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32m Feedback/Communication With Battle for Azeroth announced, I see a lot a of players advocating for class changes, and rightfully so, but is it possible for Blizzard to let us know that they are listening? The Q&A's on twitch are great, but they are rare. I'm not asking Blizzard to hold a Q&A every week, I'm just asking Blizzard to "report" to us what their class philosophy are for legion, class changes they are making and what spells they are bringing back maybe every month. Then after said Q&A, TURN THE PLAYERS TO THE FORUMS. This would get more players giving Blizzard feedback and would overall strengthen the communication between the devs and the players, cause let's be real there's almost no communication at all. Heck, they can even make it an ingame thing to turn the players to the forums. I know that BfA is still far away, but it is better to make changes now than when it is too late (alpha/beta). An increase in communication will go a long way in making the game more enjoyable once BfA realeases. Please stop making class changes according to what you think is right (to be fair you have more data than us on some points like dmg, etc.), but instead listen to the players, who undoubtedly plays the game WAY MORE than any of the class developers probably does. As for my last point, can we implement the saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Keep the awesome parts of legion like the content and other QoL stuff, but revert back the class design to the previous expansions. You spent years on developing those classes, why destroy them? Especially when those class designs we're more loved and welcome than the class designs we currently have? Just some food for thought.Namjoo6 32m
35m I just want buttons back Title says all. I don't care about visual animations, or weapon audio. Hell content can be stagnant AS LONG AS THE GAME IS FUN. For me, more buttons = more fun. More buttons = more complex dps rotations = a way to differentiate players who can actually maximize dps from the baddies. More buttons = more chance to outplay someone in pvp. Blizzard thinks making the game incredibly easy is a way to get players into WoW, which is true, but it will not keep players around. Making a game challenging will entitle a player to invest more time into the game in order to learn and overcome said challenges. Why do you think the sub count was higher pre WoD/Legion? Blizzard, get off your high horse and admit that you were wrong to prune classes so heavily. We don't want to see class changes, WE NEED THEM. We won't tell you, "I told you so"! We will welcome added spells with open arms. I think its time to remind Blizzard that the core of the game is not the current raid tier, or the new arenas that they add; the core of this game are THE CLASSES. Thank you for reading this little rant of mine. If you disagree to everything I said, I just want to say that there's a reason Blizzard stopped reporting sub numbers... There are numerous posts on the forums asking for class changes, but is Blizzard even listening? A blue post would be a positive step for Blizzard to show that they are reading our feedback. #MakeWoWGreatAgainNamjoo60 35m
37m What buttons do you want unpruned? For my subtlety Rogue I want: Premeditation Preparation Shadow Walk Smokebomb Shiv Gouge Garrote Hemorrhage Rupture Slice and Dice Poisons And most of all FIND WEAKNESS Make this spec play like a Subtlety Rogue again please, not this retarded melee shadow magician. You can remove the new garbage you added like Symbols of Death. Just make it play the way it used to play, please kthx. What buttons should be unpruned for your favorite spec?Overpruned36 37m
45m Calling all demo locks I believe there are many peoples liked demo lock revamp in legion, and many not. This is the time for reformulation. I'll give my opinion and I'd like to hear yours. i missing: - Soul Fire - Metamorphosis - Hell fire - Demonbolt being resource spender and doing a lot of damage what i hate now: - high ramp-up (we need generate shard before cast our dot - demons) - Bad class fantasy summoning many weaks demons. Ideas: - Talent that change felguard for fel-lord (sustented st dmg choice) - Same tier talent, change felguard for Inquisitor (sustented AoE choice) - Keep Darkglare in same tier, but increase dmg and CD (Burst AoE choice). - Keep shadowbolt as shard generator spell - Change Hand of Guldan for AoE spender spell (baseline) - Change Demonbolt for ST spender spell (baseline) - Keep Dreadstalkers, but remove Demonic Empowerment.Albiondragon22 45m
47m BFA Retribution Wishlist Hey guys, just thought we should start getting ideas together as to what the community hopes to get in BFA. Post below what you would like to see brought back, kept, or implemented for Retribution in the coming expansion. I know it’s really early to be doing this but I figured we could give the devs some sort of idea as to what we’re looking to have as far as abilities, talents, and rotation goes. Personally I’d like to see some sort of gap closer being brought back. Hammer of Wrath. We all miss it, we all want it back. Even if it didn’t have the Avenging Wrath modifier and we just got it back as an execute, I’d be happy. Also some form of charge or leap like the one that was scrapped. We all know mastery needs some changes too so we are defined as a spec and aren’t just a Holy Arms Warrior. Post your feedback below and let’s try and keep this thread rolling with ideas! Also guys make sure to “like” the ideas and changes that you agree with the most, and later on I’ll be editing the title page to reflect what things we agree with and what things we do not. Gotta compromise!Lightswourn207 47m
1h MISTWEAVER UTILITY I would love to see mistweavers get some love in BFA, some utility that would make us competitive in mythic +. Feels bad having to play specific classes and specs to run high keys. I heal on multiple classes, mistweaver is my favorite, but it's hard to justify bringing my mistweaver over my resto druid. I would like to see every class with something to bring to the table where it creates a more thoughtful compositional meta rather than just choosing between a battle res or an immunity. Mistweavers are decent now, they aren't great, but they can certainly do a +20 as long as hey can sit and drink between every other pull. It just feels very unfinished and unpolished, but I love what's there. I would just love to see mistweavers in progression and competitive content.Kegzy7 1h
