Dentarg and Whisperwind

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6h [A]<Two Shot> T/W 8-11p EST Recruiting About us: <Two Shot> is a 6/11 mythic guild that raids Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8pm-11pm Eastern. After some attendance issues and a rocky start to the tier, we have regrouped under new leadership to push for cutting edge. Our ideal applicant maintains a positive attitude, shows up prepared and on time, and knows their spec inside and out. Our raid atmosphere is light and positive with plenty of joking around, but we make each pull count and try to limit unnecessary downtime. Since we only raid 6 hours a week, we expect members to be compatible with the raid schedule except for rare cases. In order to keep a consistent raid schedule we do occasionally have to ask people to sit for a night, but we're committed to making sure everyone on our mythic team gets plenty of time in raid, and treating all raiders equally. We are currently recruiting a healer, especially a Resto shaman or Discipline priest. Exceptional applicants are always welcome to apply. We are accepting cross-realm applicants, as long as you are willing to transfer after a 2-week trial period. Accepted applicants will get a trial the week they apply. Loot is currently being distributed by personal loot on farmed content, with master loot council in some cases on progression. Raid Schedule: Tuesday: 8-11pm EST, invites at 7:45pm Wednesday: 8-11pm EST, invites at 7:45pm Addons: Bigwigs (or DBM) Exorsus Raid Tools RCLootCouncil WeakAuras 2 Add me on btag (Octopode#1923) or discord (Ryanpode#1234)Octopode15 6h
19h Errant Venture Recruiting - Weekend raid team If you are into raiding or looking for a group to come hang with come check us out on Whisperwind, alliance side. <Errant Venture> (10/10H NH, 9/9H ToS. 11/11H ABT) LF DPS for our weekend raid team for Heroic ABT - Sat 7-10pm EST / Sun 2-5pm EST. Hit me up on Kohmet#1597 Weekend Raid Team Weekday Raid Team Guild Website Don't forget to use and post to the Recruitment Discord in addition to these forums 19h
21h [A] Methods of War looking for casual raiders Methods of War, a guild on the Alliance side (Horde has cooties) of the server Whisperwind is looking for folks who want to raid for the upcoming expansion. The guild has been together for years and in the past was pushing for server and world firsts but was asked by all the other guilds to give them a chance and decided to go casual, very casual. We are nice like that. We welcome anyone with an active account, a reasonable I-level and is interested in raiding normal and heroic. We even take Gnomes. If you have never raided before or are wanting to slow down and are looking for a home we would love to chat with you as well. We are very supportive of folks with lives, some of us even have them. As such we raid only two nights a week. Fri 9:45 PM to 12:00 Sat 10pm -12. We provide food, pots and witty repartee. We get that this is a fun thing and real life gets in the way. You will never be pressured to raid, ever. Despite our casualness we still have completed Heroic on most raids and expect to do the same for BfA. If we sound like a place where you might want to be contact one of the following: leboomer#1657 XanthorXIII#1797 Pyrina#1119Thumperbolt22 21h
2d [A]<From Ashes> Looking for more! From Ashes is a fun, social, and mature guild on the Alliance side of the Whisperwind/Dentarg server. We came together out of a strong desire to form a family-like community who wanted to play the game in a friendly low key environment while still managing to kick butt and have a good time doing so. Have a full time job? Kids? Need an environment that understands that real life comes first? From Ashes is for you! We cater to those 21 and older who want to do anything from raiding to mythic + to farming old achievements and mounts. Raiding Our raid team likes to have fun in a low stress environment while pushing normal and heroic progression. We expect you to be on time and prepared with food, flasks, enchantments and consumables, along with a basic understanding of the fights. Inexperienced? We are willing to help you learn, as long as you are willing to put the effort in for us as well! Our raid team currently needs a few more mature and reliable ranged dps as we start into Antorus! We are currently at 11/11 N- Antorus, 9/11 H-Antorus. (We are also 9/9 H/N-ToS, 10/10 H-NH, 10/10 normal Nighthold, 7/7 normal and heroic EN, and 3/3 normal and heroic TOV) We raid Sunday and Wednesday, 8pm-10pm CST (server time) with an optional Saturday raid. Not interested in raiding? We do everything from mythic + dungeons and N/H raiding to WQs and alt runs to achievement, xmog, and mount runs. We are looking for all classes to build up multiple consistent mythic and Mythic+ dungeon teams as well! Are you ready to rise? Contact me via BattleTag: Chelusa#1974 Contact our officers in game: Jyou (GM), Namaah (myself, Officer), Satis (Officer), Cobraðru (officer), Annakin (Officer), Aperthir (officer), or Poundsofpaws (Officer)Namaah97 2d
4d - 'Tbh1 4d
6d Looking for guild I’m looking for a horde guild with any raid timesAennin0 6d
6d <Of Hells Design> Recruiting for Mythic <Of Hells Design> is looking to recruit dependable, long term, and skilled players for our raiding roster. If you feel you match this description, please get in contact with us. Raid times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:30pm EST to 11:30pm EST Available spots: DPS- Ranged slots open (will still accept melee) Healers- Pally/Priest healers Hybrid players- People who can Tank/Heal and Dps are highly valued About OHD OHD was formed during T11 of Cata on Scarlet Crusade by two real life friends. Our goal has always been to clear each raid before the next one releases on the highest difficulty possible. Over the years we have held high server rank boss kills since moving here after D3's release. While we are not as hardcore as we use to be we are still focused on challenging ourselves and improving with every tier. In addition to playing Wow we enjoy playing a multitude of other Blizzard and non Blizzard games. Some of these games include League of Legends, Diablo 3. Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm. We want players who are looking for a place to call home when we aren't killing bosses. Casuals and other non raiding players are also welcome to join us. OHD maintains a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to help encourage a fun and successful raiding environment. With this in mid we still have the same expectations of any other serious or high end raiding guild. Which include dedication to the guild/raid team, high attendance and consistently maintaining a high level of skill in our play. As a member in OHD you'll have access to assistance for everything you might need. Such as flask, potions, food, and more. All we ask from you is that you show up to raids, play hard and enjoy playing the game with us. Things about you (we hope!) • You enjoy raiding and challenges above all else. • You strive to maximize how helpful you can be to the team and the guild. • You don’t complain about menial things such as gear, boss fights, class mechanics, etc. • You understand that raiding means wiping a lot. Sometimes even for multiple nights in a row. • You strive to maintain nearly 100% attendance, with exception to unavoidable things such as emergencies. • You maintain a positive attitude while raiding even when things get tough. If you are interested and you feel you have these qualities please contact us in game or add me to btag= Ysosrslawl#1721.Leorick44 6d
Jun 7 Monday Raiding? Any guild out there raid on Mondays??Nightbringer1 Jun 7
Jun 7 <Origins> raiding guild recruiting for BFA! <Origins> is now recruiting aspiring Mythic raiders for serious content progression in BFA. Led by former Mythic GMs and WoW esports players, we strive for nothing but the best! New to Whisperwind, we have lots of spots! Raid: Mondays and Wednesdays! Add me on Btag BigT#1946 or message me in game if you are interested in joining!Bläze1 Jun 7
Jun 7 [A] <Sadistic> 11/11M is recruiting! Sadistic – Alliance – Whisperwind (US) For immediate contact to inquire further about us: Btag- Cheeko#1931 - GM Discord- Cheeko#5652 Progression: 7/7M Emerald Nightmare 3/3M Trial of Valor 10/10M Nighthold - US 330 9/9M Tomb of Sargeras - US 243 11/11M Antorus - US 217 (Top 25 US for 2-Night guilds, Top 100 World 2-Night!) Current Needs: Healer Holy/Disc Priest Resto Druid Holy Paladin Tank Any class Dps Warlock Boomkin Ele Shaman Shadow Priest We will always consider any exceptional applicants, regardless of spec and/or class. Raid Times: Sunday 7 pm-10 pm CST (server time) Monday 7 pm-10 pm CST (server time) Sadistic is a semi-hardcore 20 man raid guild on the Whisperwind server. We are a tight knit group of raiders that push mythic progression but don’t have the time to invest in a full time hardcore schedule due to real life commitments. We are constantly improving our ranks every tier, we look forward to do the same in BfA! We are looking to add a few additions to our existing mythic team. We run a roster of 25 active raiders with a rotating bench. We are also accepting applications for bench spots if you are unable to fully commit to our raiding schedule but are interested in joining. Expectations: Focus- We only raid for 6 hours a week and need everyone to be focused 100% on progression for that time. Preparation- You have the entire week to grasp an understanding of the fights we progress on for that week. Invites go out 15 min before raid time and everyone needs to be ready to go at that time. Class knowledge- Know your class inside and out. We don’t carry. If you don’t perform close to sims orplayers of the same class and don’t have a legitimate excuse you will be sat. Fight Mechanics- As mentioned, raid time is for raiding. Discussions of the fights as well as strategy are available on the Discord in advance and you must be ready to go come raid time. Outside of Raid: Every week (Tuesday) we host a heroic Antorus/Gul'dan sales run alongside other non-mandatory raids to farm titanforged gear and AP. When BfA drops this will be a non-mandatory normal/heroic run that raiders are encouraged to come to. We are also very active in doing M+ (1-2 groups nightly). For the time being exploring what class you want to play in the Beta is highly encouraged! We also play games such as League of Legends, Path of Exile, Fortnite and many others! For more information: To fill out an application: or visit the Sadistic discord and poke an officer at: Jun 7
Jun 5 [A] <Reprisal> LF DPS - BfA H Team! Reprisal is recruiting dedicated & friendly DPS for core spots on our Heroic Raid team for Battle for Azeroth! We are currently full on Tanks and Healers though (as a backup role is fine but you'll need to have a viable DPS off-spec). Our raiding goal (besides AotC & raid achievements afterwards) is to keep you laughing (or at least smiling) throughout our entire runs! We have siblings, moms n sons, veterans, and lunatics! We are a laid back group, never judging, knowledgeable and helpful who play this game to have fun. We also enjoy running Mythic+. Non-raiders who enjoy doing other content are always welcome. Currently our raids have been converted to Alt Runs. We are all trying out new alts and gearing up new mains. - We raid Tuesday & Thursday 7:00 - 9:30pm realm time (8 - 10:30pm eastern time). - Discord is used in all things - We provide Flasks, Food & Repairs during our runs. - And YOU provide a Prepared, Dedicated & Friendly Player! Raid Progression (all AoTC): * Trial of Valor- 3/3 Heroic * The Nighthold - 10/10 Heroic * Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9 Heroic * Antorus, the Burning Throne - 11/11 Heroic If you are interested, please just give one of us a whisper in-game. Sheeammy/Sheedra (Shee#1391)- Officer Fliss (olivesrscary#1538)- Guild Master Thanks!Sheeammy7 Jun 5
