Battle for Azeroth PTR Bug Report

5h Submitting a Bug Report Notice: When a new patch is applied to the game and changes are made to the Blizzard UI, third party UI addons can break and cause any number of problems in game. Before you report a bug, please disable (or delete) all of your mods and test the situation again using the default in-game UI. If the issue does not happen without mods installed then it is not a WoW bug and you should contact the mod creator for further assistance. _______________________________________________ Commonly reported issues that are not bugs: There are many issues that are repeatedly reported on the forums that are not considered bugs and should not be posted here in this forum. Please check this list before making a new post in this forum. Many issues that appear to be bugs are actually intended functionality or should be reported in other places. Realms are down, laggy or crashing. Exploits, Cheats and Hacks. Forum Avatar or Character Armory aren't updated Problems with the guild UI when you have more than 500 players in the guild. Haste effects do not apply the correct amount of casting/attack increase. “Impossible” simultaneous actions. No experience, loot or quest credit for mobs killed exclusively by pets or totems. Counterspell/Kick locks down unexpected spells. Website issues_______________________________________________ Realms are down or crashing Example: Players cannot get past “Authenticating” or a specific PTR realm is not currently online. Blizzard Technicians continually monitor all of our realms and work to resolve issues as quickly as possible. QA does not have information about realm status. Information regarding realm status can be viewed in the Realm Status Forum: Exploits, Cheats and Hacks Example: Several players are using cheats to win PVP All reports of exploits, cheats, hacks or the players who are using them should be reported via the web-form found here: Forum Avatar or Character Armory is outdated Example: In-game character is level 70, forum avatar is level 63. The Forum information is not updated in real time, it can often take days or weeks for this information to update. This is especially true if your characters recently changed realms or were a part of a realm-merge, and is ultimately not a topic that's appropriate to report here. Unable to view items on armory, or character not found Again, this forum is only for in-game bugs or issues that were experienced on the PTR. For any issues with our support pages or websites, please go here: 5h
May 31 Communities Known Issues - Updated 5/31/18 Hello all, The following is a list of known issues for the In-Game Communities feature. Please note that this is not a complete list of all issues we're tracking, but the issues we believe will impact players the most. Players are unable to race change while in a Community. Guild moderators are unable to promote or demote Guild members. Guild member ranks are not displayed properly. Player presence statuses are not refreshed when the Communities tab is opened. Weblink invites will navigate to a 404: Page Not Found when clicked. Workaround: Copy the weblink to your clipboard then paste the URL into the "Join a Community" field. Dead players are unable to communicate in a community window that has been added to the chat pane. Guild chat does not appear for Guild members who have not yet utilized the main Communities UI.Arvaanas0 May 31
May 25 Errors Connecting to Realms Hey folks, Posted this in the deploy thread in the General Discussion forums, but figured it should live here too: We're expieriencing some server issues that result in bad login attempts. Once your character connects and you log into the world your spot is reserved but it might take some work to get there. Additionally, this same server issue results in feature degradation for Guild options and the Auction Houses. We're actively working to resolve this issue and will provide updates when we can. Thank you for your patience!Arvaanas0 May 25
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1h new build to the internal dev realm? since general discussion, ill just post here i think theyre uploading a new build to the dev realm take a look, just loading. might be updating the CDN config for itZarkeven3 1h
1h What's the point? If blizz is gonna just release new PTR updates but not even allow people to test it. They just dump a new patch on it and leave it alone, don't even check to see if its optimal. I remember when PTRs used to be fun other than just for testing, when we had free instant max levels and free gear from the big tauren vendors. Now they just half a** it and don't even enable their report system. They don't even secure it from hackers or ban people for hacking. And now they don't even make it playable. This is it guys. Blizz has popped all of their cooldowns and gave it their all in MoP hence why it was the best expac ever, yes, better than wrath and BC. And now no wonder why this game has gotten so bad after WoD release.Ultranumb11 1h
