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Nov 7 World of Warcraft: Classic We’re pleased to announce the development of a “classic server” option for World of Warcraft. We’ll have more information to share in the future. In the mean time, check out the World of Warcraft: Classic announcement video!Ornyx0 Nov 7
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8m Class balance So lets see, in Vanilla on my Warrior I could: - tank 99% of the games content without speccing a single point into the prot tree. I'm also the first choice for a tank and only viable tank for raids - be top dog mdps for the majority of vanilla with fury - be a linchpin and hardest scaling class in pvp with arms On my Paladin however: - tank dungeons ok but need a mix of holy/deep prot if i want to tank any of the 50-60 dungeons. Main tanking a raid is a no no with talents that work against eachother (need to get crit to get more mitigation - wtf?) - laughable dps when specced into the ret tree which is an awkward blend of pvp/pve utility - holy is strong so im a good healer, nice thats 1 out of 3 things Paladins are hybrids yet suck at anything other than healing and are passable at niche things like tanking leveling dungeons. Warriors are hybrids too but they are flat out the best at what they do, how is this remotely fair? Is it because hybrids just means 'classes with heal spells' they automatically suck at everything else, even when specced into the respective trees? And no, you do not bring amazing utility and off heals as a ret pally in a raid - you already have a pitiful mana pool to work with and your heals heal for peanuts unless specced holy. Auras can easily be provided by holy paladins and sanctity aura is a JOKE. So whats left? Improved blessing of might? Im convinced the only people who advocate no changes are warrior/mage/rogue mains who dont want the status quo changed of being king @#%%!!*% without having to really do anything to get into raids or other content. Its just given to them by virtue of bad game design.Sproosemoose9 8m
8m Would you play live if The developers made changes to the game to be a bit old school rather than to play Vanilla? Just hypothetically if Vanilla WoW succeeded tremendously, the devs would lean twoards making the live version of the game like it was back then.Dfat19 8m
8m Are any of you " closet" WoW players? As the title states, I'm curious how many of you are "closet" players, meaning you play WoW but very privately and don't tell your friends or family the extent that you play. I fall into this category sadly, and I wish I weren't. In my early 20s when this game originally launched I had endless time to play, beyond going to class, studying, ect. Now that I'm older with a family of my own, I find myself playing on a much more limited time frame, and nobody knows that I play WoW specifically. My wife knows I play games occasionally on the PC and Xbox, but no clue that it's WoW. I find myself sneaking in a 30 minute session here and there and often early in the morning or late at night. With this being the case, I fully intend on taking a few days off work when Classic releases to enjoy myself and not feel left behind, but will ultimately have to admit to my wife I'm taking PTO time to play a video game, which I'm sure she will feel is ridiculous. I can't figure out why I feel ashamed of being a WoW player, as opposed to any other games (first person shooter, Madden, ect). Perhaps it's because of the stereotypes often placed on people who play WoW, which I certainly don't feel I fall into, at least at this point in my life. So, I can't be alone in this, and I'm curious how many of you deal with this in your lives. Also any tips to explain my "closet" limited addiction to playing WoW to others would be welcome.Hackshaft31 8m
11m Unsubbed people can create threads now Testing. Edit: Wow it worked. Hopefully now we'll see more legit Vanilla threads being created by the targeted audience, rather than trolls advocating for changes to Classic. Thank you Blizzard.Falathrin47 11m
11m Will I be able to play my Demon Hunter? Hello, I just started playing this game about a year ago. I really enjoy it alot. I've always wondered what it would be like to play the classic version of wow. I know that classic will not be exactly like the vanilla you all played though. I was wondering if Demon Hunter will be an option in this version of classic? I really enjoy playing this class, alot more than any of the other. Being able to fly is alot of fun and I can run the flag in Warsong Gulch faster as a DH than on any of my alts. I've practiced in Arena mostly with DH too learning how to use cover of darkness and reverse magic well. I know PvP was pretty big in vanilla. I definitely want to win as many vanilla arena and WSGs as I can to get the GRAND MARSHAL title. I think lorewise DHs would make sense too. There are alot of demons in felwood which is right by ashenvale, maybe blizzard could implement a quest chain for demon hunters in that zone. Thanks for reading, hopefully we'll get to play our demon hunters while still experiencing the classic content.Twoglaives19 11m
