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Jun 5 Raiding Guild List With Websites This is the master list of raiding guilds on Durotan & Ysera (last update: 4 Jun 2017) If you want to have your guild listed, please post in reply to this thread with your guild name and website! If you include your raid times & at which level you are progressing, I'll add that, as well. Likewise, if your guild is finished raiding or transfer servers, let me know so I can update the list. Thanks! Alliance <Synergy> http://www.synergy-guild.org (Mythic, M-W 11:15PM-1:30AM) <Chimera> www.worldofchimera.com (Mythic, Fri-Sat 7:45-11:00PM EST) <Eternal Force> http://eternal-force.guildlaunch.com (T & W 8PM-11PM) <Chi Cerca Trova> http://cctguild.enjin.com (Heroic, Th & Sun 8:30PM-11:30PM) <SPG> www.wergud.net (Heroic, M, W-Th 7:30PM-11PM) <Scrawny Grabbers> www.scrawnygrabbers.com (Tu 8-11pm, Sa 7-11pm, M 8-11pm) <Pinnacle> www.guildpinnacle.org (S 12PM, M 7:30PM, Extra - F 12:30PM) <Conflicted Souls> (S- Su 11am - 2pm) <Defenders> https://www.facebook.com/groups/defendersguild1 (Normal. Wed, Thur 9PM-11PM) <Dark Descendant of Light> http://ddol.guildlaunch.com/ (Heroic. Mon, Wed 8-11pm server) <Avid Indoorsmen> (Heroic. Mon, Tue, Wed 10-11:30pm) <The Manhattan Project> http://www.tmpdurotan.us (Wed 9PM) <Last Chance> Semi Casual Heroic Progression. Core Raid: Fri, 8-11 pm EST + Sun, 7-9 pm EST. Alt Raid: Mon, 8-10 pm EST. Horde <Anam Cara> http://anamcaraguild.com/index.php <Winter Shadow> http://wintershadow.net/ (Mythic, T-TH 6:30-9:30) <Impending Doom II> id2ysera.enjin.com (Mythic, T-Th 8:30PM-11PM) <Incoming Death> incomingdeath.enjin.com (Mythic, W, Sa 8PM-11PM, Su 6:30PM-9:30PM) <The Fairies and Goblins> www.fairiesandgoblins.com (Normal, T & W 8:30PM-11PM) <Dark Democracy> http://darkdemocracy.org (Group 1: T-W 8-11PM, Group 2: Tu, W, Su 8-11:30PM) <Half Pint Heroes> (Mythic T-Th 7PM-10PM) <grinning vanguard> http://grinningvanguard.guildlaunch.com/ (Heroic, W-Th, Sa 8:30PM-10:30PM) <Armored Squirrel Squad> http://armoredsquirrelsquad.gamerlaunch.com (W-F 8PM-11PM) <Heart> (Tu, Th 7:30PM - 10:30PM) <To HELL with AOTC> <Legions of Valhalla> (Tue, Thur 9PM-11PM) <Misfit Killjoys> http://misfitkilljoys.guildlaunch.com/ (Normal/Heroic. Wed, Thur 9:45-12:30 EST) <Blöödbath and Beyond> (Heroic. Tue, Thur, Sun 10pm-1am EST) <Order of the Outcast> (Heroic. Tue, Fri 9pm-11:30pm)Ambermist37 Jun 5
Apr 25, 2016 Forum Guidelines - Please Read Welcome to the World of Warcraft Connected-Realms Discussion forums! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss happenings on your connected realms with your fellow World of Warcraft players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. Therefore, we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting. http://us.battle.net/en/community/conductRygarius0 Apr 25, 2016
10h [H] Winter Shadow (8/10M, 9/9H, 3/9M) Winter Shadow is a Horde guild on the realm of Ysera. The guild was formed in February 2013 and began raiding later that month. We've achieved a lot in a short time due to the dedication and faith of our members. Raiding Details: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:30pm - 9:30pm EST Tier 19: 7/7M EN, 3/3M ToV, 8/10M NH Tier 20: 9/9H, 3/9M ToS We are currently recruiting for our heroic core and mythic backup! We're currently seeking reliable ranged DPS. Please apply at http://wintershadow.net/ or add one of our officer's BattleTags (listed at the bottom of this post) if you have any questions. If you don't see your class listed it doesn't mean we wouldn't be interested in talking to you about raiding with us! Hit us up and we'll chat. Please see our website http://wintershadow.net/ for guild details. We will always welcome compatible people as casual players as well. We enjoy raiding, dungeons, PvP, and leveling alts together. Progression without aggression is our motto. That means learning from mistakes with theorycrafting to get over humps and constructive criticism WITHOUT the rage. This is a game and we play to have fun! If you are looking for hardcore we are not the guild for you. We aim high without the craziness of pushing ourselves to the brink. For us, this game should be enjoyable and challenging. Feel free to get in touch with either Kindredlies (kindredlies#1591), Bushbaby (bushbaby#1830), or Andy (andy#12288), or apply at http://wintershadow.net/Andy27 10h
16h <Last Chance> 9/9 N TOS, 3/9 H TOS Recruiting <Last Chance> 9/9 N TOS, 3/9 H TOS - Currently Recruiting Looking for DPS (prefer mage) & MS DPS/OS healers (prefer Monk) to round out our core team. Normal TOS - Friday, 8 pm - 11 pm EST And Heroic TOS - Sunday, 7 pm - 9 pm EST (note: soon we will go full heroic on both days Normal or Heroic NH (alt) - Monday, 8 pm - 10 pm EST Experienced raiders preferred but guild recruitment is open to all. Come join us! <Last Chance> would love to add you to our guild family. We are a very active guild on Ysera, eager to help our members in any way we can. We run weekly/daily guild events including mythic/M+ dungeons, both casual and progression raid groups, and occasionally old raid content for achievements, mounts and trans mogs. There are many members who are PVP inclined but it’s not a guild focus. You are free to join us or just do your own thing in a family friendly environment that includes many older and mature WoW players. We place importance on creating an atmosphere where you are both respected and valued without forcing or expecting you to do anything in game that you do not want to do, or may not have time for. So please consider us for your new guild home. If you would like a guild invite or have any questions, please feel free to contact the Guild Master personally on Bnet @ Elliyaa#1920. We look forward to hearing from you. :)Zharah4 16h
