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1d A Return to World of Warcraft: Player Guide So you’ve decided to return to World of Warcraft. Welcome back! There’s just one thing you’ll need before jumping back into the fray—knowledge. To aid you in making your glorious comeback, we’ve compiled some handy information every returning hero should know. Once armed with knowledge, nothing (and no one) will stand in your way. 1d
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2h Skipped Legion Will I have to catchup in BFA? I've been out of the loop for a while. Never got too far in Legion. I'm just curious what I will be behind on if I'm basically starting BFA fresh? I'm cool not having access to the new races and if I don't have super epic equips starting out. But will I be behind on certain systems implemented in BFA in some way?Borgly13 2h
2h Allied Race RepGated =( Hello, Just some feedback, I skipped the last expansion and at some point thought to myself, "Well, Ill play the next one." This was a first time for me, as I have played since Vanilla. Just some feedback: The repgate of a feature that is being advertised as a selling point for the expansion is keeping me from returning to the game, and had I bought it after the advertisings I saw, I probably would have felt ripped off. That's all~ carry on.Sodalicious10 2h
3h paying for what you play So, I was thinking the other day, that why blizzard does not have another option to pay for the subscription, which it could be by the hour. I am in school at the moment and I have not play wow in the last year, I am missing the launch of the new expansion and I also missed half of the legion expansion, because I can only play in the weekends, and barely for like 4 to 5 hours, it might not be much for some, but at this point I'll even take 1 hour to play. So if blizzard could also charge for each hour that each player wants to play I think it could a lot of people, I beleive this could also help for parenting control, since it the game would stopped once the time you asked is done, anyways hopefully someone in the payment deparemtn can see this and I'll be happy to give more detailsZuxficie1 3h
4h Starting Allied Races quest? SO I just picked up my CE box this morning and upgraded to BFA. On the toon I'm posting from I've met all the requirements for the allied races, yet when I go to the stormwind embassy....nothing happens. According to wowhead there's meant to be a quest but I haven't gotten one and can see no way to trigger it. Any help please?Icaras1 4h
5h Not sure which class to go with Haven't played since the beginning of Legion so I'm out of the loop. What class should I main this expansion. Prefer melee, love healing, hate tanking, but have mained almost all of them at one point. I'm just tired of playing classes that constantly get the shaft. Thinking Warrior (only fury) Paladin MonkEklipsè4 5h
6h Buying the new Expansion Do they give 30 days of playtime with purchase of new expansion?Mertesacker3 6h
6h Any blue posts for or against this rep grind? I am wondering if anyone can link some blue posts that are for or against this rep grind.Draxcis1 6h
6h Nightfallen question (rep, and/or quests?) Okay, so, I'm a casual player, and not a big PvE, Dungeon or Raid player. I don't mind doing gazillions of PvE quests, though. But I do have a question on unlocking some of the new races. I've already been at Exalted with the Nightfallen for some time, so I'm not worried about that. But I am curious about the quest requirements to unlock them, still. I've seen some comments here on the forum saying that you only need the rep now that BfA is live, and I've seen other people say no, you still need both the rep AND the Insurrection questline done to unlock them still. If that's the case, is it correct then that I'd still need to finish all eleven questlines in Good Suramaritan in order to unlock the Insurrection story arc, and THEN complete all nine questlines in THAT before I can unlock the Nightborne? Like I said, I don't mind quest grinding, but I want to make sure I have this correct. Or are they just going to unlock the other races down the line? Because this is what will determine if I bother buying BfA or not. My main concern with having to do the 20 questlines is apparently the spot where you have to complete a Raid in order to progress. As mentioned, I'm a casual solo player; I'm not part of a guild, and I don't have anyone that I play with in the game. I've been stuck at that Growing Crisis questline for a while now (much less even getting started on the Insurrection arc). I tried the Looking for Raid option, but that never seemed to get anything, and I'm sure with BfA out now, the likelihood of enough people queuing up to do that one specific yesterday's-news Legion Raid is going to be even LESS likely. Thanks in advance.Hopewell7 6h
