7.3 PTR Feedback

1h Raid Testing Schedule - September 22 On Friday, September 22nd we will be conducting raid tests of Antorus, the Burning Throne. Friday, September 22nd Garothi Worldbreaker - Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne 13:00 PDT (16:00 EDT, 22:00 CEST) Felhounds of Sargeras - Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne 14:00 PDT (17:00 EDT, 23:00 CEST) As always, this testing schedule is very fluid and subject to the realities of a PTR environment. We might have to change the time of a testing session, change the bosses being tested, or cancel a test entirely, due to bugs, server hardware issues, etc. Keep an eye on this forum for the latest information, and thank you in advance for testing and providing feedback. Q: How do I get into the raid zone? A: In Dalaran, Orgrimmar, or Stormwind, you may speak to Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade Sr. in order to teleport into the raid zone while it is open for testing. (The option to teleport into a zone will not be available when the zone is not open for testing.) Q: What character should I use to test the raid? A: Whichever you prefer. We will be scaling players' effective level to 110 for raid testing, and their item level to an appropriate threshold for the encounter(s) being tested. Q: How long does testing last? A: The primary purpose of testing is to give us the information we need to balance the encounters, evaluate how mechanics are playing out in practice, and identify bugs. Once we're satisfied that we've received that information for a given boss, we'll be shutting down testing. Usually this takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, but there are no guarantees.Skordyn5 1h
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1h Improving Blurred time on Outlaw Currently it's only really reduce about 3s of cds which is very minimal for Golden trait. My suggestions to help enhance it is to bake in the remaining True bearings and remove it from RtB. This should ideally help with chaining LD as outlaw would need to maintain high DPs and would make AR even better. 2nd option would be just fully bake in TB into relentless strike passive.Diusus2 1h
1h Guardian T21 sucks As suggested by a fellow druid, I have moved my post from the class forums here: Is this the real life..? When Gore is consumed, the cooldown of Barkskin is reduced by 1.0 sec. 2p When Barkskin fades, all healing done to you is increased by 10% for 20 sec. 4p Looks like I'm staying in full versi crafted gears/ TF-ed heroic-mythic TOS gear, if this were ever to see the light of day. Not to mention, unlike t20, Barkskin's contribution caps out at 20% even at a ridiculous amount like 100% uptime. What's worse it forces a personal cooldown into our mitigation rotation.. and 4p is currently worded to not include heals done to yourself. --- The barkskin mechanic in this sense seems similar to arcane mages' T20 old PTR t20, where their damage boost was tied to Greater Invisibility. I don't understand. T20's set has been for the most part fun and refreshing for most classes. I have no idea why T21's direction heads toward underwhelming performance.Stroopwafel14 1h
4h Legendary Drop Chance When will the legendary drop chance be increased? When will Blizzard add a reliable way to target legendaries? This late into the expansion, it feels like the legendary drop chance should increase. Instead of forcing 1 legendary a week, you should be able to force 2-4. That or be able to specifically pick what legendary you want to get next, so you eliminate all RNG when it comes to which legendary drops next. Legendaries to this date have never felt good to get if you play the game at a high level, you just feel relief of not getting screwed by RNG. That moment of excitement was never there, just despair as you bash your head into a wall grinding legendaries to try to force them out then getting screwed by RNG. It would be a shock if they don't bash the legendary design at Blizzcon so pay special attention to that. Legendaries still aren't fine tuned and they make too much of a difference between having your BIS and not having your BIS. People talk about DPS legos alot, but healer legendaries are in the same realm of disparity. If you are a Disc Priest and RDruid, the difference between having and not having Velens is huge, up to 10-15% HPS. Blizzard mentioned late into the expansion being able to target legendaries and it still isn't implemented. People can bring up the relinquished vendor being the only way to target legendaries; however, this system is way too unreliable. We don't know the chance of the tokens to become legendaries and we don't know if they even add Bad Luck Protection. You are banking on a sliver of chance for the legendary to drop, that is completely ignoring all the bad luck protection needed to even reach the point where the tokens chance is high