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2d A Return to World of Warcraft: Player Guide So you’ve decided to return to World of Warcraft. Welcome back! There’s just one thing you’ll need before jumping back into the fray—knowledge. To aid you in making your glorious comeback, we’ve compiled some handy information every returning hero should know. Once armed with knowledge, nothing (and no one) will stand in your way. 2d
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2h Trying Tank Hello, im just got my priest healer to 110 and i want to try tanking now. Would you guys mind recommending a class for me? I dont want a class that is super complicated just, but a little complicated is alright too.Hopeless2 2h
4h Returning player character boost I have returned to wow after many years away. I still love playing my holy/disc priest, love playing my ret pally. Pally is lvl90 and priest is lvl80 something lol. I’m about to get the prerealse bfa so I can get legion basically for free. And get a character boost. I’m going to boost the priest cause it’s been a pain lvling. I’m going to manually lvl the rent pally. It’s pretty easy to smash some faces off. But I hade a Prot/furry warrior I was lvling before quiting years ago. I was thinking of buying another 110 character boost and getting him to 110 as well. Or I have a lock I really enjoy also was going to do him possibly. I’m really looking for advise from somebody that has a furry warrior or Prot and also has a lock that are maxed out. Looking to just have fun doing dps’s for a while then maybe easing my way back into tanking if I go that route with the warrior.Exødus0 4h
16h Please help this indecisive altaholic. Hey guys. I’m returning after a year. I am a total altaholic and need some help. I want to actually play a single class from level 1 to end game and can’t choose which one. I have played every class up to level 60 except the DH. I generally like them all. There are a few I like more like the following: Prot Pally, but not Ret. Aff Warlock, not Destro. Demon? Fire/frost Mage. Beast Hunter Shadow / Disc Priest (is atonement dps healing still strong? I used to top the dps meter in dungeons sometimes as the healer.) As I said I want to level from 1 so no Blood DK. I am mostly a solo player, will probably do some pug dungeons. I like doing aoe leveling and farming, and like toons that can self heal. I am seriously thinking of a human aff Warlock with tailoring/enchanting, but would love to hear your thoughts and what you would recommend especially with the new expansion coming out.Silverwizard5 16h
17h What Legion content to do on alts? Abe is my Mistweaver monk, and I'm working on getting Pathfinder to unlock Legion flying -- I just need to grind out four of seven factions to Revered. I made a Resto Shaman that I'm really enjoying, and I'm curious how much of Legion he will need to compete (if any) prior to BfA. I was thinking of the following: Level to 110 - kind of given to reach max level Complete Order Hall quests - to unlock artifact weapon and class mount Underlight Angler - (optional) I like WoW fishing as a break from the grind of leveling, and I've read the pole with carry over to BfA. It didn't take that long on Abe, and I have some of the special lures left over that I didn't sell. Professions - not required since they are supposedly resetting with BfA, and I could literally start at level 1. At this stage, I'm not worried about raiding beyond some LFR stuff. I also am not worried about the Field Medic title or various mounts or appearance things.Abe3 17h
17h Looking for people to play with Heya, I've got a few lvl 100-110 chars but all my friends have left and so I'm finding my self in the sad situation where I'm looking for someone to play wow with. I don't mind starting a new char, or findings someone to play high level chars with. I'm hoping to find another person which also plays alone and could use some company. Got Discord etc and I'll happily invite you to my server, or join yours. Hope that doesn't sound desperate, but its boring to play alone. Regards KaailKaail33 17h
17h Highmountain a mistake? I’m a returning disc priest and I chose Highmountain as my first Legion territory. I was imaging something like Grizzly Hills or Storm Peaks. A bit off there. Anyway, should I stick it out, or go back and change it to Suramar or another zone?Keranitaye2 17h
