Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade

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3d [A]<Apathetic> LF 1 More Ranged DPS We're a raiding guild, formed in BC, with a casual two night schedule and a serious, down to business attitude towards raiding. We are generally working adults that want to experience end-game content at a pace that allows us to deal with jobs, family and friends in the non-WoW world. Raid times: Mon/Weds 7-9st. We are seeking a ranged DPS. The ability to off-spec heal is a bonus, but not needed. For more info, please contact Maxan, Valanon, Persayis, MsMaho, Charferadd or any of the guild members. We have been having a blast together since 2007, come join us!Valanon4 3d
Nov 8 What happens to RP servers? Hey, I am looking for support and suggestions for the future of RP servers post-Blizzcon announcement of PVP/PVE server distinction removal. It also concerns server merging. I posted a thread in the General Forums https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759231738#post-1 I would appreciate any input you have! Thank you much.Xiolableu1 Nov 8
Nov 5 Blizzcon Round 3 Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any luck on the third round of ticket sales? Who had luck on the first two rounds? Any chance of meeting up at Blizzcon?Palvarosa2 Nov 5
Nov 5 Marg's 12 Annual Christmas Gift Give-a-way Hello Feathermoon/Scarlet Crusade! I am Margerdria, And every year I have held a Christmas Gift Giveaway. Normally it was held in Goldshire but got moved due to CRZ. This will be my 12th. Why do i do this? I love to give back to my Server and have fun doing it! Info on the Event/Gifts is Below. Hope to see you guys there! Event: Santa Marg's 12th Annual Christmas Gift Give-a-way. Date(s): December 23rd, and December 26th. Times: Saturday, December 23rd at 5:30 p.m. Server time and Tuesday, December 26th at 6:30 p.m. Server time. (Possible 3rd Day Info Below!) Location: Stormwind City By one of the 2 Christmas Tree's near the Keep You will be able to find me Dressed up in my Santa Outfit, Along with any Helpers i may have at that time! Announcements will be put up in General/Say/Yell/Trade Chat Starting 2-3 Weeks before the Event happens. THIS IS A FEATHERMOON/SCARLET CRUSADE ONLY EVENT! I hope to see Feathermoon people and Scarlet Crusade People at the Event! Time Info: For Scarlet Crusade Server, Feathermoon is Pacific Time! STREAM!: Last year i did a Stream to my Facebook and Twitch. I had a few people watching it, so i will do so again This year! Later will be uploaded to Youtube for everyone to see. NEW THIS YEAR! PHOTO OP!: Anytime before the Event, and After the Event, if you would like to do a Selfie with Me, Let me know! I will try to be there 30 mins before the Event Starts and 30 mins after the Event Ends if people wish a Photo/Selfie with me! (people with the Toy can try to Photo Bomb us too!!) Be sure to use #SantaMarg if you post to Twitter! Gifts: Anything from Uncommon to Epic Gear, Battle Pets, Patterns, Coupons for FREE Bags and some Amount of Gold from me! (Gold ranges from 100g to 10k gold.) Every Year i have, what i call a BIG GIFT. Normally it is a Code for a Digital Deluxe Edition for a Blizzard game, One year i handed out a Code for the Swift Spectral Tiger Mount. Third Day: The past Few years, I have had a 3rd day and Handed out Gifts VIA In Game Mail to people i see in Trade Chat. You will not be Told that i sent you an item, it will just show up! Donations: The last 6 Gift Giveaway's i have opened up to everyone about Donating to this Event. If you wish to donate, You may send what ever you want to either Thandisa or Margerdria in game. Please Note that anything Consumable and stack able can not be wrapped up and will get returned. If you wish a letter back stating that i have gotten your donation(s) i will send that to you as well, Just please put something in the Body of the letter so it won't get Deleted once i accept the Items. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you can make money off the items you are donating, KEEP THEM! I do not wish to take money away from a Player/guild if you can make money. Helpers: Do you wish to help out with this Event? Can you be objective and nice to people in Line? I am looking for people to help me. This has Grown over the years and i can't seem to be everyone at once. Keeping people in Line and making sure they do not Cut. Making sure people are Nice to others, and not Rude to others. Helpers Get 3 FREE Gifts at the Start and End of Each day. So that's a total of 6 Gifts for just helping out EACH DAY!! (If you need help getting the Santa Gear let me know i can make the Outfits and Shoes.) And now for the Legal Stuff to protect my helpers and Guildies of my Actions during this event. Disclaimer: This event, actions of myself, or my helper(s) do not reflect the View's and Opinion's of Validus Knights and there Members/Officers/Leaders. Any actions of my helpers are of there own accord and should not reflect there guild they may be apart of. Any actions of myself are of my own accord and should not reflect upon Validus Knights and there Members/Officers/Leaders. Code(s) Info: The Code(s) will be put on a piece of Parchment in game. the code(s) are NOT TO BE SOLD in game. If caught, I will not be responsible for Actions taking to your account by Blizzard for the act of Selling these code(s) in game including, but not limited to Account Suspension's and/or Account closing's. Screen Shots of the Parchment will also be saved on my Computer in case something happens and i need to Dispute anything.Margerdria0 Nov 5
Nov 4 7/9 H. [A] Evolution is recruiting Evolution, a newly formed guild on Scarlet Crusade is recruiting mature and competent players for our 2 night a week Heroic raid progression. We currently raid Wed 5:30-9:00 and Sat 5:30-9:30 (Server) and run M+ and older raids on off nights. We are also welcoming any new or purely social players who want to join an active, laid back guild of friendly veterans. Below I have listed our most desired classes right now, but we are always interested in great players of any class. Our current needs are: - Healer - Resto Druid Holy Priest Mistweaver Monk - Ranged - Warlock Mage Spriest - Tank - Guardian Druid with strong DPS offspec Please add Hopewell#1772, Peacelah#1529, Jam#1458, Chuyley#1673 or Symathus#1870 on Battle.Net or contact one of our guild members in game for more information or to join!Moriartii0 Nov 4
