Burning Blade, Lightning's Blade, and Onyxia

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16h Burning Blade OGs - Borbei Oh hello! Anyone still around? I'm back, and now in Boston! Also no longer fat. <3Borbei17 16h
Dec 7 LF 1-2 late-night raiding guild I am looking for a 1-2 late night raiding guild. Hoping for a ~ 9 pm CST start time. Any guilds or players looking for the same?Boróphyll0 Dec 7
Nov 27 Lightning's Blade old timers <3 Now that the old LB forums are gone, what's up peeps?!Fancypantsz89 Nov 27
Nov 26 Faction Imbalance Why is there such a gross imbalance of Alliance/Horde on our server cluster? https://realmpop.com/us-onyxia.html It's gotten to the point to where the Horde just camps out important vendor locations, groups up, and kills every person in sight. It's become very aggravating. inb4 "lol just play on another server noob XDDD" I understand that this is a PvP server, and world PvP will happen, but when there's such a gross imbalance in faction population (almost three-quarters of the realm is Horde) it's no longer fun for me, and I know it's not fun for many others. Especially when the larger faction begins camping important zones (FP's, Vendors as mentioned, World Quest areas, et cetera).Bartholomeir7 Nov 26
Nov 21 Faction Imbalance Just thought I would draw some attention to this issue, since I and the 2 other alliance players on this server are tired of getting ganked by 40 horde players waiting at every flight path. https://realmpop.com/us-burning-blade.htmlOlórin20 Nov 21
Nov 14 Selling Gul'dan Mount and Heroic Argus Kills Fluff and Blood is a mythic raiding guild and is now offering Mythic Gul'dan Mounts and Heroic Argus Worldbreaker Carries. We currently offer these services: Mythic Packages: 1. Antorus - Unavailable 2. Gul'dan with Hellfire Infernal Mount - 750,000. Heroic Packages: 1. Argus kill - 400,000 (no loot)* 2. Heroic Clear - Unavailable *Heroic Argus kills includes AOTC, push personal loot chance for Pantheons trinkets (or guaranteed Pantheon's Blessing if you already have one), and a guaranteed Violet Spellwing mount Loot: We try to distribute as much loot as we can to buyer. As this is the beginning of the Antorus tier loot priority is unavailable for all Antorus content. Times: All Gul'dan sales are scheduled 8:00 - 10:00 EST Monday All Heroic Argus kills are scheduled 8:00 - 12:00 EST Tue Reserved spots are listed in post #2 Payment: 25% nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your spot 100% of the payment is due before the run We only accept in game gold and only accept gold on our server. Our prices still reflect the favorable on-server pricing offered before! Gold can be transferred to our server via character/guild transfer or WoW Tokens. Logistics: Please be on time and at your keyboard for the full run to prevent delays. You have to play your own character but are not required to do boss mechanics. You may be asked to tag the boss and die if mechanics could kill the raid and you are unfamiliar with them. If you are interested in a specific boss kill or loot that can be negotiated. Terms and Conditions: By scheduling a carry run you agree to follow Blizzards Terms of Use and EULA. If at anytime we suspect you are engaging in activities not supported by the EULA or ToU (including but not limited to account sharing or real world trading) associated with the carry service the run is voided in its entirety and a full refund will be provided. The person scheduling the run, receiving the run, and paying for the run must all be on the same Battle.net account. Any party other than yourself to the carry service is strictly non-negotiable and will void any carry service immediately. Contacts: DevilWithin#1542 (Playböybunny) - Raider / Sale Coordinator (Primary contact) Callistora#1286 (Callie) - Officer Exothermic#1254 (Exothermic) - GM / Raid LeaderPlayböybunny17 Nov 14
Nov 13 <Wumbology> 5/9M T/W 7:15-11 Hello Burning Blade, Lightning's Blade, & Onyxia! About Us: <Wumbology> is a Horde guild on US-Burning Blade. Our goal is to be an all around solid guild, where skilled WoW players can hang out with other passionate players and perform at high levels in PvP and PvE content. We plan to progress with a minimally life-invasive two day-a-week raid schedule, and are looking to assemble capable, consistent raiders to full clear content each tier. We are in it for the long haul, and are trying to create/maintain a community and raiding group that will always be there when you log back in, patch after patch, season after season, tier after tier. We partake in a fair amount of shenanigans throughout the week for our players not aiming to be apart of the raid team or push rating with us, so non-PvP/Mainstream PvE players please feel welcome to join. We appreciate