Coilfang, Dark Iron, Dalvengyr, and Demon Soul

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9h DarkIron - Where is Thrust/HA/AmonAmarth now? I remember back in late WotLK these guys were awesome, and as a newer player I kind of idolized them in my lower tier guild which is funny because I can remember these guilds and barely my own raiding guild. I hope time has treated them well.Railroads1 9h
6d [A] <Kind of a Big Deal> recruiting Hi all, <Kind of a Big Deal> is recruiting for our main heroic raid team. We're looking for consistent players who can make our raid times and pay attention to mechanics. We're willing to help gear up any under geared players who are interested in joining us and getting their raid on. Our main raid nights/times are Tuesday and Wednesday, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM Pacific (8:30 PM - 11:00 PM Eastern). We also do a lot of alt raiding and mythic+ on off-nights. Reply back to this post or message me or Lightbulb in game with interest. You can also friend me at misokasoup#1641 and contact me there. Really hoping to find some good people to join us!Misoka0 6d
Dec 1 PvP Guilds around? There's any PvP known around those realms? Just came back ingame for years and i'm curious to know if there any active ones.Gummiweeb0 Dec 1
Nov 30 Looking for old Veritas guild mates (Vanilla) Hey, With the announcement of Classic, I've gotten all nostalgic and would love to get in touch with some old guild mates from my Vanilla raiding days. I used to raid on Demon Soul with a guild called Veritas. I moved on shortly after BC came out but I think they were still active for awhile during BC. I also did pvp with a side guild called Build More Farms. Trying to reach out to anyone that knows or may know anyone from these guilds. Some of the names I remember: Wheres, Khase, Steele, Bellemorte, Blazen, Veralis, Sorrowsong. Thanks DokkDokk0 Nov 30
Nov 23 Everything Is So Different A lot has changed in three years. Dark Iron is now some amalgamation of four different servers? That's weird. Is Almightyness still around? Or Cecil's Traveling Circus? How about my old pal Cheesewheel? Or Talak and Chlora? I saw Elzar online yesterday which was neat. Also my old buddy Sid. Any of the other Dark Iron old guard around or have they all scattered to the wind? Also hello all new server people! I played 2005-2013 on Dark Iron. Just came back. Nice to meet ya. Wow these forums are absolutely barren. Things really are different.Banemorth16 Nov 23
Nov 22 DI - [Truegold] and [Vial of the Sands] Good afternoon! As the subject says, I'm looking for someone obviously on Dark Iron to craft these for me! I have all the mats and will tip! Thank you :)Azragard0 Nov 22
Nov 19 why cant i find the cuties listGrubbyplz17 Nov 19
Nov 15 Dalv pvp? What is the PVP climate on Dalv right now? Fun? active? Asking for a friend.Sivaro0 Nov 15
Nov 12 Selling some names. I'm trying to move all of my stuff to my main server on Illidan. Deleting all my current characters over here. These names are on Demon Soul. Trading/Selling the names below: - No - It - Dk - Fear Add me @Piptooth#1430 Looking for gold or rare mounts.Pip4 Nov 12
Nov 11 Dealing with the new Kel Thuzad server I am not sure whether to avoid battlegrounds or what to do. Won 1/10 BGs today now that Kel was added to the battlegroup. I kill on site any Sargeas or Kel Alliance players as much as possible. I leave any BG with a bunch of Kel.Bajadin1 Nov 11
Nov 9 <Shots Fired> 8/9M Recruiting Ranged DPS <Shots Fired> is recruiting ranged DPS. Prior mythic experience is not required. We raid Tu/We/Th, 6-9 PM Pacific Time. Contact Emzooka-Demon Soul (DoomUnicorn#1350) or Syneria-Demon Soul (Halvin#1669)in game via mail or PM for more info. Alternatively, apply at https://shotsfireddemonsoul.enjin.comEmzooka3 Nov 9
Nov 7 LFGuild for me and 2 friends Me and 2 friends are looking for a casual, mature, and active guild. Mature as in with adults who are good people, and casual in that we may or may not participate in events. None of us have level 110s yet, its been years since any of us played, but we're really enjoying the legion content and looking forward to PvP and raids. We'll be getting to 110 soon I expect and then can start really playing! Discord preferred, but Vent will do if that is what you use. I've used the guild finder, but it just seems so arbitrary. Its just a list of like 1000 guilds and no way to sort or filter it. So, here I am pimping me and my friends out instead. Any takers?Sagethorn0 Nov 7
