Exodar and Medivh

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5d WTB Normal ToS Full clear As the title says..want to get a spot in raid group to clear ToS. Willing to pay 25K or other negotiable number. I am on EST... Respond to AnnaNovotna#1719Yserastrasza0 5d
6d [A] Chaos Theory 9/9H TOS is recruiting Chaos Theory is looking for members to add to our core group. Our goal is to clear heroic content weekly and push for some mythic bosses. We will be raiding Tuesday and Wednesday nights 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST. We are Currently 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. Message: Radén-Exodar (GM) Thæl-Exodar Muffinbutton-Exodar Via in game mail or tell. or Email at ChaosTheroyExodar@gmail.comMuffinbutton1 6d
Jul 16 [A] <Raiders Reborn> Recruiting for Raids Raiders Reborn is one of Exodar's oldest guilds still raiding. The guild was founded in August of 2007, and we have been active since that time. Now we open our recruitment, which has been closed for some time. We are currently a 20 man guild. But we are trying to get more active players. So now's your chance to become a part of our guild. Raid Schedule: Fridays: 8PM - 12AM Saturdays: 7PM - 12AM Current progression: * Tomb of Sargeras 9/9N 2/9H * The Emerald Nightmare 7/7H * Trial of Valor 3/3H * The Nighthold 10/10H Recruitment for Legion: We are looking for ppl who want to raid and progress in Legion. Raid times will be the same as you can see further up. Preliminary openings for Legion are the following: * Tanks: 0 * Heals: 0 * RDPS: 3 * MDPS: 2 If your class is not listed we still encourage you to apply as our raid spots are competitive and will continue to be throughout Legion. Applications are kept confidential and will receive a response within 2 days of posting. For more information, contact Shammyhod, Watchmeheal or Elnara ingame.Elnara4 Jul 16
Jul 16 Looking for guild I'm looking for a guild to just hangout in right now am really good at gaming but have been on a brake from wow for a long time just came back to it but picking it up fast. Send me a message in game. I'm on the horde/ medivh name is onstepformanLinchman0 Jul 16
Jul 14 [A] <Exiles> 8/9H, 9/9N ToS LF DPS TL;DR <Exiles> 8/9H ToS (9/9N) is looking to fill out our roster with 2 strong pure DPS classes. And if you feel like reading further: About Us We are a 10-year-old raiding guild with consistent leadership. We consider ourselves semi-casual in that we only raid 2 nights a week, but our aim is always progression. We focus primarily on Heroic progression, but this tier, our aim is to push some more mythics than in previous tiers. We are not bleeding-edge and never will be, but we expect raiders to come prepared, fully gemmed and enchanted, with knowledge of the fights we will be working on. **Ideal candidates would be those individuals who prefer a more casual schedule, have a more serious attitude towards raiding, but who also understand that not everyone learns at the same pace. We are looking for people who enjoy pushing progression, but who aren't going to rage, whine, complain, or generally be a jerk when wipes happen. Basically, we are looking for a specific subset of the WoW population. A needle in a haystack, if you will.** Our main raid days and times are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM Our ALT raid team raids on Wednesdays 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM (optional but all are welcome) About You: - A consistent, reliable DPS who is interested in ONLY playing a DPS role in our main raid. We have enough tanks and healers - Able to perform your role in a raid environment while maximizing your DPS as well as executing mechanics (good situational awareness.) - Have logs that we can glance at to see where your performance lies Once again, we are NOT a hardcore guild, and we are not looking for perfection, elitists, @ssholes, entitled people, or people who consistently make excuses for their performances. While we ARE looking for solid, reliable players, we prefer people who will fit within our team dynamic. We laugh and joke around with each other but also know when to shut up and kill bosses. If you think you'd be interested, please send a message or in-game mail to one of the following officers, and we'll be thrilled to talk with you. You may also submit an application via our forums, located here --> http://exilesguild.net/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7 Solaeris (Solaeris#1132) Zysca Tiakatt Smithers Thank you for your interest! *Points will given for a sexy foreign accent.*Solaeris9 Jul 14
Jul 14 LF 2 Night a week raiding guild Two Hunters 880-890IL looking for a guild that raids some time between 7-12PM EST two days a week. Pref is non-weekends, both players know their class and keep current with raid info. Add Bayloc#1123 for more info!Baylöc2 Jul 14