devotion to any aspect of the game, enjoy good company and are home to lots of achievement, vanity pet, mount and lore oriented players looking for other players who share their interests. Raid Times (EST): Tuesday 7:15pm -11:00pm Wednesday 7:15pm -11:00pm Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7N | 7/7H | 7/7M Trial of Valor: 3/3N | 3/3H | 2/3M Nighthold: 10/10N | 10/10H | 6/10M Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9N | 9/9H | 5/9M Recruitment: • Balance / Feral Druid • Shadow Priest • Mage • Warlock • Resto Druid Other classes interested should feel free to apply. Activities Outside of Raid Night: When you join Wumbology you are joining an active gaming community. In addition to World of Warcraft we play Destiny 2, Ark Survival, PUBG, and other steam games together as a way to stay connected outside of raid. We also have many guildies interested in achievement hunting, PvPing, gold farming, pet collecting, and mount collecting. Contact Info: Battle tag: Littlelion#1868 Website: http://wumbology.wowlaunch.com/ Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/burning-blade/WumbologyLittlelion10 Nov 13
Oct 11 Looking for a girlfriend Anyone interested? Add me on bnet: Vera#11866. (I'm male.)Prizma2 Oct 11
Oct 5 <TEA>[H - Zul'jin] 9/9H LFM for Mythic <The Excellent Adventure> [H -Zul'jin] is a semi-hardcore guild that is 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. We are looking to bolster our ranks for a strong push into Mythic Tomb of Sargeras before the release of Antorus, The Burning Throne. Overall we are a pretty fun, laid back group but we take killing bosses quite seriously. We only raid two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 830PM EDT until 1130PM EDT. We sometimes do optional clean up days over the weekend, as well as clear normal for alts and some of our less progressed players. We also seem to always have people looking to do mythic+ keys throughout the week. We are looking to recruit like-minded players looking for a long-term home. We offer the schedule above to raiders who fit our standards and we also can offer a home for those looking to just run M+ keys and raid casually. We expect our progression raiders to have a strong knowledge of their class and show up to raid prepared and on time. We form 15 mins prior to raid time and pull at the marked raid time. We are reasonable if you have things come up and will not be able to make raid time, we simply ask that you let us know as soon as you can via our discord channel. We are recruiting the following roles/classes: DPS Warlock (Any Spec) Elemental Shaman Beast Mastery/Marksman Hunter Fury/Arms Warrior Shadow Priest HEALERS Holy/Disc Priest Holy Paladin Resto Shaman We are also open to any skilled players looking for a place to call home, as well as more social players looking for a place to learn, do mythic+, and casually raid. If you are interested in learning more about us, or have any questions at all please get in touch with one of our officers. Zornz (Zorn#1806) Cloysterx (Cloyster#1955) Fôs (KeepAhead#1829) Morningstàr (xXSethlorXx#1821)Zornz0 Oct 5
Sep 20 DoD:Mythic ToS. need a few to hit 20 people Mythic ToS. Disciples of Destruction :9/9 H , raid times 930 -12 server tues/wed. We are just moving into mythic progression and are looking for a few pugs/recruits to help with the progression starting tonight 930 server. If interested message me in game or on forums, looking for dps to fill out the remaining few spots. ventrillo, personal loot.Odß0 Sep 20
Sep 18 Onyxia Server Just curious on how populated/active the server is and also wondering on how the faction balancing is ?Thunderga1 Sep 18
Sep 14 [H]<Retaliate> 3/9M T/W/Th 8:00-11:00 EST Hi, We are are searching for some new players to join our ranks and close out Tomb of Sargeras, as well as begin preparations for the next tier. We are a guild focused on progression, while maintaining a relatively light air to raiding. We are looking for consistent players, both in raid performance and attendance. We run main group on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8pm to 11pm EST/Server time. Mythic + groups are abundant in the guild with multiple people with tanks and healer mains and alts capable of clearing the content smoothly. We also offer an alt run on Friday nights that many of our raiders take part in for alt characters or just to unwind from the week and talk some trash. On that note, we are a fun group but we say a lot of stupid things, there will be a substantial amount of cursing, foul language, and offensive language, in guild chat as well as in discord. If things like that will bother you, this is not the guild for you. Our main focus for recruiting is mainly on ranged dps, and healers, with preferences for: Restoration (Shaman or Druid) Mage Balance Elemental Warlocks We will talk and consider you on an individual basis if your specialization is not listed above. We are available for contact if you are interested and happy to talk and see if you are the right fit for our guild, we are looking to be on the right foot for Antorus at launch. Post here and I will be in contact within 24 hours, or reach out to me. Contact Vul#1274Vulgate3 Sep 14
