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35m Rate the Transmog Above you! Someone did one of these earlier, It filled up really quickly.Demonari306 35m
47m Demon hunters are lucky You demon are lucky.. lucky that most of blizzards development team main demon hunter and you guys get buffed up with the death knights all the time. Wish warrior got some demon hunter privileges.Musclemass7 47m
1h DH starter tips Been interested in dh since the beginning but thought it would be best I levelled a normal class first to get a grasp of the game and I levelled both a warrior and hunter to around 80 and then made a dh, I have finished the starting zone and am currently level 101, how should I be progressing now? I generally just did bg's and zone questing before but how should I go about gearing now and should I be using heirloomsRamybruh0 1h
2h Mythic/Heroic log feedback Hello I am just trying to get some feedback on my logs. I am trying to get out everything that I can from my DH and seem to be lacking in some areas. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Here is 2 heroic kills and 1 mythic. hope this will be enough.Glits3 2h
2h Talent Questions, Please don't Flame Me! Ok, so I have been playing a little bit with Demonic Appetite in order to reduce some strain on healers with this week's affixes in M+. The crazy thing is that I'm not really noticing a huge decrease in damage over Blind Fury. I know that with sims it's about a 5% or so difference in DPS, but on target dummies and in dungeons I can't really see a huge difference (in fact, maybe it's just me not being perfect, but the damage comes out exactly the same against target dummies, both ST and AoE). As long as I am moving constantly in order to eat orbs, I chaos strike a ton (since each orb gives fury) and I'm able to remove stacks of grievous much more easily from myself. I've saved several pulls by just being able to stay alive. I have to be missing something because no top players are taking this talent and clearly they would be if they were seeing the same output with markedly increased survivability. Anyone have thoughts on this? I would say maybe I just suck, but I am legitimately keeping up just fine with those my ilvl and higher.Frostafarian1 2h
2h DEATH SWEEP FIRST BLOOD Does First Blood Increase Death Sweep damage ?Krryx1 2h
3h Rogues counter DH? Rogue pops Evasion= I cannot hit him =No healing= I am dead..... sooooooooo lolRimeline25 3h
6h Havoc noob friendly? Hi is havic dh noob friendly? Like is the rotation not conplicated at all? I wanna try mellee damage class and wanted to know this. Things i want to know are: 1) how many buttons to use? 2) is the rotation easy? The reason i asked is because i had a warrior back in pandaria, had a cm armor and noe gonna use it but wondering if it is easy. I also want to focus more on mechanics wothout like being too focused on what to do woth rotationSylvsana8 6h
8h Threat gen on Mother in Uldir I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if it's an encounter thing, but I lose threat to our other tank on this fight all the time. Our other tank is a pally and he can just use 2-3 abilities and immediately pull the boss off me. This is the second week we've noticed this happening.Vellara2 8h
9h Hey This is my DH, there are many like it but this one is mine. DK main so I like simplicity. Any advice for this class?Austenwatts4 9h
14h Demon hunter not op, compared to frost mage Just finished leveling my frost mage and holy cow if you wanna talk about how good something is lets check this. Ice Nova Comet Storm Icy Veins Ray of frost Frozen Orb Pet Nova Procs 7 second spammable cc to get these cooldowns rotated off cooldown. Pure amazing, looking forward to playing mage along side my DH but man, we don't come close with our 30 second cooldown eyebeam 2min cooldown metamorph, slows that we have to talent for.Dashdashdash16 14h
23h Warglaives of Azzinoth drop rate increased? I Have to believe they increased the drop rate on the legendaries in BLack Temple, I got the mainhand last week, and offhand this week to get the achieve. Now I am ready for the timewalking skin :). If you haven't farmed them in awhile and still need them, give it a shot!Felrond70 23h
1d Azsuna versus Azshara Need some help with this story progression, I've done all the others but can't seem to find the quest giver for this story, I've checked all the flight path camps to see if maybe I missed a quest but no luck. Any idea where I could look?Necrophobia3 1d
1d Faction Neutral I understand why only elves can be Demon Hunters but what I don't understand is why the blood elves go horde and nelves go alliance when the demon hunters have no concept of horde and alliance... They are all illidari. I think it would be neat to allow nelf DH on horde and belf DH on alliance. What do you guys think?Lexc6 1d
