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4h The Battle For Azeroth Beta test has begun Aloha! With maintenance on the test realms, we're bringing up the BFA Beta test today. For those of you who tested the Alpha with us, you can expect a clean slate with regard to characters. For those of you just joining us, thank you for testing! Please have a look at our various subforums for Beta discussion: BFA Beta General Discussion (this one) BFA Beta Bug Report BFA Beta Zones and Leveling BFA Beta Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids BFA Beta Items and Classes BFA Beta Warmode and PvP We greatly appreciate you posting on-topic in each of these forums.Kaivax178 4h
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1h Play with the Blues - Alliance Warfronts Greetings friends, This Thursday (May 24 PDT), we'll have a Play with the Blues event focusing on Alliance Warfronts. Members of the Blizzard WoW Development and WoW QA teams will be fighting alongside you all on the Anduin beta realm. Be on the lookout for characters in the <Blizzard Alliance> guild. Start Time: 3:00 p.m. PDT End Time: 5:00 p.m. PDT Realm: Anduin How to queue for Warfronts: 1. Head to the Trade District in Stormwind. 2. Look for the War Table located outside of Trias' Cheese shop. 3. Interact with the table to queue up! Reminder: There are no level restrictions or prerequisite quests for Warfronts in the beta. If you'd like to participate, but only have a Horde character on Anduin (or no characters at all ... yet), all you need to do is create a fresh Alliance character, and you'll be good to go.Arvaanas10 1h
1d Feedback: Warfronts Please use this thread to provide feedback for today's Warfronts playtest.Skordyn60 1d
1d Pet Battle Updates in Beta Hello! We're currently hard at work implementing Battle for Azeroth’s pet battle content, and we'd like to start talking about some of the changes you’ll be seeing in the Beta. Pet Battle World Quests will soon begin showing up on both of the new continents. Similar to Legion, they will count towards your zone’s emissary, but this time around, the level of the pets opposing you will scale to the highest level pet on your team. This will allow a player with a team of only level 1 pets to take on the World Quest and get some battle pet experience. Please give them a shot with pets of all levels, and let us know how that goes for you. We will be introducing a new currency in Battle for Azeroth that can be used to purchase a variety of things, so there's no need to hold on to those Pet Charms that are burning a hole in your pocket. Several new pet battle mechanics are coming to Battle for Azeroth. Some of these will appear on enemy pets, and some on yours. A few examples include: A powerful spell that summons a random Weather effect Several additions to suite of Heals that will have increased effects based on your pet’s health Aura effects that heal your pet (or damage the enemy pet) based on the last hit dealt In addition to new pets and abilities, we’re making a few targeted changes to a few pets and abilities that are seen frequently: Bone Serpent: swapped positions of Call Darkness and Lift Off Crow and Gilnean Raven: -200 power, +200 speed Cyclone: damage changed from 7 to 3-7 Haunt: returns the pet at 50% health when sacrificed instead of 100%. Teroclaw Hatchling: Dodge and Nature's Ward now occupy the same tier (as do Hawk Eye and Ravage). Please feel free to let us know how the changes play for you. Thank you!Kaivax79 1d
1d Beta download - how to make it smaller 1) With the BDA up go under the Region/Account picker and select Beta. Click Install. 2) Let it go for a while then stop it 3) Go into the Blizzard logo -> Settings -> Game Install/Update 4) Note down where your Live wow install and Beta wow install are installed. 5) Click "Done" then go into the Blizzard logo again and go Exit. For this next step you'll want to wait until all Blizzard related processes are gone from memory so wait 10 minutes. Or restart if your impatient. 6) Go to your Live folder. 7) Right click the Data folder go Copy 8) Go to your beta folder 9) Right click Paste 10) Say Yes to replacing what's there. As for addons - these will be in the Interface folder of your live folder. Be warned tho - there are fairly major changes in BfA so don't expect all of them to work. In fact don't expect 80% of them to work. You'll need to seek out special 8.0 versions of them all Addon settings - these will be in the WTF folder. But as the realm name / toon names will be different on Bfa you'll need to rename them appropriately. As for the addon changes it's probably quicker for you to reset them all up with beta addons.Bluspacecow22 1d
5d Beta Build Update - 5/15/2018 Greetings all, We'll be bringing down Beta realms today in order to push a new 8.0.1 build. No ETA for today's update but I'll keep you in the loop on this thread if things look like they're going to take longer than usual (~1-2 hours). Side Note: This build should address the disconnection issues many users have encountered due to a missing art asset. Thanks for your patience everyone!Arvaanas164 5d
May 8 Consolidated Dungeon Feedback Threads Freehold: Tol Dagor: Atal'Dazar: The MOTHERLODE!!: Shrine of the Storm: The Underrot: Temple of Sethraliss: Waycrest Manor: Kings' Rest: Siege of Boralus: May 8
1m Stop the Pruning! So... During my intense ranting on the negative affects of pruning and why we need more abilities... My computer shut off. In lieu of everything I was going to say - here's my opinion in a short summary. STOP PRUNING! Sincerely, Aggravated PlayerMethusxo1 1m
2m Why did you change Bwonsamdi's voice? In the earlier alpha, his voice was deep, rumbling, and truly menacing. Granted, he was... mostly on your side but you knew you didn't want to mess with him. Now his voice sounds high pitched and also sounds sped up a little. Why the change? Any chance it can be changed back? Older voice for reference: 2m
7m Artifact weapon Tmog restriction I’d really like to hear a valid reason why this restriction is in place. Why can’t I transmog to the BM gun as an MM hunter and vice versa? Why can’t Holy Paladins use Ashbringer if they keep 2 handers in BfA or the prot weapon if they go sword and board? Why can’t fire mage use the frost staff or shadow priest use the holy/disc staff? There are even skins for these weapons that match the other specs better. Some specs won’t even be able to transmog their main spec artifact because they may use a different weapon type in BfA but that would be alleviated if they could use a weapon from their other spec (like fire mages using staves next expac or holy pally using 1h/shield). It feels like an arbitrary restriction that limits customization and there’s no real reason for it. Spec identity doesn’t come from transmog or weapons it comes from having unique spec specific abilities that other classes/specs can identify. Restricting things like this just feels bad for players as there’s no really good reason for it, all it does is limit options and customization when transmogging. The artifacts are all really well designed, why restrict them to a specific spec when they’re only used for transmogging? Class specific is fine but spec specific is much more limiting for no reason. Corrupted ashbringer can be mogged as a holy pally if you have it. Benediction can be mogged as a shadow priest if you have it. I can mog myself to look like an unholy/frost dk as a holy pally. If I can do all of this there’s no reason to randomly restrict artifacts when they’re cosmetic due to spec fantasy.Dyleyshun95 7m
