Battle for Azeroth Beta Zones and Leveling

26m PvP vs PvE Equipment and Leveling I would like to have a way to get PvP level equipment without doing PvP. I don't like fighting and hurting real people. Therefore, I don't PvP. The problem is that the best equipment is saved for the PvP players. Why? Can't there be an elite area for PvE players as well? I would like some really cool designs and abilities that would only come with the gear that is used by PvE only players.Missanthrope0 26m
7h The XP from Legion quests needs to be nerfed The experience gained from Legion quests is scarily close to the amount gained from BFA quests, so much so that it is possible that doing Legion content for the first few levels could be the most efficient leveling option. Just from trying out some of the main story lines in Valshara and Highmountain at 110 on beta, the quests give either 16k or 20k xp depending on the quest while most BFA quests give 20-22k. However, the Legion content is significantly faster since you can basically 1 shot every mob with Antorus level raid gear. Just from what I tested, if you had an optimized path, leveling in legion zones at launch is both faster and more efficient since it lets you substantially cut down on the number of inefficient side quests you have to do in the BFA zones. This of course isn't even counting the biggest quests, which are the end zone dungeon quests. Each zone's end quest gives over 100k xp, which if you had all 4 of them completed and ready to turn in, accounts for more than half of a level. No quests in BFA come close to that amount; even the end zone dungeon quests in BFA only give ~38k xp each. Other abusable questlines include the concordance questline, any of the raid questlines (especially balance of power), and the order hall questline. If you had 25 of these quests ready to turn in, you would hit 111 at least in the time it took to run around and turn them in, 10 minutes max if you had an optimized path.Ethelaus19 7h
13h Silithus opening quests It's nice and all, but doing this on 3 or 4 toons is going to get REALLY tiring. Can we expect some form of shortcut once we complete it on one or two turns? Would definitely keep people playing the game.Alivanestril0 13h
14h Lack of Content!!!! After playing the Beta so far i'm digging it but still confused if on release if this will be forced to PVP for those who are on PVE servers. Some of Battle for Azeroth is PVP Content and i find that to be messed up. I'll be done with this expansion in a month.Yënnefer2 14h
1d Horde War Campaign (Lore & Derek Proudmoore) Part 5 of the Horde War Campaign has the player dive to recover the body of Marshal Valentine, one of the members of the Kul Tiras Third Fleet, which was sunk off the coast of Khaz Modan by enslaved red dragons of the Dragonmaw Clan during the Second War. While down there, the Horde player also discovers various other shipwrecks with skeletal remains of the crews of other Kul Tiran vessels destroyed during the naval battle. The ship containing Marshal Valentine's body is guarded by an undead dragon named Daenistrasz - who must be one of the red dragons that were killed by the Wildhammer Dwarves after the Dragonmaw Clan had successfully sunk the entire Third Fleet. DISCREPANCY: There is no explanation as to why the red dragon is Undead and why the body of Marshal Valentine and Derek Proudmoore are still intact after 30-odd years of being underwater... while the other members of the fleet are just skeletal remains. In the Wetlands, there is a quest to recover The Eye of Paleth, a mysterious artifact which cursed the sailors and marines of two of the Third Fleet's vessels (Tide Mistress and Intrepid) to become cursed with Undeath and forever stalk the decks of their ships. The quest ends in an open-ended manner with the curse unable to be lifted and the spirits of the undead still cursed. SUGGESTED FIX: Instead of having a bunch of skeletal remains and an un-animated Marshal Valentine & Derek Proudmoore, make them all animated undead to tie it in with the Eye of Paleth questline from the Wetlands. This maintains continuity with what happened to the Third Fleet. You can still kill the undead Marshal Valentine and recover his body without arbitrarily retconning a bunch of lore and making the in-game quests inconsistent. It also leaves the door open to expand on the lore of the Eye of Paleth in an interesting manner. ((Note: It's also important to note that in the novels, Derek Proudmoore was incinerated by dragon fire atop the Crow's Nest of the Tide Mistress, but this appears to have been retconned. The quests in Menethil Harbor also still identify Derek Proudmoore as the captain of the Tide Mistress - so there's a discontinuity there in the lore. I'm not crazy about the retconning but I understand it'll happen sometimes - its just nice to keep the story consistent for those of us who follow this stuff... found out about this at the Story Forum ))Nearo0 1d