1h War Campaign: An End to the Killing At the Alliance side War Campaign, the final(?) quest: An End to the Killing is bugged. After you killed Advisor Ko'jan and went back to the Gral's Call upper deck (you can see the troll captain is captured), the quest cannot progress and you are stuck here. Hopefully it will be fixed next build.Lucifair7 1h
1h Login screen broken after 8.1 All the buttons have nonlocalized code text and graphics dont show up. Trying a scan and repair will report backDarthwaggle96 1h
2h BIG BUG for big hunter mon I am doing the Jani quest in Nesingwary's Trek. As a small thing i got to avoid spiders so i walk around the egde of temple. After i done all the process ready to back to complete it. I just get in the bush, and see my body stuck like inside the plant. So i move forward, then my body just dropped from the ground. It is endless dropping, i just got disconnected. After i log in back, im still dropping. then it tele me back to the start. Afterall, seem like i got to do it twice. Wait. The point is i drop out of map.Anamaker5 2h
3h Feral - Remove Corruption This is in live and still present on the PTR. Feral druids Remove Corruption despell (cleanse a curse or poison) pulls the Druid out of cat form. This doesn't make any sense because our offensive despell- soothe - does not do this. Why does our defensive despell have to be so jarring to our rotation? It does not function this way to boomkins. I pray this was overlooked. It's been this way for awhile, but much like you allowed rebirth and soothe to be castable in cat form, our defensive despell also needs this quality of life added. I hope you can understand how bad it feels to be pulled out of cat form when trying to perform group utility like this. I don't want to sacrifice my dps for utility in that way. I shouldn't have to ask a balance druid in my M+ group to take the lead on the despells because it's so cumbersome and damaging for me to do it. Let me use my utility please. I give you guys kudos on your dungeon designs in BfA. I am using my kit to the fullest as a feral. But that's making remove Corruption a glarring issue as well.Sunoco0 3h
3h The End of The Killing Stormwind Bug I completed the entire questline and it told me to speak to King Anduin Wrynn in Stormwind. I ported and flew there, but Anduin does not have a question mark above him and when I interact with him, it doesn’t give me the option to complete quest. Closed out of game and retried, still not able to complete the quest. Has anyone else had this problem? And if so, how did you get around it?Wtbxbbw2 3h
4h PTR up or not? Simple question, is PTR still down?Silris1 4h
6h It's official. It's the new week. Which means blizzard failed to make patch 8.1 available on the PTR for us. Promise broken! Suing for emotional damages blizzard! (Kidding) But seriously :( I wanna test 8.1 already... At this rate maybe monday because we all know no one works on sunday at bliz.Ifri15 6h
7h Lua Error... Could someone help me with this.... I have done a clean installation, twice and still this happening... Message: Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:3: bad argument #1 to 'SetFormattedText' (string expected, got nil) Time: Tue Sep 25 09:33:24 2018 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:3: bad argument #1 to 'SetFormattedText' (string expected, got nil) [C]: in function `SetFormattedText' Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:3: in function <Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:1> Locals: (*temporary) = <unnamed> { 0 = <userdata> } (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = "" (*temporary) = "8.1.0" (*temporary) = "27826" (*temporary) = "" (*temporary) = "Sep 20 2018" (*temporary) = "string expected, got nil"Leethuhl1 7h
8h PTR crashing Whenever I try to log onto the PTR it an: this application has encountered a critical error: error #134 (0x85100086) fatal condition! and then a bunch of other text. I tried running the scan and fix and deleting and reinstalling the PTR. Any ideas?Netherhugz9 8h
9h Blizzard, it's fine. It's fine if the PTR build is broken. It's fine if it will take a long time to fix. It's even fine if no one's even working on it yet. Just let us know. That's all I ask.Darthwaggle49 9h
