Detheroc and Shadowmoon

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Mar 1 6/11M Recruiting DPS Dalaran(H) LFR Certified is a Horde guild on the Dalaran-US server, currently looking for a few exceptional players to complete our Mythic Antorus raid group. We have been around since mid-WoD, and have a talented/dedicated core group; we're just looking to build on it. Progress: 6/11M - 6/9M - 5/10M - 7/7M - 2/3M Our primary raid times are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 8pm-11pm server time (eastern), with alt-gearing/normal/titanforge-chance raids occurring throughout the week, usually Thursdays. We are constantly looking for people to push keys as well. What <LFR Certified> has to offer: -- Guild bank stocked with feasts, flasks, and potions to supplement whatever you are lacking during our guild raids. -- Loot Council: Gear is distributed fairly based on tier-set-bonuses, best-in-slot, etc. basis, with the mentality that the raid/guild benefits as a whole before the sole-player. -- A consistent, but casual Friday-Saturday-Sunday raid schedule. We expect our players to also be consistent in being able to make those raid days/times. We realize that people have real-life things that sometimes take precedence, that’s no problem. What we’re not looking for are folks who can’t make every Friday, or can only raid half the night on Saturdays, etc. -- Knowledgeable, skilled leaders and fellow players. We are more than willing to work with you to improve your numbers if that’s where you’re lacking. We will not carry people though. We are currently looking for skilled Mage/Ele/Boomkin, but are considering any qualified, skilled, and enthusiast applicants. To inquire further, apply, or just get in touch, please contact Nebeon (Nebeon23#1360), Fenreal (Fenreal#1600), or Jasny (Soar#1805), in-game. Can also reach me fast on Discord: Nebeon#4320Spicegold1 Mar 1
Feb 28 Detheroc Welcome to my server.Dangitsmcg9 Feb 28
Feb 25 FREE GIVEAWAYS – H Argus, Mounts, Pets, etc Hello everyone! We're a HORDE carry team dedicated to provide the best runs for you! Apart from selling Heroic Antorus services we also do GIVEAWAYS every week! If you don’t wish to buy a run and simply want to be part of our growing community while participating in our giveaways, I encourage you to join our discord! What giveaways are you guys doing? Our giveaways range from pets, mounts, Heroic Argus, Heroic Antorus Clear, etc. As our community grows so will our desire to give more! Discord link: Join our discord to take advantage of our giveaways and be part of our growing discord community! Our goal: We believe in giving back to our community as part of our commitment to sharing our success. To take part of our founded principle we welcome you to join our fast-growing discord community. You will have the opportunity to participate in giveaways that will benefit you and enforce our mission statement: our success starts with your success.Helloimferal2 Feb 25
Feb 2 Graveyard Shift [A] The Late Night Community Are you someone that frequently, or exclusively, plays WoW during the latest of hours at night and into the morning light? If so, then you are well aware of the lack of community and activity at that time. Pugs can easily be the worst of the daily batch, the number of active guilds is extremely slim, and you often get the leftovers for Mythic+ and PvP groups. What's worse, is when a formerly reliable late night guild's activity starts to decline, your selection of new guilds is often coupled with a hefty server change cost (and sometimes faction change too). This is where Graveyard Shift comes in to play! Graveyard Shift is a new Discord community that strives to cater towards players that claim the world of Azeroth between 9:00 PM and 11:00 AM Eastern time. The idea behind Graveyard Shift is for you to no longer need to switch servers, or guilds, unless you desire to. This is the not-guild guild, where it doesn't matter what server you are on or what guilds you are in. We have tools to help you get the right info out to other community members so you don't have to bog your friends list down. Currently we are only supporting the Alliance faction, but if the demand grows we will venture into the Horde. At Blizzcon 2017 it was announced that a new "Community" feature will be added to WoW with Battle for Azeroth. Essentially this looks to be an in-game version of Discord. Once the feature launches, we plan to make every use of it in tandem with this Discord server. More information will become available once the feature reaches the PTR. Some, but not all, of the activities and interests you can find here include: • Legacy raiding and achievements • Rare mount/toy/pet farming • Casual and progressive raiding • PvP (Arena teams and Rated Battle Grounds) • Community events: Transmog parties, group leveling events, and more Graveyard Shift is completely open for anyone to join at any time. Anyone can create an event at any time, but those that continuously and reliably create and lead events can become Event Hosts. Everything in WoW is open to cross realm activity now, with the exception of current tier Mythic raiding. Join Graveyard Shift today! Feb 2
