7.3 PTR Bug Report

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1h Frost Tier 21 4 Piece "Bug"? Frost tier 21 4 piece may not be working as intended. Given the new update, a brain freeze flurry makes your next frostbolt or ice lance do 75% more damage. Right now on the PTR when you cast a frost bolt then cast a brain freeze flurry it increases the damage of that frostbolt that was cast before the flurry since it is based of impact. This seems very clunky. With this functionality we would almost never be able to get the damage on the ice lance unless you could shimmer closer than the frostbolt and then ice lance. It seems as it would make more sense that the next "casted" frostbolt or ice lance should receive the 75% damage boost.Staticon0 1h
2h Characters wiped Just last night, me and my girlfriend were messing around in Vashj'ir on some low levels when I died and tried to resurrect but was unable to. Both of us thought we were experience some kind of lag, but after some time, we crashed. When we logged back on, we saw ALL of our characters were wiped from the realm lists. None of them were there, not even the ones we had deleted so we couldn't restore any. We had made quite of bit of progress on some characters, and we really don't want to have to redo everything we did in order to get back where we were.Arvos3 2h
5h [Bug} Argus quest: Throwing Shade When trying to complete this quest the Image of Saprish completes the Voidforge step when examined. When i examined the other 2 points in any order I was still unable to complete the Saprish step. I would see my progress bar complete, but it gave no credit. I abandoned the quest several times and the same thing happened. Might just be me, but there were a few others there as well with the same issue.Haaku19 5h
6h Character Not Found Progress bar gets to about 80-90%, stops then goes to Character Not Found . This is on all characters across all realms.Bacongravy2 6h
10h Appropriat Buff icon/name? When the item [Lightforged Augment Rune] is used I'm given the buff "Defiled Augmentation" with the icon from a [Defiled Augment Rune]. Shouldn't the buff be called "Lightforged Augment Rune" with the appropriate icon?Myboyfriend1 10h
20h mouse sensitivity since 7.3 Myself and a lot of people ive told about it are experiencing like mouse sensitivity going up to like a billion for like 1 second and then returning to normal. this is happening atleast 3-4 times a minute and we are not sure what causes it. it is not my mouse as i have switched to a completely different mouse and had the same result, and it is not a problem anywhere else other than in WoW. It's really awkward to be kiting around a bridge on blades edge and then do a 720 spin and fall off because of this XD.. anyone know how to fix???Keepwalkin9 20h
23h Dungeon Finder not giving correct dungeon This has happened to me twice now. First, I searched for a group to do the Court of Stars, but ended up in the Halls of Valor. I searched after that fiasco, and ended up in the dungeon I wanted. Then, I searched for a Return to Lower Karazhan Group. Again, I ended up in the Hall of Valor. What's going on?Catalanina2 23h
1d Cant choose anything in netherlight crucible On my alt I can not choose any of the spots in netherlight crucible, including the +5 first trait, works fine on my mage. It is unlocked fully and have done all the quests.Kimbustion0 1d
2d Game quit automatic In some moments the game crashes, closing the game going straight to windows with no warning and when I try to play the game again it won't open. Anyone else having this problem as well?Zørrk10 2d
2d rare world quest: no credit, wont appear i can see the world quest on the map but sometimes it just wont show up when i get there, and if i kill the rare/elite boss it wont give me credit sicne the quest doesnt feel like showing up. it doesnt happen often but i can remember at least once where i killed the boss about 4 times before the quest appeared that would give me credit. since i cant fly, there are other things i could be doing than fighting my way to a boss, getting dismounted by one little irritating peck from a field mouse only to not get credit when i finally get there.Chiseler0 2d
3d ERROR WOW51900319 I log in, it disconnects me. I launch the client again, a small window appears saying the game is setting up initial files and that I can stop the launching process so the launcher can finish installing, but close button is unresponsive. The game then launches as if nothing happened, my realm comes up, character is right there, I log in, character appears in Argus, I get disconnected again. Please help!Exutrankeira18 3d
3d Bugged character I'm sure this character is bugged. I should have at least found 2 legedarys by now but have not had !@#$. I seriously hate leveling alts but some are needed and with the current system for gearing being better then what it has ever been i cant really complain. Surely the "Protection" system is not broken.Foxtail0 3d