1d Returning scrub looking to prep for BFA Hello there! I'm looking to come back to the game in the coming weeks as my schedule has become more forgiving for a game like WoW. I played at the start of legion for a month or 2 and thoroughly enjoyed myself however my irl schedule never really allowed me to be able to join a guild and commit to a raiding schedule unfortunately so I kinda just drifted away from the game as solo play doesn't suit me well long term. I plan to use the 110 pre order boost as my new starting point. I have a few toons above 100 being a hunter, dh, mage, and my war who was my main at the beginning of legion achieving a massive 863 ilvl (mythic argus ready am I right?). Going into BFA I'm looking to switch it up as I'm looking for something that gives me the option to play any role as I'm the type of person who will wake up 1 day going I wanna tank and the next go I wanna "heal" meaning spec heal and watch my team die around me cuz I'm a clueless healer (for now :)). However I don't want to worry about upkeeping multiple toons. that obviously leaves me with the choices of druid, pally, and monk. I've narrowed it down to monk and druid as other than gorgeous visuals I don't enjoy pally. I'm torn between these 2 as I honestly enjoy all specs on both classes (as of last I played anyway and I don't think to much has changed based on what I've seen other than some balance and tuning) which is rare for me. I love the image I get in my head of a drunk panda chucking beer kegs at a boss to piss it off when playing bm and also enjoy the simplicity of guardian druid (simpler comparatively for me) for a more relaxed approach to tanking. I enjoy both feral and balance with more preference for feral as well as being the dragon warrior when playing ww is just fun. resto and mw, well again clueless healer :P but their both fun regardless to me. I'm curious as to what peoples thoughts are on what you might guess would fit me better coming from playing fury and prot war, frost mage, mm hunter, and havoc dh. I'm leaning towards monk a bit as of my posting this but I would love incite from current players of both classes and other classes on what they think of them and just what to expect when I jump back in. Appreciate all feedback :) TL,DR: long post yeah yeah basically monk or druid :) P.S. General discussion is a scary place, not gonna spend to much time in there.Sagewarrior7 1d
1d Need new friends to play with? Me too Hey guys! Long time WoW player here I saw a few posts of people looking for others to play with so I figured I would toss my hat in to the ring as well. Im pretty competitive when it comes to pvp but as most, people I have played with have moved on to other games or just kinda disappeared all together. So I figured I would post on here that if anyone wants a battle buddy, that is on pretty much every day, that is pretty friendly and willing to help out whenever or with whatever etc etc you get the picture :P Hit me up! I am so tired of rolling solo and every guild I go in already has a *click* that is most of the time impossible to get into and thats fine and all, it just makes it harder for us lone wolves to find some new friends of our own to game with. If ya wanna hang out, game, I play a lot of other stuff too but mostly WoW. My Battle tag is Noxide21#1592 I hope to hear from ya!!! I use Discord, TS3 so if u use something else let me know and I will DL it :) Have a great one!Nôj10 1d
1d Looking for New players Whats up guys. I'm coming back to Wow after eight years off and I might as well be new. Things have changed since then, and even then, I wasn't aware of many aspects and details of the game. So, I'd like to put together a group of brand new players to roll around the world with. Im on the west coast and on average I can play from 6pm to 9pm(pacific time), mon-fri and on and off on the weekends. I'd recommend setting a time of play for the characters we would play together on to keep us on the same page. Wow is awesome when you play together. Horde preferred. 18+ preferred. Discord preferred Got an Hyjal realm for a home tmfcharlie#1180 battle tag tmfcharlie#0147 discord Get in touchTmfcharlie0 1d
2d Paladin Hall campaign without doing dungeon? Just returned recently. Can I complete my Paladin Hall quest without going to a dungeon? I like to complete it but now it's stuck where I have to Assault the Violet Hold which I can't complete by myself. Is there a way to skip it and still complete the campaign? If not then I guess I have gone as far as I could with this character and play with my alt. Thanks.Shaoran9 2d
3d Artifact Power Items in BFA? So what happens to all those items I have that give artifact power come BFA? I undertstand those weapons are going away... so will those items be useless or will they be switched to give something else? Should I save em or use em now? ThanksVorenus3 3d
3d Just got back Hi guys, I just got back to playing WoW. The last time I played was in WoD. A lot has definitely changed. That being said, I notice to acquire flight in the Broken Isles, you must complete a set of things, which I also notice looks time consuming. Will it be worth it with the new expansion pack coming out soon? I just don't want to waste my time doing these quests and acquiring achievements just to find out I really won't need it for the next expansion pack. I am also thinking of transferring servers (starting fresh, and soon will transfer my characters in a month or so), so for anyone new and wants to tag along, that would be fun.Jenesaispas3 3d