1h My thoughts on Ret in BfA What is Ret? As per the development page of Legion, the devs defined Ret as: “To serve as instrument of the Light is to hold an unshakable faith. Oftentimes the most dedicated paladins become fanatical in their devotion, instruments of retribution against those who dare defy the laws of the divine. These paladins are vengeful guardians of the weak—crusaders judging and punishing the wicked. Their resolute conviction in the divine order of all things assures them that victory is inevitable—but they will fight to the end to ensure that the Light prevails.” I feel like Legion class fantasy totally missed the mark with Retribution. There was too much backlash to the spec as a whole from the lucky few that got to beta test, and unfortunately with every other spec in the game received ground up overhauls I think the dev team kind of got overwhelmed. There are a few key things I would change for Ret (and paladin as whole) to make it more enjoyable in BfA. 1. Mobility. This is flat the most embarrassing thing about Legion Ret. Most of this is PvP based but come on. Being a melee requires you to gap close. DKs are in the same boat somewhat but they didn’t have the majority of their ranged attacks gutted or tied to mechanics that shouldn’t be tied to a ranged ability. They also a have semi-spammable slow that isn't dispellable and a gap closer on a 25 second cd. Compare that to 45 sec cd on charger and 30 sec cd on dispellable slow. Ret does have freedom but that, at least imo, should be saved for your party members. Emancipate would do wonders here. It adds just enough flavor to differentiate Ret from any other melee. You don’t have a traditional gap closer but then you really can’t be slowed so why would you need one? I would like it back. 2. Judgement smash. This ability as confused me so much this expansion. Why is the only ability that has more than a 10 yd range the one that has the Col. Smash debuff? I get the name of the ability is Judgement and you were trying to thematically tie it into the rotation as something other than a HP generator. However, just why? It would have been better suited to tie that mechanic to Blade of Justice than Judgement. Fix would be to return judgement to be a HP generator, keep its damage, and move the debuff to BoJ. 3. Avenging Wrath. This is probably one of my bigger gripes about paladin in general. Avenging Wrath. Avenging. Wrath. What in that name inspires it to be something Holy and Prot, who are concerned with protecting and healing up their allies, can use? Rets are all about taking the fight to the bad guys and wings fits that perfectly. Holy has too much healing tied into it and it makes the spec feel awful to play on top of its mastery. You don’t feel like you doing anything outside of it and then basically having LoH in 5 cd with current gear levels is just nonsensical. Prot could be made to have it but I think it should only be Ret. 4. Utility.. This is one I feel like I’m constantly changing in my head but for the most part it is about how much of it should Ret have as a paladin and how much should ret have as Ret paladin i.e. “Vengeful guardians of the weak.” I don’t like that Ret has bubble and would like it to disappear. It has been the biggest culprit to Ret feeling like it is a squishy, plate wearing melee. The second is Blessings. Greater blessings are fine as they are now. The only one I would change would be swapping Blessing of Protection to Blessing of Sacrifice. My reasoning is twofold. First, it is the same as bubble. We are balanced around using a defensive utility on our self when it should be used on teammates? Just weird. Second, I think Sacrifice has more of that vengeful guardian feel to it. “Hey lets kick this bad guy in the face and I’ll take some of the damage for you” falls more under the vengeful guardian role than just a guardian. 5. Talents . Boy-o. Using the same talent build both with honor talents and pve talents for the ENTIRETY of Legion and maybe changing 1 or 2 talents here and there has been awful. I log on to other toons and have fun being able to swap out talents based on other team comps, whether I’m doing M+, raids, open world, etc. I honestly don’t have any suggestions for what to change but my feedback is it needs help direly.Divinedekaye10 1h
1h Demonology suggestions/feedback Post some ideas of what you really want for demonology. Write what you hate/dont like & your suggestions on how to fix things. The developers may take your idea on for the next expansion. Remember it will be in the developing stages and its a good time to start throwing ideas out there. Here are some things i would like to see. 1-remove demonic empowerment 2-felguard-this is almost as if it should be passive for demonology. Allow demonology warlocks to always control/command a felguard and 1 other demon of choice (imp, succubus,voidwalker, felhunter). Just combine their abilities on the pet action bar. 3-fix mastery-rather than cause this to depend on a spell (demonic empowerment), you can bake demonic empowerment into mastery. For example increase haste, hp, and damage of all demons you control based on total mastery. 4-demonic ascension-metamorphosis has been part of demonology for a long time. Even various warlock npc use some form of demonic transformation. Rather than making the form melee it will be range/spell based. Demonic ascension increases your stats by 10%+haste,hp,and damage stats your demons gain from mastery. There should also be a glyph to gain guldans demon form transformation. 5-hand of guldan-i dont like summonimg an army of imps. Its lame and i dont feel like a master summoner. There are 2 routes i think that we can take this. (a)-hand of guldan-cost(1-5 soul shards)-1.5 second cast-summon a powerful demon for 12 seconds. Each time this spell is used you will summon a more powerful demon at an increased soulshard cost until you have 5 different demons active. 1st cast-fel lord=1 soul shard 2nd cast-jailer=2 soul shards 3rd cast-inquisitor=3 soul shards 4th cast-overfiend=4 soul shards 5th cast-pitlord=5 soul shards Reset to which ever demon is available for resummon. (B)-hand of chaos-cost (2 or 4 soul shards)-instant/targeted location-call down a meteor dealing damage, stunning and applying shadowflame to all targets within 8 yards. An infernal will rise and aid you for 15 seconds. If you used 4 soul shards then 2 infernals will raise to aid you for 15 seconds. 6-call dreadstalker-i love this spell because it gives a bit more for summoning demons. Perhaps they add some new missions to gain a vilefiend,fel bat, and a shackled urzhul. Then give us the option on the warlock order hall planet to choose if we want to summon 1 urzhul (1% reduced damage & 2% hp), 1 vilefiend (2% crit),3fel bats(2%haste), or 2 dreadstalkers (2% damage). Perhaps add different benefits based on which one we use and also improved dread stalker talent can change to something else so that they all have an imp rider with the talent & different specializations. (A)-dreadstalker rider=spell based imp (caster dps) & 4% damage increase. (B)-vilefiend rider=2 handed axe imp (melee physical dps) & 4% crit increased. (C)-ur'zhul rider=sword and shield imp (tank)& 2% reduced damage 3% hp (D)-fel bat rider-bow and arrow imp(range physical dps) & 4% haste increase. These are some great suggestions to fix demo but your ideas and suggestions wont happen unless you get a huge word out for them to actually notice on the forums.Chåoslord10 1h
1h Why remove Retribution's Emancipate? So, can we possibly get an explanation as to why this was taken away from us in the first place? It fit the fantasy, and was in line with the general method of mobility we used for the last 12 years (cleansing), and it being gone now is largely the cause of our current mobility woes in PvP... A lot of people liked how it worked, it was unique, and it let us save Blessing of Freedom for our allies most of the time as the utility it was meant to be, instead of always having to hoard it for ourselves... I'd really love to get this and Pursuit of Justice back in BfA.Divenity15 1h
1h Moonfire, sunfire and bloat. Moonfire spam is an amazing thing. Mixing moonfire and sunfire? Not so much. Here is why: 1. pvp talent crescent burn- it only affects moonfire. This creates an unequal incentive to fire moonfire OVER sunfire. 2. The moonfire sunfire macro- /castsequence reset=target Moonfire(Lunar), Sunfire(Solar) It is a macro that resets on target, meaning that it niftily manages multi dot application of moonfire and sunfire. CLick once, you have your target moonfired. Click twice, and your pack is sunfired. Switch target, and you can reapply. Beautiful. Only one problem.... 3. Talent - Wax and wane- your incentivized to spam moonfire and sunfire. Great. But now remember that pvp talent? Cresent burn? Your incentivized to spam moonfire NOT sunfire. UGH! Dear blizzard, if ever there was a redundant ability that just needs to be removed, I'm begging you, remove sunfire. Roll the damage into moonfire, and the nature damage buffs and whatever else needs to be rolled into moonfire, but make sunfire as a standalone spell history!Khasoul22 1h