4d Stormheim Sundered As I was questing through Stormheim, I finally made it to Helheim and had to go through the process of reclaiming fragments of my soul in the Sundered quest. I got two fragments, but as I went to get the last, the Fragment of Will, I was unable to collect it despite me being able to hover my mouse over it. It showed up as the placeholder human model instead of looking like my character just like the other two fragments.Arvos1 4d
4d Combat Allies Keeping Us in Combat I'm not sure if this is a bug or working as intended but here we go. Hi I was wondering if you could make it so when I use the zone ability [Shroud of Arcane Echoes] that my follower (in this case Moroes) would also "vanish", have the same effect happen to it, or at the least just be removed from combat as well. I'm kept in combat if my combat ally is engaged and my intention is usually to get out of combat and mount when I use [Shroud of Arcane Echoes]. Is there a way currently to make your combat ally disengage? I have considered several times now not using a Combat Ally on Argus anymore. Too often my character remains in combat unable to mount long after I have disengaged and run far from enemies. This is because my combat ally is still engaged with them, getting wailed on. Which keeps my character in combat. I would be grateful if this were tweaked. I enjoy having an ally out on the field with me and feel it is more a punishment to have one on Argus. =)Myboyfriend0 4d
4d PTR Realms unavailable I am having an issue where the PRT realms are unavailable. It has been going on for over 24 hours now and my girlfriend has been getting it as well. We are not sure if this is for everyone, or if it's just us.Arvos0 4d
4d Pet Names in Journal Won't Capitalize I'm a big pet collector and have named a number of my pets. I noticed today that all their names now are listed in my pet journal in all lower case letters. For example my pet I have named Hiro is now listed in the pet journal a "hiro" and when I attempt to rename it to Hiro it remains "hiro". When I summon Hiro though the name displays correctly in game but remains all in lower case in journal.Starfira3 4d
4d [Annoying Bug] Game thinks pet stuck in fel Pet is not taking damage but the infinitely repeating fel explosion sound and animation are totally annoying. I've tried: Logging out and in Changing zones Swithcing pets Game is still playing the sound and animation 10 minutes, a few relogs, and several zones later. I am nowhere near fel. This is the crab named Cat, in case you need someone to fix it.Paranthropus1 4d
5d Dark Fissures for World Quest If other group members aren't near the fissure when it's clicked they don't get credit for them.Lythalie0 5d
5d Can't enter Greater invasion points I showed up to the greater invasion point but it won't let me in or interact with the point? Any reason why?Itsnotogre1 5d
5d Slow fall causing disconnect any type of slowfall will still cause you to dc when you land. this has been an issue for a while a while now, and i've been able to land a few times without dc'ing, but it still eventually dc's me. i still see dc'd demon hunters floating around too. so it's not entirely fixed.Remuurä5 5d
6d No Valid Payment method on PTR bug "No valid payment method" on PTR when trying to buy in the PTR WoW shop So I want to create a character on PTR and boost it to 90, however, when I try to purchase the 90 char boost, it says "You don't have a valid payment method". I do have a valid payment method set up, however, and it is my only one and my default. I both own Legion and have a current active subscription. When I create a character with class trial, and attempt to play it, it says "login is currently restricted on this character". Bug or am I doing something wrong?Sukovv2 6d
6d only receiving 10 honor for rated arenas? hey people I seem to only be receiving 10 honor for rated arenas,? everybody else said they are receiving the normal amount and my guildies said it could be a glitch. I havae tried logging off and resetting my wow client to no avail. win or lose rated arenas are only granting me 10 honor. this will take me ages to cap.Nametroll5 6d
6d 7.3 Levitate I watched multiple updates on the PTR about a levitate change, it does not appear to be working as it is acting as the old animation. I have not seen any other priest spells that were specifically removed or did not have their updates passed to live. Is this a bug or is the levitate effect update postponed to a later patch due to a bug in it's effect?Akin2 6d
6d Unable to Place Crest of Knowledge I cant place the crest of knowledge of the vindicar after completing the dungeon. The outline of where it is supposed to be placed Is missing. I've tried relogging and I have no add-ons running but I wont let me place the crest. I don't know what else to do as I cant progress any help would be appreciated.Xanilis4 6d
6d Can't tame most Panthara. The new panthara on Argus are really cool! But when trying to tame most of them, it doesn't work. Ones on Mac'Aree just evade bug, and the Duskcloak Panthara in Krokuun stealth in the middle of combat. The only one I've been able to tame successfully is the Panthara Apex, also in Krokuun.Reignac41 6d
