Baelgun and Doomhammer

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Nov 27 LF Alliance guild pushing raids new to x pac Any Alliance guild 18+ looking for a solid Healer (working multiple classes now) to fit into a tight nit raid group? With times 6pm on to 8pm server any time kinda. Little back story on me I used to raid hardcore back in Wrath with Nemesis (maxed gear on hard modes healing priest), and after playing off and on finally jumped back in during legion. Just been playing around leveling and just lfr to gradually get the feel of everything now. Now I'm kinda looking for a great guild with people to chat and generally play the game with. (and of course raid) Just seeing if any guilds are hiring.Nokori3 Nov 27
Nov 25 Ninja (the original...) Oh man, so sad they killed the Doomhammer forum and the epic thread of old-school goodness with it. :( Well, hey again to any old buddies from DH history. Let me know what's up.Ninja34 Nov 25
Nov 14 [A] <Trust> (1/9M) Recruiting for Mythic ToS Progression: 1/9M 9/9H Main Raid Days/Times: Tues/Thurs 5p-8p PST (8p-11p EST) Currently Recruiting: DPS (Warrior DPS / Mage / Boomkin / SPriest) Contact: Oleic (BNet: Jarg#1591), Treylawny (Treylawny#1813), Icyblades (GnarlyHarley#11434) Apply At: Server: Doomhammer/Baelgun Faction: Alliance About <Trust>: <Trust> is a recently formed mythic raiding guild on Doomhammer/Baelgun. We are intent on pushing mythic progression inside a casual 2-day per week, 3-hour per night schedule. As such, <Trust> is a semi-casual guild: we raid on a casual schedule, but our raiders are expected to be a cut above the rest. With such a limited amount of time dedicated to main raiding, it's important to us that our raiders make the best use of that time. Our 2-day/week schedule is very much progression-oriented. We are not casual about downing bosses! That much we take very seriously. Outside of our two main raid nights, you'll frequently find <Trust> members pushing Mythic+ keys together, running off-night raids (normals, alt. runs, etc.), and even branching off into other games together. We've been successful in building a team of like-minded individuals thusfar. And team cohesion is incredibly important to us. As such, we're specifically looking for like-minded individuals. And your overall attitude and personality carries the same amount of importance are your performance! When Does <Trust> Raid? We currently raid Tuesday and Thursday, 5pm-8pm PST (8pm-11pm EST). Off-night raids commonly take place on Fridays and Sundays. And of course, you'll find people running Mythic+s throughout the week! Who is <Trust> Looking for? At the end of the day, <Trust> is looking for dependable players who want to kill Internet dragons with us. If you're looking for a fun guild that gets it done, we may be a good fit for you. Please feel free to reach out to any of our officers (listed below) with any questions or to discuss joining. Don't see your class listed below? We're always interested in meeting excellent players, regardless of class/spec needs. Apply anyways! What is <Trust> Recruiting: Strongly seeking a couple specific ranged DPS classes, and a DPS warrior! Druid (Boomkin) Mage Monk (Windwalker / Mistweaver) Priest (Shadow) Rogue Warrior (DPS) How Do I Apply? Who Can I Contact? Ready to kill some Internet dragons with us? Head on over to and fill out our quick application and we'll be in touch soon! Questions can be directed to any <Trust> officer in-game: Oleic (Jarg#1591) Treylawny (Treylawny#1813) Icyblades (GnarlyHarley#11434)Oleic9 Nov 14
Nov 10 Looking for friends So I'm not a social butterfly but i can only get into games when I am playing with people and enjoying company. That said if you feel the same way hit it up!Vizen3 Nov 10
Nov 5 Any vanilla players still kicking? How you doin' mon?! I'm just getting back into WoW, was wondering if any of the vanilla players are still here. Ohh how I miss the good 'ole days.Chisgule42 Nov 5
Oct 31 Night Renegades LF Heroic & Mythic Raiders About Us Night Renegades is one of the oldest guilds on Baelgun/Doomhammer being around since 2006. We are a heroic raiding guild that is pushing into mythic for fun. We like to have fun and be social, but we get serious when it comes to raid progression. The raid atmosphere is still very lax and casual, but we strive to clear heroic of the current raid tier before the next tier arrives, and down as many mythic bosses as we can. We are an adult only guild, and as such we often engage in highly rated-R discussions during raid. If you are looking for a no cursing or a more family friendly type of guild, we are not the guild for you. However, if you enjoy crude adult humor, welcome aboard! Not really into raiding yet? Or Perhaps looking for more guild content than just raiding? Not a problem. We have a healthy amount of both raiders and non-raiders that are actively running Mythic+ keystones daily, Nightbane runs, and challenging achievements such as Glory to the Legion Hero. Progression Raid Times We run for 2-3 hours. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays 6pm server (9pm EST) with an impromptu weekend run thrown in. Current Progression 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare before 7.1.5 patch. 4/7M with 7.2 patch. 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor 10/10 Heroic Nighthold 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 3/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras Requirements -Have Discord installed and be able to listen to guild discussion going on in Discord. Having a mic and being social is highly encouraged. -If you are looking to raid with us, be familiar with the current tier boss fights we have already progressed through. While we will understand mistakes that are made from lack of practice, we do not want to give a fully detailed fight explanation every time someone new joins our raid group. Of course, we will be here to address any challenges you encounter during a fight. -Don't be a jerk! While we often jokingly make fun of each other, we do not support making a guild member feel unwelcome or alienated. Jerks will be warned, and then removed from the guild if they continue to be jerks. -Be an adult that can tolerate rated-R adult discussions. If you're under 18 or you're looking for a 'Family Friendly' atmosphere free of cursing and adult jokes, then we are not the guild for you. Add an officer/recruiter directly via Battle tag to chat today- Cyanah#1419, Jaxsom#1113Cyleigh0 Oct 31
Oct 27 [A]<True Grave> - LFM <True Grave> is a casual, mature alliance guild on Doomhammer looking to add to the family. We are currently 5/9:H ToS. What we are seeking: Melee DPS w/ strong tank off-spec - medium/high Melee DPS - low/medium Ranged DPS - high DPS w/ healing off-spec - medium/high Our raid schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 6-9 or 10 pst server Various M+ and guild events on non-raid days/nights For more information, reply here or contact a member in game.Asraii0 Oct 27
Oct 21 LF Enchanter - Crusader Scrolls LF an enchanter who can make me 2 Crusader scrolls. Will gladly tip. Feel free to CoD or whisper me if I am online. As far as the specific price for each scroll, it doesn't really matter as long as it is reasonable. Thanks guys, enjoy your adventures!!Haldaran1 Oct 21
Oct 14 Baelgun specific in-game service So is there a legit group on Baelgun (Alliance) that offers Mythic 15 runs for gold?Rosco0 Oct 14
Oct 2 940 Guardian Druid LF Guild Hey everyone, Just wanted to take a moment to leave this out there for anyone interested. As the title says, 940 Guardian Druid, with AoTC. Looking for active, social, and awesome guild with a consistent raid schedule. Would like to either farm heroic and progress mythic, or just progress through Mythic. I don't have any pulls yet on mythic bosses, but have familiarized myself with the fights and the additional mechanics present. Looking for something either 9pm or later, EST OR daytime raiding from 9am until around 2pm EST. Either work really. Looking for more than 'raid logging' as well. I would like to actually enjoy the people I'm clearing content with, and have a reason to want to log in. So social and engaged are equally important. If interested, by all means, please contact me through Discord or BTag. Btag- Proteansoul#1851 Discord- Big Bear#9407 Thanks!Bigbearclaws0 Oct 2
Sep 11 <To The Rescue> is Recruiting Our mission here in <To The Rescue> is a fairly straight-forward one: Do the best that we can in the best company that we can. We are a very casual guild that also likes to raid. We advance ourselves through continual team work, constant improvement and mutual respect. Our motto is “Constant Improvement, Respect and Success” and this is our formula to success. We always strive to improve ourselves, we respect one another and with these in constant practice it leads to success. We encourage an environment where our members collaborate with one another to help each other bring out the best that each player has to offer. We house a membership of varying play styles and skills but we always strive to help everyone find what works for them and excel at it. We raid on Friday & Saturday from 6-9PM Pacific time. We're actively looking for additional healers and ranged DPS to round out our raiding team but all roles are being considered as many of us are flexible in our role coverage. If this sounds like the kind of guild you'd like to be a part of or would like more information about us, please swing on by our website at to apply or ask to speak to myself or of our officers in-game. My bnet tag is #Azlynn1124Bizzaroazlyn0 Sep 11
Aug 11 <Crisp> Selling Heroic Tomb of Sargeras! Sales are currently suspended because Avatar and KJ are demanding brats. The weekend raid team will be picking up sales, 500k full clears. You can still contact me for more info, or get in touch with Mass-Baelgun or Velasca-Baelgun. ------------------------------------------------- ​ Heroic Packages: Full Clear 9/9 - 600,000 Kil'jaeden Only - 250,000 Individual Bosses - 100,000 each ​ Mythic Packages: Coming Soon! ​ Loot: Master Loot You receive loot that is appropriate to your class that our raiders don't need. ​ Payment: We are currently accepting gold on the following servers: Baelgun / Doomhammer Durotan / Ysera Sargeras If you have any questions, or to book a run, contact Ambermist (Ambermist#1266) or Tolun (Dan#1389). Thanks!Ambermist3 Aug 11
