, won't stand in fire, and that have cleared Normal and Heroic Emerald Nightmare, and have hopefully been able to do Heroic ToV as well! We want to get progression runs on Nighthold done as a guild before 7.2 hits, existing members are already 10/10N, one member is 10/10H, and I personally just kind of float around in Heroic and haven't been making a huge push because I'd like to eventually be doing it as a guild run. We also do tons of Mythic+ runs through the week. Metric !@#$ tons. You don't need to be the most amazingly geared person, just know your class well enough that your damage and/or heals aren't depressing to look at and know fight mechanics. We expect people to understand current content encounters, and if they are unsure then ask questions. Must be willing to throw body at wall for hours on end for sake of progression if needed, but we rarely have had this issue even with pugs. Things about the guild -We're incredibly obscene and vulgar people, kind of like the Indigenous Australian peoples. Must be able to deal with rude comments and petty insults. -Raid nights are planned to be Saturdays @ 8:30PM-11:30PM PST and Sundays @ 2:00PM-6:00PM PST -We use Discord for voice chat, you don't need to have a mic but you do need to be able to listen and communicate We are in need of all classes, but we especially could use some wonderful tanks and people that beat things to death. If interested please respond to this thread or feel free to contact me in game, or add me on if interested. My battletag is Kalivos#1782.Mistyfisty3 Jul 4
Jul 1 <H> two older gamers looking for guild and myself. looking for good community. Older like 30s not ancientInnett0 Jul 1
Jun 25 Looking for guild - [A] - tank/melee dps Hi all, I'm an old WoW player just getting back into it. I'm looking for a guild which has a friendly atmosphere, but is also intent on progression. I have experience raiding in a number of expansions. I was a regular raider on one of the top Stonemaul guilds during Vanilla WoW. I can fill either the melee dps or the tank role. Please respond to this post or send me a message (Ghengis#1992) if you want to discuss further.Galline0 Jun 25
Jun 24 [A] Looking for Weekend Raiding Guild Hi Everyone, I'm a returning player. I raided hardcore from Vanilla through Cata then took a few years off. I just returned about a month ago, and am looking for a casualish Weekend raiding guild. I currently have this rogue (which has always been my main) and a blood DK at reasonable gear levels. Would consider leveling/gearing a new character for the right guild. Thanks for your time!Helheim0 Jun 24
Jun 22 [H] \\Tilted\\ Is Now Recruiting! \\ Tilted \\ is actively searching for new players to add to our core roster, we are especially interested in reliable raiders who strive to make their individual play and teamwork the best it can be. We focus on progressing through normal, heroic and possibly mythic level raid content while still having an enjoyable time. Information - Progression: 8/9N ToS, 1/10 M NH, 3/3 H ToV, 4/7M EN Raid Times: Currently Tuesday/Wednesday 9:30-12:30 EST (7:30-10:30 server) Contacts: Focusedwolf-Stonemaul/Julita-Stonemaul (focusedwolf#1272) Matrikas-Stonemaul (kimmina#1358) Recruitment – Melee DPS: rogue, death knight, demon hunter & warrior Ranged DPS: mage, warlock, shadow priest & balance druid Tanks: recruiting off tank position, prefer any class but protection warrior Healers: positions closed indefinitely **all interested players are welcome to inquire even if you are not one of those classes or positions that we are currently seeking; chances are that if you make yourself available and are willing to put forth the effort to help the team we are willing to work with you on finding a raid spot. Our History - Although Tilted was a revamped as a guild for a fresh look in Legion, we have retained many of the former member ties and values we developed during previous WoW expansions. As our ultimate focus is on raiding for end game content, many of our core players also have had Mythic raiding experience from Mists, Warlords and Legion. As a guild our experience has primarily come from Legion content and Warlords’ HFC raid instances as noted below. ... ... While our focus is on raiding we strive to be more than just a raiding guild as we are most interested in recruiting active and reliable members who are interested in being a part of our community. We follow a raid casual style of just two days a week for our progression. Despite this we are still a very active guild who enjoy doing things together outside of raiding. We generally have between 10-30 members online at any given time and most are interested in grouping up for weekly Mythic plus dungeons, battle grounds, arenas, time walking, leveling and more. We also offer alt/new members raid opportunities to anyone who is interested most commonly on Sunday evenings. Feel free to contact us in game or battle net for more information. You are also welcome to check us out on the web starting at our WoW Progress page (Tilted-Dunemaul) which provides additional background regarding our logs, raid streams and more.Matrikas1 Jun 22
