Bloodhoof and Duskwood

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19h Only 1 Alliance Guild 10/10H So Far Bloodhoof..... what has become of it? Okay, sure, it wasn't the "best" server, fairly under populated and not really the best guilds But this is just...sad... Heroic Nighthold wasn't even hard, and I see guilds on WoWprogress with 4/7+ Mythic EN and yet only be 8/10H NH Heck 7/7M EN groups are 9/10H What is going on with the guilds on this server?!Xiata14 19h
2d Dark Twilight's second raid team I'll keep this short and sweet. Dark Twilight is recruiting for a second mythic raid team. Our goal is to be the number one and two teams on the server. The "Red" team is 10/10 M and currently #1 on the server. The "Blue" team is currently 5/10 mythic and the 3rd ranked team on the server. The details: We raid Sunday/Monday 8:30pm-11:30pm. We are not interested in being a "B team". We are interested in being the best community on the server. Period. If you are looking for a change in the way your group raids and I want to get the most out of the game without breaking your schedule, look us up. Contact Vultein#1380 for application processBaynal20 2d
5d [A] <Bonis> recruiting for H ToS Hello Bloodhoof/Duskwood, We are looking for raiders to join us in H ToS, at the time of posting we are 5/9. Mostly need consistent dps of any class but all are welcome to apply. We raid 8 pm - 11pm Server time (EST) Thurs and Fri every week. If you have any questions you can contact me at Abslom#11522Emrall0 5d
6d [A] Disbanded H ToS We're recruiting all roles for Heroic ToS and for upcoming Mythic ToS! Disbanded is a fairly new guild with quality mature raiders with a casual feel but very progressive mindset on raiding. We're 7/9H ToS Raid times Wed/Thurs 8pm-11pm est Sunday 9pm-12am est Raid requirements DBM, Discord(mic optional), RC Loot Council. We would appreciate all applicants but we want people that are raid ready for Heroic ToS. 900+ IL Dps min 600k HPS 400k We set the standard a little low but the way things are now it's really easy to get the right gear needed. Any questions feel free to send me a request at Opsidian#1610Cptamerika6 6d
Jul 17 H<Stay On Target>LFM ToS Heroics/Mythics Guild: Stay On Target Server/Region/Faction: Bloodhoof - US - Horde Communications: Discord & Mumble (soon to phase out mumble) We are a long standing guild (since 2008) very friendly and team oriented. We are looking for like minded raiders that show up on time, prepared, know the fights and have positive attitudes. We are not hardcore by any means. We aim to raid as relaxed and stress free as possible with in a fun/positive atmosphere. Our focus currently is clearing Heroic ToS (working on Heroic Fallen Avatar) and may dabble into some Mythics as well when our roster allows us however we aren't going to stress about it! Currently looking for a couple more like minded players (DPS) to join our fun, stable team. Raid Days/Times: Sun/Mon/Tues 9:30pm to 12am EST (some weeks could be 1 or 2 of these days only depending) Progression: 8/9H & 9/9N ToS, 10/10H NH,10/10N NH, 7/7M EN(Cutting Edge) & 3/3H ToV with more to come! Style: PVE Server, Relaxed/Stress Free/Friendly/Team Oriented Recruitment Open For: * Heals: CLOSED - DPS with OS Heals only * Tanks: CLOSED - DPS with OS Tank only * DPS: Lock, Rogue, DH (have none of these but looking for all) **All are encouraged to inquire even if not mentioned above** If you are looking for a long term, stable and friendly home then we are that guild. Please add Nox#1368 for more info.Noxzemagirl11 Jul 17
Jul 13 Den of Wolves Recruiting ToS Raiders <Den of Wolves> Duskwood, is currently recruiting for raids as well as any casual players that may want to join. Raid time is guaranteed if you meet mins and perform well in your class. We are looking for friendly and competent raiders, we do not tolerate elitism or bad attitudes. We push progression because we love it, not because it's a second job. Our raids are pretty laid back and stress free, and we still push hard content. We hold our Raiders to a high standard, as we expect to push through at a good pace. Raid mins 600k dps single target & 400k hps in raid as healer Currently progression 8/9N ToS pushing Heroic We are currently looking for DPS, but as always every applicant will be considered. So please! Search us out and join us! Preferred Needs:  Mdps: Any Rdps: Any (warlock) Our raid days are:  Tues/Friday: Normal Tomb-->Heroic (8pm-11pm. Est) Discord link: Feel free to send a tell in-game to MissLugs (lugs#11416) Or leave a message on Discord for me in General chat.Misslugs0 Jul 13
