Dentarg and Whisperwind

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15h [H] <Origins> [1/8M-5/8H] Welcome to Origins! ... What Is Origins About? ... What Days/Times Does Origins Raid? ... How Many Members Does Origins Have? ... What Sets Origins Apart? ... I’m Interested. What Now? ... From Origins To You! ...Boptart2 15h
1d 2/8m 8/8h LF nerds LF dps and healers Progress: 2/8m 8/8h (47% on zekvoz) Raid Times: Fri/Sat 8-11 CST (server time) About us: Group of friends over the years that want to raid mythic on weekend's in hopes of cutting edge each tier on a light schedule in a lighthearted environment. Looking for people with the same goal by showing up consistently/prepared, understanding their class and the fight mechanics. contact: Glitterswt (OshJames#1689) or anybody online in-guildCarried0 1d
1d Fri/Sat 6hrs wk 5/8 Heroic! LFM!! Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out this post. TAINTEDGUARDIANS, has been around for 5+ years and we're looking to solidify our raiding roster for Uldir progression!! 5/8 Heroic 8/8 Normal ATM!Beef#12743 is my B-Tag. We raid Friday, and Saturdays 7pm to 10pm CST. The main goal is to clear AoTC in a timely manner. IF we have 20 members who would like to do a little mythic we will, but that's not the primary goal. What the guild offers you. Reliable raid days/times. The guild knows you make time out of your week to raid therefore it is our obligation to make sure we provide you with that. AoTC every tier with the possibility of doing a little more. Mythic plus groups! Flasks/food/gems/enchants etc all provided. We offer this to anyone who makes any sort of contribution to our guild bank. Laid back atmosphere - the #1 thing we look for above all else in recruits is personality. Most of us are around 30, and we work full time so we're looking to enjoy our time on the game because that's what is most important. This is a game after all.What we expect from our raiders. Reliability - as was stated above the guild owes you 6 hrs/wk, and you're making the same commitment. Real life comes up, but it hurts the guild as a whole if you need to miss regularly. Preperation/Class knowledge - We're not looking for world 1st recruits, but out of respect for everyone else you're playing with you should have the basics down. Know what your main stats are, have a generally idea about fights going in, etc. Nothing crazy, but it's more of a courtesy to everyone else. The ability to not get easily offended - This is a broad one. Our guild has a lot of fun during our raids. We crack jokes quite a bit, and we're not a pg13 guild. If you know you're easily offended you should probably look elsewhere. To go along with this, constructive criticism is big as well. We'll never yell/attack anyone, BUT if you're standing in fire we will mention it. Nothing personal just the way you get better/progress.Current Recruitment Needs!! Ranged DPS - HIGH Priority Melee DPS - HIGH Priority Tank - FULL Heals - Looking for one non shammy/priest heals!!Beef#12743 is my B-Tag. I encourage anyone even with a small interest to get a hold of me. I'm not really much of writer, and I would much prefer to actually talk in voice chat. I really do look forward to hearing from you all, and thanks again for taking the time to check us out!Wàndà0 1d
1d BM Hunter LFG... Hey, Looking for a guild that is active. By active, I mean, us doing mythic+'s, raiding and doing events together. Prefer to a guild that is interested in AotCs and dabbles in mythic raiding. It's the beginning of an expansion. If you're already losing people to boredom or just logging in to raid, I am not interested. A bit about my WoW stuff. Love to raid! Like to chat and get to know people. Personally, I am not quite an elitist jerk, but don't like to see the same mistakes over and over again. As far as dps wise, I would say my skill level is about average. Miss the good 'ol days of Heroic raiding (back when that was top stuff). Miss the feeling of a community working together for a common goal. Like to help out and provide things. ie: fish for our feasts, gems, enchants, and anything else I may level during downtimes. Now, the part I hate. My health is not always very good. Suffer from RA (not even going to attempt to spell it). Basically, it's a form of arthritis. There will times I can't raid or play. There will be times I can not give notice. Some times I'm fine all day and then in no time dealing with stabbing pains and have to go soak in hot water or just laydown. I can promise though, if I say that the pain is too much to raid, bet your sweet !@# it is pain that is too bad to let me play. Especially for raids. Raiding is my main reason to play this game. So, if you feel that you fit all this and okay with 40 year old crippled dude beating some of you young punks in dps, bring it. :P Thanks for any interest ahead of time and best luck to you even if I don't join your guild. :)Oparal1 1d
1d [H] Hordes of Chaos Recruiting for BfA Hello and welcome to the official recruitment thread for our Guild Hordes of Chaos (HOC). About Us: Hordes of Chaos has been built on a handful of core values: 1) Respect 2) Equality 3) Commitment 4) Community 5) Friendship 6) Fun Contact Information: 1) Add me to your friends list and contact me in game (Real ID-Bassets#1714) 2) Use the Looking for Guild function in game 3) You can also start a conversation with anyone in the Guild and they will refer you to an Officer Staying true to these values has shaped us into the Guild we are today and will continue to help shape our future. We know that our future, as a Guild, is not possible without our members. We would not be the Guild we are today if it wasn’t for our members. Both past and present. And we will never forget how important our members are to the success of Hordes of Chaos. We’ve always believed that it is more important to recruit the person playing the character. Rather than the item level, achievement number and/or raid progress of the character. Surrounding ourselves with good people has allowed us to provide a Guild atmosphere that most people have never experienced before. We are a family oriented Guild. Many of our members have families and in some cases their children also play World of Warcraft with them or will be sitting on their lap while they play. With saying that we ask that all chat is kept PG-13. This helps keep the atmosphere fun and respectful for everyone. Because you never know who may be listening. Activity: 