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4h Lack of Character Progression from 100-110 in BFA What character progression will you make from 100-110 when this new expansion releases? Will we have artifact weapons for 10-12 levels? If not, there should be some sort of progression/achievement for your character. I think we should at least get a 110 talent row like milestones similar to MoP and WoD. Thoughts?Telvanni16 4h
6h GLAD STANCE FFS blizzard every one is practically begging you to bring back the sword and board spec. Except this time maybe make it it's own spec. I mean look at history and it will show the iconic warriors you base your class on used sword and board. In fact many past warriors of history carried a shield and split skulls open. Shields =/= tank. PS fix heroic leap pathing already. R/sØñïgîrì55 6h
10h Time to embrace Melee SV Hunter First Up It's too late. If you're happy with melee SV or you hate melee SV... pre-patch is going live in about a month. There is no conceivable way that they're going to scrap what's on the drawing board, and give us a fresh, from scratch, ranged SV spec. This isn't even debatable, if you don't agree that this is true (like it or hate it) you're delusional. I've always thought of myself as a moderate on that front; I've always played SV. Vanilla, BC, MoP, WoD (barely) and now. My Hunter main has never changed specs. I don't have a strong preference of melee over range, or vice versa... I just want the spec to be fun and functional. But, I'm also bowing to reality: Melee SV is what we're getting in BFA. What I'm Seeing One of the various YouTube people I've seen review the spec had this to say: "Basically, it's a ranged spec. You have a melee weapon, your white damage is melee... but this is a ranged spec." And, I can definitely agree with what they're saying. I mean... off the top, the BFA version looks to have only ONE melee ability baseline. That's... NOT a melee spec. Back in Vanilla, when the spec was clearly ranged, we still had THREE melee abilities. And, to me... this "ranged but not" flim-flammery is a middle ground that fails to please anyone. Making the melee spec a "secret, special" ranged spec clearly does NOT make the "we want Ranged SV back!" crowd happy. People who are invested in (and enjoy) the iteration of SV Hunter are looking at the spec saying "but... where are my melee powers?!" and those of us who just want the SV spec to be good... are looking at something that isn't. Someone decided to make SV Melee... fine. Now DO THAT... otherwise you're just throwing teaspoons full of pablum at hungry tigers. My Proposed Fixes Baseline: First, the spec must have more Melee abilities. I feel like an AoE is a mandatory part of the toolkit, so please make Butchery baseline. Right now, someone has latched onto Kill Command as the Focus Builder for the spec... and the reason for this is it's a ranged ability, and as I've mentioned, this is a secret, cowardly ranged build for the spec. Forget that noise. Rather than Kill Command on a 6 second cooldown generating 15 focus, give us Flanking Strike on a 20 second cooldown generating 50 focus over time (10 focus every 3 seconds for 15 seconds). Otherwise, this would be as the Talent -a 15 yard mini-charge. Many have complained that the cone-effect of Wild Fire Bomb is tough to aim. And, while I'm not adverse to things being different if good... I strongly feel like making this a cone instead of a radius is a change that is different, but not good. Also, I find it difficult to place traps while I'm in melee combat; I would strongly prefer that these were switched to thrown bombs as well (ice bomb, tar bomb), or grenades. Whichever. Talents: Alpha Predator: Replace with Lacerate. No Kill Command at all in my revamp, so this is a dead talent. Lacerate gives players another option for another melee ability, and allows for a "bleed build" with Blood Seeker. Butchery: Since this ability would be baseline, this Talent would just enhance it. This would add one charge to Butchery, reduce the recharge to 12 seconds, and increase damage by 20%. Subject to tuning, of course. Blood Seeker: Replace Kill Command with Flanking Strike; the Bleed would still do about the same damage, but the duration would be increased to 15 seconds (half the damage for twice the duration). Binding Shot: a range-themed ability in a melee based spec. Get out of here, you're not welcome!! Replace this with Caltrops. Flanking Strike: Since this will be baseline, it's not needed as a Talent. I am not sure what the best fit here would be. I'd be inclined to see something like Ferocity: Raptor Strike crits reduce the cooldown on Flanking Strike and Wildfire Bomb by 1 second, and the cooldown of Coordinated Assault by 3 seconds.Dimpishly41 10h
15h 8.0 Beta Marksman Feedback The beta for Battle for Azeroth has begun, and I would like to present some feedback on the changes thus far. UPDATED FOR BUILD 26707 on 5/25/18 Discussion as of this update begins as of this post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20760917770?page=64#post-1264 Core rotational abilities: Aimed Shot: 30 Focus, 40 yd range, 3 sec cast, 12 sec recharge, 2 charges A powerful aimed shot that deals 180% of AP Physical damage. Damage increased by 50% against a target you have not damaged. Arcane Shot Instant, 15 Focus A quick shot that causes 48% of AP Arcane damage. Multi-Shot 15 Focus, 40 yd range, Instant cast Fires several missiles, hitting your current target and all enemies within 8 yards for 40% of AP Physical damage. Rapid Fire (NEW) Channeled (3 sec cast), 20 sec cooldown Shoot a stream of 10 shots at your target, dealing a total of 400% of AP Physical damage. Each shot generates 1 Focus. Usable while moving. Steady Shot (NEW) 2 sec cast A steady shot that causes 60% Physical damage. Usable while moving. Generates 10 Focus. Trueshot Instant, 3 min cooldown Immediately gain 1 charge of Aimed Shot, and gain 30% Haste for 15 sec. Windburst (REMOVED) Marked Shot (REMOVED) Passives: Mastery: Sniper Training (UNCHANGED) Lone Wolf (NOW BASELINE) Increases your damage by 10% when you do not have an active pet. Trick Shots (NOW BASELINE) When Multi-Shot hits 3 or more targets, your next Aimed Shot will ricochet and hit up to 5 additional targets, or each shot of your next Rapid Fire will ricochet to an additional nearby target. Precise Shots (NEW) Aimed Shot causes your next 1-2 Arcane Shots or Multi-Shots to deal 100% more damage. Hunting Party (REMOVED) Marksman's Focus (REMOVED) Marking Targets (REMOVED) Hunter's Mark (REMOVED) Vulnerable (REMOVED) Utility: Command Pet (NEW) Instant Commands your pet to perform its unique ability. This ability will transform based on the specialization of your active pet. Ferocity: Primal Rage Tenacity: Survival of the Fittest Cunning: Master's Call Bursting Shot (NERFED) 10 Focus, Attack speed, 30 sec cooldown Fires an explosion of bolts at all enemies in front of you, knocking them back, snaring them by 50% for 4 sec, and dealing 5.27% of AP Physical damage. Concussive Shot (NERFED) 40 yd range, Instant, 8 sec cooldown Dazes the target, slowing movement speed by 50% for 6 sec. Counter Shot (UNCHANGED) Disengage (UNCHANGED) Exhilaration (UNCHANGED) Freezing Trap (UNCHANGED) Misdirection (UNCHANGED) Tar Trap (UNCHANGED) AZERITE TRAITS (NOTE - MM traits only included here. Check WoWhead for the cross-spec, BM, and SV traits. Only including traits visible on alpha gear for the time being.): In the Rhythm When Rapid Fire finishes fully channeling, your Haste is increased by 24 for 8 sec. Arcane Flurry Arcane Shot increases the damage of Arcane Shot by 63, stacking up to 2 times. Shellshock Each second Aspect of the Turtle is active, heal for 122. Unerring Vision While Trueshot is active you gain 86 Critical Strike rating per sec, stacking up to 10 times. Venomous Fangs* Your pet's Basic Attack deals 19 additional damage to enemies suffering from your Serpent Sting.Adreaver1339 15h