9h Lets face it the ptr is broke and will never be fix. wow will take all the time in the world to sit back and relax. blizzard doesn't give a !@#$ about the ptr at all. there even no gm on the ptr. just stop because no matter how long we complain it will never get fix.Arexionah14 9h
9h Druid Artifact Xmog does not xmog I see that Blizzard has recently added "Artifact Pair" to the weapon dropdown, which allows me to select artifact appearances from claws of ursol or fangs of ashame. I am super happy about this, as it means I will still be able to be neon bear/kitty in BfA! ... but it's currently broken. I copied over my current live server druid that has many of the appearances unlocked, and confirmed the appearances work, when wielding my artifact (changing them at the artifact forge). But as for choosing them in the xmog >> "artifact pair" interface when wielding a different weapon (e.g. a polearm)... 1) I have most of the appearances unlocked for both artifacts, but most of them aren't actually available in the xmog interface. Only 3 (blue from 3 different tiers) show up for my claws of ursoc (guardian), and only 4 (all 4 from moonspirit tier) show up for my fangs of ashame (feral) 2) The xmog doesn't "stick". When I select one of the ones that are actually available, it shows up in the xmog model preview, but when I click on the Apply button, it doesn't actually apply, and my guardian/feral form appearance does not change. Also, the gold cost for application is not deducted from my gold. And if I close and open the xmog window, it does not show that the change was applied. I know it's a recently implemented thing so I'm sure it's a work in progress. But just wanted to report it, nonetheless! p.s. - Thank you for implementing this in general! You don't know how incredibly depressed I was at the prospect of losing my guardian/feral artifact appearances in BfA. Also p.s. - I know a lot of people are complaining that this "Artifact Pair" implementation forces them to have claw/dagger appearance which limits non-form appearance choices. I get where they are coming from, but as for me I think that's a nice to have, not a need to have. Well, relatively speaking, anyways. It's a game, so nothing is really "need" to have.Maulrat9 9h
9h I wonder did anyone try to contact blizzard? did anyone contact blizzard or open a ticket. if so what did they say about the PTRArexionah18 9h
10h What if after they fix the broken build... the copy character option is still not available? Neither create a premade character? I can't help it but I have the feeling this is what will happen... So one way or another, 8.1 possible won't be tested until god knows when...Chæzy1 10h
18h [Quest] "A threat from the north" I was doing this quest at level 117 on the alliance side, with war mode on. Horde players attacked. I think they killed Malfurion that I needed at the end of the quest in Lor'danel in Darkshore. There were assassins from the horde side and 110 mobs. Now there is no one and no mobs that are level 110 in the present darkshore time. Now the quest is gone from my quest log inventory and there is no way to get back to the storyline quest of the Burning of Teldrasil. I tried going to the last step to see if any NPCs were there or quests back at Darnaseus, nothing. And its been over an hour and Malfurion still isnt there. I tried using the timewarper Zidormi, and nothing. I relogged and quit out of the game a few times, nothing. Other players reporting same thing and they are level 110.Aralnda5 18h
21h PTR 8.1 LUA errors on game start This is from a fresh install of the 8.1 PTR. I did not have it installed previous to 8.1 I have no add-on's installed. 6 Errors in total: Error 1 Message: Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:3: bad argument #1 to 'SetFormattedText' (string expected, got nil) Time: Fri Sep 21 20:56:43 2018 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:3: bad argument #1 to 'SetFormattedText' (string expected, got nil) [C]: in function `SetFormattedText' Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:3: in function <Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:1> Locals: (*temporary) = <unnamed> { 0 = <userdata> } (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = "" (*temporary) = "8.1.0" (*temporary) = "27826" (*temporary) = "" (*temporary) = "Sep 20 2018" (*temporary) = "string expected, got nil" Vralek23 21h
22h PTR still broken Thanks blizz.Orillan3 22h
1d saying getting something up "this week" but failing to do so and NOT SAYING A WORD is a great example of your horrible communication.Beezlebubba15 1d