2h Obligatory 2h Enhance post Please bring back 2h enhance Blizz! If you remember 2h enhance from Vanilla it was very RNG oriented. If I remember correctly you only have 2 damaging abilities besides your auto attacks. If you RNGed well, you one shot something. If you did not, you did less than nothing. NO ONE WANTS THIS BACK What we do want is a spec more centered around the auto attacks. Not simply waiting for Windfury to proc, but using our abilities in conjunction with our auto attacks.Itsmemikey0 2h
2h Replace Nightstalker with Burst of Speed Bring back Burst of Speed but not where you can have almost 100% uptime on a 70% movement speed buff; but, where when you are stealthed (including Shadow Dance) you can use it. It can even stay as a 70% movement speed buff since it is only useable while in stealth. Would allow Shadow Dance to be even more versatile in PvP.Elkcoc7 2h
2h Mages need a buff (Antorus tier) Hi, looking to warcraftlogs mages are in a bad spot. We are a pure dps class, our utilities include a raid coldown that a hunter or a shaman can bring. Portals are no important for raid, we conjure food useless in raids and now our dps is near the bottom of the table. In contrast there are warlocks that can summon ppl, conjure health stones that can be used in combat and restore a bunch of health and are top in dps ¿Why to bring a mage if there are at least 8 ranged specs that outperform him, we need a big buff? Heroic: Mythic: I think you must buff the mastery of the fire mage and increase the dmg of 3 specs around 7% and restore combustion to the state of 7.0 We are a pure dps class, without a good raid utility, if we do not excel in our role then there is no reason to play this class, and maybe this game. Tks for read, have a great day!Kahiros14 2h
2h Don't give up Destro locks! My Destruction Warlock is dull and boring to play because backdraft, demonic circle, execute shadowburn, Fire/brimstone, and having no minion used to be really fun and felt like it took some sort of skill to play. Now having to choose between these abilities halves the satisfaction I used to have while playing with all of these abilities. I have the playstyle of AoE and love the satisfaction of all the numbers coming up whether they are 10k or 300k stacked on top of each. I don't care about how hard I hit as long as it feels satisfying to me as a player. Having to choose between these area abilities really shorts many other fun and useful abilities like choosing FnB over Cataclysm when I used them both in the past. Now I can only do one or the other. Demonic Circle is my all time favorite spell in all of wow, and having to choose between that and mortal coil really cripples me. "Hey, pick one! Food or Water? You don't need them both to survive!" Shadowburn as an execute seperated the beginners from the pros when combined with Havoc. You could bring out more embers and crush the numbers because you knew in depth what destruction could do while others had no clue. Hidden potential is destructions true class fantasy, not RNG.Latedash4 2h
2h 2H Enhancement Using a 2 handed weapon as a Shaman was my Favorite aspect of playing this class. Wielding a massive Axe, or Mace and also the elements is just cool. I find it very odd that shamans are able to use two handed weapons (and have been from the start), but haven't been able to use them for the past two expansions. The fact that we can loot the weapons but having to either delete them or store them in our bank is just sad. Collecting the appearance does us no good either. I would hope to see an option to use two handers again or just let us transmog into a two handed weapon. I dream of the day they are at least viable to some degree, and not having most of our abilities become unusable after equipping the awesome two handed weapons. Thank you, Hope to hear some feedback on the idea! #bringback2hValgorr1 2h
3h Restoration Druid - New Gold Trait So I dont know about other Resto Druids out in the world, but looking at the new Golden Trait in the coming patch, Called "Deep Rooted - When your heal over time Affects heal a player below 35%, its Duration is reset" For me looking and reading this I Feel Chipped of a Gold Trait, i Raid in a Mythic Pushing Guild, and seeing health bars go up and down all the time, I feel like this trait will really honestly do nothing, for my Reason of the fact how this traits works, "When a Heal over time spell effects HEAL a player below 35" The heal part throws this trait out the window for me, For the Reason how often is that even going to happen? when a rejuve or a lifebloom or anything really actually heals anyone below 35 percent before they get topped off? I feel not very Often maybe occasionly but will it matter in the long run? See if this trait was simply but as - "when a target falls below 35 percent, Any Heal over time effects on the target have their Duration renewd" then that could be maybe Broken but also Reliable. also maybe just a whole new idea of this - "for every rejuvenation active the Heal over time increases" or something like that. Id like to get a sting going of other Resto Druids thoughts on this and maybe a Replacement spell for this Golden! Thanks guys!Chubie24 3h
3h What made destruction compelling to me. Wanted to get another one of these out there early to maybe hopefully influence some changes going into BFA. It would be cool if others added what makes / made the spec fun / compelling to them. Really big chaosbolt crits: These were both fun in just a "really big numbers" kind of sense, but more importantly they gave destruction a niche in being able to do really high burst to priority targets by being critical about banking and spending and thinking about how best to use what very limited resources you had to best tackle the fight. Charges: Many abilities for the spec ran on charges, conflag, havoc(in a way), backdraft, dark soul, and them being on charges was extremely important to how the spec played and giving it depth. Each of these abilities worked with charges in a way that allowed you to think about how you wanted to use them and when to time them on a per fight basis. This was more compelling than just using everything on CD. ~Havoc had 3 charges that you had 15 seconds to spend with a 20 second CD. This meant that it could be placed on a target preemptively and then spent later in order to min-max it and not lose any value like you do with the way it is in legion. On a fight like demonic inquisition, a fight where destruction should've done extremely well, we were hamstrung by havoc being duration based. If one of the bosses was casting its special and couldn't be hit, and you didn't have an add to cleave because your raid was playing well, you just lose damage and fall behind. With the way it was designed in mop / wod, you would be able to havoc the boss that isn't channeling, and then when the other boss stopped channeling you could turn and get your cleave in as long as you timed it right. The charges could be spent differently which was important. To min-max you'd want to cleave 3 shadowburns but because