7h Faction changing in BFA Does anyone know if you level to 120 and faction change, if your rep for BFA factions will change to the opposite factions equivalent?Swolled0 7h
7h "''I feel like a re-noob So I left in WOTLK have poked in every once in a while, but gotta say I was force fed the trailer for BFA and it got me excited to play again (like I haven't been this excited since vanilla beta). So I reopened my account and honestly I have no clue idea where to go/start.Dunag1 7h
9h Can i boost a LFD? I haven't left per se but i don't really know where else to put this as i can't find the info on the internet so might as well ask here. I didn't finish Legion for multiple reasons so my main (this guy i'm posting as) was left at 106 but i need obviously a 110 to get into BfA ...i know the exp gets me a 110 boost but my question is, can i use it on a LF draenei? Additional question, haven't been too much into it so i'm not sure, the BfA exp is super naval/pirates related right?Vindor4 9h
12h Returning and all my characters are gone So i haven't played in 5 years. Just bought everything and reinstalled. Once i log in i notice ALL my characters are gone. When i look at the servers, mine isn't even on the list anymore (sargeras). Any advice other then opening a ticket. Already did so.Zuirel6 12h
13h Older content - any way to weaken myself? So I'd really like to do some questing and dungeons on this character for the story and unlocks and such that I've missed over the past few years. But at the moment I obliterate everything I touch, even completely naked and only using my auto-attack. I prefer it on this character because it's my main, so if I absolutely have to then I'll simply accept that the experience will be dull. Is there any way to make my character weaker to fit old content? A special weapon of weakening, perhaps?Yùlóng10 13h
14h Shyness, anxiety, depression, toxic community Empty friend list, empty btag list, empty guild or no one ever online, uneasy starting conversation. There are way too many to list all the reasons why most of us play alone. Unfortunately, as most of us know, finding nice people has become a bit of an issue due to the toxic behaviour of a very small portion of the player base. Most of us just stay quiet for fear of getting kicked out by those disruptive kids, or insulted, and so on. I've started a community on Discord and hoping to find more like-minded people interested in joining us. You know, people who can speak in full sentences, people who don't need to swear every 2nd word, people who can go for hours without insulting others, people who actually like to help out, etc... In short, a nice community. No need to transfer toons, to reroll, or change anything you do. We get together on Discord to chit-chat (mostly text), or to form groups, to get help or to help out. If you are as bored of playing alone as some of us are, feel free to join us. Everyone is welcomed, regardless of faction, level, ilvl, experience, etc. Please post your btag in here and I will check the thread regularly to add you. By posting in here, others may also friend you or you can friend some and you'll gather your own list of friends. If you prefer not putting your info in here, you can contact me directly on btag or in Discord. Looking forward to meeting some of you soon. Cheers, Worgbane btag: Worgbane#1877 Discord: Worgbane#9655Worgbane341 14h
14h Have names been recycled for BFA yet? Long ago if a long inactive player had a name on a low level character it was possible to petition a GM to free up the name. Then around Cataclysm this was automated so that inactive names were released some time before a new expansion. Does this still happen? I have been trying for a name since the end of vanilla. During vanilla, TBC and Wrath it was on a lvl 27 warlock. Then while I was inactive the first automated purge before (during?) Cataclysm occurred and the name was retaken but never levelled above lvl 10 to appear on the armoury. Each expansion since I have tried for the name but without success. I've even sent a few mails in game to try and contact the player without any response. Today I tried to get the name but no luck. So I'm wondering if a BFA name purge is planned?Bankalt2 14h
14h Welp, not sure I'll bother coming back since my server is still *extremely low* population, and isn't even on the radar... Wtf blizzard. I quit playing because I like to be part of a big end game guild, and my server Garrosh had been dying slowly for the last 4 years. Everyone I knew before has left a long time ago. It's boring AF to be on a server of less than 2000 players in total! Why hasnt this been addressed??? I've had my account since vanilla, and I would like to come back and start playing again, but not on a horrible low pop server, seriously. This is disappointing, and I am not willing to give you Like $250 to transfer my characters off, when everyone else on other servers doesn't have to deal with this BS. Please fix it,Phoennix3 14h
