Kilrogg and Winterhoof

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Nov 9, 2018 [H] Temporary Insanity 2/8M LFM Raiders Realm: Kilrogg Guild: Temporary Insanity Contact Us: Nava, Rahu, or Gymmy Current BfA Progression: Uldir - 8/8 Normal, 8/8 Heroic, 2/8 Mythic. Currently working on Mythic Vectis. Bfa Raid Goal: Maintain AoTC + Glory of the Raider mounts. Push Mythic Raid content. Raid Info: Main Raid (Heroic and/or Mythic Uldir)- Friday and Saturday 8pm-11pm (PST). Progression Night Sunday 6pm-9pm (PST). (Normal Uldir Alt/Members) Tues,Wed,Thurs, or Monday 7pm-10pm (PST). We move the Alt raid days around to give anyone with a scheduling restriction a chance to go. Mythic+: All during the week outside of our scheduled guild raids, our members are running M+, pug raids, LFR, PVP, battle pet collecting, and transmog runs. Guild Goal: Our goal is to provide a flexible progression oriented raiding environment. We have a solid group of raiders and we're currently looking for a few more. We understand real life comes before raiding so no worries if you can't make every raid. Feasts/cauldrons/potions/gems/enchants are provided for our Raiders so they can focus their game time on improving and having fun. What We're Looking For: Active players who know their class. Players with past raiding experience who enjoy the challenges of end game raiding. Currently we need consistent raiders of any class/role. Specifically we have openings for DH, Monk, and Warlocks as we do not have many in our ranks. Guest Info: Contact Nava or Gymmy. Send a chat or in-game mail for more information if you're interested in raiding with us. To speed up the recruitment process, have a Heroic or Mythic Uldir parse ready so we can take a look.Rahu7 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 7, 2018 (H) LFG - Strays in need of good home My brothers and sister and I are looking for a nice guild to be a part of. We certainly aren't the most talented or powerful beings in Azeroth, but we are friendly and lovable if given a chance. My sister, Xelanna, looks very much like me, but dabbles in the dark arts. She's not as skilled as I am, but she's getting there. She also likes to suck the magic out of items to create new enchantments. My two brothers look nothing like me. Thorrik is a giant, hairy, horned creature with a heart of gold and a love for all things natural. Don't get on his bad side, however; he'll scratch you to pieces. He has an affinity for finding rare plants and using them to make the most marvelous potions. My other brother, Gorrik, is not as big or hairy, but still bigger than me, with thick arms and a broad chest. He's very spiritual, and quite skilled in using his hands and feet in combat. He's not really interested in other pursuits, but he does like to gather plants and ores as he travels for others to use. I, myself, enjoy archery and spending time with my favorite pets. I hunt quite a bit, and always make sure not to waste any part of the animal. I find that I can make their skins into some pretty sturdy clothing. We are a little socially awkward, and haven't been to very many parties (most of which seem to take place in some scary locations), but with a good group of friends at our side, we would be happy to learn about all Azeroth has to offer. We generally have a casual view about life, and sometimes our commitments elsewhere keep us occupied, but we promise to be active and helpful whenever we can. Please consider taking us in. It's lonely out there without a family to call our own.Xaxxer2 Nov 7, 2018
Nov 3, 2018 (A) Indominus US Kilrogg recruiting Indominus is a new guild with experienced players returning to WoW. The core members of the guild are all IRL friends/co-workers that have started raiding again and looking to check more raid bosses off our lists. Most of us have a sarcastic dark sense of humor but all in good fun, those who are easily offended need not apply. Currently we are recruiting all classes and specs and looking for Class Leaders to help development of other guildies as well as help with guild events. We want players with dedication building guild from ground level and help it grow into something bigger. Raid times are Friday and Saturday 6pm pst - 11pm. Mythic+ grinding Tuesday-Thursday Requirements: o Age 18+ I would give us a TV MA rating… (even though we might never act mature…) o Level 120 main o Some raiding experience preferred but not required (as long as you can follow instructions) o Discord (with a working mic) o A sense of humor o Dedication Please apply at the link below Nov 3, 2018