this was conditional it felt great when you pulled it off on a bunch of adds instead of just tossing out the usual chaosbolt. You even had the ability to use it to build embers more quickly by tossing out 3 generators instead in the event that you had a priority burn coming up that you weren't going to have the resources for. Between the charges and the way those charges could be spent, you had variety and depth which led to feel good moments. ~Conflagrate has charges, but what was really important about that was that it procced backdraft which had its 3 charges that could again be spent in different ways. To min-max dps you would use all 3 on incinerate to generate more resources since embers were so scarce, but you also had the option to sacrifice overall damage to use those 3 charges on tossing out 1 chaosbolt faster in order to nuke a priority target or to squeeze a chaosbolt in before the end of a powerful proc or CD. Backdraft coupled with having 2 conflag charges you could plan ahead and dump 2 conflags to have 6 charges up to spend on 2 chaosbolts to rapidly burst a priority target like doomfires or infernals on archimonde, or you could just use them normally and cast 6 incinerates to generate more embers to maximize overall dps. This again gave the spec a little more variety / depth. You had to make that decision on how it would be used, which feels better than not having to think about how you're using it much if at all.Baconmuffin4 3h
4h Hunter Design Direction in 8.0 and Onwards Hunters have suffered a bit of an identity crisis over the course of Legion. Beast Mastery has changed from a partnership between Hunter and Pet, to a powerful Pet and a Hunter who barely uses his weapon. Marksmanship has changed from a highly mobile single target burst specialist to a turret focused on AoE damage, provided you get the RNG based procs at the right time. Survival has changed from a very simple DoT heavy fully mobile AoE focused ranged DPS to a very complex single target focused melee DPS with two DoTs, one of which has to be talented into. Where is the class design headed, moving forward? While there are many players who are reasonably satisfied with the current design (the ones who just play and have fun, and don't post on the forums), there are also many players who have been advocating for positive changes for a long time now, some of us since the Legion Beta. We can use our talent calculator builders and post our personal favorite rework concepts until the cows come home, but without a solid idea of where the developers want Hunters to fit in, we can never hope to accomplish anything meaningful in terms of feedback. I could write (and have, on multiple occasions) 5000 characters on why I think Marksmanship should get its mobility back, in exchange for a little damage, but if the developers are dead set that Marksmanship is going to be a turret-focused spec, all those ideas will fall on deaf ears. All that said, the worst feedback you can provide is no feedback, so here is mine (again): MM: The spec is entirely too stationary. Since Wrath of the Lich King, and up to Legion, Hunter was unparalleled in terms of mobility. We always did more damage while stationary, but we were never restricted from doing any damage because we had to move. The spec has lost much of its burst potential from prior expansions. We do not have a baseline instant that deals meaningful damage without being reliant on RNG. We do not have an execute style shot that can deal burst damage to a target near death. These are simply gaps in our core toolkit that have not been present since Wrath of the Lich King. RNG is an unacceptable means to gate the use of abilities. Multi-Shot -> Marked Shot feels fantastic for AoE scenarios, but being forced to wait for a 6 RPPM proc just to do decent AoE damage feels awful. A Marksman should be much more in control of how and when they deal damage. Vulnerable is an albatross around our necks. As an RNG proc providing a small portion of damage, it would be fine. As a substantial damage increase tied to the use of an ability that is gated by RNG, it is miserable. In addition to being reliant on RNG to deal any real AoE damage, we are reliant on RNG to deal our proper damage (that we are balanced around) in single target. Vulnerable being a short duration buff also has negative effects with regards to Haste procs and latency, particularly when Patient Sniper is also taken. Lone Wolf is a great idea, a concept that Hunters had been asking for as an option since Demonic Sacrifice was first implemented for Warlocks. In practice, it is not tuned properly, to the point where the competitive Hunter has no first talent row - there is only Lone Wolf. This is also exceedingly frustrating because it completely removes the ability to call your pet, rather than removing the damage bonus when you do so, which requires us to return to a rest area or use tomes to swap talents (or simply deal with vastly worse survivability) when moving from instanced content to world content. To fix these issues for MM, I propose the following changes: Make Windburst instant and deal Nature damage, rather than physical. Reduce the cooldown somewhat, so that it can be used more frequently, as is required for burst damage scenarios. Make Aimed Shot able to be cast while moving. Reduce the damage if necessary, or provide a passive (or talent) that increases damage when standing still. Move Marked Shot from an RNG based proc to a cooldown or charge based system. This will allow the Hunter to use his primary AoE attacks when needed rather than being reliant on procs, which may come too early, too late, or not frequently enough to be useful. Either remove or reduce our dependence on Vulnerable to deal effective damage, or vastly improve our ability to apply it (and keep it applied) to the target. Make Lone Wolf a baseline passive ability for Marksmanship that increases your damage when you Dismiss Pet. At minimum, change the talent to its Warlords of Draenor incarnation, where we could Call Pet and would give up the damage bonus when doing so. Other MM mains, please contribute your issues as well, the more voices expressing feedback, the better off we will be.Adreaver94 4h
4h Please fix Ret's mobility in BfA low mobility, AKA "slow juggernaut" has never been Ret's fantasy. We used to have a "you can't run from justice, you can't stop justice" feel to us, that was our fantasy. Our opponent could run, but we, with our consistently above average movespeed and snare removal (emancipate, cleanse when it could dispel magic) would inevitably catch them. Now, Ret lost that, a big part of our fantasy is missing... Everyone can run from justice now, quite easily... It's sad, and it feels bad to play. Paladins aren't supposed to be immobile juggernauts, the Light had always empowered us to pursue our targets freely and with great haste... And now it doesn't. Why? Please, please, fix our mobility in BfA, I don't much care how it's done, as long as it gets done... you could fix Steed by taking it off the GCD and giving us Knight Templar and Steed of Glory, you could give us back Emancipate and Pursuit of Justice (would be my personal choice), you could make entirely new abilities... Whatever works for you, I just don't want to be stuck in a wheelchair for another expansion, our legs were broken in Legion, it's time to fix them. Ion said some class experiments were failures in Legion, Ret was definitely one of them, fix it please. Give us back our mobility. WoD Ret had it's problems, but I'd take ^that back in a heatbeat over Legion's design. Our fantasy is "inescapable justice", not "easy to escape justice"... Fix it, please.Divenity56 4h
