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1h Masters Glaive in BFA well we only 1 have glaive toss now and man ive been dueling alot and with only 1 glaive toss and master of the glaive talent beeing our only slow, it is pretty hard to stick on to people compared to some other classes right now in beta =<Spinghar0 1h
1h Havoc in BfA I recorded this to show a guildie what Havoc looks like in BfA. Thought you guys might want to see. I'm using a momentum build, which I think is by far the most fun right now: 1h
2h Can we rename Vengeance's Resource? Since we no longer gain 'pain' from taking damage, can we either make it Fury like Havoc or give it a new name? It was a bit of a weird name to begin with but it at least made sense that the more we got hurt the more resources we got. With that gone it doesn't really fit anymore unless were going with the idea we get it from inflicting pain on the enemy. Low priority for sure, but it's been aggravating me a bit.Väldennath1 2h
2h Link to a short post about BFA Havoc feedback posted under the BFA Class forums feel free to share thoughtsüü1 2h
9h . .Firis0 9h
18h Alternate Havoc build Hello there, I'm aware that the demonic build is rocking the charts right now, but is there another Havoc build that still works fairly well? The reason I ask is because I'm gearing a DH alt on my spare time, but I haven't been lucky enough on my RNG to get the right legendaries and the T21 set bonuses yet. And it seems like the demonic build is highly dependent on those. AOE burst seem fine already, even if not massive, but sustained dps is lacking, especially in Single Target situations where just spamming Chaos Cleave between Beams seem to do very low dps. So I was wondering if I should go for another build while the RNG gods don't throw me the right gear for demonic? The one legendary I got right now (aside from the Grand Army ring from the quest) is Mo'arg Bionic Stabilizers (+25% damage to Throw Glaive for extra targets), but just adding Throw Glaive to the AOE rotation didn't improve much. I did some testing around with Bloodlet but dps wasn't great either, and it meant losing Chaos Cleave so... Maybe use an entirely different build for the moment? You folks have any recommendations? Thanks for any help! PS: For comparison, I have other characters with similar gear level (also not wearing very optimized gear), and they put out some ~30% more dps than the DH on tests.Weissfüdder3 18h
20h Fury of the Illidari in BFA? Is it gone, do we know? I know there are differing opinions on this ability, but I love it and would be sad to see it go. Also, there isn't any truth to us using non-glaive weapons in BFA, is there? :( A leech nerf I can handle, but if I'm not running around with glaives I may as well play something else (although I'd miss the wings.)Draak17 20h
20h Tank magic tower? So I just started playing this toon again, could anybody give me some tips for trying the mage tower? I think the skin looks rad and really want it before BfA launches.Moistkebab9 20h
22h Am I really the only one who is worried ... Am I really the only one who is worried about the future of DH's especially in BfA ? - Demonic form being nerved big time -reduced life leech by a !@#$ lot & super long cooldown - Having to choose between slow or stun, where the obvious answer is that in PvP you need the slow - Loosing a lot of other tools also, plenty more to go around Anyone who plays alpha can confirm they are in a good state both PvE as in PvP, from what i've seen till now PvE is okeish but PvP is bad.Ayuroxdjin4 22h
1d Demon Hunters and BFA Demon Hunters played a vital role in Legion obviously but it never seemed to me that they really cared about the “faction allegiance” thing. What role do demon hunters have in BFA? It seems like they wouldnt really care about the horde and alliance stuff at all... At least Monks are always seeking balance and all that so there story seems to go on just fine, but now that legion is wrapped up hasnt most of the goals for demon hunters been wrapped up too? Where do they go now?Tygre18 1d
1d What am I doing wrong in havoc? I've followed the steps on icy veins and still feel like I'm having a hard time mastering havoc demon hunter. I'm good with vengeance, that doesn't seem to be a problem, but havoc is really tying me up and feels confusing. A run down on what you do or the rotation you work with, would be very helpful. Really, any help is appreciated -- I want to learn and get betterBakyn11 1d
