Argent Dawn and The Scryers

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4h Roleplayers Connect Discord Welcome to Roleplayers Connect! This server has been around for a few months, as it was originally a RP server Discord channel. However, the moderators have recently decided to convert it to allow ALL roleplayers access. This Discord is designed with the intention of helping the RP community across servers to thrive and grow. This is especially important with the upcoming expansion, Battle for Azeroth. We’re hoping to set up this server as a means for ALL role players and RP guilds to connect, network, meet and chat. Reminder: this server will only be active if you all choose to make it so. The more activity within the Discord, the more useful members will find it. 
The server is equipped with: + Server categories! Each RP server will have their own category that includes channels for guild bases and guild advertisements. If your server does not have a category yet, message a moderator to set one up + Factional Roles Dyno bot has been put into place to allow all members to give themselves a role. Once must simply type !rank [rank name] into the #bot_spam channel. The ranks included are Alliance, Horde and Guild Representative. + Voice Channels There have been a few voice channels added in case members choose to network via choice chat. + Facebook Group Ads Many RP servers have a respective Facebook group. Those groups will be added on the front #welcome page for easy access. Moderators have only been put in place to help keep an eye out for potential drama! There are only three rules we ask members to abide by: 1)Be friendly/kind to one another! 2)Avoid controversial topics. 3)No trolling or bashing other members and guilds. Access Link: [[ We are currently looking for more moderators to help manage server guild base channels! DM a moderator if you wish to apply! ]]Kalepathe0 4h
2d HORDE RP WINTER VEIL CROSS REALM EVENT [H] WINTER VEIL IN WINTERSPRING ((A Cross Realm Horde Holiday RP Party Spectacular)) December 16th, the first Day of Winter Veil, at 5pm PST | 6 MT | 7 CST | 8 EST Come and join us in celebrating the feast of Winter Veil in snowy Winterspring! Meet people you've never met, hailing from across Azeroth! In addition to good food, booze and company, we will be hosting a number of exciting activities throughout the night! Sign up now to participate! ((This event will have people and groups from at least 3 different servers in attendance!)) Blind Date Auction - Polar Bear Brawl - Group Performances Blind Date Auction: Sign up with one of the sheets in the envelope below between now and the party to be an auctionee! Auctionees will be given anonymous descriptions and bid on by partygoers, agreeing to spend some time with the winner (although they are neither expected or required to do more than that)! Buyers are limited to spending only 5000gp overall (you cannot just buy every auction if you're rich). All proceeds will be used as prize money for future events. ((If you are interested in being bid on, please fill out this form: )) Polar Bear Brawl: They say nothing warms the soul like a fight in the frigid cold! A seasonal tradition, this dueling tournament involves stripping down to the bear minimums and duking it out in the frigid snow! While weapons are allowed, nothing else is. Contestents will be inspected before matches to ensure they aren't carrying any jewlery or other items which might afford them an advantage. Bystanders are encouraged to throw snowballs, to add an extra element of chilly fun! Winner gets a special mystery gift! ((If you wish to participate in the Polar Bear Brawl please submit this form: )) Group Performances: Everyone has a different way of celebrating the season, and we want to give you a platform to show everyone yours! We want to encourage different organizations to sign up and show off. Have a few people recite a story, or sing a song or something entirely different! ((Limit one performance per Guild. We will coordinate with you about the performance itself. Performances should be roughly Winter Veil themed in nature, no longer than 15 minutes and be relatively non-offensive, sign up here: )) Additionally, we've made a discord server for the event, you can join here: You are in no way required to join the discord to attend the event as it is ingame. The main idea behind it is that discord lets you PM anyone who you share a discord server with, so if you meet someone cool at the event hopefully it'll provide an easy way to connect with them again (encase you forget their server name or anything like that). We will also be using it as a place to share screenshots during/after the event, make updates/announcements, and possibly play mood music via the voice channels. You can also access all of the signups from in there. ((As this is a cross realm event, we will need to group everyone. You must whisper Ohee-Ravenholdt, Kejala-Ravenholdt, or Raelanaa-Twisting Nether for a group invite at the time of the event. If you are planning on attending please comment on this thread so we can get a rough tally of who's coming.)) Also if anyone knows of a rp community hub outside of these forums for this server (like a discord) that I could broadcast this on, please let me know! (Lahcania#1539 on bnet, Arahe#6448 on discord)Arahe1 2d
