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1d Feedback: Drustvar Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Skordyn12 1d
3d Feedback: Freehold Hi all, A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – Freehold - is now available for testing on the Alpha. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like: The overall flow of the dungeon Visuals, including creatures and environment Boss encounters and their mechanics Overall difficulty Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered Any other general thoughts about the dungeon Thanks!Skordyn7 3d
3d Feedback: Nazmir Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Skordyn6 3d
5d Feedback: Atal'Dazar Hi all, A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – Atal’dazar - is now available for testing on the Alpha. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like: The overall flow of the dungeon Visuals, including creatures and environment Boss encounters and their mechanics Overall difficulty Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered Any other general thoughts about the dungeon Thanks!Skordyn3 5d
Feb 6 Alpha Development Notes - February 6 Welcome to the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth alpha test! Please note that this test provides a very early look at the next expansion, so your feedback and understanding are very much appreciated at this stage. As with any test environment, none of your progress here applies to your live character, and anything you see here is subject to change before the final version. You’re welcome to publicly share your experiences and adventures in the alpha , so feel free to stream, record video, and post articles and screenshots. Here's a quick summary of what’s available in this phase of the alpha test: Two Zones: Drustvar (Alliance) and Nazmir (Horde) Drustvar: The harsh lands of Drustvar are ruled by House Waycrest, who conquered these lands after vanquishing the ancient, evil Drust. The edifices of the Drust still stand in ruin across the land, but that’s not all that remains of this accursed people. Recently, their evil leader has been awakened—and if left unchecked, his dark power will spread throughout all of Kul Tiras. Upon arriving in Drustvar, you will be met with a request to visit Mayor Cyril White of Fallhaven in eastern Drustvar. Nazmir: Once the shining heart of troll civilization, Nazmir is now a swamp riddled with bleak, ruined reminders of its greatness. Its inhabitants are the vile blood trolls, dedicated to the worship of the Blood God G’huun and to a single-minded purpose: the destruction of the last functioning titan disc within the city of Zuldazar. Should the trolls shatter this seal, G’huun will be freed from its eons-long confinement to rule the world. Upon arriving in Nazmir, you will meet Princess Talanji, who will ask you to escort her as you look for signs of blood troll activity in the area. Two Dungeons: Atal’Dazar and Freehold Atal’Dazar: For millennia, the Zandalari kings were laid to rest within the tombs of Atal’Dazar, secluded high atop the mountain Mugamba. These pyramids grew more elaborate with each passing ruler, as new rooms were constructed to house the deceased’s vast wealth. Now, these once pristine halls have been corrupted by the Prophet Zul and his trusted lieutenant, Yazma, who seek to twist the power of these ancient kings for their own dark machinations. Freehold: Freehold has traditionally served as a haven for pirates, scoundrels, and those who wish to live free of Kul Tiran control. Now, the Irontide Raiders have brought the city under their harsh rule and are coercing the various pirate crews under their banner. While the pirates gather, a small group of heroes must infiltrate the town and eliminate their leadership to dissolve this growing alliance of cutthroats. Dungeons You can access dungeons via the Dungeon Finder system (hotkey “I”). Select Random Battle for Azeroth Dungeon or specify which one of the dungeons you’d like to explore, then select Find Group. General Known Issues: • Not all class talents will work as intended. • Boss mechanics may not work as intended. • Not all areas of the zones are active. • Players may receive UI errors. • Terrain and NPCs may clip. • Work-in-progress art assets will be present. • Limited voiceover, audio, and music is present. Please feel free to report unexpected bugs in the Battle for Azeroth Alpha Bug Report forum.Kaivax0 Feb 6
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5h Wrong place Posted in wrong area, ignore this!Tåzjiin0 5h
6h Serpent Sting Animation -- Suggestion I just finished playing through Drustvar as a hunter. About half of it was played as survival. It's been a couple of years since I've played a hunter. Overall, I felt that survival really fitted the class fantasy as a "scrappy" fighter, and felt very different from either a DK/Warrior/paladin/enh shaman. The main comment I have, is that the animation for Serpent Sting felt out of place. In the animation, the hunter pulls out a "fake" crossbow and shoots a bolt at the enemy. For all of the other attacks (including Aspect of the Eagle) the hunter doesn't really on having a backup ranged weapon, and so the animation feels a bit gimmicky (why a crossbow?). Perhaps a suggestion would be to change the animation from being a shot animation with a crossbow, to being a throwing animation where the hunter pulls out a dart (or three) and throws the darts at the enemy. This was actually how I interpreted the animation the first time I saw it (without taking a closer look). I feel like removing the crossbow in the animation would make it feel much more at home at with the mostly ranged weapon free spec.Aegrum0 6h