Jul 30 WTB Blackrock Bulwark Looking for this BOE Shield from WoD for transmog, not sure what the going rate is but will pay Fairly for it.Immortalize0 Jul 30
Jul 29 WTB Flayed Demonskin Belt (Mythic) Paying 50k for this item. Never any on AH and soooo over farming this.Smokescrêên1 Jul 29
Jul 24 Angels of Darkness - Recruitment Angels of Darkness is a recently formed casual raiding guild looking for more members. We plan on raiding Saturdays 5-7:30 pm/Sundays 12 - 2pm server time. For the most part we are a laid back group who simply wish to progress in Heroic ToS. Our current members are 9/9N and 1/9H (we decided to simply do the first boss and are ready to progress). In addition to raiding, we love doing Mythic+s. If you're under-geared...we will help gear you. If you are confused...we will provide clarity. We are currently recruiting 1 healer (monk desired, but not required) and dps (classes do not matter) If interested or seeking more information, message me here, in-game and/or add my battletag: Cooper#1474Druidica1 Jul 24
Jul 14 [A]<Geared Up-Doomhammer> - LF Raiders! <Geared Up> is looking for some raiders who are ready for Tomb! We are an alliance guild that raids T/Th 7pm-930pm server time (PST), Doomhammer. We are in current need of a Tank, healer, and a couple select DPS. We are currently 7/9N ToS. About us - We are comprised of players who have played for years, off and on, who love raid progression. We are a heroic progression guild and if we continue to grow and build a solid core team we will be open to mythic raiding! We are looking to attract mostly working adults that love WoW but also have real life commitments to attend to, playing for 6+ hours straight is not something most of us can do, and we know many can relate to this. That being said, we are looking for consistency in attendance and good communication. If interested in more information, come chat with us. Reach out to us here or in-game. Thanks :)Asraii0 Jul 14
Jul 12 Bring Your Own Heals is Recruiting HORDE USA DOOMHAMMER/BAELGUN <Bring Your Own Heals> is a guild lookin for mage, monk healer ret pally priest healer a dps preist and a shaman elemental for our core raid team currently 5/9n TOS and 1/9h TOS. We currently raid Tues/Thurs 6:30pm server time to 9pn Message me for more info or comment below LikeShower1 Jul 12
Jul 7 [A] LF Guild - Holy Paladin I'm looking for a mature social guild that would be interested in a future healer or tank for dungeons and possibly raids. I'm leaning toward healer with a tanking off-spec.. I'm not 100% sure though. ..Might need a push in one direction or the other.. Experience: Healing/Tanking during BC & WotLK Dungeons/RaidsJax0 Jul 7
Jul 3 LF Guild [A]Doomhammer Tank & Healer Hello, My friend and I (adults) are looking for a patient, friendly, and semi-casual guild. I'm tasked with finding us a guild! :) We are both fresh 110s. I'm a tank, he's a healer. Our ideal guild would include the following: - use discord - be willing to gear up a couple new 110s - be patient with a newcomer to Legion (I played in beta/Vanilla and Wrath... not much since) We are generous and appreciative individuals that would be very happy to repay the guild for helping us gear up. I donate a lot of gold regularly to the guild bank and would be very happy to tip people for helping us out (my friend included). When we become the proper level we would love to pay forward the help.Stellarfu1 Jul 3
Jun 27 (H) Onslaught recruiting Dps for TOS Onslaught is a casual-progressive raiding guild who has been around since 2006 on Doomhammer- US-Horde. We are focused on clearing all Normal and Heroic raid content in Legion. (We MAY dip our toes into Mythic as raid comp and team-size permits if Heroic is cleared/farmed early in a tier) We also love doing Mythic+ 5man runs on off-raid nights. Current open class / spec spots: 1x Warlock -- Aff or Destro 1x Mage -- Arc or Frost 1x Arms or Fury Warrior 1x Mistweaver Monk w/WW or BM offspec Raid Nights: Tuesday -- 515p to 830p PST (815-1130p EST) Wednesday -- 515p to 830p PST (815-1130p EST) << Tier 20 Raid Progression >> Tomb of Sargeras: Normal -- Heroic -- Mythic -- << Tier 19 Raid Progression >> Nighthold: Mythic -- 1/10 Heroic --10/10 Normal -- 10/10 Trial of Valor: Heroic -- 3/3 Normal -- 3/3 Emerald Nightmare: Heroic -- 7/7 Normal -- 7/7 ----------------------------------------------- If interested in raiding full time with us, the following qualifications are required: - Must be Ilvl 890+ - Must be 18+ IRL age - Must have prior raid experience, either in WoD or an earlier WoW expansion - We use Discord ( for voice communication. - Loot System: We use Personal for full farm and occasionally Merit-based Loot Council when distributing new Tier set pcs // Our council is comprised of 3-4 Officers who will help to disperse drops when Master Loot is in effect. - Must be knowledgeable in your chosen class & spec and be OK with wipes / constructive advice if offered in the process of learning new encounters. Contact Minaah,Zinaah or Zbik via battletag: minaah#1990 to set up a recruitment interview or to get more details about our guild. --Thank you for your interest in advance!Zinaah2 Jun 27