2d Oceanic/Late Night RPer Discord Hey friends, I started a discord for people playing during Oceanic hours. You might be in Australia, New Zealand or another Oceanic location. You might be a late shift worker from the USA. You might be a vampire. Whatever reason you have for eating dinner at 3am server is fine — this discord is for RPers that share your schedule. Horde & Alliance Welcome!! I made this discord to prepare for an amazing feature coming in B4A: WoW Communities. This feature will allow us to join multiple guild-like groups (with chat and calendar marking!) on a character basis & across servers. For example: <Azerite and Arcwine> <Gnome Girl Power> <Void Elf & Worgen ERP Manor> <Oceanic RPer Chill Mythic Runs> <Tusks of Mannoroth Support Group> <Dwarf Only Raiding> I think this feature is going to be fantastic for RPers and will definitely be a boon for those of us playing on American RP servers from odd timezones.Sef0 2d
3d (H) Shaman LF Guild Hey everyone. I've been playing on the EU servers with friends since the release of Legion. Now they stoped playing so I'm back on the US servers as it fits my game time better. So I am looking for a guild for this shaman. I'm mostly looking to get into mythic plus as I can't dedicate myself to a raiding schedule. I mean I could probably replace once in a while when the guild is in need and I am available but I can't attend everyweek. That's why I'm looking for a friendly group of player who are interested with M+ content. I have experience with M+ eventhough my highest achieved on EU was healing a +10 before NH release. I would like a group of player who would take me with them and progress together. I'm more of a casual player and looking for a non hardcore environement. I would join groups as either resto or elemental (I prefer healing honnestly) If any guild has some place for me, please let me know :) Good playing everyone!Dharul0 3d
Dec 4 (H) For Horde Guild - Progression Recruitment FOR HORDE - Casual Raiding Guild Website: Raid Times: Wednesday and Sunday 7pm-11pm Server Raid Progress: Antorus(N11/11 - H4/11) Recruitment: Ranged DPS(Any class) and Tank(Any class) About Us: We are a casual guild looking for casual skilled people to fill our roster for Antorus. Our main raid progresses through Heroic and we have a more causal raid that does Normal every Friday. Please contact us in-game (Kayil, Nakajima, Tallic, or Tenebres) for more information or use our website( and fill out a recruitment form. Thanks!Tallic0 Dec 4
Dec 3 Looking for a friendly guild! :D (Horde) Hi everyone! I figured it's about time I join a guild again, as I've been guildless since... Around the end of Mists/Beginning of Warlords. I haven't had a whole lot of luck finding a guild in game so I figured I'd TRY posting here... Let's see... I guess I'll just say a little bit about me. I guess you could say I main Mage, but I have every class at 100+ (All Horde), so I could really level and play anything. I would like to try raiding, as I've never raided current content before except for one failed attempt at NM Highmaul (We disbaned at Butcher so... you can imagine how the rest of that would've went), and I did a PUG of Emerald Nightmare NM once. I'm really only interested in up to Heroic though. I wouldn't be OPPOSED to trying Mythic, but I think that might be a bit about my skill level :p I would like to try Mythic Keystones though, those seem cool! I think I've only done one Mythic dungeon since they were introduced, so... It would also be cool if whatever guild wanted to adopt me had a Discord! Cause... Well, I've just kinda gotten used to using Discord tbh. If I'm not online in game just feel free to post here and we can get something situated! I'm looking forward to finding a good home :DKekkles2 Dec 3
Nov 29 <Rain of Fire> Recruiting <Rain of Fire> New Morning/Afternoon guild. 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST Goals: Well established before the new expansion. Interest: Normal Raiding Group to start out. (We are not ready to raid yet..key words here are "New Guild". Run Mythic + Casual PvP And all things WoW. Contact: Silentsword +173246Mistierose0 Nov 29
Nov 28 [A] <Dragonstrike Recruiting Raiders Good morning Ladies and Gents - <Dragonstrike> (yes, we were named that before it became Hanzo's ult lol) is an Alliance Guild currently looking for a few raiders to add to our roster. We are on the Argent Dawn realm, and have been so since WoW launch. We are primarily interested in ranged DPS and possibly a healer, but any class could potentially be accepted (especially one not currently on our raid roster). We have a mostly adult crowd that has been together for quite a while, and we can offer a 100% drama free atmosphere and a great experience for those folks that want to take raiding seriously, but don't necessarily have a ton of time to do so. We understand real life comes first - most of us are full time working adults with families/kids. We make the best of the time we can commit, and we have a damn good time doing it :) We are not Cutting Edge, nor do we even do Mythic raiding. However, we do have a tight knit group that has been Ahead of the Curve since our core group returned to WoW in WoD. Our raid nights are Sunday and Wednesday, from 9pm-11pm EST. We also regularly run Mythic + Dungeons and have a good deal of people who enjoy pvp. If you're looking for a laid back/fun group, who loves WoW and all things Blizzard, this may be the place for you :) Please contact Aentharion, Jarius, Bastien, Ossicone, Kifa or Thorlund for more information!Aentharion2 Nov 28
