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Nov 7 World of Warcraft: Classic We’re pleased to announce the development of a “classic server” option for World of Warcraft. We’ll have more information to share in the future. In the mean time, check out the World of Warcraft: Classic announcement video!Ornyx0 Nov 7
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1m How Will New-Gens Respond? I just had a conversation with someone about some memories of my time playing in classic. He brought up how alot of this in his viewpoint is nostalgia and there won't be the same sense of community and experience like there was back then. While I may not agree, he does have a valid point if you look at what modern day WoW players have. Leveling is really fast (apparantly people still complain about leveling), many qualities of life, and the ability to solo through most content. Rewind to 13-14 years ago, different story. You were frequently grouping up with anyone nearby to finish that quest (I still remember corpse running to Moonbrook multiple times), people remember each other in the server, leveling was much slower, quests were harder to figure out, and grinding requirements were quite ridiculous. All these things were part of the classic experience and for better or worse, I remember them fondly because I enjoyed playing with an interactive community. The mindset of back then was different as we had less tools and took what we could get. The mindset of today is different and makes me wonder: will players who started as late as Cata get the same experience we did? Are we really looking at this tinted glasses?Jezminda1 1m
2m Please Make Paladin tanking Viable Seeing as how they have the best looking armor sets in the game it would be a shame if it all went to waste since they wouldn't be in raids.Iyasra271 2m
2m Blizzard must ban addons. Addons can change a lot about the game, we’ve all seen the negatives and positives of addons through the years, from decursive to quest helper. These addons bastardize the legitimatecy and purity of the project. If it’s to be nochanges, then we need an honest and truthful interpretation of what vanilla was. When people can download social tools like a group finder, it creates a negative experience for those who don’t like addons. What happens when 80% of the population uses something like this, and 20% want a true social world experience like it was in the old days? It won’t be there for them. Look at questie, almost everyone I’ve met uses it. It literally tells you where to go, and what to do. Just what we want in an RPG vanilla experience right!? Never mind reading the quest and getting involved in the storyline, or having to explore! These are just a few examples of why Blizzard must ban all addons. Classic is being developed to hold Vanilla in history, so that people will always be able to see what it was like back then. Adding a ton of crap via addons has broader social and gameplay implications, that can most certainly be negative.Mordegast88 2m
4m Want to play arms war in classic but.. But i dont enjoy arms warrior on live. its really boring and i used to play warrior in cataclysm but idk maybe i just need to play it more? does it make sense that i want to main an arms war in classic but not play it on live?Vivid18 4m
5m Should all specs be viable? Should all class specs be viable? Should blizzard tweak the specs so all are viable and can actually be played endgame?Yserai219 5m
6m Any Classic EQ players here? Not 100% WoW related, but somewhat I think. Currently sitting around regenerating mana on P99 and it got me thinking about the Classic WoW crowd. Was wondering your thoughts on that game. Arguably Vanilla WoW originally brought a number of disenfranchised EQ players over. I figure many just enjoy that challenging, group-reliant gameplay and both games would have that in spades. Anyone currently playing Classic EQ while waiting for Classic WoW by chance?Tadkins15 6m
10m 1.12 Starting point is not with out concern. Blizzard has elected to go forward with some sort of 1.12 like type version so that class tuning is a non-issue for them for obvious reasons. With that in mind, 1.12 is not with out faults, it has things we need to consider because if we fail to make our opinion known these choices will be made for us. Please note, all of the following existed in the Vanilla time line, and as such should be decided on. Some or all of these details may or may not interest you. If you have concerns about any one of these items or any thing I have missed please bring that up. Make your opinion known! Content release method Option 1Release mirror the original timeline Option 2Release all content at the same time Option 3Release content on a server progression scale based on guilds in raid Threat generation Through out vanilla tanking saw a change to threat generation, and while this was designed for the newer content, it was not designed for the older content such as Molten Core or Black Wing Lair. The increase to threat in turn allows the raid to churn out more raid wide DPS and with that higher damage value the early bosses become trivial. An example of tweaks to abilities that increased raid DPS are seemingly mundane changes like this. ... This topic can be debated in more detail here: A plausible solution to the 1.11 threat generation kit could be dealt with by the following method. Default the game to Early Vanilla TPS kits; when you zone into Naxxramas your character is augmented by a zone wide buff that updates these details to their 1.11+ detail so that the raid instance plays correctly (only while in naxxramas) Debuff limit First half or second half of vanilla? The original debuff limit was designed for most of