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1h Feedback: Island Expeditions A new Battle for Azeroth feature, Island Expeditions, is now available for testing for characters that complete a the "Island Expedition" tutorial quest at level 115. Once unlocked, Normal Island Expeditions can be completed by characters of level 110-120. This unlock is account-wide. Heroic, Mythic, and PvP Island Expeditions become available at level 120. Alliance players can queue from the Expedition table in Boralus Harbor, near the Tradewinds Market. Look for the green ship occupying the second slip. Horde players can queue from the Expedition table in Zuldazar Harbor, at the Port of Zandalar, on the west side. Look for the red ship. What are we testing? We are currently testing Un’gol Ruins, Dread Chain, and Molten Cay. There are 12 NPC teams available for testing (6 per faction). What is the goal of an Island Expedition? The goal of an Island Expedition is to collect Azerite. The first team to 6000 Azerite wins. A group of NPCs from the opposing faction (or players, if PvP) will also be present, competing with you for the Azerite. Many things on the Island reward Azerite: chests, Azerite crystals, powerful creatures, friendly NPCs in need of aid, killing enemy NPCs, and more. You’ll find things you can interact with, scattered all across the Island to help you. Thank you for testing, and we’re looking forward to your feedback!Muffinus97 1h
1h ENDED - Warfront Testing (Horde) - April 17 This test has ended. Thank you very much! ---- We're getting ready to begin our first round of public testing for the new Warfronts feature in Battle for Azeroth, and we'll need your help! On Tuesday, April 17, starting at 1 PM Pacific time (4 PM Eastern, 10 PM CEST), we'll be enabling the first Warfront for testing. To participate, you'll need to be on a Horde character and head to either Orgrimmar or Zuldazar City, where you'll find a small table you can click on and join the Warfront queue. We'll be running this test for about 3 hours, and will be watching and participating ourselves, so we hope to see you there!Lore163 1h
11h Feedback: Vol'dun Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Yad Sivart42 11h
11h Voice Chat Now Available for Testing Voice chat in the Battle For Azeroth Alpha is now enabled and ready for early testing and feedback. You'll find the voice chat controls along the left side of the text chat window, and you can configure your devices and push-to-talk in the Voice Chat section of System settings. Please feel free to post your feedback on this new feature here in this thread. Thank you!Kaivax37 11h
2d Azerite Armor Testing - April 3 With the new Alpha build going up today, we're going to enable some initial testing of one piece of Azerite Armor, with one set of choices. To access it, you'll need to create a new character, and you'll find it equipped on your character. Note that some elements are still placeholder (including the UI), but we're still interested in any early feedback you have on this feature. We'll be rolling out additional pieces of Azerite Armor for testing as the Alpha continues.Lore182 2d
2d Feedback: Stormsong Valley Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Skordyn58 2d
2d Consolidated Zone Feedback Threads Drustvar: Nazmir: Tiragarde Sound: Zuldazar: Stormsong Valley: Vol'dun: 2d
Apr 12 Public Test Issue Reporter Interface We've recently added a new tool to the Battle for Azeroth Alpha: an interface to submit bugs and issues directly to our QA team! After logging in, you'll see this tool appear as a small box with two icons. One will open a window for submitting bugs, while the other will open a similar window to be used for other issues (such as confusion about a quest). You can click and drag to move the tool anywhere on the screen. Additionally, when you've completed a quest or killed a boss or rare elite, you'll see an extra popup that can be used to share any comments or additional details you feel would be beneficial. We appreciate your participation in the Battle for Azeroth alpha, and are looking forward to seeing all the feedback this new tool will help provide. Thanks, and happy bug hunting!Lore62 Apr 12
Mar 28 Consolidated Dungeon Feedback Threads Freehold: Tol Dagor: Atal'Dazar: The MOTHERLOAD: Mar 28
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42s So far what I'm reading in this forum Is negativity about the direction the design team is taking with class fantasy which has resulted in more pruning and more abilities on the gcd. I know we are a minority here on the forums and as alpha testers but hopefully it's enough for Blizz to work with and see that if most of us aren't happy then when this expansion releases it might be a cr@pstorm and post on GD blowing up about their class design. What's sad is that Blizzard doesn't seem to be addressing it.Xadie21 42s
8m BFA Easter Eggs & Pop Culture References Whether you are Horde or Alliance, what have you seen in Battle for Azeroth that make you stop, and smile when it hits you... "Oh, that's in reference to..." NPC name Mob name Item name Object Quest Title Format Example: QUEST: Monstrous Energy (about an energy drink made off eels) Reference: Monster Energy Location: Norwinton Estate, Tiragarde Sound List of Easter Eggs so far: 8m
12m Screenshots - Am I missing something? I've been taking screen shots with print screen through out the game so far but they do not show up in the normal Screenshots found in the World of Warcraft folder. Are people accessing their Alpha and Beta screenshots from a different folder? I've seen a lot of screen shots up and don't know if it's a different program they are using. Thanks!Aladora4 12m
14m Can we talk about Daze? Is it time for it to go away? Are we honestly supposed to just fight everything between us and the questgivers to turn in? The only reason it was bearable in Legion (for me) was because I just equipped Prydaz whenever I went outside. It's so easy to circumvent on many classes (except the one I play, of course) with things like Soul Leech, Blessing of Kings, or any of the 6 classes with a tank specialization. It's not good design when people intentionally change specs just to avoid dealing with it. Please get rid of it.Rudezilla11 14m
18m Story Issues with BFA thusfar So I just wanted to make this thread having been in the alpha for a bit and looked at the general story of the game. Looking at the story we've seen thus far, The Horde just seems to needlessly be treading the same exact ground as Mists of Pandaria. Once again the Horde players that signed up for Thrall's view of the Horde in Warcraft 3 have to sit through another expansion of needless villainy and aggressing for no good reason because the Alliance doesn't provide us with a good reason. "Travis: Because Sylvanas is not evil. In the story for her, it’s much more. She’s definitely aggressive, and she definitely believes in having power and control, but I also think that she does take seriously the representation of the Horde. She has a different perspective which is that the Horde will never be safe until the Alliance is wiped out. But, is she acting in a cruel, mustache-twirling evil way? Not really, she’s just trying to defend her people." source: That quote was from an interview given recently in regards the Blizzard's seeming view on the direction they've taken for the Horde and Sylvanas. You could have said the exact same thing about Garrosh, and given the questing we've seen thus far in BFA's alpha it looks like they are completely retreading that ground. Guys I'm sorry but we don't want to actively feel bad about our roll in this war. If you wanted to instill faction pride for the Horde, having Saurfang jump ship in the first act because he doesn't feel this war is honorable, is not the way to do it. Having us punch first for the umpteenth time by attacking Teldrassil with no earlier escalation from the Alliance that is addressed is not the way to do it. Making our grand strategy in Stormsong be centered around killing the populace to raise them as undead when there is no real equivalent Alliance military action to make us get behind it is not the way to do it. If the goal of this expansion was to instill faction pride for the Horde, I'm sorry but its looking like to a lot of us that this isn't good. This makes us ashamed of our faction, tepid about fighting the Alliance and hoping beyond hope that a big bad shows up to allow us to actually feel like a hero. The goals of the writing team just seem to have fallen short at least for the Horde. I don't know if the Alliance feels much better from a story perspective, but I certainly know a great deal of Horde players are extremely disappointed in the direction the story has taken. We feel like we were given a great selling point in BFA that was fundamentally at the end of the day, a lie.Mayissa16 18m