1d 3rd Spec ideas Just as the title says. Give me some good ideas for a 3rd spec it can be any kind of crazy just shoot it at me. I personally would like a range demon hunter with guns and fel anergy ala diablo but with a wow make over. I think it would be a good idea and then another class can finally use guns maybe even make pistols a viable thing.Achendron8 1d
1d DH aoe need a nerf When u can press two buttons and aoe more than every other class in the game you got a problemJustthegrip18 1d
1d Please buff Demonic Build!!! I feel like this build needs more damage for single target. Also the burst on dh’s is low compared to other classes. Those of u that run this build , do y’all feel the same? What is yalls opening burst rotation? What main stats are y’all going with? What ideas would be good to increase our damage?Demonicballz5 1d
1d Fel Rush Lag / Delay? Has anyone else noticed a that when, in combat, there can sometimes be a 1-2 second delay on Fel Rush? I'm really at wits end here and it's kind of ruining my enjoyment of the class. I get that Fel Rush is on the GCD but I swear sometime, even off GCD, I press it and I zip off right away, other times I have to keep pressing it for it to go off (which can lead to me double dashing), and other times nothing happens. Seems to happy pretty regularly in combat when I'm surrounded by enemies. I can't reproduce it in Boralus (unless I'm at the training dummies). Is there something I'm missing here? P.S. Ping is 40-50ms and none of my other spells seen this unresponsive.Arhykin5 1d
1d Demon Spikes We have seen a few balance tuning patches come up since BFA launch. When are vengeance tanks going to see some love with our active mitigation? Demon Spikes needs either a 3rd charge or a longer duration. Literally there can be about a 12 second window of zero mitigation which makes us so scarily spikey it gives healers a heart attack. I'd like to at the very least see some form of feed back on this topic. Is blizzard happy with this or are they hearing us and just brushing it under the rug?Quietwhlsper6 1d
1d Warcraftlogs and Vengeance Can someone give me an idea how to use Warcraftlogs as Vengeance DH? I just don't understand how I'm supposed to read the logs in order to improve. I get how it works as healer or dps but this is my first time using it as a tank.Steevil2 1d
1d Demon Hunter who to look up? Hey guys, I've only ever played a resto Druid, but I've been wanting to play a DH for the longest time. Who is best know on youtube or on discord who I can look up for beginners to set up addons, macros, and provides input on stats, and talent traits for Havoc and Vengeance. Thanks guys!Jhaz6 1d
1d Glyph of Crackling Flames Why isn't this usable in Havoc? I just spent 1k for this and I can't even use it feelsbad :(Malphastroth1 1d
2d Leveling as Havoc or Vengeance? As the topic asks, which spec is better for leveling? I am most interested in which spec will be fastest overall to 110Illissa20 2d
2d Feast of Souls???? Blizzard???? a 5k heal over 6 seconds???? WHAT???? This is sooooo, SO bad. It should be like a 20-40k heal.Ayypapi3 2d
2d Can someone give me some advice? Been playing about 4 1/2 years. I'm an average player at best. Might be my age - been around 7+ decades. Anyhoo, Just started playing a Havoc DH and can't seem to figure out the rotation. I do okay 1v1, but multiple mobs just about wipe me, a few times they have. I keep running in to long down times with nothing to push/fight with. I've done some searching but can't find anything that helps me. I really like playing a DH and would like to get good at it. I'm a PVE player, no dungeons or raids to speak of. Too stressful on me. Edit: My DH is lvl 101.Slambang12 2d
2d Dh can't get nerfed We have one spec, everyone else has 2-3 that they can fall back on.Dashdashdash11 2d
2d Is your arena dmg high or am I? Am I crazy, Or do you guys do an insane amount of dmg in Arenas. I mean all classes have their burst, and their moments of high output, but DHs are the only class i've seen so far out damage my heals or burn me out of mana from the sheer amount of output they do. Also i've yet to see a class out dmg a DH in 2s or 3s. This isn't a complaint thread, i know you all have your weaknesses but i'm just wondering how it feels to burn so hard.Trennsic10 2d