Jun 20 LF guild LF guild with a morning or daytime presence for heroics and possible raidsDyondria0 Jun 20
Jun 14 [A]<Fresh> Evening raid 10/10M LF Ranged DPS <Fresh> of Baelgun/Doomhammer-Alliance is a mythic raiding guild currently recruiting for Nighthold. At10/10M progression, we are looking for raiders to continue through Cathedral becoming more experienced and devoted as a raiding family to help progress and push for top server rankings while maintaining a more casual raid atmosphere. Since Cata, this guild has pushed to be one of the best guilds on the server and into Legion we are trying to keep it that way. We are an experienced group coming from a wide array of backgrounds and although we like to have fun and remain on task, we also know when it's time to be serious and buckle down. We are recruiting ranged DPS who can perform at the top of their class, but we will accept any exceptional DPS. Here are the current raid times: Tuesday - 7:00-10:00pm (PST) Wednesday - 7:00-10:00pm (PST) Thursday - 7:00-10:00pm (PST) If you have any questions about the guild or want to talk add one of the following real id's or apply at Lilchili#1489 Sylentdeth#1230 Thank you and have fun!Marcaryn0 Jun 14
Jun 12 Questing Group lvl 60-100 Looking for leveling group. Stuck in the mid 60's right now. Anyone available to play this week?Goldforger0 Jun 12
Jun 6 LFG - Fury Warrior, Prot Warrior Looking for Guild! Fury WarriorGoldforger0 Jun 6
Jun 6 Looking for company Hey so I just started replaying after about a year of break (computer problems) graduating school, etc. Anyways I need more friends to play with. Just casual for now but looking to do dungeons and raids asap. Mainly just looking for someone to have fun with doing quests.Neeck1 Jun 6
Jun 4 <Crisp> Selling H NH--Mythic Coming Soon(tm) Short on time or gear and looking to get your AotC achievements (remember, Tomb of Sargeras comes out June 20th, only a few more weeks to get your achievement!) and pick up a few pieces along the way? We gotcha, bae. ----------​ Now selling: Heroic Packages: • Full Clear 10/10 - 300,000 (Includes loot appropriate to your class/spec) • Gul'dan - 150,000 (Heroic Elisande included @ no charge) • Specific bosses - 50,000 each (Excluding Gul'dan) Mythic Packages: • Skorpyron, Anomaly - 150,000 per boss • Trilliax, Spellblade, High Botanist - 200,000 per boss • Krosus, Tichondrius, Star Augur - 250,000 per boss Other Packages: • Mythic NH 10/10 (no mount) - 5,000,000 (coming soon!) • Mythic ToV - 400,000 • Mythic EN - 300,000 Loot: We try to distribute loot to buyers as fairly as possible. Certain Titanforged pieces may be reserved for raiders. Loot is negotiable if you are interested in specific pieces. Contact Amber (Ambermist#1266) or Tolun (Dan#1389) for more information.Ambermist1 Jun 4
May 31 Hi! Bye! I didn't know there was a merged realm forum. Anyway, I'm taking a break from WoW. I'll be back in a few months maybe. Take it easy. My thoughts are always with you. Sincerely, ZhaanZhaan0 May 31
May 26 [A]Geared Up - New Guild, New Opportunities <Geared Up> is a brand new guild, that is looking to recruit! It is our goal to make an awesome guild, but we can't do it alone. So if your interested in joining a guild with a lot of opportunity to be a leader this is the place. The goal is to be a progression raiding guild. We want to also be able to help get new raiders up to par with raiding. As of right now we have no plans on this being a Mythic Progression Guild, however if the opportunity arose we would not reject it. We are looking to attract mostly working adults that love WoW but also have real life commitments to attend to, playing for 6+ hours straight is not something most of us can do, and we know many can relate to this. We want to create a fun, mature and serious environment for people who want to enjoy endgame content and collaborate among each other without heavy restrictions. We want this to also be a helpful environment that is ensuring every guild member is getting the most of their time spent on WoW. <Geared Up> will be based on Doomhammer server, however for anyone wanting to be apart of this guild and needing to transfer We will try to help with some type of accommodation. This guild will be heavily based on leadership we are looking to be a tight knit guild, that will allow people to play with friends and enjoy the game. That being said, the GM and I do not get to play as much as we would like, however we keep up on fights and what's going on in the game, and make time for raids. If you are wanting to be apart of what could be an amazing and fun experience and really have a hand in building a guild and a raid team then we need you! This is not going to be quick and easy but with the right people who are willing to be patient and put in the work, it will be greatly rewarding. Our current needs/wants: To recruit people who are effective, loyal and desire to be apart of a young growing guild. We need every class and role currently. We plan to raid at T/Th 7p-930p server time (PST) 9p-1130p (CST) We have five levels of leadership needing to be filled. Be willing to chat on discord please so we can get to know you and answer any questions you may have! Guild Adviser - This player will act as Co-Guild Master and help assist with primary administrative decisions, as well being very knowledgeable with game content, (i.e. patch notes, class and content changes, etc) to inform the guild as need-be. Raid Recruiter x2 - These players will be in charge of recruiting through in-game channels as well as forums and platforms available for recruiting. They will also decide what needs the raid roster has and address them as needed. Raid Leader x3 - These players will be in charge of understanding all raid mechanics and collaborating to fully and accurately educate the raid team on this issue as well as how the team will strategically handle the mechanics. Raid Officer - These raiders will be active and great raiders, but those who are not looking to have much extra commitment on their plates with exception of attendance. Their input will be appreciated and encouraged. Treasurer - We know this one seems odd. But it will be the goal of the guild to work together in ensuring the raid needs are fully taken of. These players will monitor the guild bank and decide what needs we have to take care of raids. Also, these players may be entrusted with selling any high dollar BOE items on the AH and making bank deposits. If your interested in joining or would like more information feel free to contact me at Bebo#11950, or in game at Dissuade-Baelgun, or reply to this post I'll be looking forward to chatting with you all. ThanksDissuade0 May 26
May 25 Returning player LFG leveling/dungeons just got back into the game to play alongside my daughter. Looking for a guild to level and teach her the game. I have a few higher level toons as well. Currently have Horde toons, but as my daughters are low level starting an alliance one is easy.Dumplin0 May 25
May 24 Returning player looking for a guild I've recently returned to playing and am looking to join a guild. I haven't been in a guild in a few expansions (Treachery is my personal guild so I tend not to count that as being in a guild). I bounced through a few guilds and just did not find what I was looking for. What i am looking for is a casual guild that will have people to do quests, and dungeons(and help others in the same way), i'm not sure that I'm raiding material any more at this point. I'm not looking for a guild to carry me through anything, nor am I really interested in a guild that will invite anyone. If this sounds like this may be a match, send me a message Githh #1949Elessadar0 May 24
May 24 Wanting to start new raiding guild Hey! I'm writing this to see if I can get any interested in helping start up a new guild. I don't want to waste hours attempting to ask in game so I'm hoping I can get some response here. I am currently in a raiding guild and have been for some time, I have AOTC for all current content. However, I have noticed a major issue that I have been running into for years that has caused me to want to start my own guild to help fix these issues but to do so is so difficult nowadays I just have never bothered with it. But I'm finally ready to see if anyone out there shares the same desire as I do. So, the whats the issue? Well, I love raiding and playing WoW as a whole. But I have the problem that I have noticed with WoW these days is that unless you can fully dedicate so much time your pretty much stuck out of endgame progress, thus leaving many people from getting to enjoy the best parts of the game (heroic raiding, and Mythic + content) or consistently sacrifice real life needs to do so (such as myself) like I said I have a guild I raid with so I can manage but it gets a little harder the further into life I get. So the point of this guild would be to raid but not at the expense of real life. I want to continue to progress heroic but really have no intentions of Mythic raiding. I want it to be semi-hardcore raiding guild meaning I feel that I am a good player and can pull my own in raids and when I'm there I take it very seriously. But I want to be able to structure in such a way that, for example, once heroic is on farm raids would be a 1 night (with an optional alt raid night)a week thing as opposed to 2 or 3. I don't want a guild that is dedicated to flexing for others or progressing new players (although I would love to help anyone as much as possible) but that just simply takes real life and responsibilities into account when designing the guild. So what I'm looking for is a few dedicated players that would like to start a new guild and help get it going I DO NOT want anyone assuming that i want a guild that is just like "ehh, whatever" because that is not it at all. I want to raid and take raid seriously. also, I'm not saying there aren't guides out there that do not do this I'm saying I haven't been lucky enough to find one. My current guild is great and I love playing with them, but they want to push Mythic raiding and that's fine for them but they raid for 4 hours 3 nights a week and simply cannot continue to do this (if your wondering what the problem with my guild is right now). I know it's a terribly long post but I hope I got my point across if you interested please let me know any thoughts and opinions!Corha7 May 24
