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7m Bulwark of the Iron Warden Drop rate does anyone know what the drop rate on this thing is? I'm just wondering because I've been grinding for this thing for like a solid month now and I still haven't seen it appear.Chilayllenn166 7m
16m Havoc Builds Suggestion Please Alright I am currently running 232X333. I am going to be getting into raiding here soon. This build is very comfortable for me for its playstyle. I have simmed via mr.robot the various builds that I have seen here and through Icy veins but every time I do... my current set-up runs higher DPS. So my question is are the builds that much different that I am going to hinder my raid by running this build? I am trying to learn, haven't done much work with simulators (other than trying out the different builds), theroycrafting or anything of the sort. We've all started somewhere and I guess I am starting YEARS behind the power curve. Yes I am a hybrid gamer... I click my dps buttons with my mouse, but hotkey all non-dps buttons and macros to my keyboard. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance for your time.Warcrown14 16m
31m Last Resort Bugged? Used this in NH and M+ CoS and noticed that it just wasn't going off or being put on CD. Anyone else experiencing this?Bladeweaver0 31m
49m please help me with my dps please help me with my dps idk what I'm doing wrong but my single target dmg is bad 49m
57m Change the Demonic nerf like this Please for the love of god don't make Momentum a requirement for raiding again. Leave it optional. "Eye Beam now only extends the duration of Metamorphosis once, with the Demonic talent." I agree that this was being abused in mythic+ but this nerf makes the arguably most fun build I've ever played on a melee character in wow in over 10 years, not raid viable. This is a problem. It'd be better to change demon reborn, the head legendary, eye beam and/or soul fragments than to implement this. Lets face it, despite the absolute hatred most players have for momentum bliz is making that a required talent now. if Momentum wasn't the #1 damage build the number of DHs would more than double. Demonic was a fun alternative and already parsed 5-10% lower single target at best, on top of lacking any significant burst. This nerf completely destroys the build on a single target encounter. Truthfully the nerf should of been the legendary head piece which was allowing the cheese not on the talent. Drop the legendary head peice to .1% or limit it to a ppm, something like 15ppm possible maximum instead of every tic on every target hit. that and move demon reborn or change demon reborn. Hate to suggest this one but maybe even make it so eyebeam's CD can't be reduced so much that you can cast it more than 3 times per minute. there are many other avenues but don't destroy the thing that made demonic viable in single target. Momentum is unhealthy for raiding in the hands of anyone who isn't capable of really mastering it. many try and many die or have too much down time. I'm not pointing fingers, some love it and are great at it and that is ok. but demonic was the alternative, it was the next best thing, it is more fun and safer for noobs. not making fun of noobs, but the self healing combined requiring far less movement makes ideal for beginners. And the advanced techniques of the resource management created and moderate skill ceiling that encouraged players to be skillful in their use of abilities and plan what they are going to do rather than just push whatever they can. please revert this change and fix the actual problem of the AOE making the build OP. The only if this nerf becomes permanent and the build gets buffed to compensate for the single target sustained damage it's loosing I honestly don't know where to buff it. nearly anything that'd be buffed would break the aoe again or affect other builds. please revert the nerf and fix the root of the problem, the aoe interaction. don't just throw this nerf like a bucket of water on an electrical fire. that's not what needs to happen.Wardlaw28 57m
1h Delusions of Grandeur I just looted my second legendary and received the new shoulders "Delusions of Grandeur". My questions is, do these shoulders work more synergistically with a certain spec? If so, which spec would gain the most benefit from the shoulders? **I currently have "Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnus Opus" and "Delusions of Grandeur" equipped. ** *** Current spec: 2223321 *** Thanks for the help!Pixelated3 1h
