Battle for Azeroth Alpha Bug Report

Feb 14 About the Battle for Azeroth Alpha Hi all! Welcome to the Battle for Azeroth Alpha forums. As things get underway, we wanted to remind everyone how this process works. During development, especially at this early Alpha stage, you're going to see a lot of things that are incomplete or experimental. In some cases, we've made a change just to see what happens, and already decided we were going to do something else before the build it was in hit Alpha. That's not to say that we don't want your feedback - we absolutely do! - just please keep in mind while giving that feedback that if you're not convinced something is right for the game, we might not be convinced either. Try not to take changes in the Alpha, ESPECIALLY this early, as anything more than just "let's see what this is like."Lore0 Feb 14
Feb 6 Submitting a Bug Report Notice: When a new patch is applied to the game and changes are made to the Blizzard UI, third party UI addons can break and cause any number of problems in game. Before you report a bug, please disable (or delete) all of your mods and test the situation again using the default in-game UI. If the issue does not happen without mods installed then it is not a WoW bug and you should contact the mod creator for further assistance. _______________________________________________ Commonly reported issues that are not bugs: There are many issues that are repeatedly reported on the forums that are not considered bugs and should not be posted here in this forum. Please check this list before making a new post in this forum. Many issues that appear to be bugs are actually intended functionality or should be reported in other places. Realms are down, laggy or crashing. Exploits, Cheats and Hacks. Forum Avatar or Character Armory aren't updated Problems with the guild UI when you have more than 500 players in the guild. Haste effects do not apply the correct amount of casting/attack increase. “Impossible” simultaneous actions. No experience, loot or quest credit for mobs killed exclusively by pets or totems. Counterspell/Kick locks down unexpected spells. Website issues_______________________________________________ Realms are down or crashing Example: Players cannot get past “Authenticating” or a specific PTR realm is not currently online. Blizzard Technicians continually monitor all of our realms and work to resolve issues as quickly as possible. QA does not have information about realm status. Information regarding realm status can be viewed in the Realm Status Forum: Exploits, Cheats and Hacks Example: Several players are using cheats to win PVP All reports of exploits, cheats, hacks or the players who are using them should be reported via the web-form found here: Forum Avatar or Character Armory is outdated Example: In-game character is level 70, forum avatar is level 63. The Forum information is not updated in real time, it can often take days or weeks for this information to update. This is especially true if your characters recently changed realms or were a part of a realm-merge, and is ultimately not a topic that's appropriate to report here. Unable to view items on armory, or character not found Again, this forum is only for in-game bugs or issues that were experienced on the PTR. For any issues with our support pages or websites, please go here: Feb 6
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26m Quest name: Leaving the Nest Objective: Open five Falcon Cages, using Falconer's Key looted from Hexthralled Falconer. The cages appear interactable but clicking them does nothing, with or without a key. The keys can also be right clicked and appear interactable but this also does nothing. Quest can't be completed currently.Reverîe7 26m
2h Mouse Cursor At least once a day on alpha my mouse cursor vanishes and will not reappear with out a full wow restart. I thought it was just me, but I was in a dungeon today and 3 other people had the same issue, restarting fixed theirs too.Violentçow0 2h
2h Hemet Nessingwary Great job so far... but when i got to the Nessingwary quest line I found him hanging in the hut... but whether he is visible or not is based on camera angle... turning just slightly one way and he disappears. Thanks ViolentViolentçow0 2h
2h Hemet Nessingwary great work so far... but for me I just got to the Hemet Nessingwary questline and where he is hanging in the hut it is very positional on camera direction if you can see him or not... he disappears.Violentçow0 2h
4h Quest: Painful Memories The quest does not show on the map anywhere from afar and shows no indicator on the mini-map when you are close to the objective. For those who wish to complete the quest and move on, head up the hill towards Whitegrove Chapel, once inside, turn right through a door then through the door on straight ahead (not up the stairs) and you will find the bones downstairs.Reverîe0 4h