19m Concerned about hunters in BFA Thanks for the alpha invitation! I know the game is still in alpha but we are 4 months away from release. From what I have tested I am concerned about hunter gameplay because essentially BM playstyle hasn't changed and... Mark's hunter gameplay feels similar to burning crusade. There's nothing that's really new and exciting. Survival hunter gameplay seems okay but I would play a warrior if I had to go melee. What about the old survival spec? WoD survival and before was fun to play and it was unique. I really thought this expansion would bring back the old survival and introduce it as a 4th spec. Has that idea been considered by the class devs? Anyone else here playing a hunter concerned about hunter gameplay? Do you miss the old survival spec? Lock and load resets on explosive shots... the animations for it. Multi shot mass serpent sting dots. Black arrow etc.Boocraft3 19m
21m Can locks PLEASE tame demons or Tmog skins? There are lots of demons that would be cool as a pet, but sadly they cannot be enslaved on a permanent basis. Can we at least have the ability to transfer the soul of our current demons into another body? You know, kinda like some form of "Demon Transmog" to reskin our pets. Moving a soul to another body definitely sounds like something a warlock would do! You could have players unlock different demon-skins somehow to collect their appearances and keep them in some sort of catalogue. Just a thought you know, since hunters have all the fun!Doombane37 21m
24m Island Expeditions: Add Differing "End-Goals" Blizzard is doing well so far, BUT I have feedback that I feel is important. You say that every single variable of Island Expeditions is random, but one thing is missing for this statement to be true. It lies in the constant end-goal that we are required to play towards in order to win, "collect 6000 Azerite before the opposing faction." Well I for one feel that there's room for other end-goals within this type of content, via randomized missions. For example, some battlegrounds have a capture flag end-goal (Warsong) and some have a capture point end-goal (Arathi). It seems that in their current state island expeditions MIGHT end up feeling a little monotonous if the end-goal is always an Azerite collection mission, even though every other aspect of the island is randomized. The score tracker up at the top just leaves a lingering feeling of sameness each time I play, that we might feel burnout a month into BFA. I do understand that Azerite is important to island expeditions, BUT it isn't necessarily the crux of BFA as a whole. Azerite is more or less a side-goal to everything we do in BFA, the main-goal the expansion is winning a war against the enemy and all the priorites and pitfalls that come with it. Saving prisoners of war, surviving rogue storms while stranded against the enemy, or even destroying an enemy ship to plunder it after, these are the kinds of dynamic randomness that we need. I'm talking about the kind of thing that causes us to diverge from what might have been a mere Azerite run, pushing us closer to the spontaneous situations that are a natural part of wartime at sea. "OBJECTIVES I THOUGHT OF" Survival: Your team is temporarily stranded on an island... and so is the enemy faction. You must survive enemy onslaughts by the oppsite faction's team, extreme weather conditions and the agitated wildlife on the island for X number of minutes. It's also important to collect as much azerite as you can, it's the reason you came here, right? The amount of Azerite you collect will be your reward if you win, but there is a death-counter and it's the ultimate deciding factor of who is chosen as the winner. Opposing factions will have to take eachother out along the way, giving it a survival of the fittest vibe. However, a randomly generated "naural disaster" will be a major factor in who gets killed, so dont attack the other team blindly. Oh yeah also, did we mention the cranky elementals, ornery wildlife and other mysterious creatures that may be roaming around? It might be a good idea to try and "Redirct" these threats to the other team. Whichever faction that has the least number of deaths is the winner, and is much better at survival than the other team! *8 deaths max per person Shipwreck Sabotage: You will be playing towards an ultimate endgame consisting of completly destroying the opposing teams ship. To start, you'll want to collect as much Azerite as you can to empower your team (up to 1500 Azerite), while also picking up and collecting a few weapons of destruction along the way. However, this wouldn't be acomplished without the help of some good ol' fashion strategic planning. To aid with this, both ships and their respective sides of the island will be shielded with the power of azerite for ten minutes exactly, allowing both teams an ample opportunity to arm themselves for some shipwrecking. Basically the island will be sectioned off into three parts, the Alliance and Horde side, each in their very own Azerite energy bubble, and the remaining contested area that goes through the island. Don't go trying to sneak behind enemy lines though, those Azerite shields will kill you and waste valuable time. No need to rush however, for it'll be an all out war when those shields go down, but you'll likely see the opposing team from afar anyway. You might even cross paths in the middle of the island depending on pure "necessity", meaning that it's possible for some particularly powerful weapons, rich azerite veins and deadly traps to appear within the vicinity. The purpose of these traps, if properly disarmed , is to help slow down the opposing team if you find yourself out of time or if you decide to let your shields down early. If both teams let their shields down early or if the time runs out naturally, then the guards in each base will retreat back to their respective ship and the shipwrecking will commence! Rescue Op: Coming soon. Those are the best I can come up with right now, BUT please feel free to suggest more so that the development team can work on some more dynamic ways for us to enjoy these awesome island expeditions. Add something that is challenging & crazy! Thank you.Rivenblade23 24m
31m DPS and HPS Cooldowns on the GCD Hi All, I wanted to provide feedback on a change that went out in today's build (26297). All DPS and HPS cooldowns are now on the GCD. This includes WIngs and Seraphim for Paladins, Trueshot for Hunters, Battlecry for Warrior, etc. to name a few. This appears to be a change that affects every class. This is a bad change because its very awkward and I urge Blizzard to revert this. I spent some time on a Paladin today on Alpha and it felt super strange to hit Wings or Sera when I wanted too without them activating. I was usually was in the middle of a GCD and had to keep mashing my keybind so it would activate as soon it could. WoW has a very responsive combat system so when I hit an ability like this, I would like it to trigger at the time of the initial button press, not when the next GCD is open. If defensive cooldowns like Ardent Defender are still off the GCD, then their burst damage/healing counterparts should also be off the GCD as a matter of balance and consistency. I can only imagine how this feels for classes and specs that depend on their CDs more heavily like a Mage. If you play one of these classes or specs, please speak up. :)Reese585 31m