Jul 13 Mexodarh Normal ToS FUN RUN This Sunday the 16th we will be hosting an open fun run of Normal Tomb of Sargeras. Ditch those BAD PUGS and come raid with some of your fellow mexodarhians! NO RAIDING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. We will explain the mechanics of fights as we progress through the raid. Everyone is welcome. https://discord.gg/ayNUhdf Join us in discord any time! PM me in game or Fhred/Pom/TodShahmina0 Jul 13
Jul 13 [H] <Disturbing the Peace> recruiting Raid Times: T/Th 9-11 EST/server Raid Style: Semi-hardcore Progression: 9/9N 2/9H Tos We are a guild of elite raiders with an impressive amount of end game raiding experience dating back to Vanilla/ TBC. Our goal is to build a Mythic raiding team of 20-25 players for ToS. We currently are around 11-17 players. Recruitment needs: RDPS - High MDPS - High(except DKs) Tanks - switch dps/fill tank Healers - 2-3 slots available We would like to add more RDPS, but all exceptional players are welcome. Prior raiding experience is not necessary, new players willing to learn are also encouraged to inquire. We typically don't care about meters, as long as bosses are going in the ground and you are doing the mechanics. Looting is personal. Attendance is not mandatory, however spots will be given to those that are regularly showing up. Our raids are typically low key and low stress. We run high mythic plus keys weekly. We have done up to +17. If you think you might be the right fit for us and/or you want to expand your end game experience please contact me. Contact me: bnet- Kashmir#1106 discord- Kashmir#9480Shahmina1 Jul 13
Jul 10 [A] <Jynxed> is recruiting,Tu/W/Su 8-11pmEST Jynxed is a semi-hardcore raiding guild with an emphasis on progression while also maintaining a fun and friendly environment for raiders. We are currently recruiting a Main Tank and 1-2 DPS/Healers for Mythic Nighthold progression. Raid Schedule: Tues/Wed/Sun 8-11pm EST Raid Progression: 10/10 Heroic Nighthold Raiders are judged primarily on 4 factors: Attendance - Minimum 75% attendance is required but 90%+ is preferred. Preparation - Must have knowledge and expertise of rotations necessary for each raid fight. Also must know strats and watched videos for progression fights. Performance - Mechanics! You must be able to stay alive to be able to help the raid. DPS is also important but only when the raid is faced with DPS checks/enrage timers. Personality - Ultimately we're looking for people that we enjoy raiding with. WoW is a game. Our primary goals in raiding are to have fun and kill stuff. There is no calling out of people when they make mistakes. We progress as a team. If the team feels that someone is underperforming, I will speak to that person in private. If there's a night where we aren't making any progress and people are starting to get frustrated, I won't hesitate to call raid early. In that instance, we will review our strat and try to talk through our problems. Miscellaneous Info Loot System - Suicide Kings (KonferSK). It's simple to use, friendly to new raiders and loot gets distributed evenly. If you are interested in joining Jynxed, please message me. My battlenet ID is Techyon #1157.Téchymoon1 Jul 10
Jul 8 Server Discord Hello Fellow Mexodarhians. We have established a server discord for all things server related. Open to Horde and Alliance. Post guild recruitment, LFG, and memes. We are attempting to build a stronger community presence on server and we hope that you join us. https://discord.gg/8zRGw8vShahmina0 Jul 8
Jul 3 [A or H]LF mythic raiding guild Hey guys, My situation is a bit special so let me explain real quick. Im a 23 yo French dude living in London playing wow since years but due to work (i work as a dealer in a casino my shift is a pretty much all nigh shift with a mix of day shift) it make it nearly impossible to find a guild that will suit me. I have been trying to find a guild but it was always an issue mainly due to my working hours, so i then decided to move to US server to finally get a guild that suit my playing hours and then so have a proper progress. My experience so far on legion: -4/7 MM (before TOV came out) -4/10 MM -9/9 NM -5/9 HM I didn't choose a server yet since i am currently looking for a guild, but i will need a guild on East coast server, my ping will be too high on west coast. I didin't choose yet the spec i'll be playing for the guild, this will need to be discuss, i am very flexible about that, i'll play what the guild need. Over the years i have been playing mainly rogues, WW Monk and Havoc demon hunter is my current main. Pretty much always played melee but again i wouldn't mind play ranged if the guild needed so. What i look for: -Mythic raiding guild -Raid Thursday / Friday / saturday / sunday from 7-12 pm CEST My key power here is motivation understand that i left my EU account 915 DH and 7 other lvl 110, buy a new game to get into a guild where i can get decent progression, my progression as been slow down due to the fact that i couldn't find a proper guild with my schedule that why i decide to move to US. Here is my the armory of my main: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/elune/scoudy Here are my two lastest logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/nH7rbf3GgqhVFz2x#fight=7&type=damage-done https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/nH7rbf3GgqhVFz2x#fight=13&type=damage-done Feel free to answer on this threat i'll check frequently, as soon as we talk about it and we both side happy i'll boost my char to 110 and catch up with gear ap. I do not mind what server or faction it will be. Thanks for reading and i hope to talk to you soon :)Lfguuild0 Jul 3