Nov 1, 2018 [H] Dark Storm is looking for a few more We are a casual older group with jobs/kids. Most members playing since vanilla. We prefer CST/EST playtime. We are looking for active but casual players. Mage Priest Rogue Monk Thanks.Ðeathdealer5 Nov 1, 2018
Oct 30, 2018 Hallow's End - Storytime with Docworm On Hallow's End and Winter Veil, I do storytimes in tradechat, each year. If you missed storytime for Hallow's End this year, I've included it below so that you can cuddle up with a nice hot cup of melted candy-korn, and have a read. Here is the script of my story from tonight:Docworm7 Oct 30, 2018
Oct 21, 2018 [H] 370 Resto Druid 7/8 H LF Raiding Guild I'd prefer a CST or EST raiding guild My ideal fit would be a guild that values progression and humor. Raiders are fully enchanted, flasked, and food buff at a minimum. Here are my logs My battlenet is RippedGeek#1866Grewbacca0 Oct 21, 2018
Oct 13, 2018 [A] Enígma is recruiting DPS for heroic prog. Enígma is currently looking for heroic ready dps (10k dps+)for progression through Uldir. More specifically we are looking for ranged classes. We are currently 8/8 on normal and 2/8 on heroic. We are a laid back guild of friends who all have a wide background, ranging from vanilla to BFA and the guild has been active since Cata. This recruitment is for a raid team that is part of the guild, the guild is not a raiding guild. Raid times: Friday: 7pm - 9pm pst(server time) Saturday 7pm -10pm pst(server time) If you’re also looking for a social guild to be a part of all are welcomed even if you don’t have the drive to heroic raid. If you’re interested please message me on discord [Wammo#5411]or [Wammo#11464] I will do my best to monitor this thread, but priority will go to discord and Thank you!Wammo0 Oct 13, 2018
Oct 13, 2018 STV ICE is here to Serve and Protect Alliance Pigs, While you may have had your race permit approved by the local authorities in Stranglethorn Vale, you neglected to file appropriate Visa paperwork for race participants. As an STV ICE Officer it is my sworn duty to protect the citizens of Stranglethorn Vale from outside threats. Therefor ALL race participants will need to present their STV Visas at the Checkpoint I have established or you will be subject to immediate termination. We will have officers actively patrolling the roads as well who will be "stop and frisking" all racers as well as officers armed with the latest in dismounting technology. Comply with all officer requests and you will not be harmed. If you do not comply or your paperwork is not in order you will be subject to swift and immediate termination. From all of us here at STV ICE thank you and have a great day.Unbreakablex0 Oct 13, 2018
Oct 9, 2018 (H) 11/11H <Big Trouble Lil Azeroth> Hey Everyone! Our guild is currently recruiting for all specs and classes. We just recently transferred to horde, and are looking to bolster our ranks for the end of Legion and rolling into BFA. We are a casual guild but still enjoy progression and plan to continue down that path with BFA. Our end goal is to push Mythic raiding, only thing that's stopped us is lack of playerbase. Most of our guild consists of 30+ age group, we work, we have families, we love the game but we have other things going on as well. We're looking for like minded people that like the challenge of progression, but can also relax and enjoy the game. Currently most of our roster is on break, but we are starting up the raid group again June 6th. We raid Wed-Thur evening, 7-930 pm Server Time or PT. You can sign up on our website, or contact me in game or on the forum: Nosolace#11559 Look forward to playing with you guys interested!Flöki10 Oct 9, 2018
Oct 7, 2018 [H] Selling Uldir AOTC and Full clears! Hey everyone! <Disciples of Grey> is selling a variety of services on horde side of Kilrogg-Winterhoof. This has now been updated for BFA! All gold is paid up front at the beginning of the run. No deposits necessary. All services have no requirement on previous knowledge of the fight, any 120 character can participate (even fresh 120's) Our runs take place each Tuesday of each week. Some Tuesdays may be unavailable because of holidays or unforeseen circumstances. Please message for details. Here are all of the services we are offering: Heroic G'huun AOTC - 250,000 gold Heroic G'huun kill that will award you AOTC. Specific bosses in Heroic Uldir Taloc / MOTHER / Fetid - 50,000 gold Zek'voz / Vectis - 100,000 gold Zul / Mythrax - 150,000 gold Heroic Uldir Full Clear - 800,000 gold Includes all 8 bosses on heroic difficulty. AOTC. Normal Uldir Full Clear - 300,000 gold Includes all 8 bosses on normal difficulty. You can look through the Kilrogg/Winterhoof forum to see our previous sales of AOTC, Nightbane and other runs. Please add KirbyAu#1259 if you're interested. Thank you.Kìrby25 Oct 7, 2018