the world content, instance dungeons and first two raids. The increased limit increased overall raid DPS and made the original content easier. I know that increased limit sounds nice, sounds wonderful but it kills the difficulty level of MC and BWL. There are a few schools of thought on how to deal with the debuff limit problem that I have either read about, or heard from old friends and as well as read here on the forums. Plausible solution 1 Go with the higher 16 debuff limit from the start, and increase boss / mob health to make up for this choice of debuff limit in the raids that need it. This is the "Raid tuning" method. Plausible solution 2 Go with a default limit of 8 globally for World content and the appropriate raid / instances; when zoning into the correct content (ZG+) the debuff limit is increased to 16 so that the correct raid content plays in its intended manner. Plausible solution 3 Start with the debuff limit of 8, and increase it to 16 when the patch drops for the corresponding content (this is the original method, but also creates problems later). Original or Post Riding skill change Patch 1.12.1 This patch changed how riding skill and mounts were paid for. I bring this up because for most of Vanilla that we loved the riding skill was not too costly, but the mounts were expensive. Toward the end of Vanilla in before mentioned patch 1.12.1 blizzard changed this to increase the riding skill cost to 800 I think it was, and reduced the mount costs to counter this. This also needs to be considered as it was actually part of vanilla, but many like my self consider the original system to be better because it made the individual mounts feel really special; and that's something that almost vanished overnight with cheap epic mounts. Hunter Pet Original or Normalized This took place in patch 1.7 this change normalized all the hunter movement speed due to pet diversity complaints. Ironically this change harmed the uniqueness of pets that many used at the time, each with their own cool niche role for the hunter; movement speed is part of this. Choice is very simple, do we go with pre or post normalize hunter pets? When I find the detail thread on this I will link it; it's got a lot more information on this subject. The different versions of Dungeon / Raid content For this example Scholomance will be our frame of reference. At launch of World of Warcraft when I first got to 60 to do Scholomance it was a 10 man instance, it was packed to the gills with hard hitting mobs. Pulling / CC and coordination was super important. This was later nerfed by removing mobs yet retained its 10 man status, at this point it was something we did as 5 man because the number of mobs was reduced meaning we no longer needed both tanks. This original pre-nerf status is what I would love to see because it provides lots of replay factor to the game that gives you that epic amazing feeling when you finally get around to leveling an alt. ZG was also nerfed in much the same way, mobs were removed to speed the completion time, I would actually prefer that the original pre-nerf version be a possibility. Cross realm PVP This was added in 1.12 like many other changes of the era it had mixed reviews. I personally do not feel it should be part of max level PVP (level 60) but it may have a place for 59 and lower to keep those brackets alive. Its something we must consider, but opinion will differ from person to person. Gear details T-0.5 Armor, How to handle this?These were the upgrade sets to the original Dungeon sets, it was a really cool feature to add a better pre-raid set to the game, and cool for those folks who had not desire to raid. T-0.5 armor is of concern because if we go with the larger 10 / 15 man instances such as Stratholm / Black rock spire Upper&Lower, then we need a way to complete these quests in the correct way. Plausible solution 1One outstanding and truly stellar idea presented by Kurogasa Quest version of the instance that can be activated from inside to reduce it to the later 5 man version so that the quest can be completed with out any alterations. The beauty of his idea is that it preservers the harder 10 / 15 man dungeons in their original glory. Plausible solution 2Example only: Adjust the timer on the 45 min Baron Rivendare run meet the increased difficlutly level of the instance in its 10 man format. Original vs Updated PVP sets:In vanilla there were two sets of PVP gear for each set of ranks. The first set came with the PVP patch, and the second turned up around Naxx. The original sets were converted to the modern sets if memory servers, but this does not mean at we could not have the option between the two to purchase. Options are always good, and the itemization of both sets is different, and because of this different players preference different stats, and in turn both sets have a case for different builds. option 1Include just the first set. option 2Only include the second set. option 3Start off as the first set later to be transformed into the second. (as was original) option 4Option to purchase either set. I am positive there are many more details like this, but getting this out of the way now is important. Make your opinion known, but please don't trash on the opinion of others, that's not what were here for. If you're going to debate others, please keep it civilized as there is enough drama threads in this forum, make a logical argument for your preferred components. Have a nice day.Harland25 10m