1d Fel Why does Fel hurt a Demon Hunter? They're made of the stuff, yes? That's like a fish suffocating under water!Vadastar3 1d
1d BFA Abilities, M+ Perspective 1. range interrupt from 15 yards, to 10 yards. Annoying, but still manageable. Still see no reason for this to be taken away. 2. AOE Stun, gone, now AOE incap, breaks on damage. Basically just an AOE interrupt. Really Hurts m+ viability in high keys. 3. AOE Silence, blood elf racial. Losing either the stun, OR the silence, would have hurt us in m+. This change to the Belf racial (our only option) in conjunction with the stun change really, really hinders havoc for high m+ keys. I'll get into this more momentarily. 4. Chaos Cleave. Taking this option away really hurts the passive AOE that demonic brings to the table in between our cooldowns, currently being FOTI/eye beam/blade dance. It was nice to have this passive cleave damage, although not much, when cooldowns were down. In BFA FOTI will be substituted by Fel Barrage, since even with the nerf, it looks like a must have. We will be missing our "filler cleave" in between FBarr, eye beam (with no Cooldown reduction), and blade dance (7-8 sec cd) without this option. 5. Demon Reborn being taken out is really really unfortunate for m+. This single change "guts" the full demonic spec if you will, it also really ruins an early stage burst rotation in high keys on big pull weeks. Another one that really hurts. Bloodlet has already been gutted for pve, and it only sees use in PVP. Prepared was a half-assed talent to begin with, and I don't think anyone is sad to see chaos blades go. I don't understand why we would get rid of bloodlet and lose a charge on throw glaive with the talent, tbqh that's kind of bewildering. As far as talents go in each row, I just don't understand why they felt the need to completely and totally gut any way of making a true "demonic" spec work in this version of the game. Blind fury and demonic appetite on the same tier is real "meh"- and the last tier really seems a bit lackluster also in your choices. Having to choose between demonic and nemesis / momentum just seems like somewhat of a not well thought out change, my personal opinion. Hopefully we'll see further changes as we get closer, but at this moment, from a m+ perspective, I do not like the "gutted" feeling that we currently have.Tomatosaucer4 1d
1d New DPS player -- help! Hey guys. At 931 item level I'm currently pulling about 1.1m DPS according to raidbots: How can I improve? I'm running demonic build and it's the best my DPS has been in a long while but I want to continue to improve. Obviously gems and enchants when I can afford them (I'm just returning), but should I be actively seeking my BiS's at this point? Any advice? Thanks guys.Melentiá17 1d
2d Second artifact quest bugged out. So I came back to my class hall to see I had the option to acquire my second artifact weapon quest. I declined because I wanted to do class hall quests and stuff. Then the yellow question mark appeared above Kayn Sunfury and I completed a quest. Afterwards I had lost the option to acquire the quest line for the artifact weapon. Is this a bug, or did I screw something up? I was on my demon hunter btwXugo40 2d
2d Please Fix Rain From Above. Its USELESS How is this not talked about more? Do you guys not like Rain From Above? Every thread I see addressing this gets no attention, but a 7% dps nerf and you guys complain for days. I'm tired of it. I'm sick of CCing myself every time I use this ability because the fel lance bar doesn't ever pop up. I thought it was lag, until I tried it on a friends computer as well. We both sat around 65-77ms so I know it's not lag. I disabled all of my addons. It's not the addons. I've read similar experiences from other people as well.. this is just a bug, a bug that needs squashed. I want to hear experiences from other Demon Hunters, does Rain From Above work for you? Are there actually demon hunters out there that never have problems with it? Share your experiences here. There are literally no threads with more than a page of replies, this needs to be a bigger issue. I don't want to go the whole xpac without being able to use Rain From Above, it's a fun spell and it needs to be made viable.Nerid46 2d