7h Survival Hunter Feedback - Build Just some initial impressions on the newly revamped Survival Hunter on alpha right now. Focusing mainly on the feel of the spec rather than specific numbers, obviously. The core of the kit is pretty straightforward. Raptor Strike as the main Focus spender, Kill Command as the Focus generator, Serpent Sting as the main DoT to maintain and Wildfire Bomb as the short cooldown AoE/DoT that you don't have to worry about maintaining for the most part the cooldown is longer than the duration. One issue I have with the basic abilities is that nothing really interacts with one another. Sure, KC can buff Raptor Strike with Tip of the Spear but aside from that, Serpent Sting and Wildfire Bomb kinda exist in their own isolated spaces away from the rest of the spellbook. Volatile Mixture was sorta rolled into the effect of Wildfire Bomb so there goes that interaction between your two DoTs. Raptor Strike is... ok. It hits hard but as a main "nuke" I feel like it should have a little more pizzazz than Default Special Animation and green swoosh. Similar abilities like Mortal Strike or Stormstrike have flashy animations and sound effects to go with them. The first thing that comes to mind is maybe give RS the old animation of Flanking Strike (that is, if you don't use it for FS itself)? That'll certainly give the spec a little more dynamism. Speaking of Flanking Strike, I'm kinda bummed that it has been replaced by Kill Command. I feel that the Class Fantasy, as it were, of Flanking Strike is much better than KC for Survival simply because the skill enforces you and your animal companion working together to take down prey. You're not ordering your companion to attack but instead you're working in tandem. Also repeatedly yelling at your enemy in melee combat looks really silly. I understand that there are benefits to having KC as the focus generator rather than a theoretical FS, mostly that KC is ranged so you can continue to build your focus even if you're not in melee. There's also the strengthening of "Class over Spec" by having it share with BM. On the other hand, in SV it's a focus generator and in BM it's a focus spender so I feel like you're muddying the waters of what this skill is supposed to represent. All that being said, there is a visual bug with the Flanking Strike talent. If you trigger the bonus melee attack, your character initiates the Special Attack animation which is then quickly canceled into the Kill Command animation. It looks really funny on say, a Night Elf Female because it looks like you skip into the air to yell really loudly into the face of your enemy. The Mastery is actually super boring and, with the implementation in this build of Focus costs across the board on basically every damaging ability, it feels like HP regen with a second Versatility attached to it. I'm sure you can tune the numbers so that it makes all your spenders feel good but it's just nothing interesting at all. Aspect of the Eagle being decoupled and having its damage increase buff moved to Coordinated Attack makes me feel like the Raptor Strike at Range concept is a vestigial idea from trying to give Survival more ranged tools. I feel like it gives the false illusion of Survival being kind of a "semi-ranged spec" instead of "melee spec with ranged dots" but on the other hand being able to just pop a button and then dump focus into someone at range sounds really good for PvP so I'm torn. Also off the top of my head, the Mongoose Bite sequential animations with higher stacks is bugged and not working either.Eej3 7h
8h Need a few combatlog's for offline parser I should have a free offline simple combat log parser available for people to use within a week or so for people who want to get some real numbers for their rotations / classes when using the alpha/beta client. I figure the tool will be useful until the web based tools get caught up with the changes in the log structure etc. That being said I could use some more combat logs from people running dungeons etc. (Any Hunter log files would be good to get too) If you're willing to email me a log file then please make sure you enabled advanced combat logging in the game. System->Network-> Check the "advanced combat log option". Then /combatlog when you enter a dungeon or whatever you're doing and /combatlog to end when finished. The file is saved when you LOG OUT or quit. It can be found in your Logs folder wherever you installed the alpha client. The file is called "Wowcombatlog.txt" Be sure to rename it or move it after saving it or the game appends to the end of it. If you can zip that log file and and email them to that would be a huge help. a few screenshots of the app below. I'm going to try and make the tool available by end of this week.Minitalis3 8h
10h Class Buffs Could I ask what consideration has gone into the potential problems class buffs may post some raiders? I'm talking about melee DPS in particular, with healers to a lesser extent. There are two main issues that I see may need some conscious management: 1) Class buffs will be another aspect of utility which may exclude some people from certain melee hating fights based more on class than the player. For example, Warriors, Death Knights. Demon Hunters and Rogues will all need a melee DPS spot if your tanks do not include either of those classes. Enhancement Shaman, Feral Druids and Ret Paladins will almost certainly not be needed for the buff due to there almost certainly being a healing version of that class, or perhaps a ranged DPS in the case of Druids and Shaman. With Monks, it may depend on how strong Mistweaver is for the average guild. Either way, it is almost certain that a good 4-5 melee spots will be decided based on class buffs if it seems worth bring all 12 such buffs into the 20 man raid (for Mythic). 2) Some buffs are clearly of more use than others more regularly. Utility use has often been a bug bear of mine. Some utility is useful on every single raid encounter and others are useful only 2-3 times the entire expansion. With class buffs, the same thing appears to be the case. Some have defensive buffs, some have offensive buffs. Well, offensive buffs are always useful. They are useful on progress when trying to beat a phase or get adds down quickly, they are useful on early farm to get things quickly under control, and they are useful on easy farm to get it out of the way more quickly and spend more time on progress. Defensive buffs, on the other hand, are only useful if they save lives. If they are not quite enough to stop people dying to the damage they can't avoid themselves, it is not useful. If it isn't needed because players are looking after their own survival just fine, then again it is not useful. Even on fights (which will not be all of them) where it is considered useful, it will soon grow out of that stage when people get a better handle on the fight mehcanics. Either way, if it comes to a choice, you will generally opt for offensive over defensive abilities. Now, I'm not calling for a re-think on class buffs. After all why get rid of an idea that isn't needed and only causes problems? But I would like to know what conclusions where drawn when these issues were discussed during developer meetings. Thanks.Thete1 10h
