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4d A Return to World of Warcraft: Player Guide So you’ve decided to return to World of Warcraft. Welcome back! There’s just one thing you’ll need before jumping back into the fray—knowledge. To aid you in making your glorious comeback, we’ve compiled some handy information every returning hero should know. Once armed with knowledge, nothing (and no one) will stand in your way. 4d
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19m Best new realm to start? What would possibly be the best realm to go to here to kind of be able to play with quite a lot of people around? My issue is that I am in the military and currently in England, and well I'm not going to buy a whole new set of games/keys to just start over on EU when i'll only be here for a limited amount of time. So I'm under the assumption that if I'm looking for a solid PvP server then Illidan or Tichondrius would be the best bets to kind of be able to make up for the 5 to 8 hour time difference? Since I know I probably wont get the chance to raid with my working hours and time differences. Thanks!Dewott1 19m
11h returning player with a quick question hey :) im starting to get back into wow.. is it difficult or a long process to catch up with the artifact questline? or any of the questlines? the only thing stopping me from playing is i keep thinking im too far behind with everything to compete with other players...Riskytusk1 11h
17h Just hit 110...quick questions Hello Everyone, I'm a returning player and I just hit 110 after a long break from MoP. I have been leveling on the Broken Isles through quests and have made it as far as Stormheim, I decided to do LFG dungeons at lv. 109 since it seemed easier to get to 110 by doing the dungeons, as it granted me a lot of xp rather than questing. So do I finish questing on the Broken Isles and finish the quests on Stormheim and Suramar? I want to get geared fast so I can do raids, my ILV is too low to do heroic dungeons, was wondering what to do next... I welcome all sugestions!Nosferátu2 17h
22h Curse Client vs Twitch Client OK so I haven't played in over a year and I went to update my addons but come to find out, the curse client is being phased out for this new Twitch client. How does does Twitch fare vs Curse? I want to find out what people's experiences with Twitch but all I'm finding are people's heated responses like "RAWR IT SUCKS I DONT WANT THIS, THIS, AND THIS! I JUST WANNA UPDATE MUH ADDONS!" Granted currently that's all I want as well but it would be nice to know some pros and cons to going with the Twitch Client. I do still have the old Curse client installed. Can anyone hook a dude up with some useful info before I decide to take the plunge with Twitch?Hugandkisses3 22h
23h Who's the oldest player? I'll be 72 in May. Any one playing that is older?Procheyon5 23h
1d Old Expansions progression guild! Hello good people ! <A Song of Fire and Ice> (Eldre'Thalas - Korialstrasz) is currently looking for more members to fill out our raid group. Let me tell you more about us! (We welcome new and returning player more then everyone!) We got financial support AND help! We are a guild created specifically for reliving content from past expansions. That is, we raid instances such as Karazhan, Tempest Keep, Naxxramas, Icecrown Citadel, Throne of the Four Wind, Bastion of Twilight, Etc.. We will begin with the Burning Crusade content simply because in my opinion on the actual servers, the Vanilla raids aren't worth progressing trough and aren't a fun experience anymore. As stated below, Heirlooms ARE allowed for leveling purposes. Since we plan on clearing the entire expansions content, we will also run Expansions specific Heroic Dungeons to grab some blue items before we run into the raids. You will have to replace then your Heirlooms with the blues found in heroics dungeon. (I know that the content can be pretty easily cleared, but we want to experience old content as a whole even if it's pretty nerfed). We plan on having from 1 to 2 raid nights per week. We are a very friendly and laid back guild, you can take your time leveling and join us there is no problem. If you need to catch up, we will GLADLY help you grab some gears in heroics and early raids such as Karazhan. If everything goes well, there will be 2 raiding groups total. If you have never experienced the old content or wish you could go back there, this is your chance to go trough it all! When we are done with TBC we will switch to WOTLK, CATACLYSM, PANDARIA and maybe Dreanor. P.S : I will provide with the guild bank many of the needed enchants, Flasks, food etc.. That you will need to go trough expansions. I might add some crafted gear in there, only for people to catch up with us! Also Monthly and weekly giveaways for our members. General Info: Alliance side Raid times - Complete Schedule coming within 7-10 days. Currently on BC content and will be until its cleared out. Guild Website - Coming soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Who we are looking for: WoW veterans New players Old Raiders Noob Raiders Anyone! All are welcome! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Guild Rules: Any race is okay to play! No DK or Monk until their respective content. No PvP gear allowed during raids. No gear from future content. (Ex: WOTLK Gear in BC) Heirlooms may be used to level, but not during raids. To raid, you must be at the content's level, not above, not below. Be respectful to all members. RaF boosting IS allowed (Under some conditions) Gold transfers are allowed No going past current content in any way, this includes current expansion PATCH. So no crafted gear from Sunwell Plateau if we are raiding Karazhan. Please check Wowhead for more information if you are not sure. You can also ask any Officers in the guild :) (Profs, Gear, Level, Ect.) No Runthroughs. Act responsibly, and take responsibility for your actions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recruitment: Now, the part you're all waiting for.... What classes are we recruiting? Do we need your favorite class? The answer is...... all of them! You heard me right. We are accepting all classes and specializations. Of course, if you want to make a healer or DPS, we'd be very grateful, but we aren't looking for any specific class. Got a question? 2 questions? Want to join us? Mail me in-game (Nutella) Or reply right here! I or any officers will reply as soon as possible! Thanks for reading, and we hope to hear from you soon.Nutella11 1d
1d Gearing Catch-up I am just returning to WoW after taking a break sometime last November (I believe?), not long into Legion. I am deciding whether to level up a new toon or to try to play catch-up on an existing toon to get back into raiding with my guild. What are the current gearing catch-up mechanisms in the current patch? I am fully willing to put in the time/effort, but what is the best route to catch up? Rep grind? Profession? World quests?Kraylune6 1d
1d Queued for specific, got random Hi, I just returned to the game recently, and I've been trying to clear out old dungeon quests from Legion launch. Multiple times, I've tried queueing for this or that specific dungeon, only to get put into a random H:NL and taken out of queue for the dungeon I had queued for. Is this a new system, and has Blizz talked about the thought process behind it? I have no use for a random H:NL at all, can't see why it'd put me there. Thanks.Saltharr2 1d
1d Family member's F.Orc DK -- way too loud So, my family member has a female orc Death Knight, and yeesh. Did they make their "YAAARE!" sounds loud enough!? I tried dragging the "Dialogue" volume slider almost down to nothing, can barely hear other sounds (even mobs like hozen) but when her DK swings, you hear this ear-piercing "YAAAARE!" sound and it's rather grating. But then I also noticed the female Draenei have a similar "EEEEIIIIYAAAH!" sound which is also irritatingly loud. Is there a way to make characters quieter, at all?Hirai1 1d
1d Garrison Followers difficult/slow to level? So, now that we blow through the levels fast, I've been finding that Garrison Followers seem to be annoying to levelup. If you take it slow and quest through all the zones, your character's gear ends up being crap, but your followers aren't too bad. If you zip ahead due to higher levels to get better gear, then you get high level followers, and the first few you got are going to be left in the dust. On a family member's character, she's got 2-3 Level 99 followers, 2-3 Level 97s, a couple 95s, a couple 93s and several Lv91 followers. When I open the Mission List, I get a lot of Lv97-99 junk that nobody can counter, because the followers that have those counters are Lv91-95 and the few Lv91-95 missions that are there don't have a lot of follower XP, or they have low success rates, and oftentimes the counters are the ones the Lv97+ followers have (but yet they don't need xp! the other ones do!). I know there are items to increase I-level... did they give us some alternate way other than work orders to get some follower XP? I mean, seriously now... I don't want to take weeks banging on failed 50% missions to try and get followers' levels up, nor do I want to be logging on the game every hour to re-do missions constantly.Ryokia4 1d
2d Healer opinons Please post your favorite healers and or least favorite healer spec and why. Currently at a loss of what healer to play because none are really calling out to me. I have them all 110 with priest being my most geared. I recently returned from the begining of legion a couple weeks ago.Unmend3 2d
2d How to search for specific guild I've been invited by someone in facebook to join his guild. He gave me the name of the guild. But in the game, there seems to be no option to search for a specific guild. You need to browse through a long list of guild which is tiresome. Is there a way to search for a specific guild or at least a specific player in the game?Alarolden2 2d
