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Apr 7 A Return to World of Warcraft: Player Guide So you’ve decided to return to World of Warcraft. Welcome back! There’s just one thing you’ll need before jumping back into the fray—knowledge. To aid you in making your glorious comeback, we’ve compiled some handy information every returning hero should know. Once armed with knowledge, nothing (and no one) will stand in your way. Apr 7
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8h Court of Farondis I'm just about done with Legion pathfinder. I had thought Wardens rep would be the worst one to get, but I'm really close to revered now. The one I'm having trouble with is Court of Farondis. Outside of the world quests, emissary quests, etc., how can I find the normal Azsuna quests? I have the Quest Completest add-on. I see a lot of small exclamation marks, but if I understand it correctly, those are available quests that I'm not currently able to get. I don't have any unfinished Azsuna quests in my journal. Any advice on how I can find out what I need to do to get those quests? Everything for pathfinder besides rep is completed.Kerrice6 8h
11h Seven days gametime gift until april 30 Two questions. When I claim the gift of seven days of gametime in the application, it is activated immediately? If I claim the gift, lets say, on April 30, do I have seven days from that day? or the game time also lasts until the 30? thanks.Miskatonik2 11h
15h Tracking spell duration not spell cool down I am new to spell tracking addons, but not new to the game. This is my first time playing enhancement shaman and 2 of the most needed abilities flametongue and crash lightning have abilities that last longer than the actual cooldown. Example, flametongue runs for 16 seconds on the target but has a 9.8 second reset. If i reset early i'm wasting maelstrom. I am using "tell me when" addon to track the abilities, but it only counts the 9.8 seconds for cooldown to re click the spell. Is there a way to force it to track the whole 16 seconds on targett, or maybe a different addon like weak auras? The limited research I have done in youtube seems to track the cooldown timer only in these addons. Any suggestions, thank you.Hoyt3 15h
1d Best way to gear up in 7.3 I am a recently returning player, having never played legion. I just hit 110 after character boosting and I'm trying to figure out the best way to gear up to start raiding. I've read the wowhead guides, but I've also got a lot of conflicting information about the quickest way to get geared up to start doing raids. I was just wondering if anyone had any insight into the best way to get a fresh 110 geared to run raids/mythics etc. Is it going straight to argus? Finishing suramar and going to argus? Running heroics with guild mates? Timewalking dungeons? I'm just a bit overwhelmed at the moment and any help would be appreciated!Tilman9 1d
1d iLvl lower than should be Just got back into WoW, haven't played since Seige. I boosted my Paladin to 110 when I purchased Legion and have been enjoying the game. Just picked up some 930 legs and upgraded some relics on my weapon. After doing so I noticed on my character sheet it says my item level is 827 when all my gear is 870+. Any speculation or help would be appreciated. Also, with the cloak unequipped my item level drops to 825. Link to Armory 1d
1d What is the most dynamic RDPS? Basically the one you least have to stand still to cast.Quid1 1d
1d Question about expansion purchases I have a few coworkers that will be returning to the game, and we plan on playing together, but one of them brought up a very good point. Depending on the expansion they left on, what all would they have to purchase to be "current"? Player 1: Left during Mists of Pandaria I looked in the Blizzard shop and did not see Warlords as being a purchasable item. Can returning players just buy the Legion + Battle combo and be good to go? Does he also have to buy the standard "WoW" for $19.99 even though he technically already has 90% of the content included on that item already? (Just missing Warlords)? What about for someone who left during Casterclysm? Thank you,Annabellelee2 1d
1d returning after 8 yrs. Returning since giving up on Cataclysm. a better part of 8 yrs. need to know what I need to get back in, but just easing my self back.Twang3 1d
2d Looking for someone or a group to play with I’m a returning player, I stopped way back during burning crusade. Although I have been on and off but never really staying that long. Honestly this time I would really like to settle down and play. I was wondering if anyone is in the same boat and would like to level with me or do a boost. Don’t really care just don’t wanna play alone. Faction, race, isn’t really a concern. I would prefer you have discord,or ts and a working microphone with headphones along with being mature. Thanks let me know. !Dêzrection3 2d