Jun 30 (H) Decoy 9/9 N 5/9 H Lfm for ToS Decoy is currently looking for a few dps to join our raid group for Tomb of Sargeras. Exceptional players welcome of any class or spec outside our recruitment needs! We're a Semi-casual group of players who are currently 9/9 N 5/9 H in ToS. Primarily looking for but not limited to the following: Mage Balance Druid Hunter Our raid times are Wednesday and Sunday 7:30 to 11:00 pm EST We have members of all play styles whether its hardcore or casual play you're seeking. We dont just play WoW, we also tend to jump onto other games in our spare time ranging from Diablo to Rocket League hots or Pubg. We are more than willing to accept players of all skill levels/classes/specs so feel free to message one of us in game and see if we're a good fit for you! Check with immarichard or Boombawks via mail or ingame whisper at any time. P.s. We're swing shift friendly and open to working with your schedule when possible so dont be afraid to ask!Talvynger24 Jun 30
Jun 19 [A] Distinct Advantage LF Heals ToS <Distinct Advantage> is an Alliance PvE guild located here on Exodar/Medivh. The members of Distinct Advantage pride ourselves on our ability to progress through difficult content while maintaining a fun and casual atmosphere. Despite a limited schedule, we aim to progress through Mythic content. Our guild is a tight-knit group based on friendship, mutual cooperation, and a commitment to a drama-free atmosphere. *** What you can expect *** Intelligent and reliable leadership with years of experience. A casual and relaxing raid environment while maintaining progression through game content. We work on difficult content while trying to enjoy the challenge instead of letting it stress you out. *** What we expect from our members *** Mastery of your class and doing research to make sure you continue to be at the top of your game. SHOW ME DEM BIG NUMBERS! The ability to research and learn a fight’s mechanics before we encounter it together as a guild. Reliability in raid attendance. We only raid two nights a week so we need to depend on you to be there when the guild needs you, barring real life issues that can happen to everyone on occasion. Voice communications. It is not necessary that you have to speak but we do distribute instructions and raid calls this way. (Currently we use Ventrilo) *** Guild Information *** Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30pm-11:00pm EST Progression: 7/7 Heroic and 4/7 Mythic EN. 3/3 Heroic ToV. 10/10 H 3/10 M NH Site: http://distinctadvantage.guildlaunch.com/ *** Recruitment Needs *** Healers: Resto Druid, MW Monk, Priest Disc or Holy All exceptional applications will be considered Take the time to fill out the Application on our site, and one of our officers will be in contact with you shortly. We are looking for players who can perform at a mythic level, but also fit into our guild socially. We tend to avoid players who bring negativity to raid, regardless of their skill level. *** Contact Information *** If you have any questions regarding recruitment please feel free to contact me (battletag: Eree#1705) or any officers within Distinct Advantage (Iona, Doci, Thordaal ).Doci0 Jun 19
Jun 16 [A] <Archon> 4/10 M NH LFM ToS About Archon Archon was begun in September 2008 by an original group of close friends from a hardcore raiding guild. We are the OLDEST running guild on our server and also formed by experienced former US Top performers officers that have been playing this game since Day 1 and a strong core who has been raiding together since the guild was formed. We are proud to say that we have and can achieve focused progression raiding with a very enjoyable friendly environment. We recognize that it is the friendships forged as a group that makes the group stronger for its raiding aspects. Enjoying your environment, learning to work together, and learning to improve together is the key to raiding success. What are we looking for? -Dedicated raiders who have great understanding of their class. -Raid aware and committed players. -Ability to adapt and learn quickly. -Players who enjoy working more as a team, than an individual. We want to push for competitive progression always keeping a friendly and mature environment. Raiding Schedule Archon has a raiding schedule that pushes progression, but does not consume real life. We currently raid on a 3 night schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:00 pm - 11pm EST. Currently Recruiting: - Disc/Holy Priest - Ele Shaman - Shadow Priest - Resto Druid - Resto Shaman - Ret Paladin - WW/MW Monk - Fury/Arms Warrior * Even if your class it's not listed we like to encourage anyone to apply, we are always looking for exceptional players! How to apply: Please visit us at: http://archonexodar.enjin.com/ and drop an application. If you have any questions or would like to speak with me you can add me on real ID: Tannhia (Tan#1506). You can also contact any of the other officers: , Lilith, Mythruss, Orlha and Amarndeus. Thank you very much for your time and hope to hear from you! [i][/i]Tannhia14 Jun 16