Jun 4 [H]Hordes of Chaos Hello and welcome to the official recruitment thread for our Guild Hordes of Chaos (HOC). The intended purpose of our thread is to inform you, a possible new member, of who we are and for you to decide whether Hordes of Chaos would be a good fit for you. About Us: Hordes of Chaos has been built on a handful of core values: 1) Respect 2) Equality 3) Commitment 4) Community 5) Friendship 6) Fun Staying true to these values has shaped us into the Guild we are today and will continue to help shape our future. We know that our future, as a Guild, is not possible without our members. We would not be the Guild we are today if it wasn’t for our members. Both past and present. And we will never forget how important our members are to the success of Hordes of Chaos. We’ve always believed that it is more important to recruit the person playing the character. Rather than the item level, achievement number and/or raid progress of the character. Surrounding ourselves with good people has allowed us to provide a Guild atmosphere that most people have never experienced before. A testament to this concept is in the number of females that call our Guild home. Not only do they call Hordes of Chaos home, but the number of females that hold Leadership positions is yet another reason why our Guild is truly one of a kind. We are a family oriented Guild. Many of our members have families and in some cases their children also play World of Warcraft with them or will be sitting on their lap while they play. With saying that we ask that all chat is kept PG-13. This helps keep the atmosphere fun and respectful for everyone. Because you never know who may be listening. Activity: 99% of our Guild is made up of adults. Whether it be careers, family, college or a combination of them all, most of us can’t be on as much as we would like. We have members that may only play a few hours a month. And we have members that play a few hours a day. The Guild is mainly active in the evenings and on the weekends. As a Guild we run Dungeons (Normal, Heroic & Mythic), Looking for Raid(LFR), SOME PVP, Transmogrify Runs, Level ALTS, Pet Battles, New Patch and Expansion Group and many other activities in Azeroth. As a Guild we hold “Gathering Parties” to help us stock the Guild Bank. This allows us to provide the Guild with Food, Cauldrons, Gems and other items throughout the year. Raiding: We have raided every expansion since TBC. And we don't plan on stopping any time soon. The HOC raid team is a casual progressive raid team, that raids two nights a week. We are looking for players who enjoy working together as a team, who do not mind endless wiping, and who are more interested in the social aspect of the game vs. just clearing the raiding content. Because we are a casual raid team, we do not mind introducing players to the raid content, however, we do expect our raiders to study the fights, learn their spec so they can continue to improve, and will show up each week, ready to work as a team. Friday: 8:00PM-10:30PM Server Time (9:00PM-11:30PM Eastern Time) Saturday: 8:00PM-10:30PM Server Time (9:00PM-11:30PM Eastern Time) Interested in joining Hordes of Chaos?: Whether you’re new to the game, a seasoned player, enjoy leveling alts, get your pet battle on, Raid, PVP, manage the Auction House, are an achievement hunter, or even enjoy showing off your favorite mount throughout Azeroth HOC may be the Guild for you! There are a few things that we expect from everyone in the Guild: 1) You will be a member of our Guild. Therefore you are a direct representation of the Guild while you’re playing in Azeroth. We expect you to represent our Guild with Pride and Respect. 2) Staying true to our Core Values has helped us become the Guild we are today. If you are a member of Hordes of Chaos we expect our members to stay true to our values. 3) And lastly have FUN! Contact Information: 1) Comment below 2) Add me to your friends list. (Real ID-Fatality#1588) 3) Use the Looking for Guild function in game 4) You can also start a conversation with anyone in the Guild and they will refer you to an Officer that is online at that time. Thank you for taking a look at our Guilds Recruitment Thread. We look forward to speaking with you soon! Safe Travels, Hordes of Chaos Horde-US-Whisperwind ServerDogtag49 Jun 4
Jun 3 Looking for a guild I am looking for an Alliance Raid Guild that starts raids at 8:30CST or Later. Im open to playing most any class except heals, sorry just cant do it!Trevalon0 Jun 3
Jun 3 (H) <LFR Certified>, 10/11M, Argus recruiting TL;DR: We are looking for great, reliable, ranged DPS who can help us get down Argus for Cutting Edge. If you're the real deal, we'll even pay for your server transfer. See contact details at the bottom. ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- LFR Certified is a Horde guild on the Dalaran-US server, currently looking for a few exceptional players to complete our Mythic Antorus raid group. We have been around since mid-WoD, and have a talented/dedicated core group; we're just looking to build on it. We are currently tied for 1st most-progressed Horde guild on Dalaran at 10/11M, and tied for third overall server (includes Alliance). Our primary raid times are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 8pm-11pm server time (eastern). What <LFR Certified> has to offer: -- Guild bank stocked with feasts, flasks, and potions to supplement whatever you are lacking during our guild raids. -- Loot Council: Gear is distributed fairly based on tier-set-bonuses, best-in-slot, etc. basis, with the mentality that the raid/guild benefits as a whole before the sole-player. -- A consistent Friday-Saturday-Sunday raid schedule. We expect our players to also be consistent in being able to make those raid days/times. -- Knowledgeable, skilled leaders and fellow players. We value performance in mechanics over performance on the meters. We are more than willing to work with you to improve your numbers if that’s where you’re lacking. We are currently looking for skilled ranged dps, namely ele Sham, Mages, and another Warlock, but are considering any qualified, skilled, and enthusiast applicants. To inquire further, apply, or just get in touch, please contact Nebeon (Nebeon23#1360), Vythra (SteelPhantom#11476), Fenreal (Fenreal#1600), or Jasny (Soar#1805), in-game.Vythra1 Jun 3
Jun 1 960+ Tank LF raiding guild Prefer to do weekly heroic clears. - Played since Vanilla. - Have a 110 of each class. - KSM and AoTC - 2000+ io scoreSeriouslee0 Jun 1
May 31 Morning/Mid Afternoon guilds Looking to see if there are any guilds that play/raid between 9am-12pm (pst) 12pm - 3pm server time.Tekk0 May 31
May 30 LF Guild I am looking for a guild on this server. Prefer a guild that is active socially and raids twice a week in the evenings. Reply here or add me. aweciti#1932Fammen0 May 30
May 28 Blood DK LF Weekday Raiding Guild Looking to test the waters to see what is out there to challenge myself during the week. Currently Running Mythic + 15's and such. Looking into finding a casual ish active guild to push Heroic Raids as a tank and even maybe dabble in some Mythic raiding before the end of this Xpac. Raider IO : battletag: Rodeo#1562 I know I'm not the best there is, but I am always willing to learn to better myself and be challenged.Bathin0 May 28
