Cairne and Perenolde

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5d 922 horde rogue looking for guild Recently returning to wow again. I’m looking for a laid back guild to raid/pvp/Mythic with. 922 h rogue and risingKaladan0 5d
Dec 4 New Guild LF Likeminded Players Hello! Two friends and I just started this guild in Perenolde, Alliance side. We wanted to reach out and invite everyone who is looking for a casual and adult atmosphere (we do joke around!). I am online every evening doing World Quests, joining dungeons of all difficulties, BG's, RGB's, arenas and raids through the LFR tool and will very much enjoy having more people join me. Our goal is to build a raiding team that we will complete with the LFR tool every week, until we no longer have to. All levels of experience are welcome. I am willing to DPS, tank or heal so we will accomodete any roll you want to cover. You may add this character to your friend list or my Btag: crazyforboca#11866 Thanks!Marhault1 Dec 4
Nov 20 BEST PLAYERS ON PERENOLDE! (2005 edition) Yo guys its Kev da shaman, I still check these forums every 6 months in hopes to catch some names, or story's to bring back those feels from the old days. I thought it would be a cool idea for any old school players that want to reconnect with old friends to just leave their Real ID on this forum, in hopes someone will recognize you and reach out. Anyways back to sitting outside orgrimmar for me... -Kev Real ID: Kev#1357Kevxoxo16 Nov 20
Nov 14 Infusion is recruiting Hello guys. Infusion is recruiting. We are a longstanding guild of mature players. We play all aspects of the game but specialize in Heroic Raiding. We are currently 6/9 Heroic progressing through ToS. We are recruiting Heroic raiders and people wanting to learn to raid to make a push into Mythic ToS in the next few weeks. As I said though, we do it all together. We have a casual raid team that runs older content weekly, a PvP Team that does guild BGs and Arena and a lot of casual levelers and such. If you are interested go ahead and contact anyone in Infusion. Ask for an invite. The officers will keep an eye out and get with you about your plans asap. Have fun! - LereusLereus0 Nov 14
Nov 14 casual player looking for a guild ive been playing since wow classic , on and off , i have a full time job and this game isnt it . i play to relax and not to create more drama and stress . ive never raided , but would like to learn . ive done some dungeons but usually only after im high enough to solo them . ive never been in a guild . i have several characters ranging from level 50 to 100 ive deleted and started toons over a few times. i usually only play on weekend nights . im looking for a guild that doesnt mind helping me learn , and i can help others in questing . im also looking for a guild that has adults , im 47 and really dont wish to be in a guild with a lot of kid drama. i might be asking alot but i figure there has to be a guild out there for me . any advice on the subject is welcomeGaraal2 Nov 14
Oct 27 Casual raid group looking for people I'm running a casual raiding group comprised of friends and family and we're looking for a few more players to get back to the 10 we need for legion raiding. We're very relaxed, but enjoy working towards clearing content that's challenging for us. Our raid schedule is Saturday evenings at 8pm (perenolde server time) and we do a 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off rotation. As for requirements, the most important things we're looking for are friendliness and being comfortable in a family environment. After that, an average ilvl of 890 would be nice, but if you're short of that and interested in getting into raiding, we'd be happy to help you out. Anyway, if this sounds like something you're interested in, please send me a message!Elithe0 Oct 27
Oct 9 LF New Pals/ Lvl Guild Hello everyone! I'm looking for some new friends to play with. My time for play time will be changing soon but i suspect that I will be able to play most evenings (EST). I'm really just looking for people to level with. I want to level my main but I have alts in a variety of levels. I want to do mostly PvE and PvP when I get higher in level. I'm returning from a couple months break so just getting used to the game, again. Interested message me in-game, on discord (JoelPlzNo#3340), or reply to the forumMoohorn1 Oct 9