enough for a legendary to drop. What I mean by this is I know 2 people who, while farming the last 30 Argunite to get a relinquished token, killed a rare and had their worst in slot legendary drop before getting the token. The amount of anger you feel at this point of having all your work just vanish is beyond infuriating. People might bring up the argument of, just play the game and legendaries will dorp :), don't try to farm them. There is truth to that which I can not argue against, I am burning myself out by farming legendaries and it can easily be avoided if I just don't try to farm them. The thing is, I could never bring myself to farm old content every week then do every Mythic dungeon because if I do that WoW will not become enjoyable. I enjoy raiding at a high level, trying to be the best at the class I play and legendaries weigh too much in performance. If you enjoy playing on different alts to enjoy a different playstyle, it becomes hard if you don't have a single decent legendary. If I play the game I find fun, I wouldn't do any of the old raids, LFR, or Mythic dungeons(regular) so my bad luck protection is so low that I will most likely get a legendary once a month after the first 4. If you have had your first 4 legendaries consistently be worst in slots on all of your 5 alts like I have, this starts to be a problem. This late into the expansion, there is no reason for you not to be able to pick which legendaries you want or for the legendary drop chance to be so low. I know blizzard have intentionally kept the chances low to force us to play the game since in game time is more important to them now. I know this is basically a novella and I just kept my main point at the top. I have had a year of pent up rage with me writing blizzard a support ticket almost every time I did not get a BIS lego, so up to 5 tickets at this point I think. I would like to hear what you guys have to say and thank you for reading. TLDR: When will the legendary drop chance be increased? When will Blizzard add a reliable way to target legendaries?Wesbrosavage9 4h
6h New Class Next Expansion Idea Well I thought about it a lot and I thought for your next expansion since were headed into the void, to add for a new character class would be the "Ethereal's" like a jack of all trades class for example: Thaumaturge Vashreen. A "Void Mage Class" Capable of "Moving while Casting" spells and abilities for example a combination of a Mage/Warlock/Priest/shaman spells and a Melee version "VoidBringer Melee Class" with a talent tree of melee "rouges,deathknight,demonhunter,warriors melee skills ect... except all spells are void and dark purple like, I think that would make a great new class idea you could make it a Tank, Dps spec Class of three Tank, Melee Dps, Caster Dps, Just a Thought or idea. Maybe start a part of the expansion on what happened to them or storyline of what the legion done to their home planet.. maybe using your greater rifts or scenarios type thing over even make a raid out of it like you did with the "Emerald Dream" make a time travel raid who knows.. just a thought a idea or suggestion.Kuruda13 6h
7h FEEDBACK: Invasion Points Now that Invasion Points are available for testing on the PTR, we'd like to hear your feedback on them. What's working well? What could be improved? Any bugs or odd behavior you've encountered? Thanks!Lore89 7h
8h Sister Subversia I was battling her solo with my follower. She occasionally "mind controls" one of us. It's not complete mind control though.. its just sort of if you do damage it won't be to her it will be to your allies. So you can prevent attacks. In any case.. it was either I was MCd or my follower was. .. Was this intentional? Had her down to like 1% health but I was M/C. I stopped my attacks because all it would do was kill my follower. She then kills him and insta resets. Is this the way this fight is supposed to go?Sevenglaives0 8h
19h Look, just let us fly in Argus Cause we did all this work to earn it, and tons of us don't want to go back to being ANNOYED by useless aggro on mobs. Honestly if we can't fly, I'm not bothering with Argus for anything more then I have to. Go there, raid, leave. I didn't do the isle ToT was on, I didn't do Timeless isle, I have 0 interest in these "no fly" zonesXiata192 19h