12m WoW Vanilla vs. Original Everquest So you think WoW Vanilla was too hard core and that people will not play it because of things like having to carry ammo ? Let's take a wayback ride to the era of the original Everquest. RANGER The EQ equivalent of WoW hunters, not only had to carry ammo, they needed to buy a fletching kit and fletch their own arrows from several components which increased in price as you leveled the skill. And you could have failures during the creation process, resulting in total loss of the components and your investment into those components. Rangers didn't have the luxury of a pet. They had to snare/slow their prey and nuke, dot, and/or melee. They only got new abilties once every seven levels and those abilities were just low level versions of better spells another class got, many levels earlier. When they died, they had to run back to their corpse without armor, from their last bind point (had to be bound in cities by a class that had the bind ability. Rangers couldn't bind themselves.). Death also resulted in loss of xp. You could unding a new level. Some to most xp loss could be restored if you were lucky enough to have a cleric rez your corpse, but sometimes you just had to eat the xp loss and even with a highest level cleric rez (96percent) you would still be out 4percent xp. There were consequences to making bad choices. Rangers had high taunt/aggro generation but couldn't wear plate and had no aggro shedding abilities. They couldn't feign death the aggro. You can imagine how that worked out. The game was designed around the necessity for fast escape/fast movement if required (and it was frequently required). This meant a buff similar to swiftness potion or hunter aspect of the cheetah, but instead was a spell that could be cast on you by classes that had that spell. Rangers eventually got that spell but had to wait an additional 20 grueling levels to do so. Imagine your hunter having to wait till level 30 on vanilla, to be able to use aspect of the cheetah. .. . yeah. Yet people are currently playing rangers on an emulator of that original eq, fletching their arrows, having bags full of arrows, naked corpse running, etc, at this moment, and liking it. ------Pôwder47 12m
17m Bets on when we'll see the next blue post The optimist in me wants to say June, but realistically speaking it might not be until some time after BFA launches. Maybe November?Mayvus26 17m
22m Updated graphics and Transmogs Will be in any classic server blizz makes. Just get used to the idea.Brightblâde10 22m
23m No changes and the Purist Crowd I wonder exactly which audience advocates no changes. Private Server machos who are used to ez mode vanilla and are already playing easier version of it? Some purists advocate a massive change of changing population cap. Others want 1.12 patch which was never vanilla. It was the ending patch just to clean up the content before TBC came out. They say classes were most balanced back then yet they also say they abhor class balance... Ok, we understand the hipocricy but exactly who is this no changes crowd? And why are they not advocating 1.1 patch(ok unintended bugs should be fixed) and exact same progression?Holylr31 23m
31m Reasonable Thread about "No Changes" Let's be reasonable and be nice to each other. I am just interested in this: Why isn't starting a server with 1. 12 patch not considered a change? Yes, that patch occured in vanilla but it was when people already had MC on farm status as well as BWL. People who are starting MC or BWL need to be on specific patch to have authentic experience right? Sure, we could tune the raids and questing content as well but that's already a change right? Can we really advocate no changes without wanting to start at 1.1 patch? It would be a bug-free nostalrius version right?Holylr12 31m
34m Heroic Difficulty Idea So I watched a video and had an interesting idea based on it. This topic is completely hypothetical just so it be known ahead of time thus meaning I am not advocating for it to be added. If a heroic difficulty were added to dungeons and raids, there is that inherent issue of gear scaling in rewarding those efforts. What if it were possible to make it so that the heroic gear only functioned in heroic content? The idea is simple in that you take what is already available in the game and have those scaled to heroic stats when they are obtained in heroic difficulty. If you are not doing heroic content though and is heroic gear, it will scale down to the normal version. This creates a sense of progression when doing heroic content for the increased difficulty while keeping contained to that specific content. Just as well, you can always adjust between difficulties so that their is no increased loot gains by sharing the lock.Dibullba38 34m
