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2h How bad is Havoc in bfa? Is there a Hope? Do you think the class design will get better? Should I stay in my warrior and throw my DH into the trash can?Tannatoz15 2h
3h Is my gear too low for Closing the Eye? I tried about 10 times and kept dying in arcane phase. I've beaten it with a few other characters so I know the mechanics but I was at the mercy of RNG for heals. Is there anything I can do besides more dps?Myrodronys6 3h
9h Am I the only one who... Hates turning into Illidan every time we pop Meta? The class is a lot of fun, love Havoc play style. But it's dumb that Veng gets a unique demon model for Meta but havoc is just an Illidan copy/paste. Really wish they'd have given Havoc an equally unique model. What we have is like a DK turning into Arthas every time they pop Pillar of Frost.Sivran6 9h
16h Demon Hunters SUCK at PvP in BFA Blizz Please balanceRaveñ3 16h
17h Netherlight Crucible I have a question concerning which trait on the Netherlight Crucible is best for the demon hunter: fortification, master of shadows, or infusion of light? I primarily play as a Havoc DH.Goliathbezwi1 17h
23h Rate my transmog Scale from 1 to 10Almer1 23h
1d Good Demon Hunter Names? I am creating a night elf demon hunter on Stormrage and I need a good name. Any suggestions?Bloodrain107 1d
1d Demon Hunter Flight I'd like to reopen the conversation on allowing Demon Hunters a flight ability that might operate similar to Worgen's "Running Wild". Previously, the devs had commented that they had considered it, but that ultimately they felt it did not fit with the theme of Demon Hunters and mentioned that even the most powerful Demon Hunters were only capable of gliding. These statements seem unreasonable following the way they handled Demon Hunters throughout Legion. Whenever a Demon Hunter would aid the player in the Broken Isles, they would swoop in from the sky and then launch away with their wings. Illidan, in the Cathedral of Eternal Night, "takes to the skys" to fight the felbats in the air as we battle the second to last boss. It seems that lore and theme are no longer good enough reasons not to have this feature. I do not believe that this would cause any balance issues, as Demon Hunters could have a standard cast time (possibly involving a badass take off animation) and we have seen success in a player flight form in druids. It seems to me, that this could be a very cool and fun addition with no real drawback. Additionally, another interesting feature for Demon Hunters might have the added benefit of attracting more players to the class as we are currently the least played class if I remember correctly.Jesbro0 1d
1d Demon Hunter class trainer/proving ground Google is being extremely unhelpful: IS there a demon hunter class trainer available during prepatch? -Why do I want the class trainer? Proving grounds -Why the fudge do you want to do PG? Because I'm a masochist.Wulm8 1d
2d Dh are way less dark than they sould be most of you will disagree... but when i look at illidan since w3 to his fight at bc and mythic version of guldan... illidan as the original demon hunter, most of the aspects he did got because of his demonic form is the dark magic... even when he is at his full power he unleashed that pure dark energy and start fighting with that, in bc it was the demon within phase... and he did the same in guldan fight...not only that but he could also summon dark minions to fight alongside him...and he used way less fel magic than dark magic... now back to the dh we got... the only dark magic stuff we got is the defensive darkness which to be fair (dh defensives are worse versions of rogue defensives cds, blur is a worst version of evade and darkness is a way worst version of cloack of shadows) the only ranged spell thing we got is fel lance which IS A PVP TALENT... In bfa we gonna get dark slash as a talent... to be honest this skill is boring, of course its helps a lot in dps...but i dont care about dps right now, the animation is disapointing... the least blizzard could have done was giving us a dark or fel ranged spell to replace throw glaive, both would be similar, but at least the ranged spell is more fun, makes way more sense since our glaives are not boomerangsDarklordmira4 2d