Nov 26 Alliance Prot Warrior LF Guild Hello Everyone, I am recently returning back to WOW. When I returned I found out the guild has moved to another server. I am looking for a guild that raids 5PM EST or after. I would like to find a guild progression in mind. Mythic Raiding preferred. I also have a lock that I recently leveled and would be willing to play him instead if needed. Please message me in game on Tankhiem or Winnar.Tankhiem0 Nov 26
Nov 23 I have returned Boo! Got ya didn't I? Muhwahahahaha Just in case FFWs is thinking about coming back, had to get that in here first as a deterrent. You're welcome AD, and you're welcome Scryers who have never met Makyson. Anyways. It is I, The Hero of Argent Dawn. I have returned to save you all from the boredom of not having someone as great as I by your side. If you don't know me, I forgive you for being new here. If you don't remember me, I forgive you for having bumped your head at some point. For those that do recall. I have returned to save you! The one TRUE Tank is back for more server firsts, US firsts, and world top 20s (Hey EU is dominant, sorry!) PS: If you made it this far before closing, down voting, or angrily replying.... J/K, but I'm back for Legion (maybe) to crush content again (just on weekends since life is real it turns out) and if you guys need any help, just shoot me a MSG in game when I'm around.Zurick16 Nov 23
Nov 22 Alliance RP Guilds Hello All! I'm an old vet from WOWs earlier days (pre-MOP). I was hoping to find a good solid RP guild on Argent Dawn to spend my time with while I lvl a new toon. Does anyone know of any good ones? How is the RP on Argent Dawn? More importantly I suppose I'm just looking for a solid group of people who are willing to help, chat, and have a good time in general in order to make this game more enjoyable. Thanks for any info!Aldrich0 Nov 22
Nov 17 <The Alliance> needs you! <The Alliance> is recruiting! We are a laid-back guild that provides repairs and bank tab access. Join us in protecting Azeroth! You may contact Chris-ArgentDawn or Chris-TheScryers or anyone else for a guild invite. For the Alliance!Chris0 Nov 17
Nov 14 Looking to buy the name *Offensive* As the title says :) I'm looking to get my hands on the name - Offensive - If you have it and would like to part away with it, post here using the character that holds the name, mail me in-game, or add my btag :) I will be paying well for it in gold only. Offensive#11360 Thank you :)Vespula0 Nov 14
Nov 14 924 [A] Havoc DH looking for a home Hello all, I am new to Argent Dawn and am looking to plant my stakes somewhere. I am looking for some raiding, not necessarily looking for high end progression content (though at least heroic would be nice)....because you know, life and all, and a good community atmosphere where folks do things together on off nights. Reach out to me in game, through this post, or on battle tag @ Thebane#1354 Thanks!Twínn0 Nov 14
Nov 7 What happens to RP servers? Hey, I am looking for support and suggestions for the future of RP servers post-Blizzcon announcement of PVP/PVE server distinction removal. It also concerns server merging. I posted a thread in the General Forums I would appreciate any input you have! Thank you much.Xiolableu0 Nov 7
Nov 7 <Malevolence> recruiting friendly players <Malevolence> is seeking raiders of all roles to fill our Friday normal team for Antoras. We are also seeking friendly members for our community, regardless of interest in raiding. Check us out at and whisper for an invite.Riiva0 Nov 7
Nov 7 Looking for a new home Hey folks, so after my break from legion I have returned only to find my guild had fallen apart. So I am curious are there any Alliance Guilds out there. Looking for something a little more relaxed, people who enjoy helping each other, running Mythics, some casual raiding is always welcome. I have my rogue and disc/holy priest. ThanksTetley0 Nov 7
Oct 26 Roleplayer's Network - Blizzard Group Want to connect with your fellow roleplayer's with the new Blizzard groups feature? Check out your server's Roleplayer's Network! Want to connect with the global Roleplayer's Network instead or as well? Oct 26
Oct 24 New pants I'm looking for some new pants Nexus-Strider Legwraps. They're lvl 60 pants, the only blue legs available in mail. I've been chain runnin Hellfire citadel with no luck yet, any and all help is greatly appreciated.Sagittarian0 Oct 24