Dec 7 Old Guildies and Friends Old Guildies and Friends Post or message me in game if any of you are still around! It's been over 10+ years since I played but I'd love to get back in touch with all of you! Especially if you are in these photos: Dec 7
Nov 19 Shadowmoon PvP Guilds? Are there any Shadowmoon PvP guilds still out there? Or any big guilds in general? I've returned after a long time, and i worry the server is dead. =/Cailet0 Nov 19
Nov 1 Selling one word names. Let me know if interested and I will contact you in game. Burn Fear Void Calm Slavery <3Void1 Nov 1
Sep 7 Vanilla Players So, are there any vanilla Shadowmoon players still around? GG Inc and what not?Drtroll0 Sep 7
Aug 8 LF Mihseidd and Embla Hi Detheroc, I used to play with 2 super cool guys named Mihseidd and Embla. Do you know if those guys still exist? Thanks!Prolich0 Aug 8
Aug 4 935+ Carry Group Selling +15 Our group of Mythic raiders is selling +15's for GOLD on ANY server. Don't risk running with a bad group! Guaranteed 930 gear on Tuesday! Add me on bnet, Kmstadt#1329, for more information.Moarwolves0 Aug 4
Jul 30 Prot / Holy Paladin LF mythic plus group Want to do mostly mythic plus . hope to keep things pretty casual.Drkreigh0 Jul 30
Jun 23 [H][US] <Coercion> recruiting for core raid Hello, <Coercion> is a horde guild on Shadowmoon looking to recruit melee and ranged dps to fill out our core roster for ToS. We are a casual/progression that raid Weds/Mon 8:15-10:15 PM EST. We are a group of 6 close friends that have been playing wow since vanilla with plenty of experience that have just returned after a short break just after Emerald Nightmare opened. We are open to new or returning players looking to raid and are willing to discuss/help anyone whose actually interested. Outside of raid times, we are fairly active during the week and looking to run mythic+/alt raids/transmog or chieve runs/farm mats as well as grouping out for outside wow fun on things like HoTS or PUBG. If you're interested or have any questions feel free to message me in game @lazybum4147#1940 or via email at lazybum4147@gmail.comDouug0 Jun 23
Jun 23 [H][US]Coercion recruiting for core raid Hello, <Coercion> is a horde guild on Shadowmoon looking to recruit melee and ranged dps to fill out our core roster for ToS. We are a casual/progression that raid Weds/Mon 8:15-10:15 PM EST. We are a group of 6 close friends that have been playing wow since vanilla with plenty of experience that have just returned after a short break just after Emerald Nightmare opened. We are open to new or returning players looking to raid and are willing to discuss/help anyone whose actually interested. Outside of raid times, we are fairly active during the week and looking to run mythic+/alt raids/transmog or chieve runs/farm mats as well as grouping out for outside wow fun on things like HoTS or PUBG. If you're interested or have any questions feel free to message me in game @lazybum4147#1940 or via email at lazybum4147@gmail.comDouug0 Jun 23
Jun 21 ISO talent Am I the only good player left on the server?Ez1 Jun 21
Jun 20 tried of a low pop About <End of Days> PvE - Thrall We are a small raiding guild that is actively seeking to expand our numbers to begin Mythic Tomb of Sargeras and beyond. We are currently 10/10 H N. The majority of our members have been raiding since Vanilla and have extensive experience within the game. We are all adults (20+) that have fun and joke but also take progression serious. Raid Information Tuesday & Wednesday 730 - 1000 pm EST We use RC Loot Council for distributing loot We use Mumble as our voice communication Recruiting: Min 890 ilvl 1 Tank- Non Plate 1 DPS - H Demon Hunter 3 RDPS - Any Class 1 Heal - Any Class Consumables (Flask/Food/Pot/Rune) are mandatory for raid nights. If you are interested, we would love to have you begin a trial with us. Please contact me at the battle tag below. Thank you for your time and have a great day! Contact Detharoc - Edoras#1919Detharoc0 Jun 20
Jun 6 [H] Weds/Mon 8-10EST Hello, <Coercion> is a newly forming raid group looking to fill out the remainder of our raiding roster in preparations for ToS. We are a casual progression guild looking to have fun as well as push progression. If you are interested feel free to contact me in game Bnet lazybum4147#1940 or via email Jun 6
