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3d A Return to World of Warcraft: Player Guide So you’ve decided to return to World of Warcraft. Welcome back! There’s just one thing you’ll need before jumping back into the fray—knowledge. To aid you in making your glorious comeback, we’ve compiled some handy information every returning hero should know. Once armed with knowledge, nothing (and no one) will stand in your way. 3d
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54m Ancient mana Where do you farm ancient mana... Every place i go theres so few nodes that only give 50 each. You need 1200 for this quest spending hours just running around getting my !@# wopped by 100000 mobs as a solo healer... I have looked up guides but every place they point to has nothing in it and there all from 2016. Would love some help or is it just blizzered saying !@#$ you to new/returning players.Figdig4 54m
2h Shyness, anxiety, depression, toxic community Empty friend list, empty btag list, empty guild or no one ever online, uneasy starting conversation. There are way too many to list all the reasons why most of us play alone. Unfortunately, as most of us know, finding nice people has become a bit of an issue due to the toxic behaviour of a very small portion of the player base. Most of us just stay quiet for fear of getting kicked out by those disruptive kids, or insulted, and so on. I've started a community on Discord and hoping to find more like-minded people interested in joining us. You know, people who can speak in full sentences, people who don't need to swear every 2nd word, people who can go for hours without insulting others, people who actually like to help out, etc... In short, a nice community. No need to transfer toons, to reroll, or change anything you do. We get together on Discord to chit-chat (mostly text), or to form groups, to get help or to help out. If you are as bored of playing alone as some of us are, feel free to join us. Everyone is welcomed, regardless of faction, level, ilvl, experience, etc. Please post your btag in here and I will check the thread regularly to add you. By posting in here, others may also friend you or you can friend some and you'll gather your own list of friends. If you prefer not putting your info in here, you can contact me directly on btag or in Discord. Looking forward to meeting some of you soon. Cheers, Worgbane btag: Worgbane#1877 Discord: Worgbane#9655Worgbane212 2h
4h Returning after 7 Years Away Hello! I'm a returning player who had stopped playing about a month after Cata was released. I've been back for about a week leveling up my main, and I'm trying to keep up with all the changes since early 2011. I came back to find minimized class spells and rotations, connected servers and CRZs, the transmogrification system, battle pets, and I just found out about garrisons. Would anyone be willing to give me a quick rundown (a bullet list, even) of the other major changes/features introduced in MoP, WoD, and Legion? I can look up the specifics of each feature, it's just that I'd rather know what I should be looking up instead of sifting through seven years of patch notes. In any case, it's great to be back!Saerzion14 4h
8h Any tips for Pathfinder grind? I just came back to WoW after a couple years hiatus and lo and behold, flying isn't automatic at max level anymore and needs a crazy grind. I'd like to level my several alts, including the new DH, but would really prefer to do it with flying. When I look at the requirements, I wonder if I'll even finish before the next expansion comes out. Are there any tips folks would like to share to make that achievement go faster and less painful?Shaal11 8h
13h Returning Player Priest healing issues? Hello everyone, I have started playing again after quitting just before Cata. I have levelled to 94 on my Priest from 80 so far and have heard levelling by doing dungeons is reasonably quick (finding questing in WoD a bit ordinary). I used to raid as disc or holy back in WoTLK but everything is very different. I am having trouble healing now mainly because the heals seem to be very very low. To the point I have to spam Flash just to keep the tank up fighting one or two mobs. I though maybe I hadn't trained to the appropriate rank because I hadn't visited a trainer since coming back but there are no skills to train and wants to take me to this weird place... My average item level is about 540 and stats appear to be appropriate for the level. Are the heals supposed to be very very low or is the something else going on do you know? Thank you in advanceHavemepls3 13h
20h Leveling buddy Looking for a leveling buddy to take on the new level scaling with me. I want to try the new leveling but to be honest, leveling just isn't fun alone. Any server (pref whisperwind) and race is fine.Notatrea1 20h
