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8m How are Veng DH fairing in the tanking world? Back after a bit of a break. Not sure if we're still competitive or not. Have busted my butt on this DH. Main used to be Prot Pally. So was just asking how we're doing?Sullidan5 8m
47m Make DH Transmog Fist Weapons Blizzard we can equip and use Fist Weapons, there is absolutely no reason for us to be restricted from being able to Transmog them...Cerastes48 47m
54m Demon blades Hey I’ve noticed a lot of people aren’t usually demon blades anymore. Is there a reason for this?. I always felt the spec felt weird using demons bite.Naethrorn6 54m
1h Good Demon Hunter Names? I am creating a night elf demon hunter on Stormrage and I need a good name. Any suggestions?Bloodrain83 1h
1h why are people saying dh bfa bad for pvp seem to be alot of gloom and doom on dh's state for pvp in bfa. What are the main stuff we're losing that may jeopardize our pvp potential? the aoe stun? the self healing? burst potential?Kruen1 1h
3h Havoc Mage Tower Hey guys, I've been having an issue with this challenge, no one else seems to be having it so idk what I'm doing wrong. During the Arcane phase when all the spectral images appear I seem to just get blown up right away. In videos I see people dashing to him with no problem, but when I try I seem to get majorly slowed to the point I don't go anywhere and then just die from 'Darkness'. What exactly do I need to avoid? Am I killing one accidently trying to dash through it and this is doing it? It's not like I'm standing around looking I get right to moving.Gurgthok8 3h
11h BFA.... Should DH reroll?? Are the ‘nerfs’ or changes to DH going to be deal breaking?? I mostly PvP, and the changes I’ve heard so far (while possibly good for the game overall) are most definitely BAD for PvP’ing as a DH. As an unabashed Fotm DH Time to start thinking about the possibility of having to reroll?Xlash4 11h
14h My experiences as Vengeance in Alpha So I thought I would just put my thoughts down here, and get some word out for those who can't partake in testing yet. I don't really play Havoc, so this will deal entirely with Vengeance. First, there have been quite a few changes to the spec, as has been noted in other posts, but I'll highlight some things: 1. Pain feels way more abundant, to the point that I often get Pain capped, especially if I run Felblade. Soul Cleave is our only Pain spender now (or Spirit Bomb, if you spec into it, which replaces Soul Cleave). Felblade gives 30 Pain now, and seems to reset very often (it seems to reset about 50% of the time with Fracture). Other abilities which used to cost Pain, like Fel Devastation and Soul Barrier, along with Demon Spikes, are all free now. I often struggle to actually spend all my Pain a lot of time, since it costs too many GCDs to burn through it with Soul Cleave. I actually spec'ed out of Felblade simply because the extra Pain felt so unnecessary. 2. Spirit Bomb feels really !@#$ty now. Like, really %^-*ty. It costs two different resources (needs Pain AND Soul Fragments), but one of those resources is highly abundant, and the other less so. Anytime I spec'ed into it, it feels bad, because I have tons and tons of Pain, and no Soul Fragments to use, leaving me with literally no way to dump Pain. It also doesn't hit nearly as hard as before. It does ~1000 dmg with 3 frags, compared to Soul Cleave's 600. Yeah, it's a bit more damage, but I don't feel like it justifies itself in being more clunky to use, and not choosing Fel Dev or Gluttony. 3. Soul Cleave hits like a wet noodle. It literally does less damage than Shear (my Shear currently hits for 752, Soul Cleave for 609). For ST dps, it's literally better to just press Shear over and over. Which brings me to my next point... 4. Holy !@#$ did they ever squish the game. My strongest abilities hit for like 2000 damage. My health pool is ~25k. 5. Soul Barrier is ridiculously strong now. Currently absorbs over 80% of my health pool with a full stack of fragments (~45% with zero frags), and it costs no Pain. It no longer has a minimum absorb, but the total absorb is WAY higher. 6. Razor Spikes feels better to use, now that Demon Spikes costs no Pain. I can use spare charges of Demon Spikes to amp my damage, without spending Pain that could be spent on more Soul Cleaves. 