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6h How are dhs looking This xpac iam thinking of moving away from my normal classes and wanted to try a class I didnt really give much time. My question I guess is how are we projected to look , as Ive been out of wow a few months and have no clue how dramaric the class was changedInfluénzá0 6h
6h Leveling leggo What leggo do you think is best for havoc leveling in bfa?Dalsam9 6h
6h BfA leveling spec? When I picked this guy up leveling in Legion as Havoc was an absolute chore. Switched to Vengeance and it was an absolute breeze. Will Vengeance still be a better leveling option in BfA?Emberosia11 6h
6h Should I roll ret or havoc dh? Guys I need help only a few hours till bfa and I can't decide what to main. I want to do pve and pvp. The activities I will mostly be doing is mythic+ and 2v2 arena. Which of these classes would be better suited for these? Also I kind of like a class that can hold their own in a 1v1 fight for world pvp.Mtlady4 6h
7h Rate the Transmog Above you! Someone did one of these earlier, It filled up really quickly.Demonari105 7h
8h Nerf Demon Hunters! Demon hunters need to have their leap nerfed, like badly... They get 2 charges...and a 12 second recharge on them. No other class in the game has this... Please stop babying demon hunters... Thank you.Devilcog13 8h
9h What spec seems more viable in PvP for you? With all the changes going on, which one are you having more fun with?Joestar0 9h
15h anyone worried about dh pvp in bfa my dh is getting absolutely destroyed in warmode on bfa at max level... on havoc the damage is decent but with nerfed healing we die very fast. with veng i last a little longer but still no way near competitive. I lose just about every 1v1's i come across. not sure if anyone else's experience has been different. there are no good dh bfa pvp content up these days.Taiwanlegend37 15h
17h How the F is DC'ing in arena STILL a thing? Seriously wtf? How dare I Retreat into a Eye Beam.Imprison1 17h
19h New to the Demon Hunter need rotation help So I main a hunter and a boomkin then added a demon hunter - havoc spec. I think this toon may be a lot of fun but I need help with the rotation. I don't know how I got him to 110. He did spent a lot of time setting around while I played my mains. All the attacks seem to have such relatively long cool downs.Teacavy1 19h
20h Why we need a second dps spec... So when blizzard mechanically destroys one dps spec (which is expected balance in an mmo rpg is difficult) we can still have another dh dps spec that is actually viable in ranked play. Blizzard please do this. A large portion of your returning player base (including myself) came back just to play that hero class we loved in warcraft 3.Fakenews21 20h
1d DH or warrior? Trying to decide whether to boost a human Warrior or night elf demon hunter. Warriors have middle mobility, look really good, and Fury is a lot of fun. However, they lack utility and their self-sustain is reliant on killing things. DH has better mobility, look a lot flashier and also quite fun. However, people has said that outside of meta, DH is weak on PVP and you get bored once you start to use it quite often. I am Posting this both here and in warrior forum to get both sides opinion. ThanksDotlady12 1d
1d BFA Talents for DH in PVE I was wondering what the best talents would be for Demon hunters for Raiding/Dungeons in BFA, Both single target and Aoe builds would be nice to know. Also any guides that are out there would be helpful to know as well. Thanks!Lorthul1 1d
1d just wanna be a void elf that's allBüü31 1d
1d talents M+ and ST talents please? also is blade dance still good for ST?Joshuashon4 1d
1d What Makes Demon Hunter So Fun? So even Demon Hunters who moan that their class is unviable/dead last in PvE and PvP still claim the class is very fun to play. This is pretty unusual on the class forums. So what makes Demon Hunter so fun? What about the style makes even the negative nancys tout how it's fun to play?Jinikki27 1d
1d Other races?. Will it ever happen?... I love being a DH but hate being an elf :(Kungpu17 1d
1d Quality of Life Changes for 3s Here are a few things I think DH should get in order to make this class stand out from the rest and find a good little niche in rated pvp. Idc if nothing happens but this is what I have thought about while playing DH on live and on beta Throw Glaive Redesign 30 yd range/ xx cd Throw a Demonic Glaive at the target, dealing xxxx physical damage and applying a 50% snare to the target for 6 seconds Master of the Glaive Redesign Throw Glaive now has 2 Charges and can also Ricochet to 3 near by targets. Also applies a bleed that deals xxxx damage over 8 seconds. Subsequent bounces cause the bleed to do less damage Imprison 20 yd range/1.5 min cd Imprisons a demon, beast or humanoid incapacitating them for 1 