Battle for Azeroth Beta General Discussion

2d Beta Downtime - 7/6/2018 Hello All, Beta is currently down for an update. We hope to have realms up soon but no solid ETA at the moment. Sorry for the late message, things are a bit busy over here with launch around the corner. I'll leave this thread open for discussion as long as conversations remain civil and adhere to forum guidelines. Thanks for your patience everyone!Itzali57 2d
Jul 3 Beta Downtime - 7/2/2018 Hello All, As some of you have noticed, Beta realms were brought down for update a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, I don't have a solid ETA on when they will be back up but know that we are currently working on getting those updated for everyone. I'll leave this thread open for discussion as long as conversations remain civil and adhere to forum guidelines. Thanks for your patience everyone!Itzali77 Jul 3
10h The Battle For Azeroth Beta test has begun Aloha! With maintenance on the test realms, we're bringing up the BFA Beta test today. For those of you who tested the Alpha with us, you can expect a clean slate with regard to characters. For those of you just joining us, thank you for testing! Please have a look at our various subforums for Beta discussion: BFA Beta General Discussion (this one) BFA Beta Bug Report BFA Beta Zones and Leveling BFA Beta Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids BFA Beta Items and Classes BFA Beta Warmode and PvP We greatly appreciate you posting on-topic in each of these forums.Kaivax242 10h
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Jun 22 Beta Downtime - 6/22/2018 Greetings Beta realms will be down today 6/22/2018 from 1:30PST to 2:30PST for some routine checkups. No changes are planned. Thanks for your patience everyone!Ramentic0 Jun 22
11h Communities: Now Available for Testing If you haven't noticed already, we've enabled Battle for Azeroth's new Communities feature for testing in the BfA Beta! This feature functions very similar to the Communities added to the app last year, with some extra modifications and enhancements to make it fit the way players connect with each other in WoW. You can access Communities the same way you access your guild roster (default keybind: J). As we're just beginning public testing of this feature, there are a few things that haven't been implemented yet, such as calendar events or the ability to queue alongside fellow Community members for things like dungeons or random battlegrounds. Additionally, there are a few bugs and issues that we're currently working to address; check out our Known Issues thread in the BfA Bug Reports forum for details. We're very excited to have Communities open for testing and look forward to seeing how you use it and hearing your feedback. Thanks!Lore68 11h
4d Pet Battle Updates in Beta Updated May 24 here Hello! We're currently hard at work implementing Battle for Azeroth’s pet battle content, and we'd like to start talking about some of the changes you’ll be seeing in the Beta. Pet Battle World Quests will soon begin showing up on both of the new continents. Similar to Legion, they will count towards your zone’s emissary, but this time around, the level of the pets opposing you will scale to the highest level pet on your team. This will allow a player with a team of only level 1 pets to take on the World Quest and get some battle pet experience. Please give them a shot with pets of all levels, and let us know how that goes for you. We will be introducing a new currency in Battle for Azeroth that can be used to purchase a variety of things, so there's no need to hold on to those Pet Charms that are burning a hole in your pocket. Several new pet battle mechanics are coming to Battle for Azeroth. Some of these will appear on enemy pets, and some on yours. A few examples include: A powerful spell that summons a random Weather effect Several additions to suite of Heals that will have increased effects based on your pet’s health Aura effects that heal your pet (or damage the enemy pet) based on the last hit dealt In addition to new pets and abilities, we’re making a few targeted changes to a few pets and abilities that are seen frequently: Bone Serpent: swapped positions of Call Darkness and Lift Off Crow and Gilnean Raven: -200 power, +200 speed Cyclone: damage changed from 7 to 3-7 Haunt: returns the pet at 50% health when sacrificed instead of 100%. Teroclaw Hatchling: Dodge and Nature's Ward now occupy the same tier (as do Hawk Eye and Ravage). Please feel free to let us know how the changes play for you. Thank you!Kaivax171 4d