20h Gracefully leaving a guild? I just got recruited to trial in a Mythic raiding guild, however after the first week, I really don't feel like it's a good fit for me, for various reasons. I've already let the guy who recruited me know, and why. Should I leave it at that and gquit? Or should I let another officer know? It's really awkward leaving the guild with so many people online and I'm not certain how to go about it since it doesn't seem like the recruitment officer is actually at his keyboard. Not sure what the etiquette is here.Winkhonk8 20h
21h Fresh 110; Priorities before xpac? As the title states, I have returned from a 10-12 month hiatus, and needless to say have alot to accomplish (rep, pathfinder, broken shores, Argus, etc). Given that I have a limited schedule/play time, what should my main areas of focus be to prepare for the new content? I am largely unfamiliar with much of the game at this point, so the more descriptive you are in your response the better. Also, I have several ALTs that are level 95-100. Is it worth leveling them to 110 as well or focus only one character? Thanks for the help!Kiandron6 21h
1d what character would fit my play style. Gonna make this as straight forward as possible I want a character that does not require a ton of work to play. I don't wanna have to worry about simming this and balancing that just to be able to do decent damage. I just want a toon that will do well regardless of "Weights" . Don't get me wrong I understand that stats are important to a class but I don't want something that is so dependent upon stats that it makes or breaks a character or something that requires a set bonus or legendary to do decent DPS I just dont have that time to invest in the game I am looking for simple, something with an easy rotation that is able to hold there own. I don't care if it is caster or meleeMoobius2 1d
1d Returning and Would like Garrison Help. Finally returned after a many year hiatus. I have been watching a few videos and what not about different things added since my departure. Although, I did use a Lvl 100 boost when I started playing again this time as it was included with Legion still. Just from playing, questing, researching and fiddling around, I have figured out just about everything that has changed or been added to WoW. I enjoy it all greatly. After looking through everything I could, reading posts, reddit and other sites, I still would like some assistance to... Garrisons! PLEASE! Since I used the boost token, I got a lvl 3 Garrison to start with but, no idea how to go about it. I would like to use it to make gold. I've watched many videos on it but, those are for going from level 1 to level 3 and what not. Could anyone please point me in the right direction or, give me pointers on starting it? Thank you in advance. May RNGesus be in your favor.Lockinup4 1d
1d Mobile Authenticator How exactly does this work? I'm interested in setting it up but know nothing about how it actually works.Faeryne1 1d
1d Incomplete Legion Archaeology quests Hey, everyone! So I was on the last quest for the Blood of Young Mannoroth Archaeology rare. But unfortunately, I got busy with school so I wasn't able to finish it before the two weeks were up. Will it be available again in the future? So I'd just have to wait and stuff to get another chance at completing it?Haraseam2 1d
1d Returning to WoW and looking for friends I just returned to WoW a week ago after a 7 year break.. My highest are 85 on Dragonmaw, but it seems pretty dead so far. I'm looking to start leveling a new character to get a feel for the game again. If anyone is interested, please add me! Lilylace #1763Lilanne2 1d
1d LFGs to complete Mop & WoD content Hi all, back after 6.5 years! I was doing fine soloing quests on my hunter the last week, but after the patch yesterday, the quests are going so slooooow with lots of deaths. I'm sure I'm not the only one... Offering my assistance / to group with anyone who also wants to do MoP or WoD content. I have a mage still doing MoP & feral druid very early into WoD, and my 100 hunter could still do plenty of story quests to work towards pathfinder. I also have a level 12 panda monk I wouldn't mind playing. I also have toons in several other level ranges too like 35-64 that I might also be willing to play. I'm more interested in MoP & WoD content though. I am a 45 year old casual player, so I'm looking for mature adults to group with who are not concerned with the ilevel of my gear or my dps. I play my toons well, but have no interest in min/maxing or competing for dps. If you feel the same way, are a casual mature player, then please feel free to message me. I'm not positive how the cross realm groups work (as I've been away since before that was a thing), but I'm willing to try and form a cross realm group with anyone that it is possible to do so. I'm on the Arthas server on the North America & Oceanic servers, if that helps. Thanks for your time! Hope someone will take me up on my offer! jazzadellic#1864Bodhidharma0 1d