39m You're Not a Valued Customer If you're not an Elf, in the context of character customization. And actually, only if you don't main a race using the Thalassian Elf model (ThElf). We non-ThElf customers and our marketshare are demonstrably of negligible worth to Blizzard. So expect to keep getting ignored while only ThElf players get resources showered on them*: ... The squeaky wheel gets the oil, and I've been as squeaky as possible, but I'm tired of being treated as a second-class customer. Thread after thread from polite Tauren players—not just me!—with constructive feedback has been ignored for years: Blizz, you guys have a unique thing going here with a lot of playable models that break the mold by not exclusively catering to people who play "pretty" races. "Pretty" is in the eye of the beholder, but let's be real: the Thalassian Elf model most resembles the Barbie-Ken paradigm of attractiveness. To put it another way: Blizzard offers a product (i.e., non-"pretty" races) which nobody else has, but instead of nurturing this rare product, they're funneling their resources into their generic product (i.e., "pretty" races) that everyone else also has. They could adopt a diversified strategy of developing both products (i.e., non-"pretty" and "pretty" races), but now it's extra obvious they're only ever going to cater to "pretty" races and ignore everyone else as not worthwhile. *Sure, Orcs got thrown a posture bone because they're the 2nd most popular Horde race.Quercus15 39m
41m Feedback: Warfronts dull in the beginning! Number one: We shouldn't have to physically collect resources, it's just monotonous and unengaging, especially when we just loot it out of the chests later anyway. Please allow us to make the peons, lumberjacks and miners do the "grunt-work", after we take over the corresponding capture-point in the first stage. Really it drags on so much to be forced into farming, I'm pretty sure that Arthas an Illidan weren't friggin' chopping wood in Warcraft lll. NO WAY! THEY WERE KICKING BUTT AND MAKING VILLAGES BURN! Number two: Why do the NPCs get to do the fun parts of manning cannons and riding siege-vehicles? Honestly, I feel like a quarter of the 20-man group should be allow to ride siege tanks into battle when everyone is heading to the enemy gate, after the first stage. Furthermore, it would be great to be able to fire some cannons when the opposite faction is infiltrating your base. It's like you do all this work collecting resources to unlock a demolisher and you can't even ride it? How about the peon collects the pile of dung and WE get to ride the cool battle tank? Sound good? YEAH YOUR DANG RIGHT IT DOES! Number three: More enemy NPCs should be attacking and heading towards us in the first round to create bigger sense of urgency and danger. In the beginning of each Warfront it felt like we were monotonously collecting resources that peons in Warcraft lll should be doing and we weren't really in to much danger. This is WAR, where're the paratroopers over our heads, the hordes of enemies rushing towards us to slash our throats and where are the tanks to run us over? THERE IS NO IMPENDING DOOM, NO LOSS AND NO LOSING EVER!Rivenblade5 41m
43m FIX Outlaw spell names/Give cannon AOE BACK! Outlaw is slowly turning back to the combat spec, but PLEASE don't my pirate spec away, it's the closest thing we have to pirate spec... For me perssonally, it means A LOT! JUST LOOK GUYS! Name changed from Run Through to Dispatch. Name changed from Saber Slash to Sinister Strike. CANNONBALL BARRAGE GONE? 43m
47m State of WW I have mained a Windwalker since it’s release (Yes even in its terrible initial form) and I am worried for its state in BFA. Karma is now a 50% bubble with no heal (Its been a 100% bubble since 5.0, only to switch to 50% bubble and 50% heal for Legion, which is still 100% worth) Teleport has an increased cooldown and no longer heals you Paralysis is currently on a 45 second cooldown Healing Elixers is is on the same talent tier as Tigers Lust (This wouldn’t bother me if other heals weren’t removed) The only change I really Love is baseline ROP, but I don’t really understand why they did that. Other classes hate ROP in PvP. So my issue right now is WW has lost all ability to sustain and keep pressure. In order to heal I need to spam Effuse (Currently not in Alpha, but this is a bug). I cannot strategically place a Karma on a target that cannot invuln it off to heal 50% back up (Hell, between Karma being 50% and it being able to be BoPd off, it’s a pretty !@#$ defensive now), I can’t run Healing Elixers because I will lose my root break, I can’t teleport and throw a few extra heals on top of the teleport heal, none of that. So my new strategy will be to teleport and ROP to buy myself enough time to spam 15 Effuses? All the meanwhile the person I’m fighting can heal, kill my arena partners, get cooldowns back, etc. Yes, PvP talents aren’t out yet, but how many things are needed to make Windwalker viable? They are too squishy to be left in an even close state. Adding Good Karma Adding Paralysis CD reduction Adding Teleport Heal All the while I require my FoF stun That’s a lot of PvP talents to just hope they make it It breaks my heart, but unless the Honor Talents are just as good as I hoped, Windwalker to me just doesn’t have enough healing to justify its squishiness. I will be looking for a new main, maybe Rogue.Ladriac4 47m
47m Rokhan has no personality Hello, As far as I know, Rokhan seems to be the Darkspear Troll racial leader with Vol'jin out of the picture. I am very sad to see that in the alpha, he has absolutely no personality at all. Rokhan is the blandest of troll quest givers and he is completely 100% overshadowed by the Zandalari troll princess, troll king and even Nathanos Blightcaller. It feels like you want us to think Rokhan is important and it feels like you want us to get to know him, but all of his dialogue teaches us nothing about him and does not get us attached to him or relate to him in any way. He sorely needs a unique model, and voice lines to sell him to us as any sort of Darkspear leader.Acalian15 47m
54m Legion Subtlety Concerns + BFA Wish List Subtlety Rogue came into Legion with a rocky start where it lost all identity it once had and although we were one of the lucky few to get substantial mid-expansion changes, Subtlety is still a fraction of what it once was and what it should be. I consulted a good number of subtlety rogue enthusiasts to get their opinion on some of the problems with the spec and what changes they'd like to see in Battle for Azeroth. Let me start with the fantasy of the class first before going into mechanical gameplay. Note: This is primarily PVP concerns. Class Fantasy Legion pushed us far away from being a rogue and more closer to being a ninja with the replacement of all dagger abilities for shuriken ones, the replacement of all bleeds for shadow priest dots, and the flat out removal of poisons. This forced us into a fantasy no one really asked for and made us one identify much less with the rogue class. This goes the same with Outlaw that got forced into a pirate too so I'll briefly argue for them too. Giving Outlaw and Subtlety bleeds/poisons doesn't take away from Assassination's class fantasy either; it'd be like saying giving stealth to Outlaw and Assassination took away from Subtlety's class fantasy which flat out isn't true. Rogues have identified primarily with Bleeds, Poisons, Stealth, Unfair Play/Trickery, weapon mastery for a substantial amount of time, but each spec identified themselves by doing things better than the