7. Fracture is absurdly good. Hits like a freight train (~1800 damage, which is quite a lot), gives 25 Pain AND 2 frags, and has a 4.5 sec recharge reduced by haste, with 2 charges, but replaces Shear. Shear gives 10 Pain, and always gives 1 frag now, so obviously Fracture is superior for Pain gen, but Shear+FtD can work really nicely too. 8. Demon Spikes are a 20 sec recharge, reduced by haste, now, but feels even more powerful than live. Now increases armor by a % of your Agility, increased by mastery. Currently gives 141% for my character on Alpha, with %^-*ty gear. My armor reduction goes from ~28% to 57%, leading to a huge reduction in damage. 9. I'm unsure if it's the balance of the dungeons, or if Vengeance is simply too strong, but running LFG dungeons was an utter joke to tank. I ran the group without a healer for the first 15 minutes (healer dc'ed, and had to wait for another on queue), and my health never moved while tanking packs. And this is in gear scaled down to 835 ilvl, a full 130 ilvls lower than my character on live. I was pulling extra packs just to see if I could make my health bar go down. It didn't. 10. The pruning sucks. Empower Wards is gone for no reason I can discern (our baseline dmg reduction went down from 20% to 10% on top of it, meaning our only real magic defense now is self-healing). There's no mention in the notes about Soul Carver's removal, but it's not in my spell book. And Spirit Bomb and Fracture both replace baseline abilities. My skillbar feels really empty. Anyhow, those are the most salient points for now. Hopefully this helps provide some info to tide over the folks who can't play Alpha at the moment.Shiraxi16 14h
15h DH is the most fun class I've played! Hi! I've recently returned to WoW after a loooong break during WoD (as most were wont to do) and I was happy to jump right into Legion. I've kept up with lore and events and releases, but I really wanted to experience it myself! This character here is my baby and I do adore Mage, largely because of the ease of access and the sheer amount of utility it brings to my questing experience - but I was blown away by how nicely DH plays! My DH is only 101 right now and I'm already having such an absurdly fun time with her. I've played every class bar Warrior at one point or another and my other mains atm are Priest & Druid. (I'm a healer at heart!) However, Demon Hunter has just absolutely stolen my heart. It feels so smooth! Every action ties in together really nicely! I have clear strengths & windows of power and I never feel like I have to idle as I play her. I don't think this thread has a specific point other then; thanks Blizzard, I did not expect I'd enjoy this class as much as I am! Go Demon Hunters! \w/Arigosa5 15h
18h Jesus, jesus, jesus, repent these DH's Been absolutely undisputed and the best class in the GAME since the release of the expansion.So I ask either Blizzard or baby Jesus to shine on these fools and nerf them to the ground so people can really consider re-rolling to another real class.I said a (real class) btw because DH's are a !@#$ty show and tell project.Just keeping it real homie.Malgore8 18h
20h Please Nerf Vengance I know this thread is going to upset a lot of you Vengeance players. IMO You are so overpowered it's pathetic. You have taken most Protection Warriors positions, and you make play so annoying at times, with your LOOK AT ME attitude. I was just in a dungeon with one who was so rude to the other players it was again pathetic. Yes I could have kept up with his pace but the others were being trounced on by left over mobs and locked out of some of the fights. I actually waited for the Goblin Priest..They can run very fast :) Something has got to be done or why the H have other characters ? I looked at the pie chart of players and characters playing them. I was very surprised Warriors of other Races were being blown away by DH's.. Blizzard YOU preach to us on your log in screens to be fair and to be nice. Well In all my 14 years of play I have seen less and less fairness with one particular Race and their aptitudes than I have ever seen. Every week you adjust and take away or give other classes..Maybe it's about time to nerf some Vengeance properties. Hate me I don't care..You know it's true if you are Vengeance...(rant over)Ayashe38 20h
21h DH is NOT overpowered Other classes are just as capable as Demon Hunter. Please git gud before you come here and complain. :^)Pherythal2 21h
