Gundrak and Jubei'Thos

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2h [H]Jubei'drak<Celestial>9/9H 2/9M R>DPS Recruitment: We are currently looking to fill out our core group with some more members, building out core team for Mythic Tomb of Sargeras. Looking for the following: Tank: - RDPS: Mage/Boomy/Hunter MDPS: Rogue/Warrior/DK Heals: Resto Druid/MW Monk Other classes are welcome to enquire! About Us: Celestial is a raiding guild comprised of a group of like minded folks who aim to do the best they can while raiding in a chill environment. Ultimately, our goal is to have a fun time and kill big bads. Raiding Schedule: We currently raid on these dates and times: Wednesday: 7:30-9:30pm ST Thursday: 7:30-9:30pm ST Sunday: 6:30-9:30pm ST These times can fluctuate depending on the night, but usually it adds up to about 7 hours a week. We do normal and will transition into heroics on saturdays. We also welcome anyone who is just looking for a place to hang out to join too! Contact: If you have any questions about our guild, please contact any of the following Celestial members: -Nra-Gundrak - Real ID: Nra#11112 -Splatts-Jubei'thos - Real ID: Splatts#1734 -Hayden-Jubei'thos - Real ID: LeeTNooB#1799Nra2 2h
5d [H] 8/10M Raider LF Guild Looking to raid on my hunter after switching mains from my Resto Druid (Monkiikong - Jubei'thos). Prefer a 2 night guild but would consider a 3 night guild. Looking for something not super serious. Cleared all of WoD raids on Mythic. Current Progress: 7/7M EN 3/3M ToV 8/10M NH ThanksMonkiibutts2 5d
5d [H] <Show You the Ropes> 6/10M 9/9H LFM Show You The Ropes is an active, friendly and community focused guild located on Jubei'Thos currently transitioning from a Mythic progression guild (6/10M NH) to a more casual Heroic clearing guild. The guild formed during EN and saw a huge amount of growth through ToV and NH, to point that we were able to establish a competitive mythic raid team, achieving rank 15 on the server during NH. With the release of ToS we were able to increase our server rank to our all time high of 10th and are still 1 of 10 guilds to have killed Heroic Kil'Jaeden. Unfortunately, due to real life obligations maintaining a consistent 20-man roster became difficult and we haven't been able to transition into mythic content after clearing heroic ToS. Therefore the leadership team took a step back, assessed out options and have decided to focus on core fundamentals the guild was built on; !@#$ talking, drinking and killing bosses with a great group of people. The core group of raiders remaining are experienced, relaxed, friendly players who are more then willing to help rebuild and shape an amazing heroic raid team. We would love to hear from like minded players who have heroic raiding experience or that are interesting in getting into heroic raiding. All roles are welcome to apply. Tanks - High Priority All classes welcome Healers - High Priority All classes welcome DPS All classes welcome Raid Times Sunday 7:00pm - 10:00pm svt Wednesday 7:00pm - 10:00pm svt If you are interested at all or would like some more information feel free to post here or add the following for a chat: Meladori#11929 (Absolomb - Guild Master) adamKID#1295 (Barbossa - Officer Tank)(edited)Absolomb0 5d
Jul 19 [H]<Odyssey> 9/9H ToS - 1 Night Odyssey is a small, casual, heroic guild that are aiming to become a casual mythic guild. With work and real life taking a front seat, we now simply raid one night a week. During initial release of new content we may add a night here and there to satisfy the desire to kill some new bosses, based on interest. We've generally been clearing heroic content within a few weeks of it releasing and we'd like to try and boost our roster up to eventually try out the mythic raids. Therefore, we're looking for people that are fun to hang around and don't take themselves too seriously, while also willing to learn to master their role within our raid group. Our raid time is: Sunday Night - 7:00pm AEDST - 10:00pm AEDST (server time) Given that we don't raid a lot, we generally have plenty of time throughout the week to do mythic+. We try to make sure that everyone has done at least one to guarantee the highest ilevel piece from the weekly chest, but will also put together groups with whoever we can throughout the week for something to do and have experience up to +20. We also try to add some non compulsory Friday night social events, such as normal modes, mythic+, battlegrounds etc. Recruitment needs currently are most aimed at DPS, but we'll need healers as well as our roster swells. If interested, please contact me either here, or in game on my battletag - Kinetyk#1895. If I'm unavailable, try adding Ataxian#1905, Sharrukin#1110 or Vertual#1357.Kinetyk3 Jul 19