Oct 12 Bound for Glory recruiting a few Ranged DPS ========================================= GUILD - Bound for Glory - Casual yet determined! ========================================= WEBSITE - SERVERS - Argent Dawn & The Scryers RAID AMBITIONS - Normal for the feels of it all, and some loot, then Heroic Progression. No Mythic Raid activity is planned. RAID TIMES - Thursday & Friday from 7:45PM until 10:00PM EST RECRUITING - A solid Melee DPS & a few solid Ranged DPS. (Need a strong Lock badly!) Tanks and Healers are full at this time. As mostly casual players, we started with Normal Raid ambitions in Legion, but as we have grown together we now see Heroic is going to be our end game goals. We just need a few more people to help push us over the top. We are easy going, fun, and there has never been any Raid Drama with player abuse, calling out, etc. We typically Raid with 10-15 people. We would love to get this number 15+ If you are looking for a family style home, with no elitism, and a team that wants to help. Look no further, this is the home for you! Fun is the name of the game, and that's what we offer! =) You have a spot with us right now, if you want it! We also have many friendly folks who don't Raid, so if you don't Raid and are looking for a Guild, we would be more than happy to have you! Please hop on board! Guild Contacts - Ark - GM (sparrow#1683) Issichar - Raid Leader Ordin - Raid Leader VandanaArkaten7 Oct 12
Oct 6 Heroic group recruiting for antorus <Doomforge Brewing> Realm: Argent Dawn Faction: Alliance Progression: 9/9H Schedule: Monday 7:45-10:45 EST Wednesday 7:45-10:45 EST Currently Recruiting: Tank: Open to exceptional applicants Healers: Open to exceptional applicants DPS: Hunter Shadow Priest Elemental Shaman Boomkin Paladin Warrior Demon Hunter Death Knight Who We Are: <Doomforge Brewing> is a guild focused on improving the gaming experience for its members. As a raid group our primary progression goal is to clear every Heroic boss that Blizzard throws at us. Our primary goal overall however, is to enjoy the game. We were initially formed in 2004 by a group of high school friends that has expanded over the years. Our discord chat is active as we are frequently engaged with each other throughout the day just talking crap and random nonsense or discussing the hot topics about the game in general. What We Are Looking For: The type of player we are looking for is sort of a dying breed in this game. If you have been around WoW long enough you know what we are talking about – there seems to be a surplus of ‘me-first’ players doing nothing but chasing ilvl and staring at damage meters. If this is what you are trying to avoid, we might be a very good fit for you. Our raid environment is very important to us. Anyone who has been part of a raid group that is not in the top world 1000 understands the delicate balance between keeping an eye on progression while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere. At <Doomforge Brewing> I think we walk that thin line pretty well. This is a game that is meant to be fun and we do not forget that. At the same time, since we only raid for 6 hours a week we do need to make that time count. Our raiders come to raids prepared: gemmed/enchanted with flasks/food and are read up on the current strats to keep us moving forward. Not because its mandatory, but because we all understand that is what we need to do in order to keep moving forward with the time that we have. As discussed above, we are a Heroic progression team. We may play around in Mythic once our Heroic goals are met in each tier, but it is not our priority. If you are looking for a group focused on Mythic progression with a 10/10M goal, we are not the right fit for you. How We Spend Non-Raid Nights: Mythic +’s would be the simplest answer for that. It’s a pretty good way to grind out that much needed AP and get the occasional upgrade. We have pretty regular Mythic + groups going on and some evenings we have more than 1 group happening. PVP is also something that a few of our raiders have an interest in on the off-nights. I would not call us a PVP guild by any means, but if you are looking for 2’s, 3’s or the occasional random BG – we have folks who would like to join you. Old runs for transmog/achieves. Nothing is worth doing if you don’t look fresh to death doing it. Quality transmogs are pretty much a must – we have the occasional public shaming for those who don’t match. Fortunately, we also have an abundance of transmog mounts if you have forgotten something. Who to Contact: Maddycakes#1302 Saucy#11257 Kevinly#1504 Bonuspoppa#1346 If you have any questions or would like to learn more, we would be very interested in getting into group/discord with you and talking with you further.Lasagné0 Oct 6
Oct 1 <Fable> Welcomes all Friendly Folks Fable supports players that are interested in all aspects of World of Warcraft. From PVP, dungeon and raid role play, socializing and questing. If you're interested please contact myself or a fellow guildie in game. Oct 1
