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10m Nobody told me Everytime I saw a demon hunter since the beginning of the xpac all I could think of is wow there's so many of them and wow what a lame class I'll never play one. I finally picked one up and this class is !@#$ing amazing. I don't thing ive ever enjoyed playing this game so much this week. The amount of mobility is so amazing and fun in both specs as well as great animations, my only complaint is most of the chests cover up all my sick tats bro. Seriously though, what have you sacrificed? Illidan consider me your newest fan boyAlhanna1 10m
58m T21 in raid So I have T21 4 Set... I hate it. It seems really weak and awkward. The Demonic Appetite mechanic is really clunky in raids. Tracking when you have souls and when you should eat them while also doing raid mechanics sucks... Playing without a well setup set of weakauras seem stupidly hard. But because havoc doesn't get the Soul Fragment aura its !@#$ing impossible to build a WA to properly track your resources. Also the actual mechanic of HAVING to move to pick up souls is super %^-*ty because the souls still spawn super far away most of the time meaning you have to move out of position a huge amount to get all of them. Which often is not possible in raids. Also the loss of Blade dance and fel blade from the rotation means you literally just hit 2 buttons for like 30 seconds at a time with nothing else but to sit there staring at the at your fury. I struggle not to get bored during fights which is just sad. I switch over from T20 -> T21 siming both for about the same. So far the single target build was much more fun. IT was more then just hitting CS unless you can't in which you hit Demons bite. I was hoping they would solve the sustain problem with this new set but really they didn't they just made it harder to get full use out of your dps windows. Nemesis is still a !@#$% while raiding because you can't switch targets so add fights still feel ^-*!ty which is like the opposite of what this set should have been doing. But BY FAR THE WORST part is they tippled down on RNG. I thought that switching from Demons Blades and Fel Blade would stop the RNG crap shoot but the RNG from Demonic Appetite is so much worst. I have spent entire Eye Beem CDs not getting a single soul from chaos strike. Failing to get souls to spawn is a double kick to the nuts cause not only are you fury starved but you also @#$%ing don't get EB cd reduction which ^-*!S on you dps. I hope something happens. If not some kind of buff then some very needed QoL improvements.Rofldemon24 58m
1h question about darkness Does darkness work on spells and magical affects?Phishin3 1h
1h are DH's a complex class to learn? I find my rogue to be a complex rotation how does DH fair compared to other dps rotations?Anti31 1h
3h DH dps So for a while I been trying to find out what the best build is to dps with havoc. I been doing some testing and can’t really tell much of a difference. Would you agree that nemesis/chaos build is still better or the eye beam/ demonic reborn build?Ravarien12 3h
3h Demon Blades: Why in God's name? I genuinely don't understand how any human being could have thought that this talent being a part of the Demon Hunter arsenal was a good idea. This talent is even worse than Rune of Power on mages. At least Rune of Power adds some interesting (to some) gameplay. But Demon Blades just removes an ability from your bar. As I slide my mouse back and forth fast enough to strafe in the same place because I have nothing else to do, it makes me think: Why do I even play Havoc? Why do I play Demon Hunter? Why do I play WoW at all? Do I want to live? You are tearing me apart Blizzard please replace this talent. No, don't JUST make it not part of the current meta, just replace it with something else. This talent is an atrocity comparable to the ultimate pointlessness of existence itself. God help us.Cerestor11 3h
3h AZZINOTH WARGLAIVES VS GREEN FLAMEREAPER Both are iconic, illidan use both, and both are cool as hell... But is up to you guys, which one is cooler and badass... Azzinoth twin warglaives or the Green Flamereaper?Darklordmira12 3h
4h Rate The Mog Above You Like the title say, Rate the mog above you. Lets see how many cool mogs we can find!Zekken89 4h
5h Finally Cracked I finally cracked and Rolled a DH and by god they are fun. SO much jumping and flying around now my biggest issue is deciding on what spec to main before I get a legendary... any thoughts from those of you that have already sacrificed everything? I'm leaning towards vengeance due to queue times. But at the same time havoc is fun cause its much more flying around.Calib6 5h
