Dath'Remar and Khaz'goroth

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Nov 13 [H] <Bizarro> 8/8H 4/8M Uldir RECRUITING <Bizarro> is recruiting skilled and dedicated raiders for 20 man Battle for Azeroth Mythic content. Bizarro was established during Vanilla and has remained one of a small handful of top end raid focused guilds on Khaz'goroth. (14/11/2018) Current 20man average ilvl: 379 We are currently recruiting any experienced mythic raiders of any class/spec/role given they excel at what they do (currently wanting more top end range dps) Suitable applicants will be able to demonstrate the following: - Reliable computer and internet connection - Availability for all raids - Raid ready gear (able to do M+ in own time and N/H raids if we are progressing in M) with appropriate enchants, gems and enhancements - Regular review of guild discord for news and raiding information - Patience during the trial period while your suitability is tested - you may not get a starting spot in the raid on every night - Sense of humour and thick skin Our core 20 man raid week is (all times are server time, AEST + DLS, Sydney): Wed 7:45 - 11:00pm Sun 7:45 - 11:00pm Mon 7:45 - 11:00pm We also do alt and social raids on other days For more information message Demin (Demin#1961), Stepx, Pallybot or Pkael in game or via in game mail :3Demin6 Nov 13
Nov 11 [A] TWO MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT (+8gmt) TWO MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT (+8 GMT) TMTM is a semi-casual guild. We are made up of a bunch of working adults and we raid on (Wed/Thurs/Mon) to unwind from our work and to AFK from real life. We follow +8GMT timing which caters for folks from PERTH, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA and even TAIWAN. Raiding starts @9.00pm +8GMT (11:00pm server time) Our goal since the guild's inception during Lich King's days has always been to clear all HEROIC raid contents. And have fun while we are at it. So if you are looking for semi-casual guild and a stress-free environment, look no further ;) All welcome to apply but we are currently looking for healers. We are currently 8/8H 1/8M in Uldir. For more info whisper: Experia#1484 Abyss#12939Abyss2 Nov 11
Nov 10 [H] Kids are Asleep 3/8H - Recruiting DPS <Kids are Asleep> is a horde guild here on Khaz'goroth / Dath'remar. We are a family friendly guild, we like to help each other with mog runs, achievements, questing, keystones and gearing. People's family and children are welcome to join, we have many families in guild! We are recruiting more non Demon Hunter DPS to build up our raid team numbers so we can start pushing into Heroic Difficulty! 8/8 Normal Uldir 3/8 Heroic Uldir Raid Times Friday 8:30pm - 10:30pm Server Time Saturday 8:30pm - 10:30pm Server Time *Full on tanks* *Full on heals* Recruiting Warrior DPS Exceptional Range DPS Social/Casual players are of course welcome! No previous raiding experience is required! We take any new comers to the game who are looking to try out raiding for the first time! If your looking for a new home! Please contact Zaedynn, Arakoth, Nillila or Kartiya in game or add Plushtoy#11291 :)Mattyreuben28 Nov 10
Nov 8 [A] <Kind of a Big Deal> 8/8H 3/8M recruiting Kind of a Big Deal (3/8 Mythic and 8/8 Heroic) are now recruiting dedicated dps to join our heroic and mythic raid team. Raid times are 7:30pm to 10:30pm Server time, Thursday and Sunday About us: This guild has been around for a long time and was formally known as Enigma. With a change of ownership in late Warlords of Draenor, a new core raid team was formed from the dying ashes of Enigma and went on to achieve Ahead of the Curve for every raid tier in Legion. We have followed this up with a subsequent AotC in Uldir and have plans to carry on with this trend throughout Battle for Azeroth and beyond. Mythic has been elusive for us until this expansion, as during legion we struggled to recruit enough players, which is why we have taken our recruitment to the forums, and other platforms outside of the game. What we are looking for: Ideally we would like an Unholy or Frost Death Knight with a solid Blood off-spec and a couple more ranged dps. Hybrid classes are highly sought after but any class/spec will be considered for the right players. Dedication and commitment to the raid team is an absolute must, along with a strong knowledge of your class and Uldir mechanics. We are a very laid back guild with a drama free environment and would like players who feel they would fit it in well with us. We are 18+, love a bit of banter between boss pulls, and having a laugh with each other, that being said we get serious at boss killing time. We run Mythic plus frequently and have an alt/casual raid on Saturdays at 7:30pm ST To apply: Whisper Divinationn in game, or add her btag Divination#1824Buzzed0 Nov 8
Nov 7 [H] <Insurgence> BFA 6/8H LFM Looking for mature aged casual raiding and mythic+ dungeon guild ? <Insurgence> might be the place for you. Raids are Wednesday and Sundays. Who are we? Insurgence have been around MMO's for awhile now. We started as a Beta Guild in SWTOR then continued for some time before venturing into multiple MMOs (GW2, ESO, NWO, BF3/BF4, Wildstar & WoW). One thing has always stayed the same. We are a small community of mature aged gamers, average age of over 28. We focus more on group play and social interaction. We have currently built BFA raid and mythic+ farm groups. Are we right for you? Casual Member Although we would like to progress through endgame we definitely accept casual members. We don’t have to many expectations on our casual members. Our prime time is around 7pm - 12am +10 GMT. This is when our events will be scheduled. Most of our members have families and full time jobs. So our play time outside of these hours are sporadic, most likely when we "chuck a sickie" to play some WOW. Events will be scheduled in game. We use Discord to communicate and socialise. We ask all members to use this during guild activities. Core Raider Member These core players are what I would deem as hardcore players trapped in the playing schedule of a casual. Min/Maxing for your desired roll. Maturity to handle slower progression, not prone to childish rage rants about not progressing as fast as 7 night a week Hardcore Guilds. If you've signed up for a raid then we expect you to be on time and have sufficient resources for the event. Remember other people are counting on you! Raid Times: Wednesday 8:00pm - 10:00pm Sunday 8:00pm - 11:00pm Mythic + Groups Monday - Sunday 7pm on-wards. We usually run as much and as many groups as we can. In game Contacts: Tronc: Tronc#1583 or Necrotics: Necrotics #6765Necrotics6 Nov 7