20h Unlocking the argus storyline Hello, everyone! this is Rockiman in game or Hadesiin on the Wowhead forums. I've been trying to get the Argus story line for the past 4 days and I actually got it. After checking 5 guides in Wowhead or the blizzard forums, I achieved nothing and I would like to inform you guys on how I did it. So as soon as I reached level 110 I got 3 different quests, two from khadgar and one from an orb in my class hall. The two quests I got from khadgar where: The Suramar quest line and a quest that told me to get the tear of elune. (for whoever does not know what is the tear of elune, it is one of the items you obtain at the end of the val sharah questline, and it is exposed in the dalaran center where you can find many portals) The other quest I got from the orb was an artifact quest that I had to complete in the Broken Shore. Now, after trying to obtain the Argus quest line in many different ways and while people were helping me, I decided to do my own thing and forget about Argus for awhile, so I went to Val Sharah and completed the quest line, as soon as I did that i unlocked the tear of elune, I went back to dalaran and completed the quest, and it sent me into a cinematic of the mother of the light (or something like that) which later on we see in Argus, now that I had the tear of elune I had unlocked the broken shores quest line, with that I got the other quest to go to the port of Orgimmar not knowing it was the Argus quest line. So there you go you have unlocked the Argus quest line! Warning: I do not know if you have to unlock more of the questline items in the broken isles to obtain Argus and the broken shore, I only have 3 of them and as soon as I got the tear of elune I unlocked all of this. This guide is especially for those who have only reached level 110 in one character, because if you have unlocked this quest line end items in different toons then you will have Argus unlocked instantly. I am sorry for my English and my grammar and I hope you find this helpful.Rockiman1 20h
1d Holy Priest T21 Set Bonuses While we understand the aim of the set bonuses is to weave in different spells to enhance the main ones (depending on the damage patterns), the current implementation doesn't feel as though it's reaching that objective - either numerically or in terms of gameplay. 2-piece is the greater offender: a 30% boost to one single FH / Heal / BH is negligible; forcing us to cast a high mana spell to gain the boost makes it even morseso. It’s a very slight gain which you absolutely shouldn’t play around in any situation. The 4-piece is a bit better, but only under very specific conditions - for example, BH weaving between PoHs to enhance both spells during AOE damage (if BH is talented, of course). Even so, we still are losing HPS compared to a standard buffed PoH casting (PotN), are at higher risk of overhealing, and you only gain a little HPM. As outlined above, both set bonuses encourage gameplay that will lower our HPS in most scenarios. If we attempt to try to and actively make something out of the buffs, we'll lose HPS and - ultimately - do worse than we could have without taking them into account. In the very best case scenario, you get an HPS loss for a minimal HPM gain. As it stands now, the best way to play with T21 is to pay no attention to the set bonuses and simply get what minor benefit comes with the flow. It’s not interactive, it doesn’t empower you, nor provides any meaningful addition to our gameplay. It's not just purely a numbers issue either, in terms of playstyle it just doesn't feel right / rewarding to be casting ST spells during heavy AOE (where you would benefit most from the buff), or casting AoE heals during periods of ST spot healing. This is especially disappointing following an extremely effective T20 set bonus. In stark contrast to T21, it encourages players to cast the appropriate spells for the type of raid damage being taken, and to great effect. In light of what we have seen of T21, we will likely end up running T20 4-piece well into the next tier if things remain how they are.Niphyr43 1d
1d Mount achievement Why isn't there an achievement beyond 300 mounts ? 350 or 400?Versa1 1d
1d Seriously??? Inscription complaint The only new thing inscription is getting in 7.3 is Mass Milling the new herb.... Come on Blizzard we can't make money as it is doing inscription, but you give every other profession new armor to craft....and all we get is mass milling?Reinidar12 1d
1d ptr down is ptr down no relms availableIkillemtoo2 1d
1d Bring out Fresh Content faster! The topic says it all. Thank you.Kuruda3 1d
1d Invasions need a fix. Invasion points on paper probably looked like a great idea. But in reality they turn into a corpse walk zerg 99.9% of the time. They are over tuned and look like they are balanced around a full group with a proper class/spec balance. That never happens in real life. The regular invasions end up with everyone just dying over and over and over and over while they zerg the invasion down. The Greater invasions flat out go uncompleted most of the time because there is no Tank/Healer. Even when there is a tank or healer, you're not grouped making any sort of cooperation impossible. Please fix this by simply turning the invasions into a que through group finder where you can be matched with appropriate players and specs. This may remove some of the intended atmosphere around doing the invasions but they will quickly become ignored if they are left in their current state. This entire issue is made worse by the majority of the players doing them are lower geared alts trying to farm for relinquished tokens. I know I won't bother with them in their current state.Obelysc1 1d
