Kilrogg and Winterhoof

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8h hello helloDzdz4 8h
15h [H]<Screaming For Vengeance> LFM We run a somewhat casual heroic raid team - raids are Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-9:00PM PST. Currently we are 4/9H, but we are taking out new bosses every time we meet. We don't have strict expectations of our raiders like using runes on every pull or 100% attendance, but we expect everyone to understand the fights and not be jerks. If you want to know more, check out our site at or add me to talk in person - Force#1275Forcewild0 15h
2d Vanilla players? Anyone still around from the vanilla days? Anyone remember guilds like voltron or skittles drop crew. Or players like snacks and aluminum? Just reminiscing and wanted to see if anyone was around from like literally 10 years agoTwizle5 2d
3d (H)<Path to Exile> is recruiting DPS Guild Name: Path to Exile Server/Faction: PVE-Kilrogg (Horde) Raid Days/Time: Thursday 9:30-12 EST (alt night), Friday 9-12 EST (progression) Progression: 2/9H <Path to Exile> is a semi-casual guild looking for a few new players to join our team! We have an active group of core raiders ready to push heroic Tomb, but need your help to fill out our roster. If you enjoy raiding but aren’t looking for the stress and time constraints of a mythic guild, <Path to Exile> may be for you! We offer: • Progression raid Fridays 9-12 EST • Casual alt night/normal tomb on Thursdays 9:30-12 EST • tight knit group of people who love this game, and helping each other • Guild provided feasts (we all contribute bacon and other materials) • Keystone runs (we push 15's weekly) • Loot council (in progress) • Two week trial period What we need from you: • Be active in the game. We love running keystones in our downtime • A good mic, Twitch, and the willingness to communicate with your guildies • Ability to attend 90% of Friday raids from start to finish, and willingness to communicate changes in availability in advance • Patience and a positive attitude • To be fully prepared for raid (pots, flasks, gems, enchants) • Knowledge of your class and raid encounters • Ability to give and handle constructive criticism You shouldn’t join our guild if: • You’re racist, sexist, transphobic and/or homophobic. That !@#$ doesn’t fly • You hate fun We’re actively looking for: • Balance druid • Rogue • Ret pally • Warlock We are also looking for a backup tank who loves doing keystones, willing to tank on alt night, and fill in for progression raids as needed. Other classes please feel free to apply. Please contact Stellaluna#1681 or Caslin#11993 if interested. You can also apply at our guild website: 3d
3d A <Fireside> Heroic Team LFM Fri Sat 7:30pm Our heroic raid team is recruiting! We’re looking for smart, self driven individuals who would like to be a part of a friendly team and guild. We are proud to be a guild with a relaxed atmosphere, camaraderie, humor, and respect. Since October 2012, members have found a place by the fire that fits in nicely with their personal, professional, and educational commitments. Kindness, cooperation, support, helpfulness, and humor resonate in Fireside’s guild chat and Discord Voice Chat. We are a small guild and we take pride in having a strong, consistent community of good people. We look forward to spending time together whether we’re talking in Discord Voice Chat while pursuing our own adventures, or grouping up to conquer a raid. OUR RAID TEAM HAS THE FOLLOWING OPEN SPOTS: Team roster url: 1 Tank – Any 1 Healer – Druid Preferred Ranged DPS – Any Melee DPS – Any SCHEDULE: Fridays & Saturdays 7:30pm-10:00pm PDT with one week off per month. We also hold an optional Normal night with the rest of the guild on Wednesdays 7:30pm-9:30pm with one week off per month. REQUIREMENTS: Age 22+ Talk & listen in Discord using a headset (not speakers). Miss no more than one night a month on a regular basis. Mains only please – we prefer not to have raiders who are on multiple teams. We focus on QUALITY over quantity and we want the PERSON not the toon. We want you to bring you, your main, and your main efforts into our guild. Our ideal member is a good person looking to make some friends in World of Warcraft. Someone who is smart, modest, able to learn, and has a sense of humor. Our ideal member would also be active at the same times as we are (6:00pm-10:00pm Pacific time), and someone who would like to be in Discord Voice Chat with people on a regular basis. CONTACT: Get in touch with one of our leaders! Nim (Callafox#1566) Behrian (Behr#1328) Please visit our website for more details. http://firesideguild.comNim0 3d
4d Nuclear Winter Recruiting Nuclear Winter is a relaxed, adult guild. We're looking for all specs to help round out our raid team and guild, in general. Raid nights are Saturdays @ 6:15 server (on normal progression to Maiden.) If interested, message Miryn-Kilrogg (Morellia#1419) or Anvellyn-Kilrogg (Apuppy0384#1654). Thanks!Morellia0 4d