Oct 29 <Tyranny> Guldan Mount Sales Tyranny is currently offering Mythic Nighthold sales. Our current sales include the following. Fiendish Hellfire Core (Guldan Mount) - 2Million For sales not listed, please contact Skroesec - Shattered Hand through : Strife#1977 1. Do you accept alternative forms of Payment? No, we only do runs for gold. Off connected realm gold will be taken but the price may or may not be increased depending on the realm. 2. What time do you do these sales? The Guldan mount sales occur on Tuesdays between 8pm and 9pm (EST). 3. How do I contact you or ask any additional questions? Feel free to contact Skroesec throught : Strife#1977 If Skroesec is not available, please contact any online guild member and we will get back to you as soon as possible.Juls0 Oct 29
Oct 23 In need of transmute Looking for an alchemist to transmute 168 saronite bars into 21 titanium bars for me. Also what would be a good tip for that? 400g?Wuldor2 Oct 23
Oct 20 Guild Level Locked in BC/LK content This is all just a theory right now, but interested to see what the interest out there might be. I'm thinking of creating a BC/WoTLK Level locked guild. And make our own nostalgic current content. BT/Mags/Gruuls/SSC/ETC Or WoTLK based!. I'm big into these expansions and have always been. Gimme some love and lets see where this goes, gimme a holler if your interested.Iríshdeath1 Oct 20
Oct 1 Battle Born recruitment Active, friendly guild. Recruiting more for pvp premades and content. Come join us and bring back pvp to the game.Mystiç2 Oct 1
Oct 1 A Notice from the Small Play Police On Saturday, September 30, at approximately 10:40 PM, a patrolling group of Honor Hold Police Department officers noticed a disturbance at the Gurubashi arena. Upon investigating, officers discovered a series of EXTREMELY small plays by the guild Battle Born. All present Battle Born members were repeatedly wiped out and laughed at. Residents are advised to mock any surviving members on sight.Thorgald0 Oct 1
Sep 25 Dalv old school players anyone coming back for the expansion?Fingoifin7 Sep 25
Sep 3 Battlegroup Down Anyone have a clue? I can't find any mention of why they came down.Skadooshbag0 Sep 3
Jul 16 Tomb Heroic Progression Gods of Destruction - US Shattered Hand [A] is an inclusive guild that is looking to progress in Heroic Tomb. We like to have fun while nuking bosses and could use exceptional raiders to boost our raid core. Our core group is 9/9 Normal with many individual members with heroic experience. We are currently looking for Tanks, Resto Druids, Mistweaver Monks, Resto Shaman so we can learn each other's strengths and rely less on PUG members. 8-11 Est Tues & Wed 9-?? Saturday If you're interested, please send me a direct message or in-game mail...we'd be happy to have you.Sternlicht0 Jul 16
Jun 26 <Daze for Days> New Guild. Filling Ranks We are looking for more consistent members to help fill out our guildNallii1 Jun 26
May 17 Back After Almost 8 years. Back from an almost 8 year hiatus. Started playing early 2005 shortly after launch. Last log-in was August 2010, though I was likely playing infrequently then. Back when I played resto druid & was fairly active/decent in the raiding scene. I did some achievement hunting & a lot of solo play; but, found that the main reason I logged in was to play with my guild. I've got a 15 day play time credit to check things out again and decide if I should get Legion. Would love to meet some people and maybe check out a guild during that time. I know nothing about new content; but I'm hoping an old veteran like myself can be quick to pick up the new mechanics/content.Rysihad1 May 17
May 17 Demon Soul Alliance, DK and priest LF home 870+ Frost DK and 870 Holy Priest LF Alliance raiding guild. We are chill.Giskard1 May 17
May 15 <Burst Phase> 5/10M NH NZ/AU GUILD Khaz'goroth & Dath'Remar Based Guild server transfer required [A] <Burst Phase>, Khaz'goroth & Dath'Remar Based Guild currently 5/10M 10/10H NH raiding guild built from a core of experienced raiders who have been raiding together since the game came out. We are aiming for progression on a semi-casual schedule with two raid nights - Raids are Thursday 6-9pm and Sunday 5-9pm Server Time . Great for NZ players or Ausy players who want to start raids Early and awsome for Players in Europe and America who work Nights. This is 8-11pm Thursday and 7-11pm Sunday New Zealand Time. We're looking for a many players at the moment to fill out out mythic group. Will consider a guild that would like to talk about merging. We're a light hearted group but serious about getting content done, so while we won't bite your head off if you make mistakes, we also won't hesitate to point them out, and help you improve. If that sounds like a bit of you, and our raid times fit your schedule, send Swordblazer (Swordblazer#1431), Darkkon (Pocketbacon#1282) message in game for a chat and potentially an invite to our raid group. We love to talk !@#$ and our Discord is not for the Faint of hart with no floor or ceiling on Comedy so it can get Dark and very very funny must have a strong sense of humor. Regards DarkkonDarkkon5 May 15