Sep 14 Priest Float Spell - causing Disconnect After casting float on myself, I keep getting DCed when hitting ground, regardless of where I do this (out in world, inside dungeon, etc).. This has been happening since 7.3.. It appears there was a related bug that was affecting Demon Hunters and Slowfall but that one has since been fixed - Another thing (maybe relevant) - Priests can now Jump when floating.. we never used to be able to prior to 7.3.. so it looks like float was changed - maybe this has something to do with the DC bug? Just an idea..Cinderfury0 Sep 14
Sep 13 The Vindicaar slowfall D/C D/C always occurs when hearthing to The Vindicaar and slowfalling to the platform below.Butterycream1 Sep 13
Sep 13 Netherlight crucible bonus weapon iLvL Netherlight crucible bonus weapon iLvL does not display to other players (only you yourself can see your bonus 15 iLvLs). I am also unconvinced that this weapon iLvL increase is represented in actual gameplay. May possibly be glitched at the moment.Kaalan0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Crown of the Triumvirate I am unsure if this is a bug. I will explain. The Crown of the Triumvirate is composed of three shards that we must search for as we progress through the questlines in Krokunn, and Mac'Aree. I can't remember if we picked one of the shards from Krokruun. I do remember the Sigil of Awakening -- a reward from the Gatekeeper Challenger trials in Mac'Aree. When you earn the Sigil of Awakening, you bring it to the Vindicaar. There is a console with three sockets. You place the Sigil of Awakening in one of those sockets. Velen says: "We are one step closer to unlocking the Vindicaar’s true potential. All that remains is the Crest of Knowledge. Then the Crown will once more be whole." This kinda itched my thinking. If the Crest of Knowledge is all that remains to complete the Crown of the Triumvirate, then where is the third shard? Why is it not yet in the second socket side by side with the Sigil of Awakening? There is a quest in WoWhead that is not accessible yet in the PTR, named: The Crown of the Triumvirate. That explains where the third shard is ... Velen has it. It is the crystal in his staff. ... I'm curious why there was no quest in Krokuun to place Velen's shard in the console socket. Either way, I noticed the console where you place the Sigil of Awakening appears in the Vindicaar when you are in Mac'Aree. If you fly to the Vindicaar in Krokuun, the console is not there. It is only in Mac'Aree. I wonder if that's a bug. Vindicaar (Krokuun): http://i.imgur.com/VuJpgOx.jpg Vindicaar (Mac'Aree): http://i.imgur.com/JFtKZfu.jpgNategrey1 Sep 13
Sep 12 MUSHROOM INVASION It is pretty ridiculous compared to the other invasions. Not sure if anyone has been in one where everyone is dead on repeat.. I have been in three and two of the three were like that. The other invasions are cake walks compared to this one.Hellfreeze1 Sep 12
Sep 12 argus portals causing game crash for the past hour everytime i merely click on a teleporter the game freezes and crashes, done it now over 20 times. as of now i cannot traverse any or argus, first time it happened i was kicked to the blizzard launcher and was given a 77mb patch and since its happened everytime i click the teleporter. addons disabledNôvâä0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Rogue ability "Shadowstrike" bug on Aggonar While progressing through the beginning of Argus I eventually reached the boss mob "Aggonar". Once I started the fight with him I used the rogue ability "Shadowstrike". It placed me behind him like usual, dropped me in the lava and then I met a disconnect screen. Once I logged back into the game my character was dead and at the graveyard with many keys unbound. Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APwcqSZErho&feature=youtu.beDelody4 Sep 12
Sep 10 Flashing Map Bug for some reason whenever i click onto a zone, for a split second it is 100% unexplored then it fills itself in, it does this every time i relog too. Anyone else experiencing this?Bjoramier1 Sep 10
Sep 9 Lava burst not doing 100% damage (PVP) Is this intended (and they forgot to put it on the patch notes) or it's a bug? Lava burst does 75% damage in pvpThéo9 Sep 9
Sep 9 ptr caracter bug i have bought the legion and every time i tried to create a caracter lvl 100 trial on ptr server its says that i need to have a lvl 100 boost but they dint gave me on on ptr so what im supposed to do to fix that ?Wupc1 Sep 9
Sep 9 What happens to the particles? When I logged in my game, the flame effects are just gone. They became like small red bubbles floating over the screen. And it still happened after I intalled the game again. http://imgur.com/hPFEbAx http://imgur.com/w0XcQXF http://imgur.com/ED5qWxT Looks like every particles of the skills are broken It is very annoying and it hurts my eyes. Can someone tell me what is going on?Whitesp2 Sep 9
Sep 9 Draenei model selection bug In the new patch the option for the old 'noble' Draenei model isn't working. Will this be repaired soon?Krigarre2 Sep 9