2d M+ Tanking struggles Hey ya'll, I started tanking not too long ago and am loving it so much more on my DH than my bear. It's unbelievably fun as I'm sure you all know but I've been having struggles with anything higher than a +5 key. It seems as if healers have a very rough time handling the spike damage I can sometimes take. For example I was doing a +6 Freehold last night and we made it up to the Ring of Booty just fine. I had a disc priest as a healer 350 iLvL and it seemed as if everytime Tothrak would throw his shark and it would target the heals it was a wipe. We must have wiped 5-6 times before the healer bailed out and his reasoning was he couldn't handle the amount of spike damage incoming on himself and myself at the same time. I know it's not the best sample size but I've had no problem clearing Uldir normal as a tank and I've received gracious praise for my tanking in those but it really feels as soon as I try a mythic over +5 it becomes too much. I don't feel as if I'm under geared but maybe I'm not specced properly or I'm missing something? I've messed around with my spec a little bit and will normally take Last Resort if I'm doing any mythics higher than a +4 but I do really love Void Reaver. Sorry for the wall of text, I guess my question is if some more experienced DH tanks could take a look at my stuff and give me some tips for handling anything higher than a +5? Thank youSpongebbobb9 2d
2d BFA Demon Hunter Starting Area Tips I’m a fairly new player, been off and on for about a year, I created a demon hunter during Legion expansion and blew through the starting area, but with the stat squish in BFA expansion, I found it A Lot more difficult when I created a new one, which I actually enjoyed. It took me a minute to figure out some of the mechanics on the mini bosses through out the starting area to beat them especially that annoying inquisitor before you leave the lowest floor of the fault of the wardens. So I decided to post this guide to help save some players who are new to the class starting area some time. Note: I will only go over the ones that I actually died on because I feel a few bosses are already simple to deal with, but if you have questions on ones I did not mention feel free to ask. 1st - King Voras - I made the mistake of ignoring the eggs that he spawns during the fight, be sure to quickly destroy all 6 eggs as they are spawned throughout the fight & you shouldn’t have a problem dealing with them. 2nd - Name? - I can’t remember the boss’ name but you fight this imp mother when retrieving the secret tome from her. The first few times I fought her i made the mistake of casting interrupt when she was casting “Gaseous Breath.” The only way I realized that I should let her is because one time she casted it I didn’t interrupt her in time, then 4 imps spawned, which is a godsend because they will be your health pots when fighting her, once i realized this I didn’t have a problem defeating her. 3rd - Kethrazor - It took almost all my gear durability to figure out how to beat this annoying inquisitor, so of course you need to alternate between interrupting & dodging his cast, now he also spawns two types of floating eyes, the first eye is fairly low threat just stay out of the fire that they drop, the tricky part is when the second floating eyes are spawned, they lock onto you with a purple beam & make their way to you, DO NOT let them get close, they hit like a truck, what you need to do is to use their eye beam & throw glaive on them, save those two abilities for those floating eyes throughout the fight, if they’re both on cd, just run from them with fel rush until your abilities are off cd, or if they have low enough hp run through them with fel rush, and when they die they drop soul fragments effectively replenishing your health, so in this particular fight a lot is going on, you need to constantly be putting pressure on the inquisitor, staying out of the fire, killing/running from purple eyes, & avoid hitting the random mobs that are spawning off to the side of the fight well i hope this “short” guide helps new DH players, also if you would like to know what i used, i just speced havoc with blind fury & immolation aura, & used the sword tip trinket for extra dps... i’m not a pro just enjoy more challenging content than the usual “i’m a god, die before me mortals” type gameplayGnodaweh0 2d
2d DH changes/leveling Hows it going. Is DH worth leveling with how BfA has gone? I have put off leveling him assuming nerfs were going to come-but it doesn't seem they are. I have had a hard time finding my niche in Beta for azeroth with the constant changes to PvP and PvE and I just wanna find a class I can stick with that's steady. Opinions all welcome, thanks all and happy hunting!Zophem8 2d
2d Funny fel rush bugs So everyone who has played a dh for long enough had come across the variable distance bug(?) for fel rush. What are your funniest moments when it went wrong? My raid pulled big on Zul heroic trash this week and to escape the knockback at the stairs I fel rushed through the mob.... Something tagged me in the movement and sent me into hyper space...... I jumped into light speed and re-emerged in Zul's bubble (that's what... 50ish yards from the edge and another 20-30 to the stairs?)Viscari4 2d