1d Legions of Valhalla [H] LFM Legions of Valhalla and Community Information - Horde guild on Durotan/Ysera servers - Part of a multi-gaming community - Website (valhallacommunity.org) - TeamSpeak3 - "All for One, One for All" motto - Social - Casual - No drama - Family Friendly - Mature - Relaxed environment - New and experienced players are welcomed Events - Legion leveling - Dungeon runs - Old content - Transmog - Mounts - Cross over games with entire community (usually outside of WoW or other game) - Other events Raiding - Casual - No hardcore attitudes - Provide constructive criticism to players on mechanics and their classes - Higher expectation for better game play for our raid team (we work with players to get better) - Normal and heroic difficulties are our focus - 2 days a week (currently Tuesday and Thursday from 9PM to 11PM EST) - Starting Tomb of Sargeras - Completed N EN, H EN, and N NH. Due to lack of composition we were unable to completed H NH - Currently 3/9 N ToS - Roles that need filled: ---- Healers: Paladin and/or Priest ---- DPS: Ranged or Melee What Type of Individuals We Are Looking For - Social - Encourage/ask other to play with them - Enjoy running events outside of raiding - Chat with others online - Helpful - Want to have fun with others - Reliable - Great communication (okay to miss raid or another event just please let us know so we can prepare accordingly!) - Open to feedback about their game play to become a better player Interested? If we are a great fit for you, please check out the website and apply through the WoW application to read more about us. TeamSpeak and website are required in order to gain rank and raid within guild. Also, please feel free to contact any Officers in-game (Nysterria, Jekerdud, Docsavage, or Soth) or add bnet accounts (Nysterria #1438, Jekerdud#1618, Docsavage#1616, or reaper88#1580). Hope to hear from you soon, best of luck, and enjoy your game play! :)Nysterria80 1d
4d Blöödbath and Beyond[H] 9/9N 4/9H Recruiting <Blöödbath and Beyond> is recruiting to push into Mythic raid content! We are currently 9/9N and 4/9H ToS (6/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic ToV and 4/10 Mythic Nighthold.) All Raid Ready Applicants Will Be Considered! Server: Ysera Faction: Horde Raid times are 10pm-1am EST on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday! We are a close knit group that wants to work together to down content. Attendance for raids needs to be maintained at a high standard for this to happen so before you apply be sure you can make the times! Real Life happens and we get that as long as Real Life doesn't happen every week on a raid night. We want players who will research their class and be an overall asset to the raid team. If you can't handle some criticism or advice on how to better yourself to down a boss or pull better numbers you will not last long on the raid team! We want to succeed as a whole and down bosses, and to achieve this we need every raider to pull their weight and do their part! Casuals are also welcome if you do not wish to raid, but be in a friendly and fun environment. Current Needs: Druid Resto: MEDIUM Guardian: LOW Boomkin: VERY HIGH Feral: LOW Deathknight Blood: LOW Frost: LOW Unholy: LOW Priest Holy: LOW Disc: LOW Shadow: HIGH Mage LOW Demon Hunter Havoc: LOW Vengeance: LOW Hunter LOW Paladin Prot: LOW Holy: LOW Ret: LOW Monk Brew: LOW Wind: HIGH Mist: MEDIUM Warrior Prot: LOW DPS: LOW Shaman Resto: HIGH Elemetal: LOW Enhance: LOW Warlock LOW Rogue HIGH You may apply at http://bloodbathandbeyond.wixsite.com/bloodbath-and-beyond/application or You may also add on BattleTag to talk directly. IcedDarkkaos#1731 (Myself, contact first) Northrider15#1771 Jax#11953Eledast18 4d
4d Defenders (A) – Normal Mode Raiding Hi everyone! Defenders on Ysera is looking for more people to join us for normal mode raiding in Legion. Currently, we are trying to expand our roster for raiding normal mode. If you want to try a difficulty harder than LFR, but are afraid of making mistakes in PUGS, then we are the guild for you! We are a group that is interested in taking down some bosses as a team. We will all be learning the fights together, making mistakes and improving as a team. All roles and classes are eligible to join, with a primary emphasis on healing. We will work with what we have and use personal loot to avoid loot drama. We will raid twice a week for two hours each day. Raid times will be Wednesday and Thursday from 9pm to 11pm server time (EST). Raid leads will outline strategies for our attempts, so it is not necessary to watch videos of fights beforehand. You can if you want, and our strategies will be based on these videos, but it is certainly not required. We want our members to feel comfortable in a light raiding environment, and not feel as though they need to treat the game as a job. However, voice communication is much faster than typing, so we do ask that our raiders join us on Curse/Twitch. If a light raiding schedule normal mode guild is something you are interested in, please feel free to get in touch with us! Here is some contact info for our guild leadership: UPDATE: Due to the success we have been having in normal mode, the guild has decided to progress into heroic. Still a relaxed environment, just with more challenging encounters! We finished Nighthold 10/10 normal and 9/10 heroic, and we are 9/9 normal ToS and will be starting heroic soon. Come join the fun! Fault#1422 – Guild/Dungeon(Raid) Leader XenoDash311#1807 – Guild Recruitment/Dungeon(Raid) Assist Imogenn#1396 - Officer We hope to see you in game!Xenotyfa46 4d
Jul 19 [H] <IMPENDING DOOM II> recruiting for Tomb We're recruiting additional dps for mythic progression in Tomb of Sargeras. IMPENDING DOOM II : ~ does NOT recruit for the bench. ~ finished T19 as M7/7 - H3/3 - M4/10. ~is currently H8/9. ~ raids on T,W,Th from 8:30 - 11 EST. Impending Doom II formed at the end of Vanilla on Ysera (PvE Horde), and has had current content clears during every tier since then. We've had the same officers since Wrath, and many of our players have been with us since Cata or before. If you're looking for long term stability (and are 18+), hit me up or apply at id2ysera.enjin.com Zoogore (AZooOfDoom#1976)Zoogore18 Jul 19
Jul 17 <Blöödbath and Beyond> 9/9N 4/9H Recruiting! <Blöödbath and Beyond> is recruiting to push Mythic raid content! We are currently 3/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic ToV , 4/10 Mythic Nighthold, 9/9N ToS and 4/9H ToS! All Raid Ready Applicants Will Be Considered! Server: Ysera Faction: Horde Raid times are 10pm-1am EST on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday! We are a close knit group that wants to work together to down content. Attendance for raids needs to be maintained at a high standard for this to happen so before you apply be sure you can make the times! Real Life happens and we get that as long as Real Life doesn't happen every week on a raid night. We want players who will research their class and be an overall asset to the raid team. If you can't handle some criticism or advice on how to better yourself to down a boss or pull better numbers you will not last long on the raid team! We want to succeed as a whole and down bosses, and to achieve this we need every raider to pull their weight and do their part! Casuals are also welcome if you do not wish to raid, but be in a friendly and fun environment. Current Needs: Druid Resto: MEDIUM Guardian: LOW Boomkin: VERY HIGH Feral: LOW Deathknight Blood: LOW Frost: LOW Unholy: LOW Priest Holy: LOW Disc: LOW Shadow: HIGH Mage LOW Demon Hunter Havoc: LOW Vengeance: MEDIUM Hunter LOW Paladin Prot: LOW Holy: LOW Ret: LOW Monk Brew: LOW Wind: HIGH Mist: MEDIUM Warrior Prot: MEDIUM DPS: LOW Shaman Resto: HIGH Elemetal: LOW Enhance: LOW Warlock LOW Rogue HIGH You may apply at http://bloodbathandbeyond.wixsite.com/bloodbath-and-beyond/application or You may also add on BattleTag to talk directly. IcedDarkkaos#1731 (Myself, contact first) Northrider15#1771 Autharia#1121 Morthalomus#1466Deathlykaos8 Jul 17