99% of our Guild is made up of adults. Whether it be careers, family, college or a combination of them all, most of us can’t be on as much as we would like. We have members that may only play a few hours a month. And we have members that play a few hours a day. The Guild is mainly active in the evenings and on the weekends. As a Guild we run Dungeons (Normal, Heroic & Mythic), Looking for Raid(LFR), SOME PVP, Transmogrify Runs, Level ALTS, Pet Battles, New Patch and Expansion Group and many other activities in Azeroth. As a Guild we hold “Gathering Parties” to help us stock the Guild Bank. This allows us to provide the Guild with Food, Cauldrons, Gems and other items throughout the year. Raiding: We have raided every expansion since TBC. And we don't plan on stopping any time soon. The HOC raid team is a progressive raid team that raids two nights a week. We are looking for players who enjoy working together as a team, who do not mind endless wiping, and who are more interested in the social aspect of the game vs. just clearing the raiding content. If you are a casual raider who is looking to commit to raiding, this group may be for you. We do not mind introducing players to the raid content, however, we do expect our raiders to study the fights, learn their spec so they can continue to improve, and will show up each week, ready to work as a team. Friday: 8:00PM-10:30PM Server Time (9:00PM-11:30PM Eastern Time) Sunday: 8:00PM-10:30PM Server Time (9:00PM-11:30PM Eastern Time) Interested in joining Hordes of Chaos?: Whether you’re new to the game, a seasoned player, enjoy leveling alts, get your pet battle on, Raid, PVP, manage the Auction House, are an achievement hunter, or even enjoy showing off your favorite mount throughout Azeroth HOC may be the Guild for you! There are a few things that we expect from everyone in the Guild: 1) You will be a member of our Guild. Therefore you are a direct representation of the Guild while you’re playing in Azeroth. We expect you to represent our Guild with Pride and Respect. 2) Staying true to our Core Values has helped us become the Guild we are today. If you are a member of Hordes of Chaos we expect our members to stay true to our values. 3) And lastly have FUN! Thank you for taking a look at our Guilds Recruitment Thread. We look forward to speaking with you soon! Safe Travels, Hordes of Chaos Horde-US-Whisperwind ServerKiwì3 1d
2d [A] Beta Testing Recruitment [Alliance] Beta Testing - Whisperwind (CST) Raid Schedule: Mon/Wed/Thu, 7:30-10pm CST (server) Current Progression: 8/8N, 8/8H, 2/8M Voice Chat: Discord ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Needs DPS: All specs open (high need of warlocks/ spriests/ rogues/mages) Healer: All (except rdruid) Tank: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Guild Master: Ishizu -- btag: Sigma#1317 -Officers: Aiedaïl / Soulpally (alt+139) aka Soul -- btag: SoulSteal93#1621 Kreljinok aka Krel -- btag: Dcortez#1811 Ideanna / Mekillkill -Assistants: -Shadoweater -Vortex We're happy to accommodate players who want to initially raid cross-realm first. Please get in touch so we know to look for you. _________________________________________________________________ About Us: <Beta Testing> was formed by several members that have been playing together since the start of Cata, most of us have been playing since Vanilla. We value Attendance, Attitude, and Performance above all else. We have a strict 0 drama policy & are only interested in playing with like minded adults, but we're open to all manner of respectful silliness. Raider Expectations: Applicants should be Heroic (preferably Mythic) ready (350+ ilvl), but If you have a good amount of past Raiding Experience (Particularly Hard mode Progression) , we don't mind gearing you up a bit. RELIABILITY: Commit to the raid times; Our progression relies on all of us being there. COMPETENCE: Know your Class inside and out. Have good Situational Awareness, research fights & learn from mistakes. PATIENCE: We will wipe, we will take scheduled breaks. We do not !@#$%. ATTITUDE: We have a strict 0-Drama policy. We are all adults & treat each other with at least a basic level of respect. RESPONSIBILITY: BE 18+, Remember to signup for raids. Communicate your issues/needs to our officers. Missing a night is not a big deal so long as you let us know ahead of time. Bring your own consumables. Take pride in your gear & keep it gemmed and enchanted.(In other words: Act like the adult you are, don't make our Officers feel like you need a babysitter ) For more information or to apply please visit: Additional questions please contact an officer, assistant or the GM in game.Soulpally2 2d
2d 6/8M, 13+ Yr - Death Jesters US Stormrage LFM <Death Jesters> of Stormrage are looking for excellent players to progress through Battle for Azeroth. We are the oldest raiding guild on Stormrage and one of the oldest raiding guilds in the game! ************************************************************* Current Progression 6/8M Uldir 11/11M Antorus 9/9M Tomb of Sargeras -- US #69 10/10M Nighthold --- US #52 10/10M Emerald Nightmare/Trial of Valor --- US #66 13/13M Hellfire Citadel 7/7M Highmaul - 10/10M BRF - US#74th 14/14HM SoO - US #59th 13/13HM ToT ------ US #64 6/6 MSV HM, 6/6 HoF HM, 4/4 ToES HM ----- US #62 ************************************************************* Raid days: Mon-Weds (9:00pm-12:30am EST). Optional activities on Thursday. Friday to Sunday are always reserved as off days. ------------- Currently Recruiting: Melee: Monk, Warrior, Rogue Ranged: Hunter, Priest, Druid Healer: Paladin, Shaman, Priest -------------- We will always look at exceptional applicants in any class. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW career and feel you can compete on a hardcore level, then we encourage you to apply. Additional information about us can be found on our website at About us: Formed January 27th, 2005, we are the oldest and one of the most respected raiding guilds on Stormrage. We have always prided ourselves on being a very small, closely-bonded 25 man and now 20 man Mythic guild. We have a long history of raiding and have achieved numerous server firsts and top rankings. Many of us have been raiding together since Molten Core or previous MMOs. Our players have killed every single boss in the game prior to major easymode nerfs. Many of us know each other in real life, think of each other as friends and family. We have not only built a raiding guild, but a raiding community. What we offer you: - A very stable guild with a history that pre-dates World of Warcraft. In nearly twelve years of raiding, we have never been close to falling apart, and we will be around until the game dies. - A guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies. - A raid team where spots are given out based on merit and not on favoritism. - A friend/family rank available for those that reach full member status and would like a friend or family member to experience our atmosphere. - A guild in which you will get as much back as you put in. What we want: - Players with a strong raiding background, a willingness to improve and thorough knowledge about their class. We are all social creatures that enjoy each others' company. We are a guild of team players. - Drive to be the best of your class and spec. - People looking to be part of a team for the long term. We are looking for players that want to spend the rest of their raiding career here. - We want each and every one of our members to enjoy raiding here with each other and we recruit like-minded individuals. We've always been the 'good guys' of the server. Our recruitment information can be visited on our forums: If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message any Death Jester officer, Sparty (Sparty#1780) or email We wish you the best in your guild search!Midgette0 2d
2d <Of Hells Design> 8/8H LFM for Mythic <Of Hells Design> is looking to recruit dependable, long term, and skilled players for our raiding roster. If you feel you match this description, please get in contact with us. Raid times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:30pm EST to 11:30pm EST Available spots: DPS- Ranged slots open Healers- Monk\Druid healer Hybrid players- People who can Tank or Heal and Dps are highly valued About OHD OHD was formed during T11 of Cata on Scarlet Crusade by two real life friends. Our goal has always been to clear each raid before the next one releases on the highest difficulty possible. Over the years we have held high server rank boss kills since moving here after D3's release. While we are not as hardcore as we use to be we are still focused on challenging ourselves and improving with every tier. In addition to playing Wow we enjoy playing a multitude of other Blizzard and non Blizzard games. Some of these games include League of Legends, Diablo 3. Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm. We want players who are looking for a place to call home when we aren't killing bosses. Casuals and other non raiding players are also welcome to join us. OHD maintains a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to help encourage a fun and successful raiding environment. With this in mid we still have the same expectations of any other serious or high end raiding guild. Which include dedication to the guild/raid team, high attendance and consistently maintaining a high level of skill in our play. As a member in OHD you'll have access to assistance for everything you might need. Such as flask, potions, food, and more. All we ask from you is that you show up to raids, play hard and enjoy playing the game with us. Things about you (we hope!) • You enjoy raiding and challenges above all else. • You strive to maximize how helpful you can be to the team and the guild. • You don’t complain about menial things such as gear, boss fights, class mechanics, etc. • You understand that raiding means wiping a lot. Sometimes even for multiple nights in a row. • You strive to maintain nearly 100% attendance, with exception to unavoidable things such as emergencies. • You maintain a positive attitude while raiding even when things get tough. If you are interested and you feel you have these qualities please contact us in game or add me to btag= Ysosrslawl#1721. Additionally, if you'd like to check us out and see how we do things, I stream our raids every week on 2d
3d [A] <In the Meowntains> LFM (Updated October 7) <In the Meowntains> is always on the prowl for folks to join our "little guild that could". If you've been searching for a friendly, supportive guild environment, to help you conquer the Battle for Azeroth, we'd love to add you to our roster! Now Recruiting: - 1 Tank: Off-Tank (No Paladins or Druids) - 2 Healers: 1 Main-Spec Healer (No Paladins or Druids); 1 Backup - Dependable DPS, including: Warrior (Arms preferred) and Warlock At the moment, we are no longer accepting any spec paladin into our core group. (Sorry, paladins; you're just too "pawpular"!) For Other Playstyles: Fun-loving group in quest of easygoing players, eager to spend their weekends with thrill-seeking Meowntaineers! A pawsitive cattitude is a purrority, as is a high tolerance for cat puns. When we're not making jokes and kitten around-- last one-- we're hosting holiday parties, exploring the depths of legacy raids for pets, mounts, and transmog, and making plans to experience all BFA has to offer with like-minded friends. If you, too, are a filthy, filthy casual with a penchant for adventure, we want mew! About Us: <In the Meowntains> is an Alliance guild on Whisperwind and Dentarg, opening its doors to new, returning, and veteran players in Battle for Azeroth. Though we consider ourselves a social guild, our members have expressed an interest in pushing Mythic+ and raiding in BFA, and, with your help, we'd like to make that happen! For that reason, we've also created a World of Warcraft community, CritMore! As a relatively new guild and a very new community, we're looking to round out our roster with players from all walks of life. Although young, we've worked hard to create a relaxed atmosphere that encourages and empowers our members to experience all they wish to experience. As such, newbies (whether new to WoW or to endgame content), gamers who struggle with anxiety or have low self-confidence when facing in-game challenges, or players who approach WoW more casually may all feel especially welcome in the Meowntains or in CritMore, but anyone 18+ is invited to join! If you've no interest in mythics or raiding and wish to solo or level all the things, that's okay, too! While we would love to tackle more difficult foes with you, we're not going to turn away those looking for friendly chatter and nothing more. <In the Meowntains> and Raiding: We're home to a few new players and players who will be new to raiding outside of LFR. We cannot guarantee AOTC and will not be pursuing mythic raids. Our plan is to dip our toes