Caelestrasz and Nagrand

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Nov 14 [A] Turbo Pigs 8/8H 4/8M LF RANGED DPS! Turbo Pigs is a 8/8H 4/8M guild on Caelestrasz/Nagrand looking for more dps to help bolster our roster through into BFA! Turbo Pigs was started in MoP as a social raiding guild but during WoD evolved into the mythic guild it is today. We enjoy killing things. Most people who play the game do. We like to muck around and have fun. Occasionally killing each other in the process. But we also know when it's time to focus up and do what needs doing. Raid Times! We understand that IRL stuff happens and don't expect 100% attendance but due to our days we do expect that you are able to show up most of the time. Casual Raids (Optional) Wednesday (Heroic) 7:30-10:30PM Thursday (Heroic) 7:30-10:30PM All times above are AEST. Recruiting DPS Warlocks! Mages! Hunters! Shadow Priests! Elemental Shamans! Anyone else that is interested is more than welcome to apply. The classes above are what we know we're after. This does not mean you won't be considered if you play something else. Contacts Tequilla - GM/Recruiter. Wolftree#1538 (Bnet) Chiraz#9377 (Discord)Izsabeau17 Nov 14
Nov 14 {A} <Destination Ungnome> Recruiting Destination Ungnome, an alliance guild on joint Nagrand & Caelstrasz is recruiting. Who are we? Destination Ungnome is one of the more recently formed guilds on the server. However, the core of the group have been raiding together for at least the past expansion (WoD). The current raiders are all seasoned and experienced with almost everyone having raided in top guilds in the past. Each raid content, we set our goals. This is usually: AOTC, then we look at current raid achievements, and then we turn our eyes to mythic content. We have established well defined benchmarks to make sure no players gets left behind, everyone stay together and no one is feeling left out. The idea is to build a community where we can rely on each other and work as a team. What are we currently recruiting? We are hitting the end of an expansion, and recruiting is hard. Our goals are simple at the moment, recruit and meet players so we can move forward next expansion and to move into Mythic raiding (focusing on heroic clears each week). To meet these goals, we also need players. We are currently seeking: - 1 x healer to join our team of top level healers (all purple/orange passes) - Multiple x DPS, mele and ranged preferred ;-) What do we look for in guildies? Players and raiders in our guild should possess 5 key characteristics Ability to take instructions – We can’t all be leaders, and for those who are leaders, the first step is to follow. We always welcome feedback and suggestions on how to do something. Often the best solution is something out of the box. But with that in mind, we have experienced raid leaders who run the raids and work out strategies. Players need to have the ability to listen and follow directions. Sometimes we do things differently to other guilds, implementing different strategies, so you would need to be adaptable Understand boss mechanics – The main reason we are a guild is to raid. We are looking at pushing into mythic content, as a lot of our guildies are mythic raiders from past expansions. We need people who are great with mechanics or willing to push themselves to improve. We all make mistakes, but the key is understanding what the mistakes are and to improve – part of this characteristic is also the ability to take constructive criticism. You won’t be abused in my guild, but you may receive feedback in how to better preform something Consistency – not just consistency with turning up, but consistency in your attitude/personality, DPS/healing ability, etc – general consistency. We all have bad nights and wipes nights. Guildies should be able to maintain a level head, stay calm and happy – even if we end up spending 2 hours wiping on one boss Listening – this is one of the most important. We don’t expect everyone to understand all aspects of all boss fights. Things will be called over voice, and new fights will be briefly explained. We do a lot of on the fly calling. We need people to be able to maintain concentration and listen to what the raid leader is calling Have fun – this is a game after all. It shouldn’t be a second job to have to get on and play. You need to make you are having a good time, getting involved with a bit of banter, dive in to the community we have established. What can the guild offer you: As a guild, we look at growing everyone in the guild and being inclusive. What we offer our guildies is: - Focus on raiding and dungeon activities, pushing yourself and others to be the best - Running M+’s, aiming to get everyone who is keen a +15 each week - Alt nights on Monday, so welcome to bring your alts along for gear - Achievement and fun runs on off nights (such as herald of the titans) - General fun and entertainment Raiding in general: The guilds main focus is raiding, to be considered a core member of the guild you would need to be able to make 90%+ of our raids. Our raid nights are Wednesday and Sunday, 8:30pm (form 815, boss pull 830) till 10:30pm. Alt night is on Monday. On occasion we do have stuff scheduled on a Friday night with guilds on other severs – but the only mandatory activity is the main raid nights. Interested? If you got down this far your either thinking ‘these guys are super structured and organised’ or ‘nooopeeeeee’. If you are interested in joining, or even getting more information – contact me on JediFlashy#1600 Thank you for reading ~FlashyHealics9 Nov 14