Oct 4, 2018 [A] <TonC> 8/8 N 5/8 H LF DPS and Heals Hi All, <TonC> - Temporarily Out of Native Country is looking to recruit heroic raid ready DPS and heals to continue our progression through heroic and onto mythic. Info below: Raid Days: Monday & Wednesday Raid Times: 7PM - 10 PM PST We are a laid back group of old friends that enjoy joking around on disc while still getting through content. If you are heroic raid ready (10k+ DPS, 10k+ HPS) please send a PM to eklone#1742. If you reply to this thread, i will do my best to contact you. Thanks.Wronda0 Oct 4, 2018
Oct 3, 2018 winterhoofers Hiya. Been awhile since posted on forums. Whos still here that was pain vendor foundation makaveli or deus invictus back in cataclysmSkyrs1 Oct 3, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 [A] <TonC> Kil'Rogg 6/8 N ll 2/8 H LF Healer <TonC> - is looking to recruit a healer to join us for our Monday and Wednesday raids, 7pm - 10pm PST. We are a laid back guild with players who played during BC, WOTLK and some Legion together. If you are interested and can make our raid times please reach out to eklone#1742.Wronda2 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 25, 2018 [A/H] looking for guild Hey all, I've been playing WoW for a few months with a coworker of mine and we haven't really been able to find a guild that feels like home yet. We are both looking to push high content, for example we are just starting to get comfortable running +6 Mythics, and want to find a guild focused on such with possibility of joining a heroic raiding team or competitive pvp team. I put both factions in the title because I feel alliance might not be pushing content as hard as the horde is, but we are both currently on alliance toons. We feel, if given the right opportunity, we could be fluid enough to change factions. Anyway, thanks for reading through all of this! Hope someone can help.Ðarîus1 Sep 25, 2018
Sep 24, 2018 [H] Ater Draconis is recruiting! Ater Draconis is a newer guild that is wanting to strengthen our raiding team! We are a close knitted group of 95 current characters, all at various levels but most are 120 with ilevel at 350. Our current raiding schedule is (all server time) at 5:00 pm ~8:30 pm~~Thursday & Sunday~raiding Heroic Uldir and on Tuesday normal Uldir for farming. We really need level 120’s with their iLevel of 345 and are needing just a few amazing people to help round out our family. We are needing the following (but are happy to have you join us even if you do not fall into these categories): Mage,Warlock, Death Knight,Holy Priest, Restro Druid then please add me on (Braydin#1359) We would love to chat with you on why you should be a vital part of the Black Dragons that are Ater Draconis!Braydin0 Sep 24, 2018
Sep 20, 2018 [A] Vanilly - Looking for more players! Do you like dad jokes? You've come to the right place. Vanilly is looking for veterans and casuals alike for future content! Raids, Mythic+, PvP, laughing at cringy memes, and more. We are looking to do a bit of everything, so come join us for BfA! Discord, guild bank, jacuzzi for skinny dipping, we've got it all. Send an in-game tell to one of our officers (Alessria, Nieliar, Halros) or myself for an invite. See you then. :)Caspery1 Sep 20, 2018
Sep 18, 2018 [H] [Guild Recruiting] <Arise> Hello! Just dropping a line here - <Arise> has returned from a long absence and we are looking to grow for BfA and beyond. We are a small group of players who have been playing since vanilla launch, and are looking for like-minded individuals to join us and re-grow our guild. :) Guild Description: Casual/Social Raiding/Mythics Proposed Schedule for BfA: Tuesday/Wednesdays at 7pm CST Classes: Recruiting all! Levels: Recruiting all! Rules: Be active, be respectful, have fun! Typical Playtimes: 3pm CST to 1am CST weekdays - Likely more on weekends! Please feel free to respond here - or message me in game (or any member) and we will be happy to bring you into our guild. Thanks! AwakuneAwakune8 Sep 18, 2018
