Caelestrasz and Nagrand

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22h [A] <DHC> new reroll guild recruiting raiders <Dragon Hat Collective> is a recently formed raiding guild by a tight-knit group of players who raided together in another game. We've all rerolled on Nagrand and aim to blow through Antorus as we catch up on the back-end of Legion. Although it's early days, we aim to be a semi-hardcore guild that works smarter, not harder. We want to build a fun, progression-focused culture where players aim to improve and get the most out of their class while only raiding two nights a week. We're pretty chill and pro-banter, with plenty of non-raid activities happening on offnights. We aren't raiding yet. We've been playing here for just a few weeks. Our current aim is to build a roster and get everyone geared up with the goal of starting Antorus progression in early January. In the meantime, we're running Mythic+ all the time and running around helping people gear. If you're just coming back for Antorus looking for a home, we're a great fit! Raid schedule: Wednesday 8pm - 11pm Sunday 8pm - 11pm Player expectations: 90%+ attendance - it's only two nights, we need you there! Willingness to learn and improve Capable of taking advice and working with others You want to have fun whilst being good at video games Recruitment needs It's early days and we narrowly have enough for a non-Mythic roster, so we can fit pretty much anything. That said, here's what we specifically lack: Ranged DPS and healers in general Hunters Balance Druid (especially with heal OS) Resto Druid Contacts Interested in joining or just want some more information? Feel free to contact: ruscur#3578 on Discord - I'm on Discord pretty much 24/7. Amannos#6910 on - Munstadme (officer), he's pretty much always around. Alumian#1204 on - Derothan (officer) GottaBeFresh#11849 on - Bearpis (officer)Ruscur2 22h
23h (H) [Carpe Jugulum] NZ Raiding Guild LFM CJ is recruiting some strong players for our raid team. We are a Kiwi (NZT) based raiding guild, on Nagrand/ Caelsteraz that raids a very reasonable two nights a week (Thursday and Monday nites) from 19:30 - 23:00 NZT. (17:30-21:00 Server Time) We aim clear all heroic content (AOTC) while its relevant, which we have comfortably achieved for the last few xpacs. We are currently 10/11N Antorus, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras, and would like to get a couple more like minded players to join us on a regular basis. We would be specifically interested in * Tank with viable dps OS * Hard hitting DPS, bonus cookie if you are a mage If you are keen on playing wow a bit more seriously, you want to make some new friends, but you dont want to deal with the BS that comes with mythic raiding please hit us up. We will always consider exceptional players in all raid slots so please find one of the officers (Guvna, Nmyrthe, Cambriá, Schmérzen or Barricade) online and have a chat. Cheers BarricadeBarricade28 23h
1d (A) 6/9M Recruiting DPS for Antorus! <Bush Lurkers> is a tight-knit mythic raiding guild based on Caelestrasz/Nagrand. We are currently looking for more mature, dedicated and like minded individuals to finish off our Mythic team for the end of Tomb of Sargeras and Antorus when it is released. What do we expect here at <Bush Lurkers>? We need members who consistantly turn up to our raids on time equipped with the correct pots and flasks, a solid knowledge of the boss fights and mechanics and a positive attitude. Our current raid times are 9pm - 12am ST (GMT +10) Wednesday and Thursday nights, we are also doing gearing runs on Fridays and mondays. Progression History: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 2/3 Mythic Nighthold: 9/10 Mythic Tomb Of Sargeras: 6/9 Mythic We are currently looking to recruit exceptional players of any class, with our preferences listed below. DPS -Ret Pally -BM/MM Hunter -Mage -Balance druid -Elemental Shaman -Shadow priest -Frost/Unholy DK -Rogue -Warrior To apply for our guild, sign up and post an application on our website linked below. Contact for further information: Mojoalo#2133 Atomic#6828 Tiernan#11189Mush6 1d
3d [H] Australasian Salmon {7-9 ST Wed/Thur/Mon} 'ello. We (Australasian Salmon) are a guild of experienced raiders looking to recruit for ToS (what's left of it) and Antorus progression. Currently 9/9 H ToS. Raids are Wed/Thurs/Mon 7-9pm ST (as per title). Currently doing heroic farm on Wednesdays and miscellaneous stuff on Thursday/Monday (rbg, achivs, alt runs). We're interested in all main spec healers and DPS (not picky about classes), and all off-spec roles. Feel free to message me (Zuzgar#1102) or post here. Social/m+ focused players also welcome. CheersHargo1 3d
3d Heroic Argus Carrys Selling Heroic Argus Carry runs. Carry includes ; AoTC. Violet Spellwing Mount. Personal Loot. Chance at the new Legendary Trinket (This is auto personal push loot - we have no influence on the drop rate) Monday 7pm ST - Add me to Bnet to secure your spot now. Mooniee#1239Mooniee4 3d
