Drak’Tharon, Firetree, Malorne, Rivendare, Spirestone, and Stormscale

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5d [H]<Impûlse> 2Day Late Night LF DPS <Impûlse> of Malorne [H] is looking for members for our core semi-casual heroic/mythic raiding group. We are looking for dedicated members willing to improve and grow. We like to have fun above else, join us. Guild started towards the end of NH, and our prev progression is 9/9H ToS, while currently 11/11N and 3/11H. We are trying to find more members for Antorus to continue heroic and hopefully do some casual mythic raiding. Our founding members have mythic NH experience before forming the guild. However, aside from progression, we are just trying to create a great and fun core group. Guild Philosophy: Create a fun but semi-serious/casual raiding environment, in which criticisms are constructive and non-negative. Do not advocate nepotism and create a clean, fair, and drama free space. Raid times: Tue&Wed 10:30pm-1:30am Est (7:30pm-10:30pm Pst) and Sun (flex day 8pm Est start) Class Needs (to round out the team): All Melee DPS encouraged to apply. Other DPS classes will be strongly considered as well esp if you have a strong offspec. Contact: If you are interested add and message DaKoo#11831 (Discord: Enigmatix#2672), Sickleblade#1934, or Xulkaen#1336.Enigmatix40 5d
5d [H] Sounds Complicated - Late Night LF DPS Who we are <Sounds Complicated> on Malorne-US is a guild on the Spirestone realm cluster (Spirestone, Malorne, Firetree, Rivendare, Stormscale, and Drak'Tharon) that looks to do the hardest raiding contnt Blizzard has to offer, at the pace of real life. We're made up of parents, students, working professionals, etc. with long days, who want to do something fun and challenging to do in the evenings. Raid Times Monday-Wednesday 8:30pm-11:30pm PT (11:30pm-2:30am ET) Progress 11/11N 6/11H Who We’re Looking For: Tanks: No main tanks currently. A dps with a playable tank OS would be nice in a pinch. Melee dps: A little busy in melee at the moment, but for the right fit we'll make it work. Ranged dps: Open to anything. Healers: No min healers currently. A dps with a playable healing OS would be nice in a pinch. That being said, raid composition and experience don't matter that much to us. We come from a wide range of raiding backgrounds (top 300 world to casual normal/heroic) and have made some wonky compositions work. What matters to us is that we get along, you're looking to improve (even if you're parsing well), and you want to raid. If you don't have a lot of experience raiding, we can bring you up to speed. If you need help improving, we're happy to help. If this all sounds like something you're interested in, great! Lets talk. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch via one of the BattleTags listed below. If you're interested in applying, please fill out an application on our website at http://www.scomplicated.net/recruitment Curare/Trolfu/Trollzy - Daner#1441 (Raid Leader) Jezuljin/Lethalstrike - Madkat#1923 (Guild Leader) Information is current as of 12/12/17Trolfu19 5d
6d SPIRESTONE VANILLA WOW ROLE CALL! Since our last thread got trashed before the big merger here is a new one. Thunderfury Hoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shankerz31 6d
Dec 9 Keep Calm - M+ Sales Keep Calm, US# 73rd, is finally selling Mythic Plus carries! Whether your goal is to get Keystone Master, that new Artifact appearance, or you want to get the most out of your weekly chest without the stress of finding a group last minute, we can get you where you want to be. With our experience raiding, and in countless weeks of grinding m+, we can guarantee a smooth, and effortless run where you can either sit back and relax - or contribute to the fun - the decision is up to you. Our prices are competitive to other groups running, our intent is not to gouge you out of your hard work. We both need each other, and we aim to provide an experience that keeps you coming back week after week, alt after alt! If you have more questions, or want to set up a time to run - please add me @ MHMabrito#1333.Mabrito1 Dec 9
Dec 7 Vanilla player returning to Wow Looking for a guild on Stormscale. I'm so lonely while leveling :D Currently leveling a troll hunter(77)Seizann1 Dec 7