3d I'm back! Questions..... Hey everyone, I decided to get the ol' game fired up again after a few years. I spent the last few days setting up my game as best I could (tweaking a few addons as I did quests/first dungeons) and as close as I used to have them. As I went along with my game, the questions came.. I've just begun checking out guides, on wowhead for the most part, but there are so many and there's so much to do in the game that I'm getting a little overwhelmed, so starting with the basics will help me out a lot. Thanks in advance! About addons: 1. Omen threat meter doesn't seem to have been updated in a couple years. Was it replaced by something else, or does another mod have it built-in or something? 2. Another addon I had was NeedToKnow which let me place time bars for buffs and debuffs of my choosing. One set of bars for myself and one set for the target. It was a great visual tracker for managing resources when reapplying dots or buffs. The mod appears on my screen, but I can't interact with it or even open it via /ntk. :( Anyone know of an alternative? 3. Is DBM still a "must-have"? 4. Any other addons that have become standard or even necessary since MOP? That's all for mods, now some game related stuff: 5. Is Icy-veins still the place to go for the best class/spec related info (I was checking it out and it seems to be)? Any other good sites? 6. My realm seems to bow be low pop now, but with the "phasing" and cross server grouping etc., is there any reason to move to a highly populated server? Apart from a more active economy, would there be any benefits? 7. I was looking up how to get flying in Broken Isles and it's seem to be achievement based, one of them being "complete 100 world quests (I just did my first last night). These are daily right? Is it really going to take me over 3 months to unlock flying? 8. (Specific quest) I'm trying to begin the Lost Mail quest- *edit* Found it! :D 9. I'd like to concentrate on achievements/questing for a while and saw that a guide mentioned Legion flying is account wide and that all my characters get it once it's unlocked. Are there any other important account-wide ones that I should get started on immediately? Well, that's all I can think of for now... Thanks!Barjack7 3d
3d Brand new to tanking... Hello, so I've been away from WoW for about 2 years, however, I never tanked a single second in WoW. Only did DPS. How hard would it be for me to tank in BFA and would this be the best time considering all the content would be new and I wouldn't have to deal with negative players? And any tips or websites/videos to see as far as tanking. I understand the basics and tanked a small amount of time in FF14, but I know the games are different and never did anything end game in it.Jokir3 3d
4d UI, Macro Help I am a VERY casual player. I played about 6 years ago and leveled a player to max. I did end game content for a little, but not very long. I'm trying to get back into the game and it is extremely frustrating trying to figure things out. I try to watch streamers and youtube videos and I see peoples UI's where they only have a few spell buttons around their HUD. Where are all their spells? I have like 50 things how do they have so few? Also how do I get the raid frames into the bottom middle. I tried GRID and hate it. Its to complicated for me at this time. I need simple. Everything is so confusing when I try to watch people for tips and every UI is totally different. Any tips? Its really hard to try to figure this game out by myself. Its really fun but I feel overwhelmed. Can you be a solid player without any major UI addons? (I can handle deadly boss mod and some of the simple addons) Any other "must have" simple addons? Also---- I like playing Disc. But I feel like im pretty terrible. Usually at the bottom of healing in a raid. I've studied up on rotations and what not but I find its difficult for me to track things especially my attonements. Ive seen people who have the buff with a countdown on it to show how long it has left. That would be helpful if I knew how to do that as well. Please help this rookie out. I know this post was sporadic and all, just want to get better and it seems SO daunting.Thummer2 4d
4d How do I get druid flight form? My druid was level 75 but I got it insta-leveled to 100. I noticed I don't have flying or aquatic form. I've just done the first couple of story quests, but otherwise haven't played this character for a long time. I've got all my flight trained except for the last one (fastest). How do I get flying and aquatic forms?Mazoram6 4d
4d Two WoD Garrision Questions 1. Anything account-wide benefits to garrison work ? Do things like achievements, unlocked blue prints, not being dazed while mounted transfer to alts on the same account. 2. Best follower upgrade path post 630? I have a bunch of followers at 630, and I"ve saved all my purple armor and weapon upgrade tokens. Are there any upgrade things to automatically bump a follower to 645, 650, etc., or do I just use up all the green, blue, and purple enhancements as they trickle in? I did see a vendor that sells 650 sets, but you have to have 10 follower already at level 650. Thanks!Abe2 4d