46m Why do you think Bliz is making Classic? Pick one or a combination. 1) They need content for raiders in between expansions, because raiders are the only people left playing. Classic will not be progressive and will instead be a rushed 6 months of "content" for Blizzard influencer streamers to hype, so that Blizzard can keep people subbed when they usually let a sub lapse. TBC and WOTLK will serve the same purpose in the expansions after this. 2) They never wanted to make it and only announced it after this was going on in the background, with the ESA is fighting it, which has Activision/Blizzard as a member. Basically Software companies are trying to prevent things becoming public domain in the gaming world, like Disney did in the movie world. It would be hard to win a trial or prove that Blizzard doesn't offer a Vanilla or other expansion experience, but it may be possible and by announcing classic they prevent that from ever happening. 3) Because they actually want to give us no changes Vanilla WoW that will spread content over YEARS like the original game did. This is a labor of love and they are hard at work getting this out as soon as they can. They aren't delaying it to get you on BFA, which will totally not be sold as "like Vanilla but better" by game journalists and they aren't targeting a release for when there will be a content drought in that expansion. The interviews from Brack with PC Gamer and Forbes where he basically turns a Classic discussion into a BFA article, while making sure everyone knows that Classic has lots of faults are an aberration and we will soon have the lead for Classic giving interviews and putting any fears to rest and talking to the community since they want feedback.Dëathjëster57 46m
1h gnome mage vs human mage so i would like to play a mage in classic but i don't know what to make should i make a gnome mage because of the 5% int racial or should i play human mage that has the rep bonus and looks better my professions will be alchemy/herbs might change herbs to tailoring after i get i get alchemy to 300Kittydeath18 1h
1h Why I left Vanilla. What I want from Classic. My brother got me into WoW way back in the first month it was available. It was new and different and exciting! It was also full of flaws. An MMO was so different than anything Blizzard had done before. It was a humongous risk, and it has clearly paid off. Nostalgia has a way of making the past seem better than now when it really wasn't. Gameplay and mechanics wise there were a lot of things about Vanilla WoW I liked over other MMOs at the time, but today's WoW is a vast improvement over what we had way back then. Vanilla WoW was a grind compaired to today. After a while it began to feel like a second job I had to pay for rather than a game I enjoyed playing and that's when I quit. I only came back a few months ago because the person I started dating last year got me back into it. I felt nostalgic and returned to Azeroth to join her on adventures. I was greatly pleased that my character, this character I am posting with now, was still here waiting for me. What pleased me even more is how much more fun WoW is today than it was back in the day. I would not want a Classic WoW that plays exactly the way Vanilla WoW did... but I've missed out on so much content all these years. The content, that's what I miss about Vanilla. The quests that are gone, the zones that have been changed with no way to go back and see them as they were before, and the mounts and transmogs that can no longer be obtained, etc... (yes, I know transmog wasn't a thing back then... and had I known it would be some day there are a lot of things I would have kept in my bank.) What I would want from Classic WoW is a "remastered" version of Vanilla, so to speak. I want the opportunity to experience old quests that were removed, collect things that are no longer collectable, have a chance to participate in the one-time world events I missed out on. Most importantly, I would want to have as much fun playing Classic WoW as I have had playing Leigon. I'll probably get a lot of hate for this post, but that's how I feel.Riddle23 1h
1h Franken Patch How many people are ok with this idea, for example taking the best of the patches within vanilla in terms of class balance and throw them into a static patch. I'd feel everything would be amazing and probably let the people who play hybrids feel like they are doing something.Nightrom11 1h