Oct 31 East Coast Heroic Raid Recruiting! <The Validus Knights> of Feathermoon are recruiting for an EAST COAST heroic Progression raid. We are an experienced, fun, and friendly group of players that are looking to build a brand new raid team. We require all roles and welcome all classes. Join us if you're looking to have a fun time and prepare for Antorus and the next expansion. Important notes: -We will be running Tuesday and Friday nights 6PM to 9PM EST (3PM to 6PM server-time). -Joining the guild is not a requirement, but is encouraged. -One tank position is currently available. -We have DPS and HPS requirements, but they are not unreasonable. -Knowledge of your class and being prepared for all encounters is expected. -Discord and RCLoot Council are required -Item Level is not as important to us as performance and the ability to work effectively within a team. -We are willing to support you if you are willing to apply equal effort. Please post here if you are interested in joining our team. You may also contact Keyblade or Bubskii in-game. Thank you very much.Keyblade0 Oct 31
Oct 26 Roleplayer's Network - Blizzard Group Want to connect with your fellow roleplayer's with the new Blizzard groups feature? Check out your server's Roleplayer's Network! https://blizzard.com/invite/pv4DAidnR Want to connect with the global Roleplayer's Network instead or as well? https://blizzard.com/invite/J9O7xh0AXBurrewargue0 Oct 26
Oct 23 [A] <Dwarves R Us> Recruiting! Guild Recruitment info | Dwarves R Us [Alliance]: Server: US Feathermoon / Scarlet Crusade(Merged) Realm Time(Zone): Pacific Raid Nights: Friday and Saturday 8pm-10/11pm Server Time (We're not Dwarves only and Dwarves are not a must!) About us: We are a brand new Semi-Hardcore guild on Feathermoon/Scarlet Crusade(Merged)! We created this Guild in hopes of inspiring both new and returning players who never really got into the progression scene to give it a try (Seasoned players are still welcome!). Our main goal is Raid progression and preparing for the next patch and raids that come along with it. All we expect from our Guild Members, particularly those in progression, is that you come prepared and do your best that you can do! Our GM and Co-GM both have N9/9 Raid progression. Support: We offer all the support you may or may not need. Ever have a question, feel free to talk to the GM or Co-GM. Both players have an extensive knowledge of WoW: Legion and past expansions. If we don't know it, we can find out. Communication style during raids: During raids we like to use Discord voice chat as our main source of communication. We prefer minimal talk during boss encounters so that Raid Leader and Officers may be able to clearly give out directions without having to speak over anyone. We do not call out single players over voice or in Guild/Raid chat. Guild culture: Dwarves R Us isn't your typical guild set to one type of content. We do enjoy raiding and although it is our primary goal, we do a bit of everything. We do not have set nights for Mythic+ or Legacy raids, however, all you need ever do is ask! Our Current Progression is: The Tomb of Sargeras: Normal 9/9 Recruiting: We are currently filling out our Progression Team and are in need of an off-tank, healers and dps! Death Knight - All Specs Demon Hunter - All Specs Druid - All Specs Hunter - All Specs Mage - All Specs Monk - All Specs Paladin - All Specs Priest - All Specs Rogue - All Specs Shaman - All Specs Warlock - All Specs Warrior - All Specs Anyone and everyone may feel free to apply! Requirements: Conduct: Positive and mature, willing to learn, aware of surroundings, solid attendance. Voice Chat: Discord Loot: MainSpec > Offspec. Contact: Guild Master/Raid Leader/Main Tank: Gomri - Tauware#11284 Co-GM: Shiggyloon – Palcron93#1959Gomri0 Oct 23
Oct 23 Server Questions Hello Everyone, I’m a returning player who was here for the Gnome Run (Loved the event) and was thinking about transferring over. Recently I have been in some of the major cities on both Horde and Alliance and did not see many players around. Those that I did see were mostly from Feathermoon and not Scarlet Crusade. Which brings me to my questions: 1. Is the population here really low or is everyone on high level characters in the Broken Isles or Argus? 2. Does it matter if I roll on Scarlet or Feathermoon or is it all the same thing? 3. If this server has a low population should I expect long wait timers for dungeons? Thanks, VitharVithar1 Oct 23
Oct 21 [A] T/Th/Sun raid LF rDPS This may be an overly honest (and therefore ineffective) recruitment message. Whatever. I assure you that we're totally cool. Behold, my complete lack of brevity! (seriously guys I have a problem) Details When: Tues/Thurs/Sun 7.30pm PST. Hard stop is technically 10.30pm PST, but I can't remember the last time we didn't end earlier. Usually between 10 and 10.15pm. We take a ten minute break in the middle. We're not as efficient with time as I'd like to be. We often cancel Sundays. It's fine if you miss a day now and again for real life stuff (advance notice requested when possible), but we need players who can make the full schedule most weeks. What: Our biggest need is a few more ranged DPS, preferably a mage and/or a hunter (or both). We also really need a DPS that has a tank offspec and a willingness to tank when one of our main tanks is absent which is pretty regularly. Where: We do both normal and heroic content, but heroic would be our progression focus. Normal is usually just to help gear up faster and see the fights "easy mode" first. As a small raid with well under 20 members, we have no plans to move into mythic. We are currently 8/9hc. Who: This is a multi-guild raiding alliance group (the MCA for old Feathermooners), which means you can stay in your current guild with your friends and still raid with us. MOAR DETAILS (the detailed details) About us We're mostly a group of older casual-but-serious raiders that has known each other for most of WoW. We care about making progress through the tiers, even if it's at our own pace. We can be surly (in good spirit), but we're not abusive and no one gets yelled at over voice chat. Contrary to what you may hear, I won't stab you (because I'm mfing nice). We're a little weird (well, except me, I'm not weird) and occasionally snarky but I like us. (I also like parentheses.) About you We need folks who are reliable and who are familiar with their class/spec. We want folks who use consumables and gem their gear and do more than mash buttons. You're not expected to min/max but we want to see some general effort put into prep and performance. At the same time, we don't want players who take themselves or the raid so seriously that they expect mythic level performance or forget that we're here to have fun. We tease each other a lot (okay, mostly they tease me but it gets spread around), so don't be thin-skinned or uptight. Don't be a jerk. Don't be a loot !