2d Demon Hunters seem too strong? This isn't a troll thread. I realize my Hunter isn't geared just yet but I've noticed this across a few characters at different ilevels. To me it feels as if Demon Hunters don't really have a negative at the moment. Tons of mobility, high self healing, high damage, defensive cool downs and cleave. I could definitely be wrong, so I'd like to hear it from a DH perspective if anyone would like to chime in. What classes do you have trouble with or see as your weaknesses? If there are weaknesses I definitely don't know them well enough to exploit.Omnixxide8 2d
2d Pvp Stat Priority? Havoc DH what the stat priority is that I should be aiming for?Reitdot22 2d
3d Gnome/Orc Demon Hunters Do you guys think they'd be better racially than what we have now? Considering Orcs are so stun resistant and have that trinket they could use during Eyebeam, and Gnomes could break roots which DH are fairly weak against? As for why both would work... Back in BC, there was a quest where you stopped a gnome from becoming a Demon Hunter, stopping Illidan from getting a whole new race of Demon Hunters to add to his army. It was an experiment to see if other races could become DHs, and if it wasn't for the player it would've worked. As for Orcs, they were already demon blood infused at one point. I could see some deciding to turn back to that, but with them in control of the demon, not the other way around. (honestly I don't know what horde race would work besides Orcs for a DH, and you'd need to keep the races equal between both factions.) If anyone has anything they'd like to add, or say how other races could work as DH, lets hear it.Lightvoìd5 3d
3d Some of the "meta" talents for tank seem bad Abyssal strike is a must for PvP, but in raids? Why? Fallout - best in the tier but still bad for raiding. Low proc chance and most of the time your only hitting one target. Flame crash seems terrible to me. Sigil of flame does absolutely NO damage single target. I prefer felblade. Fracture is top for sure, but i don't love it. Feed the demon should be a built in passive. Spirit bomb is overrated, but I do agree it's the best for mythic+. Don't see how it's any good for raid bosses. Last resort is terrible due to the long CD. Void reaver is also terrible due to the low dmg mitigation.Ayypapi4 3d
3d Vengeance feels really squishy. I know the spec has always been very spiky, health-wise, but this week's M+ modifiers made me feel extra vulnerable. Is +10 just kinda rough on DHs in general, or is there something I'm missing? I am currently prioritizing Versatility above anything else, and Mastery below everything else. I understand how to play the spec, but I'm wondering if I should switch to Soul Barrier instead of Last Resort. It seems like that would compete for orbs with Soul Bomb though. Really, I just wish Fiery Brand had a shorter cooldown and effect. Is it just me with these issues?Thalea29 3d
3d Health Prediction Weak Aura Heyo, I'm relatively new to Vengeance, mainly using it to farm quick heroics when the tank bag is up, or to run guildies through mythics to gear them up. I do want to get into pushing higher keys, but I'm finding that I am not using spirit bomb at the most opportune times. I pretty much use it whenever I have 5 stacks, without regard to possible healing. I've searched wagio and the forums for something, but I either didn't find anything I liked, or didn't find anything at all. Does anyone have a weak aura that will track the predicted healing from a 5pt spirit bomb based on damage taken in the past 5 seconds? Thanks!Cinderflame4 3d
3d Demon Hunter starting zone is nearly impossible to complete solo The stat squish made it extremely difficult to solo the "bosses" of this area. I died about 20 times trying to beat the same boss solo. The last few tries was a perfect rotation and interrupts.Zethkal6 3d
3d Been watching arena tournament So yeah been watching arena tournament and a question just popped into my head. "Why are there still no dh nerfs"?Tydiannis17 3d