4d Dun Morogh Scaling? Well I have been away for too long. I just took a new level 20 dwarf back into Dun Morogh, and all the animals are lvl 20! Huh? Am I imaging things? Shat is that about? How does that work?Gymlea3 4d
5d Back to wow I stopped play very early in to Cat. But during wotlk I played my holy/disc priest. Then also played a ret/protection pally. Just really hard to get back into either of them. I got into a few dungeons and healed alright but was kinda hard to keep up. Still lvling through Mop. Have several alts ranging from 61 down to 22. Just curious what everyone else thinks and if I should stick it out or what?Holyschnikes3 5d
5d Just returned - heals don't scale in LFG? Recently returned after a long hiatus. Decided to role a healer and do some healing in random dungeons. The first few dungeons seemed fine and went roughly as expected. Then I was put into a couple of groups with tanks that were much higher level than I am. I discovered, much to my surprise, that my heals don't scale to the tanks health while I'm grouped in LFG. At first I thought maybe we were just pulling too much. At one point I thought that my Holy Word: Serenity macro stopped functioning (because I would use it and the tank's health bar wouldn't noticeably fill up like it should). I decided to do some internet sleuthing, and lo and behold, I find at least half a dozen threads about heals not scaling in LFG. Here are a few below: Apparently this has been an issue since 2016? Why? The one guy in that first thread I linked has a screen shot of his Flash Heal healing for ~2% of the tank's health. See here: The green portion of the health bar in that picture is the incoming heal. LOL. I hate to use this term because it's beyond hackneyed in video gaming, but this is straight up broken. I don't know what else to call it. How can you pair up a healer with a tank that the healer can't effectively heal? Who thought that was okay? I've uninstalled and unsubbed, and I probably won't return until whoever is in charge of dungeon design is able to get their stuff together and fix this garbage. This is an AAA+ game with a box price, a subscription fee, and multitudinous micro-transactions. There's no excuse for having core features (like the dungeon finder system) in this state. Unbelievable.Amdusia4 5d
5d Character Recovery Issues Returning Player (Last Played 5 years ago) i cannot seem to recover any of my old characters i have even tried doing it on the correct realm i had them on "Dalaran" also it shows that i am posting as my main character Shadowstepe 90 Blood Elf Warlock the picture is just darkened, i also still have all my mounts as well though? much help would be appreciated thankyou.Shadowstepe1 5d
5d Looking for more to play with! Hello! I have a lot of characters who are 110 and at this point in the game I usually just PvP and do world quests, raids, etc... However, I don't really play with anyone that much and I'm interested in starting a new character. It doesn't matter to me what realm I play on, I'm just looking for more people to play with. Also, I don't mind if you like to PvP and need someone to PvP with, or even raid with. Hopefully someone is in the same boat and wants to start a new character, or simply have another person to play with. Sometimes it gets boring playing alone and it'd be fun to have someone to play with, whether it's starting fresh or doing raids/pvp. If you're interested in my timezone, it's EST. Thanks! BTAG: SilentSword#12316Redsavior1 5d
5d Why does Frostweave come before Netherweave? Why is it you learn Frostweave Cloth and other Frostweave recipes before you learn Netherweave recipes? Is this a bug or something new I'm not aware of? You learn Frostweave 275 but Netherweave at 300. Yet the Frostweave recipes you make at 275 still have level 70 requirement. But it is mixed in with Runecloth that has 59 requirement. I've been away a while but from what I understand you can only get still get Frostweave in Northrend. So why is it like this? Just a little curious.Holysteven2 5d
5d Monk or rogue for BFA? Which would you consider better for soloing and leveling in BFA? I am concerned mostly about self healing, being able to take surprise adds, just general soloing and questing. Rogues always can escape a bad situation if adds jump me, but monk seems more fun. But I don't know anything about how they are in BFA. What do you think?Doomfire1 5d