6d Old School leatherworker needed I am looking for a leatherworker than can make the chest and gloves of the Stormshroud set. The patterns are no longer available after Cata so you would have had to obtain them prior.Kuzahn0 6d
Jul 20 New Hunter LF Home Brand new hunter. Had an old account but stopped playing in cataclysm. Looking for a home for raiding. I'm just getting started, dinged 110 on Tuesday but trying to get into TOS lfr asap. I'm very active and get a good amount of time to be able to dedicate to playing so I would prefer an active guild.Raymos0 Jul 20
Jul 17 [H] <DoG> Selling M+ 15 runs Hey all! We are selling M+ 15 runs for 300,000 gold. This will entail you getting a 15 in for the week on a character of your choice and will guarantee you a 930 at the end of the week in your weekly cache. Plus, you get a chance to get a 910 or higher piece from completing the 15! Depending on and your personal contribution (if you can), runs may take up to an hour. BoEs on this server that are around 930 ilvl sell for around 400k or higher gold. Gold is paid upfront, prior to the run starting. You can check our previous threads where we've sold Nightbane, NH, EN, and HFC mounts/runs and see our track record. If you aren't on Kilrogg-Winterhoof, costs may increase but we could probably work something out with gold on different servers. (some people have contacted me using a search through all forums for carries) PST me in-game or add me on bnet real ID KirbyAu#1259 Alternatively, you can contact Ryz on bnet Ryz#1284 Thanks!Kìrby0 Jul 17
Jul 10 920 Prot Pally First off, I am open to transferring horde. But you will pay for the transfer. 57 Artifact 1600m+ 10/10H 1/10M (Got put on Nights when we started Mythics) 9/9N 7/9H (3 Weeks into ToS, and our raid group was apparently Mythic Ready) Shorten the story up, didn't see eye to eye with my guild. Held through till the end of the week, and decided I still didn't see eye to eye. Came back from working 2.5 months on nights, to giving them the solid tank performance that I had given prior to working on nights, and they had moved on with other routes. Monday - Friday 7pm-11pm CST, are my available times for raiding. I'm looking for a guild that is ready to start Mythic, needing a tank to fill in that last slot. What I bring to the Table: 1. 97-100% Attendance on mandatory raid nights, 50/50 on optional. 2. Can read over my own logs, and adjust from there. 3. Very Vocal, and if put in a leadership position can lead. The only time I won't be vocal, is when there is a lack of communication between the other tank being vocal, if the other tank is not vocal and I point it out numerous times to Guild Leader, and officers, and they do not do anything about it. I will not be vocal. 4. Parses don't matter, but consistently always parsing. Could use additional help on the DPS side of the table though. What I don't want at the Table: 1. Loot Council that funnels gear to specific players. 2. Individuals that continue to mess up, and miss raid nights, and allow them to recieve gear/pats on the backs when they wipe because of mechanical errors from not having the slightest clue to what has happened. IE: Knowing that standing in swirlys from Maidens, will give you the bomb. Making you ineligible to properly tank the boss when it needs to be taunted for your side to receive the hammer. 3. I expect guild repairs, if I contribute to your guild bank. If you require me to put materials in a bank for feasts, then I expect to get something else other than feasts in return. 4. If it's progression 20 minute explanations are good, if it's not progression and it should be farm, then I expect a short overview and a ready check and pull. There is no need to have 20 minute discussions before every pull. If you're looking for a tank that gives you 100% output when receiving output from the rest of the raid, then here I am. If you want someone that will put in just the amount that the bare minimum guy puts in while jerking himself off, go somewhere else. I'm not here to carry your raid team. Add me at Stephen#11786 Have Top Notch internet with no latency issues, also have a back up MiFi hub in case power goes out. Here are my logs from Tomb: LINKS: WoW-Heroes WoW Progress Warcraft Logs Jul 10
Jul 3 Done paying After the changes that Blizzard has done to Frost Mages, and taking down my forum posts regularly for calling them on the carpet, I have come to the conclusion that I am not paying money for their game anymore. I will either use game tokens from gold, or I will not play.Mckenna6 Jul 3
Jun 30 Good Morning I'm in a particularly cheerful mood this morning! Thought I'd pop in and say good morning to everyone! Sooo good morning!Talitha3 Jun 30
