Battle for Azeroth Beta Bug Report

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May 31 Communities Known Issues - Updated 5/31/18 Hello all, The following is a list of known issues for the In-Game Communities feature. Please note that this is not a complete list of all issues we're tracking, but the issues we believe will impact players the most. Players are unable to race change while in a Community. Guild moderators are unable to promote or demote Guild members. Guild member ranks are not displayed properly. Player presence statuses are not refreshed when the Communities tab is opened. Weblink invites will navigate to a 404: Page Not Found when clicked. Workaround: Copy the weblink to your clipboard then paste the URL into the "Join a Community" field. Dead players are unable to communicate in a community window that has been added to the chat pane. Guild chat does not appear for Guild members who have not yet utilized the main Communities UI.Arvaanas0 May 31
May 25 Errors Connecting to Realms Hey folks, Posted this in the deploy thread in the General Discussion forums, but figured it should live here too: We're expieriencing some server issues that result in bad login attempts. Once your character connects and you log into the world your spot is reserved but it might take some work to get there. Additionally, this same server issue results in feature degradation for Guild options and the Auction Houses. We're actively working to resolve this issue and will provide updates when we can. Thank you for your patience!Arvaanas0 May 25
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1h Guild Banners still not working.. We've reported this on beta for months, but now that 8.0 is now live... same problem still happening where guild banners don't work for xp.Mabus0 1h
1h Typo In Guild Perk "Mobile Banking" Not a huge deal but looks kind of dumb. 1h
4h Artifact Transmog Somewhere today among the patches Artifact Transmog was removed from the options. There's no longer a pull down tab option named Legion Artifacts and I can't find the appearances for Artifacts I've unlocked in any other areas.Starlen3 4h
5h Ulduar issue Flame Leviathan - is over tuned. If you use the provided Siege Engines and Demolishers you can't damage it, and if you try and do it without a aggro pet you will not be able to damage him enough before the ads CC to hell. I can do it on Hunters and Warlocks, not able to pass him with any other class so far. p.s. this is on Live.Mary0 5h
5h WQ-Not on my Itinerary Clicking the frantic resort guests does nothing nor adds to your %. Animals don’t add to your %. At this point you’re just looking for elementals.Arcanodici0 5h
5h Cant make new ships in garrison shipyard Dont know if this was an intended change due to the attitude of "kill everything good about the previous expansion to force people to play new content" but when i goto my shipyard its not showing the shipwright in the correct place and no option to build ships.RIP heriloom ring grind. if only the 3 attempts at 90% didnt failJanus0 5h
5h No NPCs or Players It's been more than a week now... I have Vicious Albatrosses flying out of my chest... I have Armored Claws sprouting under my feet... The only npcs are in Boralus Harbor - no flight master(s), no innkeeper(s), no nothing except around that mission ship. But also no players. I know at least one other player has this same issue... but until/unless this is fixed beta is completely unplayable by this character.Carens2 5h
6h Can't set shadow quality to low i think this is a bug but i have no idea, im running the following specs Intel Core i5-2320M @2.5 Ghz 8 GB DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 3000 build if you need any info just reply and i can get to you when i canZarkeven3 6h
9h phasing issue with tortollan wq/emissary Phasing bug from wq/emissary. I did the third world quest to complete the tortollan emissary, Saving the turtle just happened to be the last I was on. On completion the emissary turn in poppe dup in my quest log(normally they don't) and there was an invalid header for its section header . And for some reason when it popped me out of the bush or whatever it is you are shooting crabs and birds from it didn't release me completely. Now phased with the crabs and birds endlessly spawning and nothing else alive, no portals, no fps, except in town. I have tried to replicate this doing the same 3 tortollan wqs on alts and have had the same issue on one other while 2 others had no problem completing and no phasing issue so it appears to be the wq/emissary but not consistently.Trillistar7 9h