Oct 9 (A)(Cairne) SPriest w/Disc OS LF casual guild (A)(Cairne) SPriest w/Disc OS LF casual guild to run dungeons (heroic or mythic, have keystone will travel) and casual raiding. Playing since Vanilla, on most nights after 9PM est. Former MT disc healer pre-Legion. Need to sadly get out of my dead guild :( I am missing the companionship and discussions of a casual laid-back guild. Message me in game :)Beckers1 Oct 9
Oct 9 DJ I'm the gm of DJ I made this guild for handicap players that need a home and want to raid from 3 days week. Because I have c.p. we are recruiting all class but demon hunter. My b-tag is kurting#1779 my e-mail is ----------------- 4 pm to 8 pm est horde cairne casual --------------- Tuesday Wednesday Friday -------------- holly pally bear roger mage all shaman all warrior dps --------------------- I was being kick so I made my own guild. We are a new guild that is a family that worked hard.Sitrukb2 Oct 9
Sep 12 Van Player Returning. LF Old Skool Guild. Just got back to WoW and was looking at the Noodle. I remember raiding doing co-raids with Tastes Like Burning in TK and BT during BC. Some of the guilds I remember were them, I Rage I, Sword of the Horde and I think Anathema was another. Coming back and wanting to get into one of them to start up again. If anyone can put a word in or send a line it would be appreciated. I was Broxiigar back then , (yes I realize how bad it was but I had read the books and just started wow like 2 months before BC was being released.) I was the GM of Lordz Of War, I remade the guild for a gbank mostly. Looking to get into one of these or a well established guild to pick up where I left off. I can gear quick and catch up. I realize its late into this expac, but better late then never. Just looking for some familiarity. Thanks in advance. New work schedule has me off for 3 day weekends sat, sun, mon for a couple months then fri, sat sun. I am reliable. Broxk#1879Broxk1 Sep 12
Sep 12 <Gemini> [H] Casual Raid Group <Gemini> is looking for a few players to settle in it's casual group. We are casual, let me remind you again. We raid once a week, our goal is to clear normal and get everyone their 4 set tier, before we move onto heroic. We don't play every day of the week but we do play enough. We are decent players, and some of us are very skilled, but have decided to limit our WoW time. Some of us have been playing since launch of WoW and some of us just started a year ago. We're a very widely spread skilled group, and we are willing to help those who are new and willing to learn. Most of us are a group of IRL friends. We raid every Sunday night starting at 7:15 Mtn USA, and usually go until we're tired (3-4 hours later usually). We are 100% personal loot, we raid no other way. You are welcome to trade loot, we will never force or pressure you into it. We are here to help each other though, please keep that in mind. Here is what we want from those wanting to join; - Be respectful to your guild members. We are here to help you, we are here as a team, we don't want to be battling you and the raid bosses. - We don't expect you anywhere near top parses, we just want you to pay attention to raid calls, strats and just overall attentiveness in raid. Obviously if you're under tank's dps, we'll look into the possibilities of that and do our best to help you. - We prefer you don't main swap. We've had a few main swaps (I'm probably the biggest offender of that), although we've all settled into our mains at this point. We won't kick you out for main swapping, but keep in mind it does dwindle your reputation. You are more than welcome to to use off specs though if we are able to utilize it (We cannot gurantee you'll be able to use your healing & tanking off-spec at will). Some last notes; We are not heroic raiders mainly, not even close to mythic. Our main goal last tier was normal Gul'dan and we did it, we did make some heroic progression, but we can only do so much when pugging. If you expect us to perform at where we should with top parses, you will be disappointed and probably should save both parties the trouble and not inquire. If you are willing to learn or willing to put up with some casuals who just dont give a fk some nights or just don't care if they perform at the top but do perform well enough, we're probably the perfect group for you. We're also not adding another night, so if that's a breaker for you I apologize. But if Sunday night only is perfect for you, by gosh golly send us a tell so we can get you in. We are also a group of friends who don't just play WoW, but also other games. We play Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, and various other games both on pc and not. If you would like to know more about us or would like to join us please add us on, chat us up and we'll definitely get you in with some fun for us.Vynlann3 Sep 12