Jun 20 [A] <KoreX> 5/10M LF DPS Looking for a Havoc Demon Hunter, a Holy Paladin, and a miscellaneous fourth healer. Wed/Fri 7:30-11PM PST. Heroic farm Saturdays 7:30PM PST. Feasts and flasks provided. We're constantly running Mythic+ as well, with some PvP on the side. Contact our officers to apply. Trial period lasts 2 weeks and include our progression raids as well as Heroic. Raid Leader: Writhe-Kilrogg | Bind#1766 GM: Grisanne-Kilrogg | Tanar#1441 (Grisanne#0542 on Discord)Grisanne11 Jun 20
Jun 19 Transcendence Recruiting for ToS <TRANSCENDENCE> -UPDATE- TOMB of SARGERAS Raid RAID TIMES: 6:30 pm PDT-Tuesday and Wednesday RECRUITING: Raid experienced and ready Holy Priest. We will welcome other experienced raiders as well. During raid times we have flask, food buffs plus guild repairs. MISC: Casual Players on the server are welcome to join the guild. We do mythic +'s and other activities during the month with our members. We also have a fun and laid back environment. If you are on Kilrogg/Winterhoof-US you can speak with Druben or Excee in game. BNet....Druben at Brackus#1916, or Excee at Excee#11389Excee3 Jun 19
Jun 15 [H] Ministry of Truth Recruiting Hello! I'm the guild leader for Ministry of Truth. In preparation for Tomb of Sargeras, we are actively recruiting again. MoT welcomes players regardless of their gaming experience. We don't care if you've played since release or just picked up the game last week--if you have the right attitude, we've got a place for you. We currently have two active raid teams; the early team is running from 5:30PM to 7:30PM PST on Mondays and Thursdays and the late team is running on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9PM-11PM PST. The LATE team is seeking healers and DPS (tank off-spec would be great). The LATE team has completed H Nighthold and is in farming mode while waiting for Tomb to release. The EARLY team is still working on clearing H Nighthold. MoT is a relatively casual, mostly family friendly guild. We do not accept applicants under the age of 21. Guild and voice chat are kept pretty clean, so if you like to swear a lot we're not the group for you. But if you're looking for a group of friendly, helpful folks, come check us out at We're also on Facebook Or you can chat with me directly: ARACHNE#1222Lunura20 Jun 15
Jun 10 <DoG> Captures Realm First M Gul'dan! Congratzs to everyone who made this possible! We did it boys!!!!!! Kill at 4 hours on the dot in the videoë4 Jun 10
Jun 10 [A] Pain Vendor 7/10 M is Recruiting! ♦♦♦ Progression ♦♦♦ 7/10M NH, 3/3M TOV, 7/7M EN, 13/13N + 13/13H + 11/13M HFC Pain Vendor is looking for more players who are interested in playing in a competitive setting. If you have always wanted to be in an environment that encourages fun and improvement but never found the right place, join us today! ♦♦♦ Raid Times ♦♦♦ Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 6:30PM - 9:30PM Pacific Standard Time [Server Time] 7:30PM - 10:30AM Mountain Standard Time 9:30PM - 12:30AM Eastern Standard Time ♦♦♦ Recruitment Needs ♦♦♦ We are always looking for exceptional players and those who are reliable and prove themselves capable will have a chance at a raider spot. While we understand real life, attendance is important. Current recruitment needs are as follows: Off Tank (All Classes) Hybrid melee (Comfortable playing both or all three specs depending on class.) Healer (Shaman Preferred) Ranged DPS (Warlock and Shadow Priest Currently Closed) ♦♦♦ Raider Expectations ♦♦♦ - Consistent performance - (average minimum 50-60% dps for your spec and item level) - Consistent ability to learn mechanics - Trusted to perform class related duties - Listen to call outs during raid - Consistently present for raids (95% attendance) - arranged absences are not counted - Consistently improving - you are not interested in “good enough” you strive for “the best I can do.” - Consistently in a good mood - it is important when raiding with friends to be in a good mood. We dedicate time to each other, we expect our core raiders to listening, receive, and give criticism in a positive and respectful manner. ♦♦♦ Loot System ♦♦♦ Loot Council - Based on attendance, performance, and consistency of both. ♦♦♦ Addons Required ♦♦♦ Discord, Exorsus Raid Tools ♦♦♦ Links ♦♦♦ If you feel like Pain Vendor would be the right fit for you or you have questions and would like to know more about us. Please contact (Hexstatic#1411) or any of our officers below. (GM) Illifra – Domnorix#1268 (Raid Leader) Nimadebi – Kaze#1233 (Officer) Syllinara – gjones108#1800Nimadebi3 Jun 10
Jun 9 <Spiritus Mundi> Keystone Carries! <Spiritus Mundi> is looking to carry your Mythic+ Keys! Pricing varies based on the difficulty of the key and the affixes for the week. If you have any questions or are interested in having us run your key let myself, Firmaardvark, or Ravérn know!Jellopy0 Jun 9