Dec 6 new guild recruiting <Art of War> new guild formed looking for all players wanting to join us. just a casual guild needing more people. free guild repairs and bank. come help us grow and be social.Zealot0 Dec 6
Dec 5 [H] Troll Pride World Wide is LFM for Antorus Raid times: Tuesday/Thursday 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM CST Troll Pride World Wide is a semi-casual, English-speaking, raiding guild formed originally on Stormscale-US in 2014. What are we recruiting? DPS. You should be prepared to go into Antorus, or close to it (ie- appropriate weapon level, ilvl, tier, etc. We can help fill in gaps, if we see you're making the effort.) Want to give us a test drive? Contact Dinosawr-Stormscale in game, or Zolopft#1241 on Bnet, and we'd be happy to invite you to an off-night raid or some M+ dungeons so we can get a feel for each other.Dinosawr4 Dec 5
Dec 3 Selling M+15 Carries! We are selling M+15 runs for gold so you can get ilvl 955+ gear from your next weekly cache! Any loot that drops from the run that we don't need is also up for grabs at no extra cost! We are an experienced M+ team and so we will almost certainly complete the run in time so you will also receive the Keystone Master achievement for your Artifact Weapon appearance. Message me in-game to discuss time and price or any questions at: Doomsheep#1783Corset0 Dec 3
Dec 1 Alliance Warlock returning after 5 years Hey everyone, I tried to stay away, but I just couldn't. Leveling through the game on my level 66 Worgan Warlock and looking for a casual guild to join and have some fun with. Not really intending to raid much, if at all, when I hit the level max. Back in the day I co-GMed a successful (1st place in our server) raiding guild, but that was back in Burning Crusade. For some reason my character is not populating on the forum, but my character name is Malikai and I am on Spirestone, feel free to message me in game or reply to the thread.Damoblu0 Dec 1
Nov 26 [A] The Alliance Empire The Alliance Empire LF all to join the Empire in total domination of Warcraft. Be a part of the Largest and most Active growing community to date. Current list of realms and growing: • Alterac Mountains, Balnazzar, Gorgonnash, The Forgotten Coast, Warsong (CR) • Bleeding Hollow • Blood Furnace, Mannoroth, Nazjatar (CR) • Bloodscalp, Boulderfist, Bunemaul, Maiev, Stonemaul (CR) • Bonechewer, Aegwynn, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, Hakkar (CR) • Darkspear • Dalaran • Emerald Dream • Firetree, Drak’Tharon, Malorne, Rivendare, Spirestone, Stormscale (CR) • Frostmourne (Oceanic) • Kel’Thuzad • Korgath • Lethon, Blackwing Lair, Dethecus, Detheroc, Haomarush, Shadowmoon (CR) • Nemesis (Brazil) • Proudmoore • Ragnaros (Latin America) • Sargeras • Stormrage • Tichondrius What should you expect from The Alliance Empire?  Daily slaughter of the Horde in Small to Large scale World PvP  Daily runs of BGs and Arenas for gearing  Dungeons for gearing and transmog  Random FUN events such as tournaments, prescheduled World PvP, Wargames, Races, Transmog contest, Battle Royale, and much more!  Very social and non-toxic environment for you to join the game with others  Very organized community structure with amazing leadership  Other games for you to play when you don’t feel like playing WoW  Chill music to listen to while playing  Amazing perks for being an Officer if you choose to go that route Interesting in joining us? Direct Message us in Discord, our server: Discord.gg/QRhtvCx - Cadigan (Owner) - Deathology (Owner) - Ceneria (Director) - Sinjarah (Director)Cadogans19 Nov 26
Nov 25 WTS Large Stash of Profession Patterns Hey there. As the title states, I am looking to sell a bunch of patterns I've collected over the years. Here is the list: BS - Lionheart Helm 3 Persuader 4 Whitesoul Helm 3 Invulnerable Mail Hammer of Righteous Might Storm Gauntlets Stronghold Gauntlets 4 Mithril Shield Spike 2 Radiant Belt 6 Radiant Boots Eternium Runed Blade Golden Scale Shoulders Mithril Scale Shoulders Runed Mithril Hammer Golden Scale Leggings Mithril Spurs Dawnbringer Shoulders Wildthorn Mail Radiant Leggings Radiant Gloves Thorium Armor 3 Hard Khorium Battleplate 4 Sunblessed Breastplate ENCH: Bracer - Agility Gloves - Riding Skill Gloves - Skinning Chest - Major Resilience Boots - Versatility Shield - Lesser Protection Bracers - Superior Stamina ENG - Purple Smoke Flare Power Amplification Goggles 4 Sniper Scope 3 Crashin' Thrashin' Robot Major Recombobulator 3 Lifelike Mechanical Toad Flash Bomb 2 Primal-Attuned Goggles 2 Hyper Magnified Moon Specs Wonderheal XT68 Shades TAILOR - Star Belt Mooncloth Leggings 2 Girdle of Ruination 2 Resolute Cape Bottomless Bag 2 Mooncloth Shoulders 2 Mooncloth Vest Mooncloth Bag Cloak of Eternity Bracers of Havok ALCH - Heroic Potion 3 Transmute Undeath to Water 2 Haste Potion 4 Greater Stoneshield Potion Elixir of the Searching Eye Elixir of Dream Vision 2 Elixir of Giants Transmute Water to Undeath 2 Potion of Petrification Transmute Earth to Life LEATHER - Netherdrake Gloves Thick Netherscale Breastplate Cobrascale Gloves Windscale Hood Guardian Belt Comfortable Leather Hat Chimeric Vest and 2 Manual: Strong Anti-Venom I am looking for 3.5 million for the entire collection, but this is negotiable. I also have a Chromatic Cloak recipe that could perhaps be worked into the deal somehow. If you have any questions, you can find me in game or you can reply here. P.S. I am not able to transfer.Joeljoel0 Nov 25
Nov 16 Stormscale Oldschoolers? Is anybody out there there there therrrrrre? (echo).Caze66 Nov 16
Nov 14 <Seraphim Knights> - Firetree Just wanted to see if anyone from the original Seraphim Knights is still around??Piesniper0 Nov 14
Nov 5 7/9M Warlock LF mythic Afternoon, I am currently seeking a mythic progression guild for Antorous. I have left my last guild who was at the time I left progressing on mythic FA, my best pull was 19% in Phase 2. The choice of leaving was based on officers shoving 955 TF's to people who already had better gear, allowing certain players to botch mechanics but if anyone else did so help you. In short, I want a guild with a good officer and fair officer core. (Note gear is not my aim but progression, I will not tolerate favoritism though.) I am available to raid Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday at any time after noon EST, I am originally from Spirestone and the midwest so the time difference means nothing to me. I can provide logs from mythic progression and in detail show you why what happened where and why. My mythic logs compared to my heroic logs are vastly lower because of my last guild forcing very idiotic strats and what not. Yes, I am looking for a horde guild I will be faction and server changing if I find a decent enough group. You do not need to be up to 7/9M in ToS for my consideration however I want a serious raid atmosphere even if its not a die hard guild. All three spec's are up to date on gearing and all three are playable however, given the T21 tier sets I will be favored towards Affliction with an OS for Destrustion. Thank you for reading please leave your contact information if you are interested. Thank you for reading, KulzukKulzuk4 Nov 5
Oct 23 Tank LF Guild https://raider.io/characters/us/spirestone/Zalieria 940 Tank LF Mythic plus guild and/or raider guild. I'm free to raid Tuesdays and Thursdays before 9:00pm PST.Have Dps set, but I only tank. Iceshadoz#1563Zalieria0 Oct 23
Oct 22 Weekend 8-11est Fri/Sat 7/9m **Curently looking for 1 Solid DPS and 1 Healer** Stromrage - Alliance <Touched by The Light> is a progressive, semi-hardcore weekend raiding guild on Alliance US-Stormrage. Formed at the beginning of The Nighthold and steadily climbing the ranks here on Stormrage,. Although we welcome any experienced players (melee dps included), we are placing special priority on obtaining any amazing healers or ranged dps. Raid time starts at 8:00 PM realm time and ends around 11:00 PM for both raids days: Friday and Saturday. ******** Although we consider ourselves to be a group that likes to have fun, we will NOT tolerate any lack of dedication when it comes to progression. We will expect each player to know their class thoroughly, pull acceptable numbers for their role, follow mechanics at the level of a mythic raider, and show dedication to fix any issues in the skills listed above. ********* Beyond being dedicated towards improvement, players will obtain higher consideration for our roster if they can impress us with: |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| • Gear—Would prefer closer to item level 900+ with plenty of artifact traits purchased; we don't take kindly to alts • Logs—Raid progress doesn’t always prove skill, and some skilled players don't have any mythic progress what so ever. • Strong Communication Skills—We use discord, Mic is not required but EARS ARE; special consideration given to those who can vocally call out mechanics and help synergize our team. • Good knowledge of Player’s Class—Know when to immune, stun, CC, Etc. • Teamwork skills—Synergy is very important for team success Discord: Tanksar#6362 Main Recruitment Officers: Stutters#1183Stutts0 Oct 22