Sep 10 Looking for Casual Guild Hi there, I am a an old player returning after a couple of years hiatus. I am just looking for a nice, casual guild on Alliance side. I use to be a raider but that was years ago and now I just don't want I just want to be stress free when I am questing,leveling and doing lfr but would like to chat with people. So, if anyone knows of an active guild( meaning people who actually come online..a guild may have 300+ in it and only one person show up at a time=not active) My id is: starfloater#1444.Avaera1 Sep 10
Aug 31 Old School Legion is about to launch. I've been getting a little nostalgic thinking about the old days. Figured I'd start a topic to see who all is still playing here. Just a couple names and guilds that come to mind. Karmaa, Krak, Wski, Phun, Deleterfx, Barbie, lifesong, sapphiresky, draxxus, Elen, fold, patriotic. SoA, Frat, BoT. Prolly a million names in forgetting but if you remember any of these names say what up!Hydrogin28 Aug 31
Aug 4 Whatever happened To sickboy? or Juicyjuice. Got killed by them rogues more than a few times. HehArchona5 Aug 4
Aug 3 LORE: Forsaken gut-check? so it is just me, or does anyone else feel a little sad when a tauren NPC says "may your ancestors watch over you" when you talk to them on your forsaken character? i mean, most, if not all, of the forsaken's ancestry would probably hate them for what they are now. thoughts?Trahnôr0 Aug 3
Jul 10 <The Royal Guard> 9/9N 5/9H ToS <The Royal Guard> is a progression raiding guild looking for some new friends to raid with us. We are 10/10H NH, and 9/9N ToS, 5/9H ToS. We are currently looking for all forms of healers and dps, although all are welcome to join. Raid Schedule: Wednesday 6:00pm - 9:00pm MST (server time) Saturday 6:00pm - 9:00pm MST Sunday 5:00pm - 8:00pm MST We use discord for all of our raid fights so please have that. If you are interested you can reply here and i'll get back to you.Danilynn0 Jul 10
Jul 1 ENGINEERING LF Eng that can make Mecha-Bond Imprint MatrixBarelyviable1 Jul 1
Jun 28 Looking for flameheart vest Hey everyone not sure if this is the right place or not but thought I'd try I'm trying to get a flame heart vest made for my mage xmog tried all over my server to no avail please help!!!=(Selyn1 Jun 28
May 31 guild pvp I'm looking for a pvp guild fun and little bit hand. I am handicap but show me down killing newbe ally suck it. My ilvl is 864.Kurtix0 May 31
Apr 19 [H] ilvl 889 Mistweaver LFG I'm currently looking for a (Horde) guild to raid Nighthold & get settled into the team before Tomb launches. I'm flexible about raid days/times, after 6pm server time on weekdays or anytime on weekends. Reply here or add me on to discuss: SLocke#11721Locke0 Apr 19
Apr 10 So the old forums are gone? Wow.Patriotic9 Apr 10
Apr 10 [A] Edge of Light is recruiting Edge of Light is looking to recruit new casual players! we are currently accepting DPS and healers we don't number shame, but will help you out on your rotation if you ask! currently 10/10 NH and 7/10 H NH Raid times are Thursday 830pm est and Saturday 730pm est If you are interested or want to know more message Dotyoutohell on perenoldeDotyoutohell0 Apr 10
Mar 10 <Hand of Palandine> 10/10H 1/10M NH We're looking for strong, dedicated raiders to head up our heroic/mythic raid group. Interested in joining? Feel free to contact us in game and we'll chat about the guild, you, and if <Hand of Palandine> is the place you want to be! !!! Requirements !!! - Must be reliable, we're looking for 75%+ attendance for mythic/heroic raiding - Must have vent - Excellent internet connection - Ability to follow directions and take criticism - Positive attitude Raid Schedule: Tuesday 7:00PM-10:00PM MST / 9:00PM-12:00AM EST Wednesday 7:00PM-10:00PM MST / 9:00PM-12:00AM EST Thursday 7:00PM-10:00PM MST / 9:00PM-12:00AM EST No application to fill out, just give us a few min of your time in game or over vent! Questions? Please speak to Braneour, Hellshot, Phonoi, Pelswick, Getgud or Alca in game. Braneour | Bran#11576 Phonoi | Zefyr#11922 http://www.palandine.comPhonoi0 Mar 10