13h Imperiled Merchants If this is a duplicate, sorry but the search doesn't work. Has anyone seen this "rare"? It's by a wagon in Tiragarde Sound north and a little west of Hatherford FP. TIALindad6 13h
15h Bearers of Bad News Bug Today I was doing the quest 'Bearers of Bad News' in Tiragarde Sound. I got on the gryphon with Taelia, then upon arriving in Unity Square in Boralus, she says "Wait, what's going on down there?". Minor visual bug at this point - the gryphon actually reverses and then goes forward again. The main issue is after she says, "This can't be good." After she lands, it teleports you back to Vigil Hill. I abandoned the quest and picked it up again, and the same thing happened. I took a flightpath to Tradewinds Market and then rode to Unity Square and was able to advance in the quest.Telion2 15h
17h Mythic dungeon weekly lockouts and m+ Hi, I didn't receive a m+ keystone from my cache. Normally I would pug a regular mythic run but last week I ran into an issue that as far as I know, is still in effect. Getting a weekly lockout for a mythic dungeon will interfere with a player's ability to enter the dungeon. tl;dr get saved in mythic, can't do mythic+. Send help lengthy scenario description: Player A finishes Atal'dazar on mythic(Lockout A) Player B has a m+ keystone for Atal'dazar. Player A joins Player B's m+ group for Atal'dazar. Player A can not enter the instance if Player B is the group leader because Player A is locked to Atal'dazar(Lockout A). If Player B passes leader to Player A, people can enter the instance, but will become saved to Player A's lockout even if they start the key immediately before anyone gets booted or saved. If anyone from Player A's original group starts a m+ run using Lockout A's keystone pedestal, nobody from Player A's new pug group(once Player A gets group leader) can enter the instance. Yes, I have tried resetting the instance when I am Player A, it didn't work.Notdoossy1 17h
21h Zandalar Boat bugged? so this is the second day im here for about 1 hour and i haven't seen a single boat yet does it take forever to come? its bugged or what?Zteÿ1 21h
21h Unable to call out Lightning Paw Removed because I'm not very smart and just now saw that they have indeed changed the level required to use exotic pets.Galaxypanda0 21h
23h At the edge of madness bug I have made it to the part where you confront lord Stormsong in his water tornado but brother Pike is not giving out anymore quests. I've tried logging out leaving the zone nothing is workingFootmenn1 23h
1d Steelseries WoW Gaming Mouse Not Working I have the Steelseries WoW MMO Gaming Mouse: Legendary Edition which works fine on live however going over to Beta half the buttons don't work. I have tried the following 2 commands: /run SetCVar("enableWoWMouse", 1) DetectWowMouse() & /console enableWoWMouse 1 These unfortunately do not work. I will get the following message when running the “/run SetCVar("enableWoWMouse", 1) DetectWowMouse()” saying: "World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse could not be found. Re-enable the option in Interface Options when you have one connected." I only have my WoW mouse connected. Any help/fix would be GREAT.Télitavasz11 1d
1d DX12, huge fps drop after the patch today Seems like the patch today broke DX12. My FPS is bellow 30 and GPU load is at 100% even on low settings. Before the patch i had stable 60FPS at almost ultra settings. Happens only in DX12, DX11 seems to be ok. i5 2500k, GTX760, win10Adlian2 1d
1d Northrend Engineering BUG Mechanized Snow Goggles... +26 stam +7 crit +14 vers Frag Belt... 1min CD that inflicts 500 damage to all enemies Sonic Booster Trinkets... +31 stam +84 AP 10 secs ALL obtainable at lvl 10-100 The goggles when compared to BoA Heirlooms and available blue dungeon gear is MASSIVE and must have been overlooked. These stat values are not in sync with legit every other available item to "twinks". The same for the trinkets and belt enchant... These items are ruining players gaming experience and need to be fixed. Heres a 19 twink for proof -- the frag belt does not appear but it's on his belt, just doesn't show! 1d
1d 3D chest armor and tabards broken equipping a tabard removes any 3d armor you had attached to a chestplate, such as they ToV plate set or the Rogue Antorus pieces. This was not the case in 7.3.5- is this a bug or intended?Stormbough1 1d
1d Armor 3D Items Disappearing 3D Items which in some cases are the highlights of some tier sets simply dissapear whenever equiping any sort of glove slot item. One of the ones i noticed is the Tomb of Sargeras Monk Set and all its 6 variants (which the character posting this has currently equipped) loses the elbow-guard when any glove slot is equipped. The bug made it to live as well.Etraeus0 1d