2d What happens if I boost a level 40? Do I still get the gear/bags and stuff, should I just delete it and make a level 100 trial character and boost that? Thanks!Bitzi11 2d
2d How does gear in PvP work now/legion? I've tried looking this up but I've gotten conflicting information. Some people saying gear doesn't matter anymore, and others saying ilvl matters. (In the latter case wouldn't mythic PvEers with the best ilvl dominate PvP?) Furthermore how does gear work in open world PvP? Will stats/items be dynamically scaled like WoD, or will it be like MoP?Mersl22 2d
2d Least Played Spec/Class in the game Hey. I was a heroic raider back in cata and mop. I would like to return to those days at least somewhat. I was a prot paladin and my primary alt was a destro warlock. I am trying to find a new spec to play and am wondering what is the LEAST played spec in the game? Demon Hunters obviously won't be an option. Thanks!Irtha15 2d
2d Long break, need advice. Hello community! Just bought legion and re-subbed after a long break. I missed all of WoD, and only played the first 2 months of MoP. I would love to get back into the game and start raiding once again. I haven't raided seriously since Wrath days, but miss it a lot. I plan on healing as it was always my go-to preferred PvE role. But not sure what i should play. My only serious raid exp was as disc. priest back in naxx and ulduar, and with as long as that has been I'm sure this exp. doesn't mean much. I would like to play either sham, druid, or priest, because I do want to off-spec ranged dps for pvp while healing in pve. Any advice will be much appreciated.Gudrik1 2d
3d Annoying gaps in DPS Rotations Just as the title says. First off, I will use Ret Paladin to compare other DPS rotations to, because Ret Paladin is the one I find that doesn't do this. On my Ret Paladin, I can go through several rotations with very few gaps... and by gaps, I'm talking about periods of time when your not on GCD but yet you have nothing to do because you are either out of resources, or everything is on cooldown. I get that some of these situations is because of mistakes, but yet on Ret Paladin, even if you make mistakes, it isn't THAT costly. Mistakes usually come in the form of wasting Holy Power which gimps your damage/healing output. And I'm seeing an overall theme in the DPS classes I've tried thusfar, in that they seemed to remove several "Filler" attacks, things you could do so that you weren't twiddling your thumbs for 2-3 GCDs waiting on cooldowns to finish. When they removed these, the classes feel like they're missing something. Anyways, that's the good. The not-so-good... Feral (Cat) Druid: Where'd my Mangle go? Mangle used to be a low-cost attack that you could spam that kept you busy. When nothing else needed done, Mangle was there to fill the gap. But now it's gone, and it looks like I'm supposed to instead use Shred... but Shred seems to use far more energy than Mangle did. This means I get out 3 maybe 4 attacks and I'm out of energy. Already. I don't even get a full Combo Finisher ready before I'm out of energy already. Really? Arms Warrior: This is the one that really bugs me. It looks like almost your entire Rotation is tied to Charge. Charge requires a distance. So uh... what happens when I can't charge? Like, say, a quest requires me to spawn an NPC that turns hostile without giving me a chance to back up away from it? Well, in "No-Charge" situations, the one and only thing you can do is Colossus Smash. Your ENTIRE hotbar is greyed out because everything costs Rage. So, you CS... and then wait until everything else finally lights up, use 1 ability and you're out of rage... and gotta wait a GCD or two more until you can FINALLY get into your rotation. I remember in MoP, you at least had a few options of things you can do before you "spun up" and you weren't staring at a dark hotbar with nothing to do. Prot Warrior: Dude, where's my Devastate? I don't understand why this was removed. In fact, I'm trying to understand Prot Warrior in general, because the whole basis of the class just doesn't make any sense. The only direct attacks I can find are Cleave, Revenge, and Shield Slam. I don't have a basic attack involving my main-hand weapon? And tying your survivability around trying to keep a bubble up full-time (mistakes are heavily punished in the form of a nerfed Impending Victory which heals less and seems to have a longer CD than before). It just feels... clunky. Outlaw Rogue: This one isn't as bad as Feral Druid as the energy costs seem a lot more reasonable, but again, I'm noticing that Sinister Strike was similarly removed and there are times I run out of energy and have to stare at a dark hotbar for a GCD or two. But thankfully it isn't as terrible as Cat Druid... Beast Mastery Hunter: This also feels awkward, especially early game. I started a new character to experience the zones again after a couple year hiatus... and wow. Okay, I'm just one-shotting everything with Cobra Shot... yeah... that's... interesting gameplay, lol. Now, I did take a Lv90 hunter out to Timeless Isle, and... I noticed that Focus is a problem, like a Cobra Strike and a Kill Command... and I'm out and gotta wait. Not sure why they think waiting for resources constantly is a good thing to be honest, but whatever. It isn't as bad as, say, Arms Warrior or Cat Druid, but it just feels awkward without those filler attacks so that I at least have SOMETHING to do. But sadly I'm out of time... next up on the list is Blood DK.Hirai9 3d
