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Nov 7 World of Warcraft: Classic We’re pleased to announce the development of a “classic server” option for World of Warcraft. We’ll have more information to share in the future. In the mean time, check out the World of Warcraft: Classic announcement video!Ornyx0 Nov 7
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1m Remember Remember... Let's play a little game. Throw out a tip of info for everyone to help them when Classic comes out! Also no repeats. See how far this goes and if anyone remembers interesting stuff some of us forgot. For an example I will start. Remember... You need to dismount before you can choose a spot on the FP map to fly to.Melaned37 1m
2m Warmode in classic So, I have mixed feelings about warmode. I think it was not needed, but since it still feels like a pvp server while in warmode, its okay to me. It kind of has to be okay though since the beloved pvp servers are gone. Ive got a feeling classic could be like bfa where its all rp or normal servers with the warmode option. There just wont be any modern pvp perks for running in warmode. Reason? Same as live. It makes it easier to cross realm, and merge servers when needed. And there's no more whining about pvp happening on a pvp server. Would this ruin classic in my opinion? Its hard to say, in this forum Id say most people would hate the idea of only rp and normal servers in classic. But if we have no choice will this be a change that makes classic not worth it?Hothwompa208 2m
4m MVPs in Classic Forum Motion to make MVP text in the classic forum show up as non MVP posts. There is zero reason why BFA MVPs should have their posts highlighted as they are in this forum section. No green text, no MVP flag, No skip to MVP post button.Thermiss29 4m
16m They Just Don't Get It (You will get an idea of how often I login to current WoW by reading this.) I just looked at the launcher and noticed Blizzard hawking a Southshore-Tarren Mill PvP battle. The part that prompts this topic is "deplete your foes resources to claim victory." Blizzard just doesn't get it. Southshore, Tarren Mill, and all the other locations where wPvP went on were NOT "company-sponsored" events. They just happened. The only set-up was one player going to one of those locations, getting into a 1v1 or 2v1 fight, and one or all of the participants spamming the channels for help. As players on both sides responded, the fight grew and grew, with the only objective being to kill as many opponents as it took to tire them out and make them withdraw. No depleting resources, no looking for gear drops, no watching the exp bar .... just having disorganized, impromptu, pedal-to-the-metal FUN!!!!! They just don't get it.Enkki33 16m
21m How did you find WoW? We all have a story. Some were Warcraft players, others were invited by friends, some just randomly found the game. What’s your story? So here’s mine: After AoS I stopped loving UO and started playing FFXI. So I spent a year leveling up a red mage, getting artifacts, blah blah. One day I logged into FFXI and the cities felt empty. I was shocked. WTF happened? Normally cities in the game were bustling with activity. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Finally, a friend gets on and tells me that everyone is probably playing the new World of Warcraft game. World of Warcraft, what the heck is that? I seriously had never heard of Warcraft. No kidding, I didn’t know what Warcraft was. I couldn’t figure out why people would leave this wonderful fantasy world to play a war game. I heard Warcraft and thought it was an online shooter or something haha haha! So I finally check it out after a month of dead server, and figured, hey I’ll try it. So I buy the game (you had to have CDs) and started playing. From the intro cinematic I was hooked. I played an unhealthy amount of hours, and that was it..... How about you? How did you get here? If it was Vanilla, TBC, Wrath, or beyond.... what got you into WoW?Nefarious41 21m
25m To the "pro balance change" crowd You all want your balance changes. You all want your "insert spec of choice here" to be stronger in raids. You all post on and on about wanting changes, but i very rarely see a good list of changes. So i Challenge you. Since you want Spec Balance so bad! propose a list of changes to the game that will make all of the weak specs better at the raiding scene. Note i said ALL. you can't cherry pick "insert spec of choice here". you have to buff all of the specs that under-perform. and while doing this. you have to remember that there was much more to vanilla then just Raiding. so while buffing them at raiding you cannot break them in other aspects of the game (dungeons, PvP, etc). Keep in mind you also can't completely ostracize other specs and classes while doing this. a good point in mind about this is someone like Ziryus who firmly believes that a Feral Druid should be able to do JUST AS MUCH dps as a rogue does, except if he is actively using his utility. This sounds great on paper until you do realize that just because a druid may not be using his utility does not mean he doesn't have it. Why would i ever bring a rogue to a group (raid or dungeon) if a Feral Druid does just as much damage, but also brings Battle Res, Innervate, Leader of the Pack, and of course Mark of the Wild? Why would i even bother leveling a rogue, which was the second slowest class to level, when i could level a druid and go feral and level much much faster, with much more downtime? Ziryus does not consider this when he proposes his changes. So go ahead. Propose your list of changes Here. Let us discuss this. TO the No Changes Crowd. Be Ready. besides saying no changes lets give the Pro Changers actual Active Discussion about why there changes are bad (or have a bad effect to the game).Matcauthon128 25m