1h Is AotHG still worth it? I don't have the ring, but during any fight I'm either fury starved or fury flooded depending on procs from Fel Blade and Demon Blades. With the tier bonus, I can see it smoothening out slightly. The ring doesn't fix the proc chance of either Fel or Demon Blades, and it seems like the extra fury would either go wasted if you are getting decent procs or just be terrible with no procs. At this point, should the ring just be changed to increase the chance of Demon Blades proccing and have Demon's Bite strike twice per use?Typheous11 1h
2h Damn Cheerios Just smashed me in 2s FeelsBadHuggerino9 2h
4h Vengeance Questions #1000 I know this has been posted a lot... But since the changes, what has Vengeance stat priority become? Also, what seems to be the best Mythic+ Talent build mostly? I've only really focused havoc, so I suckle at Vengeance if anyone has some pointers.Legionz2 4h
4h Legendary Options So I have the chest, Achor, both rings, AOTG and sephuz and just got the new trinket at 940, kiljadens wish....I'm using the trinket and AOTG ring....sound bout right to you all? Or would you use a different set. Look at me profile and lemme know ;) also...what happened to the rumors of a 3rd legendary equippable?Shaurè3 4h
4h Eye Beam/Demonic Stat Prio Basically the title. Is it mastery>haste>vers>crit now for this build? I'm enjoying playing dh alot more with this spec, just not sure what the status priority is with always casting eyebeam. Any input would be great. Thanks!Runthetrain3 4h
4h Fighting Krosus Anyone else getting mini heart attacks while fighting Krosus? Felblade puts you on the very edge sometimes and scares the crap out of me everytime. Sadly, I must admit that I may have accidentally VR off the edge and into the water. :-(. Anyone else got stories to share on this fight?Whiteknightd20 4h
4h Convergence of Fates I just got this out of a box with timewalking. Is it any good for Demon Hunters?Eldrethana2 4h
4h The Nerf was too much... GG blizz You took a extremely OP class and made it extremely weak. Mana break is a joke and does nothing, you nerfed EVERY ability we have including autoattack (wtf), why don't you just delete this class already? *EDIT* - This post is in reference to PVP First Blood's additional damage in PvP situations has been reduced to 100% additional damage (was 200%). Mana break nerf down to 5% from 15% Thanks blizz for all these silent nerfs that's not even in the hotfix patch notes. Clearly there's no intention to balance this class for PVP. ...Enforcerxx9 4h
5h Vengeance in dungeons So I heard vengeance got buffed, how has it been so far, for you demon hunters, mainly care about mythic + dungeons.Thunderhit8 5h
5h So rain from above? I assume most are taking this vs a team with a stun right? Haven't really been playing much this past week, hit a bad streak and just got tilted. Higher rated players how are you guys talenting? 2-2-3-2-3-1-1?Huggerino7 5h
5h Rofl Demon hunter burst Demon hunter burst in 2200 arena. 5h
6h Ninja nerfed eyebeam/demonic builds? Eye Beam is no longer adding extra time to Meta...Felhellsing33 6h
6h demonic nerf, reasonable nerf? It is reasonable nerf but bit wrong again without raddon on single target, meta could go up to 54 sec with demon reborn talent now it toed down to 46 second just because we can only refresh with eye beam only once during meta blizzard assume ppl using demon reborn+demonic, but they failed to assume that there is weapon trait that soul fragment reduces eyebeam cdr by 5 sec and demonic appetite on top of that with demonic reborn, eye beam can be cast twice during duration of meta no matter how !@#$ty lucky u r if they want to make ppl use demonic reborn with demonic cuz they are working well each other, they should tweak number of meta refresh by twice instead of once. It is not bad still, but now we have about 20 second ish that cannot use eyebeam even though it came back on cdr. we have to wait till meta duration runs out then cast eyebeam which is kinda weird i do not want a lot from blizzard but please consider and test before nerf something. This nerf just shows that you guys did not test jack sh1t about demonic build but just op legendary synergy. pst. I do not considered about demon hunters running around m+ with 3min meta duration from casting eyebeam. thats just purely retarded and needed to be removed (obviously, i will love it but do we want to break the game?). so that any kind of comment about infinite meta with raddon i won't care about it. i rather talk about it in the other posts because im focusing on demonic build play style without legendary.Azumma4 6h