3d Monk,DH,warrior,dk Well i stop for month or 2 during 7.2 and now since 7.3 hit I just can't seem to have main at all since legion came out i don't have main and because of that i can't focus on one char and gear to max i got 5+ max and it so hard and main ones i would to pick is the one in title but i just don't know I mostly a pvp player but i do raids and stuff and help anyone who asked for it beside that I just don't know Does anyone know what best for mostly pvp and little for pve so if anyone knows please help me I need have a main and I just don't know all my max is under 899 because of thisEllaylleria2 3d
3d Returning player and searching friends Im looking for friends ingame to make raids, dungeons and leveling chars. I play Lich king and cataclysm in a hard core team and now I would like to find a group of friends to play in the free time at a good level. im from Cancun, and also i want to practice mi english. i have chars in Aegwynn, Sargeras and Ragnaros. If you want to adopt me like a new friend ingame for the same purpouse tell me whats your realm and if you want, we can leveling new chars or something.Fyazko2 3d
3d Broken Shores or Argus? Came back about two weeks ago. Actually really enjoying working my way through the Shattered Isle....not sure if I would want to do it again on an alt, but that's a different topic! I'm finishing up in Suramar but already got the quests for Broken Shores and Argus. I did both of the introductory quests but decided to stop until I got Suramar done and some more intel. Should I go through Broken Shores, given it's time sink that I've heard of and such, or skip it and venture into Argus? I do like the story but if I've read correctly, there is little in BS. Basically, as the title states, on my first trip through legion, should I do this content? Thanks for any/all replies. *cheers*Mexan5 3d
3d Giving money to different fractions I have two characters on the same server and I would like to share money. The issue I'm having is they are an alliance and a horde. I saw two different posts, one from 2009 and one from 2011, they say it isn't possible, and when I did it, I did get the message "Target is Unfriendly". Is there a way to share money from an alliance to horde in 2017? Can you attached the money to something? Just wondering. Thanks, Queentiger1989Awqueentiger3 3d
3d Argus Grind Gear vs Dungeon Gear Returning player here, been way since end of Cata, returned at about 7.2. Reading the forums I see lots of discussions about farming some currency for "x" ilvl gear. Question - Is that gear higher ilvl than what you get in 5 man dungeons? I ask because I typically don't quest. From BC through cata I always geared up in heroics once I hit lvl cap with an ilvl to get in. And, I got that ilvl from running regular 5 mans up to the lvl cap. I have done only a dungeon or two for profession quests. Otherwise I'm still focused on Pathfinder. :( Please disregard any concerns of rep in your reply unless it is specifically needed for gear to progress. Follow up question - With the new focus (again, last experiance of endgame content was Cata) of questing being endgame content, has the game changed preventing me from playing end game as I used to? Thanks in advance.Amanish4 3d
3d Raid Lockouts IIRC, back in the old days if I did part of a raid on Thursday and then went back on saturday with a different group there's either issues with me getting in or if I do the bosses I dropped are missing. Is this still the case? I cleared half of Normal ToS on Thursday and want to go back tonight but it would be with mostly different people. Am I going to run into any issues?Nixis4 3d
3d What covers this class fantasy more. Hi! I was wondering what would cover this fantasy more, I enjoy -Magic Spells -Mobility -Pets/Companions -Support/CC I feel like my choices are between Warlock and Hunter though Hunter has more of a bow and arrow/nature field and not really magic . Just wanting some opinions since trying to pick a dps class. Thanks for any helpful input.Zaiji5 3d
3d Need help with WoD Since I skipped most of MoP and all of WoD and I levelled my new toons via dungeons up until Legion I am lost when it comes to how to approach WoD. What I need to do is open up Volmar Hold, but I am not sure of the most direct path to do that. I've read you have to get a ship and basically invade Tanaan, but I don't see direct information on the most linear path to achieve this. I simply want to unlock the Vendor for Battlegear of the Frostwolves. I've complete very little of WoD beyond lvl 2 Garrison/War Mill. Anyone have a link to a guide or able to direct me to the most linear path to achieve this?Rashagulu3 3d