Sep 29 <Dead Pirates Society>H LF reliable players H<Dead Pirates Society> 9/9H ToS LF reliable players for a friendly guild with high aspirations Dead Pirates Society is a core group of friendly folks who have been raiding together for the last 3 expansions. We have consistently sat on the cusp of mythic raiding but our numbers have been just slightly outside our reach. We have achieved AOTC heroic for every raid since we formed. WHO WE ARE: We are a lose connection of random clusters of different circles of friends and families all over the United States and Canada we are Doctors, IT workers, opera singers, soldiers... you name it. We are cordial and helpful in guild chat and mumble but we also have a serious attitude towards raiding. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Players interested in raiding 2 days a week (currently Sundays and Thursday nights 8:00-11:00 EST). Don't have to be world class players but must be willing to learn, listen, and be civil. Looking for all roles. Battlenet- ecbremner#1191Calaf0 Sep 29
Sep 28 DH LF (A) Guild Hello everyone, Relatively new player to WoW but long time gamer and looking for a guild. Decided to give WoW a try, since the last I played was back in Wrath. Only been playing less than a month. I have a lot of time to play currently, and looking for a mature guild to become apart of. Things I'm looking for in a guild is an active voice chat (Discord etc..). Also a casual to semi-hardcore raiding aspect to the guild. I have been raiding and pvp'ing in all the games I've played. Part of many server first in games like LotRO, Tera, and SWTOR through the years. I look forward to hearing from anyone in response. Messaging in game is probably best way to get in contact but will check the forums as well daily. Thank you, NoburuNoburu0 Sep 28
Sep 27 WTS Mythic Nighthold + Mount! 4M Gold Pay on any US server Alliance only You will get full Mythic Nighthold clear and the Fiendish Hellfire Core mount! Vikav#1211Vikav0 Sep 27
Sep 27 WTS Mythic Nighthold + Mount! 4M Gold Pay on any US server Alliance only You will get full Mythic Nighthold clear and the Fiendish Hellfire Core mount! Vikav#1211Vikav0 Sep 27
Sep 25 (H) For Horde Guild - Progression Recruitment FOR HORDE - Casual Raiding Guild New Website: Raid Times: Wednesday and Sunday 7pm-11pm Server Raid Progress: ToS (H9/9 - M1/9) Recruitment: Mainly DPS. Ranged or Melee Attendance: In order to minimize bench spots and form a cohesive team that can work together, we would like 100% attendance. At the same time, we understand that real life commitments and emergencies can arise, and should a situation like that occur, we understand and just ask that you keep us in the loop so we can keep the guild progressing as a whole. Please contact us in-game (Kayil, Tallic, or Tenebres) for more information or use our website and fill out a recruitment form. Thanks!Tallic1 Sep 25
Sep 23 Ubarlight Anyone seen him lately?Yumad0 Sep 23
Sep 21 Alliance Couple Looking for Guild Good afternoon and well met to anyone who takes a gander at this posting. My boyfriend and I are very addicted WoW players, and are looking for a guild in order to do dungeons, raids, mythics, and have a little fun at doing things in the game. We are on the Argent Dawn server, lol, even though that's already determined by where I'm posting here. I play a Restoration Shaman as my main spec, and do Enhancement on my off spec. His main spec is Protection Paladin, with an off spec of Retribution. We are looking for a guild that isn't going to yell and scream because we're trying to learn like everyone else - and we aren't the type to sit AFK and twiddle our thumbs either. We've both been playing this game for a very long time (mine since 2007 off and on), and his since (2004) ---- holy crap batman, that's a long time! We believe in working for everything that we get, and yes we've been playing together for the past couple of years together (the others were when we weren't fully together). I work full time Sundays through Thursdays 7am til 3:45 cst at a call center (hence don't rightly need people yelling like crazy unless you just found the most awesome of shiny rocks in your bags - it is a game to be enjoyed without that kind of stuff), as we're located in Arkansas, but usually nights are good to do things. We are both older players some what, waaaaaaay over 18 for However, we are fast learners, and it doesn't take much for us to get started.Devotus3 Sep 21
Sep 4 [A]<Swarm>LFM Swarm is looking for a few more skilled players. Need to be 910+ and know mechanics for Normal and Heroic ToS. We are striving for more progression. Contact: Happyfeet #120319Myluu0 Sep 4