Jul 19 914 Enh/912 Resto (Conc x 2) Exp Raider LFG Hi All, Capable, reliable player returning after short break and looking at Heroic/Early Mythic prog raiding Wed/Thurs nights minimum. Have mostly raided as Enhancement, however can transition to Resto/Ele if the right guild comes along (Ledg gods have been kind). I am willing to server transfer Horde side also. I also maintain a 912 Aff lock, if needed. My battletag is pcn01#1464 if you wish to discuss further. ThanksHinds0 Jul 19
Jul 11 Tedious 5/10M 8/9H LFM Tedious a guild that prides itself in completing content whilst also having some fun and banding together as not only a team but a community inside of the guild not only to help others but to also enjoy the game, we strive to exceed our limits in our performance both in raiding and M+ Progression: 5/10M (Night Hold) 8/9H (Tomb of Sargeras Raid times: 7-10pm on Wed, Fri and Sun. Realm: Barthilas Fraction: Horde Recruitment: Melee Dps- Closed Range Dps - Open to Exceptional players Tanks - Closed Healer - Open to Exceptional players (Prefer a Holy Paladin!) Exceptional players are always welcome to get in touch. What else we offer: sub and casual raiding roles where we bring you into content if a spot is open or once we have it on farm. Mythic+ We have created a mythic + community inside of the guild. So, if you cannot commit to the raid layouts but love mythic+ then we have a spot for you! we are always furthering ourselves some way through warcraft to be better and to hit harder! We also have a Friday and Saturday late night casual team! feel free to whisper either one of the battletags below to get some more info on the team! Rules: - No drama - No toxic players - Come to raid Progression focused - Come prepared (pots,flasks,food, Vantus runes if it's prog) - Research Boss encounters - Turn up on time - Know your class/spec (we have alot of memebers that love the theory craft) - No carries - Be respectful - Aim to improve yourself - Take constructive criticism contact: Guild Master/Raid Leader- Skargrim#1387 We look forward to hearing from you!Scargrim24 Jul 11
Jul 3 883ilvl MW Monk LF Progression Raiding Guild Hello Guilds :) I am a very motivated player who is keen to get back into progression raiding with the intent of clearing mythic content. I am also looking for a guild who has a friendly atmosphere and friendly and social people. I am 883ilvl Mistweaver currently on Gundrak but also have a 779ilvl Resto druid and 883ilvl Ret pally alts. I only recently picked up Mistweaver but always motivated to get better every time i play. I have not done alot of raiding this expansion. I have completed various bosses on EN normal and heroic. Also have completed 5/10 N for NH. I am a player who is more than willing to take criticism and who is always very keen to get better at my class and be a very social and punctual player I would prefer to stay on Gundrak but would consider transferring if the right guild came along. Also I am not concerned about what days I raid, I would just prefer raid times to be after 8-8:30pm ST but could raid a bit earlier if the right fit came along. If this sounds like someone you might be interested in or you have any questions then please reply to this post or add me on bnet - Rybackk#6125 for a chat :)Rybrew1 Jul 3
Jul 3 Barthilas - [H]<Moist> Healer/DPS Recruitment <Moist> is a semi-hardcore PVE guild. We're looking to complete the most difficult raid content on a 2 night raid schedule, and want like-minded raiders who can be serious when required to, but can also fit in to a fun raiding atmosphere Information: Current Progression: EN: 7/7M - ToV: 2/3M - NH: 9/10M - ToS: 6/9H Realm: Barthilas Faction: Horde Timezone: GMT +10 (Melbourne, Australia) / Server Time Loot System: Loot Council Voice Platform: Mumble Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Monday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Optional night - Sunday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM (first few weeks of new content only) Recruitment: Healers: (Shaman/Druid/Priest/Monk) DPS: Warlock/Ele Sham/Boomkin/Rogue. All other ranged dps encouraged to apply as well, and exceptional players always considered! Contact: Add Sollaar#6990 to your for more information!Sollaar0 Jul 3
