Mok'Nathal and Silvermoon

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19h LF old True blood of malkier <TBoM> Members I was a member of the guild for a few years during TBC ( Floranar. Night Elf Shadow priest) just looking to find any old friends.Thaladrid4 19h
19h Petition: We Want Our Old Posts It's nice that you took the time to finally merge the MK and SM forums, but you did it at the cost of dumping all the old posts and that's just rude. Those posts were one of the few documents both realms had of their history and you just tossed it all down the bit hole. It would not have been difficult to assign an intern or community manager the task of combing through the few hundred posts and republishing most of them here on the new forum. Or, gasp, you could even assign the job out to a few long-time players from the realms. Actually, seeing as you have backups of this stuff, I hear by ask that you do just that. (edited the title)Stega21 19h
21h Oldies on Silvermoon Who remembers these oldies? wayback throwback..this list took me a few weeks and I'm still thinking of more. Feel free to correct me :) more....just now remembering....... Mankrikswife (?) CJ (undead warr) Albrexor (tauren warr) Ahandwee (tauren warr) Kwakunar (tauren druid) Retneyspears (alli human pally) Woai/DalatcruOzworkyn63 21h
1d [H] <Dirty Horde> 7/8 LFM 9-11pm PST [H] <Dirty Horde> LFM Uldir Progression - Late Night PST <Dirty Horde> US-Silvermoon/Mok’Nathal server (PVE-West Coast) is currently recruiting to help round out our core raid team for Uldir progression and to prepare for Siege of Zuldazar! Legion Raids Emerald Nightmare progression: 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic, 1/7 Mythic Trial of Valor progression: 3/3 Normal, 3/3 Heroic Nighthold progression: 10/10 Normal, 10/10 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 Normal, 9/9 Heroic Antorus, the burning throne: 11/11 Normal, 11/11 Heroic Current Raid Uldir: 7/8 Normal Guild Size: Small Raid Group: Semi-Casual Raid Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Monday Raid Times: 9pm-11pm server (Pacific Standard Time, GMT-8) Current classes we are recruiting: High Priority Melee DPS - Warrior (preferred with a strong tank off spec) - Demon Hunter Medium Priority Ranged DPS - Warlock - Mage - Hunter Low Priority Melee DPS - Retribution Paladin Ranged DPS - Shadow Priest We ask that potential raiders have reliable attendance to raids and be ready for Progression type raiding with a 350+ ilvl. If you are not ilvl 350 but close to it please feel free to apply as we are always willing to help a raid member gear up. If you do not fit one of our needed positions but would like to join please contact me as we are always looking for exceptional players to add to our team. Dirty Horde is a friendly semi-casual Horde raiding guild. We are a small mature guild filled with real life friends and some longtime online friends. We are a stable guild formed at the beginning of Cata and have continued strong since our founding, clearing heroic raids prior to the release of the next tier. We would like to have a full roster for the possibility of mythic progression as well! We have a zero drama policy with an easy going raid environment that likes to progress through current raid content while having fun and not having to worry about high stress. If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to add me on Battletag: Whosthere#1442 You can also reach out to any of our officers in game: Whosweaving Skittecken SaromiWhosweaving3 1d
1d [H]LF Guild Weekday 7pm+ PST Can do any role Recent transfer to Silvermoon to get to somewhere in my timezone. Was in a near dead guild of east coasters, now seeking a lively set of west coasters. As a Native Californian I’ve no explanation for why I ended up on an EST before other than oops and not needing to notice while guild was active and my work hours allowed for midday gaming... O.o I’ve got a melee DPS at 120 / iLevel 342. But also a series of healers, tanks, and other things I could bring as needed. Looking for folks active on weeknights (other than Friday) in the PST evening (7pm PST or later). Ideal preference is to main the DPS this expac but if not I can speed one of the healers through those last few levels, and if a group was desperate I could consider one of my former mains in a tank. ;)Askala1 1d
3d [H]LF Active Guild Returning and looking for an active guild. Would like to raid but more important to have an active guild to participate in. Currently in MNT time zone.Aquais1 3d
Sep 17 Eli is just useless Please just retire. Thank you. And HOF? Puhlease!!! OVERRATED!!!Gottogotobed1 Sep 17
