Cenarion Circle and Sisters of Elune

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14h Wow, a lot has changed in 4 years on CC. Hello there. I haven't played the game in 4 years (just after MoP came out) and got an email from Blizzard begging me to play again for free for a week, so I decided to go ahead and check it out. Holy crap! Nobody I knew is on the server anymore, I heard numerous big guilds transferred off to other servers, and Cenarion Circle is small enough now to be grouped with another server for a spot on the forum list? Anyone have any info (drama) about what I missed in the past 4 years to lead to people apparently abandoning ship like they have? I personally hate that as a Fury Warrior I no longer am able to use quite a lot of moves I used to use regularly (Sunder, Cleave, Colossus Smash, Heroic Strike, etc) and even the fast that Sunder Armor doesn't even exist anymore. It's a bit weird for me trying to relearn how to play again after I'd played consistently for years prior. On the plus side, with Pandaland being basically empty, I'm having a great time doing quests alone without needing to wait on spawns. Anywho, my account time ends this Sunday night again and I am not sure if/when I may be around again, but it still makes me sad to no longer see familiar faces anymore on here whatsoever.Paranitis47 14h
2d [Open H/A RP] Donations for the Front A large box has been set up at the AAMS office in Booty Bay, sitting next to the reception desk. Two signs, one in common and the other in orcish, are posted next to it. ... The box already has a few items inside. There's a copy of My You're a Tall One, Vol. 1, a deck of Darkmoon playing cards, and a case of pencils. Similar boxes have been set up in Dalaran, Orgrimmar, Stormwind, and other local AAMS offices. ((What would your character have laying around and would be willing to donate?))Derscha5 2d
6d Nightborne/Shal'dorei RP Connections Starting a new thread for this now that everything's finally set into motion. The previous thread (and links to older ones) can be found right here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754336803 It was posted to most of the RP realm forums including Wyrmrest and Moon Guard but didn't garner a great deal of attention. Since then, we've gathered a few people together and set up a Discord server where players can discuss lore, chat about RP prospects and share resources. It's open to those that are invested in the prospect of Nightborne RP but participation isn't mandatory. All you need is an interest in this niche and we'll be glad to welcome you. This server was founded on the idea that all Nightborne RP should be interconnected and that every Roleplayer carrying interest in the subject should have the opportunity to engage with it. We aim to become a community, meaning that we can connect with like-minded Roleplayers quite easily and set our own personal storylines into motion. This isn't necessarily a guild or a coalition, simply a source of communication for everyone intending to write within the confines of Shal'dorei culture. It's mostly going to be self-directed so in a general sense, you're expected to connect with others on the server in your own time and build RP connections. However, I'd like to introduce the idea that we can also become a society. Events could be organized that would gather most of our characters together in one place. There could be a ball, a soiree, a festival, a garden party, a wine-tasting or anything in between. We could build different groups too. We could form academies, military organizations, merchant coalitions, groups of performers and I think there's every chance that we could also form our very own noble households with certain characters picking up particular roles. The possibilities here are almost endless but it's definitely going to take some time to organize something like this. Any and all additional ideas are welcome. If this sounds like something you want to become involved with, let me know by adding my battletag (Zarxes#21200) and requesting a link to the server. For reasons that I hope are obvious, I don't want to throw the link out here where someone of ill-intent could join. The aim isn't to necessarily be exclusive but to keep the environment free of negativity. Thank you so much for your time!Zarxés0 6d
Jul 21 LF A Friend...Or Two I'm looking for a new friend who has done most everything in Legion. Someone to chat with, that would guide me for gear, collecting, etc. I work FT, and play evenings EST when the Fiance is at work because he and I play a different game together currently. If you wanna hang out and teach this old dog new tricks, just add my Btag: Allelya#11223Kymuri1 Jul 21
Jul 21 [A] Regulators LFM Regulators Information Server: Cenarion Circle Faction: Alliance Time Zone: Pacific Time (PT) Raid Time: Saturday - 5:45-8:45 and Sunday - 5:00-7:00 Recruiting : Any Dps Regulators Nothing is more important to us than the people we play with. Respect for our teammates and a relaxed atmosphere is our highest goal. We like to create a fair gaming atmosphere with equal chances for everyone. To be moderately successful in the games we play; and to allow each guildie a fair chance to participate. One thing i want to make clear is that while we are indeed a casual guild in the requirements department, we are committed. At the time of Edit we are 8/9N ToS We do provide consumables thanks to many hard working members. Even if this post is weeks old, send a message if you're interested in raiding or if you're looking for a lighthearted home. -Petiemoss (Tulipmoss#1570) -Slaa (Slaa#1255)Petiemoss4 Jul 21
Jul 20 Shen-Annie-gans "As the mistress commands!" Annie bowed, leaving the modest-sized house to carry out her task. Walking through the streets of Stormwind at night, dressed in her usual garb of scant cloth and a happy smile, she looked down the list of places to address. The Pig and Whistle Tavern The Slaughtered Lamb The Gilded Rose The Golden Keg One by one she stopped by the inn or tavern on the list, admiring its home-y feel before getting to work. She ordered a drink from each, sampling their wares, before tracing a rune under her table - a rune that would pulse and persist the next time someone sat at that particular table, causing the unlucky patrons to break out in an itchy rash thirty minutes after sitting down. She would continue this ritual every night for a week, sitting in a different spot each night before venturing back home. She smiled to herself. "As the mistress commands..."Anewl9 Jul 20