in slowly, making the guild's venture into raiding as stress-free as possible. We want our newbies to enjoy their first endgame experience, and we feel we can best do that in a "normal" raid environment. Members who are interested in higher difficulties will be joining PuGs, while running Normal with the guild. We understand this is a far more relaxed approach than many people are accustomed to or seeking. If we're not the right fit for you, we get it, and we wish you the best of luck in your guild search and in BFA! :) Our Schedule: Due to a wide range of time zones, work schedules, and family obligations, we are most active in the evenings and on the weekend. Guild events typically begin between 6-7pm CT (which is server time). In BFA, raid night will fall on Saturday and Sunday (as needed), with a 7pm CT start time. Discord: We use Discord both as a communication tool and as a forum. Regardless of the content we're running, speaking in Discord will never be required of you; however, we do urge participants to listen in if possible, as voice chat is an easier form of communication than text alone. Our Discord link is available upon joining either In the Meowntains or CritMore; once in Discord, you'll find channels for other games and areas of interest, including: - Minecraft (we've our own modded Minecraft server) - Heroes of the Storm - ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) - 7 Days to Die - (fan)art - tabletop gaming - Critical Role - and more! Interested? How to Join: If you have questions or would like an invite to <In the Meowntains>, contact OneGnoment#1168 or XellaSmash#1503 via BattleTag. If you've already settled into a guild elsewhere but would like to experience content with us as well, join CritMore, our in-game community! In BFA, we hope to utilize CritMore to create groups ready to face a variety of challenges, from max-level content to old-school raids. Keep an eye on the calendar for future events! If our community sounds like a nice home away from home, visit: Hope to see you in-game soon! <3Stardrop32 3d
4d Ret Pally looking for Raiding Guild My old guild up-rooted and left the server. I wasn't interested in leaving so now I'm in the market for a new guild. I've been playing since Cata and I have AOTC achievements from Tomb and Argus. I've been active and participated with every guild I've been in and I'm experienced with heroic raiding. I hope to hear from you soon!Jöhondar5 4d
4d [A]Holy/Disc Priest LF X-Fer Hey all. I am debating transferring a few of my toons over. I am currently on Earthen Ring and the population is very very low over here. I am 356 holy priest. I have done some pug raiding but I haven’t done any sort of progression raiding since ICC. My current guild has become sort of dead. Any guilds looking for a holy/disc priest. I am not looking to get back into hardcore raiding but would like to raid a few nights a week.Flynurse2 4d
4d 8/8N and 4/8H LF Heals/DPS We are a Alliance heroic progression team looking for a few more members to join our team. We would like to find healers who keep up with their offspec if possible. Our progression nights are Tuesday and Friday nights from 6 to 8 PM PST; we also do mythic pluses throughout the week and an alt run on Mondays. We are pretty laid back and like to have fun in raids, but we also take progression seriously and want to get as far as we can. If you are interested, feel free to reply. You can also send me an in game mail or message in game. Thank you :)Arkneon2 4d
4d [H] Looking for evening raiding guild. Good afternoon! I am looking for a horde raiding guild on whisperwind. I am currently 6/8 LFR and 4/8 Heroic. Ideally raid times would be weekends, or after 7 EST. I'm currently setup as melee DPS, but I am willing to try tanking out with coaching. I'm also intrested in mythic dungeons! If you think I might be a good fit your team let me know! I'm always down for voice chat as well!Mazzini0 4d
4d [A] LF Causal Guild Moving to this Server and Switching back to Alliance looking for a friendly home. I will be leveling for a bit and looking to get into Mythic+ and PvP on the side for End Game. Also might be interested in Raiding but never got into it to much. Free Weekdays besides Thursday, Friday and Weekends are also free.Gratzlok1 4d
5d Looking for PUGs for Mythic Uldir I want to lead a group this Thursday to get through some mythic bosses. Must be 370ilvl and know tactics. Figured it would be easier to grab people ahead of time instead of waiting 2 hours to somehow LFG people. Let me know if you're interested!Amargasaurus0 5d
5d [A] <Cake> is back and LFM Cake is back! After taking a break during legion, we have come back for bfa! Cake is a family friendly guild that will help you through whatever life decides to throw at you. We are a safe space guild that will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other form of social bias. We want all members to be able to login, unwind from life and be themselves. Our plan is run mythic+ and raids. But are always open and available to running older content and anything else when needed. Raiding Raid days are tentatively Tuesdays and Thursdays Time: 7-9pm server (cst) The plan will be to start with normal, and work our way to heroics and hopefully to mythics if the time and group permits. Recruitment Needs All classes, levels, play styles, and skillsets are welcome in Cake. We focus on progression in a manner that is low-stress and fun. If you are looking for server firsts, world firsts, etc., this is probably not your guild. If you are looking for a laid back group who wants to do well, have fun while doing it, and realize that real life is a thing, then please check us out. Also, the cake is not a lie! We have Delicious Chocolate Cake for all new recruits! Whisper in game or bnet ShadowHywind#1237 for more informationRyat1 5d
