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Nov 7 World of Warcraft: Classic We’re pleased to announce the development of a “classic server” option for World of Warcraft. We’ll have more information to share in the future. In the mean time, check out the World of Warcraft: Classic announcement video!Ornyx0 Nov 7
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4m Some Misconceptions to chew on. Greetings adventurers of Azeroth! The following rather long post is designed to shed some light on some of the misconceptions ive seen floating around regarding exactly where the driving force for classic wow came from (at least from the community that i was part of). These are my opinions and so could match yours exactly or be the total opposite. that doesnt make them wrong, it just makes them wrong to you. Back ground on me - i played retail from launch, was GM and Raid leader of a middle of the pack horde guild on Bonechewer called Gileads Blood (were were ok, killed Instructor in Naxx and got our keisters handed to us by Vis Maior regularly). After taking a break i was a member/officer in several world top 50 guilds in TBC and Cata (skipped WotLK). In 2011 i found private servers, and was an officer/GM of several guilds. I have first hand knowledge of how several of these servers operated. Thats who I am, it doesnt mean my opinion matters more than anyone elses but hopefully it can put some colour behind that my observations arnt from an uneducated position. Misconception 1: Players want a museum to relive vanilla wow as it was released. Not true. Yes, many players ask for an exact recreation but thats only because basically nobody trusts B to make changes without ruining the game. The fundamental truth is that people want classic servers because they believe the vanilla version of the game is superior to the retail version. Sorry retail players who love to troll these forums, you can love your version of the game but for the classic crowd - we just prefer the original game. Misconception 2: Its more important to create a 100% faithful recreation than it is to match the way it plays. Not True. The reason people loved vanilla was for the way it played, not for the specific number of hitpoints a boss had, or for what ever other statistical value the database had. In-fact, B was changing things practically weekly. Part of the game was adjusting to those changes. Change isnt a bad thing, so long as it doesnt detract from the game itself. Buffing content so its the appropriate difficulty now that everyone knows how to gear/talent/play isnt a bad thing, its imperative to vanilla playing as it should. Easy content/welfare epics is a major criticism of the direction the game took, releasing vanilla content in an easy state defeats the purpose for classic in the first place. There will also be many examples where B should consider making a change to prevent players circumventing the content by taking advantage of an item in an unintended way. During vanilla if something came up that allowed guilds to cheese encounters B would just change it - i would expect no different in classic.Kalzarath19 4m
5m Recent Classic Experiences So I messed around with a P server for a few days to decide which class I wanted to main and here's a few things I noticed while playing. 1. Instantly fell back in love with the game, no rose tinted glasses here. 2. While leveling wasn't that hard, you really start out with nothing and have to build yourself into a strong player, which is awesome. 3. People still pvp like !@#$. I dueled everyone I could find that would accept and there was still bad rotation and backpedaling. Also a lot of my old strategies still worked so that was nice. 4. While I love classic animations, the game itself looked terrible... I am sorry maybe its because my monitor is new and 6 inches wider than when I used to play, but I can see every bad detail in the game. I really hope they add a toggle for this, dont get me wrong I want the same graphics, just touched up. 5. Even though the majority of players created were warrior, that is not the case at level 60. In fact the only about a 5th of the characters created even made it that far. 6. If you've made it this far, great. The game in this state still feels more like WoW than retail ever will so even if they just created this server and didn't touch anything I would be happy.Skylìne9 5m
7m T0 and T0.5 = skip in 1.12 If we start on 1.12 there is no reason to spend months farming this. It’s instantly obsoleted by raid gear and random blues you get at 60 anyway. And several raids can be done in leveling greens. This is part of the vanilla experience that will be lost. Simply put reward not worth the effort. Average player needs 20 dungeon runs to get one set piece. Higher if they go with 10 man versions where you have multiples of same. It’s easier to get better random gear and raid, better stats too. How should (or not) blizzard make this content relevant?Curt35 7m