Jul 9 (H) Alt-Anon 7/9 H TOS- Recruiting Tanks Altoholics Anonymous is currently recruiting for raids as well as any casual players that may want to join. Mythic spots are not guaranteed, and not everyone will be able to go each week. We are looking for friendly and competent raiders, we do not tolerate elitism or bad attitudes. We push progression because we love it, not because it's a second job. Our raids are pretty laid back and stress free, and we still push hard content. We hold our Mythic Raiders to a high standard, as we expect to push through at a good pace. While we're currently looking for the Specs below, every application will be considered. So please! We encourage you to apply anyway! Recruitment Needs: Tanks: Any Healers: H-Pally Melee: DH Rdps: Any Our raid days are: Wednesday: Normal Tomb-->Heroic Tomb (9pm-1am. Est) Saturday: Heroic Tomb Cont. (9pm-1am Sunday: Clean up day. (Either finishing up Tomb or taking the core 20 back to Mythic NH for the mount) Visit the link below for more frequently update information, and to apply. Feel free to send a tell in-game to Suprhmnjesse (superhumanj#1490) Or KaereiKaerei9 Jul 9
Jul 8 Oldtime Bloodhoof - Names & Places thread.... Alliance: Dromar Horde: Ramstall When I was an Alliance Pally named Whiskeyjack I used to like to run into Tauren Mill and die at the Inn. Over and over. I am sure many Horde have stepped over my body in random places.Whiskeydeath69 Jul 8
Jul 3 [A] <Forsaken Spirits> LFM H ToS! ✨ Forsaken Spirits Est. 2005 | US-Bloodhoof About Us: We are an older, established guild that originally formed back in 2005, shortly after the launch of WoW. At our core we're a fairly tight group of friends and family that have grown together with the game over the years. Many of us have come and gone, taken breaks, and then returned with each new expansion. Most of us are in our late 20's and up. If you're familiar with Bloodhoof history, some of us are former Dark Twilight, Dark Nemesis, and Fury of War members. We are not super hardcore or super casual, but we are serious about clearing content and having fun together. Recruitment: We are currently looking for some skilled folks to join us for our push into Mythic raiding. Any & All Talented Players Welcome! All we ask is that you must be familiar with raiding and the usual: come prepared, know the fights, know your role, and try your best. In other words, you must be able to carry your own weight or at least know when to ask for help. If you're interested please stop by our site and fill out an application, reply here, or contact any of us below in-game. We look forward to hearing from you! Current Progression: ToS 4/9H Raid Times: Tue-Thu-Sun 7:30p to 10:30p Eastern Time Discord: Contacts: Alarius-Bloodhoof (Cutsman#1722) Borloc-Bloodhoof (Borloc#1927) Corellian-Bloodhoof (Fasharn#1643) Macon-Bloodhoof (Macon#1599)Alarius4 Jul 3
Jul 2 [H] <Known Issues> LF Raiders for ToS We are Known Issues, a small horde guild dedicated to progression through raiding and mythics. We also PVP with our sister guild, The Çovenant. We are in need of DPS to progress through ToS, although we welcome other roles. What we’re not: We are not finished with ToS Normal. We are struggling through it due to being very small. If you do not want to participate in progression, we do not want to waste your time. What we are: We are a new guild consisting of members that broke away from a large guild, but were not comfortable with drama. We are a small family of adults that like to have a good laugh and do not get too excited with wipes. This does not mean we do not care about progression, rather that we are self-aware that we are not perfect. We are helpful with each other’s main and alt progression, pushing mythics and collectively supporting the guild bank for raiding and gear supplies. What we’re looking for: We are mainly looking for DPS, preferably 890+ that can relax, raid, tell a few jokes and adopt a new family. Schedule: We try to raid 2-3 nights per week, 9pm EST till 11:30-ish pm. Our nights vary as we do have several members that work (late) during the week, but those nights are known well in advance. Additionally, we join in for PVP nights (brawls and BGs), hosted by our sister guild, The Çovenant. Armory: Battletag: mortiis#1257Mortîîs0 Jul 2
Jul 2 Essentials 10/10H NH - LFM for ToS Essentials is an Alliance guild looking for a couple dps and healers to fill out our roster for Tomb. We went 10/10 heroic in NH and have a solid core of two tanks, two heals and several dps. We just need a couple pieces to round out the roster. We use discord and are pretty chill but also like to progress. We raid Tues and Sunday. 8-11pm EST. If interested add Woolgar#1632.Woolgor1 Jul 2
