Gnomeregan and Moonrunner

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4d [A] <Serious Business> lf adventurers UPDATE: Our raid team is still active and working on progression in Antorus. We are now raiding Thursday and Monday 6PM - 8:30PM server time. Thursday is our farm night, when we clear normal Antorus for elusive gear drops and casuals players in the guild, and if we finish normal in good time, we start on the first bosses in heroic. Monday is our progression night, more exclusive to those already familiar with our guild runs and geared for our guild progression. For the raid team we are specifically looking for 2-4 decent players (DPS prefered), already geared for normal/heroic Antorus or willing to spend time to get there by joining our Thursday runs and running 5-man mythic dungeons and farming gear on Argus. Ability to make regular participation on Mondays and at least every other Thursday is a requirement for being on the progression raid team. For guild mythic++ and casual activities, we always have room for agreeable people, who just want an active guild to stay with. Joining our guild Discord raid channel for raiding is required. Contacts: Andrugan, Aryes, Pwnpaw, Siega, Soleurth or Starjian or just PM someone in the guild for an invite and do the talking, when one of us gets online. ******************************************* Serious Business is one of the oldest guilds on Gnomeregan. We had our 10y Anniversary Sept 4th 2017. We have gone from raiding progressing steadily in Gruul's Lair, through Mount Hyjal, Black Temple, Sunwell Plateau, Malygos, Sarth3D, Ulduar, ToC, ICC and straight into Cataclysm raids and on to the MoP raids... and there we pretty much stopped with a couple of raids in Highmaul in WoD too. We now have a working team doing current content in Legion. Out memberbase have gone from young and committed to the regular raid schedule in the game to maturer and committed to work, military, studies and/or family in real life. As such, some people on the roster are gone for months, some are only on one day a week, some play odd hours and others are just the common variety weirdo trying to level through herbalism. All in all, most of us are somewhat normal with a few quirks. So here we are, a casual mature guild looking for likeminded, friendly and good natured people just having some fun as the time for Legion is comming upon us. We embrace the altoholics, the open raiders, the pvp'ers, the pet battlers and the periodically activity challenged gamers, who can only take a month or two out of their lives now and then. Also the family teams keeping the oddest raid hours, the dungeoneers, the soloists and those, who stumbles over their swords more than dropping bosses. Wether you are a father, a mother or a grandparent, or batting for the other team, your own team or your home team, we can make room for you. So, give us a call, will you? However, if you are a mysogonistic, homophobic furball with more malice than common sense believing all press is good press, just loose my number. We do have some standards!Siega9 4d
4d We're recruiting Message someoneRockstein1 4d
4d Status of Gnomer and Moon ? Is there much activity in this group, pvp, pve, etc? Or is it a low pop, but close knit community?Soulshifter4 4d
4d We need another Merger... We Need Help. Gnomeregan/Moonrunner is a dead server. And let be honest, there are tons of ghost town servers out there. There's almost no point in having so many servers anymore due to the deflation of the community. The MMO WoW community would feel MORE like a community, if they pushed more people together.Tragdor2 4d
4d Looking for a change? Looking for a change? Tom Sellecks Mustache is a Heroic 9/9H raiding guild on Thrall is actively recruiting for all positions, and we are looking for more friends to join us become part of our community, our family. ... Contact: Zuul#1119 or MrsZuul#1663 for more information. “There is No Dana, ONLY ZUUL!”Druúl2 4d
4d Looking for friends? :/ Hi, I recently quit ESO, and I came back to WOW to freshen things up. So far, I have leveled to 110, and now Im starting the grind to unlock legion flying. Is there anyone out there that would like to add as a friend, just to give me tips and stuff on whatever it may be, or point a newcomer back to the game for tips. I really appreciate itMilkmend4 4d
4d <ROCKCORP> is recruiting ALL! Hello there friends and business associates alike! My name is Rockstein. I'm sure you've seen some of my wares on the Auction House - I wanted to thank you personally for the continued business. This is the face, no great mystery. Send me a message sometime! Keep spending, and together, we will MAKE MOONRUNNER GREAT AGAIN! ~ Leonard J. Rockstein "Stay Rich. Save Gold. Shop Rock." EDIT (Nov 2016): Say it with me - "45th President of the United States of America - DONALD J. TRUMP."Rockstein34 4d