3d Returning Level 80 I have missed TWO expansions, so I dare say I am way behind the times! I really look forward to jumping back in and getting started once more. I know there have been many changes - to every class! Artifacts? Yeah, I'm not sure about those. New skills and spell updates? Definitely going to have to practice and get use to things again. I have a few goals. 1. I want to be active in raid groups and be a dependable member of my party as heals & DPS. 2. I want to max my professions to aid guild mates and friends. 3. I want to collect mounts. I've always loved them. When starting again after such a long absence, would you use your level 100 boost on a level 80 Returning at Level 80? I have two or three. Or would you think it best to level another class from level 1 to 100? Do you have any advice for leveling? Quests vs. dungeons? Thank you so much for your advice! It is greatly appreciated! :)Amaltheia7 3d
3d World Of Warcraft The Adventure Guide: 1.0 World Of Warcraft The Adventure Guide: 1.0 Greetings Friend, Welcome to the World of Warcraft: The Adventure guide. If you are here reading this you must want the ultimate adventure or you want to recapture the feeling of when you first started this game those many years ago. In this guide I will layout the ground worked needed to achieve this. The guide was built with Achievements/Collecting/Professions/Exploration and Lore in mind. Let the Adventure begin! I’m going to go ahead and jump right into the basics of what you will need to start this Quest. 500g-(will go over later) Immersive add-on-( add-on) Grail/Lore master Add-on-( add-on) Weak aura 2 add-on-( add-on) Basic right? Yup nothing too much is needed. The gold is needed for your trip to your factions capital city every x4 and x9 Levels. You will be turning off your Experience bar these levels. Thus not to out level a zone or a Dungeon. (Example at level 14 turn off exp once you finish the two or three zones you turn your experience back on and then off again at 19 so on and so forth) Immersive is a great add-on I recommend for making the quests and NPC's you interact with better Immersive. You can change settings to make every interaction with npc look more like a traditional RPG, or turn your questing experience into legion style art frames. Grail/Lore master is a must add-on in this guide. This will allow you to see what quest are in each zone and how far your progresses in said area. I recommend though turning it on when you are stuck or when you think you completed a zone just to make sure. Weak aura 2, this one I only used for one script that is screenshotter... Every level or achievement you do will automatically take a screen shot. It’s nice to see once you get further in the leveling how far you have come.( I will provide link to Script) As you can already tell we are completionism over here in this guide. Every nook and cranny will be explored every NPC interacted with. My only Rule and this one should be a no brainer NO HEIRLOOMS! What’s the point of recapturing memories and the feeling of World of Warcraft if you are rushing through everything? Where to Start: Picking your race will be important in the beginning. Goblin, Worgen and Pandaren get the 1-12 pretty much laid out for them. Whereas the other races have their 1-5. Your character with be heading to each of the 5-12 zones of their faction anyway but if you really want the complete experience worgen and goblin do offer you one extra storyline. Now What: Start your adventure... Pretty straightforward. You are going to be leveling in each zone allowed. Example of this Level 30-35 has 4 zones for you: Southern Barrens, Desolce, Hinterlands and Cape of strangle thorn. Normally you would choose one complete it then go to the 35-40 zone...etc. Nope here you will be level stopping and completing all 4 before you proceed. Also almost every 4 levels there is a dungeon that opens up. I tend to run them between 1-5 times (remember the dead mines/Wailing caverns dungeon grind?) Professions! Professions are available at level 5. Start them quick and stay ahead of the skill bar. Fishing/ cooking / and First aid are a must. Check with local or questing hubs NPC that give recipes. Here are few things I did while questing. Do not just rush through every quest, Blizzard actually added different lines of dialog to Npcs in different parts of their quest chains. Thanks Phasing! Some food for thought: While questing look around the world developers put little touches into each part of zones and Easter eggs. Every zone you should strive to walk the whole map. There’s a achievement for this and a nice tabard (Explorer) Take allot of screenshots! I took around 3200 in my first 35 levels of just about everything from beautiful scenery to epic battles to npcs and Selfies. Information regarding Experience turn off. In Stormwind (Behsten <Experience Eliminator>) and Orgimmar(Slahtz <Experience Eliminator>) there is an Npc that will turn off your experience gained. It cost 10g each time you used him. You are granted an aura that eliminates your XP making it easier to not out level content. You are going to be leveling in each zone allowed. I Will post more in the coming days.Zann0 3d