Dec 5 [A] Ka Ki Lang AOTC ANT LF DPS Hey, We are Ka Ki Lang, translated from Hokkien, a common dialect for Singaporeans/Malaysians, meaning 'Family'. We have an all-star ensemble from many countries (Singaporeans, Malaysians, Austrailians, Americans, and more!), many of us semi hardcore raiders, hungry for progression. We don’t normally bench players and believe in giving everyone a chance to improve. In fact, bunch of our core members started off on the lower end of the meters but are topping them now! Our loot system may be different from what you are used to. We use the loot council interface to sort the loots but the allocation of loot is mostly by rolls and a priority system. Mainly, this is to streamline the master looter system instead of personal loot because the tier tokens are way more efficient than directly getting tier pieces. Nothing goes to waste! O $ P $! Raid Schedule (GMT+8) 8.30PM-10.30PM Wednesday 8.30PM-10.30PM Thursday Currently Recruiting - Ranged DPS medium - melee dps - Medium - healer dps - low - Tank - low Progression Loot Rules - EPGP via BattleTag Fury#1810 (Fury) or RoyalFlush#1438Furystrikes33 Dec 5
Dec 5 [H] <N X D> Cael/Nag LFM Raiders N X D (6/11H ANT; 5/9M ToS) is a guild with multiple raid activities and teams running to suit most player’s needs. We are looking to bolster our ranks for Antorus and are looking for suitable players to join our guild. Our Raid Schedule is – Wednesday from 5pm – 8pm AWST/ 8pm – 11pm Server time Farm night. Friday from 5pm – 8pm AWST/ 8pm – 11pm Server time Fun night. Saturday from 5pm – 8pm AWST/ 8pm – 11pm Server time Mythic Progression. Sunday from 5pm – 8pm AWST/ 8pm – 11pm Server time Mythic Progression. Sunday from 830pm – 11pm AWST/ 1130pm – 2am Server time Late Night run. Monday from 5pm – 8pm AWST/ 8pm – 11pm Server time ALT run. Monday from 830pm – 11pm AWST/ 1130pm – 2am Server time Late Night run. We run lots of M+ daily and are a very active and chatty guild. If interested please message – Discord Belhara#6367 (GM & Mythic enquiries) Discord Vashon#7140 (Farm/Fun/Alt enquiries) Discord BigJ#0728 or BTag BigJ#1277 (Late Night Enquiries) Discord Keltash#9146 (Late Night Enquiries)Bigj1 Dec 5
Dec 4 [A] <SSFF> 11/11H Recruiting for Antorus <Set Sail For Fail> is an Alliance Semi-Hardcore Mythic progression raiding guild on Caelestrasz/Nagrand. We're an easy going clique free group of people who enjoy banter and having a laugh, but we know when we need to be serious and focus on the task at hand. Current Progression: 11/11H, 7/9M ToS, 9/10M NH, 2/3M ToV, 7/7M EN Raid Times: Wednesday & Monday 8:30pm - 11:30pm +10 GMT (ST) Loot Distribution: Loot Council Currently Recruiting: All Range DPS All Healers except Druids/Priests If your class is not listed above and are still interested, please do not hesitate to contact us ingame. What we can offer Stable raiding environment. We've been around since late TBC and have always cleared content at a respectable level for only 6 hours a week Flexibility and understanding of real life challenges. While we prefer our raiders to have almost 100% attendance, we know that sometimes, things just happen. A bloody good time. WoW is a game, and should be fun. You will have fun here and most trials who pass love to stay and never leave due to guild problems/drama What we expect from you Since we only raid two days a week (6 hours total), we expect you to be punctual (15 minutes before official raid time) and if you cannot make a raid then let us know ahead of time via our discord text channel Show initiative, keep up to date on your class, and the current PVE content Have a sense of humour, we do love our banter and a good trial will be comfortable with that type of atmosphere Be able to take on advice if we feel you are underperforming _____________________________________________________________________________ If you’re interested in trialing with us please don’t hesitate to contact one of our officers via so we can have a chat with you. Or you can fill out our simple recruitment form. verrior#1648 umparevoker#6760 moustaches#11554 VerriorVerrior24 Dec 4
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Dec 3 [A] Laetus Domus 11/11N - LF weekend raiders! Server: Nagrand LFM: Chillax Bros, Chilly Gals, and anything in-between Raid Times: Saturday and Sunday 6.30pm – 9.30pm Server Time GMT +10 About us: We’re a tight knit raiding guild with members that range from newbros (and gals) to middle aged try hards (and die-easies). Our core players transferred together to the oceanic server, Nagrand, and run high level Mythic +’s on a regular basis. Who we’re looking for: Chill and mature players that fit into any of the following three categories: • Casual players who want to dip their toe in raiding and join our alt runs on Wednesday nights • Heroic raiders that want to enjoy World of Warcraft in a more relaxed raiding atmosphere, in particular a healer (pref druid/shammy) • Super players that love number crunching and optimizing their game play that also enjoy putting themselves in stupidly challenging and hilarious situations where their performance really counts (3-man Tyrannical Maw anyone?) Goals: • Complete Heroic Antorus, The Burning Throne • Create a friendly environment where everyone is welcome • Ensure that every member is involved in at least one inside joke that no one outside the guild would understand. Expectations Applicants should be: • Mature and chilled • Willing to participate in guild activities • Know the difference between Taiwan and China Contact us: Any officer – Maccers#1519, Hammernado, NymeriyaMaccers2 Dec 3