Oct 19 7/9M Recruiting Ranged DPS <The Last Pull> Horde Illidan, 7/9 M 9/9H is recruiting a 920+ (Priority for ranged) DPS (must have logs) for ToS progression. Raid times: Mon-Wed 9PM-12PM EST. Apply at: discord.gg/Yv2nDZb For more information Contact Raeya Btag: Raeya#1889 Discord: Ræya#7807 (alt 0230)Ræÿa0 Oct 19
Oct 18 [A] 931 ele shaman LF Mythic ToS Guild 931 elemental shaman looking for mythic ToS progression guild. Msg me if interested XStatik1#1836Totempull0 Oct 18
Oct 15 poseidus kill log so I'm just wondering if anyone on the server keeps a close eye to poseidus kills and if anyone would like to help me start keeping a log of them where people can come check and see if he has already been killed for certain as to not waste so much time looking for something that inst there.Calftana0 Oct 15
Oct 10 Uprising Horde LFM Mythic Progression <UPRISING> On the connected PVP realms of Drak’Tharon, Firetree, Malorne, Rivendare, Spirestone, and Stormscale! We are a fairly new Horde raiding guild (founded in April '17) that is looking to recruit more for mythic! Progression: 4/9M ToS, 4/9M Nighthold (We only raided a few weeks prior to 7.2.5). Raid days and times: Tues/Thurs 9pm-11pm est and Sun 8pm-11pm Currently looking for all DPS. We take the game a bit more seriously than casual raiding but are by no means "Hardcore". We are laid back but competitive. We also push Mythic +s consistently so that as much of our raiding core can get their +15s in but is not necessary. Loot is handled by loot council using RC loot council. We base loot off of attendance/performance, basically if you are consistent and open to suggestions you will be fine. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a message in-game/battle.net @Rolan#11265 or Stormyrainz#1865 Thanks for your time! Edit for updateJackkiee5 Oct 10
Oct 7 Throne of Thunder help LF someone to help with Throne of Thunder!Wiinkeebook0 Oct 7
Oct 4 940 AoTC Guardian Druid LF Guild Hey folks, just checking things out. But as the title says, 940 Bear Tank, with AotC. 64+ traits, all the good stuff. Looking for an active and social guild for continued Heroic clears as well as Mythic content. Aside from that, looking for a guild that's social and engaged, and actually enjoys chatting with each other, cutting up, and grouping up to do anything from old content, to M+ to pvp and more. Ok to realm and faction change for the right group! So if interested, or if in need of a tank for current and/or future content, then hit me up through BTag or Discord. BTag: Proteansoul#1851 Discord: Big Bear#9407Bigbearclaws0 Oct 4
Oct 3 @ Aggro Crag guild It has come to our attention that you guys are somewhat salty after the quick wipe of your raid on Stormwind. A few people from our guild were killed earlier today by you guys and this will not be tolerated. Rebel scum from the AggroCrag will be hunted down and be dealt with extreme prejuice. Run or hide, it doesn't make a difference, you will be ours in the end. -Deathology, Vice President of The Iron AllianceDeathologyz18 Oct 3
Oct 3 935 Prot Pally LF 2-3 Night Mythic Raid Group As it says in the title I am a 935 Equipped Protection Paladin and I am looking for a Raiding Guild that has a permanent raiding spot open. I shattered my hand in a car accident during the middle of Mythic Nighthold progression and am finally coming back. Currently I am 4/10 M NH 10/10 H NH 5/7M EN 7/7 H EN 2/3 M TOV 3/3 H TOV I'd prefer to raid two - three nights a week and end by 12 EST. I am available any days. (Note: A little bit about my skill, quick learning, and commitment. I came back on Tuesday at ilvl 903. I have ran non stop mythic pluses to catch up, am now ilvl 935, and ranked #9 on