Jul 8 Warlock LF Guild Hello! Looking for a guild for some more casual raiding. I was playing melee for a long time but too many guilds seem melee heavy so I made the switch to warlock. I'm catching up a little on gear but have 9/9 experience. Any days of the week work but I need to be done by 11pm EST. Ready to transfer, please add me to realID if you want to talk or reply here. Thanks! RealID: Kep#1911Foom0 Jul 8
Jul 7 <Chimera> Recruiting 7/10 Mythic About Us We are <Chimera> of Durotan/Ysera [4/10 Mythic]. We are looking for more players to fill out our roster as we make our way through Mythic Nighthold. We have cleared 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare and 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valour. The guild has been around since Burning Crusade with no plans to go anywhere. Expectations Supplies: We expect all raiders to come prepared with Flasks/Food/Defiled Runes/Potions. Vantus Runes will be provided by the guild for progression content. Attendance: We need dedicated raiders who can make 80% or more of our raid times. We only raid 6 hours per week over 2 days, we expect our raiders to be able to commit to those times. We understand real life happens though. Communication: Ability to listen to and use voice communications if necessary. We use Discord for all raids. Add-ons: Download the add-on EPGP LootMaster. We do not use EPGP, we have a loot council, the add-on is strictly to help with the distribution of loot. We also expect all raiders to posses and use Big Wigs or Deadly Boss Mods or the like. Raid Times (All Times Are Eastern) Tuesday (optional): 8PM until about 10PM (heroic farm content only) Friday (progression): 745PM until 11PM Saturday (progression): 745PM until 11PM Recruitment Needs Tanks Death Knight [Medium] Demon Hunter [Low] Druid [Medium] Monk [Medium] Paladin [Medium] Warrior [Low] Healer Druid [Low] Monk [Medium] Paladin [High] Priest (Holy) [Low] Priest (Discipline) [Low] Shaman [High] Damage Death Knight [Medium] Demon Hunter [Medium] Druid (Balance) [High] Druid (Feral) [Medium] Hunter [Low] Mage (Arcane) [Low] Mage (Fire/Frost) [Low] Monk [Medium] Paladin [Low] Priest [High] Rogue [High] Shaman [Medium] Warlock [Low] Warrior [Low] Contact Us Frozenwing-Durotan (Guild Master) [Frozenwing#1670] Symphonia-Durotan (Offier) Sedela-Ysera (Raider) [Sedela#1417] Media www.worldofchimera.com www.twitch.tv/therealsedela - all progression raids streamed hereSedela4 Jul 7
Jul 7 <Scrawny Grabbers> 9/9H Recruting! So, it occurs to me everyone else has a post on here, so we might as well too :) Keeping up w/ the Joneses, and all that jazz. We are a active social mythic raiding guild. Raid times are Tue/Sat/Mon from 8 - 11EST. We tend to skew a hair bit older and have a little bit different vibe then a lot of other teams out there. We try to be more on the positive pete side of things. If you are looking for a new team, feel free to give me a msg! Conzeula#1172Darksteell4 Jul 7
Jul 3 H <Dark Democracy> 4/10M Recruiting <Dark Democracy> is looking to bolster our roster to finish out Nighthold and prepare for Tomb of Sargeras! We have a laid back raid atmosphere but expect personal responsibility and high performance; we want to take down these bosses without raiding 5 nights a week, so everyone needs to be on point while we're there. Currently 7/7M (Cutting Edge!) and 4/10M Nighthold! Recruiting: Any Solid Ranged DPS Holy Paladin Havoc Demon Hunter Moonkin Druid DPS Warriors Always considering exceptional applicants of any class! Details/Requirements: Discord. EPGP. Raids are Tues/Wed 8:00-11:30pm EST, Heroic on Sunday. 75% monthly attendance, Sunday excluded. 890+ Item Level. Minimum 48 traits in main spec Artifact. 600k+ Single Target DPS. Appropriate consumable use at all times for progression. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, contact Zangetsu-Durotan(ichig0999#1816), Xdk-Durotan, Malacki-Durotan, Lemington-Durotan or Academics-Ysera. You can also visit our website at www.darkdemocracy.net!Zangetsu33 Jul 3
Jul 3 [A or H]LF mythic raiding guild Hey guys, My situation is a bit special so let me explain real quick. Im a 23 yo French dude living in London playing wow since years but due to work (i work as a dealer in a casino my shift is a pretty much all nigh shift with a mix of day shift) it make it nearly impossible to find a guild that will suit me. I have been trying to find a guild but it was always an issue mainly due to my working hours, so i then decided to move to US server to finally get a guild that suit my playing hours and then so have a proper progress. My experience so far on legion: -4/7 MM (before TOV came out) -4/10 MM -9/9 NM -5/9 HM I didn't choose a server yet since i am currently looking for a guild, but i will need a guild on East coast server, my ping will be too high on west coast. I didin't choose yet the spec i'll be playing for the guild, this will need to be discuss, i am very flexible about that, i'll play what the guild need. Over the years i have been playing mainly rogues, WW Monk and Havoc demon hunter is my current main. Pretty much always played melee but again i wouldn't mind play ranged if the guild needed so. What i look for: -Mythic raiding guild -Raid Thursday / Friday / saturday / sunday from 7-12 pm CEST My key power here is motivation understand that i left my EU account 915 DH and 7 other lvl 110, buy a new game to get into a guild where i can get decent progression, my progression as been slow down due to the fact that i couldn't find a proper guild with my schedule that why i decide to move to US. Here is my the armory of my main: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/elune/scoudy Here are my two lastest logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/nH7rbf3GgqhVFz2x#fight=7&type=damage-done https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/nH7rbf3GgqhVFz2x#fight=13&type=damage-done Feel free to answer on this threat i'll check frequently, as soon as we talk about it and we both side happy i'll boost my char to 110 and catch up with gear ap. I do not mind what server or faction it will be. Thanks for reading and i hope to talk to you soon :)Lfguuild0 Jul 3