Dec 2 [A] Turbo Pigs 4/9M 11/11N 8/11H LF players We are currently looking for skilled players to round out our core team for Antorus. We are currently in need of a Hunter/Ele shaman, Resto Shaman, and a tank. (Non warr) to continue our Antorus Progression! If you fall outside this list of specs/classes, that's okay. All classes are welcome to apply. We are a close-knit and friendly guild, who raids 2 days a week (Friday and Saturday 7:30-10:30pm ST) Due to this limited schedule, punctuality and high attendance are a must. We ask that you are willing to learn, have a friendly personality and don't mind showing off your sexiest transmog. Casual members are also welcome. Whisper Chiraz-Caelestrasz or add Wolftree#1538.Ayce30 Dec 2
Dec 2 [A]<Zerreals Vanguard> 9/9H LFM <Zerreals Vanguard> is looking for more happy fun players to fill our ranks, not only for raid but for social members too. Our home is on Nagrand, and we raid three days a week, with an alt raid for characters that are not as well geared. We run mythic+ groups and also have a fun night of transmog/achievement hunts depending on numbers. We are currently looking for a Raid Leader and DPS to fill our ranks, but will consider any spec in joining us. To those wishing to join with us - we are looking for someone who is competent and willing to fit in, has raid awareness and consistency, and desire to strive for your best. We are a semi-casual raid team willing to put in the effort but with a helpful atmosphere. We work with everyone in our team to better our skills in a positive and encouraging environment, and our guild members are all very sociable, kind and friendly people. Raid times: All raids begin at 9:30pm - 11:30pm Server time (AEST). (6:30pm WA Time). Monday - Alt run for characters needing gear Thursday - Normal ToS Friday - Heroic ToS Sunday night is fun night where we run Mythic+, Transmog, Mount, Achievement runs etc. We look forward to hearing from you! Please message Caiylistamyn or Jenahcyde for invites. Btag: Arwen#6708 Discord: Caiyli#5903Caiylistamyn6 Dec 2
Nov 30 Nivandis LONG LIVE NIVANDISNivandis0 Nov 30
Nov 28 delete plz delete plzDannoi0 Nov 28
Nov 27 [A] Laetus Domus 9/9H - LF weekend raiders! Server: Nagrand LFM: Chillax Bros, Chilly Gals, and anything in-between Raid Times: Saturday and Sunday 6.30pm – 9.30pm Server Time GMT +10 About us: We’re a tight knit raiding guild with members that range from newbros (and gals) to middle aged try hards (and die-easies). Our core players transferred together to the oceanic server, Nagrand, and run high level Mythic +’s on a regular basis. Who we’re looking for: Chill and mature players that fit into any of the following three categories: • Casual players who want to dip their toe in raiding and join our alt runs on Friday nights • Heroic raiders that want to enjoy World of Warcraft in a more relaxed raiding atmosphere, in particular a healer (pref druid/shammy) • Super players that love number crunching and optimizing their game play that also enjoy putting themselves in stupidly challenging and hilarious situations where their performance really counts (3-man Tyrannical Maw anyone?) Goals: • Complete Heroic Antorus, The Burning Throne • Create a friendly environment where everyone is welcome • Ensure that every member is involved in at least one inside joke that no one outside the guild would understand. Expectations Applicants should be: • Mature and chilled • Willing to participate in guild activities • Know the difference between Taiwan and China Contact us: Any officer – Maccers#1519, Hammernado, Nymeriya, Shamshel, Evelynne, Revaren, TekkaMaccers4 Nov 27