Sep 6 <Unholy Trinity> LFM 4hrs/wk Hi kids, <UT> formerly server #1 (miss u demise, UT = no integrity) and top-20 US ranked for T13, T14 & T15 (Top-50 T11, T12) looking for a few more to join us on a casual once/weekly run Saturdays 9pm - 1am server. We have a couple of old raiders, but mostly we're a bunch of grimy casuals looking to experience content. No panda raging (in fact Neph yells at me now), all we ask is that you show up each week and put in reasonable effort to be prepared. Our goal is to complete heroic content, and possibly build our roster or partner with another guild for mythic. We need anything/everything, and can offer you an efficient/well-researched approach to very limited raid times. Also, Hando is a real friendly guy who offers free arena carries. Whisper on send me in-game mail - Legitpanda#1576 https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/burning-blade/Unholy+Trinity/rating.tier13_25Legitpandas3 Sep 6
Sep 6 Tank seeking raid group for next tier 920 blood DK looking for a raid group with a 2-3 day max schedule (Weekdays preferred), who are a fun-loving group of people but also goal orientated towards kicking as much !@# in Argus as possible. I am a recently returning player (took flight mid-MoP) with raid experience . Whisper me in-game or add my battletag (EM666#1207) and we'll chat, and we'll see what we can come up with. Thanks in advanceSommberlain0 Sep 6
Aug 28 Mojo - Casual Raid Guild - Recruiting Hello, We are looking for a couple healers and dps to add to the raid group for H ToS progression. Currently 7/9H. Our current scheduled raid times are 9pm-12am EST Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pretty laid back and and chill group of people. Not looking to help people gear new toons but we can help you catch up a little if need be. Thanks for your time!Noox2 Aug 28
Aug 6 Need a Heroic KJ kill? For free? Did your guild fall apart while you were attempting heroic Kil’Jaeden? Did you show up every day only to watch players dribble away because the kill wasn’t easy? Are you frustrated that you put in all those hours and have nothing to show for it? Ethos <Alliance> on Kargath has a dedicated healing core and several dps who are seeking individuals committed to killing heroic Kil’Jaeden. If you are one of those people who always shows up no matter what, we will take you and get you your kill. This kill is a matter of persistence more than anything else. The requirements for DPS are: ● Artifact power well beyond Concordance (most of us are Concordance 8 or 9) ● Ilvl beyond 920 (because, you know, health pool) ● DPS>800k (the boss needs to die) ● Perfect attendance during the attempts If you are a well-geared tank, we can shift roles around to accommodate you. What do we get out of this? We get our own heroic KJ kill. We lost a few key raiders who didn’t want to stick around for more attempts once we got into phase 3. What remains is a bunch of people who are committed to getting the job done. KJ Raids are Wednesday nights, 8-11 pm Eastern. Leave a message on the HK’J (Heroic Kil’Jaeden) Discord channel at https://discord.gg/YHYwvN by Monday evening to get an invite. We’ll check wowprogress first just to make sure you’re legit. Rules of Engagement: 1) If you look at the Discord Channel and we have fewer than 15 people signed up by Tuesday evening, you are under no obligation to show up on Wednesday, because we won’t be doing heroic KJ that night. If you’re bored and want to come and run something else with us anyways (e.g., alt runs) feel free. We’ll be doing something on Wednesday. 2) If we have 15 or more people signed up, it will be a heroic KJ run. In that event, if you sign up but don’t show up, your place will permanently be given to someone else (that is, you won’t be invited back the following week). If you show up but then we have to sit you for reasons outside your control (e.g., bad internet), you’ll be invited back. On another note, if you care about Mythic Plus, we generally run our +15’s on Sundays, 8-11 pm Eastern. If you’ve slogged through the Armageddons and Darkness of a Thousand Souls with us on Wednesday, you’re more than welcome to join us for Mythic Plus Sunday. Just whisper any of us for an invite around 8 pm Sunday, and we’ll try to slot you in. Finally, it probably goes without saying that if you like our vibe and want a mythic raiding home, we’re in the market for – ahem – some strategic replacements for the weakhearted souls who left. We love raiding. We hope you do, too.Bubblewraps0 Aug 6