Jul 3 3/7M EN 886 HPriest LF Guild 3/7 M EN and 2/3 H TOV Currently looking for a guild due to current guild raid schedules and disagreements affecting progression raid team. Looking for a guild that focus on progression and working together as a team. Prefer 8-9pm GMT+8 raid times I can provide logs if required. ThanksSelynis3 Jul 3
Jun 25 Need a change? Evoke-Saurfang is a 2 nights a week raiding guild looking for more raiders to join our ranks to help us push further to ToS. We are a bunch of misfits whose goal is push end game content. We are currently 7/9N and planning to push heroic then mythic. Our current raid times are 7.30-10.30 wed & sunday aest server time. What we will provide • A fun raiding environment w/ a bunch of misfit who is not scared to get down a dirty • Mythic + runs during off nights to help you get your weekly cap • Guild repairs for raid nights. We are currently looking for • Balance druid • DK(frost or UH) • Warlock (any spec) But all exceptional class are welcome Logs: If interested contact Unsettled#1638, Lions#1143Draerukw1 Jun 25
Jun 23 Not the Average Recruitment Post Its a fact of life as you get older your responsibilities grow and ample free time to yourself becomes a thing of the past. Its balancing act between doing just enough wife dailies to drop that wife aggro, knowing in your heart you'll never truly become exalted with her no matter how hard you try. Other things become more important then grinding out that raid progression early on in a tier, like making sure your kids have their well fed buff before logging them out in their bedrooms for the night. If you can relate to this you're the person we are looking for. Core of our guild has been together for years and over those years we've all gotten old and we all have these things they call responsibilities getting in the way of us slaying internet dragons at our will. Once upon a time raiding 2 or 3 times a week was the norm. Along the way we've lost a couple of good players and as a result of this we decided to become a 1 night a week raid guild in MoP. We've always had a small tight-knit roster who up until flex raiding was released only ran 10 man heroic content, at one stage being top ten guild in Cataclysmic on the server Frostmourne. Since flex and mythic raids were made available we've struggled with maintaining a reliable roster. We've always wanted to keep that small guild feel so along the way we've lost a few here and there to pursue mythic content or larger more robust guilds, this has been our biggest issue. As a guild our aim is to raid once a week and do all Heroic content before new content is released. Currently 101/10 H NH. Seeking those with similar circumstances outside of Wow to join us on Thursday nights to take it to the Legion. One Night Stand - Khaz/Dath Alliance - Thursday 8pm- 11:30pm Add one of us if ya wanna talk more. Grim#1230 Valnum#1297Grimstein16 Jun 23
Jun 16 Adventure Time = WORST Guild! I just had to see their drivel in Trade! What a bunch of corny unfunny people! They worship their guild leader Bigmary like he is someone special! They fill Trade with this and make it harder for me to buy 50 stacks of Shal'dorei Silk. How can I buy 50 stacks of Silk when a bunch of people are talking about some Dustywood person being the President or something? Ugh!!! Who even ARE these people? Can't we boot them for not using Trade for its intended purpose of selling and buying Silk?!? Also, I think they shouldn't be allowed to recruit for their guild in trade. Yes, I know every other guild spams their guild invite message, but Adventure Time specifically shouldn't be allowed to because they are the WORST guild. I saw someone post, I think some classy tasteful gentleman with a Dragon Ball Z ior Final Fantasy-themed name, that we need to make a GoFundMe to move them somewhere where the good people of Jubei'thos and Gundrak don't need to deal with them anymore and I agree! I hope they re-roll Alliance so we can KOS them all and never have to read anything they say EVER again!!! And the worst part? There are several Americans - like... why are there Americans on *MY* Aussie Server?!? Who is with me when I say ADVENTURE TIME IS THE WORST?!?! If you're in Adventure Time I hope nobody from any other guild helps you do anything ever again!!! You're phooey!!!Stereotypes12 Jun 16