May 15 [A] <Fresh> 10/10M LF DPS <Fresh> is an established mythic guild looking for a few more solid dps to progress with us through the rest of Nighthold and help prepare for the Tomb of Sargeras! We pride ourselves in clearing mythic content prior to the release of the new raid tier aka cutting edge. Considering our minimal 9 hour / 3 night raid schedule, we continue to thrive as a mythic team and push progression while maintaining a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We're always interested in quality players, so if your class or role isn't listed but think you'd be a good fit, please reach out and let us know who you are. Melee Feral Druid Retribution Paladin Survival Hunter Rogue Ranged DPS Balance Druid BM/MM Hunter Shadow Priest Raid Schedule: Tues / Wed / Thurs - 7:00 to 10:00 PST (invites start @ 6:30, pull at 7:00) We also have optional NH clears every Monday. If you'd like to know more about the guild and how we operate, please get in touch with us through an application or directly on bnet. Contacts: Lilchili#1489 - GM Sylentdeth#1230 - Raid Leader reeves#11962 - Raider / Recruitment May 15
May 11 Lf weekend raid team 860 lock is lf for guild to raid on weekends.Andreashka2 May 11
May 8 LF Guild - Fury Warrior LF a guild to raid with, talk with, and just all around do content and have some fun and meet friends.Enrage1 May 8
May 7 [A] The Drunken LFM The Drunken is a Causal Raiding Guild on Doomhammer/Baelgun, We raid Wed/ Saturday and sometimes Fridays, 8 est-10:30. Our members are always active doing M+, World quests, or alt runs. Most of us are 900+ ilvl and AOTC, Looking to fill our roster for Tos. We want consistent active players, Who know they're class and spec. Requirements : Must be 18 or older Must be able to handle vulgar ball busting Not afraid to speak up 885 Ilvl Current or better Show up for 2/3 Raid Per Week A working headset with a stable internet Connection. Send me a pm in game, Chromatic#11317Chromatic0 May 7
Apr 25 6/10M 907 ELE Shaman LF Guild btag= Dannishh#1337 Hello interwebs, Im looking for a guild that needs a dedicated ELE Shaman. I have great raid attendance and a good sense of humor. I just want to raid! Going to list my raid xp hope to hear from ppl soon. -12/12 HM 10m T10 Resto Shaman -6/12 HM 25m T10 Resto Shaman -4/13HM 25m T11 Ele/resto -6/7HM 25m T12 Ele/Resto Shaman -8/8HM 25m T13 Resto Shaman -11/16 HM 10m T14 Ele Shaman/Disc Priest -13/13 25m HM T15 Resto Shaman -14/14 HM 25m T16 US 50th Garrosh Kill Resto shaman -Casual T17 -13/13M T18 Fury/Arms Warrior ------T19------- -7/7M EN Enhance Shaman -3/3H Hell Yea killed my guild Enhance Shaman -6/10M NH Ele Shaman 47 pts in my ele weapon currently! Looking for better raid times, I dont want to get home from work straight to raid! Looking for pst times prefer 7pm or later start times! -armory- Logs--- p.s. Not all of my mythic kills are on public so some are missing!Dannetc0 Apr 25
Apr 21 True Grave <A> LF Members for Tomb! True Grave is a fun, friendly raiding guild. We focus on normal raids and mythic+ dungeons. We progress at our own pace, and have fun doing it. We have recently lost our tanks due to RL issues and are in need of tanks for upcoming tomb. We are also looking for any active players looking to raid, run dungeons or just chill. All skill levels and ilvl are welcome! We raid Tues and Thursdays 6pm - 9pm server. PM Strykor in game for more info or invites! Can also hit us up on discord Apr 21
Apr 13 [A] <Vigilant> 3/10H NH Weekend raiding guild Vigilant is now recruiting active members for our raid team (preferably ranged DPS and healers). We are a fun and casual raiding guild that raids SAT @ 7:00PM and SUN @ 6:00PM Pacific Time. We are just beginning heroics and are currently 3/10H and will quickly be progressing.Eppittome2 Apr 13
Apr 7 [A]SACRED-Baelgun 3/10M LFM DPS [A] SACRED of Baelgun (US) What we need: Top priority MM/BM Hunter SPriest Enhancement Shaman We are interested in any ranged class and a few melee, specifically: Warrior Rogue Frost DK We do not need heals or tanks currently. About us: SACRED is a long standing guild on the Baelgun server. We consistently push mythic content with our limited 3 night per week schedule. Atmosphere: We subscribe to the philosophy that less time playing doesn't mean less effort or less success. We're looking for quality players that enjoy the game, want to play with a group of like-minded people and have fun while smoothly clearing out content. We can't sustain these goals with poor players or bad attitudes, so come prepared to show us your 'A' game and that you're a good fit for the guild. Raid Schedule: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. server