Jul 1 Blöödbath and Beyond Hosting Run of the Dead Blöödbath and Beyond of Ysera will be hosting "Run of the Dead" event! This event is for fun and all are invited to participate and go for the grand prize! Grand Prize = Jeweled Onyx Panther Runner Up = 75K gold What: Run of the Dead will be a level 1 undead race from the gates of Undercity to the gates of Ironforge! When: Friday June 30th 2017 11PM EST/server Who: All are invited to participate! We will be creating a Level 1 guild with tabards for the event, and plan on using FRAPS to record the event and post at a later date! Where: Ysera Server starting point at front gates of Undercity! How: Contact any Blöödbath and Beyond member and they can direct you to someone to get your level 1 undead into the Race guild! Or contact an officer through Btag: Northrider15#1771 Iceddarkkaos#1731 Route: Front Gates of Undercity>Silverpine Forest>Hillsbrad Foothills>Arathi Highlands>Wetlands>Dun Morogh>Front Gates of Ironforge Rules: 1. Race character must be level 1 and an undead character. 2. Sorry no monks! Any class but a monk. (Ran into an issue with this on a similar event before and avoiding the situation altogether) 3. No Heirloom gear is to be worn. Just starting equipment and tabards. 4. No Chauffeur vehicles and no help from friends with 2 person mounts. There will be officers and members from Blöödbath and Beyond flying overhead to watch for cheats! 5. No Toys or items sent from other characters that would there by give a movement speed increase. 6. Be at the starting line on time! Once race starts no new runners will be let in. 7. Officers will be on 20 mins prior to race time to get any last minute racers into the race guild (Name TBD will update once its set) 8. No outside help from Mage ports, Lock summons, Hearthstones, ETC... 9. To win be the first to get up the path and open trade with myself Eledast! Above all have fun! If a croc or spider kills your character along the way dont give up! Get back up and run, who knows when the next croc or spider is going to get the guy/gal in 1st! If all goes well we do plan on holding more events in the future with even more prizes to hand out! (Lawn darts anyone?? =) ) Hope to see you all out there and look forward to hosting this event! (check back to this forum on race day as we hold the right to adjust or add a rule should we come across any that arise before race time!)Eledast5 Jul 1
Jun 30 916 Guardian Druid & 916 Shadow Priest 916 Guardian Druid and 916 Shadow Priest currently looking for a weekend raid team. Both are 9/9N and 7/9H. Both have concordance in all specs and the ability to play off specs as well as druid having a 910 frost mage available with concordance. Btags: GiGi#1168 & Syan#1437 Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/stormrage/psyrina https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/stormrage/syansPsyrina0 Jun 30
Jun 28 [A] Avid Indoorsmen 10/10H Recruiting Thanks in advance for checking this out. The vital stats: Avid Indoorsmen is a Heroic guild on Ysera consisting mostly of adult veteran players who prefer a more balanced approach to the game. We raid Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10-11:30 Eastern and we are currently 10/10 Heroic NH looking to augment our roster in preparation for the release of Tomb. Avid Indoorsmen has been around for a long time, we are stable and drama free. We are a mature/adult guild made up of long time WoW (and other MMO) players. Many of us have raided at high levels in the early days but have since grown up (aka. gotten old) and decided that we need a more balanced approach to raiding and gaming in general. Many of us have families, careers, and obligations but still want to get together and kill internet dragons on a regular basis. This desire for balance between real life and WoW life brought us to our current raid times and format and has been working out for us quite well. Our goal is AoTC every tier while it is current content progressing at a pace that works for us. We raid three nights in short but efficient bursts after spouses and kids have gone to bed. This format is the key to accomplishing our goal while still being able to function at work the next day, keep our spouses and kids happy and all the rest. Currently, we are looking to add a couple more DPS to our raid group to for the move into Tomb. Ideally, we are looking for players whose situations are similar to our own, who fit well with our guild culture and are looking for a long term place to call home within WoW. Many of us have been raiding together for years and have even become friends in the “real” world (ooohh spooky). Above all else we are interested in people who will integrate well into the group. This is far more important than finding specific roles, mind-blowing dps numbers, top parses, etc. That said, we are looking for people who are capable of playing at the same level as the group, who are willing to grow and learn through constructive criticism and will show up on a regular basis prepared to murder pixelated monsters, stare at boss crotch, and empty red bars. We are looking for people somewhere in between Hardcore and LFR-core, people who are serious enough to move out of fire, learn mechanics and optimize their class but casual enough to laugh at themselves, get drunk (occasionally), and have fun. If this sounds like a good fit for you (regardless of class, spec or experience) please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can add my BTag weilyn#1717, send me an ingame mail, or reply to this post. Thanks again!Weilyn3 Jun 28
Jun 26 887 Blood DK Looking for guild Looking for a raiding guild with nice and social people. This is my first character to reach max level, so i have no guild or raiding experience and I'm looking to fix that.Gayzo0 Jun 26