Jun 15 DADCORE - 2 nights per week solid team DADCORE Raid times: wed + thurs 8-11pm svt / sydney time Requirements: - 900+ ilvl - Concordance trait by tomb release - Gems / Enchants - Up to date class knowledge - Commitment to both raid days. 90% attendance expected - one geared and practised alt / be willing to make one Roles needed: - 1 x tank with viable dps offspec (prefer non dk) - Range: Lock / Boomie / Spriest / Mage / Ele sham - Melee: Enhance / War / Feral / Rogue / Dh / WW - Heals: 1 x heal with strong dps offspec or dps alt Goals: You should be serious about your commitment, the best way to achieve team goals is to have a team who is there every week, you should log onto wow more than raid times, so you can stay competitive. The goal is to push forward together in a fun environment. Contact: Stranger#6450 bnetRookdawg0 Jun 15
Jun 14 Kill silenzo Kill Silenzo the !@#$ty shadow priest. Don't care about your care bear attitudes, this guy was 50 ilvls ahead of me and farming people my ilvl, if you see him kill him and proceed to camp. For the Horde!Riseth4 Jun 14
May 31 [H] <Dropbears of Funk> 5/10M LF DPS <Dropbears of Funk> is a semi-casual Jubei'thos guild who have been together for over 10 years now. We are currently looking for dedicated players for our mythic raiding group (5/10M NH). We are an easy going group that strives to do their best and expect each player to bring their A game whilst having fun at the same time. We raid Wed/Thur nights from 730pm-1030pm server time We are looking for dedicated ranged DPS to add to our ranks. Exceptional alternative roles also considered. Contact: Leasie#2950, Sanosano#1347 or Danski#1606 for more detailsLeasie3 May 31
May 31 Any Blacksmiths that can help me? I know it's a long shot on these forums, but I'm just putting a call out if there are any Blacksmiths with the 'Thorium Shield Spike' Recipe? I need a few made for some twinks I'm working on but the hours I'm usually on there's hardly anyone in Trade. I have the mats and can post / trade when I'm next on. Also happy to tip generously for your efforts. Hope someone out there can help. Cheers.Icebear1 May 31
May 26 <H> Actus Reus (7/7M EN 4/10M) GMT+8 Actus Reus is a GMT +8 casual guild on Gundrak-Jubei'thos that is interested in clearing top end content. We are looking for DPS to fill up our mythic core team. We are primarily a Malaysian guild and practice a fun environment during the raid - but we will point out mistakes and help each other improve. We mostly converse in Malay but use English for raiding. Come join for some cultural exchange and learn some Melei. Raid Schedule: Our raid nights are on Wednesdays, Thursdays and (Optional Monday) 9-12 PM (GMT+8). How to join us Add Endo#1995 (Endorill-Gundrak), aiyuki#1558 (Aiyuki-Jubei'Thos) gingerbread#1584 (Kurorogu-Gundrak) We hope to see you soon ! May 26
May 21 <Burst Phase>5/10M NZ/AU GUILD Khaz'goroth & Dath'Remar Based Guild server transfer required [A] <Burst Phase>, Khaz'goroth & Dath'Remar Based Guild currently 5/10M 10/10H NH raiding guild built from a core of experienced raiders who have been raiding together since the game came out. We are aiming for progression on a semi-casual schedule with two raid nights - Raids are Thursday 6-9pm and Sunday 5-9pm Server Time . Great for NZ players or Ausy players who want to start raids Early and awsome for Players in Europe and America who work Nights. This is 8-11pm Thursday and 7-11pm Sunday New Zealand Time. We're looking for a many players at the moment to fill out out mythic group. Will consider a guild that would like to talk about merging. We're a light hearted group but serious about getting content done, so while we won't bite your head off if you make mistakes, we also won't hesitate to point them out, and help you improve. If that sounds like a bit of you, and our raid times fit your schedule, send Swordblazer (Swordblazer#1431), Darkkon (Pocketbacon#1282) message in game for a chat and potentially an invite to our raid group. We love to talk !@#$ and our Discord is not for the Faint of hart with no floor or ceiling on Comedy so it can get Dark and very very funny must have a strong sense of humor. Regards DarkkonDarkkon6 May 21