May 27 Fri/Sat AoTC LFM BfA! Hi guys TAINTGUARDIANS is recruiting for BfA! We raid Fridays/Saturdays 7 - 10 CST. AoTC focused. Beef#12743 is my B-Tag. Who are we? We're a good group of guys/gals looking to have some fun while playing this game. Most of us have been playing since Vanilla days, and we have full time jobs, and families. We have been there done that hardcore thing, but now we're looking to have some fun, but at the same time still kill bosses. We joke around, and have a lot of fun during our raids. We're AoTC focused and promise that in a timely manner EVERY tier. What we Offer. Lots of mythic plus Raids every Friday/Saturday 7 - 10 CST Fun active raiding environment/discord Jokes/more jokes!What we expect/want from our members Show up to raids! Have a positive attitude!Thanks for taking the time to read our post. We're always looking to chat with anyone who is interested/or have any questions regarding the guild. Beef#12743 is my B-Tag, and I hope to hear from you all soon.Wàndà0 May 27
May 26 dansgame 9/11m LF nerds we want to kill bosses, we raid fri/sat 8-11 cst, msg nerds in the guild if u want an inv xdCarried1 May 26
May 26 11/11M <Infallible> Selling TBD <Infallible> (11/11M) is now selling TBD. Faction: Alliance - US Servers Times: TBD Approximately TBD Costs: GOLD ONLY Details: We bring UNLOCKED carriers. We do NOT oversell our raid lockout. There will be TONS of loot dropping. _________________ The fine print: A 20% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling, final payment must be made in full before the start of your scheduled raid purchase. Priority is MS over OS, extra gear can be rolled on by any buyer interested for OS. Please direct questions as well as inquires to: CCDW#1704.Gitaxian6 May 26
May 23 [A] ⚔️PvP Community Discord RageQuit Discord is the Alliance PvP Community for upcoming BFA. With experienced leadership in large scale communities, guilds and PvP. Join the fastest growing Discord with over 4k members and growing fast. Why join us? -We already host thousands other Alliance members within our Discord. We run events daily as shown in this link: totaling over 60 Officers that work around the clock to make sure you get the best experience in PvP content. We also do many events on the fly due to World PvP. We do our best to make sure the Horde cower before us! -We have a very organized ranking structure to ensure events run smoothly and in a timely manner. If you ever want to become an Officer, all you have to do is apply in the #officer-application channel. We offer nice incentives and perks for our Officer core here at RageQuit. -ACTIVE Discord. Not only are we active, but we have cool things to do in our Discord such as you can personalize your profile by giving yourself personality roles and even personalize your color. We have music bots, Pokemon finding, trading, duel game and more! -PvP includes: BGs, RBGs, Arenas, World PvP, Tournments. Don’t PvP? No worries, we also do light PvE and even public events such as Karaoke, group movie viewing, Community Meetings with GIVEAWAYS and more. ←-What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW! OKAY I joined, now what? 1-Once you join, head to #game-setup channel and React with the emoji below WOW image to get the @WoW role and view WoW related gaming channels. 2- Read over the #rules-info channel for all the detailed list of all that we have to offer in our server. 3-Have FUN within our Community! If you have any questions or need help, contact the #❓support channel. -Deathology, President of the RageQuit Community -Cadigan, President of the RageQuit CommunityCadigan0 May 23
May 22 LF Guild I am looking for a very social guild on this server. Members on a lot of the time, active discord. Preferably one that raids. I have a pretty wide variety of toons.Ularron1 May 22
May 19 Stormrage <Thee Fluffy Bunnies> is Recruiting Guild: <Thee Fluffy Bunnies> Faction: Alliance Server: Stormrage Raid Days: Friday & Saturday 8:30pm -11:30pm EST server Cleared: 8/11H Recruiting: Looking for Heals and Dps and active casual members Goals: We are currently recruiting active members to have a happy solid guild. We are recruiting more solid core members for our raid team. Intending on mythic raid content. We plan on being active within and out of the guild. I realize, as a guild, trying to rebuild that it will be difficult. Considering the Expansion is right around the corner, which is why we are preparing for that as well, but at the same time maintaining it being fun and just overall having a good time. Extras: We offer discord and all its many tools. We have games periodically during holidays and off days as well. Our calendar stays full of events. Contacts: B.tag: Biggjax#11657 Kithanna#1592 “Stay Fluffy”Bigjax0 May 19
May 17 [A] <Helms Elite> 5/11 M, Recruiting Mythic Helms Elite Server: Whisperwind Faction: Alliance Raid Time Wednesday: 7:30PM to 9:30PM (CST) Thursday: 7:30PM to 9:30PM (CST) Raiding Focus: We are a strong group of players who are on a casual/semi-casual raiding schedule. Like many other players, we have real life commitments we must attend to - which, often limits our play time. Regardless of being on a casual schedule, we still have the desire to experience and complete challenging, relevant content. Much of our play time will be devoted to Heroic/Mythic content. We're looking for skilled, dedicated players to fill our roster. Skilled players of any specs and groups are welcome to apply. We are focused on recruiting DPS, but don't let that stop you from contacting us! Currently we are 5/11 M and are progressing on Imonar. We will be continuing into BfA. Contact: If you're interested in joining our team, you can contact any of our Officers. BattleTags: (Recruiters) Littlejon#1523 Rettuclos#1494 Or feel free to visit our site and fill out an app. www.helmselite.comLiljon6 May 17