1h Group loot. One thing that bothered me in Vanilla was some quests did not support group loot. This actively discouraged people from grouping because many people felt others would "steal" their quest item. I'd like to see this updated. That way people wouldn't be afraid to group up in an MMORPG. Because frankly any system that discourages grouping isn't healthy. They fixed it if you looked at the Ony attunement. At first only one person could get it and you needed to run multiple times, but for simple quests it was one item per kill that wasn't shared among the group.Troops23 1h
1h The Open Sorce Solution @ below (hey sorry lol i didn't know if i could actually post a forum with a frozen account, so here goes) Okay, so there's a rift, right? #Nochanges (I'm one of them) and then people who want ridiculous things like Demon Hunters and CRZ/Group Finder Then you have crowds like longwriter who want to get the origional experiance with heavilly thought out design changes that allow him to play his class. Ultimately misguided in my opnion, but worth considering. This makes me think about some times I've looked at youtube videos of people playing on strange and interesting private servers, like the one where you build your own class with talents and spells open to everyone. (PLAY on it? No thanks. its got huge problems, to the point all content has to be ridiculously overtuned beyond beleivability) I don't want these things. I want a classic game for two reasons: We knew it worked + historical value of WoW the way it was when the MMORPG explosion happened. That said, who's to say making such and such spec viable for this or that isn't cool? The insane level of theorycrafting on non-blizzlike servers that allow for strange and new combinations I think is entertaining to watch, at the very least, and once classic WoW comes out, blizzard's hammer is going to come down hard on this explosion of creativity out there for other players. So what do we do? I think I've got it. Blizzard releases classic, warts and all, and sees how it goes. If it's succsessful, then when they move to banhammering all of the private servers that would compete with them, they instead take an open-source approach. Liscence the game clients preceeding Cataclysm (no one's interested in post-cataclysm theorycrafting, really) and banhammer the ones post-cataclysm, saying it's IP competiotion with their flagship game (BfA and beyond) Ban private enteties that pirate the clients and go after them hard, this also competed with a major product (wow classic) But... for those interested, let them set up their own entities with a restrictive liscence agreement that funnels a portion of their profits to blizzard. Everyone wins. You get to make your servers with crazy rules, and they get more support than they do currently with liscenced, managed clients. These entites become more succsessful, getting more money for their wild-west design. Blizzard becomes more succsessful, syphoning funds they can use for their own projects. Best of all, it allows for wild-west game development with an enormous community out there... who all love the game for perhaps different reasons. Crazy, I know, but I think this might be the way to make everyone happy! Thanks for reading. Discuss and critique as you will.Ozwin15 1h
2h Paladin vs Priest Hi community, I would like to have your input to help me make my mind about having a PRIEST or PALADIN when classic launch. I explain to you quickly what I remind from my experience of Vanilla WoW (but I forgot alot) if you can add your pros and cons. * I want to heal mainly, but I am not planning to do BWL, lets be honest Im not good enough neither I have time for that. * I want to still be able to level decently without suffering too much PRIEST -P Can be horde and alliance -P Shadow form look pretty neat -P Mind control people in Blackrock mountain -P Lot of place for them in BG, Raid, Dungeon -C Squishy PALADIN -P Nice Oh !@#$ save moment with LOA -P Bubble -P Free mount -P AoE for stupid rogues -C Not as good group heal What are your Pros and Cons for each :) ThanksThelastovski23 2h
3h Guilds and Players from Vanilla Hello everyone. Brahmu started a great thread listing out old guilds from vanilla in the hopes that returning players could find their old buddies. It looks like RL has taken him out of commission for a while. The guild list he was compiling was getting pretty clogged up for a forum thread. I compiled everything and put it in a google doc. This not only is easier to look at, but if I ever get super busy for some reason I can give someone write access to keep the process going. Google Doc is here: I will no longer be updating the old thread, people were getting confused thinking the thread was dead as my google doc link was buried on page 18. In addition to guilds I also put a column for character names and optional contact info, in case you want to leave an email address or steam id for old guildies to contact you at. Please use this format Server - Guild - Faction - Player Name (if you can remember) / Contact Info (optional) If you are missing to many components or bury this info in a large paragraph I wont have the time to dig it all out / ask follow up questions for more info. Old thread: ( I will no longer be looking at posts in this thread ) 3h