@#$%. Don't be a drama-queen. Be willing to volunteer for the annoying jobs sometime. Sometimes we make stupid mistakes. Sometimes we make them every week and I have to make dramatic sighs a lot. We had a Canadian PuG who once wiped for three hours with a raid I was in, and then afterwards sincerely thanked us for the "great experience." We don't expect you to be that awesome (or that Canadian), but you should be able to tolerate wipes and screw-ups because this isn't a hardcore raid and they will happen. We do extend IDs periodically; be okay with that (usually just in the final push for AotC). It's important to us that you mesh well with the group in terms of both raiding approach/mentality and personality. Also that you are not a flake because that is like the one thing that makes me stabby. Or would, if I was stabby. Which I'm totally not. You have to tolerate the raid leader's fondness for cute critters and elaborate lists. (and aforementioned parentheses) Loot Personal loot with some additional rules for passing around unneeded pieces and shards, since trading with PL is now possible. Special loot may be handled differently, but it will be discussed in advance among team members. As much as I'd love to shower myself with all the phat purplez solely because I'm the raid leader, I haven't. Not even once. Anyway, message me if you're interested. Or post here. We don't have a formal applications or trial process, but we'll work something out so you can impress us with how cool and awesome you are in the near future. TL;DR supTziva3 Oct 21
Oct 19 [H] Deaths Dark Raiders is recruiting! DDR is one of the largest Horde guilds on Feathermoon-Scarlet Crusade and we are looking for more active players to fill our roster. Your character level and WoW experience are not important - new players and characters are welcome. If you are the GM of a small, struggling guild of friends we would love to hear from you. If you are 110 we have an active raid team that is always looking for dependable players. We are 9/9N and 1/9H, but are mostly gearing in Argus to prepare for the next patch. Raids are current Friday & Saturday nights starting @ 7pm server. Message me or Rastafaria anytime for more info, and always: free lockpicking for everyone.Tehdave1 Oct 19
Oct 17 Running of the Gnomes is Back! Year 8! The “small” run will be held again October 14th, 2017 at 7pm EST(New York Time for overseas friends) /4pm PST on Scarlet Crusade-US. 7pm is race start time, so show up early, get a guild invite to one of our several guilds to help us headcount gnomes and meet all your fellow Gnomies! Be sure to bring your S.E.L.F.I.E camera! Where can I donate?: http://ccf.convio.net/site/TR/DIY/CCFTeamRaiser?team_id=6214&pg=team&fr_id=1580 What is this? Running of the Gnomes will benefit the Cleveland Clinic and the creators of the Tuohy Vaccine that is currently in the early stages of human clinical trials. If the drug is successful, it could be the end of breast cancer. Not only do we want to benefit a charity that we love; but we want to encourage the members of our community (no matter their gender) get screened for Breast Cancer. We also want to take the chance to show a whole lot of love to the people in the community who are currently sick, or who have family members who are sick or who have lost someone to the disease. Last alone year we had 2,860+ Gnomes, and raised $5,500. This year our starting goal is $4,000! Why Gnomes? The whole idea was to raise money for breast cancer, and Gnomes were one of the few races with pink hair making it easy for everyone to rock the pink look on a low level character, and the idea of small change and a small gnomes doing big things was appealing. This sounds like fun, how do I participate? Easy! Roll a Gnome on Scarlet Crusade, give it pink hair, give it a cute or funny name. Just not something you’ll get reported for! On the day of the event for the few hours before the event starts, myself, and friends will give you an invite to one of our few “Racing Guilds” Show up early,, and hang out with people waiting for the event! We’ll put out announcements on our social media to let you guys know when we’re Inviting. Gnomies are too low to participate in raids, so this is our work around to getting a headcount. There will not be raids, or parties. There’s too many of you for me to even think about setting this up! There’s also a Micro-Holiday! This year, an in game Micro-Holiday in World of Warcraft, The Great Gnomeregan Run will be something that you can access from any server. It is also on October 14th! While the Micro-Holiday was inspired by our event and follows our race course, the Micro-Holiday in World of Warcraft isn’t exactly about our charity, the spirit is there. However, our actual charity event will still only be on Scarlet Crusade. They used our race course, and we’ll be following it exactly! You can preview it here, it it’s incomplete PTR state thanks to Wowhead’s hard work! https://youtu.be/aqqwlJOl9DATatayana15 Oct 17
Sep 29 [A] Divine Brilliance is Recruiting Guild Recruitment info | Divine Brilliance [Alliance]: Server: US Scarlet Crusade / Feathermoon(Merged) Realm Time(Zone): Pacific Raid Nights: Friday 8pm - 11pm | Sunday 7:30pm – 10:30pm Dungeon Nights: Thurs or Sat: anywhere between 6pm and 2am About us: We are a late-night, semi-hardcore, social progression guild that puts life first. We are a team who has fun while raiding but are also passionate about pushing progression and being the best we can be. Mythic is our goal. Raiding is a commitment and our time is valuable so we ask team members to hold their commitments to each other: come prepared, work as a team to address and overcome opportunities and pull your own weight so we can progress to and through mythic content during this expansion. Support: Our officers and raid leads have extensive experience developing raiders and are there to support in return for that commitment. Our ranks are filled with experience members and theory crafters on hand and can support any class conversation. We ask in return that members research their class, stay current, remain open to new approaches, and interact in a willing and collaborative spirit so we can work together. Communication style during raids: During raid times, outside of breaks, we prefer minimal chatter allowing members to focus and hear direction. Call outs by officers will be provided in an assertive approach that is on point and direct. We aim to not call individuals out directly unless we see repetitive behavior that goes unaddressed by the individual. Interested members who have raided will understand that there is urgency and frustration that can come up during raid sessions. We work to keep the frustration from the chat and to communicate in an assertive and respectful manner. When direction isn’t followed, conversation can be terse and pointed to get the required attention of those not following direction. As a progression guild, we need members to be able to