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Oct 24, 2018 A Return to World of Warcraft: Player Guide So you’ve decided to return to World of Warcraft. Welcome back! There’s just one thing you’ll need before jumping back into the fray—knowledge. To aid you in making your glorious comeback, we’ve compiled some handy information every returning hero should know. Once armed with knowledge, nothing (and no one) will stand in your way. Oct 24, 2018
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Nov 15, 2018 Who's the oldest player? I'll be 72 in May. Any one playing that is older?Procheyon23 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 After 5 Years... Well a friend of mine dragged me back into playing WoW again. I had an existing account before and it has some characters. One of which was a lvl 20+ druid. I stopped playing years ago since I prioritized my studies and a bunch of stuff. Since I returned just a week ago.. I've made it to level 18 on my Blood Elf Mage and so far I'm enjoying and felt like I was on young street again. I honestly have forgotten on what happened to my friends a long time ago but I opted not to really think about it since I only play WoW for the lore but I have considered joining at least some noob/casual friendly guild. I don't like being in competitive ones since it's already stressful enough for me. I'm pretty much looking for some people to play with me, and a noob/casual guild that pretty much does some partner-up grinds and what not. I mostly communicate through discord so I hope that you leave the discord server in as well :)Suntorry0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Horde guild LFR friendly returning players Hey all! Long time WoW player here. I saw a few posts of people looking for others to play with so I figured I would make a post recruiting some new and returning players. We are trying to form a small to mid size group of people so that there is always someone to play with. As is the usual story, we all played before and people began to drop off. So far our small group is formed of pretty active people who are going to be leveling new horde characters on the Illidan server. We have some people with higher level characters on the server to help us with starting materials and resources. We are very friendly people, open to all types of people, LGBTQ friendly, etc. We all just want to have fun playing the game and perhaps, once we level our toons up, play more competitively and do mythical/raids. If you’re interested in a friendly community of like minded players feel free to reach out to me on discord. My discord is Rozn02 #6693 Or feel free to comment below with your battle tag or discord or whatever and I’ll reach out to you.Sonå4 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Shyness, anxiety, depression, toxic community Empty friend list, empty btag list, empty guild or no one ever online, uneasy starting conversation. There are way too many to list all the reasons why most of us play alone. Unfortunately, as most of us know, finding nice people has become a bit of an issue due to the toxic behaviour of a very small portion of the player base. Most of us just stay quiet for fear of getting kicked out by those disruptive kids, or insulted, and so on. I've started a community on Discord and hoping to find more like-minded people interested in joining us. You know, people who can speak in full sentences, people who don't need to swear every 2nd word, people who can go for hours without insulting others, people who actually like to help out, etc... In short, a nice community. No need to transfer toons, to reroll, or change anything you do. We get together on Discord to chit-chat (mostly text), or to form groups, to get help or to help out. If you are as bored of playing alone as some of us are, feel free to join us. Everyone is welcomed, regardless of faction, level, ilvl, experience, etc. Please post your btag in here and I will check the thread regularly to add you. By posting in here, others may also friend you or you can friend some and you'll gather your own list of friends. If you prefer not putting your info in here, you can contact me directly on btag or in Discord. Looking forward to meeting some of you soon. Cheers, Worgbane btag: Worgbane#1877 Discord: Worgbane#9655Worgbane450 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 About to reroll. Gonna give Bfa another shot. I’m rerolling but idk if I should go warlock or shaman.Colinrtr6 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Need Location of Primal Sargerite Vendor Asked in chat and everyone keeps telling me Bottom of the legion ship. Ok. What ship are they talking about, where is it and how do I locate it?Plasmaa3 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Unique events in BFA? In Legion, there were unique events scattered throughout the world for each class - for example, shamans had little things where they had to calm angry earth spirits. It may seem like not much, but for me it really added flavor. Not to mention all the little treasures and trinkets spread around the continent. Does BFA have unique/rare events spread across it? This'll be a big factor in my buying it because it's one of my favorite elements of the