Nov 25 [A] <SOS> 7/9M LF M Antorus Raiders About us: SOS is a 20man Alliance Mythic raiding guild on Caelestrasz/Nagrand. SOS started raiding in Vanilla and all the way through to MOP, where the guild has been on hiatus during WoD and now has returned to fight against the Legion. We've raided at a high level since our return and aim to push high oceanic rankings in all future content. We contain a group of mature raiders who is into mythic progression, we aim to provide a drama free and chilled environment to raid in. We take suggestions seriously and encourage communication between members and officers. We monitor raider’s performance and attitude, and provide them with constructive feedback if necessary. Raid Schedule: Thursday 8:00pm – 11:30pm Sunday 8:00pm – 11:00pm Monday 8:00pm – 11:00pm We are a Semi-Hardcore Progression Raiding Guild and our current progression is: Emerald Nightmare - 7/7N | 7/7H | 7/7M Trial of Valor - 3/3M | 3/3H | 2/3M Nighthold - 10/10N | 10/10H | 10/10M Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9N | 9/9H | 7/9M What we are looking for in recruitment: *Skilled and committed raiders *Exceptional raid awareness (Mechanics) *Maturity, punctuality and 80% + attendance *Knowledge of class played *Fully gemmed/enchanted You must at least meet 930+ ilvl and 70+ traits (Main Spec only) and at least close to 5/9M experienced. However, please apply anyways if you are interested and is confident you meet majority of the requirements. All exceptional applicants would still be considered. ... Contact: Bluangelz (Recruitment & GM) - Bluu#1795 Razerknight (Tank Officer) – Razerhax#1965 Rainbowfire (Healing Officer) – Rainbowfire#1480 or fill in this application Nov 25
Nov 25 Your Legacy Option For OCE Hey guys, In need of hunters, rogue and shamans for our "Legacy" guild on Frostmourne Alliance, and a guild on horde as well but our main focus is on the "WOTLK" content for the Alliance side as to not split the guild at this time, I've been doing Twinks and Legacy for years way before the Sodapoppin/Bajheera hype brought into it and provide a more relaxed and flexable guild we will also be touching into all xpacs from "Classic to Pandaria" for fun, achievements, tabards, mounts, titles and those Legendaries you don't have your hands on quite yet the fun way! We have plenty of room for everyone on any class and have only cleared Naxx 10 as of this time, my mains are from Nagrand/Cael but I wanted to start a legacy guild that I couldn't fund everything with my 110's with my friends and it's really kicking off and everyone is having a blast but why should just the recruits from "Frostmourne" have all the fun?! Come give it a go! And no we're not full of DK's so if you want a quick 80 ;D Discord: Nov 25
Nov 25 Need active guild Hi all, I am looking for an active guild to play in. I havent been involved in the raid scene since Burning Crusade but have always kept involved with the game. What I would love is a guild that has a group that I can instance with, 5 mans and 10 mans are fine or even raid again but that isn't crucial. About me.. I am in my 40s and am able to play after work during the week and am available most weekend. I am happy to Tank or DPS on my warrior. I also have a healer, mage, warlock, rogue that I could use if needed or wanted soo bored. I am sick of random dungeoning and want to make some friends with like minded people. HELP ME PLSTendons1 Nov 25
Nov 23 Hazardous LF Members Hazardous-Caelestrasz: Alliance is a new formed guild of experienced raiders looking to fill its ranks for raiding for those who wish to progress, we are aiming to be a mythic guild if we can establish the numbers and people wanting to achiev high end raiding, the raid days are, friday and saturday from 9:30pm to 12:30am st during AEDST and 9pm to 12am, days are subject to change once we have enough people to discuss different days and potentially times based on the majority, we are also aiming to have a mythic + group to push keys as high as we can and work as a group to better our abilities as players. If people are unsure about their classes we are more then happy to help with gearing and what ever any type of help people may need, we will do our utmost to help as we can. We also ask for those who join to be patient as we establish as there is only 3 of us as of right now. Trying to build our guild into something that hopefully plenty will want to join.Blackßow0 Nov 23
Nov 23 [H] TORTUGA - LF Members TORTUGA – Horde guild built on friendships and fun. We are looking to fill the ranks with mature adults who would like to complete content. We understand people have life commitments and want to enjoy the game. We are not going to post requirements for the Guild, as all are welcome. Just passionate people who want to complete content and have fun and chat :) If you would like to join or want more information, feel free to contact in game Aeviryan#1738 (BattleNet ID) or Discord - Aeviryan#0113Aevirayn4 Nov 23
Nov 22 [H]<Honk If Your Hordey> LF Heals Honk if Your Hordey We have been raiding, pvping and otherwise making bad puns since 2008. Started out at start of Lich King with 1 grp, then 2 grps. Started as a family guild and has maintained that to this day. We have always been Heroic or Mythic based and are looking for similar people. We are a casual based 2 raid night Guild, however when it comes to raiding, we raid, we kill and we HAVE fun :). We don't tolerate rude behaviour, and most of the guild are Adults who have played this game for long time, Most of us in this guild together. We play to unwind, have fun and socialise. Although we do have a Pants off Friday raid, that gets alittle off topic :P When not raiding we are doing Mythic+'s, WQs or helping out with whatever guildies need. We do expect people to know there Characters, however we do love questions and answering them even more. Raid Times Realm Time Wed - Mon 8-11pm Main Grp Thurs - Sat 7-930pm 2nd Grp Recruiting Any Heals for Heroic/Mythic TOS Any DPS for Heroic/Mythic TOS Tank for Heroic TOS Grp2 Heals for Heroic TOS Grp2 If your interested msg Killerscorpy#1996. PS, Yes its Your not Youre or You're.Killerscorpy7 Nov 22