1d Legendary's NEED TO GO!! BFA is not Legion, and Legion is not BFA. You got rid of the super powerful Artifact Weapons, but you let the legendary's slip into our hands for the next expansion, big mistake. With the new Warmode system implemented, and the new scaling system changed, you get weaker as you get closer to level cap, this becomes a big problem in any warmode pvp type encounter. When a higher level player isn't able to use the legendary effects anymore they begin to struggle vs lower level players who can, so with that being said, lower level players will have two bonuses to their pvp experience, making them stronger than they should be, and lets be honest, legendary's do not boost skill level, it just makes things more broken. Their are multiple ways blizzard can fix this, i've come up with one myself. -Remove Legendary effects from the get go, once BFA launches the effects don't work -Remove the Legendary effects when Warmode is toggled ON -Change the scaling system because a lower level player should not be able to kill a higher level player due to broken gear....not because of skill or being ganked by multiple people, or class counters etc. And no I will not fix the problem by just turning warmode off, lowbies should not be catered to world pvp by struggling to level, warmode is warmode, pvp is meant to have pvp encounters, if lower levelers are struggling to level they can turn warmode off, this is more for higher level players and capped players who will have to deal with these encounters later on down the road.... Join the ConversationTakefame4 1d
1d Northrend Engineering BUG Mechanized Snow Goggles... +26 stam +7 crit +14 vers Frag Belt... 1min CD that inflicts 500 damage to all enemies Sonic Booster Trinkets... +31 stam +84 AP 10 secs ALL obtainable at lvl 10-100 The goggles when compared to BoA Heirlooms and available blue dungeon gear is MASSIVE and must have been overlooked. These stat values are not in sync with legit every other available item to "twinks". The same for the trinkets and belt enchant... These items are ruining players gaming experience and need to be fixed. Heres a 19 twink for proof -- the frag belt does not appear but it's on his belt, just doesn't show! 1d
1d Increasing XP requirements: Bad Idea. I've been leveling through the beta across 12 toons and while I'm really enjoying it, I think that making XP requirements higher and forcing players to complete all three zones (and then some dungeons) and STILL hit shy of 120 is a bad idea. Replayability is important! Leaving one zone untouched for fresh leveling other alts is a great idea and I was extremely excited for this because of how badly leveling through the same zones over and over in Legion is awful. Even if you have the choice of picking your first zone, you're still playing through three long slogs of zones, plus side quests, plus dungeons, and even THEN you might not hit 120 because the requirements have been upped. Give us the choice of replayability like in the old world and don't force us to be completionists on every single toon.Serenissa4 1d
2d Can't do mythic legion dungeons by design? Are we unable to do Mythic Legion Dungeons at 120 by design or is this a bug? Attempting to enter one says "You must be at least 110 to do this dungeon on mythic difficulty" or something to that effect. Considering we're supposed to be able to unlock all artifact skins, other than the Mage Tower, after BfA release I have to assume this is a bug as Mythic dungeons are required for the skins.Zushiba0 2d
2d World Quest Access and Story Progression* Traveling the world today, I had a whimsical idea. I know time is short but hear me out. What if access to world quests in a specific areas required that you'd done the story-line progression quests in that general area? For instance, I haven't completed Nazmir, I haven't met Krog'wa, the frog loa -- therefore, it seems inappropriate for me to be able to do the world quest content relatable to Krog'wa, because in my specific version of the world, that area has problems that've gone unaddressed. World quest areas could be unlocked on a hub-by-hub basis. As development continues on the primary war campaign quests, a similar system could be implemented on the opposing faction's continent, such that we can ensure against players participating in world quests without understanding the context of those world quests. As you progress through the War Campaign, more of the zone/continent becomes populated with World Quests, because we've established a stronger contextual basis that places your character in that area. It also acts as an additional incentive to engage with the expansion's rich story content, even after a player has reached the maximum level. Post-Script: Champion of Azeroth WQs might be available without any barrier to entry, because that basically makes sense.Mcjaggernaut7 2d
2d Pet Battle WQs Just a footnote here about WQ Pet Battles. They seem really, really easy. I'm not a regular poke-wow player, and only have a modest stable of pets, and am able to take out WQ pets on the first try, without much thought, planning, or googling. I was looking forward to more of a challenge.Ashenwood3 2d