15h MM Hunter Feedback I understand that MM is probably unfinished in its current state on the alpha but I want to ask the devs to consider whether it is fun with its current design. Aimed shot with a three second cast time feels really punishing when you have to move in the middle of it, and the rest of our shots are very bland and generic with no interplay between them except through talents. I’d love for Blizz to add in another gameplay element to the spec. For the added element, there are several options I’d like to propose. 1. Talent row that inserts or replaces Aimed Shot with a more flavorful signature ability. Think old Explosive Shot or Chimera Shot. 2. Add in one of the above baseline to give us something to engage us and manage outside of our focus regen and one long cast time. 3. Add in Black Arrow pre Legion as a baseline ability to add something to maintain over the duration of the fight. 4. Determine a way to provide MM with the same utility that BM will have with pets if Lone Wolf causes such a significant damage loss. Perhaps give binding shot baseline and add its stun back for MM only? Utility and interestiing gameplay are currently where MM seems to be lacking in the Alpha and I desperately want to enjoy my main again in BFA. Please experiment a bit with our kit in the upcoming weeks, much of the community would greatly appreciate it.Syratha1 15h
17h Alpha Tester Discord Created an Alpha Tester Discord here: 17h
1d Hello Old Friends and welcome new ones! Another alpha is upon us!. If this is your first Alpha this is the place to stop in and say hello. I'm sure there will be some good alpha FAQ threads showing up in the next week or so. Be sure to check those out, they're always helpful during alpha. I look forward to testing the new game with all of you again. If I'm online and can help with anything please feel free to whisper me. I'm always in the /join alpha Channel when online. -Mini- DK#9Minitalis14 1d
1d Please don't make these mistakes in BFA I returned to WoW starting back up in January after a seven year break. Questing through WoD and Legion I've found the following issues I'd like to ensure doesn't make their way into BFA. I'll continue adding to this list; though I'm nearly done questing through the last few areas. --- #01.) I *LOATH* Barrier Terrain. For those unfamiliar with the term, Barrier Terrain is terrain that is unpassable or makes travel around it difficult or impossible. There has never been an expansion I played that I hate traveling around so much as WoD. The barrier terrain is so difficult to deal with. WotLK did barrier terrain really well. You either had mechanisms that allowed you to pass it or bypass it easily, fly points were VERY well designed and quest hubs kept you in that area long enough that it didn't feel like a burden. NEVER have I wanted flight more to stop dealing with this. #02.) A lot of fly points does not fix barrier terrain. WoD has so many fly points its almost stupid, but the problem with all these fly points is its really hard to assess from the map where I need to fly to. I CONSTANTLY have to toggle between the flight master and my quest map to figure out where I need to be. Can't we just combine the two maps? #03.) Consequences for decisions aren't well articulated. I can't tell you how many times I chose the wrong follower or was locked out of getting a follower without a huge sum of money to fix it. You can't rely on WoWhead having your back for this. The consequences should be much better defined in game preferably with a strong lore anchor involved. #04.) Please don't have me do quests that make me run through convoluted barrier terrain to do ONE turn in, run back and do it all over again. See Elemental Throne Quest Line for example. #05.) Please don't make me guess who I have to speak to during those "Speak to the person right next to me" quests. #06.) Please don't make me speak to the same person I am already speaking to complete a quest. #07.) Please give me an indicator to tell me how long I need to sit through scripted events from a quest turn NPC that will then either let me turn in a quest or get a new quest. #08.) Please tell me where I'll need to turn in a quest while doing a quest so I can plan my movements accordingly. This is especially painful when the turn in point moves DRAMATICALLY away from the original turn in. #09.) Please let me better track "Bonus Missions". They are EXTREMELY frustrating when the last objective I need to do is kill a named mob or collect an item but yet I can't get my mini map to show me where it is because I can't track it. #10.) If I'm going to need to "bribe" someone with something, please tell me BEFORE I go to the quest giver so I don't sit there and feel like you wasted my time; having to go back to some place to grind something; especially when the place is difficult to get to. #11.) Please don't constantly make me go back to some place very far from where I am every time I need to turn in. See "Chasing Illidian Quest Line". Seriously, you made me go back to my order hall EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN STEP of this quest just to go back to a place I was already relatively close to at the previous step. #12.) Can we do something better about visually describing what altitude a quest turn in / start point is? I can't tell you how many times I climb to the top of something to find out I was supposed to be on the bottom floor and vice-a-versa. #13.) When there is a major place to jump far down, can we please have way to get back up to where we were quickly? This has seriously been the #1 point of my frustrations leveling in WoD and Legion content without flying. #14.) Please don't give me quests that stay in my quest log for months until its done. This will probably require new tech to do right to allow these to be trackable without contributing to my quest max of 20 quests.Líghthammer3 1d