Nov 14 [A] <DHC> 3/8M 8/8H LFM <Dragon Hat Collective> is a tight-knit raiding guild that formed shortly after the release of Antorus. After a successful first tier together growing from wiping on Normal to 8/11 Mythic, we're gearing up to be on the cutting edge of content in BFA. We aim to be a semi-hardcore guild that works smarter, not harder. We want to build a fun, progression-focused culture where players aim to improve and get the most out of their class while only raiding two nights a week. We're pretty chill and pro-banter, with plenty of non-raid activities happening on offnights. If you want to check out what we're like in action, I upload our boss kills on Raid schedule: Wednesday 7:30pm - 11pm Sunday 7:30pm - 11pm Player expectations: 90%+ attendance - it's only two nights, we need you there! Willingness to learn and improve Capable of taking advice and working with others You want to have fun whilst being good at video games Recruitment needs High priority: Havoc DH Medium priority: Affliction Warlock BM Hunter Rogues Low priority: Disc priest Resto druid any other DPS Contacts Interested in joining or just want some more information? Feel free to contact: ruscur#3578 on Discord - I'm on Discord pretty much 24/7. Unsettled#1638 on - Drae (officer) GottaBeFresh#11849 on - Bearpis (officer)Ruscur63 Nov 14
Nov 12 [A] <High Treason> Casual heroic raiders Having cleared Heroic Uldir, we are going to spend the next few weeks dipping our toes into Mythic. As such, we need to recruit a few more solid DPS (and one sexy healer) to fill out our team! :D <High Treason> is a community of experienced players that have been playing WoW for over a decade. Now we have jobs and kids and approach the game with a more casual attitude, while still being as heroic as we were a decade ago! A casual vibe We are cool when someone needs to go /afk mid-fight to change a stinky nappy. We are chill about players that can't attend every raid due to work, or other obligations. We are heroic! We raid heroic content, and aim to achieve Ahead of the Curve each raid tier. We expect our progression raiders to know their rotations, come prepared, listen to directions, and pull their weight. We run two raids per week. A social raid, for knocking over easy content, gearing up alts, ascertaining the skill of new members and just chilling out. A progression raid, where we tackle more challenging content (Heroic). This raid is for the more experienced players and is conducted on an invite-only basis. Times: Wednesday 8pm - social raid with no pressure. Sunday 8pm - progression (Heroic) raid for those looking for a challenge. Check out our progress: Contact: In game: Belsam - Caelestrasz Via BattleTag: Jeffsie#1661 Or via a direct message from our Discord server: Nov 12
Nov 11 (H) <Maintain Eye Contact> is recruiting Hi everyone! Maintain Eye Contact is a semi casual raiding guild that is looking for more members. We are currently farming heroic uldir, but would want to push into Mythic Raiding, but are short of members. We hope that some who are looking for a new home could find one in our guild. We are currently looking for more rdps and heals, but even mdps are more than welcome. We raid every Wed, Thurs and Monday, 9pm to 12am SGT/ GMT+8. Feel free to reply to this post if interested! :)Iryon0 Nov 11
Nov 11 [A] Warranty Void 8/8N 5/8H [ Warranty Void] is a progression guild looking for long term members. Raiding Wednesday / Thurs We raid late @ 9:30pm server time (7:30pm in the GMT +8 time zone) Currently looking for healers dps,both melee and ranged to fill up our raid team. Social Members are welcome also! If you are interested, add my Btag GrUzY#1179 and we can have a chat!Ruffguts27 Nov 11
Nov 11 ⭐️[A] <SOS> 6/8M LF M+/Raiders⭐️ About us: SOS is an Alliance Mythic raiding guild on Caelestrasz/Nagrand. We started raiding in Vanilla and all the way through to MOP, where the guild has been on hiatus during WoD and now has returned to fight since the Legion. We've raided at a high level since our return and aim to push high oceanic rankings in all future content. We contain a group of mature raiders who are into mythic progression and we aim to provide a drama free and chilled environment to raid in. SOS is now also recruiting for capable M+ players We are now happily inviting people that only wish to M+ and stay casual with or without raiding. We have M+ players that is past 1K+ that would rather form teams within the guild than pugging. Feel free to apply by speaking to Bluu or applying on the application and stating you interested in joining as a Casual M+ player Raid Schedule: Thursday 8:00pm – 11:30pm Sunday 8:00pm – 11:00pm Monday 8:00pm – 11:00pm We are a Semi-Hardcore Progression Raiding Guild and our current progression is: Legion Antorus - 11/11N | 11/11H | 11/11M CE BFA Uldir - 8/8N | 8/8H | 6/8M What we are