Jul 19 [H]<Salvation>4/9H ToS LF RDPS and Healers [H] Salvation (est.2007) is a progression raiding guild on US-Cenarion Circle/Sisters of Elune. Objective Salvation is actively searching and recruiting players for current heroic content. What we look to do in the short-term is recruit players and gear them in our farm content. Mythic + will be run as well since it serves as another outlet to gearing up. By doing this we prepare them for our long-term goal, Mythic Mode Progression. Recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras Tanks- Closed Melee- Rogue x1 Ranged- Mages x1, Hunter x2, Warlock x2, Balance Druid x1 Healers- Resto/Ele Shaman x1, Resto/Balance Druid x1, Holy/Disc Priest x1 ***Exceptional applicants can feel free to sign up even if we aren't recruiting your class/spec. Outstanding applications will always be considered. We are also accepting players that engage in social aspects of the WoW community such as leveling, PvP, questing, dungeon finding, roleplaying and other challenging activites. We provide monthly guild events. For example, the Tournament of Tiny Champions. It’s a pet battle tournament where guildies compete with each other using 3-6 of their mightiest level 25 tiny champions. We are expanding this extremely fun side of Salvation so that everyone can join in on some action and prizes! Raiding Schedule Our schedule is as follows. We push content three times a week for 3 hours at a time starting at 6:00pm to 9:00pm PST Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Mondays. Our Raiding Requirements You must be able to raid all three nights. Be on time for raid. Lateness will not be tolerated. Be able to play the optimal specialization for Legion raid encounters. (this requirement is more towards the pure dps classes and hybrid classes in some special cases) Come prepared with the knowledge of the Legion raid bosses and mechanics. Have Discord App installed and a working microphone to communicate. Discord browser and phone app is also acceptable.(Note: Some of these requirements will change as time goes on) How to Join Please sign up on our guild website at: www.salvationcc.guildlaunch.com Want to reach me in game? Questions or concerns? Hit me up at: Battletag: Zanngetsu#1255 Discord: Tankstâ2329Tankstâ12 Jul 19
Jul 18 Roleplay Guild Directory [Updated 6/8/16] With the official server forums now merged let's get our guild directories merged. A guild directory for both Horde and Alliance will also be housed on the community site here: Alliance: http://ccsoe.org/guild-directory/alliance Horde: http://ccsoe.org/guild-directory/horde Please submit your guilds in the following fashion and I will do my best to update them weekly: Faction: Name: Contact: Website: Guild Chat: IC or OOC/ Channels for the guild. Brief Summary of Guild: Please try to keep your summary brief as the posts only allow 5000 characters. This thread will be updated in the coming days with new guilds and the known rp guilds from both servers. PLEASE get yours added :)Genevra27 Jul 18
Jul 17 The Shattered Mirror “Mmm Hehehe! C’mon, it’s not far now. We can grab a pint, it’ll be fun!” giggled a young Dwarven woman as she tugged a heavily armed “hero” into an infamous nearby tavern. Koven had spent his day on the outskirts of Stormwind. Elwynn always reminded him a bit of home and the good times. Before Arthas’ betrayal, the forests of Lordaeron had shared in the bounty of a flourishing kingdom and trade. Even with the recent death of Varian and the unpredictability of the world-wide Legion assaults, the town of Goldshire continued to thrive. It made for a fair place to make political arrangements given the current state of affairs between his people and the Alliance. Close enough to be noticed and far enough to escape. “How did it go?” An ethereal voice whispered sweetly into Koven’s ears, a voice only he could hear. Koven’s presence was less notable in town these days given his order’s participation in the Concordance. It was easier for “political” involvement to take place on behalf of the war effort in the Broken Isles and blur faction lines on the mainland. He made his way to the stables in town where his hippogryph had been boarded. “I’m a blood-elf on the outskirts of a city whose entire faction is being held responsible for-” Koven was cut off but the disembodied voice as he nodded politely at stable keeper near the back of the tavern and approached his hippogryph. “Former blood-elf, whose allegiance was technically sworn to, what was it again…?” Koven sighed and began to pet his loyal mount, pressing his head gently against the side of the creature’s neck. It made a slight, almost purr-like whistle. “The Argent Crusade.” He responded, exasperated. Clearly his communion which had brought him here had not gone as well as he’d hoped. Koven’s vision began to blur again. Ever since his meeting with Magni during the Legion’s approach, something had been wrong. Voices echoed from no known sources, sometimes reminding him of his time in Northrend. And now there was this one. “It doesn’t matter who you tell here, Koven. Or anywhere. They can’t help you and they certainly can’t hear me, dearie hehe.” “SHUT UP!” Koven shouted as the locals and heroes stopped to turn and look at him briefly. Lucky for him, strange shouts in this area of Elwynn were not uncommon and the attention quickly dissipated. Koven patted his steed and hoisted himself onto its saddle. With a few quick motions of his wrists with the reins firmly in hand, the hippogryph turned and took off into a frenzied dash before attempting to ascend. “Magni could hear you.” Koven said as he rose above the bright forest canopy and into the crisp, spring breeze. His vision began to blur once more. He could see an Ashbringer. No, two, or three, all held by… himself? No. Tirion? No.. others. And more. “Magni could hear… someone. Her voice is not mine, and I simply cannot let you be now that you have seen the cracks and the glimmering reflections.” “You make no sense. There is work to be done and we… I mean, I need to return to Light’s Hope. I will decipher whatever it is you are soon enough. Now be quiet if you insist on haunting me.” Koven could see Karazhan amongst the distant peaks. Beneath his helm his eyes were dim and weary. “You have glimpsed upon the infinite, shattered mirror where all worlds are kept by the unknowing. The riddles you seek to unravel are beyond you, and yet even your Order is full of its reflections and their echoes. So many heroes, so many dispara-” “For all that is holy… just shush.” “Have it your way, little.. ‘Ashbringer’. Hehehe.”Koven1 Jul 17
Jul 17 WTS/WTT Minion of Grumpus Selling minion of grumpus as its all thats left on my bank toon on this realm, looking to get rid of it for either a wow token or a sum of battle pets worth approximately 130k gold. Btag: Mbdtf#11847Mbdtf0 Jul 17
Jul 16 [A] Stormwind Union raid recruitment Hello! The Stormwind Union is a heavy RP guild. We are always looking to recruit new members to roleplay, but today we are looking for more members to compliment our raid team! Applying to our guild or roleplaying experience are not required to join us for the raid team! All you need is a little raid awareness and a good attitude! We are currently seeking: At least two DPS One healer, preferably with a DPS off spec We raid on Fridays at 6pm server and have our own discord server. Our progress is currently 3/9 N ToS. Post here, or message me in-game on this character, or btag me Aikachi#1428 if you are interested in joining us!Calent4 Jul 16
Jul 15 The Blue Recluse - Special Event(s)! Hello all! As we all start settling into our casual groove of less questing and more just daily/weekly crap, this is about when RP starts to flourish. I'm looking to gauge some interest in helping to jump start some fun events to be held at The Blue Recluse on Wednesday evenings. Events would be hosted by the current staff (various Bards and some other miscreants *cough*Noiki*cough*), typically around 1900 (7pm) Server Time, Wednesday Nights. Proposed ideas include: Lyere's Tea Time (Relax and have a cup of tea to some music) Lana's Trivia Night (3 rounds, 30 questions, all WoW category related) Aura's Fashion Show-off (Xmog Contest) Karaoke Night (w/ Voice Chat to listen in!) Speed-Dating Night (for all the hilarity it would include) Stuff like that. I'd like to give any and all of the above a shot, maybe have an event once every two weeks and they cycle through? Like I said, I'm gauging interest and polling for ideas! Thanks!Cerulana1 Jul 15