Aug 20 Need a Heroic KJ kill? For free? Did your guild fall apart while you were attempting heroic Kil’Jaeden? Did you show up every day only to watch players dribble away because the kill wasn’t easy? Are you frustrated that you put in all those hours and have nothing to show for it? Ethos <Alliance> on Kargath has a dedicated healing core and several dps who are seeking individuals committed to killing heroic Kil’Jaeden. If you are one of those people who always shows up no matter what, we will take you and get you your kill. This kill is a matter of persistence more than anything else. The requirements for DPS are: ● Artifact power well beyond Concordance (most of us are Concordance 8 or 9) ● Ilvl beyond 920 (because, you know, health pool) ● DPS>800k (the boss needs to die) ● Perfect attendance during the attempts If you are a well-geared tank, we can shift roles around to accommodate you. What do we get out of this? We get our own heroic KJ kill. We lost a few key raiders who didn’t want to stick around for more attempts once we got into phase 3. What remains is a bunch of people who are committed to getting the job done. KJ Raids are Wednesday nights, 8-11 pm Eastern. Leave a message on the HK’J (Heroic Kil’Jaeden) Discord channel at by Monday evening to get an invite. We’ll check wowprogress first just to make sure you’re legit. Rules of Engagement: 1) If you look at the Discord Channel and we have fewer than 15 people signed up by Tuesday evening, you are under no obligation to show up on Wednesday, because we won’t be doing heroic KJ that night. If you’re bored and want to come and run something else with us anyways (e.g., alt runs) feel free. We’ll be doing something on Wednesday. 2) If we have 15 or more people signed up, it will be a heroic KJ run. In that event, if you sign up but don’t show up, your place will permanently be given to someone else (that is, you won’t be invited back the following week). If you show up but then we have to sit you for reasons outside your control (e.g., bad internet), you’ll be invited back. On another note, if you care about Mythic Plus, we generally run our +15’s on Sundays, 8-11 pm Eastern. If you’ve slogged through the Armageddons and Darkness of a Thousand Souls with us on Wednesday, you’re more than welcome to join us for Mythic Plus Sunday. Just whisper any of us for an invite around 8 pm Sunday, and we’ll try to slot you in. Finally, it probably goes without saying that if you like our vibe and want a mythic raiding home, we’re in the market for – ahem – some strategic replacements for the weakhearted souls who left. We love raiding. We hope you do, too.Bubblewraps1 Aug 20
Aug 18 What is the state of RP here? Am longtime based on Wyrmrest Accord, but played several years back on Steamwheedle for a good while, and Scryers before that, and have been wanting to branch back out to it and other smaller servers for a while for other RP. Good memories there. Is there any world RP whatsoever, or is it all confined to Guilds and private events?Sunborne4 Aug 18
Aug 14 Looking for Casual Raiding Guild Greetings! I am just shy of iLevel 900. I prefer tanking as guardian Druid but I don't have a whole lot of experience in a raid setting. Usually I switch to DPS but my numbers are pretty weak. I am free most nights and would like to find a group who is able to introduce me to tank raiding and just have fun. I have gone through ToS on LFR, but that is it so far. I also have a friend or two who would like to join as well if there are open spots. Thanks!Asbjornsen0 Aug 14
Aug 9 [A] 912 Disc Priest LF Raid Guild. Hello , I'm looking for an active adult semi casual raid focused guild. I'm available Tuesday-Friday 8pm-12pm. A positive raid environment is a must. I'm a re roll ( was a mistweaver ) so I'm a tad behind in progression but I assure you I know the fights. I would prefer a guild that was socially active beyond more than just the guild leader and his officers. ( It's really annoying to sit in a chat channel by yourself while the "beautiful people" hang out in locked discord rooms and never talk to anyone else. ) Needlessly large guilds need not apply, I have nothing against your zerg everything play style but I prefer a smaller social setting and a guild that actually knows its members. Please get in touch with me here on this post, I have found that giving people my real ID only results in 110 new friend invites from people who never say anything lol. ( What's the point of adding people if you're never gonna talk ? ) ok thats all , have a good one and happy raiding , I hope to hear from all of you. P.S. If you're bringing 5 healers to a 13 man raid group your guild isn't for me. thank you.Okiedoki0 Aug 9
Aug 8 Loquena'hak For those hunter interested on the elusive pet, i tamed her at 2:20 Pm Server time. Her commonly agreed res-spawn timer after tame is around 6 hours. Good Hunting.Alleriâ0 Aug 8
Aug 4 We Come Together Doesn't everyone just love how we come together during a crisis? Servers down, Maintenance, Zombie invasions, god I love you all.Hathawey1 Aug 4
Aug 4 Looking for pvp guild I am a relatively new pvper, in 2v2 I have a current rating of 1022, and I am looking for a guild/group to group up with me so I can pvp to the best of my ability as well as grow and progress with y'all. My battletag is: DomCiv#1159 I am on Argent Dawn; Horde specifically please feel free to add me as a friend, just looking forward to having a fun timeDrekin0 Aug 4