handle an upfront communication approach with a highlight to individual accountability from our raid leaders before applying. That said, respect is at the forefront of our approach. There is no minimum age requirement, but maturity and ability to mesh with the team is a must. Guild culture: We have never complied with the standards of being a "pure" raiding guild. While it is our primary concern, our family friendly atmosphere allows for a wide range of players to hang out and have fun while taking down bosses and progressing on par to release of content. Our aim is to full clear Heroic Content and be working towards Mythic per tier. With that goal in mind, we run various other events (Older Content, Mythic Dungeons, etc.) to keep everyone at pace with the raiders who have ventured into current raids, as well as fun events like Rep Farms, Treasure Hunts, Races and Guild Drives (with prizes!) for those not really into the raiding scene. In the end, our main concern is that RL (Real Life) comes first and that everyone has fun. Our Current Progression is: The Nighthold: Normal 10/10 Heroic 10/10 The Tomb of Sargeras: Normal 9/9 Heroic 9/9 Recruiting: Druid - Balance Hunter - MM/BM Monk - Mistweaver Paladin - Holy/Ret Priest - Shadow Shaman - Elemental Warlock - All Specs Anyone may apply, we accept in order of classes needed. Cross-Realm players accepted | Transfers compensated. Requirements: Conduct: Positive, mature, knowledgeable in class, willingness to Learn, maintain awareness to surroundings, 80%+ Attendance. Voice Chat: Mumble Loot: MainSpec > Offspec with Diminishing Returns*. Having your BiS List finished and available is preferred. Consumables: Enchants/Gems/Food/Flask provided if on Realm. Contact: Guild Master/Raid Leader: Lyrasanna - Lyra#1749 Co-GM/Main Tank: Netharel – Halandar#1642Trainwoowoo2 Sep 29
Sep 19 A Low Red Moon becomes a Onyx Sun Hello Feathermoon, I used to raid here (H) many years ago when I went by the name Vapula and I was Guild Master of Low Red Moon. I just rejoined the server and I'm looking for a raid for me and potentially a few friends. I'm currently an 847 ilvl Orc Rogue named Vexilith, and an alt Priest. Is anyone running a raid on the Horde side that needs a sharp blade? If not, or they're all full, I was thinking of starting a raid. My days of hardcore raiding are done, but I think a 1 or 2 night raid 6pm till Midnight might be fun. Anyone looking? If you're an old timer like me, feel free to search me out in-game and RP or chit-chat or whatever. Vexilith is just as disturbed as The Dark Child once was. Vap Aka. Vapula Aka. Vexilith.Vap19 Sep 19
Sep 14 Q: Running of the Gnomes 2017-help?? Hi :) I am the Social Director of the Guild <The Anti Drama Society> of Proudmoore Server. My guild master, Isayuri was wanting to know if we, as a guild (well, whoever wants to participate).. can get in on the "Running of the Gnomes" event, as a guild, and how we do so?? Is there someone he can talk to directly? Thanx in advance.. <3 / MingMinglai2 Sep 14
Sep 4 (A) The Bastion-LFM The Bastion (formerly the Bastion of Sanity) has had a solid presence on Scarlet Crusade since July of 2005. We are a group of friends who share a common interest in gaming and enjoy a relaxed friendly place to hang out, play games, chat, and even (gasp!) role play. We have been organizing cross-guild raids for years and have a number of extremely talented people in our raid team. We are are actively recruiting solid, reliable damage dealers to join us on our raids, however we are always happy to bring in any new members who share our ethics, our pride, and our core values. We intend to continue to succeed at our pace, but we have found that we do not need to do so at the expense of our friends and family. Our raid times are Pacific Standard Time. Tomb of Sargeras Casual Raid Nights for guild members: Tuesday 6-8 Wednesday 6-8 Progression Raid Nights (If interested please fill out an application at our website): Friday 6-9 Saturday 6-9 http://thebastion.guildlaunch.com/Choyo15 Sep 4
Aug 30 [A] <IT> RECRUITING TOS H8/9 Seeks Tank & DPS <Insomniatic Tendencies> [US] [Feathermoon] is on the hunt for a world class tank (Monk, DK or Druid) and ranged DPS for our 8/9 heroic raid. IT was formed in BC and continues to be one of the top progression raids on Feathermoon/Scarlet Crusade connected realms. While second highest geared raid on the server, we are NOT a hardcore raiding guild. Progression is the goal, but we like to keep it light and have fun. Many of us started playing WoW in Vanilla in top world progression raids (Catalyst) and bring experience and skill to the table. We are looking for exceptional, world-class players who are looking for experience end game content, are reliable, and will execute consistently. Currently Heroic raid times are Weds, Fri, & Sunday 7pm-930pm PST for the heroic progression raid. We are a highly active guild, there's always something going on 24/7. Normal raids commence on Saturdays at 7pm PST for the casual raiders in the guild. And IT has many players that love to push Mythic+ dungeons daily, PVP, Arenas, and much more... Needed from applicants: -WoL parse link -Current progression -ilevel -Goals/Expectations from raids -AvailabilityNubia1 Aug 30
Aug 29 [A] Kindred is Recruiting Kindred is now recruiting! We've been a relatively small guild until lately, where our numbers have grown a bit. We are in need of some DPS to fill in our ranks, preferably ranged, but will make exceptions for skilled melee players. Being 8/9 H in ToS, we are working on Kil'Jaeden. We raid Wednesdays and Thursdays @ 5:30 to 8:30 PM Server Time. Being on time is a plus, as we like to start clearing trash and getting right into downing bosses. If you are available for these times and have interest in joining, send me an in-game mail, or add me on bnet (Arthonius#1909). If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask!Arthshot0 Aug 29
Aug 27 Anyone remember Raid Awesome? I come from back in the day, one of the original members. Just wondering if there was anyone still out there that played or remembered Raid Awesome on Scarlet Crusade? Anyone?Lorosa22 Aug 27