1d Windows Firewall Prompt Okay, this isn't a "bug" exactly, but it's something that probably should be addressed. Each time a new build of the beta runs for the first time, Windows 10's Firewall pops up a "approve this?" dialog for "World of Warcraft Voice Proxy" (presumably the new voice chat feature). This results in a user interaction that some people may not think is safe, so they'll block the voice chat feature without thinking. After all, WoW *never* pops up a firewall dialog, because the game itself takes care of that behind the scenes. Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft 2 do this with every single patch - a brand new firewall confirmation box, and yet another near-identical entry in Windows Firewall's allow list - and it's long annoyed me, but to see it pop up for WoW is surprising. Having it pop up again after a patch (after having been approved the previous time) is something that probably needs attention :)Audrena3 1d
1d ERROR#134 This is what I get, for ERROR#134 (0x85100086) Fatal Condition! Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft Public Test\WowT.exe ProcessID: 764 File: d:\buildserver\wow\7\work\shared-checkout\branches wow-patch-8_1_0-branch\wow\source\wowclient\client.cpp Line: 6780 (37) The CAS system was unable to initialize: CASInitialize()failed to create folder ../Data: Access denied. Press OK to terminate the application. I click OK, then it brings me to this pop-up: The application encountered an unexpected error. To help us identify the problem, please describe what you were doing when the error occurred. So, I type in - Each time I click the PLAY button on the PTR splash screen, on the Battle.Net app, this is the error I have been getting EVERY single time I click on PLAY! At the bottom of the commenting part, I read this - Please use the Report ID below when communicating with Blizzard about this issue. The number sequence I have right now is: F8D59004-C703-4DE6-A02A-B6B6C2C10E38 At the lower-left hand side, of the pop-up, there is a check-box option to "Send to Blizzard". However, this box does nothing, except check-marking and unchecking. Then, I have on the lower-right hand side, of the pop-up, "Reopen" and "Close". The Reopen link just gives me this SAME error pop-up, every single time. So, I close the pop-up. I try clicking on PLAY again, on the Battle.Net app, and STILL get the SAME error pop-up! What am I doing wrong?Ellisstrae54 1d
1d blizz fix the PTR ever since 8.1 went to the PTR the PTR hasn't worked at all how can i test the new content when i can't even launch the PTR?Aneline1 1d
1d PTR 8.1 Anyone else having issues when launching the ptr? Seems like blizzard didnt even notice it.Kowzk16 1d
1d Taking bets On whether it's up Monday or not. Who's in?Darthwaggle5 1d
1d Seriously?? I posted in the Technical Support forums to try and get someone to realize the PTR isn't working atm, and a blue from there just locked the thread. We haven't heard ANYTHING from ANYONE about this all day. Not in here, or on Twitter. What the hell is going on?!Niraz19 1d
1d Anti-Magic Shell - Spell Animation Hello, In the last patchs of WoW, we have seen many abilities and classes getting visual improvement, to match the "2K18" style. Is there any chance that 8.1 will bring Anti-Magic Shell update? I think it would make sense, the current bubble details seems straight from Vanilla :) Thanks!Skildk1 1d
2d Case of the vanishing nodes. Imagine yourself gathering mats. You find some Anchor Weed on your mini map. You run up to it to gather it only for it to dissapear before your very eyes. If you are quick enough to right click it before it vanishes, you get a nice error message. I don't know about you, but this happens to me way to often and its rather frustrating. I know that the server shifts us to different instances to keep a certain amount of player per instance but its too coincidental. Are others also having this issue?Sedalysse2 2d
2d Scrap-O-Matic Bug Currently unable to use the Scrap-O-Matic on my newly created Druid. Can't even scrap the [Tattered Pants] for the intro quest, "A Load of Scrap". Edit: I asked a couple of other visitors to the Scrapper if it was working for them. No dice. In the War Mode phase, haven't tried outside of it.Selisarvilus46 2d