5h female gnome mage casting animation bug (forgive me - this is my first attempt at a bug report, not sure if its worth the report) i'm playing as a female gnome frost mage, and when i chain cast frostbolts, my character does not change her casting stance to appear to actually push the frostbolt forward. she stays in the same position with her right arm back and left arm slightly forward. if i stop casting between spells and wait for the animation to play out, there are no issues. this is only when i am casting repeated frostbolts in a row.Kahlandra0 5h
6h "Hardware Changed" Dialogue Prompt For some reason, every time I switch from Live to Alpha, I am greeted with this prompt: "Hardware Changed, Reload Default Settings?". This also happens with I switch back to Live from Alpha as well. This is odd because I am testing the alpha from my laptop (haven't had time to install it on my desktop yet so I will report back if this also occurs on my desktop). My Laptop Specs are: Model: ASUS K501UW-NB72 CPU: i7 6500U (2.50 GHz) GPU: GeForce GTX 960M (2 GB) SSD: 128 GB HDD: 750 GB RAM: 8 GB DDR4 OS: Win 10 Home 64 Not sure if relevant but using the GeForce Game Ready Driver Vers. 390.77 & using an external monitor & keyboard + mouse for it as well. Picture of Error: 6h
11h Competitive Devotion Wall BUG During the quest. Walking up the flight of stairs and heading right, next to the boxes well result in you getting trapped In between overlapping terrain and wallsBeerbot0 11h
12h Dazar'alor clip Walking past the Royal chambers down by the fountain. Walking into any of the walls well make you clip trough the worldBeerbot0 12h
1d Cursor disappeared I was questing on my BE shadow priest in Torga's Rest and my cursor disappeared. Reloading didn't work, nor did relogging. I had to restart the game completely to get my cursor to show up.Aisllin12 1d
1d legacy content not tuned to stat squish yet i knew something was wrong when i couldnt oneshot Stockades bosses then i went into Heroic BWD was barely able to kill the trash and couldnt get Magmaw below 60% as their health hasnt been adjusted, and neither has their damage so yeah, assuming this isnt intentional and that legacy content just hasnt been squished like everything else yet still bringing it up just in caseLightwrath3 1d
1d Stuck on Target of opportunity I am on the quest Target of opportunity and it says "Confront Grand Ma'ta Ateena" and then it says 0/1 meet with Talanji. At this point the two of them just have a beam battle with each other and there does not seem to be any other way to interact with them and nothing else you can do but just sit there. I have tried relogging and looking around for something to interact with but nothing is there.Connery9 1d
1d Rare mob HP & damage higher than expected In older content, HP levels and the damage they do for Rares, Elites, and Raid bosses are much higher than expected. For example, Rare mobs on the timeless isle have 35k - 240k HP, when a level 110 pre-made has 14k hp. Their abilies have also not been adjusted since some abilities are 1-shoting 110 players. Some of the rare abilities are doing upwards of 35k damage. In order to test the warlock new animations, I gave Anshlun of Wowhead the green fire questline tome. The Face boss had 200k HP. I was not able to see what the final boss had, but Anshlun was struggling with that boss as well. Just watching his stream, the fight felt like the fight was tuned for level 110 but it was designed for level 90 toons.Delritha2 1d
1d The Ruins of Gol'var Noticed in this build its now been given a full cave and actually textured. Before it wasnt working, you break the wall and she cowers in fear until you beat the golmn creature that appears. However after defeating it, she continues to cower in the corner. This was the same in the last build. Cannot progress this line.Morgins0 1d
1d Bugs from Nazmir/Horde side I started the alpha this week. To avoid posting many topics, I'll post my experience on horde side here. And my experience on ally side in another. I'll try to be clear and objective, my english isn't very good. This is my list until now: NAZMIR: 1) Cursor still disappears during the game. Had the same problem during ally's quests. Few seconds before the cursor disappears, I can see a black square around the icon. After that, the cursor disappears. Need to restart the game to fix it. The /reload doesn't work. 2) Torga, the Turtle Loa : the npcs just disappear without any fade effect on road. 3) The Road of Pain: same thing, they just don't have a fade out animation. 4) The Crawg Mada: a big root tree blocks our target in the hut. Can't pull from the outside. Must enter the hut the get the "aggro". 5) Ateena's Fall: she doesn't cast any skill during the fight. Ok, this isn't a problem, but it's just boring. lol 6) Quests in Zal'amaki: the riverbeast near Warmother Nagla is dead, but it marks me "in combat". I must kill the dead riverbeast and loot it. (?!) 7) During the quests I used my DK's death grip, and it makes the npc disappear. About 3-4 times. ---- I figured that horde side has less bugs than ally's side. It's more complete, too, with more npc voices, cinematics, less missing textures. I really enjoyed the storyline more than Drustvar. I think it's just part of the development.Massafera0 1d