9m Tiny Changes to Classic - Suggestion Good day everyone! This is not meant to be an offensive post, rather the opposite of it. If you'd like to add your own little tidbit ideas, then please feel free to do so! I simply have 4 small requests for Classic, I don't expect them to be implemented but I believe majority will agree with them as they are based on common sense than an "easy way"... 1. Implementation of stacking items to roughly 100 or so (the stacking of mats and so forth is a pain in the royal hiney when you first start out with like 6 slot bags, lol.) In addition, the current indicator of how much space you have in your bags would be highly appreciated as well which is displayed on the main bag as (xx). 2. Not only should faction Auction Houses be linked, the fact of scaling was a bit of an inconvenient issue as you'd go to page two of cloth armor (for example) and you'd get the same lvls as page one, therefore going back and forth between pages... it would be nice if a player was looking for ALL lvl 5 stuff neatly packed in page 1-2-3 so on until lvl 60. This would naturally apply to stacks of items, bids/buyouts and so forth... 3. Please for the love of all Holy, don't revert to crappy AI for pets/summons because they were a major damn hassle when still attacking things while on the defensive... oh speaking of which, the indicator of Aggro on your toon's nametag should also be flashing red like it is today. It's confusing as all heck when no one knows who aggro'd what and when during an Instance/Raid, hahaha. 4. Adding in experience gain for gathering professions should stay, even if the exp reward is very minuscule, the reason for this is because it would motivate to go out in the world a lot more, motivate to level grind more, motivate profession crafting... seriously it's a sensible PRO. Those are my small ideas that I wanted to share. Like I said before, if it happens then awesome possum, if not then I would still enjoy everything "old school" - it would simply be nice to have those small perks. Thank you, NaliNalinia9 9m
9m When was WoW the best in your opinion Just a fun little survey.Brauhn13 9m
19m Sit Spam - Is it a bug or legit? Sit abuse refers to sitting in combat to take a critical to game a beneficial buff. Elemental, Fury, and Prot are the most known for it. I don't recall off the top of my head if other classes have talents as well for it. I have seen people claim this to be a bug, and that it should be removed. I personally feel that its part of the game, it has its place. Yes 1 shot reckbombs where op, getting 4 stacks and then getting a hit from the rear on someone wasn't always an easy task. It's not fun when 3 of the hits turn out to be parries and misses. Of course you see the clips similar to that of WF where people get completely 1 shot. What do the other vets think of it? I tried to find a good video to explain it to those who don't fully understand it, couldn't find much.Supyodawg36 19m
35m How many Servers? The announcement thread says they are adding a classic server option to the game. Does this mean there will be more than 1 classic server? I can only assume they will have multiple servers so they can have pvp and pve. I really don't want to play wow classic on a PvE server. I also hope they don't add cross realm phasing and no war mode. I am scared when I read them trying to add old vanilla wow onto their new engine. Sounds like they might want to adapt some new things to classic, which will defeat the purpose.Dranael7 35m
37m Best weapon for Melee Hunter I am planning on creating a melee hunter, but because I will never be accepted into raids I was wondering what is the best Non-raid 1 handed or 2 handed weapons available to hunters are level 60?Silenzer30 37m
44m World of Warcraft Classic PLUS They will have already done the work on the base classic game, it makes no sense not to put the development team on a PLUS version of the game. Blizzard can charge a sub for it, allowing it to subsidize Classic and lay the foundation for development of PLUS. PLUS would never see an expansion. It will forever be Classic, with new content added. This way we get original Classic to be remembered, but for those of us who love the way Vanilla worked, but want more content after Naxx, we get PLUS, this seems like a no brainer. PLUS should be defined as a Vanilla experience, a game that holds true to the original tenets of Vanilla gameplay, with additional content. Content. Raid tiers and BGs would be added over the years. No expansions. Even if each new tier only added 1 item level to the loot tables, people would still be excited for the new challenge and content. Guild Banks can be added Character specific transmog could be adopted. No one wants to see a lvl 5 mage running around in T2. It has to be character specific. Removal of debuff limits. Pet battles can be added. Burst, character identity, and mechanics should never ever change. This is a big draw of Vanilla. As long as classes are largely left alone, this could be of great benefit to players, to classic, and to Blizzard. I'd definitely pay 15 a month for a PLUS server.Mordegast35 44m
51m official release date for classic wow please Hello my name is fugrunk, and i really want an official release date for wow classic because im tired of playing crappy indie game that i just quit after 10 minutes.Purplecougar113 51m
1h track low level quests this is the 1 tracking I want. or atleast an option for them to still show the ! since once you out level a quest (even green ones) won't show on the box. you have to manually mouse over every npc to find them.Bosh5 1h