May 15 <Reloaded> T-Th 8:30 - 10:30 CST [A][US][Whisperwind] <Reloaded> T-Th 8:30 - 10:30 CST TL/DR: Looking to add some range DPS to our team for BFA. We raid 4 hours a week and make them count. 11/11 H Antorus. Contact Logtar#1704 <Reloaded> is a casual guild that raids heroic content. 4 hours a week. Our main raid team works on current content on Tuesday and Thursday starting at 8:30 CST. We also like to do Mythic + on off nights. We cleared Nighthold H but got hit with the attendance boss for ToS, we just cleared H Antorus, but need some more people that love to play ranged DPS! Come get your sparkle bird with us and move into BFA with a team! We have a group of capable players that like to play in a friendly atmosphere. Most of us are adults with full-time jobs, we value our raid time and expect punctuality and being prepared. Our goal is to rescue the princess while the content is relevant, but people, real life and relationships mean more to us than loot. While we want you to be able to perform as a raider, it is more important to us that you are a decent person. We are currently accepting all roles. (where are the locks and mages at?) The values our guild adheres to are simple: Respect "For each other, our server and the WoW community" Integrity "we do what we say, and do what is right" Openness "Zero drama, you have an issue discuss it and let it go" Teamwork "We kill bosses together, but also wipe together" If you like what you have read here and are ready to join or you have further questions, contact Logtar#1704 in game (toons: Gatoso - Logtar - Funch) Whisperwind. (Cross server raiders also welcome) The greatest compliment in WoW is, I love playing with people with that guild tag! Thank you for reading.Funch0 May 15
May 11 (A) "Last Pull Magic" 11/11 H 3/11M Antorus Faction= Alliance Raids Progression= 1/11M 11/11 H Antorus Raid Times= Tue/wed 8-10:30pm Server Rbgs= sat 8pm central We are a semi-casual Heroic+ guild We have Open Recruitment. We want people interested in playing the game whether M+, Raids, Or PvP and Social people that just want to hang out in voice while you play . our goal is to semi casually push mythic content. We have a guild bank system that helps supply the guild with current consumables. We have a discord with various rules posted. If we peak your interest either post a link of your armory and wow progress on you can link them on here but it wont be checked as quickly you can also add my Btag Chrism#1202Sailrjupiter31 May 11
May 10 <Endure> LF Potential Mythic Raiders Hello Everyone! We are a reformed Guild looking for members for BFA we are Guild of Chill Members who know how to go hard when it comes to pushing content. US-Whisperwind - Alliance Raid Times: Tues/Thursday 7-10 CST Looking For All Classes/Specs - We have Tanks and Healers but wouldn't mind checking you out if you don't mind running an OS for a while. Some members are switching Roles when BFA drops. We are open to guild mergers but prefer to keep our Guilds name and can discuss leadership roles. We currently don't have the numbers to consistently push Mythic content, but that's where you come in! We're willing to work with any iLv if you know your class and can pull your weight, we will funnel gear to get you caught up. Legion is coming to a close so we are fairly relaxed at this moment, but are looking to push Mythic as soon as we have the numbers.Baebopp0 May 10
May 8 Potential Transfer Seeking Home Just like the name says, I'm looking for a new place to call home. Although I could raid, I'm not really geared up for it, so the goal is more for something casual. Btag is Raarsi#1382 if you have any questions!Raarsi3 May 8
May 2 A-TGTR - 5/11M - stormrage - Recruiting!! <The Gang Tries Raiding> [A]- Is a mythic progression guild on Stormrage made of a solid core of raiders from Medivh/Exodar. We are looking for members who would like to be a part of a tight knit community, be able to perform well on a consistent basis, and continue improving their play style with out falling behind other raiders. Now I do not wish to lie to anyone about our situation. The fact are, at this moment, we have 20 raiders in our ranks. With that said, like many other guilds, we had issues in the last few weeks filling our raids due to poor attendance. With that in mind, we have decided to offer paid server transfers to anyone willing to try us out. This is meant to be an incentive for sure, but it is also to prove that we have no intention of disbanding or take any break of raiding. Progression Raid days and Times: Tuesday/Thursday 7:45pm-11pm Server time (EST) Possible third day in BFA Keep in mind that this guild was formed with the goal of building the best group possible for BFA. So ask yourself this, is current progression the most important feature in the game for me? If so, then yeah, we are 5/11M, there is hundreds of guilds further progressed then us. What we can offer tho, is a great community that raid in an environment with no toxicity, fun, and able to progress at a decent pace. Healer: Paladin Shaman Melee DPS: Rogue Monk Death knight Shaman Warrior Ranged DPS Shaman Warlock Priest Mage -Thank you for your time - if you are interested, please reach out to the below officer: Bnet - Dudetastique#1301 Discord - Dudetastique#3190Dudetastique0 May 2
May 2 [A] <EV> LF DPS Sat/Sun 11/11 H AtBT As we move into the end of legion and into BFA we are looking for members to fill our roster. We're a semi-casual raiding guild that raids on Sat/Sun. If you are looking for mythic progression, then we probably are not the guild for you. We're all working professionals with real lives/family/work but enjoy taking bosses down together. We're not interested in being a server first or the best we just want to get together, have fun and get content down. If this sounds interesting to you please read below :) About Us: <Errant Venture> guild on the Alliance side located on the Whisperwind server. The guild was formed by a group of players who came together in during the Legion expansion. We aim to be a guild that is laid back, enjoying our gaming experience, striving to grow as players while progressing through raiding or mythic dungeons. Our core group consists of long time World of Warcraft players who have a wide variety experience with high level end game content but have decided to take a more casual approach to the game. Our primary goal however will always be to have fun while supporting each of our fellow guild-mates. Whether you are a veteran to World of Warcraft or a new player, if you are looking for a new guild home, we hope you will give us consideration. We are currently 11/11 H AtBT and 11/11 N AtBT We look for the following traits in inviting members to join our guild/raids: - Dependable. Please be on time and ready to