5d Returning from before Legion. Two questions. First, how useful is Frostwall now, and second, what happen to DKs? My DK doesn't have any of his useful abilities anymore it seems.Gis3 5d
6d How do I find where I stopped questing? So I decided to go back and get WoD flying, however I dropped all of my WoD quests more than a year ago, and have no idea where I was in any given zone. I tried quest completionist, and apparently can't figure out how to use it to find where I need to go. I also tried wowhead, though it's profiler wasn't helpful in the least. I thought that once upon a time there was a script you could run that would tell you what quests you had completed in a given zone, or something to that effect. Is there something else I can do to figure out how to finish my questing?Cataemea2 6d
Sep 15 So Much Artifact Power? I recently returned to WoW. When I logged onto this toon, not my main, I found I had items worth around 60 million artifact power in my bags. I was able to use them, and get all the traits, plus some new ones I've never seen before. Is this normal? I logged onto my Hunter main, and he did not have this large amount of AP. He only has like 8000, lol. He still only has like his first 5 or 6 traits. Can I do something to get this raise for my main? Is this an error they will take back? Thanks for any info you can provide. :-)Kenchin4 Sep 15
Sep 15 Is ak40 books still a thing? Im trying to get ak40 on my palading and currently have ak40 on my druid, but when i look for the ak40 book to buy i cant find it anywhere? can you still buy them for alts?Tylvaen3 Sep 15
Sep 14 Returning Player Cant Find Characters I havent played since just before MoP came out. I just got Legion and logged in and cant find any of my characters. I looked them up in the armory and found them, but they arent on my server list. I even created a character on that realm, exited the game, came back, and still none of my characters are showing up. Any help would be appreciated.Elorandieb9 Sep 14
Sep 14 Healing alt/possible new main Hey everyone, I have been playing 7.3 for a couple of weeks now, however, I stopped playing for about 4-5 months before this. I am looking to switch to a healing role now though, since I'm a lil bored of the DPS scene, and I like to keep my distance from large green monsters so ranking is a no-no. It would be great to hear suggestions on which healing spec would be easiest to learn, and if I should start from scratch (i.e. lvl 1) or if I can just use my 100 boost. Any help will be greatly appreciated.Afflox4 Sep 14
Sep 14 How long did it take you to get flying? I recently came back to the game and am still trying to wrap my head around the changes. I haven't played since MoP. I miss the good old days where I could just pay my 20k and fly around. How long did it really take to get the achievement? I feel like I have no idea if I'm on the right quest for the storyline in Suramar and getting the rep in the different zones is going to take forever. I feel like a bum walking around in Dalaran. I'm working through the Pathfinder achievement now, and find that it is a pain in the A$$. I was banging away at it until Argus released, and now I'm out there all the time questing while waiting for LFR queues.Mortiluss5 Sep 14
Sep 14 Returning Paladin since TBC Good Day Everyone, I have not played WOW since The Burning Crusade. I know that there has been a lot of changes since then. Some good, some bad. I've always played a Paladin since vanilla WOW. I had a Human Paladin that I played all the way to 60. When TBC came out, I was happy to see that not only was there a new race but also that race could become a Paladin. I always was a Horde at heart, and most of my friends were also. Sorry for being long in the tooth, but there is a meaning to my madness. I really don't feel like playing any other class. Not that the other classes are bad, just that I don't want too. So, my play style has always been sword and board (or as it is called protection pally). My only interests are playing PVE, Quests, Dungeons (when I'm high enough to solo) and possibly Raids (again solo). The reason solo is that all my friends have moved on and no longer play, and I don't have a lot of free time on my hands to play. I plan on doing as much as possible such as cooking, fishing and first aid. I have also seen a new profession called archaeology. I guess that some people agree and some people think it is a waste, but I find those interesting. I know Garrisons can do most/all those now, but not until level 90. So now I have to ask. Will it be hard to take on mobs with my current class? Or was the nerf that Blizzard did make solo play easier? I'm just asking about my class/spec. I don't believe that any class/spec is better than others. I believe that if you learn your class you can do just about anything within your limits. As far as professions go, what seems to be a good way to go? I was thinking about Engineering and Mining. Engineering because of items/mounts that you can't get without it. If I may receive some feedback/suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.Drakonicus16 Sep 14