2d Mac-Only Graphics Bug I submitted a bug report in-game but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post about this here. While playing the alpha with a friend of mine, the Blood Trolls (usually the rares) would sometimes leave a blood splatter effect on the ground. If my character stepped into it, I would completely DC from the alpha. This also happened in the Atal'Dazar dungeon during the Vol'kaal boss fight when he starts spewing out the green puddles everywhere. Someone mentioned in general asking if anyone else in the alpha played on Mac and I happened to be online. It seems they had the same issues so I assumed it was a Mac-only issue similar to what happened with Legion and some graphics there. My hopes is the earlier that I mention it hopefully it'll be fixed before the expansion is released not like with what happened with Legion and the bug remained rampant for Mac users. I realize playing on a Mac puts me in the minority but a bug that breaks the game is a pretty big deal. Even in alpha.Tåzjiin0 2d
2d Unable to Log In For several days, I've been getting an error report when attempting to log in. No clue why, not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that Windoze 10 had a giant updated. Every time I've sent a bug report, so probably a dozen sent, but still nothing. Any thoughts? Computer has been rebooted several times as well.Losgunna0 2d
2d Bugs from KulTiras/Ally side I started the alpha this week. To avoid posting many topics, I'll post my experience on ally side here. And my experience on horde side in another. I'll try to be clear and objective, my english isn't very good. DRUSTVAR: 1. Sometimes my mouse cursor disappears. I need to restart the game to fix it. (I saw more people reporting this) 2. I fell off the bridge in the final hall of Gol Var, and I could not climb back. After many, many, many tries, I could jump back using the walls. Would be interesting to block the sides, to prevent idiots like me from falling. Or have a easier way to return to the platform... :3 3. During "Clear Victory" and "Pieces of History" (Gol Osigr), Inquisitor Cleardawn doesn't mount her horse. When we mount, she stands on her horse. 4. NPCs didn't help me during the attack in "Hold the Barricade!" 5. Some quests from Falconhurst/Master Ashton chain quest doesn't have any kind of "track quest POIs". I spent some time looking for right places and the entrance to the basement. Or maybe I'm just dumb. 6. We can open the cage in "Saving Master Ashton" quest without the key, but he only walks away if we open the cage with the key on bag. 7. Many itens around Hocking's Plot, Pikeman's Ridge have the glowing border (nails and keys), but we can't use or click... whats the purpose? it will be something like scrap to use with the witchrend gun? 8. The gates on "To the Other Side" (pikeman's ridge/Upper Corlain) are phased, and sometimes disappear when I aproach them. 9. Keys and cages from "Leaving the Nest" don't work. Even with all the 5 Falconers Key on bag. Can't open the falcon cages to finish the quest. The quest doesn't have that "blue track quest POIs", to.Massafera1 2d
2d Leaving the Nest - Can't Complete Quest - Bug Leaving the Nest Can't Open any Falcon Cages, as they appear to have no falcons in them to save. It seems your AI is smart enough to have figured out, nothing to save, nothing to click. Video Link for Bug 2d
3d Quest: The fallen mother Cant complete this quest since the building is completely untextured. The npc's ran into waycrest manor and nothing happened.Shenhua1 3d
6d Blank screen mac os Hey guys, Some graphics in-game show up as garbled, which is fine and sometimes doesn't lead to any issues, however other times the screen will go completely black. When this happens I can still see the mouse and control my character but everything else is all black. To get out of it, I have to close the client and restart it...which means I have no crash report for it. It seemed to occur more often on instance boss fights than anywhere else (of course while I was tanking =). I'm running 10.12.6 with an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950. Let me know if you guys need anymore information. In the meantime, I'll install the alpha on windows too in case I ever need to tank again.Trixxz0 6d
6d Frequent screen freezes While playing (in the horde starting zone, did not test alliance) I frequently experience very long game freezes (10 to 60 seconds). Bringing up the map triggers this almost immediately but it frequently happens even without opening the map. I have not been able to reproduce it but it is frequent enough that it's almost guaranteed to happen in 5 minutes of gameplay.Strahn1 6d
Feb 17 Overlapping Music Tracks Music will often overlap while playing. Toggling death knight voices on or off fixes the issue.Zeranas0 Feb 17