Jul 15 Arms Warrior LF Raiding Guild After dealing with all sorts of "colorful" personalities to get my heroic KJ kill via a pug over the last couple resets, I have realized that I have missed raiding and would like to find something a bit more relaxed and a lot more enjoyable. I started this character back in 2004 and benched him for the most part during Legion but decided to dive back into the Warrior for 7.2.5. I'm fine with the Horde or the Alliance, my two real requirements are that you don't raid super late and you're enjoyable to be around. A steady supply of M+ runs during the week would be great as well as I've barely touched those this expansion either. I guess that's 3 things, or at least 2.5. Anyhow, if you feel that this might sound like you and that I might be a good fit, drop me a line and we can go from there.Dakhath3 Jul 15
Jul 14 To be a Mother ((Writing this for a friend)) "What I want more than anything… is to be wed, and be a mother." Baltimore flapped his netherwings with a powerful stroke, keeping his draconic form aloft for another half mile as he soared over the Plaguelands. "Not just continue the family line…" she'd said. "To be loved." Those words had struck him hard in the chest. He knew that feeling too well; to have had that attention, that adoration, that love, and for it to feel like it was torn away from one thing or another. He'd done so many things to try and get it back, and in his desperation it almost killed the one he meant to save, and more. The Bards were his new family; he could see that now, and he would do what he could to protect it, all of it. The Countess was their newest member, coming to them with no family, no esteem, and little to no hope. She was simply…lost. And while he, as a young drake, could not aid her directly in her quests for what would truly bring her happiness again, he had an idea. "Meet me in Stormwind by the Cathedral, if you can find time to make it out there."Balti0 Jul 14
Jul 14 [H] Recruiting late starters Got a late start to the tier? Can't join any groups because you don't have the achievements yet? Are people making fun of your legendaries? Do you have patience and understand how to play your class? Look no further, because <Gentlemen Assassins> wants you! We are recruiting all roles for Tomb of Sargeras progression. We plan to push through heroics as soon as possible and experience mythic content before the end of the tier. Our raid days will be Tuesday and Thursday with Sunday being an optional "clean-up/ alt raid" day. Raids will be 3 hrs and go from 9pm Eastern Standard Time to midnight each day. Please add me on btag if you are interested! Sviatoslav#1788 Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you! CasalsCasals2 Jul 14
Jul 14 A Nightmare (But for who?) (Not IC, just for fun) Noikona looked around confused, her vision was blurred but what she focused on was clear. There were four others standing with her. A dwarf in heavy armor, he carried a massive shield and broadsword. A human mage in long red robes, she carried a staff that looked to weigh as much as her. An elven hunter, he carried a large bow and had a massive cat at his side. Lastly a gnome rogue, his eyes darting back forth as his hands rested on the pommels of his daggers. Noikona looked down at what she wore, light armor with a massive hammer slung across her back. She carefully unsheathed the weapon to get a closer look. She frowned at the brilliant light that seemed to radiate from the thing. She was about to walk away but noticed there was a strange barrier behind her. When she turned back the party had started running away. Not wanting to be left behind she ran after them. Before she knew it they were under attack. The dwarf had apparently insulted someone and now was paying for his stupid remarks. Noikona snickered as she watched the dwarf get his you know what handed to him. He bellowed in panic “Heal me! Heal me!” Everyone was staring at Noikona. She raised a brow “You’ve got to be kidding me?” “Heal me!” the cries came again. Noikona rolled her eyes as she shrugged and raised a hand, a brilliant light flowed from it and engulfed the dwarf. The dwarf sighed in relief as his wounds closed up; he pressed the attack with renewed strength. The others joined in finishing off the attackers. Noikona just stared at her hand in wonderment. By the time she looked up, the party was well ahead of her and lying down. Perhaps they were taking a break? As she got closer she noticed they weren’t resting at all. They were quite dead. Noikona’s eyes narrowed as she looked around. She nearly jumped out of her skin when the bodies disappeared and then reappeared next to her. They all had very angry looks. They all spoke in unison “Where were you! Why didn’t you heal us?” Noikona shrugged “Duh, you pulled before I was ready. I guess you won’t do that again now will you?” The dwarf’s face turned redder then a dw… hmmm it turned very dark. “Come on! The boss is just ahead” Noikona tilted her head “Boss? Lana is here?” The party members just shook their heads and ran after the dwarf. They turned a corner to confront a massive beast. Noikona stared “Wow, I told her not to drink that grog.” Before she could react the dwarf charged forward hurling insults at the beast. Noikona looked on in shock. The dwarf died. After a few moments the dwarf magically appeared next to Noikona “YOU NEED TO HEAL ME!” Noikona shook her head “No” “Why?” “Because you’re doing it wrong” “That’s it, I’m going to kick you!” the dwarf yelled. Thwap! Ooof! The dwarf landed hard on his bottom holding his nose “Why did you hit me!” Noikona glared back “You were going to kick me!” The rest of the party came to the aide of the injured dwarf and glared at Noikona. Noikona woke up with a start; she sat up in her bed and looked around. Relief filled her as it was just a dream. She let out a long sigh as she lay back down. She was about to close her eyes when she noticed glowing hammer leaning against her nightstand.Noikona2 Jul 14
Jul 14 Any Ally Guilds recruiting late Starters Hello i was wandering if any alliance guilds are recruiting Late Starters for raiding. i am on disability so raid times and days are not a problem for me! just looking for a none hardcore guild that like to get progression done while having fun at the same time. "if you are not having fun what is the point in the game then???" i do have raid awareness and can take "criticism" very well if doing something wrong. you can either whisper me in game or add me through Btag (vynivas#1313)Shirosaki0 Jul 14
Jul 9 Outdated Editing here since it doesn't get bumped as I'm no longer looking for something on this character, thank you Symble, but that's likely to be way too late for me. I appreciate the response even if it about 2 months late. ;)Scarlet1 Jul 9
Jul 8 AAMS Horde Lounge Night! [H-RP] The Anytime, Anywhere Messenger Service would like to invite you to join us for a night off to spend an evening with drinks and light discussion. Join us every Saturday at from 7pm to 9pm at Hardwrench Hideaway, Cape of Stranglethorn. First drink is on the house! All we ask in return is that you leave your disputes at the door. Once a month, we move to the Darkmoon Faire at the tables between the Tonk game and food vendors. However, due to the restrictions of the local landlords, please note that we can only extend this invitation to our Horde clientele. Any visiting Alliance members will be subject to the scrutiny of Hardwrench's guards.Kezrin6 Jul 8