May 28 [A] <Oath of the Mediocre> is Recruiting! The Oath of the Mediocre on Kilrogg/Winterhoof (PVE) a 10/10 H NH mediocre guild that is recruiting for mythic NH. Have you ever thought... I could be amazing and parse high every time? This might not be the guild for you. We are a casual raid progression guild that originally started out as a dominating PvP guild in WotLK. Most of our raiders come from higher ranked guilds, but due to Real Life Stress want to enjoy the game, rather than play the game as World of Work. We are still competitive, but want to have fun. If this sounds like you, we are looking for dedicated, fun, and light-hearted players that can take the initiative to improve themselves and better the whole raid team, and help conquer End-Game content. Current Schedule for Legion Progression in Heroic Nighthold (10/10): Raiding Days: Tuesdays & Wednesdays Raiding Times: 8pm to 11pm Pacific Daylight Time Communication: Mumble Loot: Master Looter, MS>OS If interested, please message an officer below or myself. Nuttyballs "Curtis#1916" or Ziyan (in-game).Mortzubite4 May 28
May 23 [H] 10/10 H, Kilrogg-Spiritus Mundi Fri/Sat Spiritus Mundi Type: Semi-hardcore progression Progression: 10/10 Heroic, 1/10 Mythic Faction: Horde Server: Kilrogg / Winterhoof Raid Times: Friday & Saturday 7:00-11:00 PST (10:00-2:00 EST) (Progression Nights/Farm) Logs & Website\ About Us Spiritus Mundi is looking for strong, dedicated, experienced DPS and healers for core spots in our mythic progression team: an enthusiastic approach to raiding is required. Mythic Progression is halted until we fill out our roster with more raiders. This allows us the opportunity to build around a solid core of players while preparing for the next content update. Our goal as a guild is success. To complete current content at a competitive pace while always striving to improve ourselves on a compressed 2-day, 8 hour schedule. What We Are Looking For We are interested in players that can manage their time well and remain committed and consistent. Individuals who are constantly looking into how they can make themselves a better player. A good sense of humor along side superior raid awareness and a willingness to adapt is a must. Trials and raiders alike are expected to behave as mature adults in regards to loot, drama, preparedness, and general raid attitude. Our current needs: Priest (DD) – High Rogue – High Hunter – High Mage – High Paladin (Holy) – High Druid (Restoration) – Medium Paladin (Retribution) – Medium Priest (Healer) – Medium - Off-Tank (Guardian/Brew/Prot Pally/Warrior) - DPS listed above - Healers listed above *We will gladly accept applications from exceptional players of any class* Contact Information: Torterraumad#1338 (Raid Leader/GM) Reneda#1787 (Recruitment Officer)Jellopy1 May 23
May 22 [H] <Raid Dads> Heroic Raiding Fri-Sat 8-11pm <Raid Dads> is a small casual raiding guild looking for a few players to continue to expand our heroic raid team. Looking for anyone with a good attitude, especially dps/healers. Being a dad not required, but good attitude is. No toxic players. We're comprised of a lot of ex-hardcore raiders that have families or just don't want to the toxic environment that progression raiding can be. We still push the flex content that we can, and are currently 10/10H and 1/10M. Slowing down a bit before Tomb, but we'll be pushing hard at it when it drops. -- Raids Fri/Sat 8pm-11pm server time. 5mans and mythic+ every night Hit up anyone in the guild and they can direct you to an officer. We're happy to chat and give you more information.Rokksteady7 May 22
May 20 Pain Vendor 3/10M NH Recruiting Heals & More Pain Vendor is recruiting dps and heals for our core progression group. We are seeking serious raiders that want to put time and effort into progression raiding, our guild, and their own class. A little about the guild: Pain Vendor was originally a 10 man heroic guild that worked our way to the top of the Winterhoof server. Our core raid team is composed of several long-time WoW players and friends that have played together for years. Our guild goals are: complete each mythic raid tier before the next, realm rank 1 within our server, and competitive raiding among each other. We achieve these goals by providing an enjoyable raiding atmosphere while staying focused on raid progression. We help to push each other through friendly competition that allows us to surpass our normal capabilities. Raid times: Core raid is Sun/Tues/Wed nights from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm server time (PST). Alt/Carry raid is Saturday night starting at 6:30 pm server time (PST). *All mythic raiders are required to be present for core raids and advanced notification for absences must be given. Alt/Carry raids are optional and not required. Recruitment: Currently, we are actively seeking the following healing classes, but all applicants will be reviewed seriously and discussed amongst officers. 1 Full time Core Raider (Paladin/Monk) 1 Part time Supporting Raider (Any) *Additionally, we are seeking any experienced DPS classes with exceptional skills. All raiders need to have advanced knowledge of their classes. Raiders should study how to maximize their class for each fight prior to raid nights by studying logs and guides. Flasks and pots are provided each raid night by the guild. For more questions related to our raiding team or guild, please feel free to reach out to one of us. Devers#1849 Devsham - Officer gjones108#1800 Syllinara - Officer kaze#1233 Nimadebi - Raid LeaderDevsham4 May 20