go, preferably 10 minutes before the raid time. Flasks/cauldrons/food are provided by the guild as are repairs. - Communication. Perhaps the most important aspect. Players will be expected to sign up for raids and notify officers if they cannot attend. Additionally, players are encouraged to ask questions in regards to mechanics, classes, and gear. - Respect. You will be expected to always treat your fellow members with class and respect. We all make mistakes and we all learn at different paces. Having a positive helpful attitude is a requirement for joining us. Mean spirited behaviour will not be tolerated so please leave drama at the door! - Desire to learn mechanics and willingness to help others. - Active Engagement with the Guild. Running content, helping other members, being social with others, contributing to the guild resources, etc. - Adequate gear, performance, and a clear focused attitude. (don't juggle chainsaws while raiding!) Current Raid Needs: With the imminent release of Antorus the Burning Throne, we are looking to bolster our progression raider ranks with a few new players. We are currently looking for RDPS and a healer or two to fill out our roster. Raid Times: Saturdays 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern Sundays 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM Eeastern General PVE Content: Raiding is not all we are about however as you'll often find our members participating in dungeons, levelling, and all around social fun. We welcome players who have interest in all areas, skill level, and experience level. We also welcome our regular non-progression raiders to any raid content that is currently on farm. Voice Communication: We use Discord for voice communication during dungeons and raids, which is required during raiding. Although it's not necessary to speak in discord we've found it's a lot easier if you have questions to speak up and engage in guild discord chat. We don't bite and love to interact with our members! How to get an invite to <Errant Venture> If you are interested in joining us please reach out to us on GM Squashy#11988 Officers Merria#1755 Kohmet#1597 Silverhand#1808 Please DO NOT transfer expecting an immediate invite. We would like to group with you via dungeons to give everyone a chance to get to know one another. This will allow both parties a chance to see if the fit is mutual. http://errantventure.orgLovespace47 May 2
Apr 25 Looking for a guild looking for a adult active day and night guild for legion and BFAKaddren1 Apr 25
Apr 23 <A> Parable is looking for more! <Parable> is an adult reroll guild on Whisperwind/Dentarg, formed in early 2018 and compromised of experienced players who were returning to the game after a brief hiatus, and looking for a different type of raiding experience. Our goal is to build a guild that is capable of progressing at a decent pace but centered on an atmosphere that keeps the game engaging and relaxed. We want our players to be focused when it comes raid time, but feel capable of having a life outside of the game. Our raid days are Tues and Thurs from 8PM to 11PM EST. Our guild progression is below: Antorus the Burning Throne – 8/11 H Recruitment Needs: Tanks - Closed Healers - Closed Melee DPS - Exceptional Applicants Only (low priority) Ranged DPS – Shadow Priest/Mage/(high priority) We use EPGP to distribute loot fairly throughout our raid team without bias. We consider ourselves a casual guild while clearing content in line with the current skill level of the guild whether it be normal or mythic. Several of our raid members are more mature with jobs, families and real-life issues that must be prioritized at times. The guild age range is 20s – 30s and we prefer players who fall within that range, though we will trail anyone who is interested to see if there is a good fit. We will always maintain a laid-back raiding atmosphere but still like to get content cleared so we expect prior preparation and quick adjustments to any mistakes being made on encounters. Our leadership firmly believe that every raid member should strive to be the best raider possible, however we will not berate someone for making mistakes as this is a detriment to team morale. Above all we cultivate an aura of teamwork, and cohesiveness. Raiding Requirements: We will accept any player who is willing to put in maximum effort for six hours per week, and fully understand and support the idea that skill is more important than item level. We expect players to learn from their mistakes and quickly adjust in order to maximize the small amount of time we are spending in raid each week. We want players who are prompt and prepared for invites by raid time. We do not place much time demand on our raiders, so the time we allocate to raids each week needs to be maximized in raid not waiting for someone to get seals/flasks/pots etc. We are looking for players interested in building a cohesive team and working together to further the Guild’s goals. We will progress at a rate that is agreeable to our raid team as a whole, and while everyone has a say we are not going to force the guild into progression that we do not feel we are ready for. Must: Be at least 18 years of age. Able to communicate over Discord. Microphones are necessary if you are applying as a tank or a healer because you need to be able to effectively coordinate with others. Willing to take constructive criticism and correct mistakes within a couple pulls. Come to raid with a positive attitude and willingness to be engaged with the group. For more information or to set up a trial please contact one of our officers: Crusadan- Btag: Crusadan#1195 Iliuvatar Btag: Iliuvatar#1905Crusâdan1 Apr 23