5d [A]<From Ashes> Looking for more! From Ashes is a fun, social, and mature guild on the Alliance side of the Whisperwind/Dentarg server. We came together out of a strong desire to form a family-like community who wanted to play the game in a friendly low key environment while still managing to kick butt and have a good time doing so. Have a full time job? Kids? Need an environment that understands that real life comes first? From Ashes is for you! We cater to those 21 and older who want to do anything from raiding to mythic + to farming old achievements and mounts. Raiding Our raid teams like to have fun in a low stress environment while pushing normal and heroic progression. Currently we are running 2 raid teams. Both teams run at the same time. We expect you to be on time and prepared with food, flasks, enchantments and consumables, along with a basic understanding of the fights. Inexperienced? We are willing to help you learn, as long as you are willing to put the effort in for us as well! Team Red Rocket currently needs a warlock. Team Salad is looking for a mage and DH. Team Salad is currently 7/8 N, 1/8 H Uldir. Team Red Rocket is currently 7/8 N Uldir. We raid Sunday and Wednesday, 8pm-10pm CST (server time) with an optional Saturday raid. Not interested in raiding? We do everything from mythic + dungeons and N/H raiding to WQs and alt runs to achievement, xmog, and mount runs. We are looking for all classes to build up multiple consistent mythic and Mythic+ dungeon teams as well! Are you ready to rise? Contact me via BattleTag: Chelusa#1974 Contact one of our officers in game: Jyou (GM), Namaah (myself, Officer), Jubalo(Officer), Cobraðru (officer), Annakin (Officer), or Aperthir (officer)Namaah111 5d
6d 357ilvl pally lookg for guild 357 ilvl prot pally looking for casual raiding guild m+ dungeons fun place to be my last guild kinda just gave upGrazin3 6d
Oct 8 [A] Pretty Boys of Coldridge Lf Raiders! Put your frozen boots by the fire! <Pretty Boys of Coldridge> LF serious raiders to fill our 7/8 Heroic Progression pushing into Mythic progression! Our raid times are Sun-Tuesday 7 central Time What are you waiting for its cold out there! If you have more questions feel free to whisper me on Gwonam-DentargGwonam0 Oct 8
Oct 8 <Erratic> [A] Recruiting 8/8n 7/8h 1/8m Looking for a few good m....uhhh.... raiders. Raid times are 7:30-10:30 pm central (server) Wed/Thurs team is looking for: MW Monk DEEPS Fri/Sat team is looking for: Rsham Hpriest Bigger Deeps Nali#11714Nalichupiku0 Oct 8
Oct 8 Hpriest LFG Hello all, My name is Alina and I'm looking for a heroic cleared (or close to) guild that is looking to start into mythic progression. I had to take an abrupt leave at the end of Legion and didn't get to start this expansion till a few weeks later (so I'm a little late to the party and still trying to gear up). My old guild, Prominence, was 5/11 M Antorus cleared. I was also able to get to 7/11 M with another guild from another server. So even though my current logs/progression is lacking, I still feel like I have the skills to do well. I know how to play Hpriest. It's been my main since Cata and it's what I enjoy playing. On a side note, given my current guild is pretty dead right now, I have a few friends that are looking for a new home as well. They may or may not be interested in mythic progression, but definitely heroic. If any of things are of interest to you, please send me a message in game! My real id is Poochi#1951. Thank you!Alinadice1 Oct 8
Oct 8 [A] Prot Pally/Resto Shammy LFG My husband and I are long time WoW players and are currently looking for a raiding guild on Whisperwind. We're currently gearing up for Normal raiding and Mythic runs. He's been tanking and I've been healing since Vanilla. I currently have 3 of the healing classes to 120 and he has 3 of the tanking. Edit: He can and does DPS as well as tank and has gear sets for both. I'm more strictly a healer, but can and will dps if needed. Whatever the team needs to succeed. Raid Times We're more weekend raiding friendly, but can most likely do a night or so during the week, more to the end than the beginning. We're not super hardcore but we also don't really enjoy the super casual family guilds. We want to progress with a group of like-minded folks who understand real life will be a priority. I know you guys are out there, we've been in those guilds before, but our luck on Whisperwind to find a guild like this hasn't panned out so well. We look forward to hearing from you all and good luck to everyone in their journey to end game :)Dhavora5 Oct 8
Oct 6 [A] Prot Pally LF Fri/Sat Daytime Raiding N/H Title says it all. I last raided in Wrath and I have come back to get my raid on again. I tanked throughout Vanilla/BC/Wrath on a prot war. If your guild fits the daytime requirement on Fri/Sat and is in need of a tank PLEASE hit me up. I would also like to bring along my daughter who plays an outlaw rogue. She is super new to the game and I am working with her in dungeons trying to get her comfortable with rotations and such. Thanks in advance!Forchancooki0 Oct 6
Oct 6 Skilled Tank 4 Tank Classes ilvl 366-373 As it says in the title currently play 4 out of the 6 tanks. I currently have a 373 Equipped Protection Paladin, 370 Equipped Vengeance Demon Hunter, 370 Equipped Brewmaster Monk, and 366 Equipped Guardian Druid and I am looking for a Raiding Guild that has a permanent raiding spot open. Currently I am 8/8 H and 1/8 M with Mother to 30%. I'd prefer to raid two - three nights a week and end by 12 EST. I am available any day. I run a +10 on all 4 tanks and have since M+ came out in BFA. I run mythic plus competitively on the Paladin currently with a raider IO of 1k. I am willing to transfer servers and possibly faction change if the fit is right. A little bit about myself. I have been playing WoW since the launch of Burning Crusade and raided end game content the entire time. I started raiding really hard core in the beginning and all the way through Cataclysm. This being 5 nights a week 5 hours a night. I am always online trying to better myself and push any content I can. I was the first one in my guild to clear a +10 and +15 within the time limit in legion and first to clear a +10 in time in BFA. I am always trying to push keys as high as they can go just for the challenge and to better myself. I would like to have a competetive MDI group at some point. I have raided end game in several other games including, but not limited to: FFXIV, FFXI, SWTOR, RIFT, AION, GW2, Wildstar, BNS, etc. I have about 14 years of raiding experience. Feel Free to contact me in game. BNET CiliegiaOrsa#1119. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time. Logs Raider IO If aren't 2/8M and 8/8H lets not waste each others time. Can provide several references that can vouch for my skills. : )Ciliegia0 Oct 6