Jun 19 For All OG Boulderfisters! - Pic's are up! Hello, I found some old screenshot's from my old XPS Laptop you may like... Unless your name is Gasman, If that is you then please cover eyes now. ;) Most of these are from Premade WSG's on my Warrior back in Martha Stewart and some World PVP while participating in Angband's Hit List Wold PVP Game. A few others are from my time in Liquid Fusion during BC raid Progression... Yes a Pic of a Gruul wipe at 3% lol. Hope you enjoy! I'll continue to add more as i find them to my profile for you all. Regards, Overpowerdd/Daggothur/Loldruid.... and Paradox-Human Paladin for all you OG Pre-BC Bloodscalp Alliance lol.Daggothur4 Jun 19
Jun 18 OG Boulderfist Players I played WoW at launch on Boulderfist for about 4 years. Haven't played WoW in a few years, and just started playing again. Anyways, I came across this Screenshot of the first ever Alliance PvP raid in Boulderfist history, and thought I would share for any OG Boulderfist players that may still be around. The guild was called Ravagers. The raid was on Crossroads. The highest levels on the server at the time were in the mid 40's. As you can see from the screenshot, only a few of us even had mounts. Good times.Pariis28 Jun 18
Jun 15 [H] <BoTS> LFM Late Night Raid Hello, I am currently considering starting a late night raid team, for us night owls. This will be between the times of 11p-4a server time or 12a-5a CST, these times are not final. Currently I have not selected days yet either but likely 2-3 days a week. This is a message to feel out if anyone is interested in doing this on a fairly causal level. Please contact me at Tykon#1649 if you interested or reply to this thread.Gurton0 Jun 15
Jun 14 DK (Frost) looking for guild Looking for a new home DK Frost, experianced player, work great with others and looking to join an active guild for raids, dungeons and everything else.Severedheart0 Jun 14
Jun 14 [A] Heavy Hitters 10/10H Recruiting <Heavy Hitters> 7/7H 3/3H 10/10H is recruiting 1-2 healers and select ranged classes for casual raiding and mythic +. Raids are Wed/Thurs from 8-11 server. We are a stable guild of working adults who are still committed to having fun and clearing content before end of tier. We are looking to integrate some new members into our team as we prepare for ToS. Current needs: 1-2 healers (any spec) 1-2 ranged dps (pref. warlock, boomkin, elemental shaman, shadow priest) Other classes/specs may apply. We have no strict item level requirements, as gear is easy to come by in this patch. We will address these on a case-by-case basis. If interested, reply here or reach out to Basicbear - Bloodscalp in-game.Basicbear9 Jun 14
Jun 3 [A] Felsteel Longblade Crafting Hello! Looking for someone with this recipe and willingness to craft it for me. I'll provide all the mats. Please let me know here or in-game. Thanks!Bishíbosh3 Jun 3
May 29 [H] 2 Players looking for guild I'm a Ret Paladin Ilvl 901 My friend is a Ele Shaman Ilvl 903 Our raid experience spans most expansions and usually has some Mythic (or heroic back in the day). We both are looking for a group of players that are talented and capable at their class but want a more laid back raid environment. We both have circumstances where missing raid may happen once in a blue moon and need players that understand life comes first sometimes. As for the guild. We would preferably like a guild that is currently clearing Heroic Nighthold (Mythic is optional). Two days a week and raid times NO EARLIER than 7:30 PST. Most importantly, be a group with little to no drama. I'd like to come on to the game for raid and playing knowing that I'll have a good time. Please feel free to message me in game on this character, or through my bnet tag: Reigningfury#1865.Excalibrb0 May 29
May 27 Badass 6man LF Raiding Guild Hi there, I'm interested in finding a good raiding guild full of fun and lighthearted people for me and a few friends. We're all AoTC on multiple characters playing multiple roles and enjoy the challenge of progression raiding, however we had taken a hiatus to level up some alts and fart around for the last couple months. With ToS around the corner, we're turning our attention back to raiding and seeking a good fit for a new raiding guild that takes fight mechanics seriously, without being a toxic environment. That said, we're all pretty much settled on what our mains are going forward for raiding: Main spec - Fury Offspec - Tank/Arms Main spec - Holy Offspec - Ret Main spec - Frost Offspec - Unholy Main spec - Elemental Offspec - Resto (may main a mage, still deciding) Main spec - Vengeance Offspec - Havoc Mainspec - Frost (will be a more casual raider) I know a few of us are open to starting Mythic raiding at this point, some will be more casual. We're all fast learners, and I've been leading Heroic pug raids for a couple months to help us all gear up. Message me in game, or leave a reply here if we seem like a good fit. Thanks, -Jason Jason#1296Digglesworth1 May 27