Sep 16 [A] <Ambient> - 2 Night Heroic Raiding Website: Contact: xKillerbees#1236 Realm: US-Silvermoon (PVE) Faction: Alliance Timezone: US-Pacific Coast Raid Times: Tuesdays & Wednesday. 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM (Pacific) Recruiting: Strong DPS Our goal is to complete all raids on heroic with fun people. (If we have 20 people we will do a few mythic bosses but our focus remains heroic) - BFA Progress - 8/8 Normal Uldir 3/8 Heroic Uldir - Legion Progress - 11/11 Heroic Antorus 9/9 Heroic Tomb 10/10 Heroic Nighthold 3/3 Heroic Trials of Valor (Heroic Odyn pre-nerf) 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare - WoD Progress - 13/13 Heroic Hellfire – 10/10 Heroic Foundry - 7/7 Heroic Highmaul Ambient was founded by a guild leader who has experienced content at the highest level and always strives to keep pushing the groups limits. After experiencing that high level of content, it was decided to form a guild focused more on normals (called heroics in WoD) and having fun with friends. We encourage a more relaxed atmosphere but we are still focused and serious when it comes to progression. We also enjoy other aspects of the game as well such as achievements, so if you are looking for a focused and determined guild that strives for PVE success then we may be a good fit for you. We also run in guild events for prizes for all raiders. We offer guild bank repairs to all raiders. Ambient values friendships over serious progression so having people that mesh well is very important. While still maintaining the value that each member has their own weight to pull to ensure success of the group. We were founded in 2009 as a 10 man strict raiding guild. We achieved top 10 US for 10 man strict. Then took a break for Cataclysm. We came back for Mists of Pandaria and most of the old gang is back for the ride. We killed all content while it was current in MoP and WoD. With the new 10-30 scaling function in WoD, we can recruit any number of people. Those allowed to fill a slot though would need to keep up with our current roster. We aren’t interested in carrying people through content since it scales upwards. We will start with Normal and then go into Heroic. If we have enough people, we can work on Mythic but it is not a priority. Here is to many wonderful boss kills in BFA. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday / 6pm – 10pm PST, 8pm – 12am CST, 9pm – 1am EST Our Facebook group is how we keep in touch. All members are encouraged to join it. Even if you leave us, we hope you found our friendship awesome enough to keep in touch with us there. If you don’t wish to use our FB group and are a raider, you will have to provide your cell number to the raid leader Killercrane. This way if you have to be late or miss a day, you can keep in touch quickly. We allow veterans (people who used to be a raider) to join our raids as long as they perform to a standard that is required from our raiders. We though do not invite those outside of guild or the member rank (during progression) unless there is a need we must fill. The benefit of the raider rank is that you get to be a part of our raid events for prizes, invited to all raids, gbank repairs and priority on mounts/legendaries. To obtain this rank you must first pass our trial process. It lasts roughly 2-3 weeks. Then from there you must maintain a 80% attendance. (that is missing 6 hours of raid per month) If you drop below this requirement or you aren’t performing to our needs, you will be dropped back to trial or vet until it is fixed. Officers: Thedahakaa, Aladire Sep 16
Sep 15 that can make Enchanted Thorium Breastplate Searching Blacksmith that can make Enchanted Thorium Breastplate Hi, As the Title says it, i search a Blacksmith that can still make those. I will start to gather the materials once i find someone.Paulaner10 Sep 15
Sep 12 Vs The World Guild LFM Hello and thanks for stopping by, We are a casual guild looking for more members to join us we are currently looking for Two tanks and Two healers and other dps. The goals of are guild are to have a core 10-man raiding team and 2 mythic teams and just have fun overall. We are currently discussing on what are raid times will be as to work with everyone's life schedules. So if you looking to have a good time meet some new people join us. Please Contact one of us If interested by in game mail or just whisper one of us we are on daily. Thank You, Swiftblades - Gm Armarletta - Co Gm Doraigu - Raid Officer Fehy - Officer Missfreya - OfficerSwiftblades0 Sep 12
Sep 10 Exploiting Temple of Sethraliss I was running Temple of Sethraliss through the LFG tool and wouldn't you know the orb glitched out right before the end boss and disappeared, like it does sometimes effectively making the dungeon unfinishable and forcing players to leave, however this druid Nuisance-Silvermoon thought it would be cute to keep Queuing the dungeon back up after people leave and exploiting the LFG tool to zone players into a glitched instance so they would be forced to leave and suffer the 30 min deserter debuff, I know this because I left the first time and then Queued up for another dungeon and was instantly brought back into that glitched instance, the druid just laughed and thought it was funny, I told the other players to leave and tried to explain what the druid was doing but I ended up looking stupid and was kicked and wouldn't you know I got a nice deserter debuff, BLIZZRD this glitch was reported on beta and yet the game goes live with this glitch, I personally myself reported it on beta 5 times...what gives?..not to happy atm. here is a link for some reference to this issue Sep 10