21h Useful PvP macros I just wanted to start this rq. I have received a lot of psts asking for tips and what not so I wanted to make a guide with information I have picked up over this season. I will do that part later but I just wanted to quickly share some macros I use. There are not THAT many but I find them very useful Fel Barrage + Chaos Blades all in one (Thanks Thugonomics) #showtooltip /use [talent:7/1]Chaos Blades;[talent:7/2]Fel Barrage This just makes it that no matter which one you never have to put the talents on your bars Metamorphosis Land at Cursor /cast [@cursor] Metamorphosis Turns your mouse cursor into the landing spot of your Meta cd. This burns a very little amount of time as you wont have to left click or anything Change focus Macro #showtooltip healthstone /focus [nomod, @arena1] /focus [mod:shift, @arena2] /focus [mod:ctrl, @arena3] I know some people use Target @arena macros into their spells but I prefer just swapping my focus around a lot. The Healthstone tooltip is just a universal tooltip I picked for it Focus Marcos /cast [target=Focus] Imprison /cast [target=Focus] Consume Magic /cast [target=Focus] Throw Glaive These speak for themselves. Just uses that ability at your current focus target Chaos Strike start attack #showtooltip chaos strike /startattack /cast chaos strike I always macro start attack into any ability that costs a resource. This starts your auto attack for you once you press chaos strike with or without fury to use it. Will fill this out as a guide for talents and general playstyle eventually once I have time. If anyone has any other macros they like to use link them here. Other macros I might recommend practicing are /cancelaura netherwalk and /cancelaura eye beam macroed into chaos strike but I do not use that macroFoxfighter5 21h
23h Bug, Spectral sight glyphs in pvp I have spectral sight glyphs for each spec, sometimes they work in rated pvp, sometimes they dont.. what is wrong with it? is it a bug/ need blue response please.Rëâdthêbìblé0 23h
1d Clarification on Chaos Damage I'm trying to get a full understanding on how Chaos Damage interacts with some target buffs/debuffs. According to wowpedia: "Chaos refers to a type of magic wielded by warlocks and demon hunters. Chaos is a unique multi-school, combining all the seven schools of magic: Arcane, Fire, Frost, Holy, Nature, Shadow and even Physical. Multi-school abilities benefit from bonuses that affect any of their schools, use the lowest resistance value among their schools, ignore absorption and immunity effects that apply to only some of their schools, and can be used even when one or more of their schools have been locked with an interrupt effect." - Now Idk if this should be considered a 100% accurate source, but it's the best I've found. Based on this definition, the following can be assumed: 1) DK's AMS - AMS Tooltip states that "Up to x magic damage is absorbed...". Since Chaos "ignore[s] absorption and immunity effects that apply to only some of their schools", and physical is also a school of damage included in chaos, abilities like Eye Beam and Fel Barrage should go right through this ability. Even though they're spells, they include all schools of damage, and AMS does not absorb the physical school of damage. 2) Rogue's Cloak of Shadows - Same as 1). 3) All of our chaos damaging abilities should benefit from the debuff on adds in Argus p3. I'm not much of a raider, so I was hoping someone could clarify if this does in fact happen. 4) Abilities like Eye Beam and Fel Barrage SHOULD benefit from Skyfury totem/Moonkin aura, but Chaos strike should not, since both their tooltips say that *spells* benefit. 5) Abilities like rogue evasion should work on Chaos Strike but not vs fel barrage & eye Beam. I know this is currently in-game. Can anyone clarify if the above numbers (excluding #5) are currently happening in game, or explain why they're not? If there are other notable points to be made, feel free to add those in a comment.Haugs2 1d
1d I love this I THOROUGHLY enjoy playing my Vengeance Demon Hunter. Don't ever change us please. That is all.Zinki5 1d
1d Is Havoc or Vengeance DH more "fun" to you? Assuming you're ok with tank or DPS, which is more actual "fun" to you?Anonchar25 1d
1d Do we still have barrage and felblade in bfa? I need my extra active abilites! Feels so bare bones without them. Demon bite is annoying and spammy so blades with those two talents feels really nice even if its not great for dps. And how about eruption? Id hate to lose that too. Nice stun and prob my biggest hitter. Also mana rift and mana break should be baseline abilities. Sucks they can only be used in pvp.Sinfel6 1d