6h Twisting Nether not resetting For all of this month I have had serious issues with the daily nether boss not resetting. It seems almost every other day it does not reset for me... I already caved and did pvp for the red skin for my bulwark but I would like to get the green skin as well for transmog. Half the time I log in after work to take care of dailies I find I cannot summon the nether boss. Can we get a fix or an explanation on this? The drop rate is already terrible and when I can't summon the boss 1/3 or more of the days I play it gets frustrating.Flamebourne0 6h
6h Stat priorty for dh Whats the stat priorty now for dh im currently crit 45% haste 5% mast 23% vers 7%Bucknastey7 6h
6h Eye Beam and Metamorphisis. I'd really like to get a reply from this because I'm not sure if it is intended or not. At the moment, using Eye Beam in conjunction with the Demonic talent will either put you in Meta for 8 seconds or add 8 seconds to Meta if you're already in Meta. The issue I have come across is if you eye beam and go into meta form (because of the Demonic talent) then immediately eye beam again because of the legendary helmet/eating souls, it will not add to the duration of the proc'd meta. I would really just like to know if this is intended and, if it is intended, why?Duxe13 6h
7h Felblade + Blade Turning M+ Numbers Wanted to quantify how much it was contributing. Sharing the findings for anyone that's keen to find out more :) Ref Logs EoA+7 Bolstering Skittish TLDR based on trash mobs in M+ BT contributes a little less Pain compared to Felblade. Together, the two talents increase Pain vs base Shears by approx 49% Of the 49% gained, BT contributes approx 40%Suggestion The 7.1.5 buff is welcomed but for a 108 Tier talent, it would be better if BT did more than its 102 counterpart and was more competitive to Fel Dev/Spirit Bomb. ------------------------- From the logs, I extracted the number of times the following abilities were casted on trash packs. Felblade x 61 (29.5%) x 20 Pain BT Shears x 58 (28%) x 17 Pain Norm Shears x 88 (42.5%) x 10 Pain If we only casted Normal Shears and Severs instead of Felblade and BT Shears, it would add up to 207 207 Shears = 2070 Pain (No FB/BT) Extra Pain gained from Felblade = 610 Extra Pain gained from BT Shears = 406 Total Extra Pain from FB+BT = 1016Bladeweaver5 7h
8h More? Did I read this right? Basically another 5% nerf on top of what we just from 85% to 80% now to 75%..... Jan 18th Player versus Player Primary stat (Strength/Agility/Intellect) decreased by 5% for all non-healing specs. Jan 17th Demon Hunter Havoc Demon Hunters’ PvP template Agility has been reduced to 80% (was 85%). DruidKrogen4 8h
8h Havoc Artificat Trait question Hi - how big of an improvement is the trait "Inner Demons" to dps? I am just wondering if it is big enough increase to dump the AP into as I am typically running in Vengeance, but do like to dps at times instead.Notforlong2 8h
10h Torment (Taunt) issue since Nighthold Release Basically, since the release of Nighthold I have had numerous issues with Torment not grabbing aggro on targets. The animation and cooldown go off but I just do not gain aggro on the mob or boss. Anyone else occasionally having this issue?Sabacc2 10h
11h Mana Break Seems like with the recent hotfix this talent has really become even worse then 7.1. I feel it's good to have a base hp damage but I feel 5% is too low and the 20% was too high. Now that it's capped at 25% total damage, its very rare that a healer is even at 0% mana in pvp. the chances are a healer going oom in arena is so low. I'm all for keeping the max at 25 or 30% but raise the total hp base damage to 10-15%. There are only a very few classes that even use mana anymore and like I said, healers never really go oom in arena. Was the recent hotfix too much ? I feel like it's damage now is too low for the top tier talent...Korbzeh11 11h