Sep 7 [H] Vigil Running 2 full raid team We currently have 2 raid teams both 6/8N at this time and both raid Tue/Wed/Thu from 7-9pm PST (10-12 EST). Current recruitment priorities: -Main tank for normal/heroic group (not mythic) -1 or 2 healers -Skilled Boomkin -Any skilled and dedicated player Whisper Ignorant-Silvermoon in game, on most evenings, for more information.Ignorant2 Sep 7
Sep 7 Lf guild 339 arms warrior LF guild, weekday pm raiding/weekends. I currently know all mythic dungeon fights,and studied the new boss raids. Great dps and a stickler for mechanicsPowerhouse3 Sep 7
Sep 3 [H] Tues/Thurs 4pm-8pm PST Cross Realm PUG <Undercity Parcel Service> Horde - Kil'Jaeden are looking for more DPS and Healers to join our pug raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm-8pm PST. We'll start with normal on Sept 4th and quickly push into heroic while forming a core 20-25 man team in anticipation for cross-realm Mythic Raiding. Requirements: 1. Discord (Don't need a mic) 2. 340 iLvl 3. Flask, Food, Pots How will the raids be led? The first few attempts on the boss will be everyone learning it. Seeing the fight, understanding the mechanics, and getting a feel for timings. After that we'll be using food and pots and focusing down on the specific things wiping us. You don't have to play perfect, but if you die to the same thing and aren't making an effort to improve we will have to replace you. If these times work and you wanna join up with a pug that operates more like a guild free to contact us or join our Horde Community. Community: Guild Leader: Racker#1664 Raid Leader: Haws#1579Racker0 Sep 3
Aug 30 [H] Bloodlust Tribe LFM Hello! <Bloodlust Tribe> is looking for new members for our raid team. 1. Time: Friday and Saturday at 9 PM - 12 AM Pacific (server time). 2. Server: Mok'nathal and Silvermoon-US 3. Faction preference: Horde 4. Semi-Casual raid environment (We can get a bit goofy at times) 5. Contact info: Please message Jeannedarc of <Bloodlust Tribe>(SIlvermoon) or you can contact me at MadiRAWR#1266. You may also contact the guild master, Elfchappelle in game or at Monstamash#1561. 6. Progression: Our goal is to complete AOTC each teir. 7. DBM and Discord are required. You must be able to listen to voice chat. ( you do not need a mic) Thanks for your consideration.Jeannedarc4 Aug 30
Aug 27 [A] Creative Anarchy LF Mythic Legion Raiders Creative Anarchy (9/13M HFC 5th on server) is looking for more raiders to fill out it's mythic roster. We are a fun raid group that will push content as fast as possible. A laid back but serious raiding guild. Raid times are Tu/Th 7-9:30EST (4-6:30 server) Get in touch with myself, cathbadh-mok or midgetion for more information.Testifyx21 Aug 27
Aug 21 New (returning player) looking for Guild Hi all, Just returned and started fresh after several years not playing. Looking for a casual guild on Silvermoon. I am currently a lvl 21 prot paladin. I played 2006-2011 under the name Yester on Silvermoon. Was in a great guild back then and had a blast. Was hoping to try it again this time. Thanks! -YesterdayYesterday0 Aug 21
Aug 19 Veteran dungeon/PvP Alliance guild? Hi all -- Any super awesome Alliance guilds on Silvermoon looking for more people to run Heroics/Mythics/M+ and the occasional PvP BG?Monza0 Aug 19
Aug 9 Graveyard Shift [A] The Late Night Community Are you someone that frequently, or exclusively, plays WoW during the latest of hours at night and into the morning light? If so, then you are well aware of the lack of community and activity at that time. Pugs can easily be the worst of the daily batch, the number of active guilds is extremely slim, and you often get the leftovers for Mythic+ and PvP groups. What's worse, is when a formerly reliable late night guild's activity starts to decline, your selection of new guilds is often coupled with a hefty server change cost (and sometimes faction change too). This is where Graveyard Shift comes in to play! Graveyard Shift is a new Discord community that strives to cater towards players that claim the world of Azeroth between 9:00 PM and 11:00 AM Eastern time. The idea behind Graveyard Shift is for you to no longer need to switch servers, or guilds, unless you desire to. This is the not-guild guild, where it doesn't matter what server you are on or what guilds you are in. We have tools to help you get the right info out to other community