16h Void Elf - Rep Grind Questions Question from a returning player who missed much of Legion. I've already purchased BFA and looking forward to playing the new race. It appears (according to WowHead) that the requirements to play this Race are actually quite high. Is it accurate that I need to reach Exalted Reputation with Argussian Reach before I can unlock this BFA Race? I guess I'm a bit confused, part of the expansion are these Allied Races but they require prior expansion farming/faction. For a returning player, this is a bit disappointing. I'm willing to put in the work to grind, but after two weeks I've noticed the Argussian rep grind is going to be multiple weeks. Is this by design that I will be spending time in the old world farming rep instead of playing in BFA? Will there be ways to increase rep with Argussian in BFA so I can do both? Thanks for any informationMoncleared7 16h
18h gear issues Confused!!! Created an Eternal Belt Buckle for my lv 85 Monk....he is geared with a Misthide Belt of the 114.....Eternal Belt Buckle reads. "Cannot be used on item lv 300 or higher"......WHY CAN'T IT BE EQUIPPED? WHAT IS "Level 300 0r higher"???Tbonesteaks2 18h
18h How to get to Draenor Just started again after 8 years away. At level 89, and have been trying to get to draenor for around 2 hours after reading many threads that recommend skipping past some portion of pandoria. Went through many portals, was twice ported to random places by mages, and even rode with some helpful guy to a portal, all to no avail. It seems there are many different versions on how to get there but many I read on google are outdated. Should I go back and quest to 90 then retry or is there a way so I’m not beating my head against the wall here. Thanks in advance.Fetisov3 18h
19h Do professions give perks anymore? I haven't raided seriously since Cata and am getting back into if for BfA. Do any professions have perks that affect raiding or PvP? (dps, healing, or survivability wise) Or are all professions purely for gold or fun? Also, do engineering tinkers work in raids and arenas?Valhallaen4 19h
20h Considering a fresh start, looking for others Played since Vanilla, haven't really played for a while and was considering a fresh start to see what's changed and wondering if anyone else is thinking the same. One of the main reasons I quit was lack of friends/people to play with. Don't really have a preference for either faction, favor pvp a bit over pvp but enjoyed both. Schedule would assume a regular 9-5 for everyone involved so not too much intense play on weekdays with a focus more on weekend play. battle-tag is Blankie#11110Paxt1 20h
20h start fresh on thrall horde Looking for some people to start a new toon with on Thrall hordeAmortinar3 20h
21h Help OK, I'm 71 years old with hand tremors. My reaction times are slow enough that running in groups leaves me last (sigh). The fewer icons I can clik help a lot. I use a straight mouse with wheel. Multi-buttons don't work. I've always loved this game but have been away for 8 years. I'm running Human Hunter as my main. Looking for the easiest fight button set up possible for PvE only. Have no problem with using macros so any assistance would be appreciated.Tesleen2 21h
1d You need help with AOTC? Free help with AOTC anyone is welcome 3 carrys per run..go to add me rsmudvayne#1595 also just join discord and wait till i get in from work ... I am off work on fridays and saturdays... I work 2pm to 11pm mountain time it is 4pm when i posted this and ill be home at 11pm mountain time Promise I'll get you it i help throughs who need it and its all free because i understand the struggle...Rsmudvayne3 1d
1d How do I get hard af at raiding? Back and really excited for bfa! But I want to be a good raider again and was wondering the path to that? I raided emerald with a guild that was seemingly new at raiding and we came far, we had heroic on farm but the guild ended up falling apart due to different ideas and people leaving. I eventually joined a guild that was doing mythic emerald nightmare and I prospered and felt pride for that, when night hold came I didn't do as well, I watched the vids but still suffered cause I didn't do it as much as emerald nightmare, I eventually got discouraged and quit when Argus came out as the guild died again. So I want to come back strong, is there any advice that would be effective for me for becoming a good raider? I also currently main desto even though my passion was demo, I just can't play demos non appealing playstyles anymore and affliction isn't currently very exciting for me. I read icy veins and use askmrrobot on occasion.Jackofdemons8 1d