18h Best talents for Survival Hunter? Which talents actually seem worth taking? I'm not entirely sure the kill command talents are worth it since doesnt kill command actually NOT do that much damage? Is Flanking Strike worth it or should I take something else?Virden5 18h
19h DH opinion First off I love demon hunter just a lot less then I did in legion. I feel like DH is already lacking in variety and Blizz has made it even worse. DH have only two races two specs and only a few buttons to push. I wish instead of getting rid of spells and options they would add on to them. Fury of the Illidari was such a huge part of dh and honestly thought that with some classes keeping their artifact spells DH would surely be one of them seeing as they already were lacking buttons. Dh hunters lost the very few ranged abilities they have and are pretty much squishy warriors now. They lost their niche. The talent build variety is very nice though. My other dislike is throw glaives without bloodlett is worthless. Its just a week attack that is only used when there is absolutely nothing else to do. This could be turned into something cool and fun to use like adding bloodlett baseline. Just my opinion would love to hear others on the points I brought up. GO DEMON HUNTERS!!Dorsalfin0 19h
20h BfA, Removing Fantasy Don't take away my fantasy. So blizzard decides that my favorite spec, Outlaw rogue, shouldn't have a unique fantasy anymore in the latest alpha build. (build 26433) Abilities like Saber Slash and Runthrough are now "Sinister Strike" and "Dispatch". Why? To remove flavor. To remove spec fantasy. The people who like outlaw like it (despite all it's bs rng and low dps) because it fulfills the fantasy of a Pirate or Highwayman who's a master swordsman but doesn't fight fair. You know...... an Outlaw. But no... i guess trying to have a fantasy in a fantasy mmo rpg is just to much to ask. I hope this change gets reverted. I know they don't care about rogues, but that's just cruel.Rélyt15 20h
21h DRUIDS UNITE I stand before you now as a Feral Druid who has read the way our Feral and Bear forms will work come BFA. I know I am not alone in my disappointment and anger. For an entire expansion we have dealt with the fact we are stuck to one weapon. Have glanced over the annoyance of how we have no control over the color because we enjoy the form it gives. Have been relied a bit by the ability to transmog over this uncontrollable appearance, BUT NOW Now we can no longer ignore this. Now Blizzard has gone TOO FAR. For the Druids who read this who are unaware. Come BFA we can use our hard gotten forms yes, but only by placing the transmog of the weapon it came from OVER our new weapon.Your character will now appear as if it was holding the Fangs of Ashamane or Claws of Ursoc, even if you are currently holding a two-handed weapon. This is horrible. It was bad enough we were stuck to a single weapon in Legion, we dealt with it cause of the forms and the fact everyone else was also stuck. Now though, only we, and only two of our four specs, are being forced use the weapons to enjoy our forms. I say NAY This removes our chance to enjoy the new weapons we will earn but NOW we can not even transmog OVER the appearance we've had for TWO YEARS. Stand with me, Ferals Stand with me, Bear Even you who heal and cast. Stand with me for one day you too may change spec and be forced use these appearance should you grow bored of the base skin. E-mail. Call. Tweet. Re-post this post or make one of you own. Just get Blizzard's attention and let them know we are unhappy. YELL IT LOUD. DO NOT FORCE THE WEAPON APPEARANCE ON US JUST TO USE THE SKIN. The only way to change this is to let Blizzard know. If we don't make them listen, nothing will change. And for all the other classes. For those who think this is silly to care about since we'll "be in our forms". Please consider the fact we are people who enjoy transmog too. We are not always in form and want to enjoy our appearance as much as anyone else. We have no control over the color of the weapon, unlike every other class. If I want to use a particular form, my weapon picks a color. Any attempt to change that color will change my form. Our only way around this was transmog, and now that is removed. Just imagine if you have no control over you weapon appearance. That even if you have the most epic looking weapon in the game, it HAS to look like a stick because you want to enjoy something else you earned.Redcub5 21h
22h DK feedback we want our tools back twitter.com tweet these 2 @WatcherDev @WarcraftDevs be sure to bug them about this topic The dev Celestion is no longer in charge of class design so that might be a small win for us The way you guys are taking Death Knights is in the wrong direction. It's very scary The Lich King was slow as hell, but he had teleport abilities. When he created us he gave us Unholy Presence for the much needed speed boost Wrath walk is terrible and having to shell out gold on a glyph and have a talent for each spec is sad and insulting. It does not belong in wow. So please bring back Death's Advance. DA worked was free and never got stuck with it ever and the passive was awesome. making WW a talent is stupid nobody wants that WTF guys here is some feedback about Wrath Walk you should read https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20757356210?page=3#post-57 Here is part 2 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20757356210?page=3#post-58 Some QoL stuff that needs fixing in 8.X.X when we ditch our weapons please put back the absorb for AMS you took out for various reasons so it absorbs 75% again. stop taking parts of abilities and making talents out of them because you have no imagination. please dont involve it with the heart so we have to grind to get back the rest of it. Runes recharge individually so when you use 4 they recharge as soon as you use them. Resulting in shorter down times. Death strike for Unholy and Frost shouldn't be the same as Blood's DS please remove the 5 sec part and bring back how it healed in MoP and Early WoD Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Now causes healing that scales in effectiveness with attack power, instead of based on damage taken in the last 5 seconds. For Frost n