Feb 16 PvP flagging resets after Hearthing Hey, Y'all! Just wanted to put this up here. With PvP flagging, after Hearthing, having PvP enabled is then reset to Disabled until manually reset. Not sure if this feature's completed with alpha being so limited, or has been changed since I'd last tested this. Since PvP right now is not a huge focus, it might just be that it's not working.Allinesh0 Feb 16
Feb 15 Warlock Character Select Perspective When making a warlock, the perspective is off. The pet is actually in the fore-ground despite appear as though it should be behind the character. Image - Notice how the staff passes in front of the fel-puppy despite the character being in the foreground.Ogbunabali0 Feb 15
Feb 15 Talent spec choices not saving With the build 26032 talent reset it appears setting your talents while in a non-rested area does not save quite right. On my Afflication lock on Alpha when I logged in I set the talents on my talent tree. If I switch to another spec like Destro or Demonolgy then back to Afflication it doesn't set the talents to what I selected for Afflication the first time. Also the Phantom Singularity spell appeared to disappear out of my spellbook. But I set my talents up in a non-rested area. Once I returned to the starting point where all new toons appear at in BfA Alpha my afflication talent choices saved - switch to Destro/Demon then back to Afflication had my talent choices. I'm not sure if the Phantom Singularity bug is due to the talent choices not saving though - I would have the talent selected but the spell would randomly disappear out of my spellbook. Now I've submitted both of these bugs but now I'm putting it out to the community - is anyone else seeing this behaviour ? Talent choices not saving when switching specs ? A spell from a talent choice just disappearing out of the spellbook (and hence unable to be cast) ? If you can reproduce the talent trees not saving report back with what class and what spec you are switching. If you can reproduce a spell from a talent choice disappearing report back with which spec and which spell. Also report if it starts to work IF you set your talents in a non-rested area. NB To be clear - I'm talking about setting up the talents for the first time for that spec. Not for when you are switching talents within a talent spec.Bluspacecow3 Feb 15
Feb 14 Tiragarde Sound Prison Break death So I wanted to see what the spotlights did during the prison break in "Out Like Flynn" and sure enough, it was a funny one-shot death. However, when I released I got teleported to Westfall Graveyard and now there's no way to get back to the prison. I have to wonder, how would you get there if someone were to just hearth out since Jaina's ship is now gone?Zensunim0 Feb 14
Feb 14 Arcane Explosion/Clearcast When Arcane Explosion procs clearcast, it automatically consumes it. Whats worse is it also takes the mana.Ryken0 Feb 14
Feb 14 Graphic Bug in North Pass Caverns Character name: Tombe Location: North Pass Caverns (surface) Realm: Sylvanas After dying while doing the quest "Research Recovery" I died a horrible, bloody death, and when I went to get my corpse, I traveled up the little path to the right of the Graveyard. My ghost passed through the hill on the east side of the bridge, southeast of Grozgore. My ghost will reappear at the top and bottom of the hill. 100% reproducible.Meemoh1 Feb 14
Feb 14 Marksmanship Hunter Mastery Quick Shot and Rapid fire are currently not affected by mastery. Neither get the increased range, and Quick Shot does not get the increased damage to focus spending abilities. Additionally, while Barrage is still affected by the increased damage portion of mastery, it is no longer affected by the range increase like it is on live servers, though I am unsure if this is an intentional change.Reverîe0 Feb 14
Feb 14 Nazmir Questing Bug Report P1 of 3 Build: 8.0.1 (25976) (Beta x64) I made a video that includes visual examples of the bugs below: I also put each bug into a playlist of unlisted videos for individual reference: In the quest “Into the Darkness”, there are typos in the quest description, with two spaces at “Go ahead” and “this be”. At the Fallen Outpost nearby, a Blood Troll Brutalizer is atop a piece of ruined wall. He has no script to jump down when engaged, so he just evade bugs. The Ceremonial Torch item appears on the troll male’s back when used, which looks a little odd. Also, it feels like the text should be different, reading “Ceremoniously burn a Zandalari corpse” instead of “Burn a Zandalari corpse ceremoniously.” In the quest “Ending the Blood Trolls”, the corpses around Princess Talanji disappear very noticeably when the player is phased. A delay on this might alleviate this problem. Grand Ma’da Ateena has no abilities, making the fight rather uneventful until she flees. I assume this is a bug, because many other blood troll casters have abilities. In the quest “The Aid of Loas”, Princess Talanji has no accent