May 21 [H] Friendly mage LF nice guild w/ no bullies Hi I'm a mage LF a nice guild with NO BULLIES. I'm v casual.Howl0 May 21
May 16 [A] FOCUS 9/10H LF ALL WED/THURS RAIDS Focus is currently looking for a tank to continue our raid progression. We are 9/10 heroic and also looking for dps / heals to expand our size to start mythic. WHO: <FOCUS> Jubei'Thos. WHEN : 7pm Server time (EST) Wednesday and Thursday. Focus is a mature guild with over 650 people in it. We have a group of raiders, some ex-hardcore and some freshies that have created and developed the raid group since legion launch. We raid 2 nights a week and do Mythic+ and normal runs other nights. We wish to expand our raid size to have a consistent number for Mythic Raiding progression as well as increase our active population for all activities. Ideally we want to expand our core group to roughly 20 people so as to move into Mythic with ease. We also plan to start Tomb of Sargeras as soon as it opens and would love the right people to join! If you apply to our guild for raid progression please note that you must have a high raid attendence and be available for those times. Of course, first and foremost, we are a chilled guild that joke around with each other regularly while getting along as friends. If you wish to be apart of this please apply in game to any of the following players. Arckadeamus-Jubei'Thos Keilom-Jubei'Thos Sulph-Jubei'Thos Baldrik-Jubei'Thos Mudoken-Jubei'ThosSulph3 May 16
May 3 [A] <Before the Dawn> 2/10 M NH <Before The Dawn> is an alliance guild based on Gundrak/Jubei'Thos, we are a group of experienced raiders that have mostly been raiding together since WoD. The majority of our members are currently based between Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. We have cleared heroic Nighthold and are working through mythic progression, with Skorpyron and Chronomatic Anomaly down plus Trilliax almost down!! We are currently recruiting any DPS classes (preferably ranged) to join our core progression raiding team, which is now working on mythic content: We would also welcome anyone that is after an active progression and social guild, even if they cannot commit to raiding full time. Progression Raid times are: 8:00pm - 11:00pm ST Thursday and Sunday nights Trial/Alt Raid time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm ST Saturday Normal NH Voice Comms are on Discord, this is mandatory for raids. As is either DBM or Big Wigs. Loot in Nighthold is distributed via loot council, with BIS and set bonuses taken into account. Preference will also be given to guildies over any pugs that may be in the group. Check out our wowprogress page: We are currently the 3rd ranked guild for alliance on our server with Nighthold progression. Please contact me at Hwin#11439 or Coffz at Coffz#1511 for any further information or queries. Thanks. :)Hwin11 May 3
Apr 27 Ninja looting guild The Combat Wombats Yoníx Gonna leave this here. Just so none of you will fall into the trap that these guys try to pull to clear their runs. Play safe, don't get scammed. Apr 27
Apr 25 [H] Barthilas <Fissure> 9/10H LFM 7:30-10:30 <Fissure> 9/10H is looking for 2 x Warlock - 1 x Ret Paladin(Holy OS) 1 x Ele Shaman(Resto OS) 880 ilvl min. We are a casual raiding guild Monday/Wednesday 7:30-10:30 SVT.Rapidz0 Apr 25
Apr 22 Couple looking for social guild We're looking for a friendly casual guild with mature members (whatever that means) for relaxed dungeon runs or even raids later on. We're playing in NZ and currently leveling characters on Frostmourne (A) and Jubei'Thos (H). Please reply if that sounds like we'd fit to your guild. Cheers, DVitur3 Apr 22
Apr 22 My Unhonorable hitlist I declare war on all horde/alliance scum who grunt rush me in groups. Kill people when they're afk and other dishonorable actions. these will be added to Spy, to keep track of people who need to die. My current most wanted targets are: 1. jinxx 2. Komah 3. Ghostkiller from gundrak 4. Shadowbubble 5. shamangala 6. Fiestybeck 7. other shaman i can't remember the name. But my spy addon will tell me when he's near by I look forward to farming all Unhonorable targets. May update the list as it gets bigger and clarify names once spy brings them up. People who try to defend these targets will not be added to the list, as there may be possible confusion in attacking these targets. Protecting allies is honorable, interfering with duels is not.Unbournee3 Apr 22