4h Will we see in game GMs with Classic? It use to be a great part of the game, do you reckon they will show up now and then to have some fun?Darthcutie2 4h
6h The wonders of pre 1.4 gear One of the potential fun things to look forward to classic is finding out how terrible/OP the gear was when the game launched before any of the major gear revamps. Until you clear MC once and it loses all its charm at least... For to explore. My favourite piece of gear would have to be the warlock T1 boots, Agility, spirit a bunch of resistances and 5 fire damage as a cherry on top. Which piece of gear is your favourite?Snowtimé2 6h
6h Resto Druid vs Shaman I am rolling Horde this time around and want to make my main a healer for end game PVP, Raids. Dungeons, WPVP. I am debating between resto Shaman and resto Druid. I have never played either class all to much and don't recall playing them at all during Vanilla. Just looking for some advice regarding which would be the perhaps 'better' choice for Horde healer. I know they both have their uses. Would it be easier to get a seat in a raid as either? Just some input would be nice. Thank you. Note: Also trying to figure which spec is viable to work both ways, although I am less worried about PVP.Normathord1 6h
6h "No changes to Nostalrius WoW" - Purist Holylr5 6h
6h No tbc No tbc. That is all ty.Koras19 6h
7h Unintended Effects of Raising Debuff Cap I know there are already a few threads about the debuff limit, but those practically only address the obvious implications of increasing the debuff limit. The main two of those are: 1. All classes have higher DPS and become more mana efficient, causing a need to tune up the boss HP and damage 2. Some hybrids become more viable in their non-healing specs What I'd like to talk about here are the indirect effects of increasing the debuff limit. Here are a couple that I have thought of. 1. There are tons of items in Classic with unique effects. I don't know just how much things would be changed by having multiple members of the raid using special weapons like the Nightfall Axe (15% increased magic damage taken). - Depending on just how unique these items are (I legitimately don't know all of them), they may start becoming required by raiders if you want to min-max, and no one wants to be that hunter spamming wing clip. 2. Alliance would be buffed more than the horde by this because of the way paladins and shamans work. - Paladin judgements are raid-wide buffs (Light, Wisdom, and Crusader), while shaman buffs are practically all done via totems, which are group only. The only exception to this that I can think of is Stormstrike from enhancement shamans, but that effect is negligible compared to JoL and JoW. - I didn't raid in Classic, so I don't know if it was common (either in the 8 or 16 version) for Alliance raids to use JoL or JoW, but even if they did, they were still sacrificing some raid damage at the very least to do it compared to Horde guilds. The majority of people from what I've noticed already say that Alliance is better than Horde for Paladin vs. Shaman reasons, and this would only push it further in that direction. What are some other non-obvious effects the debuff cap could have on the game? Please don't devolve this into "#nochanges" because we all know that this topic is at least being considered by the devs. Overall, I think that increasing the debuff cap is a negative on the game, but we need logical arguments on both sides of it to help the devs make an informed decision that also factors in community wishes. Thank you for reading.Trucidare62 7h
7h what dungeon did you hate the most? for me it was black phantom depths. i hate that freakin place like no other.Xecks133 7h
8h Sits in the classic car... Are we there yet?Suleque6 8h
8h Vanilla addons and Classic One thing that I have been thinking about more and more recently in light of blizzards talk of updating the code base to current Oracle code as opposed to very old Oracle coding (or whatever was used during Vanilla); is how will this affect addons? Will there be zero effect on the old school addons we utilized for vanilla wow? Addons such as lazypig, bartender, and others. Or will the updating of the code base potentially cause an incompatibility between old vanilla addons and classic wow?Møjøcaster22 8h
9h I'm making a paladin tank. You can't stop me. Female dwarf paladin tank. Watch out haters. Don't care about the "right" way to play the game. HEY WARRIORS, IM GOING TO PUT +SPELLPOWER ON MY TANKING WEAPON. DEAL WITH IT.Larothea131 9h