5h Chaos Cleave vs First Blood in T21 I feel like going chaos cleave reduces the rotation too much and only give us like 4 buttons to push. Anyone knows if chaos cleave outperforms first blood both on ST and AoE?Ameratzu11 5h
6h Switching dh tank (are we trash in raiding?) Switching from Warrior to DH tank. Alot of people are saying that for high lvl raiding we are trash. Is that true?Mainispank6 6h
6h Not sure if new During demonic form after using eye beam why don't we get the regular meta buffs? Only we get is improved blade dance now no haste or anything?Neightlev4 6h
8h Can Veng be viable next expansion... Bottom of the barrel the entire expansion released. Any chance we will get a look in for raids next expac? I'm already concerned with the return of class buffs and 5 man content being Gated by what buffs you can bring... If we are useless for raiding again I'll be super sad.Vengeta46 8h
10h Feel naked with demon blade Anyone feel weird having that talent or is just me? i just made a DH and it's currently at lvl 100 but not having demons bite and just relying on my auto swings to generate fury makes me feel naked, i like having things to press and it gets frustrating when my auto swings dodge/parry etc. Also with demons bite you have a chance to reset your felblade, does it change at 110 or am i looking at this the wrong way? Haven't been playing DH long at all.Rekcobaine18 10h
17h No new races for us ... From IonFoxfighter26 17h
1d dh class campaign taking forever I'm at the point where I need to do 30 world misssions... it's been a week, and i have play a lot, and still i find the dh campaign takes for ever with all the 8/12 hours missions... I just feel like there is no end and I really need my third relics. Am I almost done?Harambexo35 1d
1d *Help Wanted* Vengeance Mage Tower Challenge I've been working on gearing up for the Mage Tower challenge and I was wondering if anyone had any advice for how to handle it? I tried it once already at 870 and even if I managed my cooldowns perfectly I just couldn't heal through the damage he was doing. Is there a trick to the mechanics? Or is it just a big gear-check?Duskears41 1d
1d So demonic is not that bad but... I have been playing DH since EN but I dont really seem to know what legendaries are BIS for this new Demonic Build. Head + AohG is pretty ok. Head + DoG is ok too. Dog + AohG is meh. And on the 3rd talent choice I don't know whether if going for chaos cleave or first blood (this mainly because i don't like using only like 3 abillities in fight, i mean we are literally using only demon's bite , chaos strike and eye beam and first blood offers some variety to the rotation). And if i think about it, soul of the slayer doesn't seem too bad either. Would appreciate if you guys can give me your points of view.Ameratzu9 1d
1d Transmog Thread. Can anyone help me with different gloves for my transmog? Also any better shoulders out there that would suit? Also we could start a transmog rating thread?Sconners0 1d
1d Future warglaives shouldn't be overdesigned I want to like warglaives but they are way too busy. Especially the over the top hand guard accessories. I wish they would make some of them simpler in the future. Something akin to just a double ended sword.Nyssene9 1d
1d Demon Hunter Chat Lounge I feel us Demon Hunters need a thread to have a "casual" chat. So welcome to the Demon Hunter chat lounge :)Thanatós32 1d
1d Is there such a glyph when used, you wont be transformed into a big black demon when you cast metamorphosis. I main a rogue, and there are 4 dh in my raid group. When they transform, I can see nothing except the big wings. And, I also have a dh alt. I want to have my own characteristic, so I bought swords and special looking for tmog. But when I cast metamorphosis, I cant tell the difference between other dhs and myself. So druids have such a glyph, why cant we dh have one.Schimmt4 1d
1d To Fel and Back So, I can't find the answer to this question anywhere it seems. I've completed the Broken Isle Pathfinder, Part 2 achievement, and now I'm looking to obtain the class mount. I have no idea where to find the quest, and nothing says how to get it. So, where should I be looking, and is there anything else I need to do before it's available?Mathaennicus6 1d