members so you don't have to bog your friends list down. Currently we are only supporting the Alliance faction, but if the demand grows we will venture into the Horde. To get started, be sure to join our Community: Some, but not all, of the activities and interests you can find here include: • Legacy raiding and achievements • Rare mount/toy/pet farming • Casual and progressive raiding • PvP (Arena teams and Rated Battle Grounds) • Community events: Transmog parties, group leveling events, and more Graveyard Shift is completely open for anyone to join at any time. Anyone can create an event at any time, but those that continuously and reliably create and lead events can become Event Hosts. Everything in WoW is open to cross realm activity now, with the exception of current tier Mythic raiding. Join Graveyard Shift today! Aug 9
Aug 8 LF Help with Guild Charter As per the title, anyone willing to sign a guild charter with an alt?Laruae0 Aug 8
Aug 7 Curious player Was just wondering how things are on this realm, far as sense of community/players being social. Thought the oldie thread was pretty interesting with players being around like that. Anywho, mostly curious since I'm thinking of moving here. Havent made a whole lot of friends in WoW though my schedule leaves something to be desired. I liked doing M+ and some raiding, but its been rough.Kïrin3 Aug 7
Aug 4 [WTS] Crown Jewel of Silvermoon Only offers in limerick form will be taken under consideration. Hogit - [Steward of Gondor]Hogit4 Aug 4
Aug 4 Ilterendi, crown Jewel of Silvermoon So way back in Vanilla, there was a guild on Alliance here called Ilterendi. I raided with these guys for a while, got a bunch of server firsts, and was top progression guild on the server through vanilla and into BC. I transferred off Silvermoon shortly after BC, and have not been back to the server since. Now, i am in Beta, and lo and behold, i am browsing the dungeon journal loot list (it lists all the new legendary world drops) and i came across and paladin legendary called "Ilterendi, crown jewel of silvermoon" and couldn't believe it! This has to be a nod to the old guild, its too much of a coincidence not to be! I thought this was really awesome and had to post here, in case any old Ilterendi folks are still around and could check out this nod to an OG kickass guild from back in the day.Mid62 Aug 4
Aug 4 Alliance Priests Social Community With the addition of communities under the social tab of and World of Warcraft I would like to invite everyone to join the social community Alliance Priests! Help us build the largest class community in the World of Warcraft. We are growing fast and looking for talented individuals to fill moderator position. Join and help make this the best community in the game. - No limit on communities you can join - Cross server chat for priest discussion - Everyone welcome, main or alt - Positive attitudes please - Recruitment allowed click the link to join Aug 4
Jul 27 ABT Mythic Recruiting (Silvermoon/Mok'nathal) <Killer Inc> 1/11 MABT. LFM players to complete our 20 man team for Heroic/Mythic Raiding in BFA. Mon-Thur 6pm farm raids, Fri-Sun 6pm guild progression. Helpful, competitive band of killers committed to improving their toons and killing monsters as a guild. All raid times are server time. Currently accepting logs from any Class/Spec interested in joining our mythic progression team. Because we have close to 10 players that can play every role at end game level we are always willing to accommodate exceptional players willing put in the work required to help their guild kill monsters. Enlist and start killing monsters today!Micromedicrx1 Jul 27
Jul 25 Returning player lf Active guild I'm a returning player looking to find a group to do hopfully Heroic raids to get and some casual PVP. My main is WW/Brewmaster monk but i have Warlock/Paladin/Mage/Hunter leveled to 110 and can switch if need be. i do work a full time job atm so around 8-12 PM raiding is what i'm hoping for. feel free to message me any questionsAsurek1 Jul 25
Jul 21 MN&Si Official Horde PVP Community Group Here is the original post for the Official Horde PVP Community Group. Please help support the community and our events by joining and sharing the links with your server, guild, and friends. PVP Forum 1(BG): PVP Forum 2(Arena): ...Vvarleader0 Jul 21
Jun 25 Friends? XD New to wow just got back from WoD seems like a lot changed and want some new friends to dungeon and raid withCarlik0 Jun 25
Jun 20 Might start a char Does this server feel full enough to where you can always play with someone? are the main towns filled? My mains are on Medium servers and they feel pretty good, but this server is low so idk?Ghostfaced1 Jun 20
Jun 18 Need help, will tip I'm looking for some one who has an observers locus resonator, who would be willing to help me, i will tip well for your assistance.Rivendel1 Jun 18