4h Tank Rdps Off Spec I read that there will be no new classes introduced in the next expansion, but could you please add 4th specs to tank classes and give them a ranged dps option? In raids there are only 2 spots for tanks, but tanks are usually needed in other content. In most raids I have been in there is always a demand for more ranged dps. I think giving tank players an option to play a ranged dps spec will be good. An easy fix would be playing a Druid, but I really don’t like playing bear or balance. My preference would be Monks and Paladins, but at this point anything other than a druid will do.Ebonmist11 4h
4h Wings Can we get a graphic update to wings pls? Look really bad now with all these high def spell animations flying around. We got priests hovering in combat, turning gold when casting long casts and yet pallies be strapped with Vanilla grade wings. Make them look breath-takingly real and have a /\ shape to them, not just upright wings. You are dismissed artists. Appease me.Zealotry4 4h
5h Remove Life-Tap Can all the warlocks out there agree that we don't like life tap's game play implications? why are we the only dps casters that worry about mana (I know arcane worry about mana but it is built into the spec). Why do we have to suffer the GCD waste to replenish out gogo juice? chaotic energies from MoP was amazing for destro and should have been brought across all the specsLocktopus24 5h
7h Holy Priests Prayer of Mending EASY FIX 1500 idiots can counter Hpriests right now just because prayer of mending was designed to be one of our strongest heals. Idiots can literally only tunnel damage into a single target all game just so PoM doesnt bounce and heal other targets, which completely screws us and basically takes away 25% of our healing. An easy fix would be to nerf PoM and buff casted heals or to make it so PoM will bounce off a target to another player if it hasn't bounced off of that target for 2-3 seconds or so. Thoughts??Dewzi1 7h
7h Please Save Hati! [BM Hunter] This is a thread to follow up on the suggestion of dev Johnny Cash, here: In essence, - we know our artifacts are headed for destruction / decommission at the end of Legion. - this will probably mean the destruction of Hati, the wolf who is bound to Titanstrike. - many of us are very sad at this prospect. The quest to save Hati's life was the most unique and best-told artifact quest I experienced, and the loss of Hati would mean that all of it was ultimately in vain and would make the culmination of the story very bleak. I admit that Hati can be rather infuriating as a second pet, due to endemic pathing and NPC follower issues in Legion, but that's not the fault of the beast, and doesn't mean we didn't become very attached to his story. Also, I'm definitely not asking for him to remain as our second pet mechanism (if we even have one) after Legion - I get the feeling that most hunters would like to see some new system for that. I'm just requesting that some thought be put into some story mechanism whereby he could survive the destruction of Titanstrike. This could be as simple as an addition to the questline, e.g. Mimiron and Thorim show up at the last minute with a new something-something to host his life force, which is released at the moment of Titanstrike's decommission, and take him back home and that's the last we see of him. If you don't have time for that, even an after-event mail from Thorim saying "guess who just showed up home, it seems the energy released from your weapon was enough to finally restore him" would be better than nothing :) Or, after saving, he could take up residence in our class hall in perpetuity. Or, he could be added to our stables as a regular spirit beast pet for those Hunters that completed the Legion story. Maybe the alternative colours could appear on rares (unless someone wanted to go to all the trouble of adding a mechanism to change his colour in our stables but I admit that seems like a lot of work). This is my favourite option, but would have to be accompanied by an increase in stable slots at this point - a lot of hunters are already full up! Or, perhaps someone has a better idea. Thanks for listening :)Wain500 7h
8h DH 3rd spec healer? Hear me out.. Use our mastery over the fel just as Gul'dan did to heal Thrall. Make us sort of a fel caster disc priest, sucking the life force from our enemies and healing our allies, add a little blood magic sort of the like the Demonic Vampirism that exists for some extra flavor and cd abilities.. BOOM. Tell me that doesn't sound cool as hell?Seruvim26 8h
11h Head devs and help with all the threads lately of people saying whats wrong with the classes it finally promted me to ask this. people who have left tones of feed back which was ignored. so i went over to the Wayback Machine and found the legion beta forums various pages dont work, but some do to get back to my point would it be better if there were head devs with a team for every class and in addition to play tester devs test out the code to see what they are doing? and community devs like 3 or so for each class to provide feedback and listen to feedback from the players instead of lurking around. so the Hunters want Ghostcrawler back as the dev who they think will fix them. as crazy f'ed up as that sounds. So who would you want for Blizz to bring in to work on your class as a head devKrissignacia4 11h
11h Shimmer Needs to be changed. If I'm arcane, melee have no chance at all. Melee without a ranged kick have no chance in interrupting me unless they kick my cast instantly when they are on me, if they can even touch me. My proposed change: Change shimmer to reduce the cd of blink. Rework it so it cannot be cast while casting. Make blazing speed baseline for all 3 specs. Make it so you can move cast arcane missiles and arcane blast when you pop AP. This should make up for the loss of a blink. Shimmer makes playing against an arcane mage aids. Mobility for some classes/specs are out of control. Mages should be able to kite most melee, but the way arcane mages do it is laughable. Plus they are the only mage spec that can actually kite melee well. I get that blink is a major arcane spell, so "class fantasy" and stuff, but I would rather see them give arcane mages alter time back. That seems to fit the class fantasy more than HUR DUR I BLINK EVERYWHERE YOU CAN'T TOUCH ME.Namjoo7 11h
12h Return Ranged Survival Hunter The experiment was not successful. Most of us did not ask for a melee spec it was forced. Either revert Survival to MoP or add a 4th spec for Hunters that retains the old playstyle of SV. Edit - Changed title to reflect the real point of this thread. I made this Hunter 8 years ago and SV was my favorite spec through 4 expansions. Legion changes made me quit this character for a year, and after coming back and trying to play it again I can not stand the class anymore. You deleted a ranged option in a game where we are already extremely limited compared to magic casters and melee. I can't play a gun or bow user on any other class. How can you say Legion was focused on class fantasy and then delete a spec? MM is not even close to old SV. It's a boring and bland physical caster. There's no serpent sting, explosives, or any other elemental shots. SV had a strong fantasy and forcing melee not only makes no sense, but is a slap in the face to people that put years into their character.Yura218 12h