Jan 13 DH Tank LF Raiding Guild LF Raiding Guild. 864 DH Vengeance Tank. Jan 13
Jan 6 <Azeroth Vice> -Perenolde 7/7 H-EN 2/3H-ToV <Azeroth Vice> -Perenolde 7/7 H-EN 2/3H-ToV We are a heroic raiding guild that Raids 8-11 Server (MST) Thursdays and Fridays, Mythic+ and alt raids on Sat. Looking for knowledgeable, slightly crazy raiders to add to our madness. All classes welcome. We ain't your grandaddy's darkside. Any questions Plz feel free to send me an in game mail or Bnet. Anuy78#1932Reznuy0 Jan 6
Jan 1 Looking to raid/dungeon but are nervous? We're looking for folks who have been avoiding the lfg or lfr tools in wow due to anxiety or a general aversion to being yelled at for learning what's up with the end game in world of warcraft. The last post we made got a lot of traffic but we sure would like to catch more people in this rut they may or may not be stuck in, If this is you, we've got lots of patience and time to spend making mistakes to blaze a path to glory together! We have a guild set up entirely for those who suffer from anxiety or depression or anyone who's committed to being polite and awesome as a side note and we're totally looking for more people to get into raiding and a second or third group of mythic/mythic+ dungeons. But mainly we're looking for like minded people who are tired of being yelled at or kicked from group for not being "perfect" right off the bat. So once again if this is you and you want a place to call home or even cross realm group, don't hesitate to contact me in game on perenolde, even if you just create a lvl 1 toon to say hi and see what's up you can whisper me anytime i'm online with a /who search on perenolde. I'm super hopeful to meet new people to foster a great relationship from the more positive side of WoW! Sincerely Batman!Batmancrush0 Jan 1
Dec 19 [H] Heroic ToV Weekly Pug - 12/19 Good Evening, My name is Haws (Haws#1579), I am the Raid Leader of Our Valor and we are raiding on December 19th and looking for people to help kill Helya. We are a small but dedicated guild that has prided itself on running smooth and efficient pugs to help with our progression as a small group. We have been able to teach and work with many PUGs to help us complete farm content, and also teaching PUGs new fights that we are progressing on. We are looking for people to come to our raids and be dedicated to coming so we can clear out content. Whether you are playing on an ALT, want Bonus rolls for the week or you want to kill the fights for the first time and want to come to our raids to progress further, We are the group for you. Info is below. Raid Details Time: Monday Dec 19th 4:00 PST/7:00 EST - 7:00PST/10:00 EST Guild Players: 6 Agenda: Helya Needs: 1 Tank / Heals / DPS (Ranged would be nice, But won't turn away High melee DPS) Requirements Gear: 870 Experience: First 2 bosses in heroic Supplies: Potions (You are expected to double pot), Food, Flasks. Expectations We expect that you can - Take criticism - Attempt to improve - Come to multiple raids - Be prepared - Have a positive attitude - Contribute to fightsRacker0 Dec 19
Dec 17 Jaellidan solo killed a myhtic level 5 boss So basically his entire team for a level 5 mythic boss died while the boss was at about 75% health. You know what he did? He killed the boss on his own. If you see him, say hi to him.Dalfurion0 Dec 17
Dec 14 (A)<Hand of the Illidari> Fri,Sat 8-11EST Hand of the Illidari is a casual guild on Cairne-Perenolde. We run Normals on Friday and are starting to run Heroics on Saturday. We currently have about 8 active raiders and are building to 15. We are looking for about 1-2 more healers and 3-5 more DPS. I am an experienced raid leader. I was a raid leader from the end of BC-ToC raid. I took a backsteat to raidleading to do more hardcore raiding and was doing hardcore raids from ICC-end of Cata. I Know all Heroic encounters except for Helya and have cleared all heroic Encounters except Helya. If you are on Cairne-Perenolde and want to join the guild send me a msg or mail. If your on another server and the times work for you but dont want to Xfer add Oreoz#1710, We dont mind raiding with people from other servers.Oreoz0 Dec 14