1h CHUCK NORRIS need I say more.Maleficense0 1h
1h Your best memory from vanilla What was Your best memory from vanilla? Mine was watching a Tauren High Warlord solo 6 people at the same time in AV and barely surviving. !@#$ did i want to get to HWL one day Gave me something to aspire to! Yours?Razhar12 1h
1h Warlock vs Rogue PVP what are your chances of killing a rogue in classic wow as a warlock?Manincharge35 1h
2h Classic is going to fail It is going to fail because the number of vocal, hardcore, no changes players is actually fairly small. They are very noisy. But small. They would be better off on private servers. What is going to happen is this: Classic will start. There will be a huge influx of players the first month. Most of them are going to be people who never played vanilla. Many will be live players. Some will be people coming back in the throes of nostalgia. Hoping to recapture that 2005 feeling again. I'd guess that at least half are gone within a month. 2/3 within two months. And the player base will continue to dwindle. Why is this? Because the people who never played Vanilla and only have played live will hate it. It's a terrible experience for them. Oh boy what fun it would be to watch 1970s TV again with no cable and having to spin the UHF dial in the hopes of picking up smaller local stations that are full of static because your antenna isn't close enough. Then there are the people who want to recapture their youth. But they have lives now. They can't devote 40 hours a week or more to a game. They are making no progress because it takes forever to get anything done in game. They grow bored and leave. Eventually all that will be left are the no changes hard core crowd, most of whom did actually grow up and can't raid because they somehow found lives. Their lives suck which is why they are dying to get back to being 16 again and not having a care. Or being in college and flunking out but being decked in purps. It's sad because what everyone really misses is old azeroth. I wouldn't be surprised if Blizz were to see the exodus and realize the no changes crowd were wrong. And then start implementing the QoL changes that would pair well with pre-cata WoW. Things like Guild Banks. It's better to make things easier for the guild and also have some people who make their own special alts and big banks if that makes them happy than it is to have no guild banks at all. Sometimes you take the bad with the good when the good is something that doesn't effect the actual game. Class balance and actual useful specs is something that is good for the game. This doesn't mean that every class can do everything like on live. But it does mean that if someone wants to play a paladin, all three specs will be useful. Half or more of the trees in Classic are garbage. That is just not fun. Does it change the game to do this? Not really because it just makes it so people have more choices. More choices is a good thing. 40 man raids are huge and a big part of Vanilla. They should stay in. But there needs to be more gear dropping. If gear checks are going to be the main gateway to later content then there needs to be more gear. A guild shouldn't have to spend 2 months clearing the same content just to get enough gear to move on to the next big thing. I'd say that for every full clear, there should be an average of two items per raider. But none of these changes are happening. Classic is set up to fail. And it is going to fail. Hopefully it gets a second resurrection so we can get the game that makes the most people happy rather than the few.Fritderk100 2h
2h Game Screen Stars And Skull This may be a stupid question but why is there 4 stars and a skull on the game screen when you are playing?Quellan4 2h
3h The Making Of WoW With A Vanilla Dev Lots of crazy stuff many didn't know about the plans for WoW in this interview that I conducted over the weekend. Naga as a playable race in vanilla? Haunted instance in Ironforge? Classic ETA thoughts? Listen in!Grimash3 3h
3h Racials Any idea what the racials will be for classic? Are Humans going to get Every man for themselves? WIll Dwarf Stone Form still remove magic?Tarrash18 3h
3h Guild Banks Thead 393 by request since we all want guild banks and this first post is going to get 3 upvotes over the course of 20 pages I am going to get my 394 ready.Supyodawg119 3h
3h "YoU WilL gEt bOReD AFteR FaRmINg NAxX" No, no one will because if you played vanilla you know it will take atleast a year before you are even ready for BWL, modern WoW players are so lobotomized from Blizzards "quality of life changes" they think raids are just as easy back then as they are now... No you don't just find a pug and complete NAXX first you get geared for raids via dungeons after hitting 60 - can take up to a year realisticly then you get attuned for Ony and MC - Maybe a month or two then you get Fire resist gear - Maybe another month or two then you beat MC and farm it - up to half a year to get to farm status then you get attuned for BWL- honestly shouldnt take longer than a day then you beat BWL and farm it - Another half year realistically maybe more then you attune yourself and farm time lords for AQ40 then you spends months in AQ40 trying to get past the first few bosses, and this is as far as I have gotten (Nost was shutdown after AQ40 was released on test realm and I only got to MC in the real original Vanilla) you get the point, this !