2d DH Everywhere? Kind of trivial of me, but I really don't like being 1 of 5 dhs in a raid or 3 of 5 dhs in a dungeon. I like to feel unique and not like I'm the same as the other players. That being said, I really enjoy DH. But that part of me that doesn't want to be the same as every other player won't allow me to play it if that's the case. Basically long story short do you think there will be an overload of DHs in BFA? Being a hero class and the popularity this xpac I'd just like others opinion. Maybe a stupid post, but thanks anyway folks!Cormag19 2d
2d Fel Caster spec Some people have said that having a ranged DH spec wouldn't fit the lore, however, after watching the WoW movie for like, the 100th time, I had a look at some of Medivh's abilities, and how he was being slowly taken over by the Fel, and started using it to defeat his enemies (like in the forest scene where he life-drains a bunch of orcs). If we learnt how to become havoc/vengeance Demon hunters from the demons, why can't we learn how to cast Fel magic like Gul'dan or Medivh? It kinda feels like the lore isn't really completed without the ability to fully control the Fel, but that's my opinion. Thoughts?Noldoor5 2d
3d havoc is easier than WW monk in BfA? I have always played heals, but looking to dps in the next xpac as a beginner dps is it a good idea to play havoc demon hunter or take the time to learn ww... only plan to dps next xpac no need for a healing spec but im worried i'll struggle with the DH.Haze7 3d
3d Last Blue Post here was Oct 18th 2016 Just FYI, The last time Blizz posted in this sub-forum was October 18th 2016 (currently page 70 of these forums). We're at over 1 1/2 year of no response right now. Oh and that reply? It was them telling us they are looking into something and they will update us later.Korashy3 3d
3d Increased fury cap I did a quick scan and didn't see a thread made already. I hopped on beta to look at the fdk changes and decided to see if they made any changes on dh. Fury cap is now up to 120. The dh is still 110, no azerite gear. Just thought I'd let yall know since I've seen a few people talk about the 100 cap fury.Iyzebel2 3d
4d Feedback on how DH should work Ok, first of all Blizzard, you need to understand class fantasy. No More Metamorphosis. It's a feat achieved by Illidan after absorbing Gul'dan head who was a WARLOCK. And there isn't Gul'dan for every Demon Hunter. Instead give DHs something like that turns their skin color. And give Metamorphosis back to demolocks while they're at it. Mobility. I do get leather users should be mobile but DHs are literally ferrari. I think they should increase base movespeed and remove fel rush. Let's also mention that it has bad habit of disconnecting players out of game. Rotation. I don't think they should have insane burst but rather sustained damage. And that throw gloves and chaos barrage should nt deal that lot damage for a melee class. They're actually always top dmg in fact. RANGED INTERRUPTvALSO FFS WHY? I didn't come here to rage if it look like it but the intention is feedback. Thank youDotbringer29 4d
4d Looking for mogs relating to non fel fire Hey! So like the title says, I'm trying to create a mog around the mage tower appearance that doesn't incorporate fel fire and instead is just using normal fire (since I can't seem to get anyone to finish Heroic ToS...) I looked up some previous older threads and mog threads but I was wondering if anyone else had some good ideas for items I could get and most of them were things I've already had equipped or were just red/orange in theme. Anyone got any good suggestions?Mylphos0 4d