1d Coming back from ~4 years off. Help! I was an avid player back in the day, and made some decent progress across passed expansions. I have some decent knowledge of how the game works and everything, but in my time off, all of my current friends have moved on and left the game, and now I'm alone with no idea what I'm doing. I have a server full of level 90's (And one lvl 100), but it doesn't feel like home anymore. It's been so long, I don't think I could dive right back into where I started. I was thinking that I may start over on a new server, because I don't have the heart to delete characters that I've put so much time and effort into, and I have no idea how any of the classes work. With how late it is in the expac, I know it's probably not the best of ideas (Considering I have to play catch-up already), but I feel like I have to start over to get back into things. Any opinions?Øne2 1d
1d Returning players take on the patch changes? I actually enjoy feeling challenged now. Before it was just run around mashing two buttons, everything dies. Now every single mob takes at least some effort to kill, and I can't just aggro everything and spam multi-shot and marked shot, lol. goal of completing pathfinder just vanished into dust (I just started working on it a few days before patch). Even what we used to call "trash" mobs are f#$#$# me up now, if I get more than 2 on me (depending on mob, some are still easy I've seen with like 35k health, but some have like 150k-300k health!! And actually hit hard!). Some heavily crowded areas with "trash" mobs I now fear trying to ride through on my mount because one of those stunning / knock you off your mount hits can now be fatal, LoL. Some storyline quests needed for Pathfinder I am having multiple deaths on now, and I ran into one quest boss that obliterated me before I even did 10% damage. I'm not whining, I think the game should have always been a challenge that tested your skills. But I think it's possible they may have over done it, or at least some quest bosses may be now mandatory to have at least 2 people to beat now, which I don't really care for as I prefer to play solo. I was on a 6.5 year hiatus till a week ago. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but from what I can tell, back in Cata release time when i played the challenge (on scale of 1-10) was maybe roughly a 2-4 for normal mobs, and some quest bosses were not too hard like maybe 4-5, and sometimes the bosses would actually be tough like 7-8, and yes I remember dying on occasion back then, haha. Then when I came back, a week before the patch, the challenge was 0-1 for normal mobs, 2 for quest bosses. Now with patch maybe anywhere from 4-6 for normal mobs (roughly the difficulty of the easier quest bosses around Cata patch), and bosses are anywhere from 7-10. Just a rough gauge from what I can remember. I've had some quest bosses (like caster types) go down real fast, and the tanky or heavy hitting melee bosses have actually been barely beatable or unbeatable several times now (with my feral druid). One boss kept spamming a fire spell at me, faster than the cooldown on my counterspell skill, and each spell did like 33%-50% of my health, lol. I died to him two times and ended up just waiting for 10 minutes for someone else to show up so I could get credit for the kill by assisting him. Another boss nearly killed me on two attempts, but I managed to run away and heal. I then realized there was 1 or 2 cooldowns I wasn't using, and once I used them, he was no problem. So I liked that I was forced to use my characters full potential, and had to learn to play him better just to get past one quest boss. And this can only be good for the end game content -- players are now forced to learn to play their characters at a bare minimum level now which includes using their full set of skills instead of just mashing 2 buttons. That is a GOOD thing! But then there was this one boss...that two shotted me before I even scratched him...I'm not even going to try to solo him again haha. A lot of people are whining on the general forum about the changes, but I think that overall the scaling thing is a good thing, but I feel it could be tweaked a little to allow solo players like me to finish quests. I was also looking forward to doing a little collecting of things from old instances / raids, but that just went *poof* haha. I never really soloed old content when I played before so while most of the players are complaining about not being able to finish the last 5% of their collections, I have literally only soloed like 4 instances and gotten like 2 collectable items (and just boring ones at that, bags)....So I haven't even maybe gotten 1% of the collectables from old content. That does bum me out a bit.Bodhidharma1 1d