Jul 8 Walking with the Elements 3.0 Now that things have finally settled down with the Burning Legion ((and in real life!)), Walking with the Elements will be returning for its third season of lessons in Shamanism and the Elements, starting in the new year. Lessons will be returning to their Friday time slot, but will only be held on the first and third Friday of each month. The first lesson for the new year will be meeting in The Park. Nearest FP is Bloodhoof Village, but a flying mount is required to reach The Park. Summons will be available (assuming enough people attend!) for those whose mounts are aerially challenged. Friday, 6 January, at 6pm server. As always, previous lessons are available at wwtecc.tumblr.com. -------------------- To reach The Park, follow the road southwest out of Bloodhoof Village. When you reach the end of the road, look up, and you should see the top of a large tree. If you fly over the cliffwall there, you should land in The Park.Thaettir17 Jul 8
Jul 7 Blizzcon 2017 It's that time again! You can visit my guide on Reddit this year. https://www.reddit.com/r/blizzcon/comments/5x42uv/blizzcon_2017_guide/ So we will be switching things up this year for our server meetup. We will be meeting at CHEESECAKE FACTORY FOR LUNCH on Friday afternoon. Time will be announced once the schedule is announced. Pretty much, if lunch is at 2, you need to be there at 1:30. If you aren't there, you won't be counted and there will be no seat for you. So if you're going, let us know! Going to Blizzcon: Araceli/Reagan/Armaya/Sarayeda [I exist everywhere, horde & Alliance.] Wdeath [Desperate-H] Genevra and Hubby [Conclave-A, Modas il Toralar-H] Celarius [Fruit of Elune]" Nast [Horde] Mingoshanoba [Ishnu Por Ah] Lithliana [Doomguard]Araceli18 Jul 7
Jul 4 The unrelenting hunt. (H/A RP) Last night, Coriani let out a long sigh as she sat down at a small, wooden table, tired and very sore by the day’s events. The elf’s head hurt quite a bit, her vision was blurry in her right eye. She hoped she didn’t have a concussion of any type but considering what happened earlier, there was the possibility. As it was, she had a big bruise over her right eye. The huntress winced noticeably as she fumbled though her packs for parchments papers, a quill and ink. The blood elf was late in writing and getting two letters out; the issue concerned a new threat with a goblin warlock she had been tracking… well, attempting to find without much success. She would have sent them sooner but an urgent letter about five days earlier distracted her greatly. Instead of writing, she headed to Val’sharah immediately as her mother, Vylairea had fallen very ill. She went to a small inn south and west of Lorlathil where she found her mother lying on one of the beds, passed out and weak from extreme exertion. A female night elf druid in the room also appeared to be tired but not nearly to the extent of her mother. Cori wondered why her relative had exerted herself to the point of being quite ill when she noticed one of the other beds had an extremely pale, very injured- near death but familiar looking high elf female lying on it. The huntress then knew the reason for it. She blinked as her thoughts recalled; the high elf was one of Cori’s younger sisters, Anessi, a favored child of her mother’s. That sister was a priest and pacifist, never carrying any weapons on her. Normally the relative would have protection with her but didn’t at the time she was attacked by a goblin warlock. Wait, what? Her thoughts drifted back to a few weeks earlier. A druid hired Cori to track down six owl-kittens that were stolen by two warlocks- one which matched the description of a goblin one named Wort Quickfuse, a disowned relative of the bruiser Qixilixa. Cori had been trying to track that goblin and another family member of his so she took the offer. At the time, only four owl-kittens had been found. Two were dead; one died shortly after Cori brought it to the druid to have him attempt to heal it. At an abandoned camp in Dustwallow Marsh, the elf found one owl-kitten dead in a cage- poor thing had been severely injured and left to die when the warlocks left. She shook her head and sighed as her thoughts continued to drift. A short distance from that camp near a broken-down goblin trike, Cori found one owl-kitten hiding in the trike. It was a bit spooked and hungry but it was able to be returned to the wild according to the druid. The other owl-kitten was found alive with her young cousin, Failiani when she went to a Da Doctas. The owl-kitten was partially fel-corrupted- as to who did it, Cori figured it was Zeendixia Quickfuse, another disowned relative of Qixi’s. Thankfully, the animal was able to be cured; however, it had grown quite dependent on people and wasn’t able to be returned to the wild. It would make a great companion for someone… She sighed briefly. While she was handing off the living owl-kitten she found in Dustwallow Marsh near the border of Suramar, Cori got intel that Wort was spotted east of Ambervale in Suramar- with one of the missing owl-kittens. The huntress got into her flying and took off. As she got closer to the location, she noticed a few Withered Nightborne elves surrounding a high elf figure who was lying on the ground, clearly injured. Cori was generally distrustful of high elves but she also had no love for withered; especially after they brutally killed and devoured Stinger, her silithid pet. In her mind, an injured high elf didn’t deserve to meet their end due to those fiends. The huntress landed her flying machine and decided to intervene. She and her crawler pet she had with her at the time dealt with the Withered. It was only after she knelt down to check on the high elf that she realized it was Anessi. Cori inspected her sister further and noted the injuries were serious and not from withered…. Unless those fiends had mastered conjuring fel magic which was unlikely. No, the injuries were consistent with that of a warlock and demon pet- felguard, maybe? Cori noticed a blood trail to the south and had a suspicion her sibling was attacked… but wasn’t Wort spotted east of Ambervale? The huntress’s eyes blinked painfully as she recalls the memory. She gave Anessi what aid she could with bandages- for one, it was her sibling and two, Vylairea would smite her repeatedly if she didn’t give any treatment. At that time, she didn’t have salve or any special herbs to put on the fel burns to prevent them from getting worse. (1)Coriani9 Jul 4
Jun 29 fin. doneSerickson39 Jun 29
Jun 23 Earn 100G per Heavy Junkbox! Looking for gold? Do you like gold? Sell me Heavy Junkboxes, then my gold will become your gold. I will pay 100 gold per Heavy Junkbox. Please COD! http://www.wowhead.com/item=16885/heavy-junkboxAmaelalin3 Jun 23
Jun 21 Ashes of the Hearth Picking up a clean rag, the antithesis-of-soft Draenei buffed the tank one last time then rubbed the cloth between her calloused fingers, removing vestiges of grease, oil and engine muck. The exterior gleamed her grimace back at her. At least there were no extra parts lying around. The only thing left to do was start it up. Vainaa tossed wrenches and screwdrivers in the toolbox instead. Gertha stuck her head out the door. “Ach! It’s a beaut! Ya did a great job, Vainaa. The boss-lady’ll be mighty pleased when she sees it.” “I didn’t do it for her.” The lid to the toolbox fell into place with a hard click. “It’s been sitting here gathering dust and lustful thoughts from scrap collectors. It’s a blight on my eyes every time I come home.” Gertha’s eyes narrowed, but she chose to change the topic to something slightly less provoking. “Have ya seen Nabbi?” “Fel! No.” Easy with her grin, Gertha leaned further out the door and scanned the small pier next to the house. “She’s usually home by now.” “She never misses a meal. I’m sure she’s not going to start tonight.” Lug nuts and bearings protested the Draenei’s sarcastic grip on the toolbox. She wasn’t wrong. A moment later they both heard the sound of hooves and Nabbi-esque squeals. “Time for me to wash up.” Gertha’s meals were always something to look forward to and her housemates rarely went out at