11h Specific build based on legendaries? Hey all, my DH has the legendary helm and bracers. Should I be using any specific build for Mythic+ and raids that cater to these?Kraynos13 11h
11h Demon Hunters and Nighthold Hey fellow DH's! I'd like to find out more about each fight in NH and discuss strategies and tips for demon hunters for these encounters. I haven't come across anything when it comes to a boss, which talents to use, and when to use our cooldowns. For example, Tichondrius I used Chaos Blades/Nemesis/Met on pull. 1st round of bats nemesis/chaos blades was off cooldown. 2nd round of bats Met was off cooldown. I feel like Cooldown managements is crucial in NH, especially knowing when to use nemesis and on what target type. I do miss momentum dearly :( Any tips and strategies on any boss will help all of us learn.Madashvin9 11h
12h Havoc Soul Fragments WeakAura Hey guys, I've been trying to get a weakaura to track the number of soul fragments I have around me but I can't seem to get it to work or find anyone who has that. I'm using Demonic build therefore would be nice if I could track them so I can manage my fury a lot better cause sometimes it's a bit hard to see them. Does anyone have one or know if we can or can't track them? Thank you and party on.Inget3 12h
12h @Buu Sorry man I saw you psted me this morning but I had to go to work. I just woke my pc up from hibernation What did you want to ask me?Foxfighter1 12h
13h Out of all the class forums. This one seems to be the worse when it comes to giving feedback and helping people. Congrats!Ràger32 13h
15h rain from above bugged sometimes REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Sometimes I press it and I fall back down in .5 seconds like it never happened. Also suggestion to give us a button to cancel itßüü3 15h
15h DH Preferences and Class info Hello! While I might not be a Demon Hunter yet I hope to try out the char in the future. I saw someone that was LVL 110 and was digging the load out and look. I was just going to post on here to see if anyone had some good load out tips or their input on what they most enjoy about DH so I can get somewhat of a feel and a possible direction I want to go in for the class. Thanks for any input.Tangods2 15h
15h Class is Stupid Anyway you guys can delete this !@#$ class from the game? The mechanics really screw up pvp for players that want to play fun classes and not these turds.Gnár18 15h
16h So the change to 'Demon Speed' I didn't actually think this would go live Is there no way now to gain extra charges of Fel Rush now they destroyed the old skill? Sadly removed 90% of the fun I had with DH, such a worthless Artifact Trait nowDugite3 16h
16h Momentum vs Nemesis. With the recent changes which nerfed many of Havoc's abilities in pvp, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to revert back to momentum playstyle with maybe taking felblade over fel mastery and switchout out first blood for bloodlet. I have seen some high rated Havoc DHs such as Mes rolling back to momentum build + bloodlet and I am wondering if this is indeed the more effective build now, or if there are cases where nemesis + first blood still shine. Also, what is the deal with fel barrage vs chaos blades? After the nerfs to chaos blades, I'm seeing some DHs still run it while others are taking a liking to fel barrage in arenas. Is one much better than the other or are there also cases where they can both do well? Hoping to get some informative responses. Thanks.Zorøaster7 16h
19h Vengeance Demon Hunter Video Guide/Steamer? As a new Vengeance Demon Hunter I was wondering if there is a good streamer or video guide on Vengeance Demon hunters. I have read up on the spec on Icy Veins and MMO champion and of course followed several of the threads here for example the one discussing viable specs in 7.15. But it would be nice to see the specs in action.Etrigen3 19h
19h Struggling around 2k MMR I played a fair amount previous season and bounced around 1800-1900 in 2's and 3's playing with a few friends. Coming back to 7.1.5 I was super excited to go for a big push but only had a chance to play following the hotfixes. Now I feel almost weaker than I did in 7.1. Any high rated DH that can help on recommended talents/honor talents or comps/general strats? I'm at least somewhat competent but also still trying to skill up and it feels like a big struggle around 2k MMR. Pressuring damage feels very difficult currently but it is very possible that I am derping.Dunfappin7 19h