5d Prep for BFA? Been gone since shortly after start of legion and just resubbed to prep for BFA. Game seems very confusing right now until I get a handle on things again. 1) What should I be doing to get ready for BFA launch? 2) What reps are most important to farm? 3) I'm getting these tokens for billions of artifact power, is there any point in using these? My main is a druid tank and I only have the one artifact weapon, do I buff it up or does it not matter anymore. 4) Are there quest chains I must complete? I am working on the army of light ones right now. 5) Anything I should so profession related? I am Eng and Ench on main. Basically any suggestions you could give me for the most productive use of my game time as we wait for the expansion launch. Thanks for any helpBigbicep3 5d
6d Green gear in BfA I haven't played since Wrath really and I was wondering if anyone knew whether this expac was going to be like the others, your first green drops would replace previous expac purples.Orisaar2 6d
6d returning player, looking for catch up gear Any catch up gear I can quickly get before bfa? I just want a good set so I can go solo dungeons/raids/quests until bfa comes out. My 110 has some leveling blues/greens so anything is an upgrade tbh. Thanks for any helpMário2 6d
6d Cooldown on Twisting Nether? I'm just coming back and trying to get my hidden artifact. What is the cooldown on Twisting Nether? I assumed it was a daily thing, but I did it at 9pm last night, and as of 6pm today, it isn't available. Everyone tells me it's 12 hours, but that obviously isn't the case either...Illidont0 6d
6d Artifact Hidden Appearance Question Hey there, it's been a hot minute since I've played Warcraft, I just got back into it about a week ago. I was wondering if for example; You unlock the hidden appearance for a Frost Mage, then you go out, get 1,000 honor kills, and unlock another variation of the hidden appearance, would it unlock that same variation for Fire Spec, even though you don't have the original hidden appearance?Ache2 6d
6d Quest target names Is my memory failing? I remember going on quests to level my toon, and needing to kill 5 Surveyors and 5 Scouts. Their names were in red. When I killed the fifth Scout, their names vanished, or maybe went yellow, but it was clear which Tunnel Rats I needed to kill to complete the quest. In addition the Vermin, Kobolds, Foragers, Diggers, and Lackeys were not labeled red, they were yellow, so I knew that I did not need to attack them to complete the quest. Was this an Add-On? Or is there some Blizz InGame switch I need to set?Gymlea4 6d
6d Purchasing heirloom upgrade tokens When upgrading heirlooms, can you go straight to level 3, which covers up to level 110, or do you have to buy level 1 and level 2 first? My shaman is level 55 and I want to get some upgrade tokens for when he hits 60.Abe5 6d
Jun 12 Considering a return I haven't played in yeeeeears. I'm considering a return to wow. Before that happens, I'd have to acquire a gaming pc, but I'll get to that when I'm ready if I decide I wanna play. I have a question! I've been reading a bit here and there over the last week or so, since I haven't kept abreast on the changes wow has had over the years(I really lost an interest in gaming in general). It seems a lot has changed. Rather than logging onto my higher level characters and "relearning" them, would it be better to start a new character to level up a bit and learn the current wow with? Whether or not I take it to max level, I'm assuming it'd ease me into the changes and then allow me to go back to the higher level characters and continue on. Or is it the same ol' wow and I'm just out of the loop of reality?Poonhealz7 Jun 12
Jun 12 Returning player from WotLK Well...its been a while, but I'm back. I'm excited folks. Last time, I had a friend that brought me into Azeroth. Now I'm alone, and I did not spend the 60 bucks on the wow-legion-BoA pack to play alone. This is WoW. If I want to play alone, I'll go to Tamriel and take an arrow in the knee. I'm rusty, but I remember nearly taking down Arthas back in ICC heroic. As you can see, I just started so, I'll switch realms, factions, I got discord, ready for add ons, whatever is clever. I'm generally available 5-9 (pacific) mon-fri as well as potentially any time on weekends, I ran a guild back in the day and quite enjoyed this game as a whole. I'm totally newbie player friendly. As a matter of fact, I'm treating this return as if I never played before because so far, after 8 years and 4 expansions, Itfeels like I'm a newbie. Nebiews, returning folks, veterans leveling alts that are sick of rolling alone, guilds, sounds good to me. I'm 29, vegas native(go knights), Metal fabricator. I'm always up for a chat about anything but I'll warn you, politically incorrect is an understatement when it comes to me. If your easily offended, I will, without a doubt, end up offending you. But hey, lets play wowers and wowettes. tmfcharlie#1180 or tmfcharlie in game. Later gators.Tmfcharlie1 Jun 12
Jun 12 Realm ? Returning player - I'm on twisting nether - anyone recommend decent realmSlayerwithin6 Jun 12
Jun 11 How to get class mount Hello. and thank you in advance for any help on this. I just unlocked flying for Legion. But have no idea what i need to do , to get the class mount. I had looked it up, and it said to go to your class order hall, I have finished the class order hall quest line as well. So not sure what else is needed to get the class mount, and if so, do all characters have to do so as well. thank you for your time. and have a great day.Lavarianna4 Jun 11