looking for: *Skilled and committed raiders *Exceptional raid awareness (Mechanics) *Maturity, punctuality and 80% + attendance *Knowledge of class played *Fully gemmed/enchanted What we offer: *Friendly and active player base. *Activities besides just raiding. *Food/Flasks/Repairs and Talent changes during raid. You must at least meet 370+ ilvl (Main Spec only) and at least high end raiding experience (Any prior experience if you can prove your ability via logs) or Past 4k+ for m+ scores/ 1000+ as current tier However, please don't let this hold you back from applying if you are interested and are confident you can bring alot to our raiding environment. All exceptional applicants will still be considered. ... Contact: Bluangelz (Recruitment & GM) - Bluu#1795 Rainbowfire (Healing Officer) – Rainbowfire#1480 You can also reach us by filling in this short application. Nov 11
Nov 10 Delete .Meran0 Nov 10
Nov 5 [A] The Dud Spuds 8/8H 2/8M - Recruiting <The Dud Spuds> is a young guild formed at the end of legion by a group of experienced raiders looking to push mythic content in BfA, as well as push those mythic + keystones. Currently 8/8 heroic, 2/8M we are looking to round out our roster with a strong selection of raiders for the end of heroic content and mythic progression. Raid times are from 8:30pm to 11:00pm server time on Wed/Thurs (feasts/flasks provided) We are currently in need of (demand): Ranged dps (Warlocks (high), Mages (high), other (med)) Rogues (high) Exceptional talent (always) Please feel free to contact us further in game or via discord. Osrogue (in game) - Sephiroth#1447 (Battlenet) - Osma#0705 (Discord) Elaenian (in game) - Dementis#2759 (Battlenet) - Laesien#9719 (Discord) Jaydenlee (in game) - IceDevil#11640 (Battlenet) - jayyy#9271 (Discord)Osrogue5 Nov 5
Nov 4 [A] <Empyrean> is recruiting! (GMT+12 guild) <Empyrean> is a friendly, fun, mature, and social guild recently formed on Caelestrasz/Nagrand and consisting of friends that have been playing together from earlier expansions through to Legion, with plenty of raiding experience. Many of us are busy professionals outside of the game so we understand the need to play smarter and we promote that family/work/life balance. Nevertheless while in game we aim to have a raiding progression focused attitude for all cutting edge content whilst having a great time doing it. Back for BFA we are focused, and ready for a challenge! Raid Times Sunday 8:30pm-11.30pm NZ time GMT+12 (6:30-9:30 ST) Thursday 8:30pm-11.30pm NZ time GMT+12 (6:30-9:30 ST) What we expect Solid raid attendance Engagement in the guild - up for good banter and socialising Willingness to learn and take advice Be an awesome human being Recruitment We are open to taking on members of any class and spec and are especially interested in the following roles to add to our raid team for BFA: Ranged DPS (excluding Hunter) Melee DPS Healer (excluding Pally and Druid) Who to Contact If any of the above sounds good to you and you think you would be a good fit for our guild then please reach out to have a chat. You can contact us through: Arcazian (Bnet Arcazian#1448) Elysaria (Bnet Sekhmet#1494) Sindar (Bnet Cori#1636) Arcazian8 Nov 4
Nov 4 [A] Sealed, 2-nights, Caelgrand - LFM BFA Hi, we’re Sealed a top Oceanic 2-night per week raiding guild that is new to Nagrand/Caelstraz. We previously raided on Barthilas-Horde and for BFA we have decided to make the jump to Caelgrand-Alliance. About Sealed Formed in 2011, Sealed is an Australian-based 2-nights per week raiding guild. In Legion, we raided from the start of the expansion to KJ in Tomb of Sargeras. We took a break during Antorus. In WOD we killed mythic Archimonde and we completed SOO in MOP. During Legion, we achieved our goals of becoming a top-20 Oceanic guild and a guild of choice for players seeking to raid on a time-limited schedule. We have a large core of dedicated players who have been raiding together for a number of years and across multiple expansions. The majority of our players are in their twenties and thirties and play WoW to supplement their busy lives. Goals and Recruitment for BFA For BFA, Sealed is looking for new members to join our core and progress through content on a 2-nights/week schedule. We aim to once again be a top 2-night Oceanic raiding guild. We may raid casually during BFA pre-patch if we have sufficient interest. We are looking for a few additional players who have similar goals to us and will fit in with our guild’s culture and approach to raiding. Specific requirements include: Genuine interest in raiding as part of a 2-night team. We aren’t looking for players who’d rather raid 4-nights or more and you’ll need to explain to us why 2 nights is for you. Ability to gear up and stay current with your class and raid content outside of raid time. This important given our limited raid schedule Reliable attendance Able to follow instructions from the guild’s leadership Raid Schedule for BFA (all times are server time) Wednesday 7.30 PM – 11.00 PM Sunday 7.00 PM – 11.00 PM Thursday Optional heroic 7.00 PM. The Thursday run is genuinely optional and informal. The run will not occur every week. Current Recruitment Requirements We are now full on healers and tanks. Looking for more DPS - preference for DKs, DHs, Druids, mage and a WW. Interested in joining? If you’re interested in joining, please contact one of the people below. We have an informal recruitment process and prefer to have a chat with potential applicants about why they would like to join our guild and what they will bring to the table. If you’re accepted, we will invite you to trial with us and you will be trailed over the first three raiding weeks of BFA. Contacts Phoebie - Bnet: Phoebie#1860, Discord Phoebie #0935 Ringostarr (Ayoo) - Bnet: Ringostarr #1252 Ohsosad - Bnet: Ohsosad #1130 To get a feel for our guild, you may be interested in our raid videos which can be found here: Nov 4