Jun 26 897 Mage (871 Warrior Alt) LFGuild Hey all, I'm currently on Gilneas. I'm looking for a raid group on one of the sister servers here. I'm 897 equipped as Arcane, but can play frost if needed. I also have an alt port warrior with a fury offspec that I'm working on (871 ilvl). The type of guild I'm looking for is "casual raiding". I have a two year old son and coach high school sports, so some scheduling conflicts can occur. I can typically raid late night (10:00 EST and on) during the week, but weekends are a no-go. I'm currently 4/9 N in ToS and was 9/10 H in Nighthold (I missed the Guldan kill because of work). Feel free to respond to this post or add me in bnet - Coach#12180Easton0 Jun 26
Jun 25 <H> Half Pint Heroes looking for Ranged DPS Who is <Half Pint Heroes>? We are a group of like-minded individuals that like to have fun while progressing through raids at a steady rate. The Guild was created in late MoP but did not start really raiding until Beginning of WoD. What have we accomplished? Here is a bit of a breakdown of what we have accomplished over the last two expansions while at content. Highmaul - 7/7H (7/7M later in expansion) BR Foundry - 10/10H HF Citadel - 13/13H 5/13M Emerald Nightmare - 7/7H 4/7M Trial Of Valor - 3/3H NightHold - 10/10H What are we looking for? We are looking for more like-minded individuals who want to progress and see mythic content with us. We want people who don't mind taking the scenic route in raiding. Current recruitment needs? We strongly need ranged DPS (we prefer no hunters or mages as we have many of both but if you are outstanding and know your class there will always be space for any competent ranged DPS.)and a possible healer (non priest). What is our schedule? We currently raid progression Tuesday Wednesday And Thursday from 7-10 Eastern/Server time. 6-9 Central. How do you contact us? You can either Contact Incrusiable-Ysera, Stumpi-Ysera, SnowxStorm-Ysera, Thenos-Durotan, or Dados-Durotan in game to get an invite. Alternatively you can add Daemon#1153, or Brent#1820 on B-Net.Stumpi2 Jun 25
Jun 17 <Catatonic Clan> 8/10H Hello and g'evenin! My guild is currently looking for an off tank for our progression run through Heroic Nighthold. We'd prefer either a bear, warrior, or dk tank. - We are also looking for ranged dps for our run as well. Mage, Elemental Shaman, Warlock, Hunter (whatever you would prefer to bring to the table.) - Must be 880+ and pull the minimum of 400k+ dps. You can reach me at Marishka#11944 for more information.Captnook0 Jun 17
Jun 10 To Alicesheller the BElf Paladin Just as you flew off from Shield's rest I found the hook path to get to Runeseer Sigvid fpr the daily.... The cooperation was good while it lasted. =DTaele0 Jun 10
Jun 5 Moving to Ysera Hey Everyone, I'm thinking of moving my guild over to Ysera from Turalyon. Looking to add new players, how's the server as far as guilds go? We're a heroic raiding guild. Very laid back group. No real desire for mythic raiding as we all have 9-5 lives. Before I put the time into planning this out, was hoping could get some feedback on the server. Thanks so much, ~Aleerea GM NekromantixAleerea5 Jun 5
Jun 4 Raiding Guild List Hey guys! When I came back to post about the sales, I realized that I left the poor Raiding Guild List hanging. I'm in the process of updating it now. Guilds that I didn't see on WoW Progress were deleted. If I deleted yours by accident, please let me know! Also, if your guild is there and needs the info changed, please let me know that, too. Thanks!Ambermist3 Jun 4
May 30 [H] Order of the Outcast (2/9H) Recruiting Order of the Outcast (Ysera-Durotan) is looking for dedicated raiders to progress through the Tomb of Sargeras. Our mission is to have fun as we come together to raid current content. Raiding Legion Progression: 7/7H EN, 10/10H NH, 2/9H ToS Raid Nights/Times: Tuesday, Thursday (9PM-11:30PM ET). Voice: Ventrilo Loot: Personal We currently have the following needs (however, all classes and specializations will be considered): Tank: off spec Healer: Paladin Melee DPS: -- Ranged DPS: -- Mythic+ Dungeons While there is no set day, mythic+ dungeons are run several times each week. Add Algaron#1276 if interested. You may also message Poterhause in game.Pixxellie10 May 30
May 29 looking for new guild so i've been with TeL since BC, we didn't survive the cataclysm very well, and have pretty much died out :'( i'm looking for an active social guild as work and life don't allow for a set raiding schedule. i normally play on saturday mornings and log in for a bit if i have time week day mornings thanks in advanceOrkslayer1 May 29
May 29 LF Guild and friends I am wondering if there are any social guilds that might be adding to their ranks. Or are there any raiding guilds that wouldnt mind letting me finish leveling my Druid and get get to help out in future raids? Once I am max level, I am interested in Restroing in raids or Balancing it up if need be. Thanks all.Ämbrosiä5 May 29
May 28 Benevolence, Alliance Guild Benevolence: "Goodwill towards others" World of Warcraft is a wonderful and incredibly social game. From the lore, to the mechanics, the visuals, and friends that you can make. However, as the game gets older and more expansions come out, the task of leveling up new players can become overwhelmed. Most lower level players experience and learn the game on their own because the majority of their higher level brethren do not want to be bothered to help them. Benevolence offers a place where new and returning players can safely level their characters, and (re)learn the game. Far away from the nastiness that titles like these can inadvertently bring. The members of the guild have been hand picked to ensure that the guild values and beliefs are preserved. Which is helping out our fellow players/members. No gimmicks, no slogans, no elitist attitude, no drama. We enjoy the game just as much as you do. We just get our jollies from helping our fellow Alliance brethren, and the occasional misguided Horde member. If you need achievement runs, see content that you have never seen before, help leveling, a little guidance, or just someone friendly to talk to; that is what we are all about. We offer weekly guild runs into old raids so that members can see these zone, maybe, for the 1st time or to get a nostalgia feeling from visiting a long lost favorite. We also have planned lore and memorial events as well. No pressure to join these group. Come if you want, or don’t. It is all about what you want to do. There can be a lot of drama and tension on WoW servers. There are a lot of people that like having power and think they can control others with said power. In Benevolence, there is not such issues. Our GM and officers daily mingle and group with rank and file guild members. We do not hang out in some chatroom where only the “leadership” can enter. We take to heart that everyone should have an equal voice and an equal opinion. This is not one person’s guild but rather all guild members have a say in the direction that we go. We are completely transparent with our members as well. I personally come from a military background and the number 1 thing that learned as an NCO was to keep my Marines, under me, well informed with what is going on around them. We take that personally to heart. If Benevolence sounds like a guild that might be right for you or if you have any questions, please leave a reply here or come find us in game. Thank you for your time and I personally hope that you enjoy WoW as much as we do.Ämbrosiä4 May 28
