Icecrown and Malygos

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7h [A] <Mass Res Inc> TWTh 8-10:30C 8/9H <Mass Res Inc> is a pretty awesome raiding guild that likes to have a lot of fun while we pew pew all the things. We are currently 8/9H. We raid Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8-10:30 p.m. Central (Server Time). While we are still focusing on Heroic content as our progression for now, our numbers are getting close to being able to field a Mythic roster, and we will very likely be able to move into Mythic as soon as it makes sense to. About Us: Our raid core has been together since the beginning of WoD. We raid with a group mentality, and try to leave selfishness at the door. We like to walk the line between getting things done in an efficient manner, and still playing in a way that reminds us why we’re all here: this is a game, it’s fun, and we like playing it together. Beyond that, we are big on cohesion and team-building, and utilize the Slack app to keep in touch during the work day and build on our friendships. We can boast that through lots of tough times losing raiders to real life, we've managed to stick it through. <Mass Res Inc> isn't going anywhere any time soon! Current Needs: 1x Heals: Mistweaver preferred. Our current healing team is made up of a pally, holy priest, and druid. 1-2x RDPS: We weren't planning on recruiting for any DPS until we had another healer, but we've decided that we could take 1 to 2 more solid players in the interim. That means those ready to step in at proper ilevel, who know the fights, and will do mechanics. We'll be picky here! Please have an openness to constructive criticism, and a thick skin for all sorts of humor. Raid Times: Tues, Weds, Thurs -- 8 CST - 10:30 CST (Server Time) Contact: All applicants please visit our website at, and click on “Apply Here” on the main menu to submit your application to join us! You may also whisper/mail officers Brokaw-Icecrown, Madelynn-Icecrown, Norindra-Malygos, or Hrothbane-Icecrown in game if you have any questions. You can also hit me up at my bnet below. Thanks, and happy gaming! -- Madelynn asavinggrace#1382Madelynn13 7h
18h Revenge 9/9 N; 3/9 H; Open to new members Raid schedule: Tues and Thurs: 8pm-10pm server Minimal expectations with light schedule. Know the basics and have fun. Especially looking for a strong healer :) Ping officers in game or respond here if interested.Barlynn2 18h
18h Question Regarding Horde Economy What tends to sell better on the AH for Horde? I'm moving over here and I am deciding between Mining and Herbalism. All answers are appreciated thank you in advance :DMagerpayne0 18h
2d [A] The Taswell Covenant - Sun/Mon 7-10pm CST The Taswell Covenant is actively recruiting any and all interested in Normal/Heroic raiding, Mythic/Mythic+ dungeons, or just hanging out and having a good time! We raid Sunday and Monday 7-10 server time, Personal loot, first signed up, first gets to go. We don't demand Cutting Edge performance for non-Cutting Edge content. Rather than call you names and bench you, we will work with you and help you however we can! We're a relatively small guild, started around the beginning of Legion but we ended up having to take a break for some unfortunate IRL reasons. But now we're getting the gang back together and we could use you! We've got a good group of folks willing to help out with most anything, and we coordinate everything via our Discord (come hang out! The Taswell Covenant was formed by a group of Giant Bomb (a website about video games) community forum members who wanted to group up and start their own thing. So if it's just you, you and your significant other, or you and your entire softball team, we want you to come and have fun and make the most of your WoW experience! If you have any questions at all, hit me up @ Karthas#1129, reply here, join the Discord, or just randomly message folks in the guild. One of them is sure to answer eventually!Dimach0 2d
Jul 18 (H) Brewmaster LF casual pve guild Resubbed recently, just hit 110 and 825 ilvl. Still mastering the legion content, feel like I have the mechanics of brewmaster down pretty well. Looking to raid either weekends or early evening weekdays, 7-8pm EST ideally. Not looking for serious progression or mythic or anything, just casual raiding a few nights a week, normal mode and maybe heroic.Erzaj1 Jul 18
Jul 17 Don't have the latest expansion? It's been difficult experiencing all WoD content for players who do not have Legion yet, due to the long LFD and LFR queue times. I've never actually had the LFR queue pop, ever (after waiting 6-8 hours on average, daily). For this reason, my BF and I are looking to start a new guild on Icecrown (Horde) for players who do not yet have the latest expansion(s) and/or players who will only get the next expansion(s) when they become available for free once a new expansion is released. We are currently focusing on WoD content and would like to get a team together for WoD heroic dungeons and raids with a flexible schedule. We also run older content weekly for mounts and transmog gear. Once the guild is formed, we'll also work on guild achievements for WoD and older content. The name of the guild has not yet been decided. If anyone is interested in joining us please send a mail in-game to Zhihui-Icecrown or respond here with the toon you want invited. And please spread the news if you come across anyone who doesn't have the latest expansion and is looking for a guild. Here's hoping we can get a team together to enjoy "old" content. Join us!Zhihui2 Jul 17