Nov 7 <Ethical - Khaz'goroth> Uldir Sale Thread Ethical are currently looking to sell a wide variety of in-game services, ranging from your weekly +10 all the way up to Mythic raid clears! For services that involve loot, you will be traded any gear that the members of the group don’t need. Should you want to purchase a carry, please select what type of carry you would like from the price list down below, once you have selected the carry you would like, please contact Emlis or Magic (bnet can be found below). What are the prices? Heroic Uldir Full Clear - 600k Heroic Ghuun AotC - 250k 7/8 Mythic Uldir - 5M 8/8 Mythic Uldir - 8M Mythic Ghuun - 4M Mythic + Price List: M+ 10 Carry - x1 WoW Token price. M+ Score boost - Up for negotiation depending on the score you’re after. Custom M+ Carries (Your choice in M+ level) - Varies based on the key level you’re after. What do I need to do if I’m buying a sale? 1) A 10% deposit must be paid once a date/time has been booked (For Mythic Raid Carries) 2) The full payment must be paid before the first boss of the instance is pulled (if you are buying a full carry) or before the individual boss is pulled that you are getting carried for. 3) Show up to the carry. Carry times will vary depending on what you are buying, Mythic and Heroic raid carries will typically be 7:30pm. Wednesday for heroic, Thursday for mythic. What If what I want, isn’t listed here? If there is something you’re after, that isn’t on this list, feel free to add us and we can sort something out! We’re open to all sorts of sales, from dungeons and raids, to even coaching for some specs, and personal help for challenging scenarios eg. Mage tower and Brawlers Guild. Please be aware that we only take gold as a payment method. To enquire about a carry please contact Emlis (Axil#11882) or Magic (magic#1314)!Emlis0 Nov 7
Nov 5 [H]<Clinical> 3/8M ABOUT <Clinical>- We are newly formed from a group of about 10 friends who have raided mythic together for years now, we have multiple cutting edge achievements and as such are looking for raiders who want to take raiding a little more seriously while still having a life, If you are new to the mythic scene don't be afraid to reach out as all it takes is the right attitude and a willingness to learn/better yourself! In short we want to make the most of our time in raid with mature people in a structured environment who can have a laugh but who also want to and have the ability to get things done. RAID TIMES- Wednesday- 8pm-11pm Thursday- 8pm-11pm Sunday- 8pm-11pm (Optional casual/alt/norm night) RECRUITMENT NEEDS- TANK- HIGH!!!! HEALERS- LOW MDPS- MEDIUM- DK OR ROGUE RDPS- MEDIUM- MAGE OR HUNTER Casuals welcome! We run m+ and have a few decent arena players in guild so if raiding isn't your bag you're still welcome to join the community If you have read this far thanks for your time, if you have any questions at all please btag myself or simply msg someone from the guild. Thanks again klaws#1748Buffspriest15 Nov 5
Nov 4 [A] <Perception> 8/8H + 1/8M LF Raiders! TLDR: We are primarily looking for the following classes/specialisations as a priority, however, we fully consider all possible recruits! - Non-DK Tanks - Any DPS *OS Healers are highly regarded! We also accept Social members! About Us: We at <Perception> on Khaz/Dath are looking for a few more friendly raiders for our raid team! We are currently seeking friendly DPS and Healers for our progression into BFA raiding! We are currently 8/8H and 1/8M through Uldir, and ready to expand our roster!! Our History and Goals: <Perception> formed as a friendly 10-man raid team during Mists of Pandaria in June of 2014 and cleared 10/14H SoO pre-nerf. In WoD we completed 7/7H HM, 10/10H BRF and 12/13 HFC pre-nerf, then steady Mythic progression throughout Legion. Our goal in BFA is to continue to clear the hardest content we possibly can while providing a a fun, safe and inclusive place for all of our members!!! Raid Schedule: We raid 3 nights per week on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday at 8 - 10.30 pm server time (Sydney/Melbourne time). We highly recommend being online at least 10-15 minutes prior to raid time! If all bosses are downed before the Thursday/Monday, we will use these days for achievement runs, alt runs, or potentially use them as M+ nights in small groups. What we are looking for as a raider! - a positive attitude - a willingness to learn and improve - raid awareness (can you get out of fire?) - past experience in progression raiding is highly desirable - strong meme appreciation ;) Additional Information: Further information about us, trial information and how we run things can be found on our Discord server. If you have any questions please contact one of our officers: Arhkos, Tamuriil or Wolidid. If you are interested in joining us, please visit our discord server at https://discord.gg/FT9UutR Contacts: [RL] Arhko's battletag: Arhkos#6116 [GM] Tamuriil's battletag: Tamuriil#6286 [RO] Wolidid's Battletag: Wolidid#1212 Our discord server: https://discord.gg/FT9UutRWolidid19 Nov 4
Nov 2 [A] Departed Rebels - Raid DPS Hi everyone, Departed Rebels on Khaz’Goroth/Dath’Remar Alliance are recruiting DPS for our Heroic raid team. We would love to add a warrior, monk, and/or demon hunter, but are open to all classes! Our raid team is a mostly fun loving group of highly inappropriate people. We have a diverse group in terms of skill and personality. We’re a supportive guild who help each other whenever we can, with whatever we can. We’re more than happy to take on all levels of experience! We are currently 8/8 N & 4/8 H. Raid nights are Wednesday, Monday, Friday 9-11pm server time. Please don’t hesitate to add myself or any of our officers if you’d like more information or to come over and try us out! Avelora#11417 Athenas87#1174 TGLIKE#6124 Rethilgore#6790 Cairo#1809Avelora0 Nov 2
Nov 2 LF guild rerolling to a dark iron ele sham and am looking for a new guild for me and my feral druid partner us both are looking to get into raidsKazandrache1 Nov 2
Nov 1 [H] <Outlaw Assassins> 6/8H Raid Recruitment <Outlaw Assassins> 6/8H are recruiting skilled and dedicated raiders for our heroic raid team as we progress into mythic. We are looking for experienced raiders any class/spec/role (preference on rdps, frost death knight, warrior arms/fury and sub rogue) given that you are good at what you do. Raid days are Saturday and Sunday, invites go out at 8:15svt for a 8.30svt start. What we are looking for in our raiders Have a positive attitude Show up for 85% of raids Are prepared e.g. gems and enchants Have raid awareness (do not stand in fire) Willing to learn Can take constructive criticism Team player Outlaw Assassins are a large (950+ toons) active and social guild. Socials are always welcome. Feel free to contact either H0sK0#1553, Morde#11215 ingame or on the forumValeriá1 Nov 1