9h 29 twinks (Ruin Battle Group) Just trying to find my old twink buddies, from back in the day, its me, its me, its the ODB Also if any of you chump so called "competition" are out there and remember WSG WOLF PACK let me know, looking forward to teaching you guys how to play again. <3 Olddirty WSG WOLF PACKOlddirt50 9h
9h WoW:Classic & "Finality" Hi everyone, I've been reading lots of WoW:Classic threads recently and am making this thread to talk about something I haven't seen mentioned yet. The purpose of this thread is to approach possible changes that WoW:Classic will have compared to 2004 WoW:Vanilla from a broader perspective. # Finality # Finality was a major component of WoW for me that had several different practical implications, and is the bulk of what I'm trying to talk about here. Basically what I mean by this word is: "effort resulting in progress has meaning because it won't be usurped by a future change" (yes, I realise I'm talking about WoW). ## Finality & Loot ## Something I learned from Diablo and WoW "freebie epics" in particular is that shiny loot is not fun unless it's meaningful. I find that loot is meaningful when it is usable for a significant duration, ranging from "a weapon upgrade acquired while leveling" to "a BiS item that won't be replaced". The weapon upgrade example could be a crappy green, the BiS item could be something small like a +resist pre-raid item, I'm not talking about the biggest sword off the final raid boss necessarily. I distinctly remember the first time I started WotLK and replaced my character's raid gear with greens from quests at the start of the zone. It sucked. Every expansion post-WotLK totally destroyed all meaning loot had for me. This was also reinforced when I finished a PvP season in WotLK and had all this cool gear I had bought with Honor ... but the next season was due to start in a week or so, which would bring out identical gear but with slightly more stats. I haven't really PvP'd since. WoW:Vanilla pre-BC announcement had a level of finality about all loot. Yes another raid might come out, but even then there were 2 types. The first type would be progression (MC > BWL > AQ40 > Naxx) where stats increased, or in other words 'same thing but better'. The most important thing about this progression compared to late-WotLK+ would be that earlier tiers of gear were not made "redundant" or "skippable" (short of your new alt getting carried by a raid of geared guildies). There was no heroic dungeon released that would catch your iLevel up to the latest requirements, or paid level boosts, or freebie epics everywhere - you had to play the lower-raid-tier content and get that gear still. The second type of raids released were by far the best in my opinion. ZG and AQ20 did not have strictly better gear than existing big raids, but they did have alternate gear worth fighting for. Improvements like leg enchantments were meaningful and useful without usurping what other raids were about. Higher level skill tomes from AQ20 had the same feeling to me - yes it was vertical progress but they were small incremements and unique to each raid. I would have had an issue with ANOTHER tier of leg enchantments and ANOTHER tier of skill tomes, if they had ever come out. I spent hours surfing wowhead and thottbot looking at every item in the game to choose BiS for myself. I made a level 19 twink Hunter and Warlock for my brother and I. I enjoyed all of those loot related things because of the finality of PvP level brackets and pre-BC announcement WoW "finality".Reya2 9h
9h Why not to make a Druid in Classic WoW Balance goes OOM and you will have to auto attack till you regain enough mana to cast again, or you will have to shadowmeld if night elf to drink some water to cast again. Feral will lack attack power, only source of attack power will be from strength so you will need to squeeze it in with some strength necks rings & if lucky a 2hand strength mace. That about sums up all the issues a druid would face. I kinda hope they decide to integrate a few modern changes into the servers, such as hunters having focus instead of mana, agility giving attack power and other such modern things and or changes that are hardly noticeable. I would not be half amazed if they decide to import the new models into the servers since its just a cosmetic option in the interface to appeal to newer players. I mean a nice example would be putting a updated Tauren along side its Vanilla wow counterpart, current day model looks more like the tauren in the first wow ad. PS Please make Agility give attack power it would help balance the unbalanceRägeheart68 9h