Nov 13 <The Wooly Mammoth> PvP recruitment Hey guys, <The Wooly Mammoth> is now looking to focus on PvP as we want to establish a core PvP group within the guild and also push ratings in Arena's and RBG's. Right now we are in recruitment phase so accepting anyone who is interested and has some experience and wanting to push :) We are on Barthilas Horde and are a big guild already, we are heavily focusing on PvP as we have been out of action for awhile but now want to get our foot back in the door! We have our own discord and are always happy to answer any questions or have a chat :)Korfang1 Nov 13
Nov 13 HEroic Kj kill Just wondering what price are guilds after for a heroic KJ kill now a days?Psyshock0 Nov 13
Nov 13 941 AoTC Guardian Druid LF Guild 941 AoTC Guardian Druid looking for a strong, solid guild with an established raid core. Alliance or Horde, it doesn't really matter to me so long as the guild is active, social, and engaged and does more than just raid log and has about a 6-9 hour/week raid schedule. My ideal times would be 9pm EST till whenever, or anytime during the day from 9am on until about 3pm. Aside from that, mostly looking for that great group of people who enjoy the game and know how to have fun. Any questions, comments, or inquiries....feel free to hit me up anytime. BTag: Proteansoul#1851 Discord: Monsta!#9407Dahmonsta1 Nov 13
Nov 8 [H] <Cash Money>(GMT+10) 6/9M Cash Money A two-night a week raiding guild, on Nagrand. We're a pretty laidback group of individuals who have a passion for raiding, and are looking at recruiting more members for mythic raid progression. Although we're pretty casual, we are also quite an active guild. When not raiding, we spend a lot of our time pvping or doing mythic+'s - with the majority of our guild members and their alts being keystone masters (15+). One thing we do expect of our members, is to be well versed in the knowledge of their class and role, and thus not be a detriment to the team. If you can prove this, and you're interested, please apply! About Cash Money: One of the oldest guilds on the server. Transferred from Gilneas when Nagrand first opened up. Raided in one aspect or another, in every expansion of this game. Vanilla - Legion. Banter. We love banter! If you can't take a joke, or are sensitive to particular types of jokes, please don't apply. RL > Wow. We all have commitments, and we don't hold it against people if they can't always make a raid night, but saying that, we only raid two nights a week and it shouldn't become a habit. Raid Times: 9:30pm - 12am AEST (GMT +10), Thursday & Sunday Minimum ilvl requirements: ideally 925 Actively recruiting: - Apply here: Further info? Contact any guild member in-game, and they'll forward you onto a relevant person.Bainz14 Nov 8
Nov 5 [H] 4/9 H 930 Hpal/OS Prot LF Raiding Guild Pugged my way through 4/9, looking to raid H or M ToS into Antorus H or Mythic. Raided Mythic EN to 5/9 as a rogue, and quit shortly after. I'm looking for a guild that: Raids Wednesday + Thursday from 7pm ST onward (No exceptions) Is at least 4/9 Heroic ToS Preferably runs M+ together.HMU @ CmenCptButtz#1390 if your guild fits those requirements.Slyglass1 Nov 5
Nov 4 [A] < Warranty Void > LFM Warranty Void is a Perth guild looking for melee / ranged DPS and Healers to move into Antorus when it releases. We raid late @ 10:30pm server time (7:30pm in the GMT +8 time zone) on Wednesday & Thursday. Social / Returning players are also welcome! For more information, PST to GrUzY#1179 or whisper Charzoos-Caelestrasz or Béarch-Nagrand.Charzoos3 Nov 4
Oct 27 LF Guild/Friends - Ally Hi there, Ideally I wouldn't be posting here, but if I am going to continue to play wow I guess it is what I need to do. I have been playing wow for a very long time. I have quite a few toons and am looking for a guild that will take me in and help me rediscover my enjoyment of the game. After a few different negative experiences with "former friends" in the game I have become reluctant to do new stuff with people online. Even resorting to pugging, which in general I hate. As such I have gotten quite a bit behind on things such as Mythic + dungeons. I'd like to find a group that is happy to do lower key runs, so I can learn them. I am reluctant to join groups and feel carried even though I have highish ilvl toons. I am looking for a home and maybe some more friends that want to do stuff.Fatalflaw2 Oct 27
