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13m sooo annoying when ppl make fun of DHs I've been called so many different names because cringy 14 year olds that think it's possible to generalize a class that has existed for barely a year are allowed to do so.Manchilddh11 13m
1h Vengeance Gear Dilemma I have accrued a few non-tier Titan forged pieces of armor over the span of ToS - chest (940), shoulders (940), cloak (930), and leggings (930). The leggings also have a leech enchant on them, which makes them that much more appealing to me. With that said, I'm really torn about which ones to give up for my tier pieces (all of which are 915). It's fairly easy to see how this affects Havoc through sims, but vengeance is different. I'm not clear how to compare losing the set bonus to gear that's 15 to 25 item levels higher, as I care almost equally about my DPS as I do survivability. Is the 2 piece and 4 piece strong enough to give up my 940 chest and shoulders and perhaps my 930 cloak and leggings? I have the 2 piece bonus secured with my gloves and helmet, but I am reluctant to give up the other pieces for 2000 versatility for 8 seconds on a strike I rarely use, especially if it means dropping 940 gear for 915 gear. Can anybody who tanks seriously offer up some advice? I mostly do dungeons and wpvp with vengeance. I rarely raid. Also, I currently have the pieces I mentioned equipped.Strife2 1h
1h I feel let down with demon hunters Our specs are constantly getting nerfed, they are becoming boring and dull to play, especially in reference to Havoc and everyone somehow thinks we are OP, while other classes reap the actual benifits. I'm kinda over it, I won't completly give up, but I'll definitely be maining something else that is going to be useful in the coming raids.Metalghost17 1h
2h Proof that DH tanks need a nerf... SMH I have been complaining for a bit now about DH tanks running across the map faster that mounted players and how it takes multiple ppl to kill them and sometimes its not enough. Came across one of them last night in a WSG and it was a crappy experience all around. Couldn't enjoy the BG at all since it takes 100% of your time to lock this class down or you will for sure loose. I hope this is looked at because... who am i kidding, HOW IS THIS ALLOWED? and this far into the expansion and we still have this crap of a class ruining BGs for everyone. Enjoy this abomination... i know i didn't Video LINK 2h
3h Umbral moonglaives good for havoc? I just dropped it and idk if its good since itt doesnt have any critKatsumiyy10 3h
3h What is being done about fel rush DC? Sooooo fel rush DC's have been one of the most wide known bugs in legion for multiple seasons now, yet nothing has been done about it. Is Blizzard even working on this and will something be done about it, or does Blizz just not care about the quality of their product anymore? I don't mean to nerd rage here, but it's a bit ridiculous that such a large and reputable gaming company like Blizzard produces this kind of stuff and then doesn't even bother addressing it, let alone fix it. There are countless forum posts all over the place, yet not ONE blue post that I've come across yet. That's just embarrassing. From what I've read, it seems as if the DC's occur due to Blizzard's built in system to prevent improper movements (either glitches/areas we're not supposed to get into or a straight up anti-cheat mechanism). This is kind of amusing since fly hackers and scripters have never been more prevalent than in legion. An actual spell that Blizz devs have programmed can set this off and trigger a DC, yet we can't identify and ban hackers/scripters?? Something about fel rush seems to break the logic in Blizzard's code triggering a boot from the game (and yes, this still occurs even with all addons turned off), but my question is how this has gone on for so long without being fixed. It's one of the DH's primary and most used abilities, not to mention the inconsistency in the distance you travel with fel rush (1/3 of the time it's normal, 1/3 of the time it's too short, and 1/3 of the time it's too long, which makes a huge difference). I mainly PvP and this happens about once every 3-5 arena games, which is an absurd frequency and obviously the difference between winning or losing, thus costing me and my partners rating, or even costing me partners who don't want to queue with someone who constantly DC's. I don't have any DC issues on any other characters, and like I said it still happens without any addons, so addons nor internet connection is the issue here. So is this EVER going to addressed by a blue post? Is Blizzard still working on fixing a bug that they themselves introduced and left in their game for so long now? I get that mistakes happen and these issues can be far more complex than they seem, but this needs to be addressed.Demonsloot58 3h
9h The AOTHG sad life 8 legendary's in and still no AOTHG /cryBurstop19 9h