the server for Protection Paladins on raider.io. I have cleared 6/9 N TOS and 7/9 H TOS Killed KJ Heroic.) A little bit about myself. I have been playing WoW since the launch of Burning Crusade and raided end game content the entire time. I started raiding really hard core in the beginning and all the way through Cataclysm. This being 5 nights a week 5 hours a night. I am always online trying to better myself and push any content I can. I cleared Nightbane the second week it was out and I was the first one in my guild to clear a +10 and +15 within the time limit. I am always trying to push keys as high as they can go just for the challenge and to better myself. I have raided end game in several other games including, but not limited to: FFXIV, FFXI, SWTOR, RIFT, AION, GW2, Wildstar, BNS, etc. I have about 14 years of raiding experience. Feel Free to contact me in game. BNET CiliegiaOrsa#1119. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time. Can provide several references that can vouch for my skills. : )Ciliegia3 Oct 3
Sep 21 Vanquish 5/9M LF Resto Druid Vanquish of Firetree has been a community of friends and raiders for over 10 years now, and we are recruiting 2 ranged dps. We are looking for players who want a community where they can have fun enjoying all aspects of the game from Mythic Plus & Achievements, to PVP and more. We are in need of a Resto Druid for our core Mythic team. We raid Tuesday 8:30 - 10:30PM EST & Friday 8:30 - 11:30PM EST with an alt/Normal run on Thursdays. We also do achievement runs and you'll often see other events on the calendar. If you are interested in our guild, we would enjoy running a few pluses with you or inviting you to our Thursday Heroic farm. Add me if you are interested or have any other questions. Btag: Aevali#1383Aevali1 Sep 21
Sep 14 [H]<Suggestive Themes> 9/9H 7/9M Suggestive Themes is recruiting! We are an established, casual raiding guild that enjoys working on end game content. We have a short raid week, Thurs/Mon 10PM EST-12 with an optional farm night on Fridays(9EST) Our progression history for Legion: 4/7M EN, 3/3H ToV, 5/10M NH and 9/9H 7/9M ToS. We are in need of a few strong dps(preferences on ranged) who are willing to float as needed to round out our mythic team. Attitude is important. Viable off-specs always appreciated. Please contact Mockeriy-Firetree(btag: nemoesk#1736) in game, or Cole-Firetree if interested. Thank you!Mockeriy1 Sep 14
Sep 8 Baconn I wonder just how long is Blizzard is going to let you get away with your cheating. Spamming your speed horse to the point where it doesn't seem to even have a cooldown...I've had 5 people, including myself, beating your balls in and you kill all of us? horse**** we aren't slouches in PvP...you are doing some nefarious crap on that account of yours because it damned sure isn't skill.Yöbogoya18 Sep 8
Sep 6 [H] <Suit Up> LF DPS for Mythic NH! <Suit Up> is currently 10/10 Heroic and 2/10 Mythic Nighthold. We are looking to recruit talented and reliable DPS to fill in some roster gaps in our Mythic team. We have been a raiding guild on Malorne since MoP. We only raid two nights a week but our stats don't lie, we get things done! We aren't pushing for any top world spots, but we do want to push content. That's what its all about. We are recruiting anyone interested in joining our raid team with a focus on ranged. We are looking for dedicated people who don't like drama but are patient, knowledgeable and above all love to raid! We have a guild bank full of gems/flasks/mats. We currently raid Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30 PST to 9:30 PST. If you are interested, send a whisper to either Lestat#1184 or Chopper#1246.Lestatt2 Sep 6
Aug 25 Realms include people from all timezones? I was about to change to another server to match my timezone, but after looking at realms and battle groups, it appears that timezones shouldn't be much of an issue? For instance, Drak'Tharon, Firetree, Malorne, and Rivendare are et, while Spirestone and Stormscale are pt which is what I am. I wanted to switch because I couldn't find a group in 15 mins for a northrend dungeon. Am I being impatient, and would it be just as hard getting groups together on any server in a short amount of time for my character level? Thanks everyone!Feathur0 Aug 25