2d Considering return after 10 years Considering a return after about 10 years... I've been on SWTOR for the past two years but it's not really doing it for me anymore, aside from nostalgia. Scratched the surface on WotLK before hanging it up so I've missed a lot and worried I'll be overwhelmed. Not opposed to starting a new toon on a different server but that 110 level cap looks intimidating already. Any suggestions?Crakilz1 2d
2d Can I create my own Moon Priestess ok. i really hate the warcraft 3 role of the moon priestess. most of them are healers like Moon priestess maestra. but these freaking world drops always drops the armour type that is not meant for my class. Priest, Mage and Warlock can only wear cloth. also drops the weapon like the bow. wtf? these 3 classes cannot equip bow. hely me. why always like thisTyrende4 2d
2d Dungeon quests to gear returning player? My brother texts me out of the blue to tell me he's thinking about coming back to WoW. He played in late Cata but didn't progress much, due to time. Upon wanting to come back, he finds his old account is locked or some such deal. A Blizz employee gets it for him. Turns out he was hacked. He logs in and all his toons are buck naked and penniless. No gear, no gold. Now, he's on Shattered Halls and I'm on Stormrage. I"d like to help him out as much as possible, so I'm wondering what the better dungeons would be regarding initial quest rewards. I can run him quick through several, but unsure what/where to target He's a 78 alliance hunterKhandró5 2d
2d Picking a class Would someone mind helping me pick between hunter, mage, and shadow priest. I plan to do mostly over content with some pve. I don’t mind not doing op damage but I still want to do decent damage.Copout8 2d
3d Legendary Upgrades I haven’t played since Mythic EN farm and sales. What do I need to do /run/kill to upgrade my two 910s to max ilvl, and how many essences do I need in total for the cumulative max out?Pyroblock2 3d
3d How much of old Legion end-game to skip? So basically, I decided to resub after a year (?) away from the game, and I'm wondering what is the best path forward for my character. I left a lot of dangling quests, but I'm not sure if it's still worth doing any of them or if I should just go on to Argus? When I left, I was doing lower Mythic+ of the initial Legion dungeons, and had run Emerald Nightmare once; my ilevel is 889. And I've got a ton of quests requiring runs of Court of Stars, Cathedral of Eternal Night, Trial of Valor, and Nighthold; which is all content I haven't seen before. But is it worth doing any of it now? I know we're close enough to BfA that its probably not worth getting too invested in the gear grind, but I also don't want to just be doing obsolete content (unless its really cool visually/lore-wise/etc.) Any advice? And I suppose my other option would be just drop this character and level an alt for BfA; try out this new level scaling system.Xarothell2 3d
3d Back after 5 year hiatus, what's up? Hi all, I stopped playing about 5 years ago(or more?) just after finishing progression on Deathwing. Thinking of picking up the game again. I've basically caught up on the story thanks to wiki but I'm just wondering what has changed? Any big changes from the days of Cata? I assume the main crux of the game is still the same but I'd like to hear any changes you deem noteworthy!Erethor9 3d
3d Brawlers guild-Meatball Ok. So every video I watch is saying to collect Orbs because they heal you and when you get around 30 you just pop everything. I have done that, but still meatball kills me. I am playing on my BM hunter. My pet dies pretty much at the start. So is there a trick I am missing as far as the battle goes? Or is the Orbs glitched? Because you would think with 20 or more stacks it should be easy, but it is not.Bmdromis2 3d
4d Freshly Boosted Player Hi all, I just returned to WoW after approximately 6 years. I just freshly boosted a warlock and I am absolutely lost. What am I exactly supposed to do now? Do I need to learn flying for Draenor/Broken isle now? What are artifacts??? Do I need to start doing any per-requisite quests? Is there anything else I should know? My end goal is to start raiding again. Appreciate any help rendered!Immortuos5 4d
4d What to boost? I'm going to a new server to play with some friends. Not sure what I want to use my BFA boost on. I've generally played Pally, mage and Lock but I wanna do something different. I think I've narrowed it to Warrior, Monk and Rogue. I've never played any of them very far. I have a monk I started leveling a couple days ago and am at level 22. Seems fun but you never really know til later levels. Any suggestion for which to boost!?Luxandia1 4d