Apr 14 [H] Eminent 2/10M recruiting ALL <Eminent> is currently recruiting for our core Mythic roster. We are looking for solid DPS, melee or ranged, Heals (prefer shaman, druid), and even a backup tank. Here's a little about us. We are a raiding guild located on Coilfang connected servers (primarily coilfang). Our goal is to clear the best end game content blizzard has to offer whilst still having personal lives. We are currently 7/7M, 2/3M, 2/10M. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Monday from 10p-1a EST / 7p-10p PST. We are currently in a small rebuild as a few players have left to play with friends on a different server. But that will not stop us from pushing the guild in the right direction. That being said, if you feel like you would be a good fit, head over to the website to check us out, or feel free to add me (Mute#1163) to chat. Thanks and good luck!Múte5 Apr 14
Apr 6 <Armed Forces> Active Duty and Veteran Guild <Armed Forces> is looking to expand our ranks with PvE, PvP and casuals. We're mostly made up active duty and prior service military but are looking for any and all mature players . Post up here or send a request in-game.Malichai2 Apr 6
Mar 22 Are You Looking For Stress Free Mythic Group? Looking For Stress Free Mythic Runs? We have a group of 3 Horde players that are looking for a few more to start running/learning Mythics together. We are stress free group/guild that doesn't mind the trials of learning new content together. Currently we have a ilvl 864 DK Tank, ILVL 878 Rogue(me) and Ilvl 875 Pally DPS. Can use a healer and ranged dps to round out the group but would be cool to have more so we have options when some of us arent on. If interested contact Ravenscar (me) or Nyycademuz (tank) or Cucco (Pally) in game. The 3 players are all Real Life friends that have been playing since EQ1 days :) and vanilla WOW as well. We use the in game Voice Chat , My RL Battle ID# is Chubbexul#1959 Speak to you soon RavenscarRavenscar0 Mar 22
Mar 16 [A] Schwartzstrom- Final Plea Hello everyone, or at least, those that still visit the server forums. Though this isn't a "Guild Recruitment" forum, its one of the areas one should hit up to look for Mythic raiding, so here's the deal on why I'm here today. The message up front, is Schwartzstrom is looking to fill out its Mythic raid team. This is a difficult task on a low population server, also one where the server cluster has Horde outnumbering Alliance (I've been told 8:1 ratio), so this is where the "plea" part comes in. (If this already is interesting anyone, just scroll down near the bottom for raid details and schedule) The guild was founded by myself back in Wrath, in 2009, and was founded on the principle of a friendly but productive environment. Its been less like a gathering and more like a community or a family, with everyone having a voice and able to have fun, yet the mindset to succeed and work as a team through content. In the very early days, we enjoyed a leisurely pace of getting people acquainted with ICC 10 man and 25 man raids. As we pushed into Cataclysm, we continually built up our ranks, successfully completing the raids of each tier, and crowning our accomplishments with defeating Deathwing before the incremental nerfs he received to make completion easier. While it doesn't sound too impressive, it was done with a small group of people, with several obligations outside of the game (family life/parenting, demanding jobs, etc.), so it was natural to be proud of the team to pull together and accomplish this. Some people called that good, and stopped playing before our Heroic push, but that's how things go. While our group did raid a little in Mists, most of us took a break at that time, only finishing off Vaults and HoF. After that, we came back in full force for Warlords, gathering as many new and returning players as possible, sweeping through N/H Highmaul and BRF, but with lack of content and general boredom of WoD, people started falling off again, and through guild co-opting, we continued to raid. Once HFC came out, we once again sweeped through it on N/H, and with a guild co-op, were doing Mythic as well, up to Gorefiend (something you need a very cohesive guild for, which unfortunately wasn't the case). This