Aug 27 [A] Recruiting TOS 8/9 Hero Tank & Range DPS [A] [US] [Feathermoon] <Insomniatic Tendencies> RECRUITING TOS H8/9 Seeks Tank & Range DPS <Insomniatic Tendencies> [US] [Feathermoon] is on the hunt for a world class tank (Monk, DK or Druid) and ranged DPS for our 8/9 heroic raid. IT was formed in BC and continues to be one of the top progression raids on Feathermoon/Scarlet Crusade connected realms. While second highest geared raid on the server, and 3rd highest in progression, we are NOT a hardcore raiding guild. Progression is the goal, but we like to keep it light and have fun. Many of us started playing WoW in Vanilla in top world progression raids (Catalyst) and bring experience and skill to the table. We are looking for exceptional, world-class players who are looking for experience end game content, are reliable, and will execute consistently. Currently raid times are Weds, Fri, & Sunday 7pm-930pm PST for the heroic progression raid. We are a highly active guild, there's always something going on 24/7. Normal raids commence on Saturdays at 7pm PST for the casual raiders in the guild. And IT has many players that love to push Mythic+ dungeons daily, PVP, Arenas, and much more... Needed from applicants: -WoL parse link -Current progression -ilevel -Goals/Expectations from raids -AvailabilityNubia0 Aug 27
Aug 26 The 2017 Rose Ball! It is that time of the year again, this year, just as we do every year, the Rose is having their annual-(ish) Rose Ball. A night of excitement where both the Horde and Alliance can come together and celebrate our continued victory over seemingly insurmountable odds. Day: August 26th Time: 5pm (server) Location: Shrine of the Jade serpent This year we'll be hosting a fantastic series of events to keep our wonderful guests entertained. Events such as: The Dueling Tournament- Does this even need to be explained? Get ready to rumble! The Talent Show- Show us what special skills you have and wow the judges for fabulous prizes! The pet battle- Sick 'em Rover! And that is just a taste of what is to come! We can't wait to see everyone there!Chelody2 Aug 26
Aug 14 Soft Hands Ach Looking for help with the soft hands achievement please send me an in game mail Gustice-FeathermoonGustice0 Aug 14
Jul 31 High M+ Group looking for anyone that's down to do 10+ keys, i'm so tired of randoms lol. 910+ ilvl is preferable. hmu in game or send a bnet friend request, UpDoot#1334Synide0 Jul 31
Jul 27 [A] Recruiting a couple special Pwnies Do guilds still recruit here? Let's see! My Lil Pwnies is looking for one dedicated DPS and one dedicated healer for raiding. iLvl 900+ minimum. Raid nights currently Thur, Sat, Mon, 6pm-8pm server time (US Pacific). DPS: preferably mage or hunter (MM or BM), though all classes/specs considered. Sustained 550k dps minimum. Have a Nighthold or Tomb log available. Healer: ilvl 900+ min, have a Nighthold or Tomb log available. No log? Let us know; we’ll try to guest you in for a run. About us: relatively new, raiding-focused guild. We’re strictly 18yrs or older (many of us MUCH older...), with rampant yet classy genitalia references in guild, party, raid and Discord chat. Leadership is 2/7 female, 1/7 LGBTQ (2/7 when Phoze drinks a lot), 6/7 self-serving jerks looking only for personal gains (7/7 when Sera drinks a lot). Scored AotC for Nighthold two weeks after forming. Currently 8/9 ToS, preparing for Heroic. Hence this post. Check mylilpwnies. com and drop us a note. Or ping a Pwny in-game.Adohr2 Jul 27
Jul 26 [H] Valkyries raid recruitment 9/9N 3/9 H we need some more dps to round out are raid team. we raid Mon and Wed nights 530-830pm server were looking for 900+ dps perffered range but will look at melee talk to me or Koldan for details or ask anyone on for lunar youll find me generalyLunarstalker0 Jul 26
Jul 24 [A] Ret Pally LF Guild Hello, I am looking for a guild running Normal or Heroic ToS. My item lvl is 902 equipped. I started out on feathermoon in vanilla and transferred off for a couple years and now I'm back. Have seen all of normal ToS and killed all the bosses but Kil'jadeen. If interested in adding me to your guild and raid add me zingo#1880Roldin0 Jul 24
Jul 22 Nightborne/Shal'dorei RP Connections Starting a new thread for this now that everything's finally set into motion. The previous thread (and links to older ones) can be found right here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754336803 It was posted to most of the RP realm forums including Wyrmrest and Moon Guard but didn't garner a great deal of attention. Since then, we've gathered a few people together and set up a Discord server where players can discuss lore, chat about RP prospects and share resources. It's open to those that are invested in the prospect of Nightborne RP but participation isn't mandatory. All you need is an interest in this niche and we'll be glad to welcome you. This server was founded on the idea that all Nightborne RP should be interconnected and that every Roleplayer carrying interest in the subject should have the opportunity to engage with it. We aim to become a community, meaning that we can connect with like-minded Roleplayers quite easily and set our own personal storylines into motion. This isn't necessarily a guild or a coalition, simply a source of communication for everyone intending to write within the confines of Shal'dorei culture. It's mostly going to be self-directed so in a general sense, you're expected to connect with others on the server in your own time and build RP connections. However, I'd like to introduce the idea that we can also become a society. Events could be organized that would gather most of our characters together in one place. There could be a ball, a soiree, a festival, a garden party, a wine-tasting or anything in between. We could build different groups too. We could form academies, military organizations, merchant coalitions, groups of performers and I think there's every chance that we could also form our very own noble households with certain characters picking up particular roles. The possibilities here are almost endless but it's definitely going to take some time to organize something like this. Any and all additional ideas are welcome. If this sounds like something you want to become involved with, let me know by adding my battletag (Zarxes#21200) and requesting a link to the server. For reasons that I hope are obvious, I don't want to throw the link out here where someone of ill-intent could join. The aim isn't to necessarily be exclusive but to keep the environment free of negativity. Thank you so much for your time!Zarxés0 Jul 22
Jul 14 FM Guild Merge? We are a pretty small guild of casual raiders on Scarlet Crusade that is looking to potentially pair w/another smaller guild for new content - we have about 7 active raiders that are interested in moving into ToS and raiding some of this new content - if you are interested in maybe teaming up with us and/or potentially us joining your guild or vice versa, get in touch with one of the following: Batzman Tokintotem Kidogo CynicbearTokintotem2 Jul 14