4d Forgefiends for M+ Hey gang So I got a 970 scourgewing, 960 shadowsinged fang and a 970 forgefiends for my trinkets The forgefiend Simms far, far, far higher then all in a beastlord which would make me assume its best for M+, except like a Upper Kara, but I don't seem to get any boost from it, am I just using it completely wrong or do the simms not reflect for the M+ It also has the shadow fang slightly ahead of the scourge wing for aoe, but I still feel like the scourgewing is betterSherlong4 4d
4d DH weak in pvp ? I know tuning still needs to happen but DH feels very weak in pvp based on their kit and talents. Over the last two weeks I have been doing testing and it's very hard to beat anyone 1vs1 in wpvp . In BFA I plan to be in war mode 24/7, I wanted to main DH but I may need to reconsider. My hope is they feel a little stronger with the pre-made 120's later in beta.What has your experiences been like ?Choppaface26 4d
4d Demon Hunter doesn't show up as a class I just tried to make a new Demon Hunter and it isn't appearing as an option for any race, alliance or horde, night elf or blood elf. I already have a demon hunter on both factions. Is there a limit to one on each side or is this a bug? Anyone else having this issue?Stormwroth9 4d
5d Rate my transmog Scale from 1 to 10Almer2 5d
5d Vengeance Mage Tower So I did this last night, is the tank Mage tower just more difficult or am I just not good at tanking. Took probably about 40-50 tries. I wasn't using drums but the last pull I did and then I got it. I did 2 other ones yesterday and got them in like 4-5 tries combined but that one was just pretty hard to deal with everything. Just curious if I was missing something I thought I was just going to fly through it at 950.Ravenous13 5d
5d What's the future of Warglaives? I imagine there will be DH class sets in all future expansions. But with our artefacts gone, does this mean we will actually pick up "new" warglaives and swap them out like normal weapons? It's the class' signature weapon. Or will we do something else, like pick up a pair of einhander swords sometime?Kakotychía3 5d
5d Havoc/ chaos build bfa Hi, I have a question for the beta testers, I am going to main my dh havoc and was wonder is there something similar to the chaos blades/nem build. If so will it be decent, be the fast paced ( or at least similar to it) and have alittle bit of burst it use to haveVelnas6 5d
6d Sigil Macros - player or cursor 1-click You can create macros to cast your sigils instantly, without taking Concentrated Sigils talent. /cast [@player][]Sigil of Flame ^drops it on you with one click /cast [@cursor][]Sigil of Flame ^drops it wherever your mouse pointer is, with one click /cast [mod:shift,@cursor][nomod:shift,@player][]Sigil of Flame ^Drops it on your cursor if you hold shift, drops it at your feet if you don't hold shift. I personally use this one. If you are only taking Concentrated Sigils cause you wanted them to drop at your feet, then use those macros (change Sigil name as needed) and take the Quickened Sigils talent instead. Or Sigil of Chains if you prefer that. However, still use Concentrated Sigils if you want the extra 2 seconds of Sigil. Personally I prefer the option to place them wherever I want if needed (with shift), and the shorter cooldowns. Most of the time you will be dropping Sigils right at your feet, so this makes that much more smooth - while still retaining the ability to select a different Sigil location (by holding shift) when needed. You can change the Sigil name as needed for the other Sigils. These macros eliminate the need to click the ability once to bring up a targeting circle, position the target circle, then click to actually perform the ability.Ghostlike4 6d
6d What do you love best about playing a DH? As the title asks, what do you love best about playing a DH? I'm talking to those of you who at least play one other class, to which to compare it. Me? I'm so new to this class that I have trouble answering my own question--although gliding around is rather fun.Vanima10 6d
6d Fist Weapons in BFA!! Is anyone else pumped we finally get to use fist weapons in BFA? Never understood why we could equip them but not mog them in Legion. Looking forward to the best mogs in the game :D:DD:D:D:DZaethos8 6d