1d Demon Hunter Speed I just started a havoc DH and I love the play style. I think it's mainly because of the quickness and movement. Is there any other specs for classes that are as...kinetic as this one? I'm not sure if I picked the right term but any input would be appreciated. I have a buddy starting from scratch and would like to roll something that has this speed or close to it. Thanks.Vurash1 1d
1d Canstant Wings Please!!! Can we please get a glyph or something that allows demon hunters to have their wings out constantly like Illidan does?? I understand they are a "tool" hence double jump/glide but in all reality Demon hunters have wings and they should be able to flaunt them like Illidan does. I know people have asked about making them a flying mount, i honestly would just like to see them capable of staying out!Yenrena24 1d
2d How are DH dps doing atm are they doing pretty good in m+/raid?Angryashx25 2d
2d Alpha Vengeance Talents I know it’s only Alpha but so far it looks plain horrible. No active magic mitigation in Empower Wards and there are fewer spells to use in the rotation. I thought Vengeance already suffered from having too few cooldowns and overall it seems easy to play in live. Now in Alpha it is total faceroll. The sky is falling! (Lol) I don’t claim to be a high rated player or a specialist but it just seems so underwhelming. When is it “fun” to have a spec neutered and watered down? when is it fun to have awesome skills removed? I want to have New fun abilities added not taken away. We are definitely sliding backwards in the current Alpha playstyle.Bonesz22 2d
2d Tiny BE Demon Hunters on Char Select Screen Just wondering why the Blood Elf Demon Hunters are so small on the Character Select Screen. It's almost comical.Pernicious17 2d
3d Demon Hunters and BFA Demon Hunters played a vital role in Legion obviously but it never seemed to me that they really cared about the “faction allegiance” thing. What role do demon hunters have in BFA? It seems like they wouldnt really care about the horde and alliance stuff at all... At least Monks are always seeking balance and all that so there story seems to go on just fine, but now that legion is wrapped up hasnt most of the goals for demon hunters been wrapped up too? Where do they go now?Tygre9 3d
3d BfA talent changes and tuning While there are several changes to the talents and abilities I would like to see happen there are 2 specific changes I feel most of us would agree on. Let me know what you all think. First thing I think needs to change is to make Cycle of Hatred affect the cool down of eye beam rather than metamorphosis. Beside the obvious fact that cycle of hatred would undoubtedly desynchronize nemesis and metamorphosis, meta has too long of a cool down to accurately predict when it will become available. The timing from one meta to the next could vary by a minute or more when you throw in a raid-wide blood lust and boss mechanics. The second change I think really needs to be made is to add Bloodlet to Master of the Glaives. Right now the suggested talent MotG ONLY gives a 50% snare to Throw Glaives. It doesn't even give a second charge any more. That makes this talent the only one that has no significant value to dps or utility. If we are only going to have one charge of Throw Glaives going forward, at least make this talent have some meaningful benefit.Strife8 3d
3d The Future of the Demon Hunter Alright, this suggestion is gonna be loaded, but I think it has legs. I'm suggesting Shadow(Void) Hunter spec! Hear me out.. With the addition of the void elves, the illidari and void elves have a some quick chats and decide they can help each other out. As a result, we end up with a 3rd DPS specialization that operates within the shadows! I'm talking shadow wings! I'm talking about shadow stepping. (Probably a cooler looking blink) AoE abilities like seeping shadows onto the floor around you, or void winds. Shadow form might be too close to shadow priests. It's entirely possibly the whole idea is too close to SPs, but I think the melee variant would be dope. While we're talking about DHs, I would like to see them be able to fly with their wings. I want to be running, jump, jump again, and BAM! I'm flying son. I don't mean to give DHs "everything" other classes should be getting some cool quality of life stuff as well. Shamans should get a summoning stone. I mean it just makes sense. Astral Recall? Anybody? Rogues should get some sweet side flips or acrobatic maneuvers. Priests could fly with levitate. Mages have teleports.. they good. Insert your own idea [Here] Hey, it's these are ideas. Tell me what you think. Also, if you're feeling the need to get all triggered, I'd love to hear it xD Post any thoughts or ideas plzBrainchewer5 3d