Apr 18 [A] <Pyrrhic> 6/11M Tues/Wed 8-11pm Eastern Pyrrhic is looking for a few more talented raiders to join us in finishing out the tier. Our previous raid leader recently took a break from the game, and after regrouping for a few weeks we're starting to push back into mythic with a new lead. This is a great opportunity for exceptional players who are ready to make the jump into mythic raiding. Our ideal raider shows up prepared and on time, knows their class/spec inside and out, and above all else maintains a positive attitude. We're a semi-hardcore guild that raids Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8pm-11pm Eastern. Since we only raid 6 hours a week, we expect members to be compatible with the raid schedule except for rare cases. Also, in order to maintain a consistent raid schedule we do occasionally have to ask people to sit for a night, but we're committed to making sure everyone on our mythic team gets plenty of time in raid, and won't sit anyone twice in one week. Since it's late in the tier, most of us have geared off specs and alts, so we are able to recruit all classes and roles at this time. We currently have enough members for a full mythic team, and are looking for a few extra members to maintain consistency. Cross-realm applicants are accepted, as long as you are willing to transfer after a 2-week trial period. Applicants will get a trial run the same week they apply. Raid Schedule: Tuesday: 8-11pm EST, invites at 7:45pm Wednesday: 8-11pm EST, invites at 7:45pm Addons: Bigwigs (or DBM) Exorsus Raid Tools RCLootCouncil WeakAuras 2 Recruiting: Expectional players of all classes and roles Recruitment Btag: Octopode#1923Octopode2 Apr 18
Apr 17 Southshore Survivors- We want you! Southshore Survivors is recruiting! We are seeking active players for raids, Mythic +, pvp and more! Raids are on fridays at 7pm. we have an active discord and lots of people who are up for anything! Whisper Nocblade, Mortanix or Elaidine today!Mortanis0 Apr 17
Apr 15 [H] Community (Guild/Dream) *Help needed* [H] Community (Guild/Dream) All levels/alts welcome! I have a dream. A dream of a great community within our server group once more. Whisperwind was the absolute first server I played on over 11 years ago and I remember when it has a wonderful community on it. I'm in no way someone who always talks up Vanilla although they both had their pros and cons, but I digress. I am in the process of constructing a guild named Community and I have a single mission: build a community again. I have my main and several alts throughout many levels I plan to bring over if this is successful. I would like to build somewhere that: People can hop into discord and have fun. People can have an active guild chat. People can seek help without worry. Is family friendly. While also offering a more (18+) option within discord/other means of contact. Basically, I want to build a community of all sorts within the game. An MMO is a diverse game where you can find all walks of life. No better time to join a community oriented guild than during the exodus at the end of an expansion. Guild dying? We'd be happy to give you a home. Leveling allied races? We have you covered. Bored with the game in general? No problem, many great ideas are coming with this including in-game events. Tired of the silent guildies? We'll fix that. And for the more hardcore, no worries, once we have a solid core we will begin to raid. Personally, I'm more of a PvPer and would be able to help in that aspect. With that being said, at the time of typing this, the guild is merely a charter and a dream. I expect to have it formed by the time tonight's over though. Any help in constructing the guild would be much appreciated and rewarded in the long run. You'll become an officer from the beginning if you help with the construction of Community. All in all, I want to create a casual guild for the time between the expansions for everyone to have fun and possibly (hopefully) bring into BfA. If anyone is interested in helping constructing or joining, you can add my battletag: Naysay#1311 I am someone who strongly believes in the feeling of a team/community and wish to bring that back to life within WoW. No toxicity will be tolerated. Thank you to all who gave me the time to read this and to those who want to help with this project.Jamarco0 Apr 15
Apr 5 WW Monk LF Heroic ABT guild. Title says it all :) looking for a heroic/mythic guild to really start raiding more seriously with. I am currently 931 ilvl and was tired of my past guilds slow normal raiding progress. Would be happy to trial if needed. I have experience in high Mythic + and pvp if that is an interest as well. Hope to hear back from some of you and thanks for taking the time to check me out!Chebangbang1 Apr 5
Apr 3 [A] <AnduriL> 3/11M - Recruiting for BFA We're a late night alliance raiding guild on Whisperwind looking to add skilled and reliable players to our raid team. We're mostly a group of working adults who still enjoy the game, especially raiding. Many of us have been playing on Whisperwind since Classic and the guild has been around since early TBC. We're not a hardcore guild, but we still focus on getting things done within our 6 hours per week raid schedule. Our goal every raiding tier is to clear Heroic and then some Mythic progression. We offer food/flasks/potions to our raiders as well as guild repairs. If you think AnduriL will be a good fit for you please contact an officer (Shinpai, Tsamane, Dairmin or Varcrom) in game or via Btag (listed below). Legion Progression: - Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Mythic - Trial of Valor - 3/3 Mythic - The Nighthold - 3/10 Mythic - Tomb of Sargeras - 2/9 Mythic - Antorus - 3/11 Mythic Raid Days & Times: Main Raid Team: - Tuesday, Thursday and Monday - 11:15pm - 1:15am CST/Server (9:15pm - 11:15pm PDT) Alt Raid Team: - Wednesday - 11:15pm - 1:15am+ CST/Server (9:15pm - 11:15pm+ PDT) Currently Recruiting: - Tanks = Full - Heals = Full - MDPS = Full - RDPS = Full * Raid team is on break until BFA. * We will always consider players of any class and role. Raider Requirements: - Previous heroic/mythic raiding experience a plus - Able to make 85% of scheduled raids (10 of 12 raids per month) - Good raid awareness - Coming to raids prepared (researching boss fights, with all gems/enchants/etc) - Twitch App w/ a working microphone - Age 21+ required Casual Players: If you are a casual player looking for a guild to just hang out, chat it up or just read green text you're welcome to join us. We also run an alt raid team that raids at the Normal to Heroic levels just for fun and is open to all guild members that are interested. BattleTag Contacts & Website: Tsamane = Tsa#1851 <-- Recruitment Officer Shinpai = zenbi#1271 Dairmin = darmin#1413 Varcrom = Asuroth#1992 For more detailed information visit: Come join us!Snarlsbarkly41 Apr 3