Jul 23 (H) For Horde Guild - Progression Recruitment FOR HORDE - Casual Raiding Guild New Website: Raid Times: Wednesday and Sunay 7pm-11pm Server Raid Progress: Finish Heroic ToS(7/9) with solid core group with ambition for Mythic once a 20-man core group is established Recruitment: Mainly DPS. Ranged or Melee Attendance: In order to minimize bench spots and form a cohesive team that can work together, we would like 100% attendance. At the same time, we understand that real life commitments and emergencies can arise, and should a situation like that occur, we understand and just ask that you keep us in the loop so we can keep the guild progressing as a whole. Please contact us in-game (Kayil, Tallic, or Tenebres) for more information or use our website and fill out a recruitment form. Thanks!Tallic0 Jul 23
Jul 22 Nightborne/Shal'dorei RP Connections Starting a new thread for this now that everything's finally set into motion. The previous thread (and links to older ones) can be found right here: It was posted to most of the RP realm forums including Wyrmrest and Moon Guard but didn't garner a great deal of attention. Since then, we've gathered a few people together and set up a Discord server where players can discuss lore, chat about RP prospects and share resources. It's open to those that are invested in the prospect of Nightborne RP but participation isn't mandatory. All you need is an interest in this niche and we'll be glad to welcome you. This server was founded on the idea that all Nightborne RP should be interconnected and that every Roleplayer carrying interest in the subject should have the opportunity to engage with it. We aim to become a community, meaning that we can connect with like-minded Roleplayers quite easily and set our own personal storylines into motion. This isn't necessarily a guild or a coalition, simply a source of communication for everyone intending to write within the confines of Shal'dorei culture. It's mostly going to be self-directed so in a general sense, you're expected to connect with others on the server in your own time and build RP connections. However, I'd like to introduce the idea that we can also become a society. Events could be organized that would gather most of our characters together in one place. There could be a ball, a soiree, a festival, a garden party, a wine-tasting or anything in between. We could build different groups too. We could form academies, military organizations, merchant coalitions, groups of performers and I think there's every chance that we could also form our very own noble households with certain characters picking up particular roles. The possibilities here are almost endless but it's definitely going to take some time to organize something like this. Any and all additional ideas are welcome. If this sounds like something you want to become involved with, let me know by adding my battletag (Zarxes#21200) and requesting a link to the server. For reasons that I hope are obvious, I don't want to throw the link out here where someone of ill-intent could join. The aim isn't to necessarily be exclusive but to keep the environment free of negativity. Thank you so much for your time!Zarxés0 Jul 22
Jul 20 Looking for late night guild I am looking for a heavy RP guild that is active late at night, from like 10 PM pacific time until 2 AM Pacific time. It can be horde or alliance, any race, I don't mind race changing faction changing, whatever it needs to be. Any theme is fine, I can find a way to fit in. What I don't want: Having 1 or 2 late night members does not constitute "active", I am looking for at least 4 or 5 people, and events No mega guilds: Don't sell me on your stupid mega guild with 50 people on late at night who never talk to each other, even if there is one or two RPers in the mix. No ERP guilds: just no. No exclusive Tavern rp guilds; i want to go out in the world, I want to roll some dice, slay some dragons, and be involved in a story, I don't want to sit in a virtual tavern for 4 hours a night every night. If you have the perfect guild for me, or know of one, please please please leave a comment here. No in game mail, i am never on this character.Caleldur0 Jul 20
Jun 24 [A] <Tenacious> is Recruiting! We are currently rebuilding our Guild now that there are more of our Members from our Old Cataclysm Team Returning to the Game. We are currently accepting all interested Raiders or Players just looking for a Guild to Call Home. Currently we Raid Fri-Sun 7pm to around 11pm or the Raid is done, However that is just because these were the times that worked for the Majority of Members and not something set in stone. Please Send a Tell to me in Game if Interested in Joining.Substitute3 Jun 24
Jun 24 Any DK only guilds Seeing if there is any DK only guilds out there...would be awesome.Blightryder2 Jun 24
Jun 18 Looking for RP Guild - Alliance Returning player, looking for new ways to continue enjoying this game. I'm looking for an active RP guild. I'm an inexperienced RP'er as in none at all, looking to give it a shot. In game name is Grimrum (dwarf shaman)Stinkybeard1 Jun 18
Jun 16 Looking for guild Ret Pally looking for a casual guild to raid with and have a good time playing game . I don't want no bull in guild and I am willing to help out where needed. looking for a Argentdawn or The Scryers servers only pleasePerseis6 Jun 16