time (PST) invites start at 6:15 p.m. Applicant requirements: * A stable internet connection and a computer decent enough to not lock up or lag consistently. * 18+ years of age, mature guild, no kids please. * Gear that magnifies effort. Your gear should demonstrate that you know your class and have put effort into gearing up. This includes the correct gems and enchants. * The ability to listen and respond on Discord. * Situational awareness; if you can't move out of fire, dodge tornadoes, or keep your place in a rotation, then we're not the guild for you. * Dedication and reliability; show up consistently and on time - minimum raid attendance is 85%. * Players who have a proven history of performance, either through logs, references, or general raiding experience. What we have to offer: * A tight roster of dedicated players who show up to raids prepared and ready to progress. * A fun raid environment that's fairly laid back and casual while still pushing current content and maintaining competitive progression with an extremely light raid schedule. We do not add extra mandatory nights like some "3 day/week" guilds, but optional raids do happen on Wednesday nights. * A stable, fun and welcoming guild atmosphere; we are drama free and personable – our raid team consists of men and women ranging from early 20’s up to their 40’s. * A fair loot council that awards gear based on getting progress. We don't play favorites, period. * An active group of players who sign on for general fun outside of raids. * Guild bank repairs and flasks for all members who raid with us (including applicants). * An active leadership who is open to suggestion. Think you'd be a good fit for us? Please apply at our website: or contact me in game via BattleTag Arrelion#1100.Zelterien2 Apr 7
Mar 26 LFM - Raiders Night Renegades (Alliance) is an ADULTS ONLY (no one under 18) guild that has been together since 2006. We like to have fun and be social, but we get serious when it comes to clearing content. We are always running Mythic + dungeons and are willing to help people get geared up and raid ready. We are looking for active members that can commit to 2-3 nights a week. our current raid schedule is: Tues 6 server (9 est) some wed 6 Server (9 est) Thurs 6 server (9 est) some Sunday 4 or 6 server (7 or 9 est) we run for 2.5 to 3 hours Our progress so far: 7/7 Heroic EN 3/3 Normal ToV 10/10 Normal Nighthold 3/10 heroic Nighthold We are currently working on heroic NH, Heroic ToV, and Mythic EN We would love to have people who are willing to progress with us but have fun while doing it. Must meet the following criteria: -have vent and a working mic/headset -must know all fights or at least study up on them -be social !! both in guild chat and vent -willing to help others If you are interested in joining Night Renegades, please contact anyone online or add me and we can chat any time during the day Cyanah#1419Cyanah1 Mar 26
Mar 16 [H] Zozobra is looking for new Members! Zozobra is one of Doomhammer's oldest active Horde guilds, and we're looking for a few good folks who enjoy a casually progressive raiding environment, occasional fun events, and friendly atmosphere to round out our regular raiding crew. We're unapologetically working our way through Normal Nighthold, with an eye toward heroic progression. With the size of our roster, we have no plans for mythic raiding. We're a casual guild with hardcore goals. Currently we can use a backup Tank, a Healer or two, and anyone else who fits in with our community to raid on Tuesday and Wednesday (6:30 PST) and Sunday(5:30 PST) nights. We're currently working 6/10N NH, and we're about to start Heroic runs. Apart from raiding, some things you can look forward to in Zozobra: Regular fun events: 1-2 times a month, we hold these to get away from the mindless grind and stress of raiding and progression. Sometimes it'll be a naked zombie race. Sometimes cow darts or a drunken fishing night. Frequent older content runs for fun, achievements and xmog. Opportunity. If you are interested in any aspect of guild play, we strive to get you involved as soon as possible. Scheduling and roster balance doesn't always allow for immediate gratification (we have real lives!), however, in the meantime we regularly work to get you ready for anything you're wanting to do. Many of us in Zozobra are real-life friends and family, and we definitely encourage and appreciate bringing more friends and family to the guild. We only have a few select rules that we ask members to abide by: Respect. We're not against an occasional off-color comment, by any means. But treat your guildmates and the rest of the community with respect. No Begging. We're willing to put effort in for you, as long as you're equally willing to put effort in for yourself and the guild. Stick to your commitments. If you say you're going to show up to a raid or scheduled event, you show up (or let someone know in advance that you're not able to, and why). If you're interesting in finding out more, give us a shout here or look for Tsuko, Iniquus, Kaein, Ariaevil, Guerisser or Zelistraza online any time.Guerisser0 Mar 16