other. Subtlety utilized stealth, Assassination utilized Bleeds/Poisons/DoTs, old Combat specialized in weaponry (used 1handers and daggers alike), and now Outlaw utilizes a lot of RNG (has potential). There is absolutely nothing wrong with specs using abilities that others use better. Here's an example idea: Outlaw/Subtlety can apply 1 lethal poison and 1 non-lethal poison to their weapon while Assassination can apply 2 lethal poisons and/or 2 non-lethal poisons. I also suggest this because the indisputable best honour talent for Assassination is the one that allows both Wound Poison and Deadly poison which I personally feel like should be a given. Could also give Assassination exclusive poison options. Subtlety should get Fan of Knives back instead of Shuriken Storm, Shuriken Toss should instead become a Dagger (call it "Throw Dagger" or something), and Nightblade should become Rupture. Some people probably loved the new Shuriken so I'm against removing such aesthetics so you can easily use the power of Glyphs to bring those in as an OPTIONAL fantasy to flock to. Class Mechanics Now onto the juicy parts; how subtlety plays as a spec at the moment. To put it crudely, it plays extremely mongo. Aka, brainless, easy, boring, one dimensional. To put it constructively, the entire aspect of 2 charge Shadow Dance and Deepening Shadows in conjunction with talents like Dark Shadow and Thief's Bargain (honour talent) have made tunneling enemies more valuable over tactically getting out of the battle which required quite some effort since an enemy could easily hit you to keep you in combat. As a quick reminder, each charge of Shadow Dance is on a 1min CD which equals 2mins for both charges. Deepening Shadows makes your finishing moves reduce the CD of Shadow Dance by 1.5s per combo point. Dark Shadows increases damage in only Shadow Dance by 30%. Thief's Bargain changes the CD of Vanish to a 45s CD. To fit all the pieces together, this means all your damage is in Shadow Dance meaning you're better off continuously attacking players over getting a restealth since there's no benefit to it (I asked for Dark Shadow to work on Stealth too for this reason) and since Vanish is on such a low CD, you'll have stealth readily available when you need it anyways. Another problem with 2charge Shadow Dance is how unreliable it can be and how often it also can allow burst damage. If you can't hit a target, the gap between your burst could be around a 1min30s, but at the same time you can burst as often as every 45s or even sooner. Having Shadow Dance at a stable 1min no questions asked with 1 charge has worked since the dawn of its existence. It was a consistent CD that allowed the use of stealth abilities and increased our damage. There was no need to have such unpredictability. There were a lot of abilities pruned/removed from Subtlety rogue that contributed greatly to its identity. 1/3Felryn23 54m
54m Pace of PvP -- Healers & Tanks The devs say they have no idea why players don't want to participate in WoW's PvP? I think I have a few enlightening paragraphs to shed light on it. DISCLAIMER: I am not a tryhard high-rated arena player. I'm a BG spammer who's in it to have fun, fast-paced, dynamic games where every entity on the battlefield follows the same rules. I'm going to talk about WHY WOW'S PVP IS LACKING ANY SORT OF ''FUN'' FACTOR after you begin to understand the meta-game behind it; And how it can be fixed. With that in mind --- WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS GOOD GAME DESIGN do TANKS and HEALERS (and in their current state -- WARLOCKS) still exist in PvP in the way they did for the past 3 expansions? I truly, genuinely do not care if they are balanced in 3v3. If I go into a battleground, I blow my cooldowns, I hit a discipline priest for 5 minutes and his health OR mana bars don't even move -- the game has a massive problem. By design, PvP means 'Player Versus Player'; Naturally, anything that gets in the way of players murdering players is counter-productive to good PvP design. Which is exactly why I think that HEALERS NEED TO RECEIVE MASSIVE NERFS IN PVP. To their survivability. To the efficiency of their output. And to the amount of control some of them (druid / monk) bring to the battlefield. Every successful PvP game on the market right now, regardless of how you feel about them (Dota, LoL, PUBG, Smite, CS:GO, even your own Heroes of the Storm and OVERWATCH, Blizzard) takes steps to limit the impact tanks & healers have on the game, or they don't have healing at all. In a game like WoW, tanks & healers should be important; But even a good healer should NEVER be able to single-handedly tank 3 people for more than a few seconds. Can you imagine the sheer amount of anti-fun a game like Overwatch would have if f. example Mercy had 1500 HP and Zarya's bubbles on a 6 second cooldown? Sounds bad, right? Well; That's exactly what's going on with healers in WoW. I propose, for the purpose of balancing the game, for the holy trinity to disappear from PvP; Instead of a 'tank' role and a 'healer' role, I think what would be best for WoW's PvP meta at large is to pool both those roles into what most MOBA-games call a 'Support'. A character with utility and limited healing, decent damage, but one that is either fragile and needs to be protected (healer), or one that doesn't really do a lot of damage (tank) for a small boost of survivability & CC it offers their team over pure DPS characters. If the game keeps on ignoring the truth about invincible healers with 3 schools of CC and more mobility than the rest of both teams combined being horrible design (looking at you, mistweavers), I truly do not think WoW will ever recover the huge amount of PvP players it's lost in WoD and Legion. WoW'S PvP needs a new identity. A kind of design direction that leads to fun, fast-paced, engaging games & battles -- not 15+ minute slogs of chasing a healer around a pillar until the 100% healing debuff renders them unable to function. -- Which doesn't even exist in BGs and World PvP. Do something about this, Blizz, or all your attempts at pushing 'war mode' will just be a waste of everyone's time.Lina9 54m
55m Horde Capital Annoyingly Hard To Use. The Horde Ziggurat looks cool, but is unbelievable annoying to get down to the bottom of repeatedly for quests, and especially to reach the harbor on the back. A simple stairway/elevator/tram down the sides or back would solve a lot of the issues.Threeslotbag30 55m
56m Suggestion: Arena and "Thunderdome" A battle royale arena in the war fronts, with NPCs and the players fighting just like a real battle, with goals and quests, and a special area in this arena, just like the "Thunderdome" in Mad Max 3, where to players, one for the Alliance and other of the Horde enter, but only one leaves, and all other players can watch from the outside. This battle would be just for honor and reputation, to prove who's the best.Viniciusvzr0 56m
58m Battle For Azeroth Alpha: User Interface Hello, I'm Posting Here Because After Getting My Alpha Invite I Decided It Would Be Cool To Check Things Out, And Give My Own Feedback. And After Logging Into BFA The First Thing I Noticed Was The Changes To The Default User Interface And Bar Placement. As Someone That Has Always Used The Default UI And Not Some Add-ons For Bars I Wanted To Give Feedback On The UI For BFA And Ways I Think It Can Be Improved. Firstly I Will Say That With The Bags And Other Buttons In The Corner Is Great And Looks Nice. The Default Bar, And The "Bottom Left Bar, Right Bar, And Right Bar2" All Look Nice When All On Screen. The Thing I Do Not Like Is When "Bottom Right Bar" Is Turned On. The Gap Created Between The Buttons Feels Like Its Breaking Up Something ( Defensives On One Side Offensives On The Other ) Even Though I Know That's Not True. I Feel Like A Lot Of That Gap Between The Rows Could Be Closed If You Just Move The "Up/Down/Num" Section To The Left Side Of The Base Bar Instead Of The Right Side. Also When Trying To Set Up Keybinds I Had A Very Difficult Time Figuring Out What Buttons Where On Bottom Right Bar, Because Its Broken Up Into 6 Buttons Into Two Rows, And Dose Not Reflect That In The Keybindings Just Showing BottomRight1-12. In My Opinion These Small Changes To The New UI Would Make A Better Experience Overall With The Bars Of The New UI. And I Hope This Post Gives You Guys Something To Think About With The New BFA User Interface.Arthaschild58 58m