6d DH or fury warrior in bfa I am having tough times trying to decide between fury warrior and demon hunter for BFA. So I wonder to ask to players who have access to beta and have tried both classes. Which one is looking better for bfa in terms of gameplay? I do not Care about number nos since I know tunning Is pendingDestroyax6 6d
6d If you have bugged casting animations still disclaimer: I don't know if this will work for everyone. For the longest time probly since i went veng, I had no casting animations not even for mounting, nothing would fix it. But recently i started leveling archaeology and during my first few digs i noticed i had an animation to grab the artifacts then when i mounted it finally showed the mounting animation. so if you still have the bug, try it out and lemme knowKaizi0 6d
Jun 12 Zandalari Demon Hunter? Warlocks tread dangerous ground in dealing with demons, but Zandalari demoniacs take this one step further. Through an ancient and arcane ritual, they allow a demon to enter their being. Rather than let it possess them though, they enslave the demon from the inside, absorbing the power of the beast for their own command. It is a feat few are ever able to master. The demoniac seeks to embody power outright, not just possess it. More than one demoniac has lost a fight with a demon; with the enemies of the Zandalari threatening them, the power that a demoniac is able to unleash on the tribe's foes is worth the sacrifice. A demoniac knows that the game they play is much similar to the fall of the Gurubashi Empire, but the power unleashed is often the very thing needed for survival. The ultimate symbol of power amongst the Zandalari is the garb they wear in battle. A demoniac's robes have fused fine runecloth and devastatingly powerful mojo into a single fabric. The visage of the robe is said to instill fear into the minds of all who see it... especially the demons that the demoniac will eventually dominate.Faolyne1 Jun 12
Jun 12 My Soul Fragment WeakAura! Hey guys, I'm just posting this here for anyone to use. This is a WeakAura I made to show current Soul Fragments in a bar style display. Hopefully someone will like it and use it. You need the Weakauras2 addon for this to work. Let me know what you think! Addon: Image Preview: WeakAura String: d8ZCnaGAQewpbv1Pvzxsk1RLuK9jPKzsqHMlvOztYJj0njahwIVjfPZlf2jQAVWUfz)sf)us1WKsJJGkBJkjdLkPgSuLHljhKGIohbLCmHCCjfvlKGSujfwSuuwoPEivv6PilJk65OYejOGPQQjJIPRCrQQ6Qsr1LPCDI2ivWZiG2mvz7cvFgL(kbLAAeOVtvfJusrzSsrmAQuJxQQtsqvULuPRjuUhvI(lvLBlQFlyeHhubpgioqoRTZA7S2XaLbXaIbpOMf0mMwOIynXOdvG4djdeZX5czsCxCdurPaPn2lK(gvgiwDqwbQzbnJPPt4BG3zlOI4U42RpwwtlGaJb(UrTG6x3ZJZg472w7yGogqcdwoK60RMjtZ0G4mLNRdxAGeQ()1fGWO)o8GAwqZyAHxIZg4BbLK5xFSSMMd8rGAu3ZJZg4DvTJAfySOyUYzmRBBBmqnlOzmT)mSgOAeMBqQqHbpOvuwA4bLLQD4XWaj5mFIQchhAgiDqz4bLLQD4XWavfVAfLLgEqzPAhEmmqEfXDHeEqzPAhEmmqmNN3jkvRbEqzPAhEmmq6IOHhuwQ2HhdddK1VQKymgiegir8GpcpiMJZfYK4U4gOIsbQrDppoBGVRZOyG0g7fsFJkd0S(tQnqfXDXTxFSSMwabgd8DJAbDPB(ed5kLnJb8rGM1FsTbIQmLIZX3)M8nVg(tokKvY(CTuxPmFTob1VUNhNnW3vy1cA6JL104bLkzJdp4JarbPQtph0f2SLghgijN53GmnieiXGmT6vMUSGguTCjiXGmnqrGeLClK95(ymq7YgdgOJbefKQo9CqxyZwAD6fbYphZCdEbBbLK5xFSSMMd8rGCBhR7b(O2wqQqHbpOvuwA4bLLQD4XWaXCEENOuTg4bLLQD4XWaPdkdpOSuTdpggOQ4vROS0Wdklv7WJHbsxen8GYs1o8yyG8kI7cj8GYs1o8yyyyG3jEqmhNlKjXDXnqfLcuJ6EEC2aFxNrXaPn2lK(gvgOz9NuBGkI7IBV(yznTacmg47g1c6s38jgYvkBgd4JanR)KAdevzkfNJV)n5BEn8NCuiRK95APUsz(ADcQFDppoBGVRGXan9XYAA8GedY0Qxz6YcAq1YLGKCMFdY0GqGedY0a5euQKno8GpcefKQo9CqxyZwACyGeLClK95(ymq7YgdgOJbefKQo9CqxyZwACD65eKFoM5g8c2ckjZV(yznnh4Ja52ow3d8rTTGuHcdEqROS0Wdklv7WJHbI588orPAnWdklv7WJHbsxen8GYs1o8yyGQIxTIYsdpOSuTdpggiDqz4bLLQD4XWa5ve3fs4bLLQD4XWWWaVaXdI54CHmjUlUbQOuGAu3ZJZg476mkgiTXEH03OYanR)KAdurCxC71hlRPfqGXaF3Owqx6MpXqUszZyaFeOz9NuBGOktP4C89VjFZRH)KJczLSpxl1vkZxRtqtFSSMgpiXGmT6vMUSGguTCjijN53GmnieiXGmnqceuQKno8GpcefKQo9CqxyZwACyGeLClK95(ymq7YgdgOJbefKQo9CqxyZwACD6jqq(5yMBWlylOKm)6JL10CGpcKB7yDpWh12csfkm4bTIYsdpOSuTdpggiMZZ7eLQ1apOSuTdpggiDr0Wdklv7WJHbQkE1kkln8GYs1o8yyG0bLHhuwQ2HhddKxrCxiHhuwQ2Hhdddd8cIheZX5czsCxCdurPa1OUNhNnW31zumqAJ9cPVrLbAw)j1gOI4U42RpwwtlGaJb(UrTGU0nFIHCLYMXa(iqZ6pP2arvMsX547Ft(Mxd)jhfYkzFUwQRuMVwNG6x3ZJZg4fmgOPpwwtJhKyqMw9ktxwqdQwUeKKZ8BqMgecKyqMgibbLkzJdp4JarbPQtph0f2SLghgirj3czFUpgd0USXGb6yarbPQtph0f2SLgxNEccYphZCdEbBbLK5xFSSMMd8rGCBhR7b(O2wqQqHbpOvuwA4bLLQD4XWaXCEENOuTg4bLLQD4XWaPlIgEqzPAhEmmqvXRwrzPHhuwQ2HhddKoOm8GYs1o8yyG8kI7cj8GYs1o8yyyyGpgEqmhNlKjXDXnqfLcuJ6EEC2aFxNrXaPn2lK(gvgOz9NuBGkI7IBV(yznTacmg47g1c6s38jgYvkBgd4JanR)KAdevzkfNJV)n5BEn8NCuiRK95APUsz(ADcQFDppoBGxy1cA6JL104bjgKPvVY0Lf0GCPlbj5m)gKPbHajgKPbkgOujBC4bFeikivD65GUWMT04Wajk5wi7Z9XyG2LngmqhdikivD65GUWMT0460lgi)CmZn4fSfusMF9XYAAoWhbYTDSUh4JABbPcfg8GwrzPHhuwQ2HhddeZ55DIs1AGhuwQ2HhddKUiA4bLLQD4XWavfVAfLLgEqzPAhEmmq6GYWdklv7WJHbYRiUlKWdklv7WJHHHbExHheZX5czsCxCdurPa1OUNhNn4q3MgZvc6kbDgjORIjCoJ5u4GxxbJbsBSxi9nQmqZ6pP2ajgubnEWhb(wW7e8TGxGGVf8ccheoHZztBJfZztfORAQZM2ki86gtGyGkI7IBV(yznTacmg47g1c6s38jgYvkBgd4JanR)KAdKWlnt7venhfMmm1tCokSTsnjmL6cNJcWyUIJV1FsTX5ivZLfT5ty7(M5tOGMX0GM(yznnEqPs24Wd(iquqQ60ZbDHnBPXHbsYz(nitdcbsmitRELPllObvlxcsmitdueirj3czFUpgd0USXGb6yarbPQtph0f2SLwNEcveRjwDqMya5PlzJMUSc4DcYphZCdEb6mgOKm)6JL10CGpcKB7yDpWlWwqQqHbpOvuwA4bLLQD4XWaXCEENOuTg4bLLQD4XWaPdkdpOSuTdpggOQ4vROS0Wdklv7WJHbsxen8GYs1o8yyG8kI7cj8GYs1o8yyyyyGId(ibDgHbaZhaela5 Jun 12
Jun 12 Havoc DH level 100 rotation I am having trouble defeating Bastillax. What is the standard Havoc rotation at level 100 and for higher levels? Thank you.Omgkittens3 Jun 12
Jun 12 Rate the Transmog Above you! Someone did one of these earlier, It filled up really quickly.Demonari21 Jun 12
Jun 11 DH or rogue for BFA? I am having tough times trying to decide between rogue and demon hunter for BFA. So I wonder to ask to players who have access to beta and have tried both classes. Which one is looking better for bfa in terms of gameplay?Dotlady15 Jun 11
Jun 11 Demon Cleave DH PvP Guide Demon Hunter / Demonology Warlock / Resto Shaman Stream - Hello. I am a 2900 exp player (Warrior) 2x WoD glad. I have been attempting to get my rating up but have been struggling hard. I had been playing with below avg players just because no one else would yet but today I met two R1s a Demonology Lock and a Resto Shaman. I have also NEVER MADE A GUIDE before so please bare with me. If you have any questions I will answer them. We only qued for an Hour but went from 1.8k to 2.2k mmr real quick. I am hoping to get some good que sessions in tomorrow in order to push rating. I unfortionally did not get to play pre nerf so and I have stuck with a low performing class since. I would like to share what I learned from those games as this is the only Comp I believe is viable at higher ratings. (I heard Rogue works too but I have not tested this and honestly I am very sketchy on Demon Hunter cleaves atm). I will update this if it helps anyone. I am hoping to be one of the only Demon Hunters who was able to push to 2400 atleast post nerf with this comp so I will keep this updates. Demon Cleave Comp Strengths LARGE Aoe pressure An absurd amount of stuns Excellent consistent pressure HUGE Lock burst 3 Ranged Kicks Decent cc chains Ability to remove healers from cc Weaknesses Lackluster peels (Fear and stuns) Demon Hunter is very easily CC able Spec Against most teams I run the standard Fel Mastery Prepared Bloodlet Soul Rending Momentum Master of the Glaive Fel Barrage (This syncs up better with a Demon Lock and especially vs mages it is very good to have a ranged attack with High Damage. I might switch to Chaos Blades if the comp we are facing has little cc for me) However vs ALL DISCIPLINE PRIEST teams I run Felblade over Bloodlet. This is because if you Throw Glaive into a shield (which is very easy to do) Bloodlet does not apply. I do not know if this is a bug but It hurts so I just opt for more mobility on a mage. I have tried first blood but I am undecided if I want to use it. PvP talents Gladiator's Medallion (I have used relentless a lot and hate it with a passion. Often times 1 cc can ruin your burst and or save your target. I prefer the trinket for many situations Hardiness Solitude (This is extremely strong on DH running this comp. I have debated using Cover of Darkness vs melee cleaves but honestly Darkness is such a clunky and pretty