Sep 16, 2018 Selling Anna - Winterhoof Selling Anna since trying to get my desired name on a different server is going to be a pricey endeavor. Also my plans to play here fell through =[ Will check thread regularly. Thanks for being such good realms <3Anna0 Sep 16, 2018
Sep 12, 2018 [H] Access to 8th GBank Voucher! It took many months and lots of gold, but Stay Classy is finished and the Voucher for 8th gbank tab is now in my guild vendor! I will offer up access, for free, to any who need it for the next week! (Until Sep 19th) It costs 20,000g to purchase. You will need Revered reputation to see it on the vendor, this means you'll have to send a main toon who was exalted when leaving the guild to come get the voucher (rep drops one rank when joining a new guild). To claim it you will need to promote the toon who has it to guild master, and to do that the current GM and target GM must be online at the same time... so it is a two person operation!Onawa17 Sep 12, 2018
Sep 10, 2018 Connected Server Questions Newer player here. Still trying to figure out the cross realm thing. If I'm on Winterhoof, can I join a Kilrogg guild? What about joining a party? I see a lot of Proudmoore (sp?) characters when I quest (usually mowing through the mobs I need), but I can't join their party, correct?Xaxxer2 Sep 10, 2018
Sep 9, 2018 [H] Ministry of Truth Recruiting Hello! I'm the guild leader for Ministry of Truth. One week to go before Battle for Azeroth releases and you know what that means--RECRUITMENT! MoT welcomes players regardless of their gaming experience. We don't care if you've played since release or just picked up the game last week--if you have the right attitude, we've got a place for you. We currently have two active raid teams; the early team is running from 5:30PM to 7:30PM PST on Mondays and Thursdays and the late team is running on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9PM-11PM PST. The LATE team is seeking interested players for raiding in BfA. To allow everyone ample time to level up and get their starting raid gear, we will begin BfA raiding content on September 12. MoT is a relatively casual, mostly family friendly guild. We do not accept applicants under the age of 21. If you're looking for a group of friendly, helpful folks, come check us out at We're also on Facebook Or you can chat with me directly: ARACHNE#1222Lunura24 Sep 9, 2018
Sep 3, 2018 [H] Tues/Thurs 4pm-8pm PST Cross Realm PUG <Undercity Parcel Service> Horde - Kil'Jaeden are looking for more DPS and Healers to join our pug raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm-8pm PST. We'll start with normal on Sept 4th and quickly push into heroic while forming a core 20-25 man team in anticipation for cross-realm Mythic Raiding. Requirements: 1. Discord (Don't need a mic) 2. 340 iLvl 3. Flask, Food, Pots How will the raids be led? The first few attempts on the boss will be everyone learning it. Seeing the fight, understanding the mechanics, and getting a feel for timings. After that we'll be using food and pots and focusing down on the specific things wiping us. You don't have to play perfect, but if you die to the same thing and aren't making an effort to improve we will have to replace you. If these times work and you wanna join up with a pug that operates more like a guild free to contact us or join our Horde Community. Community: Guild Leader: Racker#1664 Raid Leader: Haws#1579Racker0 Sep 3, 2018
Aug 31, 2018 Tank and Healer LF Guild for BFA Hey guys. Me and my girlfriend are currently looking for a friendly guild to call our home in the upcoming expansion. We're able to make any raid time between 7-9 pm server. I guess I'll give a little backstory about us. I have been tanking since early BC, I play every tank class at a decent level. Raided most tiers up until warlords, where I took a break. My GF is fairly new to the game and healing overall, I'll be teaching her as much as I'm able so keep in mind that she is still learning. If you're okay with that, then feel free to message me at: Michael#19803 ~Thanks guys.Mike9 Aug 31, 2018