59m Complexity and choice There are quite a few threads around regarding abilities or the lack thereof in BFA. To add a slightly different slant to this discussion, here are my thoughts regarding declining complexity and choice. Those that have played consistently since vanilla will have experienced an array of different talents, tree designs and class abilities over the years. Some may also recall a number of optimisation systems intended to augment or accompany these talent choice decisions. A majority of these, for example split-spec talent trees, reforging, coloured sockets etc, have long since been removed. In the first instance the rational for removing many of these features stemmed from so-called ‘linear choices’. If a talent loadout or stat is mathematically superior, is there really any player choice? Is the system interesting or engaging? Then with Legion things went a step further in the interests of restoring class identity. If a mixed spec or hybrid ability thematically contradicts class identity, does it make sense? To the extent that one might have been inclined to disagree with these design decisions, Legion obfuscated the situation and shipped with a couple of prima facie depth-adding features, namely Artifact Weapons and Legendary items. The situation as it now stands with BFA, however, is that these prima facie depth-adding features no longer make sense and are being retired. Notwithstanding the as yet unimplemented Heart of Azeroth neck, there do not appear to be any replacements. Yes, some of the better Artifact talents and Legendary abilities have been made baseline or made into replacement tree talents, but somehow the curtain has been pulled back and the situation laid bare. There is barely any player choice, barely any back-end depth or complexity, and virtually no means by which players can differentiate themselves from each other. There are quite a few that appear to believe that increasing concurrent ability availability is the correct solution to improve complexity and choice. I do not necessarily disagree, however a lot of PVE depth does derive from environment and the difficulty of encounters themselves. The amount of abilities one has at any given time therefore only affects rotational complexity, not encounter complexity. Is it necessary for a rotation to be complex if the encounter itself is highly complex? Certainly there does, however, appear to be a need to reintroduce some level of background decision making and player optimisation. As clunky as it is to have a bag full of legendary items, choosing between these at least provides some level of choice and player interaction. So far there appears to be very little choice and complexity in BFA besides basic talent trees where one is constrained to select between three generally similar abilities. Notably the situation in PVP, while not perfect, does appear to be headed in a somewhat better direction. The “character templates” introduced with Legion are being overhauled and are now purported to preserve player stat choices. The as yet unimplemented PVP “talent bucket” is also purported to allow players unconstrained selection between a spread of utility and throughput talents. The downside to PVP, perhaps, is that it has historically derived almost entirely from player interaction. The majority of arena environments are static, land-based, predictable and predominantly two-dimensional. The relevance of terrain is therefore often limited to whether or not an obstacle impedes line of sight. The likes of dynamically altering environments, water and airborne combat, or Z-axis considerations either do not feature, or are increasingly rare. I am therefore left to wonder whether there is scope for some level of hybridisation between PVE and PVP. Could the situation in PVE be improved by adopting a “talent bucket” system where players have free choice over X number of abilities? Could the situation in PVP likewise be improved by introducing dynamic environments with environment-triggered reactive gameplay? Certainly I would be inclined to say that they could.Leqt19 59m
1h The New Mistweaver I must admit, I like having control over Soothing Mist, but I hate the new Vivify. I understand that it works like Uplift -- but when Uplift was a thing, Renewing Mist was more reliable. Given that Renewing Mist bounces, there is a great possibility that it will merge with another Renewing Mist, thereby reducing the total amount that circulates among the raid. My suggestion(s) to fix this: 1. Allow Renewing Mist to inherently have the Dancing Mist trait at 20% per tick, rather than its current 10%. The more Renewing Mists that are circulating, the less Vivify will be hindered by the "merging" potential. or... 2. When the target of Soothing Mist is healed to 100%, allow Renewing Mist to duplicate itself onto an injured party or raid member. I say duplicate, because this allows the Renewing Mist to remain on the target it was placed on for its duration while still spreading -- allowing Vivify to be effective. Although Effuse wasn't used that often, with high mastery it was a great single target heal (I can easily do 1M with Effuse + Gust of Mist) all-the-while generating Sheilun stacks. With the implementation of Soothing Mist, the value of Gust of Mist drops (again, in raids, this won't really matter, but raids are no longer the only competitive PvE content). My suggestion(s) for this: 1. Allow the first tick of Soothing Mist to proc Gust of Mist. or 2. Allow each tick of Soothing Mist to have an x% chance to proc Gust of Mist (similar to how the chi generation for Soothing Mist worked at the start of MoP).Novak46 1h
1h The GCD Changes: Thumbs up! I have only been testing a ret paladin, but so far, the GCD changes are great. It really makes you think about when to pop your most potent cooldowns. Having to time them between spell casts really adds to the decision making, and it makes the gameplay a little more compelling than it has been in the past, because just as the devs said, back when everything was on the GCD in vanilla and tbc, it really tested the player's timing and strategy. So far, really like the change. I'll be testing it out on several more classes.Jaylawk23 1h
1h Kul Tiran Female Suggestions Hey, everyone! I wanted to copy over this thread from the EU forums so you could see some great potential ideas for Kul Tiran women. Blizzard's current iteration just doesn't quite live up to a rough, sea-faring adventurer. (All credit goes to Big Mama of MMO-C / Kalaastra-EU) Here is the link to the EU topic: As well as the original thread from MMO-C (the edits begin on page 10): Edit with the other features such as scars and wrinkles applied on: Please, let me know what you guys think about the edits!Mcnyu9 1h