4d Vengeance Talent Discussion So in the top raid parses for both Damage and Healing for Vengeance Demon Hunters, certain talents have 95%-100% representation. Blizzard; you removed talent trees and implemented this current talent model to remove "Cookie Cutter Specs" but it's now worse than it ever was. Abyssal Strike is used on almost 100% of top Uldir Parses Fallout is used on => 97% of top Uldir Parses Flame Crash is used on => 97% of top Uldir Parses Fracture is used on => 97% of top Uldir Parses Spirit Bomb is used on => 98% of top Uldir Parses I have tried changing talents frequently, most weeks on Heroic and Mythic kills/attempts always taking the above mentioned skills in the end. Anything but the above skills is just as survivable as the 'normal build' but does much less damage. Ways to improve some skills that would be a lot of fun to actually play with but are so un-optimal that using them is a detriment to survival and performance. Agonizing Flames - For this row it would be nice to have 1 solid damage option, 1 solid survival option, and 1 movement speed/utility option. Where switching to one of the others has a solid impact in said category. Fix - Add a damage reduction while active. Razor Spikes - Increase the Phys Damage a bit, mostly a PVP talent due to the slow which is fine. Feast of Souls - This talent heals for a pathetic amount. It is thematic, and sounds like a perfect ability for a tank. I want to use it, but heals for nothing. For my current gear it heals for 5,724 damage. Last night I was trying it on Vectis and it had a close to 99% uptime during the non Liquefy phase and it did an average of 6.6% of my healing. Consume soul on the other hand heals for 8.8k per soul, and > 33% of my healing. This makes Fallout not only the best damage option, but the best rotation smoothing and healing option for even single target fights. Fix - Increase the heal, make multiple presses add to the amount like ignite. This way pressing it multiple times feels good and not wasteful. Burning Alive - Increase the damage done. Charred Flesh - If this is supposed to be a pure damage talent, increase the value to put it inline with Flame Crash on single target. Or to make it a defensive option make it extend the duration of Fiery Brand. Felblade - I really want to be able to use this. It feels fun to press, is a gap closer and it is easy to overcap pain if you want to use it on cooldown. Fix - Increase damage to put it in line with Flame Crash single target and change the pain generation to over a few seconds. Soul Rending - Was great in Legion, this got the nerf hammer hard. Increase the amount of leech given. Feed the Demon - Increase the amount to 0.75-0.9 seconds would make this very desirable. Sigil Row is pretty balanced, Quickened Sigils could be increased to 25% CDR and it would be in line. Gluttony - It was great as an artifact talent in Legion. It's just not consistent enough to be good. Increase the RPPM to around 30-40 seconds. Fel Devastation - Oh man I want this to be good. It is so fun. It's Eye Beam for Vengeance. Currently 1 minute of Spirit Bombing, SB does 66K damage, this does 20k. Fix - Quadruple the damage if you stay stationary. Increase to 5-6 seconds and allow to use while moving while keeping the current damage per second. This should be a huge burst option DPS/Heal where SpB is consistent damage / smoothing. And the healing should be enough to sustain you through heavy pressure by itself. The last row is really solid. Void Reaver could use a couple % increase. I was using Soul Barrier on Mythic Vectis progression last night and SB was healing for 10.8% of the damage I took, meaning VR should reduce around ~10% to be competitive. On top of these changes, some other fixes for Vengeance could be Add another Demon Spikes charge or reduce the recharge to around 17 seconds again. Increase Demonic Wards value to reduce all incoming damage. Easy band-aid fix, but would help a lot. Increase Soul Cleave heal and damage. Currently it's a wet noodle. Make fracture baseline. Shear play-style feels horrible and slow. Make SpB baseline. It's been the best talent in it's row for a long time, its fun, makes the rotation better and is super thematic. Give us another Defensive CD. Outside of talents and Active Mitigation - Blood has 4 Defensive moves, Guardian has 2 Defensive moves (3 if you count Frenzied Regeneration) (also needs another, how about Rage of the Sleeper?), Protection Paladin has 7 Defensive moves, Protection Warrior has 4 Defensive moves, Monk has 5-6 depending if you count Purifying brew. Demon Hunter has only 2 and Metamorphosis is a pretty week 'shield wall' considering it only works on physical damage reduction. Thanks, Zili.Zilidan12 4d