3d Mana Rift So recently the in NA tournament Mes used Mana Rift with a WW, it actually worked really well with the WW stuns. I feel that our Incap length is too long to do this but with another stun class Rogue,WW or a rooting class mage this talent can actually be good since it seems like they fixed it.Ecstalion8 3d
3d DH weapons next expansion, warglaives??? what's ganna happen to demon hunters and they're weapons in bfa? are we ganna end up equipping swords and stuff next expansion after the loss of our artifacts? and if we wanna have warglaives r were ganna have to transmog into it or what?Lorelorin36 3d
3d is Havoc mage tower Bugged? I watched a few vids today and decided to try the Havoc mage tower. Cleared phase one Made it to frost phase, he blinked away and hid in sparkles. I double fel rushed to him, burst him into arcane phase. Avoided all the arcane stuff ... Then he blinked to opposite side, chased him down. Interrupted draw powers etc..Avoided more arcane stuff.. **Then he blinks away again, and used the phase one ability that rings you in. He has done this to me on multiple attempts.. The video I watched did not show him using the phase one ability here at all... is he bugged ?Roklobsta2 3d
4d DH class mount i love the mount but only thing i really do not like is the one random blade on its head literally without that it would be a decent mount but the blade on the head is almost too much and makes me hate the class mount it just looks silly in my honest opinionMarraenus6 4d
4d DH Potential Allied Races Hello all! As there are only two races currently available to DH, do you feel the need more races? What allied races would you like to see added that may be able to be DH? I personally find it a bit silly that, given the fact allied races start at level 20 with absolutely no intro zone/starting area, Nightborne and Void Elves can't be DHs. They could just start at 98 or 100 instead of 20 and be at the embassy like same way all other allied races do. The endgame of the DHs isn't to destroy the legion anymore. It's to protect Azeroth. And some void elves and nightborne, given their affinity for magic and natural agility, may be attracted to their way of fighting. I think it makes sense. But alas...opportunity missed, and we're still pigeonholed. =( Maybe broken draenei? Naga even (though I doubt they'd ever happen). Would love to know your thoughts, to give me some hope for the future of this amazing class' diversity. =) Peace!Vathramor15 4d
5d Rate The Mog Above You Like the title say, Rate the mog above you. Lets see how many cool mogs we can find!Zekken256 5d
5d Spectral sight So.. finally foot around to playing a dh on in content.... got a random into court of stars. I know prot paladin shield can detect the spy. So.. try to use my ability DESIGNED to detect demons and no go..even when i find the spy manually and then look.. doesn't show. So i queue again and bring a prot paladin friend. He detected the demon immediately, i look with ss and then i could see. So... this ability only detects demons after they've already been detected...what? Why even bother having it lol. No practical use.Paratüs9 5d
5d New DH Needs Help I'm still in the instanced for new Demon Hunter creation, since apparently, there's no way out of it except to complete it. When picking talents, I made the huge mistake of choosing Demon Blades which is a passive ability. I cannot fathom why the Devs would replace an active ability with a passive one. Because now I don't have an attack I can use to generate fury to use my other abilities. I would love to be able to switch this horrible, horrible, horrible ability so I can finish this instance. Moreover, my armor is now damaged and there doesn't seem to be a place to repair it. It looks like I will have to delete my DH and try again, avoiding Demon Blades when I pick my talents. I cannot believe this was not a mistake, to replace an active ability with a passive one, and I cannot understand why it's taken so long to fix this.Loncis3 5d