Oct 31 [A] Convergence has Returned and LFM Convergence is a Semi-Hardcore Mythic Raiding Guild, formed in at the begin on Legion. We have returned and are looking for a few more people to fill out our roster. Raid times are 8pm til 11pm server (8:30pm til 11:30pm during DST) Wed/Sun/Mon. Social/Alt run done on Fridays. We are Currently 2/8 Mythic (8/8H) and Looking to Push Further into Mythic. Currently we are looking for - 1-2 Healers, Holy pally, Priest or Monk preferred. 2-4 Dps, Rogues, WW Monks and Rdps Preferred. If interested in any of these positions please contact Felerai-Khaz'goroth or Pinpin-Dath'remarBaetus4 Oct 31
Oct 30 LF Mythic Raid Team - Midnight AEST Hey future guild, I've started a new job and been put on a late finish, which would get me home by midnight and that has destroyed my current raiding schedule. I am looking for a Mythic Prog guild that raids in the AMs, preferably starting at midnight AEST. I can offer to fill a spot of someone you don't need to explain anything to, I research my fights, bring my consumables and know my class. Current logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/khazgoroth/epicdotcom ilvl 364 (would probably be 370+ if I didn't hang onto rings/trinket which sim high at a low ilvl) Willing to transfer or faction change for the right guild. Currently situated on Khaz'goroth/Dath'remar connected. Thanks for taking the time to read and hope to hear from you soon. Peace.Epicdotcom1 Oct 30
Oct 30 Disco Looking to move Looking for heroic/Mythic Uldir raiding guild. dedicated well played Disc Priest. available mon to fri weeknights. 8/8N 6/8H Dath'Rmar/Khaz'goroth AussieCoopapriest0 Oct 30
Oct 30 PVP Oceanic LF a community/guild/players to do PVP content with; within the Oceanic realms, would prefer to have have less then <200ms for a change. So if anyone has any information or is interested let me know.Gurtlok0 Oct 30
Oct 30 [A] <War Machine> - Dath'Remar War Machine, an Oceanic Alliance guild on the Dath'Remar server (PvE), is recruiting. We are a long-standing guild, having existed on Dath'Remar from its opening day - the oldest continuously existing guild on the server. We believe that this is because of the way we operate. For us, our core imperative is inclusion. We like to have our guild members involved in our activities, to whatever extent they are comfortable with. Don't be a wallflower - come join in! Feeling comfortable in a guild is important. By this, we mean that we conduct ourselves in a mature, non-offensive manner. We're not into discriminating against folks because of race, gender, sexuality or religion. We're about respecting each other and having a lot of fun while we play the game we love. And we do have a lot of fun, whether it's on a raid night, helping each other get achievements - or as 27 naked level one gnomes running around Elwynn Forest on one of our event nights. Need a gem or an enchantment, but can't afford it on the auction house? Well, War Machine is a guild where members will always be there to help you out with that sort of thing. It's about being there for each other. Does a member have an idea for an event, or simply wishes to provide some feedback on any sort of guild-related issue? We want to hear about it. War Machine is not run as a dictatorship - War Machine is run for everyone in War Machine. We like to raid - usually 2 nights a week. Hard-core completion is not our thing, rather, we aim more for something like completion of a Tier while it is current content. The flexible raids (10-30) suit us right down to the ground, as it fits in with our policy of inclusion; and we have only modest gear requirements. Raid times are currently Wednesday and Thursday nights, 8:30 - 11:00pm server time.There is no compulsion to sign up, although if you do sign up, we expect you to make every effort to attend. By the same token, real life takes priority, and we will understand if the world needs you for other matters. We do, in the interests of maturity and sensibility, have a minimum age requirement of 25. We generally adhere to this, although we may make exceptions; for example, for friends and family. The application process consists of an initial completion of a questionnaire on our website. This is followed up (pending assessment of the application) with a voice interview. Be prepared for this process to take some time (but not too long) from start to finish. You may be thinking "Oh gee, a lot of hoops to jump through here". It's not all that bad - we are a friendly lot. Experience has taught us over the last twelve years that it is much better to make sure that you are the right person for us - and that we are the right guild for you. If you think War Machine sounds like the right sort of guild for you, then we'd like to hear from you. Apply in the first instance at warmachineguild.net If you have any questions feel free to contact me at Zeshiku#1159Atlanta19 Oct 30
Oct 25 Post here if you're a vanilla KG player. Shoutout to all the awesome guilds that made Khaz the best realm in vanilla. Decimate Requiem Time Eternity Perish Served/Loot Train Southern Star Elites Deus Conclave Blackwing Inferus Crux Dawn Conviction Guild Serenity Deception Reborn Also, a shoutout to my fellow Americans who got tricked into joining an Aussie server =)Shedeath53 Oct 25
Oct 24 [H] <Old Dogz> LF Raiders 1/8 M [H] <Old Dogz> LF Raiders 4/11 Heroic Antorus Old Dogz is a new progression casual progression guild looking to kill bad guys but balance that with the reality of real life commitments. We made of mainly Aussies based in Bris Vegas and are all old school raiders from Khaz Vanilla from some of the top progression guilds from this server over the past 14+ years including: Guild Serenity Conviction Crimzon Khazuals Bizarro We are looking to build on our strong start by recruiting some more mature gamers to come join the ranks and have fun but progress at the same time after you have put the kids to bed. We are also looking to shout out to any of those that we may have played with some of us back in the glory days of Vanilla to come back and relive some of those good times - but at a less addicted and life consuming pace. Most of us now are married, kids, have full time boring jobs and are getting old and need an outlet to have a bit of fun without the old progression guild drama. We currently raid 7:00pm to 10:00pm Thursday and Sunday (Brissy Time) and our aim is to clear the heroic content and build into some mythic content early in the new year. All classes are welcome with the exception of tanks which we are currently full on at the moment. Any questions at all, please reach out to either Xuanwu or barou#1311. Happy to have a chat! Thanks for your time! Xuanwu/BarouXuanwu18 Oct 24