Jul 17 DPS lock and pally seek guild to frolic in. o hai thar... My GF (864 ret pally) and I (904 aff lock) are seeking a casual guild with an established raid team that would like to add a bit more DPS to its ranks. We're a package deal, so we're only looking for a guild that would allow both of us to call it home. Schedules: I work weekdays, 7 am - 4:30 pm EST. She works Thurs, Fri, and Sat 7 pm - 7 am EST. Football season generally means I'm off the computer most Sundays. As such, we're free to raid together Sunday (for now) through Wednesday between 5:30 EST and 10 pm EST. We'd like to keep it down to two evenings per week. You'll also see me online a lot during all weekday evenings, as well as most mornings and evenings on the weekends. You'll probably see a lot of her at any time of the morning or evening on days that she isn't working. What we offer: I have been raiding in MMOs for a little over a decade and a half, most of which, of course, has been in WoW. I began playing about four months after the original WoW launched (so since around Feb 2005), and did the hardcore thing from about a year into WoW's existence, up until Siege of Ogrimmar. I have been a casual player since that point, but even in a casual guild, I take my preparation and performance fairly seriously. The lady woman thing loves WoW, but is comparatively new. I've been teaching her since she started playing about a year ago, and I'm impressed with how far she's already come. She digs the whole preparation and performance thing too, so I'd feel pretty confident showing up with her to a casual raid setting. Both of us offer positive attitudes, laughs, and week-long involvement in the guild community. We don't just log on for raid nights and leave it at that. We're both into grouping with friends for five-mans of any difficulty level, and grouping with friends for PvP. We're looking to make new friends that we can hang out with regularly, even if it's only one of those evenings where you go do your own thing, but sit in voice chat and jabber on about nothing in particular with buddies. What we're looking for: As stated, we're looking for a casual guild with a raid group in it, one that will allow us both a raid spot two nights per week, with the above-listed days. We want a guild that feels its members, its community, and its guild-wide happiness is more important than beefing up its raid group. We'd also prefer to avoid those guilds that only log in on raid nights, and then goes inactive during non-raid days. Our heaviest emphasis is on finding an active guild to make friends in. Raiding is just a bonus; a way to hang out with all the new buddies at once. We'll still be busting out some good DPS and doing all the proper dances when we do get in there, but after the raid time ends, we are, for the most part, taking our Hardcore Hats off. A guild with an active guild website would be a plus, but not at all a requisite. If you're a match for us, and we're a match for you, then feel free to get ahold of me via battletag, tells, responding to this post, ingame mail, Facebook messaging, texting, email, telephone, real life snailmail, smoke signal, Morse code, binary code, Da Vinci code, coming to my house and screaming through my window, telegram, talking Patronus charm, a singing troupe of trouts, or any other form of communication you care to use. I'm pretty sure I'll get the picture. Galadrenai#1703Fizbanz2 Jul 17
Jul 15 [A] Knights Who Say Ni; LF DPS & Shrubbery Ni! If ye wish to find a home to hang your helmet: Follow. But! Follow only if ye be men and women of valor! For the entrance to this guild's lair is guarded by a creature so foul, so cruel, that no man yet has fought with it... and lived! BONES of full fifty men lie *strewn* about its lair! So! Brave knights! If you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth... *puts fingers in front of mouth like fangs* What! Is your quest? The Knights are seeking like-minded adults for our raid team. We prefer members looking for an established community to call home over those just looking for a place to raid for a time. What! Do you have to offer? We offer a mature, drama-free, established community of gamers that will not wink out; camaraderie, out-of-raid guild activities of a wide variety, a lively community, occasional bouts of irreverence, and plenty of laughs. We offer free summons to raids, provided we can talk the warlock into summoning his summoning stone and access to Camelot. It is a silly