Aug 6 918 Boomkin Im a 918 Boomkin looking for a late night raiding guild. I work late so i need a start time that is after 11 est (8pst) and i can raid any night except thursday nights.I am currently and have always been on a horde server but am willing to go wherever i can fit in at. I am looking for mythic progression but understand that cutting edge isn't always obtainable. I am only 4/9 Heroic ToS due to a lack of commitment from my current guild. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/8trF4Pn7cDZKWJy2#fight=14&type=damage-done If you have any question or anything let me know. My btag is Tenning#1579.Tènning0 Aug 6
Jul 18 [A]Nethergard Watch - Recruiting Heals Hello! Nethergard Watch is a chill group who like to casually progress through current content. NGW has been around since vanilla, and we plan to stick around for longer. We are currently 7/9 Heroic ToS, and we raid three times a week: Thurs/Sun: 7:30-11 EST - On these days we push ourselves to clear as much new content as we can. Mon: 7:30-11 EST - This is an optional raid day. On these days we clear one tier lower than what we are progressing through. We are currently looking for any class. Once we fill these healers spots we should be able to easily push into mythic content. So mythic content interests you then this is the place to be.Rileigh1 Jul 18
Jun 20 LF Max LvL Tank or Tank + Healer to Rush Me LF Max LvL Tank or Tank + Healer to Rush me through Dungeons. I have 300% XP Potions + 60% XP BoAs. It shouldn't take long. I would prefer a tank and healer for instant queues but will accept a reliable tank that won't let me die. I have this Rogue that I need to get from 15 to 85 and a Shaman that I need to get from 81-85. I will pay well and at the beginning of each dungeon following a completion as long as I don't die which will waste my potions and they're difficult to farm. Reply or message me online. My battletag is DRUID#1936. Thanks!Spy0 Jun 20
May 26 looking for guild Name: Enkido Age:34 iLvL: 882 Prot Pally Server: Burning Blade I am looking for a fun and social group of people who run 25 man and mythic+ content As a returning player I am not looking for a free ride but the opportunity to hang out and play. Im easy to get along with and have no issues with whatever people do in their real lives. Please post here or message me or mail me if you believe your guild is the place for me to hang up my shirtEnkido2 May 26
May 25 Looking for guild Holy paladin spec (858) looking for guild I have done the Emerald Nightmare a few times on raid finder. Just came back to the game after about 6 months off so I have not done alot of the new content. I work a normal daytime job. My prefered times to raid are: Mon (6pm - 9pm) Wed (6pm - 9pm) Fri (6pm - 9pm) Sun (6am - 9am)Abira1 May 25
May 25 Manatus Album [Recruiting] Hello there :) We are a super brand new guild (like really new), however been around since WotLK. After years of playing alone or joining guilds that didn't delivered I decided to start my own and here we are. Currently we are building the guild so don't expect to have a raid schedule right away, but if you are patient you'll be rewarded. We plan on growing together and having fun while doing so. If the only raid content you've seen is LFR or you really don't understand how mythic+ works or you just wanna gear up and learn the game while doing so... Give us a try! Recruiting: Every (decent) human, dwarf, gnome, night elf, worgen, pandaren and/or draenei who would like to join. Time zone: PST/CST P.S.: RL first :)Limlock0 May 25
May 25 How much for full mythic NH clear? Hello everyone, I am wondering if any guilds are offering a full run through mythic NH and how much it would cost. I'm looking for gear, I know some guilds keep war/titanforged gear for the guild, I'm fine with that.Shardine1 May 25
May 7 WTB bulk Medallions of the Legion I'm looking to buy 38 Medallions, if anyone has banks / Gbanks with some sitting around please post & let me know, thanksRaazi0 May 7
May 1 [H] Anomaly filling roles for Nighthold <Anomaly> is a progression focused guild built around the concepts of killing new and challenging content while having a good time. We have a lot of fun throughout the week running m+, achievement runs, and just cutting up in discord. Progression: 10/10 H NH, 3/10 M NH https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/burning-blade/Anomaly Schedule: Raid Times: 8 - 11 Server Time (EST) - Tuesday - Thursday - Sunday Recruitment: Skilled dps of all classes and specs, All in all, we are looking for players who have a competitive drive and a willingness to learn, and who can consistently attend raid nights. Even though we are not actively recruiting melee dps, skilled players who can make raid times are always welcome. Please feel free to apply! Contact: Best way to contact us is via B.tag, or find us in game! - aray#1329 - cptsnuggles#1268 Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you!Cptsnüggles12 May 1