Oct 22 H ( Snakes on a plainstrider) 8/8H 2/8M Snakes on a Plainstrider (H) - Khaz'Goroth, is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for more members for mythic progression raiding! With a solid core of 8/8H and 1/8M progressed members, we are currently seeking more like minded players to join our roster. Gear level isn't an absolute requirement, but we do require a good attitude and strong ability with your class. Current raid times are: - Wednesday 8pm-10:30pm SVT - Monday 8pm-10:30pm SVT We are currently recruiting any player with a high skill level but of particular need are the following: - 1 Healer - DPS Outside of raiding we are very active and run mythic+ (10+) dungeons multiple nights a week. We also run social raids 1-2 nights a week depending on attendance. Social members are welcome. If interested in joining the guild or have any questions of your own, please contact any of our recruitment team in game: - Defrager - Vhurindrar - Anguinis -Orelan#6850 Safe travels, Snakes on a Plainstrider (H) - Khaz'GorothAsunaxx1 Oct 22
Oct 19 <Needs an Adult> social fun guild Do you often get your group killed while doing silly things? Has it become almost an artform? Welcome home. <Needs an Adult> is a group of returned players, working back up, looking to gearing up for guild heroics and beyond. We have members in South-East Asia, Australia and US. US guy's a weirdo though, so he gets a pass. We''re still small, but we're a fun bunch. Hit up any of our members for an invite.Biasa0 Oct 19
Oct 15 [H] LF afternoon raids Hi all, due to my work schedule I am looking for any guild that raids in the afternoon. 2-5pm GMT+8 / 4-7pm AEST (or around there) I have been raiding with a late night community from US this expansion and have 7/8 H exp but due to attendance issues its becoming harder to form a solid group. I am a solid player that is able to do mechanics and pull my own weight whether im dpsing / healing / tanking. If your raid team is looking for a Prot / Ret paladin or Holy / Disc priest and raids in the afternoon I would love to join. 372 ilvl on paladin and 370 ilvl on priest. Jason#12973 if you want to have a chatTrinitas0 Oct 15
Oct 13 Mythic+ key guilds? Hey guys, I main outlaw rogue and have just got stuck into mythic+ and am enjoying the challenge they present. My biggest problem is finding like-minded people to run with. So far I'm just pugging it and it's all hit and miss obviously and it's hard to reach for higher keys as to ppl don't know how you'll perform which is fair enough. So, I was curious if there are any khaz/dath alliance guilds out there who like to push keys high? I'd definitely prefer a smaller more mature crowd of lasses and lads as opposed to a guild flooded with members. So far the highest I have run is +4 and can't seem to get any higher groups or other +4 dungeons which granted, I definitely need to gear up a bit more as to I'm sitting on 347 ilevel. I also need to learn a few more dungeons and affixes and get more experience which I am happy to do my research in that regard. I will say that there are a lot of guilds I see who do mythic + on the side and mainly aim for raids however, while not trying to shoot myself in the foot, I'm really not interested in raiding. I find setting aside a set time each week for however many straight hours is just something I cannot do. Any info/replies would be greatly appreciated. CheersZaythe3 Oct 13
Oct 10 [A] Kind of a Big Deal - Recruiting DPS/Heals <Kind of a Big Deal> Are now recruiting dedicated players to join our raid team 1/8M & 7/8H. If you're looking to get timely aotc's and run all levels of m+ with a fun, friendly crew then whisper Buzzed in game or reply here for more info. Raid is 7:30-10:30pm ST. Thur&Sun.Buzzed0 Oct 10
Oct 8 Potato Community So as a guild we have decided to change the setup of how we run and operate and taking the path of a multi server both faction server community. anyone can join this community low levels high levels people with no idea of the game to people who consider themselves smart or elite. we dont care everyone is welcome. Were planning on doing mythics, raiding, pvp, rated arenas and whatever else in between be it old content or new we will try and cater for everyone. https://discord.gg/svhY4sg this is our discord everyone is welcome on it as this is the main platform we will be using then ingame community aswell once thats up and running. once you join please go to #roles page and put in the roles and then all channels become unlocked well thank you for reading this and hope to see you all or some somewhere in the game.ßollywood0 Oct 8
Oct 6 [H] <Slowgression> LFM Sat 7-10pm (GMT+10) <Slowgression> is a casual raiding guild (Khaz'goroth / Dath'Remar) that has been actively raiding weekly since our formation back in late 2011 during Cataclysm at the launch of Dragon Soul. Most of our guild is based in Eastern Australia(GMT+10) and New Zealand(GMT+12), so we're pretty much operating on realm-time. Our raid schedule is Saturdays 7pm-10pm (realm-time). We dedicate time to our raids, but don't push beyond that too often as we'd rather not burn out our guild members on multiples nights a week. We're an ideal guild for people with jobs, family, or study commitments who'd like a small getaway for a few hours each week that's consistent to plan around. Our core group is a mix of players from those demographics; family folks, small business owners, some uni students, and a few people enjoying their retirement years. We've even had a some players who joined during their high school years who've stuck with us into their adult lives. Our standard raid turnout each week is around 15 players and we're always welcoming of new guild members wanting to join in. See us in action: One of our players used to regularly streams our raids each week, and has kept some memorable events available for reviewing https://www.twitch.tv/brayburn32/videos/all Raid goals: We tend to clear out "Ahead of the Curve" for each tier before the next one opens up. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/khazgoroth/zhojin/achievements/feats-of-strength/raids Our main focus so far has been to clear out heroic raids reliably, and while we probably would dip our toes into mythic if we had the roster for it, we're not going to rip our hairs out and kill our enjoyment of the game in that pursuit (a challenging game is fun, a stressful game is less so). A few of our raiders have come from mythic groups, looking for a step down to avoid that level of burnout. Repairs: Guild bank covers all raiding repairs, so don't feel bad for your pixilated wallet if the raid leader calls for a wipe. Requirements: Voip: Discord Addons: Deadly Boss Mods (or any up-to-date equivalent) What we're looking for: Primarily damage dealers, both ranged and melee, with access to dual specs to cover positions if needed. And if your main spec is tank or healer, we do have versatile players in some of those roles that can work with you. We want people who are happy with their class and role. Note: our raid size is limited by the number of healers we can field in a night. We're also keen on any non-raiders looking for a new home. Personalities: Expect playful banter during trash clears, and game faces during boss pulls. We like to have a strong sense of team-ship during our raids, so players are expected to be cooperative and focused. Outside of boss pulls, we talk about a range of pop-culture topics, books, movies, etc. And if you have an interest you'd like to talk about, I'm sure there will be someone in the group who shares your passion (sportsball, bee keeping, polyhedral theater, to name a few). Guild conduct: Please keep chat to a reasonably mature level. No issue with the occasional curse, just don't go full Osborne. We sometimes have younger players or impressionable audience members. We try to keep clear of drama, both in and out of the guild. Stirring the pot is fine, just. keep it civil and avoid the abusive name calling. If stuff goes down, we'd like to know we're all on the same side when it does. To join: on either your Khaz'goroth or Dath'Remar character /who slowgression Should bring up a list of any guild member currently online. Whisper any of them for a guild invite. Once in, send a letter to an officer with your interest in raiding and we'll be sure to look out for you come the next raid night.Zhojin1 Oct 6
Oct 4 A - Rank one China recruiting <Rank One China> is a newly formed guild looking to enhance our mythic team. We are pretty laid back but get serious when we need to, we have a strong core group looking for some more like minded players that want to clear mythic at a good pace, We are currently 8/8H and 1/8M Recruiting (1xHealer) Holy / Disc Priest Mistweaver Monk Holy Paladin (Ranged Dps) Warlocks / any skilled ranged Contacts scoochy#1501 OogMeister#1473 Derellius#1467 Raid Times : Wed/Thur/Sun 7pm-10pm server timeJosh7 Oct 4
Oct 3 . .Aereth100 Oct 3
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Sep 30 [H] Experiments in Lunacy [H] Updated! Hello Khaz'goroth and Dath'Remar! TL:DR, we want you to join us, no matter what level or class you are! Lunacy Created just over four years ago as a small guild for my own personal use, I started adding my own friends and collecting new ones along the way. The guild never had more than say 20-25 members till I decided one day that I wanted to create something grand and wonderful, so I started recruiting! Lunacy is a mature guild, welcoming of all ages, with only one rule, 'Dont be a d**k'. Our Goal Our goal was to create a massive community of inclusivity, a guild where all players where welcomed, felt safe, and each play style is accommodated! For this goal to be reached, we must learn to play alongside those who play competitively, and those who play casually. This ALSO meant, we advertise and being full LGBTQI+ friendly and safe. One could say, this is one dam complex Experiment! Raiding/M+ We currently raid Wed and Tues 8pm-10pm Realm Time, every week with plans to create a second weekend raid team when the demand grows for it. As our guild is considered a casual raid guild for now, we can only boast 5/8N Uldir, but we are getting closer each week! Mythic+ is always happening anyway, these dont really need events, but we do encourage guildies to take advantage of the guilds own Discord. Social Events Once the raid team is in full swing, social events will kick off! We have plans for such craziness as Drunk Raid Night, Guild Races, Launch Darts, Quizzes, Treasure Hunting and much more! The social events will have prizes such as pets, toys and gold! Guild members only! PvP League We have huge plans for PvP within the guild. Currently most of our PvP'ers are focusing on gearing up, but soon we will be creating full invasion teams, rated BG teams and Seeking Roles: -Weekend Raid Team Leader -Healers and 2-3 new tanks for weekend/weekday raid teams. -Recruitment Officers (Roughly 2-3) -Social Events Secondary Coordinator. We invite everyone to strive to be part of something amazing! PM myself, Llyul, Nomee, Kalajo or Valx, otherwise seek us out via the in game recruitment section!Vellstrasz10 Sep 30
Sep 30 [A] Manus Delecti - Khaz/Dath - Recruiting! Hi there! We are Manus Delecti - a LGBT friendly (though not exclusively!) Alliance guild formed in December 2017 consisting of ex-mythic and semi-hardcore raiders located on Dath'remar/Khaz'goroth. We currently raid Thursday/Sunday 8.30-10.30pm server time (GMT+10 observing AEDT when daylight savings is current). Currently 6/8N and 1/8H Uldir. Our members' raid experience varies -- however a lot of us have had experience with previous heroic content for at least 3-4 xpacs, with a few of us having spent time in more hardcore mythic raiding environments (from when 20-man mythic content was first introduced, up until Nighthold in 7.2.5). Even though we only raid 4 hours a week, we endeavour to maximise the amount of time spent raiding, and whilst a few of our members have work lives that require them to go interstate and are therefore unavailable here and there - we still try to raid/have a bit of fun/possibly get a bit of gear even if we don't have a full team on any given night. We also regularly run M+'s. Currently running a 2/4/10 setup however we're noticing that we could do with some more ranged DPS and another healer as a lot of content seems to be tuned for a larger group than we currently have. What we are looking for is: * Around 5-6 ranged DPS classes (any are welcome, but currently have no hunters/shadow priests), * 1 x DPS Death Knight, * 1 x Healer (Mistweaver/Resto Druid). What we provide: * Flasks during raid, * Feasts during raid (though we ask you to have a stack of your own secondary stat food for backup in cases where it's not a full wipe), * Repairs