1h Ret Paladin Feedback Ok so now that I have got a good feeling of how Ret is playing on BFA atm, I wanted to chime in with some of my feelings of how the class plays and also how the talents feel in comparison to one another. Also will provide some suggestions of how to improve them as well. Lets start of with the gameplay and feel. Positives: - Rotation feels smoother. With having judgement now providing 1HP and having talent options of HoW and Consecration having HP generation as well definitely smooths our rotation out. I feel like there is less down time even when not having tons of haste. - New mastery feels so much better then the colossus smash mastery we had during Legion. The old mastery just made the spec feel super clunky and unfun. The mastery might be simple and straightforward but it feels better! - Hammer of Wrath is back! This was something that never should have been taken but I am very happy its back. Just wish it wasn't a talent and I will explain why later. - Crusade isn't the only go to talent now which is awesome! Having choice is great! Even though I love the feel of crusade having inquisition back as an option is great! - Still have decent defensives. I do like that SoV is a flat 30% of our HP instead of being variable and also able to crit Negatives: - The Legion pruning was still to heavy on Ret, we lost so many of our abilities and I still feel like we are still missing so much. Its great we got some back but as talents, but not baseline :( - Wake of Ashes being a talent and not baseline. Feels really bad when we have these awesome abilities that were baseline in legion become talents instead in BFA. - Mobility still feels incredibly weak and is even worse that Blessing of Freedom and Divine Steed are on a longer CD. - Defensives are decent, but still having Shield of Vengeance reflecting damage still makes it too important to use offensively in PvE. - Retribution still has a dps component to it. I love the idea thematically just hate having our dps be hurt because of this passive. Overall, I am pretty happy so far with how Ret is playing in BFA. It feels like a mix of Legion and WoD Ret. Gameplay feels so much smoother and having old abilities back has been nice. The new mastery feels so much better and the feeling of doing more holy damage is great! Talent choices also feel a bit more meaningful compared to Legion...HOWEVER...there are still a few concerns I have with having so many abilities once baseline now as talents and of course some of the talents themselves.Arakain13 1h
1h Azurite Armor Feedback I realize this just went live, but I hopped onto the alpha immediately and tinkered around with a few classes and their piece of Azurite Armor. Unfortunately, this post is gonna be a bit negative and I'll try to moderate myself. Frankly, I'm totally underwhelmed. First problem is the first tier of the armor. There is a general passive ability that works for every spec, and then the other three abilities are spec specific. And you can't set them differently for each spec. So if I have a nice piece of armor that would be perfect for both Fire and Frost, I can only use it for one spec, because the first trait only works for one spec. For example, the mage chest that I logged onto had a trait that gave you increased haste with Enhanced Pyrotechnics, which is fire specific, or increased Ice Lance damage, which is frost specific. What this means is that, unless you're fine with your character performing at a suboptimal level, you will need a different piece of azurite armor for each spec, for each available slot. This sucks for several reasons. First, there is no real choice to be had on the first tier of the armor. Frost only has 1 trait, Fire only has 1 trait, etc. You're only choice is which spec is the armor for, and that's pretty much determined by the stats on the armor. Second, obviously, you now need to carry even more gear around. If you get a perfect chest for two of your specs, too bad. Better take a second copy of that for the second spec. So that's the first glaring issue. The second one is that every single one of the traits that I saw on three different classes were utterly underwhelming and boring. Every single trait is either "a chance to get additional damage randomly" or "a chance to get a random stat buff". Nothing that substantially alters gameplay. I guess the popular item on this expansion's menu is the RNG salad, with red RNG tomatoes and spicy RNG dressing on the side.Jereko34 1h
1h DirectX12 Focused Testing Looks like the D3D12 API got properly enabled in a recent build. Thought I would start up a thread with people's results here. HOW TO TURN IT ON 1) In the BDA click the Blizzard logo up top left -> Settings 2) Go to Game Settings 3) For World of Warcraft(Alpha) turn on Additional command line arguments 4) Add -console in there 5) Launch Alpha and press the tilde key ~ 6) Put in - gxApi D3D12 7) Quit and relaunch You could also add the following line into World of Warcraft Beta -> WTF -> SET gxApi "D3D12" (or change the one that's there from D3D11 to D3D12) You can use either method but I prefer the console way as then I know what gxApi is currently. It's possible that one certain cards you could try setting it to D3D12 in but the game will go "NOPE no pie for you" and set it to D3D11 anyway. WHAT TO REPORT * Graphics Card * Operating System (with version if possible) * Graphics Card Driver versions (with date of driver if possible) * Working for you or not ? From there it's up to you what you want to report ! FPS rates - would be good particularly if you could visit various zones in Alpha as well as old zones as well as the new BfA zones. Settings used - might be helpful to list what works and what doesn't work so well. Pastebins of settings and/or screenshots of what options turned on would be good here too Crash Reports - if you crash dig into the Errors reports in the World of Warcraft Beta folder , pastebin that shizzle and post a link here. This can be helpful as when can check to see if it's an assertion error meaning they haven't enabled it for your card yet. *warning* Only Nvidia cards seem to work and only select Nvidia cards AFAIK. Seems to be working on the GTX 970 so far but post if you get it working on your card Discussion thread on DirectX12 and World of Warcraft - 1h
1h Druid Form Appearances Have they implemented a way to toggle which form your Bear and Cat uses? I believe they said this would be doable in BFA but I was unsure if it is in Alpha yet.Liupeng2 1h
1h [Suggestion] Bring Back Scare Beast In light of bringing back class uniqueness, I'd wager it'd be a snazzy time to bring back scare beast for hunters. For reference, in the latest Swifty interview, there was mention of bringing class uniqueness in raids in terms of CC and encounter design. From this I thought, with all the pruning going on, it'd be a nice time to bring back an ability that has been vacant from the hunter arsenal for a while. Scare Beast. While it did not have too many applications in PvE, perhaps encounters could be designed around it? However, my pipe-dream here is to return it for use in PvP. It was very rewarding to have a cc that punished inattentive druids running about in travel form and especially feral druids that weren't watching you too intently. Additionally, if I recall correctly, it also was effective on shaman in ghost wolf. But alas, I would like to hear what others have to say on this.Yjjial4 1h
1h Leveling Feels Redundant In the game's past, when you gained a level you gained a talent point. This changed to every 2 levels in Cataclysm, then every 15 in MoP. You used to gain new abilities (or at least ranks in those abilities) from a class trainer, until Cataclysm. Then you gained them passively, which was alright. Now you don't gain any new ranks or new abilities for huge swathes of levels at a time. Up till level 80, it's fine. We still get abilities (roughly) every 2 levels, even if they're not game changing things. There's some pretty big jumps in useful stuff later on (From 55-64 you don't get a damaging ability, and again from 65-74) but that's fine, there's a lot of levels now, right? Until you get to 80. Then it goes completely dead. No new abilities until your 90 talent, then again until your 100 row, then there's literally nothing for 20 levels. In WoD we leveled up to gain the new passives our classes earned. Why did we level in Legion? Why are we going to go through another 10 levels of mind-numbing crap on every single character we have? I realize blizzard wants to tell stories, but why do they need to be attached to EXP? Because MMOs told us they have to? Progression isn't an answer, we're not progressing, we don't