Apr 20 Friday & Saturday raiding guild I'm looking for a guild that raids Friday nights and Saturday day and/or nightMàssàçhèr3 Apr 20
Apr 20 Looking for Friday & Saturday Raid Guild Hello. Looking for raid guild that raids on Friday & Saturday.Hsuk1 Apr 20
Apr 20 <A> 859 Enh shaman lf raiding guild hi there guys. 859 enh shaman looking for a alliance raiding guild on jubei'thos/gundrak best enchants and gems ect,will bring my own flasks and food buff. raid times i am looking for is 7pm st>10pm st would prefer anything apart from mon/weds/thurs thursday i can probly let slide thank you for your time in reading my post and look forward to hearing from you! yours sincerely,setacSetac2 Apr 20
Apr 20 H Plug and Play 4/7M 10/10H LFM DPS Hi there We are a friendly +8 GMT SG/MY guild looking for couple more dps to solidify our mythic roster. Raid times are Wed and Sunday 9-12pm GMT+8. Voice via discord. We've been raiding through wow since Burning Crusade days so we've been around a while. If you are interested please leave a message here or drop me a message in game at deciphel#6892Scotto0 Apr 20
Apr 19 [M] <Acolytes> Recruitment Acolytes is currently recruiting additional members for M NH Prog and moving into ToS. Currently 4/10M seeking an assortment of DPS and 1 Healer with DPS OS. We raid Wed/Thur/Sun 8:30-11:30 Jubei SVT. Message one of our friendly recruitment officers or add them on btag for more info, Pfeffalicous#1959 - Demonpuff Pfeffsmum#1410 - Bananakun Pfeffssister#1697 - SsvégetaDemonpuff0 Apr 19
Apr 13 lock lf late night raid 4/10M on main, 890 ilvl affl lock lf late night or weekend casual raiding guild bnet - Darkflare#6399Dottrix0 Apr 13
Apr 13 [A] <Aspects> 3/10M <Aspects> is a casual raiding guild running 2 raid groups, 2 nights a week. Core 1 (Mythic) runs Wednesday/Sunday 7:30pm - 11:00pm; Core 2 (Heroic) runs Wednesday/Monday 8:30pm - 11:00pm. Due to responsibilities and time constraints, several of our Core 1 raiders have decided to step down from raiding, as such we are looking to trial replacement raiders. _________________________________________________________________________________ The Role HEALER - (Filled) Full time - Dps Offspec Prefer Disc Priest. DPS (MELEE) - (Filled) Full time - Tank/Healer OS Prefer Ret Paladin/Enhance Shaman/Demon Hunter. DPS (RANGED) - (Vacant) Full time - Main Spec Prefer Hunter/Mage. _________________________________________________________________________________ Key Requirements Displays engagement and willingness to learn. Willing to supplement gear shortcomings for self and other guild members through dedicated Mythic+ runs/carry groups. Expectation of ilvl890+ but not determining factor. _________________________________________________________________________________ To Apply Please leave a message here or send mail to Mistforge with your Bnet ID, and any additional preferences. We will trial you in 2 heroics, and 1 Mythic progression fight. Please note that <Aspects> uses EPGP DKP Reloaded and this is a requirement for raid.Mistforge7 Apr 13
Apr 3 Barthilas, Gundrak and Jubei'Thos. Merge Are these 3 realms permanently connected? How to /w someone on other realm with same name? Or maybe a link with full info on this subject? Cheers!Moke0 Apr 3
Mar 18 [H] <Horde Asylum> Jubei'Thos - Recruitment <Horde Asylum> is a newly formed guild created with the vision of a very social and enjoyable place to be. We are also currently recruiting for our raid team in which we will be starting to raid on 22/03/2017. Our raid times are Wed/Thurs 9-11:30pm ST and are looking for healers and dps. We also are keen for back up specs for every role. We are always keen to engage in current and past content including mythic and mythic pluses, leveling, bgs, arena's and past raids for achievements and mounts. We are also keen to recruit from a social aspect. If this sounds like your kind of guild please add Rybackk#6125, Aldusa #11549 and/or Vixen#12694 to have a chat :DRyb0 Mar 18