2d Quest: A Choice of Allies unable to continue A Choice of Allies quest: anyone having issues completing? It seemed to work for my Death Knight but will not work on my mage. There was no particular order for talking to the npcs on afeath Knight; I tried that with my mage, keeping track of what order. I logged out then back in each time. I'm reluctant to try dropping the quest as I'm not sure where I'd pick it back up. Anyone have advice? I did submit bug reportIhazacranki1 2d
3d Ally vs. Horde Intro Scenarios Unbalanced I timed Ally and Horde intro scenarios, the horde break out of Stormwind and the alliance breakout of jail. Horde takes almost 20 minutes from end to end. Alliance takes 4. That seems messed up. Won't matter if they become skippable after the first time, but still it will be a huge discrepancy for people with lots of alts.Eek10 3d
3d Damage Taken is Absurd I am playing as a Frost mage, and I am having difficulty killing groups of 2 or more enemies without reaching half HP from starting at full. I am also overgeared, as I copied my character from live (who you can inspect). I am item level 261 at level 115 right now, and I am still getting destroyed. I had little to no difficulty killing 5-6 enemies at once in Argus leveling when I was less overgeared. Why are mobs doing so much damage? It's not like I'm fighting level 120s or anything.Iromnus0 3d
3d Leveling as a healer? As I haven't seen a thread on this topic, I'm wondering how it feels leveling in various healing classes/specs. Any feedback?Sharøna12 3d
4d Can't Unlock Third Outpost So I unlocked 1 outpost while leveling, skipped the second one when I saw the quest during leveling later on. Then when I hit 120 a quest showed "Final Outpost" or something along those lines. I unlocked my second (and I guess what the game is counting as third) and I am now unable to unlock the third outpost. This is a major issue as world quests are locked behind this content. Did anyone else have this issue or a similar and find a fix?Vendír12 4d
5d Am I playing a MMORPG or single player game I have been playing the Battle for Azeroth beta. Here are some things I dislike about my experience. I would like to note that these are issues I have had with the game since Cataclysm.- questing is linear, the amount of flight paths is obnoxious, leveling is to easy because the chances of getting killed are way to low, lack of forced grouping makes the game feel to much like a single player experience. I have to actually try to die. Lack of character management makes the game to easy. By that I mean I barely or not at all have to pay attention to my health or mana. No crowd control mechanics exist. Overall I feel like I am playing a single player game with cheats enabled and/or playing a open world RPG like Morrowind with a trainer running that gives me near total control over the game to modify it as I please. But the only way to modify it is to lower the overall difficulty.Helistra28 5d
5d Kimbul Requirement for Secrets in the Sands. Kimbul quest line in Vul'dun needs to be a requirement for the Secrets in the Sands achievement. Did all but 2 quest chains before doing the Zandalar Forever! scenario, it just so happened this one was one of the ones I missed. Big tiger loa shows up in the middle of the quest and I have no damn idea who it is or where it came from. Completely threw me off. There is no mention of this loa anywhere else till the quest line in Vol'dun and it's a side quest line not a main one. So you might wanna add this to the requirements for to the Secret in the Sands Achievement to help players avoid this confusing moment happening to them.Norek0 5d
5d Gear Rewards From Quests Too Infrequent I got my Mag'har warrior to 120 in the Alpha last night, and noticed something along the way. In Legion, and every other expansion I can remember, when you're questing, you can usually replace all of your gear every 2 levels or so. This means that when you hit max level, you are usually within 10-20 ilvls of queueing for heroics, so you should only need a few normal dungeons to get there. Using Legion's number as an example, I level 5 toons before 7.1, and every single one of them was over 790 when they hit 110, with one or two managing 800 once I was more familiar with the quests. This is quite close to the 810 requirement to queue for heroic dungeons, and can easily be hit with a few ilvl 800 upgrades from normal or a crafted item. When I hit 120 in BFA, I was a measly ilvl 275. Normal dungeons give ilvl 300, and I would assume heroic is gonna be 310. I was a full 35 ilvls away. After 5 normal dungeons and 4 upgrades, I am now at 290, still quite a ways away. While leveling, there were frequently large level gaps between upgrades. At level 110 I skipped a cloak upgrade from 185 > 200 because it didn't have haste. I didn't see another cloak as a quest reward until 114. That theme was pretty common, I would see about 3 upgrades per level, and I would always have a few pieces that were at least 3 levels old. I believe part of this can be attributed to quests often offering you helm/shoulder/chest option that will be wasted quite often because of the azerite armor you get from zone completion. Another part is that quest rewards seem to have been cut down to only 2 options, rather than 3. I clearly remember leveling quests in the past giving 3-4 options, rather than 2. It could also simply be that there aren't enough quests that give gear rewards, it should never be 3+ levels between slot upgrades, right? This made for a rather negative leveling experience, as your power level does not increase at the same rate as the monsters you are fighting, even when you add azerite pieces in. For the first 5 levels, I could pull as much as I wanted as a warrior, thanks to victory rush. The closer I got to 120, the lower my relative power went, and upon hitting 120 it was difficult to fight two mobs at a time without a cooldown available.Stormaker28 5d