4d Zone scaling Is there a way too turn this off for farming ore in lower level zones?Kerrice11 4d
5d Artifact power boost for alts So I came back after months and my main is getting billions from artifact power items. Im leveling an alt on another account but hes still getting 100-300 artifact power items from quest rewards. Isnt the AP boost account wide?Ferrosia4 5d
5d Gameplan to attaining the gear for mage tower hey I came back before the xpac to attempt to get the artifact appearance for the flail thus i need to complete the mage tower and i only have gear from when i stopped playing (Nightmare).My question is what should i do to get the gear to do mage tower. How do i get to the relevant parts of the game.Antiherò1 5d
5d Returning players, wanna level? Anyone wanna level a new character/ALT with me? I'm gonna level a monk/priest from level 1-110, and a DK from 58-110. ~ I'm horde on Malorne my alts names are: Yoite-Malorne (Monk) Ulyssa-Malorne (Priest) Kaisa-Malorne (DK)Kindred2 5d
5d Worth Returning? Its been a really long time since I've played ( since 08 i think). Would like to play with a group that games daily. I know i have alot to learn. so is this new expansion worth getting?Josato15 5d
5d Returning player looking for help/guild Hey so I’m returning to WoW after about 8 years or so and when I did play I only ever leveled to 60 with my blood DK.... long story short I’m absolutely lost lol I am really struggling trying to pick it back up. I’ve only been back for a few days. I ran a dungeon earlier and faired well enough but I feel like it should have been a cake walk (I feel like when I was playing years ago I could tank an entire dungeon by myself if I really had wanted to but maybe that was just ego) I feel like my action bar isn’t set up right I’m somewhat struggling to figure out what my rotation should be, etc. anyways if anyone has a returning/new player friendly guild or group of friends that’s willing to help me get my space goat hooves back under me that would be awesome!Torrstein2 5d
5d Return after 3 years. So lost Hi everyone. I have return after 3 years and got myself legion and bfa and boosted my mage to lvl 110 Did the artifact weapon quest. So far so goood but still kinda lost and rusty in everything. Like everything changes. Is there any way to earn gold ? My profession is Alchemy & Tailor if that helps. My mission board is always empty and i cant send any followers. How should i be gearing up ? Just que for heroics ? I did a few and see that the group is just killing everything so easily. Any dailies or stuffs i should be focusing on? And if possible anything i should be working on to prepare myself for BFA? Thanks in advance for advice and help!Risp5 5d
5d Returning for BFA So I've pretty much played on and off the past few months just buying game time not subs. I'm thinking about coming back fully for BFA but I have two questions. First, this character is my main as I enjoy the druid but it is on a PST server, i live on EST. I tried playing with a guild but it didn't work because I couldn't play when they were. Should I get a character transfer on this character before BFA and find a guild or just use my 110 boost on a new druid on an EST server? Or should I start a druid now and level it on an EST server? I definitely want to switch servers so that I can find a raid team with times that work for me. Also, is there anything important I should get done before BFA? Especially since I'm switching servers. ThanksAswandy1 5d
6d HELP! Hey y'all, Name's Tweaklez and I've played warrior since about pre-patch WoD. However, in WoD I did switch between Prot Pally and Fury Warr and ended up sticking with Prot pally through out the main xpac. During Legion I mained an Arms Warrior the entirety of the xpac, as I did not like fury anymore. But i'm in a sort of dilemma with the upcoming BFA xpac. I'm in a sort of love-hate relationship with my warrior. I've gotten him to a 931 ilvl with four leggos (3 of which are useful) I've gotten all the zones in the broken shore completed on him. I've completed the zones on argus on him. I've gotten the Lucid nightmare on him. I've done a lot on him. and tbh....he's the only character i've leveled from 1 to max level...even though i've been playing since Wotlk. Sad....I know...But there's just something missing from him. I know one thing that's missing is the healing...but idk what else. It's just somthing I can't put my finger on. My first ever character cose to max level back in wrath was a prot pally on Cenarion Circle realm where my cousin was played (the reason I even played at first). What would I like in a new class? I'd prefer melee I'd prefer the to like the fantasy to be fun and likeable (i know it's subjective) I'd prefer them to be viable in bg's I'd prefer to play DPS or some sort of damage support with a DPS as an option Idgaf if I do BIG D**K DAMAGE...I wanna have fun...that's why I game I DEFINITELY NEEEEED A SELF HEALLLLL!!! Hopefully there's a class like that :) Thanks in advance y'all!! -Tweaklez out!!Tweaklezgrom3 6d