@#$ isnt going to be easy new guys, you wont run out of content, I suspect not even 20% of the pop will even see Naxx in classic let alone beat it, even on Nost the majority did not get to see BWL, I was in multiple top guilds in Nost I had full tier 2 and DPS set, there was still always something for me to do, you will be gathering herbs, running your guildies in dungeons, going after rare pieces of gear, doing random new quest you find, saving gold for mounts and gear. Anyone who is complaining about content or getting bored must be 12 because anyone who played vanilla will tell you that its not void of content. There is more content in vanilla than ANY expansion by a longshot, you will enjoy hours of Wpvp taking over tanaris with goblin engineering and seeing how fast you can run scholo in full tier 2 (still takes over an hour) not even thinking about a lack of content because there isnt a lack of content. #nochanges no changes has won, if we don't get no changes we won't buy we are the silent majority. Blizzard has this last chance, many people who used to enjoy WoW are enjoying other games, I got other games to play, I don't need WoW, but if they want my money they will do the right thing and #nochangesAgatus65 3h
4h I’m so excited to play the other side. I never played horde in vanilla. Actually that’s not true. I never played horde past 20, now I’m ready to play the favored faction. Anyone else switching sides?Menard2 4h
4h "Classic community is toxic" oh my oh my.. Let's go back in time, shall we Chromie? For years, players have asked for Vanilla...only to be hit with: "You think you do but you don't" "Nostalgia" "Wall of no" and all other kinds of mockery. Not just that...the mods actually 404'd our threads too. Then Nostalrius happened out of nowhere. And it proved them all wrong. One by one. Blizzard included. Nostalrius, my friends, has caused immense butthurt to a lot of people. It is so immense, they cannot let go to this day. If you search the old Vanilla request threads on GD, you will see the very same names who used to be so against Vanilla in here demanding post 1.12 changes into Classic. We were told we played Nostalrius daily because it was free. God forbid we played Nostalrius because we actually love Vanilla exactly the way it was with no addition of post 1.12 feature. It cannot be that reason. No way. So years of dictating how Classic players feel, literally silencing their opinions and passion towards Vanilla, and telling them "you don't want Classic. You don't want Vanilla. You don't want the old devs' game. You want the current devs' game." and you wanna come in here and have a "civil discussion" regarding changing Classic? I'm sorry but it's not gonna happen. So, my dear mods, if you want Classic's players to be less hostile, maybe you can start with not treating Classic Discussion as a dumpwaste from GD. Rather than doing that, 404 toxic threads towards Classic on GD. Don't send it over here. You used to 404 our threads on GD when we asked for Vanilla prior to Classic's announcement. I'm sure you can do the same now. Provoke people here long enough, and they will flock back to "undocumented servers". Your call.Ladalrus21 4h
5h Stars And Skull This may be a stupid question but why are there 4 stars and a skull on the player screen?Quellan1 5h
5h Group Leveling Question. For those who have more experience in this field, how would primarily running dungeons with a group of 5 work for leveling? A major argument for this would be the overwhelming player base all bottle-necked on quests / mobs etc. But was just wondering how it could fair if you just pumped out dungeon after dungeon etc. Thanks!Babyrabbits12 5h
5h Sooo, I hope Classic comes out Nov next year I am starting new employment here soon and want to have enough PTO saved up to play classic for a couple weeks when it comes out. Super selfish, I know, but here's to hoping :)Branardol5 5h
5h Game Screen Stars and Skull This may be a stupid question but why is there 4 stars and a skull on the game screen when you are playing?Quellan0 5h
6h When endgame is finished... then what? I can't wait to play classic. I can't wait for the leveling experience and the grind that made the rewards so much more... rewarding. I'm worried though... When we finish everything, and even alts have Naxx on farm, and things begin to get... well... stale. What will keep the cycle going? Go back to live, develop a need to play classic again, and go back? Will we have server wipes? I thought it would be a cool idea for them to have the same team reviving vanilla end up making stable versions of each expansion, and when you wanted to move on, you could transfer your character to the next. What do you guys think?Howlune25 6h