30m What will you roll? What will you roll for your first main? Class? Spec? Race? Profs? I am fairly certain I am going Night Elf BM Hunter, will do MM for raids ofc. I will prob start off with skinning and tailoring because during initial rush everyone going to be mining and herbing and so the competition for said nodes will be fierce. But eventually want to get Alchemy and Engineering together with a feeder character doing the herb and mining.Colmannid41 30m
33m logistics of a TBC server after classic Qs i know if we get one its far off. but.. im still curious. classic as we all know is something that blizzard needs to spend a lot of resources on because it almost needs to be remade entirely since it was destroyed in cataclysm. many of its quests were removed or changed and so was much of the dungeon content. so lots of time needed to be spent on remaking all of this.. but... TBC is a different story. TBC was never destroyed by an xpac, its quests are from what i remember pretty much all still there and so are all of the dungeons. so my question is.. do you think a TBC xpac would require nearly as much time as it has taken then to get classic ready? I mean.. as far as im concerned the only thing they would need to do is retune all of the numbers pre-ilvl squishes and w/e.Hatchmark1 33m
34m When did you realize live wasn't good? The last few expansions really blew my mind in terms of minimalist content by developers, and yet they have the audacity to charge the same price for game time and expansions... lmfaoGoodguygreg49 34m
45m Why We Say No To Post Nax The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King are tried and true. Post Naxx content isn't. If legacy was a sandwich, vanilla be the bread. Would it make sense to leave meat on the table, like TBC or Wrath? When I ask, "can Blizzard deliver on post Naxx?" I'm not so sure. The expectations would be immense. If they go that route and fail so do the hopes of what could've been legacy BC and Wrath. Id love to see post Naxx content flourish for all of my years but lets be reasonable. Just how long could the dream last before it hit a bad development cycle? Between vanilla, TBC, and Wrath you have 5 years of tried, true, guaranteed, proven content. How often does a game come along where you start knowing your time investment will be prevalent 5 years later? No bad development cycles just cream of the crop content. I think if there is to be any post Naxx content. It should come after Wrath. And who knows? Maybe a progressive legacy project that covers Vanilla, TBC, and Wrath is just what Blizzard needs to afford them the time to have Warcraft 4 in store by trilogy's end. Perhaps even maybe one where we meet our BFA brethren in the caverns of time.Saintsteel7 45m
49m should long graveyard run be fixed? some area such as Barren etc..Modeldwarf38 49m
1h C2C interview with Theloras aka ME Hey everyone, Earlier today I spent some time with the Man, the Myth, the Legend who is Countdown to Classic and we spent some time discussing what I and many other Paladins are most looking forward to in the upcoming WoW Classic demo that will be available during Blizzcon: Since it looks like just Elwynn Forest for the Alliance and Durotar for the Horde will be available to play/test during the upcoming demo/beta, only early level gameplay will be possible to test at any length. But even with that limitation, a major core mechanic for Paladins will be able to be tested and theory crafted. I am of course referring to JUDGEMENT STACKING which I outlined in the thread below along with several other mechanics/talents/items that are still lingering and unanswered questions: Proc Items + Spell Dmg + JotC stacking? TLDR - I found actual Vanilla era evidence (posted in the thread above) which stated that all ranks of each individual Judgement stacked with one another - Judgement of Light (JoL), Judgement of Wisdom (JoW) and most critically in this case, Judgement of the Crusader (JotC): With pvp gloves, libram and 3/3 imp JotC = +829 holy damage JotC R1 +79 Holy Damage JotC R2 +90 Holy Damage JotC R3 +113 Holy Damage JotC R4 +148 Holy Damage JotC R5 +182 Holy Damage JotC R6 +217 Holy Damage Since rank 1 Seal/Judgement of the Crusader is learned at level 6 and rank 2 is learned at level 12, if Elwynn Forest ends up being the only zone open for testing, then reaching level 12 is definitely doable from quest turnins and XP from mob kills. Which will allow 2 Paladins to join as a group and coordinate each of them putting up rank 1 and rank 2 of Judgement of the Crusader accordingly. If this proves to be correct, then it would forever change the LOLRET Meta with the simple fact that the more Retribution Paladins you have in a group/raid, the more powerful each of them then become and would also allow other class/specs come to the forefront as well namely Discipline Priests spamming Smite. At any rate, the twitch interview link is above - we had some audio technical issues at the start so if you fast forward to the 5:00 mark - you can hear the full interview. PS as a bonus, later on in the interview the Crazy OOMkin named Keftenk makes a special guest appearance :) 1h