4d Beta download - how to make it smaller 1) With the BDA up go under the Region/Account picker and select Beta. Click Install. 2) Let it go for a while then stop it 3) Go into the Blizzard logo -> Settings -> Game Install/Update 4) Note down where your Live wow install and Beta wow install are installed. 5) Click "Done" then go into the Blizzard logo again and go Exit. For this next step you'll want to wait until all Blizzard related processes are gone from memory so wait 10 minutes. Or restart if your impatient. 6) Go to your Live folder. 7) Right click the Data folder go Copy 8) Go to your beta folder 9) Right click Paste 10) Say Yes to replacing what's there. As for addons - these will be in the Interface folder of your live folder. Be warned tho - there are fairly major changes in BfA so don't expect all of them to work. In fact don't expect 80% of them to work. You'll need to seek out special 8.0 versions of them all Addon settings - these will be in the WTF folder. But as the realm name / toon names will be different on Bfa you'll need to rename them appropriately. As for the addon changes it's probably quicker for you to reset them all up with beta addons.Bluspacecow36 4d
Jul 10 BFA Launch Testing This Week Please join us in testing the initial scenarios of Battle for Azeroth this week in the Beta. We intend to start at 2:00 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, July 3 with the availability of the Teldrassil scenario followed by the battle for Lordaeron on a new Beta realm called “Launch Test”. Testers will be able to copy your live characters to that realm, and then experience the full storyline (minus a few cut-scene spoilers that we’re saving for later). We’ll then use the same realm, starting on Thursday, to test the subsequent events of the actual launch of Battle for Azeroth. Testers will need to have completed the Lordaeron scenario before Thursday to participate in this test. On Thursday, July 5 at 2:00 p.m. PDT, we will test of the Battle for Azeroth launch on the “Launch Test” Beta realm. At that time, all testers who have completed the Lordaeron experience will receive your first quest inviting you into the expansion, and we ask that you spend the next 30 to 60 minutes playing through the content provided. One of the purposes these tests is to check for bottleneck issues where many players are competing for the same resources. We will also be monitoring for server performance issues under high, concentrated demand. This will help us ensure smooth launches. Thank you very much for your participation!Kaivax131 Jul 10
May 8 Consolidated Dungeon Feedback Threads Freehold: Tol Dagor: Atal'Dazar: The MOTHERLODE!!: Shrine of the Storm: The Underrot: Temple of Sethraliss: Waycrest Manor: Kings' Rest: Siege of Boralus: May 8
27m What does the new arcane torrent work on? I've tried it on touch of karma and pillar of frost, neither of which worked. Curious in pve and pvpDummy5 27m
28m Addons already updated to BETA looks like my previous thread has been sent to the twisted nether by the forum wipe, creating a fresh one: mmo-champion has a thread with updated addons: wowinterface has a category for 8.0 mods: please help to keep this list updated by posting new addons you find working, some mods we had on the previous thread + some more: DBM: weakAuras: VuhDo: ... Details! damage meter: Looks like "version 10" is required to run in raid test. TipTop: Bartender: GTFO: oRA3: Plater Nameplates: EKPlates: ElvUI: World Quest Tracker: Azeroth Auto Pilot: 28m
46m How are people okay with this? How are people honestly okay with them shipping an incomplete product its baffling. You have a lead developer stating that any fixes that should have happened during the alpha/beta process (shocker thats what the process is for) won't happen and will happen during the live game in 8.1 "Feel, pacing, complexity and other rotation feedback is ongoing, but soon the target will shift to changes being put in Patch 8.1." (basically ignore the feedback people have given during the actual testing process and then when people get upset which they will if they aren't already when the class they spent time into plays atrociously Blizzard will act shocked like they didn't see it coming) So they now ship an incomplete product with classes in a god knows what state, azerite traits that are laughable at best (some could have made okay tier bonuses) instead scrap that so we get a laughable looking uldir armor set because by god we need to have the art interns do something, and this is shaping up to be WoD 2.0. an expansion filled with nothing but empty promises. The GCD change which is a negative, but yet people will pretend like its not a big deal which you can play with it I mean sure, but again if I wanted a slower style of game play already I would go to final fantasy. BFA is filled with nothing but bad decisions and it seems like the developers have done nothing but slack off and have approached crunch time, the August 14th launch is an unrealistic launch and as a result it will suffer, it should be delayed so stuff can actually be addressed and perhaps a mini filler raid should be added to break up the monotony of Antorus akin to ruby sanctum. as almost nobody with a functional brain expected an August 14th release, please if there is any lick of common sense left at Blizzard delay the launch. (q&a) reference.Manales31 46m