6d DBM vs. BigWigs Started a bear tank and wanting to at least be a decent one in raids; it sounds really stupid, but I'm honestly terrified of LFR because of how unforgiving it can be for new tanks (even if you've read the encounter journal, nothing can really prepare you for actually executing mechanics). So, advice on which addon in regards to tanking in general? Not looking to be a hardcore raider, but I want to learn how to do it right. And I suppose the bulk of the uneasiness comes from taunting and positioning, and which addon I could get the most out of. I've had DBM since before I can remember, but I've read a couple other forum posts speaking highly of BigWigs. (I know LFR is also not as great of a place to learn anything anyway, but I'd rather not bother pugs and rely on them to teach me either. So here I suffer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) Any advice is extremely appreciated.Frankie4 6d
Apr 14 Where is my old WOW Character? Please help. Hello Friends, I downloaded WOW after like 8 years of not playing and I don't have my old characters. Do you know what to do?? Many thanks!!Vanof2 Apr 14
Apr 13 garrison post 100 into legion i understand its old news but id still like to dink around in the garrison. I am a very casual player and i like running dungeons and thats probably as far as ill go with a tank toon i play often. so what in the garrison would support that? what should i build? like the enchanting lab? can i use it to DE gear im not using to sell the mats? alchemy? can i sell the old flasks..any profession building i can use and sell the old items? does any of it even get used anymore? what buildings would you put up to help you make some gold ever so little even? im a pally tank with the professions of alch and herbalism..what would you put in the garrison to support what i wrote? thanks for any info given even if you think its a wasteHemorrhoids5 Apr 13
Apr 13 Last played Cata So I tank, my plan is to mostly dungeon grind up to 110, with some but not a ton of exploring the new areas. What content would be important outside of the dungeons that I would need to pick up? Especially in the MoP/WoD expansions since those are the ones i'll be powering through. Also I've never been overly familiar with PvP but it is fun from time to time is there an effective way to have that contribute to the leveling process from 85-110.Bsquad3 Apr 13
Apr 12 Which healing class do you like now? I use to play a few years agai and just recently started up again. I always Played range dps classes and now I want to try my hand at healing. I’m looking at classes that have multiple roles, like monk. Which is your favorite multi-role class?Anddrelia2 Apr 12
Apr 12 Returning and need a laptop! hello ladies/gents, im planning on returning to wow soon and i have absolute no idea about computers! Ive found something that might do the trick but I just need 2nd opinions before I go ahead with it. thanks for any help or even sugguestions! Laptops only because my situation.. ><Boreh4 Apr 12
Apr 11 To players returning and needing help ~ If you would like any help you can add me in-game, I've been playing on and off since vanilla. I have a 110: Warlock, Hunter, Demon Hunter, Druid, Mage, Warlock, and Shaman if you need any advice on those classes. I am also currently re-leveling a monk/priest from 15-110, and a DK from 58-110 as I stream (didn't feel like paying for faction change) if anyone would like to tag along. You can add me in-game, My Main: Hime-Malorne (I am on her most of the time) or the characters I'm leveling: Kaisa-Malorne (DK) Ulyssa-Malorne (Priest) Yoite-Malorne (Monk)Hime0 Apr 11
Apr 11 How does gear in PvP work now/legion? I've tried looking this up but I've gotten conflicting information. Some people saying gear doesn't matter anymore, and others saying ilvl matters. (In the latter case wouldn't mythic PvEers with the best ilvl dominate PvP?) Furthermore how does gear work in open world PvP? Will stats/items be dynamically scaled like WoD, or will it be like MoP?Mersl28 Apr 11