1h Xpacs for classic Now lets be real if classic wow is a success and gives retail a run for its money. Which it may very well do ( Asmongolds Video for reasons it could ) We all know blizzard / Activision will get gready and want to milk more money out of it. I for one do not want to just go down same time as before. I would rather have them make it a alternative timeline with diffrent expansion and story line.... But wait here it is.. . AS LONG AS They dont ruin the fundamental of the game. Like class design, gameplay design, Epics being epic and feeling of fullflifment after farming out something, professions that mattter. Basically if they keep everything same and dont add new races and new classes and just add new content I'd be ok with it. This obviously happening 2 years after classic release.Humanìty64 1h
1h Vanilla Overall Difficulty > Mythic I've heard streamers say classic will be easy because the mechanics of BFA mythic+ bosses are more sophisticated than vanilla. Will Classic provide next gen end game mechanics for PvE mythic+ raiding? No. Does offering next gen end game mechanics for the small percentage of mythic raiders that exist in retail mean the overall game is harder than vanilla wow? No. What constitutes a game as hard? I've heard it argued that time isn't a indication of difficulty. I do believe death is some indication of a games difficulty. If you die in a game repeatedly. The one thing you ought not do. Can you really claim the game is not difficult? What does dying in World of Warcraft cost? Time. Therefore can it not be argued that time is a element of difficulty in both vanilla and modern versions of warcraft? If time does equate to difficulty. I don't think it can be argued that BFA is more time consuming than vanilla wow. Does it have moments of more intensity in its PvE content? Most definitely. Do the majority of players even attempt it? No. Is the rest of BFA's content outside of mythic raiding more difficult than vanilla WoW? In my opinion, definitely not. Professions, gold farming, consume farming, itemization, group finding, world pvp, and leveling all in my opinion were more difficult then, then they are today. Leveling is in particularly difficult. Anyone not expecting to die is gonna have a bad time. The Dev Watercooler revealed the developers were capable of questing and leveling on the new prototype engine but felt the need to add that they were also dying to the 15 year old content. An argument I've heard against time consuming content is it's tedious. I don't buy it. If it was so tedious why were 8 million people playing vanilla? I don't think you can make a tedious game and fall into the success wow experienced at that time. Where the bosses harder? No. The world was. We'll know for certain soon enough. Perhaps the demo at blizzcon will enlighten us. When we see just how many corpse litter the ground around Hogger.Saintsteel51 1h
1h Blizzard subs "leaked". Classic may beat BFA. ... For those of you who dont go on the general forums. This is starting to become a trend. This just came out about an hour or so ago from Weakauras, a popular Addon. This is not confirmed. But the original source deleted their findings on the API leak. If these numbers are TRUE however, Classic WoW can very well surpass BFA subscriptions.Menard252 1h
1h What if Retail was replaced with Classic I’m not gonna get into why it wouldn’t work, there’s tons of reasons, however, what if the whole series was just rebooted with an alternate timeline? Like, some of the cast just goes back in time, and everything restarts with them having knowledge of the future, but it doesn’t go as planned? It was a crazy daydream I had, basically having a Vanilla style Classic server alongside a rebooted World of Warcraft game, that retained all the modern features, and progresses through a whole new set of expansions but still had the unchanged relic of Classic next to it as well. Idk, I just was thinking, how many more expansions can they really do? It would be interesting to see how everything in the story would unfold much differently when characters, good and bad, all know what could happen.Covfefe9 1h
