Battle for Azeroth Beta Bug Report

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1h Seduction broken Right now the spell is stuck on auto-cast even tho there is no indication of it. Putting Succubus on passive does not help either.Asces0 1h
3h No Steps I found a set of steps that do not work. I walk straight through the steps. I have a screenshot but can't find a way to add it.Kailan3 3h
4h Pathing bug in Underrot I think I found a pathing bug =Oîn0 4h
4h :BUG: Kojo's Shell GAme Getting DC'd when I attempt to approach Kojo to do the shell game in Vol'dun. Also a pop-up appears that looks like a piece of parchment with nothing on it and nlocks most of the screen.Knowai1 4h
4h Shell Game 'scroll' permanently on screen. Attempted to do the Shell Game world quest at the Terrace of the Devoted in Vol'dun. The scroll the game is played on had no shells on it, and it immediately booted me back to control of my character. The scroll, however, stayed on screen. It appears to be a 3D object in my character's world now. It follows me around, although it only exists in one orientation (facing west). It overlays on top of everything other than other UI elements (goes over my char, but under eg: the map). Things that did nothing to help fix this: /reload logging off changing chars and back closing/reopening client going back to the same WQ going to a difference instance of the Shell Game WQ (the one in Zuldazar is up at the moment) There appears to be no way to get rid of this. The character is essentially unplayable at the moment. Pictures at links below. 4h
4h [bug] Zandalari Treasure Trove {quest} While on this quest the final part where Omi, Tacha, and Kenzou come to help. Zak'rajan the Undying's shield will not fall. No matter how many times you abandon, come in from a different side, abandon and /reload, it still will not complete the quest. At times Zak'rajan will face towards the front door and appear to keel over in pain but shield is still intact. At one point moving my viewing angle showed a handful of what I can only describe as large Eyes of Kilrogg firing some eye beams, but moved forward and lost the view.Fiveofive1 4h
5h Summon Gargoyle and Dark Arbiter The talent Summon Gargoyle is currently only lasting 25 seconds instead of 30 seconds. When Summon Gargoyle has its skin changed to Dark Arbiter, the duration lowers further to 20 seconds.Rothulian4 5h
5h Fell through Cave. .. Luckily my friend didn't fall in so he took this screenshot for me. But seriously?.. xd That's quite a decent sized chunk of land to fall through.Dòòmflower9 5h
6h Island Expedition intro quest problem I'm unable to complete the quest "Island Expedition." It says to use the table in order to start an expedition, but it just brings up an NPC dialogue saying new interface coming soon and has no options. Have tried abandoning the quest and restarting it, deleteing WTF and Cache, and I have the required reputation of friend and honored with the three factions. My friend has the same exact issue that I leveled with both on their DH and hunter.Titaness10 6h
6h Deadliest Cache bugged? Trying to fight the last boss (giant whale) I get him to 1 hp and he stays there and doesn't die. Reloaded quest several times and it does the same thing every time. Anyone else having this problem or am I just doing something wrong.Mogg3 6h
7h delayed deathification bug can't interact with the bomb's says * can't open that * in vol'dunSharcine29 7h
7h Can't do footholds to progress war campaign I completed one of the footholds and then I logged out and upon logging in the next day I couldn't complete the other two. There's no war campaign quests and I can't click the table anymore. Because of this I can't gain rep for the honorbound and can't unlock world quests.Nightx6 7h
8h Faction changed but can't get quest I decided to change my DH over to horde to play with some friends on beta and for some reason I can't get into the warchiefs room to turn in the battle for lordaeron quest.. and I can't pick up the quest "Mission Statement" because it phases me out.. is there any way around this?Lunamist0 8h