Jun 23 [Horde]<Show Me What You Got> ToS Recruitment <Show Me What You Got> is a hardcore progression raid guild currently searching for more raiders. Current ToS Progression: 8/9N. Raid times: Mon/Wed/Thurs 7:45-11PM EST. Accepting all skilled players but looking especially for a Tank! We plan to start Mythic raiding soon and push for server faction first! Please message or in-game mail Vivi-Bloodhoof or Brastle-Duskwood with questions or to schedule a try out!Vivi0 Jun 23
Jun 23 <H> The Greater Evil LFM ToS The Greater Evil is recruiting to fill out a Tomb of Sargeras raid group. Looking to run the raids Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5pm to 8pm EST. What T.G.E. has to offer: Raid leaders who will help people learn new fights Weekly heroic runs in the 10+ range A casual guild experience A small community of players that play other Co-Op games What we are looking for in recruits: Dependable, mature people who are looking to have a good time and who are willing to contribute to a fun group experience If T.G.E. looks like a place for you contact me in game via tell or in game mail, feel free to whisper any one of our members who happens to be on.Elfadin0 Jun 23
Jun 20 6/20 Tomb Can't log in. Can't log into servers. Yet everyone else canYuanzi0 Jun 20
Jun 19 Interests in Reroll Raiding Guild..?? Just recently returned to WoW and wanted to see if there is any interests in a reroll raiding guild. We will hit all the content as we level together. Wanting a fresh start and also wanting to run some older content again. Leave btag if you are interested. I will need officers and core members. Also will need some raid leaders experienced with older content. Plan so far is to become large enough to raid several different time slots. Faction does not matter. Right now trying to find a good East Coast server for it.Aliari1 Jun 19
Jun 19 Cosmic Badger Assassins: Active Social/Casual <Cosmic Badger Assassins> is an Alliance guild on the Bloodhoof/Duskwood US servers, formed New Years Eve 2014 originally as a small group of 5 friends who wanted to level new toons together and expand from there. Today, we are a close-knit family of 60+ players (200+ characters) ranging from skilled heroic raiders looking to chill with buddies, to newcomers who are learning to play, and everything inbetween. We consider ourselves a social/casual guild - we're a bunch of quirky people with great senses of humor and comradery, and do not require raid experience or even participation to hang out with us. After a bit of a hiatus due to real life matters, we're back in action and in a few short weeks we have a full-clear of normal Nighthold, and are very excited to see how bad we can screw up Tomb of Sargeras. ;) Planned raid nights will most likely be Fri/Sat 8pm eastern, but may change. We also play plenty of other games together outside of WoW from time to time. We prioritize real life and fun above all else. Drama and spiritless personal attacks are the only things that may get you kicked. Bottom line is, we're a fun-loving bunch of active, social weirdos, and whether you raid or not, login every day or not, like to lone-wolf content or love to group up, are level 1 or 110, we'd love to whalecome you aboard. If you'd like to know more, please feel free to message me (type /w Ziva-Bloodhoof at any time from any server to whisper me, or /who cosmic badger assassins on Duskwood/Bloodhoof and PM anyone that's online) and let's have a chat!Ziva2 Jun 19
Jun 16 Do any guilds still use Vent? Just curious. I hate change, I still love Vent. Every guild on Bloodhoof I asked which voice when I see recruitment, I always see like Discord. Guild I am in uses Discord too. Right now I am raiding with an off-server guild because they do use Vent. Anyone guilds still use vent? And possibly need a healer? :P I don't care if I do Mythic raiding or not(have Cutting Edge from 10m raiding, but am a little more casual these days), I just like to clear Heroic and get my AoTC achievements xDXiata6 Jun 16
Jun 10 [A] Need Casual DPS Hey guys, we're short DPS again for our Saturday Night Normal raid. If you like to play, please hit us up. Immortal Order is a friends and family guild who will take you as you are so long as you want to have fun. We exist to provide access to content and will take your whole group. Rule number one is 'have fun, play together'. If you're still playing Alliance on this server, and are looking for a guild, consider coming to play with us.Hogster4 Jun 10