Aug 31, 2018 [A] Looking for mythic+ guild I currently have a Guardian tank at 340 and an alt rogue that should be 120 soon. I'm happy to respec to whatever is most beneficial for pushing keys. I have been playing on and off since beta. I was a gladiator and have progression raided seriously, but both several years ago. Getting back into it and looking for a group of good players that would love another resource for pushing mythics and other group content. I would also really like to raid, but I travel for work and can't really commit to a consistent schedule.Mustardtiga0 Aug 31, 2018
Aug 30, 2018 [H]<Zombie Nation> Heroic-only Fri/Sat night <Zombie Nation> is an established and successful heroic-only raiding guild with a goal of being realm-top-10 in Heroic. We are looking for both experienced raiders and scrappy new-comers who want to get involved with our raiding squad. We expect everyone to be an eager and engaged team member--not merely a participant. New recruits will need to have a raid-ready DPS spec. Off-spec tanks and healers will have the opportunity for raid playing time. All raid team members can expect fairness, transparency and respectful dialog. Raid times will be approximately 7:30-10:30 PST Friday and Saturday. In-game, feel free to reach out to Choowi-Kilrogg, Gavinius-Winterhoof (Sobe#1137), or Sudo-Winterhoof (VeggieMeat#1363). Or if you prefer, drop by our discord when you have a chance. Discord: WoWProgress: WCL: Aug 30, 2018
Aug 29, 2018 Disc LF Guild Hiya, I'm looking to find an active Alliance guild to run with. I would like to raid eventually. I've been away for a bit. Usually on Zerun or StylianosZerun0 Aug 29, 2018
Aug 27, 2018 Aquitaine Raiders - Red/Gold Group Yo! Anyone from the vanilla days who was in the guild Aquitaine Raiders and remembers how we had two 40-man raid groups; Red and Gold? I'm trying to remember what guild Red Group formed when they broke away. It's been bugging me for years.Morphsticles0 Aug 27, 2018
Aug 21, 2018 Warrior looking for PvP guild. Looking for a solid PvP guild for my warrior. I also have a shaman and a warlock i can level if needed but I have spent a good amount of time playing the warrior. I want like world pvp, rated bg, and rated arenas. I feel like its a good expansion to focus on pvp with the theme being stand against the horde. I generally want to build a little bit of a bond with the players instead of insta queing or looking for randoms. I believe this would bring wow a little back for me. Pardon my grammar its terrible. I am 22 years old so I am not a little kid. throw this in there maybe a little mythic+ action for the quick gear. Sgtadazz-kilroggSgtbadazz0 Aug 21, 2018
Aug 21, 2018 Any daytime raiding guilds/groups out there? Holy/Ret Pally getting back into the game and looking to raid 2 or 3 days a week in the mornings/afternoon 10ish-2ish EST. ThanksRholdren0 Aug 21, 2018
Aug 20, 2018 What's shakin' Kilrogg? OMG long time no forum post! Miss all your faces! How is WoW treating y'all these days?Foxy0 Aug 20, 2018
Aug 19, 2018 Seeking Raiding Partnership Ministry of Truth, a Horde guild nearing its ninth anniversary, seeks another guild who may be in similar circumstances to form a raiding partnership with; the idea being that once the "communities" feature described at Blizzcon goes live, the partnership will be carried forward there and possibly expanded upon. Who we are: A casual Horde guild. Our membership is purely adults, mostly in the 30+ age range. We're about having fun with all aspects of the game, and enjoy raiding on Normal and Heroic difficulties. Many of us have been playing together since the guild's first year of existence but we are a friendly group and mostly play well with others. What we are looking for: We've had problems maintaining consistent raid rosters. With recruitment being very competitive, we've decided to reach out to other guilds who might be in similar circumstances--we want to stick together as a guild and we want to raid without being at the mercy of the groupfinder and the luck of the draw that comes with that. Currently, our late night team which raids from 9:00pm Pacific time to 11:00pm Pacific time is made up of 7 people who have good attendance and raid performance. We usually raid on Mondays and Wednesdays, but days of the week can be somewhat flexible--the time cannot, due to real life commitments. If you are interested in forming a partnership, with the idea of continuing or expanding upon it when the "communities" feature revealed at Blizzcon is added to the game, let's chat about it. My battletag is ARACHNE#1222.Lunura4 Aug 19, 2018
Aug 18, 2018 (H) Tank/Healer LF Guild found one..thanks!Kaylee4 Aug 18, 2018