newer expansions. Also, are there those fighting zones where you fight various enemies and take down banneers and stuff to gradually win a fight? That also was really nice.Doxxus4 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Lf friends, any faction Hi there, I keep resubbing, but I feel disappointed every time I do. I feel like all my "friends" ignore me because I wasn't around, or even though I'm on a diff toon/server, they only say hi to me if I log into their server, even though we're bnet friends. So, long story short, I am lf friends who want to run things together, be it xmog, questing, etc. I have both horde and alliance toons. I have 1 lvl 120 so far, but a lot to do to open world quests. I only have 1 toon below 110 at the moment. I'm not really lf new guilds right now, just cross realm friends who actually want to hang out once in a while in game. Also I am dating someone, so please no one with alternate intentions. Anyways, please leave bnet or discord info in replies!Valiayn5 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 In Legion - should I purchase Bfa? I took a few years off and came back recently. Leveled a Hunter up to 101 to get back into the game then switched over to my lvl 100 Monk. Have him at 110 now and playing through Legion content. I would like to finish the Legion expansion off before I move on to Bfa. I want to unlock flying for any future alts. Now my questions … Since I am max level now should I buy Bfa? Not sure if I would start to earn some experience or if I should even mess with it until I just complete Legion. I am a very casual player. Really don't pvp or raid much and not a speed leveler. I just take my time playing through the game.Murdokai4 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Stuck on class quest, and frustrated Two years later, I'm back and leveling a demon hunter. Problem is, I'm stuck on my class quests. I've leveled past the group finder, and am too low to solo Vault of the Wardens for my Sargerite Keystone. I've been trying to find help with this for the past two days. It seems the design team still hasn't bothered reading A Theory of Fun for Game Designers. I'm this close to canceling my account out of frustration. Again. #sighKhayyam7 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 1-120 Group? I'm just getting back into playing and quickly ran through BFA. I want to replay a lot of content, but none of my friends play anymore. I was wondering if anyone wanted to start a 1-120 group grind with me. Add me ShadeDragon#11792 :DSwiftern0 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Returning to a Tank What is the most mobile tank spec right now i love to run old dungeons and raids. Ive been playing pally for years and just looking for something quicker on his feet.Lazamal4 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 Class Mount/Petey Yar? So i was trying to get my class mount and i found out i needed to talk to a guy called Petey Yar (whos suppose to be right in front of the mount vendor in Dalaran), and i went to where he was located and he wasn't there, is there a different way to get my class mount or is this content not available anymore? and i do not have the path finder achievements done for legion, and don't know if it is required or not.Holyblesing13 Nov 10, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 Heirlooms should not be Gear pieces. I havn't purchased BFA. Just paid for a month to check out wow again. I would like to talk about hierlooms since their what I've experienced most so far. So I rolled a new warrior and decked it out in a fancy set of heirlooms and transmogs. But as I've gone through quests and dungeons I found my self really missing the reward of new gear. Blue drops in dungeons have no meaning when an heirloom renders it vendor fodder. It would be nice if heirlooms just empowered the slot they would take up, or were a passive character buff. Admittedly I don't like the feel of the personal loot system either. There was always some fanfare to see what would drop off a boss. Even if it wasn't for me. I guess you could say the excitement of 'what's in the box' is gone.Kithantha5 Nov 10, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 Experience/Leveling above 100 I have a mage <------------ (her) in Shadowmoon Valley (WoD) more than halfway to level 98. If I stay in WoD and keep questing in the other areas, will my character go above level 100. Or, can I go to Legion, play there for a while, and then go back to WoD to resume leveling? Or does the experience stop at level 100 in WoD? Thanks for any advice.Sixsixxsix5 Nov 10, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 Que'ing next spells now fails to cast I'm trying to spam smite as my filler DPS spell. It's been fine since I started playing again until today. Previously, I could que up my next spell during the cast of the current spell and it would begin to cast: A, A, A, A Today i find that I have to wait a short period after a spell casts to begin the next spell, which hurts the DPS efficiency. When it fails to cast I hear a sound effect letting me know it didn't cast, but there is no messaging showing anywhere and I don't know whats wrong. A, wait, A, wait I haven't installed any new