13h It worked; I paid $60 for a warlock Congrats blizz you made warlock so good and mage so bad I've paid $60 for a 100 boost and I will soon be shelving my 955 mage with multiple 99% parses for an undergeared warlock that will do more dps in probably 10 days. Enough is enough. I guess that's the goal; force poorly tuned classes to purchase OP classes. So disappointing.Luckeh52 13h
14h Can Rogues start worrying yet? granted, its week 1, but this doesn't look good.Matcauthon9 14h
15h What made demonology compelling to me The most distinct difference about mop / wod demonology vs today's for me is that in mop / wod even though you were surrounded by a small army of demons it was still very much about the warlocks power. That's something that bothers me with legion demo, in that the fantasy is about summoning and empowering your demons which is a bit contradictory to how I personally always thought about how warlocks are. I see warlocks as power hungry and self serving, having very much the opposite relationship a beast mastery hunter would have with their pets. Where a beast mastery hunter would have a powerful pet and support / nurture it, to me a demonology warlock would summon a powerful demon to use that demon and take its power for ourselves. In mop / wod the imps we summoned were all around us as almost an afterthought, proccing from doom and then supplementing our power by generating fury that the warlock would use on powerful spells. It was more appropriate to the relationship I see a warlock having with an enslaved demon vs what we saw in legion where we're spending all of our time giving our power away to the demons. I'm not expecting meta back or anything of the sort, the specs going to be the master summoner spec. But what I'd like to see is a spec where the demons are begrudgingly serving the warlock, as opposed to what feels more like the warlock serving the demons. That might just be me though, how do you guys see demonology and how would you like to see it play out in the future?Baconmuffin21 15h
21h Disable growl for hunters as default This is just a simple request, as someone who uses LFG to level it's very frustrating to have a hunter with growl on. Especially when you tell them to disable it and how to do it and they still refuse to do it. Eventually you are forced to kick them and end up getting a whisper that says, "!@#$ you %^-*!@ why'd you kick me from the group?". At this point I'd imagine disabling growl as default to be a no brainier for blizzard, but then again we're talking about blizzard.Areliu25 21h
22h [Paladin]Libram and Aura Hello everyone Blizzard could you please make the Libram visible for the other specs (ret and prot). Also please make the Aura of devotion visible like WC3. Maybe with a Glyph, just stetic. Thanks :DGustauo4 22h
23h Why not survey the players? Why not survey the playerbase of each spec, so you can get a clear picture of what that group of players wants from their spec and how they feel about it's standing? You could have an opt-in survey in-game for people who have the class at max level. Ask questions like: Are you happy with the current number of abilities in your rotation, if no, do you think you need more or less? Do you feel the removal of X ability from your class in Legion was harmful to your class fantasy? Do you want to see X ability that was removed in Legion be returned to the class? Do you feel your class' current mobility kit is sufficient (Not more or less total mobility, but should the mobility be focused more into fewer moves, or spread out among many?) Do you feel your class' current defensive kit is sufficient (same as above)? Do you feel talent row Y provides sufficient choice? etc, etc. Get a clear picture on how the players of a class feel about changes that have been made, and, most importantly, you could easily run ideas for the future of the class/spec by the playerbase before they are implemented.Divenity20 23h
1d Wow as a whole Pvp class design Wow pvp has missing ball a lot with most specs fill the same and just seeming odd design chooses from the dev. We are almost back to where we started in term of how outrageous can BGs really become. The balance for pvp never falls under the largest number bringing just problems to the game in terms of lifespan per xpac. "As much as pve'er think they keep this game going pvp'ers play more day to day" For those that read this it will be LONG I will be talking about a lot of things that helped the game and things should that help the game in terms of class design so every class does not seem the same with play style AKA the high CC, high mobility and high brust play style. Firstly why make any of this changes in the game? The game has been designed with out the RPG part of the game meaning a lot in pvp. In terms of design "sorry this will sound mean but it is true" there is little play style options in pvp. Classes back in the day never came close to filling the same role. Now that there are so many classes/specs the parts of a spec that are good can be found in other spec which boils it down to which one is better, this new flavor of the month MMO class. This has made sub number drop for pvpers in a huge way. Knowing numbers will come back with the start of a new xpac you should look at your classes to make them likable in there own way. Sencondly, pvp is at a time low and is not looking like there will be a big turn around for pvp. This means a lot of trouble in the long run if this next xpac does not resale players on the game that will come back to the game "as they always do". Micro brust frames were a huge defining part of wow back in the day thanks to not every Class/spec having a large CD for brust. Micro brust frame helped to make a wind that if someone could do 25% of a players hp with two moves but all that have some type of 6-9 CDs, long cast, ect. This gave you power to kill even though no large 3 min CD was used. It does not seem like really any classes are sporting small brust frames. This mean that real power to kill comes in a large CD and is hard to fine outside. To most players this does not sound like a lot but it means a lot to pvp. In pvp brust frames are the time to kill meaning micro brust was a great thing. With one to two moves equaling most of your damage it made the high dps class weak in pvp but good in their own way. As of right now about every class falls under high dps with a CD leaving not a lot of room for gameplay diversity. Micro brust never meant higher DPS in raids but in a short fight it was there world and helps to make short fights. With reallocating the damage on spec that were never meant to have the DPS CDs, that help damage outside of brust winds to be pushed back to micro brust for some specs to give play style options. Classes Demon hunter DH is a part of the S tier in pvp. DH need to be toned do on healing, CC and some of the defensive tools it has. If this are lowered this will leave them with mobility has the defensive tools to get in and out of combat, with out breaking the core of the class. The 5 sec stun that they have should be removed along with blur. This spells are too strong for what this class can do on live. Consume magic should have a longer CD with it being a 4 sec interrupt. That means if you land one on a class you can stop them from cast 1/3 of the CD it has right now. Low CC Med survivability High Mobility This is how blizz had the class made in thought but tool many tools later and here we are. The mobility should be there off offense/defense along with damage being there defense in meta. This class has so many tools on live it hard to out more less in joy the fight.Koruth3 1d