2h Dishonorable Kills: They Do Nothing Good. ... Now that I'm sure you understand the situation, let's consider whether or not DKs should be reincarnated into classic. Hard Mode On: You may not play the "it wouldn't be vanilla" card. That is incorrect. Dishonorable kills were introduced long enough after release to be considered fair game for interpretation and discussion. Instead, let's examine some pros and cons. Pros: I don't have any. You'll have to think of some for me. Cons: 1. They consistently failed in the hypothetical purpose of preventing griefing through the repeated murder of questing npcs. The people out to grief in this way simply never cared about their rank, or had already attained their ranking goals. 2. They left ranking players terrified of participating in large-scale world pvp, and rightly so. It especially kept city raids off the table for these players, who were otherwise eager to engage in what many consider to be the most defining player-vs-player combat in classic WoW, which again is world PvP. On these points I put forward the idea that DKs actively worked against the spirit of vanilla. They diminished it, and reincarnating them would be a mistake. Remember that a game without them can also be considered vanilla.Cybaster188 2h
2h Memorable Raid Drop? Who here has a memory of a specific drop you got from a raid? Doesn't have to be vanilla. I didn't do serious progression raiding until wotlk. I remember when i got the 3.00 speed gun from XT HM 10 man. That was the last time i was excited while raiding.Mahnko4 2h
2h Why the rush? So I've seen so many threads about lv 60 Within a week, whether it be early recruitment for raids, or speed levelers trying to get a leg up on competition. I'm not here to argue whether its possible. My question is WHY. Blizzard is finally giving us a chance to relive the memories of the tough grind and to experience the closest we will get To an authentic classic experience. Why in the world would you want to blitz past it. I cant wait to raid MC and Naxx. However i plan on taking 2 months to level to 60. im stopping to smell every rose. In my personal opinion, those who want/intend to get to 60 in less then a month are missing out on an integral part of the classic experienceTaurcam18 2h
2h Post your biggest Classic fears And we shall assuage them.Chosenketsu92 2h
2h Crazy old Vanilla Stories. Anyone have any good crazy old story from Vanilla? One day I got in a fight with a lvl 60 hunter at lvl 49 near SM. She was killing lowbies when I ran by and without thinking stopped to defend the lowbie she was chasing. I stayed on her forcing melee most of the fight but she got distance at one point and I shot a serpent sting right before dying. She then died to the poison. The next day at 50 I was with my same friend I had been heading to SM for and saw an orc warrior 60 looking for someone to gank near SS. I got the jump on him, killed him. Camped him near endlessly. At that point I had only heard how rogues could disarm traps and never seen it. I still remember sitting there with my freezing trap ready for the warrior. Suddenly the trap pinged up in such an odd way I had never seen before but I knew immediately what it meant. I just said "I'm dead" in real then BAM UD 60 rogue on me and warrior ressed and charged me. Any other good stories? Or even funny noob moment ones?Melaned7 2h
2h Feral for offtanking So basically I am considering rolling a feral druid for offtanking in raids. Questions: will I be able to offtank well enough to justify being brought along (along with critt buff) Is Night elf dodge racial or tauren stomp/health boost better? Although I think you needed to shift out of animal form to use the stun.Christopher40 2h
2h What are you playing in the meantime? So with my WoW sub finally expiring soon, and with no intention of resubbing, I decided to give The Elder Scrolls Online a try. I've been checking it out online quite a bit and it really looks quite good. I did the Beta and did not like; but it looks like they've really done a great job fixing and expanding on it. Looking forward to jumping into Morrowind again and exploring the place! Curious if other people are jumping to other games while waiting.Shendalar37 2h
2h Stat scaling is terrible Hit 120 not too long ago. Finished unlocking world quests, but have no real desire doing them. So I'll prob just do BGs. Maybe if my nice and shiny pve gear mattered in pvp, I'd do pve content. I think that's a huge flaw in blizzards approach to retail. People do not want to feel equal, people want to feel superior - not through skill.Tormund6 2h
2h arenas in classic open to hear what people think about thisIloveuadele28 2h
2h View distance cap Do you think view distance will be capped in Classic? Personally, I think it should, as it feels more immersive and the zones were not designed for the current view distances.Remigius12 2h