place. Our raid team is currently 9/9 Normal and 3/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras with steady progression. Who! Are the Knights Who Say Ni? We are the original Knights with a 17 year history in gaming. We can be found Alliance side on the Icecrown-Malygos server. We were a beta guild, are one of the oldest guilds on the server, and have been continuously active and raiding since our inception. We are comprised of a mixture of playstyles from harder-core to casual players. The Knights Who Say Ni pride ourselves on the character of our members; we maintain a relaxed, friendly, and positive atmosphere. Our raid team is effective, but also a lot of fun to be a part of. What! Are Your Raid Needs? Right now, we are looking for a healer (paladin or shaman preferred but open to others) and DPS, especially someone with a tank or healing offspec they enjoy swapping to once in a while. While those are our targets please feel free to contact me if you play another role! We will not recruit you for the bench. These are always core raiding spots. Raid Details Monday: 8-11 CST (Our server's time) Tuesday: 8-11 CST Loot: Personal What! Are Your Expectations for Members? As a member of our guild you are expected to comport yourself with a sense of honor, as well as a sense of humor. We try not to take ourselves too seriously. Expectations for core raiders are a positive attitude, team-spirit, punctuality, consistent attendance, and preparedness and knowledge of mechanics. Specifically, all raiders should be available for invites fifteen minutes early. Raids run for three hours, with a ten-minute break at the halfway point (1.5 hours). This is a progression raid. Come prepared to wipe, shake it off, and hit it again. You don’t need that arm, it’s just a flesh wound! If we're what you're looking for, bring us a shrubbery and send recruitment officer Izzerien a tell or an in-game mail. We'll be in touch asap. You can also get in touch with me from my battletag - Izzerien#1968 We look forward to playing with you!Izzerien4 Jul 15
Jul 13 void touched satchel have one for sale asking 20k or trade for codex of lost legion contact me on this character with ingame mail if im not on will respond to serious offersHackur0 Jul 13
Jul 11 <Veterans of Gallifrey> LF Members We are recruiting all classes and levels for questing, dungeons, and raids in both Legion and Legacy zones. We are a Central Standard Time guild and are usually on from 5 PM - 2 AM. We are friendly and mature (sort of). If you are interested or want more information - please send us a message in game (Fleasworth ,Ahsila, kevvllar or jadlinn ), mail us in game, or reach out via this forum.Ahsila2 Jul 11
Jul 6 [A]<MOVE> Wed/Thu/Sun 7:30-10:30 C - LF DPS <MOVE> is a “new raider friendly” guild that focuses on current tier heroic raids. We're currently 9/9 normal and 5/9 heroic in Tomb of Sargeras. If you're looking for a more relaxed progression pace, are willing to help new raiders, or are a new/returning raider that wants to see the new content and learn, then we might be the team for you. Our history: Our raiding history dates back until the late days of Wrath of the Lich King (last quarter of 2010), and we haven't stopped killing bosses since then. We try and leave our ego at the raid entrance, and foster a positive raid environment. We like to walk the fine line between enabling new recruits, getting things done, and still remembering why we are here: It is a game, it is supposed to be fun, and we like playing it with others. Our Raiding Philosophy: Our goal is to clear the current heroic content in a reasonable pace, before the next raid tier goes live. This enables us to mix newer raiders with experienced ones, and give all of our raiders the opportunity to see progression on new bosses. Additionally this allows almost everyone to have a night or two off every once in a while, and enables for guilt-free absences when real life happens to get in the way. Current Needs: We are currently looking for the following: Ranged DPS: Warlock, Elemental Shaman, Mage, Hunter (yes, hunters!) Additionally, any exceptional DPS that can jump in, be in the top 25%, and wants to share their knowledge. Please have an ilevel of 895 or higher, be open to constructive criticism, and have a thick skin for any kind of humor. Remember, it's all fun until the rogue dies, and it's not a raid without a dead rogue. Raid Times: Weds, Thurs, Sun -- 7:30 p.m. Central Time - 10:30 Central Time (Server Time) Contact: All applicants please visit our website at, and click on “Recruitement” on the main menu, or go directly to the form under to submit your application to join us! You may also whisper/mail myself (Baerli-Icecrown), or our officers Maranet-Icecrown, Váshta-Icecrown, Elfncrazy-Icecrown and Nethastraza-Icecrown in game if you have any questions, or hit me up at my bnet below. Thanks for reading to the end, happy gaming, and see you in Azeroth! -- Baerli Baerli#1871Baerli2 Jul 6