May 18 edit-taken care of Hello, new player leveling and doing dungeons (having a blast btw) looking for a home. I'm an older player (50) and looking to join a laid back guild with friendly players. Send me a tell if I'm online or just respond here. Thnx much guys. Iktholdrick (Winterhoof)Iktholdrick0 May 18
May 15 [H] The Broken Ones We are currently 8/10 Heroic, looking for a few more to keep raids going strong. We are EST guild with raids nights Sun,Mon 8-11pm EST. We got tanks covered. could use a sham/monk heal and couple DPS. Thanks.Ðeathdealer1 May 15
May 10 [H] <Wickedy Woo> 4/7M 3/3H 2/10M LF Healer! <Wickedy Woo> is a heroic-turning-mythic raiding guild that is currently 4/7M, 3/3H and 2/10M. Our core has been playing together since TBC and we are currently looking for more quality players to help bolster our raid roster as we prepare for Tomb progression. We are currently looking to fill a healer slot and several dps slots. We will consider all qualified applicants. Our guild believes in bringing the player, not the class. Our Raid days are: Tuesday: 7:30pm EST - 10:30pm EST Wednesday: 7:30pm EST - 10:30pm ESTYou can contact any of our officers listed below on (or in-game) or visit to apply (its prob easier to contact us in-game or via, leave a post here or contact an officer in game! List of Officers Lone - Lone#1930 Lilyvonshtup- Ctdemonet#1719 Disaa - Hevajra#1161 Toothgrinder - Hive#11254 Hemingweight - Siegebreaker#1553Cápps5 May 10
May 10 [H] Selling Kara Nightbane Mount Hey all, <Disciples of Grey> is selling Nightbane mount runs for 150k gold. You do not need to do the run leading up to the Nightbane boss, but you will have to do the Nightbane boss with us. We will go over the fight with you. You will be required to have Discord and be in our Discord channel with us while we carry you through the fight. This is a very difficult fight if not properly geared and/or not doing mechanics. Not usually pugged. This is for the Smoldering Ember Wyrm Please add me KirbyAu#1259 if you are interested in the run. Thank you!Kìrby9 May 10
May 2 [H] <Storm> 10/10H NH LFM DPS [H] <Storm> Kilrogg 7/7H, 3/3H, 10/10N 10/10H Tu/Th 7-10PST (10p-1a EST) Currently Recruiting: Ranged: Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Ele Sham / Melee: Fury Warrior, WW Monk, plus any hybrid DPS/Tank (with maintained Tank spec. Pls no DH or DK) Loot: Personal w/ Loot Council Chat: Discord (join today and get your very own emoticon! Disclaimer: emoticon will be undoubtedly unflattering.)We have many interesting sales pitches to catch your eye: A tight-knit group since MoP, or raid team is a resilient group of strangers that became friends, and friends that became sneaky bastards who swapblaster you into the fire before pulls when you’re not looking….wait what… Anyway our previous exploits include heroic clears of HFC, BRF, and Highmaul, sexy! We feature a uniquely "adult" atmosphere, so buckle up! I swear we can kill stuff, really. Are you looking for the highest level of raiding perfection, organization, and long hours of dedicated work to get the job done? Well go away we don’t want you. Here at Storm, we just hit it until it’s dead. That’s what you do, right? Let us grow on mold on cheese…sweet, sweet, smack-talking cheese. We feature sass, possibly drama, and sometimes high levels of intoxication. Featuring 900 pounds of brake torque and 1100 HP, our guild leader knows how to handle being made fun of, and you can't get that just anywhere. Add me at keiren#1294 for a chat Contact GM Avrielle for non-raider inquiries. Or, feel free to drop us a note at www.stormkilrogg.comLivie6 May 2
Apr 24 Join the ITG and get BACON!!!! No not really I am not recruiting but I thought I'd share my bacon with you. I cure about 16 pounds at a time. The pork bellies are dry cured with salt and spices for 10-14 days and at that stage it is better bacon than you can ever buy in the store. But the next step, well that's when the real magic happens. They are then smoked for 4 hours below 85 degrees and then another 4-5 at 150. What comes out is to die for, pictures below. Am in the middle of a smoke right now and can't wait for breakfast tomorrow (the meat tempers overnight) but will of course have some when it's done. Apr 24