2h server pop ? I know its early and im sure as we come closer to the release people will start to prepick servers and form guilds on servers before they even launch, but I haven't any information about servers really so I decided I'd bring it up. im just worried about creating a character at the very launch and getting in there with everyone as soon as the servers go live, because im sure at the very beginning all the servers are gonna be labled as low populated. I plan on be on a pvp server and id prefer being on a high pop / evenly sided factions ( horde / alliance even ratio ) and id be upset if I ended up on a dead server / heavily onesided facton server .. so do you guys have any tips or tricks on how you are going to pick your server ? are you grouping up with friends and all going on the same server ? are you waiting until they release server information and do your research on whos going or the guilds that are recruiting on that server and which faction those guilds are on ? thats probably how im going to approach it, so hopefully they put up server forums before they release them live, especially if they dont bring in xrealms, i think server forums would help form the community before it even starts anyways i cant wait to see you all in wpvp (; DONT MAKE US WAIT FOREVER BLIZZ IM READY TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY AGAIN !!! srsly tho, plan on investing alot of time into classic and playing for the long run .. im wishing at blizzcon they will give a release date, since yakno the game is already made .. but im sure a date wont be released, but im excited to see the demo and im hoping they surprise all the loyal veteran players they have waiting for this game to release.Blntman6 2h
2h Why Classic WoW? Storytelling - video If you all get a chance, this guy makes some strong points. I'd like to see a video encapsulating wow's classic game mechanics in the same tone.Tormund0 2h
2h So hybrids are healers at end game? I wanted to roll a feral druid :(Fanghelm109 2h
3h Preorder Classic WoW and get free 60 boost! If Blizz did this, it wouldn't even be worth playing.Athyra34 3h
3h Any reason to be undead As warrior, besides the desire to be one am I setting myself up for failure.Divium16 3h
3h Separate subscription for classic? I understand creating Classic servers takes money and I have no problem buying World Of Warcraft Classic (even tho technically I will be buying the same game again) but what I won't do is buy a separate subscription for Classic WoW If I have to choose between Classic and Live I will choose Live as there are other "avenues" I can choose for Classic contentLaidher202 3h
3h pvp on a pvp server as you level up, you will be corpse camped, it will happen to me, and when i am able to, i will do it to others its been said before, and it needs to be said again, red = dead if you dont want this to happen to you, easy, just dont play on a pvp serverMirandrack21 3h
4h Ten MORE MORE Sensible Changes for Classic I know, I know, its a controversial topic, but just keep an open mind, I think a lot of these suggestions will only help the game that we all want. 1) Tauren and Trolls shouldn't be allowed to equip boots. We don't wear boots, we wear like anklets or something (see profile). Instead, I propose a new armor slot specific for Trolls and Tauren for their tusks or horns. We could call them ornaments or something. 2) Languages should have to be learned and leveled up like every other skill in the game. Obviously if you start as an Undead, you will know Gutterspeak already, but you should have to put time and effort into leveling your Orcish Language. A fun addition would be if, depending on your language skill, you say the opposite of what you meant. "Great job keeping us alive!" would become "!@#$ healer, pls kick" or something. 3) New class: Bard! At least one person has been asking for a Bard class in WoW since 2004, and with the release of Classic servers, I think this is the perfect time to introduce them! Bards sing or make music to motivate friends or demoralize enemies I think, so it would probably be restricted to Humans, Dwarfs, and Tauren since they are the only good musicians. 4) New stat: Charisma! How many times have you walking into a cult's lair and just got off on the wrong foot with them right away? Well, with a high enough Charisma, you can actually use your WORDS to talk to them like an actual ADULT. Bards, Hunters, Warlocks, and Druids would make the best use of this stat. 5) There should be a feature added where you can customize the look of your character beyond just the character select screen. I don't mean like changing hair or skin tone or anything, but maybe there could be a way to make your gear look like different gear that you have already acquired. 6) There needs to be some element of risk added to the gathering professions. Oh you just mined that node? Well maybe it was hiding a poisonous scorpion or centipede! Picking flowers, are you? Well maybe you're swarmed with bees who were trying to get some of that! Skinning a dead beast? Maybe you botched your skinning job and now you have a disease from their infected blood. 7) New Battle Ground: Battle Royal Pit! As the name implies, it will drop 100 players into a free for all battle to the death! You would receive honor from kills and placement, and in this mode you can not speak to people of your same faction or even race. There would also be randomized spawns of high-tier weapons and stealth-detecting orbs to make it fair. 8) Bag space needs to be seriously reevaluated. A 10 foot weapon should not take up the same space as a pebble you found on the side of the road. Maybe implement the Diablo system of bag space? 9) Weak reputation should actually have consequences. Let's say you're only neutral with Orggimar, maybe that quest giver doesn't really trust you all that much. Maybe you have to prove to them that you're trust-worthy first for them to give you specific directions to finish that quest. Maybe there isn't anyone who can repair armor if you're not friendly with them. 10) Add a system similar to disenchanting, but for types of armor. So a tailor could "disenchant" cloth armor to get cloth, a leather worker could do the same with leather and high level mail, and a blacksmith could do the same with low level mail and plate. So what do you guys think?Bignjuicy24 4h