Oct 26 [H] <No Pants> 4/9M Looking for DPS Hello! We are <No Pants> a two night raiding guild on Nagrand/Caelestrasz. We are currently 9/9H 4/9 Mythic ToS. We are looking for more people to add to our raiding team which currently sits at 18-22~ people, so we can progress through Mythic ToS and Antorus when it arrives. While not a super hardcore guild we still enjoy solid progression in a friendly environment. We are currently looking for extra DPS: Monk [WW / MW] DK [DPS] Warrior Other roles/classes will be considered so please contact us :) Our raids nights are Wednesday & Sunday from 8:00pm-11:00pm AEST [ST]. Casual members are also welcome to join as we are actively running Mythic+'s and other activities during off time so there is almost always people around to play with, we also clear ToS Normal every Friday night as a casual raiding / alt night! Perfect for casuals seeing content :) We use Discord for communication (also has a sweet meme channel). If you would like to sign up, or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our officers, who's contact details can be found below. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Redhoax#1403 / Redhoaxx-Caelestrasz [GM] Sorry#11363 / Sorry-Nagrand Skytorn#6165 / Kaalz - CaelestraszRedhoaxx7 Oct 26
Oct 25 Belt of the Black Eagle LF a LW with the pattern to make one for me, i can supply mats or you can either way. PM me in game or C.O.D it through the mail system Cheers AigAigmokthar0 Oct 25
Oct 24 Players LF GMT+8 raiding guild Hi all, My friends and I are looking for a new raiding guild to call home for the remainder of ToS and into Antorus (and beyond!). We have H ToS, H NH, H EN experience and would like to push this further into mythic. Please see post on Oceanic Recruitment Forum:àrth2 Oct 24
Oct 24 5/9 mythic guild LF merge for Throne. As the raid tier comes to an end we're running short on raiders. <Back Up Plan> is therefore looking for small team to merge with to boost our numbers ready for Throne. A small heroic team looking to get in on mythic is ideal or a mythic guild in the same position as us looking to boost numbers This is us: Oct 24
Oct 23 [A] <Beat It> 1/9M LF Tank & Heals Hey folks, We are currently looking for a couple of capable players to fill out our raid roster so that we can continue progression through Mythic content. A little bit about us – <Beat It> was formed by a group of friends that had all decided to return to the game for Legion after an extended break away, and have now grown to include members ranging in raid experience from the very new all the way to veterans of Vanilla content. We are a semi-hardcore guild who likes being prepared to push through the most challenging content open to us until our faces are bloodied and the bosses are dead, while still enjoying a relaxed, friendly, no-holds-barred atmosphere outside of raid times in which to play. Current Progression: ToS 9/9H, 1/9M. What we are looking for: Tanks: Any (excluding Vengeance Demon Hunters) Healers: Holy Priest, Restoration Druid or Restoration Shaman Melee: None Ranged: Any non warlock or hunter DPS (Healer off-spec is highly desirable but not essential) Our raid times are Saturday, Sunday and Monday(Optional Night) evenings from 8pm – 10:30pm Server Time (which can sometimes be extended for progression reasons). Even though we are looking specifically for the above mentioned classes, we are also open to taking on talented players of other classes/specs to complement the current line-up and provide backup for players who can’t attend the raid night. We expect that everyone looking to join to come with the knowledge about their class/spec (including being prepared with appropriate consumables and enchants) as well as at least a basic understanding of the boss fights and mechanics. If you think that we are a good fit for what you are looking for in a guild, please contact either myself (Teslacannon) or Moodrown/Moodown in game or by battle net (Moodrown: Darktalon#1864) for a chat. We look forward to hearing from you!Teslacannon2 Oct 23
Oct 23 [H] <Inceptum> LFM EXP PLAYERS FOR ANTORUS Inceptum is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Caelestrasz/Nagrand. Inceptum was established during the MoP/WoD transition by a small circle of friends and has gone from strength to strength since. Achieving 13/13M in HFC pre patch during WoD. Recruitment open to the below: Healer - Monk, Priest Ranged DPS - Shaman Melee DPS - ALL except Rogue & Paladin Any exceptional players of other classes are encouraged to enquire also. What we're looking for in players: >> Exceptional mechanical awareness >> Experience & knowledge of the class you play in your main and offspec >> Be a team player who is happy to change specs (if necessary) and be subbed if an encounter requires. >> Mature attitude >> Ability to communicate well >> Reliability What we offer: >> We are a Mythic focused progression guild who also are social and complete other in game activities like M+, heroic raids, achievements etc. Raiding times: (we follow server time) Wednesday - 7:45 - 11pm AEDST Thursday - 7:45 - 11pm AEDST Sunday -7:45 - 11pm AEDST If you would like to discuss this further please contact myself or any of the officers below: Bubbles#12821 Batty#6394 Kupo#1115 Crazyperson#6837Horribubble29 Oct 23