Dec 14 [A][US] <Clan Destined> LFM Raiders Clan Destined is currently 7/7H 2/3H and we are looking for more raiders to fill out our roster. Our raid times are 6pm - 9pm realm time (8pm-11pm eastern) and we raid twice a week, Tuesday and Wednesday. We also have an optional fun/alt run every Sunday starting at 4pm. We are currently in need of another healer and more dps with a preference for melee such as death knights and rogues but anyone is welcome to try out. We are also looking for offspec tanks and offspec healers. Looking for people with at least 850 item level and two gold traits unlocked but it is negotiable. If you're interested or want to know more then contact me or another officer. Officers: Caliaha-Cairne (Stabasaurus#1985) Camulus-Perenolde (Shezmu#11325) Qalfax-Cairne (Qalfax#1725) Turse-Cairne (Fraust#1573)Caliaha2 Dec 14
Dec 8, 2016 Drama...llama.... DRAMA! DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! In other news, I'm wanting medallions of the legion, but don't want to pay 3-5k :P hit me up.Archona2 Dec 8, 2016
Dec 5, 2016 [A]-[US-Perenolde/Cairne] <The Royal Guard> <The Royal Guard> is a alliance raiding guild on Perenolde/Cairne servers(7/7 H EN)(2/3 N ToV) We are a semi-hardcore raiders. We are a really laid back guild. We are a social and active with mythics, keystones, and pretty much anything we can do as a guild. We are currently trying to build up to be a more solid guild raid team. When we aren't raiding, you'll usually catch most of us hanging out in Discord. Raid Time If we clear a raid on Wednesday or Saturday we normally leave it up to group that completed it if we want to continue for a new on the following raid day - Wednesday Saturday 6 - 9 MT (server time) - Sunday 5 - 8 MT (server time) Recruiting What we are currently looking for Ranged DPS - Mage, Warlock, or Spriest Healer - Shaman, Discipline, Holy Paladin, or MW Monk We do accept anyone wanting to join tho, above is for raiding purposes Requirements Item Level - 855+ Voice - Discord is required, having a mic or talking on it is not. Information Cody#11964 If i'm not on please feel free to comment below and I'll respond as soon as I can EDIT: Added MW monk to the healersPuppet0 Dec 5, 2016
Dec 3, 2016 [A][US-Perenolde] <Reawakened> LF DPS Looking for more consistent weekly 5-man farming? We are a very friendly guild of "casual hardcore" players who clear Mythic 7+ and Kara every week, but are in need of a few more strong DPS to boost our roster. We run things most nights between 9:30-11:30pm EST. If you're interested, contact Binnesman or Sartrix for a try-out run. Thanks!Sartrix1 Dec 3, 2016
Nov 26, 2016 1 Druid DPS / Backup Tank Needed Integrity (A) is currently in the market for a Druid with competent DPS / Tank skills for weekend raiding etc. We raid EN N on Friday nights and EN H on Saturday afternoons, and will be venturing into ToV before Nighthold drops in January. Mainly a casual guild with modest ambitions for raiding, we are a group of older adults who have played together in this guild for the better part of 10 years and are looking for someone to bring their druid skills to the fore and can handle tanking as a back up as well when our main tanks are unavailable. If you feel we might be a good fit for you, please contact guild Raid Officer, Northernfist, in game via WoWmail or pst during weekends, or on weekdays after 6pm server. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Cheers to Perenolde / Cairne!Korgull1 Nov 26, 2016
Nov 25, 2016 [A] <Casual AF> LF More Casual So we are a bunch of retired-from-raiding players, small group, been rolling since Vanilla. We are pretty much a core group of friends and mostly Veterans, we have regular Heroic and Mythic groups forming. If you're looking for a place to hang out, chill, run a few Heroics/Mythics while having a good time, we might be right for you.Hiroshimá0 Nov 25, 2016
Nov 24, 2016 Recruitment for new guild <Other Than Honorable> a new guild is starting to recruit all classes for raids, pvp, and dungeons we hope to start making a push in clearing all content of Legion. pst or mail about more infoTyindorastus0 Nov 24, 2016
Nov 15, 2016 Heroic - Mythic Raiding<RFE> Late Nighters <Rise From Exile> Is looking to form a semi-casual Heroic and Mythic progression raid team for late nights. 11:30 pm CST(10:30 pm server time) ~ 2 hours on Tues-Wed. We have room for all positions. Also I have other raiders who would prefer an early raid time. So if you would like to get in on those feel free. send an In-game Mail to Alesaria-Cairne or whisper me when I am on.Alesaria1 Nov 15, 2016