May 26 Crisp on Baelgun Selling H NH (Mythic Soon!) Short on time or gear and looking to get your AotC achievements and pick up a few pieces along the way? We gotcha, bae. We currently collect gold on Baelgun/Doomhammer, Durotan/Ysera, & Sargeras. ----------​ Now selling: Heroic Packages: • Full Clear 10/10 - 300,000 (Includes loot appropriate to your class/spec) • Gul'dan - 150,000 (Heroic Elisande included @ no charge) • Specific bosses - 50,000 each (Excluding Gul'dan) Mythic Packages: • Skorpyron, Anomaly - 150,000 per boss • Trilliax, Spellblade, High Botanist - 200,000 per boss • Krosus, Tichondrius, Star Augur - 250,000 per boss Other Packages: • Mythic NH 10/10 (no mount) - 5,000,000 (coming soon!) • Mythic ToV - 400,000 • Mythic EN - 300,000 Loot: We try to distribute loot to buyers as fairly as possible. Certain Titanforged pieces may be reserved for raiders. Loot is negotiable if you are interested in specific pieces. Contact Amber (Ambermist#1266) or Tolun (Dan#1389) for more information.Ambermist1 May 26
May 25 Mythic Nighthold Partial Guild Looking to run a Mythic Nighthold attempt with all players around 895 and up with expectations from each individual. It'd be Thursday 7-11 pm EST Also looking to expand the guild, most participants are 10/10H with previous experience. Personal experience as a raid leader in top 20 US guilds.Frstypwn3 May 25
May 23 Looking for new friends to play with. As topic says, I am currently looking for some friends. Does not matter if you are a veteran or new to the game. I am just looking for somebody who can share their experience they have while playing this game and get to know each other better. I don't know what to label myself as but probably a returning player or maybe a new one because I actually thought of subbing my acc from starters haha. As I play for awhile now, I think this game is totally fun and I plan on buying the expansion for legion once I reach level cap and experience the game more and more! I am also looking someone who is around their teenage years since I am a teenager myself xD Hmu... would be appreciated if someone would reply to this thread. Heres my battle tag froggyyy#11723 :DAlliance2 May 23
May 21 experienced raider looking for a team I am looking for a raid team that will make it to TOS mythic. I have a good deal of experience tanking, dpsing, and healing raid team. I have also been a raid team leader and guild leader. I current have a 905 mm hunter, 900 Veng DH. 891 Guardian druid I am working on. I tried to develop a mythic team with COTL which i was a raid leader for but could not get the people on realm to for guild credit or to start in mythic raids. I xferd my toons form eonar, vellen at the end on last xpac to start this team and after Nighthold it fell apart. I would like to be a part of a decent raid team that has good leadership, dedicated raiders.Demonzen1 May 21
May 20 MM Hunter LFG I'm looking for an adult guild that runs raid content, but doesn't neglect the other aspects of WoW. I've been back a few months after essentially leaving at the end of WotLK. I'm sitting at ilvl 886 and it's time I get going on endgame. That being said, I just want an active, older guild that isn't full of themselves. Hit me up. I may have a couple of other friend who happen to be looking for a guild as well. Thanks.Osmar0 May 20
May 19 Frost Mage Looking For Guild 864 frost mage looking for raiding guild I've been raiding since the start of the expansion on my warrior armory link here https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/ysera/derac Am looking at re rolling to my frost mage preferred raiding times are Thursday and Friday at 9:00 pm server timeReetro0 May 19
May 17 The Panty Raiders (Alliance) We're a casual (mature) group full of average people looking for members who want to join our ranks. We dabble in a little of everything; leveling alts, old school achievements, new and old raids, some PVP, and more. We offer many benefits at our guild vendor and lots of fun times in our Guild Chat. Search for us in game, on our public Curse server, on Facebook, or add Strangecloud#1601 or CanadianPhil#1777 on battlenet for an invite!Strangecloud7 May 17
May 16 LF Day Time Guild (H) ...Kaagen0 May 16
May 11 <A> Eternal Force 10/10H 1/10M Recruiting DPS Eternal Force is a casual guild with a semi-hardcore raid team of players that have been together for quite some time. We are currently recruiting DPS as a priority *ALL Casual members are welcome* Mage - Frost Death Knight - Frost/Unholy Hunter Demon Hunter Shaman ** 890 Equipped Minimum ilvl** **42+ Traits minimum in artifact** **80%+ Attendance required** **Warcraft Logs Link** **Flasks/Potions/Food required for every raid** **DBM/BigWigs-GTFO-RCLootCountil required** We always welcome exceptional players of any class to apply with us even if yours isnt listed here. RAID TIMES - Tues/Wed 8:00PM EST to 10:30PM EST Alt Raid on Sat 8:00PM EST Feel free to contact me in-game or add me on Bnet: JeffreyJones#1868 Visit our website to apply or for more information: www.ef-ysera.comKareshka2 May 11
May 9 Seeking Tank w/ OS and Rogue (4/10H 10/10N) <Pinnacle> 10/10N - 4/10H I'm seeking a tank with a solid offspec, and a rogue to add to our team. Still building towards Mythic sized group so all are welcome. We raid Tue / Fri / Sat AT 8:45 PM Eastern Time Raiders must have these qualities: * Respectfulness - to Guildmaster and to members * Learning and developing class knowledge and ability * Learning raid mechanics before the raid and functional at least in the basics of the encounter * Showing up to raid on time, and staying the full raid, consistently (at least two of three days) * Being raid-prepared - on time to the raid already with enchants, gems, flasks, tomes, pots, foods, runes, etcetera The group is forming and we're starting to get our achievements. I intend to build to enough for Mythic progression. If these qualities fit you contact me in-game on Y'sera at Xolhor / Colhor / Volhor or through b-tag Xolhor#1983.Xolhor0 May 9