2d Unholy Dk Feedback - Build Hello Alpha Team, Thanks for letting me have the chance to participate again. =) I enjoyed providing frost and DK feedback greatly during Legion alpha so I'm hoping I can be helpful this go around with class specific items and how they impact our BfA experiences. At the moment, resource generation is heavily impacted. A large chunk of the fantasy that was built up for legion has been lost with the loss of the artifact ability Apocalypse. The extra ghouls more often built some of the fantasy element, but as I've played I've found that it also helped with bursting of wounds to help rune regeneration. It was then I realized how much of a hole the Artifact had been filling. We were flooded with resources and hadn't realized it thanks to a bevy of resource traits. However, now that they are gone, there is a giant gaping hole that I'm not sure can be filled with enough haste. Soul Reaper has become more Valuable because of it (for leveling and general play). Dark Arbiter almost unusable (due to the heavy cost of Death Coil which had been boosted to help empty our runic power pool) and loss of Double Doom. I don't necessarily think we'll need double doom baseline since it takes up globals anyways. I'd rather have it launch at our target automatically (free casts) during the next active hostile ability use on a target, or be pulled off the GCD. Bursting wounds takes alot of time now (unless you decide to level with The Instructors fourth Lesson and Castigator) and by extension we don't have the runes needed to generate runic power through bursting them and cycling our rotation up. In short, it feels abysmally slow. Our Ghouls interactions feel a bit lack luster as well outside of using utility spells or dark transformation. If we're going to be pet specs, we should have the ability for a talent to provide more interaction (perhaps one that causes our pet to cast a free claw or smash immediately whenever we burst a wound? this would likely have to be a top end talent I think, maybe replace Soul reaper and make Soul Reaper baseline). Also, Soul Reaper should have a couple of bonuses I think (reset on kill probably, and some damage on tick down if the target is below a health percentage). Maybe a talent that bolsters its functionality. I'm happy so far with Death's Advance. Please bring back death grip reset on Honorable/EXP kill. it makes being slow more bareable and shouldn't be game breaking in pvp. Also, please give us some neat targets to interact with Control undead on in various places (world zones, if thematically applicable, dungeons & raids). Otherwise what is the point of having it in the spell book? This goes for all three specs. Also, with the loss of the artifact Army of the dead feels supremely disappointing to cast again at a 10 minute cooldown for 3 runes. Also, for the duration of the beta test, can you enable the double legion legendaries by default so we can more accurately test how it will feel for existing player bases to level? Finally, Aman'thul's vision isn't on Legendary Flak. =) That is it for now, more feedback to come!Worthiest6 2d
2d Elemental Shaman Feedback Okay, so first thing I would like to point out is that while I am going to focus on the negative aspects of this redesign, there are some positives that I would like to discuss as well. Positives: - The change to Earthquake (using 30 maelstrom / sec) + epicenter is actually pretty interesting. I enjoyed the play when I could just drop on earthquake on top of a group of mobs and then try generating as much maelstrom as possible through chain lightning to keep it going. There is an issue I have with it though, and I will discuss it in the cons section. - The Spirit Wolf talent feels great. Love it. Make it baseline. Cons: - Shock spells (especially Flame Shock) having a CD again is like taking all of the annoying parts of the class from MoP, giving it back to us, and not giving us the nice parts of MoP (like casting lightning bolt while moving). - The utility added like many of the classes (spirit wold, earth shield, seismic armor) is actually really frustrating. Some of the classes, like priest, get utility spells that really make them mandatory to bring to raid, and it feels like elemental is being left in the dark again. I shouldn't have to decide between spirit wolf, earth shield and static charge (which seems like a really bad talent unless doing m+). - Talent choices are really boring (there is going to be an entire list below). - Earth Shock no longer dealing its damage up front and instead requiring the lightning bolt casts feels clunky at best. ES used to be a great high damage burst, and instead we are forced to pick talents like high voltage and Stormkeeper to get that burst back. It also makes the class require more time attacking a mob to actually gain the benefits. Talents: - Earthen Rage ---- I have never liked this talent. It is the purest example of boring there is. You do absolute nothing to make it work, and there is no way of optimizing it with skilled gameplay. - Molten Fury ---- Seems interesting, but I would need to test it out more to really get a feeling of the talent and how it interacts with some of the other ones. - Totem Mastery ---- Okay, please remove this entirely. Totem Mastery was the go-to talent in legion, and it is really really boring. I put it down before the fight, I refresh it when it drops or if I run out of range of it.... I mean, this is really boring. - Aftershock ---- Love this talent. The power with this talent is how it smooths out a rotation, but maelstrom feels less valuable for single target right now (not saying it is less valuable in BfA than legion, rather that it feels less valuable). - Elemental Mastery ---- The lightning bolt portion of this talent seems really interesting, but the Lava Burst portion of the talent is extremely underwhelming. It is still worth casting a LB over FS with the 20% increased dmg. - Volcanic Rage ---- I haven't encountered a scenario where this talent would be useful, but on paper it seems