1d RP/ Lore Question okay so im wondering how the Illidari would feel towards certain other factions... first off, specifically how would other Blood Elves see Blood Elf Demon Hunters, how would they feel about them and vice versa? next, the scryers. as far as i know the scryers were part of Kael'thas' army he sent to outland, then they defected to the Sha'tar after their leader had a vision. i would imagine the Illidari would see them as traitorous, although the demon hunters were already imprisoned by the time Kael defected to the Legion, so they would have woken up to realizing he was a traitor. complicated situation lastly, we're going into BfA soon and im wondering what gives the Illidari motivation to be a part of their respective factions now? Illidan is off guarding Sargeras and the Pantheon forever and the Slayer i assume will have stepped down or something. so what makes them loyal to their respective factions, aside from just being memebers of that race. The Illidari's whole purpose was to destroy the Burning Legion, which we have effectively done. their other motivation i guess would be the safeguarding of Azeroth, so maybe the two factions get so heated that they would see eachother as a threat to the world? im just curious here as to why they'll be dividedAtrai2 1d
2d DH weapons next expansion, warglaives??? what's ganna happen to demon hunters and they're weapons in bfa? are we ganna end up equipping swords and stuff next expansion after the loss of our artifacts? and if we wanna have warglaives r were ganna have to transmog into it or what?Lorelorin21 2d
2d Momentum “Blade Dance increases your damage done by 20% for 4 sec.” How does it sound? I am really sick of Nemesis because it feels like I’m being forced to ninja tunnel but I don’t want to go back to 7.0 dot build as mobility spells being part of rotation is ridiculous.Fluffymeoow6 2d
2d Flag Carrier Spec What talents do you veng dh flag carriers use? Is it the normal spirit bomb pve spec? I was wanting to try for the 10 rbg wins on the mage tower skin and "afraid" to join a group if told to switch to veng for flag carrying and not have the correct setup. Thanks in advance for the tips.Xjd5 2d
2d Remove Vengeance soul frags At least remove them from pvp. Make it heal a flat amount. Change it like what they did with death strike after WoD. It's bad enough every single spell that deals fire damage heals them. They don't need this bull!@#$ tooRetromarine6 2d
2d What makes you guys stick Demon Hunter? I didn't think I would ever do this, but I leveled a DH to 110 and I am actually really enjoying the class, but the problem I face is that there are only 2 specs which I feel like might kill the longevity of the class for me. How do you guys feel about the 2 specs and how do you stick to Demon Hunter? I really do like it, I'm just worried about not having other options if both specs are not really performing that good.Maltyr36 2d
3d Best DH Names... and HELP Understandable that there is a lot of posts about this but I'd rather not dig thru them and bring them back to life... Basically I'm looking for a Blood Elf Male DH name... I have on Zul'jin Love Jet Unemployed Popcorn Particle Ecocentric Drone What do you guys think and what are the best names you've seen?Really4 3d
3d demon spike help increasing your Parry chance by 20% is that the entire 6 secs ? im at 17% jumps to 46 % and around 3 secs it drops down to 36% so am i missing something what cause it only last 3 secs at 46% ?Plaguels1 3d
3d "The hunter is nothing without the hunt" So what exactly will we be hunting in BfA? I know demons will still exist, but we haven't seen any so far, and they certainly won't be a big threat like they used to be. I'm going to miss the near permanent 20% damage boost when world questing.Teirezias15 3d
4d Rain from above vs thorns I was sad to see my fel fire ball cause me to take damage from a feral druids thorns. Thorns says melee attacks :(Instanity1 4d
4d demonic build opener hi all - how do you typically open with demonic t21? i do this: - prepot, neme, build 30 fury, eye beam, dump fury into annihl, meta after back to normal form, rotation again, eye beam when it's up just to extend duration once, rotation again, after meta over eye beam again, dump fury in annihil, then back to normal rotation. thxKruen11 4d
4d In BfA, give us the warglaives in the icons Demon's Bite, Throw Glaive, Chaos Strike, Blade Dance, Annihiliation, Death Sweep, Shear, and Soul Cleave feature warglaives in the icon art. But we don't actually have any of the glaives depicted in the art except for Death Sweep (It uses the same icon as one of the Veng. Artifact appearances) I think it would be cool if there were some new warglaives that look exactly like the icon art, primarily Chaos Strike.Teirezias0 4d
4d Since we are losing our artifacts next expac Are we losing our fueled by pain procs too? I'd hate to see them go. I want to see them come back but with less RNG in them like if you absorb 5 all at once from spirit bomb you get a free mini meta proc or something. Or hell maybe just lower the cool don on meta to compensate? How do you think we should fix this?Coolguy2 4d
4d Kruul help? Any tips on this? I'm a terrible tank, and I can't even get to krull. There's just too much going on at once for me to keep a track of.Reinidar4 4d