Jun 11 How does gear in PvP work now/legion? I've tried looking this up but I've gotten conflicting information. Some people saying gear doesn't matter anymore, and others saying ilvl matters. (In the latter case wouldn't mythic PvEers with the best ilvl dominate PvP?) Furthermore how does gear work in open world PvP? Will stats/items be dynamically scaled like WoD, or will it be like MoP?Mersl35 Jun 11
Jun 11 Returning Hunter needs help Returning hunter needs help Okay I've just returned after long hiatis from wow, my once powerful mm hunter is now a creampuff and all my weapons are gone. I'm getting creamed trying to level and find a new weapon . Also it seems I'm still part of a guild. Which surprised me. The Gms were great at helping me recover my characters, but now I'm wondering if I should just start all over. Any suggestions on where I can find a good range weapon without going to a dungeon or raid?Iseladore4 Jun 11
Jun 10 Fresh Boost vs. Existing Char: Wrecked Myself I've played WoW for a long time, but my memory is pretty bad and there are some things I just cannot remember. My question is about Fresh Boosts vs. Existing Character Boosts. Does anyone know why Blizzard felt they wanted to penalize the people who chose to boost an existing character over a fresh one? I almost feel like I would have been given a far better deal had I been in the position of a new player and I just boosted a brand new character. I boosted a character that was above 60 so that I'd get max professions. That's the only reason. What I came to find out was that when you do it that way you do not get the level 3 Garrison! Does anyone know why? The point was to use one of my only Alliance characters to do the Ashran quests, so that I could get some titles before the content is deleted forever ('The Butcher', 'The Death Stalker' titles.) Here's what I've learned from boosting an existing character: No level 3 Garrison/No Garrison Hearthstone. As a result, leading to me trying to figure out how to skip the Draenor intro, which I had to use the internet for, and learn of secret ways to bypass it and find the Garrison start quest. Then, thrashing and grinding through content I really don't want to do, all in order to get my Garrison/Gladiator's Sanctum to level 3. What makes things worse, is not having much gold on the server this Alliance character is on and people charging 12,000G for Huge Ogre Cache (grants 1,000 Garrison resources), and also waiting in hour-long queues for Ashran groups. Lastly, as another small irritation: I won't ask or beg for money from friends, but I will have friends in a party fly me through Draenor areas I can't access unless I unlock them through playing the content, in order to find Garrison resources... which has become very tedious. If only I knew! Boosting a brand new character would have gotten me to where I wanted to be right off the bat! Lesson learned. Does anyone know why it works like this?Nimirwyn5 Jun 10
Jun 9 Are professions just cosmetic now? Hello, Returning player from Wrath/Cata. I decided to start a new character, and chose inscription as a profession. However, from all the information I can find, it appears that glyphs now just change cosmetics instead of altering skill mechanics. Is this true? Also, upon further reading, is this true for most professions? I've read a lot of complaining on how professions don't matter anymore. I've also read that enchanting no longer significantly benefits gear. It that also true. Thank you for any help.Riggzz5 Jun 9
Jun 9 Where to power lvl now?? I’m lvl 39 questing with a lvl 24 where’s the best place to power lvl?? Trying to get maxed ASAP for BfACamozeen3 Jun 9
Jun 9 Companions? I haven't played since MoP and I've been on my DH since I came back. Everyone seems to be running around with these NPC companions and I was wondering how you got those.Orisaar3 Jun 9
Jun 9 Confuddled by rep grind I have the obligatory 110 DH and have started Suramar, Broken Shore, and Argus. The Suramar quest line I've been on ends with the Nightfallen But Not Forgotten achievement. It would be nice to be able to actually use my flying mounts. However, I would like to have as much of the rep required for the new races taken care of before BfA. Which path should I be pursuing?Orisaar3 Jun 9
Jun 8 Trying to figure out which class to boost I bought the pre-purchase with Legion included and am leveling a DH now. I have a Pally, Priest, Druid and Hunter. All but the DH are in their 80s and I'm leveling them the old fashioned way. The Pally, Priest, and Hunter have always been my go to classes (maybe with DK in there as well). But I have this 110 token and I'm still pondering what to do with it. I know I can trial a class at 100(?) but I was hoping for some other input from you folks who have played a class at the 110 level for some time and especially as it relates to the content in BfA that's coming up. Over the years I've realized that you can analyze the numbers all you want and while in the end the decision is entirely yours, hearing from players with actual longterm experience with something can give you insights you would ordinarily miss.Orisaar4 Jun 8