Aug 23 Troll Pride World Wide LFM for Mythic Raiding <Troll Pride World Wide> (Horde) On the connected PVP realms of Drak’Tharon, Firetree, Malorne, Rivendare, Spirestone, and Stormscale! We are a casual raiding guild with only 2 nights of raiding a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When we raid we push ourselves to progress to our highest capabilities. This expansion we've been able to clear all content on Heroic, get 3/7 M EN and 3/10M NH. Raid days and times: Tues/Thurs 5:30pm-8:30pm PST (8:30pm-11:30pm EST) Currently looking for all DPS and possibly one tank. We have a very laid back casual environment when it comes to raiding however we do require all raiders to show up on time with all consumables available. We are able to clear +15 dungeons on time each week when we get a group together however we are lacking in DPS. Loot council is used to distribute loot to raiders with the assist of RC loot council addon. A rotating loot council of officers and raiders is used to provide a fair unbiased loot distribution system each week. Please contact Timonen/Lïlrayray-Stormscale (Bnet IizRay#1802), Korgoth-Spirestone, Dinosawr-Stormscale, Tubstar-Stormscale, Cecie-Stormscale, Lemnis-Stormscale (Bnet Lemniscate#1698) Thanatô-Stormscale (Bnet Thanato#1658) or any rank 3 or higher members for more information! Thanks!Thanatô1 Aug 23
Aug 19 [A] <Reckless Strategy> LFM We are a newly formed guild in this server cluster looking to get our guild up and going for ToS progression. Raids will be lead by AOTC H Nh and 9/9 n ToS raiders. We are a group of really chill people that want to clear H ToS and try some bosses in Mythic tier content. We will be raiding Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 9:30 PST. For any more info add my btag Markypoo#11480Elyiainna2 Aug 19
Aug 14 H - Malorne <Wicked> Recruiting! Wicked is a community guild (18+) that offers a semi-hardcore progression raid team as well as mythic/mythic keystone runs to help gear people for raiding. We are on a PVP server, Horde, mostly balanced factions. At this time we are recruiting all specs all classes. You can contact one of our recruitment officers, Thralagorm#1742 or mattdanger#1272 or our Guild Master Nezkel#1822 for more information. Our Guild Priorities 1. We seek to only have members that are considerate and respectful of our exceptionally diverse membership. We expect you to act online the same way you would if you met new people at a friend's house. 2. Respect and offer activities for all members, regardless of their preferred style of play. We do not permit members to act as if an individual's values in any way dependent upon their performance in game. 3. We maintain long-term community bonds. We never kick due to inactivity. 4. We seek to protect and preserve the culture that has allowed us to be stable, consistently active and raiding since Burning Crusade. To do this our GM is advised by a mix of elected and appointed officers. 5. We seek to maintain a culture of open communication, where every member has a voice in guild decisions and all of these processes are transparent. The Teams and What We Need ----- Semi-hardcore Progression Raid Team Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:45 pm-12:00 am EST Looking For: Exceptional players of all roles. This team emphasizes a friendly yet focused environment where experience is not as important as self-awareness about areas to improve and the willingness to research fights, your class, and receive constructive feedback. ----- Monday night Mythic content 9:00 pm-1:00 am EST Doing mythic dungeons with all who can participate. Come run mythic have fun and gear your character up. A great way to have fun with your guild members and see content. ----- Friday nights are achievement nights! Members of the guild get together and try to knock out achievements, gather sets and generally have fun. Come out and get some points! ---------- Social Levelers and Community Members Anyone who applies online and demonstrates they are a good fit with our guild's approach and outlook via a short Discord interview is welcome to join us, either as a transfer or with a new character on Malorne.Argulara6 Aug 14