5d Trouble completing achievement (solved) I've finished six out of the eight chapters in Stormsong Valley to complete the achievement, but I'm struggling with the last two. The first one is "Briarback Kraul", and I genuinely have no idea where to get the starting quest for it. The second one is "A Cycle of Hatred". I've done the majority of the quests in this chain, up to "Eye for an Eye". But while reading the quest I accidentally abandoned it and now I can't get it back. Is there a way to fix this?Asmund0 5d
6d Will Boralus be sharded. So I have seen a lot of chatter about Boralus being a tad empty to people. While I do agree with this I have to ask, will it be sharded? Coming from an RP server this seems like RP location heaven right now. So I was wondering if it will be unsharded similarly to other capital cities on RP servers. If it won't be allow be to put my 2 cents in and let it be unsharded for RP SERVERS ONLY as with other cities.Brilber0 6d
6d Pathing, Tips, and Tricks for power leveling I am looking to power level to 120. Here are some general questions I'd like feedback on from those that have played beta. Which zones to do first? What types of content to avoid? (Questing, Dungeons, Bonus Objectives, War Campaign, etc.) General tips and tricks to speed up the leveling process?Nuudls2 6d
6d Finishing the story and falling short of 120 Is this the intended leveling pace? All zone chapters completed and the war campaign progressed thru the 120 level gate results in level 118. This was with war mode enabled the entire time.Prisonpriest2 6d
Jul 12 Still cant do storms end.. on the character I made last week , screenshot but I can do it on alt, both screenshots are from today..... like 30 minutes agoTwfive0 Jul 12
Jul 12 Ritualistic Preparations This mining quest wants me to get some bars blessed by a sea priest, but it does not say where to find the specific sea priest I need and the quest is not being tracked on the map.Reignac17 Jul 12
Jul 11 Sudden LFG que change? Wtf? Did something suddenly change about the LFG que on beta? Up until about 4 hours ago i was able to que for random normal bfa dungeons on the beta. No problems, no limitations. But now, after hitting 115 and completing my recent war campaign quests, all of a sudden there's a item level requirement of 270 on the que. Wtf is going on? I'm only able to get to 253 with the gear i have, so now i can't do something that i have been doing this entire time. Wtf happened? This just drastically slows down leveling for me. I need answers.Rélyt0 Jul 11
Jul 11 Beta LFG dungeon que Wtf? Did something change suddenly? Up until about 4 hours ago i was able to que for random normal dungeons on the beta. Now, after hitting level 115 and doing my war campaign quests it says i need to be 270 item level just to do the thing i had already been able to do. That's stupid. I'm Item Level 253, and i have no gear that puts me above 260. Did something suddenly change? This just slows down my leveling process drastically. Wtf is going on?Rélyt0 Jul 11
Jul 11 What's up with the render distance Arathi? Mobs in Arathi have terrible render distance! It's almost as bad as a mid 90's Playstation Racing game where you would be 5 feet from a building before it loaded on the screen. I have a video of the render distance (which is set at max, I should have showed that in the video) It's still uploading but will be available here Disclaimer: I am not a youtuber, nore do I aspire to be one. I just want to show what I'm seeing.Zushiba0 Jul 11
Jul 10 Everything hits like a truck again As of this week, it seems like the iLevel of creatures at level 120 have jumped. Quest that a player should be able to solo can't. Things are wrecking all my characters while barely damage them. Have creatures had the old iLevel system reverted to their tables?Odyseus10 Jul 10
Jul 10 Emissary Quests every other day? So I am not getting an Emissary quest every day. I hit 120 on a character and once I unlock world quests I get 3 Emissary missions. Then if I do all 3 of them in a day or two I do not get a new one for a few days. Is this a bug or working as intended?Thetussin1 Jul 10
Jul 10 Best in show quest. Can anyone explain to me why this is even in the game the way it is? A 5 sec timer from jumping before the buff is completely lost. The zepplins have to be manually targeted, which can take longer than that before you can jump. We are supposed to be at war, not show jumping. One can only hope this is not a gated quest, because I find it totally pointless and very annoying. I can get the buff upwards of 15+ but often the 2nd skill does not kill the pop up gnolls. It is way too clunky to gate.Grandbeard0 Jul 10