7m Personal Loot and Rewarding Raiders Hi guys, I don't want to start a new debate on Master Loot vs Personal Looting in BFA. There are countless pages on feedback on this. I'd like to address something a little different based on the assumption that the change to only using personal loot stays. And that topic is how guild leaders / raid teams reward things like attendance, good performance and the like now that they can't use loot to do so? I have always felt that loot (being the thing that players often desire most in almost any game) was the best currency for rewarding players who have excellent attendance records, obey the guilds rules and regulations and generally act as a contributing member to a raid group. It is also a very good method of sanctioning players who break guild policies. How can a guild give preferential treatment to the good and respectful players and also what kind of punishments can be inflicted to players that break certain in house policies. I will use my guild as an example. We have a policy where all raiders must report absences prior to raid time via a discord channel and all players are screened upon guild entry to make sure they know where to find it and the like. There is a loot penalty to any players who break this policy. How would anyone apply a meaningful penalty on that player if there is no way to control loot? We also use in game mount drops to reward players based on attendance alone as an extra carrot (100% attendance plus 100% absence posts are allowed to roll on it). Under the new system we wouldn't even be able to manage rewards like that? What do you suggest is the new rewards / punishment system for maintaining guild policies? PLEASE don't restart the debate on IF personal loot is good or bad. Please stay on topic and be constructive about how you plan to manage your raid. In before: I don't think repairs and consumables are the answer.Baratus9 7m
11m Net-o-Matic 5000 and Druid Flight Form A new item has hit the beta called the "Net-o-Matic 5000", it is only usable in War Mode. The items tooltip states on use it will dismount an enemy player from their flying mount and has an insane range. My concern is how does this work with druid flight form? Any other class you use it on WILL hit the ground at some point, even after glides/blinks whatever. But can druids just hop right back into flight form? My hopes are that when knocked off you are given a parachute to glide to the ground, and also a 20 second debuff preventing flight. I don't mind if you can mount and run, but you should not be able to mount/fly away. It would feel like a real waste of the item, and just not very fun PvP-wise. Now after 20 seconds if I haven't prevented you from flying away that's on me and not a one class only unlimited escape artist.Sindolay3 11m
17m Kul'tiran and what classes they can play. Could we please get the info on what classes they play already? We know the Zandalari ones and if i'm not wrong KT humans are the only ones who are still left in the dark on this. All we know is Druid, and that's it. This is rather vital information to know if you intend to play as one and want to have a class comfortably prepared for BFA if you intend to race change into one.Gashy17 17m
18m Class Changes: Problems and "My" Solutions *NOT MY WORK, CREDIT TO REDDIT USER KingWalrax* The battle for Azeroth Class Design Suffers From Perennial Pruning, minimally effective Azerite Armor, Terrible Talents; Feedback and My Solution I’ve put some time, thought, and high Ilvl graphic design talent into this since seeing Azerite Armor yesterday, so would appreciate hearing thoughts from you guys in response and maybe helping push Blizzard towards something we can all get behind! Like many of you, I’ve been playing on-off since Vanilla and have experienced much the game has to offer. I’ve led a Mythic raiding guild, most recently to 4/7 Emerald Nightmare and PVP’d heavily when participation was high in BC & WotLK (only made it to Challenger, sadly). My Mythic +15 Achievement is timestamped 1/13/2017. That’s not to brag, these achievements aren’t close to the best in my guild, let alone this whole community. But hopefully, it’s enough to put some weight behind my words here. Quote from The BfA Class Design Overview Developer Watercooler (1/24): “…our goals for the next expansion are to promote what makes each class unique, focus on making group gameplay the best that it can be…we believe some specializations will need substantial iteration to achieve these goals, others will not, and our target is greater stability across the board.” One of the core criticisms of Legion (and WoD) has been that, for all the “class-fantasy” focus, ability pruning over the last 4 years has stripped a lot of the depth and engaging gameplay away from players in favor of passives, random procs, and sometimes just nothing at all. Some of this IS rotational, as some specs have lost core rotational class-defining abilities to the Great Pruning Crusade. I want Corruption back on all Warlock specs, for example. And some of this is more about “moments of glory” outside of core rotational abilities; think of a Priest Life-gripping an ally (like the slow-mo video that made r/wow front page this week), or a Ret/Holy Pally bubble-taunting to save a raid, or a Mage Iceblocking to eat a one-shot mechanic for the party and save the day. These are examples that are still in the game, but we used to have so many more. We used to have MULTIPLE per class. And yes, some classes had 3 and some had 2 and some had 7. But instead of pruning them all down to 1, Blizzard should’ve stopped to consider class fantasy and uniqueness — why people play the classes that they do, and ultimately the game that they do. The current state of class design in Legion is already OVER-pruned. Classes are lacking identity-defining flavor, moments of power, and even rotational abilities in many cases. The community has been saying this for a while. Nobody is excited about the idea of “pruning”. It’s become a meme on reddit, and even though it’s a meme we all still groan in horror at the idea that we could lose even MORE in the future. Blizzard themselves, in their Developer Watercooler from January (it’s great, go read it!) acknowledged that this pruning has been a “miss” on the development front. "One area we’re trying to focus on across all classes is to better emphasize what makes each class unique and provide greater distinction among their various capabilities, especially when it comes to utility— tools that fall outside of core role functions like damage, healing, or mitigation…pursuing this goal will likely involve adding some new abilities (or re-adding previously removed abilities) to give classes a more unique signature where needed.“ Now, I think Blizzard has ALSO over-pruned core rotational abilities in Legion, but that’s fine, we can leave that on the side for now and focus on the non-core stuff.Annihilas3 18m