2d Vengeance Is Fun! Who Knew? My DH on Azjol-Nerub was just not doing it for me. Havoc just felt to swishy and not very punchy. Then last week I took a chance and started another one on Lightbringer (a Horde wasteland btw) as Vengeance. I don't tank dungeons or raids with it, but I love how punchy and sturdy it feels.Chordeva12 2d
2d Demon Blades fury issues Can someone help me with the DB talent? I see a lot of top people using it and hear its the best. However, I feel myself sitting around waiting on Felblade a lot. What do you do for fury? Am I missing something? ThanksCorpze10 2d
3d Losing FOTI in BFA is bad. This was one of the most fun artifact traits I've gotten to play around with. While we're at it, losing moons on boomkin is definitely another drastic change that shouldn't go live. ISO FOTI to stay for DH, throw it in the tree like fire mage's artifact.Tomatosaucer8 3d
3d Darkness animation? Did they change the animation on this? It's kinda hard to see it now.. i only see floating purple orbs and little bit of fog... The ground used to be purple... now it's no longer purple.. any thoughts? or could someone test and tell me..Saeahiga1 3d
3d BFA Demon Hunter's in PVP I know you're already probably thinking "it's only alpha and we don't know anything about the pvp talents, yet" I'd like to start off by mentioning that I am very excited about the changes to Havoc so far. A lot of talents have been changed to increase flexibility, which is one of my favorite things in a class with only one dps spec. I run BGs quite a bit and wanted to foster a discussion, especially among more seasoned pvp'ers with more insight into fundamental DH pvp. My concern stems from three changes: 1. Removal of Bloodlet 2. Significant reduction in Metamorphosis leech 3. Fel Barrage nerfed to melee range In my experience, any team fight with a DH offering competitive damage will contain a significant amount of damage coming from the DH's only ranged abilities (which are both now gone) or the ability to enter a team fight and survive with the Meta leech. How will DH contribute as much to large scale team fights now? Are we now on par with rogues, killing off stragglers and no longer 30 second warriors? Both the ranged abilities and the meta leech made up, for me, the very largest majority of my DPS and survivability in pvp. I'm wondering what the community thinks of these fundamental changes and what honor talents could arise to help bring things back into balance.Superscope0 3d
3d Is havoc viable right now? mostly just for raiding, RBGs. I can't decide between this guy and my rogue. Wich class am i better off staying with ATM? i'm not looking for FOTM or anything like that.Jeeperscreep11 3d
3d 3rd Spec for DH in BfA Are we gonna get a third spec? Maybe the Demon Hunters of Azeroth have come across Ancient learnings of healing specializations?Bigdabby37 3d
3d is DH getting a 3rd spec next expansion title says it all! While dh maybe the most fun class blizzard has made in a long time, its time for them to get some love and get a 3rd spec. Its not fair every other class in the game gets at least 3 specs, druids get even more wth. Any confirmation yes or no if dh are getting a 3rd spec in bfa? If yes what is it and rejoice! Glad tidings. If no why the heck not blizz. Totally not cool if they forget us.Omnichaos6 3d
3d I desire a ranged spec for DH I feel that classes that can tank are lacking in the ranged dps department. The only tanking class that currently has a ranged spec option is Druid (and its awfully un-fun to play(at least to me)) I know some will say there's warlock, but I only play classes that can tank, and while I don't want warlocks to be able to tank, I think adding a ranged dps option to DH would be fantastic. A mixture of fel magic and glaive tossing? There is an NPC DH that already uses magic and a scythe. :) inb4 the flaming begins :(Ævak19 3d
4d pvp best honor talents?Hypeglide3 4d
4d Level 110 Boost Are you able to purchase a character boost for a DH? I know that the free boost with BFA doesn't allow you to. But does the regular service work?Vbserge0 4d
4d Is there a crit cap? Crit cap? I'm at 63% (online says 46, don't know why) but is there a crit cap?Madfurrion7 4d
5d DH or DK for mythic+ tanking Hello all! I've recently discovered a passion for mythic+ on my monk, and was going to make an alt specifically for tanking them. I've done some research, and it seems that DH's make excellent tanks for mythics, as well as everybody telling me that DK's are gods. What do you guys think?Sîlvanus5 5d