Unholy a way to heal ourselfs other than death strike The presences brought back for a speed boost and to get back to the group or get out of the way faster. A sudden need to mini tank when out soloing old content, raiding and got caught in a mechanic you didn't expect. Also being able to not be cc'd as much as well go along way for survivability. GCD lowered to 1 Blood Returning the migration so you took out so healing through it won't be so spiky Frost tying Death strike to IBF for a bigger heal is a wast of a resource why couldnt dark successor be beef'd up to make that change Breath be made baseline because it's to good in the talents. anywhere you put it will be the mandatory option or make the talents next to it better. abominations might replaced with hungering cold a area freeze because a rng stun is no fun Make Abominations Might a raid buff again obliteration needs to change to stacks of Km of 10 or more so if you get CC'd the stacks are less likely to fall off. Oblit scales off mastery or does frost damage and totally benefits from mastery In addition to runes recharging individually as soon as you use them I thought of this change Runic Empowerment You have 1.899 per rp spent to recharge a rune. You have 30-35% chance each time RE triggers to recharge all your runes when 4 or more are on cooldown. Death Grip Either have its cooldown lowered further reduced by haste or give it charges of 3 Also usable on allies but it pull you to them without triggering the cooldown or 1 sec cooldown Unholy the Wounds system needs to go back to rogues where it beings or be made a talent Festering strike costing 2 runes and does 3 wounds would help with openers. A way to heal and sacrifice your pet bring back Unholy blight reverse the prune Anyone else agree with thisKrissignacia413 22h
1d Grimoire of Sacrifice A. It should give a static bonus to Versatility and Leech. I believe it should be 8% to both, but I could see anywhere from 5 to 10% depending on how much DPS you lose for not having a pet or the benefits of one of the other talents on the row. B. The bonus should persist through death and last up to 2 hours.Blackmourne1 1d
1d Please revert shimmer nerf Mage have zero self healing and are the squishiest class in the game and your nerfing Shimmer from 15 seconds to 20 seconds... 5 seconds is HUUUGE in pvp. I need 15 second shimmer to stay alive. Even with 15 second shimmer mages are free kills for hunters and ferals.. and now free kills to warriors with double time 17 sec charge. Most melee have a double mobility on shorter than 20 seconds and they have self HEALS. How is mage supposed to survive? We are already the main kill target in every arena because after iceblock we just die. I shouldn't have to be an arena gladiator to play a mage in pvp. Glacial Insulation is still too weak to be taken when Ice Barrier is dispel'd purged gone in one global from a melee. Icy Flows feels worse than Shimmer you need an extra keybind for it and it just gets dispel'd purged. I speak mostly from a frost pvp point of view. Please post constructively thank you.Hildegård12 1d
1d BFA Survival Hunter Feedback I realize that the Alpha designs are a work in progress and that the sky is not falling. Having said that: while some of the changes to Survival in BFA seem fun, there are things about it that trouble me. Say what you will about the popularity of Survival in Legion, but at least the spec feels unique and has arugably the most depth/complexity of the three. Yes it has issues and quirks, but those could have been ironed out. Instead we're getting a second major overhaul of the spec for the second expansion in a row. This is becoming exhausting. And even if it was needed (it wasn't, IMO), BFA's iteration of the spec feels as much Beastmastery as Survival, complete with Kill Command and 'giant glowing pet' damage buffs, which feels like a big step backward in terms of the uniqueness that the spec offers in Legion. It is my opinion that giving BM abilities, procs, etc to Survival take away from its identity and aren't the answer to the issues Survival has ATM (in Legion). For example, Flanking Strike has been changed to a talent and replaced with Kill Command. FS was a much better 'signature' attack for the spec, IMO, and should be reinstated as such. On live/Legion WoW, its fun to simultaneously attack with my pet with both of us in melee. Kill Command feels like a downgrade from that. And yes we can talent into Flanking Strike to get that gameplay back. But why is Kill Command given to us baseline over what was a very unique and interesting signature for Survival? There are even multiple talents that enhance Survival's Kill Command... again, why? Why is Beast Mastery's core attack suddenly being built up as 'the' spell for Survival instead of Flanking Strike? Just seems really odd to me that after the HUGE effort made in Legion to truly differentiate the specs, these kinds of changes are being considered. There are other things that make little sense to me, such as replacing Explosive Trap with a random bomb, when traps are a part of Survival's identity. WFB serves the same purpose, has the same visual and sound. So... what was wrong with it just being Explosive Trap? And why are established Survival abilities like Mongoose Bite talents, much less talents that replace other established abilities like Raptor Strike? Serpent Sting is a nice re-addition, but I'm not a fan of the 'random tiny crossbow' animation - I'd rather see the ability use our ranged weapons. And while its nice to see the return of what is essentially Glaive Toss, Chakrams - again, why the name change? That's an issue I have with WoW in general in recent years: a lot of this stuff feels like change for the sake of change. As someone who has played Survival throughout Legion, the BFA version spec is entirely functional, entirely playable, but it feels like a huge step back overall from what we have in Legion in terms of class identity and uniqueness.Jaecelynn83 1d
1d Mage pve survivability without heals So I get why Blizzard doesn't want to give mages much healing, it doesn't fit the class fantasy. They want mages to avoid damage instead. I feel like mages aren't very good at doing that at the moment though, especially Fire and Arcane, and that there isn't enough compensation for the fact that mages are the only class without a heal. To be clear I'm talking specifically about pve for people who like to quest NOT pvp. Some suggestions: -Buff the shield absorb dramatically for fire and arcane, and lower the cooldowns for all shields. The shields are all mages really have when they can't kite, and since they can't heal they end up relying on only the shield to survive a lot of the time. Unlike rogue vanish, invis is a lot less reliable and is on too long of a cooldown to rely on for getting out of combat effectively, so giving all the specs greater invis again would really help, or lowering the cooldown of invis and taking away the 3 second time it takes to become fully invisible. -Make it so no more npcs are immune to the freeze effect, make Ice Ward baseline and make Ice Nova (or something equivalent) baseline for fire/arcane. Mages need to be able to kite to avoid damage, when mobs are immune to freeze it takes away all of the mages survivability and gives them not many options. It becomes a war of attrition and that really doesn't feel good. I really don't think this makes mages too overpowered considering they have NO way to recover from damage plus very low armor and health. -Lower the time it takes to restore health and mana from conjured mana cookies by half. Mages are the only class that still needs to spend time eating and drinking thanks to the lack of self heals and squishyness. Halving the time it takes to restore health to 100% would save a lot of time for mages between fights. At the end of the day I'm not saying make mages invincible or tanky, I actually really enjoy the kiting and avoiding damage playstyle of mages, it's why I still play the class. I just think some quality of life changes would really help in pve and give mages some better tools for survivability.Usutu31 1d