1d Mage tier collar and visuals Please revert the change that you made to the mage class tier when you attached the collar to the head piece instead of the chest piece. It was nice how it was before. One could just hide the head piece or change its appearance, and still get that cool looking collar and necklace. I don't know why you did this only to mages either. Just revert it, please. It was so much better before. Either remove the skullcap entirely (which I don't recommend since it is plausible that some people like it) or make the collar part of the chest again. Also maybe align the collar a bit better for some races like Belf and undead. EDIT: One last suggestion that I thought of while looking at the collar. I think the collar would look properly excellent if the top two prongs were simply shortened down to almost nothing (Think doctor strange's appearance in the movie, and similar to the warlock's collar)Decimation39 1d
1d The Seat of the Tiumvirate, Dissapointing The best thing I've heard about the new 5 man dungeon The Seat of the Tiumvirate is that it is short. For me, this dungeon was a copy past of a piece of the Mac'Aree zone... very disappointing Blizzard! I was hoping for more. Seems like they spent more time making the end cinematic. Bravo on Cathedral of Eternal Night (though more reused content with the shield which was used in Halls of Valor, that I was a bit bummed about).Myboyfriend1 1d
2d Netherlight Crucible - More Grief Than Relief When the Netherlight Crucible was initially talked about during the Q&A, it was portrayed as a way to turn relics that may have been undesirable and possibly still get your desired trait from the last tier. I initially was excited about this change, as I was getting frustrated with "Healing surge" relics on my Ele shaman. After doing a few re-clears of ToS leading up to 7.3 it became apparent the flaw of NLC. Instead of being a relief for getting a bad relic, its now been a grief to even get a relic. Usually if a relic was high ilevel but poor trait, your group would usually pass on it and give it to the player that had a much lower ilvl relic and needed the upgrade. Now regardless of the trait or even if its an ilevel upgrade, long as you can equip it people are now seeking out as many relics as possible, just to get better tier 2/3 combos. The problem has now shifted from "getting something good from something bad" to "Please i hope I even get a relic after waiting weeks for one"Blvdsham10 2d
2d Arcane t21 4% never procs!! This 4% crap is garbage, procced twice in 5 minutes, u guys need to change this blizzard, arcane is terrible and now it's worse.... thx for showing us arcane mages love ......Ragingpowers1 2d
2d no ptr realms available already did scan and fix as well as reinstall. all i get is no realms are currently available error code wow 51900309Shielarica2 2d
3d How do I get back to Argus? I'm probably missing the obvious here, but how do I get back to Argus. I want to my garrison cause I was stuck in the crash loop and if I moved I would have crashed again. But the ship isint in Azuremyst... am I stuck on Azeroth o_OAmrèn14 3d
3d Invasion Point Offensive This scenario needs the final boss's damage turn down by a lot. There was only two players in the scenario, and we wiped so much my gear turned red. INVASION RIFT: BLOOD Location: Grove of Naroua Boss: Vogrethar the Defiled There are two mechanics in the fight: 1. You get a curse where you have to do 2 million damage to your teammate for the curse to be cleansed. 2. WAKE OF BLOOD: There is a blood AOE cloud that chases you, and you need to move away for 5-10 seconds. That kills people too fast. 2-3 seconds you are dead. Does 450,000 - 492,000 damage per tick. Took us 22 minutes to finish the scenario. For whatever reason, there was no Argus Waystones awarded for the Invasion Point Offensive quest.Nategrey4 3d
3d NPC Fillers for Dungeons/Raids I noticed how hard it is to keep people in a Dungeon/Raid with all the new LFG system they have to make it easier for players to group up and leave easier. Even in Mythic + Dungeons where people get kicked or leave on purpose or people with the recommended ilvl don't get invited and declined even if there overpowered for that difficulty. Might I suggest making Dungeons and Raid NPC Capable...? like a Filler or something... so its not so frustrating to gather a group together. to where possible people can solo dungeons and raids themselves but in a NPC type Group something like the "followers" that run around doing world quests with you. This would be a more Solo Single player suggestion towards people who prefer to play solo and not deal with the headaches of being forced to play with other players to conquer end game content, just a suggestion thought or idea.Kuruda1 3d