4d Unbound Chaos/Glaive Throw (Havoc) rework The Unbound Chaos azerite talent is a good concept with poor implementation. My general experience across MMOs is that major damage shouldn't be tied to movement skills except for skills that specifically move you to a target enemy (Warrior charges). Side note: The Momentum talent (extra damage buff for using Vengeful Retreat) is another example of a badly designed, awkward mechanic that forces players into dangerous maneuvers. See 3.6.2 of the Havoc rotation guide on Icy Veins. Movement skills should generally only be used as gap closers, escapes, or dodging. Tying any form of major damage to them is bad design and promotes dangerous maneuvers that can get a raid wiped in some cases. -- Fel Rush/Unbound Chaos has numerous design problems: The distance rushed is highly variable. Sometimes it travels 30 yards, other times it outright fails to move. This can be deadly in raid fights with a limited platform as you could fall off the platform and die if Fel Rush arbitrarily decided to launch you 30 yards. The obvious solution is to put a standard hard-limit on the horizontal distance - WHY isn't that in there already? The other problem is that Unbound Chaos doesn't have any predictable rules for the AoE blast. Sometimes it occurs at the start of the charge, sometimes at the end, sometimes on a random enemy in the area. Random skills like this are generally poor design. Forcing Fel Rush into the Havoc rotation promotes a dangerous and awkward play style with random unintended pulls. -- ... Now there's Glaive Throw, a skill weak enough to be largely irrelevant. Right now it does roughly 40% of Chaos Strike damage on paper, with a cooldown equal to Blade Dance. Except that Glaive Throw is physical damage so it usually does lower damage than Chaos Strike even if you hit 3 enemies. When you're fighting single-target (ST) or even 2 enemies, Glaive Throw isn't worth a GCD. How to fix Glaive Throw and Unbound Chaos at the same time: Increase Glaive Throw base damage to 90% of Chaos Strike as physical. which should bring its total damage down to 70% of Chaos Strike after armor. This makes Glaive Throw definitely worth using in any AoE context, although Chaos Strike remains superior in every way for ST damage except if you need a ranged attack or you run out of fury. Change Unbound Chaos to trigger off Glaive Throw instead of Fel Rush, decrease its damage 20-30% to make up for the extra convenience and relatively lower cooldown. Unbound Chaos will trigger off the first enemy hit, which makes this worth a GCD for ST damage if you have Unbound Chaos.Xoraenoth4 4d
4d DH 2 Spec is a problem We are gonna need a 3rd spec, this is why not many players want to play a DH is because how very little the class has to offer. Only has one DPS spec which also has very small amounts of abilities to use or either play as a tank and that is already a minority of the players in the game. Even knowing that Havoc right now is pretty damn strong and will definitely get nerfed, but how can you nerf a spec that only has one option to choose to play as a DPS? After the nerf no one will play DH and a very few players would only stay or play as Vengeance, to those who like to play DPS would be forced to play as another class or play as a weakened class which no one wants to. That being said, I have an idea for another spec for DH this time it should be ranged. Fel/Shadow Reaper - A Warscythe/Warglaive wielding class that mainly uses Chaos magic, Fel and Shadow magic, has weapon or glaive throwing abilities enchanted with fire and magic, making gateways and dark portals. Take Allari for example ( shes a Demon Hunter, wields a scythe, seen to have used Soul or Shadow magic, she is a perfect example of this spec. some neat artwork ideas how they can look thematically 4d
5d Haste/mastery vs crit/versatility Which combo is better for DH?Ayypapi8 5d
5d Why do so many people despise Demon Hunters? We're cute, cuddly - one could say...dare I say - squishy.Lemontea32 5d
5d Help with logs Hi guys, just curious if I could get some constructive feedback on my raid performance. I'm putting out okay damage but my parses tell me I'm leaving a lot on the table. Any help would be appreciated. 5d
5d Warglaives? Do they not hand out warglaives as quest rewards in BFA content? I am not very impressed with using these ugly @ss 1h axes/swords I have gotten so far :(Thuum9 5d
5d Vengeance Soul Fragment Problems A couple of things that are really annoying. 1) Depending on the random placement of soul fragments, sometimes they get used if I move the slightest bit. Since movement is unavoidable while tanking properly, it really ticks me off when I use 3 soul fragments just rotating around the mobs and it screws up my rotation. Also happens sometimes just infernal striking in place. 2) Underwater combat. This is super broken. Both soul fragments and infernal strike want to hit ground which makes half my rotation unusable while underwater. I know this doesn't happen a lot, but is just annoying AF when it does.Evillyn22 5d
5d Fel Rush/Jump DC bug Is anyone else also still experiencing these disconnects? They're especially noticeable on Ashmane's Fall arena and it can either be triggered by my double jump(second jump usually while getting rooted) or fel rushConditionerx6 5d