21h "First Blood" bugged since Jan. 13th hotfix? for the last hour i've been testing this out in the world and in bg's and there's no doubt, atleast for me, that First Blood is not being applied even when you pick the talent. i've used it on many npc's and other players and even when its 1v1 there is no damage increase that First Blood is supposed to apply. it was working before this hotfix and i just noticed it as i've logged in for the first time since the hotfix. can anyone confirm this?Felfool31 21h
1d Why so now so many Demon hunters? Before this patch I rarely ever saw Demon hunters and now they are everywhere.. I have respect for those who continued to play the class they love through thick and thin but zero respect for FOTM players. What classes were half of you playing before Demon hunters became faceroll?Everlancexo65 1d
1d Havoc Trinket Question I just got a Horn of Valor (ilvl 880). I am currently using Faulty Countermeasures (ilvl 860) and a WQ trinket Nightmare Thorn (ilvl 850). I am not sure if I should be using this new trinket with Versatility being our bottom stat now. Even though the Nightmare Thorn is ilvl 850, it does give me constant Agility (versus the on use agility from the Horn) and it rolled Crit so I have been having a hard time replacing it. Would it be worth trading the Nightmare Thorn out for the Horn of Valor? Thanks guys/galsAmarth1 1d
1d Track Order Hall Demon Summons? Hey all, So several times now I've gone in to summon the demon in the Order Hall only to find that the book isn't clickable, or not even there. Other people will summon the demon, I'll fight it, and it won't drop any loot. I'm aware that I can only do this once per day, but I'm certain that when this has happened, it has been times where it has been longer than a day. It happened after I was offline for 5 days over Christmas as I was out of town. So I'm wondering, is there a script I can run in game that will tell me if I have summoned this boss recently? Just so I can do a sanity check? I know there are scripts that will report if a quest has been completed, I'm hoping something along those lines will work in this instance. Thanks.Demolic8 1d
1d Switching from RET PALI to DH Played a ret Pali since 2012. Easy enough. Run up to and stand toe to toe with a beast and smash its face in. Stopped playing Jan 2015 and came back Jan 2016 just so I can have ASHBRINGER. Huge fan of the lore. Got bored after hitting 110 and decided to roll Blood elf Demon hunter on horde side. I am not a huge fan of ALTS so all i know is Melee. Its radically different. Not used to the constant movement and low survivability. Its not like rogues with their stun stun stab stab stealth evasion abilities. I imagine a NE DH has an easier time with shadowmeld to get out of tight spots. I had to pick up Herb/alchemy for the potions. I can only get soul shardthingies when i kill stuff. I understand there is no learning curve like the other classes as they practice their abilities for 100 levels before hitting the legion stuff. DH only get 2. the end...I LOVE THIS CLASS....looks to just mess around with..I want to be a better DH player. I WANT this to be my new main. I just find it difficult to play due to the differences with other melee classes. Cant stand toe to toe with multiple mobs in my leather armor. I dont know what the point of my post is. I suppose what I need is survivability advice so i dont get eaten by a pack of billy goats in the mountains.Guiles3 1d
1d Proven Defender Illidari Style So I was finally once again able to achieve Proven Defender on my Demon Hunter. For my Warrior I had made this guide back in MoP. Would anyone be interested in a Demon Hunter version?Xaikavar1 1d
1d Need some help here I've been doing nothing but casual pvp all expansion and I want to start doing some mythic dungeons. All my gear is basically from pvp so it all has mastery. I haven't gotten a legendary yet and have no set gear. What would be the better spec to go with my lack of suitable gear. And is there a YouTuber you could recommend to nail down the basics of the spec. ThanksAvadakedavra5 1d
1d Fel Eruption hitting for 1m+ Fun times.Gødrøk38 1d
1d More reliable - AskMrRobot or SimCraft? Topic. Running some sims, and the 2 are showing vastly different DPS numbers.Xristo4 1d