Jun 17 . Deleted post, thanks.Nedra0 Jun 17
May 30 [A] <StormGuard> 7/11M - Take a chance on me. StormGuard is a 7/11M AtBT community-oriented raiding guild, with a focus on community and a drive for progression! Even if you aren't into mythic progression or raiding in general, we have plenty of active members that love to run mythic+ and hang out in discord. With Legion coming to an end, we are continuing to push Antorus, doing Mythic Gul'dan runs and working on The Chosen. What We're Looking For * Melee: High need for Rogues * Ranged: Any * Healers: Resto Druid/Shaman, H. Pal * Tanks: Blood DK * BUT we are recruiting everyone and everything! Raid Schedule * Progression Raids: Tue/Wed 6:30-9:30 server time (PST) * Fun/Alt Raid: Thur 6:30-9:30 server time (PST) * Farm Raid: Fri 6:30-9:30 server time (PST) Give Us A Shout! * Scoop, Guild Leader => Scooter#1541 * Bread, Officer => Bread#11828 * Land, Officer => Landvaetteir#1662 * Neemoy, Officer => neemoy#1951Neemoy1 May 30
May 30 A <Clouded Minds> is recruiting! <Clouded Minds> is currently seeking dps and 1 healer that is also comfortable with dps for continued heroic and mythic progression! As one of the oldest guilds on server (12 years strong!) we are committed to having a fun, relaxed, yet progression minded group. We are 9/9H Tomb and looking to fill up our roster for Antorus. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays 7-10PST. We need dps, with no current warriors and DKs on our roster, and 1 healer/dps player. Of course, any exceptional player will always be considered and are encouraged to check us out. Feel free to reach out to me @Starknight#1698, Swingdancer @Swing#1824, and/or Mulcy @neemoy#1951, or join our discord channel and tell us about yourself in our raid_recruitment channel @ May 30
May 29 WTB Heroic Argus the Unmaket Kill! Been away from the game for a considerable period and want to nab the Blood of the Unmaker quest item before it is removed in the pre expansion patch. I have some gold, but I can also offer 25 level 25 pet of certain variants as I made a significant amount of gold selling them at one point so build up a stock of some fairly rare pets I could give in place of gold if I cannot reach the desired price. I’m at level 930 as I have not been raiding, but will follow instructions any download and teamspeak equivalent program that is needed to follow raid guidance.Raogrimm0 May 29
May 26 (H) <LFR Certified>, 10/11M, Argus recruiting TL;DR: We are looking for great, reliable, ranged DPS who can help us get down Argus for Cutting Edge. If you're the real deal, we'll even pay for your server transfer. See contact details at the bottom. ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- LFR Certified is a Horde guild on the Dalaran-US server, currently looking for a few exceptional players to complete our Mythic Antorus raid group. We have been around since mid-WoD, and have a talented/dedicated core group; we're just looking to build on it. We are currently tied for 1st most-progressed Horde guild on Dalaran at 10/11M, and tied for third overall server (includes Alliance). Our primary raid times are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 8pm-11pm server time (eastern). What <LFR Certified> has to offer: -- Guild bank stocked with feasts, flasks, and potions to supplement whatever you are lacking during our guild raids. -- Loot Council: Gear is distributed fairly based on tier-set-bonuses, best-in-slot, etc. basis, with the mentality that the raid/guild benefits as a whole before the sole-player. -- A consistent Friday-Saturday-Sunday raid schedule. We expect our players to also be consistent in being able to make those raid days/times. -- Knowledgeable, skilled leaders and fellow players. We value performance in mechanics over performance on the meters. We are more than willing to work with you to improve your numbers if that’s where you’re lacking. We are currently looking for skilled ranged dps, namely ele Sham, Mages, and another Warlock, but are considering any qualified, skilled, and enthusiast applicants. To inquire further, apply, or just get in touch, please contact Nebeon (Nebeon23#1360), Vythra (SteelPhantom#11476), Fenreal (Fenreal#1600), or Jasny (Soar#1805), in-game.Vythra1 May 26