16m Memories Part 24: Un’goro Devilsaurs Hey folks, This memory series is intended to spark your memories so you’ll share your stories and experiences (positive or negative) on each topic. Not only is this good fun but it might just give Blizzard some insight into what kinds of things from Vanilla really impacted the community. The list of topics can be viewed here --> Un’goro was always a special place in Vanilla, WoW’s own dinosaur amusement park of death. Most people leveling in Un’goro at some point would undoubtedly find themselves face to face with a giant elite Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Devilsaur. If you got close enough to engage one you were probably dead and learned very quickly to be weary of these menaces. That is until you wanted to make yourself a Devilsaur set (a quick google search fails to inform me of when this set became available to craft in Vanilla) at which time you prepared yourself (possibly with the addition of allies) and went out to hunt down and kill this apex dinosaur. It turns out this Devilsaur set thingy was pretty good and you probably found out you weren’t the only one looking to kill this monster, so much so that some groups would coordinate the killing of said Devilsaurs ( while others would specialize in stealing the skin of the Devilsaurs others had killed. ( After writing that paragraph I just realized I leveled in Un’goro early (probably before the Devilsaur set existed) so there was no reason for people to kill Devilsaurs which is probably why I encountered them regularly. I also didn’t play a leather wearing class so I had no reason to kill Devilsaurs nor did I ever really hear much on my server about a Devilsaur Mafia or Devilsaur killing/skinning. I can only imagine that if I leveled in Un’goro after the Devilsaur set was introduced/became highly sought after I have never encountered one unless I happened upon someone in the process of killing it. How was your Un’goro leveling experience? Did you fear the Devilsaur? Did you ever try and farm Devilsaur leather? Did you encounter/compete with any Devilsaur farming groups?Dazelle22 16m
19m So is classic coming out in 2 weeks? I figure it has to be out in about 2 weeks since it has been announced.Brutain26 19m
35m OMG I just remembered...... life is ruined.Dasev41 35m
45m Guild banks - blizzard polish Would be nice. Hurts nothing and reduces need to account share. In classic you had to account share for guild bank alts. - builds stronger community by letting guild easily share. - supports guild crafting - basic convenience - removes need to account share with whom ever is bank alt. Blizzard please consider this small QOL update, it’ll go a long way to make guilds happier and still keep classic gameplay.Rallea255 45m
48m Will classic require BfA? Search is not helping me, will we need to purchase BfA to play on classic servers?Arenagoth21 48m
52m The "wife" toon My wife does not play video games much at all. However, I have strong armed her into trying classic when it releases. I'm a vanilla alumni and played on many Pservers. Thus I will only be playing an alt with her. I am torn on what would be a good class for her not only as vanilla newb, but a MMO newb. I am leaning towards more of the fun factor with a class and not so much group/raid viability or anything crazy like that. My first two thoughts are pet classes, either hunter or warlock. I don't think she could handle a melee class. Mages require "some" kite skills and I think she would get eaten up. If I had to go a melee, I think she would dig a druid because the shapeshifting is pretty fun, or a Paly for the survivability and utility while questing. Anyone have some thoughts? or have had a successful wife indoctrination?KharisAC430D58 52m
58m CLASSIC NEWS!! 58m
59m Server List before release? One thing I am hoping for is that a server list is shown before the release of Classic so that I can join the appropriate time zone before grinding to 60 in a week and realizing I picked Western instead of Eastern.Malgrinn18 59m
1h Pick 1 Mount If you could pick one of your mounts from your retail account. That would unlock when you purchase your mount in classic. Which would you take. I'd take my Invincible.Dankone58 1h
1h Will glitches, exploits, etc. exist? I was thinking about it, and realized that Vanilla WoW means all the glitches/etc. will exist in game. Does this mean that we can train weapon skills by kiting elite mobs to major cities? That's a memory I'm fond of. Or what about straight up exploits, like wall climbing with the flag in WSG? I also really want to try to see some things I didn't get to see in vanilla. Like GM island, and a few other places. Will we be able to get to those?Xircie9 1h
1h Max Population on 1 server? 3k, 6.5k, 10k? What do you think the max amount of ppl should be allowed on 1 classic server? I already know from experience that 3k is not enough for the server to feel alive. I would choose 6-8k so every1 always has something to do like dungeons/pvp/bg's/etc. What do u guys think? If some1 has exact max pop numbers please tell.Solarangel29 1h
1h Lorewise; who would use chromie's device? So Chromie is using a device to transport us back to Azeroth as it was in the days of vanilla. Who else would try to take advantage of such a device, lore wise? - anyone from bronze dragon flight - Illidan might send someone to attack the legion in the past. - twilight hammer cult - the warp stalkers from outlands (at least in my imagination they use time distortions to hunt) who/what else?Dracarian9 1h