1d Guardian druid CONSTANT growling I reported this at least a couple weeks ago. I haven't played my bear druid for quite a while, partly because of the VERY annoying CONSTANT growling. It's still constant! Please!!Lindad2 1d
1d [Quest] Mogamba Overlook Got the quest form Mr. Wyrmbane in Boralus after completing the mission; flew to Grimwatt's, walked and swam to Zuldazar, swam across the pond/river to the bottom of the path, saw the 7th Legion Scout, walked up the short path to the Overlook.... and nada. A couple of empty tents. No way to turn in the quest and "claim" the Overlook.Shmendrik7 1d
1d Professions Lua Error This lua error keeps popping up when I try to use my professions, and the profession interface is broken, too. The secondary profession should be Tailoring, which it is on Live servers. Does anyone have this issue?Ignitheus0 1d
1d Scounting map bugged Scouting map bugged and unclickable in choosing an area. Then it gave option to complete for proudmoore help and got quest for blasting powder demonstration but then said missing prereq of choosing that questline and grey question mark appeared saying to pick a place with scouting map but it is glowing and uninteractable.Birdofhermes0 1d
1d Righteous Retribution *NEW* Today, after many fixes for this quest, I was able to break the Tiragarde questline with this quest again. 1st time I disconnected during flying Galeheart. When I logged back, I was in the water next to the ship. There's no sign of Taela or the gryphon around the whole Daelin's Gate. Tried to relog but it doesn't make them appear back. I had to abandon the quest. When I picked it up again, the escorted Taelia appeared far away from me and shouted me. As I went to the objective Taelia seemed to keep the distance between us, she's like she's been doing her part a 100 miles away. When I reached the boat to bomb the second ship Taelia disappeared again. I re-abandoned the quest and picked it up once again. --- but from this point the escorted Taelia didn't spawn anymore at all, no matter how many times I try to re-accept the quest - relogs inbetween or not. Haven't got any more clue how to continue the storyline.Voxxel1 1d
1d Fullscreen changes for DX12 Good day to everyone on the forums. I logged on this morning hyped for pre-patch as any other WoW player. Since the graphics settings were reset for the patch, I was changing all my settings when I noticed that Fullscreen had been retired and was now replaced with 'Fullscreen-Windowed'. I understand that this is a change for Direct X 12, as it does not support Fullscreen, but what about players who continue to use Direct X 11? I've lost around 10 Frames per second as a result of playing in Fullscreen-Windows, and while the game is still playable for me personally, it might be crushing for other players. I'm no developer, but I would be almost certain that there wouldn't be any downside of keeping the Fullscreen option for Direct X 11 users, as then more players who are having issues running the game can fallback to DX11 and run it similar to how they ran Legion by using the Fullscreen option. Not to mention the issues with Gsync monitors that have already been posted on the forums a fair amount.Kyliè3 1d
1d Missing Honor Titles I'm not sure if I missed it somewhere (I can't seem to find it explicitly mentioned anywhere) I just got beta access and I noticed my warlock who has the "Knight" title from pvp way back in the day on live is missing this title on Beta. Is this intentional i.e. are these titles going away in BFA? Just curious as it could be a bug or could be intentional. Not the end of the world either way.Jordash7 1d
1d Mog bug Reported this on Beta a month ago, but seems to have made it live. My Demon Hunter's pants are perma mogged to some ugly blue pants and are unable to be changed by any means. We all know a good mog provides 10% more dps, so yeah.Xherith0 1d
1d Logging into server bug I've been playing in the beta all day and i get off to change characters and it wont let me back in. So I restart the beta and now I can't get past the "logging into server" screen. I don't know why this is happening and with prepatch coming out today I sure hope it doesn't carry over to live.Basticar4 1d
1d Community Invite as Member I don't see a way for community members to invite other members. When I tried to change permissions to allow members to invite, I saw that I can't change role permissions. Is there a way for members to invite, or for moderators to ban/assign roles?Reckles0 1d