Jun 30 Shadowmoon Knights seeking 3 spots Strong and stable guild of over 10 years seeking to fill last few spots on main raid roster. Currently 2/7 H ToS Shadowmoon Knights formed just prior to BC. We have consistently remained a stable, fun, strong progression guild. We have a unique raiding atmosphere, one that is enjoyable yet serious. Our raid leaders are fun and fair while keeping things serious when they need to be. This is a guild where you WILL see progression without hearing others being yelled at. Our guildies help one another. Our current raid times are Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 11:30pm CST. As well we run additional runs on other nights. We are a very active guild and you can almost always find us online running Mythics, questing, pvp, helping each other out. Currently seeking the following: Boomkin, DK and Mage. Will consider other classes. You can check us out at to get info or send us your info. Or contact us in game: Mirialia #1127 Zurgon#1725 Sidka#1813Mirialia0 Jun 30
Jun 24 [A]Kindred recruiting We are recruiting for Mythic Nighthold. We have 20 raiders, but lately multiple people are out each week. This has been detrimental to steady progress, and is our biggest issue currently. We are looking to bring the best and most consistent/reliable 20 players. About <Kindred>, formerly under a different guild name, has been around Malygos for a long time. Though there are many new faces, there is still exists a core group of players who have raided together for years. We elected not to participate in any mythic content in WoD or MoP. Goals To progress through Legion's raids in a relaxed and fun environment. To add skilled raiders who share our progression goals, attitudes, and mesh well with the group. To create new and maintain existing friendships in WoW and other games. Current Progress: Nighthold: 10/10 H, 4/10 M (We have had <1% wipes on Tich) ToV: 3/3 H Emerald Nightmare: 10/10 H (10/10 M cleared recently after content was no longer relevant) Raid Times Friday & Saturday 9:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. Central Time (server time) Recruitment needs: We primarily need DPS. However, if we find a suitable tank to replace our Demon Hunter, he is willing to switch roles. The specific classes/specs below are ideal, but please reach out regardless of your class if interested. Deathknight Druid (feral and/or balance) Mage Warlock Rogue We do not have a formal application, but we do have a trial period to ensure that any new members are a good fit. Providing logs is very helpful. Contacts Luna-Malygos, Eothas-Icecrown, Fidempse-Malygos, Werlockholmes-Malygos, Illitick-MalygosLuna4 Jun 24
Jun 24 [A] <Blades of Rage> is recruiting! <Blades of Rage> is recruiting for Legion raiding! We are a long running Alliance guild that have raided consistently since Vanilla and are now looking for for dps to fill out our roster, but are willing to consider any who are interested. We have cleared 7/7H EN, 3/3H ToV, 10/10H NH, 7/9N + 5/9H Tomb of Sargeras. We use Discord as our primary voice chat and personal loot in raids. Guild repairs, respec tomes, feasts, cauldrons, enchants, and gems are provided for raiders. Raid Times: Friday 7:00 - 11:00 PM CST Monday 7:00 - 10:00 PM CST We require ilvl 860+, the ability to make raid times, and a desire to be the best raider you can be. Contact me in game, or send me an in game mail if you are interested.Loiselaid9 Jun 24
Jun 15 Looking for a Few Good Raiders Shining Star Crusaders is looking for a Few good Raiders to start on Tomb. We are a mature and Friendly Guild with a Casual Focus, So if you are looking for a Mythic Progression guild this is not your guild. We plan on focusing on Normal/Heroic. IF (big if) we do Hit mythic it will be with a guild consensus. We are mainly looking for Tanks, healers and Rdps although melee will be considered we are mainly looking for the former. If you are interested please do not hesitate to send me a tell or Sharazam/Beararollin/Shebubblesu or TeriHanes#1134. Thank you have a great day! Edit: Battle tag addedDavvald0 Jun 15
Jun 14 Looking at Returning Hi, Icecrown was my original server when I started back in vanilla, and I was thinking of coming back. I was just wondering how the server was doing in AH, queues, guilds, community, etc. for Alliance since that's what my characters are. Thanks.Morse0 Jun 14
Jun 12 5/27/17 PvP has officially died. RIP. *dramatic music* And as the Marauders look upon the piles fallen and shattered corpses of their enemies, all of the years spent tirelessly and ceaselessly fighting the guilds of Alliance they lament, for they realize... They're actually kinda bored. We're server xferring, no one PVPs with us or against us anymore so being here kind of seems, well, pointless. Trolling Alliance is always fun but other than that we find ourselves using LFG and sitting in Dal a little to much lately. So catch ya on the flip side kids and good luck with your PvE endeavors. P.S. and not trolling, punishing <Congos Honor Guard> and Malice into submission all expansion long was my pride achievement. Thanks for the years of fun everybody. <3 -Borrus, GM of MaraudersBorrus6 Jun 12