4h Best pvp healer. Curious as to what is the best pvp healer. I think i remember holy paladin was good because of concentration aura to stop attacks making it longer to cast. Or priest? Its been so long.Goatsmith62 4h
4h <TBD> Alliance, PvE, late oceanic guild name not yet determined. RAID TIMES GMT +9 @9:30pm, this does not follow DLS WED, THR, MON examples in other timezones Sydney 10:30 / 11:30pm US east 8:30 / 7:30am US west 5:30 / 4:30am GUILD GOALS to clear content quickly and efficiently. to be respected by the server. to be respectful and kind TO the server. Trolls will not be tolerated. GUILD EXPECTATION I expect all my guild members to perform at their utmost. Now I do not expect any of my raiders to give up their lives to raid. But I do expect them to give it their all during raids and to do the best they can outside of raid too. LOOT RULES hybrid of loot council and /roll basically, each major raid's loot table will be broken into 2 lists. 1 for loot council 1 for /roll loot council - its loot council /roll - unlimited, winning an item will apply a -20 to future rolls for that raid that week, allowing you to potentially keep winning /roll items but making it fairer to those who have no won one yet. CONTACT DISCORD - Hatchmark#2695 BNET - Firefly#1855 contact me for link to guild discord. the discord contains TONS of links to good information on all classes, raids, and dungeons quests.Hatchmark5 4h
4h "Harder" Modern Vs Vanilla Im tired of hearing the "BFA is harder argument." Some people seem to be confused as to what made Vanilla so difficult, even mechanically some bosses in vanilla had complexity but the biggest difference between bosses from Vanilla and bosses from BFA are we didnt have INFINITE MANA. If youre fighting a boss, what makes that boss more difficulty isnt just moving out of the fire, its managing your mana and threat (something modern WoW doesnt have). Adding stress to the encounter by dealing with time investment, low mana, efficient healing, bandaging, using potions and any consumables just to last long enough, WHILE dealing with (slightly) less mechanics than BFA (lets be honest, most of those are tank and spank until you get to the end raid bosses). All the while some bosses in Vanilla added a numerical improbability depending on gear level for your raid. All that stress into one is what makes the encounters more difficult than BFA raids. I mean really, what do you have to worry in a raid for BFA? All you have to do is move out of stuff and coordinate a little, then again you have addons in BFA that all but move your character for you. You dont have to worry about mana, therefore blizzard by recourse needs to make bosses "mechanically difficult" so it even poses a threat to you. Congrats, BFA encounters are just digital Audio books you cant fail in. Yay.Noctùrnal33 4h
5h Will they announce the date? And your guess Curious what people think. My guess is Jan/Feb.Thornton21 5h
5h Whatcha Reading? (A while-waiting thread) Books, comics, magazines, blogs -- tell it here! I picked up Blood and Gold by Anne Rice last summer and finally started it. I'm enjoying it. Also have a 1974 Gothic romance on my nightstand. The heroine has a brooding guardian! There are Evil Gypsies! It's so bad it's fun! Every once in a while I glance at The White Goddess and go "Nah, don't feel like finishing it yet."Idun7 5h
5h Remember, ret is just a leveling/easy spec If Blizz doesn't mention in char creation that paladins have a spec that isn't useful in pve and is sub par compared to its other talent specs in pvp, just remember that "ret is for leveling and is easy to play." Remember that it is actually impossible to improve the classes viability even an iota without DESTROYING classic for everyone, and that you are selfish for even entertaining the conceptualization of ANY possible CHANGE that would improve pve viability without DESTROYING pvp balance or the FEEL of classic. And If you attempt to play ret in PVE and your guild is not progressing, then you are SELFISH, because you are contributing about 0.5 the contribution of a viable spec, such as a fury warrior or holy paladin. But please, PLEASE, remember that you should play the game how you want to play it. There will be lots of CHILL guilds doing MC who will let you be ret, and some guilds who have it on farm wont mind at all! Don't let <50% performance dictate how you play the game! And don't forget, generally speaking, reckoning is better for leveling and for pvp. Only