May 1 returning player so i have been on and off wow for about 10 years came back again two weeks ago and would like to build a friends list. Iam active and have two friends that currently play one is new to the game and we level together sometimes the other doesnt have legion and is just messing around in the game. passions include mount farming, achievement hunting, and pvp i haven't gotten into any pvp or raiding since i really want to fly lol Im not a needy player and alot of the time i just like to do my own thing but its always nice to have a good amount of friends on these types of games when your bored and just want to mess around.. since this is kind of a low pop server guilds arnt super active and the kind that are require time i cant always invest. thanks Add EvilLepine#1401Lepine0 May 1
Apr 24 902 Rogue LF M Raiding Guild I am currently looking to be apart of a mythic raiding guild as I want to progress.Jozilla0 Apr 24
Apr 22 [H] Reasonable Expectations (casual raiding) We're a laid back super casual guild that raids once a week (Sundays at 1pm Est to 5pm Est) looking for more people to join us. Mostly looking for damage dealers to help us fill out. We provide feasts and flasks for every raid so you don't have to worry about it. We're happy teaching people the encounters, or helping people gear up. We stay patient and easygoing, and take the occasional week off to let people rest. And we treat it like a game, if you can't make it to a raid, no worries. We use Personal loot for simplicity, and keep all things reasonable. If you're an ex raider who just wants to see the content, or a new raider who doesn't want to dive into a 3 or 4 day a week raiding guild, we're here to get you going. Or if you want to join just to do mythic dungeons, we're happy to help. We do require Discord (and usually most of us hang out all the time in it), and do require a friendly understanding attitude. We accept anyone who wishes to join, but due to the way content works can't promise everyone can tank or heal at a given moment, so a good dps offspec is encouraged. If interested, you can send a tell to anyone online, or look for Shil-Onyxia, Gwyn-Onyxia, Limean-Onyxia, Donu-Onyxia, Taeli-Onyxia, or Alleea-Onyxia.Shil2 Apr 22
Apr 17 WTB Dampscale Basilisk Eyes, paying 120g ea WTB Dampscale Basilisk Eyes, paying 120g each, send CODZitabear0 Apr 17
Apr 15 [H] Norma Duos 10/10H NH LF Healers and dps Hello and thanks for your interest in our guild!! What We Are •We are a Horde pve adult (most raiders are 20 -35) raiding guild on Burning Blade, Lightnings Blade and Onyxia. •We are about team work, most of our raiders are laid back and we work together to overcome any obstacle. Whether it is looking at logs after or suggesting something different during a fight, we are a team. •We consider our guild to be a semi hardcore guild. What this means to us is that we don’t have as much time to raid as we like but still expect to get things done in that limited time. That being said we do understand if you cannot make an occasional raid night because of something in real life, though we expect to know before raid day so we can find subs. •We want to maximize our progression while having a good time. Raid Times •Raid Times will be Tuesday and Thursday starting at 8:30 pm EST and ending at 12:30 AM What We Are Looking For •Currently we are in need of ranged dps and a healer to fill out our core raid group • Have a 875+ ilvl •We want raiders who know their class and spec •We expect raiders to know the fights before raid times because we will not have the time to explain every fight •We want mature players that have the drive to not give up. Where We Are Now •We are currently 7/7N 7/7H EN, 3/3N 3/3H TOV, 10/10N 10/10H NH History The gm and raid leader have been raiding together and leading raids since BC. We were part of the a guild on laughing skull that had 2 raid groups during bc. We were part of the second group and quickly passed the first groups progress. The first group didn't like this and tried taking our players for their group. We left and started Norma Duos, which roughly translates to group 2. The guild broke up after clearing everything in the beginning of Wrath and while waiting for new content. We started this guild up, out of nostalgia keeping that same name, near the end of Mists because we missed leading players into raids. We have back up for LEGION after a break at the end of WOD and are looking to down some bosses If you have any questions or would like to join you can leave a message here or talk to the GM (Buttup#1544) or Raid Leader (shivuson#1233) in game. Thanks again!Buttup32 Apr 15