29m Artifact Appearance Availability in BFA As testing continues in the Battle for Azeroth Beta, and we specifically consider the transition from Legion to BFA, we’ve decided to make the existing Keystone Master achievement permanent. There will not be a new achievement for completing a Mythic 15 or higher dungeon in the new expansion. The artifact appearance associated with Keystone Master will still be available in Battle For Azeroth. Players can earn the achievement in Legion through August 13, or players can complete a Mythic 15 BFA dungeon at level 120, once Mythic Keystone difficulty opens a few weeks after the launch of Battle For Azeroth. This means that the only artifact appearance that will become unobtainable with Battle For Azeroth is the Mage Tower base appearance. As always, thank you for your feedback!Kaivax77 29m
34m Too many buttons? Just noticed ... my enhancement shaman has 30 active abilities and my demon hunter has 16. Is 30 too many?Brehon42 34m
42m Stat squish When we all make a new character on the Beta we begin with a total ilvl of 185. What does that equal on the live server? 870/80, which is a currently boosted 110? Has anyone been able to figure it out yet?Rosinthel5 42m
43m BFA Classes Feel Restricting This post is to express my feelings towards the ability count moving forward into Battle for Azeroth and what it means to me in analogical way. I can see the advantages to stream lining classes for a broader audience through allowing more people to easily access the game but I think Battle for Azeroth has gone too far. I discuss both PVE and PVP in this post. My best way of explaining this, being a musician is to compare classes to instruments. If we take a mage and now say this mage is a piano. Well a piano has 88 keys. This would make the piano appear colossal to the average person. But if you've been to a concert you will know how inspiring it is to see a master at piano. It's this type of inspiration that will create more pianists and further expand the amount of musicians. This is true for players in video games as well. I feel that a game that overly limits your dexterity, loses out on the feeling of always improving. For the individual starting out on piano where do you start? Mary had a little lamb. 3 keys are used in this beginner song. Then you advance slowly into more complex songs and you have a feeling of infinite progress. It's this progressing feeling that having so much complexity adds. Do I think a class in WoW should have 88 keys? No, but I think it should have more than the current count moving into BFA. Right now BFA feels like classes are restricted to Mary Had a Little Lamb. The BFA PVP features themselves look fantastic. But fundamentally PVP is about classes and how they interact. I'm deeply concerned with the minimal required dexterity needed to play a class in general but more notably a PVP situation. The ability to always improve has been largely stripped away. The complexity has otherwise been shifted into the mechanics of the bosses themselves. Unfortunately PVP doesn't have this interaction so its just a net loss of complexity. Examples of dexterity being removed or have been removed in the past. For the sake of time I'm only listing a few examples. Buff Management - Some buffs are returning more notably Mark of the Wild is not in the current iteration of the beta. Debuff Management - Keeping expose weakness up Pet Management - Pet's being talented out like Water Elemental is optional so you can't micro your pet to eat crowd control such as freezing trap. Mana Management -Divine Plea, Life Tap etc Stance Management - Frost Presence etc Right now most classes are (Builder - Spender - Dot - Cooldown - Mobility) Where as in the past (Builder - Spender - Dot - Cooldown - Mobility - Buff Management - Debuff Management - Pet Management - Stance Management) Now that's a lot of steps you need to get through to start doing damage which is why I can see in a PVE environment how that's going to create disadvantages to certain specs and feel like slow ramps. But these decisions you used to make in PVP were small ways to differentiate yourself as a player. And losing all of these options makes PVP feel restricting and doesn't allow myself to stand out as a rockstar. (Side note active abilities being shifted into talents and then the talent being non competive with the passive options feels very off putting especially due to the low ability count baseline)Supatease30 43m
47m Mythic + Achievements / Rewards Having just read Blizzard’s decision about keeping the same Keystone Achievements and rewards (Artifact appearance) for Battle for Azeroth, I would like to address some issues and make some –hopefully good- suggestions about how the system could be improved in the new expansion. The Mythic+ system in Legion went through many phases. Firstly, it started out as an efficient way to grind Artifact Power and gear with only some groups pushing higher keys (above 10 which was the weekly cap or 6-9 which was the sweetspot for AP/gear drops) either for the Realm First Keystone Master Feat of Strength or just an early Keystone Master Achievement. Later, the keystone system revamp successfully gave an incentive to players to do higher keys consistently, by making such keys more efficient in terms of acquiring AP and gear. The popularity of higher keys was expedited by the streaming community pushing world first records and eventually it peaked with the Mythic Dungeon Invitational, a really well received Mythic+ tournament. However, despite the continuous evolution of the Mythic+ scene and its rise as one of the core PvE aspects of the game (with some PvE players even seeing it as an alternative path to raiding), it seems that the in-game achievement and reward system fails to keep up and provide players with satisfaction for their accomplishments. There is literally no in game reward for achieving anything higher than a Mythic+15 dungeon and even for that the only rewards are 5 achievements (Keystone Initiate, Challenge, Conqueror, Master and the Broken Isles Keymaster Achievements) and an Artifact Appearance. It’s also worth noting that despite the fact that Blizzard kept re-tuning and adding new “seasons” to Mythic Keystone dungeons the achievement end goal remained the same throughout the different “seasons” and Blizzard just expressed their intention of keeping it the same way, not even adding a separate achievement for BFA keystone dungeons. Currently, the only form of accomplishment / “reward” / player evaluation in regards to Keystone Dungeons comes from popular 3rd party websites or addons ( and wowprogress mainly) with nothing being present in game.Chaoly2 47m
58m Let us use hearthy as a hearthstone :P Lil' rag let us use him for cooking, so why not use hearthy to hearth instantly on right-click, kinda how the brewpup is clickable! ok, maybe not instant hearth lol... but still using hearthy at all would be cuteCallexx3 58m
1h How to report enviorment graphic glitches? I was wonder what's the best way to report stuff like floating objects or models not running animations when they're supposed to. The in game map doesn't provide coordinates nor does it seem like there's a way to see it in the bug report window on our side at least. Do our bug reports get to blizzard with the coordinates of where the bug report was sent from or should we look for an addon from curse that displays coordinates so we can better direct blizzard to the problem area?Tlaina8 1h