brings us to today, in which we've again conquered all the Normal and Heroic raids available (7/7 H EN, 3/3 H Trial, 10/10 H NH), but naturally want to do more. The problem, I've stated, and without using underhanded tactics like poaching or try to guilt people that have stopped playing, is that we're understaffed for the total 20 needed to do mythic. We have an incredibly strong core, people who I know work their hardest to bring their best, and its for them and myself that I want to give them what they deserve, and that's the best of the best content. So, our options are as such: We server transfer, we faction change, or we stay put and try to get as many people as possible to the raid team. Dark Iron's been my home since Vanilla, and I know I'm sentimental, so that is my final plea. I would like to get just a few more people, people with the readiness, passion, and awareness for Mythic raiding, to join the family here. At our best, we have around 15-16 in our core, so we're not far off. Our tanks and healers are top notch, the worst case scenario with them is either work, or people needing a break from the game. Point being, no one has left due to drama, hostile environment, loot, and so on, its been a combination of level of interest (and this was at the beginning of NH too, some were just done), or job schedule (we have us a claim adjuster and auditor, so you know this season is busy for them). With that, here's what we're looking for most/do not have: Rogue Enh Shaman Demon Hunter Ret Paladin Feral Druid Possible Boomkin Demo Warlock UH Death Knight Disc Priest Resto ShamanZelgieus1 Mar 16
Feb 22 Server Merges un-merge east-coast server Demon Soul with the west-coast Battelgroup. This Merger was totally unfair to all DemonSoulers for multiple reasons. 1. Lets start with obvious reason TIME ZONES there is a 3 hour time difference in this Battlegroup. And because there is a 3 hour time delay there is a clear ingame delay between us East-coast player to the West-coast players. There is a even bigger delay when you LFR or LFG players merged into that same battlegroup or as I know it Data-center from New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong. I Should't have to be grouped with players half way around the world when I'm located on the east-coast of the United States. Is World of Warcraft SUB count that flipping LOW now Blizzard? 2. Raiding. Raiding is completely outta the question. Because the time-zones issue. 3 Theft from the consumer (myself) I paid a small fortune to have my 1st set of toons that I created on Korgath a west-coast server transferred from that server to a server located on the east-coast Demon Soul. I didn't know anything about data centers (servers) or there locations when I 1st started playing back in 2005. Many players hate me cause I multi boxed 8 active accounts for many years. Too those players I Hunted down and killed repeatedly I am really sorry. If I've taken away from your gaming experience I APOLOGIZE to you too ALL of you. Because of this merger with the west-coast I've since stopped multi boxing and canceled the 7 other SUBS. Blizzard loss (money). This brings me to the point of this RANT . I the consumer paid for services, I have all the receipts to prove this. The game masters that have access to this can verify. -I can offer a positive solution to this problem. 1. Blizzard transfers my toons & my personal Guild on Demon Soul to another server at no cost to me, a server of my choice. This solution would not impact the other players 2. Un-merge Demon Soul with the west-coast data-center and merge it with a battlegroup located on the east-coast or even Central zone. Many DemonSoulers would welcome this action -The is the negative solutions to this problem 1. Cancellation of my final SUB (complete loss of Revenue from this source) Please keep in mind I had 8 active SUBS for years. 2. I seek legal action against Blizzard Entertainment for theft. SUMMERY : I would really like to see a positive outcome to this issue, I really love playing this game World of Warcraft:)Redstär2 Feb 22