Aug 17, 2018 Guardian Druid LF progression raiding/Mythics 313 ilvl, looking to be a part of a progression team. Times that work are between 8 PM to 12 AM Eastern.Barios1 Aug 17, 2018
Aug 17, 2018 <A> Opposition LFM for BfA Opposition is a new guild comprised of players who have raided together since BC. We are looking for dedicated and skilled raiders who are willing to do what it takes to push mythic progression once raids are opened in BfA. What we’re looking for Complete knowledge of your class and spec. 90% raid attendance General knowledge of boss encounters Doing whatever is necessary to min/max The ability to communicate The ability to take constructive criticism. The understanding that there might be times that you will have to sit. (The optimal comp is the first consideration when invites are done and raid performance is close second). What we’re not looking for There will be nights full of repeated, absurdly frustrating wipes. So with that said, we are most definitely not looking for people who rage out and develop a defeatist attitude. Players who put their own desires ahead of the progression of the guild as a whole. People who can’t just admit when they’ve made a mistake and learn from it. Current recruitment needs Tank: All classes other than DH. (Will have to dps on occasion) Healer: All classes Ranged: All classes Melee: All classes Server: Kilrogg/winterhoof Raid times and days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 10PM to 1AM EST. For more information, please contact Masurao#1842Droom1 Aug 17, 2018
Aug 14, 2018 Tinder Date now recruiting! (A) Are you weird and socially awkward? Do you like pizza? Were you born with ten fingers? Tinder Date is the place for YOU! (The guild name is an inside joke, you won't get it. But if you're a member, I might fill you in.) Really, we're a social guild interested in casual content: Mythics, PvP, and the occasional raid. Most of us are veterans who enjoy bad jokes, cringe worthy puns, and carbohydrates. Lots, and lots of carbohydrates. Newcomers are greatly welcome. Send a whisper or in-game mail to Alessria or myself on Kilrogg for an invite. It's not a sausage fest.. yet.Caspery0 Aug 14, 2018
Aug 10, 2018 Transferring to Kilrogg Hey all, transferring from a dead server over to Kilrogg since it's more balanced. My friend and I have both been playing since vanilla with allot of raid experience. I'm going to be running heals and he is going to be a dps of one class or another. We will be transferring Friday and just wanted to put some feelers out on what guilds are out there. Thanks for your time and have a good nightCorvienuis0 Aug 10, 2018
Aug 9, 2018 [H] <Ater Draconis> Recruiting We are a newly formed guild looking to do Dungeon and raiding content in BFA. We formed in late June in order to create a guild that plays together. We will be running Mythic, Mythic+ and Raid content starting as soon as it is released. If you are looking for an active guild that plays together please add me on B-Net Braydin#1359. All classes and Roles welcome! See you soon!Nearian0 Aug 9, 2018
Aug 9, 2018 Graveyard Shift [A] The Late Night Community Are you someone that frequently, or exclusively, plays WoW during the latest of hours at night and into the morning light? If so, then you are well aware of the lack of community and activity at that time. Pugs can easily be the worst of the daily batch, the number of active guilds is extremely slim, and you often get the leftovers for Mythic+ and PvP groups. What's worse, is when a formerly reliable late night guild's activity starts to decline, your selection of new guilds is often coupled with a hefty server change cost (and sometimes faction change too). This is where Graveyard Shift comes in to play! Graveyard Shift is a new Discord community that strives to cater towards players that claim the world of Azeroth between 9:00 PM and 11:00 AM Eastern time. The idea behind Graveyard Shift is for you to no longer need to switch servers, or guilds, unless you desire to. This is the not-guild guild, where it doesn't matter what server you are on or what guilds you are in. We have tools to help you get the right info out to other community members so you don't have to bog your friends list down. Currently we are only supporting the Alliance faction, but if the demand grows we will venture into the Horde. To get started, be sure to join our Community: Some, but not all, of the activities and interests you can find here include: • Legacy raiding and achievements • Rare mount/toy/pet farming • Casual and progressive raiding • PvP (Arena teams and Rated Battle Grounds) • Community events: Transmog parties, group leveling events, and more Graveyard Shift is completely open for anyone to join at any time. Anyone can create an event at any time, but those that continuously and reliably create and lead events can become Event Hosts. Everything in WoW is open to cross realm activity now, with the exception of current tier Mythic raiding. Join Graveyard Shift today! Aug 9, 2018