during raid/guild M+ nights. Our raiders cover all professions so if you need potions for raid nights etc we have people with rank 3 recipes that are more than happy to help you out if you're able to provide the materials. Getting the right personality fit is incredibly important for us, however we'd also like to ensure that you've at least spent some time gearing your toon in an effort to be ready for raiding as well (so please be over 345 ilvl, 340 minimum). We strive for a fairly drama free environment and aren't that big on negative banter (although we do often throw out the odd one-liners during raid). We have a policy of inclusion, and are very big on everyone helping everyone in the guild out, however we do have a few expectations. The main one being that everyone contributes something in some form (e.g. some herbs if you have a herbalist, ore if you have a miner, etc) -- however if you don't have a gathering profession all we ask is that you contribute your time in the form of doing M+'s with the rest of us now and then (i.e. you don't actively exclude the rest of us). Elitism is a deal breaker for us as well. If you feel you may be interested in joining us, feel free to hit up Ravael#11786 for a chat. Happy to do cross-realm trials before transferring your toon over as well. Thanks for your time!Ravael2 Sep 30
Sep 25 Brew monk looking for guild dathremar Brewmaater monk horde looking for guild to run mythic plus :DBruzelee1 Sep 25
Sep 25 [H] <AOCTW> Casual Raiding/Social Guild Hey there, And Out Come the Wolves is a casual raiding and social guild that is looking for more members to fill out our raid roster so we don't have to go fetching for pugs each week. We are a casual raiding guild, which means we do understand that people have lives and that they do come first so if you have to miss a raid night that is not a problem, and you will not lose a place if that is the case. We are currently looking for DPS players to fill out our roster, but this does not mean that we are not open to tanks and healers just we are taking preference to dps at the moment. We are currently 7/8 N as a guild and 1/8 H. We raid Wednesday and Thursday nights at 7pm AEST to 9pm AEST M+ dungeons are always on offer depending on how many people are around. For more information or to ask about an invite feel free to PM me in-game, reply to this forum post expressing your interest or with any questions or feel free to send me a battletag request @Tyrekt#11426Tyllivar0 Sep 25
Sep 23 [H] Skewl - Recruiting for heroic progression Transitioning from pug group to proper guild. Specifically looking to clear heroic, expand into Mythic if possible. Looking for all, just trying to build up a solid roster of committed players who are interested in ditching the pug groups they may be used to raiding in. No schedule as of yet, 2-3 times a week. LuX#12975Xulis0 Sep 23
Sep 17 [A] <Perception> 8/8N + 5/8H LF Raiders! We at <Perception> on Khaz/Dath are looking for a few more friendly raiders for our raid team! We are currently seeking friendly DPS and Healers for our progression into BFA raiding! We are currently 8/8N and 5/8H through Uldir, and ready to expand our roster!! Our History and Goals: <Perception> formed as a friendly 10-man raid team during Mists of Pandaria in June of 2014 and cleared 10/14H SoO pre-nerf. In WoD we completed 7/7H HM, 10/10H BRF and 12/13 HFC pre-nerf, then steady Mythic progression throughout Legion. Our goal in BFA is to continue to clear the hardest content we possibly can while providing a a fun, safe and inclusive place for all of our members!!! We also accept Social members! Raid Schedule: We raid 3 nights per week on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday at 8 - 10.30 pm server time (Sydney/Melbourne time). We highly recommend being online at least 10-15 minutes prior to raid time! If all bosses are downed before the Thursday/Monday, we will use these days for achievement runs, alt runs, or potentially use them as M+ nights in small groups. What we are looking for as a raider! - a positive attitude - a willingness to learn and improve - raid awareness (can you get out of fire?) - past experience in progression raiding is highly desirable - strong meme appreciation ;) Our current preferences regarding you as a recruit are as shown on the following list: We are primarily looking for the following classes as a priority, however, we fully consider all possible recruits! Any Tank Class! Warlock (any) Mage (any) Paladin (Holy) Additional Information: Further information about us, trial information and how we run things can be found on our Discord server. If you have any questions please contact one of our officers: Arhkos, Tamuriil or Wolidid. If you are interested in joining us, please visit our discord server at https://discord.gg/FT9UutR Contacts: [RL] Arhko's battletag: Arhkos#6116 [GM] Tamuriil's battletag: Tamuriil#6286 [RO] Wolidid's Battletag: Wolidid#1212 Our discord server: https://discord.gg/FT9UutRWolidid5 Sep 17
Sep 16 weekly mythic group Looking to start a group for weekly mythics. Post or message me in game if you're interested.Deaconblues1 Sep 16
Sep 16 @Narull siff not transmog to HWL setVirc0 Sep 16
Sep 15 Tank lf raiding guild [A] Heya! Playing since end of Vanilla. After moving from Europe to Australia, I had to start from scratch with a new (US) account. Now looking for a spot in a raiding guild for BFA. Hit me up if you've got a vacancy!Xenosaga0 Sep 15
Sep 11 Experience raider for Perth/SG Guild Hello! I am an experienced raider looking for a guild. I have been playing since BC and have been raiding since Wrath. I have done nearly every tier when it was current at least on heroic difficulty. Some tiers I have done on the highest available difficulty, in time and with meta achievements, most notably ICC, FL, and DS. Ideally I am after a guild that will clear heroic in time and possibly pursue meta achieves and some mythics. I know what is required to raid and will definitely put in the effort (gems, chants, consumables, etc). I am currently geared to tank on this character and tanking would be my preference. But, given time can quickly pick up dps or healer gear. I also have a level 120 DK, but he has significantly less gear. 1. Mature - I'm a bit older than in my 20s, so a slightly older social atmosphere is preferred. 2. Late Start - I need something that starts at 9pm server, or later. I've found that guilds based in Western Australia/Singapore/Malaysia work best for this. 3. Casual - I need a guild with a casual schedule. My preference is 2 days a week, but can stretch this to 3 nights a week. 4. Progression focused - I need a guild that will clear at least AotC/Heroic while it is current. 5. Horde - My preference is for horde guilds on dath'remar/khaz'goroth, but happy to server/faction changing for the right guild. Logs and videos available upon request. I'd be keen to chat further. RealID: AliChoudhry#1279 Discord: Anti#2059Serine0 Sep 11