Jun 11 [A][US][Icecrown-Malygos] <Ifrit> Ifrit is a small guild of casual players with a group goal of Heroic raiding. We are busy people that come together 2 sometimes 3 days a week to grind ourselves through current Normal then Heroic content. We are 7/7H Emerald Nightmare, 2/3H Trial of Valor, 10/10N Nighthold. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday at 10pm EST for 2 hours. We are mostly looking for DPS, All classes. DPS with offspec heals they are willing to use on rare occasion would be paramount. Any other class or role with a decent player behind it will be more than welcomed. If you are interested or have any questions add Wararies#1863 or leave me a message here.Warares2 Jun 11
Jun 9 Seeking ranged and heals for last spots Strong and stable guild of over 10 years seeking to fill last few spots on main raid roster. Shadowmoon Knights (10/10 H NH) formed just prior to BC. We have consistently remained a stable, fun, strong progression guild. We have a unique raiding atmosphere, one that is enjoyable yet serious. Our raid leaders are fun and fair while keeping things serious when they need to be. This is a guild where you WILL see progression without hearing others being yelled at. Our guildies help one another. Our current raid times are Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 11:30pm CST. As well we run Normal Night Hold for alt runs on other nights. We are a very active guild and you can almost always find us online running Mythics, questing, pvp, helping each other out. Currently seeking the following: Healers: Druid, Monk, Paladin. Will consider other classes. Ranged DPS: Mage, Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest, Boomkin. Will consider other classes. You can check us out at to get info or send us your info. Or contact us in game: Mirialia #1127 Zurgon#1725 Sidka#1813Mirialia1 Jun 9
Jun 9 Shadowmoon Knights is currently recruiting Shadowmoon Knights is currently recruiting. SMK formed just prior to BC. We have consistently remained a stable, fun, strong progression guild. We have a unique raiding atmosphere, one that is enjoyable yet serious. Raiding schedule is Thur/Mon 8:30-11:30pm. Seeking quality players that knows their class, takes pride in their numbers as well as situational awareness. To check us out and apply please visit www.shadowmoonknights.comMirialia1 Jun 9
Jun 8 The Dirty Kraken moving on.. It's been real bois but the kraken is moving to greater oceans can't hold a mythic roster on horde side, I wish the best of luck to everyone left on this server <3Slurpeebuff1 Jun 8
May 30 Dreadnoughts 8/10 M NH LF tank <Dreadnoughts> (Malygos/Icecrown) is a new guild formed late in HFC by a strong core of raiders. We are a progression minded guild, but still have fun while we raid. Most of our raiding core is made up of adults with jobs, families, etc, and love to kill raid bosses. Raid times: Wed/Sun 8:30-11:00 EST. Progress: 771 US 8/10 M NH 2/3 M ToV 7/7 M EN High priority: Any tank Any exceptional DPS. We use RCLC and Discord. Feel free to contact myself or any officers online/ Manectric - Kyletastic#1473 Dehlketh - Dehlketh#1303 Alderos - Arlonas#1579 We hope to hear from you soon!Manectric0 May 30
May 23 WTB Steelarrow Crossbow LF someone with I saw someone post it on this server's AH a few months ago and am trying to get in touch with the person who has it. I am willing to pay anywhere from 50k to 150k for this and also pay to transfer servers so I can buy it. My btag is stapp345#1696.Sniperlife0 May 23
May 16 Are there any vanilla PvPers left on Horde? Greetings All, I have been off and on this server since the beginning. Was wondering if any of the old vanilla pvpers are still going on horde side?Kilrog10 May 16
May 12 <Equitas> Recruitment About Equitas Equitas is a long time Malygos (now Malygos/Icecrown) raiding guild that started in vanilla WoW. The guild took an extended break, but members continued to hang out in Discord and various other games. Close to Legion's official launch, Equitas has returned with many of its core raiders from the past as well as new faces and has since strived to be a high-end raiding guild with a more casual raid schedule. Goal Maintain a fair, relaxed, drama free raid environment and have fun! Contact Guild Leader: Panther Officers: Silliom, Teddysmash Raid Schedule Wednesday: 7:30pm to 11pm CST (8:30pm to 12am EST) Tuesday: 7:30pm to 11pm CST (8:30pm to 12am EST) With only a two day raid schedule, we expect raiders to be able to consistently attend both raid nights. Thursdays 7:30pm to 11pm CST are an optional alt raid night. Current Progression Emerald Nightmare Normal: 7/7 Heroic: 7/7 Mythic: 4/7 Trials of Valor Normal: 3/3 Heroic: 3/3 Mythic: 0/3 Nighthold Normal: 10/10 Heroic: 10/10 Mythic: 5/10 Recruitment Our recruitment will always be open for very skilled and experienced raiders! Class Interest Druid (Balance, Restoration) Demon Hunter (Havoc) Death Knight (Frost) Monk (Windwalker) Paladin (Holy) Shaman (ALL) Warlock Hunter Rogue Mage If you're interested in joining Equitas, please contact one of the officers or the GM listed under "Contact". Thanks for your consideration! Last updated: May 18, 2017Verthril11 May 12