1h Are you seriously asking me To believe that Saurfang would rather languish in a HUMAN prison instead of fight alongside his brothers and sisters of the Horde, just because he doesn't like the Warchief? Horde warriors are DYING and he's just going to sit it out? If anything, not liking Sylvanas should be all the more reason for him to stick around. He holds a LOT of sway in Horde politics and he's probably the only one who can be a true counterbalance to her. No. I'm not going to believe that. This whole thing with him staying in the Stockades better be one of those red herrings. You can't have a faction pride expansion with out the Orc who is the personification of the Horde.Orhato84 1h
1h Most fun/best mage spec in beta? Just got a beta recently and wanted to try out a mage. Any insights on what the most fun to play mage spec is? How about the one with the best DPS? are they the same spec? I saw some posts about arcane a while back, is it finally viable again?Cälypso6 1h
1h Alliance: No quest after Lordaeron scenario. Nothing available to me but the Silithus quests from Legion. Did I miss something?Korvena7 1h
1h I strongly dislike voidform (changed) there i said it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Edit: Adding my comment from the middle of the post. I wrote a really long post on how the talents feel empty and really no thought behind them, and it didn't post when I hit the add reply button. Shame. DISCLAIMER: These are just my thoughts of the class and what I think is wrong with the current version of shadow, I don't speak for anyone other than myself. If I had my ways with class design I would want MOP shadow priest back. Void Form is a problem and should go away: Void Form does have a nice niche in raids, but its a hindrance on other gameplay. Like Mythics, Mythics+, Old Dungeons, Pvp, Battle Grounds, RBGS, Arenas, World PVP. VF itself is not that reliable. If you have to avoid mechanics in a raid, Mythic, Mythic+ it becomes more of a "chore feeling" staying in void form for longer periods of time. In pvp voidform can get negated completely by line of sight, cc, or maybe you are just getting the snot beat of you and you cannot keep it up for long (which is the majority of the time). In old dungeons you cannot really use VF because you had to just shadow crash or SWP everything (haha baked in Mind Sear, too bad things die before you get to use that ability!). Overall I think the old version of shadow, with orbs, felt way better and smoother and more thought provoking. Halo made you want to position correctly, cascade was a nice utility that worked in your rotation (like Halo). You had resources to use Psychic Horror or chose to do damage with DP. It also felt like your damage was pretty even and everything seem to be working together instead of against itself. Currently Level 45 talent row: I feel like having Misery as a talent is a problem in itself, I feel like it takes away the importance to cast SWP but its needed for dungeons because we take so much time to ramp up. I feel like ramping up is not that great of a feeling in current state of wow, since damage is so fast paced. Misery in some gameplay feels empty as well. Misery feels nice in Mythic and Mythic+, but feels empty in pvp. Pvp you mindlessly just VT multaple targets to try to pump out as much glass cannon damage as possible, before you get jumped. Twisted fate really should be baseline by now since it is a passive and brings no thought into the table game play wise. Dark Void is nice but its on the same tree with Twisted Fate and Misery. Dark Void seems like an empty button. You just press it when there are a lot of mobs together and thats it. Its a 30 second cool down which is why I raise my brow about it. Stuff like starfall and seed of curruption are resource spenders but can be used if they have the resources. Why isn't dark void a resource spender with no cool down attached to it? Right now there is no thinking behind this talent, its just "use it" when there are a lot of mobs right? Currently lvl 75 Talent Row: Shadow Crash was a nice addition, I feel like it has its use in single target burst as well as AoE damage with a short cd. I do not understand the shadow word death being a talent. Priest has had this baseline spell since the beginning of time, and wouldn't a priest be able to put someone to death for the sins they caused? I feel like taking it away makes our rotation even more stream line and linier. Auspicious Spirits should just be baseline as well since it is a passive and no thought goes behind it besides "Oh I have enough of x stat now, and Auspicious Spirits is worth taking now!" Solutions: Add some old talents back, it will not break the game I promise IE: Cascade, Divine Star, Halo, (why is power infusion gone??), From Darkness Comes Light, Solace and Insanity. Also some survivability talents would be nice too, like Phantasm, Spectral Guise, or having a healing cd like in the past. You can also make Mind Spike a thing too! But add a AoE twist to it. Mind Spike: 1.4 Second Cast that stacks 3 times, Mind Blast to do burst damage and "pop" the stacks, or Mind Sear to "spread" or "explode" the damage in a small radius! Eventually with the game being so fast paced with mythic+ runs and VF hindering other game play, you will have to opt into a different resource for shadow priest, or revert to the old orb style. In the past there was a nice balance between AOE abilities, Multi doting, and or bursting a target down with DP and I really miss that playstyle. Compared to trying to talk to old gods and staying in VF for as long as possible. Thanks, Xertz, the Bloodthirsty PS: (ignore my bad grammar) Updated: Made some spelling changes!Xertz42 1h
1h Battle of Lordaeron: Pre-Patch and/or Skip The Battle of Lordaeron clearly took a lot of painstaking development (aside from the cut-scenes of Thrall and Deathwing??? which I'm guessing may just be placeholders since they appear on both sides). However, the are long. I believe they are longer than the far too-long introduction to Warlords of Draenor which conceptually needed a longer, more nuanced introduction (to be fair). That's not to say they aren't enjoyable. I found the Alliance side to be especially fun. But it is long. Most players want to get to the new continents and into questing ASAP. To that end I believe they ought to be part of the pre-patch event. I think I can stomach going through a couple times if I've some time before the expansion is released. However, I also think we should be able to skip the scenarios and get right to the new continents after we've completed the scenario once per account and per relevant faction.Kakodaimon9 1h