Apr 8 edit: don't need this anymore edit: don't need this anymoreHezlo0 Apr 8
Mar 20 Fuzzy Pjs recruitment Looking for a guild that's super awesome? Fuzzy Pj's Make Me Tough is the place for you. We are recruiting active players looking for a casual and prosperous home. Join us for raiding, pvping , and all around awesomeness!!! We are looking for casual raiders for our Sunday raid team..... We raid at 5pm server time. Looking for tank and melee dps...... We also would like to start a pvp team that runs battleground regularly whisper Sillana or anyone in the guild for an inviteSillana0 Mar 20
Mar 19 WTB Burning Crusade Mats Currently looking for Primal Fire (350g or 35g per mote), Primal Air (350g - 35g per mote), Primal Earth (25g - 2.5g per mote), Primal Water (100g or 10g per mote) and Primal Mana (100g or 10g per mote). I also am interested in Khorium Ore + Bars (300g per ore or 600 per bar). If you have any of these gathering dust on your alts or in your Guild Banks feel free to contact me on this character or CoD them to me for the prices listed above! On a side note, no prices are set in stone. If you have any of those items and aren't satisfied with those prices feel free to contact me in game via mail and maybe we can work something out. Thank you~Shekels0 Mar 19
Mar 18 Greenstone Quarry - Mining Pick [Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick] 20170317 last spawned @ 11pmMaxgoblin0 Mar 18
Mar 17 Darkmoon Deck Trading I am looking to trade Darkmoon Deck Cards to complete sets. Currently looking for the following [Updated 3/16]: Three of Hellfire Five of Dominion Five of Promises, Six of Promises Eight of Immortality I have quite a few extras of most cards and am willing to trade to help form your own decks. Send a message via mail or reply to this thread if interested.Kraskz0 Mar 17
Mar 16 [H] SFV 9/10 H LF DPS Edit: Update with progress to 9/10 Heroic NH raiding only 5 hours/week Screaming for Vengeance is a long established guild on the Horde side of Kilrogg. We are now opening our doors to some new members looking to raid. The core of the guild has been around since Vanilla with raiders who have done end game content from MC through Nighthold. Our philosophy is and will always be RL > WoW. Our niche is a guild for skilled players who want to raid only 2 nights per week. We have many retired Mythic raiders who are enjoying the atmosphere of our guild. We are seeking quality raiders who are interested in a more casual progression. Please realize that our "casual progression" is better than a lot of guilds full time raiding schedule, a lot of our players continue to push the limits, simply less often. We aim to clear every tier on Heroic prior to the next tier coming out and we have had continual success with this clearing 7/7 Heroic EN and 3/3 Heroic ToV prior to Nighthold. We are currently 9/10 Heroic Nighthold and 10/10 Normal. Not too shabby for raiding 2/week for only 2.5 hours (5 hours total/week). We raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30pm-9pm server time. Many of our members are also into running Mythic+ as well throughout the week. A raider in SFV should realize the #1 quality we look for is personality. The guild treasures a drama free environment above all else. Most of the players in the guild have known each other for a long time and banter is constant and encouraged. If you enjoy raiding, but find yourself burnt out from being yelled at by those a bit too hardcore, you might be a good fit for SFV. If you have raided hard core in the past and are getting back into it, you might be a good fit for SFV. If you are new to raiding and have really gotten into learning your class and fights and being the best raider you can be, you might be a good fit for SFV. If you love raiding and hate drama, you ARE a good fit for SFV. We currently have a 17 person diverse raiding roster and have all roles covered with offspecs that can switch as needed. This means we have the flexibility to accept all roles, so apply with whichever character you enjoy playing the most! Visit for more info and to apply, or contact Ceenit, Forcewild, Daeolos, Izd, or Xisle in game. Thanks for visiting and be excellent to each other!Ceenit7 Mar 16
Mar 12 DoG Claims Realm First (M) Helya Disciples of Grey Claimed Server First Mythic Helya Monday night!!! Huge congrats to everyone who made this happen!!! Hard fought all around guys!!!Maë7 Mar 12