7h More than one Faction Char. Per PvP server? This has probably been addressed many times, but what I'm referring to is that back in Vanilla you weren't allowed to have both Horde and Alliance characters in one PvP server. Do you guys think this will be in Classic, or do you think it'll be changed? Honestly this is probably the only "change" I'd be somewhat okay with, but it wouldn't be the end of the world for me if it was left the way it was. I think it made sense for PServers due to the fact that usually the Pserver owners only had one or two of these servers running, but I'd like to hear other people's thoughts.Zaeninja38 7h
10h Senior Citizens Thread Guys I took a well deserved break from this game. I am almost 40 now and I have to admit this classic server has got me super excited. I have lost some speed... eyesight is pretty bad...I forget key binds on a regular basis... and fingers aren't as quick as they use to be. But.... If there are any other 35+ players out there I would like to hear a shout out if you plan on resubbing and taking the fight back to these soft, mamby pamby millennial snowflakes who took the game I loved and shattered it into 1000 pieces.Beefchief89 10h
10h Temporary item buff change from 1.12 Blizzard has said they were going to settle on patch 1.12 as the patch for the Classic servers and this has given me a thought. In patch 1.12 we were actually temporarily given a very annoying change, specifically Temporary item buffs (e.g. poisons, sharpening stones and shaman weapon buffs) will no longer persist through zoning or logging out due to technical issues. This feature is anticipated to be activated once more with the expansion.I was wondering will this be resolved and not present for classic? This is incredibly annoying (and expensive) to lose these and it was not really a part of the patch but more of a temporary bandaid due to a problem.Malorash3 10h
11h Arguments for and against time gating raids I would like to hear all the arguments for and against time gating raids after MC (BWL, ZG, AQ, etc...). I am interested in this and have seen a couple arguments, but the "why" hasn't really been explored yet. I will keep an eye on the thread and update based upon what I see. Arguments against: Providing all content at classic launch is no different than when people started playing a couple years after launch of WoW. Let the content gate itself with gear/skill requirements inherently required to clear the content. I want difficulty gating to be my guide, not time gating! Arbitrary time gates are not an interesting mechanic. The only reason there was so much time between MC and BWL, etc..., was the time it took to develop the new content. If my guild has skill to do some BWL after only a few weeks of MC, let us enjoy that challenge! Since raid lockouts were introduced in 1.9, it is safe to so they will be in 1.12. Let us run both MC and BWL each week if we can handle it! Let's do this asynchronously so you can deliver classic to us faster! Do all the necessary character model changes and 2NF --> 3NF database changes for open world monsters and dungeons through LBRS, and then let us play classic! While we are leveling up to 60 and getting our D1 sets and going for the UBRS key, work on all the character model changes and database changes for UBRS and raids! Arguments for: Time gating will stabilize the economy that revolves around raiding. Can anyone add arguments as to why this would be the case, and give concrete examples? Time gating will prevent later-released 5 man gear from ruining the early raiding experience. Can anyone give examples of where this later-released 5 man gear would be found, and if/how it could be obtained with only T0 gear? Opening raid events like the AQ Gates is an AMAZING experience that we should all be able to experience again, especially those who did not experience it the first time! Ok, yeah, true :)Branardol102 11h
11h Things I Fear May Happen Blizzard has said they want to keep the game-play aspects of classic realms legit, so that includes near useless specs, terrible itemization, as well (to be fair) as a more RPGish feel and reliance on community, among other things. There is still a strong possibility of modern WoW aspects seeping in however, even if the game-play itself is identical. 1: while I have no issue if "WoW Classic" in the the b-net launcher, I have a feeling other aspects of it will also seep in, I can't imagine Blizzard stopping battle net whispers because you are playing classic. 2: Real cash systems... while I believe they will not due something stupid like buying levels like on the main game now, I have a feeling they might attempt some other less extreme things. And in my opinion, it should be NONE other then the sub. 3: Silence... If anyone has read GD at all, you know what a mess this has become. I won't waste time explaining it since you can look it up, but needless to say it is 100% against the spirit of vanilla. If you were trolling, people might get annoyed or have a laugh. If you consistently trolled you were black-listed, a GM only got involved if it was serious. The Silence system works nothing like that. 4: Customer Support... Modern customer support is absolutely atrocious compared to the classic era. A lot of it is automated and ask you dumb questions like you are an idiot. IF you by some miracle can actually talk to a GM, a human, the service they provide is far worse. They fix problems less then before, and are not at all pleasant to talk to. Compared to pre-Cata where the wait time was less (yes even during Wrath when 12 million played), the fixed problems more quickly and often, and sounded like a human being enjoying their conversation. There is probably more, but that's what came to mind.Elaice11 11h