Apr 12 Halaa Tokens .Hemata0 Apr 12
Apr 5 Anyone recruiting tanks for heroic or mythic? https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753946024#post-1Llanowar0 Apr 5
Apr 1 60s Nostalgia Greetings all, A friend told me that Burning Blade has a level 60 community that is active. I am planning to transfer to the server and join a specific guild if there is any. Any help on 60s and other lower bracket tips are greatly appreciated, i am coming back to WoW after quitting for a while. Thanks,Hexstacy1 Apr 1
Mar 26 (H) <Drink Smoke Fight> LF Casuals <Drink Smoke Fight> is a Horde guild on the Onyxia server (grouped with Burning Blade and Lightning's Blade). We are accepting new members of all shapes, sizes, races, classes, ilvls and professions. We don't discriminate. Here's a little more info on what you can expect when you join Drink Smoke Fight: 5-man content! We probably won't do raids besides LFR, like, ever. I suppose we'd tag along if you wanted to lead it though! Retro raids! We have no problem taking 8+ people into an old raid that any one of us can solo. Achievements! Need a meta for a mount or pet or otherwise meaningless thing? We can help! Alts! When we hit our skill ceiling (which is very low) we level lots of alts and run more dungeons over and over. Seriously though, we are in a weird spot between "plays a !@#$ load" and "totally a casual carebear". We are pretty small, intimate and friendly. If you just want to read some strangers complain and be fools in guild chat, this might be the right guild for you. Especially if you want to check out a guild-group 5-man sometime. Also we drink a good bit. The server is PST but most of us are on the East coast, though if its a weekend we will likely be playing pretty late. Right now we are trying to get everyone's mains attuned for Kara. Due to different play schedules, this has been a challenge. If you are interested, whisper anyone in guild or add me on bnet: TheDK#1269.Texhooper5 Mar 26
Mar 25 new to server 876 demo lock lf raiding guild. not looking for hardcore guild, just a guild that raids mon-Thursday from 8-11 EST. I have raid exp from prior raids and I'm a quick learner. if interested message me on Brum10465#1180Neighh0 Mar 25
Mar 23 [H] <Inhale> Recruiting for Mythic NH! <Inhale> is now recruiting DPS and Healers for Nighthold progression. We are currently a 10/10H guild looking for active players to fill our mythic core. Raids are Tuesday and Sunday (with Thursday as an alt/casual run) 7-10 EST. We were 7/7M EN before NH released but we lost some members due to real life issues arising. Our core is insanely strong and puts forth a ton of effort to clear content. If you feel you can do the same please apply, we would love to have you! We are currently looking for people that are ready to step into Mythic NH but will make exceptions for veteran players who are still a tad behind. We just ask that you be very active and working towards being a productive member! BT: Afterlife#1920Afterlífe0 Mar 23
Mar 22 Dishonored Recruiting Hey Everyone ! <Dishonored> is a late night progression oriented guild pushing Mythic content. We are seeking skilled, progression minded raiders to be part of our team with the goal of completing all current content throughout Legion. As part of the <Dishonored> raid team, you can expect to be part of a group which is dedicated to maintaining a fun but focused environment and a consistent raiding schedule with the understanding that this is a game and real life happens. We expect our raiders to come to raid prepared (pots, flasks, food, tomes, etc.) and ready to focus, do their best, and have fun clearing new content. =============================================== Currently we are recruiting: Healers *Priest *Shaman DPS **Ranged DPS preferred: *Balance Druid *Warlock (Very High Priority) *Mage **Melee DPS available *Rogue *Enhancement Shaman *Demon Hunter ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raiding time: Saturday 9:30 PM EST - 1:00 AM EST Sunday 9:00 PM EST - 12:00 AM EST Progression: EN 7/7H ; ToV 2/3H ; NH 3/10 H Requirement: ilvl 870+ Previous Heroic+ raiding experience and Logs are a plus =============================================== We're always looking for any players who are ready to contribute to a talented roster and have a progressions oriented mindset. Competative raid spots are available now regardless of tenure. If you feel you meet the requirements, feel free to contact us in game or on the forums. Hope to hear from you soon ! ** GM: Jeko (TCVxPRIDE#1530) ** Officers: Daxhavoc (Darx#1919) Mithin (mithin#1464) Ravedge (Ravedge#1619)Jeko17 Mar 22