May 24 Looking for Guild... Just came back from a few months break, my old guild <Milk and Cookies> disbanded so I'm looking for a new home on Shadowmoon. I also noticed this forum haven't been active in's a shot!Soratobi0 May 24
Jan 23, 2017 [H]<Øbscuria>-Shadowmoon-US-Québéc/Franco <Øbscuria> - Shadowmoon-US - est une guild québécoise qui est présentement en recruitement - Créer par un petit groupe d'ami qui s'est aggrandit avec le temps. Nous raidons ensemble depuis quelques années déjà - Nous sommes présentement à 5/10N Nighthold, à 2/3N ToV et 7/7H Emerald Nightmare - Nous désirons continuer à progresser dans une atmosphère amicale et amusante. Nous raidons le mardi, jeudi, et lundi de 19h30@22h30 (EST) Le recrutement est ouvert à tous, mais nous avons surtout un besoin en Heal. Annick#2668 - Misspepper Taýa - Guild Leader Grrey - OfficerMisspepper0 Jan 23, 2017
Dec 22, 2016 Staffy here! Hi old friends! Hi , I used to be called Staffy on shadowmoon, years and years ago.... Anyone remember me? I think my highest achievement was to make Bolo quit Wow.Jjoshdruid0 Dec 22, 2016
Dec 19, 2016 [H] Heroic ToV Weekly Pug - 12/19 Good Evening, My name is Haws (Haws#1579), I am the Raid Leader of Our Valor and we are raiding on December 19th and looking for people to help kill Helya. We are a small but dedicated guild that has prided itself on running smooth and efficient pugs to help with our progression as a small group. We have been able to teach and work with many PUGs to help us complete farm content, and also teaching PUGs new fights that we are progressing on. We are looking for people to come to our raids and be dedicated to coming so we can clear out content. Whether you are playing on an ALT, want Bonus rolls for the week or you want to kill the fights for the first time and want to come to our raids to progress further, We are the group for you. Info is below. Raid Details Time: Monday Dec 19th 4:00 PST/7:00 EST - 7:00PST/10:00 EST Guild Players: 6 Agenda: Helya Needs: 1 Tank / Heals / DPS (Ranged would be nice, But won't turn away High melee DPS) Requirements Gear: 870 Experience: First 2 bosses in heroic Supplies: Potions (You are expected to double pot), Food, Flasks. Expectations We expect that you can - Take criticism - Attempt to improve - Come to multiple raids - Be prepared - Have a positive attitude - Contribute to fightsRacker0 Dec 19, 2016
Nov 8, 2016 Zepplins not working in orgrimmar Zepplins in orgrimmar aren't workingKobbakai0 Nov 8, 2016
Nov 3, 2016 (H)Phoenix Legion Gaming Comunity. <Phoenix Legion Gaming> openly recruiting. Faction: Horde Server: Shadowmoon WELCOME HOME TO <Phoenix Legion Gaming> <Phoenix Legion Gaming> is part of the Phoenix Legion Gaming community, a group of gamers who enjoy playing cooperatively in a variety of games with a primary focus on MMORPG's. THE PROBLEM We recognized that the life cycle of gaming goes something like this: You find a new game that you want to play, you see if any of your friends want to play, you start playing and make new friends in this new game and form a new guild. You play together as a guild until it stops being fun and another new game comes out, you leave the majority of your old guild behind … rinse and repeat. OUR SOLUTION Phoenix Legion Gaming Community believes that a community that strengthens it’s core membership and plays together for years yields far better results than starting over in each new game. Instead, our community will enter a new game with dozens of people who already play well together, have a pre-planned set of objectives in place, and are ready to recruit new players with similar goals and play styles to strengthen the guild as well as the gaming community itself. When you join Phoenix Legion Community you will have access to all of the guilds our community has in many games. LEGION’S CORE VALUES As a community, we value our players over our pixels and strive to surround ourselves with great people who simply want to have an amazing online experience. Do not grief other players. Do not harass other players. Do not exploit, hack, or cheat. Always be willing to help your guild/community members. NEW APPLICANTS PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING To apply please visit Click apply on the website once you complete the application process there will be a popup that has the discord information. Once you are in our discord please join an open interview channel Please ensure that your nickname is set to the same name you have applied to our community with. This way nobody who sees you in the Guest channel is confused. If you hang out in our Discord guest channel and get kicked don't panic! We have a 15 min kick timer for that channel (unless its broken). Simply reconnect and direct message anyone with a "Community Leader" Or "Guild Leader" icon/tab and if we are not AFK we will move you into an interview channel. If you cannot get an interview in a reasonable amount of time you can PM Malevolance on our forums (after registering) and he or one of our WoW officers will arrange a specific time for you to chat. If you have any questions my battle tag is Malevolance#11337Malevolant1 Nov 3, 2016