Oct 21 LF raid healers Gladius Knights Raid times Friday 8:30 server Saturday 8:00 server. 9/9H. Casual raiding guild dipping toes into Mythic first boss but aim is to complete each heroic tier when it comes out. ilvl not hugely important. Willingness to turn up raid days is. Message me in game.Daketh0 Oct 21
Oct 19 [A]<Lobster Farm> Late Night CST LFM <Lobster Farm> is an Alliance guild on US-Sargeras, looking for like minded people to raid Heroic and Mythic content. Currently need PATIENT players who are willing to deal with a few wipes as we get our new tank up to par. Requirements Raid experience is a must. Preferably mythic raid experience and AOTC KJ Progress/Leaders As stated above we are getting our tank up to par after his long break from Legion. That being said our first guild run we did 7/9 H ToS and would have gone further if PUGS did their jobs. But leadership and the rest of the raiders minus one or two are: 8/10 M NH 3/9 M TOS Current Days/Times We are currently a 2 day guild, but will be moving to 3 days once Mythic/Antorus progression starts Tuesday: 11:45pm-3am CST Thursday: 11:45pm-3am CST Once Mythic/Antorus starts we will be adding: Wednesday: 11:45pm-3am Recruitment Tanks Currently recruiting a back up tank of any class. Healers Resto Druid Holy Paladin Disc/Holy Priest Mistweaver Monk DPS Mage Shadow priest Warlock Rogue Warrior Feral druid Retribution Paladin Enhance/Ele Shaman Death knight Demon hunter Any and all exceptional DPS are being accepted. Loot Loot will be distributed using RC_LootCouncil for MYTHIC progression only. Heroic and Normal runs will be personal. Contact For any questions please send a friend request to: Spoodle#1452 Twigysmalls (GM) Treehugger#1165 Mickiminaj (Officer)Twigysmalls1 Oct 19
Oct 14 (H) LF friendly, laid back Guild Hello! I'm looking for a laid back and friendly guild to become a part of! I enjoy doing all forms of content except PvP, and while I don't have much proper raiding experience, am very keen to be a part of a casual raid team if needed. I am capable of both DPS as Shadow Priest and Healing as Holy, and if needed I can tank on my alt DH. Also willing to bribe with a handful of copper ;)Soupböiler1 Oct 14
Oct 4 [A] <Vita Obscura> 8/9M recruiting! Vita Obscura is a mythic focused raid guild on the Caelestrasz/Nagrand server. During Warlords of Draenor, we completed full mythic clears for Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry and Hellfire Citadel and achieved realm first Mythic Archimonde. As a guild we push hard for raid progression during our 9hr/week raid window; as individuals we strive to play our characters to their full potential, staying abreast of the most competitive specs and item builds. We are proud of the low turnover within Vita Obscura and when we seek to recruit we value loyal members who wish to build their 'home' within our guild. In Legion, Vita Obscura intends to compete at a higher level than we have done previously. We don't expect world firsts, but we do intend to push ourselves to new progression targets. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner while in guild raids as well as during out of guild activities We are looking for Tomb from the following classes: --Melee-- Rogue --Ranged DPS-- Spriest Mage Warlock --Healers-- priest Exceptional applicants are ALWAYS considered. We raid 3 nights a week for 3hrs each night 8pm-11pm Server Time (AEST) with raid invites from 730pm Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday. During progression, raids may be extended by 30mins if near to boss kills. Please apply at Guild Master Lori - Lori#1578 Officers Vrosk - Vrosk#1806 Tulareas - Tula#1654 Darthgrim - Grim#1848Vrosk11 Oct 4
Oct 2 [H] Unholy Redemption – Late Night Guild UR is a late night raiding guild, we raid Heroic ToS Sunday and Monday nights 10pm AEST (8pm WA time) - 1am AEST (11pm WA time). **This is our heroic progression run. We are 7/9H our members are working professionals who log on to WoW as a release from everyday stress including that pesky wife and kids. If you are a committed late night raider looking to work through Heroic content with a guild of like-minded players who believe in Real Life > WoW but enjoy the challenge of progressing through content with people willing to laugh, then perhaps UR is the place for you PM BigJ#1277 on battlenet or contact me on Discord BigJ#0728 and we can chat further.Bigj17 Oct 2