May 16 Looking for a raiding guild. Looking for a raid group For heroic raiding. 904 DHDarksecrets3 May 16
May 13 Are you a leader? We're looking for one! Shattered Fates currently has two raid teams (4/10M and 10/10H) and we have people who are interested in a third. However, no one has so far stepped forward and indicated an interested in leading. If you think what you have to lead, please send me a message. Prior experience is nice, but not necessarily needed. :)Moirasha0 May 13
May 7 [H] Priest or Monk LF Raiding guild. Both Healers, monk is 881 and priest is 872iLvL. Looking for guild to raid with between 6-11 pm EST, any day. Have raided in past expansions, most recently WOD. Looking to get back in to it again.Musikmyesc5 May 7
May 7 Left Shark Sanctuary (H) Recruiting! Left Shark Sanctuary is recruiting! Currently: 10/10 Heroic 4/10 Mythic 2/3 Mythic ToV We are a casual progression guild looking for players for all tiers of difficulty and all playstyles. Our guild runs raids ranging from Heroic to Mythic. We have several raids per week, but our Mythic Raid Times are as follows: Tuesday, 9pm-11:30pm Wednesday, 9pm-11:30pm Thursday, 9pm-11:30pm These times allow us to progress at a reasonable pace while having an adult core of players that have real world responsibilities. Progression raiding is Tues-Thurs. Normal/Heroics are generally run on weekends, 8-11. We're taking any and all players for most content. However, only players geared and skilled enough for Mythics will be taken to progression. Recruitment: All Roles Welcome Currently Interested in: Ranged DPS Melee DPS If you're interested in applying, please message me on Banaritaz#1572. I'm on most days after 7pm EST. Current toons I can be found on: Syde-Exodar Implicated-Exodar - Willing to pay for server transfers for qualified players.Banaritaz11 May 7
Apr 25 [A] New guild <Full Armor> - Family Friendly Just starting new guild on Exodar-Medivh realmgroup Alliance side - "Full Armor" Looking for people who are willing to be "family friendly" in guild chat. This means rated PG-13 and below language and conversation topics. This is a fresh guild so we're leveling, doing dungeons, etc. The goal long term will be raiding and battlegrounds. Contact me in-game or you can twitter me IRL @wintargz . Thank you and have a great day.Waulis0 Apr 25
Apr 25 902 hpally LF mythic progression guild Paladin: Holy ALLIANCE Cleared: 7/7H (AoTC), 3/3H (AoTC), 10/10H (AoTC) Btag: Talsong#1400 Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/21511078/latest/#metric=hps https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/128249/ Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hellscream/He%C3%ACl%C3%ACg/simple Dates and Times: Monday through Thursday, can start at 7pm EST and go up to midnight EST Looking to start mythic and push it. Not willing to faction change.Heìlìg0 Apr 25
Apr 4 LF Prices for Normal/Heroic Nighthold Carry Hello, I'm wanting to finish up the Balance of Power questline and I will need to run Normal (or higher) Nighthold in order to complete it. My guild's raiding team is going through some issues right now and I'm not able to get into most pugs (and I don't feel comfortable leading one myself unless I've run the raid before). Wanting to see what the prices are for a Normal Nighthold carry, I'm wanting to do it on this character. Only wanting to pay in WoW gold, thank you! Edit: Also willing to pay for a Heroic Nighthold carry instead if the prices aren't too crazy although I would prefer to get a carry for Normal instead.Rubyslays2 Apr 4
Apr 3 WTB Nighthold normal/heroic carry Looking for either a nighthold normal or heroic carry. Alliance - Medivh. Personal or Masterloot. Let me know what the cost would be and if there are any timeslots coming up. Thank youShaydan0 Apr 3
Apr 1 Paladin looking for guild (A) Hello there! Paladin 900 looking for a heroic raiding guild. Ret 892 Holy 889 I have knowledge on 6/10 HC fights very active and willing to learn and listen, friendly and helpful! Send me a pm in game or answer here so I can contact you! thanks for reading!Hyperborea2 Apr 1
Mar 11 Looking for pvp and mythics guild Hi, I have a healer monk and an affli lock, I love doing pvp and wouldnt mind doing mythics too, scheduled raids are probably not for me tho. But I'm up for anything that doesnt require me to be online every selected week night.Kenshinron0 Mar 11
Feb 28 WTB Guild on Medivh Looking to buy a guild, don't care about size, just need it to store reagents and whatnot. Add me on Btag Sarynn#1497Virelan0 Feb 28