8h Beta launch leads to system crash There was an update to the beta that was applied (to mine anyway) on the 18th, friday. After the update, I launched the beta and instead of going fullscreen, it opened a windowed version of the game and before it could get to cBharacter screen, it opened a error report box and another stating a critical error occurred. I kinda paniced and closed the boxes immediately and left only bnet open. Restarted my computer and relaunched bnet and tried to open beta again with same result only this time i left the error report box open and submitted the error report for it. I switched the bnet over to the live game and launched it with no errors occurring and i played for an hour with no problems. The next day I launched the beta again and it opened the windowed game again and before i could close the window, it locked the computer up and black screened to self power down. Black screen is not an unusual result only this time there was no video display of any kind upon power up. I can hear the tones made during the startup sequence but no video, only a slightly brightened black screen after about 25 or so seconds. Wasn't able to get the Safe Mode menu to come up or even the BIOS setup display. I realize it looks like a hardware issue but I don't believe in coincidence with it occurring at the odd beta launch(windowed). Any ideas or similar occurrences?Denastis0 8h
9h Falling through world - Stormsong Valley In Stormsong Valley, I jumped on the Ornery Battleboar without the quest "A question of Quillpower" active. I was not able to dismount the boar. Ultimately, I tried to force disconnect the game and now I am constantly falling though the world and getting repeatedly disconnected. Is there a workaround for this?Calamorallo0 9h
9h Nazmani Cultists Nazmani Ravagers are only mobs that count towards a killChains14 9h
9h Stormsong Valley Quest Issues I could not complete the quest "Grizzled" since the required NPC does not seem to spawn. I could not complete quest "Get Out of Here" since I couldn't find any captured miners to free. Questgiver (Holger Nash) also disappears soon after entering the cave making it difficult to even pick up the quest initially without timing it just right before he disappears.Telion0 9h
9h Storm's Wake Revered - Barely Dinged 120? I didn't notice this until I had been 120 for a few hours and was working on my war campaign... but I don't think it's intentional. My character is already 18,445/21,000 revered with Storm's Wake just from doing most of the quests in Stormsong Valley (including the dungeon quest, not including a few of the quests against the Horde in the northern part of the zone that I currently am unable to complete). I believe this is a bug because I am only a little bit into Friendly with Proudmoore Admiralty after doing all of Tiragarde Sound (except for Norwington Estate)... Unless the intention has changed from Legion... I would assume the expectation is that you need to do some World Quests for any given faction to get to exalted. If it helps... my beta character is Telion (120 Void Elf Monk) on Sylvanas realm. I didn't notice when the rep gains happened, but like I said - I don't think I should almost be exalted just from doing the quests in the zone based on past reputation factions. Edited: Clarified zone progress.Telion0 9h
10h I am lost in the city the maps work anywhere else but in the city I am in a blacked out area. I have a quest giver but I cant find where I am. I/2 of the area is black. the lower half is lighted. exceppt i am lost in the blacked out area.Sharpnick0 10h
10h Quest Log Tracker Bugged Hi guys, I've had an issue ever since the "Great Sea" Quest chain was bugged. My quest log and tracking no longer updates. I've searched forums and tried many fixes such as deleting my Cache, Interface & WTF folders to running some console commands which were spose to sort it out. Everytime I do a /reload UI the quest log seems to catch up to itself. Any suggestions ? Thank youNecrotics0 10h
11h Can't get world quests So I used the table (for the war zone), got a quest for a new zone, then did a dungeon. After the dungeon, the quest was able to be turned in, and I did so not thinking. Now I can't use the table, and all three zones completed is required for world quests. Any suggestions on how to fix this?Redcoder5 11h
11h Mass Group Disband? Was in Waycrest Manor when the entire group disbanded out of nowhere. ~5:15 Server Time / PDT. I messaged some other group members, one of them mentioned that people in their guild all got their groups disbanded at the same time. Wondering if this is due to server instability, or if something was being implemented or tested on the fly. Kind of afraid to do another dungeon. Heh. Edit: It impacted players on both Sylvanas and Anduin.Selisarvilus0 11h