1h Turn off shadows?? Shadows just burn up gpus... you dont evne let us put it on low any more.. please give us an option to disable or at least put on low... (low is greyed out so cant even use it)Vivikah40 1h
2h Rep requirement for Allied Races So, Blizz just officially posted that the rep requirements for allied races will not be removed in BFA. For people on Beta who aren't sure what this means, basically Allied Races are currently 4 new races with their own racials and starting zones and according to the main selling page of BFA It is a major feature of the new expansion. However, Blizz just said that in order for returning and new players in BFA to play these races, we need to do a month and a half(Possibly more) worth of grinding in the previous expansion (Legion). I haven't purchased BFA yet(Feels like a wise decision right now). I along with quite a lot of friends quit legion around 7.2 since I didn't like the content or the direction PvP was heading. We are interested in BFA, we love the new races with unique racials and can't wait to try them out in combat. But this news is a severe dampener for us. In short, It makes absolutely zero sense to have a feature heavily advertised as one of the main drawing point of BFA locked inside a lackluster grind of old meaningless content. Imo this is not a very wise decision from Blizzard and we hope you change your mind. Also, none of us are against grinding to get to play the new races, the part that befuddles us is grinding old content to unlock a current content feature.Sindragoza8 2h
2h Mechanical Hunter pets and a taming request Why are all the mechanical pets in BfA classified as cunning? I spent a few hours gathering and farming up as many non-Legion Surely this is a bug right? Also some things that you would clearly classify as a tank are labeled as either cunning or ferocity. Speaking of bugs, can we please please please be able to tame Honeybees? Can they be ferocity as well? How could you not want to tame something that adorable?Sparkplug9 2h
2h Legion gems better than BFA gems Epic legion gems give 11 to stats. BFA blue gems give 9 to stats Kraken eye (BFA gem)gives 9 main stat Sabers eye (Legion gem) gives 9 to main stat. Edit: Enchanting has the same issue tooKazecap3 2h
3h War Mode? Really? "Enlist in War Mode" and activate world PvP. increasing quest rewards and experience up to 10% and enabling PvP talents in the outdoor world." This seem backwards to me. I chose a Non PVP world for good reason. On My Realm its should be you gain more if your NOT in "War Mode"Ki5 3h
3h Weekly chest?! Did I miss something where we get nothing in the weekly chest for completing last week?!Embrelle5 3h
4h Mage Tower Appearances Should Be Account Wide I was speaking with @BlizzardCS on twitter, and asked if Mage Tower Appearances unlock account wide for the character type and they said no, its only on the character that did the challenge. I have both a Horde and Alliance monk and have done the challenge on one but not the other (other just hit 110 2 days ago) It shouldn't matter what character did the challenge. Having the appearance shows that you're able to complete it on that character type, and should unlock for all characters of that type.Snacks22 4h
4h Why did Blizzard change the default UI? Literally no one asked for this change.....Lenthellann29 4h
4h Where is Hati? Missing Hati, were is she? please dont tell me she was not removed with the battle for azerroth expansion. the one thing I truly loved in Legion was that Hali was also always by my side and that I could transform my two pets into the same species. Ive just read an old thread that suggests Hati got thrown into the heap because the developers decided they didnt want us to continue with artifact weapons. I dont see why they had to throw Hati out with the bathwater. Hati existed BEFORE Legions artifact weapons so there is no reason she cant still exist. Someone somewhere else said it was the first time since BC that hunters were special again. And he or she was correct. I absolutely freaking loved having dual companions. I do not understand why with every expansion we have to lose on a whim, something we worked to achieve. I feel like I had to earn her twice only to have her destroyed. WHY!!!!!Rubyrayne2 4h