1h If we get banks or trans or balance Then I could easily ask for Pet Battles, Darkmoon island, and Blood Elves. None of these, to my mind, make WoW a worse game. I think they all make it better (well, more varied in the case of Pet Battles -- I could totally ignore them and my wife loved them as something else to do). I would far prefer any of these three things be in classic then Class balance for raiding, transmog, and guild banks. Now, of course, I don't advocate for ANY of them being in the game. I'm just pointing out that the particular hobby horses that you're riding and hoping to see in Classic might not be the only ones on the table if the floodgates were thrown open. Someone else is going to want flying mounts, rapid mana regen, and for trainers to be removed. Someone else is going to want Cata-style flight points, phased content, and dynamic respawns. The debate is not about what anyone thinks is fair, what anyone things is "good design", what anyone thinks is "beneficial". I'm putting aside the few things that I will miss from retail. We all need to. The only way to be fair is to return to Vanilla as close as we possibly can, at least in gameplay terms.Calciumplus26 1h
2h Which healer to back you up? Pretend you are a tank doing LBRS or Scholo for the first time, your moderately geared for the dungeon. What healer do you take? which class do you always have just a little more confidence in when you grab a pug? I think most will say the Priest. But, those Paladins are just powerhouse healers. Shaman? I really like druids, too. Their full rank regrowth is the biggest heal in the game. It can bring an almost dead tank to full health in one swoop. If it wasn't for the CD Brezz, I think they would get more respect. What about you? what healer has your back?KharisAC430D24 2h
2h Raid rebalancing So now that some changes are shown not to be, people are speculating on other changes that might be. The big one right now is staggered raid releases, and raid re-balancing. Would I like some rebalancing? Hell yes. I would love "Wow vanilla +" where they remastered the experience in any way. BUT, I was long ago convinced by the community that a pure release was the way to go. Here are a few reasons why the raids are unlikely, and probably shouldn't be, staggered releases or rebalanced. 1. Staggered release - There is every indication that Blizzard intends to release all raids at once. a. "We don't want to maintain 2 MMO's. A staggered release would require lead up time, announcements, and require continual redevelopment. There is an expectation that the "next raid release" will be retuned and balanced as well. That's NOT the original intent. b. Their recent statement: Core features like Battlegrounds were introduced in patches after WoW’s original launch, and class design similarly changed over time. After careful consideration, we decided on Patch 1.12: Drums of War as our foundation, because it represents the most complete version of the classic experience. They are telling us clearly that they are looking for a complete experience on release. This is both in talents, and in released material, like BG's. They mention no where about iterating the experience; this is the complete classic experience. c. This is meant to be a museum for anyone to go back to anytime. If you have staggered raid releases, what happens after its all released? They aren't going to repeat that every year are they? 2. Why raid rebalancing shouldn't /probably won't happen a. Since it is implied there will not be staggered releases or talent rebalancing, this leads to them not tinkering with the raids. Raid rebalancing is not isolated. It is taken into consideration with itemization at that level, and class specs. b. They will not reitemize, as that's extra work, and that would distort what you obtained at that raid and dungeon tier. c. They will not rebalance if they are not touching talents. The 1.12 talents were balanced for Nax while Nax was designed. Talent balancing, raid balancing, and itemization tend to go together. If they start balancing the raids, what if they over do it for some specs? What if the increased challenge at that itemization level leaves some specs behind? They would have to rebalance AGAIN, either by talents, itemization, or the raid. They're not going to JUST rebalance a raid. And finally, the classic experience of 1.12 was with everything released. That was the complete vanilla experience. Warts and all, that is how Vanilla ended. They aren't looking to create mid way patches, or midway content releases. Its going to be as it was at the end, and to make everyone happy, its probably best that way.Lokubi35 2h
2h Waiting for Classic, resubbed to retail I was one of the loudest people when it came to bringing vanilla WoW back. I subbed just before the pre-TBC patch to WoW, so I did not get to experience vanilla high-level or endgame content, and on top of that, I miss the "mystery" that vanilla WoW provided. Every new zone was difficult to get to, and so I LOVED places like Feralas and Hinterlands - places that had barely any quests but were massive zones to explore and discover. Expansions made me lose that sense of mystery and so I wanted to relive it. I unsubbed in mid-MoP and from what I heard about WoD, the game had basically turned into a Facebook game with garrisons, creating inflation due to WoW tokens, etc. making gold feel a bit worthless, and that no one left their garrison or the main city, so there was no world PvP going on (which is my all-time favorite thing about WoW - the animosity between factions creating such great drama that made world PvP fun). So having heard those things about WoD, I was screaming for vanilla WoW to return without even giving retail another shot, but now that I re-subbed with a friend and we started fresh, new characters again... I like it! I first logged on to my mains to see what I have and what I don't have in my banks, how much gold, etc. and in doing so, I kept getting killed by a horde player in the Pandaria zone that my druid and pally were in (I thought World PvP wasn't happening and everyone stayed in main cities/garrisons?), so even though it was frustrating, it was still refreshing to see that PvP is still a thing. Then I created fresh characters and played with my friend on a different server. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to play Classic when it comes out, but I also enjoy retail right now. The quests have very "organic"-feeling NPC's complete with voice acting that it actually makes me feel SAD when they die as part of a quest chain! And while it's just an absolute faceroll fighting against mobs (can you even die at level 5? I literally attracted 3 mobs and let them hit me and I think my health was regenerating faster than the damage they did to me, not to mention my mana DOES NOT MOVE AT ALL when I cast a spell, I can just spam...), I also understand that it's for the sake of having a "tutorial" phase to get used to how the game is played (and tutorials just absolutely hold your hand through everything - it's annoying, I don't need to be told to click an "accept" button under a quest), but at the same time, Blizzard, make it at least a LITTLE challenging so I have to put thought and strategy into it instead of it being a button-clicking simulator. Anyway, I digress, the point is I like retail WoW and will play both Classic and BFA when they are out. Vanilla has its pro's and cons and retail has its pros and cons, but both are still the greatest games I have ever played in my 25+ years of gaming. I'm sorry I said bad things about retail - it's great and casual enough that I don't have to dedicate half of all my time to the game to get anything done! EDIT: Also, contrary to what I was told - walking is still very much a thing. I had to do a lot of walking playing the new characters, just not a colossal amount like in vanilla. Still great though.Dinglexberry15 2h
2h Will You Speed Level WoW Classic? I'm wondering for all those who want the classic experience...will you speed level to 60 or take your time? I don't actively play WoW now (I was 2003-TBC then again in 2016 for Legion), but I can imagine for those that do who want to roll on a classic server, this may be the route to take. For those who want the full experience of classic, I can can see not wanting to do this. Speed running was more of a later game option for those who were making alts to level them quickly. I personally did this numerous times, nothing as fast as Furious Paul (aka Joana) who did 1-60 in ~4 days, 20 hours, 52 minutes played. He's always been an idol (thanks for the correction) of mine in the speed running world and his interest in WoW Classic is what peaked my interest in coming back. That being said, while I enjoyed the classic experience, I can't say I necessarily want to get to 60 in a week, but I also don't want to stand around and take 3 months to get to 60 either. I'm planning on playing a Tauren Druid or Troll Priest (haven't decided finally yet) so I won't be anything near the time above, but I do plan on using the sequence listed to make my leveling efficient.Rebbekah54 2h
2h TBC was the the beginning of the end While TBC was the best raid progression ever and a great PVE only experience, everything that ruined WoW had it's start in TBC. Groupfinder - Started here. Was primitive and no one used it, but the idea took hold. Arena/Esports - Caused class homogenization in an endless, futile attempt at "balance". The original design team said it was a huge mistake. Blizzard, with different leads has doubled down on it and it continues to be a complete failure. Flying - Killed organic multiplayer experiences, which end up being some of the most memorable in WoW. Killed and made the world pointless. Dailies - This was the substitute for organic multiplayer experiences. Catchup mechanics - Magister's Terrace. Led to class stacking, alts overtaking mains you often didn't even want to play, just because they did better in a new raid difficulty. Different difficulty for PVE - Segregated the community and while it only really did it's full damage in Cataclysm with raids, where Blizzard further attempted to make WoW a esport (this time with PVE), it started here. In addition to segregating the community (which shed players), it brought in a new type of player which further hurt the community. The LFR player. Catering to 1 percent of the population with Mythic also further led to class homogenization because all classes have to do the same damage or offer the same utility so that they can balance such tightly tuned raids. This hit a no turning back point in WoD with Celestalon class design and it will only get worse due to the mythic invitational and more attempts to make WoW an esport. See a trend? Every time the community is segregated the game was hurt. When the game tried to be a esport (in part to cater to streamers) the game was hurt. All these things had their birth in TBC. All these things were pointless, because more people cared about "world firsts" when everyone was doing the same content. Raiding was based on being social and communication with threat with organized pulls on trash and that was switched out for wannabe esport boss mechanics and insanely long boss fights. Farming consumables which were required for Naxx, which led to organic multiplayer experiences in the world and a tight knit guild to have your back, was substituted with dailies, catch up mechanics and endless alt grinding to stack classes for world firsts. People claim Vanilla is rose tinted glasses. TBC was imo. It killed WoW. It just took one more expansion for everything it wanted to implement to harm the game beyond repair.Dëathjëster16 2h
2h I want a Burning Crusade server! Me want Blood Elves in Outland.Armineus60 2h