Nov 27 You people out there. . . You people out there give us something more than just auction sales You give us something to hate And we hate you You brainless mutants Nov 27
Nov 24 <Fatal> 6/9M - Proudmoore <Fatal> is looking to recruit exceptional players to help us as we down Mythic content. We are a family/guild that has been together since Vanilla, walked away after Wrath (and went to SWTOR where we were US #18 guild in the US) and have come back for Legion. We play the game for two reasons, to have fun with a group of people you enjoy logging on for and obviously to down internet pixels and crush nerds. We have an incredible loose atmosphere and have people from every walk of life in the guild, but when it comes time to raid we get down to business and progression is #1, not loot. Raid times are Monday/Wednesday/Thursday, 5-8 Server time (8-11 EST as most of us live on the east coast). We also run a completely optional raid on tuesday's for the backlogged content, so if we're in mythic ToS full time then we do heroic on Tuesday's. What we are looking for: Above all else we want quality players, people who even when they make a mistake can own up to it and learn from it, move on and kill the boss, we won't chew you out for 20 minutes for making a mistake. We specifically are looking for: Any exceptional DPS but more specifically: DPS with a tank offspec who can step in and OT when needed. DPS with a heal offpsec who can jump in and help us heal when needed. Again we are open to any and all exceptional players regardless of spec, we aren't slaves to raid comps. If you think you'd be a good fit for us then send Jeffray or anyone in the guild a tell or add me on Bnet Halbauer#1659.Jeffray0 Nov 24
Nov 10 Chagin Radio What are you listening to?Chagin16 Nov 10
Oct 28 Nachö-Gnomeregan leaves M+ after 1min Ehh just a +11 not a big deal. Just pretty crappy to leave without saying anything 1 min into a dungeon halfway to the 1st boss in dht. Just a warning if anyone looks him up and sees this post.Crÿo0 Oct 28
Oct 25 3/9 M Singularity is Recruiting Singularity US – Gnomeregan (Alliance) Recruitment: Singularity is recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras progression. Recruitment priorities are listed below. • Healer: Any Spec • Melee DPS: Any Spec • Ranged DPS: Any Spec Raid Expectations: • Reliably attend raids. • Research and develop an in depth understanding of your class and specialization. • Maintain your main characters personal progression (AP, ilvl) • Come prepared with consumables (Potions, flasks, food). • Research and comprehend boss encounters. • Effectively execute boss mechanics. Schedule: • Tuesday (7:30 PM CST – 10:00 PM CST) • Thursday (7:30 PM CST – 10:00 PM CST) Current Progression: • Loot Addicts: 3/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras • Resurgence: 7/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras About: Singularity is an Alliance guild on Gnomeregan – US. We have two active raid teams that are currently progressing through Tomb of Sargeras. These include Loot Addicts and Resurgence. Our team’s primary focus is on Heroic and Mythic raiding. However, we also run a fair amount of mythic + on off nights and schedule fun events like drunk runs when time permits. If you think you would be a good fit for one of our teams, feel free to contact any of our officers listed below! Wow Progress: Contact: • Simulation (LateIsLife#1386) • Addiction (Addiction#1476) • Leebert (Leebert51#1669) • Elluzia (Krob#1491)Simulation10 Oct 25
Oct 18 Angelic Horizon 5/9m Angelic Horizon - Moonrunner, US [Alliance] 7/7M Cutting Edge: Xavius 3/3M Cutting Edge: Helya 9/10M Nighthold 5/9M - 9/9H ToS Priority Recruiting: Holy Priest Holy Paladin Resto Druid Rogue Warrior Main Raid Sat/Sun 9pm-1am EST 6-10pm PST Normal/Heroic Tues/Fri 9pm-11pm EST 6-8pm PST *When A New Tier Releases The Guild Raids Throughout The Week For The First 2 Weeks. Then We Return To The Above Schedule. Very Active Throughout The Week With Multiple Alt Guild Runs. Looking For Individuals That Are Social, Guild Oriented, Love To Raid And Want To Achieve More Then The Average Player. Contact Us In Discord: *Please Post In The "Recruitment" Chat Channel On Our Discord To Apply!Surader3 Oct 18
Sep 26 WTS Gwyneth's Tuned Dragonwand I am looking to sell this item. Asking price is 40k gold. If interested whisper battletag Brokenwolf13#1474Wølfheårt0 Sep 26