4h Artifact weapons are useless...EVERYWHERE Okay, I understood that artifact weapons would die in BFA, but I was not expecting this crap. I have a lvl 106 Demon Hunter and I only cleared the Stormheim questline. So I log in and the artifact was "sacrificed". I didn't even complete the story line! Then my 104 Rogue... Literally just got the first artifact weapon, 0 artifact power. Yep, that was sacrificed too with me me barely starting the content. My 110 DK did everything, so I was fine...But if literally every character I now start Legion with gets an "almighty artifact weapon" and it's useless? Come on. What did I expect you ask? Well I expected my artifact weapon to work like it did before BFA. Sure the special ability could be removed (except for Hati), but I expected it to work generally in the same fashion that it did before Legion ended. Now Blizz made the expansion skippable or able to complete with any ol weapon from WOD. So all that hard work for nothing.Sakagee1 4h
4h Ganking on Warmode! It's amazing! All us horde just coming together and killing every Alliance that tries to leave from Argus and also every Alliance that comes to Argus :DWillmooforu1 4h
4h Where's the deep freezer in bfa? Please, give us back deep freezer, we (frost mages) need a stun, so anoying be stomped while cast frost bolt in pvp.. And no, we dont like the shimmer playstyle..Leblañc6 4h
5h Anduin and sylvanas gone? Servers not showing up for anyone else?Voidtrwar0 5h
5h Damage Taken is Too High I am playing as a Frost mage, and I am having difficulty killing groups of 2 or more enemies without reaching half HP from starting at full. I am also overgeared, as I copied my character from live (who you can inspect). I am item level 261 at level 115 right now, and I am still getting destroyed. I had little to no difficulty killing 5-6 enemies at once in Argus leveling when I was less overgeared. Why are mobs doing so much damage? It's not like I'm fighting level 120s or anything.Iromnus60 5h
6h Bring Back True Fullscreen Please! I play WoW live on a resolution that is not my native resolution and I am able to change the resolution in Fullscreen mode but with BFA removing true fullscreen I am stuck on my native resolution and everything looks stretched and uneven. I don't see why they can't allow Fullscreen for those who at least are using DX11. Please Blizz bring it back.Fáwnix115 6h
6h Garrison Work orders gone? intentional? So it's been reported elsewhere, but haven't seen it mentioned here. Garrison Work Orders for 2/3 of the professions are gone from the WoD Garrisons. It's not clear if this is an intentional change, or a bug. Trying to confirm if this is intended or a bug. It's odd that they are still there for some of the professions still, but gone for others. Can we get a confirmation one way or the other?Sandtrap34 6h
6h Class Hall Missions follower pilvl help Apologies if this is the incorrect spot to post this, logged on went to use my class hall missions table and tried to send my followers out on missions but they seem to require player ilvl 760+ while my item level obviously because of the new patch is no where near that. Did i miss something or is it a bug? I have just recently lightly returned, so any serious help would be great!Woogsi0 6h
7h asdasd asdasdFendonys0 7h
7h Sylvanas realm down? keep on getting 51900102 error. Can't find any info on this situation.Ashenee15 7h
8h Allied Races, Will They Be Unlocked? Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the said topic. if I have to grind rep to unlock a race I will but to me, if you buy the expansion it should come with allied races unlocked. I am hoping they will unlock after mid expansion. I really have no idea on this topic, hope to hear some good feedback!Bigwhip5 8h
8h "your computer is out of date" no it most certainly is not, blizzard! anyone else getting this upon logging into beta? for reference: intel i7-8700 3.2 GHHz ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING LGA1151 geforce 1080 16G DDR4 RAM drivers are up to date anyone else getting this error?Shèryl18 8h
8h Bwonsamdi This guy has certainly evolved over the last few weeks. At first I was really annoyed at his jeering comments on my (multiple) death(s)… LOL! But now that he dances - that IS pretty impressive. Don't mind dying to watch him do a back-flip to one hand... ROFL!!Carens4 8h