Jul 10 War Campaign Rep Gated I'm not sure why this series of quests are rep gated. As a horde character I am 4000/6000 into friendly and I am now waiting for WQ/Emmisary for Honorbound in order to progress through the story. Is this intended, and if so ARE YOU SERIOUS.Oreolock9 Jul 10
Jul 10 Feedback: Stormsong Valley Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Skordyn91 Jul 10
Jul 9 [World Quest] Beachhead Not reporting a bug - in fact, it works perfectly. I just wanted to say kudos to the design team. Yes, it's just a standard target shooting quest, but the concept is cool and the baby turtles are cute. :)Karenthi0 Jul 9
Jul 9 Option for Death Knight to start @ Level 20 ^ ^ ^ Let's make it happen, I wanna play alts with my friends but I can't :(Dokora0 Jul 9
Jul 8 How do you get back? I hearthed out assuming it would be a quick port back to zandalar and now I can't even get back?Morvoth8 Jul 8
Jul 8 Testing from scratch on a Fresh Import. So I was going to be testing leveling on a imported character I had deliberately skipped the Silithus quests on before copying the character. I loaded into the game, in Dalaran and Teleported to SW to see what there was. I load in to nothing, at all, no quest, no ping sound, no info. Check the docks and no mobs\quests and it phased from an active area with a ship to the same npc's but the pallet ship behind them w/ the hanging shark. I go to silithus and run the quests like I would on live to see if it is needed to trigger. Completed the goblin murder quest and bomb quest and got to see Khadgar and got the quest to Magni. Turned in the quest and went back to Nolan and turned it in aaaaand nothing. No follow up quest. TP back to Dal into SW, Still no Trigger, Turned in the two side quest's for Tammy to see if that was the issue, and still no other triggers. So at this time, I am stuck with no way to move onto the next expansion content. Not sure if this is a bug, but it feels bad that there is no way to track quest progress at all for unlocking content.Polypheme4 Jul 8
Jul 8 No quests anywhere Im confused as to how people are leveling at all, no login quest at all for the new zone, i found some stuff in silithus to do but that lasted 20 mins, so i go to the new content zone and run around and theirs no quests anywhere ive found 3 in like an hour.Danmarinö2 Jul 8
Jul 8 How do I start "A Dying World"? I've completed the Battle for Lordaeron and it's a dead end. I was expecting some auto-accept quest but there's nothing popping up. What do I do next?Mccrowley0 Jul 8
Jul 8 For future consideration of city design... Since this expac is pretty much a done deal, I have a suggestion for future expansions. I've been bi-factional all 10 years I've played and I've role played (yeah, yeah, I know, tar and feathers for the role players) a significant amount on both sides. The Alliance has traditionally had slightly better areas for role play within Capitals, etc. I get it. Human architecture. Fine. We've shared Dalaran twice. Cool. But Boralus vs. Dazar'alor.... There is zero competition here. It's not just the obvious differences though. Boralus has so many nooks and crannies to explore, hidden things and feels so interactive and interesting. D azar'alor is nice, but pretty straightforward and traditional for Horde. While the port is interesting, there really isn't much to be hyped about in terms of secret basements or places to explore like the Alliance counterpart. It feels like a lot more thought went into Boralus. Could we maybe get some rp friendliness for the Horde in the future? Not all of us like sitting on dirt or stones. Maybe some Elven stuff? Especially now that we have Nightborn as well as Blood Elves. (And I don't count Suramar as rp friendly as you would often here, "An illusion! What are you hiding?")Arterion2 Jul 8
Jul 7 XP and Heart of Azeroth increases...why? To me this doesn't make sense given that there isn't anything gained by slowing down leveling as you don't gain anything with leveling anymore (eg abilities, talents, perks, etc). The XP increases means you will run out of quests well before you hit 120. The increases to Heart of Azeroth means that you are penalized for reaching 120 as you gain less now than before. o.OMafic8 Jul 7
Jul 7 Quest: Response Required After getting Lithia out of the shredder she just runs to the cave and this bugged?Sharkbiscuit1 Jul 7
Jul 6 Quest: Righteous Retribution After having fixed my DC issues in and around Vigil Hill, I got to the quest chains they were added to Vigil Hill. A couple quests in I run into a quest called Righteous Retribution. It's not showing on the map where to go, and the minimap isn't helping much either. I figured out that I needed to run South into the pirate area below, and discovered I needed to go to the boat that had previous issues with an older build quest with the sails not having hot boxes and found the bomb I needed to blow it up. I then ran east to find the 2nd ship I needed to blow up and the landing boat i needed to ride on just north of that ship so I could blow up the 2nd ship. This is where I'm stuck at now... after the landing boat puts me on land, I'm suppose to find Galeheart and ride him. He is nowhere to be seen. Has anyone figured out where to go to find him? Is he just missing from this area still? I found him back inside Vigil Hill but of course I couldn't ride him (I'm assuming that would have been where I'd be landing if I found in during the quest).Forestspirit52 Jul 6