May 4 Progress/Achieve Guild LF Rogue/Monk/Warrior <Pinnacle> We're an alliance guild that consistently raids and does keystones and other PVE activities - with occasional PVP activities as well. We raid Tue/Fri/Sat 845PM Server Time/Eastern Time and I'm looking for raiders who can make at least two of these consistently and punctually. I want raiders who will put forth the effort to learn the fight mechanics BEFORE the raid, so that we can more efficiently get bosses down. Maturity, respectfulness, and competence is a must. We have 4/10 Heroic Nighthold and are progressing in preparation for the Tomb of Sargeras. I most need dps and heals or tank with a solid off-spec now - pref Rogue/Monk/Warrior, yet all are welcome if you have the above qualities. Please add me at Xolhor#1983 to discuss joining. You can whisper me in-game at Xolhor / Colhor / Volhor as well.Xolhor0 May 4
May 1 <Pinnacle> [A] Home for Ysera/Durotan Raiders We're an alliance guild that consistently raids and does keystones and other PVE activities - with occasional pvp activities as well. We raid tue/fri/sat 845pm Eastern Time and I'm looking for raiders who can make at least two of these consistently and punctually. My members have between 3/10 to 5/10 heroic Nighthold, and we clear Normal Nighthold each week. I need recruits who are attentive, wanting to improve their class and raid mechanics knowledge, and who are friendly and respectful. I most need melee dps and heals now - all are welcome if you have the above qualities. Please add me at Xolhor#1983 to discuss joining. You can whisper me in-game at Xolhor / Colhor / Volhor as well.Xolhor1 May 1
May 1 Looking for Fri-Sun raiding guild. Looking for a raiding guild I can join that works with my available gaming hours. I am available Fri-Sun from around 9pm til 1am or later (Pacific time). I work nights through the week and have a kid, so this is what I'm limited to. I hate to leave my current guild, as they've been good to me, but I'm simply not available during their raiding hours.Ivangard1 May 1
Apr 28 New to Durotan LF guild Hello everyone resto druid looking for a new home. looking for a active casual raiding guild. would like to be able to run mythics and mythic+in guild groups. Weekend raid time would be a plus or early evening during the week would work. AkABuzz #1198Irunaway2 Apr 28
Apr 26 [A]Velocity-Alleria T/W 6-9pm CST [A]Velocity-Alleria (est. 2013) is recruiting! (Easy recruitment process) Velocity was formed in 2013 as Semi-Hardcore raiding guild, drawing together a mix of veteran raiders from Frostwolf, Proudmoore and Alleria we began raiding shortly after the release of patch 5.2.We are a group of players who have played together for quite some time outside of WoW and into other MMOs. We are always looking for new and old players to join our community Raid Nights: Tues/Weds | 6pm-9pm (Central Time / Server) Type: Semi-Hardcore Leaders: Munich, Lelara Progression: 10/10 Heroic NH | 1/10 Mythic NH Recruiting: 890+ ilvl requirement Class/Role Need: Druid (Resto) - High Mage (Any spec) - High Hunter (Marks/BM) - High Priest (Holy) - Medium Shaman (Ele/Resto) - Low Voice Communication: Discord - Because it is better in every way. Contacts: [GM] Munich-Alleria (Shytpan#1232) [Recruitment Officer] Lelantis-Alleria (Lelantis#2468) [Recruitment Admin] Hawtey-Alleria (Hawti#1528) Links: http://wowprogress.com/guild/us/alleria/Velocity ----- Recruitment Process: Our process for recruiting is pretty simple, no lengthy application or personal background check. We have a quick conversation with potential applicants on discord. Then we slot them into the raid to see how they fit. Currently we are trailing recruits in Heroic NH on Tuesday nights starting at 6 CST. This approach will give us a chance to get to know each other. As an incentive for recruits, after a two week trial period AND server transferring to join the raid a recruit will be eligible for a free WoW token. What we expect from our guild members: As a Raider: Velocity like most guilds, requires strong attendance, good performance and gamers with a personality. To break that down a bit we want someone who “FITS”. They are fun running content with, good at what they do, absent of an ego. You should be a strong player with situational awareness. We expect our raiders to give 100% to every raid and not waste our time. Raiders should research their class and fights in advance and contribute suggestions and feedback on our strategies wherever appropriate. We’re looking for players who value gear as a tool to beating content but would happily pass an upgrade to a peer who needs it more. We value players who can play multiple specs/roles well, since that lets us maintain a small raid team and still cover for the occasional absence. As Anyone in the Guild: We expect all members to represent the guild in a positive way. We do not engage with trolls, or arguments about politics, religion, etc. - Our guild keeps a low profile and tries to maintain good public relations with the rest of the server. We are not an intensely serious guild (and this will be apparent by our conversations on Discord) but we do not advocate ruining the gaming experience of other players.. ----- Perks as a Raider: Guild Bank Repairs, Flasks & Potions, Feasts, Gems & Enchants, Off-Day Open-Roll Alt Runs in Normal & Heroic, Free Stuff Tab Access. As a Social: We accept social applications, we hold the same standards for social’s as main raiders.Don’t be a jerk, be a respectable person. About Alleria: Alleria is a PVE server that is Cross-Realm connected with US-Khadgar. Alliance is the dominant faction of these two servers. Boasting many active raiding guilds Alleria/Khadgar is a mid sized server community that offers anything you would need on a daily basis.. Alleria is specifically known for its many long time established guilds and communities.Hawtey0 Apr 26