Mar 5 H Streamed Guild - Ready for Heroics Greetings! I'm a full time Magic the Gathering streamer. In the evenings I've been streaming WoW with my fiancee and a few stream viewers. We have 10 active guild members, and are just now starting to reach max level. We're looking to raid on Thursday & Sunday evenings, and play most nights. If you're interested, you can stop by the stream to get to know us, or just log in and join us for a dungeon! We're n00b friendly, as long as you plan on learning! We're learning together and looking forward to raiding soon! stream is at www (dot) twitch (dot) tv/semulin See you there!Semulin0 Mar 5
Feb 16 Recruiting Raiders We are an ADULTS ONLY (no one under 18) guild that has been together since 2006. We like to have fun and be social, but we get serious when it comes to raiding. We are always running Mythic + dungeons and are willing to help people get geared up and raid ready. We are looking for active members that can commit to 2-3 nights a week. our current raid schedule is: Tues 6 server (9 est) some wed 6 Server (9 est) Thurs 6 server (9 est) Sunday 4 server (7 est) we run for 2.5 to 3 hours Our progress so far: 7/7 Heroic EN 3/3 Normal ToV 10/10 Normal Nighthold We are currently working on heroic NH, Heroic ToV, and will be starting Mythic EN We would love to have people who are willing to progress with us but have fun while doing it. Must meet the following criteria: -have vent and a working mic/headset -must know all fights or at least study up on them -be social !! both in guild chat and vent -willing to help others If you are interested in joining Night Renegades, please contact anyone online or add me and we can chat any time during the day Cyanah#1419Cyanah0 Feb 16
Feb 9 LF Guild - Fury Warrior Hello! I'm looking for a guild as I have been inactive since the ending of WoD and just recently picked up my subscription to play Legion. I'm looking for a guild that's friendly, has a somewhat serious raid team, and also does a other things outside of raiding such as leveling and just xmog runs or something. Thank you (: My raiding experience mainly started in WoD but I have some Flex experience on MoP. I was 13/13 heroic HFC. My BT - Lewffy#1553 if you want to talk personally for some extra questions.Empty0 Feb 9
Feb 9 Looking for weeknight raiding/mythic+ guild Howdy folks, I've been on the server for a few months now, transferred at beginning of Legion and having a hard time finding a guild that raids during the week and runs mythic+ regularly. I don't have a huge amount of time to play but when I do I like it to be worthwhile rather than just doing my wq's and logging off/lfr derping. I have this fury warrior and an ele shammy(alt) roughly the same gear level. Can provide logs and willing to be trial raider if a team needs me.Inkahoots4 Feb 9
Feb 3 Shaman LF New Casual Guild I have a 870 shaman that is looking for a new guild. My old guild is nice, but the rate of progression is horrible, we just knocked out HEN and NToV a few weeks ago, just before Nighthold went live. We have made progress, but are 5/10 on Nighthold. I don't want to trash my guild but half the DPS on the raid team doesn't put in the effort to learn their class and gear appropriately. I will post my logs later but I am in the 30th percentile for my ilvl for DPS without any of the good legendaries or any BiS. I am not looking for a hardcore guild, just a casual that can at least make it through normal. I can do any spec, all three of my artifacts have the 5% bonus. I prefer Elemental as DPS, but can do Enhancement easily. I have healed mythic dungeons without any trouble and enjoy doing it. TLDR:. Unhappy with guild's slow progression rate and looking for a new casual home, toons ready to raid.Andwran2 Feb 3
Jan 28 [A] Garona Guild - Ronin- need DPS We are a friends/family guild on Garona looking for some DPS for our raid. We would like to get to get through Heroic and start on some Mythic. We raid two nights a week, Wednesday/Thursday 8-11 CST. Please check out our website for current listings, we are always looking for talent regardless of class/spec. Any questions feel free to add me Dolah#1551.Ashty0 Jan 28
Jan 25 (A) Indominus is Recruiting! Indominus is recruiting for our Tues/Weds 7pm-9pm server raiding teams. We are mostly looking for healers and DPS, but will take anyone. We have no issue with classes or spec, all are welcome! We do have 2 Main Tanks, but will gladly have backups, incase either tank is absent or is running an alt. We also run Mythic+s, along with running old-school content as well. We're a friendly fun bunch, generally leaning towards mature content. Most of the guild is on in the evening, with some people on during the day. We have our own discord, which we also use for social interactivity, such as discussing music, gaming, et all. We are also looking to branch out into other games as well. So check us out. You can search for Symphany/Lamentation-Baelgun, Nilarieth-Doomhammer, Woffmeister-Baelgun, Shulk/Hikaru-Baelgun, and Paletuna/Liang-Baelgun for invites and more information.Symphany2 Jan 25