dinner time. Even more so since the boss-lady disappeared two years ago, though Vainaa would deny that was the reason. Plates were passed around and Nabbi beamed. “The bike looks fantabulous, Vainey!” “Fel-damnit! Stop calling me that.” “It looks so shiny!” Vainaa considered shoving her fork in Lrigknab’s ear, but turned it towards her own mouth at a glance from Gertha. “It’s just bike.” “It’s the boss-lady’s bike and I think you think she’s coming home soon.” Nabbi looked so wistful even her pigtails appeared plaintive. “Are you going to start crying?” Vainaa pushed her chair away from the table as if to leave. Gertha conciliated the Draenei with her favourite cinnamon bread roll. “We don’t want to be too hasty, but there have been rumours and I’m sure we would all be happy to have her back.” “You betcha!” Nabbi jumped up onto her chair in an effort to acquire height advantage over the seated Draenei. “I love her. And Gerty does too. And even you, Vainey!” Dabbing at the moisture accumulating in on her lashes, the Dwarf nodded. “Indeed." The fork moved faster between Vainaa’s plate and her mouth. “If this ends in a group hug, I’m out.”Vainaa3 Jun 21
Jun 19 LFG Greetings Old Priest and Rogue player lfguild for casual raids, bg's, 5 mans. I hardly raid ever in wow though I have tons of time spend in other mmo's raiding. I solo quite often but would like to join an established casual guild that still has members that do things together. Im certainly older these days /cough, and not looking for hardcore action. Any nice guilds out there lfm? please pm meJudge0 Jun 19
Jun 18 Survive or Repeat In the shadows of the barren landscape, lit periodically from flashes of an ever changing sky, a prone figure stirred. White bangs fluttered in the slow but steady breeze. As the wind danced them apart, they revealed a dirty yet tear stained face, new rivulets forming in an endless pattern across her deep maroon skin. Dark tattoos crisscrossed over her face, neck and down her entire bare body. Noikona’s eyes opened revealing a sorrowful stare, their steady emerald color flickering white in infrequent intervals. She rose slowly uncaring of her lack of modestly. Nothing could be seen in any direction she faced. An eerie sound to her right caught her attention, which caused her to turn left and trudge forward. Her arrival hadn’t gone unnoticed. More tears flowed down her face as she quickened her pace. Fear threatened to smother her, she felt utterly alone, lost and vulnerable. She’d never known the twisting nether. Never gone through the ordeal in which had just taken place. Immortality had saved her, but to what end. Here she could be sundered, her soul torn to pieces or used to fuel another’s power. These thoughts didn’t help her sanity. The once rock steady resolve which was forever her foundation was slowly being chipped away by the abandonment she felt. Abruptly she stopped, before her lay a sheer cliff that dropped into nothingness. A sound from behind her caused her to spin around. A wrathguard sneered at her and swung its blade. In the shadows of the barren landscape, lit periodically from flashes of an ever changing sky, a prone figure stirred. White bangs fluttered in the slow but steady breeze. As the wind danced them apart, they revealed a dirty yet tear stained face, new rivulets forming in an endless pattern across her deep maroon skin. Dark tattoos crisscrossed over her face, neck and down her entire bare body. Noikona’s eyes opened revealing a sorrowful stare…Noikona11 Jun 18
Jun 15 Chambliss' Special Guest Corporal Chambliss Acton of the Stormwind Watch awoke at dawn, as he felt befitted a paladin (regardless of the difficulties presented by time changes over the course of the year). He rolled out of bed and stood, surveying with pleasure his small apartment over the Watch armory. As per routine, he strode to the window and looked out. “Another perfect day!” he exclaimed with a cheerful grin. Small pieces of hail bounced off the glass as a thunderstorm raged outside. Continuing with his morning pattern, he ate a healthy breakfast and exercised before donning his shiny uniform armor and tramping downstairs to attend to his work at the forge. Chambliss’ workspace was neat and well-organized, with a banked fire ready to be returned to life. Here and there on the walls and floors were burned and warped spots that reminded other members of the Watch of various exciting catastrophes that had occurred inside since Chambliss had taken the position of Watch armorer. For his part, Chambliss had an inherent ability to ignore such things. Midmorning rolled around, and Chambliss took a break from repairing shields to craft his favorite self-designed items: junior officer badges for the children of the city. The cartoon Stormwind Lion smiling front and center on the badge was his favorite feature. Sadly, before he could complete a single badge, a loud knocking was heard at the door onto the courtyard. Tossing aside his work, he excitedly ran to the door and flung it open. Rain and wind from the remnants of the storm whipped around a heavily-laden cart and several unhappy figures in the courtyard. “ ‘ello Corporal,” said the drenched figure at the door. “Hello Reggie!” beamed Chambliss. “Beautiful day, isn’t it?” “Bugger,” said Reggie. “I got your bloody back-breaking delivery of rocks and sludge from Un‘Goro.” “Hey, that’s great Reggie! Lemme give you guys a hand! Two hands even! ‘Cause this stuff is heavy! Hahaha!” Chambliss clapped Reggie hard on his shoulder, raising an additional cloud of spray. “Warehouse room number one, if you please!” Reggie’s expression was lost in the gloom and mist, but Chambliss assumed he was thrilled. Several exhausting minutes later, the contents of the cart had been offloaded onto the warehouse room floor. Chambliss signed the obligatory paperwork and provided some extra coin for their trouble. “Great job guys!” Chambliss attempted to fist bump the workers in celebration of a job well done, but to a man they expressed regrets that their arms were too tired. Chambliss was understanding. “Hey, that’s ok! I get it. I’ve got the Light giving me strength and stuff. So I can keep up my arms and everyone’s spirits!” He gave each man a friendly, wet punch in the shoulder instead. They beat a hasty retreat to the relative safety of the storm outside. “Busy guys! Cool!” he mused. He cheerfully turned his attention to the shipment of crated thorium ore and barrels. “It’s all here! This is so exciting!!” Still feeling a bit unfulfilled from earlier, he paused a moment to give himself a fist bump. “Yes! Let’s open up these guys up!!” Whistling, he went to the barrels first. With a crowbar, he removed the lid of one, revealing a thick dark brown sludge. “Yeeeeeeah!! My experimental sludge goo from those crazy pits over there! It’s Un’Gooey!! Hahahahahaha!! I’m gonna do all kinds of crazy stuff with this! Rockin’!” He gave the air the obligatory fist pump and turned to the second barrel. He deftly removed the lid and looked in. His whistling died. Two eyes were staring at him from the goo. “Whoaaaaaa! Goo monster!” He prepared to blast it with the Light, when a small part of his brain used in case of emergency sent him a reminder of the burned and warped areas in his adjacent workroom, and how they had come into existence. Regretfully, he drew back from his spellcasting pose. At this moment, the goo-covered creature climbed awkwardly out of the barrel and onto an adjacent crate, revealing itself to be nothing more than a frog (although a frog the size of a pug dog). This thankfully saved Chambliss’s mind from the trauma of having to discover a solution to danger that didn’t involve throwing the Light at it. “Heyyyyy, look at you! We’ve gotta stowaway!” Chambliss laughed heartily. “Welcome ta Stormwind! Now what am I gonna do with ya? I don’t really know about giant goo frogs.” Chambliss mulled over the situation. The frog stared at him. “Oh, I got it! I’ll take ya ta Pawsy. She knows about weird animals and stuff! This’ll be fun!” Chambliss reached out to the frog. “Ok, Mr. Frog. I’m your friend and I’m gonna take ya ta another friend, and we’re gonna get you sorted out!” The frog remained passive as it was scooped up, possibly charmed by Chambliss, or possibly exhausted from a month’s long journey in a barrel. Chambliss however, had enough enthusiasm for both of them, and possibly every other living creature on Azeroth. He walked outside on his new adventure.Chambliss2 Jun 15