10h triket engine of eradication trinket good?Llidon2 10h
15h Is momentum still a must have talent? Played DH at launch and loved it except for this talent. I know many people love it but I hate the way it makes you play and I just couldn't get used to it. I just came back and was thinking of digging up my DH again but I wanted to know if they ever made the other talents viable or is Momentum still the only viable talent choice?Trauer13 15h
16h Rate that transmog Lets play the game.Ameratzu300 16h
17h How are DH tanks? Wanting to roll a tank, for mythic+ and non-mythic raiding and I must be honest Demon Hunters look like a ton of fun. How are they performing? Where do they rank this patch?Leif26 17h
17h Candraels Charm So hit 110 recently on my Demon Hunter and I really enjoy the class and want to main it. Since i finished my order campaign and unlocked Suramar i figured id go farm for the Candraels Charm for the Hidden appearance. I spent countless hours farming all different kinds of mobs and no luck just curious as to if the drop is bugged, if I even meet the requirements to obtain it, and if it isnt bugged what mobs drop it, and why is the drop rate ridiculously low being that half of the demon hunters already got it due to a bug without even getting the charm. I just think its unfair to new and old demon hunters who never got the appearance.Îllinaria1 17h
18h Constantly DC'ing With Fel Rush Still Pretty simple, when is this going to be fixed (if ever..)? Legion has been out over a year and demon hunters still DC all the time while using Fel Rush. I even opened a ticket a while back about it and was told you guys know about the bug and are "working on it". Doesn't seem like you're working on it. It makes me not even want to play my Demon Hunter most of the time, and if I do, I don't even want to use Fel rush, which is a shame because its one of our only maneuverability. Was just fighting the world boss, first time on my demon hunter in a week, and literally said to myself "Should i even use Fel Rush? I'll probably dc" used it, Dc'ed. Fun game.Xinavane15 18h
23h DH Fanart Wallpaper Recently commissioned a really talented artist to help bring a fanart concept to life. Think he did a spectacular job and thought to share it with the rest of the community. Imho, such art ought to be gracing the loading screens in-game. Enjoy. 23h
1d Help which relic to use!? Hi, i would like to seek some advice from the community here. So i have gotten [Imploding Infernal Star] ilvl 955 eye beam relic today. Currently i am using:- 1) [Mutated Nautilus] ilvl 920 - Eye beam relic 2) [Felstained Jawbone Fragments] ilvl 905 - Meta Relic My qns is, which relic i should replace it with? If i replace with the ilvl 905 relic i will have inconsistent meta timing. please help!Kottii5 1d
1d Know what will b funny Getting my second warglaive today after reset and having to wait months for bc timewalking to come back lolYatogami9 1d
1d AoTHG + Cnidaria, DoG or Chaos Theory? Hello, title explains it. I would like to know which legendary combo is the best out of those.Cåiro16 1d
1d Havoc legendary update I have checked felhammer discord, and don't really see an update on legendaries post 7.2.5. AMR actually recommends that I use 2 of the legendaries that the forums would have me think are near vendor material (Achor and SoS). According to AMR, those sim the highest, yet the people on the forums here seem to hate both of those. I know a LOT of the community just parrot what they read somewhere, has anyone actually tried these 2? I am thinking some folks are using outdated sims that cant account for the effect of SoS, while AMR has its updated to do so. I have also seen a few folks say "don't use AMR", but they don't give any verifiable reason, and the results I see there seem close to what I see in game. While testing these 2 legendaries, I did see a dps increase, so amr was right there. what are folks thoughts on SoS and Achor now?Felrond7 1d
1d Official post to fix this class In this post I'm going to round up the bugs that need to be fixed immediately, and introduce suggestions and quality of life changes for both PvE and PvP that need to be implemented to make havoc feel better to play. If you feel that there are more things that could be done to make havoc feel more fun, then please share. Bugs: - Fel Rush DC off platforms & out of roots - Fel Rush randomly lobbing the player 2x the distance - Reverse Magic not working properly when pressed near friendly party members - Metamorph going on cooldown but not taking effect when pressed while rooted or mid root Quality of life changes: - Make felblade and demonblades baseline, make it the default play style. Pressing demons bite feels bad and isn't interactive or fun. Felblade procs w/ demons bite is the most fun play style, and should be the default way to do dps as havoc. This shouldn't be something that needs to be specced in to, that's bad--especially for new players. Standing there pressing