Feb 13 [H] LF Home 3 RL friends returning to the game after very long hiatus. Dabbled in WoD but really have not played since WotLK. Ready to leave <Ready Check> our guild of 3. Classes - Pally, Warr and Mage What we ARE looking for 1. Knowledgeable and active bunch 2. Fun bunch, able to laugh at themselves, and wont tell me to watch my mouth when the curse words flow freely from it. Would prefer an older group of players. 3. improvement of gameplay experience through guild membership while also improving gearscore. What we are NOT looking for 1. A server transfer 2. A faction transfer, we are Horde. 3. A PvP guild 4. A guild that gives out participation trophies and hugs instead of working together or using their knowledge to help guildmates improve 5. A guild without a goal or the invite spammers 6. Forum and Chat Trolls, NOT looking for a guild full of those either 7. To be the greatest on the server at anything...quite frankly we don't have time for that, we have responsibilities and jobs and omg yes we are adults, well most of the time. A couple nights a week and a couple hours a day is all we can commit to but occasionally we have that rarity where we sit and play for an entire weekend. ThanksMorghael3 Feb 13
Feb 11 H <Hold The Door> recruiting! Looking for a holy pally, dk/rogue to add to our raiding team, we are very laid back and casual, and pride ourselves in not being a "mass invite" guild full of well you know the drill. But yeah we dont mind helping you gear up if you are under geared and we also have guildy of the month prizes (Free months play, mount of the store etc) Guildy of the year prize is a top of the line GFX card. (Based on how much people contribute to the guild, mats/farming/flasks/pots etc and being helpful in general) We raid tue/wed 8-11 EST We do alt raids of a Sat around 5-8 EST Mythic + daily, always something going down if you want to take part. add me on ezradeane#2324 for more info We are not the best guild, but we have the most fun and laughs, after all this is Exodar, not exactly a world beating server is it now. ha. But its Home :)Ezradeane1 Feb 11
Feb 7 (A) Distinct Advantage LFM NH <Distinct Advantage> is an Alliance PvE guild located here on Exodar/Medivh. The members of Distinct Advantage pride ourselves on our ability to progress through difficult content while maintaining a fun and casual atmosphere. Despite a limited schedule, we aim to progress through Mythic content. Our guild is a tight-knit group based on friendship, mutual cooperation, and a commitment to a drama-free atmosphere. *** What you can expect *** Intelligent and reliable leadership with years of experience. A casual and relaxing raid environment while maintaining progression through game content. We work on difficult content while trying to enjoy the challenge instead of letting it stress you out. *** What we expect from our members *** Mastery of your class and doing research to make sure you continue to be at the top of your game. SHOW ME DEM BIG NUMBERS! The ability to research and learn a fight’s mechanics before we encounter it together as a guild. Reliability in raid attendance. We only raid two nights a week so we need to depend on you to be there when the guild needs you, barring real life issues that can happen to everyone on occasion. Voice communications. It is not necessary that you have to speak but we do distribute instructions and raid calls this way. (Currently we use Ventrilo) *** Guild Information *** Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30pm-11:00pm EST Progression: 7/7 Heroic and 4/7 Mythic EN. 3/3 Heroic ToV. 10/10 N NH 5/10 H NH Site: http://distinctadvantage.guildlaunch.com/ *** Recruitment Needs *** Healers: Resto Druid Melee DPS: Windwalker Monk , Ret Paladin Ranged DPS: Elemental Shaman , Shadow Priest and Warlock All exceptional applications will be considered Take the time to fill out the Application on our site, and one of our officers will be in contact with you shortly. We are looking for players who can perform at a mythic level, but also fit into our guild socially. We tend to avoid players who bring negativity to raid, regardless of their skill level. *** Contact Information *** If you have any questions regarding recruitment please feel free to contact me (battletag: MaTT#11440) or any officers within Distinct Advantage (Iona, Doci, Thordaal or Setzer).Setzer1 Feb 7
Jan 29 Ashes of Renewal looking for raiders... <Ashes of Renewal> Alliance Exodar/Medivh is looking for more raiders to add to our roster. We are 5/10 N NH and run on Tues/Weds 7:30 EST. Currently in search of melee and ranged dps who know their class and can keep a steady 350k+. We have fully cleared H EN and N ToV. Willing to take people cross realm within reason, but are especially interested in those who may transfer if things work out. Please add my btag alena#1533 or comment here with any questions. Thank you!Mooncrescent0 Jan 29
Jan 26 [A] Victorious Secrets looking for raiders Victorious Secrets is recruiting DPS (Hunter, Lock, Rog, Monk, Boomkin, Mage, Ret) and Heals (Shaman, Druid, Priest, Pally) to begin raiding through current raid content. Looking to fill immediate spots. iLvl 845 needed. Current raid times are Fridays 6-11pm EST, Saturdays 11am-4pm EST. Reply if interested or PST Fearghus (lambstorm #1337).Fearghus3 Jan 26