addons.Gnomewreker5 Nov 10, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 WQ & WZ - how? How do I unlock WQ's and que for Warzones? Sorry for the noob questions...Wrayith2 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 Starting Vashj'ir. I can't start the Vashj'ir quest line. The heroes board does not show it, and the quest giver at Stormwind harbour does not show it either. Has it been removed?Akatu8 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 Allied Races? How? It's incredibly unclear. I've read the pre-launch stuff, I've been looking at WowHead. none of this stuff is anything I'd really count as a guide. How do you unlock any of these? It's very poorly communicated in the game. You go to the embassy (alliance) and they all make a big deal of choosing which one to go for first, you learn about how great they are with hero npcs all around you and then.... nothing. You're not sent on any kind of quest line, nothing. Do I need to do a backflip? Send a love letter to a GM? What do you do? Do I still have to back track into Legion and get exhalted with some faction that progress-gates me every 5 quests? (because that's why I stopped playing Legion). Maybe update that whole scene so people actually know what to do... without consulting 3rd party websites? Just an idea.Leyrin3 Nov 8, 2018
Nov 7, 2018 Back at it again! Hey all. After a few months I just reactivated my sub. The reason I quit is because I had nobody to play with. If possible I want to start fresh but I really dont want to if I have to go at it solo. It doesnt matter what server Ill start anywhere. Just looking for a small group or a guild is all.Stelvik3 Nov 7, 2018
Nov 7, 2018 Starter accounts and guilds I know that trial accounts can't join guilds, but can a level ~20 character that was already in a guild while previously subscribed, still use guild functions (like invites, bank, etc) while in trial mode?Smockron3 Nov 7, 2018
Nov 6, 2018 New to alliance I’m gonna use my 110 boost to level an alliance character and go through the bfa content for the first time. I’m thinking range dps Can’t decide between mage or lock or hunter. As far as immersion Into the story any suggestions on racial choice? This is gonna be my main on the alliance side for bfa. Any suggestions?Wessor3 Nov 6, 2018
Nov 6, 2018 A/H Gaming Community! Rainbow Cupcake Crusaders is a gaming community that is first and foremost about making lasting friendships. If you are looking for a friend to play games with, we are for you with open arms and non judgement. Fri - Sat 9-12pm EST We get together and play a random game. We are looking for more friendly adventurous spirits who want to play many different games. (For example, Maplestory 2, Overwatch, Paladins, Bless, ESO, Destiny 2, Fortnite) What we currently offer in warcraft: (We play cross-server so no need to be on the servers we play on!) We have an alliance guild <Rainbow Cupcake Crusaders> on Stormrage US. Currently we have no active events. We are trying to recruit more people and if people are interested we will start more events. ^_^ Although I randomly play throughout the week on my alliance disc priest, and would love a friend who would like to do mythic+s, battlegrounds, ect. We have a horde RP guild <Sign of the Emissary> on Moon Guard US. We are all currently leveling up to get to max-level. Then we will start having a storyline & rp nights. We are also Recruiting for classic! We will have horde & alliance guilds. We also want to be a progression raiding guild on classic. So if that interests you. Please join us! ^_^ So if any of this interests you please don't hesitate get in contact with us! Noxshade#11897 Discord: Twitch: Twitter: Nov 6, 2018
Nov 6, 2018 Farming legion Hello, I Just bought a month sub and read a post of someone who farmed legion content to work towards buying BFA with tokens. That sounds pretty cool. Problem is I'm not good at making gold. Never really tried to and I didn't play legion muc so I'm not sure what's good. I have a 110 mage with tailoring and engineering and two 100's that I believe have gathering professions. I was wondering what my best bet would be for making gold in a previous expansion. I don't mind farming, I've been farming mobs for silk but I'm not sure that's a great reliable way. Anybody have good advice for me? I wouldn't mind leveling those 100's. I feel like I just need something straightforward.Dtmayo7 Nov 6, 2018
Nov 5, 2018 Deciding a switch to RDPS for end content Hello guys, I came back just around the launch of BFA. However, after playing into the months of BFA I noticed that.. Retribution as a DPS role for raids doesn't seem all too sought out for. Most of the guild recruitment threads want something else (mostly seems to be DH and DKs...) which do not interest me. With that, I was considering a switch to RDPS since there appears to be a shortage of such. I mean, with how they have only released more melee DPS it would cause that issue... Anyways, with the list below, what would you guys recommend? I provided a bit of banter as to what I know of the class as to date: - Mage Fire seems like the spec I will try since it looks fun to blow things up. However, it does appear it will differ from back during BC/Woltk playstyle wise... Not