10h Blizzard is Done Listening As I've read these posts, it seems like most people have an unrealistic expectation of how much Blizzard will listen to the community. When people discuss (or more often than not argue/shout) their viewpoint, they seem to do it in a way that suggests that if they (or enough people) do it loud enough blizzard will listen and they will get their way. I would argue that our role in Blizzard's decision making is much more limited than we think. It's clear that Blizzard has been planning this for a while now. Not only have they planned, but they are now starting project development. This means that their plan is likely solidified, and they are concentrating more on execution than planning. It's likely they will listen in on smaller issues (like on party sizes for certain dungeons), but their decisions are likely solidified many of the issues people shout back and forth about. I think it is constructive to talk about your hopes for the game, and to voice your opinion. However, doing so in loud/toxic manner in hopes of being heard is naive at best. With that being said: #nochanges retail is for suckas.Mcjiffy1 10h
10h Reading the forums before bed Is a very nice hobby indeed rather than reading a book lolHeirloompaly2 10h
11h Updated Undead character models I don't think there should be HD character models in vanilla, but if there are I have a suggestion regarding the undead. Until HD models came out, I thought that the male undead feature with the blackened, re-attached jaw was actually just awesome, disgusting stubble. It was my favorite feature on the undead, but with the new models it just isn't cool to me anymore. If HD models are in vanilla can there at least be a version with stubble?Vipe10 11h
11h Nostalgia Goggles? Do you think that majority of players have this idea of the "good ol' days" but it definitely won't capture what made it special at the time?Shyri176 11h
11h This forum is dead. On the first page you have a post from almost 22 hours ago. Blizzard needs to do a better job communicating with us because that hype 3 months ago is slowly declining. I understand we're in a lull and they need to develop things. But any communication would be nice.Menard20 11h
11h Blacklist may not be allowed as per CoC. I recall in Vanilla we had a blacklist for ninjas. These were known ninjas with photo evidence of them in the act and it was used to make people aware to be wearying of grouping with them. WoW forum rules now say you are not able to call other players out on the forums. This will affect the server policing of bad players. Do you foresee a change to policy? Can it be changed?Lòàdèd25 11h
11h Class balance is a joke. The more posts about class balance I see the more confused I get. Do you think Rocky asked for his boxing match to be balanced? No. He put in the work and achieved what he needed to achieve. Did the 1980 American men’s hockey team ask for balance when they won the gold medal against a more skilled USSR team? No. Did Billie Jean King back down when she faced off against Bobby Riggs in tennis when Vegas odds had her heavily favored to lose? Did she go, oh well everyone thinks I can’t succeed, so I guess I can’t. Please stop asking to make the game easier. You can achieve what you want to in vanilla with a little bit of hard work. You have a wealth of knowledge and more than those players in 2004. Most people in 2004 were horrible players. I was. I didn’t even keybind. When you have players from 2018 step into classic, it’s going to be a changed game. It may even be cheating with how good we will be. We have the database and have the numbers needed to min/max way better than our previous selves. When you look at the wall of class balancing, quit looking for a door to go through. Look for a way to climb up the wall. That’s what makes Classic exciting. The community will work together to climb these walls. We don’t need Blizzard holding our hands anymore.Menard62 11h
12h Beta and You Blizzard really needs to be careful about how it goes about this process. Classic is a special project, and it won't make any sense at all to most retail players. I can see it now, someone who's been playing since Cata gets a beta invite, they're all excited, they get in there hoping to give their opinions and thoughts on how to improve the game, and then it happens; no LFR?! WTF Bliz?! Most people won't understand exactly what made vanilla special, nor will they understand how to preserve it. Hell half the people on these Classic forums want to turn it into some abomination of a hybrid between Classic and live, and ruin it in the process. On one hand, if there is any tuning going on with regards to raid difficulty based on talent and abilities depending on patch number or frankenpatch I feel having some old timers in there testing it out is important, at the same time, I would hope the Dev's on this project both played vanilla, and enjoyed it for what it was, and if no balancing is going on, then there shouldn't even be a beta. Give us bugs, give us crashes, but don't give us something that isn't vanilla.Mordegast35 12h