go full ret for a different STYLE of pve when you are feeling SELFISH or special. The same line of reasoning can be applied to the other hybrids too, with some variation, so don't forget! If you want to be worth a damn, heal or play a warrior. #NO CHANGES Oh yea, if you want anything except a copy of 1.12 then you are selfish! Why fix the most successful mmo ever? There can be no compromise. Even if it's impossible to keep older content a face roll in 1.12 without any changes, by golly there better be no changes, because no changes! No changes! If we decide to adopt elements of different patches to preserve the quality of the game and prevent invalidating old content, perhaps by reverting to how old threat worked, then we better be sure to make an effort to preserve all of the discrepancies in spec performance, because THOSE changes are unacceptable. Only the changes that are #no changes are allowed. I decide what's allowed, get it?Farketh37 5h
6h Early game gold making The first couple of days instead of rushing and trying to get to level 60 as fast as you can. Might be a good ideal to stick around in some of the lower levels to grind out mats. Such as tailoring farming cloth for bags since a lot of players who haven't fully played classic will get annoyed and just turn to the auction house for a quick buy. Bags, armor, weapon even farming the lower levels for the rare (Blue) level 17-30 items. to make the quick money. Since everyone will be at the same level and every zone will be pack with players questing. Yes a lot of players will be posting similar items in the AH... Just do it in the masses since there will we a lot of players will be needing those item for weeks to come. So overall I'm saying might be good to find an early game farming spot to farm for mats since every zone will be pack with players questing.Deadlybolts124 6h
6h Cheers To The RESURRECTED Twink Scene Part 2 continue'ing the topic from last post in part 1 ... so in other words you are saying "I never experienced it therefore it didn't exist or didn't matter" *ahem... and these are just videos from the 19 bracket, and keep in mind, VASTYL more videos like this would have been made if people had the software / decent computers like today. and again, this is just 19's, many many more videos of the other twink brackets out there as wellAgonyy06A54292 6h
6h Private servers are not the real thing So please stop saying "I played on XXX private server so I know how YYY works." No you don't. You know how a DIFFERENT game worked. Wow. Good job. You played a different game. Now just sit tight and wait. When Classic drops you can then compare and contrast and be amazed at how poor an excuse the private servers really were.Fritderk50 6h
6h Ten MORE Sensible Changes for Classic Again, I know this is a sensitive topic, but just hear me out, this is a public discussion forum and we don't need to result to insults. 1) If your Unarmed skill is high enough, it should be able to replace your Fishing skill and catch fish like that. Plenty of people catch fish bare handed, and if you've ever seen the movie Mulan, you would know this. 2) Trams, boats and Zepplins should have random downtime. There is literally no possible way that those modes of transportation would ever have 100% uptime. There is fuel, there should be pilot/captain shifts, they should get a lunch break, ect. (Idea suggested by Aesqt) 3) Tauren honestly probably should just be a neutral faction. No one messes with them, they're chill with the NE and the Cenarion Circle, honestly they just don't fit the whole "Group or we die" theme that the Horde has. Like whos going to wage war against some chill AF bros getting high on their peaks and preaching of peace and chill? 4) Druids shifting too much, too frequently, should have a random chance to die. You're literally not only rearranging your heart, lungs, organs, and limbs, but in certain cases you even LOSE organs and limbs. That is not healthy and we should not be promoting this practice to our children. 5) Transmog 6) There needs to be more of a difference between Fresh water and Salt water. In WoW's current vanilla state, it is a mess. You have the same types of monsters, the same type of herbs, the same swimming speed, ect. Honestly, I can't think of a single difference between Fresh and Salt water, Seal form even operates exactly the same! 7) You should be permitted to bribe Goblin Auctioneers for lower prices. I don't have a real reason for this, I just think it'd be neat to screw people over at your own expense. 8) New profession: Scavenging. Ever see a boss decked out in full tier 3 and he drops 2 daggers? Well no more! Scavengers will have a chance to steal the armor or weapons from a defeated boss. Why wouldn't you take that god-tier sword off the corpse of your defeated foe? 9) Add geese to the game. Let us kill them and flay them alive. Not necessarily in that order. 10) Killed Beasts should be able to be cooked on the spot should you procure a simple campfire. Obviously a Bear will hear you quicker than a Scorpion, and you may need to make an Insight roll so you don't die to the Scorpion, but this is good idea. What do you guys think?Bignjuicy71 6h