Nov 7, 2016 [H]<Riot> Tichondrius - Recruiting for Raid Looking to server transfer? As a high population PvP server that is about 60/40 Horde favored, you might consider Tichondrius as a new home. Riot is a newly formed semi-casual guild looking to fill its ranks with people who are active, mature and social. Our current interests are building a solid 15 person raid team to farm EN N and push EN H, mythic plus, bgs, and world quest groups. We are attempting to build a guild where people actually communicate and do things together, none of this auto invite anyone level 110 that a lot of guilds do now. We do consider ourselves to be very social and are fairly active in Discord so we ask that you please be the same. There is no lengthy application process but we do like to have a short conversation with prospective guild members before they join the guild. Raid days/times will be: Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 to 10:30 server What we are looking for: People who display maturity level 110 Around 200k required DPS Classes & Specs we're currently needing: Hunter: 1 MM or BM Mage: 1 Fire Paladin: 1 Retribution Priest: 1 Shadow Shaman: 1 Resto Warlock: 1 Demonology or Destruction Warrior: 1 Prot (If your class or spec is not listed above please note that you are still welcome in our guild for other activities but will not have a raid spot at this time) *Please keep in mind that we will ask to speak with you in Discord prior to inviting you to our guild so that we know if Riot is a good fit for you, with that in mind please contact us when you are free to talk for a few minutes. If you want to get in on the ground floor and want to help build something great please get in touch with us today. Add to btag: Ghen#11664 or Sherona#11620 Whisper in game: Genrix or SheronaGeniric1 Nov 7, 2016
Nov 5, 2016 I'm looking for players/guilds I've got a small guild that is basically a group of gaming friends that have been hanging out on our TS, playing vidya games, having fun, getting drunk, and so on and so forth. We're not min/maxers and we don't really care about flavor-of-the-month classes or rankings, having fun and playing well are more important to us. Basically, we want to raid, do some PvP, run mythics, and do all the fun things that we've been doing in this game for years. Whether it's a guild merger or picking up people until we have a raid group(s) or even a guild that is willing to pick up our mains and/or alts to fill in spots for raiding off groups. We're looking for more people on Cairne/PerenoldeNecromonk1 Nov 5, 2016
Nov 4, 2016 Resto Druid LFG casual mythic focused hey im a 26 yr canadian nurse just looking for a casual guild for mythic progression. currently maining an 810 resto druid and alt is a 852 fire mage Cheers, DerekDerekworgen1 Nov 4, 2016
Nov 4, 2016 Looking for people trying to learn Need a 5th to roll with a few of us in the learning process of PVE content, someone who isn't worried about taking things a little slower than normal, preferably a dps but could also take a healer. Also if you're just interested in finding a group of people who are welcoming and not at all toxic or rude feel feel to contact me in game as well, we're always trying to find people who aren't total jerks!Batmancrush2 Nov 4, 2016
Oct 27, 2016 [A]Tues/Sun 8-11pm EST Raids/m+ Ahem hem heeeeeem.... Prepare yourselves for the most amazing spam you've ever read! <Lewt teh Dogz> is a social, semi-hard core raiding guild that is committed to raids and mythic+ dungeons. We are currently 7/7H and plan on doing as high as content we can while still being semi-hardcore and only raiding 2 nights a week. We don't plan on being *competitive*, but plan on continuing to down content efficiently as the Blizzard gods provide it. (Yay, Mythic) LTD enjoys eachother's time and often play other games together. We also have a cell app that we use to stay in contact, share information... and memes. Lots of memes. We raid Tuesdays and Sundays 8-11pm EST. Raid invites start at 7:45 and first pull is at 8pm (sometimes even a minute earlier on trash thanks to our dirt bag paladin tank). We need all the time we can get with only 2 raid nights. With saying that, performance is important. Under performers will have to sit out of progression