Nov 4 [H] LF daytime OR sunday night raiding guild Hi All, Based in Aust (Vic) and am looking for a raiding guild that raids either during the day or on a sunday night (or both!). Ilvl 357 Prot Pally, 7/8N experience. Researches fights, knows class and can follow instructions. Bnet - Serapiace#1831 - hit me up on there or leave a reply here :) CheersAstraious0 Nov 4
Nov 2 [A]KKL - GMT+8 (2/8M Uldir) Recruiting We are Ka Ki Lang, translated from Hokkien, a common dialect for Singaporeans/Malaysians, meaning 'Family'. We have an all-star ensemble from many countries (Singaporeans, Malaysians, Koreans, Australians, Hong Kong, Americans, and more!), many of us semi-hardcore raiders, hungry for progression. We don’t normally bench players and believe in giving everyone a chance to improve. In fact, a bunch of our core members started off on the lower end of the meters but are topping them now! (Attendance+punctuality>>> skills) We are currently doing mythic progression is 2/8M. We are looking for reliable raiders that have experience to round out our current core of 20+ members for Mythic in the future. If you attend reliably and listen to our raid mechanic callouts, you can just as easily be part of our close and intimate core team (and become awesome friends too :D) Did I mention we also do Mythic+ on the side occasionally? You are welcomed to join us anytime <3. This is how a lot of our raiders become close friends with new members. What we want to join the guild: -ATTENDS RAIDS AND BE ACTIVE. We all love the game, so should you <3. -Willing to improve and also take criticism (Don't worry, we will never roast you. Just lightly toast you at most :3) -Most important is the attitude that willing to learn and improve and no DRAMA. Raid Schedule (GMT+8) -8.30PM-11.00PM Wednesday -8.30PM-11.00PM Thursday Currently Recruiting -TANKS 1.Warrior (Open) 2.Demon Hunter (Open) 3.Paladin (Open) 4.Death Knight (Open) 5.Monk (Open) -HEALER 1.Priests (Low) 2.Shamans (High) 3.Paladin (High) 4.Monk (High) 5.Druid (Closed) -DPS ->Range Dps 1.Mage (High) 2.Warlock (Closed) 3.Hunter (Medium) 4.Balance Druid (Medium) 5.Shadow Priest (Closed) 6.Ele Shaman (Low) ->Melee Dps 1.Rogue (Medium) 2.Warrior (Low) 3.Monk (Low) 4.Death Knight (Low) 5.Paladin (Low) 6.Enh Shaman (Low) ->Currently, we have a very heavy melee team. But we still welcome good melee DPS If you are interested, contact one of the following via BattleTag -Chelsea#11494 -RoyalFlush#1438 via Discord -Zoey.Park#9503 -YDCB/Royalflushx#6122Royalflushx15 Nov 2
Nov 2 [H] <Ex Resurgam> Late Night+8gmt <Ex Resurgam> is a raiding guild on Caelestrasz/Nagrand, currently progressing through Heroic - 1M/7H We raid Wednesday and Monday nights 830pm +8gmt WA time (1130pm ADST) - 1100pm +8gmt WA time (2am ADST). Run by experienced Heroic/Mythic raiders who are working family orientated players with a lets get this done during raid time mentality. If you are a committed raider or group of raiders looking to clear Heroic content with a guild of like-minded players who believe in Real Life > WoW but enjoy the challenge of progressing through content with people willing to laugh, then perhaps this is the place for you. We are looking for raiders 350+ilvl who have experience in heroic aotc content- Classes required - Melee Dps – Demon Hunters, Monk (tank OS), Rogues (Will consider all classes) Ranged DPS - Shaman, Warlock (Will consider all classes) We also run Mythic+ Dungeons so if you are interested in joining our guild for some late night dungeon action feel free to apply also. PM me on Crucifer#1686 on Battlenet or on discord Keltash#9146, or Boomy#1142 and we can chat further.Keltash5 Nov 2
Oct 30 [h] 365 dps war lf raiding guild I also have a 365ish monk I heal with and he is aotc. im in the US and work swings so forced to raid after 12am pacific time (6pm server time?). hoping to find a guild. love raiding but I cant find any late night raiding guilds for my time zone. add me on BN: uzma#11784Quickverse0 Oct 30
Oct 29 [H] Nice {7-9 ST Wed/Thur} We (Nice) are a guild of experienced raiders looking to recruit for B F A. We obtained early AOTC all Legion, with some mythic progression. We have a healthy group of raiders as well as m+ activity. - Raids are Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 7-9pm Server Time. - We're interested in all DPS (not picky about classes), and all off-spec roles. Current preference is DPS/HEAL combination - but DPS is the important part Feel free to message (Zuzgar#1102), mail (Hargo-Nagrand), or post here! Cheers :)Hargo15 Oct 29