7h Classic Progression -> "Classic Plus" A lot of people have suggested a Classic progression model, whereby Blizz will gradually release old expansions and allow players to migrate their Classic characters along to the old-new expansion servers, i.e. Burning Crusade Classic, Wrath of the Lich King Classic, etc. This would hypothetically be done to satisfy the seeming inevitable demand for new content on the part of the Classic player base, and also allow Blizzard to continue to make some money off of the Classic enterprise. However I would like to suggest a different path. And the reason a different path is warranted is ultimately because, as one gets further and further away from vanilla WoW, one gets further and further away from the very reason Classic will be so popular, and that is to get away from things in retail that many feel have ruined WoW. Many of those things started to pop up in expansions, therefore going back down that road would feel to many like repeating the mistakes of the past. I would like to suggest, in the alternative, that future Classic "expansions" be branded as "Classic Plus." Before I explain what a Classic Plus expansion pack would entail, let me start by saying that migrating to a Classic Plus server would have to be 100% voluntary. If anyone wants to stay in the insular world of unmodified vanilla WoW, they should absolutely not have that taken away from them. For many people that's all they want out of WoW Classic and anything else would completely ruin it. Now, as for what Classic Plus expansions could contain, it would be entirely and ONLY vanilla-WoW-themed content, including but not limited to: world zones, dungeons, raids, quests, mounts, gear, battlegrounds, etc., all of it taking places in the world of, and within the strict confines of, Vanilla WoW. As for what Classic Plus expansions would NOT contain, what would keep it consistent with the Classic brand, and what would set it apart from any other WoW expansion model, Plus expansions would absolutely NOT contain any of the following: new levels, new races, new classes, new skills, new talents, new lore progression, old lore progression, content that came out in later expansions (i.e. no going to Outland), new features, flying, group finder, toy collections, achievements, etc. I'm sure this idea is not completely new, but I don't really follow the forums or what the community is talking about. I have been thinking a lot about this lately, and had to get my thoughts out there. Please let me know what you think.Remigius13 7h
7h Lvl 60 in 3 Days After Release. Game released and you reach lvl 60 within 3 days... every1 else is gonna take about 2-4 weeks..... Other than farming profession stuff like mining/herb/skinning/etc. Other than doing 5 man dungeons over and over again with other Hardcore levelers. What do you do while waiting for others? Ne tips or secrets? Rep farms or future preparing farms?Michaelsog42 7h
8h Theorycrafting: PvP Class/Race combos For fun, here’s my opinion of the best pvp combos in Vaniila. Hunter - Night Elf. (Yeah, let’s give stealth to a ranged class with a cannon and a pet.) Warrior - Tauren (Most controversial choice, but anyone who has done a lot of pvp knows the correct value of an AOE Stun.) Mage - Gnome (Intellect, and Gnomes have the smallest character model, which is very underrated for pvp.) Warlock - Gnome Paladin - Human (A great collection of racials for this class.) Druid - Tauren (War Stomp and Herbalism) Shaman - Threeway tie. (If I was forced to choose, I’d go Troll for the ‘zerk and ‘mon’ factors.) Rogue - Orc (But an Undead Rogue is the coolest class/race combo in Vanilla.) Priest - Undead (Easy choice here with that second DOT. Undead Shadow Priests are among the best pvp toons in Vanilla.)Doxima3 8h
8h (H) <Forte> {PvP Realm} - Recruitment Hi everyone -- We're in the market of building a team-oriented, casual, yet skilled roster for the release of Classic. We have a highly experienced leadership group dedicated to earning the trust and respect of our friends/guild mates, while building a well balanced raid team capable of finishing all raid content. Our goal is simple -- Provide a terrific, drama-free, atmosphere while consistently progressing. Contact Information Discord Ekyu#3966 Battle Net Ekye#11711 Website Additional Info - We will maintain a Tuesday / Thursday 8-11 CST Schedule weekly with an optional night on Fridays for those interested in other group activities - We will determine an unbiased way of distributing loot & allocating guild assets to our membership for veterans and new players alike (based on what Blizzard actually releases) - We will do everything we can to be transparent to our team on changes we intend to make and encourage involvement - We will not be racing for server/world firsts - We will not be pursuing unrealistic expectations of our player base - We will never ask of you something we wouldn't ask of ourselves If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line, and I'll get back to you asap. Check our our website. I'll be doing work on it from now until release.Ekyudk60 8h