Jan 25 late night raids, On seperate note i have a group forming for late night raids from 12:30 am server on. for info reply here or hit me up in game or baaj-exodar who will be the raid leader.Wildwolfs0 Jan 25
Jan 25 Crimson Chaos looking for raiders. Crimson chaos is looking for raiders to join our Friday and Saturday raid group running from 8-11 pm server. We are also looking for raid leaders for alt raid groups, preferable during the week or late night from 11pm server on. Please contact wildwolf in game for more info.Wildwolfs0 Jan 25
Jan 25 Gm meetings I will be hosting server gm meetings horde side for info please contact me in game as I'm sure the trolls will be all over this so i will be reporting trolls and ignoring pretty much all replies to this.Wildwolfs0 Jan 25
Jan 25 Server Discord Me and some others are hosting a server discord for horde side, this is for anyone to join including those not in guilds. This server will be used to help people find others on server to farm pets, mounts, spam dungeons, quests and world quests. This will be moderated by a trusted select group of gms on server so it will not be used to favor people to join a guild or leave one just to be on discord. The server will also be moderated and alot heavier then the troll chat on server to keep out the drama queens and whiners who want to start fights over stupid crap or use it to attack other people or guilds. Bans will be permanent so 1 strike and your out permantly. For info to discord <links will expire even the ones that are suppose to never expire so will have to ask for links as one will not be posted> and info on code of conduct hit me up, will list all moderators when it is fully set up n people are assigned. Server is up now and a few already on it.Wildwolfs0 Jan 25
Jan 21 Holy/Ret Pally LF Casual Raiding Guild Haven't really raided since Cata. Looking to get back into it casually. Nothing too serious as that is what burnt me out before. Like to be social and just have fun.Blaesus1 Jan 21
Jan 16 <Cause for Concern> A Recruiting DPS for Night Hold - 1/7M EN and 2/3H ToV rank 13th on server Tues 7:30 to 10:30 EST Sun 8:00 to 11:00 EST Current Needs: Lock - High Mage - Low S. Priest - High Ele Shaman - Med Boomkin - Med Ret Pally - Low DH - Low Loot System is EPGP, please send in game message or contact myself or one of the officers for more information.Mechinator1 Jan 16
Jan 12 Warlock looking for a new home. Shook the dust off my old wow account, I played early wow and skipped a few expansions. This is my original character complete with the class mount quest items still in the bank...lol Now that I've gotten back into things, I've gotten my ilvl up 853. Looking for casual fun guild - not necessarily hardcore or semi-hardcore. as an older player (35+), I'm looking for an active guild who enjoys doing things. I'm in the central time zone and would like to find a guild who is CST (Central time zone) friendly. Looking forward to getting into mythic dungeons and possibly raiding. my battletag is Razorbak#1410, feel free to reach out, just no trolls plz.Draex2 Jan 12
Jan 9 IXOYE guild is now recruiting! IXOYE is now recruiting players! We are a family friendly Christian guild that has been around for over 11 years now! If you are looking for a good, clean and fun guild then we are the guild for you! Everyone is welcome to apply at IXOYE, so if you are intrested please apply at www.christianforce.netTsp2 Jan 9
Jan 9 Mature Warrior looking for pvp pve guild First off i work on a drilling rig 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, I game good 5-6 hours a day on days off. Been on medivh since launch but ofc been playing on and off since the game launched, Looking for a semi casual guild to enjoy random dungeons or pvp ect. Mature gamer no Drama. :) Warrior Carpediem have many alts but warrior is my main.Carpediem0 Jan 9
Jan 8 Bigbadguild Is Looking for these class Looking for These class Demon Hunters Tank And Dp's Druid Healers And Tank And Dp's Priest Healers And Dp's Shamans Healers And Dp's Monks Healers And Tank And Dp's Paladins Healers And Tank And Dp's Warrior Tanks Or Dp's Hunters Mages Warlocks Rogues We are trying to set 2 groups of 5 men heroics and mythic going and also start running 10 men raids going. Pm ingame to talk about joining the guild.Bigbadbeef0 Jan 8
Jan 3 (A) RESTO DRUID Resto druid looking for semi casual guild that raids and pvps. Ilvl is 858 currently equipped with stats in mind. Haste mastery for dungeons and pvp, haste crit for raids. Enjoy rated bgs, raiding and the social aspect of guild. Transferred from horde a few months ago and haven't found a place to call home. On most of time shoot me a pstNator0 Jan 3