minute. (8 second duration on players) * I think this change would be good. Currently I hate the long incaps. I get it is instant cc but incap shares a DR with A LOT of different ccs and almost feels like a waste to press half the time. Plus it is rather pathetic without detainment. I think having the incap last a longer time OR have the incap on a different DR it would be a huge help. Currently DH cannot help a mage or hunter and more cc a healer. Would be nice that we had something that could lock out a healer that is not just a stun. Cover of Darkness Removed Darkness Instant/3 min CD Summons darkness around you in a 8 yd radius, granting friendly targets a 20% (70% chance when engaged with enemy players) chance to avoid all damage from an attack. Lasts 8 secs * I HATE having to spec into cover. It feels like such a massive waste of a pvp talent. It offers NOTHING to the experience of playing DH. All it does is make a bad cd less bad. I get it might be op in PVE at 70% BUT if they can change other spells to do less damage to plays why cant they change this to do more vs players. Would be nice to be able to pick a 3rd honor talent rather than almost always having to run Cover. Currently I try to not use it but feel like I am just ruining my team by not having it Chaos Strike 40 fury/Instant Slice your target for xxxx Chaos Damage. Chaos Strike has a 60% chance to refund 20 fury or Slice your target for xxxx Chaos Damage. Chaos Strike has a 40% chance to refund 30-40 furyFoxfighter45 1d
1d Will eyebeam be effective in bfa? Was wondering if the eyebeam build will be viable at higher mythic plus and raids , thinking of choosing dh but I only like the eyebeam build, not sure how much weaker it will be or stronger it is in the beta, any thoughts on this ?Ragingpowers9 1d
1d Silence I've been silenced in raids (or maybe it was a dungeon) and it seems like it disabled ALL MY ABILITIES. I could understand the CDs being affected, but Demon's Bite and Chaos Strike require noise...? Why is this?Jarridan1 1d
1d Comprehensive feedback of DH in BfA PvP Dear forum reader, Blizzard employees, I'm TrenacetateTV also known as a DH player. I've been playing on Rank One level the entire legion and has reached the highest DH world many times. I wanted to share some thoughts on the current status of DH in BfA PvP. I have a stream focused on only Demon Hunter game play and most of my viewers are DH players themselves. These last days I've been streaming pre-patch DH game play but also Beta, and so far my reaction just like everyone else is that Demon Hunters are barely playable in the current state. In this post I will just briefly go through why me and many other Demon Hunters feel this way. The main issue is that the Range of abilities is forcing us to use our defensive cooldowns as offensive cooldowns. Firstly Demon Hunter lost their range abilities completely. One of our biggest damage outputs used to be Fel Barrage. An ability that could be used within a 30 yd range and was a target AoE spell but now it's on 8 yd and it's only AoE. This is making the spell more or less useless because you can interrupt it with everything, it's in range for stuns, kicks, fears or any other CC. I'm trying to figure out when it's good to use it but I can't. No matter the match up you face the enemy team will be able to stop it. This is making it very hard in the current state to get damage out in arena. However, this is great for PvE. The second problem I picked up on is the GCD change of Vengeful Retreat. It now shares the same GCD as every other ability ( I support the GCD changes on certain abilities, but on movement it shouldnt be changed.) making our class lose alot of mobility and movement. Just like the mayority of Demon Hunter players me myself enjoyed the class because it was a fast pace class and this is removing that feeling completely. In the current state of playing Demon Hunter it just feels very slow and clunky. The third problem is The removal of Bloodlet. We no longer have a range bleed instead our bleed comes from Trail of Ruin (Blade Dance) which is a melee range ability. This is a big problem because normally Blade Dance is used defensively. This change is forcing us to be in the fight and stopping us from playing on range. Demon Hunter has always been and is still a super squishy class which means we need to be very careful with how to use our defensives otherwise we just die instantly in arena. For example, if we before didn't have blur available we could still play on range using our Fel Barrage or Throw Glaive for the Bloodlet, we could also imprison every 15 seconds or use Kick on the 20 yd range. But now all of these abilities are changed into shorter range or longer cooldowns which is forcing us as previously said - be in the fight all the time even though we don't have any defenses available. Demon Hunters mobility used to be what defined a Good Player from a Bad player and now we can't use this to our advantage or our game in any way. If you on blizzard are planning on making any future changes to DH's please have this in consideration for PvP. [EU POST] 1d