Jul 11 [H] Mischief Recruiting Mischief, one of the oldest Horde Guilds on Scarlet Crusade, is looking for able-bodied adventurers, deviants, and stand out players looking to push back the Burning Legion once and for all. Horde first clearing of Heroic Emerald Nightmare and Heroic Nighthold. Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Heroic, 6/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic Nighthold: 10/10 Heroic, 4/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras: 8/9 Heroic Server: Scarlet Crusade-Feathermoon (RP-PVE) Raid Days: Tuesday & Thursday & Monday Raid Times: 8PM - 11 PM CST (6PM - 9PM Server/PST) Website: mischief.dkpsystem.com Opportunities available for the right players in the following roles, but all suitable applicants considered: Tank/DPS flexible spot Healer Range DPS If interested please visit our website or reach out to our officer core: Janthu, Gorgel, Pezzi, WegeantillesJanthu11 Jul 11
Jul 8 Looking for Sister Guild Hey guys! We're a small casual raiding guild on Scarlet Crusade and are looking for another smaller guild to sister w/to start into ToS for some new content. We have about 7 active raiders that are interested in some semi-serious raiding - we may be even interested in merging guilds if things work out well - if you're interested or potentially this is a promising future - contact one of the following in game - Tokintotem Batzman Cynicbear KidogoTokintotem0 Jul 8
Jun 28 [A] Meleestorm Recruiting Tank Meleestorm NH10/10 H ToS 9/9 N is looking to recruit a new offtank for our raids. We are a generally laid back guild just looking to get content done in a reasonable time and enjoy ourselves doing it. We raid Mon Tue Wed 6-9 P 9-12E. Send Thunn or Waraharic an in game mail or a whisper if you are interested and we will get back to you for a raid tryout. Currently have a Paladin MT but any class is acceptable just be able to do your job.Thunn0 Jun 28
Jun 28 LOWERCASE 9/9N 4/9 H Lead recruiting LOWERCASE (alliance) Is back up and running and looking for raiders. The core team is already 9/9N 4/9 H and working on Heroic. Once Heroic is cleared we will be progressing into mythic. Raid leaders have past mythic experience. We are currently looking for a tank, a healer and dps. Raid times are Tuesday Thursday and Saturday 5:30 -8:00pm server time. All raiders must have Discord with a working mic. Must be able to make raids every week. Must be able to work well as a team and have good communication skills. If you are interested either Whisper Faillin or Aiosa in game or add Ally# 1321 on battle tag. You can also reply here.Faillin0 Jun 28
Jun 27 filling my raid team Questadores [A] Feathermoon is looking for a few more good Dps and Healers for Normal Tomb of Sargeras progression. If you are looking for a fun group of people to run with and a no stress raid environment then this is the place for you. We take it a bit slower than some groups so we can help out those people who RNG hates.. ( been there done that grind) . We are focusing right now on Normal tomb progression and will more than likely aim to have AoTC by the time the next raid releases (Argus). Raid nights are currently Sunday and Monday nights from 7:30pm CDT till 9:30pm if this sounds like something you might be interested in then either reply here or add my btag EpicTank#1198Ðrìzzt0 Jun 27
Jun 26 PvP focused guild on [H]Feathermoon? Looking to join a horde side pvp guild. I have 2200 exp in 2s and 3s, but that was like 7 years ago when I played more. Got back into the game and I'm looking to get back into arena/rbgs. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_Saheeli1 Jun 26
Jun 18 3rd Running of the Trolls-June 10th! The Third Annual Running of the Trolls will be held on Feathermoon-US Horde Side June 10 th starting in the Troll Starting Zone. The run will start at 6pm PST or 9pm EST. To Donate Visit our Trevor Project Page: bit.ly/TrollRun2k17 Running of the Trolls 2017 will benefit The Trevor Project, a nonprofit group that is focused on suicide prevention among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and other youth. Running of the Trolls will help us celebrate Pride Month, and encourage our younger members of our community both in and out of World of Wacraft and the gaming community who may most need support and help through their teenage years to reach out for it, and to encourage the rest of the community to reach out. What is this, why Trolls this time?? What will this do? We have had a BLAST over the last 7 years going on our yearly run with the Gnomes and we’ve always been asked if we were bringing the event or an event like it Horde Side rather than just invading your capital city as part of the after party. With all of the silly, funny, hilarious, and Trollish questions we’ve gotten over the years, Trolls and their bright colorful hair seem like the perfect choices to take on an adventure across Azeroth! Just like we’ve done all these years with our Gnome friends, the entire event will also be to raise awareness for a charity we truly love, The Trevor Project, and to help raise funds for it. We’ve raised $2,1000+ to to help LGBT youth so far collectively over the last year. Okay, this sounds fun, but how do I sign up? Easy! Simply log into Feathermoon-US or it’s connected Realm Scarlet Crusade US and create a level 1 Troll and log in during the hours before the race. Our race crews will be there with official racing guilds. You can also /join TrollRun to chat with fellow Trolls. The guilds will have awesome tabards and everything, you just have to bring one since they’re Bind on Pickup now. A note about Racing Guilds: We ask that even while it’s hectic, or there’s multiple guilds, that you join only the guilds we’ve confirmed so we are able to count how many of you all there are. We promise that we’ll have enough tabards for everyone, we just have to do it all one at a time. A note about Trial Accounts: While you can run along with us on a Trial Account or similar such account, you will be unable to /join TrollRun and join a Troll guild, however, you’ll be able to come on the adventure with us, and be counted! Your gnome runs have a specific hair color, what hair color should I pick? Unlike our gnome runs, we feel that you should have a say in what hair color you decide to give to your Troll. There’s a lot of different pride flags that are very important during Pride Month, so, we feel like you should pick whatever color makes you most happy so we get a rainbow. Pick something from the pride flag that means something to you, pick a color you love. Pick a color that makes your Troll look great. I’m full on character slots on Feathermoon and I’m Alliance only/I have a Troll already on Feathermoon or Scarlet Crusade...Do I have to roll a new level 1? You don’t have to! You could put on a fun outfit, maybe change your hair color, bring a mammoth or a drake and rescue lost trolls! And run along with us. High level “Honor Guard” escorts are always really appreciated. We’re heading through the Plaguelands, so help is always welcome. Do keep in mind that the organizers cannot, and will not, offer cross realm invites to anyone