awful defensive that I often time just stick with Solitude for Healer swaps or whenever a melee runs Reverse Magic and Eye of Leotheras I tend to use them both equally. So I will list the comps and reasoning Reverse Magic Anything with a Hunter RMP RMPAL RMD (Eye could also work here as sheeps should be hard to land) Melee Cleaves (I have not tested Unending Hatred but this might work as well just due to AOE magic spells but I am not 100% sure how many are in the game) Eye of Leotheras ANYTHING without a Mage I.E. (Lock + any melee, Shadow priest + any melee) Awaken the Demon Within Detainment (If you know the team will go you which most do not; Rain from Above will work very well. This ability makes you unhitable and does about 87k per lance and 157k with CDs Strats - I will work on this later but I am just going to type the gist of it The only comp we seem to struggle beating is RMD so this might be a soft counter. We had been trying to kill mage but we will try to kill Rogue next time and see if we have success. NEVER CHASE MISTWEAVERS just cc them (If they have no defensives and you can get them in a stun in the opener try to global them but do not bother chasing them. Every other healer is killable as long as you do not chase to much. If you have to chase a healer odds are your Lock will not be able to hard cast many spells. HIT w/e your lock can hit Melee Cleaves Honestly it does not matter which setup this is you just have to blow everything on top of Fel Lord. Stun them as much as you can and use Fury of the Illidari and Fel Barrage on top of it. This will force a ton of CDS and we have often kill with the combination of Counter Strike totem and our MASSIVE AOE damage RMP Attempt to Kick Shadow Mend. Allow your Shaman to defend himself from Poly and Fear with shears/stuns. If he gets one on him Reverse it off and Start to break the chain till he can handle it again. IF you do not need to get polys then attempt to kick Shadow Mend on priest. Kill mage or rogue with good CC chains on priest Caster + melee (NOT Including RMP, RMPAL, RMD You can pretty much kill anything here. Have your lock Banish enemy Fel Lord and just keep switching off of defensive cds)Foxfighter24 Jun 11
Jun 11 Pleeeeeeeeeeeease Don't change Havoc DH We have fun, we like how things are, we aren't OP. "If it's not broken, don't fix it"Demonari2 Jun 11
Jun 9 Havoc DH fun in BFA? I found DH Boring in legion because most of the Time i was spamming 2 buttons. Also It has been criticised By other players as well for the same. So I wonder to ask you: How Is DH in BFA beta? Still Boring? Has the gameplay been improved? I would like to know because i am thinking to retake my DH instead of my warrior for BFA. Thanks :)Mandrius20 Jun 9
Jun 9 DH vs Rogue Advice I seem to be having a lot of trouble with rogues in 1v1 situations. Between Prydaz and Will of Valeera all they have to do is kite, throw in some dps, and spam Feint with Elusiveness until they can either get a blind to sap or just vanish to sap for a full stun lock duration + cds for an unsurvivable to near unsurvivable (if crits don't line up) nuke. Even with full health, ilvl 970 + Prydaz, if I cant trinket the Stun lock I have been killed. Using the demonic build doesnt seem to give me enough bursting potential to break through their crimson vial and feint when they have Prydaz + Will of Valeera with Elusiveness. Should I be going Fel Rush, demon blades, chaos blades and nemesis instead of blind fury, demonic appetite, demonic and momentum? Even so, a semi decent rogue would just hold their blind and evasion until I pop nemesis and chaos blades. Anybody with experience fighting rogues have any suggestions? Does BfA seem any better now that the legendaries will be out of the picture?Nenu3 Jun 9
Jun 8 Demon Hunter Class Sets So all the classes in WoW have gained tons of tier sets and PvP sets over the years of WoW, and now DHs are the new class. And with the announcement that there really won't be any more "class themed sets" .... So no more DH sets? So we only get 1 expansion's worth of cool DH mogs and that's it? Pretty sad tbh. I really hope they change their minds and add more later after BfA at least, or at least go back and add DH/Monk/DK sets to all the tiers that are missing them, esp since Vanilla-bros can go play Classic anyway.Ardensolis14 Jun 8