4d portable Auction House Dealer just a suggestion, would be nice to have a auction house dealer on the go instead of flying back to main city's or teleporting to a main city area and flying and running to a local AH. I mean we already have mail box's on the go and repair bots and sometimes portable vendors off mounts... it would help a lot especially in those times where players come unprepared to raids with food and potions or just sell off some extra loot takeing up space in your inventory's even your personal Bank on the go would be nice.Kuruda0 4d
4d Tiny Snowman pet spell When my Tiny Snowman pet uses his "Magic Hat" ability shouldn't the hat look like his? It looks like a magic hat but I think a more appropriate hat would be a snow man's. =) ty 4 your timeMyboyfriend0 4d
4d Appropriate buff name/icon? When the item [Lightforged Augment Rune] is used I'm given the buff "Defiled Augmentation" with the icon from a [Defiled Augment Rune]. Shouldn't the buff be called "Lightforged Augment Rune" with the appropriate icon?Myboyfriend0 4d
4d Fierce Gladiator's Satin Mantle I have a request. Could you consider changing the feathers on Fierce Gladiator's Satin Mantle to black? This would match the rest of the feathers of the Fierce Gladiator's Satin set. Besides I think Fierce Gladiator's Satin Mantle would look much cooler with black feathers matching. Perhaps a shade of black that matches Light's Wrath's Ascended Watch appearance feathers. Perhaps others agree? Besides, we'll get the option to xmog gold wings with [Fallen Avenger's Amice] & [Gilded Seraph's Amice]. Please consider =) ty for your time.Myboyfriend0 4d
4d NPC Fillers for Dungeons/Raids I noticed how hard it is to keep people in a Dungeon/Raid with all the new LFG system they have to make it easier for players to group up and leave easier. Even in Mythic + Dungeons where people get kicked or leave on purpose or people with the recommended ilvl don't get invited and declined even if there overpowered for that difficulty. Might I suggest making Dungeons and Raid NPC Capable...? like a Filler or something... so its not so frustrating to gather a group together. to where possible people can solo dungeons and raids themselves but in a NPC type Group something like the "followers" that run around doing world quests with you. This would be a more Solo Single player suggestion towards people who prefer to play solo and not deal with the headaches of being forced to play with other players to conquer end game content, just a suggestion thought or idea.Kuruda0 4d
4d Here's a Suggestion/FeedBack Blizzard I noticed how hard it is to keep people in a Dungeon/Raid with all the new LFG system they have to make it easier for players to group up and leave easier. Even in Mythic + Dungeons where people get kicked or leave on purpose or people with the recommended ilvl don't get invited and declined even if there overpowered for that difficulty. Might I suggest making Dungeons and Raid NPC Capable...? like a Filler or something... so its not so frustrating to gather a group together. to where possible people can solo dungeons and raids themselves but in a NPC type Group something like the "followers" that run around doing world quests with you. This would be a more Solo Single player suggestion towards people who prefer to play solo and not deal with the headaches of being forced to play with other players to conquer end game content, just a suggestion thought or idea.Kuruda0 4d
4d Combat Allies Keep Me in Combat Hi I was wondering if you could make it so when I use the zone ability [Shroud of Arcane Echoes] that my follower (in this case Moroes) would also "vanish", have the same effect happen to it, or at the least just be removed from combat as well. I'm kept in combat if my combat ally is engaged and my intention is usually to get out of combat and mount when I use [Shroud of Arcane Echoes]. Is there a way currently to make your combat ally disengage? I have considered several times now not using a Combat Ally on Argus anymore. Too often my character remains in combat unable to mount long after I have disengaged and run far from enemies. This is because my combat ally is still engaged with them, getting wailed on. Which keeps my character in combat. I would be grateful if this were tweaked. I enjoy having an ally out on the field with me and feel it is more a punishment to have one on Argus. =)Myboyfriend0 4d
4d GIANT PLANET IN THE SKY! I made a lvl 1 character to see if argus was in the sky( i made a NElf), and was able to see argus from teldrasil. Does this mean that one the patch hits everybody will see argus in the sky?Fathermerrin10 4d