sure if that's a bad thing or not. Seems they have good AoE/ST so that is welcome. - Priest I read the upcoming changes will have shadow in a better light. At the launch it appears shadow was kind of fleshed out as a lower tier. Pretty sure this didn't change the outlook that RDPS is needed so I don't think it would be an issue? Going through Uldir, I noticed that priests were pretty handy if not almost required for Zul on Hero+ due to dispel... - Shaman I haven't really seen many elemental shamans, but reading IcyVeins it seems they have good burst but fall off... Bloodlust would be great to have, but I guess mage and hunters have it now too? Is there any information you guys can point out that could tip the scales? From what I can see, it looks like Priest and Mage have a faster playstyle compared to Shaman, but I could be wrong. Far as QoL, which one would be likely to be accepted if basing off their roles as DPS concerning raids and mythic+? Off-topic somewhat, but for the time I've been gone, it would have been nice to see Blizzard release a plate-based RDPS, but sadly still none after the 5+ years I have been gone. Aesthetically, plate looks really nice, unless there are some cool looking cloth setups.Fraux5 Nov 5, 2018
Nov 5, 2018 Legacy Raid Farming in BFA So I just came back to the game after not playing for about 5 years. I made a new account to buy the complete collection that included BFA so I'm wanting to farm out some transmogs and mounts on this account. Are all legacy raids only able to be ran once a week no matter what difficulty or size it's set to? Or are there any certain raids you can run more than once?Zekken1 Nov 5, 2018
Nov 5, 2018 Good starters guide to unlocking new races? I did some looking around but the guides I found assumed you played through legion and knew where all these world quests were, knew certain areas...etc. I didn't play Legion and I just barely played WoD. My ally toons are exploring both those expansions but I wanted to try out the horde side with this new expansion. I have no clue where to start. I'm an altoholic and I REALLY like the new horde races but I haven't a clue where to start. Does anyone know of a new players/idiots guide to unlocking the allied races?Laegertha1 Nov 5, 2018
Nov 5, 2018 Pre-BFA Gear So I'm relatively new and I took a break from Legion (long enough for BFA to be released) and now I'm finally getting to Suramar. My problem is that my gear is bad for 110 and my artifact is now useless. It wouldn't rest with me to just get BFA and forget Legion altogether. I was wondering if there were any tips on how to gear up before finishing Legion and getting BFA?Léyara2 Nov 5, 2018
Nov 5, 2018 Amount of gold on my chars (inactive subscrip I don't mean to reiterate this if its already cleared and posted somewhere else but, just logging into my main account and realizing i can purchase 30 days gametime split between all of my characters is pretty !@#$ing awesome. Now is there a way I can view without actually having the subscript active which chars have which amounts of gold ????? THANK YOU!Bòóbòó8 Nov 5, 2018
Nov 5, 2018 rep grinds in old zones, repellent i left legion after just a couple of months. putting crafting recipes in dungeons just irked me. so, i had a couple of weeks playing surimar at most. so, here it is 3 years later or so and now, if i want to play the new races, i have to go back and play the zone that made me quit wow. how many returning players have seen this new "feature" and stayed away? i have no idea, but i lasted less than an hour in suri before i unsubbed. 2 hours after my account recharged me for another month. :|Catkicker1 Nov 5, 2018
Nov 5, 2018 DH questions Greetings. I am returning after 10 years. I see many people saying DH are bad tanks and bad dps. As a casual player, are DH decent dps and dungeon tanks? If I decide to raid, will a DH be welcome as dps or tank? When I left I was a DK raid tank. I have never really done melee dps.Kugath1 Nov 5, 2018
Nov 5, 2018 How does horde DH get to Vashjir So apparently the boat ride quest into to Vashjir was removed. Lame, but ok. Now the portals are up for everyone even without the first several quests. Except, vashjir portal is non-clickable for my DH. I went there using a different quest (lvl 85 go help thrall split into aspects etc etc) and grabbed a few flight paths so I can get back. However, no quests are available to me. I swam all the way (completed the candy buckets) around the 3 zones without the mount, without water breathing, without swim speed. That was interesting! Back to the point, the capsized ship in the first area has no friendly NPCs and no quests. wat do.Snizzledd2 Nov 5, 2018
Nov 4, 2018 LFG-- Casual Players to Run Old Dungeons Hey all! I'm 45 years old, just getting back to the game and looking for a small group that would like to run old dungeons for the sake of the lore. I'm talking start at the beginning and run as far as we could... I did this awhile ago and it was a blast. We could meet once or twice a week to run the instances, practice the group roles, set level goals for the group, maybe one day start a guild. Just have fun and see Azeroth. No pressure. Let me know if interested! CrazyCat#1113153Brugnur1 Nov 4, 2018