1d Frost Mage really irritating me. I am testing a frost mage. I have always played frost and not sure what I am doing wrong. I die with every.single.fight. Killing one level 120 thing almost kills me. If I get 2 or more on me, I am an instant goner. What am I missing??Maybon0 1d
2d A few changes to Havoc DH to make it more fluid. Change Blade Dance's damage type to chaos from physical. This will allow it to scale with mastery and any talents or azerite pieces will feel useful if you planned on using it. Fel Rush is a fun ability to get around and do some damage as a movement ability but that's all it is. Having a talent where it gets double damage in the same tier as Fel Barrage is questionable, considering there is bosses like Overseer Korgus, the move too much and get stunned boss. If Blade Dance gets changed to Chaos, the talent Trail of Ruin might be more viable, considering those who aren't running a Demon Blades, will have a reason to use haste. Nemesis is the strongest talent in the last tier. The problem with it is I feel weak when I don't use it and strong when I do. I feels kind of like Legion Fury to me, Pop all cds and then deal damage. I can't think of anything else at the moment. This post will probably be unread and buried like all the others I do, but I'll still try.Frusting0 2d
2d Voidform. Please stop trying to make it work. Give us back shadow orbs and make Devouring Plague our "spender" again. Mop was the best iteration Shadow ever had. Actually that can be said about most specs. But please. Shadow in Bfa feels so bad.Verpriest24 2d
2d Bursting Shot/Scatter Shot Does Scatter Shot still replace Bursting Shot for BfA? If so, why? MM already lost binding stun or wyvern incap, and Bursting is no longer a disorient (which is why it was replaced by Scatter in Legion). On top of that, we now only have three pvp talent slots; therefore, using a precious few slot for Scatter only to replace Bursting with a disorient that dr’s with Ice Trap seems uncalled for — all things considered. Edit: I see wowhead has bfa pvp talents up now — assuming the tooltip is correct — Scatter still replaces Bursting. Feels real bad.Werdum3 2d
2d BFA Affliction Warlock Feedback After playing affliction on the alpha for a couple hours, I really felt a strong urge to logon to the forums to praise the possible direction the spec was taking in BFA. The two talents I am most excited for are the Nightfall and Haunt talents. I LOVE how haunt doesn't cost a soul shard, does decent burst and has a short cooldown. I also really love how instant shadow bolts add a bit of mobile burst, which make me feel like I've contributed more damage to quickly killing a target. Instant shadowbolt procs really added a lot of flavor to the spec in Vanilla/TBC/WotLK/Cataclysm, and it's great to see them make a comeback. For me, it feels amazing to burst a fully dotted target with a haunt + instant shadow bolt combo. As a veteran affliction warlock main since mid-WotLK, it really feels like the spec is going back to its roots. Affliction has seen many drastic playstyle changes each expansion, especially with Mists of Pandaria. Even though I prefer shadow bolt as the filler spell, I know some people prefer the "drain" playstyle where a channeled ability such as Malefic Grasp/Drain Soul/Drain Life are the filler abilities. I think it would be good if there were a talent or glyph to enable players to choose which ability they would prefer as their filler spell, while allowing both playstyles to perform similarly. I'll post more when I get more time to test other builds, these were just my first thoughts on the talents that excited me the most. Anyone else have any strong thoughts on the direction of Affliction in BFA?Thastaman23 2d
2d Feral-Feels very weak and boring. Dear druid gods and devs. I'm not gonna sit here and say "OMG QQ UNPLAYABLE WAAHHH". I'm not even sure if this would be the right place for my post but eh seems legit. It's not unplayable, but I do find it's pretty weak. My feral is pulling a little over half of the dps of every other class I have played on beta and she's the most geared of them all. Now I could just be making myself look like an idiot here as I have only leveled her to 111 and I don't have much azerite gear or whatever...maybe they are great later on... Buuuuuuut ferals still, as usual, feel a little bland...maybe it's the abilities too(Feeling like the most baaaasic skills of a rogue), but mostly it's the animations. If possible, I would love to see some love brought to their animations. Maybe have stealth have a bit more of a stealthy-style movement, not have bite look like you're doing a half circle jump backwards...I mean I don't want to come off as a cry baby..I just feel like feral is the lowest spec on the wow factor or unique feel (other than the obvious kitty forms being unique). I can handle the dps being low, I can still get my quests done just fine, I will probably main heals on her either way...I would, however, love to see more life brought to them, maybe more emote animations in cat form, improved ability animations, cooler stealth. Please <3 Maybe add in a few flavor abilities...I can't think of anything off the top of my head..but yeh, make feral funnnnn...we already can't enjoy our cool mogs xD let us enjoy our cool cats more XPTperja0 2d
3d Second wind the most useless talent Second wind is useless in every end game content. Please rework it to something useful in combat or wod ver. Second wind is fine Arm attack animation look slow and boring. Bring back strike opportunity to baseline this skill make arm animation so cool. And funEizanami5 3d
3d Don't remove Gust of Wind Title says it all. This ability is awesome for pvp and pve adding versatile mobility to shamans with an element of skill involved when directing it. I would be very sad to see it go, it's probably my favourite shaman skill. What does everyone think?Routo23 3d
3d Why is Flame Shock not the same as ALL other dots? It requires target to be in front of you. Its a Small quality of life improvement, but it makes a big difference.Epsolone5 3d