Jun 14 The Search for Two Brothers Back in the early days of Burning Crusade, I met two brothers in the Blood Elf starting zone. One was a mage and he recommended to try Fire, as he was. Pretty sure I typed "Barbie Girl" by Aqua in the General Chat of Eversong Woods, a lot. We leveled alongside each other until I passed them. While they were around level 18, and I 29, the three of us began to dungeon crawl together in Shadowfang Keep. We died so often and it was such an experience to learn your class! It was a ton of fun. Eventually, only one of the brothers remained on WoW. I *think* I ran him through ol' Scarlet Monastery for the ubiquitous Chapeau. If either of you have been intrigued by Legion and have picked up a subscription, respond and let me know. Would love to say Hi :)Sharisi0 Jun 14
Jun 10 Looking for help I'm actually an RPer that's coming back to WoW. I've made Bal here on Friday and seeking some ideas for him. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.Bemalthas14 Jun 10
Jun 9 (H) Resto Druid LF a Mythic team to sub for Hello! My name is Casals. I am a hardcore raider and experienced resto druid with Rank 1, 2, and 3 parses in previous tiers under the name Sviatoslav (http://imgur.com/a/JtW2q), and I am looking to perform at the highest level possible in order to progress through as much content as possible in a clean and orderly manner. I am committed to a guild full of my friends IRL, but am bound to no such raid team, so I can be available whenever you need me. Just add me on btag (Sviatoslav#1788) in case one of your core raiders is unavailable. Thank you for your consideration, and For the Horde!! CasalsCasals0 Jun 9
Jun 8 [Story] Studies and Observations A dry wind picked up. Cold and oppressive. A layer of blackened dead earth of the isle called the Broken Shore shifted around the diminutive figure. He stood motionless. Clad in a simple black regalia; black robes with gray accents, matching gloves. Grayed belt and flat black boots. The wide brim of his black hat fluttered slightly in the wind, but otherwise remained firmly affixed to his head. The tail ends of a long wildly unkempt mane danced over his collar, brushing the black and gray epaulettes at his shoulders. He quietly observed, and in the same moment was quietly observed. A force lingered in the distance. Unseen. Unknown. The stale air of the Broken Valley moved, giving way to the onrush of new air. Pushed as though a large earthen lung tried to expel the fel stench of death and brimstone. Only to inhale more of the same. The ground at his feet, and all throughout the valley, was black. Charred and dead but not by any natural fire. The diminutive figure's foot pushed a small stone aside, churning over the surface. It was faint, but the signs were clear enough if one knew how to look. From an early age Cailean had been an exceptional student. Blessed, some have said. Gifted, said others. His was an extremely inquisitive nature with a high aptitude for research and study. A nearly preternatural memory recall was of particular use. The near eidetic memory of his youth helped propel the gnome to a high level of excellence among his medical peers, though Doctor Mahlr'D suffered greatly from a disquieted curiosity. As a result Cailean's interests swiftly stretched well beyond his professional field, earning him the onerous title of "eccentric". Cail began to fancy himself a scholar of the esoteric. A seeker of the strange and unusual, if you will. The stranger and lesser known the topic the more interest it engendered. More so if the trivia dealt with the mundane. Where most would see only black dead earth, Cail saw intent. The quarry he sought had moved through these parts. Any competent tracker would see as much. His teacher had been thorough in her lessons detailing nuances. Footfall and stride indicated he was in a hurry. The slight toe drags displayed panic, glancing over his shoulder ever few steps. Good. It was nervous. The old gnome brought a hand to his face and gently smoothed down the long disheveled beard of gray whiskers. Cailean wiggled his fingers in the air before him. They formed a distinct spell pattern that, when charged with void energies, revealed the lingering remnants of other clues otherwise unseen by the naked eye. Thumb and forefinger pressed down the long thick mustache with a steady stroke for each carefully considered detail. His eyes narrowed as each piece of the puzzle before him fell swiftly into it’s place. He wasn't alone. A bushy brow arched with a notion. He was being watched. In truth Cailean's apparent gifts were no different from those of any other gnome. Time. Patience. Focus. These were no gifts. No blessing. They were mere tools of a motivated sober mind. He never saw himself as particularly special, so there was little ego to contend against. It was a simple matter of application. He believed because he knew. He knew because he saw. He saw because he was there and had applied his efforts. Sharpened his mind. Shed the prerequisite blood, sweat, and tears. All he had, all he was, he had earned. Albeit, in his venerable station of life, Cailean’s mind worked slower. Memory recall was less than ideal, even at times quite scattered. Akin to a flock of birds. Still, certain things came easier for him than did others. Cailean supposed that this is where raw natural talent, hammered and honed over the expanse of his age, provided him the edge in his times of need. Such a time as this. The air crackled, hissed, then popped as a small fel portal opened a short distance across the valley. Little figures, smaller than the gnome, bounced and tumbled out. They laughed and squealed among themselves, almost as one voice. "Ooo! Kill it!" | "Heeere! Come get it!" | "Take the eyes!" | "Singe the beard!" A slightly larger figure, hunched with a broad gnarl toothed grin appeared from the portal. It leveled a long crooked finger at the gnome and screamed. "Bring me it's shiny trinkets! Bring me it's head!"Caileanmor7 Jun 8
Jun 8 Assistance with The Mad Merchant Hello CC/SoE players, Flaya here. I have finally gotten enough gold to get me the spider mount from the mad merchant vender (Which is a rare spawn in dalaran's toy shop).....problem is he has a really long timer and camping for hours is really starting to drive me crazy. So if you all happen to hear the weird circus music that plays in town or happen to see him the shop please notify me right away. Im normally on Flaya so thats the best method of contact. I greatly appreciate it if you take a few moments here and there to take a peak in the shop whenever you stop into Dalaran. Thank you very much!Flaya0 Jun 8