Mar 18 [H] <Revenant> <Revenant> Hello, we are a newly formed guild looking for anyone at this point. We will be raiding once we get our core team together. Raid times will most likely be Friday and Saturday 7PM - 10PM ST but we are open to discussion. PST me if you would like more info. BTAG Brennor#1699Nàgà0 Mar 18
Mar 16 UNDISPUTED RETURNS UNDISPUTED is back!! Any old members looking to rekindle the glory days.. RBG and Arena.. World PvP Pwnage! any questions my btag is UNDISPUTED#1251Renigade1 Mar 16
Mar 15 [H] 900 DH LF raiding guild jubei'thos Has all stuff i am looking for is around 12am to 3am SVT available on mon/thes/weds/thurs/sun some time available on fri and sat please add me PUHAHAHAHAHA#1314Puhahaha0 Mar 15
Mar 14 [H-Frostmourne] <Build Trumps Wall> 4/10M Hi :D Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 7:30-10:30 Server time - Progression Have farm / heroic optional raids running nearly every day for people who are keen. We are currently looking for dedicated players to join the team. We want to have compositional options when approaching progression, so we can take our guild to the next level. Recruiting active mythic + players. We have a bunch of players who love pushing high keys and spamming mythic +. We have a super big/active community = D Mic / Discord required. We expect our raiders to educate themselves on upcoming progression fights, account for their own consumables, be cool with being subbed and be responsible for maintaining a decent level of performance as it pertains to their class. Raid spots / Loot dependent upon attendence and performance. Raid spots are always up for grabs, we have a friendly competitive environment to keep everyone honest. we expect a high level of dedication from our raiders also - add dmac16#1960 to enquireDmaac18 Mar 14
Mar 14 IHW - Fun, Casual Online Community Whats going on everyone, This is for the Horde of Jubie & Gundrak! >IHW< Are recruiting Tanks and extras for our Nighthold team. Raid times: Sun 7:30pm ST - 10-10:30. Currently 10/10 N NH and due to time restrictions of raiding one night a week we are looking at a shorter second Raid night to help push that forward. About us - Starting on Frostmourne we shifted to Jubie around the time warlords dropped and the servers locked up for a solid week. IHW (In Hearts Wake) are for the most part a casual guild with the focus to bring people together to enjoy gaming as a group. As well as Weekly Raiding and Keys we focus on the funner side of things with Weekly events (such as Hide & Seek, Xmog comps and other random guild events) and also gaming outside of wow. We have players from all types of games and each week try to expand and grow as a gaming community. So if your interested in joining not only a guild but an online community Hit me up Jelly#1388 and we can have a chat. All are welcome to join and feel free to comment with any questions. Have a great day :DJellypriest1 Mar 14
Mar 14 Del DeletedSatharya29 Mar 14
Mar 9 LF Blacksmith with Trusilver recipes As title suggests, looking for a BS with recipes to make Truesilver Breastplate as the recipe is no longer obtainable. Will tip handsomely and supply mats. Please whisper Sanctalux - Jubei'thos if suitable. ThanksSanctalux3 Mar 9
Mar 1 [A] Deus ex Machina LF DPS <Deus ex Machina> currently 10/10N NH & 9/10 H NH, is a long established & experienced Alliance raiding guild on Jubei'thos which has consistently raided since Vanilla. We are currently looking for more exceptional players to fill out our team. If you are looking for a stable, fun but structured raiding experience, and don't mind a bit of light flirting (from the guys, not the girls, what kind of guild do you think this is?) then DXM might be a great fit for you! Currently we are working our way through Nighthold Heroic, and are looking to boost our main raiding team up to 20 members. We are currently seeking more DPS (see below) for our raid team to get us ready for mythic. TL;DR basic info: Realm: Jubei'thos Faction: Alliance Time Zone AEST (GMT+10) Raid times: WED/THUR/SUN 8:30-11:30PM SVT Voice Chat: Discord Loot: Loot Council While we are a pretty laid back guild, we have high standards and expectations for all our raiders. Things we are looking for in the ideal raider: - Have thoroughly researched and know their class & spec - Can follow instructions - Comes to raids on time and prepared - Is constantly working to improve their personal performance Requirements: * Stable computer * Working mic * Raid addon such as BigWigs or Deadly Boss Mods * Gear that is fully gemmed/enchanted appropriate for your spec * Addon RCLootCouncil Recruitment: Currently we are looking for ranged DPS (especially interested in a hunter) to fill the last few spots to be viable for mythic mode. All exceptional players are also encouraged to apply. We also welcome casual players looking for a supportive environment. Contact: If you have any questions, you can ask me here, add my btag jozzams#1319 / whisper me in-game on Tyvona, or whisper anyone from the guild in-game and ask to talk to an officer.Tyvona7 Mar 1