Sep 28 American wanting to play on Caelestrasz I've been raiding with a guild from Caelestrasz, at 4 in the morning my time, and I'm very confused about something. We raid together and there is almost no lag whatsoever. I am healing them and there is no delay on anything. Could this be my experience if I moved my character to this server? On a somewhat related note, is this some magical thing that only WoW can accomplish, or is this a common experience, this absence of lag? I'd like to play Destiny 2 with these guys but I wonder if the issue of lag will suddenly be present on another game. Any information would help.Wifflum1 Sep 28
Sep 25 [A] <Völtage> Khaz/Dath (3/9M ToS) Recruiting Völtage is currently seeking committed raiders to join our progression team as we clear Mythic Tomb of Sargeras. Currently Seeking: Ranged/melee dps. If you don't see your class/spec please get ahold of us as all candidates will be considered. Raid Times in AEST: Wednesday - 7:30 -10:30 Server time. Thursday - 7:30 -10:30 Server time. Sunday - 7:30 - 10:30 Server time. Organised Mythic Keystone runs Mon/Friday nights About us Formed in the final weeks of Nighthold with the intention of pushing high end raiding, we managed to achieve "Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan" and push the guild into the server top 10. Now the focus has switched to Tomb of Sargeras. Currently sitting on 3/9 Mythic, and still top 10 server. We're constantly running keystones, arenas and battlegrounds, but the main focus is to down mythic content. Get in touch with: Grim#1548 Vycer#1500 DoggadogJR#1662 Alternatively just /who Völtage in-game and ask for an Officer. Thanks.Grimmerz0 Sep 25
Sep 24 LFM Share the Love achievement Hi all, I'd like to put a group together to do the achievement Share the Love ( in Gundrak. If you are interested let me know here and hopefully we can figure out a time to do this. Cheers!Shaipan0 Sep 24
Sep 23 [A] - Back Up Plan 5/9M ToS <Back Up Plan> 5/9M ToS - semi casual Alliance guild is recruiting dedicated raiders for core team. Raid times 7pm-10pm Fri & Sun server time with optional farm night Wed. Targeting an exceptional healer (except pally) but will consider all solid apps. Logs preferred. Contact me or an officer in game for details. Myles - Myles#6947 Baloy - Baloy#11290Myles0 Sep 23
Sep 21 LF raid team I am 924 ilvl tank LF raiding spot. I can raid Monday, Wednesday nights and weekends. I was a raid leader with my guild, but am now taking a break from that. I offspec in heals as well, and can work on that as well. Am looking for a mature raiding team, ideally heroic in the next teir.Zenithus3 Sep 21
Sep 21 Looking for a guild? Hey! So I started playing WoW few months back and am currently just enjoying the lore, quests and all the zones, generally doing the dungeons I come across. Never been in a guild or raided before. I currently play a Subtlety Rogue lvl 70(switched from Outlaw very recently because the RNG make it difficult to gauge my competence in dungeons xD). Any guilds out there willing to take a newbie?Areithrial6 Sep 21
Sep 21 New to server. I like this server so far, few times now people who happened to be in the same area have given a /wave or /hi, didn't want anything, didn't start a convo or anything they were just saying hi to be nice... this is very alien to me lol. So just curious, what guilds are around on the Alliance side? Interested in knowing about names, mentality/attitude, goals/focus, etc.Jaurdain1 Sep 21
Sep 20 Casual Guild? Hey Folks, Looking for a mature casual guild that occasionally raids that I can join in with if needed. Just got back into playing wow again and my guild I was in was pretty much dead. Really missing the social aspect of it all. I main a Dwarf Paladin only about 853 Ilvl but looking to bring that up and prefer tanking but willing to be flexible. Very patient if folks are looking to start up a brand new raiding team, too. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to send me an invite, that would be awesome.Brucie1 Sep 20
Sep 15 9/9H 0/9M Assin Rogue LF Guild Daggr-Caelestrasz Guild application: Hey all Guild masters and officers, I am an assassination rogue that has finished heroic and who is now looking forward and further into Mythic. I am seeking out my first Goroth kill and looking for some more progression with a guild! I also currently live in NZ, not Australia. What you can expect from me: - Punctuality - Banter - Damage I am available weekends but might be able to raid on weekdays depending on your raid day and time schedule. - I have 3 BiS legendaries - I have 4 tier set - I have DF and aotc achievements - 923 Equip (927) Armory: Thanks for your time and for reading! I look forward to joining (possibly) your guild!Daggr1 Sep 15
Sep 15 Looking for a guild/home - Ally Hey there, I have played wow for far too long and over the years it has had it's ups and downs. at the moment I am trying to find people (a guild) that I fit in with. I have lots of toons and as such more than a few guilds, but am still looking to find more people to do stuff with. I enjoy raiding and would like to step into more mythics with all of my 110s.Flatbush4 Sep 15