Apr 11 Mag’har Orc I’m very excited for Battle of Azeroth, more specifically, the straight back mag’har orc race we supposedly will have the opportunity to place as! However, I have a question about the transition. I am interested in starting out an orc warrior, but can I race change to mag’har orc when they finally come out? If I do race change, will I not be able to get the heritage set? If I cannot race change or get the heritage set, I’d rather just play another class until mag’har finally comes out.Jamie2 Apr 11
Apr 10 Returning player confused by the WoD lore So I haven't much followed the lore after Cataclysm, and I'm so confused. Is there some place that briefly goes over all the events? Like a "story thus far" kind of thing? So Thrall left to heal the land in Cata and made Garrosh the new boss, and Garrosh is very bad (does is have anything to do with Grom's demonic taint at all?) Then for some reason Vol'jin was the leader? And now Sylvanass because he died. What happened to Garrosh? I didn't really play Pandaria very much, I think he was consumed by shadow powers and was killed by players? But then who is this Garrosh in WoD? Is that the sun of the alternate-Grom? If so why is it when you defeat him in Nagrand in WoD they speak of him as if it's the same Garrosh as from the "real" Azeroth? Also I'm confused why there was this cinematic all of a sudden one day when I logged into my garrison about Gul'Dan confronting the alternative-Grom, imprisoning him, and finally tainting the orcs with fel blood? Where did that come from all of a sudden? Previously we saw that the alternative-Grom refused Gul'Dans power and made the Iron Horde (thereby splitting the time-line. btw, how come he refused this time?) This is all so confusing. The story in WC3 was much simpler lol.Gastrognome5 Apr 10
Apr 10 Will artifacts have traits 100-110 after BfA? Will you still be able to acquire and level an artifact's traits from level 100 through 110 after BfA comes out? What about order hall campaigns and missions?Jentix5 Apr 10
Apr 10 Returning player, my realm is dead So I'm a returning player from 2010 enjoying all the things I missed out from that time on. The problem is I found out my realm Ravenholdt is all but dead. According to Realmpop it has the lowest population in all US realms even being CRZ with Twisiting Nether. The other day I was in Dalaran and went AFK to grab something to eat and when I came back there was this guy in front of me practically throwing a party for having found another living soul in that desert. Is there a plan to change this? Are servers being merged in the future or something? I know it's a RP-PVP realm but from what I hear servers are gonna be either normal or RP in BfA. I don't want to pay for server transfer when I think it's Blizzard's responsibility to keep servers balanced.Erwinor4 Apr 10
Apr 9 Soloing old raids Hello! I'm planning to play again and do some trasmog runs in old raids. Are WoD raids easily solable? and maybe the first Legion raids? Just in case, I'm planning to do them with my Death Knight Thanks in advanceImpressive5 Apr 9
Apr 9 Question about Void Elves? Do they have a normal out-of-combat appearances similar to Alleria Windrunner, and then when combat begins they enter their freakish Void Form like Worgen characters do? If not, why? Also, are they exiles from Silvermoon for no particular reason or were they Elves from the Allerian Stronghold that were twisted from their time on Outland? Or maybe they were High Elves who needed something to feed on so they turned to the Void? Also, are the Void Elves (as we got them) the dumbest thing that ever happened? NOT GIVE YOU ANOTHER DIME BLIZZARD YOU'RE WISE TO NOT LET PEOPLE WHO DON'T HAVE AN ACTIVE SUB POST ON THE MAIN FORUMS AAAARGH FRUSTRATION SAAAAALTTwunke2 Apr 9
Apr 8 Glad I am back. Not really. So far since I've came back. -I get killed 15 times a day at Vale of Eternal Blossoms by a group that kills randomn people for fun and there is no way around it. So, I move my toons to Stormwind to avoid this and still have to deal with auctioneers being killed/raid teams. -I spend over an hour to attempt at a kill at LFR ARGUS this far into content release. (I know right.) -I get invited to a heroic Tomb of Sargeras run with mythic exp, only to get kicked because they wanted to speed up the fill-up of the raid (raid lead pm'd after asking why I was kicked). And then after submitting a ticket, the GM says that "players vote to kick players from raid groups." As if that's how it even works in heroic??? -I tab out and die going towards a world quest and spent 10 minutes trying to get back in zone because of fatigue. -Everyone I know that plays the game complains about how it's still Diablo and is a waste of time because there is no additional content. I've been gone for 6 months and there is still the same raid. Is there even a point in playing this right now? I feel like I should wait for BFA and play another MMO.Anieren1 Apr 8