Feb 28 [A] <Insurgence> 10/10 H NH <Insurgence> is a small cozy guild lead by a fuzzy bear. We have people from all over AU, NZ and even the states. Most people here have either jobs or school so we've set out raid times to Wed and Sun nights at 7-10 pm ST. We have progressed 10/10 H NH, we are looking for more people to move onto Mythic content. Info: [A billion] Melee/Ranged DPS: Any [1] Healer: Any (Prefer druid) [0] Tanks: :( Loot: Personal Voice: Discord Contact: Noodlemenace - Decree#1226Noodlemenace3 Feb 28
Feb 26 <Paradigm Shift> 7/7M Recruiting - 7:30ST Paradigm Shift - Jubei'thos (7/7M) is looking for some new ranged DPS and a bunch of other specs All ranged DPS is considered but we're especially looking for the following classes: - Hunter (any spec) - Shadow Priest Raid Times: 7:30 - 10:30 server time - Thurs / Sun / Mon About Paradigm Shift: We are a relaxed group who enjoy an organised and smooth raiding environment. We expect our raiders to attend, remain competitive on their chosen spec and be prepared to learn from mistakes. We are very open to new members, regardless of your intention to raid. There's usually groups running M+ and we try to be as inclusive as possible. Applying: We'll be accepting people to trial for the Nighthold group. If you are interested in joining our community and trialing for the team then please contact one of: Tom#6618 Scopey#1168Eathammers2 Feb 26
Feb 22 [H]<Odyssey> 7/7H,3/3H,10/10H - 1 Night Odyssey is a bunch of mates that have been playing WoW together since Vanilla. These days we don't spend as much time raiding as we used to and are down to, for the most part, 1 night a week. During initial release of new content we may add a night here and there to satiate the desire to kill some bosses. After having cleared all heroic content once again, we'd like to try and boost our roster up to eventually try out the mythic raids. Therefore, we're looking for people that are fun to hang around and don't take themselves too seriously, while also willing to learn to master their role within our raid group. Our raid time is: Sunday Night - 7:00pm AEDST - 10:00pm AEDST (server time) We may occasionally move this night if too many people will miss the Sunday, but generally we will opt for the highest attendance night. Recruitment needs currently are realistically just about anything, we have our tanks, but we'd be open to hearing you out if you so desire. If interested, please contact me either here, or in game on my battletag - Kinetyk#1895.Kinetyk0 Feb 22
Feb 21 <AFK Team> SG based guild +8GMT <AFK Team> Horde+8GMT SG GUILD ON JUBEI'THOS is currently recruiting all levels and class to join our ranks! Raid timing as follow, Friday 9PM GMT + 8 Server time 12AM As we progress, we will add have more date and time. We are progressing towards NH. Hopefully achieve AOTC before 7.2 and we need YOU! We have experienced leader ready to lead. We are still filling up our core team. 1 Tank, 2 Heal, 4 DPS EN cleared TOV cleared. NH N 3/10 Pst for more info! Bottega#1889Bõttega0 Feb 21
Feb 21 <closed> ..Triarchi33 Feb 21
Feb 21 **ARENA FRIENDS NEEDED** I need some friends to arena with on Jubei Thos server. Affliction Warlock 1.5k CR Wanting push 1.8k at least Mistweave Monk 1.5k Wanting Push + Happy to Carry you. 2k At least! Send me a friend request and message me!Itsdatboí0 Feb 21
Feb 18 Offering Carries We are a 900ilv equipped group offering carries. Come let us push your M+ key, with a group that won't just bail on you. use one of our keys for your weekly chest, get your Keystone Master achieve, and more! We also offer nightbane mount runs, and full Kara clears! Don't miss out! Add Kmstadt#1329 to chat with me in game for more info.Moarwolves0 Feb 18