May 8 Schools out Forever Any one on this realm still looking to do Schools Out Forever? Im looking to get a group together for this achievement but having issues plugging it. Let me know if you all know any one looking to do it! Thank you!Ceranax0 May 8
May 7 WTB Peerless Leggings. I have been unsuccessful at farming these and none are listed on AH atm,would be willing to pay a reasonable amount if anyone has them,cheers.Edelise0 May 7
May 5 Any Opus people around? Hey guys, raiding AQ40 and Naxx with you all will always feel like the golden age of WoW to me. Just wondering if any of you are still on the server. I'm in touch with Manathor. Just wanted to say hi and see what people are up to. Take care, OroOrodroth0 May 5
May 2 Are there any restricted leveling guilds? Leveling up feels like too much of a grind, and it sucks because it's such a big part of the game. I feel it's just due to a lack of social interaction. Your professions are pretty much worthless since there's very little trade, dungeons are just random crawls, and questing is often lonely unless you know someone IRL. The lack of economy is a huge issue for me, since I love working with professions and on my low population server (Icecrown) the AH is almost completely empty. I couldn't even buy the mats to power-level my crafting professions if I wanted to. If I had a guild of even a dozen or so people specifically at my level, the game would be *so much* more fun! The leveling process can take weeks, so my options are to slog through it alone, or buy a lvl 100. However, I do very much enjoy questing and gathering, so I really don't want to skip all that. My thought is, a guild (or even just a subreddit) of people who were restricted to a certain level. The level would increase each day or week, but be limited. Say, about an hour's worth of questing per day, maybe less. If you fall behind, you can dungeon grind to catch up. If you level up too far, you can work on professions, or play another character. Personally, I have a lot of spare time right now, so I would probably level a couple characters together at this pace. I feel like leveling up at this more relaxed pace would encourage players to explore the world, spend time fishing while they wait for their guild to catch up, fully complete zone questlines instead of moving to the highest level zone they can, get to understand their character's mechanics and rotation better, and interact more with their professions. It would establish an economy, and the mere idea of having people to trade with, quest with, and craft for would establish a general sense of camaraderie. I don't know if this is really a thing already or not, but I'm definitely interested if anyone else is. Does anyone know if there are guilds or subs that do this, or would anyone be interested in starting one? Leveling up is such a big part of the game, and I would love to do it as part of a community rather than solo.Chokform4 May 2
Apr 25 Dreadnoughts 5/10 M NH LF heals <Dreadnoughts> (Malygos/Icecrown) is a new guild formed late in HFC by a strong core of raiders. We are a progression minded guild, but still have fun while we raid. Most of our raiding core is made up of adults with jobs, families, etc, and love to kill raid bosses. Raid times: Tue/Sun 8:30-11:00 EST. Progress: 974 US 5/10 M NH 2/3 M ToV 7/7 M EN High priority: All healer classes Any exceptional players are welcome to apply as well. We use RCLC and Discord. Feel free to contact myself or any officers online/ Manectric - Kyletastic#1473 Dehlketh - Dehlketh#1303 Alderos - Arlonas#1579 We hope to hear from you soon!Manectric1 Apr 25
Apr 23 WTB Heroic Flayed Demonskin Belt Just putting this out there in case anyone has one of these lying around in their bank or whatever - looking for the Flayed Demonskin Belt in the heroic color scheme (brown and black). It's a leather trash drop from HFC. Willing to pay a fair price, I'm thinking 10k. Horde side, obviously. Thanks!Oggvorb0 Apr 23
Apr 18 Dead server is dead Coming back to WoW after a long hiatus. I haven't played since Cataclysm and don't have Legion yet. I thought it would be cool to roll a Frost Mage on Icecrown. I should've changed my mind before putting all the time and effort into it. I only realized my mistake when I started to list things on the AH. Sometimes I feel lucky to sell anything at all on there. But now here I am, with my new main, stuck on a dead server with the worst AH trading experience and the longest instance queue times I've ever experienced since I've started playing. Not to mention, I don't ever see any other characters or active guilds from the same realm in the open world. I once got a guild invite from a guild on Malygos. I'm not ready to pay for a character transfer but that