interesting... I think it would work better as a passive that is applied whenever you fire a lava surge lava burst or something. - Spirit Wolf ---- Great talent, but would be better as a baseline passive. This is not something I would like choosing between other utility on. (having to choose between self-serving utility and raid/tank/other utility is not a fun or interesting choice). - Earth Shield ---- Since we are playing a DPS class, this ability feels really bad right now. If it were made into a single buff with no charges that lasts for an hour, it would feel really nice. (It would give elemental shamans a piece of utility they could bring to raids that is effective). - Static Charge ---- Feels like a talent that will be mandatory in M+, and never used outside of it. This is not an interesting talent. - Echo of the Elements ---- Seriously amazing talent. It has to be one of my favorite talents Blizzard has ever created, but compared to Elemental Blast it feels underwhelming. Is there some way this could be made a baseline talent because it really does make the rotation feel nice and clean. - Storm Elemental ---- Interesting talent choice, but I would never pick it over Echo or EB unless it dealt more dmg than the other 2 by a large margin. I don't think it belongs in this row. - Elemental Blast ---- I love this talent, please change nothing about it (numbers can be tweaked to keep it in line with other talent choices, but the philosophy of the talent should stay the same).Deathy1 2d
2d Havoc DH Feedback - Build 26032 Some initial feedback based on playing through Nazmir and the initial two dungeons, Freehold and Atal'Dazar Overall BfA Havoc feels like a shadow of the current spec on live. Largely this is because we've lost our artifacts and all the traits that they provided, as well as legendaries and their abilities. I hope and presume that some of these abilities will be returning with Azerite armor, but wanted to mention a few abilities that I particularly felt the loss of: Anger of the Half Giants - Without the ring, Demon Blades feels incredibly lackluster. When I tried it out, I was often Fury starved for a long time. Feast on the Souls - This artifact trait has been with us since very early levels and it feels odd to consume souls and not reduce the cooldown on Eye Beam or Chaos Nova. Contained Fury - Just 100 fury feels cramped, particularly if playing with Blind Fury -- it is much more challenging to avoid capping on Fury, if not impossible at times. This results in a feast-or-famine playstyle where I can't spend fury fast enough (and have to very carefully not move into souls and wasting them) or long droughts where it seems like I have to build for each Chaos Strike. Fury of the Illidari - I remember reading this will be in baseline, but it isn't in the current build. Balanced Blades / Bladedancer's Grace - Blade Dance's damage feels _very_ lackluster without these artifact traits, but that can probably be fixed in a numbers pass. Demon Speed - Blur's little speed boost is a tiny quality of life aspect, but I was surprised to see how much I found myself missing it on Alpha when I hit Blur to go faster and... didn't. Achor, the Eternal Hunger - Speaking of Blur, I'd love if the blur-as-leech reappeared as a Azerite armor talent. Raddon's Cascading Eyes - Likewise for Raddon's trait, which is a huge component of DH AoE. Chaos Nova as a stun - The daze isn't really comparable. I really, really miss the stun and am worried about M+ viability without it.Alca2 2d
2d (Transmog) Allow Fist Weapons --> Glaives Could Demon Hunters be able transmog Fist Weapons into Glaives? Just leveling through Nazmir and got a fist weapon reward that's better than my other two weapons. I vastly prefer the "glaive" animations for a DH over sword/axe or fist. With swords and axes, I can transmog to glaives. With fists, I can't.Alca0 2d
2d Accessibility to Rated Battlegrounds I don't know if this topic had been addressed or if this is the appropriate place to discuss this, however I just wanted to bring this topic to the forefront. At this point my experience is that many times in order to get involved in RBGs you have to join groups that are looking for more. Many times I have spent hours doing this. I work now heavily and would love to come home to do RBGs in the evening but at this point I just don't have the time to find a group anymore. I know a solo q option entirely separate from grouped/formed RBGs has its draw backs, but I was hoping to find some solution. I don't really know at this point what it would be but RBGs are a lot of fun, I just wish it was easier to get into them and play them. Also if somehow a solution were developed to this problem and a type of solo Q option was implemented, I was hoping that there would be a way to prevent class and or role stacking in Solo q to encourage a large variation of classes and specializations. Pasted from my third post as I think this is what I'm trying to get across: The question/goal is can we develop a system that attempts to produce the maximum variability of class, role participation and specialization while minimizing stacking of class, role and/or specialization in Rated Battlegrounds I'm hoping to avoid this: Both teams: have 3 demon hunters, 2 rogues, 2 holy priests, 1 mw, 1 hunter at 2100mmrMoltké2 2d
2d Rework Suggestions - WW As a long time Monk player, some suggestions to make play more interesting. Replacing Jade Lightning with 'Throw Chakram' or similar type weaponry (comparable to Throw Glaive in damage, slows target at a range) New level 100 Talent: Styles of the Wind (WIP name) What does it add? New button, has a moderate cooldown (20 seconds or more as appropriate), changes several abilities to consume ALL available Chi to empower the ability. Ability still goes on Cooldown as usual Roll -> ...into the Shadows! Performs a short roll, turning invisible at the end of it and lasting for 2 seconds x Chi consumed Fists of Fury -> Hand of Lei-Shen Charges up lightning in a hand before rapidly rushing through foes in a straight line Deals (up to) high damage in a line (a charge similar to Highmountain Tauren racial), damaging all targets it passes through (ignores armor) (may consume more Chi than Fists of Fury, and therefore may deal more damage as a result) Paralyze -> Frightening Gaze Channel the ferocity of the tiger to briefly terrify enemies Turns paralyze into an aoe-frontal cone fear (very very brief) Chakram -> Chakram of the Storms With greater might than usual the Monk flings a Chakram through all enemies in a straight line, before returning back to him. Damages all enemies on the way out and back to him, should deal bonus damage or ignore armor if it hits a target on the way back (or hits the same target twice) -- It's not perfect, but would definitely add some new or interesting features to Monks, and is optional for those who don't want it. Except Chakram, Jade Lightning is boring and poor design, at least for Windwalker Monks.Dârkness8 2d