gain anything from these levels except some stats that we've had before. Nothing will change with how we approach a situation based on being level 120. We don't get a cool talent, we don't get a cool anything. We can get azerite armor starting at level 110, we get the heart of Azeroth right away. Legion, at least, had the decency to give us an artifact ability. At least we got something useful. I didn't level too much on the Alpha, just about half a zone so far, but I can pretty clearly see that I'm going to thank myself for not doing that later on. I just don't see the point, so the only thing driving me is going to be playing at endgame and the story. A new Talent row, or a new ability, would be enough. There's just no actual progression happening. I realize you didn't like how a few artifact abilities interacted with a few specs, but baking the ones you wanted to keep into the talent tree seems like the wrong way to go about it. Rather than losing a talent to gain Warbreaker on my tree, why not add it to another row? Toss it at level 115, give me a choice between what it did before and two other variations of the ability or other abilities entirely. Make me play differently from how I do at 110. (Azerite armor doesn't count in my mind) TL;DR, we don't get hardly anything for 40 levels(Just 2 talents), 10 of which is your new expansion where we get absolutely nothing. Why do I care about getting to 120 except to do endgame stuff that I could've done at 110 if you hadn't increased the level cap. No, this does not mean spread the talent system out more.Sadrele33 1h
1h Constant disconnect after death Hey Blizz I had a toon a died on, server Anduin toon Trîst alt code 140 on the i. Was out exploring how far up a mountain I could go and fell and died >.< however now that my toon is at the spirit rezzer I just constantly disconnect the moment I try to log in. Posted a bug report about it on anther toon, but I would kind of like to keep playing that particular toon and continue testing on him. Any chance someone could look into this and assist. Thanks!Màrrow4 1h
1h Please consider giving back AoE Stuns Heya, Several classes (DPS warriors, Havoc DH) lost AoE stuns. Please consider giving them back to these classes, as they are critical for M+ viability. Thank you!Alca30 1h
1h Cosmetic Restrictions Hi Blizzard, Loving the Alpha so far. Especially the MM changes. Anyway, quick question: Why did Blizzard pigeonhole so many specs and classes into specific weapon/armor archetypes? At heart, this is an RPG. I'm a little unclear why you guys changed the game to force our characters into such limited options. If I want to dual wield has a hunter I should be able to. If I want to wear swords as a rogue I should be able to. Same with WW and swords or a staff. At the end of the day, it should be our journey with our avatar. I just think it's kind of a shame that our abilities don't even work with weapons we can equipped. I wasn't sure if this was because it was much easier to distribute loot? Or if it was because it's quite a bit easier to balance damage? Again, at heart, this is a Role Playing Game. That doesn't mean everything has to be perfectly balanced. Maybe using a staff instead of swords or fist weapons can be a minor DPS loss, but I still think it would be nice to have the choice. Anyway, just my two cents, and I hope ya'll think about taking away the combat restrictions because I think that would let us personalize and immerse ourselves into our character again.Stephiki5 1h
1h No risk of defeat = AFKer gameplay? So I heard Warfronts would have no risk for players to lose them and are guaranteed for the current faction to win, when it's their faction's turn. Does this mean there is no real challenge to them and that anybody can get the tier 3 sets with little to no work? That's fine to an extent, welfare gear and whatnot, but whats the point of trying hard when I know that my team will basically win it for me. I'm obviously just being hypothetical, I am not "that" lazy, but really what is the drive of doing them exactly? Do we just wait until the expansions end when they become trivial OR will these actually have a risk/reward feeling, maybe even a heroic-mode?? Just a thought!Rivenblade17 1h
1h Battle for Lordaeron - Horde "Protect the Azerite War Machine!" "They destroyed it anyway! "Use the Blight to stop their advance!" "They advanced anyway!" "Stop them at this chokepoint in the ruins!" They got through anyway!" Is this a placeholder? I was expecting something more along the lines of the Battle for Undercity scenario back in Wrath, where the Horde and Alliance versions take different paths and fight different characters. But no, most of the set pieces are identical. So Alliance get an epic battle in an iconic Horde zone, for the second time, and Horde just get a meaningless exercise in futility? I didn't even get to beat up Genn or Jaina the way Alliance get to beat up on Saurfang; they spent the entire phase in Anduin's stun aura thing. This is the same problem as the Warlords intro, where the player's presence feels irrelevant, but it only affects one faction. And, just like back then, I'm left asking, "Why am I here, again?"Knytt5 1h
2h [Feedback] DK talents It occured to me that DKs have not received much love yet; I hope we'll get more looked at than just being given death's advance back. This post will focus on feedback to DK talents. Specifically, a huge amount of bad / non-competitive talents all 3 of our specs seem to still be stuck with in BfA as of writing of this post: UNHOLY: First thing first -- NOBODY HAS EVER USED DEBILITATING INFESTATION! PLEASE DO -SOMETHING- WITH IT. Epidemic -- Why is this still not baseline? It's in this awkward spot where it's just not worth taking as a talent; It's a well designed ability, but it's just too weak for the row it's in. All will Serve -- Pet management has always been hit and miss in this game. This has been a miss. I'd rather see a 'no pet' talent in its place that moved infected claws onto you, gives you +1 grip charge and increased your personal damage by 15%, as a trade-off for no pet & no pet stun. Clawing Shadows -- Just make it baseline, at this point. It's been mandatory since it's been fixed to not be garbage tier. Put a '50% chance Clawing Shadows refunds a rune' as a talent in its place, since we'll be losing that artifact trait. Sludge Belcher -- I'd honestly rather just see a +1 death grip charge talent in its place, that stacks with my new 'all will serve' change for 3 grips. Since most classes have more than 1 escape, this will do wonders to compensate for that. 'No escaping death' class fantasy, anyone? Alternatively, AoE death grip. That would be p. cool to have on other specs than blood again. Corpse Shield / Shadow Infusion -- Again, those are things that I feel should just be baseline. The utility / usefulness they provide is minimal compared to other things in their rows (specifically Magic Eater), not in the least due to how little health DK pets have. Entire 100 row -- Dark Arbiter sucks. Long cooldown, pure single target, pet AI that JUST does damage. It's boring; The D&D replacement suffers the same fate. It just doesn't have the 'wow' factor a max. tier talent should have. Soul Reaper is the only competently designed spell in this tier, but with the loss of Apocalypse it'll be even more clunky to utilize properly; I'd replace one of those talents with Apocalypse (perhaps making it replace army of the dead?). Specifically -- Dark Arbiter. And just make Valkyr baseline, because -- as I said -- it just sucks in its applications, and I don't think many will shed tears for gargoyle.Lina24 2h