2d Threat reduction Any advice how to do this quest line? I've been at it for over 2 hours. My armor is at 10% due to deaths. I used all my potions. I managed to kill Magraloth, but I die every attempt at Kar'aaz. I usually have time to call one Ridgestalker before I die. I'm about to log out from frustration. I 'm a casual, and I know I suck, but I was hopinh there'd be something I can do to finish.Kerrice8 2d
2d Upgrading Items Hello, I am a semi-new returning player. I have been here for a few weeks. What a learning curve! I am confused about upgrading items. After looking around the net, I am still at a loss. I know some crafted items can be with obliterium or class hall armor can be upgraded. I read someplace about upgrading dropped items also. Is there a way to improve the ilvl of dropped items in general or did I read something wrong? Thank you in advance.Mjölnir3 2d
2d Returning, ?Healers and Rogues Help? Hello I have played wow on and off for awhile. I have a couple questions. One, how are rogues these days? Are they strong or still fun to play? Are they viable in team fights in pve and pvp? Second questions is I have come to really enjoy healing (support) play. I want to make a new one but what class would you guys recommend. To start after coming back after awhile? Also are healers pretty populated in wow? I tend to like to play classes that are not over popular. Thanks for the help. -StrategeniusNefariøus4 2d
2d Returning Player, Suramar is Garbage No seriously i've done everything from Vanilla to wrath, and some of cata not alot but dear lord who designed Suramar... it's like you PURPOSELY made the Flight achievement a barrier to this zone. Sure if i could fly finding all this crap would be easy! BUT oh no! let's litter the area with elites, and patrols that can spot you through your illusion! NOW lte's make the city as CONFUSING as possible so that the player is LOST about 90% of the time because is no direct path to where he NEEDS to go because everything is gotten to via either a hidden elevator, or some other hidden path that is never clear... Sorry i needed to Vent this place is a god damned nightmare... i just want my flying mount back and you know what? i'd rather pay for it at this point, this achievement crap is for the birds. Was a reason i HATED achievements back in the day and i really hate them now... Just FYI blizz wandering around a maze isn't fun, and while having a dungeon that has multiable branches that intersect and allow for an open ended experience is fun! CAN we just stop with the confusing as heck questing areas like this? who ever designed suramar yes your city looks lovely BUT its functionally a nightmare for anyone without flight, suramar shouldn't be required for flight as having flight feels required to even navigate this zone. /rant offVilmand6 2d
2d How to start mythic dungeons Returning player here and I'm wondering how to get in to mythic dungeons. I've been doing heroic dungeons and LFR but I'd like to try mythics. Especially since I now have a class hall quest requiring me to do a particular dungeon on mythic. My guild has shrunk to just a couple of active and very casual players while I've been gone so getting a guild group won't happen. I've looked in group finder and signed up for a couple of mythic groups but been rejected each time. I would think an item level of 840+ would be sufficient for a DPS in a mythic and none of the ones I signed up for said anything about specific requirements. I have read up on mythics and they talk about having a stone for starting a mythic at a certain level. I just want to start at the first level. How do I do that? Would it be feasible to just start my own group in group finder? I could level my tank or healer and get in to groups easier I know but I always find it best to do content for the first time as my dps main. Since I figure a tank should know what they're doing more so than others in the group. I don't like going in green as a tank. Basically I haven't really found anywhere that has a clear step by step explanation of how you get in to mythic dungeons since it's clearly not as simple as just joining a group in group finder.Ilya54 2d
2d LF a summary of upcoming changes? Where do we find a summary of upcoming changes? Are there any good changes to look forward to? (edited to reduce my verbage)Hellgirl2 2d