1d Momentum for raiding/m +? Hi guys, I really enjoy playing demon hunter dps, but only with the momentum build. While I know everyone doesn't feel this way, the demon blades talent build bores me to death. Does anyone who has played on beta know if momentum is competitive for raiding and m+? Thanks.Brigglefunk1 1d
1d Will the Demon Hunter motif get old? Demon Hunters have a very restrictive theme. Will their appearance become boring very quickly, for example, because they're wielding warglaives all the time?Shayera8 1d
1d Vengeance needs a ARMOR buff. I played vengeance for a while in legion, did a ton of keys over 20, I didn't manage to get in the MDI but that's another story. the point i'm trying to make is that I know how the class works and it's intricate details. BUT. Since pre-patch, the spec feels like absolute complete garbage. i'm getting trashed around by everything, not because they are higher than average keys but, it just feels VERY weak atm. Our heals have been cut off by a ton, but I shouldn't be taken that much damage, so I Looked into it. Everything is based off armor now ! Demon spike gives a damn ton of it, yes, but its not even close to have a decent uptime even with the legendary. You might get about 50% uptime on any hits dealt to you. Which means the other 50%, you get trashed as much as a leather dps would be hit for. So I looked at my other alt tanks. and i got... sick. My level 90 warrior, ilvl 116, has more base armor from her gear alone (my main is 253 ilvl eq, 976 or 977 before BFA prepatch). How does that make any sense ? Bear form gets an additional 220% armor, warriors and pallies have their plate and shields, dk have bone armor which has a possible 100% uptime. even boomkins have more armor than Dh tanks atm... it's just stupid. Why does DH gets rammed in the a** by such a bad feature of the design ? Vengeance NEEDS an armor buff of some sort, it is just extremely squishy atm because we are basically a dps getting hit in the face 50% of combat time.Moogykins41 1d
2d DH..Do they feel out of place in BFA? Question to everyone... Just want you're overall opinion. Do DHs feel out of place going into BFA? I understand that their whole purpose was to destroy the burning legion.. and now that is done there are some demons still around. But the feel of the class.. any opinions? Anyone going into BFA going to main a DH?Mytharus7 2d
2d Finally not feeling squishy on bg With 2 3 3 1 2 1 1 i can hold a real battle and not dying in a stun window. For bgs I've been using rain, solitude and origins. I guess for arenas you should use reverse magic with glimpse but with this build I feel even without poping blur that I can deal sustained damage while healing. Also the demonic apetite with imo aura (which is great to get rogues out of stealth) makes you to almost dont miss felblade or demon blades (which in my opinion its you much rng for when you have to land a KB and you are out of fury, maybe in pve). With unleashed power you have more windows to use fel barrage without getting interrupted or stuned (also generates souls to heal and its free fury cost). Im gonna keep testing this, if you feel to much fury starved maybe unending hatred will perform ok. This build perform well in bgs and duels (somehow I'm not able to win vs paladin but I guess that's impossible).Ameratzu1 2d
2d A Complete Class Rework? We've non stop been getting closer and closer to this Blizzard. Right now It's looking like it more than ever.Ixtlilton1 2d
2d Should I bother playing a DH in BfA? I loved my DH in Legion but I'm faced with a bit of a dilemma regarding BfA. Since there are no more class sets, it's evident that DHs are getting the shaft more than any other class in the game when it comes to transmog choices in BfA. I have a few sets to choose from but I'm already tired of them. Each time I came back to play in the past 6 months I would be bothered by how limited I felt in the appearance department. Sure, I can mix and match leather but it's not the same as having years of tier set to fall back on. Will BfA gear look decent? So far I'm thinking this a resounding no as this themed gear seems to clash with the DH's demonic vibe. Havoc is likely one of my favorite classes in the game in terms of mobility and sheer enjoyment but I'm starting to wonder if I'd feel more satisfied overall if I just went with my Warrior or Mage this time around. How are my fellow DHs vibing with the realities we face in BfA? Will there even be anymore enticing glaives?Thalana7 2d