Oct 28 [H] 8/8H 2/8M LF Mythic Progression Guild [H] 8/8H 2/8M LF Mythic Guild Progression - pls pst twisty#11931 or twistymyst-nagrand Would like trial for a few weeks first to see if I fit - available from 7pm till 11-12pm server time Also LF strong M+ teams (haven't done much since legion) Come as a pair Mistweaver Monk 2/8M 8/8H - 373 BM Hunter 2/8M 8/8H 376Saviorselves0 Oct 28
Oct 27 [A] [Standard Nerds] Recruiting Howdy all, Standard Nerds is recruiting for some intrepid adventurers to join our raids. We're a guild of established, mature players who want to get the most out of the game while still enjoying our hobby, on a raid schedule that isn't too onerous. We are focused on raiding Normal and Heroic raid content, and will be pushing into seasonal Mythic + Essentially, we are about keeping it casual, while still raiding hard – just not “hardcore”. Raid Times Our current raid nights are : Monday - 8.00pm - 11pm server time Wednesday - 8.00pm - 11pm server time Current recruiting needs We are currently looking for an additional Range DPS or two for raids and possibly another healer. For the Mythic + Team, currently recruiting a dps, (Pref Ranged I.e Mage/Lock) however will tweak the group depending on the players skill. Details If you would like to apply for a raid spot or position in the guild, hit us up in game. Feel free to speak myself (Vellie) or Petrai in game for more details You can also had my Btag if you wanted to get in contact that way - Velithian#1185 Have fun :DVellie6 Oct 27
Oct 26 [H]370 Rest druid Hi, I am currently looking for a Guild that raids 6pm West Australia time (UTC+8). currently i have managed to pug 8/8 H and am looking for a Mythical progression guild. feel free to message me BN: Strawbz#11969Strawbs0 Oct 26
Oct 25 [H] <Maintain Eye Contact> - Recruiting! Hi all! <Maintain Eye Contact> (formerly <Dux Fortuna Ex>) is a Horde guild in Nagrand & Caelestrasz. We are currently 8/8 on Heroic Uldir. Might run Mythics if we have the numbers. Raiding times are Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, at 9pm to 12am SGT. We run Mythic+ on the weekends and do arena/pvp on the off raiding days. We are looking to recruit more people to complete our roster, any class who can consistently show up for raids would be welcome to join in. If anyone's interested, do reply here or add me in Bnet (Bladeheart#6161)Dallise0 Oct 25
Oct 24 .... ...Furystrikes60 Oct 24
Oct 21 [A] <Hypnotik Gaming> is recruiting! <Hypnotik Gaming> is the most non-elitist, all-inclusive gaming community you'll find on Nagrand/Caelestrasz to date. We are a strange mixture of wit, wisdom, blood-thirst, and over the top inappropriate humour. Though, now that I think about it, if everyone agrees on the content, is it really inappropriate? I will do some comparative testing later on in the dungeon room; which is password protected... For your protection of course. Sure, we are serious and have comped closed raids. We are also just as likely to knock back a couple of shots, hang loose, and drop into a world of pain called Xmoggius Wankerus; a technical term for grinding those old raids on the regular. You know you’ve got to pay for all of those guild repairs somehow, and working the streets of Dalaran doesn’t turn out like it used to do. What you bring to the party: · Be willing to learn. Be willing to teach. Be willing to get on top of that corpse and preach. · Show up to raids at least once a week and rep this fierce sweet amazing guild when you do. · Share your musical taste on the regular. I’m into Trance, Chillstep, Pop, and anything else that moves the soul. · Understand we are goofy souls that enjoy being friends until a fight happens. Gotta be able to zip the lip and focus. Channel that anger. Make enemies transform into loot. It’s a gift really. · Activate. Emulate. Enjoy the last thing you ate with a soft mention of the people we collectively hate. What Hypnotik Gaming gives you freely, with almost no expectation in return: · Comprehensive build listing and emphasis on the mean killing fields of BGs. Don’t step if you aren’t interested in learning to roll hard. Usually outnumbered. These are the fights your folks told you about. · Multiple commanders with different styles to learn from in Arenas. We all do things a little differently, which works to our advantage. · Friends first. Enemies second. +15 Underrot third if you are down. · Community that grows together, shares the weather and sees through time. · Spiritual guidance. It looks a lot like after hours dalliances with flavour savers. You’ll be fine... I hope. Note: New and returning players are strongly encouraged to apply. Also, looking for dedicated healers and tanks for M+; experience not entirely necessary, willingness to learn and not rage if the group wipes, is. BTag Contacts: GM: Silence#1308 Raid Lead: Berik#1656Abrakadavar13 Oct 21