3d Returning to a dead guild So I'm just returning after 3 to 4 year absence from the game. I have inherited a guild on a server that I'm not going to have my main on. It has a bunch of bank tabs and I'm the only toon that is left in the guild. Would it be against the EULA if I was to trade it or sell it to another person on the server?Ronsorage6 3d
3d Returning player Hey there guys and gals....returning player looking for a race/class/spec ideas (excluding healers)...also need to know good servers for raiding for alliance and horde (depending on race)....please throw some ideas at me..thanx all!Terridivh1 3d
3d Need advice on pathfinder! Recently came back to the game and I'm attempting to get the flying achievement. I'm wondering what the best way to farm rep for dreamweavers/court of Farondis are? The other things have been fairly easy but I'm hitting a bit of a block with them. Any help appreciated!Alaranar5 3d
3d Looking for friends to play with Hey Everyone, So I just recently started playing this game and I really do enjoy it; however, I find it a little boring because I don’t have many people to play with. I’m a graduate student so time is limited but I play a lot on the weekends and would really enjoy some people to play with or help me through the process! Ps. I’m on the crushridge serverCisplatin6 3d
3d Ret Player, Looking for re-rolling friends. Hello everyone, Returning player here, it's been a year and a half since i've played, I'm a US CST player. I'm looking to re-roll. Started on Dalaran yesterday and i'm just looking for some New WoW friends to chill with it and play. I'm not in a rush and i'm just looking for a group of mellow people to play with. As i've got older with the game i'm just looking to have a good time. My RL friends who play the game left years ago and i'm just looking for some like minded people to hang with. I'm a teacher/dad/coach guy so my play time isn't what it used to be, but once the kids crash i'm usually down to play. If any of this rambling mess sounds like your situation then drop me a line here or hit me up in game. Bliz tag Chemosk#1150 Looking to enjoy the new leveling and hopefully find some people to play with. Love the game, always have, but it's always been about the people you play with. Cheers! Thanks for reading, ChemoskFalowjopan0 3d
3d What Class/Race from Vanilla to play for 7.3.5, either faction From the selection you had at Vanilla only out of those options which Race/Class is ok to play from lv1-110. Having in consideration their race skills and all.Sjarogkhar2 3d
3d Looking for a reroll friend Just coming back to the game after a few years, I am looking for a friends to start a fresh toon with. I live in the US and am in the Central Time Zone. Respond here or on Discord or add me on Battlenet. Adults only please. Bnet: P0pSh0t21#11714 Discord: P0pSh0t21#8354Trippye11 3d
3d Looking for reroll buddy! Hello. I am looking for someone that would want to reroll a character with me. Server or faction does not matter to me. If anyone is interested please add my battle id sandwich800#1113 Thanks!Omgicame3 3d
3d Mythic and raid questen Hi my name neonight and I'm a returning player from MoP I done a crap load of heroic dungeons and got alot of ilvl today and I'm over 840 ilvl I want to get in to mythic dungeons and raid I did lfr back in mop but Ive heard it become pretty toxic of late so I want to up my game and just to mythic and regular raids but thing is I don't know what the order of the gear teirs all I know it normal dungeon then heroic dungeons s and last is mythic+ raids can some one please help me out and tell me what ilvl I need to do the next teir after heroic dungeons and what ilvl I need to do mythic dungeons as I got a feeling mythic dungeons are next and can some one allso tell me when I can do norm raids and a list of the ilvl required for Evey teir Neonight2 3d
4d Best Ranged Dps class? Getting bored with Melee dps and need a change. What is the best ranged dps class?Pooterscoote17 4d
4d The followers icon Hi there! After starting Legion the followers icon was gone. What'd I do to come it back on my minimap?Cuteraccoon1 4d
4d back after 5 years...OMG!!! this game still as fun as it was 5 years ago or its even better!? your opinion old school player!! btw its not ez to come back...I can barely switch my clothes lolllFladras21 4d
4d Six year haitus After six years, quitting just before MoP, I was watching some WoW vids on youtube and felt kinda nostalgic. After two days of figuring out my account, I signed back up to mess around. I have an 85 Warrior (who was my main), 85 priest, 85 mage and 77 DK. The talent system is unrecognizable to me at this point. Where are the best guides for talents and gear nowadays? After logging back in and changing my toon names (sadly, I didn't realize my names were still available until after I renamed Leereth to Leareth), I realized that I have at least 25 levels to relearn the game and classes so I think I might stick around a bit.Leareth4 4d