12h the only acceptable changes are... bnet intergration. colorblind mode. server code and backend issues. authenticators. bug fixes. whatever patch or frankenpatch or progression patches they come up with as long as they were in vanilla. thats it. they can do all those things and make it as close to a 1:1 copy of vanilla and it will be fine. no qol "upgrades" . no tokens. no anything that wasnt in vanilla.Xecks47 12h
12h How will wow classic even work? When I say "how will it work", I really just want to know if these classic servers will be included with the new xpac, an additional feature we will have to pay extra for, or something available only for those who preorder.Korlal12 12h
13h Guild Bank Pt. 3 part 1 part 2 Continuing the hot topic concerning the exploitation of guild bank alts and the pros/cons of adding in game guild banks.Frostnipz154 13h
13h Paladins Why are paladins always broken? The most OP class in the game. Just constant bubbles and high dmg at ALL times. But don't worry guys im an enh shaman i have one useless defensive and a tiny burst time. I bet talking ill of paladins will get the entire shaman class banned. Or better yet ill get more abilities taken away from them. World PVP btwGreamer247 13h
14h Will classic have the old class quests? Wonder if classic would be a way for them to bring back the old class quests? I remember doing the whirlwind weapon quest for warrior. The one that had the sword, mace or axe reward. I also remember vaguely doing a Warlock one that gave you a black witch's hat. Since I'm guessing transmog won't be available in classic, I'm wondering blizzard's stance on this if any. Would be cool if you could bring transmog skins to your main account via an NPC or something similar to that, unless Blizzard is planning on just using your normal account then make them account wide. I'm aware skins of the same weapons exist currently in game I believe.Galaraena14 14h
14h Whats bad about classic! A few I have noticed about wow patches 1 through 1.12.1. Low level weapons aren't suffiencent enough to really level alone you pretty much have to group up to accomplish the quest missions. The money you get from selling and completing missions is not nearly enough to even pay for your training when you do level and low level grinding doesn't provide enough items to sell to make up for it at all. There is not low level gear that is good enough for any one class to help you through the leveling experience with out causing you to die over and over again if and only if you are questing alone or grinding alone. The professions you get that help you with gear and weapons at the lower end are garbage to make, useless to use and sell for a pitence, often crafting material you MUST buy costs more than what you get from selling them to vendors. Now I love vanilla wow and will love what classic becomes when its released but I would love it even more if they corrected this injustice when coding the new classic version for when it comes out. Not everyone wants to group up to do all the quests all the time, having better gear and weapons from levels 5 to 30 would just make it better. I'm not talking about epic weapons and gear and certainly not weapons and gear that are like heirlooms but more weapons available that falls in between and the same with the gear. Leatherworking and tailoring could be changed to provide better gear for these levels than they did back then. The same can be said for blacksmithing, better weapons for all levels and more appropiate weapons would make the leveling experience so much more. Money(gold) is always a sore point in wow when you are low level and the quests you get give you so very little of it to help with getting new spells and talents when you do level. I wouldn't want to see gold being given at the low levels but it needs to be more than the coppers and silver you get now.. I mean increasing that payout by 10% would help. With all of that said, I would still like to see classic just like it was when I first started back in 2004.Lockknight6 14h
14h How long will you play classic If nothing is changed? I remember of how the game was setup back then was very addictive in a way. Like I never wanted to get off because of the endless amount of opportunities I had but I had to work a lot for it. Kinda hard to explain it but if nothings changed I might play it for a few years before I decide if I really wanna keep going anymore.Heirloompaly95 14h
14h Classic is not vanilla Keep seeing posts saying that Classic is not Vanilla and that there should be changes. When classic was announced they used the Vanilla phrasing and you gotta remember this 14h