Mar 7 [A]7/10 Heroic LF Healer (Fri Sat Evenings) Thank you for checking this out! <Fireside> is a friendly guild that recruits carefully and has been around for 4 years. We are recruiting a permanent healer for our Heroic Raid Team (Druid or Monk, may consider Shaman or Priest). A DPS offspec is not required but is a bonus. The unique aspect of our team is that we take 1 week off each month to allow our raiders to recharge. Website: Raid Page: Armory: Open Slots: Healer - Resto Druid, Mistweaver Monk (May also consider Priest or Resto Shaman) Schedule: Fridays and Saturdays 7:25pm-10:00pm Pacific Time with one week off per month. (Optional) Wednesdays - 7:30pm-9:30pm Guild-Wide Normal Raid Night for those who can't commit to a team with one week off per month. Team Requirements: 22 Years Old and Up Able to commit to our schedule with rare absences A sense of humor Able to talk and listen in Discord voice chat iLvl 880 and Weapon at 35 or higher How to Contact: Contact Barßehrian or Nim ( callafox#1566 ) of Kilrogg in game. Or Fill out an app on our websiteßehrian3 Mar 7
Mar 6 [H] The Broken Ones recruiting The release of 7.1.5 is right around the corner, and The Broken Ones are looking for new casual raiders to help us all achieve a common goal (To clear all content.) We are currently a newly formed guild with experience in Emerald Nightmare Heroic and Trials of Valor. Formed by a group of close friends, we are currently trying to expand our horizon. Our raid times will be every Sunday and Monday starting at 8:30 P.M. EST (5:30 P.M. PST) and will continue until 11 P.M. EST (8 P.M. PST). We are more than willing to help any and all applicants gear up. We run Mythic +s on a daily basis, and will start by doing full clears weekly in Emerald Nightmare (Normal or Heroic) and Trials of Valor (Normal). With the release of Nighthold just right around the corner, come join us and together achieve greatness. Currently recruiting: Tanks (Currently have 2 875+ tanks, but they are willing to DPS if needed) Healers (Druid/Monk/Priest preferred however open to all) Range DPS (Mage/Warlock/S Priest preferred, however open to all) Melee DPS (Open recruitment) We are a small guild, but leadership has played since Vanilla. With experience in hardcore progression raiding environment, we are wanting to bring in the best of both worlds. We will remain casual raiding 2 nights a week, depending on guild outlook though a 3rd night CAN be added, but will only be determined by popular vote. If you have any questions please feel free to whisper/in-game mail to either Meisterhulk or Meisterboss. Come help us help you, and together excellence will be achieved.Meisterhulk8 Mar 6
Mar 4 Moo Emerald Nightmare Making a LFG Moo Emerald Nightmare, gonna run on normal w/one of my friends. Up soon. Whisper Skrigz-Kilrogg if interested.Skrigz0 Mar 4
Mar 1 AQ10 & 20 Saturday 11 am I'm on late @ night, but our guild does stuff. If that's what you are into. Mar 1
Feb 22 We have cookies They're green! Gul'dan says if you like them, you can have another.Skrigz0 Feb 22
Feb 20 [H] <Accrue>: Sundays! Mythic+, Flex <Accrue> is a small group of working adults (and others via BNet) who have all played together on-and-off during various tiers and have all played at a higher level some time or another. We have a consistent small group together on SUNDAYS around NOON Alaska, (1pm PST, 3pm EST) and usually fill the rest of the day out. Otherwise there's usually a couple of us on after 8pm AK during the week. We regularly do mythic+ dungeons and Kara but would like to grab a few more people to flex raid. Alts from other guilds welcome as well. We strive to avoid LFG, opting instead build upon the group we have and making new friends. Come put your feet up, crack a beer, and do the WoW before going back to the office in the morning. Moo, Hypeir 1971Hypeir9 Feb 20
Feb 19 LF home. Hello. I may end up transfer because the new CRZ in my server make the game really unbearable while trying to do anything out in the world. not having any fun doing 1 vs 60. I plan to transfer my mage (been playing as main since WoTLK done all the end game raiding till WoD Hellfire, and now just playing with friends with heroic raiding 7/7H and 2/3H with Helya H 6.5% on the lowest) and 2 more alts haven't decided yet. I raid with friends on Tuesdays and Wednesdays night 6pm to 10pm pacific time so any other night if the guild needs a helping hand to fill raid and im on im willing to help out. haven't really set on transfer yet just to see if i can find a home on the server. im really easy going just don't like drama so less drama the better. well thanks for listening hope to join you soon.Ellan2 Feb 19
Feb 17 [H] <Temporary Insanity> Fri/Sat 8-11pm PST TI is a group of former competitive raiders now enjoying the casual side. We balance a friend and family raid environment with progress through normal and heroic modes. Looking for a handful of raiders. Prefer 1-2 heals (pally, druid) and 2-3 dps (pally, warr, rogue, mage, priest). However, player ability to mesh in casual/mature group is more important than spec. Holler at Ramshackle (aka Ramborne) or Unbreakablex (aka Nightfalls) for more info and/or a quick chat.Ramshackle1 Feb 17