Oct 4 <Mediocrity> 6/8H Recruiting! [A] Mediocrity is looking to add more to our Heroic Raid team! We are a small Heroic raiding guild, and are looking at adding a couple members into our raid. We are primarily looking for A Holy/Disc priest, healer in general, and DPS, preferably ranged but all will be considered. We raid every Wednesday/Sunday from 8:30-11:00 EST. We also run Mythic+ every week. If these raid times fit your schedule, and you are looking for a new place to call home, don't hesitate to contact us. Delmadge#2720 (Discord) or Del#11340 (Btag)Eleysia4 Oct 4
Oct 4 Havoc DH or Frost mage LF Raiding Guild I'm open to either Horde or Alliance, just want to find a guild that runs Mon/Wed at 6 server or later Kittiez#1300Röseswörn2 Oct 4
Oct 4 Tank LF raiding guild 35 years old. Been tanking since BC. Tanked up to heroic Ant last expansion. LF a tank spot in progressing. my Tag is val#1226Torithuun5 Oct 4
Oct 4 Brewmaster LF Raiding Guild I'm a 340 Brewmaster, and I consider myself a fairly serious player. I am new to tanking this expansion but I'm doing well so far and looking to take my skills into Uldir and beyond. My preferred nights are any combination of Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and weekends. Feel free to add my BNet at SmellyEvil#1153 or Discord at Nadeau#0458 so we can discuss!Gyshalgreens3 Oct 4
Oct 3 LPM LFM H+ M+6/8H 8/8N 1/8M We raid tue/wed for main nights our alt group will be thursday or sunday 8:00-10:30 PM CST(server) we are semi casual guild with mythic goals in mind. If you Want to know more or want an invite add your down below. feel free to ask any questions you want. What we need for our main group is mostly ranged dps and a tank that can perform one other role well class does not matter. We are looking to recruit the following dps. Mage=High warlock=medium Hunter=medium(ranged) Boomkin=Medium Spriest=High Rogue=medium Monk=low Paladin(ret)=Low Shaman(any)=High Warrior=low DeathKnight=low Demon Hunter= low My Bnet is chrism#1202 & our Discord is warcraftlogs Wow progress Raider IO world of Warcraft direct link Oct 3
Oct 3 lock looking for semi-casual guild I will keep this kind of short. I am looking for a semi-casual raiding guild. That also runs mythic plus dungeons. Looking to raid 2 to 3 nights a week. I prefer the times between 8 and 11 EST. A little bit about me, I have played a lock since BC. And raided up to ICC in WotLK. I missed most of Cata, then came back for myst of panda completing heroic content. Took a break after guild fell apart. Came back mid legion. Played casual, but didn't like the play of the lock. Made a hunter as my main and played it. I have current raid teir experience on the hunter 8/8 N 6/8 H 1/8 M. I actually regret gearing the hunter as I enjoy playing my lock. Rozhuntress is the hunter name on stormrage. I am looking to realm transfer here with this lock and the hunter. If you want to know more about what I am looking for contact me please, I would like to hear from you. Battletag: roswell#1334Rozchant2 Oct 3
Oct 2 [A] Arms Warrior looking for guild Arms warrior at 331 ilvl (Sep 30) started playing at bfA launch I've been gearing up solo through dungeons, timewarped, world quests and raid finder. Will keep going solo through warfronts and wold bosses until I find a guild. Looking for a group (2-4+ people) or guild to do mythic dungeons, warfronts, world bosses and pvp. Would like to raid as well but I'm fine with that not being available to me due to my lack of ilvl and experience. Thanks for checking out my post, Xandaar - DentargXandaar2 Oct 2
Oct 1 Parable 5/8H is recruiting. <Parable> is an adult guild on Whisperwind/Dentarg, formed in early 2018 and compromised of experienced players who were returning to the game after a brief hiatus, and looking for a different type of raiding experience. Our goal is to build a guild that is capable of progressing at a decent pace but centered on an atmosphere that keeps the game engaging and relaxed. We want our players to be focused when it comes raid time, but feel capable of having a life outside of the game. Our raid days are Wed and Thurs from 8PM to 11PM EST. Our guild progression is below: Uldir – 5/8 H Recruitment Needs: Tanks - Closed Healers – Mistweaver Monk (High Demand), Holy Priest (High Demand), or Restoration Druid Melee DPS - Exceptional Applicants Only Ranged DPS – Exceptional Applicants Only We consider ourselves a casual guild while clearing content at a pace acceptable to the guild. Several of our raid members are more mature with jobs, families and real-life issues that must be prioritized at times. The guild age range is 20s – 30s and we prefer to players who fall within that area. We will always maintain a laid-back raiding atmosphere but still like to get content cleared so we expect prior preparation and quick adjustments to any mistakes being made on encounters. Our leadership firmly believe that every raid member should strive to be the best raider possible, however we will not berate someone for making mistakes as this is a detriment to team morale. Above all we cultivate an aura of teamwork, and cohesiveness. Raiding Requirements: We will accept any player who is willing to put in maximum effort for six hours per week, and fully understand and support the idea that skill is more important than item level. We expect player to learn from their mistakes and quickly adjust in order to maximize the small amount of time we are spending in raid each week. We want players who are prompt and prepared for invites by raid time. We do not place much time demand on our raiders, so the time we allocate to raids each week needs to be maximized in raid not waiting for someone to get seals/flasks/pots etc. We are looking for players interested in building a cohesive team and working together to further the Guild’s goals. We will progress at a rate that is agreeable to our raid team as a whole, and while everyone has a say we are not going to force the guild into progression that we do not feel we are ready for. Must be at least 18 years of age. Able to communicate over Discord. Microphones are necessary if you are applying as a tank or a healer because you need to be able to effectively coordinate with others. Willing to take constructive criticism and correct mistakes within a couple pulls. Come to raid with a positive attitude and willingness to be engaged with the group. For more information or to set up a trial please contact one of our officers: Cruzeadan- Btag: Crusadan#1195 Iluvatar Btag: Iliuvatar#1905 Zalant Btag: Zalant#1588 Ind Btag: Kherroc Btag: Kerroc#1387Cruzeadan0 Oct 1