12h Just how much did Engineering help in PvP? I want my first character to be a rogue because I love PvP now, but I also want to do herb/alchy for the help in leveling it'll give and potential $ early on in the end game. However, I was just reading that to be really serious for PvP I need to have Engineering. Could I still have a good showing and get rank 11+ early on without it? Were any engineering recipes not able to be used in BGs? Were they most useful for WPvP?Branardol24 12h
12h Where do I learn weapon skills In classic where would I learn weapon skills and buy weaponsAlmer8 12h
13h Gates of Ahn'Qiraj I found this event to be awesome truth be told, but I also found this event to be a epic disaster. In terms of server crashes and lag and just stress it put on the server. Now I would assume or like to believe that within 13 yrs the technology both on server and client side is now capable to handling this event much better. My question is do you think or hope they will include this event in classic reboot.Slappypappy29 13h
14h Classic Server vs Private Server The question is, Private server community, will you be sticking around to play on the Blizzard server being that it will cost money, or will you go back to Private servers? Idk, I've never played on a Private server so I don't really know how it works. I've just been sitting back waiting for a Classic server for a long while now.Brauhn29 14h
15h So, Naxx shouldn't be in Vanilla right? As far as I remember, it was introduced but then removed shortly after (until WotLK) due to lore reasons. I assume that means it shouldn't be in Classic, right?Branardol27 15h
17h Whyy? Lately ive seen some people who seem generally interested in knowing what Classic WoW was like and asking questions that seem to me at least honest questions. However maybe my Troll Detector is broken no matter what thread i go into someone is calling the OP a troll. Is every thread really a troll post or are people just so broken by the internet that they think everything is trollish? Anyways ill be expecting people to call this thread a troll.Annorke14 17h
17h Difference between Gamechaging and QoL This is not a thread to say "THEY HAVE TO DO THIS!!!" or "#nochanges". I am curious what people think the difference is. All the talk of guild banks is what got me thinking about. My first thought was that it was just a nice QoL for guilds to keep items in a better place, but then I remembered a monetary change that made it gamechanging. The shared item and guild money storage was nice when it came out. It didnt change the game per se, but it make it much easier to distribute potions and money for things like repairs on a bad raid night. If you had an excess of mats, you could donate it to the guild for extra drops sometimes. The log showed you did it so it was easy to prove. It was a huge quality of life change. However, there was a more recent change to it that definitely would hurt the economy of Vanilla WoW. They made it so that the guild would get a percentage bonus for any money a player was rewarded. This does add up over time. It was great for allowing players to just repair armor at no effective cost. But it also made money easier to horde. So adding guild banks to a Classic server could go either way depending on how it was done. If it was just for sharing things between guild players, it is just QoL to make things easier for distributing necessities for raiding. But that monetary reward would start to harm the old economy very quickly. What are your thoughts, where does QoL end and gamechanging begin on something?Tenshirou25 17h
18h Obsession with "no changes" and Classic Feel So there are people who claim they want "no changes", but then admit that they would gladly run MC with spells from future patches... So just because it was in vanilla at some point, then it's OK. People who did MC with boomkin form and etc. were doing outdated content. There was no glory in doing MC like that, it was just to let people gear up quickly so they could see the new content. On the other hand, the game was still in the developing phase and there were lot of stupid bugs and mechanics. Tanks were running MC with +spirit chests. With the improved itemization, of course MC became easier. I do undestand that 1.12 patch is very polished, but then we should retune the content accordingly and thus, go even farther from vanilla experience. And we shouldn't be asking for upgraded version of Nostalrius, slightly less bugs and legality are important, but really, not that much. People won't really pay money for Nostalrius+. On the other hand, Vanilla was ever-changing game and we should be open to changes that don't diminish the overall idea of vanilla. Of course dungeon teleports are contrary to vanilla, not to mention even BG teleports. You shouldn't be queuing for BGs from the main city... But polishing some stuff should be fine. We can never get fully vanilla experience and we wouldn't want to - with bugs and disconnects. I would vote for guild banks and also increased bank space! Usage of bank alts is retarded and removing the reality feel for the game. I no longer feel immersed in the game if I have to create another character just for the bank space... Adding more quests in the zones, even some class quests for the ones that don't have it are cool. In vanilla there were no sunken temple quests. It was at the end when it was added, I think even Naxx was out. So it is vanilla-like to consider adding quests...Holylr100 18h