3h How will classic handle player volume? I’m afraid that starting zones will be overwhelmed. 50 paladins staring at a single wolf in Northshire Abbey, or 80 undead rogues looking for same guy in their starting area. I’m wondering how this will work...Rallea26 3h
3h The old world When was the last time you guys visited the old world zones? (even if they have been polluted by Cataclysm. I went to the Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes today. I told think that I've been to either since about 2010.Calciumplus12 3h
3h Who else is looking forward to And Let's bring on one of the toughest priest quests!Nightrom6 3h
3h Citywide or WorldCityWide Chans One thing that I really liked about very early WoW was the fact that chat channels were unique to each capital city. Sometimes you had to send someone to Stormwind to look for a healer. It would have been a far less grand game experience if I'd entered Darnassus for the first time on my original Nelf, only to be greeted with all the Stormwind, Ironforge chat. The separation -- and also having to go to one specific capital for an auctionhouse or training -- was part of what made the game feel so expansive.Calciumplus5 3h
3h Elemental invasions They were a thing in vanilla where certain groups from other realms temporarily invaded vanilla Azeroth. It’d be pretty cool to see them again but this time with a wealth of other mobs and factions to choose from all across the various expansions. Sort of like a time walking event. Unstable void walkers invade northwest Silithus for a few days. Val’kyr show up near the gates of Gilneas, etc. Blizzard could do this sort of thing as micro holidays.Dracarian4 3h
4h Biggest difference? Players are better now So if it's the authentic, classic experience, at the beginning, players are going to scream it's too hard because they'll try to gather a pack of 2-3 mobs and AOE them down in their blues, and get absolutely smoked. And they'll whine that the game's too hard. THEN, as people progress and begin gearing and raiding, players will be stomping the raids because there's more data, better addons and quite simply, players are just better at WoW now than they were in 2004-2006. I personally can't wait because I never played classic (I started in MoP), but it's not going to be the classic experience. The classic content? Sure. The classic experience? Not even close.Daftmonks71 4h
4h Vanilla wow. I didn't actually start playing until wotlk.... anybody have a clue to how this is gonna work?? How is this gonna affect present day pvp am I gonna enjoy it??Arcâdio8 4h
4h OCE Server So as many Oceanic players know, we didn't get our own server hub until around MoP/WoD, now back in Vanilla, it was extremely hard for Oceanic players to play to the skill level that US or EU guilds played at, will Oceania have the option to play Classic with the current ping that is in the game now?Tavlo6 4h
4h why make a hunter in 1.12? low damage, threat isn't an issue you aren't anything spectacular at PvP. I kinda just don't get why I would do it. hunter leveling is one of the more fun parts of the game but after leveling your useless besides 1 ability. worst part I believe pets had been normalized by then.Bosh59 4h
5h don't say viable; use a different term when you say a spec isn't viable, well, viable means different things to different people to some people, a raid is viable if they can merely beat the raid with their current composition so, those same people think that a raid that only has 30 members in a 40 man raid where nobody including the tanks spent any talent points and everyone is only wearing greens is viable if they can kill the final boss, even if they have to spend a year trying to clear the raid and rely on the RNG to give them crits that are above the average amount of crits that their crit chance would give them, and to rely on the RNG to not have the bosses crit the tanks during the fight more than once per 3 hits but if you say able to pull your weight in the raid, then, well, actually someone might interpret that as: oh hey this guy can pull his weight in this easy raid when hes doing 10% of the damage that this other guy is doing without offering any utility to the raid because he doesn't HAVE to do more damage than that for us to win but if you being up the terms, optimal, or sub-optimal, then people may interpret that as: "dude, why would you bring .9x when you could bring 1x instead? .9x may as well suck compared to 1x even though we could clear the raid anyway because we'd clear the raid faster with 1x and we'd have a higher chance of success with 1x" - LATE EDIT: and I knew before I made this thread that viable doesn't mean optimal; I'd thought before making this thread that I'd stuck this in here somewhere, but I hadn't; no wonder people told me that as if I hadn't known that! oh well - the former in actuality is not .9x, but it is really quite an abstract number(with a much bigger difference between it and 1x, maybe even at the high end), better described as a range of numbers based upon a variable than as an actual number, because its so hard to accurately know just how useful said spec's added utility would be on average in a raid setting down to the tee, because there are things involved other than just dps and hps but people can tell to a good enough extent that it can be expressed as a range of numbers, rather than as one single number but the actual range's high point is below .9x, except for bear druids THAT are in tank gear and in the tank group(as offtanks) and for ret paladins THAT are in naxx or the blasted lands(and get to cast exorcism and such); their ranges' high points are above .9x if you use the phrase, "worth much less than their weight in salt", in the place of of the misused term of viability, to describe a dps paladin, dps shaman, or