1d Shadow Priest Changes 11/28/2017 With the next weekly maintenance, we'll be shifting around some of Shadow Priests' damage sources with the goal of improving their AOE damage performance in short-duration multitarget situations - namely dungeon trash packs. The nature and lifetime of dungeon trash packs makes it hard for Shadow Priests to ramp up to their full damage potential as part of their rotation. These changes should improve that situation, with a mostly neutral effect for overall performance in longer-duration raid fights. Void Eruption No longer deals a separate damage event for each of your Shadow Word: Pain or Vampiric Touch on each target. Instead, deals a single damage event to all targets that have EITHER your Shadow Word: Pain or Vampiric Touch. Void Eruption damage increased by 700% Shadow Crash Cooldown reduced to 20 sec. (down from 30 sec) Insanity generation increased to 20. (up from 15) Missile speed increased by 60%. Mind Sear (Passive) Damage increased by 50%. Heart of the Void (Legendary) Increases Void Eruption’s damage by 75% (down from 300%) and heals you for 25% (down from 40%) of the damage done. Developers Note: This is compensation for the Void Eruption buff. The overall effect is mostly neutral. Shadow Word: Pain/Vampiric Touch Damage reduced by 4%. Developers Note: This is compensation for the Void Eruption buff in extended fights.Lore181 1d
1d Class Adjustments that we really need Hopefully next week and not next year. Outlaw: +5% to all damage abilities Affliction: -4% to Corruption and Agony, -2% to all other damage abilities Shadow: +5% to Mind Blast and Void Bolt Assassination: +4% to all damage abilities Arcane: +5% to Arcane Blast, Arcane Barrage and Arcane Missiles Demonology: +2% to all damage abilities Fire: +5% to Pyroblast Vengeance: Demonic Wards damage reduction increased by +5%, all damage abilities reduced by 3%. Guardian: +10% damage to Mangle, +5% damage to Maul Protection Paladin: +10% damage to Judgment and Shield of the Righteous Restoration Druid: +3% to all healing abilitiesPlayerKZVLQH20 1d
1d Take HATI and Give me buttons you can have hati back id rather have all my abilities you pruned than a cosmetic pet.Surval0 1d
1d If Demonic Trample could get nerfed already That would be great. Seriously, 30s CD 200% speed boost for 8 seconds? Who smoked what and let that get further than an on paper design?Divenity14 1d
1d Why Will You Not Buff Arcane? Refer to the title, we gave such detailed feedback on our problems and all you did was give us a 3% intellect buff and nerf our last two tier sets. We really needed that buff to our mastery's damage component yet you decided that a 3% intellect buff was all we needed. When you make changes to Affliction you compensate for the nerfs by buffing them in other areas; why can't you do that for us? I can't understand the thought processes behind class balance in Legion, I don't get it.Failedwizard37 1d
1d Racials and what to expect of them in BfA The same old n simple question: can we have this time balance between faction's racial options? why not give both the same options or simply remove all those that directly influence on damage, healing or tanking?Falkian1 1d
1d Spec Balance in BfA In another thread where people were talking about Mythic progression in ABT someone made the point that the difference between specs who were good at multi-target and those who were bad at it was much greater than the difference between those who were good at single target and those who were bad at it. The numbers used were something like ~50% from top to bottom on multi-target and ~10% from top to bottom on single target. And while we could argue about those numbers I think the point is true generally. Which got me thinking about spec balance regarding PvE. I want to reflect on this from the perspective of my main raiding toon, Affliction. I know saying that some people will immediately write me off. Indulge me for a moment if you would. To start I want to say I have every class at 110. I've toyed around with every spec in the game to some degree. I've raided across about half of them (not counting LFR) at various difficulties. I'm one of those players who likes to try everything and the running joke in my guild is that I don't have alts, I just have a lot of mains. I'm sure there are plenty of other people out there like me who by the end of an expansion they usually have a lot of toons they play on and have seen what I'm about to describe. With that out of the way... What I like about Affliction isn't that it's top dog on some fights. What I like about Affliction is that it's versatile and it feels good to play in every aspect of gameplay not just raiding. It has good group utility (summons, healthstones, gateway, battlerez), it has great self healing, it has some meaningful talent choices that we swap to depending upon encounter that sacrifice a little damage to provide mobility (though talent competitiveness could be improved upon), it has amazing multi-target, good aoe, good single target, about the only thing it doesn't have going for it is it's burst damage which is probably the only thing I can think of that it's not at least good at, it's great in world content, it's a solid choice in dungeons whether we're talking Timewalking or Mythic+, there isn't really anywhere that the spec really feels bad to play. I can't say that about most other specs right now. The bulk of them have glaring weaknesses and the difference is entirely in the toolkit. Which leads us back to that disparity between the top and bottom on single target and multi-target fights. It feels horrible to be bad at one thing just so one can be marginally better than others at something else. I feel like a lot of the class/spec balance angst that players voice on these forums are based on this. The frustration one feels being weak at something is compounded by the fact that some specs are good at it resulting in huge disparities in performance. Every spec should feel at least okay to play in all levels of content without an arbitrary handicap of being bad at it based on spec and the limited toolkit it has. I know the line in the sand is subjective as to where something becomes feeling weak for each person but I'm sure there's enough of a consensus even here to agree that specs vary wildly from some being good all around to some feeling bad almost all the time except in one or two specific scenarios and all levels in between. I don't know every spec well enough to suggest specific solutions and the details, at this stage, don't really matter. It's the general feeling I'm trying to convey when I play different specs. Everyone wants a moment to shine and be good, no one wants to feel arbitrarily handicapped in content because of an incomplete toolkit and a label of, "that's just your weakness!" And right now lots of specs feel handicapped in more content than they feel okay in, let alone the amount of content they feel good at. In short, for BfA please consider making specs more versatile across the board, improve toolkits, and eliminate weaknesses resulting in content that specs are bad at. Simply not being strong at something IS ALREADY a weakness as specs don't exist in a vacuum.Zinai19 1d
2d Subtlety Was a Masterpiece Before Legion I was extremely happy with this spec for well over a decade before the Legion changes. The first time in the history that I have just hated playing my Rogue. Please reconsider this awful design direction for BfA.Overpruned4 2d