Sep 10 [H] <Serenity> Khaz'goroth recruiting GMT+8 Greetings, We at <Serenity> Khaz'goroth are looking for new blood to field our core raiding team. Just a quick intro of ourselves, <Serenity> is a casual/friends-and-family raid guild primarily consisting of ex-progression raiders from vanilla days that got tired of hectic and scheduled raiding. Our focus is to clear content on Normal > Heroic with emphasis on not over-taxing players and generally progressing at a leisurely pace. Details...details: We're a Perth based GMT+8 raid guild so raids start at 11:00am Server Time (WAST/SG 8pm) Raid nights: Optional Offnight - Friday (alt runs) Offnight - Saturday (Normal clear/some Mythic+ runs/Early Heroic Bosses) Raid night - Sunday (Progression normal or heroic raids) What are we looking for ***we are now recruiting for ULDIR*** As of September 2018 Only casual/non-raid players Progression level: 8/8N, 8/8H Uldir Since the raid's flexi, we will still welcome other classes as long as they do good dps/heals/tanks. Currently we have a core bunch of around 13-15 players but would like to expand this to about ~20-25'ish. PLUS we always need more peeps for Mythic+ dungeon runs and casual alt raids so if you're only into that, we do that too. What we expect of you Our raids are flexi (Norm/Heroic) so while we won't be overly strict on attendance, we'd prefer if you let us know if you can/can't join a specific raid either ahead or time or via Discord Of course, don't suck, don't stand in fire, do good dps/heals, come prepared and in general... don't die. What you will get Easy going raid, lewtz, friendly bunch of folks who are now family peeps (NO CoD/CS screaming in raids) and in general, the chance to go beyond LFR but without the need to commit to a game 24x7 or PuG weekly What to expect <Serenity> is NOT a hardcore progression guild. If you expect ZERO silly wipes, don't have any tolerance of some players maybe doing less than optimal DPS/heals, this is likely not the guild for you. Not to say that we don't push hard... but you get the picture! We use Discord so having voice comms will help a lot, especially with a less-than-hardcore bunch. Doesn't hurt to voice out if the healers are sleeping and you need heals, hey ;) If you think this is the guild for you... Give us a buzz in-game (Khaz'gorth): Furrious (Psycho#6854) Ember (Ember#1928) Jitaeji (Fred#1266) Shibuichi (BoneKrusha#1427) Keyoke (Keyoke#1782) Yahrghrr/Yahrskh (Yahrghrr#6981) Or visit our uh... "site" at @ http://serenity-guild.enjin.com/homeYahrghrr14 Sep 10
Sep 9 (A) Resto druid looking for raid team Hi I"m a resto druid looking for a raid team for this xpac. I've raided consistently since the first tier of cata, mostly norm when 10/25 was a thing and mostly heroic since mythic although we did dip our toes into both heroic(pre mythic era) and mythics. I'm looking for a team that runs in the evenings Monday, Wednesday or Thursdays(pref 2 of the 3) around 8ish server time although i can be a little flexable on those times and days if necessary. I can be contacted via bnet on Colin#1746 or can shoot me a in game mail(it's Colkin-Khaz'goroth not Dath'Remar) Cheers ColinColkin0 Sep 9
Sep 5 [H] <hemingways gun> Recuiting for BfA Hi all, This here is our recruitment post for 'hemingways gun', a long lived Horde guild. The TL;DR version of this post is largely this: 'hemingways gun' is a one night a week guild of largely veteran players from Vanilla/BC. We raid on Sunday evening from 8 till 11 EST (server time). We are a heroic only guild. We don't have plans for mythic raiding. However, we do run a lot of mythic + dungeons and we do a bit of PvP as well. In Legion, we cleared all of the heroic content, earning all of the AotC achieves. We're recruiting people who like to raid, who like to do dungeons, who just, really, dig the game and want to play it. Now, on with the show: Who Are We? Originally, we were formed on Proudmoore, but moved to Khaz/Dath when the Australian servers were made. We began raiding in Wrath, but most are old school raiders who simply through life and time wanted to settle into an environment where our outside needs were recognised. We've been parents, professionals, students, and travelers. We have all been people who have enjoyed WoW and have worked to maintain a raid through this. We're an old guild, in the ways you measure these things, and we're all pretty tight with each other. You'd probably call us an 18+ guild, but that's just because of all the trash we talk about. Our Raid We raid three hours, one night a week on Sunday. We raid between 8 and 11pm. With such a limited time schedule, we clear heroic content and farm achieves. We consider ourselves decent raiders who know our class, keep our toons up to date, and maintain an understanding of boss mechanics and so forth. We have a good kill rate for our gear and our time. We expect any applicant to do the same. It's simply about using our time well. We do not raid mythic. To be straight up, we likely won't. We've all done our time in mythic content under its various names and maintaining a 20 player roster for a three hour raid isn't a likely outcome. We do, however, run mythic pluses - quite regularly, in fact. In both MoP and WoD, we completed all the CM dungeons and in Legion we've simply moved to doing the new stuff. It's a good way to gear up outside a raid, the dungeons are fun, and it fits the flexible schedules of people well. As of writing this, we're working +15 stones on a weekly basis. What Are We Looking For? At this point, we'd like you to be chill, laid back, etc. We're always looking for more ranged, we don't really need tanks, could maybe take a healer, but so long as you like your toon, and you can be there regularly, we'll be interested. It should be said, we are a female friendly, gay friendly, whatever friendly guild. If any of those things bother you, we're not for you. How To Reach Us My btag is Xaki#1258 Or, just search the guild, whisper someone. You'll find someone without any real hassle, and likely, they'll direct you to an officer, or more likely, me, because they're all lazy so and sos ;) Anyhow, feel free to apply. We're a pretty helpful bunch of people made up of long term players who just have lives outside it. In other words, we're old, and we like sex and drugs and socialism.Saarandor16 Sep 5