Sep 14 How do i start Suramar storyline? Hello, i have done several quests with First Arcanist Thalyssa, I have done the "Masquerade" quests, I have done the scenario in Exodar through the portal opened by the Aechmage, but Suramar storyline is still 0/11. What am I doing wrong? Ive been playing for almost 5 hours and no progress yet. How do i start the darn Suramar storyline ? (I am playing with my lvl 110 draenei hunter)Leviluna2 Sep 14
Sep 14 Help picking a class: MM vs Fire? Hello all! Ive recently came back to the game, and am having trouble choosing a main. Since ive only played either spec to level 40, id like to hear how they play out @ max level. Hopefully some of you guys could give me your opinions! What have you played before? Played both Hunter and Fire mage pre WoD. Have played both classes to level 40 since returning. Describe what you liked and disliked about those classes. Be detailed! Fire: Visually, fire is awesome. Love the animation for every spell ive gotten so far Damage wise, i feel a bit weak. My other two mage specs are currently doing much better damage. Gameplay wise it feels ok, just cant get enough procs yet. Hoping leveling fixes this. MM: Damage wise, i felt good. Not having a pet is also great. Gameplay wise, felt pretty stale. Probably because i only have two/three buttons im using currently With a friend or alone? What's your friend going to be leveling? With a Guardian druid friend Are you leveling via PvE or PvP? Chain-running dungeons? Leveling via questing/dungeon queues Will you be doing primarily raids/dungeons at level cap (PvE) or knocking the opposing faction in the balls over a flag (PvP)? PvE content mostly, but i do enjoy hopping in BGs or low cr 2's Race preference? Either for looks or the actual racials (or lore!). Orc Any favorite game mechanics? (DoTs, HoTs, stealth, mana, etc) I enjoy hitting big single numbers, MoP destro was amazing for building up damage then dropping some awesome 2M chaos bolts. Something simmilar to that would be ideal. Throw in any extra details here: Really just looking for your personal opinions/reasons for liking one over the other. Thanks!Magics1 Sep 14
Sep 14 Lv100+ Mobs in Deepholm? So apparently, family member ran afoul of some Lv100+ mobs in Deepholm while trying to mine ore... I looked it up on WoWhead and yes there's a bunch of aggressive Lv100+ mobs... having to do with some Legion questline or another... my question is, when my newbie hunter gets up to that level... how does a Lv80 player do the quests in there? Is it phased during that quest? Are the mobs non-aggressive like the Kor'kron Mobs in the Barrens?Hirai3 Sep 14
Sep 14 looking for a unique leveling guide Looking for a guide to leveling a certain way. Quick tldr back story, been playing since 2004 have 5 110 raiding hardcore in previous expansions. Etc.... So what I'm looking for is to level a new toon the slowest way possible. Meaning reading every quest Finishing every zone. Exploring every cave nook and cranny. Get loremaster as you level (no going back at higher levels. My issue is I wanted to see a guide on the frame work of this what zones to go to in order. When to stop leveling by paying the exp stop dude and when to turn it back on. I plan on doing everything little thing this games has to offer. Professions, titles , pets, achievements , raids (knowing legacy stuff will be carries of course) mounts etc. This is my last toon I will level and once completed to max content I play to park him in a inn with a ale and close up shop one last time. Time table for this 1 year... Thoughts on how to achieve it?Lokeshy11 Sep 14
Sep 13 PVE Class/5 Man Dungeon Suggestions Hey there, So as with most people, I can't seem to figure out what a decent pve class there is to play. My goals are world/story content with a good mixture of DPS and survivability. I'd also like to get into running dungeons and not feel like I'm not performing or booted because of the class I've chosen. I'm currently playing a Hunter, Beast Master but want to try something else. I'm leaning towards Paladin, Shaman, Rogue or maybe even Warlock. I really appreciate any insight.Darrem3 Sep 13