3d Unholy DK utility Unholy Dks bring only incredibly niche utility and there is no reason to bring a dps DK outside of his/her great personality (Kappa). We have Battle res, that is brought by both druid and lock (who have superior utility) Grip that is very situational a 90% slow (that decays by 10%) via talent Stun that we give up our slow for control undead (niche but can be very powerful)That is all we have, and in order to use our slow that we have to talent into we have to use DnD which is a super important cd for our aoe. Compared to other classes this is nothing. Warriors bring - ap buff, stun (if talented), aoe fear, commanding shout, (fury) aoe slow. rogues - stun, sap, shroud, blind. ww - aoe stun or rop, cleanse, off heals, res, physical dmg taken debuff. rets - hand of protection, freedom, blessings of kings/wisdom, cleanse, off heals, res, lay on hands. ferals - roots, stun, soothe, off healing (really good off healing if talented), can get an aoe root/ knockback/ or another stun, can cleanse, res, battle res. DH - aoe stun, darkness, slow or single stun if talented, imprison and purge like mechanic, magic dmg taken debuff. enhance - a lot more stuff to (cba listing all their stuff to) Point I am trying to make if we bring nothing outside of grip which is our saving grace. Everyone has superior utility and there is no reason to bring a DK to your raid/5-man unless for some reason you NEED a grip. Not to mention we have the worst mobility, and defensives that not as good as our peers. We are glorified damage bots that are slow, lack utility, and are squishy. Please take the DH spell dmg buff from DH and give it to use they already have darkness (AKA old but better verson of AMZ/smoke bomb). We need something to make us desirable outside of grip because I highly doubt we will be able to out dps other classes by enough of a margin to warrant a spot, esp in a M+ grp.Canyou9 3d
3d New Spell Animation for Power Word Shield Please We have had the same spell animation for PWS for so many years and I know blizzard has several shield animations (Divine Aegis, Clarity of Will) already. I would prefer something brand new though.Kainith3 3d
3d Time Anomaly; Arcane Mage What made this so good and op in the pvp tree was that you can get Overpowered and it would be 60% increased damage and 60% reduced mana. With it in the same tier line, Arcane Power is now 30 and 30. So now you're left with either double Arcane Power strength on the same cd, Overpowerd talent, or a chance to either get 30 and 30 for 10 sec, evocation for 1 sec, or 4 arcane charges. The problem with this is the chance part. Not reliable. If I get arcance power, nice. If I get evocation, nice. If I get Arcane Power, well at times I may not even notice it seeing how I try to spam Arcane Blast for a bit at 4 stacks. The only way this talent will be able to compete with Overpowerd is to change the or to and, instead of 10 sec change to 6 sec, and reduce the proc chance. It'll still be a chance but mages will have a smoother rotation for duration fights. Overpowered will only be used for burst fights. Also, I mentioned this before, If you reduce Arcane Missles cost by half and make it cost 2 Arcane Charges, it would really smooth out the rotation.Frusting0 3d
3d Can we talk about losing fist of fury stun? As most of you know, fist of fury stun has been replaced with a fist of fury talent that instead makes each tick put a short debuff on the enemy that makes them deal less damage. Okay, this seems pretty bad, but lets look at our cc toolkit: - Disable (melee range snare/root) - since losing our artifact we don't have a slow baked into any other ability - Grapple Weapon (TALENTED) ranged 6 second disarm on a 1 min cd - Paralysis, ranged 3 second paralyze effect on a 45 second cd - Leg sweep - 3 second aoe stun on a 1 min cd or (TALENTED) slightly larger radius stun on 50 sec cd - RoP (TALENTED) - 45 second cd Seems decent if you are trying to check off boxes, but this makes me wonder what the new role of windwalker will be going into BFA PVP? It seems like our damage will have to be tuned WAY up to account for the inherent lack of cc that we have compared to other classes. Why would you ever play with a windwalker over a rogue for example? Or a warrior? Or DH? Looking at our new kit, I feel like we have no niche. I don't want to play a super mobile DK damage-bot, I want to play a class that is able to run setup comps if I wish. Please rethink FOF stun.Windyboi2 3d
3d Hunter: A Request Please make Chakrams baseline across all specs! It's one of the most interesting and fun abilties hunters have. Seeing how it's only a talent for survival kinda makes me feel sad :(Fwyn18 3d
3d So glad they did away with cookie cutter builds At one point the devs ranted about cookie cutter builds and the need to do away with them ---------------- while the players were happy with the way they were Congrats ----- YOU have succeeded !! SUCCESS !!! Now all the builds are boring, some of the classes are seriously broken Reinventing the wheel does not seem to have produced a rounder wheel just one that one that bumps a lot more Stat squish was needed ------ no problem It's a little late into legion development for any major changes ----- but maybe ALL of the folks that work at Blizz should go back and look at what the classes were like when all the players (or majority of them) were happyBellamia2 3d
3d Seriously Arcane Mage Devs?! Just saw the latest changes for arcane mages. I literally have NO idea what the devs are thinking. Slipstream now nerfed to provide arcane missile mobility ONLY if clearcasting is proc'd? Evocation now a boost to mana regen instead of restoring mana? Arcane explosion building charges but still not scaling with charges ... but fine: you boosted the power of barrage and it scales with charges. At least this change I can get on board with as it seems our AoE damage will now be barrage-centric instead of explosion. Slipstream should have been made baseline not nerfed. Evocation was fine as is. Arcane is looking like a hot mess.Aedrid33 3d
3d Warlock - Request Ok... First I have to say I like the revamp on demo :) I think it looks and plays good. However I am destro... I have been destro since I made this toon. I have invested a lot into this toon. Spent months farming the tome for my felfire and it isn't really visable unless you run destro. I also went above and beyond to unlock my artifact appearances. PS I race changed this toon he was a dwarf when I made him. If we must have the skill set we have in the BFA beta can you please consider a way for us to get/earn better demons. The base four feel so dated and not having the infernal full time really makes questing hard. The void walker is basically useless it pulls everything.... By everything I MEAN EVERYTHING LOL.... Hostiles, non-hostiles, Seagulls from outerspace. These demons feel so dated now. Is it possible to get demons that compliment the Destro and affliction specs a little bit better? We just demolished the legion (allegedly) We should be getting better demons to control. I am so sick of this imp LOL. Something like Destro loc's get whatever demons you would think would compliment us (that our felfire can show one a little) and affliction give void demons ... with it being shadow damage etc it kinda fits the fantasy. I have a hunter and I love my hunter before I say this BUT..... Every expansion there are new beast to tame, new skins, sometimes new utility (slight) and warlocks are here like I have had these same exact demons since MOP.... Please think about this and hook us up... Destro has been neglected for awhile now please send us a life preserver LOL.Carthorinn1 3d