2d 3rd DPS spec DH so I have a lot of fun on my DH but I do get bored with the green! everything is green! it feels like for futures to come all of my transmog and abilities will have to revolve around fel, which is cool to some, but not to me. Ive seen the other sets and its bad. Also, what about new races to use DH? Hear me out, a shadow based DH? I mean DH already have mastered the ability to control demonic magic and not let it consume them, I think they would be pretty good mindset to experiment with powers of the void and not let it overtake them. it would also make nightborne and void elf a very viable second DH race. Thoughts?Wrathh2 2d
2d Antorus, the Benching Throne for Spriest The latest round of tuning adjustments might just be the final nail in the coffin for Shadow. Shadow was already on the bottom for single target, and these changes are a nerf to that. Let alone the multi target implications. This is after a very unsuccessful last minute redesign in 7.3.2. It is outclassed by Affliction in every possible way. I really don't know where the spec goes from here. I guess Shadow will just have to wait for Benching for Azeroth at this rate.PlayerKZVLQH34 2d
2d Arcane Mage Spellsteal It's been 15 months. 15 months since the cost of Arcane Mage spellsteal went through the roof to a whopping 21% of their base mana to match Frost and Fire Mages. Why is this a problem for Arcane mages? Because our spells actually cost mana and we have no way to regenerate it outside of a legendary and a 90 second cooldown ability. I got yelled at for not purging in a dungeon the other day. It felt bad, it really did. I ended up doing it, and it felt even worse. Why? I'm spending 1/6 of my DPS resource to provide the only utility I bring to the party. It's honestly sad. Is this balanced for PvP purposes? We have templates for that. Why has this not been addressed? Why has this not been fixed? 15 months...Mythlos3 2d
2d That's it. Class Balance is done for Legion. See you all in BfA! We're done for class balance in Legion. We entered a completely new raid tier with the EXACT same class balance we had in the last one. Then we receive this absolutely terrible December 5th tuning changes that do very little to change the status quo(except nerfing Fury into oblivion). I get sick of asking this question but: Are you(the devs) playing the same game as us? Because I for one am I bit sad that a class I was waiting to be added to WoW for many many years turned out to be as bad as you have made Demon Hunters. I don't have a spec to re-roll to. I have no other options. I provide zero utility and my cleave and AoE is mediocre at best. Why isn't my Single Target DPS insane? Why are Affliction locks being nerfed AND buffed in the same breath? Why are they going to continue to dominate for another tier? So many questions..... I guess we're at that point again... SEE YOU ALL IN THE NEXT EXPANSION. "It will be fixed in BfA(tm)"Sconners49 2d
2d Shadow in BfA: A Pipe Dream (Long) Intro This is a vision of a possible future for the Shadow spec that builds off the unique and fun but unfinished Legion concept and aims to finally plug the holes in the spec - namely, too much ramp and AoE too weak for the spec to ever see competitive play in Mythic+. Basic Gameplay A) Legion's core functionality retained: Spells generate Insanity to a threshold whereupon you can enter Voidform. While in Voidform, Insanity drains faster and faster, and you are attempting to stay in Voidform as long as possible. B) Voidform increases haste by 1% per second and is accessible at 65 insanity by default. More later on how you enter. Mass Hysteria removed. Lingering Insanity baseline. C) Insanity generation in AoE situations will no longer be significantly higher than that of single-target situations. Eg: Mind Sear will not generate more insanity per target hit; Auspicious Spirits won't return insanity. Reasoning: The way Voidform ramps up, coupled with the exponential insanity generation in big AoE situtations, allows a near-infinite damage ceiling if the AoE lasts long enough. I believe this is why our AoE has been limited in 99.9% of encounters. If insanity generation can be more tightly controlled, regardless of number of targets, we should be eligible for better short-term AoE abilities. Core/Baseline Damage Spells Twist of Fate: Probably rebalanced. Reasoning: This talent has been an auto-pick since it first appeared in MoP. Mind Flay: Unchanged. Mind Blast: Two charges by default. Mind Sear: Once again a separate spell from Mind Flay. Damage locked to 40% of Mind Flay's damage to each target struck. Channel period and insanity generation identical to Mind Flay. Reasoning: Switching to a different ability for AoE situations is not uncommon. Moving AoE filler to Mind Flay+SWP caused a serious problem with use awkwardness on many small targets. SW:D: Number of charges reduced to 1. Each tick of one of your dots on a target below 35% health increases the damage of your next SW:D by 10%, stacking up to 20 times. Reasoning: Just a way for SW:D to interact with other spec abilities and gain some extra execute damage. VT and SW:P: Durations reduced to 15 and 12 seconds. Reasoning: The paradigm of dots being extended far beyond their original durations causes strange balancing issues, and we don't need dots to last that long anyway, since Voidform design is to make sure you never have to re-apply dots while Voidform is active. More on this later. Void Bolt/Void Eruption: The largest change to core functionality, Void Eruption is now an "AoE version" of Void Bolt, instant-castable on a short 5-ish second cooldown. A) The two spells will share a button - casting Mind Flay will switch the button to Void Bolt. Casting Mind Sear will switch it to Void Eruption. When outside Voidform and under the 65 insanity threshold, the button will be grayed out regardless of which spell is "active". When above the threshold but still outside Voidform, the button will light up, and using that spell will also begin Voidform. B) Void Bolt will refresh its target's dots to their original duration. Void Eruption will do 40% of the damage of a Void Bolt to all targets within 8 yards of your target that are afflicted with at least one of your dots. Dots will be extended by 3-4 seconds (up to their original duration), tuned such that you shouldn't need to re-apply dots until Voidform drops. C) Very important!! Void Bolt is castable while Mind Flay is channeling. Void Eruption is castable while Mind Sear is channeling. Neither will break its sister spell's channel. Reasoning: At very high haste levels in Voidform, you'll likely find yourself not casting your filler at all. This causes any talents based on our filler to scale backwards. Allowing us to continue channeling our filler while spamming Void Bolt/Eruption brings those filler spells back into the rotation in a fun and meaningful way. Void Torrent: Removed. Its impact on Voidform duration can be compensated for by retuning insanity gain and drain. Shadow Crash (A reminder, these are baseline spells): Ground targeted, short travel time, always hits as though in Voidform, 45 second cooldown. Deals roughly the damage of a single Mind Blast (relatively low) to all targets, but afflicts all targets hit with SW:P. Reasoning: The first step in redesigning Shadowpriest AoE, this gives us an AoE nuke on a moderate cooldown that doesn't do much damage itself, but it spreads our weaker dot, which allows us to begin hitting Void Eruption on all targets. Overall, our burst AoE should still not be very good (but see posts below for talented options to increase this), but it should at least feel like we're doing something, even on very short fights with many targets. [Continued in next post...]Annesh22 2d