seems like my only option, unless... Maybe I'm just not paying enough attention or maybe I'm trying to sell the wrong things on AH (crafting mats for all levels, blue and purple gear from Classic through WoD raids). Is it just me? Is Icecrown still alive and thriving? Or is it as cold and dead as the Lich King himself? Are there any active guilds on Icecrown? Or if I start a new guild, would there be anyone to join it? Looking for a sign of life here. Any Icecrown characters still alive? If you're out there, please tell me, and let me know what content you're focused on so that I can stop wasting my time and deposits on AH listings that don't move. Also, if you're out there, are you all on Legion? Anyone still playing WoD content? These 3 hour queues for daily heroics are just plain ridiculous. This is me jelling into the void. Hello! Is anybody out there? Hello!Zhihui4 Apr 18
Apr 17 Dirty Kraken 1/10M Recruiting <The Dirty Kraken> 1/10M. The top guild Horde side is looking for DPS to fill out our mythic roster. Priority to Warlock, Mage, Spriest, exceptional raiders are always considered. Whisper or send in game mail to Alvaldi-Icecrown with questions, or add me on Bnet so we can chat Amazingazian#1385 Raid nights are Tues/Weds/Friday 7-10PM *Friday 8-11PM*Slurpeebuff2 Apr 17
Apr 14 Wewt. Attempt 23Exsamson6 Apr 14
Mar 31 Horde Pop? How's the Horde population here? I'm thinking of jumping factions.Gimlocke3 Mar 31
Mar 23 Avatars of Discord? Any old members of AoD still around? Looking for my PeepsOfive4 Mar 23
Mar 21 [H] 877 Br Monk and 870 Frost/Blood DK LFW Hello, Just looking for a casual guild to play with others. We are hoping to find a guild that enjoys to do dungeons and raids, pvp, quests, and whatever. Message me in game if you are looking for a couple more friendly and mature players. bnet tag: optionalace#1676 Thanks!Shinjaru0 Mar 21
Mar 15 894 Ret LF Guild (8/10H) LF Heroic Raiding Guild Weds/Fri. Heya, I'm currently a raider on Aerie Peak that lives East coast (3 hour difference) and I'm burning out trying to complete mythic content. I'm looking to do heroic, but mythic is too much these days. I'm available every night after 11:30EST, weds and fri I'm available at 9-9:30EST. Willing to transfer, just want to find a good home first.Sancta0 Mar 15
Mar 8 Resto druid looking for new guild home Hello all! I'm looking for a new home for raiding, running m+, and socializing :) I'm currently ilvl 885, with an 883 frost mage alt, and am 10/10 N NH. Looking to join a guild doing progression on H NH. I'm available any evening except for Fridays. Please add me on discord and shoot me a message if you are interested in having me! Avra#3950Cuilwen1 Mar 8
Feb 25 Any Denver area players? This is probably a long shot, but what the heck. I've recently (last couple of years) moved to Denver for a new job that is a major step up in my career. Everything is pretty good except for my social life. I have no family within 800 miles and haven't made any friends here. I've always been a bit shy, especially around new people. It's starting to get a bit lonely. Anyway, I was just wondering if there is any sort of an Icecrown Denver community...or even a few players in the area that I could share this game with. I'm in a guild on my main, but it seems virtually dead. I have no idea if it will pick up again in a couple of months. But regardless, I just miss actually going out and being with people IRL. I'm posting on an alt since I know you can never underestimate people's willingness to harass, especially when someone opens themself up. And believe it or not, I really am. This is a lot harder to write than I expected when I began a few minutes ago. TLDR; Lonely guy in Denver looking to make WoW friends. Does anyone care?Crowlay7 Feb 25
Feb 25 Seed raid for herbers, Tues 2/28 at 8 server We're running a seed raid for herbalists, Tuesday at 8 server. Bring your herb seeds (NOT felwort, which is one-loot only, but any of the others), or just your herbalist, and join us. We'll be planting said seeds in fertile soil in a location TBD, but most likely Irongrove Retreat in Suramar if everyone is 110. Each seed can be looted multiple times within a limited duration, so everyone in the raid can loot everything. If you're alliance, we'd be glad to add you to the raid for this Furious Pantaloons event; friend me at Gbits#1916 and send me a tell. If you're Horde, you're still welcome to come - we can all loot each others' seeds. You just can't join the raid. See you in Suramar!Gbits0 Feb 25