Sep 4 [H] - Therapy - Saturday night raids <Therapy> is recruiting for our Saturday night raids. Currently we are seeking a WW monk as a priority, but have other spots available for players with exceptional dps. Raid night is on Saturday night from 6.30PM server time. If you are interested, please contact me via BNET; knifebunny#6830Whopperjnr0 Sep 4
Sep 4 6 Casual Raiders LFG Hi, We're a family group who've just returned to wow and we're looking for a group to raid with in BFA. Friday nights preferred for all of us, but some of us can do additional nights. We have a range of standards, but are overall pretty casual. Not planning to break any world firsts and don't want hardcore ego's. (Been there, done that.....but still want to team up and kill the big baddies) Our preferred toons are pally tank, demon hunter tank, shammy heals, pally heals, mage and demon hunter dps. Contact Ryklan in dath'remar or reply here. Anthony.Ryklan3 Sep 4
Sep 3 [H] Tues/Thurs 4pm-8pm PST Cross Realm PUG <Undercity Parcel Service> Horde - Kil'Jaeden are looking for more DPS and Healers to join our pug raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm-8pm PST. We'll start with normal on Sept 4th and quickly push into heroic while forming a core 20-25 man team in anticipation for cross-realm Mythic Raiding. Requirements: 1. Discord (Don't need a mic) 2. 340 iLvl 3. Flask, Food, Pots How will the raids be led? The first few attempts on the boss will be everyone learning it. Seeing the fight, understanding the mechanics, and getting a feel for timings. After that we'll be using food and pots and focusing down on the specific things wiping us. You don't have to play perfect, but if you die to the same thing and aren't making an effort to improve we will have to replace you. If these times work and you wanna join up with a pug that operates more like a guild free to contact us or join our Horde Community. Community: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/eXEd4P3hdWk?region=US&faction=Horde Guild Leader: Racker#1664 Raid Leader: Haws#1579Racker0 Sep 3
Sep 3 Experienced Prot War LF Raid Team Hi All, I'm an experienced tank who has been raiding since the days of Ulduar in WotLK (search Ogram on Barthilas Horde for history or at the time of MoP, went by Urek for those who for whatever reason may know the name). Tanked ICC heroic 10 & 25 and then briefly in Cata. Came back for MoP where, with some previous raiding mates, began our own guild (HAMMER) and by ToT and SoO we were competing in the Oceanic top 20. At HAMMER I lead the raid team and enjoyed taking our crew to the upper echelon of PVE content. Took WoD and Legion off as had left uni and begun proper work, but now returning and eager af to get back into tanking at a high level. Can raid 2-3 nights a week, ideally looking at Wednesday and Thursday. Prefer 7-10 or 730-1030 AEST. Will commit to these times and honour attendance. Very capable of tanking at the Mythic level but happy to join Heroic groups if offered the opportunity. Obviously this toon is super under geared right now but since coming back, have been in a small (but awesome) social guild and gearing is not their focus so has all been random dungeon finder . Regardless, if a raid spot can be found I'll drive this up ASAP. Any further information needed or would like to chat, let me know! CheersTanklin0 Sep 3
Sep 3 LF late night Raiding etc Hello all, Looking for relaxed guild that does late night raiding. After 10 pm raiding or even 11pm would be great. I only got back to playing 3 days ago but should be max level soon. Also planing to lvl tank alt still deciding between warrior or druid.Mieska0 Sep 3
Aug 30 [A] RANGED DPS Needed ! Heroic/Mythic Raiding <Killing In The Name Of> is one of Dath'Remar's oldest guilds since BC ! We are mainly a Raiding guild but we also run Keystones and occasional PvP. Our main raid nights are Wed and Sun from 8 til 10.30pm server time. Most of us are in Australia. We are in need of Ranged DPS but exceptions may made for certain roles. Dungeons will be run on other nights. In Legion during Nighthold we were 16th on both servers both factions, and obtained every AotC easily. Later on in BFA we will get into Mythic raiding once we have a full roster. Laid-back raiding atmosphere but keen to progress. For more info or an invite whisper me in-game or on Battle Net. Lukesta#1342Lukesta0 Aug 30
Aug 30 [A] Seeking a home for 2 tanks Hey Guild Recruiters, I'm looking for a guild and a raid spot for my girlfriend and I. We're both very competent players, and decided this expansion it would be a lot of fun if we could find a way to tank side by side for raid content. I am personally an experienced tank and former raid leader, while my partner has been an amazing healer in the past but has been learning quickly with her own talent and my guidance. We only played casually in legion, but have been right up there in end game content in previous expansions. The trouble is, finding a group who actually needs both tank spots filled. Ideally, we want to keep the raiding down to 2 nights a week, but would consider 3. We would prefer to join a newer group who has the right attitude toward learning the new raids together. So now my pitch. Classes: Paladin & Monk What you will get: Two great raiders who are happy to run raids and mythics. Two tanks with a fantastic level of coordination and communication for cooldowns and tank swaps (as we are right beside each other). Two mature minded guild members who have a hardcore drive for perfection, but a casual acceptance of learning, wipes and mistakes. What you will not get: Raiders who are already fully mythic geared (we are still gearing). Raiders with no life. If we agree to your raid times, we will commit to making them with 95% attendance, and any absences will be informed so you can arrange substitutes, but understanding of an adult lifestyle with out of game commitments and plans will be expected. If by chance, you do have room for two tanks and think we would make a good fit for your team, feel free to message me ingame, send me a mail, or reply to this post with your raid times and/or conditions and we'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!Faroen0 Aug 30
Aug 28 340 Boomkin LF raiding guild As title says, previous top oceanic guild experience. Getting back into PvE after a long break of WoW, mostly concerned myself with PvP but hoping to get some decent pve content filled in there. Not looking to hardcore a.k.a sit in ya poo, piss in a bottle. eat, breathe and sleep WoWAserium3 Aug 28