1h Iron-man mode: PvE Version of Warmode People do the Iron man challenge because it's rewarding... right? It's awesome to have a greater open world challenge experience; isn't it? However, it's nowhere near "actually" rewarding, well that is... NOT UNTIL NOW! The main purpose of this mode is to be an option for people who want a greater challenge for their level-up and max-level open world content, without the PVP style of gameplay. Instead of leveling up the old way during a current expansion, you can choose to opt into a more difficult version of that expansion's "normal outdoor world". Don't worry though, doing this at level 120 will still work if you flag this mode in Stormwind as per usual, so you can do it later if you're in a rush to hit level 120. HOWEVER, entering Iron-man mode at level 120 will scale you back to level 110 to gain Iron-man mode specific levels, unless you are 110 already, then in that case leveling in Iron-man mode will count towards your level in the normal outdoor world too... essentially allowing players to kill two birds with one stone. RISKS: The quests will be more challenging, mobs will hit harder and must be pulled and killed methodically, CC'ed if needed, AND elites and rares will have special varying mechanics. Difficult to pull off, but you will get achievements in your log to show off. Much of this has technically already been seen in Legion, through Mythic plus mostly, but I want to shed light on some of the modifiers that have been seen in the open world also. In legion we can see that rares and some elites for World-Quests actually have additional health and power modifiers at max level, on top of the seemingly non-existing boss-mechanics on rare-spawns that suddenly become apparent at 110. Well combine this with a similar take on mythic plus and what you get is a more highly interesting alternative to current expansion leveling. Think of it as the difference between Raidfinder and Mythic levels of raiding, well basically It's like Raidfinder the way it is now. Just in case you didn't understand in paragraph one, you can completely abandon the old ways of leveling, if you choose to opt into this starting from level 110. This means that if you want to your character to be level 120 in the normal outdoor world AND level 120 in Iron-man mode, all in one shot, then just start Iron-man mode at 110 as your main leveling experience (later to become your max-level open world experience). However, if you want to just speed level through the normal outdoor world (to raid ASAP) and want to do Iron-mode at a later date, then you still can, but you will be scaled back to 110 when you opt into it and must still go through it's required and specially tuned challenges.Callexx19 1h
1h [FEEDBACK] Druid Form Transmog it is quite broken, as you can not dual wield fist weapons or daggers making it useless to even use a single fist weapon for the claws of ursoc and the same for feral using a single dagger. to fix this issue simply give guardian and feral druids the dual wield ability to make up for the stat loss for using a single fist weapon or dagger, compared to a staff, pole arm and mace, in turn which prevents us from using the forms, while daggers and fist weapons allow us to use them. second option is to give us the forms in the form of weapon enchant scrolls, such as, Enchant Weapon: Pride of the ghost mother: Name of unlock, same for each line of appearances for both feral and guardianColdpaws41 1h
1h No class raid sets, so more recolors plz? With Twelve class specific sets per major raid tier being a thing of the past, you'd think that there would at least be room to add extra recolors to the Four sets we will get with each new BFA raid. It personally bothers be that there are a lot of colors that wont be used for raiding armor and weapons and that some are actually to similar in color... Demon hunters literally just came out and in BFA they might not get many raid armor or weapons that are remotely green, especially those warglaives, from the first raid, Uldir. Now, my favorite color aside, it may seem like there is no issue at all here, but I dare you to come with me and take a closer look at what is really happening. Forget class fantasy for a second, how about maintaining character choice, because I can tell you an example of how that is going to shrink. First off, I can tell you with great certainty that class specific sets were actually not that class specific, due to the fact that there were carbon copies available that looked just like em. Secondly, there's three to four times more transmog options in major legion raid tiers than there will be in Uldir and beyond. In antorus, for a leather wearer alone there were 4 total lookalike sets to collect, and 4 total recolors of each, combined there was a grand total of 16 choices. However if you look at Uldir's loot closely, you will see a pretty steep decline in transmog choice. So using leather wearers as a constant, we can see in Uldir that they will receive only one armor model, but also still only 4 recolors total, giving them a grand total of 4 choices. It's not a major raid tier, yes I know, but neither was Emerald Nightmare and there were more still choices, granted it shared lookalikes with Nighthold. However, doing a little math will show us that there still might be a drastic decrease from Legion to BFA. Based on lookalikes and recolors that legion had, we can see... Nighthold: Leather 16 Plate 12 Cloth 12 Mail 6 Trial of Valor: Leather 4 Plate 4 Cloth 4 Mail 4 Tomb of Sargeras: Leather 16 Plate 12 Cloth 12 Mail 6 Antorus, the Burning Throne: Leather 16 Plate 12 Cloth 12 Mail 6 Totals: Leather Total 52 + Plate Total 40 + Cloth Total 40 + Mail 22 = 154 "different" Legion raid sets Lets say BFA has 6 raids and keeps Uldirs pattern... Uldir: Leather 4 Plate 4 Cloth 4 Mail 4 Raid 2: Leather 4 Plate 4 Cloth 4 Mail 4 Raid 3: Leather 4 Plate 4 Cloth 4 Mail 4 Raid 4: Leather 4 Plate 4 Cloth 4 Mail 4 Raid 5: Leather 4 Plate 4 Cloth 4 Mail 4 Raid 6: Leather 4 Plate 4 Cloth 4 Mail 4 Totals: Leather Total 24 + Plate Total 24 + Cloth Total 24 + Mail 24 = 96 "different" BFA raid sets TL;DR: I'm pretty concerned, so are extra recolors so much to ask?Callexx5 1h
2h On Warfronts, Gear Rewards, and Storytelling. Hello! I am of the opinion that Warfronts represent a tremendous opportunity for Blizzard as a way to write out the faction conflict, while also varying art assets from season to season and potentially beyond. The first thing to understand is that wars such as those portrayed in Battle for Azeroth are not limited to the specific locales already revealed; there are many potential conflict zones in this expansion coming to the fore, from a Feralas confrontation between the Night Elves and the Tauren (Tauren being the closest in proximity) to the Hinterlands war between the Wildhammer Dwarves and Revantusk Forest Trolls. Andorhal and Chillwind could possibly be two opposed armies heavily themed around the Forsaken and Gilneans (Worgen). There is room for conflict in the Ghostlands/Eastern Plaguelands between the Blood Elves supported by the Nightborne, against an incursion lead by the Void Elves and the Draenei. Each of these suggestions have a distinct flavor to them based on the primary participants involved and their faction, presenting opportunities to theme the gear rewards around the dominant participants. Feralas could reward gear with a strong Night Elf flavor for the Alliance and Tauren for the Horde, while the Hinterlands could be Dwarf and Troll flavored for their respective factions. This would provide a way for the art team to have a little more leeway as PvP seasons progress, focusing on faction color schemes more than faction outline and shape (don't need to have spikes on all the things...), while giving the story team more room to allow us to experience the global conflict between the two factions. Revanchism is likely to be strong in-universe, so why not exploit it for thematic gameplay? It ALSO presents an opportunity for Blizzard to begin fleshing out “heritage” sets for each major race of the Alliance and Horde through tweaks, recolors, and pillaging of art assets that can then be later rewarded through questing or the like.Kaeska1 2h