4d How exactly do servers work now?.. Hey guys, Need some help on understanding just how exactly servers work now. I'm talking about CRZ, connected servers, and "shards", are there any differences between these terms? Also, part of why I'm asking is because I've made this Horde toon on what I discovered today to be an extremely heavy Alliance dominant/populated server, how does this impact my gameplay experience relative to how servers work now? Is it in my best interest to simply restart again on a more evenly populated server before it's too late? Thanks.Hypernatural1 4d
5d I would like to find a reroll partner I am a returning player. Server doesn't matter, faction doesn't matter. I play extremely casual. More information will be given if someone in interestedLifecoverage7 5d
6d Haven't played since Lich King. I am a returning player back from the old Lich King days, I am really wanting to get back into this game hardcore but cant seem to grasp all of the changes that have been made to the game since then. I am more than willing to learn and maybe even start a new toon with someone and progress it up that way if it is easier. I just really miss this game and the fun I use to have with it, I am older so maturity isn't an issue and I do not give anyone a hard time over anything just looking for some new friends. Btag: P0pSh0t21#11714 Discord: P0pSh0t21#8354 Feel free to add me guys anyone really who wants to join up and have some fun oh and btw I live in Central time zone here in the US.Trippye0 6d
Jan 12 Favorite returning hunter guides? Hi all, so I leveled a DH just before the release of Legion and didn't return until just recently. I decided to go with my trusty hunter (not certain if that was a mistake) but regardless the class I find myself feeling, well kind of daunted. I've played since vanilla and have left for a few extended periods of time usually no longer than 3-4 months. This time I really feel lost. Started in High mountain and am 105 with about 30% yet to go according to in High Mountain alone. Is it just me is there that much more content now vs. what really feels like a 4 or 5 hotkey character now? I mean this truly feels while playing my hunter that all of my abilities, especially the ones I loved for pvp are gone... So driving the toon is drastically dumbed down but navigating the game itself feel really onerous. /rant off Anyway, having said that, is there a favorite guide for hunters and returning old farts that can simplify this and lead to flying as quick as possible before heading to alts? Thanks!Balzaq2 Jan 12
Jan 12 Sargeras Hunter Returns Returning hunter previously played with a small group, now down to zero. Thankfully we worked well together and very hard. I was able to get most of the hunter pets early on in the game so I feel very complete there minus some elite pets. I'm still incredibily new to the game and basically know how to do small quests and dungeons. I just got my hunter to lvl 60 and made it to outlands, ready to slow down and enjoy instead of grinding. Goals: Exploration - I have just about every flight point for Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor within level. Quests and class exalted Collecting Mounts Lvl 75-90 by February Making income off auctions Achievements as you can very well see are low. My skinning and leatherworking skills are sadly low so I need to do some farming. Create two new characters one specializing in tailoring and the other jewel crafting for the sake of creating a flying carpet and jade panther mount. Anything else is fair game. Basically going to be online everyday for the next month and want to team up as much as possible. Another hunter would be cool to support each other but all classes welcome.Alazac2 Jan 12
Jan 11 Returning after a few years, feel lost Hey everyone, I took quite a few years off from wow while going through law school, and now im back. I have only been back for a few days, but i already feel overwhelmed with the changes. Can someone please just give me a quick rundown of what a returning player who is shellshocked would need to know in order to get back to questing and leveling quickly? Any help is appreciated!Macko4 Jan 11