May 23 [A] ⚔️PvP Community Discord RageQuit Discord is the Alliance PvP Community for upcoming BFA. With experienced leadership in large scale communities, guilds and PvP. Join the fastest growing Discord with over 4k members and growing fast. Why join us? -We already host thousands other Alliance members within our Discord. We run events daily as shown in this link: totaling over 60 Officers that work around the clock to make sure you get the best experience in PvP content. We also do many events on the fly due to World PvP. We do our best to make sure the Horde cower before us! -We have a very organized ranking structure to ensure events run smoothly and in a timely manner. If you ever want to become an Officer, all you have to do is apply in the #officer-application channel. We offer nice incentives and perks for our Officer core here at RageQuit. -ACTIVE Discord. Not only are we active, but we have cool things to do in our Discord such as you can personalize your profile by giving yourself personality roles and even personalize your color. We have music bots, Pokemon finding, trading, duel game and more! -PvP includes: BGs, RBGs, Arenas, World PvP, Tournments. Don’t PvP? No worries, we also do light PvE and even public events such as Karaoke, group movie viewing, Community Meetings with GIVEAWAYS and more. ←-What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW! OKAY I joined, now what? 1-Once you join, head to #game-setup channel and React with the emoji below WOW image to get the @WoW role and view WoW related gaming channels. 2- Read over the #rules-info channel for all the detailed list of all that we have to offer in our server. 3-Have FUN within our Community! If you have any questions or need help, contact the #❓support channel. -Deathology, President of the RageQuit Community -Cadigan, President of the RageQuit CommunityCadigan0 May 23
May 20 Stormrage <Thee Fluffy Bunnies> is Recruiting Guild: <Thee Fluffy Bunnies> Faction: Alliance Server: Stormrage Raid Days: Friday & Saturday 8:30pm -11:30pm EST server Cleared: 8/11H Recruiting: Looking for Heals and Dps and active casual members Goals: We are currently recruiting active members to have a happy solid guild. We are recruiting more solid core members for our raid team. Intending on mythic raid content. We plan on being active within and out of the guild. I realize, as a guild, trying to rebuild that it will be difficult. Considering the Expansion is right around the corner, which is why we are preparing for that as well, but at the same time maintaining it being fun and just overall having a good time. Extras: We offer discord and all its many tools. We have games periodically during holidays and off days as well. Our calendar stays full of events. Contacts: B.tag: Biggjax#11657 Kithanna#1592 “Stay Fluffy”Bigjax0 May 20
May 3 A-TGTR - 5/11M - Stormrage - Recruiting!! <The Gang Tries Raiding> [A]- Is a mythic progression guild on Stormrage made of a solid core of raiders from Medivh/Exodar. We are looking for members who would like to be a part of a tight knit community, be able to perform well on a consistent basis, and continue improving their play style with out falling behind other raiders. Now I do not wish to lie to anyone about our situation. The fact are, at this moment, we have 20 raiders in our ranks. With that said, like many other guilds, we had issues in the last few weeks filling our raids due to poor attendance. With that in mind, we have decided to offer paid server transfers to anyone willing to try us out. This is meant to be an incentive for sure, but it is also to prove that we have no intention of disbanding or take any break of raiding. Progression Raid days and Times: Tuesday/Thursday 7:45pm-11pm Server time (EST) Possible third day in BFA Keep in mind that this guild was formed with the goal of building the best group possible for BFA. So ask yourself this, is current progression the most important feature in the game for me? If so, then yeah, we are 5/11M, there is hundreds of guilds further progressed then us. What we can offer tho, is a great community that raid in an environment with no toxicity, fun, and able to progress at a decent pace. Healer: Paladin Shaman Melee DPS: Rogue Monk Death knight Shaman Warrior Ranged DPS Shaman Warlock Priest Mage -Thank you for your time - if you are interested, please reach out to the below officer: Bnet - Dudetastique#1301 Discord - Dudetastique#3190Dudetastique0 May 3
Mar 26 [H] Vigil 3/11H - Looking for DPS! Vigil is the #2 Horde guild, 7th on the server. Raid Times: Tue/Wed/Thu 7:00/10:00PM - 9:00/12:00AM (PST/EST) We are looking for people to be able to commit to 2 out of the 3 days. Top Recruiting Priorities: -Balance Druid -Warlocks -Mages -Shamans Beyond those listed, we will consider all classes for the open spots. Please add me at bushkanaka86#1101 or message me at Ignorant-Silvermoon for more information.Ignorant0 Mar 26
Mar 24 LF Large, Active Horde Guild Community Hello all! I'm coming back to Horde side after awhile away, and I'm looking for a guild that has a high number of people online throughout the day/night (I'm living in Europe for the rest of the year, and being around 7 hours ahead of U.S. means I'm not online when most people are). Just looking for conversation, hanging out, and the occasional m+ once I get a couple of characters geared at 110. Any suggestions are appreciated!Aboriginie0 Mar 24