Oct 23, 2016 [H]<Riot> Tichondrius - Recruiting for Raid Looking to server transfer? As a high population PvP server that is about 60/40 Horde favored, you might consider Tichondrius as a new home. Riot is a newly formed semi-casual guild looking to fill its ranks with people who are active, mature and social. Our current interests are building a solid 15 person raid team to farm EN N and push into EN H, mythic plus, bgs, and world quest groups. We are attempting to build a guild where people actually communicate and do things together, none of this auto invite anyone level 110 that a lot of guilds do now. We do consider ourselves to be very social and are fairly active in Discord so we ask that you please be the same. There is no lengthy application process but we do like to have a short conversation with prospective guild members before they join the guild. Raid days/times will be: Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 to 10:30 server (PST) What we are looking for: People who display maturity level 110 Around 200k required DPS Classes & Specs we're currently needing: 2 ranged dps (would like a Warlock) 1 melee (Shammy pref) 1 Tank (Bear or Warrior) (If your class or spec is not listed above please note that you are still welcome in our guild for other activities but will not have a raid spot at this time) *Please keep in mind that we will ask to speak with you in Discord prior to inviting you to our guild so that we know if Riot is a good fit for you, with that in mind please contact us when you are free to talk for a few minutes. If you want to get in on the ground floor and want to help build something great please get in touch with us today. Add to btag: Ghen#11664 or Sherona#11620 Whisper in game: Genrix or SheronaSherona0 Oct 23, 2016
Oct 12, 2016 The Faceless Returning players looking for more for Normal/Heroic with goals of Mythic raiding. We are looking for any skilled players who want a relaxed raiding atmosphere 2 nights a week. We are all former Mythic top end raiders age 26-32 who are just looking to get a good group of Guys/Gals to raid with. We are looking to Raid Tues/Thurs 8-11pm est Currently looking for any Healers or DPS interested in joining. We would also consider teaming up with another Guild that runs on our raid nights that might have room for us on a trial basis. Looking forward to hearing from people feel free to add me to Bnet to discuss further. Halfbaked#1618Stonedfôrm0 Oct 12, 2016
Sep 23, 2016 [H]829 Protection Warrior Hi! I'm an 829 Prot Warrior looking for a guild of primarily older folks to run later content with. (Mythic, etc.) I took a long break from WoW but have fallen hard again for my class and role of choice. If you need a solid tank to round out your group, please hit me up. I cannot guarantee raid times during the week but I do play a lot on the weekends.Terrorstrasz1 Sep 23, 2016
Aug 29, 2016 Long Time Player and Leader Passes On Darkmoon played wow since beta and original Diablo. He played almost every Blizzard game. He passed on last Monday morning and in an effort to take care of his funeral expanses a gofundme page has been made. If there is anyone left on Shadowmoon that can remember the good old days of Oblivion or remembers Darkmoon it would be appreciated if you could contribute to his lasting memory. I would personally appreciate it if any of you contribute to also include a memory of him. If you are unable to contribute and would like to leave a message his obituary can be found.... Thanks to all who made his life better.Greyangel4 Aug 29, 2016