dps druid, then what does that mean? it means that, the part of the spec that you can accurately measure, which is their personal dps, when added to their utility, is not worth as much as just the dps of the pure class, plus THEIR utility(which they do have, though not as much as hybrid dps) the people who are saying that dps paladins/shamans/druids aren't viable in raids aren't asking for dps paladins/druids/shamans to be optimal, they just want them to be close to being worth their weight in salt, instead of being worth quite less than their weight in salt if you can legalese your way around the phrase, "worth much less than their weight in salt", to somehow interpret that as "yeah but if you can clear the raid anyway, then who cares if that spec underperforms in raids compared to other specs that perform the same primary role?" instead of as "oh hey this spec is underperforming compared to that spec, because their x+y, where x=dps and y=utility, results in a lower number than this pure dps spec's x+y", then please tell me how to do so so that I can come up with a different term or phrase that specifically prevents the former interpretation of the term instead I want this thread to be more about terminology than class balance edit: and, I'd first typed this part in a post further down in page 1, but I can't just make it be more about terminology than class balance because the whole reason I'm talking about the terminology, and the reason that the terminology is relevant to Classic WoW at all, is because of class balance TL;DR VERSION: instead of saying that x spec isn't viable in raids, say that they're worth much less than their weight in salt; if you say viable instead, they'll think that you mean optimal, which means something elseTarregor136 5h
6h Naxx in classic wow With the update to classic being confirmed 1.12 foundation and since naxx was in patch 1.11 does this mean we wont see vanilla naxx in classic wow? or will they add it if they do the progression system?Àce7 6h
6h What does 1.12 mean for World PvP? Now that we know 1.12 is going to be the base for Classic, what are the implications for World PvP? I'm not sure about WPvP prior to 1.5, but Battlemasters are in, less travel is required, there's some issue about penalties for killing enemy NPCs, changes to Honor... and a bunch of other issues that can now be scrutinised. Are there specific, identifiable #Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes that Blizzard could/should make to encourage more WPvP, or is it already a lost cause?Cq7 6h
6h Main Class at 60 with 1.12 release Now that we know the patch is 1.12, do we think the class numbers will alter much at 60 for mains from polls and current vanilla? I look at the numbers played on a couple links and without knowing the ratio of main/alt, it appears it is mage/warrior/rogue ~ hunter/paladin (double number) ~ shaman(double number)/priest/warlock ~ druid (I still think there will be more druid mains out there based upon polls I have read and know there are many more knowledgeable and patient players although the vanilla populations dictates otherwise). So I will pick a class I am familiar with and ask will there be a lot more warlocks starting at 1.12? Up to 1.6 I remember knowing my graveyards quite well. I never raided in Vanilla so I have no comment there other than I think we are at the 16 de-buff slot well before that which affords dots and Spriest buff. Any other classes we could see a jump or decline in based upon our starting point? I think the patch we start at will impact that to a degree. Personally it might help me select between 3-4 classes.Bigly15 6h
9h double standars So shamans have a 2 dps specs and a healing spec, warriors have 2 dps spec and a tank spec. Yet warrior excels at everithing and shamans do not. Why the hybrid tax affects everyone except warriors ?Yazziña84 9h
9h Does Honor 1.0 lead to addiction disorder? Today on the news WHO (world health organization) has classified video game addiction as disorder. Do you guys think honor 1.0 system (which requires people to play 16+ hour per day consecutively for weeks on) to be something that creates such an addiction. Because it literally rewards and forces addiction instead of casual play. And do you guys think that blizzard might get in trouble over it? This is purely in Classic, since this was changed in 2.0 Should there be parental controls limiting play time? Something parents can control for their offspring account? Or maybe have there be limits on play time? I’m just discussing news and how it might affect classic. I can’t predict government regulations.Rallea34 9h
12h What does using 1.12 mean exactly? Does it mean releasing the game with all patch changes up to and including 1.12? Is it possible to base the game on 1.12 yet not trivialize parts of vanilla that were trivialized by this end-of-lifespan vanilla patch? If so, how likely is that to happen?Trapthem21 12h
12h Please delay the rank 14 weapons! Rank 14 weapons trivialize raid content up until AQ/Naxx.Fâbulous38 12h
13h Remove Scarshield Spellbinder - FR buff Hi B, Over the years players have worked out all of the easter eggs, have poured over the game data looking for every little advantage that can be gained and most of that is fun and just adds a cooler/fun way of doing an encounter. That is not true of the Scarshield Spellbinders (NPC # 9098) who can cast the buff 'Resist Fire' (spell 15123). This ability was discovered/taught to most raiding guilds towards the time AQ40 was being released. Very few guilds who were competing for server first Rag knew the buff existed, same with Vaelastrasz progression. So when everyone started using it rather than it be a tool for progression it was a tool to make farming easier. That will not be the case with classic, this one buff adds enough FR that with a Shaman totem, or a paladin aura the raid literally does not have to wear any FR to do flame packs, or kill Rag, or engage Vael. for players to be able to get to 150 FR with out any actual resistance gear destroys the tier of content. Because of the impact this will have on the progression race I think this is something you should look at disabling (along with world buffs) for a period of time. Reintroduce it once BWL has been out for a while to allow a catch up mechanic for struggling guilds.Kalzarath5 13h