Mar 21 [Illidan][H]<Recursion>Recruiting DPS! <Recursion> is now recruiting! About us: We are a newly formed small group of like-minded adults looking for other mature players to fill out our core raid team for BFA. To us, the word "Casual" means strong teamwork to complete as much content as possible, while still having fun during our 2 night raid week. 11/11H AOTC experienced. Raid Schedule: Wednesday/Friday evenings from 8-11pm EST. This consists of heroic on Wednesday nights, and clean-up / normal on Friday. We welcome any solid players, and are specifically looking for the following classes / roles: Ranged DPS: Open Melee DPS: Open Alts also welcome! Contact Info: Bakua (p0cahuntr3ss#1747) Horum (Horum#1559) Orchidia (Melicious#1794)Bakua0 Mar 21
Mar 20 1895+ looking for 2k+ achievments lefteyehealr#1435. giving this a shot but LFG seems to have everyone so.. fail groups in my realm gut abend plenty of 2.2-2.7k game expeirenceKlütt0 Mar 20
Mar 20 1895 need 2k champion before tues lefteyehealr#1435. giving this a shot but LFG seems to have everyone so.. fail groups in my realm gut abendKîlldøt1 Mar 20
Mar 14 <Redundant Idiocracy> 8/11H LF Raiders Redundant Idiocracy is a fresh guild on Mok'nathal/Silvermoon. We started raiding 2 months prior to Anyorus release, and were able to knock KJ out and get AOTC. We started ABT off nicely then had a big roster change due to raiders not showing up or people leaving after they beat the game. We are looking to bolster our roster with raiders that show up to every raid night ready to knock progression out of the way and start working on assembling a mythic team. Food and Cauldrons are supplied as well as Enchants and Repairs (raiders are expected to help contribute raw materials to help in making the feasts and cauldrons) We raid Tues-Thurs 5:30-8:30 PST Pacific Standard Time: 5:30 - 8:30PM Mountain Standard Time: 6:30 - 9:30PM Central Standard Time: 7:30 - 10:30PM Eastern Standard Time: 8:30 - 11:30PM The only things we require is you bring your own Potions that maximize your dps and Defiled Augment Runes, Pull your own weight (also know mechanics and don’t die to avoidable damage), and have discord(Mic is not required, you just need to be able to listen) If you feel that we are a good match for you please email me at or add me on battletag by the same email address.Bagauck3 Mar 14
Mar 8 [A][Khaos] Casual raid group [Slackers] [Alliance][Khaos] New casual raid group [Slackers] Hey there how are you people? I hope fine! My name is Sahiel, member of Khaos alliance guild ( and I'm here today to let you all know that I'm forming a 3rd raid group within my guild, this group will be a flexible schedule casual raid group. Check our guild stats here: What does this entails? I will propose a random day of the week to raid and if at least 90% of the group members / invitees can come, well raid! Now, indeed it will be casual and relaxed, but I'd love for my members to watch the videos for Tomb of Sargeras and Antorus to get an idea of what to expect on the fights, you can use Fatboss or Kelani for those, as are the ones I watch. I'll do my best to explain the fights either way but if we all put a bit of effort I assure you we will have a much better time raiding together! What does casual mean to me: It doesn't mean "lets go faceroll our characters and begin a wipefest, no, it doesn't mean "they will carry us all through the raids", no. Casual means "if we can, as a group, we gather at a specified day a week that is not fixed (as in not every Tuesday) and we raid". Casual means "We will be prepared with flasks, food, proper enchants and gems, and we will study the fights, but raiding as it is, is not our main goal, our main goal is to play the game have fun with friends, not to make a job of it". What are we looking for: iLevel: 900+ Tanks: Sahiel - Vengeance Demon Hunter we got 2 possible 2nd tanks, so for now apply for dps if your dps spec is usable, we can discuss later who will take the role of 2nd tank. Healers: Welcoming healers with usable dps spec. DPS: Welcoming DPS with usable Healig or Tanking usable specs. Taiyotsuki - Elemental Shaman (Restoration spec usable ) Cael - Retribution Paladin Other things to take note about: I'll be providing Cauldrons and Feasts for every raid, but I'd love for members to come prepared or collaborate with me in making them if you feel like it (each cauldron takes me 5 of each flasks, so you can "if you want" mail me a flask a week of your preference, its most welcome help but NOT a requirement). I will start with ToS for two to three weeks, the idea here is first to get to know each other, learn the strengths and weaknesses of the group, get a grasp of how we raid together. By knowing each other we start forming a bond and understanding of how our fellow members play, that way we will grow stronger as a Team! Also please note that Discord is a requirement not an optional tool, communication is key when raiding even when doing it casually! I'll let you some words from our wise Boss-lady: ... Let me know if you are interested by either in game mail or you can simply add me to bnet, my battle tag is Irhamel#1136. I hope to hear from you! Regards, SahielSahiel1 Mar 8