2d blind but have to turn to not get blinded why do we have turn around on boss/adds that blind you u look at it, we are blind why do have to turn around to not get blinded? for example the add in cath and in lower flask light guys!!!Kelleternal0 2d
2d DH should be able to see invisible on minimap I feel like Demon Hunters should be able to track invisible and demons on the mini-map like Hunters. Sure we have spectre sight which is cool, but it's 10 seconds and has a cooldown which is laaaaame.... Especially since lore-wise we should always be able to see invisible creatures and see things behind walls etcEtõ4 2d
2d The last straw for Demon Hunters We sacrificed everything to save Azeroth and what did we get for it? We lost our leader and are no longer really needed since the demon threat has passed. But at least we were edgy. With Sylvanas outplaying the alliance at every turn with witty banter, burning down the tree and not caring what anyone thinks.... she's the true edgelord now. I feel like we have lost our edginess and without being edgy I don't know how we can be successful.... its so hopeless. It is hard to get out of bed now. I'm losing the will to fight the good fight. I sacrificed everything....for this? Something must be done! -Tekvenge, a very salty former edgelord.Tekvenge6 2d
2d DH Tattoo Color Option Missing So I'm at the barber and I noticed they removed the option to change tattoo colors. It comes and goes.Trigore3 2d
2d First Blood Talent Bugged? Has anyone else noticed the talent "first blood" is bugged? The fury reduction is fine.. but i'm not hitting anything for anywhere near 1,398 on the first strike... It's just the same amount of damage as all the other strikes...Løgic1 2d
2d Glyph of Crackling Flame Issue Hello, I'm having an issue with this glyph and using for my HAVOC spec Immolation Aura. I know that Immolation Aura and Immolation (Tank spec) are quite different, but the glyph says it doesn't have restrictions towards using this (or at least on the tool tip) so I bought said glyph and well it didn't work. TL:DR If Blizz could please note that it doesn't work on HAVOC, that would be handy. Was looking towards having non fel-fire look.Zalbag3 2d
2d DH PvP guide? Any good PvP guide out there for 8.0? If there is then let me know what you got in the comments, thanks!Jordang4 2d
2d Stuck on Imp Mother in starting area Having a bit of trouble on the Imp Mother in the starting area (sounds like difficulty got tweaked since the stat squish...). Getting overwhelmed by the imps before I can kill her - anyone gone through it since patch 8.0? Thanks!Alinash1 2d
2d Twinblades of the Deceiver I realize it won't matter in about 72 hours, but why can't I use these in vengeance spec now... aren't they basically just warglaives that can have their item level enhanced with relics now?Jarridan2 2d
2d A simple change that can help Demon Hunters. Fury gen is one of the largest problems with Havoc PvP. I run Demonic Appetite because the spec desperately needs sustain and fury gen, which that talent gives. I also run Demon blades because hitting Demon Bite between attacks is slow and reduces your overall damage. Demon Blades gives you higher burt, but you give up consistent fury generation. The change I’m requesting is for Fel Rush to generate fury again (when talented if need be). I don’t understand why the effect was removed in the first place but Felblade by itself doens’t cut it as far as strong openers go.Nahtee2 2d
3d Talent balance and Momentum We look to be back to the same issue we had at the beginning of Legion that frustrated a lot of Demon Hunter players. Momentum is an incredibly polarising talent, with some players loving it and others hating it, because it is an INCREDIBLY different play style compared to absolutely anything else in the game it is no surprise that this would be the case. At the beginning of Legion, we were in a place where Momentum was SO strong that you basically played Momentum or picked a different class. This was fixed in later updates somewhat varying which specs performed strongest over time, but at least other talents were brought into closer alignment so even if you were not going to play the absolute number 1 DPS talent spec you weren't that far behind. We look to be back to the early days of Legion again coming into BFA. Single target DPS is at least reasonably balanced, although considering Momentum is so far ahead on AoE damage its strange that they would have it tuned to be the top DPS in single target over Nemesis which is almost entirely single target focused, but at least the range doesnt vary too much: Patchwerk sims: Pick whichever capstone talent you want, at least they are within a reasonable spread. AoE and cleave fights however are just absurd, Momentum is so far ahead again that you may as well just drop the class if you dont like it. There is a freakin 30% variance between the best momentum spec and the FIRST non momentum build: Please fix this Blizzard. I am not saying nerf momentum, or that it shouldnt be the top talent in its row, or whatever for all those who like it, whichever comes on top comes on top, something has to I dont care which. Just balance it better so at least if you are not picking Momentum you arent just thrown in the trash bin.Incipid25 3d