Sep 13 DPS Classes seem... basic? So, I've finally gotten some time to dink around in WoW again... First up, I tried my 100 Ret Paladin. It seems like several abilities were removed, and I'm down to like 3 + 3 finishers, and my damage output just seems ludicrous. She's got an iLv of like 651 and I did some quest having to do with unlocking the shipyard at my garrison, and non-elite mobs were dying in like 3-4 seconds. Couldn't even build a whole rotation. I figured, ok, I'm wearing raid-finder quality gear for the most part (got most of it from follower missions). Logged on my Orc Hunter who is still Level 90 wearing 551s (full Timeless Isle except weapon which came from the troll LFR), and... wow. Okay, again, very very basic rotation. To be honest I was just mashing buttons, paying very little attention to what I was doing. Took him down to the Timeless Isle, and even the elites were dying in like 4 seconds. Killed several rare enemies (the alemental, the water spirit, even a rare snake that used to give me loads of trouble). Nothing was posing a threat. So I'm like "OK, Fine. Let's try the Taunka on the ridge." I could never kill these guys because they were simply just too strong... and... they too die in about 5-6 seconds. Even solo'd the 3 Champions, Leafmender, and.... Huolon. Yes, I pulled Huolon, while Lv90, while wearing gear appropriate for the area. Not only did I solo Huolon, but I also got aggro from two of the elite Taunka about halfway through the fight. Pet died, but I rezz'd the pet and finished off the two Taunka. Only mild danger. Is this normal? Seems like quite the power creep just from new abilities. I'm not even wearing any warlords gear on my hunter, never step foot into warlords and I'm already strong enough to put down what used to be group fights solo.Carlynna7 Sep 13
Sep 13 Chill dude returning to WoW LF New Friends Zencer#1702 Message me!Flatearth1 Sep 13
Sep 12 Can't feel connected with quests Hey guys, I decided to level a completely new character again, this time on the alliance side. I have to admit, I am a bit overwhelmed: I feel so unconnected with the quests because they are all from "older" expansions that I experienced already before. I can't help but feel overwhelmed: one area it's all about the scourge, the next suddenly about deathwing! I know this sounds stupid, but it's hard to make my own adventure again because it feels like time is twisting and turning in every area and I don't feel as connected to my adventure as I used to :(Jessicaksch5 Sep 12
Sep 12 New/returning player lf advice Got WoD for xmas awhile ago. didn't really play much after activating (lvl 8). I've decided to try it out again. been playing MMOs most of my life so the experience isn't completely new to me. But the amount of content is kind of overwhelming. My main question is mostly is there a good server/guilds that are good for brand new players? I've raided in other MMOs but I'm slightly scared of WoW endgame mainly due to the stereotypes of WoW players throughout the gaming community. But i would say raiding is something i would like to experience as well as a group of people that don't mind helping out a total scrub like me!Crookeh15 Sep 12
Sep 11 Recruit A Friend Hello All, I am currently looking to level up a new alt, If you want to team up and gain the perks with the Recruit a Friend. Lemme knowLÿcos2 Sep 11
Sep 11 Question about Artifact Knowledge If I havn't been on for several weeks, lets say 4 or 5 weeks, will I still be at the current maximum level Artifact Knowledge next time I log on? I think currently the max is level 42 Artifact Knowledge, lets say I don't log on for 5 weeks, then the max knowledge will be at level 47, will I have level 47 artifact knowledge when I log on?Mötorhead3 Sep 11
Sep 11 Sabrestalker Rep So.... any decent ways of getting Sabrestalker rep, since for some stupid reason, Blizz decided to add rep that can only be gotten by group quests to the list of requirements required for Draenor Flight? I can kill the junk in there, but very slowly and only 1 mob at a time until family member gets caught up to me and it is slow... Don't get why they thought you should have to slog it through a bunch of elites as one of the requirements to fly. Or, they could have at least made them non-elites when Legion was released, seeing as how pretty much nobody does this stuff anymore that I could see. Saw a couple people hunting rares but that was it.Carlynna7 Sep 11
Sep 9 Boost for Boss Bashing? Been thinking about trying Legion and my brother has considered trying the game for the first time as well. He primarily wants to do the major story raids for each expansion and I was wondering which would be better: Leveling from the ground up and do the raids as you go or boosting to 100 and soloing them(with myself hopping in every now and then) Obviously both have their drawbacks being time commitment and being too OP I was curious as to what you guys think would be best for the sake of enjoyment of these older raids? We'd likely be a paladin DK comboArbrim9 Sep 9