May 25 Looking for Raiding Guild Guild has been found. Thank you.Excalibrb1 May 25
May 20 Raisethehoof is a Cho-Mo Dude was bragging about touching kids. Wouldn't want my children playing around someone that is obviously mentally sick. Don't view this as something to joke about. Have fun with this pervert.Shannz0 May 20
May 19 <The Weekend> Recruiting <The Weekend< Lead by a former Warpath raid leader. We are seeking exception and competent players who understand the mechanics of boss fights. We are a brand new guild and currently accepting all roles. Lets make this quick and easy progression.Cantstandya0 May 19
May 19 <Petrichor> 3/10M Recruiting <Petrichor> is a newly formed mythic raiding guild on the Boulderfist shared servers. The majority of the guild has raided together sense WOTLK. We are looking to fill our mythic roster with like minded individuals. Our raid schedule is Tuesday and Wednesday 7:00pm - 10:00pm PST. We also have multiple Mythic+ teams pushing 16+ keys. Please contact one of our officers for more info. Ikkabod (Hummer#1166) Killdh (Killpriest#1447) Clubdab (Sixnew2#1288)Killdh0 May 19
May 18 Back & Looking For More Casual gamer back from a couple months long Legion hiatus. Currently getting settled back in and doing my best to catch up. Hoping to find a casual raiding/social guild to just hang with and run M+, world questing/world bosses, and raid content throughout the week. Game life schedule depends on real life schedule. Hoping to find some people who just like to have fun, and not get competitive. Whisper me in game if you see me online or leave guild information below and ill reach out. Stay classy, and game on. FOR THE HORDE!Muhfugajones1 May 18
May 17 844 Mage Lf any PvE guild Self explanatory. Trying to get back into the game. Thanks for considering.Deminimage2 May 17
May 17 Looking for a mythic raiding guild Hey everyone I am looking to join a guild who is recruiting for mythic raiding my name on the game is amberlicous in stonemaul my item level is 874 I have completed heroic every week I am a holy priestAmberlicious2 May 17
May 17 [H] 5-Man LF Raid Guild Hi all, Our team is looking to join a raiding guild. Our prospective raid times include M/Tu/Th/Su from 8P-12A CST'ish. Our spec (some of us are willing to reroll): Hunter, Marksmanship (880+) Monk, Windwalker (880+) Mage, Fire (880+) Shaman, Restoration (875+) Dark Knight, Blood (870+) Druid, Balance (865+) Some team accomplishments: We consistently multi-chest +8/9; AOTC - Xavius; complete Karazhan weekly since release; high Alchemist, Cook, Enchanter, Jewelcrafter. I'd be happy to chat in-game and run some groups. Zellax Reimroc#1839Zellax1 May 17
May 17 LF Heroic/Mythic raiding guild Looking for heroic and mythic raiding guild. I am 874 resto/enh shammy. I have a couple other friends as well. Ret pally and frost DK. We are just looking for a good consistent raiding team. Looking for Heroic content and well as Mythic raiding. We are all EST time zone so raid times that are friendly with that would be great. Reply back if interested or Msg me in game Zerohe - MaievZerohe2 May 17
May 2 Looking for Guild (Stonemaul) Since my old guild moved to Stormrage during my few years away from the game, ive been looking for a new guild to raid/play with.. Been doing pvp on horde with some RL friends, but none of them really have an interest in PVE content.. Any active/laid back guilds out there plz save me from my boredumZarlas2 May 2
May 1 [A] Looking for raiding guild. Boulderfist. Looking for raiding guild. Been playing wow on and off for a long time and am hoping to find a guild that makes getting groups together for mythic dungeons easier and more reliable. Hit me up if your recruiting!Pooheals0 May 1
Apr 20 Shake your bunnymaker I am in need of a female worgen to finish this achievement if anyone could help i'd appreciate it.Schboing1 Apr 20
Apr 19 [H] Booty Bay Surf Club is recruiting! BBSC is a Horde side adult semi-casual social raiding guild looking for like-minded folks who appreciate the social aspect of the game just as much as pushing into new content. Most of us fall in the late 20's, early 30's category but we have a few wizened old folks who help keep the ship righted. We have quite a few server originals kicking around as well, some of us having spent our entire careers right here on our respective server. As such we have quite a few from in particular from Stonemaul that have been here since release, so feel free to holler if you recognize any of us. We're semi-casual in that we regularly raid twice a week (Th/Sun) for two hours a night. We ran 2 raid groups from N-EN up until H-NH, so if you have any scheduling restraints, once things kick up again in ToS we'll be setting up different raid starts for those in need. We're a social lot, but we do like to get things done, and our weekly schedule is usually fairly full with raids, fun-runs, weekly events, Fish's PvP addiction, Friday Night Drunk Tank mythic keystone runs, and the festively Elimere planned holiday guild event. It takes a lot of work, but we find it rewarding. If you have any questions, feel free to post here or shoot me an in-game mail. Cheers! MudMudhead1 Apr 19