2d Broken login interface I can't get in the PTR. Is there a fix for it? Message: Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:3: bad argument #1 to 'SetFormattedText' (string expected, got nil) Time: Sun Sep 23 03:00:39 2018 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:3: bad argument #1 to 'SetFormattedText' (string expected, got nil) [C]: in function `SetFormattedText' Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:3: in function <Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:1> Locals: (*temporary) = <unnamed> { 0 = <userdata> } (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = "" (*temporary) = "8.1.0" (*temporary) = "27826" (*temporary) = "" (*temporary) = "Sep 20 2018" (*temporary) = "string expected, got nil" Message: Interface\GlueXML\CharacterCreate.lua:322: attempt to concatenate field '?' (a nil value) Time: Sun Sep 23 03:00:39 2018 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\GlueXML\CharacterCreate.lua:322: attempt to concatenate field '?' (a nil value) Interface\GlueXML\CharacterCreate.lua:322: in function <Interface\GlueXML\CharacterCreate.lua:277> Locals: self = CharacterCreate { 0 = <userdata> selectedGender = 0 selectedRace = 0 hordeFramePool = <table> { } numRaces = 0 numClasses = 0 selectedClass = 0 allianceFramePool = <table> { } classFramePool = <table> { } neutralFramePool = <table> { } } backdropColor = <table> { 1 = 0.500000 2 = 0.500000 3 = 0.500000 4 = 0.090000 5 = 0.090000 6 = 0.190000 7 = 0 8 = 0 9 = 0.200000 10 = 0.290000 11 = 0.330000 12 = 0.910000 } classes = <table> { 1 = <table> { } 2 = <table> { } 3 = <table> { } 4 = <table> { } 5 = <table> { } 6 = <table> { } 7 = <table> { } 8 = <table> { } 9 = <table> { } 10 = <table> { } 11 = <table> { } 12 = <table> { } } (for generator) = <function> defined =[C]:-1 (for state) = <table> {Geol2 2d
2d PTR Client Cannot be Opened Exactly what the title says. Every time I try to open the PTR Client, I get error 134. Do I have to delete my cache files for it? If so, do I delete the whole file, or just something specifically from the cache file?Lichdemon7 2d
2d A nation divided unable to complete. Currently in the BfA Beta, if you're leveling as a group and are using an auto-share addon etc, once you pick up "A Nation Divided" and one of your group members accepts/shares the quest that begins one of the three zones, it makes the Scouting Map un-interactable, as you've already accepted one of the breadcrumbs. This renders the quest "A Nation Divided" unable to be completed as you can no longer interact with the Scouting Map. As a result, you can no longer complete any of the zones major storylines/quests and can only do the side-quest/hubs that don't have this quest as a prerequisite. A solution to this may be making the Scouting Map interactable, even after accepting one of the breadcrumbs etc. This bug was seen by two (2) of my group members, and was not fixed by logging out, reloading UI or using a plain UI (all addons turned off).Straxo59 2d
2d RIP I tried poking around in the files and ended up with the launcher saying my install was broken. Okay scan and repair. Now it says it launches but the game never pops up. Okay screw it fresh install. And... Still never pops up. RIPDarthwaggle2 2d
3d PTR Installation Hi there I have attempted to log into the PTR, and I get this error message. I uninstalled and reinstalled the data, and continue to encounter it. Can you please suggest a fix? 3d
3d Dear Bliz, We. Just. Want. To. Play. (ノಥ,_」ಥ)ノ彡┻━┻Tadin1 3d
3d [BUG] Tortalleian Matching Game So I found Collector Kojo and decided to try the matching game (match two shells together). I found that I might get one shell to flip over (gear icon shows) but anything after that ... nothing. Clicking on a shell shows a green outline but no gear, no flip.Syrlinus3 3d
3d PTR when will the PTR be available for play?Aneline5 3d
3d shame on you blizz devs it is shameful for devs pushing a new build without even testing it themselves! like they didn't even bother trying login and see that it is at least possible to log in to the world... ... that's probably the most accurate description of what happened at blizz a while ago... i mean wtf? this is ptr, public, not internal testing... shame on you devs!Chæzy30 3d
3d Maybe PTR is just for datamining and we were never meant to actually log on this weekend? =/Liger1 3d
3d Patch broke PTR playing Hello, Since mandatory patch on Friday afternoon, we have not been able to launch PTR. I have completely patched, scan and repaired, checked for updates, uninstalled, deleted remaining files, and reinstalled both WoW and Blizzard Launcher. I have reinstalled through Windows a supposedly missing .dll file and still same results. My GF is getting the same basic message from a completely different computer configuration in a different location, lending to credence that problem is not local. The first of many error message reads in part ... Message: Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:3: bad argument #1 to 'SetFormattedText' (string expected, got nil) Stack: Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:3: bad argument #1 to 'SetFormattedText' (string expected, got nil) [C}: in function 'SetFormattedText' Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:3: in function <Interface\GlueXML\AccountLogin.lua:l> Locals: (*temporary) = <unnamed> [ 0 = <userdata> ] (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = " " (*temporary) = "8.1.0" (*temporary) = "27826" (*temporary) = " " (*temporary) = "Sep 20 2018" Hope this helps. Have a good day!Iñdigo2 3d