Oct 20 Back Up Plan (A) 8/8H Recruitment Drive Back Up Plan is currently looking for a few Range DPS as well as another Full Time Healer. We are a casual guild that is filled with skilled raiders who strive to do heroics. Our current raid times are Weds/Sat 7pm Server Time (Do be mindful of DLS). We are also a Mature Guild Setting, something to keep in mind. What we ask of you: - Know and understand the Mechanics you will be involved in - Have previous heroic raid experience (Doesn't have to be Uldir, Raids existed before BFA). - For Hybrid classes to maintain an offspec, in case the situation arises. If you have any questions, feel free to whisper me in game. Caelestrasz's Romance, Representing Death Knights since November 2008.Romance0 Oct 20
Oct 18 [H] Deprivation LF DPS BFA This is us: Deprivation is an Horde Guild made up of people from several guilds from last expansion looking to focus on normal and heroic raiding while also focusing heavily into mythic +. We have all been playing and raiding in WoW for a long time and have know each other since the beginning of MoP. Raid Days: Currently Wednesday and Sunday from 8:45PM to 10:30PM Server time. Currently looking for more DPS and a tank offspec - but all classes considered. Current progression: Uldir 8/8N 5/8H We have fun while we raid but do so while focusing and clearing content. We ask that anyone looking for a raid spot are: - Understand the class they are playing - Understand raid encounters - Mature and can have a laugh - Gemmed and enchanted Would prefer 350+ ilvl and completed 8/8N Prior raiding experience preferred. If this sounds like the place to you hit me up: Quackdaddy - GM - Bnet: Oafish#1258Quackdaddy3 Oct 18
Oct 18 Horde Holy Pally Lf Raid Group GMT+8 Hey Guys, Recently decided to move over to Horde OCE since I live in Hong Kong. Im already on Barth looking for raid times that are at 6:00pm (GMT+8) onwards for weekdays and any time over the weekends. I don't mind transferring servers either. Ive done a fair bit of raiding myself. Im currently 8/8N and 5/8H. I don't have Mythic experience, but don't mind dabbling in it. My ilvl is 358 and heart is at 22. Let me know if you want any other information on me.Liï1 Oct 18
Oct 18 <H> dux fortuna ex is recruiting Hi everyone! Our guild is currently looking at more players to join our wow family. We are a casual raiding guild who is currently progressing at heroic uldir (7/8). We also do a number lf mythic pluses and also a bit of pvp. We are actually looking for more healers and rdps to join us to beef up our roster, but even other classas can be considered. We raid every wednesdays, thursdays and mondays, 9pm to 12am SGT. Do let me know if interested. Thanks!Iryon0 Oct 18
Oct 16 5/8 Holy Pally Lf Raid Group Hey Guys, Because I live in Hong Kong I've decided to swap over to the horde side of OCE on my pally since the times suit me better. I've done a fair bit of raiding myself already; but would prefer to work towards progression in a group. I can raid weekdays from 8:45 onwards and weekends at any time. My ilvl is currently 356 with my heart at 22. I've gone through normals and Heroics, but I haven't tried my hand at Mythic. If you have any questions, feel free!Lieanne3 Oct 16
Oct 14 [A] Raiding Guild 5/8H LF Ranged DPS & Healer A little bit about us – <Beat It> was formed by a group of friends that had all decided to return to the game for Legion after an extended break away, and have now grown to include members ranging in raid experience from the very new all the way to veterans of Vanilla content. We are a semi-hardcore guild who likes being prepared to push through the most challenging content open to us until our faces are bloodied and the bosses are dead, while still enjoying a relaxed, friendly, no-holds-barred atmosphere outside of raid times in which to play. Current Progression: Uldir: 8/8 Normal, 6/8 Heroic 1/8 Mythic What we are looking for: Tanks: None. Healers: Disc Priest. Melee: None. Ranged: Mages and Warlocks Our raid times are Wednesday and Sunday evenings from 8pm – 10:30pm Server Time (which can sometimes be extended for progression reasons). Even though we are looking specifically for the above mentioned classes, we are also open to taking on talented players of other classes/specs to complement the current line-up and provide backup for players who can’t attend when we get into Mythic content. We expect that everyone looking to join to come with the knowledge about their class/spec (including being prepared with appropriate consumables and enchants) as well as at least a basic understanding of the boss fights and mechanics. If you think that we are a good fit for what you are looking for in a guild, please contact Moodown-Caelestrasz or Frostings-Nagrand in game or with the battle tag provided below. We look forward to hearing from you! Contact: Teslacannon: Dragon#1883 Moodown: Darktalon#1864Frostings2 Oct 14
Oct 14 <H> Coffee (Caelestrasz/Nagrand) Recruiting! Today's forecast-100% chance of coffee! Are you Battling for Azeroth and have a sexy mog at the same time? Then you’re welcome to join <Coffee>-An 18+ social raiding guild that prides itself on providing a friendly home for wayward adventurers. We are currently 8/8 Normal and progressing through 2/8 Heroic at our own pace. We are full on Tanks at the moment, but welcome any class. We currently use in game voice for raiding. All guild members are welcome to join our Facebook or Discord channels as well. If you have any questions or would like to join, please in game message myself or Kissmydonkie or any other in game guild memberCatkittycat2 Oct 14