5d Candraels Charm So hit 110 recently on my Demon Hunter and I really enjoy the class and want to main it. Since i finished my order campaign and unlocked Suramar i figured id go farm for the Candraels Charm for the Hidden appearance. I spent countless hours farming all different kinds of mobs and no luck just curious as to if the drop is bugged, if I even meet the requirements to obtain it, and if it isnt bugged what mobs drop it, and why is the drop rate ridiculously low being that half of the demon hunters already got it due to a bug without even getting the charm. I just think its unfair to new and old demon hunters who never got the appearance.Îllinaria5 5d
5d Demon Hunter 2h? maybe this has already been brought up but was looking at BFA talents and dark slash basically says we can use 2 handers? 5d
6d Vengence DH soul fragments A quick two questions, I haven't played by DH in some time but Vengence always interested me. Is there a max cap to fragments? if so what are they for leser and greater? Are lesser and greater differently valued? I assume so Sorry for the incompetence. I know I could take some time to research this myself but quick skims show nothing so i'm looking for the easy way while at work :pDún3 6d
6d Possible Lesser Soul Fragment Bug? This last week I've had an issue where my soul fragments are automatically consumed as they spawn. I am not taking any significant damage (quest mobs, training dummies) and I am not using Spirit Bomb, Soul Cleave, or Soul Barrier. I am standing still, so I'm not walking over them. Maybe the most annoying part is that sometimes I'll login and they'll work normally. I can't figure out what is causing the problem. I have no idea what the trigger is. Has anybody else experienced something similar? I did some googling and couldn't find anything. I recorded it and put it on youtube. I'd like to know if anybody else has experienced this or maybe if I'm missing something obvious before posting to the bug forum. EDIT: I've also just confirmed that it isn't any sort of addon interference (tho I don't think my UI could change the visual spawning of soul fragments on the ground) as even with all addons disabled it still happens. EDIT2: I also just tried building fragments while using the vendor glaives, as I had a suspicion that the nether crucible was somehow interacting in a negative way with the fragments. (since the bug seemed to start happening after I activated some NC talents) However, unless the bug is persistent even with them unequipped, that doesn't seem to be the case either. EDIT3: It is almost like the cap on soul fragments spawning has been changed somehow with my character. It started out as not even being able to pool one soul fragment, now I'm able to pool 2 but anything over that is automatically consumed. I'm very confused. EDIT4: And back to not even being able to pool one fragment for more than a moment. EDIT5: Logging out and logging back in fixed it this time, though it doesn't seem to consistently fix it as I logged out one evening with the issue and logged in the next morning with it still there. EDIT6!: I reproduced the bug. It's happening everytime I leave an instance group after completing a random heroic. I'm unsure if completion of the instance is a requirement and I'm unwilling to leave a group without a tank for science. Logging out and back in fixed it once more.Dastina1 6d
6d PSA: BFA no artifact xmog spec restriction. On the Alpha the xmog rules currently let you xmog the Aldrachi Warblades or Twinblades of the Deceiver no matter the spec. On alpha I'm running the Aldrachi Warblades as Havoc. Hopefully this stays, but I know some will be excited about this.Reinidar7 6d
Apr 18 Rate The Mog Above You Like the title say, Rate the mog above you. Lets see how many cool mogs we can find!Zekken348 Apr 18
Apr 18 DH races I'm just curious if there is anywhere in the lore DH could potentially take up a new race. I realize the steps they took to become a DH and the reasons behind it were very difficult and specific so I personally don't see how this could happen but with all the new allied races and such I think it would be a nice addition, if it were to be possible without completely ignoring lore and having a race that fits.Zaboom4 Apr 18