14h Wargames in Classic So considering how they explained it in the water cooler it seems like it would be quite easy for them to get something like this to the game. For those who do not know what a wargame is I think it would be a great way to add something for people to do(like arenas) without affecting any of the Classic systems.Bellatori17 14h
15h Life After Classic: an opinion Once Classic has run its course and we've done the content, I believe in a new timeline of expansions. Where Activision never bought Blizzard and they had the freedom and time to do a really well thought out, well designed, and complete expansion.Alcore3 15h
18h Misinterpratations of Dev Watercooler I think we all knew this would happen. No matter what Blizzard confirms there will ALWAYS be a gross misinterpretation from a stubborn minority who think any flexibility in language is an opportunity to fabricate intentions. Now, we can't assume a lot from this posting and attempting to do so is pure speculation so proceed at your own risk. That being said, they have made it clear that the compass heading is based on 1.12 and it will not include later additions. That is because this is the snapshot of game data with the most iterations and effort already committed to Vanilla and is a logical STARTING point in consideration of development time and also, inherently, cost. No real surprise. Nothing affecting gameplay mechanics will be introduced and this was highlighted by the "no transmog, no achievements" comment. What that means is that if it is not present in the game's data then you are not going to see it materialize in the old game data - full stop. My favorite complaint from many is that Bnet integration will make cross faction communication a problem. Bad argument, boys. This will be gauranteed to happen where there are incentives in game for such market/faction manipulation and outlets like Discord to facilitate them. Trying to convince Blizzard to restrict it due to evidence of it happening, ever, is futile. Ultimately, Blizzard can't protect against every edge case and they honestly shouldn't be expected to. Normal reporting for instances of harassment will have to suffice. There are plenty of discussions to be made surrounding this compass heading but most of the people in the forum first need to understand what that means and not get baited by sh!t posts or YouTuber's assumptions. Contrary to popular posturing, there is no battle of rhetoric between no changers and pro changers, influencing Blizzard's decision here. Quit acting like children who think THEY have accomplished something. We have not. We are however, informed and some of us like this info and others do not - sorry. Blizz is doing this for their own gains, not yours. We're all mostly happy to hear that Vanilla will be Vanilla. Any ultra liberal or militant views about whether or not there should or should not be changes are truly irrelevant to what we now know (if outside the 1.12 frame, obv) So, limited to 1.12 as the compass heading, what within that system should be considered to ensure longevity for Classic? To me, number one thing for the game to be a success is to modify raid tuning to be competitive in consideration of available gear across multiple game loops and also that they should retire the notion of "catch up gear" in the perspective of a single Classic experience, this all needs to be unified under a single raid progression. I say this, because I don't see them releasing progressive patches considering their earliest statements that they do not want to maintain two MMOs. What are your thoughts?Zootntai42 18h
19h Revert 1.11 Shield Slam ... Why do we need to use the earlier version? Because 1.11 increased threat produced by the best main tank in the game making it possible to have all the defensive kit and the kind of threat generation that was previously only possible by fury spec tank builds who were a lot softer than deep prot builds. Pre 1.11 require the warrior make a choice between higher TPS and Survival talents. This is core to the risk vs reward philosophy that dominated the majority of vanilla's existence. Post 1.11 allows the warrior to talent shield slam and have it all at the same time. This does not make pre 1.11 shield slam bad, but instead makes it sensible and more true to what Vanilla raiding was for the majority of its life where risk vs reward was a big part of the experience. Reverting to the original version accomplishes a few things. First it allows Class dynamics to play out more true to their original form; this means threat management in raid is a big deal again; unlike the 1.11 / 1.12 period. Second it eliminates absolute fury warrior dominance, and narrows the gap on DPS builds back to their original state of being far closer to one another. This is a huge improvement for Hunters and hybrid DPS builds as well as brings some of the challenge of tanking and DPS roles back to the Classic experience. 1.11 threat management was one of the single most damaging changes in Vanilla history and we should consider going back to the roots on this one. Thank you.Harland107 19h