Dec 29 879 Hpally LF semi casual progression team Greetings all, I am an Ally 878 hpally in need of a social but semi progressive raid team. I am looking for a guild that is inclusive to all members of the guild, be they veterans of the guild or new members. I am not looking for a guild full of cliques that a new member can not get into. I am looking for like minded individuals who wish to clear heroic raiding with a chance at mythic, though not needed, along with mythic 5 mans and mythic pluses. I am also interested in pvp, with may a chance to get back to some low ranking arenas. I have tanked in the past on my pally, though I have not had much of a chance to tank this xpac. My prot artifact has 3 golden traits opened and 28 traits opened all total. My holy artifact has 35 traits opened. My ret artifact has 3 golden traits open and 32 traits opened all total. I am still learning ret dps so right now I am not a viable dps choice. I have led raids in the past during SoO, along with CMs in MoP. I am looking for set up achievement hunting for the Legion dungeon mount. I have Discord, Vent, Mumble, and Teamspeak already set up on my computer. I have a working headset and mic. I will not be able to transfer to Horde because most of my RL friends are Ally, sorry Horde. I am on the east coast, so the latest I can raid is 11:30pm EST. I prefer during the week so I can spend time with my family on the weekend. I hope to hear from you.Heìlìg0 Dec 29
Dec 26 La Vérité recrute! French guild recruting English will follow. Bonjour, on est une nouvelle guilde francophone pour les raids. Notre objectif est de faire tous les raids heroics. À la base, on est une bande d'amis qui jouent ensemble depuis plus de 2 ans, mais on manque de personnes afin d'avoir une team de raid complète. On raid le lundi et le mercredi, de 8h00 a 23h00 serveur time. Si vous êtes intéressés, contactez moi ou Chvrch in game! ------- Hello, we're a french guild recruting for raids. Most of the talking is in french but all of us are fluent in english. We're raiding on mondays and wednesdays from 8 to 11 server time. If you're interested, you can contact me or Chvrch in game. Merci!Helselyn2 Dec 26
Dec 19 [H] Heroic ToV Weekly Pug - 12/19 Good Evening, My name is Haws (Haws#1579), I am the Raid Leader of Our Valor and we are raiding on December 19th and looking for people to help kill Helya. We are a small but dedicated guild that has prided itself on running smooth and efficient pugs to help with our progression as a small group. We have been able to teach and work with many PUGs to help us complete farm content, and also teaching PUGs new fights that we are progressing on. We are looking for people to come to our raids and be dedicated to coming so we can clear out content. Whether you are playing on an ALT, want Bonus rolls for the week or you want to kill the fights for the first time and want to come to our raids to progress further, We are the group for you. Info is below. Raid Details Time: Monday Dec 19th 4:00 PST/7:00 EST - 7:00PST/10:00 EST Guild Players: 6 Agenda: Helya Needs: 1 Tank / Heals / DPS (Ranged would be nice, But won't turn away High melee DPS) Requirements Gear: 870 Experience: First 2 bosses in heroic Supplies: Potions (You are expected to double pot), Food, Flasks. Expectations We expect that you can - Take criticism - Attempt to improve - Come to multiple raids - Be prepared - Have a positive attitude - Contribute to fightsRacker0 Dec 19
Dec 18 A <Cause for Concern> Currently 7/7 H Emerald Nightmare and 3/3 ToV We're a casual social raiding guild, you will find our members online most nights even when we aren't raiding. We're laid back but still hold to raiding values, our raid leader is a mythic raider from past expansions. We raid 2 nights a week Sun and Tues with an alt night on Thursdays for our social members. We're patient but serious and many of our raiders had no experience this expansion and have slowly been trained up to par. We take experienced raiders who want a little less stressful raiding environment and brand new people alike. 50% of raiding roster are women with several couples involved and you can find us on Discord almost every night. If you're interested in raiding or just looking for a social guild to hang your hat please contact me for information. Current Needs: Rogue - high Demon Hunter - Low Mage - high Priest - Med Monk - low Hunter - low Always looking for exceptional players regardless of class.Krysì7 Dec 18
Dec 17 [A] <Requiem> Recruiting for Mythic+/Kara <Requiem> is recruiting for casuals at the moment. We are currently not raiding, but as soon as we have a big enough team we will be starting. Right now we’re doing Mythic+ and Kara runs. Looking to expand our group for those as well. Solid core of long time friends, looking to make more. Current team includes: Tank, Healer and DPS so we definitely need everything. As of right now, since our guild isn’t that big, we’re looking for people who want to run Mythic+, Kara and eventually raiding and you can stay on your US Alliance server, just add me on Bnet. We run stuff almost every night anywhere between 6PM and 1AM EST. Whisper me for any other information you’d like to know! Jkempf2#1224Deathlloor1 Dec 17