Jan 10 Wakening Essence for returned player Wakening Essence apparently are super important to help catch up on gearing which is something a returned player like myself is interested in, (because apparently can buy Legendaries with these essence in patch 7.35) ..Been away for 2 years+ so I have no Legion legendaries that need upgraded to ilvl1000 but apparently you need one of these lower Ilvl legendaires for the game to cause "Wakening Essence" to drop. All the Crafted 940 - 970 ilvl legendaries have sky rocketed in price to over 500k on AH (More gold than I made in the previous 5 years of game play). Any tips on this subject guys? Am I just kinda screwed until after patch 7.35 launches and perhaps they will make this new essence a straight up currency?Nofur12 Jan 10
Jan 10 Need Location of Primal Sargerite Vendor Asked in chat and everyone keeps telling me Bottom of the legion ship. Ok. What ship are they talking about, where is it and how do I locate it?Plasmaa2 Jan 10
Jan 10 Alliance Discord: PvE/PvP/Fun Events ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Join one of the LARGEST and Most ACTIVE WoW Discord servers today & join Thousands of others! ANYONE CAN JOIN! *Why do we use Discord?* All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Voice chat that doesn't slow down your game. Designed for use while gaming, Discord has minimal impact on your CPU. Your game's performance won't be affected in the slightest. Text chat designed to share images, videos, and links from your desktop or phone. Encrypted IP, so NO DDOSing can occur. *What do we offer in our server?* +Raiding (Normal, Heroic) +Dungeons (Normal, Heroic, Mythic+, Transmog runs) +World PvP (Small to Large scale, Assassin/Gank Squads, City Defense/Offense) +Rated (BG, Arena) +Random BGs +FUN Events (Transmog Contest, Races, Karoke, Drunk nights 18+, etc) +Discord Dungeons (game inside Discord) +Earn levels and points in Discord to spend on Roles +Music Bots and Socialization with other Gamers *Can I become an Officer in your Discord?* Of course! We have a very organized structure/ranking system in Discord that covers it all. You can even progress futher than Officer rank if you are dedicated to the community. *Rules?* Located in the #information channel. It's pretty simple and self explanatory. Just don't troll and you should be fine <3 *Questions?* Just ask in the #help-support channel and someone will be with you asap! Thanks for considering us for your WoW needs. -Cadigan & Deathology, Presidents of the RageQuit community, Owners of The Alliance Empire in 30+ guilds on WoW.Cadogans0 Jan 10
Jan 9 lock picking where do you go to learn lock picking and from whom?Badviking3 Jan 9
Jan 9 Player retention and Rolling alt Idea. I recently retuned to wow and deiced to level an alt. As I am leveling in heirloom gear, the bonus EXP soon makes most quests irrelevant and I must skip a lot and move on to the next zone. So, I started to wonder how this could be more enjoyable. Most of these quests I have done over and over and it gets a bit mind numbing. So, I was thinking of a solution, what if the quests deviate from the original quest line based on the characters level up to a max level. The quest NPC performs a character level check and instead of giving you the quest to go gather Kobold candles, he instead gives you a quest to kill the Kobold King, a quest that is more in line with your level due to the heirloom gear boost. This would provide a fresh new leveling experience for players who have leveled over and over and open up a whole new game.Airwolf1 Jan 9
Jan 8 RAF myself for mount - did I set it up OK? So I used this guide: for setting up the second account under my blizzard account. They are connected since I took an 'old' character and friend-ed the new one, and they are able to summon each other. Went on the Blizzard website to buy the game and add a subscription. I did the 1 month thing, thinking I could just add another month, not realizing it's a automatic month-at-time service like my normal 6 month subscription. So if I get a free month, then it charges Jan 20 as it said, does that mean until 7 days after the secondary charge (Feb 19 or 20, so henceforth by Feb 27) I won't be able to get my mount? Or will it not be availabel until the end of the second month, so Mar 27? Just wanted to make sure so I don't cancel too soon, but I don't want to pay a third month if i don't have to. Thanks in advance!Aralius3 Jan 8
Jan 8 Looking to start over With the new leveling changes coming soon I want to start anew on a new server and make some new friends. I've been playing 11 years and hate that my current server is so toxic, only reason I have stayed on it is the economy is good, but I want to actually enjoy the game again and have fun with friends. I'm mainly a casual player not into hardcore raiding or pvp, and not interested in drama, its a game and escape from real world problems for me. I don't care if your horde or alliancse as I like both factions equally, but I do prefer to be on a PVE or RP server. Thank you and hope everyone stays kind with one another.Theonden1 Jan 8