Sep 9 Where they least expect it, unable to que. This is for the "where they least expect it" quest that Illidan gives at Mac'aree. I have completed "fuel of a doomed world," which may be uncommon to complete before doing scenarios, Otherwise I have followed the questline progression. Specifically what happens when I click a portal is instead of queing me up for a scenario (which is what I've seen happen in videos other people have uploaded for this quest) is it simply loads me into the zone, but the zone has no enemy mobs, no scenario UI (that pops up by the quests in the default ui), No other people. I can wander around but seem to be unable to que for the invasion points and I'm stuck. Anyone else having this issue? Is there a fix?Bismelter2 Sep 9
Sep 9 Falling off Mac'Aree Recently when going for a chest I fell off the edge and went into the void of nothing, and in doing so I had to take rez sickness since apparently we are not rezzed at the graveyard when this happens. I have no problems with dying by falling off the side but at least have our corpses appear on the edge or at the graveyard so we can rez without taking rez sickness. It is not the players fault that they cannot reach their corpse because the game has not been programmed to return the corpse to a reachable area.Akenwar2 Sep 9
Sep 7 Argus Waypoint Portals Disappearing! Anyone else having issues with waypoint teleporter that you've unlocked but now have disappeared off your map? Even if you run to the spot where the teleporter is, you cant use it. Like its in a different phase! Its happening now to me and both my alts 90% of the time im on Argus. The biggest culprit seems to be the one at "The Veiled Den". Even a few of my guildies have reported the same issue. In-fact while im writing this, im watchin alliance run into the Veiled Den, do a loop and run out. Seems like its affecting quite a few people!!Deathrowe2 Sep 7
Sep 6 Character getting pushed by wind constantly. My Druid is caught in a weird state whereby I'm getting pushed by "invisible wind". When I try to run against it I get no where. I'm being constantly forced in one direction making the game unplayable. I've tried reload ui and still nothing, also tried re-logging/quiting. Any suggestions? this game is bricked for me.Maxximmus1 Sep 6
Sep 6 Can't start Broken Shore So i have to do the broken shore scenario before i can start argus but im stuck on the quest where you unlock every trait for your artifact. It said it ways ready to hand in so i tried to find khadgar but where it told me he was, he wasn't there. So i deleted the quest to go start it again but khadgar won't even give me the quest now. What do?Scyraptor1 Sep 6
Sep 6 Stuck on Vindicar Upon landing on Mac'aree I did the initial quests to open the first teleporter. However when it opened I assumed I had to teleport to the Vindicar. So I did so and then it turns out you handed it in on the ground. Since I didn't open any portals though, is there no way to actually return to the land?Mmrrggll8 Sep 6
Sep 6 Lady and the Child Leggo On my boomie I have the legendary shoulders Lady and the Child. Moonfire is not hitting a second target anywhere is Argus. Essentially it's acting as if I don't even have the Legendary. Is anyone else experiencing this?Gufomucco2 Sep 6
Sep 5 [Lore] Broxigar shrine inaccurate Location: Krokul Hovel, Krokuun In a cave where you can find Archivist Ionaa, there is the Shrine of the Great Warrior. The flavor text says: ... Those who have read Warcraft: War of the Ancients by Richard A. Knaak know exactly what this is about. The Great Warrior is Broxigar. However, the text above is inaccurate. Broxigar did not have a blade. He stroke Sargeras with the axe that Cenarius crafted for Broxigar. The axe was washed back into Azeroth as the portal at the Well of Eternity closed. Krasus (disguised as an orc) brought the axe to Thrall in Orgrimmar at the end of the novel. SCREENSHOT https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DGQwD6SUAAA3i21.jpgNategrey2 Sep 5
Sep 5 Dawn of Justice: Don't Jump in While Sitting Quest: Dawn of Justice Issue: Unable to close rifts due to sitting beforehand. Background: I had been AFK but parked close enough to the Lightforged Warframe to just jump straight in when I came back. I had no trouble killing demons, but attempting to close rifts kept returning the error "You must be standing to do that." For whatever reason, I was still technically considered to be in the sitting position. Leaving the vehicle and then taking control of it while standing fixed the issue, but you may want to look into changing it such that the game doesn't think you're still sitting.Alayea1 Sep 5
Sep 5 Commander's downfall removing AotL rep I was doing the Commander's downfall quest from Illidan and when i turned it in it i got a thing saying "Reputation with Army of the Light decreased by 1000" is this normal? I just hit revered today and now i'm horned again. /sighMáxímús2 Sep 5
Sep 5 Garrison Hearthstone Since the launch of 7.3, the garrison hearthstone (Alliance side) seems to be resulting in a disconnect from the game quite frequently. I haven't tested it on a Horde toon yet. I'm experiencing the disconnect with or without my addons enabled. I use the item, transition to a loading screen, the bar goes to roughly 2/3 complete then I disconnect. When I log back in, my hearthstone has not triggered its cooldown and can be used again. The second attempt in a given day usually works.Aoyi0 Sep 5