Nov 4, 2018 Frost mage in Legion Where does suramar fit in with legion? I'm going through azsuna first then probably highmountain. I've checked Wowhead. When should I go to suramar and how is it related?Frisic1 Nov 4, 2018
Nov 4, 2018 Fell off a cliff in dungeon So I just started playing again after 11 years. I got booted because I fell off a cliff at the start of a raid and as I started making my way back I get booted. I waited 15 minutes for a dungeon, only to get booted with a 30 minute cooldown. Is this normal for players to be so toxic? What happens if I find myself in the same group and they just kick me again?Pleznt2 Nov 4, 2018
Nov 4, 2018 Which character to boost? Just starting back and wondering which character to boost to 110. I like my restoration Druid and was thinking of boosting him to forgo the grind and get into dungeon runs earlier (to remember how to heal while being mobile - I miss tree form!). Also considering my mage, death knight, rogue, or my first character ever which is my warrior. What should I be taking into consideration when boosting?Belrawr2 Nov 4, 2018
Nov 4, 2018 Returning Priest - PvP (Mostly) I've been away for several expansions. A lot has changed. Hopefully someone can bring me up to speed... 1) Spec. Is Disc still the go to PvP heals spec for priest? If not, what spec? Can you refer me to a well regarded guide for spec instructions, etc.? 2) Class. What is the state of the class these days relative to the other healing classes? Leaning towards priest, but have level 90 of all healing classes (except monk) I could play. 3) All ons. I used to use Vuhdo. What are the more regarded healing add-ons these days? For Bgs? For Arena? Thanks!Theodice1 Nov 4, 2018
Nov 3, 2018 LF help on the Black Rook Hold dungeon LF help on Black Rook Hold in Val'Sharah There are two of us and we are both 111, returning players and we were not aware that Blizzard locks the dungeons on us when we are 1 level over.Nephyllim1 Nov 3, 2018
Nov 3, 2018 Is WoD panthfinder worth grinding for? Hi, I'm a returning player since I left patch 5.2. This is my first month in WoW and I've been grinding like hell trying to catch up and work towards legion pathfinder. Originally I thought I'd spend the first month getting my main and 2 alts (1 Warrior and 1 Pally both level 90) to 110 and then standby for BfA. But I soon realize this will take a lot longer. I realized I can't fly in both Draenor or The Broken Isle. So I just focused on my main and try to grind out legion pathfinder first. It has been a long month but I've finally got my main up to ok-ish ilvl and finished all the requirements for pathfinder except for the reps which I'm working on. Hopefully I can get it up in a couple of weeks time. But this begs the question. I've spend so much time focusing on Legion pathfinder, do I really want to go to WoD for the pathfinder as well? On one hand, it will make future leveling alts a lot faster. But doing so will take time away from focusing on Argus and other aspects of legion. I could probably level my 2 alts through WoD without flying and then start flying in Legion. Also I've heard a rumor that WoD flying will be made available "once it is two expansion old". I'm gonna re-sub in a few days so I'm planning what would be better to spend my time on. WoD flying achievement or just tolerate through WoD and just get my alts up. BfA is just 4 months away.Mikeferdy16 Nov 3, 2018
Nov 3, 2018 Transmog Changes I have my bank jammed full of transmog gear. After being away for several years, I'm not sure how the updated system works. Can I just equip BoE gear and then sell the piece to a vendor and have the image saved for transmog? Is it that easy?Theodice1 Nov 3, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 Fishing in bfa Is there any point in fishing skill in bfa? For example with a higher skill in fishing in previous expansions you got more fish with each cast, could only catch certain fish with higher skill etc. In bfa, there doesn't seem to be any reward for fishing outside of monetary returns or a rare mount. Kind of upset as I really enjoyed fishing previously.Akello2 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 can I double dip in Proudmoore/zandalari rep? I want to unlock zandalari trolls when they come out, but my highest rep toon is alliance so I'm going to wind up faction changing him. Question is, I'm aware many quests in tiragarde sound/zuldazar give rep for their respective factions. I'm wondering if I transfer my toon over and do all the quests in zuldazar will I still get zandalari empire rep?Tomer3 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 Looking for people to play with Heya, I've got a few lvl 100-110 chars but all my friends have left and so I'm finding my self in the sad situation where I'm looking for someone to play wow with. I don't mind starting a new char, or findings someone to play high level chars with. I'm hoping to find another person which also plays alone and could use some company. Got Discord etc and I'll happily invite you to my server, or join yours. Hope that doesn't sound desperate, but its boring to play alone. Regards KaailKaail151 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 Are you a rogue? I am looking for another rogue to