Feb 15 <Tyranny> Raid, Achievement, and Mythic+ Sale Tyranny is opening up its Sales runs again for the new expansion. All of our raid sale runs will be master loot and you will Always be top priority for loot with no competition. Prices are always subject to change. For large buyers and long time customers negotiations of prices are available. Our current Sales include the following. Mythic Emerald Nightmare Nythendra - 100k Elerethe - 100k Ursoc - 100k Dragons - 100k Ilgynoth - 150k Cenarius - 100k Xavius - 300k Packages 7/7M EN - 400k Heroic ToV - 150k Normal Nighthold - 300k Master Loot Glory of the Legion Raider Emerald Nightmare - 350k* Nighthold - 650k* Both Package - 800k *Per boss pricing available inquire with an officer for more information. Mythic + Garunteed with these carries are the achievements for completing a +5 in time, a +10 in time, and depending on the week a +15 in time. Garunteed with a +15 carry is your 900+ ilvl piece of loot in your cache at the end of the week. Mythic + 15 with your key - 220k Mythic + any level - +15 completed Package - 250k Myhic + 15 with our key - 300k Single Mythic + dungeons, prices vary per key, inquire with an officer for more information. Nightbane run - 125k FAQ 1. Do you accept alternative forms of Payment? No, we only do runs for gold and generally only gold that can be traded on the connected realms. Off connected realm gold may be taken but the price would be increased as we would have to convert it into wow tokens. 2. What are the loot rules? Any and all armor and trinkets for the specialization you signed up for is yours, this includes BoE's. Generally any rings, necks, and relics that drop will be yours as well, but in the case that there are multiple carries for the week we will confirm with each player what cross class pieces of gear they want so there is no competition for any buyers. 3. What time do you do these sales? The Mythic raid sales occur on either Friday or Saturday between 8:30pm (est) and 11:59pm (est). Mythic+ sales, Nightbane sales, non-mythic raid sales, and even achievement runs are flexible and can be worked around your schedule if you are not available at the above times. 4. How do I contact you or ask any additional questions? Feel free to contact us at Skroesec - Strife#1977 If neither of us are available please contact any online guild member and we will get back to you as soon as we are online.Thanada2 Feb 15
Feb 13 [H] Eminent (1/7M) Progression Raiding Guild Eminent is a raiding guild focused on getting into, and clearing Mythic raid content ahead of the curve. We are looking to solidify our Mythic raid team. Our goal is to attract like minded players who can and will learn off of their mistakes and the mistakes of others. We keep a positive attitude in raids and expect all of our members to be level headed for progression as it may take time to down a boss. Not clearing the content in a timely manner before nerfs or the next content is released is unacceptable. Our fun comes from our success as a group. Our raid schedule will be the following: Tuesday 10pm - 1am EST Wednesday 10pm - 1am EST Friday 10pm - 1am EST *We will occasionally throw in an additional day, this will be determined the night before and voted on within the guild to ensure all parties can attend. Our current needs at this time includes all classes and specs focused on an Off-Tank and Ranged DPS. If you are neither yet are a talented player, we encourage you to apply. **Please note, we WILL pay for quality applicants transfer and or faction change.** Head over to to put in an application. If you have any questions please leave them here or shoot me a tell in game. Thank you, PezPezek4 Feb 13
Feb 8 Gross faction imbalance Hey so I'm doing the Legion Invasions at the moment and it is at least 95% Horde. I'm not exaggerating, I seldom see another Alliance player. And it's not just in the Horde zones, it's in Westfall and Dun Morogh too. It's making the Invasions not very fun at all, and borderline un-playable. Please, is there anything that can done about this?Kyux28 Feb 8
Jan 29 worsening faction balance yea, we are on a pvp server and pvp happens, but really adding 2 loaded horde servers to ours, horde generally out numbering alliance now with Malganis and Ilidian 3 or 4 to 1 every where was 10 to 1 in the underbelly. I do not mind pvp but this grouping needs to be more balancedNightsage17 Jan 29
Jan 25 LF Late night guild Returning player looking for a late night guild. Preferably 8-9 pm server start time. I have this toon, 859 tank, as well as an 867 resto sham, and 867 arc/fire mage. Hit me up here or in game.Bumfight1 Jan 25