on the dialogue box when the player can say “Let’s discuss what we can do to fight the blood trolls.” Adding in a couple of “be”s and apostrophes would work: “We have to be strengthenin’ our position. We’re all that be standin’ between my homeland and certain destruction.” In the quest “Crocolisk Life”, there is a typo in the initial quest description. It reads “When the dagger seem to be fill”, which I assume is meant to be FULL. In the quest “There’s No Eye In Skyterror”, the quest objectives section, which reads “Recover Jarkadiax’s eye” is lacking a period. In the Primal Wetlands, as players are questing, it is possible to hear Sur’jan shout "We gonna put ya ta rest, Urok, I sorry it had ta be like dis!", even when not on that part of the quest. When the quest “My head and shoulders” is completed, as Sur’jan puts on his armor a piece at a time, the auras for each are visible if the player targets him. At the Terrace of Sorrows, Shinga and Kol’jun Deathwalker are tending to dead servants of Bwonsamdi. But, as Kol’jun moves about, he resets his path rather abruptly, simply phasing himself and the corpses back to the beginning of the event. It’s very jarring, and could use some more streamlined looping, or perhaps an indefinite period near the end of the path where Kol’jun simply meditates. In the quest “Bwonsamdi’s Deliverance”, the spirits of Defiled Trolls, Servants of Bwonsamdi, and indeed Shinga and Kol’jun later on, all glitch upwards when they pass on. A different movement ID, or perhaps a different version of the NPC, might help with this. Additionally, the corpses of the Defiled Worshipers (which should probably have two ps, even if that isn’t technically correct) are not shared between players, meaning that players can snipe corpses from each other with the Cremation Torch. After accepting the quest “Kel’vax’s Home”, Shinga Deathwalker states “Kel’vax wants ta insult everytin Bwonsamdi is about. Find dem phylacteries so we can end dis affront.” There should be an apostrophe at the end of “everytin”. During the same quest, if the player clicks on the visions they see, they get generic audio responses. It might be an idea to disable these, as it’s rather jarring for the immersion. In the quest “A Tribute For Death”, Hanzabu speaks in Zandali, but as a troll I cannot understand it. It might be a nice moment to have trolls understand what he’s saying - something along the lines of “A gift for you, Loa of Death”, most likely. The during the quest “The Forlorn Soul”, Keula doesn’t despawn in her original quest-giving position once her mother is slain, but the quest isn’t handed in. Since there are lots of other quests, including a bonus objective, to be done in the area, it might be an idea to phase Keula out after the quest objective for The Forlorn Soul is completed, rather than after the quest is handed in. In the quest “Till Death Us Do Part”, the quest objective reads: “Obtain Valjabu’s Tusk Ring”, but there is no period at the end of it. Additionally, once the quest is completed, Bwonsamdi says: "Oho, dat a mighty soul! Old Bwonsamdi feelin' spry now? haha, yes, me powers be growin'!" This line seems to have a couple of typos. It should read: "Oho, dat a mighty soul! Old Bwonsamdi feelin' spry now! Haha, yes, me powers be growin'!" The quest “Profanity Filter” cannot be completed and further quests cannot be obtained, as Kajosh phases out once the player enters Natha’vor. In the quest “Beseeching Bwonsamdi”, Bwonsamdi refers to Princess Talanji as “tElanji”, with an E. In the Gloom Hollow sub-zone, a Darkspear Scout clips a little over a piece of ruin as part of her patrol path.Torunscar1 Feb 14
Feb 14 Broken Shore & Argus NPC Damage Baseline Health and auto attack damage for many NPCs feel inline with the stat squish, However some are hitting for massively more than I believe is intended. Such as the Eredar Conqueror on Argus - Krokuun. His Dread Crush ability hit me for about 92,426 as unholy on my 15,570 health pool. i haven't run into this problem with any of the BfA based content thus far but will create a separate report for it if I come across it.Worthiest5 Feb 14
Feb 14 Quick Q for Devs/QA Will you also be monitoring the in-game bug report feature? Just want to make sure anything I may put there isn't lost to the void. (I've been using it the whole time the forums have been closed.)Levíathan1 Feb 14