2h BFA Honor System... I'm trying to figure out what Prestige/Honor awards I qualify for once our account-wide Legion honor is merged. I know we don't lose the rewards we already earned. I know they're adding up all our existing honor across all our toons for BFA. I also know they're ditching Prestige for Honor Levels. I haven't been able to find: 1. If the merge happens on August 14, or earlier with the pre-patch? 2. Either way, since it's honor we earned during Legion, is it applied via Legion Prestige level rewards at the time of the merge (and thereafter switching to BFA honor), or as purely BFA Honor with BFA rewards? 3. How do the current Prestige/Honor levels correlate to the new Honor rewards system? I was using Vjaera of Proudmoore's Google spreadsheet to see where I'm at, but it's still using Prestige levels. It's currently saying I'd have 364,183 honor, which was stated to be a BFA Prestige level of 8.77 (yes, the calculator takes into account Prestige level one requiring less honor than others), but now that Blizz is making Prestige into Honor, what Honor level would that be? Thanks.Fhina0 2h
2h Cross Server Guilds or Server Transfer Feeling Suck.... With all servers turning into PvE Servers, not understanding why those of us that made the hard choice of moving away from a PvP server due population unbalance and extreme griefing from the opposite faction are forced to PAY to get back to our old friends and guilds that we so long to hang out with now.... At the time we made the choice to leave we had no clue that if we only held out for a while that you would fix this... Now that you have fixed this why do we have to PAY again to be able to hang out with our friends from our old guild on the Old Server???? I see that there is 2 ways to rectify this: 1. Allow a one time transfer of all characters from the current server there on to choose any previous PvP server that they had been on. This would insure that people were not just moving to get a free move but to really get back to their old Guild and Server they were on. 2. Allow guilds to go beyond their server groups to encompass all players within regions instead of servers. This would let people stay on the server they are currently on but allow them to reunite with there friends.... In my opinion the best option!!!!! I think this is the perfect time to set this up with the new expansion coming out and the idea to rally behind your faction. This would make it so all friends can reunite and enjoy hanging out and playing with their friends without having to fork uo a ton of money yet again just to get on the right server... Being that all servers are going to be PvE with the option to turn on PvP I believe that Blizzard really owes it to us long time supporters of WoW to make it so we can play with our friends on our terms. I know a lot of my friends made the move to a PvE server due to extreme griefing on a unbalanced PvP servers and now are very frustrated as we can not be in the same guild as some of our long time friends that stayed behind even though all servers are going to be PvE.... Please Blizzard hear us and think about these ideas, I have come up with and maybe other ideas that people leave in the comments... Thanks, MongirMongér6 2h
2h Stop doing Pathfinder req Why? Why are you doing this Pathfinder crap again? You guys have been doing this req just to fly in your new content for alot of expans now. WHY? Not all of us WANT this! I'ma Casual Player; I don't have time to grind and do all this JUST to fly in your new content! I want the Pay to Fly back! I'm not saying allow us to fly RIGHT AWAY upon Expan drop. I'm saying PLEASE implement Pay2Fly again! If those players that do not wish to fly- THAN DON'T PAY! Don't simply cater to the people that have all the time in the world to play wow. It's not fair to us Casuals. PLEASE consider dropping Pathfinding BS; and reintroduce Pay2Fly. THis really upsets me.Meeya88 2h
2h The Great GCD Debate dead? I have not seen much, if any, discussion on the BFA GCD changes lately nor any blue posts on it. Has everyone just resigned to the changes at this point and stopped caring? I am genuinely curious why the dialogue on these changes has stopped. Maybe everyone ran out of energy because they felt like their voice was not heard. Personally I am still holding out with hope that they will reverse the changes of adding tons of abilities to the GCD in favor of more balanced rotations. Like Fury for example does no damage outside of their cooldown windows, hence the need to macro a three or more abilities at the same time. Why havent we seen a redesign of Fury to move more of their damage to baseline and nerf cooldowns? Keep recklessness but remove things like Dragon Roar and Avatar that just add additional steroids to the the burst windows. I honestly still feel like the GCD changes are just a hack to fix more serious design flaws. It is not a well thought out hack that makes the flow of combat feel worse, not better.Bladelocke41 2h
2h Massive disparity in War Mode abilities There seems to be a massive disparity between the War Mode abilities on different classes when you are playing in pve. On my shaman, taking War Mode is a no brainer for either Enh or Ele, as these abilities give amazing boosts to dps and survivability. However, it not worth the risk on my pally in either Ret or Prot as they provide almost no significant dps advantage and minimal survivability. I've noticed they are pretty good on my hunter as well and more lackluster on my DH. Is there any plan to adjust these? Because otherwise I can see only the people who are going to gain the use of dps increasing abilities using these when actively questing or doing other pve type content. I thought the intention was to get more pve type folks, like myself, queing into pvp for the bonuses. That isn't going to happen if the abilities don't justify the risk of getting ganked.Themîs27 2h
2h Feature Request: Time-Locked Rewards for M+ The removal of Challenge Modes (in lieu of the new M+ system, which is an absolute improvement) left a gap. PVP players are given time-sensitive rewards that can never be earned after that "season"... but PVE (M+/raiding) has no such rewards. I don't really consider the mage tower as an appropriate filler, mainly because it's a solo activity, when the others require groups. With M+ pushing forward into the "esport" category and getting competitive, could we see a similar reward structure to PVP for M+? IE: A M+ season might be longer, maybe even related to a tier. Using the M+ scores on as a simple starting point (obviously this would need to become official in some way), we could say that, as an example, everyone who gets say 4k in a season unlocks a unique xmog, 6k+ gets a mount and title. Just to get some parity for PVP and PVE. We could even follow the current model and just have a recolor of the same models, re-using art assets. Just something visual and persistent to allow some parity between the two, especially with the popularity of M+ and increasing competitive aspects for it.Xyrmortus13 2h