Apr 24 <Pinnacle> [A] Raiding and General Play <PINNACLE> Friendliness | Excellence | Competence Guild Master: Xolhor-Ysera (Xolhor#1983) Y'sera-US (Alliance) A PVE guild for friendly and consistent people, who master their main toon/spec, and who learn and know the raid mechanics. Our raiders clear NH Normal weekly and have NH Heroic 5/10 - we just need more raiders to round out the group for the achievements. * I’m recruiting to fill my core raid team, building for an efficient, regular, progressive raid group. * I'd like players willing and able to play their off-spec proficiently. * I'd like players interested in actively bettering their knowledge of their class and game-play for maximum performance Currently we need: 1 tank, 2 ranged, 2 melee, and 1 healer. We use Curse/Twitch voice, and currently raid Tue, Fri, and Sat 8:45 PM ST (Eastern Time) - with various extras events throughout the week. Contact me at Xolhor#1983, or in-game on Y’sera-US at Xolhor/Colhor/Volhor/Golhor Xolhor, GM of PinnacleXolhor11 Apr 24
Apr 22 [OLD] Raiding Guild List with Websites This is the master list of active raiding guilds on Ysera/Durotan. If your guild is not on this list and is actively raiding or has resumed actively raiding, please post here with times/website and whether you're aiming to raid normal, heroic, or mythic. Alliance <Synergy> http://www.synergy-guild.org (Mythic. Mon, Tue, Wed 11:15PM-1:30AM) <Chimera> www.worldofchimera.com (Mythic. Fri, Sat 7:45-11:00PM EST) http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748986800 <Eternal Force> http://eternal-force.guildlaunch.com (Mythic. Tue, Wed 8PM-10PM) http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749825698 <Chi Cerca Trova> http://cctguild.enjin.com (Heroic. Tues, Wed 8:30-11:30) <Scrawny Grabbers> www.scrawnygrabbers.com (Tue 8-11pm, Sat 7-11pm, Mon 8-11pm) http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747154709 <Mercy> http://mercywow.gamerlaunch.com/ (Mythic. Mon, Tue, Wed 7:45PM-11PM) http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749676304 <Pinnacle> (Tue, Sat 9PM | Extra/Achievement/Alt: Mon, Fri 9PM) http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749094832 <Defenders> https://www.facebook.com/groups/defendersguild1 (Normal. Wed, Thur 9PM-11PM) http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748556453 <Dark Descendant of Light> http://ddol.guildlaunch.com/ (Heroic. Mon, Wed 8-11pm server) <Avid Indoorsmen> (Heroic. Mon, Tue, Wed 10-11:30pm) https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752217071 <The Manhattan Project> http://www.tmpdurotan.us (Wed 9PM) https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753349975 Horde <Anam Cara> http://anamcaraguild.com/index.php <Winter Shadow> http://wintershadow.net/ (Mythic. Tue, Wed, Thur 6:30-9:30) http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748185276 <Impending Doom II> id2ysera.enjin.com (Mythic. Tue, Wed, Thur 8:30PM-11PM) http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20751465058 <Incoming Death> incomingdeath.enjin.com (Mythic. Wed, Sat 8PM-11PM, Sun 6:30PM-9:30PM) <Dark Democracy> http://www.darkdemocracy.net (2 raid groups: Tue, Wed 8-11 and Tue, Wed, Sun 8-11:30) http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749709262 <Half Pint Heroes> https://hph.apexmega.com/ (Mythic. Tue, Wed, Thur 7PM-10PM) <Armored Squirrel Squad> http://armoredsquirrelsquad.gamerlaunch.com/ (Wed, Thur, Fri 8PM-11PM) http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747734789 <Heart> (Mythic. Tue/Thur 7:30PM-10:30PM) http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749747653 <Legions of Valhalla> (Tue, Thur 9PM-11PM) http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748724912 <Misfit Killjoys> http://misfitkilljoys.guildlaunch.com/ (Normal/Heroic. Wed, Thur 9:45-12:30 EST) http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749876237 <Blöödbath and Beyond> (Heroic. Tue, Thur, Sun 10pm-1am EST) <Order of the Outcast> (Heroic. Tue, Fri 9pm-11:30pm)Andy3 Apr 22
Apr 22 N Clearing/H Running Guild Recruiting <Pinnacle> [Alliance] Our Raiders have 5/10 bosses NH heroic and have cleared NH Normal. We need to round out our team for a full guild group and regular core runs. We're raiding Tue/Fri/Sat 8:45 PM to midnight ST. I'm looking ideally for respectful, friendly members who can raid very regularly - 90% of raids or more. We need... TANK: 1 MELEE: 3 HEALS 1 Add me in-game at Xolhor or add my btag Xolhor#1983.Xolhor0 Apr 22
Apr 22 looking for guild Fire mage looking for casual raid guild that runs normal on fri/sat night Balfrid#1236 pst thanksBrewtiful1 Apr 22
Apr 22 881 Demon Hunter DPS/Tank LF Raiding Guild Hello, As it says in the title I am a 881 Demon Hunter DPS/Tank and I am looking for a Raiding Guild that has a permanent raiding spot open. Currently I am 7/7H EN 3/3 N TOV and Mythic Nythendra to 20%. I'd prefer to raid two nights a week and end by 11 EST. I am available any days, server transferring and faction changing is not an issue. A little bit about myself. I have been playing WoW since the launch of Burning Crusade and raided end game content the entire time. I am always online trying to better myself and push any content I can. I cleared Nightbane the second week it was out and am the only one in my guild who has completed a +10 within the time limit. I have raided end game in several other games including, but not limited to: FFXIV, FFXI, SWTOR, RIFT, AION, GW2, Wildstar, BNS, etc. I have about 13 years of raiding experience. Feel Free to contact me in game. BNET CiliegiaOrsa#1119. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time. Can provide several references that can vouch for my skills. : )Ciliegia3 Apr 22
Apr 22 877 Rogue, LF guild Hello, Friendly and mature player looking for a small raid team that also does mythic + together. Looking to keep the raids to only twice a week. I've only done heroic raiding this expansion, open to mythic but prefer a smaller raid team that is minimally clearing AOTC. Logs are available, consistently pull 400k+ on non-disrupted fights. Any days of the week are fine, raids must end by 11pm EST. Ready to faction change/transfer as needed. Kep#1911Kep3 Apr 22
Apr 22 Bear LF chill guild Just got back into legion after a 5-7ish year break. Looking for a chill guild to show me the ropes, get me geared for, and have some fun with mythic 5 mans, not super interested in raiding anymore although might not be opposed to the idea at some point. My hayday was clearing BC up to brutallus, clearing wotlk up to lich king, took a break until firelands, and then took a break until now. Usually don't get off work until 11pm EST although i can often play throughout the day as i work from home but am just beholden to the phones. Flexible playing whatever spec, although i may not have the gear for it at the moment. Or using my DPS alt whenever i cap it(warlock.) Send me a tell in-game or reply here if you'd have me. I might also be playing my DPS alt in the meantime, who's in game name is Zeron.Zerir2 Apr 22