Mar 29 Forming Co-op Mythic Raid [A] Co-op Mythic [A][US]-Whisperwind/Dentarg We’re looking to put together a weekly mythic raid team. So, if your guild has stopped raiding after heroic or you’re getting tired of the same farm content every week, we could be the place for you. There is no guild commitment required. All that we ask is that you are able to show up consistently. Progression: Main Group 2/11M with several members being 3-5/11M Raid Days/Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 8-10:30 Central/9-11:30 Est. Needs: Ranged DPS, 1 tank Again, guild commitment is NOT required. We’re also open to group applications. All exceptional players are welcomed to apply regardless of role. About us: A large portion of us come from the guild Last Pull Magic. Most players are between 26-36 years old. We like to strike that balance between serious and fun. We aren’t going to be crazy hardcore. We’re all about joking and having a good time between encounters. However, we do expect people to pay attention during boss fights with minimal extra chatter. Contact: Töy Discord: Toy#8227 Battle Net: Mirr0rz#1654 Or Kasharan Discord: Kasharan#5849 Battle Net: Kasharan#1912Töy1 Mar 29
Mar 26 [H] Two Returning Players LF BFA Guild Hey all! My friend and I are coming back after a little break (stopped shortly after raiding a little bit of Tomb). We have been playing on and off since Pre-BC, and are now at the point in our lives where we need a new guild to call home. With the boosts and new leveling system, we are happy to play whatever, and we will have them decked out and ready to go in time for BFA. I have mained a Warrior since TBC (you can check the armory page of this character), and he prefers to heal. His most recent healer can be found at (he hasn't logged in for awhile, so not showing up on Armory). So, in short, we are willing to play any class. We really just want a good home that will be pushing content in BFA with a strong community. We plan to get started leveling as soon as we find a home, so we may even be ready for some tail-end Legion raiding. *Note - we really want to raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, if possible. We strictly want to play Horde, and we strictly only want to raid TWO weekday nights (no Friday, Saturday, or Sunday). Please feel free to contact me here, or at SneakyPotato#1441. I look forward to hearing from you!Balthesar2 Mar 26
Mar 22 LF GUILD - 965+ AOTC Resto Druid Hi there, I'm GM of a small guild, or should we say team, of raiders. We're 11/11N and 11/11H and all that jazz, and looking to progress until the next expansion with dabbling in Mythic. We are OK with moving to another guild with our mains. We prefer 2 weekday raid nights, starting no later than 7pm Server time (Central) and ending no later than 10pm Server (Central). LF Guild bc our roster is skinny, and tired of leading pug runs. If you want one, you take all. Every member is AOTC and Mythic ready (965+ gear). We offer: BM Hunter Affl Warlock Assassin Rogue Havoc DH OR WW Monk Fury Warrior x 2 Resto Druid - Kassle-Whisperwind - you can contact me by battle tag: KassiG#1130. You can look us up in logs, check out the guild No Pressure, all are logs are public.Kassle1 Mar 22
Mar 22 Join Errant Venture - Be Awesome! If you are into raiding or looking for a group to come hang with come check us out on Whisperwind. <Errant Venture> (10/10H NH, 9/9H ToS. 11/11H ABT) LF ranged DPS / Heals for our weekend raid team for Heroic ABT - Sat 7-10pm EST / Sun 2-5pm EST. Hit me up on Kohmet#1597 Mar 22
Mar 22 Join Errant Venture - Be Awesome! If you are into raiding or looking for a group to come hang with come check us out on Whisperwind. <Errant Venture> (10/10H NH, 9/9H ToS. 11/11H ABT) LF ranged DPS / Heals for our weekend raid team for Heroic ABT - Sat 7-10pm EST / Sun 2-5pm EST. Hit me up on Kohmet#1597 Mar 22
Mar 20 [A] <Last Attempt> LF DPS & Healers <Last Attempt> is in the market for a few more motivated, dedicated players to join our ranks for raiding and other fun in Legion! We are a laid back, Heroic ONLY team -- Casual in attitude but serious during raid time. We're looking for players to join our in-game "family"! A little about us: Raid Days: Wed/Thurs Raid Times: 7pm – 10pm CST (invites at 6:45) GL: Raiyyn (BTag: Malorey#1733) RL: Grïm (ï - alt 139) Officers: Ironhide & Mindrain Recruitment: Alorivarra Antorus: 11/11N, 2/11H ToS: 9/9N, 9/9H NH: 10/10N, 10/10H More in-depth information can be found at on our website. Contact me with any questions you might have! Website: We're looking for a few DPS and a couple of Healers. ... How to Reach Us: - You can fill our our short "getting to know you" app on our website - Get in touch with an Officer, or me, in game to chat! - Leave a response here and we'll try to catch you in-game. Looking forward to hearing from you!Raiyyn7 Mar 20
Mar 20 LF Daytime Raiding guild Hello my schedule has changed and can no longer raid at night with my current guild and I am looking for a daytime guild that raids on weekdays only between 9:00am eastern and no later than 3:00pm eastern. I currently have 9/11H experience and have a resto/ele shaman and a mm hunter. I am looking for a fun place that also when not raiding that likes to run keys during the day. feel free to add my BTAG Axur#1766 or leave responses here and I will check them and get back with you asap.Asmshammy0 Mar 20
Mar 17 AOTC DPS and Healer Looking For Mythic Guild 960+ DPS and Healer looking for Mythic Semi-Hardcore Guild. We are 11/11H and haven't tried Mythic yet this tier. We have alts that we play that can raid as well. If you are interested and want to know more send a whisper or contact on Battle Tag danielg#1514.Thandemon0 Mar 17
Mar 16 961 Prot Warrior & 962 MW Monk LF Guild Times available: 7-10 cst tues-wed or fri-sat Faction preference: Alliance Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: semi-hardcore Current progression/experience: Both are 11/11 H Recent logs: from last attempt with current guild Contact info: Reply to thread or for quicker responses contact at or Sengo (Denten)#7075 on discordDentën0 Mar 16
Mar 16 Looking for a late night heroic raiding guild Hello everyone, I am currently looking for a guild that raids more late night, I have AOTC, keystone master. 960 ilevel (Can totally just look at my armory) Anyway, The issue is that i work 2pm-9:30pm Mountain time so im an hour behind server and because of my weird work weeks, its hard finding a guild i can raid with consistently, If anyone out there knows of anything, please message me in game or reply here. Donnypatts#11689Çataegis2 Mar 16