Apr 17 BFA and DH Anyone else worried how DH will fair in BFA? Being the only class invented for legion and most likely designed around artifact weapons, I'm not too confident blizzard is going to get it right. All the other classes had bases to build from prior to these weapons. Unless they copy pasta much of DH passive etc into the neck I'm pretty wary of where we will end up :( Veng in particular has so much mitigation and sustain built in I just don't see how from the datamined crap so far it will be even remotely like its current form. That said it still looks like long CD, rng with no raid utlility. Makes me a sad panda.Chibimonk39 Apr 17
Apr 17 The @player macro targeting... Is awesome! I just came back to playing DH as a main after discovering what they dropped in a few patches ago. It's a game changer to be able to talent for, and then spam drop Infernal Strikes in place with ease while firing off free fiery splosion runes repeatedly. Since I came back to DH last week I've been fiery splosioning all over the place in all the content. Thanks blizz for the fun I didn't know I needed until I had it.Mhalick3 Apr 17
Apr 15 Eye of Leotheras proccing off of talents Is this an intended mechanic, I can full stop casting but if my Shooting Stars talent procs at all off of my dots it refreshes, this seems really silly and totally unskillful play.Drkin0 Apr 15
Apr 14 Finally got AotHg And it’s almost end of expansion...just my luck. But god does make a difference. First legendary was bracers...then kil jaedens trinket, cloak, helm then finally yesterday anger popped from lfr Antorus. Now I just need my tier set which I have one peice but can’t seem to get another. GrrrNaethrorn6 Apr 14
Apr 14 accidentally deleted candraels charm so as the titled states, i accidentally deleted the "Candrael's Charm" a while back because i had no idea what it was and it was in my inventory for a very long time. i didn't search up what it was for (stupid) and deleted it. i can fight the Downfall demon and am launched there by Candrael herself but I can't get the appearance. Do i have to find the charm again or am i SOL?Uanor3 Apr 14
Apr 14 demon hunter Good morning . I am new to Wow, buy legion and I do not see demon hunter in the list of classes. What should I do. Thank youKuranarimm4 Apr 14
Apr 14 Which legendaries to upgrade? Hey all, I was wondering which legendaries I should upgrade before deciding to spend the essences on tokens for other classes. So far, I have upgraded the Havoc helm, shoulders and AotHG, and for Vengeance the pants. I'm sure I don't need to upgrade them all (I can't imagine our builds changing this close to a new expansion). Also, I know I'm not on my DH but I kept getting an error when trying to switch.Kiljin1 Apr 14
Apr 13 When do you ... Use Spirit bomb and Soul Cleve? During what situations should you use them?Vadastar7 Apr 13
Apr 13 Vengeance in BfA Anyone have any ideas to how its going to change? Or should I start getting familiar with Havoc? They nerfing tank spec? Idk what I'd do without my DH tank.Thanatós10 Apr 13
Apr 13 Garbage DPS EDIT: Nvm I figured out the problem and was able to get up to 1 mil dps. I am, of course, talking about my own. I want to up my game. I feel at my ilevel (933) I should be pulling more DPS... But I apparently can't ever reach 800k. I feel it's a problem with my rotation. Here is the rotation I am currently using: ... I have set throw glaive and metamorphosis on their own buttons. Talent choices I can never figure out on so this is what I have right now: 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 1, 3 As for pots and flasks, etc. I use the following: - Drums of the Mountain (if no one else in the raid pops heroism or lust) - Potion of Prolonged Power - The Hungry Magister or Salt & Pepper Shank for Crit. Bonuses... Feasts if they are available. - Flask of Ten Thousand Scars Legendaries I own are Mo'arg stabilizers, Cinidaria the Symbiote, Insignia of the Grand Army, Prydaz, and the Sentinel's Eternal Refuge. Currently I equip Prydaz and Sentinel because I don't have high enough level boots to replace sentinel if I equip Mo'arg. I enchanted Prydaz with +200 Agility and Mark of the Claw. Sentinel has +200 Crit. Strike, +200 Haste, and +200 mastery. Any advice would be much appreciated.Suneil0 Apr 13
Apr 13 Any plan of more races joining illidari? I just don’t like night elf, maybe human demon hunters would be fun to play. I think blizzard is capable to make up some stories to let it more reasonableÐiablø21 Apr 13
Apr 12 Havoc Dps Help Hello! Trying to better my “parse” trying to pull my weight better. How do I link my logs and get advice for tweaking “rotations”Beevîs2 Apr 12