Jun 12 Looking for level 60 twink guild Hi, I'm a level 60 protection warrior looking to have a fun time raiding classic. I have been looking for a guild for awhile, but haven't found any guilds that are still active. I don't want to server transfer for this guild. I am geared and ready to raid. I am available to raid on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If anybody has a guild I could join please tell me about it. Thanks for your timeCraneose0 Jun 12
May 31 [H-RP] <The Highgrave Empire>! Brothers and Sisters of the grave! Too long have we hidden in the dirt, darting shadow to shadow! The world which the Living fought so fiercely to take from us now lays bereft of leadership! The Great Calamity has not only washed away the old Orders, Hordes, and Alliances, but stricken from us our very memory of itself! Now is the hour of the Forsaken! NOW is the graveborne's time! ALRIGHT! The Highgrave Empire is an undead focused RP guild located on Argent Dawn, and we plan on running things a little more than a little bit different. For starters, we will be stepping away slightly from standard timeline/lore, and putting our own swing on things. Enter the Calamity, an apocalyptic event which has fractured time, shattered the last of the Dragonflights, and scattered the original Alliance and Horde to the wind like so much dust... Cultists of the Old Gods roam and practice freely, stranded demons fester and blight the land, and many more dangers and horrors now freely traverse the sundered lands. So this is the world we live in now, well... Unlive? At any rate, that's the scoop, and here's the sprinkles: The Highgrave will be gathering, both in numbers and in power, we will slowly spread across the land like a ravenous locust swarm, claiming 'uncontested' towns, cities, and zones. Bit by bit, little by little. Those whom we meet, shall be greeted under the parley flag, where it goes from there will be an interesting show, be they revenant clans or alliance holdouts. While we do not yet have a guild site, the following document offers a general outline of who we are, how we think, what we do, and all that jazz. As you can see, our combat system has an easy mode and in-depth mode, so be you casual event goer or hardcore dice roller, we've got you covered! Also, for the time being, most of that rank structure doesn't yet exist, only got one lichlord >.> Please also note that while officers(lich and up) are IC expected to rule over the peasants and legions, so to are they beholden to those same people OOC, responsible for their in game wellbeing and the organizing of monthly events. A bit extreme an expectation to put on people, but hey, with great power~ Alright, so I think I've rambled on long enough, though I fully expect to add more to this most and, indeed, this thread and guild. So hello Argent Dawn, and get ready for a fun time! PS: Any other guilds/groups interested in joining us on the post-apocalypse theme, please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself or one of my officers.Vallioness4 May 31
May 30 895 Brew/Windwalker LF guild Looking for a casual guild to run some keys and do some casual raiding. Having fun and such. Hit me up if you're that kind of guild. Losttank#1185 or in game.Mynute0 May 30
May 29 ✨Moon Guard's Annual Ride-A-Thon 2017✨ Be, our, guest! Be our guest! You are invited to something that's the best! A simple fun event that takes place once a year! On the US Moon Guard realm, Come and drink some beer! Jump a motor-bike and have a cheer! Moon Guard's Motorbike Memorial Ride-A-Thon is an annual event open to the public for both Alliance and Horde! This year I am opening it up an advertising off-realm as well. Specifically to other RP realms to reach out to the greater RP community. The Ride-A-Thon will be held on May 29 (coinciding with the U.S. Memorial Day), beginning at 7:00PM Moon Guard realm time (that's 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST / Midnight GMT), at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaque Lands on the US Moon Guard RP realm. There will be a brief speech commemorating the fallen soldiers of Azeroth given by myself with the help of a translator for Alliance and then I will lead a procession of riders across The Eastern Kingdoms on a predetermined path down south to Booty Bay. Upon arriving at Booty Bay there will be an after party. It is highly encourage that participants use a motorcycle mount during this event. These mounts include: Champion's Treadblade - Warlord's Deathwheel - Mekgineer's Chopper - Mechno-Hog - Goblin Trike - Goblin Turbo-Trike - If you wish to participate and do not own one of these mounts or can not afford one, fear not! All are welcome to join us regardless of what mount they choose. MAPS! Why is the path purple? Because that's what you get when you mash up red and blue! Maps showing the path of the Ride-A-Thon route can be found here: Part 1 - Part 2 - May 29
May 28 (A) Holy Priest looking for guild (A) holy priest looking for helpful guild to do mythic+, raiding, and other shenanigans that guilds doThorendil0 May 28