Feb 15 help for new i am both willing to help a newcomer with the game game and level with people 100 level druid 68 level hunter, 24 level rouge and the rest of the characters average 12 horde and on winterhoof i have an alliance guild SilentStorm #124800Keeledil1 Feb 15
Feb 9 885 Prot/Ret Paladin Looking for a heroic guild that raids between 7-10 pm server time. Played Protection since late BC. Battletag: illiterate#11531Mike1 Feb 9
Feb 7 7/7M EN 10/10H NH <Untold> A52 recruiting Untold is a semi hardcore guild that is looking to get cutting edge in all current and future raids. Our team is currently 7/7M EN and 9/10H Nighthold. We are looking to improve our roster as we continue progression into Mythic Nighthold! Raid Times:Tues, Wed, Thurs :: 10:30PM - 1:30AM Server Time(EST). We are seeking talented and competitive players that consistently seek to improve upon their performance. Don't be afraid to apply if you don't meet these requirements! But here is what we are aiming for. ILvL Requirement: 880 Artifact Power Requirement: 40 Traits All exceptional Ranged Dps, Melee Dps, and Healers will be considered for recruitment. Guild Information: We transitioned from 10m to 20m in order to raid the most challenging content. Through hardships, we strengthened our core and maintained progression. At the end of WoD we were able to solidify our spot in the top 15 of the server (13/13M). We've all played WoW for a long time and know our classes well and we do expect the same from any applicant. We take our raiding seriously, but we like to have a good time while doing it. I know we are from a different server but I know that there are always strong players who just may not be able to get pushed to their fullest potential on lower pop servers! Please message any of the other officers in game with these BattleTags if you have any questions or would like to apply Kurono#1515 :: Xmdoll (Recruitment) Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon!(edited)Xmdoll0 Feb 7
Feb 7 870+ Prot Pally LF H/Mythic RAIDING GUILD I have been playing a Prot Pally since Vanilla and have been in several hardcore raiding guilds so I know what is expected. I have been a Top 50 Pally in past Expansions and plan to get back to that point. Currently I'm absorbing and mitigating more Damage (percentage wise) then Blueprint who is considered to be one of the tops pally in the world. Needs to be evening/late night raids. hope to hear from you soon so we can start raiding. Remember Nighthold will have alot of magic damage and pallys will do better then most at mitigating that damage Will consider X-fering servers and/or Faction. B-tag: Tomkiller#1953 Main: Tomkiller alt: RobkillerRobkiller1 Feb 7
Feb 7 Tank/Healer LF Raiding Guild Hello. I am looking for a raiding guild working on Heroic Nighthold. My druid is 889 Equipped for both Tank and Healer. PST or reply here. Thank you.Manabee1 Feb 7
Jan 18 [H]<Disciples of Grey>7/7M 2/3M 5/10H LF DPS <Disciples of Grey> is recruiting for Mythic Progression in Legion! LOOKING FOR GOOD DPS WILLING TO PUT EFFORT INTO PROGRESSION RAIDING Introduction Most, if not all, of our members have experience dating back to BC and Vanilla. For us, WoW is about building a strong bond together and progressing through difficult content. This guild was started by a tight, small group of friends that have been playing online games together since 1999. Tempus Noobis, a group who have raided together for years, joined us a while back. Together we have made a great raiding environment for people to take part in. Currently recruiting DPS: Rogue Druid Ret Pally Hunter All good DPS still recommended to apply though! Schedule Progression: Thursday, Sunday, Monday, 9:00 PM PST Currently progression: Waiting For Legion Launch Alt/Casual Raiding: Tuesday, 9:00 PM PST Currently off-night runs: Heroic HFC Recruitment DPS - We are looking for quality DPS. It is important that we can see you have and will continue to put time into your character outside of raid nights. Come prepared with potions, flasks and a positive attitude. Know your class and especially know the fights. Research what your class does before a fight so you aren't wasted your own or anyone else's time. We are friendly and inviting, but make no mistake that we do not tolerate poor play. We are here to have fun, but not waste our time on wiping to the same mechanics night after night. Required Add-ons: DBM Skada / Recount Exorcus Angry Assignments Weak Auras Attendance We require all of our core raiders to be on for progression nights. The other off-nights are optional for casuals, raiders, and alts alike. If you know you will miss a run, it is critical to let us know ahead of time on the guild forum. For more questions or to apply, please contact: KirbyAu#1259 GM Mikekscott#1110 Officer Ryz#1284 OfficerKibbles12 Jan 18