Sep 23 <Singularity> wants to suck you in... ykwim. Hey all you crazy Alliance people looking for a guild, we have two teams of pure unicorn magic that are both recruiting for DPS and we would like all of you to fill our various voids. We have two schedules running: Tuesday and Thursday - 6:00PM - 8:00PM server (less casual, more serious bidness) (Working on Mythic ToS, Downed all of Heroic) and Tuesday and Sunday - 7:00PM -10:00PM server (some serious bidness, but more casual) (6/9 Heroic ToS) We are a mature guild, with mature language filters that constantly run low on batteries. We also have several female players and eunuchs to tone down the testosterone as well. We have discord, websites, and various other toys as well, some also requiring batteries. We like to run mythic+s and otherwise goof around in good fun and bond over discord and crumpets. ...alright fine, no crumpets, and i honestly dont even know what a crumpet is. Please message one of the following people if you are interested in joining, and be sure to let them know which team you have interest: Addiction#1476 Jigotai#1146 Venard#1264Jujitsuka2 Sep 23
Sep 17 Blacksmith to craft Felsteel Longblade Looking for a blacksmith to craft this one handed sword - Felsteel Longblade. If any BS have this plan I would greatly appreciate your time. Thank you!Vettra0 Sep 17
Sep 13 Knights of Konquest are recruiting! We are a Mythic Raiding guild looking to get back into our roots. We need DPS not on the conqueror token. We are a well established guild looking for members who want to progress in a fun environment full of nice and helpful people. We currently are 9/9H ToS. Raid times are W/T/F 6-9 server Please send Seshen-Moonrunner a in game mail or whisper if interested. Thank you all and have a nice day!Seshen0 Sep 13
Sep 11 4/9M Apotheosis Recruiting Guild: Apotheosis (Gnomeregan) Faction: Alliance Raid Times/Days: 9:00PM-12:00am EST Tuesday/Wednesday (Thursday alt raids optional 9:00pm-12:00am EST) Cleared: 9/9H, 4/9 Mythic Recruitment Contact: Narf(NN)#3162 WoWProgress: WarcraftLogs: Needs: Holy priest, restoration Druid, MW monk. Open to any exceptional DPS Apotheosis has been standing strong raiding together for the past 8 years, we offer a stable raid environment coupled with strong progression within our 2 nights.Faulyn2 Sep 11
Aug 25 [A] Red Tear - Recruiting Red Tear is one of the oldest guilds on the server. (we also have some of the oldest players...). We are looking for some more team members to join us on our raids. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday nights, 6pm-8pm server time (9pm - 11pm EST). Whisper me ingame, or go to Many thanks.Wildfyre4 Aug 25
Aug 14 3/9M ToS - Recruitment Guild: Apotheosis (Gnomeregan) Faction: Alliance Raid Times/Days: 9:00PM-12:00am EST Tuesday/Wednesday (Thursday alt raids optional 9:00pm-12:00am EST) Cleared: 9/9H, 3/9 Mythic Recruitment Contact: Narf(NN)#3162 WoWProgress: WarcraftLogs: Needs: Hybrid Healer, Hunters, Shaman Open to any exceptional DPS Apotheosis has been standing strong raiding together for the past 8 years, we offer a stable raid environment coupled with strong progression within our 2 nights.Onemoreswipe0 Aug 14
Aug 10 Infernal Affairs So, I've been inactive since about 2010-11ish. I recently started playing again. My main was a Warlock named Billoc/Billock. I noticed Infernal Affairs(my old guild) is pretty inactive now. Does anyone know a contact for that old guild or anyone who still plays? It would be really cool to get to play with some people i used to play with back in BC and early WoltK. Thanks guys. -BillockBil11 Aug 10
Jul 30 Let's Merge Hey, This server is almost dead so let's merge with Zul'jin. It's way over populated and last I checked fairly even in its Horde/Alliance balance. Blizz could offer character moves to Moon/Gnome to reduce the strain on Zul'jin's server. It Would be a win win for all. Moon/Gnome get's a large population and Zul get's access to two servers where all the best names are probably still available. We can have a healthy population for AH economy and guild activities.Unlovabull0 Jul 30
Jul 6 WTB Smoldering Ember Wyrm run Anyone selling these on moonrunner or gnomer? And how much g?Ryzu0 Jul 6
Jul 5 . .Sarîel0 Jul 5
Jul 1 Dev. Team needs to take action Hello Wow Team, Moonrunner/Gnomeregan has been a diminishing server as time goes by. Many of us <Bloodlust> has grown more and more frustration with the lack of members and participation that this server has. We are not able to experience the game at its full potential that it has. We are missing out on the many achievements that we as a guild would like to accomplish. These achievements are things like progressing in our raid(Mythics/Heroics), meeting new people, expanding and being part of a community. This server barely allows us to gather 10-15 people for our raids. Lower populated servers like Moonrunner/Gnomeregan has taken the grateful experience of this game away from many players. Moonrunner/Gnomeregan has been hanging on a thread to even survive as a server. This server needs to be evaluated.Påtrickstar29 Jul 1