1d Racial Customization Update: haven't found any more customization mesh errors or glitches. Strangely, it only happens to these two in particular. Currently, the hotfixed-related bug that broke Nightborne male face meshes has not been fixed as of the current Beta BfA build. In a recent Beta build, the Highmountain female Tauren face meshes have also been messed with. In a nutshell: the former have completely distorted meshes that make them all look like they have snarl/bugged frowns, the latter makes all four female Tauren faces the exact same minus the texture - with absolutely nothing changed in the mesh itself. I don't know what would've caused either, and I realize it's a smaller problem, but with how little character customization we have in WoW, breaking or essentially removing options (by way of "duplicates" instead of "uniques") doesn't help the case.Sparx1 1d
1d bfa only running on integrated graphics I have two graphics cards - a 980 plus the standard intel integrated card. bfa is running on the integrated card. I've set the physics engine to run beta on the 980. No hardware errors. all my other games are running fine. No game errors either. everything loads up. when I go into game settings > video > advanced - the 980 doesn't display as an option. only the intel card.Truculentt0 1d
1d Wrong Account has Access to Beta I have 2 accounts attached to this battletag. My WoW1 account is upgraded to Battle for Azeroth, and then there is a WoW2 account which doesnt even have the original game (max level is lvl 20). I realized I got the beta today, but I am unable to copy any characters. When I log out of the beta, it defaults to WoW2 account, and that makes sense that there are no characters to copy, however, when I switch it to WoW1 and try to log into the beta, it retrieves a list of realms which are incompatible: Broxigar, Kalaran, Lycanthoth, etc. If I sign out again and select WoW2, which is just a trial account, I can again sign into Anduin, Sylvanas, etc. Can you please help me so that I can copy my characters from my WoW1 account onto the beta? Thank you.Arcanosaur0 1d
1d Beta down? Can't seem to get past the login screen and my beta realms are showing up as the PTR realms and are incompatible. anyone else?Señua6 1d
2d Mac screen issue Since getting the beta I've been unable to play the game in fullscreen mode, it is just a frozen screen. When I CMD+Tab the screen animates, however once I click back in the game it freezes again. I've been able to get the game to work on windowed, however it's dramatically affected my frame rate going from 50(live in fullscreen) to 20(beta windowed) in Dalaran If it's true that true fullscreen got removed, I'm going to cancel my pre-order because it's unplayable on a mac. Unless I'm doing something wrong? I play on a 2015 Macbook Pro, latest OS.Rugsley15 2d
2d [Quest] Storms end Yes this is another storms end thread but after I ran some testing I think ive come across a unique issue when it comes to this quest. I ran these test on multiple alts and ive gotten the same results. So this test involves me making a new character and doing stormsong valley without touching any other kul tiran zones. On some of those alts I focused only on the questlines that lead up to the quest "storms end, the names of those questline being "The Tidesages of Stormsong" "A House in Peril' " and " The growing tempest". Once I got those done without touching any of the other questlines in stormsong that aren't tied to "At the edge of madness" I got this result for the quest "storms end" it shows up and I can accept and complete the quest. That was the first test and each time I did that I was able to complete and do storms end. The second test involved me doing the other questlines like "cycle of hatred" , :Briarback kraul, from the depths they came, and treasure in deadwash before fully completing the quests that lead up Storms end. Once I finally got to the point where we are supposed to get the "storms end" quest after doing all the other ones in the zone I get this result As you can see in these images brother pike does not have a quest marker when he supposed to give the quest "Storms end" compared to the picture I posted earlier in this thread when he did give the quest. Nothing I did on the characters where I did the 2nd test on made that quest show. Relogging didn't make it show, leaving and coming back didn't make it show. nothing, I know I didn't explain it well because it is such a hard thing to track and I don't know if I found the cause or not but this is what ive been doing the past few days and ive been getting the same results each timeTwfive11 2d