bosses. Mechanics must be understood and dps must at least fit in the mountain of skada somewhere. What we are looking for: We are looking for people with really chill attitudes who can still preform to the highest potential. It doesn't mean much to us if you can solo the last 2% of a boss but still act like a total turd. Attendance! We are looking for people that can make just about every raid! We understand life happens and missing a raid here and there is okay! But we don't want to spend the time on someone that's going to come once a month! Looking to fill CORE spots! Wish list: Fire mage Hunters Enhance Shammy The paly tank is a baddie and needs extra heals, just sayin! Anyways... pants aren't required for this raid.. Also, adults only please. Please respond here or message Voys#1638, Otto#1691 and/or Kiron#1683. Remember to tell them what your favorite kind of cheese is. Thats always important here.Kankalot4 Oct 27, 2016
Oct 23, 2016 looking for [H] Raiding Guild Returned to WoW for legion and Currently looking for a guild to progress with for the foreseeable future. I am a versatile player capable of performing multiple roles between all my characters. Would like my shaman to be my main preferably Enhancement but all roles are fun to me.Vixix1 Oct 23, 2016
Oct 23, 2016 LF Weekend Raiding/Mythic 5 Mans Hello all, I'm a returning player looking for a weekend raiding guild and/or a solid group to farm mythics with. I'm experienced and mature. I know my classes well and play at a high level. Let me know if anyone is interested in filling out their raid rosters or mythic teams with an outlaw rogue. ThanksEckersley2 Oct 23, 2016
Oct 21, 2016 LF AEST Compatible Raiding Guild Yo, I've been looking to get into proper raiding for a long time now and finally decided to actually make a post about it. As I live in Australia finding a guild that I can fit raid times for is really difficult, which means I'll probably take the first offer I'm given. I know my class incredibly well since I've been playing since Vanilla but currently not geared, not that it should take long. The only requirement being that it has to be after 6 PM AEST -around 3 ~ 4 AM CST and EST-Sconty0 Oct 21, 2016
Oct 20, 2016 Enchanted Thorium Breastplate? Looking for a Blacksmith with this pattern, I have all the mats and will pay 5k gold, plus what ever else I can find in my bank that you might want...also my willing to give my first born.Zandra3 Oct 20, 2016
Oct 20, 2016 <CThun Shot First> Recruiting Attractive Ppl *ahem* Ladies and gentlemen, I am seeking a few dedicated DPS to fill out the ranks of our Thursday/Friday night raids. We start at 8 PM Server time and we quit when the last person face-plants drunkenly onto their keyboards. We also quit at 11 PM server time. We've slaughtered 7/7 bosses in normal mode and 3/7 on heroic mode. I also glared angrily at a boss at mythic mode... his time will come. What do I expect out of you? Everything. Mostly the ability to get out of the oozy gross stuff that bosses enjoy spewing at our faces. I also expect you to be able to smack things at the same time. Ridiculously attractive people will, of course, have first priority. Just like in real life. People with less fortunate faces will also be considered if they have good singing voices or are quality people in general. If you're not interested in raiding but want to be around some truly amazing people (me) and make some of the greatest friends you can possibly imagine, you're also welcome to hit me or our other officers up in-game. We run a lot of Mythic dungeons among other daily shenanigans. If you join I can promise you three things. 1. Loot. It's what makes me get up in the morning. 2. Carp. No raid is complete without some carp to kick around. 3. Lifelong friends that will be there when the world inevitably turns its back on you. Or until your subscription runs out. JOIN TODAY!Valcutio0 Oct 20, 2016
Oct 19, 2016 LF Weekend Raiding Guild Hello everyone! I am currently looking to join a raiding guild that raids on weekends. With my insanely busy weekday schedule, my current guild just isn't working out 'raid-wise'. I main an ilvl 855 resto Druid, with a full normal EN clear along with heroic experience. Any guilds that need a healer for their weekend raid slots, feel free to send in-game mail to Calran-Perenolde, or whisper me when I am online! Thanks y'all!Calran0 Oct 19, 2016