3d Themed Raids Warcraft has always been about Orcs vs Humans, so I'm excited to see that theme triumphantly return. It seems like in WoW, we always end up working together with the filthy Alliance, and that has never been truer than Legion where in several scenarios, we literally are side by side. I'm thinking back to the days of Siege of Orgrimmar and how awesome it was to stomp through the city (even though I'm a life long superior Horde player) and had an idea: What if we raided Alliance and they raided Horde zones/capitals as major raids? For example, maybe the raid is exactly the same. Same trash, same bosses with effectively the same mechanics, but everything is skinned based on the opposing faction. The fantasy is that both factions are landing heavy blows to key strategic points of the opposition. We fight Anduin, they fight Sylvannas, etc. I think it would also be pretty fun to see the story from both sides if one were to roll alts on either faction. Especially if when playing each faction, your point of view was that you were the good guys and you can't believe what the other side was doing.Nitts0 3d
3d Destro Warlock Feedback Build Hello, friends! Happy testing! Talents: Tier 1: • It is hard to decide between these three talents. I strongly feel as though Eradication is too powerful and dominates this tier. I’m not sure what to do with Soul Fire. The idea is cool, and at first glance to me, it seems like a slightly stronger (20% stronger, in fact) chaos bolt that costs less resources and is on a 45s cooldown. I feel as though I can’t reasonably give up a 10% damage increase to all of my spells on a given target for that. The same would go for me taking Flashover. Flashover seems way too weak to ever consider over Eradication imo. Its power was halved when it was recently change from 2 stacks to just 1. That is not to say that I felt as though it was still worth considering when it had 2 stacks as Backdraft in the previous build. Personally, I would like to see Backdraft return as a baseline ability to add spec depth and to round out the sluggish feeling of my rotation, because things feel too slow without it. Soul Fire seems like a cool concept, and if it were to change, I’d like to possibly see it as an ability that replaces Chaos Bolt, but reduces the resource requirement and keeping the damage the same, rather than slightly increasing it. Basically a Chaos Bolt for 1 soul shard is what I’m asking for. This would make the spec feel smoother, in my opinion, and keep it competitive with Eradication, which is currently dominating the tier. I’m not sure what new talent you could come up with to replace Backdraft/Flashover IF you make it baseline, and nor can I picture any existing talent taking its place on the tier. Tier 2: • The new Shadowburn is nice. Essentially, when it doesn’t replace Conflagrate, it appears to me as 2 additional unBackdrafted Conflagrates that deal comparable damage to that of Incinerate. On high movement fights, or even while questing, Shadowburn will be a welcomed ability. It just seems useable in any situation. Reverse Entropy feels okay. When it procs, it has some really great synergy with a Backdrafted Chaos Bolt. I like it. It feels good. Internal Combustion happens to be my favourite for the tier. The talent synergises well while cleaving and makes Chaos Bolt feel like it is hitting harder. Overall this feels like a really great row. Tier 3: • This tier is the same as it is on live. It is fine as is. Tier 4: • I have a lot to say about this tier. Mostly about Hellfire. I’ll start off by stating objectively, I can see what this tier is trying to sorta do. Fire and Brimstone would be a talent I’d choose for sustained AOE fights/encounters, and Cataclysm would be a talent to choose over Fire and Brimstone on situations that call for burst AOE. I have a big problem with Hellfire however. In what reality am I going to haul my character to a pack of mobs just to cast this ability as a caster? Just waddle my way in from 30-40 yards away. It just feels really inconvenient. Not only that, but it kills me AND consumes Soul Shards in the process?? The cost seems too high. I don’t like the idea of that. I’m fine with it replacing Rain of Fire, but in the long run, this ability doesn’t seem appealing whatsoever and it feels like a huge pain to play with. It isn’t fun at all and I’d probably avoid playing with it all together unless if it happens to be pulling a massive amount of AOE damage. In that case, I’d begrudgingly take it. I'm a ranged caster, please don't make me waddle places to do AOE damage. I'm not an Arcane Mage, I can't just blink in just to cast Arcane Explosion. Tier 5: • Darkfury and Mortal Coil are fine. The idea that I can either fear something instantly, or reduce my Shadowfury’s cooldown (thank you for making Shadowfury baseline again, by the way. I love it.) feels pretty okay. I would probably spec Darkfury for Mythic+ dungeons, and Mortal Coil for pvp. I would do that if only Demonic Circle wasn’t on the tier. The ability is just too strong and even dominates the tier on live. If I can’t see any other changes for the previous talents mentioned above, the one change I would want to see the most for Warlocks across the board is a baseline Demonic Circle. This is an iconic Warlock ability and simply shouldn’t be on the talent system. When it is on the talent tree, it dominates any other talents on its row. When it was put on the talent tree in Legion, I had to create a macro just to use it efficiently because you guys merged the Demonic Circle placement button with the Teleport button. Even if you continue on with this ability as being a talent, I would prefer to see it separated from 1 button and made into 2 again, so I don’t have to make a macro to maximize its function.Rahab3 3d