8h Does everyone have access to the beta? Havent check in several weeks, but today I decided to see for fun if I had access to the beta, to my surprise I do! Does everyone have access at this point or is it still limited to only some people?Arcanosaur13 8h
8h Balor, Crestfall, and Zul'Dare Any word on why they're missing from Kul Tiras (well, to be fair, Balor is close to Stromwind, but Crestfall and Zul'Dare should be a part of Kul Tiras)?Garilas0 8h
9h Which Loa Do You Bargain With? Literally. There are six, no? I'm actually having a difficult time finding all of the shrines, but that's what bouncing around in beta is for. I'm curious what people think of the six buffs. Do you have prefs? Do you use them often? Which are best for leveling, do you think? Will they influence where you level through first in Live?Longfeather15 9h
9h Probably a good time to quit It's been fun...mostly.Babyheels7 9h
9h Exp Numbers SO, yesterday i was leveling my new hunter on azshara,killing mobs,doing quests,etc...and i remenber pretty much, getting 364 exp for killing most, now(with war mode on and on beta servers) im getting 1008 and the exp needed to level up still the same (210k), did blizzard increased the exp gains?Nerva7 9h
9h Quest Icon "!" on Rare Mobs? Just started leveling in beta and it seems most rares have a quest icon on the, so I have been skipping them. However, I am not seeing any quests to come back and kill them yet. Is this a level 120 WQ quest icon or are there quests to kill each of these rares? If there aren't quests and this is a 120 WQ thing then it is really confusing when leveling.Lavick3 9h
9h Macros? Why were macros deleted? WTF is the point in doing that in Beta?Avoidme10 9h
9h Annoyance with Raids I have a few problems with BFA, but this one is for WoW's general gameplay setup in Raids, and has been this way for awhile but is probably the most annoying feature I've ever encountered. Lockout barriers. As most know, especially in LFRs, if you don't manage to make it to the boss in time before it's pulled, the boss fight is locked, placing a barrier where no-one can get in or out. But if you've ever suffered behind one of these barriers, you know that you STILL get hit with attacks from the Boss, while you stupidly run around trying to avoid since you can't be reached by the healers, and are unable to attack the boss. AND being stuck outside the barrier also means you lose on fighting the boss and the loot. If you have a particularly rude group or a pair of bull-rushing tanks, you can miss out on a lot of loot. WHY is this still a thing?? Is there no way to make the barrier where someone can pass through it but once in that area cannot get back out? Can't they come up with some kind of coding to fix this problem??? If you're a slower speed person, you can get left behind by the group very easily, and this happens to you. C'mon Blizz, isn't there anything you guys can do to change this??Makki8 9h
10h Level Squish - Post BfA I'm curious if Blizzard could please consider doing a Level Squish after BfA. 120 is already a stupid high level cap for a game that starts at Max Level. I'd like to see the following done as a Leveling Squish. Vanilla, BC, WotLK and Cata = 1-60 MOP, WoD, Legion = 60-80 BfA = 80-90 Post-BfA XPac = 90-100 Then after the XPac after BfA squish again. Vanilla, BC, WotLK, Cata, MOP = 1-60 WoD, Legion, BfA = 60-80 Post-BfA = 80-90 XPac after Post-BfA = 90-100 Keep squishing Levels to keep max level at 100.Geofferson27 10h
10h Style Guide Much? Obviously Not... Style guides and text reviewers are standard in any industry that is part of publishing, and if you are publishing a story with dialogue, etc., Blizzard is technically publishing this game professionally. A style guide would help me know what to hold you accountable to (AP, CMoS, etc.). Also, if you had one person responsible for reviewing the text of each quest prior to publish, I could actually be bugging substantive stuff instead of ellipses, punctuation and quotes, and other such obvious silliness in a game that's supposed to be in polish mode. I edited For Dummies books and we always had commentary running on the text of the book's cover long before the book was done because we knew how much one mistake can turn people off when they are judging you by the cover. So, one reviewer. You have each dev copy and paste his text into an email, send it to the reviewer, and incorporate reviewer comments before publishing. But, Blizzard is an American company who cares about its shareholders above its customers, so you can bet they will spend as few dollars as humanly possible. The cheap attitude is evident when you can't hire Oculeth or Valtrois, two very important and beloved Legion characters, to