4d What I like about the Netherlight Crucible This isn't one of those times when I feel some are just whining; I understand some have legitimate concerns with the Crucible. I don't know enough about how Blizz has the game coded to speak on their issue of not being able to diversify relic traits without adding some traits. Still I find myself enjoying the process of unlocking the Netherlight Crucible and playing with its results. Thinking about why I like it, I came up with... Guaranteed power up: After several weeks with no AP to grind, we once again have a way to power up that is obtainable through working for it without waiting for lucky loot drops. When I am frustrated by RNG, it's nice to have a sure thing I can go work on, i.e., the 60-63-66-etc to unlock new traits. BIS relics, finally: As VDH, I really only care about Fiery Demise. All my other relic traits are kind of meh. Before the Crucible, there was only one FD relic in all of ToS, and that of course only went in one slot. Now any relic can have FD, and I can hope to fill all three slots. I filled two today! Yes I know the others were in theory available from M+, but I was never that lucky. Something new to play with: My initial read is that none of the Shadow or Light traits are outliers that will make or break our power level, but they are like playing with new trinkets. I am mostly choosing T2 based on which gets me to the Fiery Demise on T3, but some of the T2s sound fun so there's that.At the end of the day, this whole game is about ongoing changes that render our current gear obsolete so we have incentive to keep working for more. When you get so far ahead that it's almost impossible to get upgrades on your main, you either take a break or go play alts. I've enjoyed my alts, but it's nice to feel busy on my main again. I do understand and respect that others have a different opinion on this one, but I am having fun with it.Felfaadaern13 4d
5d Can't get back to Argus So I started the quests to get to Argus and was on the ship and after the cut scene to get there I messed up and went through the portal in front of me and it took me back to Dalaran. Saw a post saying there should be a beacon to go back but I don't have one at Krasus' Landing. If anyone has an idea I'd greatly appreciate it. (I also abandoned the Argus quest I was on thinking it might reset and let me redo everything, but no.)Phalana3 5d
5d Flight Master's Whistle, Argus The visual animation from using the Flight Master's Whistle on Argus seems a bit off. I'm not sure why an earth quake animation was chosen. Perhaps a beam me up teleportation visual effect is more suitable? Ty 4 your time =)Myboyfriend0 5d
5d New Warlock Casting Animations They don't exist. Myself and every lock out there is probably wondering why, so I thought I'd bring it up. :LLèilah24 5d
5d Feedback: Seat of the Triumvirate Hi all, 7.3's new dungeon - the Seat of the Triumvirate - is now available for testing on the PTR. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like: The overall flow of the dungeon Visuals, including creatures and environment Boss encounters and their mechanics Overall difficulty Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered Any other general thoughts about the dungeon Thanks!Skordyn12 5d
5d Final Tuning on Netherlight Crucible We’ve made a final tuning pass on the Netherlight Crucible to ensure that its powers behave more like the trinkets that you know and love. In general, these changes are intended to bring the value of the various powers closer together, and ensure they’re desirable choices for players. We’ve loosened the restrictions these powers had on the PTR, so effects that previously did not take your character’s modifiers into account are now improved by things like Haste and Critical Strike, and relevant buffs or debuffs that are part of your class. We also updated numerical tuning to take those changes into account. Tuning Changes: Master of Shadows – Value reduced to 500. Murderous Intent – Value reduced to 1500. Dark Sorrows – Proc rate increased by Haste. Torment the Weak – Value reduced to 80,000. Damage over Time effect now increased by haste and can crit. Chaotic Darkness – Proc rate increased by Haste. Shadowbind – Value increased to 200,000. Proc rate increased by haste. Light Speed – Value reduced to 500. Shocklight – Value reduced to 1500. Secure in the Light – Value increased to 135,000. Proc rate increased by haste. Infusion of Light - Value reduced to 101,000. Proc rate increased by haste. Light's Embrace – Value increased to 45,500. Proc rate increased by haste. Refractive Shell – Value increased to 300,000. Proc rate increased by haste. The above all differ from what you may have seen on the PTR, and we appreciate the time and effort that testers put into providing the feedback we received.Kaivax49 5d