Mar 8 [A] LF Persons interested in pushing M+ Hello! I am currently looking for two other people that would be interested in pushing into mythics. I currently do not have time to commit to raiding, so I've settled on trying to establish a group of 5 that would be interested in trying to push Mythics. My hope is to run roughly one a night and just see how far we can push it each week. We currently have a group of 3 that are interested. We have tank and healer covered so we just need a couple of DPS, but if you're interested and want to tank or heal, we can probably switch roles around to make it work.Jeeperz3 Mar 8
Mar 1 6/11M Recruiting DPS Dalaran(H) LFR Certified is a Horde guild on the Dalaran-US server, currently looking for a few exceptional players to complete our Mythic Antorus raid group. We have been around since mid-WoD, and have a talented/dedicated core group; we're just looking to build on it. Progress: 6/11M - 6/9M - 5/10M - 7/7M - 2/3M Our primary raid times are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 8pm-11pm server time (eastern), with alt-gearing/normal/titanforge-chance raids occurring throughout the week, usually Thursdays. We are constantly looking for people to push keys as well. What <LFR Certified> has to offer: -- Guild bank stocked with feasts, flasks, and potions to supplement whatever you are lacking during our guild raids. -- Loot Council: Gear is distributed fairly based on tier-set-bonuses, best-in-slot, etc. basis, with the mentality that the raid/guild benefits as a whole before the sole-player. -- A consistent, but casual Friday-Saturday-Sunday raid schedule. We expect our players to also be consistent in being able to make those raid days/times. We realize that people have real-life things that sometimes take precedence, that’s no problem. What we’re not looking for are folks who can’t make every Friday, or can only raid half the night on Saturdays, etc. -- Knowledgeable, skilled leaders and fellow players. We are more than willing to work with you to improve your numbers if that’s where you’re lacking. We will not carry people though. We are currently looking for skilled Mage/Ele/Boomkin, but are considering any qualified, skilled, and enthusiast applicants. To inquire further, apply, or just get in touch, please contact Nebeon (Nebeon23#1360), Fenreal (Fenreal#1600), or Jasny (Soar#1805), in-game. Can also reach me fast on Discord: Nebeon#4320Spicegold1 Mar 1
Feb 25 FREE GIVEAWAYS – H Argus, Mounts, Pets, etc Hello everyone! We're a HORDE carry team dedicated to provide the best runs for you! Apart from selling Heroic Antorus services we also do GIVEAWAYS every week! If you don’t wish to buy a run and simply want to be part of our growing community while participating in our giveaways, I encourage you to join our discord! What giveaways are you guys doing? Our giveaways range from pets, mounts, Heroic Argus, Heroic Antorus Clear, etc. As our community grows so will our desire to give more! Discord link: Join our discord to take advantage of our giveaways and be part of our growing discord community! Our goal: We believe in giving back to our community as part of our commitment to sharing our success. To take part of our founded principle we welcome you to join our fast-growing discord community. You will have the opportunity to participate in giveaways that will benefit you and enforce our mission statement: our success starts with your success.Helloimferal2 Feb 25
Feb 25 New raid grp ABT normal (Casual/Flex grp) Staring normal ABT and looking for more…. Small Alliance guild looking to begin the adventure into Antorus and in need of a few roles. Casual group that seeks those with a growth mind-set and not fixated on meters, logs, ilvl, or prior experience. Schedule would be ONCE a week on Friday or Saturday night for 2-3 hrs beginning at 7:30pm CST. (5:30pm PST, 6:30 MST, 8:30pm EST.) -Personal loot -Start 7:30pm CST -Have bonus roles, repaired and consumables (or equivalent) if cross server -Food, enchants, gems, repairs supplied (unless cross server due to existing limitations) Current roster/roles: Tank: Druid seeking 1-2 additional comfortable with raiding and higher level mythics Heals: Seeking ANY additional heals MS/OS Shaman Paladin (OS Tank or DPS) DPS: Welcoming ALL ranged and melee DPS! Hunter Monk (Heal OS) Aff. Lock Bal Druid/Hunter Other Activity outside of raiding: Social events, mog runs, achieves, weekly in game events, and lots and lots of 5 mans (different levels, regular, mythic and M + (up to lvl 15) All players are welcome, but we do run dungeons, WQ and old content (rep/mount/pet/achieve) more frequently than other stuff (leveling, pvp) Adult guild with population of 25+ Please post for more info!Rhajz0 Feb 25