Oct 13 [H] LF casual PVE guild Hi all, Just a casual player who's moving forward from playing solo all the time. So I'm looking to join a casual/chill PVE guild where I can hopefully meet like minded people and tackle some group content together such as mythic+. Cheers!Kurosu1 Oct 13
Oct 12 [A] [Nagrand] New Players LF Guild Hello! Me and my brother (who just bought the game today) are looking for a friendly, casual, Alliance guild in Nag / Cael. I’m currently in Frostmourne, but we both decided to start from scratch in Nagrand / Cael. We plan to be raiders someday so we’ll appreciate it if somebody would teach us the mechanics and such. I’ve been reading a lot about the game and I somehow know the basics. I’ve been teaching it to my bro too, but we still have lots to learn. Our available times are during weeknights and weekends, GMT+8, so we would prefer a raiding schedule that fits the said times. I’m being futuristic there, though, as I’ve said we’re both newbies. :D A newly-formed or a small guild with a tight knit community is nice, as we both want to grow up with the guild itself, specifically its members. We’re looking forward to be in a community where people are treated as people, not just as their own characters. Thank you! Have a good day everyone! :DCumulus6 Oct 12
Oct 11 Disc Priest and Warlock LF Guild Hi guys, My husband and I are currently in a pretty casual raiding guild but are interested in getting into some more progressive raiding. I have never raided beyond heroic, and that was at a casual level, however my husband raided hardcore in and before Cata. We are looking for a guild that is chilled out and relaxed but still gets the job done. I would be bringing my discipline priest, and he would be bringing his warlock (he sometimes mixes it up between affliction and destro), but our alts would be staying in the current guild, so you would have to be okay with that! Please let me know if this sounds like your guild!Shira2 Oct 11
Oct 11 Looking For Raiding Guild <A> Looking for a raiding guild for me and freinds to a serious/casual guild looking to do mythic + and normal/heroic/mythic raids. We are looking for a guild that raids a bit later as we are +8 GMT we are all serious about progression and want to progress. Me and my freinds are as follows. paladin tank druid healer rogue outlaw warlock affliction windwalker monk leave discord or contact me via btag is Paulski#1976Doombrow2 Oct 11
Oct 11 Eon 2/8M Kiwi Friendly hours Recruiting! Eon - US Caelestrasz are a 2 night week team that focuses on progression but with reduced hours! We achieved 10/11M last expansion and are a driven team who like to have fun but also progress. Progression: 8/8H 2/8M Hours: 6-9pm ST (8-11pm NZT) Thurs/Monday - Optional Wednesday for farm content Recruiting: Melee Rogue Ranged Warlock Boomkin Mage Healer: Mistweaver Priest Please apply via our short application form here: Add me on Tranq#1294 for further details We are always looking for exceptional DPS and advise anyone interested in our times to apply. We look forward to speaking to you!Frostybow0 Oct 11
Oct 10 <Celestial> - Barthilas horde 8/8H 2/8M <Celestial> We are a casual Australian guild located on Barthilas horde looking for fun, friendly players to fill our raid roster. We are a new guild that is looking to reform its current raid team and get back to mythic progression when the time comes. The raid times are Wed/Thurs 8pm-11pm server time. We are looking for friendly, fun, reliable players who enjoy doing the content, from heroic raiding, achievement runs, mythic +, pvp and progressing to mythic raiding again once we have reformed our team. Attitude really count! At the end of the day we all pay to play the game and we would like to play with people who enjoy the game for what it is! Our current aim is to solidify a friendly and fun environment with those who are in the guild and second is to return to mythic progression when we are ready. Currently recruiting 1 x tank - BM preferred but any class will be considered 1 x disc priest ALL MDPS CLASSES ALL RDPS CLASSES If you’re interested in a position and want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact: GM Mzsunday#6226 - ÃngeloidÃngeloid8 Oct 10
Oct 8 Potato Community So as a guild we have decided to change the setup of how we run and operate and taking the path of a multi server both faction server community. anyone can join this community low levels high levels people with no idea of the game to people who consider themselves smart or elite. we dont care everyone is welcome. Were planning on doing mythics, raiding, pvp, rated arenas and whatever else in between be it old content or new we will try and cater for everyone. this is our discord everyone is welcome on it as this is the main platform we will be using then ingame community aswell once thats up and running. once you join please go to #roles page and put in the roles and then all channels become unlocked well thank you for reading this and hope to see you all or some somewhere in the game.ßollywood0 Oct 8