Aug 14 Lonely Alliance on Malorne. Just looking for a guild to interact with and befriend. Love doing everything in the game. BGs, arenas, raids, dungeons, transmog adventures, grinding AP, anything. I have a few different alts/characters. Not sure who my main is right now. Looking for a fun relaxed and mature group where we can talk about life, work, the future, etc. ThanksJett0 Aug 14
Aug 11 Returning after 4 years I started playing a free account the other day just to see how WoW has came along. I like it and so I bought a 30 day game pass. Unfortunately in my absence Drak'Tharon has become a very quiet sever. I understand the concept of Cross realm and merges etc but Org is dead. Nothing I can do about it though. I understand I can server transfer but this server was my home for years. Are there any Horde guilds that are active and willing so take in myself and a few homeless alts? I raided in Cata, cleared DW etc. Quit during Firelands so I never progressed in that raid. I enjoy PvP, having own a few 70 twinks which I plan on leveling here soon after I get connected with my characters and their specs again. Just curious if anyone is out there.Headlight4 Aug 11
Aug 9 Warlock and Mage looking for guild got oneMorthasil3 Aug 9
Aug 9 H- Dear Gods of Destruction (Malorne) I know this is likely barking up the wrong tree/pointless, but if you have any pride as a member of the Horde or as a member of the human race, please teach your members that sending a nasty tell and then ignoring them immediately after is sad. This kind of 'retaliation' for calling out a flag carrier that was too busy attacking alliance players to turn in the flag, as two separate pick up attempts were made and then thwarted thanks to the very mind controlling I did. I know full well I'll likely get nothing but trolled responses here, but on the off chance your guild does, then perhaps I have helped prevent internal issues down the road. I will refrain from posting their name, as its considered public shaming because kids these days lack any kind of nerve, so I will simply state a Orc Warlock in the 40-49 pvp bracket. Anyways, TC everyone who may have mistakenly clicked on this thread for whatever reason, I won't be back to check responses or follow up, so have at it!Katnissvixx0 Aug 9
Aug 8 <Spire Stoned> 8/9H LF rdps for H KJ <Spire Stoned> US Spirestone We are currently looking for more range dps to round out our progression roster. Faction: Horde Progression: 8/9H DPS-- Warlock (Any spec) Shaman (Elemental) Mage (Any spec) Druid (Boomkin) Hunter (MM or BM) Priest (Shadow) Main Progression Raid Days (Times are EST) Tuesday- 7:00pm - 10:00pm Thursday- 7:00pm - 10:00pm Optional Casual Raid Day (Alt guild night, all are welcome to join) Saturday- 10:30pm - 11:45pm Currently recruiting for ToS Heroic progression. We require 900+ item level as well as 52 traits in your main spec, offspecs are encouraged. To apply, or for more information, please contact Vynloren in game or message me in Battle.net at Vynloren#11292.Vynloren0 Aug 8
Aug 1 Looking for Semi Casual PVP Guild My husband and I play together and are looking for a Horde PVP guild. We've been a part of a few guilds that usually end up being more focused on raiding than we are. We want to run raids and dungeons, but more for the purpose of gearing up for PVP. We tend to be online later at night. That has also been a bit of an issue. OH... I'm an Arcane Mage and he's an Affliction Warlock. My btag is Dgirl#1468Merrygold0 Aug 1
Jul 30 Cult of Discord We are a 10/10 H NH raiding guild looking for 3 ranged dps, melee dps with tank off spec and 1 or 2 healers. Most of the people in the guild have been raiding together since BC. We are not worried about gear we will gear you we just ask that you stick it out and raid with us. We are on the Rivendare server we raid Sunday and Monday 8-11 EST.Htym7 Jul 30
Jul 25 F.B.R.D is Recruiting <FireBreathingRubberDucky> is Recruiting We are looking for dedicated raiders that want to do progression but want to have fun and joke around while doing it. Server: Malorne-PVP (US) Faction: Horde Raid Times: Saturday 8pm PST Sunday 3pm PST Recruitment Needs: Tanks: Any Healers: Any Melee: Any Ranged: Any If your class is not listed, it does not mean we will not accept your application. We will accept all applicants. What we're looking for in Recruits: Chill People who are social, can take jokes; we are very un-PC. People that are looking for a guild to have fun and raid and still be Progressive. Contact: If you're interested, you can contact myself (MrDarkDealns#1141).Darkrow0 Jul 25