Mar 21 [US-BurningBlade](A)<Nethergard Watch>3/10M Hey everyone, We are looking for 2 or 3 really solid dps to push mythic content. Currently on the hunt for mages, warlocks, monks, and death knights but we will always consider any exceptional applicants. Please be relatively geared, we are looking for applicants at or around our current progression. We are currently 3/10 M Nighthold and would really like to continue progressing with dedicated, like minded, individuals. Feel free to whisper me in game if youre interested, or respond to this post. We raid Thursay and Sunday nights at 7:30 server time with an optional monday raid at the same time. ThanksAymenx1 Mar 21
Mar 14 Public Discord I made a discord for all 3 connected realms. No one follows forums hardly anymore so why not? Hell it's free. https://discord.gg/qvABqxyTryingout0 Mar 14
Mar 11 [H] <Unholy Trinity> LFM Unholy Trinity (H) is looking for mature people to fill up our ranks. We used to be a progression oriented end-game raiding guild and one of the top guilds on the server up until the end of Cataclysm. Most of us took a break, we have since regrouped and strive to experience this expansion's content. Even though we are now a guild of casual players, with jobs and kids, our goal is to get stuff done but also realize that you cannot plan your life around a game. We currently raid Saturdays at 4.30 EST, duration is dependent on how long people can stay for. There's no mandatory attendance, all we expect from you is to know your class, not to suck, and not be a continuous cause for wipes. If you are a progression raider at heart that's tired of pugging but can't commit to a full time raid schedule, we are the guild for you. Message Omok#1196 or Yia#1707 for more info.Yia3 Mar 11
Mar 9 Band Of Brotherz LFM <Band Of Brotherz> We are a old school guild looking to recruit for causal raiding. We are 7/7H and have groups that clear weekly. We also do mythic + all through out the week. We are in need of Tanks(DK, Druid), Healers(Druid, Monk, Priest), and Ranged DPS( Mage, Boomkin, Lock). We would like to start progression raids once we have enough active members. We are extremely laid back, and willing to help out. If you are interested in joining msg me in game or search Band of Brotherz and ask for an officer. Thanks, SatellitesCommanding4 Mar 9
Mar 8 880 enhance LF guild prefer 2 nights a week with times around 8:00pm est to 11:00pm est. looking for a group of laid back people who love to raid as I do and have a lot of fun whilst doing it. feel free to contact me in game as well silentstôrm or btag SilentStorm#114966Silentstôrm1 Mar 8
Mar 8 [H] Tichondrius Guild LFM Hello All! <High Life> is a Horde PvE guild on Tichondrius. We pride ourselves in our "casual-hardcore" approach to raiding. We are currently 10/10N and 4/10H in Nighthold and are excited to move through the rest of Heroic NH and ultimately Mythic once we can round out to a full group of 20. All of us are grown adults with responsibilities outside of game, and can no longer spend 40 hours a week playing. With that being said, each member is expected to perform at their highest potential each raid. Anyone raiding is required to be fully gemmed and enchanted, be on time, and have consumables ready for use if the guild isn't supplying. Every raiding member of <High Life> is required to have previously researched each fight of the current tier of raid. We will explain fight specific priorities or class duties, however, all members should have an idea of what they are walking into. Currently we are full on tanks but we are looking for strong dps and 1-2 healers, primarily of the following classes and in order of priority: Warlock Frost DK Marksmen Hunter Shadow Priest Elemental Shaman We are open to other classes but those are our highest demand. Any exceptional DPS feel free to apply. Raid times: Tuesday – 7:30pm Pacific Time (Server Time) Wednesday – 7:30pm Pacific Time (Server Time) Raid will end promptly at 9:30PM Pacific Standard Time If you like what you see please feel free to message me or any of the other officers within <High Life>! Lanré (Recruiting Officer) Btag: Nuintaurion#1967 Daldalee (GM): Haanjobe#1697 Chulupa (Officer): Chupac#1684 Cheers! LanréLanré0 Mar 8