Sep 30 [H] <Origins> - Need DPS Welcome to Origins! (4/8H-8/8N) ... What Is Origins About? ... What Days/Times Does Origins Raid? ... How Many Members Does Origins Have? ... What Sets Origins Apart? ... I’m Interested. What Now? ... From Origins To You! ...Boptart1 Sep 30
Sep 29 [A] <Duality> 5/8H Recruiting Hello there, my name is Nightmere and our Alliance guild <Duality> is recruiting swing Healer and dps positions for Uldir and further content in BFA. We are a semi-hardcore / casual guild that is progressing in heroic and have hopes to getting into mythic once we reach enough people! *Our current progression* - 8/8N Uldir- - 5/8H Uldir- *Our raid times* - Tuesday Optional Alt/Main run. 11pm EST - Until we clear it. - Wednesdays / Thursdays 9PM - 12pm EST. *Looting system* : RC loot council, with any personal loot people don't need and can trade. *Server* : Whisperwind/ Dentarg- Alliance heavy sever. *Voice Chat* : Team Speak 3 *What we're looking for* Being on time and prepared for raids. Which Includes : - Enchanted - - Gem slots filled - - Food - - Flasks - - Potions - *Recruiting Classes* - Holy Palidin / Ret paladin - - Disc Priest - - Hunter - - Enhance Shaman - Spec not excluded to exceptional players. We also do regular group content such as Mythic+ dungeons and hang out playing other games with each other as well. If you're interested we could always use more people that'd like to join a gaming community such as ours. You can contact me here : tag - Vercross#1411Nightmere0 Sep 29
Sep 29 Guild Raid Team 6/6:30-8:30-9 EST. Guild looking for raiders that want to start raiding around 6/6:30 eastern time to 8:30/9:00 eastern time. Days currently would be Tuesday & Thursday. (Thursday may be flexible if need be) No commitment to the guild is necessary. If you want to join, then that's great. If you are another server and don't want to transfer, still no problem. All we ask and that you show up and know your role. Right now we would currently be looking at AOTC but would easily transition into Mythic with the correct numbers and comp. If the times are what you are looking for please send me an in game message or you can contact me on Battle Tag: danielg#1514 **EDIT As of now our biggest need is RANGE DPS and possibly a Tank**Thandemon12 Sep 29
Sep 27 LF casual guild for raiding/mythic dungeons Hello all, I am an 325 ilvl warlock looking for a guild that raids once a week with maybe a second night to finish up the raid. I usually find a way to clear most raids on normal and am always looking to at least clear heroic when I can so I am not unfamiliar with raiding. What holds me back is I can't dedicate 3+ hours two/three nights a week to raiding. While I am very active and am on almost everyday, I have a family and things outside the game that just will not allow me set up a weekly time to play a straight 3+ hours 2-3 times a week. Hence a once a week raid works the best. Also looking for a guild that runs mythic dungeons, I do enjoy running them but never found a team to really push high keys. It is something I want to get done with BFA. If interested please contact me at Khellendros#1292. Edit: Forgot to mention looking for an Alliance guild.Dallamar2 Sep 27
Sep 27 [A][Whisperwind] Tank/DPS LF Raid Team Hello all! My name is Ult and I have been around World of Warcraft since vanilla. Currently I have over 48 toons 110 or higher and sitting on 4 toons that are 340 mythic plus ready. Love the game since the beginning and still enjoying it now (obviously)! My main is a (352) Demon Hunter currently setup to tank. I primarily want to tank in RAIDS, but will DPS if needed. I have tanked normal Uldir for the first 5 bosses and raid lead each group three times. Twice on my demon hunter and once on my Death Knight (Blood). TIMES - Monday / Thursday 6-9 CST in that range - I'm usually on EVERY day many hours but the above it when I can commit. I'm OK, with family friendly guilds, but like to progress and not a huge fan of raid leading but always willing to help when I can. I'm not shy for call outs and such just anyone that has lead raids knows the frustration I'm talking about. I will say for sure that I don't tolerate elitest, rude, demanding, or condescending people. Been around that way too long over the years, and now just getting to old for the drama. I know my class very well and I always come prepared to the fight with pots/food/enchants/gems. I always watch the videos multiple times but honestly unless I "SEE" it doesn't fully sync in. More often then not you will not see me making the same mistake twice. Lastly, I will say there is nothing wrong with my current guild. Just didn't have a spot for me. They're good people but they have pretty much 100% commitment roster and hardly have a spot open. If you're interested love to hear from you!! ULTUltdemon2 Sep 27
Sep 27 Looking for guild! Hey guys I'm looking for a somewhat casual guild for the Alliance that still has events happening frequently and a nice group of people.Saromaras2 Sep 27
Sep 26 Looking for guild!(alliance) I'm looking for a guild that runs dungeons, ie heroics/mythics, maybe some raiding later on. Just a chill guild with people who have their feet on the ground, preferably a smaller guild.Kwashiorkor3 Sep 26
Sep 26 LOOKING FOR GUILD looking for a good active guild that loves to dungeon, raid, and WQ. has to be very active if u are a late night guild that is great for me just looking for people to have fun in the game where most of the people I played with xfered or faction changed and im too cheap to do so, so if you are up for me to join your guild I would happy to try it out I have raiding experience not looking much for mythic but would like to try at some point in the game normally would down heroic though if you have any questions my btag is cheetto#1706Kaddren4 Sep 26
Sep 26 [A] Prot Pally/Rogue LF Casual Guild Prot pally and a rogue looking for casual guild to join. Looking for a mature community where dank nugs and uninformed political opinions are not the topic of conversation. The rogue is very new to the game, and is still learning how to play. I played for many years and have recently come back to get my dungeon spam on. Thanks in advance! ForchancookiForchancooki1 Sep 26
Sep 26 Wife and I returning players... Hey Whisperwind; Wife and I have decided to return for BfA and were curious about a couple of things regarding Whisperwind... - it seems the Alliance pop is a bit above average. is it also pretty active? - our end game mindset is normal/heroic... so casual raiding. How is the guild landscape here? Looks like she's maining a BM hunter... and me... likely Shaman (liking 8.1 info). any feedback would be great to see. :)Lyrlia4 Sep 26