Jun 5 [A] <Disbanded> [A] <Disbanded> 1/10MNH is recruiting for our mythic raid team. Looking for a mythic team that is fun and not harsh and demanding? Maybe you want to play with people that roast each other throughout the raid and are extremely helpful? LOOK NO FURTHER AZEROTHIAN! We're Disbanded! A guild formed in late 2016 that has been growing in ranks and keeping it real. We raid Wed/Thurs/Sat from 8pm-11pm server time. We're recruiting all classes and roles. Our main recruitment focus is DPS but we could always use some good heals and shields. We also run heroic nighthold as well as older content during the week for fun/alts. Perhaps you're reading this and saying to yourself "well that sounds great and all but I like to pvp" well who doesn't? We have some dedicated members that love to pvp literally 24/7(srsly tru) Anyways. Add me on real ID or find one of us in game Opsidian#1610Dctrdoom0 Jun 5
Jun 4 Resto Shaman Looking for a Guild. Looking to find a nice laid back guild that is in need of a healer. I have done both normal and heroic for most of the expansion with a small hiccup in the middle (tech issues) but still looking to raid.Canopia2 Jun 4
May 5 <The NERVous Horde> recruiting for H-NH HI all. The NERVous Horde is recruiting raiders for legion. You might not know it but we're one of the oldest horde guilds still active horde side. Our original charter blew up in 2004 but was finalized in Jan. of 2005. We've been around and active for nearly 12 years now. We want to hit the ground running in Legion with a solid group of people who like to raid, want to raid and don't fail at it. We've enjoyed many successes in our past and want to add more in the new x-pac. Visit to apply or see me in game.Druidicus16 May 5
May 3 A <Disbanded> 10/10H People of Bloodwood! Disbanded is recruiting players for our core raiding team! We are starting mythic NH and are in need of strong DPS. Requirements: DBM Discord RC Loot Council Raid times:(server time) Wednesday from 9pm-11pm Thursday 8pm-11pm Saturday 8pm-11pm All dps should be 550-600k+ sustained Also accepting apps for tanks and healers as well. We're a fun laid back group of people that started the guild at the end of 2016. If you're interested contact me in game Opsidian#1610Hororbusines1 May 3
May 1 (A) Dëstiny - Looking For Raiders (A) Dëstiny - Guild on Bloodhoof/Duskwood server looking for raiders to build a dedicated raid team. We are starting out, but our core raiders have experience for 5/10 H NH and have Cleared N EN, H EN, N ToV We are a guild run by a Consul, the consul members are Deatheatsu, FatalBoom, Rootbiter, and myself. Currently we have tanks and a few dedicated healers/DPS and are looking to fill our ranks. Our focus is raiding, With the goal of completing mythic content. Our raid times currently are Friday, Sunday at 8pm server time If interested, feel free to message any of the leaders/consul members in game or through this post. My battletag is shadelock#1269Shãde0 May 1
Apr 30 Daytime Any daytime guilds around. I work Graves and swings so playing at night is hard to do. Raiding would be great but not necessary just hate running around solo all the timeFarosh0 Apr 30
Apr 26 [A] Shred the Gnawr - 9/10 H NH Looking for a few skilled individuals who are consistently active and are gear ready for Heroic Nighthold/Tomb (885+ ilvl). Our raid times are Friday and Sunday 9PM (est) but we also run Mythic +10 and group content all throughout the week. Mainly looking for DPS who can pull 425+ single target. But also looking for a good healer (preferably Druid). We are a small, tight-knit group who love to run together on a daily basis - be it high Mythic + or Raids. Most of us are in our early to mid 30s. Adults. Zero drama. Fun and entertaining atmosphere. No ranks, just a good group of friends who love to kick the crap out of stuff. If you have a relaxed personality, a good sense of humor, enjoy Comradery, and are a skilled player, you just might be a good fit for us. Feel free to message me in game for more information: AuRising#1739Nihila1 Apr 26
Apr 25 [A] Disbanded 9/10H Disbanded is looking for a few more RDPS and possibly another healer to add to our growing numbers. We're currently 9/10H and plan to begin mythic raids soon. Raid times: (all east coast times) Wed 9pm-11pm Thurs/Sat 8pm-11pm Raid add on requirements: DBM Discord and RClootcouncil dps should be pulling over 400k dps We are also open to any exceptional tank or melee dps appsHororbusines1 Apr 25
Apr 24 [A] Looking for Late Night Mythics Hey all! I'm looking for a guild or just people to add on bnet that like to do all forms of PvE content. I'm not really looking to join for raiding. I do enjoy raiding, but can't commit consistently enough. However, I am looking for Mythic+ as the priority. I mainly play in the evenings for a couple hours, roughly 12am EST, and as time permits over the weekend. You can hit me up here or on bnet (Alteration#1545).Zagam1 Apr 24