3h Please reconsider mythic xrealm Here are parts from raiding cross realm on mythic mode. 1. BFA loot going personal (this prevent split run, funnel items to specific class/spec/best player etc.) Since the loot is on and per boss only like normal and heroic the lockout system for mythic should have changed. 2. Since battlenet community is created you can add people on battle tag through out any realm you want to play with. Now if you add someone and that person isnt on your realm you will not able to play with them in cross-realm content (mythic raiding). This made playing together difficult especially individuals from different realms (not a group of people from a different realm). 3. Mythic raiding content open when next patch are addressed are a major concern for advertisements for selling runs. For the seller they had great benefit because they can get ahead until access is opened to the rest. Meanwhile those who wish to progress through the content needs to force transfer or just wait. (the experience are not created equal among players and realm identity is already gone since cross-realm already exist except for the mythic content. No one really care about heroic kills but only world first and mythic raids). 4. The theory of enable cross-realm destroy guilds is false. I see forums that people always recruit because sometime during expansion one or more person are likely to take a break from the game. cross-realm raiding helps with trials on specific class which may be difficult to find and filling the missing spots. This prevents cancel the raid for that week due to one or two people missing, and usually people who play on the bench does not last long because people only want core spots. 5. Transfer money benefit blizzard is also false. Those who would transfer are minority, only the dedicated who really aims for top tier in raids would pay for the service while risking getting kicked if it does not work out. I know a lots of people who I used to play with that just unsub altogether and went play other games due to unable to raid together. Heroic progression is not a progression when people are just flat out beat it in a week or two of its release. Maybe run sales helps blizzard with the tokens or transfer making some money but losing long term sub money for many players who played since wrath and prior is really not a good sign. Sure, people buys a run but then they dont log on to play anymore because they achieve what they got. They aren't buying boost to get gear just to raid more. Those who paid for runs are just trying to show off and it gets boring very quickly. This destroy the community as well as people who try to progress after the (next patch) of content gets released. The waiting game is very unpleasant experience. Some people would say why not just transfer to another server to raid. Well, if you have different friends from many different realm, which server would you transfer to? how do you agree to make everyone transfer to a server? wouldnt it be logical just to enable the mythic cross-realm instead? With the changes coming in BFA, I really hope this topic gets reconsidered. As current legion when you open LFD you see nothing but sale advertisement when you tried to find a real progression group. I hope equal level content of access when mythic is open so not many people who just complete the heroic content and then just quit the game like many of my friends does.Deathmending1 3h
3h Addons already updated to BETA looks like my previous thread has been sent to the twisted nether by the forum wipe, creating a fresh one: mmo-champion has a thread with updated addons: wowinterface has a category for 8.0 mods: please help to keep this list updated by posting new addons you find working, some mods we had on the previous thread + some more: DBM: weakAuras: VuhDo: ... Details! damage meter: Looks like "version 10" is required to run in raid test. TipTop: Bartender: GTFO: oRA3: Plater Nameplates: EKPlates: ElvUI: World Quest Tracker: Azeroth Auto Pilot: 3h
3h How to get to Legion content in beta? This might be a stupid question but I wanted to try out my beta toon somewhere familiar before bringing it into the new beta content, but I can't figure out how to get to the Broken Isles... help?Nimerya3 3h
3h Kicked from Normal for Low DPS... in Beta?! Yesterday, a friend and I ran Waycrest Manor on Normal to test the dungeon and so she could get an item for an Herbalism quest. We are both fresh 120s with ilvls around 288. Its our 2nd run ever - she's an arcane mage, I'm disc heals. Neither of us has any addons since we are never sure which ones work and which ones don't. She's pretty new to the arcane spec while I've been playing Disc since before the Cataclysm. :) We were there less than 10 min and then the other three members of the pug kicked my friend, citing "low dps". No one had died and our pacing seemed pretty good considering Waycrest Manor is a frustrating maze of multi-level rooms and passages. There was absolutely no reason to kick her, even if this was Live. But seriously... this wasn't live. It was BETA. You know... Beta... where tuning is all over the place and can change day by day? Beta... where we don't even know if addons work? Beta... where the point is to TEST THE GAME - not be elitist jerks? Its bad enough having to deal with elitist jerks on Live... but at least there, they tend to restrict themselves to pre-made and Mythic runs. Apparently, in Beta, even normal dungeon pugs require you to be uber-geared and in the top tier of all players of your class/spec... which is of course, utterly unrealistic. I don't know if Blizz has a way to rein in or otherwise prevent this sort of thing in Beta, short of removing the Vote to Kick ability. Unfortunately, even I would agree that doing that wouldn't be a good thing. One of the ways KtV is actually useful is to remove an obviously frozen or dc'd player. In Beta, such things happen much more often, so having a KtV ability is a good thing. Just wish Blizz could analyze the motivations for the vote... but of course, that isn't even remotely possible. *sigh* At least my friend didn't get a "Deserter" rebuff... but the experience has made her extremely reluctant to try queuing again. And that, my fellow Beta players, is what is truly sad about this whole situation.Madisevina68 3h
3h Toggle for old UI default setting All through Alpha, I gave the UI a try, and I don't like it at all. There are tons of UI and bar mod addons. Can you at least give a toggle for those who prefer the default Classic through Legion UI look and function?Meiyun97 3h
3h BFA UI change - Can you explain? Hi, Can you explain the design changes behind the new UI layout? If I'm being completely frank, I think they are horrible. I would love to hear some insight as to why the UI is laid out the way it is. Please see the comparison of Legion's UI, vs BFA UI for my concerns: 1. Symmetry is thrown off on the top row. Note how the vertical red line that is at the half-way point between the 2 griffins, and how the BFA version just looks wrong. There is a blank spot even/button on the right. 2. What is with the bags buttons just thrown in the lower right corner? This too throws off the symmetry. 3. Where the system and bags buttons were, there are now empty buttons that can be used for action buttons, but they are to the right of the arrows that scroll through action bars. If they are going to be action buttons, shouldn't that arrow now be on the FAR right?? It's all very poorly done.Sultriss25 3h