Sep 26 (A) Legionnaires Is Recruiting For Raid Spots Legionnaires of Whisperwind is Recruiting For Our Uldir Raid Team.(3/8N) We Raid On Tues, Wed & Thurs Nights From 9pm-11pm every week and Do Mythic/Mythic+ Guild Groups Nightly.We use Discord. Tanks are to have Mics to be able to speak back and forth, others optional as long as you can hear. Recruitment Needs For Raiding: Heals: Resto Shaman, Holy Priest, Holy Paladin Tanks: Guardian Druid, BM Monk, DH Melee Dps: All Ranged Dps: Warlock: Destruc/Afflic, Elemental Shaman, Balance Druid, Mage: Fire/Arcane We can always use extra tanks and heals for when someone can't show up for that night, for those that wish to raid but cannot commit 100%. Food & Flasks Will Be Provided Each Raid. Free Repair always. We're always open to people that are just looking for a friendly environment for a home. We have a good time. Mature,Adult Semi-Casual Raiding Guild. Please note. We're not a hardcore or mythic raiding guild but we do strive for AOTC progression. We are also recruiting PvPers for Fun warfront groups and RBG's, 2vs2, 3vs3 and so on, please contact our PvP coordinator: Hordeslayer... One More thing: FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!! add my battletag: MamaWolf#1535 and we will talk.. Hope to hear from you soon.. Have a Great Day!!!!Sixinchheals0 Sep 26
Sep 24 Character names for sale Blizzard's statement on this: Names should be available immediately. Make an offer, half paid up front and half after you have the name. WHISPERWIND ONLY Bearicade Charge Palisade Mutant Giant Behemoth Wreckoning Thy Elk Entrails Painbroker DENTARG ONLY Hands Pipsqueak Bub Quest Finger Chick Trigger Fluids Fingers Itchy Scratchy Agony Sorrow Painbroker Mutant Wreckoning Behemoth Shock CrusadeMeat0 Sep 24
Sep 19 (A) Legionnaires Recruiting Raiders & PvPers Legionnaires of Whisperwind/Dentarg is Recruiting For Our Uldir Raid Team.(3/8N) We Raid On Tues, Wed & Thurs Nights From 9-11pm every week and Do Mythic/Mythic+ Guild Groups Nightly. We use Discord. Tanks are to have Mics to be able to speak back and forth, others optional as long as you can hear. Recruitment Needs For Raiding: Shaman- Elemental, Resto Priest- Holy, Shadow Druid: Guardian, Balance, Feral Monk: Brewmaster, Mistweaver Warrior- Fury DH- Tank Build Paladin- Holy, Prot Rogue- Any Mage- any DK- Frost Warlock- any We can always use extra tanks and heals for when someone can't show up for that night, for those that wish to raid but cannot commit 100%. Food & Flasks Will Be Provided Each Raid. Free Repair always. We're always open to people that are just looking for a friendly environment for a home. We have a good time. Please note. We're not a hardcore or mythic raiding guild but we do strive for AOTC progression. Also If not interested in raiding and want to PVP only please contact our PVP Coordinator: Hordeslayer One More thing: FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!! add my battletag: MamaWolf#1535 and we will talk.. Hope to hear from you soon.. Have a Great Day!!!!Sixinchheals0 Sep 19
Sep 19 [H] low level raiding i'm starting a low level raiding group please contact me (wildmexican) if you're interested in this, planning on doing molten core by October 6th! my discord Unknown-Entity#0772 you can friend me if interested other leader --> Zippo#0714 guild name-spanky tiggers looking for positive players with a good sense of humor :). discord would be the best way to contact us.Lowtides0 Sep 19
Sep 18 (H) Hunter + Paladin LF raid guild Hi. My friend and I are looking to join a guild for mythic+ and raids. We are semi-serious I would say. Have lots of experience going back to day 1 and are back to full time play. We do a lot of PvP on our own time along with mythics but we are looking to get to the next lvl. Preferred raiding times would be starting around 8-10ish pm EST. We are both currently at ilvl 345. I am a BM hunter and my friend is a Prot Paladin. We would most likely be able to make 100% of raids and are committed to learning and progressing through BFA raids. We are both team players that are comfortable using voice comms. Nomack and Borri on <whisperwind> server. Please respond here or pm me in game: Nomack#11516 ThanksNomack1 Sep 18
Sep 16 [H] Recruiting for Heroic Uldir Hello we are incognizant We recently transferred from Alliance. We are focused on raiding and doing Heroic. We are all pretty busy and aren’t really looking at hitting Mythic, but it isn’t off the table down the with the right group. We also focus on M+. Most of us have 300+ io and plan to keep going. We are currently 8/8 N and starting on Heroic this week. There is no doubt will will get AoTC as we all did in legion. We are currently looking 2 solid ranged DPS. Preferably Mage and Warlock. We are open to others, but really in need of ranged. We aren’t asking for huge ilvl, just be at least 340 and we can help gear you to be raid ready. Just know your class and we are good. Our raid schedule is Friday-Saturday from 8pm est to 11pm est. depending on where we are on progression we sometimes go over if everyone is in agreeable. If you would like to see more of our progress and M+ progress you can check our io site. Link provided If you have any questions, please message me in game Josh8810#1738.Alareiel1 Sep 16
Sep 10 <Premature Release> Recruitment!! <Premature Release> has come back with 5/8 Bosses in normal on the first weekend and looking to recruit 18+ players for our Heroic Uldir progression. If you are a returning player looking to dip your toes back into the raiding waters, if you are a working adult that requires a specific raid schedule to cater to your needs or you're simply looking for a new place to call home and make some new mates, <Premature Release> is the group for you. Outside of raid nights we spend the majority of our time together inside Mythic+ keys, we are highly team-focused and greatly appreciate the social element of the game just as much as the content itself. We raid 6 hours. Friday and Saturday 8pm-11pm CST(ST) We are currently looking for: -Demon Hunters (tank or DPS) -All Healers -Warlock -All Ranged DPS You can leave a response here, add me on Bnet to discuss further details - Peacefull1913 , reach out to me on Discord - Khaleesi#7214. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and I look forward to hearing from you soon!Leezzie0 Sep 10