Apr 18 [A]<Disbanded> 4/10H NH LF DPS Currently recruiting ranged DPS for heroic core raiding. 2/7m 3/3H 9/10H Current class needs: Mage Hunter Shaman Priest We are also welcome to all melee dps applicants. Exceptional DPS always welcomed. We're on Bloodhoof/Duskwood. Guild formed at the beginning of Legion by Alliance and Horde members. Guild is on the Alliance. Raid requirements: DBM Discord 400-450k+ DPS Raid times: Wed: 9pm est - 11:30pm est Thurs: 8pm est - 11pm est Sat: 8pm est - 11pm est Raid times subject to change based on guild vote to continue past end time. We also do raids every other day of the week that aren't required. We're still considered casual but during raid we try to keep it "serious".Hororbusines4 Apr 18
Mar 31 Server Discord Community Greetings Bloodhoof-Duskwood Horde!     I would like to invite you all to join and use this recently created Discord server!      The goal is to establish connections and strengthen our community through voice chat!  I have set up a small sample server to test this social endeavor and will work to expand it to accommodate use should things kick off in a positive way! ===============================      •Use as an outlet for filling groups within the server community first, without the need to spam in-game chats! •Use as a social hub for conversation with your closest wow neighbors.      •Eliminate the need to extend private or guild voip servers by taking advantage of the discord servers many designated party and raid channels when pugging.      •A great outlet for conversations with folks at all ends of content and all spectrems of difficulty and game play within our horde server community!      •A fun friendly environment that will be policed by the community itself(to deal with abuse or harassment)- I already have some moderators in place and will gladly extend that role to more regularly upstanding individuals that are a consistent and supportive part of the community! ===============================    The only rules I feel needed here are that all users be sure to always be kind, tolerant and respectful! And that we do our best to keep conversations within the appropriate channels.      I would expect that everyone also understand this to be an environment of adults ran by adults- where adult conversations are likely to take place! If things pan out I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for reading! -Badwords-     Badwords6 Mar 31
Mar 30 Crickets? So I stopped playing late December and came back last week. Did mostly everyone quit? I know this game has lost a lot of staying power over the years but it seems like January - now had a big drop in player base. Also - why the hell can't i farm pvp gear. I haven't PvPed at all this expansion and that's exactly why :(Awisp3 Mar 30
Mar 20 First Horde Toon Hi, i recently made my first horde character, an elemental shaman, and am looking for a guild while i level, and then get into raiding. Im a senior in high school and my schedule is kind of all over the place, but am generally free weeknights from 7-10 EST and Friday nights and Saturday nights all day. Add me on! Shagster #1792Pemang0 Mar 20
Mar 10 [A]<Dark Nemesis> 8/10 H NH Recruiting Dark Nemesis has been at this since Vanilla. We're back with a fairly light schedule to accommodate our driven but busy members. We're looking for a couple healers, a warlock, and a rogue. However, we are open to excellent players of any class. Our raid times are Tuesday & Thursday at 9pm - 12pm EST. We hold an optional night on Mondays to push progression. We do several mythic+'s throughout the week. Although we are a little more behind the curve than we are used to, our core members have considerable experience on progression content. We just need a few more good players to add to our ranks to push harder in mythic raids. Our highlights include: Server First, US 80th 12/12 ICC 25 Heroic Server First, 12/12 ICC 10 heroic TOGC 25 Insanity Server First, US 34th Heroic Anub'arak US 99th, Alone in the Darkness Server First, US 92nd Algalon Server First, US 56th Firefighter We are pretty laid back so if you have any questions or want more information shoot me a message on BNET at Sairal#1583 or Seveas at Seveas#1914.Sairal10 Mar 10
Mar 8 [H]<Stay Frosty> Recruitment 6/10H NH Stay Frosty is a well established guild looking to bolster our raid for progression on Heroic Nighthold. We are looking for range dps and heals for our tues/wed 6:30-9:30 raid nights. Possible tank position (we have tanks with dps specs and alts). You can reply here or in-game to myself, Saenen-bloodhoof, or Hangdead-duskwood.Saenen0 Mar 8