Apr 8 Returning after 1 year - some questions Hey everyone! Like the title said, i am. Returning player aiming to gear quickly and progress fast .As so, I have a few questions I would like some advice! (Btw I boosted a resto druid with the bfa pre order, it always has been my dream healing spec after my main resto Sham) 1. I heard the fastest way to gear up is pretty much argus quest line ? > Lfr > world quest ? > normal/hero and mythic with a guild, am I right ? 2. Is it kind of quick to catch up the gearing with the current other players ? What would be the most efficient way? 3. I would guess that farming legendaries is still a priority ( when inwas playing we were farming them alot with word boss ). What would be the best way to farm them ? 4. It will be my goal to have pathfinder realllly quickly, Im also guessing the rep farming is the longest part ? Is there a way to farm that quickly!? 5. Any other tips will be greatly appreciated :) Have a good morning all, (Btw im looking for a semi hardcore guild in sargeras and that would help with gearing)Offma6 Apr 8
Apr 8 Allied Race question So i've returned to wow after seeing that BFA has a release date,but right now,it's a bit too early for me to pre-order. Recently ingame,i've started seeing players already playing the allied races. I thought this was an feature for the BFA expansion? how come people have access to them when the expansion isn't out yet? do i have to pre-order the BFA expansion in order to get access to them right now?Warjason1 Apr 8
Apr 8 Class Mount Requirements Disclaimer: I've earned the class mount on my Druid here, but I just resubbed for a month for the Anniversary achivement/event after taking a 4ish month break, and having not played much for a few months before that as well. Now that I'm back, I want to level all of my level 100 alts to 110 and unlock all of the class mounts. I've asked friends what all this entails and the general consensus seems to be "complete your class hall campaign, and then the broken shore campaign". Now, to complete the class hall campaign, is that just hit 110 and do all the quests from the hall? I can't remember because I did it on my Druid way back at launch and I know a lot has changed since then. I've heard that you need to do certain parts of certain zones for certain story quests...I've heard you need to do ALL of the zones for story quests...and I've also heard that there aren't any special requirements at all, you can just jump right in at 110 even if you leveled up via something other than questing (dungeons, pet battles, etc) and be fine. As I've already unlocked flight and fully completed every zone on my main (except the followup to Suramar for the mount, but I think I'm almost done with that?), I'd like some flexibility while I'm leveling my alts....but I don't want to screw myself by skipping something specific in a zone that's mandatory to get the class mounts that I'll have to go back and do after I'm done leveling. Also, I've forgotten what's necessary for the Broken Shore campaign, but I think that one's much more straightforward? Just get the quest to go there at whatever point, I think after you finish your class hall campaign (again, I can't remember), and do the main storyline quests there -- which I've heard aren't gated weekly anymore?! -- and you're done. What of all of that is true vs false these days? Can I just level up however the winds take me and be fine when I hit 110? Or are there little requirements I need to knock out of the way while I'm leveling? Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give! <3Napayshni12 Apr 8
Apr 8 New expansion question I haven't played since that dragon broke the world, years back. If i wanted to play again when the new expansion comes out, would i just need to buy the new expansion to enjoy everything the game has had from the Cataclysm expansion until this new one or would i need to buy all the xpacs from the years i missed? I'm very interested in coming back, but i also don't really want to come back badly enough to drop more than one xpacs worth of cash.SlaaneCEA81C2 Apr 8
Apr 7 What Realm is for me? Returning player, old guild is dead. I'm open to Horde or Alliance. Mainly looking for somewhere with good population, and multiple choices of guild. Would like competitive 5 man content / raiding but not hardcore being military I cant GUARANTEE being online at whatever time any day. Happy to main almost any class as Tank or DPS.Respektdacow1 Apr 7