Jan 19 The Deathdealers Are Recruiting! Yes! I am back! I'm also still really lazy so here's the advert I posted back in 2010. Nothing has changed. We still don't do anything. I don't even have a max level character yet. ________________________________________________________________________________ The Deathdealers of Dark Iron are recruiting! A horde based guild that started in December of 2006 we're a very small guild who really doesn't do anything. We don't raid, we don't PVP we just sort of talk in guild chat and do our own things. Here are some fantastic testaments from folks on our realm forums! Hummel "Deathdealers has been, still is, and will continue to be, complete and utter trash." Msbehave "Deathdealers, the horse that won't stay dead." Our guild website can be found at [REDACTED] although nobody ever posts there except for me. Please be patient if you decide you want to come join us as we're sure to be flooded with new recruits what with all the realm firsts we're going to have! But seriously if you're an independent player just looking for a good group of folks to hang out with and run a heroic now and then feel free to roll an alt on Dark Iron and hit any of us up for an invite.Banemorth2 Jan 19
Jan 4 <Eminent> 5/7M 3/3H We're currently looking for a few solid DPS for our mythic team to finish up EN and get prepared for the NH push. We raid Mon/Tues/Wed @ 7PM - 10PM Pacific. Feel free to contact any of us in game or head to our website - Any exceptional player is welcome to apply.Cróga2 Jan 4
Dec 30 [A] The Hurricane 7/7 M Recruiting The Hurricane is the premier casual-core experience on the Shattered Hand battlegroup. Featuring luxurious oceanic accents and soft, welcoming gear requirements; we dare you not to drift into bliss while getting shrieked at to stop standing in rots. Our sights are set high in legion. We aim to be ahead of the curve on all mythic expansion content and we might want you to join us. We specifically want to fill two DPS spots and two healing flex Spots. Preference for a Holy Paladin and or MW Monk, but great people are always welcome. We raid Tuesdays and Fridays from 17:00 - 21:00. All times server aka PST aka UTC-8/7. All classes and ilvls considered, but a best attempt at self-gearing through mythics is recommended. 18+ year old applicants preferred. Apply at Please provide relevant logs.Triptastic0 Dec 30
Dec 19 [H] Heroic ToV Weekly Pug - 12/19 Good Evening, My name is Haws (Haws#1579), I am the Raid Leader of Our Valor and we are raiding on December 19th and looking for people to help kill Helya. We are a small but dedicated guild that has prided itself on running smooth and efficient pugs to help with our progression as a small group. We have been able to teach and work with many PUGs to help us complete farm content, and also teaching PUGs new fights that we are progressing on. We are looking for people to come to our raids and be dedicated to coming so we can clear out content. Whether you are playing on an ALT, want Bonus rolls for the week or you want to kill the fights for the first time and want to come to our raids to progress further, We are the group for you. Info is below. Raid Details Time: Monday Dec 19th 4:00 PST/7:00 EST - 7:00PST/10:00 EST Guild Players: 6 Agenda: Helya Needs: 1 Tank / Heals / DPS (Ranged would be nice, But won't turn away High melee DPS) Requirements Gear: 870 Experience: First 2 bosses in heroic Supplies: Potions (You are expected to double pot), Food, Flasks. Expectations We expect that you can - Take criticism - Attempt to improve - Come to multiple raids - Be prepared - Have a positive attitude - Contribute to fightsRacker0 Dec 19
Dec 16 [H] Monk and Shaman looking for raiding guild Hey all, me and my friend are looking to join a casual raiding guild on coilfang. We both have raid experience and would like to tank(monk) and heal(shaman). Looking for something like two nights a week, one on weekday and one on weekend (nights). We just dinged 110 but we will be gearing up very quickly in the next couple weeks. Okay lmk thank you.Guac0 Dec 16
Dec 14 866 Resto shaman LFGuild 866 Resto Shaman looking for raiding guild. Looking for something maybe fri/sat nights or maybe thurs/fri/sat nights? I have AoTC for Heroic EN. Would like to do more raiding in Legion. I've played a shaman since vanilla, BC, WoTLK, Cata, left during MOP, Returned the last 6 or months of WoD. I have raided every end game content and would love to do the same in legion.Minch0 Dec 14
Dec 12, 2016 Mythic progress T/W/Th 9-12 EST Message me at jess#1430 to talk. We need ranged and heals but anyone interested should contact.Bellsabells0 Dec 12, 2016
Dec 3, 2016 [A] 7/7H 1/3H 20th on server recruiting! Name: BloodStorm Knights Server: Dark Iron Connected Realms: Shattered Hand, Coilfang, Dalvengyr, and Demon Soul Progression: 7/7H 1/3H Raid : Fri/Sat/Sun 9:30-12:30 EST Recruitment: Ranged DPS, preferably cloth. We will consider most applicants regardless of role and spec! We are asking for 865+ ilvl and 250k+ dps. About Us: We were established in BC and started raiding together in WotLK. We are a very close family-like guild who like to have fun while downing content. If you're looking for a home as well as a raid team look no further! We use Discord and run mythic+ and Kara/Nightbane weekly!Bellsabells0 Dec 3, 2016