Feb 14 Nazmir Questing Bug Report P3 of 3 Build: 8.0.1 (25976) (Beta x64) I made a video that includes visual examples of the bugs below: I also put each bug into a playlist of unlisted videos for individual reference: The quest “The Crawg Mada” may be misspelt. Considering that every other reference to “ma’da” in the zone has an apostrophe between the ma and the da, this could be a typo in the quest name. During the quest “Blood of the Blood Trolls”, Rokhan can be heard more than once stating "I be sneakin' on ahead ta clear out a safe place for our next move . Meet me at da bridge when you be done." I wasn’t able to replicate this bug. Additionally, there is an unnecessary space between “move” and the period at the end of Rokhan’s first sentence here. After handing in the quests “A message of blood and fire”, “Back on your feet, soldier”, and “Blood of the blood trolls”, Princess Talanji spawns in in front of the player. It may be less jarring to have her be present immediately, in the same phase as Rokhan. In the quest “Ateena’s Fall”, Grand Ma’da Ateena still has no abilities, and she seemed to have very little health, making for an anticlimactic final boss fight for the zone. Additionally, the completion text for the quest reads “More importantly, you’ve made good friends with the Tortollans and have gained power allies in the loa.” this should probably be “POWERFUL allies in the loa.” Finally, in the quest “Halting the Empire’s Fall”, there is a typo in the quest description in the final paragraph. We’re missing an e and a period for “You should let him know as soon as you are able.”Torunscar0 Feb 14
Feb 14 Nazmir Questing Bug Report P2 of 3 Build: 8.0.1 (25976) (Beta x64) I made a video that includes visual examples of the bugs below: I also put each bug into a playlist of unlisted videos for individual reference: In the quest “Fallen Idols”, Zentimo has no accent in the quest description. Considering that he has an accent in the other quest he gives, “Hunt the Hunters”, this is likely an oversight. In the quest “A True Loa Feast”, there is a rare enemy nearby called Lo’kuno. Considering the quest objective is to gather meat from creatures of the same type as Lo’kuno, it’s a bit strange that he doesn’t drop any. After the player completes “Krag’wa’s Chosen” and helps Shadow Hunter Narez, she doesn’t appear in Krag’Wa’s Burrow afterwards, as one of his servants, as the dialogue suggests she should. After completing the same quest, the Empowerment Potion remains in the player’s inventory, and is useless. In the quest “Totemic Restoration”, Shadow Hunter Mutumba is not present; then, after completing that quest and the next one, Krag’wa the terrible, she simply re-appears afterwards. When the player goes to hand in “Krag’wa’s Aid”, Princess Talanji speaks without an accent: “Ah, there you are! I was just going over Mutumba’s report. It seems you two have had quite the adventure.” It should be something more like: “Ah, there you be! I was just goin’ over Mutumba’s report. It seems you two had quite da adventure.” Rokhan seems like he should say something as well, but it appears as blank text. Additionally, Princess Talanji has no accent in the turn-in quest text, either! In the quest “Revenge: Served Hot”, there is a typo in the quest description - the plural of Behemoths should not include an apostrophe. In the quest “Head of the Viper”, even after the player has killed Lord Slithin, his yells are audible. As the player hands in the quest “Ready for Action”, Princess Talanji once again has no accent in her dialogue and quest completion text. In the quest “Slumber No More”, the damaged core in front of the old statue is not shared, limiting it to one player per spawn. It can take upwards of two minutes to respawn. In the quest “How to repair a titan keeper”, Titan Keeper Hezrel’s second round of dialogue “ERROR… INTRUSTION.. DET-DETECTED… SCANNING FOR… CORRUPTION” has no period. In the quest “Protocol Recovery”, the quest dialogue before turn-in “please present containment protocol” has no period. In the quest “Containment Procedure”, neither Grand Ma’da Ateena or Princess Talanji have any abilities, aside from the Grand Ma’da’s Bloody Apocalypse spell. The fight is rather uninteresting until she casts it. In the quest “Down by the Riverside”, if the player has NPC names enabled, they can see the “Dominated Hydra” name above the water long before it spawns, spoiling the surprise. After leaving the boat in the same quest, Shadow Hunter Da’jul is infront of a fire called “Bonfire Spawn (DNT)”. This NPC should probably be invisible to the player. In the quest “Rally the Warriors”, Princess Talanji says “We will destroy the Blood Trolls home”. There should be an apostrophe here, as it is a possessive! After the speech concludes, Rokhan and Princess Talanji appear next to the cauldron in the distance, creating duplicates of those already involved in the event. In the quest “The Road of Pain”, the first paragraph of text in the description reads “My people continue to be captured and hauled into the Blood Trolls village for the slaughter”,and again there should be an apostrophe here. In the same quest, there is no animation for bandaging the Zandalari soldiers (with their floating mohawks), although I do like that you can heal them with your own spells. In the quest “Target of Opportunity”, the quest objectives section reads “Confront Grand Ma’da Ateena”. There is no period. After this quest is completed, Princess Talanji has no exclamation mark over her head or on the minimap for “Pressing On”, making continuing the chain difficult.Torunscar0 Feb 14