Mar 5 [H] 870 DH LF Active Fun Guild LF very active easy going fun guild that raids, does some pvp, dungeon/M+ etc. Capable player that pushed up to heroic content in previous xpacs. Relatively new DH but have several alts and professions. Character is mainly set up for tank but have dps o/s and am learning it currently. Enjoy intelligent conversation as far as theorycrafting some and game mechanics. Have no current experience with current raids though other than ranged dps in EN. Would enjoy raiding, and can sometimes but i have a very crazy work schedule. Mainly looking for like minded people that welcome newcomers and are understanding and helpful for learning new content. Super easy going here. Im not one to get mad at a portal on a summoning stone prank. Enjoy the occasional troll and just having a good time. In a guild currently that im not happy with and looking to move.Durante0 Mar 5
Mar 3 Absolution (A) Burning Blade Absolution is recruiting!!! We're a casual hardcore/hardcore casual PvE/PvP guild, we used to be hardcore - but then we got old, and had kids. Most of us have been friends raiding / gaming together for 10+ years; We're currently farming NH and got the first 4 bosses down on heroic NH, we look to raid Wednesday & Sunday nights with an 8:30 PM EST start time. We also enjoy some pvp; Rated Arena/bgs, long walks on the beach and binge watching "The Notebook". This is where you come in; we're looking for eligible bachelors/bachelorettes to help "fill" some our raid "holes". At this time we prefer the company of DPS & Heals but we're open lovers and wanna give everyone a chance, so hit us up and let's take this relationship to the next level. **whisper** Cerviel, Execrator, Atavism, Dumaurier, Ríkudo, Drutaru @ BurningBlade for A/S/LCerviel1 Mar 3
Mar 1 [H] Volatile LF Exceptional Raiders [H] Volatile is now looking for exceptional raiders for continued progression in H Nightmare, as we fill our roster for Mythic pulls! We're a newly formed guild that's pushed to 9/10H in our first couple weeks of raiding together. We're currently LF DPS. We'd love to add an Enh Shaman, rogue, DK and Warrior, however, all trials of exceptional quality will be considered for a roster position. Raid Times are Mon 8-11 EST and Wed 9:30-12 EST. Tuesdays, we'll run an Alt/Trial raid for tier chase and general strat practice. We'll look to incorporate a Sunday progression schedule of 2 hours, as well, sometime in the future. Our major requirement is that you have the will to push AotC and Cutting Edge, every tier. We will be running Mythic+ content to consistently ensure maximum iLvl weekly chest rolls, etc. Know your class, but above all else, be prepared to have a good time. The core group is comprised of high skill players who are incredibly close and enjoy and acknowledge the "game" aspect of playing WoW, but also crave the thrill of pursuing top tier play. Contact one of us in game or add Sheepfu#1841 for more information or to set up a trial.Sheepfuey6 Mar 1
Feb 27 [H]Mutiny 7/7M 2/3M 1/10M NH - Recruiting! Hello all- Mutiny is opening its doors and ready to fill core spots for mythic progression. The guild is currently ran by myself and two others. We have been playing together since vanilla on and off. Mutiny is a guild based off old WoW values, when a sense of community was present in a guild and you didn't just log in for raid nights. That being said we are currently: 7/7 Mythic EN 2/3 M ToV 6/10 H NH We are now increasing our numbers for progression and looking for: 1 exceptional healer 1 or 2 exceptional melee dps Whisper Lysianne ingame or add me dai#1287 for more info. Raid times are: Tues: 7:45pm est to 10:15pm est Wed: 7:45pm est to 10:15pm est Thur: 7:45pm est to 10:15pm est Come progress with us!Clankk40 Feb 27
Feb 20 WTB Rare Spawn Mounts As title states, looking for the following mounts: Sunhide Gronnling (Poundfist) Time Lost Protodrake Voidtalon of the Dark Star Can post price or whisper me ingame Devilwithin#1542 Have gold on: Burning Blade (Horde) Shadow Council (Horde) Lightbringer (Alliance)Playböybunny0 Feb 20
Feb 13 WTS multiple toon names on LB and BB Hi folks! So I've been transferring my toons off the server since I found a guild I really liked and wanted to join. Originally I was just going to keep some of the names I had because I enjoy them greatly, but to be honest I'm not really interested in playing on this(ese) server (connected servers) anymore and I don't think it would be fair for me to keep these names on super low level alts when other people might enjoy them. I'm asking for in-game gold, and I checked to make sure that this does not violate any rules. ( Blue post here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/1849926636 ) I have both Horde and Alliance toons to communicate with. On Lightning'sBlade, here are the potential names for sale - no special characters: Destiny Hidden Tears Skye Night On BurningBlade, here are potential names for sale - no special characters: Sham Whisper Phrase Orcward (maybe) I have other names across these two realms, but they aren't anything special. Do let me know if you have an interest in buying any of these names and I will contact you in-game. Thanks!Orcestra2 Feb 13