Mar 6 [A] 887 Vengeance DH LF Raiding Guild Hello, I am currently looking for a raiding guild to move to. The guild I am currently in replaced my spot after I had some health issues (that have since passed). I have experience up to Botanist in NH. I am looking for a guild in the PST time zone as making raid times on EST is difficult. I am happy to do some Mythic+ runs or raids to try out for a guild. My tag is PrimalHavoc#1677, I'm usually on in the evenings (8PM PST). Thanks!Primalhavoc0 Mar 6
Feb 26 [H] Looking for small casual guild Looking for small casual Horde guild. I try to help guilds with toon and profession achievements. I don't raid and sometimes dungeon. I won't have Legion until this summer, but once I do should get a few toon achievements. Feel free to add me goldylox#1691 :)Agnethia0 Feb 26
Feb 21 [A] Brewmaster looking for a guild in HNH I am currently looking for a tanking spot in a guild trying to progress through H NH, I am: 7/7 EN & HEN, with some MEN exp from my last guild. 3/3 N & H ToV also thanks to prev guild. 9/10 NNH Most exp is PUGing I am familiar with all the fights and their mechanics up until MNH starts, even the ones I haven't actually accomplished yet. My raid time availability is pretty open, Saturday is the only day I will never be able to raid. Other than that I'm a late twenty something, married, white dude who likes beer, tacos, WoW, and DnD. Thank you!Srîracha1 Feb 21
Feb 14 Darkxd Mainteam recruiting for battle Have you ever wanted to be part of a team? To be a member of a tight knit community that fights for glory and the admiration of its fellow community members? If this is the case then Darkxd Mainteam is the place for you. Darkxd Mainteam is recruiting for rated pvp combat. Come join Guild Leader Djdarkxd as he pursues the rank of Gladiator and Collects another Hero of the Alliance title in Legion Season:1 He is currently accepting classes of all kind and offering guidance to his fellow priest. If you wish to be considered for the Darkxd Mainteam please fill out the following template and mail it to Djdarkxd-Bloodhoof or post it here on the forum post and he will get back to you. Years playing WoW: Class: Spec: Highest Exp in 3v3: Highest Exp in RBG: Desired Reason for wanting to be a part of the Darkxd Mainteam: How you heard about The Darkxd Mainteam Amount of time willing to dedicate to getting better: Thank you for your consideration in joining The Darkxd Mainteam Sincerely, Ms.BekyMsbeky10 Feb 14
Feb 13 Looking for a Home As the title implies I am looking for a new home. Just looking for a guild with people that run dungeons at the least. Wouldn't mind getting back to raiding but have not done any serious raiding since the end of Cataclysm. (Legendary Daggers while current woohoo) I run 2 toons Demon Hunter and Rogue. Neither one is geared in any decent capacity but I am willing to put in the work if you are willing to give me a home. As a Note I am willing to tank on DH if you are willing to give the chance to learn.Farosh3 Feb 13
Feb 5 500k Gold Trade I have 500k on Duskwood - Alliance that I'd like to trade for gold on Emerald Dream - Alliance. BTAG is SoftJazzSexy#1817Zerto0 Feb 5
Feb 3 [H] <Do Not Disturb> Looking for new members! Established in 2007 - We are a casual guild looking for new members for old school content, rep grinding, raiding and all around shenanigans. Openings for all roles, all levels are welcome and we are very alt friendly. PST for more info thanks!Defspy0 Feb 3
Feb 3 H <Silence> 5/10H 7p-11p EST Hello! <Silence> of Bloodhoof/Duskwood is recruiting for Nighthold (Currently 10/10N, 5/10H) progression! We are a very easy going guild outside of raid, but during raid we are serious about progression. We were 7/7H EN and 3/3N ToV while being very casual during the first leg of Legion. Now we are shifting focus to be more competitive on the raiding scene. Once we have our core complete we will make the transition into Mythic. If you enjoy tasteless humor, making fun of Kevin, progressing at a decent pace, and can raid on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7p-11p EST then we are the guild for you! The normal requirements are the same for us; -Show up on time, food flasks and fully enchanted -Know your class -Make fun of Kevin -Collect sexy loots There are core spots available for 1 Tank, Healers, and melee/ranged DPS. No application, just a quick Discord interview! If you have any questions or wish to talk further add one of the following btags: Blitz#12265 TehCak#1206 eosta#1570 BeerMann#1832 We look forward to hearing from you!Luks7 Feb 3