4d Fel-orc demon hunters I was just hoping to throw out my personal request. I DESPERATELY want to play a fel-orc demon hunter. Think about it. The fel-orcs served in the Illidari during Burning Crusade. I am certain(though we haven't seen them) that a decent number are probably still alive and would be willing even happy to serve under Lord Illidan again...especially if they finally get the chance to train in the arts of becoming s fully fledged demon hunter. A starting zone in Shadowmoon Valley where the illidari have set up a training outpost in the wake of the end of Legion, in hopes to expand their ranks. You can add them via two methods. 1: Allied race for the horde. I think this would be best in my opinion as it would allow all fel-orcs to start out in the illidari training facility in Shadowmoon Valley(or wherever it ends up being) 2: The other would be to just expand the DH class to orcs and have fel-orc customization options for orc DHs. In which case the new Illidari starting zone would be exclusively for any races that get the DH option opened up to them. These are just my ideas and I'd love to hear feedback...especially from one of the blues on high...Thankyou for your time.Vrail9 4d
4d Bit confused about havoc stat priority Hey guys looking at the icy veins and discord guides, stat priority indicates as havoc it goes Crit >>> haste > vers > mastery But checking out logs, most top tier dh have gone Crit > haste = mastery > vers I will never be at that level of play however I have been enjoying playing around with this toon so I'm keen to gear him a bit with upgradeable bone's so obviously I get to target specific stat's I want in my gear. I mainly farm and do 5 man stuff, hardly ever raid. Would you guys go Crit > haste = mastery if you had the choice? I know recent changes meant mastery went low on the priority scale but that was only because it affected chaos blades right? It still scales eye beam and our artifact which are big sources of damage in 5 man content. Just want everyone's opinion before I use up all these bloods! Thanks you lotAlanash11 4d
5d Stealth nerf 3 MAx Soul Fragments? I can not get more than 3 lesser soul fragments on my DH VEngeance spec now. IT was stealth nerfed. Doesn't matter how many times I use fracture it auto consumes after 3 instead of 5 yesterday.Mazdryk4 5d
5d t21 buff To those who haven't noticed there was a stealth buff to t21, 40% eye beam damage for 2 piece and 25% haste for 4 pieceÉnvÿ12 5d
5d Quest to get Twinblades bug I am trying to do the opening quest to get the Twinblades. I am able to fly to the Felsoul hold, click the 3 wards, then.... nothing. No dialogue and Varedis never appears. Anyone else have this problem?Verlasia6 5d
5d Question about Cinidaria Does this leggo give you 100% Lifesteal for all attacks or just attacks against targets above 90% HP? Lord Illidan knows the way.Irinar1 5d
5d 3rd Spec for DH in BfA Are we gonna get a third spec? Maybe the Demon Hunters of Azeroth have come across Ancient learnings of healing specializations?Bigdabby32 5d
5d Havoc Demonic Relics Are we aiming for Eye Beam cost reduction and damage increase or are we aiming for Critical Chaos Relics and using the Meta reduction? The answer also leads to the question of which legos to use. Raddons & Delusions? Raddons & Half-Giants?Nâtsú3 5d
5d Does chaos stike proc flame wreath? So I was doing a upper Kara, and I know to not move or cast blade dance, fr, or disengage. But the flame wreath procc’d and the group said it was me. Tried it a few more time and we cleared it but I know I didn’t cast anything but choas strike. Does that pop that flame wreath?Instanity2 5d
5d Losing Crit With Upgrades Hi Everyone, I have been getting drops left and right for my DH, all being pretty significant upgrades (+30ilevel) over current gear, but the problem is on all these "upgrades" I am noticing Critical Hit deductions. All the other stats are improvements though. Should I be passing up this gear or equipping it? Some of these pieces have DH Specific Set bonuses, but again a loss in Crit.Kapnkrunch3 5d
6d Looking for help w/ poor DPS Hey. I dunno if anyone would really do this but I need some serious help with my DPS. I'm basically pulling the lowest in my guild (see logs posted below for numbers). I know I have a crit problem but is there anything else with my gear that's the problem? Talents etc? I'm just at a loss here. I've been trying to find more +crit gear but keep getting unlucky. Logs from first night of Antorus: Thanks, I'll be around to answer any q's <3 (Ps those logs are from before I adjusted my talents to what they are currently... took CB/bloodlet/master of the glaive.)Elsiechay11 6d