Dec 17 Healer LF a Tank There is something unique when a tank and a healer fall in sync. Predicting how a tank will pull a certain set of mobs. Knowing how much your healer can handle on so much mana. Being able to push, encourage and challenge each other is one of the cores to a good group of any size. This is what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a tank to be part of a unit with. For glory, loot and fun. Someone who is willing to push and assist me as I will them. Luora, Disc Priest, MedivhLuora1 Dec 17
Dec 6 WTT / WTS Battle Pets Here are the pets I'm looking to trade / sell: I. [Ethereal Soul-Trader] -Level 4, -Balance (+25% HP/Speed/Power) II. [Corrupted Nest Guardian] -Level 4, -Guardian (+100% HP) III. [Blackfuse Bombling] -Level 25, -Guardian (+100% HP) IV. [Sky-Bo] -Level 25, -Ninja (+100% Speed) Feel free to browse my armory or visit https://wow-pets.com/character/us/exodar/wtbheals#owned to see additional pets you may be interested in. Not looking to keep these as they won't get used sitting in my bags! Thanks! :)Wtbheals0 Dec 6
Dec 2 Highborne recruiting DPS. <Highborne> Faction: Horde Server: US-Exodar (PvE) Timezone: EST (UTC-5) Raid Schedule (EST, UTC-5): Tuesday: 8pm-11pm Wednesday: 8pm-11pm Thursday: 8pm-11pm Current Progression: 1/7M Emerald Nightmare 7/7H Emerald Nightmare 2/3H Trials of Valor Recruiting: Like-Minded, Min/Max & Theorycraft-Focused DPS! (read: excited about achieving all your class has to offer? we are) If you're currently tanking or healing and would like to change over to DPS--and have as much fun pursuing top DPS parses as we do--get in touch with us! ;) Celebrating Nine Years of Highborne: Highborne was founded in January 2007 with one very simple idea in-mind: create a guild where friends could come together and enjoy the fresh start that Burning Crusade's new Exodar server could provide. At the start, it wasn't about server firsts, being "cutting edge" or "making a name for ourselves"--that came later. We just wanted to have some fun and hopefully find a few like-minded individuals along the way. Suffice it to say, over the past nine years, we've done just that. Not only have an enormous number of players joined us for the ride but, as a guild, our impact on Exodar has been felt time and time again. It's not an exaggeration to say that most of our server's top Horde guilds got their start in Highborne. A truly-staggering number of Exodar's best have, at one time or another, donned our colors. It's a history that we take enormous pride in. This is not to say that we've ever been a particularly large guild--quite the opposite, really. While we've had hundreds of players join us over the years, we've always strived to find the right people; those who "get" what we've been about. Be it server first raid progression or literal best-in-battlegroup PvP (Arenas & Ranked BGs!), this mentality has served us well. Now, for Legion, we're setting our sights on a new goal. What Highborne Means for You, Now: For nearly a decade, we've stood by our tried-and-true mantra of "hardcore raiding on a casual schedule." We've always striven to make the absolute most of the time we've had, and looked to tackle the most difficult content Warcraft had to offer. To this end, we've had tremendous success. For Legion, we've begun the process of kicking things up a notch and raising Raider expectations higher than ever before. We're looking for like-minded players who are as excited as we are to constantly push personal performance on a nightly basis. We're looking for the people who will scour their combat logs with us to find some extra damage. We're looking for the folks who genuinely get excited to find new ways to shave a few seconds off of farm content because it's not just about killing something--it's about killing something as cleanly and as quickly as possible. By the time Patch 7.2 rolls around, we're aiming to have our entire roster parsing in the top 10% for class/spec (ilvl). A lot of us are already there now and we're hoping you can be, too. That is what we're trying to accomplish and that is what we're hoping you'll join us for. An Older Membership, a Fairly-Unique Appeal: As Highborne has been around for nearly a decade--and still retains many of its early (and original!) members--it's not surprising that many of us have aged over the years. Our average member is now somewhere in the early-30s and no one actually younger than mid-20s. It's not a coincidence that our relatively-casual raid schedule accommodates families, careers and (in some cases!) children! ;) This isn't to say we have an "age requirement" or any nonsense like that (we don't) but you should know what sort of atmosphere to expect. We're an adult guild with adult responsibilities doing adult things--while still tackling the toughest content Warcraft has to offer. It's been a pretty fun ride, so far, and we hope you'll be here for everything Legion has in-store! Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from you! Contact Us!: Graye - Recruitment Officer - Rourk#1880 Yajin - Guildmaster - Yajin#1381 Poumba - Healing Officer - TylerD#1360Graye4 Dec 2