demons bite will turn new players off, and veterans of this class are aware of how bad this play style feels. This makes the other talents on the shared tiers viable options, so now there are more ways to play the class. Tune numbers if it's necessary, but make the class feel fun by allowing more options. - Move Fel Eruption to where Fel Blade or Demon Blades was, and add two new talents; the talent on the 106 tier should be able to compete with nemesis/momentum. - Address the level 108 talent tier, it's a mess. MotG snare should be a baseline effect. Imo add the hungering glaive ability that was datamined in place of MotG. - Remove and replace mana rift, this honor talent see's negative 5% play. Rushing vault was used more. - Don't fury starve DH due to the absence of tier pieces in PvE. This isn't as much of a problem in PvP because of unending hatred, but in PvE it is a big problem. Tier pieces should increase damage, but not make the class boring without them. As it is, the current rotation is ridiculously easy, but without tier pieces the player finds themselves standing there doing nothing waiting to generate fury. That's boring, that needs to be fixed. Increase fury generation so the class feels more interactive in general. Tier pieces/legendaries should increase damage in clever & interactive ways for the player. Fury starving players just for legendaries/tier pieces to give more fury is lazy design. Class suggestions: - Modify momentum to also remove felblade off the gcd for the 3 short seconds that it's up. When felblade is not on cool down, it would feel fluid to felblade right to a target right after felrush only when momentum is up. This is more of a PvE change that will allow momentum to be played more and feel better to use. This could be problematic in PvP due to excessive target uptime, but worth looking into to make momentum playstyle an option (not mandatory). The whole point of this post is to give players more options and not pidgeon hole them into forced play styles. Allow players the option to add more complexity to their rotation and be rewarded for it if it is pulled off correctly. - Address the absurd fury cost of Chaos Nova. Windwalker legsweep 45s CD & free. DH costs most resources, a gcd, and on a 1 min cd? Can't take unleashed power because master of the glaive is important to stick to a target in PvP. With meta stun removed, the current stun costs too high and feels clunky. - Give this class more buttons to press by addressing the above. Thanks for reading fin edit: wordBüü40 1d
1d the naga bodyguard does no damage at all? she hits for under 5k eash swing she does, its pathetic is this normal? it says she will do "great damge to neary enemys"Tiforn4 1d
1d Nerfed Spirit Bomb Aug 8 Hotfix Who saw that coming?Cåiro19 1d
2d Demonic guide in 7.2.5? Anyone seen a full guide? I love the demonic build and was wondering if anyone has any guide I can look at been trying to search but most are CB buildsMçlovin8 2d
2d A Completely Balanced Class in pvp.... for Arena. It is. It is fine. In random battlegrounds and rated battlegrounds (especially CTF).. YOU ARE BROKEN BEYOND BELIEF. separate templates for arena and battlegrounds next expansion please. its honestly shameful.Moralethia6 2d
2d *Help Wanted* Vengeance Mage Tower Challenge I've been working on gearing up for the Mage Tower challenge and I was wondering if anyone had any advice for how to handle it? I tried it once already at 870 and even if I managed my cooldowns perfectly I just couldn't heal through the damage he was doing. Is there a trick to the mechanics? Or is it just a big gear-check?Duskears22 2d
2d How good is Sephuz Secret? This is the thing, despite the fact that this legendary ring only performance great in some fights, the base stats that it gives (crit + haste) and the arcanocrystal pretty much make the ring a good choice for every fight in ToS (except desolate host where you must be spected on AoE). Im posting this because I already have the legendary belt and shoulders but i feel that this ring performance is better. My stats with the ring = 55% crit 25% haste 25%mastery 6%versaAmeratzu2 2d
2d Ideas to improve Havoc in Arenas Mortal Strike-- Maybe a mortal strike wouldn't be such a bad idea for us. Definitely not as strong as the warrior's MS, but maybe like a 10% healing reduction. A short 3 second cc-- Definitely not a stun, but maybe a 3 second disorient or freeze could help us out alot. Buff Leech-- Leech is reduced to near nothing in PVP unless you run Soul Rending. 12% is jack sht. Maybe buff it to 30% and make Soul Rending increase it by 50%? What are your guys' ideas, we are vastly underrepresented in high rating pvp and it should be fixed.Manchilddh12 2d
3d pvp question hi guys, so basically I am trying out the bloodlet/fel barrage spec in pvp now does this mean I should basically take blade dance of my bars now? also what about eye beam do I still use this on cd or do my other abilities deal more dmg, I used to use it on cd because I was demonic tyiaDemonicx9 3d