Jun 26 Loyer Dragos LF Raiders Loyer Dragos is a family guild made in 2012 on Gnomeregan. We want to start raiding ToS. We will be raiding Saturday and Sunday, 4:00pm - 7:00pm server time (6:00pm - 9:00pm Central). Looking for healers and dps at the moment. Until we have a full team, we will be pugging what we can.Artico0 Jun 26
Jun 25 [A]Moonrunner <Revelry> Casual Raiding T/W Guild information Spam: ...Lawbringer3 Jun 25
Jun 20 GET OFF MY LAWN You're bending the grass.Rockstein0 Jun 20
Jun 15 WTB SAURJAW DAGGER ^ like the title says..Naner1 Jun 15
Jun 15 Palimann-Gnomergan Thanks for kicking me while i solo your bs normal DHT. Please link me your disc priest like you said you could play. Please check my 7.2. You're garbage.Drarmani4 Jun 15
May 28 Dead thread -delete thread-Impulsado1 May 28
May 25 Last Ständ is Recruiting Last Ständ is Recruiting. We are a super laid back, friendly guild. That said, we are focused on progressing. We're doing Heroic NH right now, just working our way through all the content. If you're looking for a guild, hit me up!Ratnix0 May 25
May 25 [A] Blood DK LF Guild Goals: I am looking to push higher + mythics with a regular group on a nightly/semi-nightly basis. I would also like to raid eventually, however, I am a patient man. If at all possible, finding a guild that is about where I am in progression would be ideal to learn/grow with, however, I don't mind learning/catching up if the guild is cool with that. That's entirely up to you and your grp/raid leaders. Available any day (12 Noon to 10pm Pacific) except Thurs evening through Sat morning (though I am still usually online) Not elitest or hardcore but play way more then I probably should (I am online & available A LOT) 872 ilvl Artifact weapon capped Have done a couple +4 mythic's (Have run a lot of +2's) Have not done Arcway, Kara and Raids (outside LFR in DPS spec) and have done Court of Stars once. Quick learner, always trying to learn, and not offended by constructive criticism Dedicated (the type that has a spreadsheet outlining boss tactics) I would consider myself a "better then most" player Good at helping others (Believe if I help others gear/learn then we help each other) Am laid back, a little quiet, and drama free (hate and avoid it in game as well as RL) Background: I have played off and on since the day vanilla released. So far in Legion; I have been in a guild with some RL friends. Lately they seem to play less and less, and I want to do more. Currently I cant progress doing what I am doing and quite frankly; am tired of PUG's, and would like to find a home with good, regular players to progress with. Alts: I have all tank classes at 110 and 850+ in varying states of artifact level (Warrior is only other one capped) but would like to main DK (However, I am open to possibly maining a different tank if needed - We can discuss it). I also have a 110 fire mage. I do play my alts (especially when bored), mostly the fire mage and druid (as either resto or guardian) I am fine leaving them in RL friends guild, or moving one or two if you would like. I play enough that being in a couple groups with different toons is possible if there are roles to be filled.Fallynn3 May 25
May 25 Looking for guild Hi, i am currently 7/7H for the last 3/4 weeks on both my toons. My current guild doesnt need my classes and i find myself just raid lead pugging. So here i am looking for a new home. I play a 869 prot paladin and a 864 Sin rogue. I have beening farming heroic for the past 4 weeks now (on both toons) and i have a great understanding of mechanics. If anyone is in need for a off tank or exceptional dps give me a hllr @ battletag- dropkick#1187Anoxis4 May 25
May 25 Prot Warrior LF Ally Raiding guild Prot/Fury Warrior looking for Ally Raiding guild. I have a bear tank and MM Hunter at 100 as well. Raider in Wrath and Cata returning for legion looking for new home. Open schedule. Will consider making a DPS toon to join a solid raid roster. ThanksMarsmcbooze3 May 25
May 25 [H] Looking for Casual Raiding/Pvp Guild I've been playing on and off for the last couple of years but I'm enjoying this expac. I'm looking for a casual/semi-casual guild to raid and/or pvp with. Basically, I'm just looking for a chill active guild! I'm old and have adult stuff to do so my hardcore days are over. I started on playing Moonrunner way back in the day, but since we are paired with Gnomer I have faith I don't have to transfer away. -Shoos (Lila)Shooss1 May 25
May 19 WTB Sky Golem Basically title. ^Ilithiya5 May 19
May 1 Enchanted Thorium Breastplate Looking to buy an enchanted thorium breastplate. Catch me in game or COD it, paying 49k.Cero0 May 1
Apr 21 A - Knights of Konquest Recruiting We are looking for a few DPS and healers to fill out our ranks. We are 10/10 Heroic NH pushing for mythic. Looking for Druid, Shaman, Pally, Monk, Mage, Rogue and a couple heals Druid/Shaman with ilvl around 880 with skill to match. We believe in having fun while still pushing each other and being competitive. We are a guild that ranges from RL friends to couples with families to working adults. Voice is discord. We raid Wed, Thurs, Friday 6pm-9pm PST. Contact Joszie/Gnomeregan or Jossie/Gnomeregan in game.Joszie0 Apr 21