Jun 8 using level boost to unlock void elf I recently started playing again and decided I wanted my next adventure to be as a void elf mage. However, I recently read that the quest to recruit them can only be undertaken by an Alliance character, in addition to being level 110. The two characters closest are my 100 blood elf warlock and a 108 blood elf demon hunter (if I had known about this previously I would have chosen to be a night elf demon hunter). I really don't feel like leveling my closest Alliance character (human in 50s) and going through Lost Isles with a third character. So I have been considering using my 110 level boost on one of my Alliance characters, probably my worgen druid, so I can go to Argus and do what needs to be done to unlock the void elves. For those more experienced, does this sound like a good way to get back into things and a reasonable investment in enjoyable future playing time? Any other suggestions from those who have gone through Legion already?Wrenwood6 Jun 8
Jun 8 Artifact changes I've been wondering about the large shift in the upcoming BfA expac from Legion. What I'm wondering is why they made Artifacts so absolutely central and then decided to basically remove them. If anyone could point me to a good discussion on this or offer their own insights I would be interested in reading them. thank you---Orisaar5 Jun 8
Jun 8 Need some progression advice. Hey all, quick question. I'm a WoTLK baby, returning for BFA and I'm trying to get caught up with the game. I haven't done anything besides heroic 5 man tanking, but my currently goal is gear acquirement. Currently I'm grinding Argus Invasions and WQ for Veiled Argunite for 910 gear, but that seems to be about all I can do. I keep hearing about how easy legendaries come, most people have 2+, but I haven't seen my first glimpse of one. Just looking for general advice for how to get my ilvl up, aside from Argus WQ and invasion points. Many thanks.Zyspy1 Jun 8
Jun 8 Need help with boosted character Need help I’m slowly going through Argus. Can anyone help guid me on what I should be doing after my boost. I’m not really interested in any of the allied races but the zandalari :) so I know I have time. Sadly they won’t be in when BfA launches. Which my next question is do I have to get every allied race to get zandalariCamozeen3 Jun 8
Jun 7 Help me pick two classes to play! Hello everyone! I'm a returning player who was last active in WotLK. I've had trouble trying to decide what classes I want to play in BFA, so I figured I'd ask for your advice. I've always been an alt-o-holic and want to restrict myself to two characters for this upcoming expansion for the sake of time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My main interests in game are (in order): 1) Raiding and Mythic Dungeons. PvE has always been my biggest draw to WoW. I plan on spending at most 6hr a week raiding. That being said, I likely will not be a part of cutting edge mythic progression. I'm not interested in a flavor of the month class. I want to stick to my main and really get good at whatever I play. 2) WPvP. Probably not going to climb the ranked PvP ladder, but I will enjoy smashing in some Alliance skulls when the opportunity arises! 3) Roleplaying. I tend to get my fix for roleplaying when playing DnD. Not opposed to some RP in WoW, but it's just different trying to RP while typing over a videogame. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What I'm looking for in a main class: 1) Tanking and Healing capability. From my understanding this narrows the field down to monk/druid/paladin right away. 2) Utility. I like to be the guy who has "special assignments" in any raid scenario. Whether that mean CCing/Kiting adds around, interrupting/dispelling something important, or otherwise contributing something useful to the group besides raw numerical output. 3) Mobility. One of my favorite parts about my old warrior back in WotLK was all the charge abilities. I really enjoy darting around quickly on the battlefield. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What I'm looking for in an alt class: 1) Ranged DPS. Given my criteria for my main, it will be lacking a ranged DPS spec unless I roll druid. I'd like my alt to focus on Ranged DPS. 2) Utility. Again, I'm a sucker for having those "special assignments" in raids. Back in WotLK I remember the Hunter was the king of these kinds of tasks. Is that still the case nowadays? 3) Mobility. Again, I really enjoy playing mobile characters. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Medacy1 Jun 7