Feb 1 LF Glyph of the Trusted Steed Obviously not for this toon, but my paladin has a big elekk that seriously needs to go on a diet. :P Getting tired of getting stuck in doors/hallways, so I'd like to find someone with this glyph to buy it. Heck, even willing to run with someone through Kara to get this if anyone is down for that. (Or if anyone's bored enough to bring my druid scribe through? >.> Free glyphs for that, of course) EDIT: If I'm not on Kalsam, or my paladin Keyandra, just ask anyone in guild for me. Unless I'm sleeping or at work, I'm usually at least around to be contacted.Kalsam0 Feb 1
Jan 31 (A) Holy Pally Looking for a guild After trying a few different realms I have decided that there aren't alot of differences out there. So, since most of my toons are here I have brought my main back to Duskwood. I'm looking for a casual, family-friendly, guild to join. I have some raid experience, although not really much since Wrath. I would like to get into raiding again at some point, but, need to get back into healing through dungeons first. If there is any interest message me here or find me in game. My schedule is spotty, but, when I get into raiding then I will be where I need to be. DrkDrk2 Jan 31
Jan 25 [H] Inconceivable - LF heals/DPS for M NH Immediate openings for holy paladin, mistweaver monk and some exceptional DPS. to applyHadrx0 Jan 25
Jan 22 <Immortal Order> Alliance - LF Ranged DPS Our guild has immediate openings for active members casually playing Ranged DPS classes, preferably who can offspec to fill gaps as required. We run one guild-only raid weekly on Saturday at 8 PM Eastern (Server). The remainder of the week is free play with multiple people off doing their favorite stuff in small groups. Guild members are always welcome in each other's activities, all one needs do is ask. We also need members who are interested in filling out guild-only Mythic groups. We will also take your entire crew and will make whatever accommodations we can to involve everyone in whatever it is we decide to do. As you can probably tell, we have all developed a mild allergy to pugging. If you also prefer guild-only play, hit us up, you won't regret it. In-game contacts are Hogster (or Hog{anybody}) and Zeurus. Out-of-game you can post here, add Hog#1656, or email Happy WoWage!Hogster0 Jan 22
Jan 19 877 Rogue, LF Guild Hello, Friendly and mature player looking for a small raid team that also does mythic + together. Looking to keep the raids to only twice a week. I've only done heroic raiding this expansion, open to mythic but prefer a smaller raid team that is minimally clearing AOTC. Logs are available, consistently pull 400k+ on non-disrupted fights. Any days of the week are fine, raids must end by 11pm EST. Ready to faction change/transfer as needed. Kep#1911Kep1 Jan 19
Dec 29 Looking for friendly Raiding Guild Hi, I'm not having much luck finding a raiding guild. I'm seeking a guild that farms heroics and aims toward mythic progression, and does kara, mythic+ groups together aswell. I also have a DK alt that I play. I also want the raiding guild that I apply for first to know one thing and to be understanding of it and give me a chance. The one thing is I'm only able to play the game with one hand (by the use of razer naga mouse), reason being it's because I have Chiari Malformation with Syringomyelia (I could go into details but I'm trying to keep this short.) so because of it, I have severe neurological damage to the point my whole left side of my body is like as if I had a massive stroke, and I been through a few brain surgeries so far because of it. But that aside, for raiding experience for Legion, I have cleared normal EN a whole lot of times, and through my bnet friends list I joined my old guild farming Heroic EN a good amount of times with them, only reason why I'm not with my old guild its because I became friends with someone irl during WoD when his guild raided Heroic HFC, so I transferred to this server and joined his guild, but in legion his guild ended up falling apart, meanwhile my old guild is still staying strong and kicking, however I would love to just transfer back over to the server I was on and rejoin my old guild, what stops me from doing so its because the server is a pvp server, and while I'm not raiding I like to be able to collect herbs, WQ, and other world content without the worry of getting ganked all the time because I'm very bad at pvp.Chiariwarior1 Dec 29
Dec 28 872 Resto Druid LF Guild 872 Resto Druid LF Guild. Not really worried if I'm on main raid team or not, but just looking for a friendly guild that likes to run mythic + or other runs. Looking for a guild that likes to talk, make friends and not just raid and be done, lol.. Pm on my battletag miradinn#1991 Thanks for inquiries.Ðoubleðees2 Dec 28