Nov 25, 2016 LF ranged and heal mythic EN this weekend LF ranged and heals for mythic EN tonight at 8:30 server and Sat and Sun 6:30 server. Prefer cloth dps and druid heals.Bellsabells0 Nov 25, 2016
Nov 21, 2016 DOS looking for more casual players need to find other mature small guilds or players interested in doing casual normal raids, mythic/plus etc. usually on after 630 server most nights for a few hours would like core of about 15 players or more (have about 5 to 8 players right now)Nightsage0 Nov 21, 2016
Nov 21, 2016 Weekend guild, mythic progression recruiting <BloodStorm Knights- DarkIron> (7/7 H) (3/3 N) is recruiting for mythic raiding. Specifically recruiting any cloth dps, a resto druid, a feral druid, and a ret pally. Looking for 230k+ dps, willing to help gear. Raid nights are Fri/Sat/Sun 9:30-12:30 eastern time. Message jess#1430, online every night! Feel free to contact me by email any time also- jboomhower2332@gmail.comBellsabells0 Nov 21, 2016
Nov 19, 2016 <MadCast> Looking for Mature Gamers MadCast Gaming is a bit different than your average guild. Recruiting isn't our main goal. We want to play with people we enjoy playing with. Your skill level holds no weight with us. While we all love playing games, having fun is the experience we are after. MadCast has been around for more than 8 years traversing many different games and genres. Maybe you play some other games such as Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, or Diablo. We've got you covered. Perhaps you dabble in games outside of the Blizzard universe (shhhh we won't tell on you). We're active in many games! People having fun with people is how we've thrived for so long and we are looking to continue this winning formula in World of Warcraft. We plan on regularly scheduling Raiding, PvP events, quest groups, and other events from time to time. We would love to have you join us on TS and in game! For more information, feel free to add any of these tags to your friends list, and we would be more than happy to invite you to our guild and our events. Our officer's tags are STS04#1991, Scooba#1135, Lunalesk#1582, Clueless#1601, Rife170#1375, ThePrince#11564, RedJustice#1363 or Shattered#1370.Stan12 Nov 19, 2016
Nov 18, 2016 Faction Balance Hey Blizztard why did you keep adding horde servers to dark iron thats already over packed with horde. you' Douchebag's!.. Good job your balance the horde free win servers because that what this server is.. your couldn't balance board much less this game or classes or faction.. don't get mad it's all true.. wow fan boys give me a thumbs down...Therethatguy0 Nov 18, 2016
Nov 16, 2016 859 Resto Druid LF a Raid Spot Hey! I'm a player returning after a 2 expansion hiatus. Back in BC and WOTLK I was an active raider reaching top 60 US for 10 man heroic Lich King. I'm looking for a 2-3 raid day serious mythic progression guild. I've pugged up to 7/7 H EN with 7/7 N EN. I'm looking for a 2/3 day per week Mythic raiding guild! Contact me here or at Tuso#1765. Cheers!Oxform1 Nov 16, 2016
Nov 16, 2016 Tues/Fri/Sat 3/7M LF DPS <Is Beautiful> Current Progress in Emerald Nightmare: 7/7N, 7/7H, 3/7M (M Dragons to 75%) Last HFC Progress: 12/13M Current Schedule: Tues, Fri & Sat @ 7PM-10PM Pacific (all 3 nights) Current Size of Group: 20+ on average Loot: Master Loot w/Loot Council Add-ons: EPGP Lootmaster Required, DBM or Bigwigs highly recommended but optional Voice: Discord Required Valid Gmail address for guild spreadsheet Required. We are a laid back raiding guild that has been steadily climbing up the ranks since MoP dropped. Our team is made up of friendly people who enjoy having fun while maintaining a competitive successful environment. Since we've finished clearing Heroic Emerald Nightmare we are now focusing on Mythic progression! The roster is almost full but still missing a few. We are not recruiting for the bench, though we have very few filler players. Recruiting: 2 DPS, Highly in need of: Warlock, Hunter, Enhance Shaman ( Willing to Consider all DPS specs) Experience is always nice but not required. Additionally we run Mythic+ Dungeons regularly throughout the week, which is open to all players 110+ of appropriate iLvl, not just raiders! If you find yourself interested in having some fun, making awesome new friends and progressing with the best we have to offer then please add us! Key#12617 (Guild Master) Jaxstt#1501 (Co-GM) We look forward to meeting you and making our great team even more awesome!!Fartrell0 Nov 16, 2016