say ONE new thing for BfA (Valtrois doesn't even give Legion speech, she says NOTHING). It's also evident when game tips are inconsistent, sometimes useless and/or wrong, etc. 15 years later and English butchery (passive voice abounds, at least) at their finest in most cases. It really takes what is a beautiful new expansion and makes it look cheap to see so little concern to things like the fact that Bwonsamdi says "man" and yet "mon" is typed out, all dwarves now say "tae" because some idiot writer now works for Blizzard and demands they ruin what little consistency the game DID have with dwarven speech, and so forth. You may not care that it's jarring to those of us who DO care, like most Americans DON'T; our education system tanked 40 years ago and THIS is where it's evident, devs that are paid like God for no real reason and yet don't know "its" versus "it's," "they're" vs. "their" vs. "there" -- I don't want to see this bilge water coming from Blizzard itself, even if as an American I have to put up with this crap myself constantly in my life. It's a published product. Like a book plus, and yet it is evident that no one particularly cares that it's inconsistent as all get out. If I have to attempt to edit it myself, even if I'm sometimes not 100 percent correct, I will, so I don't have to want to scream at the screen later like I do now when I see "Margoss's Retreat" next to "Krasus' Landing" when they're pronounced the same. I guess none of the fishing people in Legion beta noticed and whatever dev made the island to begin with couldn't be bothered to double check. Surprise.Longfeather16 10h
10h So about those who dual wield... Just playing my DK and threw them into frost and it occurred to me that there are specs who have 1 artifact weapon that will give them an off-hand weapon as well as their main hand...Warriors, Rogues, Shaman etc... Just copied over my DK and my first quest turn in is a one handed weapon, but if I equip it now I have lost an off-hand weapon with no making up for it unless I hit the AH for one. Anyone else see this as an issue?Trïstan4 10h
10h R.I.P World Quest Group Finder Rest in Peace, the addon that made completing World Quests more convenient. It was unjustly murdered by Blizzard for doing nothing wrong. Blizzard removed API functionality allowing addons to create groups and group titles rendering the automation of finding a group to complete a World Quest worthless. I'm pressing F to pay my respects for WQGF and for those people in school and work who used it to get their daily grind done in the most convenient way possible.Alberric36 10h
10h Unable to Switch Realms This is my second try at making a post, I have tried 3x and cant switch realms to update all my alts talents. Anyone else having this issue?Startastic0 10h
11h Poor Direhorns You removed their Spell Reflect and replaced it with nothing. Can they please have something? Petopia claims that they have an ability called Gore that does the same thing as some other tanking pets, reduce healing received. My Direhorn does not have this ability, but it would be better than nothing. Or, one of the tanking cooldowns that many other tanking pets have. Also, Marked for Death animation is still strange looking on Rogues. Overlaps with many other animations. It does this in Legion. Really hoping we don't have to go another xpac of slowly pointing enemies to death. Thank you.Zhujii0 11h
12h Kul Tiran (Race) and their Classes? I've been wondering what Classes they will be able to play, so far I would like to see the ones I mention below. What are other lore reasons any of you have for their classes? •Warrior- The guards or knights. Serving the Admiralty and protecting the people. Quite a basic class for them. •Rogue- The outlaw, swashbuckler. There are a lot of them around Kul Tiras. •Hunter- They hunt beasts, witches, monsters... pretty fitting class for them. •Monk- Big, burly brawler. Another class that makes sense. •Druid- Harvest Witches. They answered the calling of nature, some are in Drustvar. •Shaman- Tidesages commune with Water like others do with the Light and can call upon the storms (Air/Lightning & Water). I would be extremely disappointed if they can't be Shamans. •Warlocks: The witches of the Hearthsbane coven could be a lore reason for them. But they use a dark version of druid magic, so I'm not sure. •Paladins & Priests- As I said above, they consult the waters almost like a religion. I'm not really sure if they would be inclined to practice the Light. They're very superstitious people. Maybe they can be Shadow Priests because the Tidesages use the void, but they are basically killed on sight.Alexandos0 12h