6d Druid Class Mount Reading the initial post about Argus, it says that the area will be a land mount area. The fact that our class "mount" is a form, and only works in flight areas, makes me sad. I acknowledge that we don't know much of anything yet, but those were my first thoughts when reading the notes. Either way, in the grand scheme its small, but I can't help but feel the druid class didn't get a whole lot from the round of class stuffs. Realize its minor, just what was on my mind.Outtkast6 6d
6d Please, make all item buffs work on Argus. Stonehide Leather Barding - (works currently, but TT says Broken Isles only. Demonsteel Stirrups - Does not work on Argus. Skinning glove enchant - Does not work. and .....Fugubar2 6d
Sep 13 Please Cancel the Netherlight Crucible. This expansion, players have dealt with so much RNG, that it's burned alot of us out. Its horrible to grind for the correct legendaries, specifically. it took months and months and months to get the best ones, because you put them behind a RNG wall. You Changed Mythic plus, making it harder, Reducing the change for the RNG Loot to give items unless you do the hardest content only. You Put RNG into everything in this game. As a high end player, i've had my fill of RNG. It has its place. But it shoulden't be everywhere. RNG Traits on relics is going too far. Its Counteractive to Min/Maxing in a raiding environment. I'm a mythic raider. Every relic upgrade that drops for me, i now have to roll on, reguardless of the trait, reguardless of if it comes baseline with the best trait for another guildie. because your Netherlight RNG Crucible can give me my best trait. I have to not only suffer through rng to get my best relics to drop.. i have to get them again and again so i can reroll the best secondary trait to go with it in order to compete with others of my class who have done the same. This is too much. Surely you can see that blizzard. The Benefits of this system, do NOT outweigh the negetives. Having raiders leave after every relic upgrade to see if a relic is usefull or useless, having raiders feel let down and dissapointed when they don't roll a usefull secondary trait. This is not good. this is counter intuitive, and will lead to more sub decline. You should be REDUCING the amount of RNG in this game. Giving the PLAYERS more choice to customise the gear they EARN through the content they play. Giving us GOALS to work towards, REWARDING us when we deserve to be rewarded. Not hiding rewards behind a pokey machine. I'm Fed up, and i hate everything about the Netherlight Crucible. Please Cancel it. Put Specific secondary traits on relics so we can target them. ~A annoyed mythic raider.Boomerang87 Sep 13
Sep 13 Appearance Altering Toys Can you make the toy Mote of Light last longer than 5 minutes. Seems kind of short for the 50 curious coins. Perhaps have Faintly Glowing Flagon of Mead last longer as well... maybe there are a few 5 min appearance altering toys that could be made to last longer. Ty 4 your time. =)Myboyfriend1 Sep 13
Sep 13 FIX Warlocks now 7.3! When will Destruction and Demonology Warlock dps be fixed???? The dps from Demonology Warlocks is so stupid!!!! Really.... when was the last time anyoneeee seen a Demo lock in dungeons or raiding???? Don't worry I'll wait...... until the next expansion ..then hope for better as the warlock community has done for the last 3 expansions!!! It looks like WoW is buffing the same way they always dooooo ....let's buff already strong Frost Death Knights, Feral Druid, and Elemental Shamams!!! Destruction warlocks are a joke!! Where is their buff or some type of mechanic the make their dps more steady???? Destruction warlocks can burst for the first 6 secs due to the Artifact weapon ability Rift dps, but after that the dps drops off significantly and rapidly!!! With all the mechanics of moving all the time in raids, Destruction warlocks need "more dot spells and damage", the ability to cast while moving without stupid legendary shoes, or instant cast spells!!! Without a doubt or question.... melee dps are the top dps classes because they can move and still dps.. mages and hunters have mostly instant cast spells or abilities!!! Destuction Warlocks are stillllllll the only class that has to stand still and take foreverrrrrrr to cast a spell!!!! This makes Destro dps veryyyy irregular and alwaysssss the lowest dps on the recount dps meter... even to way lower gear score melee dps!!!! Destruction warlocks need more dots or bigger dots, or the ability to move and cast without the stupid legenday boots, or instant cast spells and abilities like hunters and mages..... All warlocks need a spell or an ability that procts from damage and is instant cast/use. Warlocks are the ONLY class that do not have a proct ability or spelllllll ....PLEASE FIX THIS NOWWWWW!!!!!!Exiler20 Sep 13