during the event. Where are you guys Running? We’ll have a full map soon, but we’re heading to Silvermoon from the Troll starting zone, Orgrimmar, Zeppelin, Tirisfal, and then through Ghostlands! I have media questions about your event! Please get in contact with Dravinna in game on Scarlet Crusade-US or Moon Guard-US or via Twitter @Dravvie! If you want to find out more about charity events and World of Warcraft, get in touch with Warcraft Cares via their Twitter @WarcraftCares. *For streamers wishing to stream the run, please be advised that we welcome anyone who wishes to stream the event we are more than happy to have you at the event, but we ask that you remove any self paypal links and overlays from your channel that may cause viewers of your stream to think that they are donating to The Trevor Project when they are in fact simply filling your wallet. *For Youtubers we simply ask that they include a direct link our Trevor Project charity page, so people looking to donate because of the event know where and how to!Dravvie10 Jun 18
Jun 15 ASD Player looking for Guild I am a mid 40s autistic player looking for someone to play WoW with. I enjoy battlegrounds and PvE. I'm on the east coast and usually play from 5pm est to 10pm est during the week off and on most of the day on the weekends. I had a guild back in Cata that I ran with, the GM was like a big sister. The guild has stoped playing or changed servers since the last time I played. I've never been a progression raider but I used to be pretty good. I enjoy WoW but I'd like to do more than just LFR. I prefer to play my mage, which I'm leveling now, but I have a few other character between 100 and 110.Teleporting1 Jun 15
Jun 15 (H)RestoShaman, LFGuild for Mythic Dungeons. My hours are currently Sun-Mon, 3pm-3am, and 3pm-7pm on weekdays when I'm only working 8 hours. I'm willing to join a raid team if my time permits but its not currently my goal. I'm 34 and drink occasionally so I'm looking for a guild that isn't quite family friendly, but still mature. In any case, I'm looking for some cool folks to hang out with and shoot the !@#$ while running dungeons.Hieropolos1 Jun 15
Jun 15 [H] Ret LF new home! Hello Future Guildy, Triath, your awesome 879 Retribution Paladin here. I am looking for a 1-2 day Normal (maybe some Heroic) Nighthold raiding guild to join. I am looking for a mature and lively guild. I am available for raiding: Monday - Thurs between 8a-11a or 7p-10p (pst). I am not interested in changing faction. Sorry Alliance DOGS, I'd rather punt you then be sided with you. As for raid exp for this expac, I have very little. I have been in LFRs and have viewed the strats for other difficulties. Let's make some beautiful murder together! Vcom187#1298Triath1 Jun 15
Jun 15 Returning player LF new home Hello Scarlet Crusade/Feathermoon! Long time WoW player looking for a new PvE/PvP guild. Came back to the game recently and most of who I played with have left the server/game. Looking for an active guild that likes to push into new content, but not competitively progressive. A laid back guild that leans towards teamwork would be ideal. Also looking for a consistent 3v3 team on my warrior (882 ilvl) Please add Axell#1212 or leave a post here. Thanks!!Axell1 Jun 15
Jun 15 Considering a Transfer - LFGuild Hi all! I'm a grizzled old veteran of RP servers, having played on Feathermoon, Steamwheedle Cartel, The Scryers, Emerald Dream, and Wyrmrest Accord. I've been playing on a PvE realm for about two years, and while it's been fine, I'm missing the RP life. PvE feels too game-y - I prefer a more immersive experience. That said, I'm also not a hardcore roleplayer - I'm more of a casual roleplayer that enjoys in-character community events and the occasional walk-up RP, but prefers to talk to guildies OOC in guild chat. I'm well-mannered, housebroken, and won't spoil the open-world RP of others. Give me an evening and yes I'll have a RP backstory. So! Are there any guilds that are open to a fun, cheery, kind-hearted casual player with a penchant for lore, exploring, questing, fishing, casual roleplay, and the odd dungeon (maybe even in-character!), but won't lock me into 100% RP at all times? I'm willing to transfer for the right guild, and I'm more than happy to roll a lowbie for a bit so that we can get to know each other first. I promise to bring cookies, nachos, and whatever cold beverages you prefer. Alliance preferred - I do love my gnomies. <3, HaijinxHaijinx1 Jun 15
Jun 15 Looking for casual Horde guild I'm looking for a large PVE/PVP guild without a lot of adult language in chat. Variable schedule means I can't be part of a regular raid, but hoping for lots of pugs and activities.Xulah2 Jun 15
Jun 15 Mental Chaos LF CASUAL players Mental Chaos is looking for casual players to begin filling up raid roster to start enjoying some of the Legion content - we are predominately an old fart group that have jobs, families, and lives so raiding will be in the later hours of the day - we are currently looking at Tues/Wed and Sat - 830pm - 1130pm eastern zone - we may look at other times depending on the majority - we enjoy questing, old content, helping one another and just having fun instead of taking this game too seriously - we are NOT a hard core progression guild and DO NOT want to criticize or complain - we like to help and support and have patients w/old farts that like to stand in *@#$ in a daze as well as move slow - our bones line many dungeons from Orgrimmar to Suramar and all dungeons in between - we come highly recommended by 4 out of 5 Spirit Healers and will be the first to tea bag your #$@ .. but all in fun. Come join us - we'd love to have any old fartbag that is interested in content AND fun - contact the following toons in game: Tokintotem Cruelpanda/Crueldruid Backjabber Rotny Batzman We'd LOVE to have ya!Tokintotem1 Jun 15
Jun 15 (H) <False Advertisement> LFM <False Advertisement> (Horde-Feathermoon) is a group of exceptional raiders and friends, that raid together in a mature and fun environment, but we are also serious about progression and reaching our goals. We value dedication and have no tolerance for elitism or disrespectful attitudes. We can offer you a stable guild with a positive raid environment and excellent social atmosphere inside and outside of raid. During the week, we do various things, including M+, random achieves, etc. Because this is a brand new guild, everyone knows everyone and we all support each other. If you're not into raiding, that's fine, too. We'll still offer you a home and do stuff with you! What you can expect from us : Progression Organization Comedic Atmosphere All around great time We don't want raiding to be a chore or a second job, we just want to have fun and progress together. What we expect from you : Attendance Performance Up to date on your class and role Able to handle direction and suggestions Minimum ilvl of 860 Fairly consistent raiding history Current Recruitment Needs : Healers and dps with a strong need for melee dps. We are not limited to the list above, we are ALWAYS considering and able to accept exceptional raiders to strengthen our core. Raid Schedule : 2 days per week, 3 hours per day, so 6 hours per week only. Our raid days are Sunday and Monday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM PST. Current Progression: 10/10N NH Contact Information : Shoot us a message here, or add Shendorian#1854 Meldusa#1740 for more info.Keirral6 Jun 15