Jun 8 AAMS Cross-faction Beach Party! Are you tired of fel green and gray? Are you tired of the Legion, people talking about the Legion, or all other Legion-related drudgery? Then the AAMS humbly offers you a night of the perfect getaway! Join us Friday, June 9th at 7 bells in Krasarang Wilds at Turtle Beach for a fantastic beach party! Bring your best beach looks! Bring your best friends! Or even your best enemies! Pets! Partially sentient writhing appendages! Everyone is welcome to this kickoff to the summer season! DJ’ed by one Mingonashoba - the tauren, the myth, the legend - and hosted by the AAMS, this cross-faction beach party will have great tunes, great food and drink, and great eye candy for you lovers with sweet-tooths out there (reminder: no harassment, nor discrimination will be tolerated at this event, the AAMS strives to create an accepting, peaceful, and safe environment for everyone). Bring your Mesmerizing Fruit Hats (http://www.wowhead.com/item=110505/mesmerizing-fruit-hat) for the pleasure of joinging the Conga Line of Peace(™), or don’t and just sit back and watch the hilarity ensue. Either way, the only thing you really need to bring is the will to uphold peace and a want to have fun or relax. We look forward to seeing you there! ((The AAMS Beach Party Bonanza is open to members of both factions! We have AAMSers who are happy to provide any translation services. As always, we request that you respect our efforts to ensure such events remain peaceful and enjoyable for everyone. Music will be provided by the amazing Mingonashoba- and he’s taking requests, so don’t be shy to send him a tell on some of your favorite tunes you’d like to hear at the party! Come on down and mingle with your fantastic servermates on Friday June 9th at 7pm server(PST)!))Adassos5 Jun 8
Jun 5 Top Notch Raiders looking for more Welcome Friends, Top Notch Raiders is looking for more! We are a Casual raiding guild who have currently cleared all normal Nighthold and have cleared 4/10 heroic. We are looking for raiders of all shapes and sizes with any level of experience as we would like to bolster our numbers before the release of Tomb of Sargeras, as we normally run a smaller raid a player who is versatile in their ability to play more than one role would . If you do not raid still feel free to inquire about joining the guild as we do more group activities such as Mythic plus dungeons, transmog farming older raids, and just good old conversation. Feel free to contact anyone in the guild for an invite or just reply here! For those interested in raiding we raid on Fridays and Sundays 1600 to 1900 server.Arador3 Jun 5
Jun 2 WTB Steelarrow Crossbow 100k-200k LF someone with http://www.wowhead.com/item=6315/steelarrow-crossbow.Sniperlife0 Jun 2
May 31 <Dead And Gone> Late night Horde pve guild <Dead And Gone> Newly formed LATE NIGHT horde raiding pve guild looking to fill in raiding spots for people interested in pushing through ToS normal and Heroic Raids. We hope to find players that are respectful, Come online, and handle criticism well to enhance their game play if needed. Tuesday - 10pm-12am (PST) Thursday - 10pm-1am (PST) The main goal is to form a solid group that will maximize their gameplay within the limited time given to quickly progress and complete raids in a timely fashion. If any questions, please add Jacklamator#1378.Daddypally0 May 31
May 29 ✨Moon Guard's Annual Ride-A-Thon 2017✨ Be, our, guest! Be our guest! You are invited to something that's the best! A simple fun event that takes place once a year! On the US Moon Guard realm, Come and drink some beer! Jump a motor-bike and have a cheer! Moon Guard's Motorbike Memorial Ride-A-Thon is an annual event open to the public for both Alliance and Horde! This year I am opening it up an advertising off-realm as well. Specifically to other RP realms to reach out to the greater RP community. The Ride-A-Thon will be held on May 29 (coinciding with the U.S. Memorial Day), beginning at 7:00PM Moon Guard realm time (that's 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST / Midnight GMT), at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaque Lands on the US Moon Guard RP realm. There will be a brief speech commemorating the fallen soldiers of Azeroth given by myself with the help of a translator for Alliance and then I will lead a procession of riders across The Eastern Kingdoms on a predetermined path down south to Booty Bay. Upon arriving at Booty Bay there will be an after party. It is highly encourage that participants use a motorcycle mount during this event. These mounts include: Champion's Treadblade - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/championstreadblade.php Warlord's Deathwheel - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/warlordsdeathwheel.php Mekgineer's Chopper - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/mekgineerschopper.php Mechno-Hog - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/mechanohog.php Goblin Trike - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/goblintrike.php Goblin Turbo-Trike - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/goblinturbotrike.php If you wish to participate and do not own one of these mounts or can not afford one, fear not! All are welcome to join us regardless of what mount they choose. MAPS! Why is the path purple? Because that's what you get when you mash up red and blue! Maps showing the path of the Ride-A-Thon route can be found here: Part 1 - http://githnji.tumblr.com/post/138417489503/moon-guard-annual-memorial-ride-a-thon-path-part Part 2 - http://githnji.tumblr.com/post/138417251793/moon-guard-annual-memorial-ride-a-thon-path-partGithnji5 May 29
May 27 BLOOD DRIVE FOR THE HORDE (5/30) A notice from the Da Doctas School of Medicine arrives at selected mail stations and is tacked up nearby for citizens to see: ============================ Da Doctas School of Medicine Blood Drive for the Horde May 30th 7:30 in the Evening The City of Orgrimmar Pavillion by the Portals Save a Life! The tide is turning in the fight against the Legion, but not without great cost. Many citizens have been wounded in the battles and a shortage of blood for transfusions exists all across the front. Though the shortage affects all strains of blood, we are in particular need of the following blood types: Taurens: T-7 Trolls: A+ and C- Orcs: B- Sin'dorei: A, X and K Join us and give a bottle of precious life. The School will have accomplished doctors and medical assistants ready to assist you.Kiria0 May 27
May 24 Questions about the realm Greetings. I'm deciding on an RP realm to start on. Just wondering if CC/SoE was more active on Horde or Alliance and where exactly I can find active world RP (if there is any) Thanks in advance.John6 May 24
May 20 An IC Play! On Saturday May 20th during AAMS Lounge, a special play will be performed by the Tiristfal Theater Troupe from Wyrmrest Accord! This is the same wonderful group that brought us Hellsqueal. The cross-realm event is brought to you by The Broken House, in partnership with AAMS. The play: Beautiful Beast: A Lordaeron Classic Tale The place: Thunder Bluff (where we hold Storytellings on Sundays!) Day: Saturday, May 20th Time: 7:45 server Running time: ~ 1 hourEleya1 May 20
May 18 Seeking a new RP realm. Hello all! I currently play on WrA, a realm I've played on since 2011. I feel as if I've been here so long, that it's become dull to me to be here. Are there any Horde RP guilds here? I would do Alliance, but I don't think I could do the realm change and faction change back to back. But I'm looking for a smaller guild. I've had a lot of issues in the past with being ignored or left out due to the amount of people =/. I will also say that I do have an anxiety disorder and I'm incredibly shy.Aleyandra15 May 18