Sep 13 High home and world latency? Is anyone else getting latency higher than normal? Wow is the only game where my home and world ms suddenly is sitting statically at 550/610.....and in ToS it would spike all over :sweat: I'm on a 50Mbs up and down fios connection, and everything else I connect to reflects that. I've deleted cache and WTF with no results, and I'm not sure what else to do. I have an open ticket with Verizon as of last night and with Blizzard. I did a ipconfig/DNS flush and I even manually pinged WoW central US IP with normal ms results in CMD so I can't figure out what else to look at (i'm on east coast) During ToS encounters - it would spike to 1800Shinyteethqt2 Sep 13
Sep 12 DK t21 set bonus The frost DK 4 piece doing so little for us, Is this intended to be changed in the future or is this actually going live? The problem with it is that it's doing lower damage than a neck enchant (mark of the hidden satyr), this will make it so were still running 4 piece t20 with 2 piece t21.Scharlotte3 Sep 12
Sep 12 Help with getting flying in 7.3 Hello All, I was wondering if when Patch 7.3 comes out will the process to get flying skill to fly in Draenor and Broken isles be made easier and quicker or what?Ghosttigers13 Sep 12
Sep 12 Targeting System Substandard for WoW "In patch 7.1, addons have been restricted from acting on nameplate. Addons can still gather information, target, and customize nameplates, but can no longer use their unit tokens for spell casts. This is similar to how nameplates worked in Warlords of Draenor." Anyone else remember Legion pre 7.1 when you could use addons like enemy grid (https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/enemy-grid) to efficiently dot enemies? Sorting through nameplates or cycling by tab targeting is the current process of targeting. Please post if you agree the targeting system is currently inefficient and too often adds frustration to an activity in the game that should be enjoyable. I've posted this in the PTR forum in hopes Blizzard will consider reverting back to the pre 7.1 patch change on the PTR server and gather feedback from the player community. Please consider Blizzard, I'm a long time customer and would really like to see this changed. Thank you for your time. =)Myboyfriend7 Sep 12
Sep 11 The Netherlight Crucible And You Hey guys! So, after yesterday's Q&A, it's become apparent that there's still some confusion about the Netherlight Crucible and how it works. We've been keeping an eye on your discussions about the topic, and wanted to give some explanations where we can, as well as open up a thread for any additional questions you may have. Q: How do the Relic "talents" unlock? A: As your Artifact increases in level (by spending Artifact Power), your Relic slots will level up as well. When you first unlock the Crucible, you'll have access to the first additional trait (a +5 increase to your Artifact's item level) in each slot. The second row unlocks at Artifact level 60, 63, and 66 (for the left, center, and right Relic slots respectively), and the third and final row unlocks at Artifact level 69, 72, and 75. This should all be pretty apparent when you look at those slots in-game, but may not be showing clearly via datamined info. Q: What did you mean by "it can't double roll a trait"? A: Just that you will never be able to upgrade a Relic to increase the same Artifact trait twice. If your Relic already has a bonus rank of Wrath of the Ashbringer on it, that trait will not be one of the three options presented in the bottom row of the Crucible's upgrade tree. In other words, there's no risk of having your Wrath of the Ashbringer relic be "ruined" by not rolling a second bonus to Wrath of the Ashbringer, because that could never have happened in the first place. However, if you get a relic without Wrath of the Ashbringer, there's now a chance that it'll gain it from the Crucible. Additionally, those three options will always be unique; it won't, for example, give you the "choice" between Deflection, Deflection, or Deflection. Aside from making sure you always have options, this means that your odds of having your favorite trait appear on a Relic you'd otherwise have discarded are actually pretty decent. Q: How do the ranks for the first two rows work? A: There are no such ranks. We think this is coming from some confusion about how the Netherlight Crucible is showing up in datamining, versus how it actually operates in-game. Once you've unlocked a row in the Crucible, you just select the option you like, and that's it - there's no additional leveling up of those options beyond that. For those peeking into the data (or anyone else who might be curious): this is because of how we built the system to allow the unlockable effects to stack between each relic. It's just a subtle behind-the-scenes optimization on our end. Hopefully that will help clear the air about how the Netherlight Crucible works, but we're sure you have more questions, so ask away and we'll do our best to answer what we can! We'll aim to provide an update sometime next week. Thanks!Lore500 Sep 11
Sep 11 Personal Mount Naming I think it would be cool if we could name our mounts. =)Myboyfriend0 Sep 11