Jul 29, 2018 Alliance Priests Social Community With the addition of communities under the social tab of and World of Warcraft I would like to invite everyone to join the social community Alliance Priests! Help us build the largest class community in the World of Warcraft. We are growing fast and looking for talented individuals to fill moderator position. Join and help make this the best community in the game. - No limit on communities you can join - Cross server chat for priest discussion - Everyone welcome, main or alt - Positive attitudes please - Recruitment allowed click the link to join Jul 29, 2018
Jul 27, 2018 loking for guild Im looking for a winterhoof guild that i can at least run M+ dungeons on. i cant seem to find any post about an alliance winterhoof guild so i thought i would post about looking for one I you have a guild that i could take a look at my btag is Zupaz#1903Analae1 Jul 27, 2018
Jul 27, 2018 [A] Looking for old friends and a home. Hey guys. Some might remember me from the Vanilla and BC days on Kilrogg, but I doubt it since that was a long time ago. I used to raid with Illuminati and Defias during Vanilla and then raided with Good with Ketchup and Gladius Dei in BC until I took a break from the game. Anyways, I recently got back into playing after quitting back in the beginning of MoP and was looking for a place to call home. Due to my current work schedule, I am unable to commit to normal raid hours as I currently work from 2am until 10:30 am. However, I am interested in PVPing and Mythic 5 mans, and if a raid happens while I am available, I will not hesitate to help out. Let me know if you got a spot for me to warm and I'll be highly appreciative. Btw, does Deaken still play? What about Degaliel?Lenzbian2 Jul 27, 2018
Jul 27, 2018 [A]<Ethereal Enigma> Recruiting <Ethereal Enigma> Newly Formed Guild Looking to form a raid team that is willing to push the new BFA content. Looking to add people that are use to raiding and are willing to get into raiding(If new be open to possible Improvements). We will be pushing to go as far as we can in difficulty and most importantly providing a friendly environment. Schedule Raid Days will be Tuesday,Thursday and Friday. 7pm to 10pm PST. All Classes and Roles are Needed For Raiding -Be on time and if unable let us know before raid day. - You are required to gem and enchant your gear yourself and have it done before Raid. - Have Discord For coms. - Know your class and Have a semi understanding of your Off spec. Addons DBM RC Loot Council Weak Auras 2 Focusing on getting a 10 man group will be first, with more interest we can increase the cap. We will Provide you with Food,Pots and flasks. Any other activities like old content, guild/Personal Achievements, PVP and Mythic + can and most definitely happen. if interested add HeyItzAdam# 1623 or leave a reply on the post Thanks for your time :)Pathalon0 Jul 27, 2018
Jul 26, 2018 Looking for people to raid with.. Preferrably Heroic Tomb of Sargaras and new instances when they come out. Pst me in game.Mckenna1 Jul 26, 2018
Jul 22, 2018 WTS MYthic+ 15 Gold My group is 970 11/11M carrying people for their weekly 15. We sell them token price so we can transfer the gold to Sargeras safely. If you're interested in a carry please add me at Agerek#1954 If you have a character on Sargeras we can sell it for less.Ilithiss1 Jul 22, 2018
Jul 21, 2018 Ki&Wi OFFICIAL Horde PVP Community Group Community Forum (MAIN): PVP Forum (Arena): PVP Forum (BG): Official Horde PvP Community - Invite Links: Horde PvP 1 (Full) Horde PvP 2 (Join) ...NOTE*: Please help the us grow by sharing the main posts with your Realm, Guild, and Friends. Be sure to [Reply] and hit the [Like] button too.Vvarleader0 Jul 21, 2018
Jul 21, 2018 (a) pVp i am on the kilrogg server are there any solid PVP teams w alliance i can join?Luqid0 Jul 21, 2018