21h So, about AV I recommend reading through this for some insight: So, what version do we go with and why? I'd ideally like to see the original release version as it kinda feels like the changes they made after were to make the instance more honorfarm friendly and less about fun as a whole.Nalal84 21h
21h how hard is having a main and alt in classic I want to level a human warrior and an undead rogue in classic. i guess the easiest question would be did people have more than 1 toon in classic? or am i just dreaminRipinpeace45 21h
23h EOTS or Temple eventually added? I LOVE bgs! even in retail, one of my favorite things to do. I'm also highly excited for classic's return and all that holds in store. I know most people here agree to "keep classic classic" but was curious your opinions on some day adding EOTS, Temple, and Twin Peaks into available BG options. Mostly curious on others opinions, I for one would be highly for it! The way I see it is it adds fun content to the game without changing anything we really loved from classic; ie class balance / design etc. However i'm sure the main critique will be "keep classic classic" and "it's a slippery slope" responses but still interested to hear.Babyrabbits7 23h
23h Cinematics for Classic Imagine a nice cinematic after we take down Ragnaros. Or a "warbringer" for Kel'Thuzad? Just a thought, I think will be cool adding, not a gameplay change just some spice to what we had.Shizumi30 23h
1d How different is Vanilla from BFA 1-60? The other thread inspired me. Several people stamp their feet and insist that Classic and BFA are the same game. What say we list the differences in a new thread. Shall we? I'll start off with: - Talents are no longer chosen as a "build" - Leveling speed - Post Cataclysm map/content - Classic AV had shredders, minefields, body partsBrokenwind49 1d
1d Remembering Grim and Vurtne We will never forget you.Milarepa4 1d
1d Best way to do seasons/ladder/fresh realms? There's a reason blizzard is still selling copies of Diablo 2, an 18 year old game, and that it maintains ~15,000 ACTIVE players. Ladders. We've seen how new private servers get a flood of players. Then there are players who want to see through their characters to the end of Naxx. Fresh realms will serve to keep player numbers up and maintain subs. But what's the most effective frequency? Too often and it'll lose its charm and cause burnout. Once a year? Every AQ opening? 6 months after Naxx release? I personally think 3 months after server first KT kill sounds interesting. What do you think?Pootart33 1d
1d Classicast lying to/misinforming audience 1 hour and 52 seconds in. Crendor rightly remembers fury warriors were a joke and laughs at a guy that raided as one like he was a rogue. Esfand tries to represent changes in patches as "player knowledge", even though he admits warrior DPS was not a thing. This goes right along with Tipsout recent video claiming warrior is the top dps in MC, while never clarifying that this never happened in real Vanilla WoW. And people wonder WHY I made posts about this. It's disgusting that these people want to represent the Vanilla WoW community and get hosted by Blizzard influencers, who found out about Classic in a closed room before it was announced. Keep in mind Esfand plays a ret paladin (warriors don't have priority on 2 handers on Allaince in 1.12 and often never even want them) and Tipsout will be playing a dps warrior. Their host Asmongold will play a dps warrior. This is how warriors were in vanilla. Arms was always great at PvP, fury dps was 2 hand slam spec and bad due to pre 1.11 shield slam threat and pre 1.9. 1.8 talents. This will be my last post until Blizzard announces they are actually giving us the real vanilla experience and not BS lobbied for by people with bias who outright lie. These people are a plague. People who are only relevant due to Blizzard influencer hosts who never should have quit their day job. Asmongold could host a blank screen and it would get a few hundred views. Classicast is either the most clueless vanilla players alive (I refuse to believe this) or deliberately manipulating their audience, either by direction or for personal gain/bias. This forum has proved it's pointless and that our own community leaders who we did not elect and who were catapulted by Blizzard influencers will lie and misinform when people on this forum have tried to educate. Simply disgusting. The funny thing is that multiple people on this forum attacked people like me and Harland for harping on threat and 1.11, 1.9 threat and fury/rogue changes. You will get me back as a customer when you disassociate yourself from these clowns Blizzard.Dëathjëster148 1d