3d Stuck in Combat Constantly Maybe it's just me or possibly working as intended, but it definitely doesn't seem right to me, but the game has been locking me in Combat constantly throughout the day. There are no add-ons enabled and I have counted at least 7 times today that it has done this. There is no way to get out of combat, and using Vanish simply allows me to enter stealth, but sometimes only momentarily before it pulls me back out of stealth. Shadowmeld doesn't work and the game will not log me out when it happens. I have been in Combat for 10 minutes now without any enemies within aggro range and it won't even allow me to log out. The only way I have found today so far to take me out of combat is to force the game window to close entirely and wait to log back in. I'm not sure if it's all of the zones now, or if others are having this issue as I've searched the forums for other's with this experience throughout the day without success. I was questing out in Stormsong Valley Last Night and never had this issue but today it is suddenly doing this. Hopefully if it is a bug then it will see a fix at some point because it's pain being a rogue that's unable to stealth or mount.Faceless22 3d
3d Unable to Launch from Login Screen PTR not launching immediately on pressing play. Download completed (with strange last 4gb download saying 0 B/s) Hit play, takes about 3-5 mins before login screen is launched Launches login screen LUA Error Login Screen freeze Screen has: account name sign in box prefilled account password box not being prefilled manually entering information yields LUA error. Select reload ui, close lua error box. names are not localized for anything except for quit button, cinematics and "more" button hit server select button full freeze - forced to end task; appears to not connect with PTR servers.Lightblossum4 3d
3d Increase Anchor Weed spawns or something. Blizz, you really need to increase Anchor Weed spawns, and put more nodes in. Theres already bots running around. Its insane that with over 8 hours farming all three horde zones ive gotten 100 Anchor Weed! Theres a crud ton f players trying to figure out your logic with Anchor Weed when just last expansion you had Starlight Roses in a much better position. These 24/7 farm bots are killing the Anchor Weed farming for the rest of us. PLEASE, fix at least THIS for me so i can have some part of this expansion to play? I will NEVER play your over tuned, broken Ilvl scaling lvl 120 wet noodle hitting, wet paper bag surviving content. No power progression is just plain against ALL RPG designs. Its going over like a lead balloon.Clarvoidant12 3d
3d WowT fails to launch from Battlenet Bug Code: DFDB9E7B-96E2-4D0B-A8EB-FABB57C5715C Error #134 (Ox85100086) Fatal Condition ---- Happened a few minutes ago when attempting to launch PTR Client.Lightblossum0 3d
3d Change taunt back to before the PTR Taunt shouldnt be nerfed anymore than it currently is why is there a need to nerf taunt more than it currently is? How do you expect to tank swap in raids? Is it basically like ok tank swap tank stop attacking for 5 seconds so the other tank can grab aggro?Amademon4 3d
3d Bug - tier gear I think there may be a bug with your mail transmog. It looks like the artists accidentally uploaded a halfway completed model/skin set. You should check their desk and see where the other half is. I'mm just trying to be real here. Look at the effort that went into the other sets. I know you're going for the whole Bwomsamedi is the new King Loa deal. But really take half a minute to think about all the assets that could be worked with here. You have tar pits filled with skeletal raptors and Rezan as a massive skeletal T-Rex now and you'd think that might be a clue that "hey, we can go with a whole undead dinosaur deal MAYBE we can incorporate some of that art into it.... I know. Let's just up the res on some classic chainmail armor, throw some skulls on their shoulders and stap some bones on t heir gloves and boots for good measure. Oh. And don't forget. Claws sticking out of the hood. " I know Intern Lives Matter, but seriously. You can see a serious quality contrast between mail and the rest of the sets . I know mail usually gets !@#$ on and you're kind of used to it by now, but you can make WoW great again!... I can't believe I just said that. I'll go wash my mouth out with soap now.Enfae1 3d