Aug 29, 2016 [H] [AFK TORNADO] recruiting on shadowmoon [AFK TORNADO] (Shadowmoon) is a group of friends recruiting heals and dps for legion progression. Raids are tues/thurs 8-11pm EST (7-10 server) with a third day to be decided later. Interested? Message me in game or visit and join the fun.Wewlad0 Aug 29, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 WTS STAR BELT PATTERN 200k I am currently in possession of a Star Belt Pattern and am looking to sell it to anyone willing to buy. I am located on Shadowmoon - US. If you are interested please feel free to whisper me in game or leave comment on this post. Thanks! MicallerMicaller0 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 21, 2016 DK LF guild to raid starting 6 to 8pm Having a hard time finding a guild which starts raiding between 6-8 pm server time (4-6 est). This server group thing doesn't help at all. More now that it looks like pvp servers are Horde only.Fnord0 Aug 21, 2016
Jul 30, 2016 SMOKAZ (SM-US-ALI) SINCE '07 LFM LEGION RAIDS ...and leveling! Open invites until 8.1.16 when raid try-outs begin. Substance Abuse Encouraged, Not Required. Gearing up for fast leveling and progression in Legion, but let's take some time to get to know each other first. Multi-faceted game masters, we grew from a gaggle of 40's in STV in 2007 to some of the first to kill the Lich King. That thing they call life has taken it's toll, but a few of us remain, ready to rise from the ashes and conquer Legion and Horde alike! No, but seriously, we would really just like a group of chill peeps to raid 1 night, 3-4 hours, Mon.-Thurs. and 1 night Fri.-Sun. we will vote on actual times (pending tryouts). What do you think this is, Moongaurd? I like to help newbs, I like to have hour long intricate conversations about what's BIS that will never really matter. But most of all I like to be first (or close to first) at things! Legion here we come!! What I wouldn't give for these days back... Psst a member for invite or in-game mail to Baalzofsteel (shadowmoon-US-Alli) for more info. You can also add me @ to chat, or in-game: Snowdolfin85#1104, or check us out @ Jul 30, 2016
Jul 20, 2016 Ummmm Anyone thrown off by forum change?Imhotepp4 Jul 20, 2016
Jul 15, 2016 [A] Heroic Archimonde Carries Heroic Archimonde carries are offered daily from 4-7pm EST You will be carried by 13/13 Mythic HFC players. You will get the following: - Ahead of the Curve Achievement - Grove Warden Mount (Moose Mount) - Personal Loot - Bonus Roll (coining opportunity) Please contact me via battle tag for more info. Battle Tag: Hungimir#1107Myshamona3 Jul 15, 2016
Jun 10, 2016 [H]Scotch and Soda-Whisperwind-12yr guild LFM Scotch and Soda has been on Whisperwind for over a decade, and is well established in it's leadership and membership. We place an emphasis on the personality of the player over their ilvl and experience, making this a good place to come to spend time with amazing people, doing amazing things in game! We are looking for: New Players, Re-Rolls, Casual players, Raiders! All are welcome as we prepare for Legion. We focus on providing an enjoyable gaming environment for everyone in the guild, not just our raiders, and not just our casuals. We have 180+ unique players in guild, ensuring there is someone online pretty much all the time! No more logging in to a ghost town! We are currently 9/13 Mythic HFC and are #1 on Horde side-Whisperwind for progression in this expansion. We keep a laid back but focused approach in raids, and really enforce the no shaming/blaming concept while still pushing for progression and performance. If you are interested in joining the Scotch and Soda family, visit us on Facebook at Scotch and Soda Recruiting, check out our website at, or feel free to contact any of the officers in game: Rhawnah - Rhawna#1207 Zauberr- Karrill#1518 Treddybear- tredecim#1284 Gravesend- Nemo#1931 Blackangus-gundar#1433Rhawnah0 Jun 10, 2016
May 18, 2016 <Agents of Change> 10/13M HFC LF ranged DPS Agents of Change is a long-standing, adult, semi-hardcore raiding guild on Alexstrasza (PVE). We are currently in need of ranged DPS to solidify our core team. Raid times are 7:00 - 10:30 CST Tues/Wed/Thursday. We also offer a weekend group for alts or those who prefer to be a part of a more casual group. We expect raiders to maintain good attendance and be prepared for whichever encounters we'll be working on that evening. Our loot system is EPGP. Applicants should be over 18 with the ability to quickly grasp boss mechanics and maximize output while minimizing damage taken. Mumble, with the ability and willingness to communicate is required. High need: Ele Spriest Mage Lock Death Knight Med Need: Healer w/ DPS Off Spec WoD progression: HFC: 10/13M If you love to raid and are looking for a fun, but progression-oriented team please add me (Kyleena#1790) and I'll be happy to talk with you. If I am not available, feel free to check with any of our officers for more details: Tango (GM), Lacei (Lace#1242), Shamner, Darie, or Shammyspice. We do a Heroic HFC run on Sundays. You're welcome to join us and check out the group dynamic before joining. May 18, 2016