May 9 Death in the Family To all those who may be concerned, I will be away from the game for a while. Mother was incapacitated by a stroke in 2010. For the past 6 years and some months I've been caring for her and my aging father, full time. Friday night she suffered a catastrophic stroke and after holding on (off life support) till all her children could be near she passed away Sunday morning. My plate is too full to even think about logging on, let alone powering on my pc; so until such time as I can find my breath again I'll be AFK. -DuckyCaileanmor10 May 9
May 9 is Cen Circle down? is the realm down? It is not showing up for me. I see a note about login problems but I can login fine, just presents me with a realm list versus taking me to my characters on Cenarion Circle. Any thoughts?Desdmona2 May 9
May 9 <A> Shadow Wolves-LFM to raid/dungeon with Hey CC and SoE players! I am looking for additional members for NH-H and soon ToS-N. We are in need of melee DPS with 450k+ single target and an additional healer when we build a few more DPS. We have completed 10/10 NH-N working towards completing NH-H at 5/10. Please have a patient mindset and eagerness to push heroic content! If you have a guild that is not raiding and would like to join us. Our raid schedule is Tuesday and Saturday 8-10pm PST. Also for those of you just looking for a place to call home, we are a family friendly guild and would love to have you. Currently looking for: DPS-Mage, Warlock, Rogue, Warrior HEAL-Monk I look forward to speaking with you! Thanks for taking the time to read my post and if your interested please send me an in game message or mail, Rikoth is my main and where I spend the majority of my time. *We currently use Discord to chat and require a few addons such as DBM/Bigwigs, Recount/skada *If you are looking for a home and would like to join us please message me as well as we are LFM which would only help us with the above! >.<Rikoth12 May 9
May 9 (A) Looking to progress our progression! Hand of Devastation is seeking new guild members (Healers and DPS - mostly) to bolster our progression NH Raids. We primarily would like to add new guild members, but we are not opposed to running with outside help too. We have cleared NH several times (with assistance from non HoD members) and are setting our sights on starting NH Heroic soon. We also sprinkle in EN normal and heroic and hope to add ToV. Raid Schedule: Friday and Sunday night from 6-8 p.m. server, however, we try to start invites at 5:30 to ensure first pull starts as close to 6 as possible. Voice Chat: Discord Perks: Feasts, Cauldrons and Vantus Runes Requirements: We have a few, but nothing out of control. We really just want to be around cool people who like to get things done. EN: 840+, ToV 850+, NH 865+. Having consistent dps/heals is also a plus. We try to have fun as a guild in our raids as well as everything else the game offers. Don’t come looking for a carry, but we are more than willing to help out people as we can, and grow as a group. We are only as strong as our weakest link. If you would like to know more about us, please contact: Vonagher-CC, Desires-CC, Ulfwyr-CC, Starfaxx-SoE or Adamarae-SoE. We’ll be happy to give you more information and answer any questions you may have. Disco early...Disco often. :DAdamarae0 May 9
May 3 looking for raiding guild normal nighthold i am a 884 demo lock. looking for a casual guild to run nighthold with. i am just recently into raiding. pugged a couple of weeks of nighthold and figured it might be better to find some friends to run it with instead. any questions just shoot me a message here or a tell in game. i am on a lot. thank you for your consideration!Dekkar0 May 3
May 1 Notice of Public Execution Citizens of Stormwind! Notice of Public Execution The execution of the demon known as Noikona Momlir has been ordered by the Alliance High Command due to her extensive criminal record and activities to undermine the stability of the Kingdom of Stormwind during wartime. The execution will occur on Wednesday the 3rd at 7:30 in the evening, before the fountain inside Stormwind Keep. Members of the citizenry wishing to attend must do so without weapons. Any person attempting to enter the keep while in possession of a weapon will be turned away. Repeated attempts to enter while armed will result in arrest and prosecution. ((OOC explanation to follow from Noikona.))Orwyn2 May 1
Apr 30 [RP] The End of an Era "Are you sure this is what you want?" Lucillius whispered lightly in Armaya's ear. His arms wrapped around her waist as she finished packing the last item into her trunks. "It's not just what I want, it's what I need." She wiggled a little to turn around in his arms. "I have been leading the Modas for...years now. It is stagnant. We recruit 5, we lose 5. It is not what it once was." "...Yes, but I don't want that to be your only reason for leaving." Armaya sighed heavily, pulling away from Lucillius and making a motion for her Dreadguard to pick up the last trunk. It was 3AM - everyone, mostly everyone, was asleep. And anyone that wasn't, well it didn't matter. "I need this, Luci. I'm done here. I don't want to do this anymore. I just want to be with you, doing whatever -we- want. No one to lead...no one else to care for." "And what about Modas? Will you leave it to rot? I remember the day you became the head honcho here Maya, you were....radiant." Armaya turned as her dreadguard disappeared into the last demonic portal with her trunk, frowning at Lucillius. "And I'm not radiant now?" The rogue chuckled, crossing over to Armaya and pulling her into his arms. "Always radiant, Armaya. I just don't want you over-reacting because of what happened last night, and regretting it." He kissed her passionately, then pulled away. "But if you say this is what you want, then you know I will follow you wherever you wish to go." He bowed with a joking grin on. "My Lady." "I'm not over-reacting. Gris' departure was just...what I needed. it was what helped me make my decision." Lucillius rose, waving his arm around. His things were already gone - packed wtih Armaya's. "Fine. And then who will you leave the Modas to?" "Whoever wants it. Trenetir will probably take over, but he will be annihilated by anyone who wants the throne. And whoever wants it, can have it. I don't care. Everything is in the letter I left in the throne room." Armaya took her stone out, the one that brought her within the Modas walls. She held her hand out to Lucillius, palm up. Lucillius frowned, digging in his pocket for a small stone and placing it on Maya's hand, his fingers lightly squeezing her hand before pulling away. He moved to the door and leaned on the wall, arms crossing over his chest. "You're ready then?" Armaya turned, placing the two stones on a desk. She nodded once, and turned to go to Lucillius' side. "Yes." She smiled at him, kissing him lightly as his hand grabbed her own, squeezing once more. "Then let's go, My Lady." With that, the two departed, a new adventure awaited. Those within the Modas, will wake up to find a letter in the throne room. To All Within the Modas il Toralar, It has been a pleasure to be your leader within the past years. But my time here has come to a close. I leave no one in charge - it is only fitting that the strongest lead Modas. Good luck to whomever that may be. Order Through Atrocity, Peace Through Fear, Faith in Modas il Toralar. ~ Armaya Shade (( My time playing WoW has become increasingly small due to real life. Maya, has also changed as a character - and leading the Modas is no longer something she wants to do. Because of these two combinations: I have stepped down as the Modas GM. OOCly I have given GM to my alt, but ICly he is NOT the GM. We shall see what happens in the near future as to whom will take over the Modas. ))Armaya4 Apr 30