4d How to return to starting area? How do I return to the starting area? I have searched stormwind and can't find a way back.Littlewolf1 4d
5d Hunter Pets in Battle for Azeroth As we’ve kicked off the Battle for Azeroth Alpha, we’ve seen a lot of discussion about the new way Hunter pets work. While we’re by no means finished, we have reached a place where we want to share some insight into our plans and explain some of what you might see in development as Alpha continues. Our primary thoughts on pets going forward: Move past the idea of a DPS/Tank pet specializationIn Battle for Azeroth, all pets will have equal damage, health, and armor. All can tank or DPS equally. Choosing to put a particular pet into “Tank spec” feels outdated, so we’re going to shift all pets to a setup that will work as though they’re specced into both Ferocity and Tenacity (in Legion terms). All offensive and defensive passive abilities such as Blood of the Rhino and Combat Training will be rolled into every pet by default. Charge will be removed, and all pets will have Growl and Dash/Swoop. Some spec-specific actives will be redistributed where appropriate. We are keeping the names Ferocity, Tenacity, and Cunning as the broad groups that all families fall into. They are no longer changeable, and each has a new passive and active ability that are useful in almost any situation. Maintain and/or reinstate pet family uniquenessPet family flavor is part of what makes selecting a companion unique and special, and want to emphasize that even more. A special ability has been added to all pet families that were missing one. Exotic Pets still have their unique ability (like Surface Trot) in addition to a new ability. Pure flavor abilities that many pets have are also staying like Trick and Rest. Expanding access to Bloodlust, and the removal of Battle Res from petsIn Legion, all Hunters have access to Bloodlust and Battle Res, but they only exist among a handful of families, which leads to very narrow options. To that end, Bloodlust will be available on roughly a third of the tamable pet families rather than just two. In a world where we are proliferating abilities to many families, our first inclination was to add Battle Res to a separate third of those families. After seeing that landscape, it felt odd to fully embrace Resurrection as part of the Hunter kit. Further, moving into Battle for Azeroth, we are solidifying Bloodlust and Battle Res as the strong shared cooldowns that a group can bring - one offense, one defense. In that world, Hunters having access to both of the super powerful group benefits didn’t feel appropriate. A variety of pet ability packagesIt’s important to acknowledge that some hunters want to maximize their impact with their pet, while others are collectors who want a pet for every occasion. There should be opportunities to cleverly swap from one pet to another in a given situation and reap the benefit. At the same time, the Hunter who has grown attached to their spider named Fluffy should feel effective across the game. We’re going to try to ensure that every pet package is attractive, with a unique combination of benefits that work in many situations. Here are some specifics of the Battle for Azeroth design for Hunter pets: There are currently 51 pet families, and each family will be categorized as Ferocity, Tenacity, or Cunning. Each will have an active and a passive, and the active will be a Hunter class button that changes contextually with your active pet. Ferocity Primal Rage (Active - Bloodlust) Predator’s Thirst (Passive - 3% Leech for you and your pet) Tenacity Survival of the Fittest (Active - 20% damage reduction for the Hunter and Pet for 6 seconds with a 3 minute cooldown) Endurance Training (Passive - 10% max health for you and your pet) Cunning Master’s Call (Active – a friendly target and your pet are immune to root and moment impairing effects for 4 seconds with a 45 second cooldown) Pathfinding (Passive - 8% movement speed for you and your pet) Each pet family will get one of six different abilities, and each ability will have a unique name themed to the family. Precedented abilities such as Ankle Crack - 50% Snare, Monstrous Bite - Healing Reduction Debuff, Shell Shield – 50% Reduced Damage Taken, Agile Reflexes - 30% Dodge, and Thick Hide – Reduced Damage Taken at Low Health already exist in the game, and we’re exploring adding something similar to Tranquilizing Shot to the list. While this does create a landscape where there may only be a handful of families that exactly fit the combination of tools you prefer, each family was chosen with variety as a premium. There are winged creatures, predators, grazers, and more represented across as many abilities as possible, while keeping them thematically appropriate. For two specific examples: a Spirit Beast in Battle for Azeroth still has Spirit Mend and Spirit Walk, and will gain Endurance Training and Survival of the Fittest. They also have a new ability, Spirit Shock, that dispels magic and soothes enraged enemies. Cats, on the other hand, gain Catlike Reflexes – a 30% dodge cooldown – in addition to Primal Rage and Predator’s Thirst. Both are able to tank or DPS equally. Nowadays, only about half of the pet families out there have a useful ability, and we want to improve on that. In Battle for Azeroth, Bloodlust will be much more prominent, so Hunters should no longer feel bound to Core Hounds and Nether Rays as their best options. Most importantly, these changes should result in a pet landscape where all pets can serve as dps or tank as well as they could in Legion. Please remember that all of the above, especially the numbers, are subject to change as we test in the Battle for Azeroth Alpha. Feel free to discuss anything related to Hunter pets here. We really appreciate your feedback!Solanis3 5d