Jun 8 Veng DH Question What Stats for Veng DH is needed and at what %? Like Versatility etc my crit is over 30% while haste etc are under 15% what do they need to be to be viable ?Valeroan1 Jun 8
Jun 8 Rate that demon hunter transmog Ignore the fact that I'm a gnome monk, I still have a warglaive and a demon hunter transmog. Just pretend that I'm a really short elf.Ponychop103 Jun 8
Jun 8 Azurite traits stack? So, I was very happy to see the azurite traits which buff eyebeam and sync well with Demonic playstyle in BFA from our T21 set (furious gaze) and Artifact Trait (eyes of rage). Eyes of Rage - Eye Beam deals an additional (Blind Fury 180) 120 damage. Consuming a Soul Fragment reduces the cooldown of Eye Beam by 1.0 sec. AND Furious Gaze - When Eye Beam finishes fully channeling, your Haste is increased by 0 for 8 sec. (not sure how much haste this is will be...) So my question is, if you have multiple azurite armor pieces with the trait Eyes of Rage, for example, you have two pieces with that trait available, would that mean for each orb you collect you decrease the eyebeam cooldown 2 sec? If so, that would be pretty amazing.Zaryssah1 Jun 8
Jun 7 Deleting a Demon Hunter Hi, just made a demon hunter and send him some mail, but I made a mistake in its name. Now when I try to delete him it says he has mail. I had read somewhere that they allowed DH to be deleted even with mail because to my knowledge, its impossible to read your mail in Mardum So, am I sttuck playing a 2-3 hours scenario to delete my character? I certainly hope notTarkha1 Jun 7
Jun 7 BFA Demonic vs Momentum So with BFA coming up soon, it seems we will have a couple more options in our playstyle. My question to you all here is this: Do you think the momentum build will still be pretty popular, or do you think that maybe a demonic build might shine? With changes to eye beam being on a lower CD and having dark slash too, I can see it working really well together, and maybe even throw soul Rending in too. I’d like to know what you guys think, for both PvE and PvP!Starwindsky3 Jun 7
Jun 7 Can Havoc solo nighthold? Found out I can solo heroic skorpyron yesterday and im curious if anyone has soloed the entire instance on normal using demonic build?Dashdashdash5 Jun 7
Jun 7 Wanna hear a joke? Havoc dh in bfa(pvp) AHAHAHHAHAHAHZHAHAHHAHAHZHZJZ im sad...Herpop3 Jun 7
Jun 6 Vengenace tanking specialty? So what do DH tanks have got going for them outside of fantastic mobility. I managed to easily do the Kruul challenge but it seems like Vengeance is the easiest challenge since several mechanics are outright trivialized by the mobility and glide of DH. Whats our shtick? Blood DKs have best self heals, monks have constant mitigation, Pallies are ???, Warriors are good and reliable while bears are just OP but boring as !@#$ to play.Emberosia9 Jun 6
Jun 6 DH Potential Allied Races Hello all! As there are only two races currently available to DH, do you feel the need more races? What allied races would you like to see added that may be able to be DH? I personally find it a bit silly that, given the fact allied races start at level 20 with absolutely no intro zone/starting area, Nightborne and Void Elves can't be DHs. They could just start at 98 or 100 instead of 20 and be at the embassy like same way all other allied races do. The endgame of the DHs isn't to destroy the legion anymore. It's to protect Azeroth. And some void elves and nightborne, given their affinity for magic and natural agility, may be attracted to their way of fighting. I think it makes sense. But alas...opportunity missed, and we're still pigeonholed. =( Maybe broken draenei? Naga even (though I doubt they'd ever happen). Would love to know your thoughts, to give me some hope for the future of this amazing class' diversity. =) Peace!Vathramor22 Jun 6