Jun 8 [A]<Damage Incorporated> Guild recruitment Damage Incorporated has been on Feathermoon since 2006. We are an active community of diverse members who enjoy events that include raiding, dungeon groups, some pvp and assorted fun activities such as legacy raids for transmog gear, mounts or achievements. We are recruiting people who are mature, friendly and fun to join us in our adventures. New players, returning players or those just looking for a new guild experience! There are no playing time requirements and no limits on the number of alts you can bring with you. All levels are welcome. We currently have 3 raid groups with varying degrees of progression to provide our members a chance to raid in an atmosphere suited to each player. For more information about our guild visit our website at http://www.damage-incorporated.net or speak with any of our officers.Freek4 Jun 8
Jun 4 <Legacy of Dragons> LF DPS Legacy of Dragons is an semi-casual guild on Feathermoon. One of the oldest guilds in the server that is still around, we pride ourselves on the community we have built within our guild and are always welcoming new members. The main focus of the guild is to maintain a fun, laid back environment while enjoying many aspects of the game as a group. We enjoy many activities together as a guild whether that being a planned guild event or impromptu level 1 hogger raid. Anything from legacy achievement runs, transmogs (retro-raiding), pvp events are fair game. We are also looking to push more mythic keystones. While there is a large diversity of people enjoying different contents of the game, our main focus is end game content and raiding. Whether you are just starting out as a first time raider or are looking for more progression, there is a place for you thanks to our very large guild. Our goal is to clear content at a good pace while maintaining a fun atmosphere for everyone. With that being said we still expect people to come prepared and pull their own weight. To be a successful group for end game raiding (and as we push farther into new content) we have the following expectations for raiding: Expectations: We expect everyone to be on and ready for invites 15 mins prior to raid start. Be enchanted and gemmed. If you are not, leads may ask you to step out to do so! Come fully prepared with flasks, food and prepots. Be mature enough to step out if/when needed. Be ready and willing to wipe during raid progression. Attendance and consistency is very important to any raid team. So please notify lead if you are to miss a day/ leave early. It is understandable (and advisable) to stay focused in your real life commitments. Keep in mind that after so many absences, you run the risk of being replaced or put on stand by as other raiders have made the same commitments to reach the end game content. Nighthold Progression: We are currently 10/10 heroic. Raid Times: Friday and Sunday 8:00PM-11:00PM EST (5-7 PST/Server) Role High Priorities: Tank: Closed Healer: Closed Ranged DPS: OPEN(need more cloth dps) Melee DPS: OPEN For more information please contact Celyris/Astrith in game or add Celyris78#1479/Mirramoon#1951.Astrith13 Jun 4
Jun 1 Why the high price of tokens? Token prices on Feathermoon are now up to 124k. Anyone know why it has climed so high? First it went up from 20k'ish to 40k, then to the low 80's, then around 90 and now it was showing at 124k. Not sure what is driving it up but if anyone knows please feel free to share. And does anyone know how to drive it back down again or what will drive it back down again. ThanksBackstabbing3 Jun 1
May 30 Rapacious Kittens Recruitment <Rapacious Kittens> Heroic Raids- Thurs/Sun 6 pm pst (looking for paly tank, monk heals, and dps) M+ - Most evenings Social/Casuals welcome Speak with- Mosma, Wheat, or Talysta for more info yes squibbo is still hereMosma0 May 30
May 29 ✨Moon Guard's Annual Ride-A-Thon 2017✨ Be, our, guest! Be our guest! You are invited to something that's the best! A simple fun event that takes place once a year! On the US Moon Guard realm, Come and drink some beer! Jump a motor-bike and have a cheer! Moon Guard's Motorbike Memorial Ride-A-Thon is an annual event open to the public for both Alliance and Horde! This year I am opening it up and advertising off-realm as well. Specifically to other RP realms, to reach out to the greater RP community. The Ride-A-Thon will be held on May 29 (coinciding with the U.S. Memorial Day), beginning at 7:00PM Moon Guard realm time (that's 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST / Midnight GMT), at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaque Lands on the US Moon Guard RP realm. There will be a brief speech commemorating the fallen soldiers of Azeroth given by myself with the help of a translator for Alliance and then I will lead a procession of riders across The Eastern Kingdoms on a predetermined path down south to Booty Bay. Upon arriving at Booty Bay there will be an after party. It is highly encourage that participants use a motorcycle mount during this event. These mounts include: Champion's Treadblade - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/championstreadblade.php Warlord's Deathwheel - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/warlordsdeathwheel.php Mekgineer's Chopper - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/mekgineerschopper.php Mechno-Hog - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/mechanohog.php Goblin Trike - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/goblintrike.php Goblin Turbo-Trike - http://www.warcraftmounts.com/mounts/goblinturbotrike.php If you wish to participate and do not own one of these mounts or can not afford one, fear not! All are welcome to join us regardless of what mount they choose. MAPS! Why is the path purple? Because that's what you get when you mash up red and blue! Maps showing the path of the Ride-A-Thon route can be found here: Part 1 - http://githnji.tumblr.com/post/138417489503/moon-guard-annual-memorial-ride-a-thon-path-part Part 2 - http://githnji.tumblr.com/post/138417251793/moon-guard-annual-memorial-ride-a-thon-path-partGithnji7 May 29