5d Vengeance DH M+ Build I've seen most DH's running 4pc with a crit > mastery > everything build and I've also seen some running the same stat priority without the 4 piece, how necessary is the 4pc? More in the area of 15+ and upwardTalentedk7 5d
6d Seeking Raid Advice Hey to whomever can offer some advice: I believe I have the rotation down, not wasting soul frags, and not over lapping demonic but I'm only parsing at about 50% and I honestly have no idea what I'm missing. Does missing the AOTHG ring make a huge difference with the fury regen? I haven't been able to obtain it yet and I'm lost in the sauce. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!Rekí4 6d
6d Blade Dance zzz When is Blizzard ever gonna make that ability actually decent in damage so our rotation isn't resident sleeper. :/ :(Clammyjonesx1 6d
6d So the worst part of playing my DH again So when I came back to WoW a few months ago, I just couldn't get into my Demon Hunter, so went back to my Paladin and Demonology Warlock ( My self punishment for playing a Paladin). But decided I wanted the Slayer Title so went back to playing my DH and dammit now I am addicted to double jump and glide..... Every time I try and play my Paladin to finish getting Pathfinder I try and double jump and get sad when I can't so switch back to my DH! Does anyone else miss the freedom/fun of double jump and glide or is it just me?Wolfscream1 6d
6d Lady S'Theno won't shut up As a bodyguard. She doesn't. At all. Ever. I don't know if she is bugged or terribly designed but she constantly despawns and respawns whenever my feet leave the ground. Every time she respawns she spams her "Do you need my help ssslayer" which adds up to literally every couple of seconds. It's beyond annoying and ridiculous and I'm normally a huge lore/dialogue/npc fan. On top of usual outdoor stuff, my char is a herb miner so I'm mounting up and leaving the ground like a bunny rabbit and can't bear to listen to her so I shelved her despite being one of the best bodyguards. =\ Anyone found a solution to this or something?... I actually found a curse mod (not addon) that changes your game files to permanently mute her but I'm not sure if it's safe to use something like that.Naxa20 6d
Feb 16 the glory of gliding am I the only that finds this amazing? Feb 16
Feb 14 BFA talent changes So if some of you have seen, many of our talents have switched, or have been removed in the alpha. Im curious to know yalls opinions on it. I know these aren’t final but they are kind of interesting to look at.Ravarien3 Feb 14
Feb 13 Losing our Stun in BfA I was reading up on the "potential" class changes going into BfA Chaos Nova: Unleash an eruption of fel energy, dealing Chaos damage and disorienting all nearby enemies for 5 sec. Damage will cancel the effect. Each enemy disoriented by Chaos Nova has a 50% chance to generate a Lesser Soul Fragment. Our 5 sec stun is grayed out... so which means, correct me if I am wrong... but we are losing our stun? Source: Feb 13
Feb 13 DH Vs Nibbleh Am i the only one who's having problems with this? No fury generation now Kiting the snake around the arena with almost no way to gain fury... How the !@#$ is this to be done? Ive tried every talent choice alive and its just impossible...Dèvistate17 Feb 13
Feb 13 Need high level raider help Im parsing like dogsh.. and dont know why ive tried to review my own stuff and I cant see anything egregious, I need outside opinions at this point.Isilarya3 Feb 13
Feb 13 Vengeance glide I know this issue has been brought up before, but is anything being addressed about vengeance DH's gliding with no wings looking ridiculous?Diddledadles0 Feb 13
Feb 13 Demon Hunter Ruined The Game For me at least, I am a notorious alt-o-holic but since making my DH at legion launch I can't bring myself to play any other class for more than a few minutes at time. Anyone else like this and have any suggestions for a class/spec that has you torn between DH and it?Demonsockz8 Feb 13
Feb 13 Demon's Bite over Demon's Blade I actually like using Demon's Bite, to control Fury gen. I have it on my mouse wheel, where I put all my resource builders for all my classes, and for me it does not feel spammy. I plan on switching mains to DH, and I am wondering for a non Demonic Build, am I gimping myself using Bite over Blades? I know even after the buff DB will still do like no damage, but I like the control, and I really want to know if my dps will be that much lower than using Blades.Aethon15 Feb 13
Feb 13 am i the only that likes to glide? it's like squirrel suitting xD Feb 13