Feb 25 [A] Nighthold Normal on Sundays, 9/10H group Hi all-- We're running a Normal Nighthold raid on Sundays from 3-6pm server (Central) time. While priority is gearing up raiding mains missing a piece or two for our heroic and mythic progression, loot is personal; mains > alts for things that go up for roll. We're a Day 1 guild, and our raids are FRIENDLY: We're all family-oriented adults, and welcome people of any age with a similar mindset. Bring your reasonably-geared toons to join us! We have this content on farm and have not had any problems killing it. We won't be taking new 110s, but we're also not going to ask for AOTC for a normal run. (Lookin' at you, LFG.) If you'd like to come along, please have Discord installed and friend me (Gbits#1916). P.S. If you're ever interested in joining the guild, this is the only way. FP doesn't recruit; we invite folks we're already friends with. That's why we're still trucking since EQ1. We're 9/10H Nighthold, 7/7H EN and 3/3H ToV, and expect to be in mythics next week. We raid Fri/Sat nights. [Edit: 9/10 now, woot!]Gbits0 Feb 25
Feb 16 Malygos US Server First Boss Kills History Hey all. I've been playing on Malygos since 2004. I recall and have seen footage of Eminence getting the server first Ragnaros kill. I also remember Arcanum getting a great amount of Burning Crusade Server firsts. I was just wondering who got the Nefarian and C'Thun server firsts. If anyone could also add information on who got any other final raid boss kills over the years it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.Vathromir8 Feb 16
Feb 14 Looking for Engineer I am looking for a Engineer for Mist Piercing Goggles. My mats + tipDavenko0 Feb 14
Feb 9 A Tiny Gang looking for more Hello there! A Tiny Gang is an alliance guild looking to add to our ranks. We are a small casual guild looking to get back to raiding. We are accepting any members that would like to join us but for raiding we need only a couple of DPS. We do mythics, keystones, and just have fun together. Our core group of players are usually online late afternoon/evening. If you would like to join us or have any questions just comment below, find us online, or message Negasomis directly.Negasomis0 Feb 9
Feb 8 [A] <FX> is recruiting Guild FX on Icecrown / Malygos is looking for non-elitist players interested in a great social environment, mythic and mythic + groups, 10 man raiding, and PvP on Icecrown. We don't care if you're an all-star: we want mature, respectful people that like to do things as a group. Spooked by mythics? No sweat...learn with us in an environment where you needn't worry about someone yelling at you. We're hoping to find enough like-minded players to keep raiding enjoyable, dungeons lively, and to make WQ's less of a bore! /w any online FX member to be put in touch with an officer. See you in-game!Malathyne3 Feb 8
Feb 1 [A] Eternal Serenity Recruiting Hi there! Eternal Serenity on Icecrown/Malygos is an alliance guild that is currently recruiting DPS (preferably ranged) and possibly a extra healer to help build our raid team for higher end raiding. We are currently 7/10 normal Nighthold. Raid times are Friday and Saturday nights 10:30-12:30. We are a pretty laid back guild that doesnt mind helping people out, whether its gearing up, getting quests done or running mythics we are generally always doing something or helping each other out. We really only look for loyalty/consistency. We do accept people looking to come hang out and be with friends. We are all adults and (for the most part) we act like it. If interested please go to and create a profile. Once done, register your character to your profile so that we know who you are, and then the site will allow you to access the recruitment/application page.Oniryu0 Feb 1
Jan 29 [H] Ibyish Clan is recruiting [H] <Ibyish Clan> is looking for a few more members to round out our ranks for Nighthold! We're a semi-casual guild that has been around since vanilla WoW, and raid on a two night a week schedule, Thursday and Sunday 7:00-10:00 server time. We're especially looking for ranged dps, but any who are interested are welcome. For more information, please talk to Shumai, Torstai, or Baelrog in-game, or reply below. Thanks!Shumai6 Jan 29
Jan 27 [A] Friendz With Benefits - Recruiting UPDATED - 12/03/16 Hello fellow Icecrown and Malygos players! I am the guild leader of Friendz With Benefts - we are a heroic progression guild, with veteran raiders/players of various MMOs. We are currently through 7/7 Heroic EN, and are looking to push into ToV. Right now we have some needs i'll list below: Aiming for 15 man group: 1 Off Tank 1 Flex or Tank Healer 3 Melee DPS 2 Range DPS We are looking for active players that work on their class and work toward raid effectiveness. We expect our raiders to be up to date on their class and working on improving week to week. We are currently requesting those at 850+ ilevel, with the ability to be on time and a positive contributor to our raiding group. As a side note - leadership is a council of officers and leaders. We make decisions to benefit the entire guild, not just individuals. This eliminates a lot of drama, and creates a fair environment for all. We are also extremely stable in our core, and are looking to expand that core with dedicated players. There are a lot of guilds falling apart right now, we will not be one of them. Contact any of our leaders below for more info: Options/Benefits Sip/Hayah Mor/Aerohunter Maedar Thanks for your time everyone, good luck out there.Benefits5 Jan 27