3d starting zone overtuned? first time ive played the dh starting zone since 8.0. I dont remember dying so much, and im on a quest right now where i cant kill this npc at all. Im interrupting her cast but im just getting wrecked. Anyone else tried the dh start zone recently?Jjayss2 3d
3d DH GAME CRASH So every time i log into my DH the game crashes immediately and if it doesnt crash immediately when i use a skill it crashes the game! any help or tips?Galacksy3 3d
3d Frustrated with new Havoc PVP Hello folks! I used to play this toon a lot in Legion. I hit prestige 25 and tactician with him. I loved playing him in PVP but I just decided to try it out for the first time since before pre-patch. BG/RBG player mostly. So far I'm extremely frustated that bloodlet is gone, and honestly.... I'm kinda not liking Havoc for a lot of reasons. This being a main one. Honor talents..... having to choose only 3 is just..... why. Demonic Origins or go defensives but they nerfed Demonic Origins. I know a lot of classes lost things with the limitation but it feels really bad on the DH. GCD now prevents me from hitting a fast Chaos Nova to a Vengeful Retreat. I loved playing Momentum/Demon blades/felblade in Legion but without this maneuver I loved doing it feels a lot worse. Maybe for balance sake for the better as melee are dominant in BGs still. There's other things that really frustrated me trying this spec out again, but at least I was doing damage on the spec. It's just I hate being one of the mindless team fighter only guys in BGs but I feel that's the only way I can have fun, seeing as though 1v1 is really difficult right now on havoc. Or I need to play with competent healers, idk. It's definitely a git gud issue combined with some things about havoc being nerfed in general. I want to main a havoc to help my guild get the 5% magic debuff for raiding, but I don't want to have my main PVP character my alt and lag behind in gear. Unless there's a good talent combo I can't come up with that works for people I'm probably going to just forget about this toon, but that'd make me sad. Does anyone have any talent advice for PVP? Is the Momentum/Felblade/Demon Blades build not worth taking in PVP? Any advice would be appreciated. Also blizzard make bloodlet baseline......... I have no idea why they took this away............ no wonder everyone is switching to rogue rofl which is what I planned on doing seeing as though I'm struggling so much with having fun in PVP on this toon since pre-patch.Cornhuskers17 3d
3d DH buff in bfa? hey i was just wondering in the upcoming launch if demon hunter will be buffed. along with shaman. i play neither of those classes but i feel as thou their under powered. i rarely ever see a DH in pvp anymore and when i do i annihilate them fairly quickly not just on my pally but on my hunter and warrior as well. and i barely know what im doing on my warrior. im just trying to be fair for other classes as if that was my main spec i would be upset as well. i really feel as their not outputting enough damage. especially when compared to most other melee dps specs the start of legion Demon hunter was amazing but each patch they slowly got nerfed. so i guess i saw this coming.Illumaniti1 3d
3d Eyebeam build in BfA? Hi, since legion legendaries won't work past a certain level we will be missing out on the passive that Raddon's Cascading Eyes gives. I was wondering of anyone might know if there is a azurite trait or something that interacts with eternal? I love taking RCA as well as Blind Fury and the Demonic talent. But I'm afraid this build will be sub par without the legendary.Felelfel11 3d
4d Do you enjoy your DH in Warmode/WPvP? Question could also extend to PvP as a whole, but I'm trying to get a sense of how DH players feel about their class in these settings. Further, are you playing Havoc? Vengeance? I just got to 110 on mine but haven't dipped my toes into any sort of PvP yet. Looking forward to it though!Wheelin22 4d
4d Is "Consume Magic" broken? I use Spirit Bomb on the enemy... which causes them to be effected by Frality (magic buff that heals them for 10% of damage they deal). I then use Consume Magic (which is supposed to remove 1 magic effect off an enemy and give it to me). And nothing happens. How exactly does this spell work?Cheaps3 4d
4d Got pwned by level 104 Lost to a level 104 SPriest in a 1v1. How bad do I suck at this game? I took a year or so off but losing to someone 6 levels below seems like maybe I should uninstall.Tasteewheat7 4d