4d Spinning Fire Blossom Now that you have re-worked PVP talents and you can kind of just pick and choose whatever you like, I would be ECSTATIC if you brought Spinning Fire Blossom back. I realize that in Legion the complaint was it wasn't as good as HHS, but that would be a non-issue now. Pretty pleeeeeeeease :)Sultriss3 4d
4d Do my eyes deceive me? WW Monk Did they just take off the weapon requirements for FoF? No more requiring 1h weapons? Does this mean 2h WW Monks are finally back?!?!?!?! THANK YOU BLIZZ!Smokebear5 4d
4d Havoc Demon Hunter BFA I've been playing a lot of Havoc on the alpha for the last few days and I have been really enjoying it. The class feels smooth and flows even better than it does on live. The issue I have is the final talent tier. Each of the talent choices in that tier are lackluster from a gameplay perspective. Momentum might be a little better than it was, but it is still awkward beyond belief. Using our movement abilities for damage feels awful and really makes playing this spec a chore and a half. It is clunky, never works properly and is frustrating enough to make me reroll if it is the go to talent. Nemesis is really such a buzz kill. I feel like I'm absolutely wasting it in the cases that I can not tunnel a target for a minute and I feel crippled when it is not up. Demonic is the least upsetting of the three, but the gameplay it created in Legion and that we use in Antorus is criminally boring. It is a little better now that it's not reliant on soul shards, but its gameplay is still boring and it still makes meta less cool. This one tier is bringing down a great class for me. I feel like I enjoy Havoc despite these talents which is never how it should be. I wonder if I am the only one.Jesbro9 4d
4d Rogues; Three Different Kinds At the risk of summoning Himwhogazes, I did want to voice some thoughts on the different specs... and maybe offer some suggestions. Disclaimer, is that I'm a casual. I'm more an LFR raider type, and I'm going to pick "what is fun" over "what is performing the best?" every time. So... it is from that perspective, that my Subtlety Rogue (since Vanilla) has walked away from the spec and looks to continue to be an Assassin through BFA. As far as Assassins go, I don't really have any concerns. It looks like it will be easy to tailor the available talents into something that will suit my playstyle, and will probably perform even better than my current build (which is probably sub-optimal). My other Rogue is an Outlaw, and I think that I will continue to enjoy Outlaw... but I do have some definite thoughts on Outlaw (also, by way of how it contrasts with Subtlety). First... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pirates_versus_Ninjas The notion of Pirates vs. Ninjas is an old and established gaming trope. I feel like WoW should double down on the question of Pirates vs. Ninjas in the rogue spec, but it looks like BFA is doing some things to move Outlaw away from the Pirate theme. My suggested fixes are: *Make Loaded Dice baseline. I feel like ever Outlaw player wants to see this done; Roll the Bones may function pretty well, but the spec really needs to have the "need" to reroll taken out of the spec, in a way that's not just giving up and taking Slice and Dice. *Next... take Dancing Steel and move it down from the 100 Tier into the spot Loaded Dice was in. *Re-instate Cannonball Barrage in the 100 tier slot. ...I'd also like to see Bribe return, but with a little RNG, and also, cost actual coin. Bribing would have a chance to backfire, especially against elite targets. The cost to bribe a target would also be level dependent. A level 20 Kobold will work for Candles... a level 121 Elite Queen's Guard is gonna expect your arm, your leg, and make those extremities gilded. Now... I notice that Outlaw Rogues have Gouge. Which... I mean, I'm a filthy casual, like I said... but if I need to interrupt I have Kick, and if I want to Stun, I have Between the Eyes. I can also Vanish and Cheap Shot. I don't find that Gouge needs to be in my kit, and I virtually never use it. Which brings us to Subtlety. First things first... I don't play Sub anymore because I find it boring. REALLY boring. My biggest, most easily identified problem with it, is that it only has a 1 button build rotation, and that button is Backstab. My problem with Backstab is two-fold. First, in that it's the ONLY button, and second, because there is no reliable way for a solo subtlety Rogue to get behind a target and use Backstab in the way it was intended. So, that's the first thing; Outlaws don't need Gouge, Subtlety Rogues do. Earlier I mentioned the Pirate vs. Ninja meme-war. Well, recently I saw on GD someone calling for a "Ninja spec" for rogues... apparently, completely unaware that Rogues already have a Ninja spec. Because... aside from Shurikens, Sub just doesn't feel like a Ninja spec. At least not successfully. Honestly, the class feels more like a weird "shadow cultist" to me right now. ...I think whoever next looks at Subtlety needs to run a movie marathon. Get that cheese flowing; I advocate 70s era flicks from the Golden Harvest studio in Hong Kong. Steep yourselves in titles like "The Octagon," "Ninja vs. Mafia," and "Heroes of the East." Anyways. Here's your Homework, get on it: https://screenrant.com/best-ninja-movies-all-time/ ...and, I think one of the easiest, most thematic 2nd builders a Ninja spec would use, would be some sort of "karate chop" although, probably not called that specifically. Knife hand, mebbe. The "value added" of this attack would be that it reduces the cooldown on Gouge, allowing for more get-behind-and-backstab playstyle. Anyways. I think that would be a good place to start.Dimpishly11 4d
4d Warrior Recklessness in Beta version used warrior Recklessness and the character effect is awesome. don't know if a bug but you'll should leave it like that.Deé0 4d