2d Honorbound Armor, low on stats For some reason my 370 Honor bound AZERITE chest piece is very low in stats compared to other people who have the same piece. Only 286 int and 473 stam. When i compare it with other people who have the same honorbound piece, theu have almost double the stam and about 250+ more int. I'm a clothie btw. Warlock.Pîllows0 2d
2d M0 Lockouts stop you from doing M+ If you've joined a group with someone who's already cleared, let's say Freehold at Mythic 0 level and they start a group for a +4 Freehold Key, you join said group. When you enter Freehold you'll be teleported to the 2nd bosses platform and will be forced to run back to the Font of Power to even start the Keystone. Once you do start said key, you will ONCE again be teleported to the 2nd bosses platform as if you've cleared the entire instance and will have to suicide run to the start of the instance. BUT the big thing here, is if you join another group for the same dungeon Freehold with a different leader, once the group fills and YOU go to enter the instance you won't be able to enter the instance and you'll recieve a "You are already locked to Freehold" prompt and will NOT be able to join another Freehold group until Tuesday when all lockouts reset. This basically means, currently you CANNOT run Mythic 0s, accept other peoples lockouts whether it's by accident or on purpose and try to do any sort of Keystones whether it's 1 - Infinity, there will be no way for you to get in. This happens with ALL Battle for Azeroth instance you try to run.Boredom5 2d
2d the boat to zuldazar doesnt show up i can wait for 10-20-30 min but it never shows up, i cant get back to questing on my 112 warlock because of thisDrimbez4 2d
2d Wand Animation Non-Existent As the title states. I am using the "Wand of Zealous Purification" on my 112 priest and when I use my "Shoot" ability, there is no animation for throwing the wand or even moving it. Damage just appears on the target.Ayemeditate0 2d
2d Mission % Chance off? This happened a while ago, but I thought it was a fluke. Today again, my mission shows it needs an Operative and a Melee Troop. I add Shadow Hunter Ty'jin (Operative) and I get 75% Chance. I add either a Huojin Monk or a Highmountain Warbrave and the Chance drops to 10% Chance of success. Is this the new math or am I just totally confused about how this works?Lindad7 2d
2d Highlighting is improperly offset on Mac The prompt highlight offset is misplaced as shown in the screenshot. This is latest macOS, on a 15 inch 2017 macbook pro connected to a 27 inch Apple display. Game is the latest BfA build 27101 and it is funning in windowed (fullscreen) mode. Screenshot shows a portion of the game up to the very bottom of the screen. 2d
2d [UPDATED] Horrible Z-fighting on Terrain UPDATED: Clip of it in action It will flicker and spaz all over the place as the camera turns. It's almost seizure inducing... This is some kind of z-fighting. I've tried with projected textures on and off, I've tried with graphics on 10 and 1, I've tried messing with the resolution scale, nothing fixes it. EDIT: I should note that I've tried multiple driver versions, still the same problem. If I run the game on the integrated intel gpu, it doesn't happen. Only on the Nvidia card. I've also tried different settings within the Nvidia control panel, still the same problem. Also, this does NOT happen to me on live, nor has it ever. CORRECTION: This issue seems to ONLY happen on terrain geometry. On static mesh geometry, this does NOT occur. Example: While inside Ironforge, this issue does NOT occur. If you go outside of IF, onto the snowy dirt and cast a spell like DnD, you will see the artifacting.Requion9 2d
2d Mailbox problems anybody else having issues with their mailbox? I've got days of mail that I can't retrieve attachments from, or open, from the auction house. Hundreds of thousands of gold I can't get. If you press the "open mail" button, it just hangs for an eternity at the "opening mail" and never opens anything. No, I am not running any addons of any kind.Marbleslab6 2d
2d Faction Change halts War Campaign After faction changing my 120 warrior, I cant do the campaign nor do the weekly battle quest because I cannot complete "The Heart of Azeroth" quest due to having a Heart of Azeroth already.Mesrelia0 2d
2d Gladiator Sanctum Realm was available for a while and then about 20 minutes ago launcher put in a small patch, not the realm is incompatible again..... Please figure out what is going on.Starlen1 2d