Apr 18 85 Holy Paladin LFR Hello everyone, I just got back into WoW not too long ago and really want to check out all the content I never got to back when I played before (when BC had just come out). If anyone wants to run older raids, send me a message! I think it's time i experienced the fights and the lore that I missed out on!Xenoto1 Apr 18
Apr 13 Upper Echelon 5/10M Recruiting Upper Echelon is a group of veteran players that have been raiding top end content for many years together. The guild expects all raiders to be competent and knowledgeable in their class and of encounters. Although not a hardcore raiding group, our sole intention is to have fun during raids, but all raiders are expected to come to raids with the intention of downing bosses proficiently and in a timely manner. Upper Echelon has always been on the higher end of progression of our server cluster and will always be competitive. Current needs- Healers Holy Paladin Ranged DPS Warlock (High) Boomkin (High) Tank Currently looking for a competent off tank. Any skilled player/class may apply. Melee No specific melee needed. Any skilled melee should feel free to contact any officer in guild. All DPS/Healers/Tanks are open to apply and compete for raid spot. Competition breeds excellence. If you believe you are skilled enough in your class to earn a raid spot, we are more than willing to trial you. As always, Mythic raiding does not revolve around 1 person. Raiders WILL be rotated on a fight by fight basis when necessary and you are expected to put your feelings aside during progression. Outside of raids, members are constantly pushing high end (10+) M+ keys, PVP, world questing, leveling alts, and all other means of shenanigans. Raid times are Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 6PM-9PM server time. (8PM-11PM Eastern) Contact Pyroblade (Pyro#1115), Pallypowa (dlloyd#1880), Mavo (mavo#1717), Casaya, or Deadstuzz (flipnotbean#1236) for more infoDeadstuzz0 Apr 13
Apr 8 Stomemaul - A-Team Whatever happened to A-Team? They were around like 10 years ago and i think server first to take down Ragnaros they were top notch I think Barnaby was one of their pallys.Atalantaxx2 Apr 8
Apr 6 [H] PPP Recruiting 7/7M 1/3M 3/10M Pretty Pink Pwnies is a longtime 20 man semi/hardcore raiding guild. We're a friendly, progressive guild who enjoys the raiding aspect of WoW. Our core group is going through a rebuilding phase due to some player fatigue. Check us out below. Reach out to us online or leave an application on our website (battle tags below). We're always looking for new recruits and look forward to having you for a trial run. We will consider small group applicants. Website: WowProgress: Raiding Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30pm - 10:00pm PST Classes/Roles we're looking for (we’ll open arms to any player with talent; however, some specific classes are desired) Tank – Capability of player over class Melee DPS – Demon Hunters, Rogues Ranged DPS - Warlocks Healers – Paladins, Druids What our Guild can offer: Consistency – we start on time, with cauldrons, and play to progress. Mythic+ - most our players enjoy high keys. guild group has timed a +20 in 7.1.5. Organized – we approach encounters with a plan and adjust on log analytics. Ideal Candidates: Mature. Over 18. Performance – we look for people who can handle themselves around mechanics. Awareness - we want those who adapt quickly and effectively in raid encounters. Attitude – be open to criticism in order to make progress. Apply at our website or contact our officers Joreus-Boulderfist (Joreus#1355) Realz-Boulderfist (Realz#1448) Zellax-Stonemaul (Reimroc#1839) Foenyth-Boulderfist (Nestar#1100)Zellax1 Apr 6
Mar 31 Prot Paladin (873) looking for raiding guild Hello everyone, I'm a Tauren Prot Paladain who recently got back into WoW after leaving back when WofLK came out. I'm really enjoying WoW at it's current state and would love to join a more active raiding guild on Stonemaul. I do have a full time job so raiding at night would be best. Availability (PST - West Coast, USA) *Every night: 10pm until whenever, may be on earlier if I work early that day. Any questions/concerns/comments please feel free to contact me in-game @ KayDiz#1992 Thank you for your time.Cunninghâm3 Mar 31