11h Visual Contrast Bug | unplayable As of the last update to BFA beta, when I load the game, the color contrast is extremely imbalanced. Particle effects seem to be normal, but all other shaders and color are orange tinted, or black. It looks like contrast settings are all out of whack, but I can't fix it. I've tried resetting graphics to default - no dice. Legion plays fine - the contrast issue is exclusive to BETA.Wreckadin1 11h
12h Black Screen AS of this morning (5/20), I am unable to see anything but very dark, mostly black colors and bright spots rendering the game unplayable. I see this at the Beta login screen, character select screen and in game. Live looks fine and Beta was fine before today. Any suggestions?Saarkhastick4 12h
12h BUG: World Quests Unable to get the third foothold in Kul Tiras (its Drustvar) currently at 120 have the required rep was able to get the final foothold turned in but no quest to actually go to Drustvar to do the quests to get Hobart.Chiluzzar0 12h
13h Visual bugs (Product RED) Visual bugs, Mac version. In northeast Stormsong and Shrine of the Storm, sheets or curtains of bright red appear, sometime making it very difficult to see anything through them. macOS 10.13.4 Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac18,3 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 4.2 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 8 MB Memory: 40 GB Boot ROM Version: IM183.0157.B00 SMC Version (system): 2.41f1 SET portal "test" SET textLocale "enUS" SET audioLocale "enUS" SET hwDetect "0" SET videoOptionsVersion "15" SET gxApi "MTL" SET gxWindow "0" SET gxMaximize "1" SET gxFullscreenResolution "5120x2880" SET graphicsQuality "7" SET RAIDgraphicsQuality "5" SET farclip "7000.000000" SET horizonStart "1900.000000" SET particleDensity "80.000000" SET particleMTDensity "100.000000" SET waterDetail "2.000000" SET rippleDetail "1.000000" SET reflectionMode "0.000000" SET sunShafts "2.000000" SET refraction "2.000000" SET groundEffectDensity "80.000000" SET groundEffectDist "200.000000" SET projectedTextures "1.000000" SET shadowMode "3.000000" SET shadowTextureSize "2048.000000" SET shadowSoft "0.000000" SET SSAO "2.000000" SET DepthBasedOpacity "1.000000" SET textureFilteringMode "5.000000" SET terrainLodDist "500.000000" SET wmoLodDist "400.000000" SET terrainMipLevel "0.000000" SET worldBaseMip "0.000000" SET OutlineEngineMode "2.000000" SET lightMode "2.000000" SET lodObjectCullSize "18.000000" SET lodObjectCullDist "30.000000" SET lodObjectMinSize "54.000000" SET lodObjectFadeScale "100.000000" SET RAIDfarclip "6000.000000" SET RAIDWaterDetail "2.000000" SET RAIDSSAO "1.000000" SET RAIDDepthBasedOpacity "1.000000" SET RAIDgroundEffectDensity "64.000000" SET RAIDgroundEffectDist "160.000000" SET RAIDshadowMode "2.000000" SET RAIDterrainLodDist "400.000000" SET RAIDwmoLodDist "350.000000" SET RAIDterrainMipLevel "0.000000" SET RAIDworldBaseMip "0.000000" SET RAIDtextureFilteringMode "4.000000" SET RAIDprojectedTextures "1.000000" SET RAIDshadowTextureSize "1024.000000" SET RAIDshadowSoft "0.000000" SET RAIDreflectionMode "0.000000" SET RAIDrippleDetail "1.000000" SET RAIDsunShafts "1.000000" SET RAIDparticleDensity "50.000000" SET RAIDparticleMTDensity "70.000000" SET RAIDrefraction "1.000000" SET RAIDOutlineEngineMode "1.000000" SET RAIDLightMode "2.000000" SET RAIDlodObjectCullSize "20.000000" SET RAIDlodObjectCullDist "30.000000" SET RAIDlodObjectMinSize "60.000000" SET RAIDlodObjectFadeScale "90.000000" SET componentTextureLevel "0.000000" SET RAIDcomponentTextureLevel "0.000000" SET weatherDensity "3.000000" SET RAIDweatherDensity "1.000000" SET graphicsTextureResolution "3" SET graphicsTextureFiltering "6" SET graphicsEnvironmentDetail "7" SET graphicsGroundClutter "7" SET graphicsShadowQuality "4" SET graphicsLiquidDetail "3" SET graphicsSSAO "3" SET raidGraphicsTextureResolution "3.000000" SET raidGraphicsTextureFiltering "5.000000" SET raidGraphicsProjectedTextures "2.000000" SET raidGraphicsEnvironmentDetail "5" SET raidGraphicsGroundClutter "5" SET raidGraphicsShadowQuality "3.000000" SET raidGraphicsLiquidDetail "3.000000" SET raidGraphicsSunshafts "2.000000" SET raidGraphicsParticleDensity "2.000000" SET raidGraphicsSSAO "2.000000" SET raidGraphicsDepthEffects "3.000000" SET raidGraphicsLightingQuality "3.000000" SET raidGraphicsOutlineMode "2.000000" SET playIntroMovie "7" SET engineSurvey "6" SET debugLog0 "052018_155206 1: 1" SET debugLog1 "052018_182358 Shutdown" SET Sound_MusicVolume "0.40000000596046" SET Sound_AmbienceVolume "0.60000002384186" SET gameTip "56" SET spellClutterRangeConstantRaid "20.000000" SET CACHE-WQST-QuestV2RecordCount "35791" SET CACHE-WQST-QuestV2HotfixCount "0" SET CACHE-WQST-QuestObjectiveRecordCount "36159" SET CACHE-WQST-QuestObjectiveHotfixCount "0" SET CACHE-WQST-QuestObjectiveXEffectRecordCount "11048" SET CACHE-WQST-QuestObjectiveXEffectHotfixCount "0" SET CACHE-WGOB-GameObjectsRecordCount "71848" SET CACHE-WGOB-GameObjectsHotfixCount "0" SET gxWindowedResolution "2548x1432" SET RAIDsettingsEnabled "1"Shmendrik0 13h