4d Blizzard Please, 2H-FROST in BFA I reactivated my subscription just so I could make this post because there are only 2 months until BFA and I'm getting worried. Looking at the overall frost DK changes in BFA I am mortified. This is not the class I fell in love with in Wrath of the Lich King; you guys have literally slowly removed every iconic Death Knight ability going from expansion to expansion. - Army of the Dead Removed - Pillar of Frost Revoved - Presences Removed - Anti-Magic Zone Removed - Rune Diversity Removed - 2H Frost Removed - Raise Undead Removed That's not even including all of the other crap we've had to deal with thus far like using the same Runeforge enchantment for the lat 10 years, not being allowed to use any of the current or future allied races, and worst of all not allowing us to Transmog Shadowmourne! Quite frankly I can live with all of it but I'm absolutely disgusted that 2H Frost, one of the most requested features to bring back continues to be ignored no matter what we do. We don't care that the two specs were hard to balance, we just want the OPTION! Being within 5% of each other is good enough for me; just bring back Might of the Frozen Wastes and be done with it. Speaking only for myself I have absolutely zero interest in Unholy just to use a 2-handed weapon. My favorite specialization is frost and always has been. Dual wielding is boring; Just allow me to play my class they way I wanted and always could! I don't want to quit my class because the developers refuse to give the players who are paying to play the game such a simple request.Zerkon11 4d
4d Class Uniqueness Uniqueness is a term that Blizzard likes to throw around often. It's often used in reference to prior expansions where, in giving classes more robust toolkits, many classes were given very similar tools. The design philosophy in recent expansions has shifted away from giving every class a wide variety of tools, towards a design where utility and situational abilities are budgeted and carefully distributed between classes. This was done in the name of class "uniqueness". A philosophy where one class can look at another class and feel envious of what they have, and that is encouraged, so long as the other class can look back and feel the same. This sounded fine in theory, but this philosophy came in conjunction with a massive round of pruning. Ironically, this led to class homogenization, as every class can be broken down into a few very similar parts: Builder | Spender | Heal | Defensive | Offensive Cooldown | Utility Spell It's a very basic model, and it's easy to feel its effects. Simply look at a players keybinds for each class. Generally, players will keybind similar buttons to the same hotkey to make playing multple classes less confusing. The builder is always 1, spender is always 3, heal is always 5, ect. The reality is, what made classes unique wasn't who did and did not have certain abilities. The uniqueness came from the application of those abilities. How those abilities interacted with the rest of a class's toolkit. Shimmer and Gust of Wind are both mobility talents. The way these talents are applied are very different. Shimmer can be used to - Extend the range and LoS of spells - Teleport behind a target in the last few seconds of their cast - Instantly move out of Area of Effect spells - Gain distance on opponents via uninterruptible movement By contrast, Gust of Wind can be used to - Extend your jump and cross gaps that would otherwise be untraversable - Get out of Area of Effect spells more quickly (Note: Non instantanously)-- - Gain distance on opponents who do not have the tools to root or inturrupt your jump - Leap around a corner to regain LoS Likewise, Bubble and Ice Block both make players immune to damage, but unlike Ice Block, the player is free to move around, attack, and cast spells for its duration. It can also be used to make a player immune to CC and inturrupt effects, guaranteeing that you get off that heal or land that repentance. Ice Block, by comparison has a much shorter cooldown, but it has little offensive value. It can be used as a pseudo trinket, a dot cleanse, or to avoid burst, but if used defensively, it can be mass dispelled, which adds another variable that a player must be mindful of. These abilities are unique, not because no other class in the game has an invulnerability, but because the way you use these invulnerabilities are very different. Capacitor Totem and Clash are both AoE stuns, but while one is a ranged, delayed AoE stun. The other is an odd Charge/Death Grip hybrid that causes the player and its target to meet each other halfway. It's important to look at the class as a whole, and how these abilities interact with the rest of its toolkit before determining that the abilities are "the same" because they serve a similar function. I suggest Blizzard focus on delivering on more abilities that are unique in application over budgeting spells for the sake of creating class envy. Players can feel satisfied knowing that their class has multiple layers for them to master, and envy can come from watching how a class uses those tools to create big and exciting moments.Grizzlpaw1 4d
4d What is the most op class in 7.3.5 I got my upgrade and I want to play op classes for the rest of legion I already have a warrior a dk a demon hunter a hunter and a rouge if there are any class that anyone would like to put in the comment thing that would be very helpful and ty for helpingJeromar19 4d
4d Why no responses to Pruning complaints? There are countless complaints from every corner of the forums whining about how simple and boring their classes are compared to previous expansions. It's not hard to see why if you look at a current spell book compared to a spell book in Mists of Pandaria. They used to be twice as long, on top of having glyphs and unique stat customization. It used to be soooo fun to learn the complexities of your class, like learning an instrument, taking pride in your skill and experience to efficiently counter and outplay during fights. Quirky, niche, complex, situational abilities that allow for sandbox rotations and strategy are the things that made classes feel unique. To me, it's one of the biggest reasons WoW PvP is (or was) so extremely fun. Despite the massive amounts of feedback regarding this issue, they seem to just shrug it off and say "adding abilities every expansion is unsustainable" or "we want to make classes feel unique" without explaining why half our fun, unique abilities are removed or placed on a talent tree that limits our choices, with no replacements. How is a spell book full of nothing but passives and procs unique or special? You removed all the utility and strategy that made each spec unique and special. Having every specialization do some small set of pretty spells that choreograph with "class fantasy" along with forcing us into a niche of "just damage" or "just cc" is not uniqueness. It's horribly boring and counter productive to the whole reason you made these changes. At the end of the day, our bars are emptier and classes in general aren't as fun. Can you respond or explain instead of just ignoring us? It's insulting.Xuper27 4d
4d Q&A in a nutshell "We will not be fixing classes because we need to rush out an unfinished product" -ActiBlizzardGrizzlpaw11 4d
5d A fire mage tale Remember the burning orbs that fire mages have? What if those orbs became a more integrated part of the class entity? Orbs are no longer used to launch phoenix flames. Orbs are consumed whenever you cast a pyroblast or a flamestrike, and they make the flamestrike/pyroblast instant cast. Orbs have a lifetime of X seconds. Orbs are spawned every X/3 seconds to ensure that the average number of orbs is always 3. Fire mages can spawn new orbs by casting a spell- spawn orb. Spawn orb is castable while moving, and take 3 seconds to cast. It replaces scorch. The only other change I would recommend would be that if you have an enemy targeted, flamestrike automatically centers on the enemy when you click it.Çyfyr0 5d