1d Cant unlock class hall or artifact weapon. So I used my free 110 character boost on my hunter and have been playing on him for several days. I've been looking everywhere and have even gone to the class hall but I can't find where to start the quest to unlock class hall missions or the artifact weapon. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any help.Fleabagz2 1d
1d Blood vs Prot Pally So i have decided to tank in the next xpac and i have both a blood dk and prot pally i am debating on. what do you guys think would be better in the beginning of the xpac. i am pretty sure blood dk is going to be beast at the end again of the xpac but i missed early legion and i am having issued trying to decide between the two. can more experience tanks give me insight to the 2 for bfaDragonslight1 1d
1d Is getting Sulfuras the same? I remember in Vanilla, you had to craft it, but in Cata it was a drop. Can you still craft it, or is it a drop? Or both?Shadowgtvp1 1d
1d 1st BfA quest location and hearthstone Where should my Alliance toon be located just a few minutes before BfA launches so I can pick up the first quest right away? I have heard Silithus and Stormwind, so which is it? Also, where is the best place to set your hearthstone in preparation for BfA? TIAPhaydre1 1d
1d Recruit-a-friend initial game time Very surprisingly this information is not anywhere i can find, even in the blizzard RAF FAQs. If i recruit someone, do they get 30 days to try the game (pre bfa i assume) for free or do they have to pay for a sub (or buy the new sub+bfa combo version or whatever) immediately?Lelouch3 1d
1d pick up Hour of Reckoning again? Hey all. After years away from the game, I returned for BfA. I logged on to my toon and picked up some piddly quests. Decided I didn't want to do these and started hitting "abandon" and I accidentally abandoned "Hour of Reckoning". Is there a way to get it back? I already searched Stormwind Docks for the NPC and couldn't find him. :/ I've googled everything and can't seem to find an answer. Any help would be great. Thanks!Tárisarta2 1d
1d Looking for people to play with Heya, I've got a few lvl 100-110 chars but all my friends have left and so I'm finding my self in the sad situation where I'm looking for someone to play wow with. I don't mind starting a new char, or findings someone to play high level chars with. I'm hoping to find another person which also plays alone and could use some company. Got Discord etc and I'll happily invite you to my server, or join yours. Hope that doesn't sound desperate, but its boring to play alone. Regards KaailKaail98 1d
1d A potential returnee with a few questions Hey guys, I'm considering getting into WoW again, I stopped around the time black wing liar came out, if i remember correctly. 1. Is the game still hard enough? Looking at modern game play it seems like a point and click simulator with fancy graphics. 2. How is the day to day story when doing questing and such and the ambiance of the world? I don't care so much about the main plot, (I think all MMORPG's main plot points are generally contrived and have to suck in order for them to justify a bunch of random adventurers doing random stuff) I'm talking about how the world feels to walk around in. 3. Since you level so fast what in the hell do you do when you hit level cap? 4. How has PvP evolved? 5. Which class is most in demand right now? I'd also be interested in which race currently has the most fun time leveling / has the most "alive" starting area.SapphoA7C3D32 1d
1d Re-subscribing and Looking for Friends I am a returning player whom is resubscribing and I am currently looking for friends. I am from New York and usually play in the early evening East Coast time. I am playing on the Alliance side on the Kul Tiras server this expansion. I might also consider creating a guild on the server. If anyone would like to join me in game or add me as a friend my battlenet ID is Nysashu#1137. Thanks.Allanore0 1d
2d Classes that require a lot of thought This is a pretty difficult question to be specific about and is not clearly objectified. I haven't played the game in a long time, and clearly the classes have changed a lot since then. I like classes that are engaging and make you use your head in creative ways. I noticed some classes from watching videos are really straight forward and look like mindless button smashing. I'm looking for something more strategic, if that makes any sense. A class with a lot of depth. Any roleGorefather1 2d