Oct 5 [A] Tsunami - Casual raiding guild We are an Alliance guild based on the Oceanic Caelestrasz/Nagrand (PVE) Realm trying to build our community. Our goal is to have an all rounded guild that has something for everyone and players who participate in a range of group content. We have members who have been around in WoW since the vanilla days, but I promise they won't bore you with every one of their war stories. We are pretty laid back and try to avoid any unnecessary drama. We are looking for friendly players who are prepared to put in a bit of time to help us create a lively guild community. You have an opportunity to help us build an effective raid team that works for you. But wait, we are not only seeking raiders! If you are looking for a small, friendly guild to level in give us a call. We are prepared to put some time in for you too. Our focus is to create a social guild that enjoys raiding, PVP and other group content. We raid normal uldir Wednesdays 8pm AEST with another guild. We have a community to connect with them and run mythics and other content throughout the week. We are seeking all roles and classes but have a high need of healers. We have max guild level with 2525 guild achievement points, all the perks and rewards available (with exception of Blacksteel Battleboar). We are a guild with a plan to fully engage in the BFA expansion. Currently there is no recruitment application process. If you are interested please have a chat with anyone with Captain, The Major or Commander rank in game, or hit up Naasseni on battlenet at SneakyBeetle#1608 any time.Naasseni4 Oct 5
Oct 4 Morning/Early afternoon raiding Hey all! I was wondering if we have any guilds (Horde or Ally) that do morning raids? Between 9am to 1pm AEST (Queensland). Or, is there, other than myself, any demand for a guild that does raid relative to these times? I know the server is pretty quiet during this time bracket, but I thought I'd try my luck. Thanks guys! ^_^Projektmage2 Oct 4
Oct 4 Heroic raiding guild (Wed/Thu/Mon) LF all DPS Guild Name: <PVE Since Vanilla> Server: OC-Caelestrasz/Nagrand (PVE)Faction: AllianceRaid Times: 7:30-10:30pm AEST Wednesday,Thursday, Monday Our priorities Good People > Numbers > Class. We're an open minded Aussie guild LF like-minded DPS. We have a laugh on trash or when we know the fights inside out, then focus hard when the fight calls for it. Our team is missing a dk, druid, monk or priest dps - but any dps is welcome to join so long as they have the same priorities we do. Hunterborn - GM Imastunu- Officer Koltelle- OfficerCytadel0 Oct 4
Oct 3 HHHH HHHHSushijunk0 Oct 3
Sep 30 Tank lf raiding guild [A] Heya! Playing since end of Vanilla. After moving from Europe to Australia, I had to start from scratch with a new (US) account. Now looking for a spot in a raiding guild for BFA. Hit me up if you've got a vacancy!Xenosaga3 Sep 30
Sep 30 <Ikea> [Cael/Nagrand] Mon/Thurs night raids TL;DR: Brand new casual Mon/Thurs night heroic+ raiding guild on Caelstraz/Nagrand LFM for core team. <Ikea> is a brand new casual raiding guild looking to fill out a core roster for heroic raiding and M+ key pushing! Currently we need everything (seriously, fresh guild). We are looking to create a relaxed environment with a close-knit team that pushes progression hard and has fun together doing it. We are looking for players that would rather help their guildies improve than rage at them. Raid times: Monday and Thursday - 8-11:30pm AEST. Organised M+ key progression will be Tuesday nights, and whenever we have the numbers on. We also have a few people interested in Rated Arena teams! Send a message in-game to: Jeeb (Jeebs#1479) Koranthian (Hughsy#1150)Jeeb0 Sep 30
Sep 29 LF lowbie Twink guild or com LF lowbie twink guild or community Alliance sideJunoeclipze0 Sep 29
Sep 27 Late night raid guild Looking for anything after 10:30 (GMT+10).Makihara1 Sep 27
Sep 26 [H] Taelor Made LFM Raiders Taelor Made is a new guild looking for members to build a successful raid team. Our guild is made up of all kinds of raiders, from mythic to casual. We are looking to build a raid group to clear normal and finish heroic (AOTC), we have an active guild for anyone who wants to join to be social. We are currently looking to raid 2 nights a week Wed/Fri 8-11pm Server Time. All are welcome. If you are interested, contact one of the following: InGame: Taehan, Natr BNet: Taehan#1526, Natr#1542, HaToHeRo#1176Taehan1 Sep 26
Sep 21 [A] LF Casual PVP Guild Hey I recently got back to wow after a long break. I am not looking for anything serious since I don't have time to play as I used to. Looking for a guild with members that do casual pvp stuff like world pvp and random bgs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!Leisur5 Sep 21
Sep 20 WTS tcg pets WTS [Guardian cub] 180k, [Knockoff blingtron] 150k, [Sand Scarab] 150k, [Dragon Kite] 240kRileyfreeman0 Sep 20
Sep 11 [A] LF PvP guild just looking for a place to crash on this server also new to pvpLivyliv2 Sep 11
Sep 11 Any Guilds that Would Accept a Casual? So I took a break from WoW after WoD and I have recently come back to play again. I found my old guild dead so I am just wondering what the current guild climate is like? I’m a casual player who probably won’t be doing more than LFR this expac, but I am just looking for the social aspect. ThanksReznok1 Sep 11