5d Frost DK changes. What is going on?! Why are you taking so much away? Pillar a talent? Or I lose Rime bonus, there goes my aoe. No more aoe stun, it's a root... there goes my M+ utility (granted frost dk's never really been in the meta for M+ to begin with) I still think WW should be baseline for all dk's. I feel neglected, I have a 4 button rotation now. On live I use Pillar, SindraFury, Oblit, I combo stuff around. Along with FS/Oblit/RW/HB. Now.... No more cd's... they are all gone and if I want some of them I lose all my normal damage coeff's. My 4 button rotation feels terrible, it's not fun, why was this done? Is it unfinished? What's going on? Is everyone being forced into unholy because I'll do that if it's what you want. It's just atm I think frost will most likely be the worst spec in the game for dps. It makes BM hunter look complicated now. Please say it isn't finished.Kawaiidk20 5d
5d Optimal way to play? I mostly pve but have been thinking of doing some pvp for mogs. I currently use wasd and holding right click a lot so I can move around better, but as I try to become a better and better player(I raided mythic emerald nightmare when it was relevant) I also use a Naga mouse with 12 keys on it and use that to play, I also have some macros so when I press shift my abilities change into a different ability, also have some of my keyboard letters bound to abilities as well as the 2 buttons on top of my mouse, but I am starting to wonder o If this is a bad idea and not optimal. Anyone give me some advice or tell me what you think?Jackofdemons2 5d
5d It's time for Echo of the Elements to be baseline. Plenty of people are asking for more things to be baseline, I figured I'd go ahead and ask for specifically Echo. As other threads about baselines have already pointed out, talents need to be additions to a spec, they need to give you something extra that gives the spec more flavor. They should not be a patch that covers the holes in a spec's rotation. Even in Legion I always felt like I had to take Echo regardless of its strength as a talent. Resto feels wrong without two charges of Riptide, Ele feels wrong without two charges of Lava Burst. I will always be taking Echo because it makes the specs much more fun, but I wish I didn't have to. Yes everyone is wishing they had more baselines, and it's because we want our specs to feel more complete.Gadgetpants3 5d
5d Since 120 Why am I getting ROFLStomped ? Have leveled a Shadow Priest / Boomkin / Ele Shammy / BM Hunter / Destro Lock Why after hitting 120 have I been getting ROFLstomped by quest mobs on priest / shammy / Boomkin ?? Hunter and Lock have not had same problems due to having a pet tank ------ even though it takes absurdly long to kill quest mobs Leveling on all of them I had little problems with silver elites ==== after hitting 120 on quest bosses ( ! ) I can barely kill them or get killed by them which shouldn't happen. Silver elites depend on me not pulling extra mobs (death) or if the elite has mobs (death again) Something is off ------ when you quest fine (we are talking careful questing --- no grabbing more than 2 mobs to begin with) and then hit 120 and DPS isn't high enough to kill or you take way too much damage and have a heck of a time trying to stay alive Better gear is NOT the answer ---- have never had this happen in any expac Better gear is for instances / raids so that you are on par with the mobs inside NOT to be able to do world quests or finish areas Hopefully something will be done before release ----- otherwise it is really going to not be worth playing a lot of classesBellamia3 5d
5d Why are mages so bad pvp? Heals? Mages were the worst class in pvp during Legion. From all the videos ive watched , they will continue this trend. They are basically unchanged going into BFA, bar a few tweeks here and there. So I was thinking of rolling a caster for once, no way in hell will it be mages. Why wasn't the most beatable, fragile class in the game , by far, given heals like every single other class? That's just funny honestly.Silentkiss7 5d
5d DPS DK Feedback This is based on my journey from 110-120, I did dungeons back to back while questing in between. Granted some of this feedback could be due to secondary stats greatly falling off between 116-120 (for example having 5% haste as UH is brutal) but here we go: Frost: Honestly I stopped playing this spec around level 112. I'm not sure what's going on but I've tried just about every talent build you can think of and the damage output is just awful unless you win the lottery on HB procs. Every dungeon I played I was dead last on the charts unless there was an enhancement shaman on my team (I feel bad for you guys). The rotation hasn't significantly changed from Legion so I'm apprehensive to say I just don't understand how to play one of the easiest specs in the game. Breath Spec does alright against bosses but in any AOE situation without HB procs you do half the damage of most other classes. If it means anything at one point I was running a dungeon with 800ms as Unholy and I almost doubled the frost DKs damage on my team lagging my butt off. Things like frozen pulse and glacial Advance make it a little bit better but overal my opinion of frost is: Way too reliant on HB procs for damage. ERW is a little lack luster and clunky to use on the GCD. On the subject of GCD, in my opinion Death Grip shouldn't be on it. Pillar and ERW, ok fine. Unholy DK: This has been my main for a long time and overall I'm happy with the changes. The problem I had while leveling was having extremely low haste except during my Unholy Frenzy window. the single target burst is good and the AoE is pad city. I feel like the changes to festering wounds are good and make the rotation a bit less RNG. There are some talents that just don't feel very useful to take: Soul Reaper and Pestilence stand out here. I also personally feel like Unholy Frenzy is too dominate in the level 100 row and gargoyle should be baseline as it was in Legion with the Dark Arbiter talent making a return for the damage increase and shorter duration. All other talents (aside from the survivability row) feel like they compete with each other and are good for different situations. One final note: Im not understanding the reasoning as to why our battle res costs runic power now. Does every other battle res cost resources now as well? If this is how it's going to be until 8.1 I strongly recommend DKs either play Unholy or Blood, even a Blood DK does more damage than frost.Déathikus2 5d
6d Brewmaster? I was just hoping to hear some player-based feedback on how Brewmaster is doing? I saw some changes on wowhead today that looked really cool but I know a lot of specs aren't doing so hot at the moment. Is my precious brewmaster okay? D:Zenrao5 6d