2h What's the plan for large battlegrounds? For those that haven't noticed, Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest have now moved to their own separate queue and out of the Random Battleground bonus queue. I was hoping to encourage some discussion on what the design intention is here? Here was the talk many years ago when War Campaigns were first talked about which saw a similar type of structure: ... Is this still the design intention? If so, that sounds GREAT and I think that would be a lot of fun. I'd welcome the opportunity to regularly play Wintergrasp and Tol Barad again. Even if those two don't join, I'd love a more warfare-type Alterac or Isle where PvP is more at the focus rather than the PvE zergs they are currently. If the idea is not about revamping them, I'm concerned this is just removing them from the normal battleground rotation, freeing up two blacklist slots (meaning higher queue times for everyone as more blacklisting combinations open up) and effectively "killing" them off as I imagine they would have longer queue times than the normal battleground queue.Bynir28 2h
2h Bfa class design= find less awful one to play Bring back mop/wod class design. Most specs just don't feel fun at all to least change some talents around in the talent trees so some aren't competing against talents that should be either baseline like hammer of wrath or talents that feel mandatory like wake of ashes for ret for example. If you're unwilling to revert class design back to a better state than bfa alpha or legion. This playstyle is so much more fun than the current iteration on legion or bfa will ever be.îsus8 2h
2h Why is Stromgarde covered in Stormwind flags? This is a minor complaint, but a very valid one. Stromgarde in the Warfront and in the open world has Stormwind lions on all the flags and banners. Has Blizzard forgotten that Stromgarde is a completely different kingdom? The banner of Stromgarde is a red gauntlet. I mean, players have waited 14 years for Stromgarde to return to both game and lore, only for Blizzard to act as if they don't even exist...Eurolock12 2h
2h Frost DK Feedback - Hello All! Frost in general is still waiting a pass on updates, however I thought it prudent to go ahead and put forth some feedback up for now. Overall the pacing hasn't suffered too much with the loss of the artifact weapon. It likely helps since the active ability ability on the artifact had a relatively long cooldown (granted, there were traits to help lower it later on in the tree, but it wasn't as impactful to the rotation). Like Unholy, talents that improve resource generation are vast improvement to quality of life to help you feel like you're actively doing things on a regular basis without feeling too spammy. Icecap in row 58 will likely outshine the other talents once you are into end game content which is sad considering avalanche and glacial advance are nice in their own ways. If Avalanche also extended Pillar duration it would probably help it compete with icecap. Glacial advance being a skill shot is ok, but hard to get used to, on top of which, it getting caught on ANY terrain makes it unuseable in serious content (i've seen it get caught on a freakin rock.. ) The damage on it is good, and its cooldown scaling with haste should help it quite a bit. I'd also think it'd be ideal if the visual lined up better with damage (there are spikes from multiple instances that go through the same target, but you only deal damage one time, which gives it a behavior more like howling blast, but less user friendly to use). Oh man the Winter is coming change. I can't think of many instances where it'll be ideal except maybe helping everyone kite in M+ Row 75 Permafrost is still amazing for leveling. The name of Volatile Shielding doesn't really make sense anymore ever since the damage component was removed. Given that, Inexorable Assault on that tier just doesn't make sense (the tier is about survivability). Row 90, Frozen pulse is too hard to utilize at less than 2 runes, and should be migrated to 3 or less. You can tune the damage down if necessary, but in terms of aoe, the other talents int he tier are VERY strong. No reason to make frozen pulse so hard to utilize. On top of which, the visuals compete with Remorseless winter anyways, making it less appealing thematically between Remoresless winter, Avalanche, and Frozen Pulse (aoe around your character). We get it, we're pretty cold. I don't have a good idea for spicing this up, maybe give it Crystaline swords + thronebreaker some how? I'd like to keep value in for mastery synergy with Obliterate. Tier 100 - No real feed back here except that Obliteration and Hungering Run Weapon overall feel like they're designed to help with resource generation (even though Obliteration generates crits for us for damage, its helping us regen by lowering our spending so we can rotate back up) while Breath is primarily about dumping resources. I know we put Hungering there to keep it from being used with Breath, but the tier needs a bit more variety. Post 1 of 2Worthiest4 2h
3h In Limbo So I find myself in an odd situation. Battle for Azeroth is putting me into a situation where I need to change my "main". There are a few key reasons: The overall story for the upcoming expansion. None of my current Horde Characters/Races are willing to follow the Lich Queen since her little bargain with Helya and attempt to enslave Eyir. She is firmly in the #NotMyWarchief category after that stunt. Toss in her use of the Blight on numerous occasions, and countless other minor atrocities too. My Horde characters are effectively benched from the upcoming expansion. They're just going to help keep the Horde as whole and healthy as they can despite the Lich Queen's efforts and the core story for the expansion. They are effectively off-screen footnotes now. My current Alliance characters are all very committed to their Orders. They won't go to war with the allies they've literally been to Hell and back with just because the Lich Queen and Genn/Anduin are in a pissing contest. This is double true for my Shaman as he's fully with Magni in the "Let's save Azeroth rather than fight over her lifeblood" school of thought. My Demon hunters (Alliance and Horde) aren't going to turn on their fellow Illidari. The Illidari sacrificed their ties to race/faction to fight the Legion. Their ties to one another as Demon Hunters are far, far greater than their racial/faction ties. A need to swap classes due to the obliteration of fun in the Elemental Shaman spec. My main has always been my Shaman, no matter how bad they were. However, I've grown tired of of the backhanded, storybook step child, treatment the class gets every expansion and I'm just moving on. So with those things said, I decided I would main one of the new Allied Races. I'm leaning toward a Zandalari Troll or Kul'Tiran. Neither of those groups have the existing story "baggage" the others do. Unfortunately, that leaves me in limbo. Blizzard is time/grind gating them so I can't play one from the x-pact start. This means I have to grind through the entire leveling/story for one or both factions. This is a huge time and effort sink just for me to be able to turn around and do it all over again immediately after unlocking the new race(es). I don't mind leveling 20-120 with a fresh new class/race. In fact I'd enjoy the "do over" it would present. That's part of the appeal of the new race(es) for me. A fresh take on the story with a new race/class. This is also why just race changing or level boosting isn't a good/viable option for me. However, I really would rather do it from the start and not have to waste time, effort, and story-spoiling on an old character first. Plus, this means that while everyone is gearing up and prepping for raids I'm still leveling a new character. It puts me irrevocably behind the curve or rushing through, rather than enjoying, the leveling experience. I doubt Blizzard is going to change their mind on this. In fact, I know they're not. I don't expect a response, fix, or solution to this issue. I'm mostly just presenting a frustration this expansion is creating for the sake of venting. Maybe, however, Blizzard will take something away from this and present an option that helps.Khardun6 3h