3d Vengeance Mage Tower I'm gonna be trying the mage tower before it goes down for Vengeance but was wondering if anyone had any tips they would like to share. Sadly I have no vengeance specific legendaries but which ones did you find helped the most?Yomps3 3d
3d Tabard worn by Illidari NPCs I think it's a shame that players don't have access to the new and updated Illidari tabards that the Illidari NPCs in the game wear. The higher resolution on them looks great and I personally like the color scheme of aqua/gold with the glowing symbols better than the purple and dark green options we have. I really wonder why'd they'd make this kind of asset and not let players get their hands on it...Jaricko2 3d
3d got dc'd 3x in a row (VR twice/FR once) I experienced getting dc'd from time to time. Most of my arena run is me getting dc'd, lucky if the dc'd happens after the arena match. Last night was worse, i got dcd with Vengeful Retreat for the first time twice in a row and fel rush once. Thats when i just had to stop queuing. Its not just affecting me but my partner/s as well because of the lose and seem to be unfair match. Its just really frustrating not just because of the lose but when i get back after dc'd im kicked out of the group. Season 4 is ending and i just wanted to play more games...Naverbeanass0 3d
3d *Help Wanted* Havoc Mage Tower Challenge Hi, I attempted it around 30 times last night and could never get past the first boss. I got him to 11% once and around 20% several times. I used DBM but I don't find it useful besides when he changes phases. The phases on DBM I think are wrong also because it would say "Frost Phase" and then he would summon his mirror images. I found myself wiping mainly because I can not get to him in two fel rushes and a VR on mirror images before being wiped. I then try pulling him to the middle by interrupting an arcane barrage or frostbolt. However, when I did that on a few occasions he would cast draw power and wipe me. If I was lucky, I could get him to the middle of the room and prepare to double fel rush and successfully end the mirror image. Unfortunately, I could not identify the pattern of when he casts Draw Power. When is it safe to interrupt outside of Draw Power? How can I identify when he is going to cast draw power? Is there another method on getting across the map for mirror image? If fel rush is on cooldown, how do you get him out of the shimmery stealth image? Thank you in advance to anyone who helps out.Xjd27 3d
3d Mage tower artiface for harvoc tips inside I know it’s late in the game but I just had to get those sweet sweet flame reaper glaives after about 27 attempts. I just want to share some cool things I found out to help other demon hunters. It’s totally possible to do this while working a job irl and not able to commit to a scheduled due to erratic work time I do dispatch and we are short staffed. For gear id catch a pug weekly for tos normal since I didn’t have a ton of time. Its 2 hours once a week and can usually clear 6/9-8/9. Try and only go in runs with at least 1 other DH or leather user so you can nab a few tier pieces as most people running tos have some of the set and are more than willing to trade extra pieces. The fight itself is hard it’s by far the hardest artifact challenge ive attempted. I did the moonkin one at 898 and the ww monk at 902 so don’t beat yourself up if you wipe as you will. Phase 1 I used (2223323) if you are smart you can keep up Meta almost 100% during this phase and smash the boss. You are immortal with this build due to self-healing but I highly highly suggest using consume magic interrupt on cd to generate an extra 50 fury nets you about 2 free chaos strikes with the crit return. I also think nemesis is far superior to fel eruption. Sure fel eruption can land an interrupt but it’s only once every 30 seconds and does very little damage vs 25% damage boost for a min while keeping up Meta the entire duration. I found fel eruption to only be doing about .5% of my damage and I was using it on cd to interrupt vs a 25% damage boost for 1 minute lined up with your pot. Note I didn’t take blind fury or demonic appetite because I’m used to the demon blades felblades rotation this allowed me to focus on the boss easier. Although if you are good at multitasking they would be superior for dps. Try and always interrupt him and drag him close as you can to the center. The ice he summons is your friend you chaos nova>>>double jump>>>fel rush out. Run over to the boss and interrupt him with consume magic and drag him close to the ice. Then line up you eyebeam and destroy the ice. Fel rush into the soul fragments and then felblade charge back. You take damage from the line but are instantly healed due to Meta. Doing this nets you about 16 seconds of Meta every time he does ice and that time is added to your current Meta. Don’t start the fight with Meta start with eyebeam for the free 8 second Meta then use the ice trick then go into Meta. If you do the ice phase right you will get over a minute of Meta and you will melt him. Like knocking him to 55% before arcane even starts.Emeraldblade2 3d