regularly game with. Level and do casual bg's. I can level a new rogue and we can work together to progress quickly or I can continue to level this one to 120. Really looking for a solid friend to game with most days and nights. I live on the west coast and most nights I am on around 6:45 to 7 pm pst. We can also do discord or voice chat here in wow. Thanks!Stabbypoo0 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 Epic bosses, loot drops, and character level I've played Warcraft since Warcraft 1, and I really really like the story. Going to Draenor hit all the right boxes for me, and so I played in Draenor from lvl 90 to 109 now. Something happened at lvl 109, all the epic bosses stopped dropping their blue loot. I really enjoy the pet battle/collecting aspect, as well as blue loot being very profitable. It went from 100% drop rate at lvl 108 to 0% drop rate of blue loot on epic monsters which litter draenor. I just want a sanity check: is there a mechanic in place that would do this? Am I misremembering wildly?Tuks1 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 1, 2018 Preparing for eventual Alt Hello, I've finally gotten to 120 after quite some time off. This will be a long-winded questions, apologies. For the last two expansions, all I've really done is grind out reputation and quest in order to unlock pathfinder and see the story. In BfA, I'd really like to become more social, start doing heroic dungeons, maybe even raiding again like I used to when the game first came out. My problem is that I've been using this rogue to do all of my soloing experience, and I think it is great for that. However, in a group setting, I much prefer to be a Tank or Healer. So, knowing that I will eventually switch to one of those for group stuff, but wanting to unlock as much solo stuff as I can with this rogue...which things will an alt have to do again anyway? What I mean is what can I grind out that is account-wide and do on this rogue? What things should I just wait until I level up whatever my "main" will be?Albenox5 Nov 1, 2018
Nov 1, 2018 Inactive account to BfA using 3 day trial Hey everyone, About a week ago, I was getting nostalgic playing through the Warcraft 3 campaign and wanted to play WoW again. My account has been inactive since the end of the Emerald Nightmare raid (7/7 Normal, 1/7 Heroic [2/7 Heroic if you include a PUG I was in]) and I was scratching my head on how I could possibly get BfA, or at least a subscription. Money's really tight in the household right now, so straight out buying the expansion or the subscription is out of the question. For the time being, I had to put my aspirations aside and wait until there was some money in the bank. This past Thursday evening, I noticed something peculiar in my launcher. There was a gift box that was flashing in the interface. "Wouldn't it be funny if someone gifted me a sub to WoW?" I thought to myself. I clicked the box and much to my surprise, I had a 3 day "Battle For Azeroth Trial Subscription." I immediately opened it and activated the subscription. Of course, the actual "Battle For Azeroth Trial Subscription" is a little misleading. Here's what the promotion actually is: A regular subscription for your account that lasts for 3 days Class trials that last for 3 hours, or to a certain point in the storyline, whichever comes first NOT a temporary upgrade to BfA for your existing characters I found out very quickly that your existing characters cannot participate in the new expansion's content. After discovering this, I was a little disheartened and put the game down for the night, then worked the next day. One day of my 3 day sub was immediately thrown away... 48 hours remaining. While at work the next day, the gears in my head started spinning: could I possibly grind enough gold in 2 days to buy enough WoW tokens to buy BfA? I can't participate in the new content, so a huge part of the gold farming market was eradicated from my potential. This was going to be difficult... I only can farm old-world content for gold and only have 2 days to do so. Therefore, I would need to farm things that sell quickly and sell for a decent price. BoE/Transmog gear was basically out of the question for the reason that they take way too long to sell. I would be forced to basically farm trade goods until I got the gold that I need. There was no way I'd be able to farm 4 tokens in 2 days by only farming trade goods. First, even though they're much faster moving than BoEs, they still won't sell that fast. Second, it would be very difficult to be able to farm that much material in that amount of time since I know NOTHING about this market. So I decided to make a gameplan centered around the limitations I have on my account: Phase one: Farm gold to buy one WoW token & buy 30 day subscription with it Phase two: Farm gold to buy 4 additional WoW tokens to buy BfA during the 30 day subscription.Entropii4 Nov 1, 2018
Nov 1, 2018 Scoring gear in BOA So is mythics really the only way to get the highest level of gear in game? And I mean the highest gear. Or is there other alternatives if a person is bored of running raids/dungeons. I am willing to put in whatever time and work I was just hoping there might be another way. Thanks!Faswojo3 Nov 1, 2018