5d RETRIBUTION Paladin still the less fun DPS I started Legion with a Monk because i wanna rest from being main Paladin all previous xpacs. But at some point i couldn't feel the fantasy of the class, so i returned to my Paladin... It was hearthbreaking. Even when the new animations are pretty cool, the Retribution Paladin rotation and gamestyle right now (On Legion) is boring and tedious if you dont have tons of Haste. I got invited to the Alpha of BfA, entered and try my Retri Paladin, well, it's exactly the same as Legion. Nothing changed. I know its early Alpha, but NOW it's the time to speak this things out and get a chance for change on the live version in few months. Retribution lacks class fantasy beyond the spell names, the spells and abilities of the class aren't special, not much diferent from a Warrior with golden spells, i dont feel jugdment anyone, cleansing with light to no one, and go on. The rotation is slow and monotonous, we only have like 4 abilities to rotate and a lot of dead time, waiting for Judgement cd for a bit more of damage and Avenging Wrath to be competitive. I hope this feedback can reach the right group of developers and Retri Pally could be the Knight of Justice on Azeroth once again. Thank you for this oportunity and this amazing game.Lini0 5d
6d New Raid Mechanic Suggestion So this might be a bit of a fever dream after wiping on Yogg in Timewalking and having flashbacks to Coven earlier in the week, but I've got to get this one out before I forget it. Tetris. Now hear me out- we've had the "wall of invincible screw-you-if-you-touch-it" show up a couple times in dungeons, challenges, and raids now, so why not have an encounter with limited space that requires careful placement of those walls, in certain configurations, that walk from one end of the room to the other or until they encounter more mobs whereupon they stop, until there are enough of them linking one side of the room to the other forcing a despawn (which could totally damage the boss or whatever). They can be moved around with one person randomly chosen (or specifically chosen) who has to move them into position before using an action button to keep them advancing until they hit their destination (as a unit). This has been a late night musing fuelled by caffeine and exhaustion. Thank you.Kaeska0 6d
6d Don't test the old world scaling I knew it was a bad idea, but, damn it, I was bored, and now I've permanently stuck my "main". RIP Nianta-Anduin, you died valiantly trying to solo Ulduar, for some reason. F to pay respects. EDIT: JK after logging out for long enough the boss must have despawned and we're good now. She's back, team. No longer RIPCaelus0 6d
6d Idea: Mounts and Weapons with a name Hi all. I have to use this oportunity on Alpha to suggest comething that's its been on my head for too long. That players can nickname his weapons and appears on the weapon info when you or someone checks it. Also that players can name his mounts like the Hunter pets. I think would be a nice touch for my Random_Standar_Horse#1 :cLini0 6d
6d More testers? Seeing you are seeking feedback on the two dungeons, there may need to be more testers to allow for remotely reasonable queues times. The last several play sessions, immediately upon loading in, I queued up for a random dungeon, played for quite a while and decided to quit for a bit. All the while, never getting into any dungeon. I watched the role count window and would see a partial group, then some would get tired of waiting, leave, new people would join, some would get tired of waiting, leave, and ultimately, I become the one to leave the partial group.Levíathan5 6d
Feb 14 Pets in PVP Since we're leading into a PVP-centric expansion I want to bring this issue to the foreground to discuss. Pets in PVP have always felt annoying and unfair to me, especially being someone who plays a healer who's main goal in PVP is often to do as much work as possible without drawling aggro from the other team. Pets have always been a sort of "Set and forget it" type thing in PVP where as any Pet Class (largely Warlocks and Hunters) can just toss their pet on someone at range and then it takes an act of God to get the pet off of you. There should be some circumstances where you can ward off pets who focused you. Among two of the most logical ways should be: - Getting enough range between you and the Pet Class who has their pet focused on you. - Being able to ward them off via terrain. Overall though, I believe that pets shouldn't ever fall into the category of "set it and forget it". If a Pet Class is going in for the kill, they should be able to do "stuff" to ensure (or mitigate) their pet falling off of you, but if they're just casually having their pet follow you while you're not even their primary focus --- well, I find this problematic and unfair. TL:DR - In PVP, players need ways to shake pets.Líghthammer0 Feb 14
Feb 14 Alpha 8.0 and my observations Hello, There is currently no NDA on the alpha, so I thought I would share a few things: I am playing a mage. My item level is 190. I have 14,640 hp & 20,000 mana. Fireball: 899 Scorch: 271 Living Bomb: 371 over 3.2 sec and 214 explosion Phoenix: 1522 and 422 splash (always crits) Intellect: 1216 Stamina: 976 Basic 185 green gear as follows: Major Pieces (head, chest) Intellect: 51 Stamina: 77 Minor Pieces (wrists, etc) Intellect: 29 Stamina:43 1) At level 110, my spells do not deal additional damage to low level mobs. I tested this on Tol Barad against level 85 enemies. The enemies had about 5,550 HP, and my Phoenix Flame hit for a little over 3,000. 2) Test against ultra low level enemies on starting zones have enhanced damage. Against level 20 mobs, fireball hit for over 48k (crit). Lvl 20 mobs have around 500 hp. 3) Went to Siege of Ogrimmar (10 man normal.) Immerseus hit me between 3400 and 3700 per melee swing. He has 328,000 hp and my attacks against him were not scaled. My strongest attack hit him for a bit over 4,000 (Meteor.) 4) Level 120 elite guards have 457,000 hp. Don't know how hard they hit, since they were Horde. 5) The amulet "Heart of Azeroth" is ilvl 265. Is only secondary stats of 110, compared to normal green gear that carries between 11 and 58 of secondary stats. It is Golden quality, but you can't interact with it yet. Edit: TypoKielessa90 Feb 14