2d Allied Races was just wondering if I reached exalted with the night fallen on an alliance toon could my 110 horse toon still do the recruitment scenario or do I need a horde toon to reach exalted in order to unlock the race?Etherlam2 2d
2d Highmountain Hello everyone, I just bought BFA and resubbed to enjoy the new content and wanted to restary the game as a Highmountain Tauren, however I didn't realize I had such a long way to go. I discovered that the highmountain reputation was a requirement. I have done all quests available to me and was able to reach Honored, however there are no other quests for me to earn reputation. I was told about world quests but none are available in Highmountain ( I have unlocked the world quests.). I tried to look online for fast ways to increase the reputation, but most sources were outdated. Any help on how to go from Honored to Exalted ? how much time should I expect before being able to reach exalted?Ayol1 2d
2d Main quest line How do I know if I am on the main/story line quests?Dophslater2 2d
2d Pre-BfA event Do I need to have purchased the expansion in order to participate in the pre-BfA event and get the mount?Nilokeras3 2d
2d WOTLK Player Returning Greetings Friends! I'm a returning player who had left the game near the last few months of Wrath of the Lich King. Upon returning I noticed a lot of changes such changing talents is alot easier than it was previous with dual specs and no longer needing to learn spells. It also appears I learn and forget new spells depending on the talent tree I pick. I was curious if there was any other large pieces of knowledge/changes that were done that I should know while I level. I take it the dungeon que is the best way to level that they had added in WOTLK? Is leveling Professions still a pain or was that made easier as well? Thanks in Advance!Ryandempsey1 2d
2d Can't create Demon Hunter I can't create Demon Hunter; it says I need to buy legion, but I can't buy legion anymore. What do I do?Brenlauf7 2d
2d RP Hub for Silverhand US So I have always been a WRA girl and I thought I would try my hand at Alliance RP since the introduction of the new allied races. The problem that I have is, is that I don't know where Silverhand RPers gather. In WRA it was always Orgrimmar and Dalaran but I would like to know the meet up place on Silverhand. Thank you in advance!Khaere2 2d
2d character boost question ok so i have a level 90ish toon and a hunter at 110 i dont really see another class i want to try so if i boost my 90ish warlock to 110 does he get all the same stuff a boost would get and keep his reputation too that i already earnedPjsam2 2d
3d Lightning blade server Looking for people to play/raid with. Add me up!! Blood and thunder!Zenakku0 3d
3d Advice for lvl boost So I am currently orc warrior lvl 41. I am going to pre-order new expansion tomorrow but I don't know if I should boost a new class or a new warrior. I really like warrior, seems to be my favorite class [i haven't tried every class]. So should I should boost another class to 110 and get my warrior to 120. Or should I just boost another warrior to 110 and forget about my first warrior. I was thinking boosting a warrior from the alliance to 110 and keep leveling up my lvl 41 orc. What would you do and why? Any advice is appreciatedDophslater2 3d
3d Should me return?? Cant post in GD cause no game time and you need a subscription to talk there. Blizzard are a bunch of neckbeards. Anyway, is it worth returning for because every feature i read about the expansion make it sound suck and tbh im invested in old school runescape and dont wanna play both. What i hated about WoW was the continuing homogenization of classes, no flying at max level right away, this dumb artifact BS and legendary geAr. I also see they are making world pvp optional because too many adult children cried. I always played on a pvp server and couldn't imagine not attacking a fresh player in my max gear. I dont have many other gripes with the game, both runescape and WoW are a grind in their own respect. I should mention i can pay for game time with gold so its not a money issue even though i dont think we should have to pay for the game and a subscription which is probably why WoW is a dying game but anywho. I want real answers, no silly business. ALSO i mained dk tank but would be interested in druid healing. No other class/spec.Doug11 3d
3d Tusks of Mannoroth in BFA? I heard they might be taking it out of the game completely? Will you be able to still farm it in BFA?Zed2 3d
3d Looking to start fresh Hello everyone. I started playing again about a week ago after a few years away and am looking to create a new toon. I play often so if your looking to start a new character too, send me a friend request. Btag - Shadowless#11366Carnian0 3d