Apr 12 [Horde] Looking for guild Just faction swapped from Alliance recently. Looking for a raiding/pvp guild. whisper me in game or leave a comment hereSchwîfty0 Apr 12
Apr 6 LF new guild to join. Hi I recently started new toons on Gnomergan after being on a PvP realm for a year. So I am looking for a guild to join. I am more of a social player. I don't enjoy raiding, so I am not looking for a raid team to join. I most level, run around doing professions and pet battling. I do enjoy pvp though, but haven't done that for a while now. I have no true preference either alliance or horde as I could make a horde for a horde guild.Everoze3 Apr 6
Apr 5 In search of...... Gnome Hunter in search of guild to engaged in various rewarding end-game activities. Not opposed to the following; World Questing, RP, PvE (Normal thru Mithic+ Dungeons, Normal thru Mythic Raiding), PvP (BG, RBG, Arena, WPvP), XYZ (Fun Guild Events). Guild must be filled with chill races, with a humorous attitude on things. Accepting of Gnomes is a must, worshiping them while desirable isn't required. I don't mind being bathed in complements, but I draw the line at butter (AKA NO trying to eat me). While we're at it, punting hurts so, you know, that's also not desirable.Ratchet1 Apr 5
Apr 5 Looking to help you help me help you Hello, I am an 882 balance Druid! I am looking to squeeze in and pug with a guild who is headed for nighthold. I know all the fights. Pst <3 also i am 6/10 normal :/Solarsight1 Apr 5
Mar 28 WTS blackened defias I have two..yes two pairs of pants, two pairs of shoes and a pair of gloves. and metalworkers gloves as well. if interested, please send me an in game mail as I do not check forums very often ( while logged in anyways) (please send mail to spyhategnomes) or add me on the Btag catnipz one two six eight these are located horde side. I am asking three hundred thousand gold for the pants and two hundred and seventy five thousand gold for the shoes ( per pair of course as in each single item) and two hundred fifty thousand for each pair of gloves. I am of course, open to trades for various things of interest. mainly blue xmog that has been removed from the game. mounts are nice as well. I will wait for a week or so before posting on the general section of the forums. If you happen to be interested and need some time to get the coin saved up we can talk about that. I do not mind waiting for a little bit and there would not be an additional charge for doing as such.Purehatred0 Mar 28
Mar 26 nm deletedCorralyse0 Mar 26
Mar 14 [A] Last Ständ recruiting raiders Last Ständ, an alliance guild on Moonrunner consisting of a collection of recently returned experienced vanilla and beyond WoW friends, are looking for pleasant, mature raiders to move into casual endgame content. Our group runs Heroics, Mythics, Mythic+, World quests, etc. and we use Teamspeak(required). Currently, we are looking for a healer and a few DPS to round out our group. We have not nailed down which evening as yet but most likely week nights. If you are looking for new friends and would like to chat about joining us, contact Lovehandlez or Tyrian in game.Tyrian0 Mar 14
Feb 27 10/10H Holy Paladin for late night Nighthold PST me in game if in need of a late night healer/melee OS for mythic NH. Thanks! cutting edge xavius healer, AoTC Helya and AoTC Gul'dan. I cannot raid with my guild most nights because of class, personal life, etc. so I am looking for a group to join for late nights (after 9pm server start).Xandrel0 Feb 27
Feb 26 [A] Savage is now recruiting active players! Savage is now recruiting active players! Still recruiting all you SAVAGES! If you are interested in pvp, raiding and dungeon running but have nowhere to go or your guild has died a slow death, then we are here for you! We run the daily heroic, mythics, mythic + and world quests. We are currently filling our raid roster, have cleared EN normal and would like to continue to ToV and Nighthold progression. If you are interested in active pvp, raid progression or just having fun in dungeons contact an officer in-game for an invite. Selilira, Solarsight or Yzzi. We have a vent server for fun conversations, pvp and raid teams. We do mythic dungeons, heroic and normal dungeons, we also help undergeared guildies and alts get the gear they need to start them raiding. I am the main healer and also an officer so please don't hesitate to contact me in-game if you have any questions or just want to run something for fun :D Disclaimer: We are a guild of working adults whose schedules can very from day to day and week to week.Yzzi2 Feb 26