Jul 20 [A] <Female IRL> recruiting mature peeps! US-based. Discord required. Contact: Luvz#1388 www.femaleirl.com First things first: the guild name is a joke. We are certainly not all female IRL. We are a group of raiders from previous expansions. Some of us have been raiding together for 10 years. We are currently beginning end-game content, so if you want to join a very capable guild in the early stages when we still need bodies, now is a good time to join. Raiding is optional, but will eventually be our main focus, besides the social elements. Raid experience is preferred, but we would rather have someone with no experience and no ego than lots of experience and a huge ego. Current item level goal for the average member to have is 900. Our raiding schedule will likely be a couple weekday evenings as well as weekend raids.Luvzy7 Jul 20
Jul 16 <The Bad and the Ugly> M+ Carries! <The Bad and the Ugly> is the #1 Mythic+ guild on the server. BATU is home to many of the realm's top raiders and PVE players. We have been a stable and respected guild on the server for many years. We don't want to waste your time or gold, and promise you fast and easy M+ carries. _____________________________________________________________________________ What we offer: -Carry any mythic keystone -Boost your key to any level -15 Key for weekly 930+ item -Raid carries coming soon! We only accept in-game gold as payment. All buyers are required to pay upfront before starting the key. Pricing and info: Vret#1239Vret0 Jul 16
Jun 30 [H]Risen is recruiting Hiya :) ~Risen is recruiting~ Our guild is comprised of old school WoW friends (since Vanilla). We are a friendly casual but progression guild that is starting over & looking for more people to join us. Our main focus atm is to get enough people do to mythic+ & raids. We are currently looking at Friday &/or Saturday nights & Sunday afternoons for raiding but nothing is set yet. If we get enough people that want/can run raids during the day then that will happen too. Our plan is to have 2 raid groups: 1 for those who want casual raiding & the other for those who want progression. We are preferably looking for lvl110 but if you're almost there that's ok too. We will help you in any way we can. We also like to do other things together as a guild besides raids. We do use Discord for voice chat. If interested &/or for more info you can reach out to me Morticia#11357 :) Server: Malorne (EST) Faction: HordeMorticiå4 Jun 30
Jun 30 MM Hunter LF a New Guild Hello Friends, The guild that I'm a part of is all but disbanded, so I'm looking for a casual late-night raiding guild that will be doing Normal/Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. Aside from LFR, I haven't really raided since WoTLK, so I'm hoping to experience it once again. The times best suited for me would be around 11 PM - 2 AM Central Time (9 PM - Midnight PST), but I'm flexible as well. In game, currently, I enjoy doing Mythic + dungeons along with BGs, so it'd be nice to do those with guild members as well. =) I'm a pretty chill person and hope to join a guild with a bunch of friendly, good-natured members! Thanks, TmacattackTmacattack2 Jun 30
Jun 29 WTB - Raging Furystone Gorget of the Savant WTB - Raging Furystone Gorget of the Savant - @Jewelcrafter will pay goodStratics0 Jun 29
Jun 22 is Recruiting We areBionictank0 Jun 22
Jun 22 is Recruiting We areBionictank0 Jun 22
Jun 21 913 DH LF raiding guild. Pref Tues and Thursday nights. After 8pm cst. I can provide logs or just look me up. Looking for a good raiding guild to push progression and into mythic soon. Add me in game or on bnet. Crixes#1728. Thanks.Alcazar0 Jun 21
Jun 20 Prot/Ret or Havoc/Veng DH LF Mythic Guild Title says it. Guild broke up and I'm currently looking for a guild to progress into tomb of sargeras with. Pally is 906 IL and DH is 899. If I had to choose, I would prefer Havoc DH or Protection Pally. Currently 6/10 Mythic NH. My Availability is is only open for Tues-Thurs atm. Looking for a core spot, not sub. If Interested, my btag is Marro#11951.Kaneki1 Jun 20