13h Mission table has never worked in Beta I have hit 120 on Beta and my mission table is not and has never worked/been active this entire time.Zombiedog0 13h
14h Hot pursuit Quest bugging Boralus Market Edited for clarification. The Quest line Hot Pursuit is currently bugged as of 5/18/18. If you do not complete the quest it will bug your tradewinds market in Boralus and you will not be able to do anything. To finish the quest just ride it out. DO NOT press ANY buttons. anbd it will end and your game will be fineMadalynn6 14h
14h Forum Post Search I posted a bug and a general topic a few weeks ago, and now I cannot search for them using any keywords or my character's posting history. Not really a beta bug, more of a general forum bug. EDIT: For example this post is not searchable via the blizzard search function. ShadeldShadeld1 14h
14h squishy at 120 i dont know if anyone else is haveing this issue but at 120 on a dh feeling incredibly squishy normal non elite mobs in silithus area are ripping through me in havoc spec even in vengence they are hitting unusually hard i cant even tank 3 non elites down in silithus without getting beaten down and dieing ive also noticed this in other zones at max lvl on this toon im not sure if the mobs are not scaleing right or if its due to the gcd changesWhosnext14 14h
14h Too much to Bear bug No bear pelts dropping, was able to complete the hunter kill portion but not the bear pelt portion. It wasn't a low drop rate, it was nil.Gunwyvar0 14h
15h Quest: Ritualistic Preparations I was unable to use the forge next to the quest giver to smelt the ore. I went to Org. and was able to smelt into unsanctified ore. There isn't anyway to get the quest giver to acknowledge the unsanctified ore. Don't know what to do now.Magetoots5 15h
15h "The Speaker's Perspective" Magni is nowhere to be found....Knowai22 15h
16h Stuck - Timbered Strand in Drustvar Cant move away from the camp if you do you get ported back, if you join instance you get ported back, if you hearth you get ported back. Tried reloging and reloading stuck here forever it seems :(Meathshield8 16h
16h Hit 120 - Now What? I dinged 120 recently and, besides new dungeons being unlocked, nothing has changed. No bread crumb quests to start WQs or anything else.Cortran5 16h
16h Log in I went to log in on my Beta loc,and i got a msg saying "A character with that name already exists" I logged not 5 min and when i returned i got that msg,now i cant get into game with that char.Deucilon1 16h
16h Quest: Defeat Jakra'zet is Bugged You accept this quest from Warguard Rakera, inside Atul'Aman, in the Blood Font. When you accept the quest, the following NPC dialogue occurs: General Jakra'zet says: De ritual of blood is nearly complete! Warguard Rakera says: It's over Jakra'zet. Your plan has failed! General Jakra'zet says: Failed? No... General Jakra'zet says: I will complete de ritual... with your blood! The scene stops here. General Jakra'zet remains a neutral orange color and cannot be attacked or interacted with. None of the NPCs (Warguard Rakera, Vorrik, Bladeguard Kaja), can be interacted with. There are no items to click or interact with. If you try clicking on the quest, to read the quest info for possible help, you are given this LUA Error: Message: ...ace\AddOns\Blizzard_MapCanvas\Blizzard_MapCanvas.lua:385: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got nil) Time: Fri May 11 00:48:11 2018 Count: 1 Stack: ...ace\AddOns\Blizzard_MapCanvas\Blizzard_MapCanvas.lua:385: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got nil) [C]: in function `ipairs' ...ace\AddOns\Blizzard_MapCanvas\Blizzard_MapCanvas.lua:385: in function `RefreshDetailLayers' ...ace\AddOns\Blizzard_MapCanvas\Blizzard_MapCanvas.lua:439: in function `RefreshAll' ...ace\AddOns\Blizzard_MapCanvas\Blizzard_MapCanvas.lua:54: in function `OnShow' ...rface\AddOns\Blizzard_WorldMap\Blizzard_WorldMap.lua:213: in function <...rface\AddOns\Blizzard_WorldMap\Blizzard_WorldMap.lua:210> [C]: in function `Show' Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:2527: in function `SetUIPanel' Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:2368: in function `ShowUIPanel' Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:2237: in function <Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:2233> [C]: in function `SetAttribute' Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:3014: in function `ShowUIPanel' Interface\FrameXML\QuestLogOwnerMixin.lua:99: in function `SetDisplayState' Interface\FrameXML\QuestLogOwnerMixin.lua:37: in function `HandleUserActionToggleSelf' ...rface\AddOns\Blizzard_WorldMap\Blizzard_WorldMap.lua:381: in function `ToggleWorldMap' [string "TOGGLEWORLDMAP"]:1: in function <[string "TOGGLEWORLDMAP"]:1> Locals: (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = "table expected, got nil" = <function> defined =[C]:-1 I have tried disabling the only addon I have (Details!), I have tried abandoning the quest and picking it up again. I have tried reloading UI. I have tried logging out and back in. I have tried emptying Cache and WTF folders.Xharaone4 16h
16h Finding Marshall Vlentine Completely bugged, none of the skeletons are clickable. I spent 2 hours going through each shipwreck and got nowhere,Gunwyvar1 16h
16h Warlock Grimore of Sacrifice Bug Has anyone noticed Grimore of Sacrifice losing the buff all the time? I end up having to re summon my pet and using Grimore of Sacrifice quite often. Its suppose to last one hour but the buff goes away every now and then without dying or summoning a pet after having it.ßoss0 16h
17h [Bug]Flush them out Stormsong Quest: Flush them out. Find three caves, kill what lies inside them. BUG: Area is impossible to enter without getting sent back to another section of the map, might be incomplete or missing a buff to enter the area not clear. Basically you get "Air is getting thin" and get ported out. Only quest left in Stormsong currently.Greenstone1 17h
17h Third war campaign area I hit 120 on my alliance character yesterday without doing the 116 quest to the third horde outpost thinking it will be available to me at 120 - it isn't. All I have is a quest for the island expedition which is bugged.Bertane0 17h
18h Character Creation Visual Bug When creating an Orc(normal or Mag'har) and modifying posture to upright stance then going back to race select screen. The orcs forearm is invisible on the screen. Edit: Only appears for hunters it seemsWaxedyum0 18h
18h Grizzled Quest Bugged When you enter Saltstone mine to go kill Grizz, you will phase out. This will also affect the ability to complete the quest "Get out of here" where you rescue miners inside that cave. I have tried dropping the quests, but that has not worked. I'm sure Grizz is sitting there, but just in a different phaseArualay0 18h
18h Noisy Audio Playback For some reason i started experiencing noise inside of the WoW audio playback. This occurred during one of the quests in Nazmir, where we are killing Blood Trolls inside the tortoise corpse and has continued for a bit after. The noise sounds like digital noise and is not accompanied by visible lag or frame rate drop. The noise is not constant, occurring at seemingly random intervals but close enough together to note an issue. I did minor troubleshooting with other programs on my computer to rule out sound drivers, and also tried different connections, and reconnection of all wire points for my headphones.Sprocalock0 18h
19h Possible bug?? Hello, I'd like to report a possible bug. 19h
19h Uhhh Alter of Storms Bug in stormwind IT NEVER LEAVESHotstitute2 19h
19h Tortollans in Distress Shandris Feathermoon in Ft. Victory gave me a quest, "Tortollans in Distress," and John J. Keeshan gave me the quest, "The Savage Hunt," but neither appear in my quest journal or on the map. They have greyed out question marks above their heads. I've cleared the cache and restarted etc but I still can't figure out what to do for these quests nor how to cancel them.Urdu0 19h
20h visual bug while spectral sight. i was doing a dungeon on my DH and activated spectral sight to spot 2 stealthed mobs. after pressing spectral sight, red lines started falshing all over the screen, i took a screeshot and this is what it looks like:élim1 20h