3h Please re-evaluate water striders Make the waterwalking effect baseline on my other mounts, or if you can't do that remove it altogether. Due to the gating of flying, I'm sick of being forced to use the water strider mounts to be able to get around conveniently. I have a great collection of fantastic mounts, however I'm forced to either use the water strider so I can get around easily, or be inconvenienced and have less of a fun time in game. I really just want to be able to freely use any of my mounts as I see fit. I don't want to be locked in to the boring water strider until flying unlocks.Joram90 3h
3h Possible idea So I wanted to post this in General Discussion but I also didn’t want to spoil anything for anyone who doesn’t want to know about BfA until it’s out and they can experience it themselves. But know how the battles in this expansion are going, sadly the alliance seems to have the upper hand. My idea isn’t a simple one, but what if Sylvanas asks the Horde death knights to see if the Lich King (Bolvar) can lend them aid. I for one think we are underestimating his strength. It doesn’t have to be the Death Knights seeking aid but I figured since we are already his champion, that it would make more sense. Refer to the Death Knight Artifact retrieval quest. Again just an idea.Karithas6 3h
3h Scrapper STILL down! Wondering if we've had an official response anywhere about this. I told myself it would be working come tuesday (today!) but sadly its still fried. This is a real bummer! I now have Alch on every one of my characters because herbs are cheap and all of my professions are at dead stand still without expulsom, which btw is required in extremely high amounts for pretty much everything. I started LW weeks ago, hoping to have it maxed alongside my rogues lvling experience so I could craft those tasty purples once I hit 120, but sadly I had not anticipated that I would need about a week or so's worth of transmutations just to build an item I can instead just buy with rep. A bit of a bummer, functionally speaking. At the very least a "Hey, we're aware of the issue but its complicated so we're taking our time with it" type of response would be absolutely appreciated. I get that this is beta. I get stuff won't always work. But I'd really like to test professions and I'd really like to know whats going on with the scrapper!Fatamorgana2 3h
3h What the community needs right now I believe a large faction of the playerbase would love to hear from the devs, about their current design philosophies. I read a lot of feedback on the forums, some critical, some whining, some constructive. We haven’t heard a lot recently about the dev teams intent, as we approach the launch of BFA. Much of what we have been told from Blizcon and other dev vids seems to have changed directions (class buffs for example). We have no choice but to trust in your game design decisions. So please keep up informed and up to date as to where the current design philosophies are leading us, so we can help better test the beta for the impending launch of BFA. Edit: In specific a water cooler dev vid, more blue posts with explanations, or some other similar communication method. Thank you.Bigdiggles0 3h
3h Sad i'm sad that we can't still copy our characters in the beta :/Roxxarar21 3h
3h Healing in BFA So far in BFA from my testing I have noticed that all of the healers are looking to be fairly weak. Most of this post will be from the opinion of a Resto druid in beta since that is what I have tested the most so far but I could see other healing classes having similar issues. Currently I have a Resto Druid at level 120 and I cannot help to feel like my healing is extremely low compared to what it is on legion. Currently in legion a single rejuvenation will heal a tank for about 6% of their total health assuming that a fairly geared tank has about 10 million health (at least for my rejuvenation) . In BFA a single rejuvenation will heal a tank for about 4% of their total health (assuming the tank has around 150k health). This difference may seem small however due to a lack of secondary stats healing seems to be significantly reduced. In legion 4 hots would increase my healing by 200% (with 50% mastery). In BFA 4 hots would only increase it by 40% (with 10% mastery ). Holy paladins seem to have the same problem with their crit and with holy shock. Since holy shocks crit bonus has been nerfed down to 25% they feel weak and unpredictable. Yes getting that holy shock crit is nice but as a healer I would like to see consistency in my healing. In legion reaching that 50% crit chance as a holy paladin is when the class seemed to become very strong because you know what to expect once you hit holy shock. This reduction in secondary stats actually leads to a much bigger differential in healing between BFA and Legion. In legion with 4 HOTS on a target I can see regrowth healing for 10 - 15% of a tanks health on crits I can heal for 20-30% of their health which once again in legion it is easier to gain enough crit and mastery in order for this to happen. In BFA I am seeing Regrowth healing for about 6% of a tanks health and on soul of the forest procs on crit I reach about 20% but that can only happen once every 30 seconds and during high damage moments it is not enough. The removal of the artifact weapon could have caused this problem with healers by significantly reducing their power. If not the artifact weapon then the artifact ability. In legion Resto druids artifact ability was very strong. In many situations instead of going right into a tranquility if you had HOTS on everyone than the artifact ability would most likely be all you need in high damage situations. Although we get it as a talent in BFA I find that it is extremely hard to give up the extra hot in order to take the new Flourish (at least in dungeons). I would have rather seen the artifact ability baked into the Resto druid kit instead of baking it into Flourish. I hope in the future to see ALL healers get some type of buff to their healing abilities so they feel more effective and not like they are struggling on each pull in a dungeon to keep peoples health up. I have been in many instances with other healers who seem to have the same opinion, and I would like know from blizzard if this is the way they plan for healing to be in BFA or if they plan for a future buff to all of the healers? I also want to ask the question on how powerful they plan for secondary stats to be as we progress in the expansion? Are we going to be able to have 30% crit, haste, and mastery? Or at the most are we only going to see 30% for one stat? Since secondary stats increase our healing by so much (in the case of legion its 50% per hot for me) it seems like we are loosing a lot of power by not having these high secondary stats.Drfrêaky0 3h
4h Allied Races Unlocked Battlenet Acct Wide? I have more then one account but only one of them has a toon that has all the achievements and Rep required to have the current Allied races unlocked. I know that this makes allied races unlocked on that said account , but what about the other accounts? Or do I need to grind out all the requirements again on the other accounts as well?Iñara10 4h