3d DC after each arena game I've been doing some arena with some buddies recently in a vainglorious attempt to get 2k before the season ends because I'm a horrible human being who plays DH/Warrior... and after almost every game I DC when I get out of the match if I try and take a step or two. Does anybody else get this? Only happens on my DH.Eldrethana0 3d
3d Are there any guides for Arena? I'm after a guide, hopefully a video one (or written one is fine) on how to be sucessful in Arenas, and more importantly how to be sucessful as a Havoc DH. I also have Oceanic latency issues, so I wonder if there are any work arounds there as well. Is WoW Tunnels still a good option or is there anything better?Metalghost5 3d
4d 7.3 Havoc How do you havoc mains feel about being forced to go demonic build? 2P: Eye Beam damage increased by 30% 4P: When Eye Beam finishes fully channeling, your Haste is increased by 15% for 8 sec. "Oh you don't like your spec being so 'rng heavy'? Enjoy the arthritis you develop from demon bite spamming."Aenlanath52 4d
4d Mage tower Havoc challenge bug basically when he tp and shift into the form you have to rush towards him if you anticipate it too fast and rush on him before a certain number of seconds he stays in that stance and you have to die.Haganar4 4d
4d Chaos Strike Why does the tooltip show double the damage of what it actually does?Tankform7 4d
5d any streamers? anyone stream high end raiding or pvp on the DH besides hotted every now and then?Feldamir6 5d
5d DH sucks This class is horrible now, i main a lock and this !@#$s pathetic in comparasion Filled with DC bugs lack of AOE damage and %^-* sustain without aothg, and even with it. and you guys screwed mastery weights by changing Chaos Blades\ and T20 is horribly bad. class is garbage status.Swampduck29 5d
5d Tiny BE Demon Hunters on Char Select Screen Just wondering why the Blood Elf Demon Hunters are so small on the Character Select Screen. It's almost comical.Pernicious12 5d
5d Can anyone help me DPS properly? What am I doing wrong with my rotation?! I'm 917 pulling 600k dps and none of the Discord chats will help me out with what's wrong. Two different sim programs have me pulling 300k dps apart from one another, I don't know which one I should listen to. I'm not seeing anywhere near these numbers in game.Gørgøn19 5d
5d . .Órthos3 5d
5d dps dropping so my brust damge is like 2.5+ mi than dps keeps drooping till 850k+ is thars a way 2 mantain my dps a higher then thatLlidon15 5d
5d The Flap & Glide Solution Blizzard seems intent on Demon Hunters not flying with their wings for a myriad of lame reasons. Among those is the excuse that it encroaches on the Druid 'Class Fantasy'. Setting aside that Druids do so many things EVERY class encroaches on the Druid 'Class Fantasy', I think I've come up with a solution; Give us a Global Cooldown that lets us flap our wings to gain more altitude than we lose until it resets. When we're not flapping we're gliding, and when we do flap it's a simple upward animation that transitions into another straight glide. Let us do it mid-glide and make it only usable in mount-zones. This not only removes us from the domain of the of the Druid 'Class Fantasy' but it also simplifies the animations which was another Blizzard-cited sticking point for not letting Demon Hunters fly with their wings. It also makes flying more engaging and less mind-numbing which I'm all for. What say you my Illidari brethren?!Duskears5 5d
5d Combat Ally Recommendations Good Morning All: I was just wondering if there was a standard combat ally that Demon Hunters use; and why? I am looking at adding one when I am out and about and could use some insight. Thank you in advance, Illidari KhainneKhainne5 5d
6d Fix Demon Hunters. Please. This class is pitiful in PvP. -Underpowered, it reflects from our crazy under-representation in high rated arenas. There are only 80 havoc demon hunters above 2.2k rating ( -In Blade's Edge Arena, if you are on the wooden platform, Fel Rush can cause you to somehow exit the map and cause chain dc's until the arena is finished. -Fel Rush can cause DCs while rooted -Metamorphosis sometimes just doesn't work, but triggers the cooldown. The class is so awesome in PvE, even though I rarely raid. At 910 iLvl I pulled 800k dps on normal KJ. No problems there.Manchilddh18 6d
6d Can we get rid of the spider webs? You'd think they'd be able to dust the Fel Hammer a little better than they did considering they had 10 years to do it...Logan11 6d
Aug 10 Essense of malice Essence of malice class hall illidary champion equipment has NEVER dropped for me. 3 of my champions have legendary equipment now and still ZERO eessence of malice. Does this even drop?Sinestriel2 Aug 10