Jul 6 Experience gain up coming change. Ok Blizz head devs, hope you read this. I am tired of this game feeling like a chore to play. I want to gladly pay monthly and play your game. But I'm really geting tired of feeling like this game is a chore to play. I get you want to slow down the over all progression and increase the longevity or w/e reasoning you picked to go through with this. You want the player base to "EXPERIENCE" the content. But the level gain increase is a bit much; and here is my reason why. I love playing Alts, I enjoy them, i invest my time to play the end game content and get them geared and feel strong and powerful with them, its a great feeling. But I DONT like having to grind out on content I already did once.. case and point. Balance of Power... I get it was a high reward thing and all but to sit there and grind of all the rep and the gear gain to get to that point AFTER leveling was a bit annoying. As a basic rule of thumb I dislike redundancies. Having to REDO all of it multiple times its gets boring and feels grindy. Bad enough you lock stuff behind RNG on top of RNG (thats a whole another issue.) Bad enough you all nerfed low level xp gain. THAT WAS ANNOYING. Now doing this? Thats too much too grindy. Its stifles me as a player to be able to go do other things and still manage to balance my day to day life while playing the game and being a member in my guild and doing raiding with them. Resolution; 1 I dont mind doing it once, Its great to play the new stuff and check it out yatta yatta. ok Great! But multiple? No. We cant skip RP on most of it, we have to deal with RNG and other tasking issues. 2: For every Charter some one levels up to max perhaps increase the over all account wide XP gain? Based on how many alts one has. Of course remove the once a max level charter is deleted;, and of course add a cap. I am just tired of feeling like the game is a chore to play. Like i want to get a feeling of satisfaction that i am done and can take a break for a week or few and feel accomplished. Not feel like a grind. Its getting out of hand. Bad rnough there was the AP grind in legion and now its getting increased in BFA? I want to enjoy the game again. And not have it feel like a second job. My gf is so caught up doing all her stuff that she is grinding out since she mount farms and i dont while im trying to grind out my stuff. We dont get much time to just sit back and enjoy there game as couple since its just a tasking chore of a game to play. Hope this helps. Thank you for reading.Deadlyumbra2 Jul 6
Jul 6 quest "Long Away" NOT bugged. I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but I was doing the quest chain and many people were confused as to what you were supposed to do when it says to meet up with Malfurion and Delaryn at Darnassus. A lot of people were there stuck because they couldn't go there because well...the tree was burning. There is a way around this. You have to go to the speech bubble on the map and talk to that person and she will send you back in time. Once you're back in time THAT is when you go there. Hope this helps with some confusion.Fanselse2 Jul 6
Jul 6 Stormsong valley " Cycle of hatred" This has been bugging me so much, as seen in the picture I have 7/8 progress with stormsong valley its been that way for a while and since this game does not have an in depth quest tracker I cannot for the life of me figure out what quest I need to complete this, I must have walked around the map so many times but I cant find it. So that leaves me at 2 mindsets, I did complete the quest however I completed it when it the thing was bugged and it didn't update so now im stuck and have to start ver which would suck. number 2 I didn't complete it and I just cant find it which is frustratingTwfive1 Jul 6
Jul 6 Playing BfA early Hi can I have a beta key plz. Im tired of watching all my favorite streamers basically get to play BfA 2 month early. It isn't fair. I realize some of them are testing stuff out.. but they are just legit playing the game at this point. They are running mythic+ dungeons and gearing out as much as they can. They basically have access to the entire game. Testing !@#$ is one thing.. but leveling every single character you have from 110 to 120 MULTIPLE times.. and then continuing to gear it out as if it were a live server.. like take a guess who's going to be the first ones putting out videos claiming how stale BfA has become in the next 3 months?!? You suppose to find bugs and %^-* that is broken.. not come up with an entire leveling and gearing route.. that isnt !@#$ing fair. How am I suppose to hit server first like this?!? I have to do it against ppl that have leveled through the content 10 times! Dude if you get into BfA beta they should take away your ability to hit any server first.. and if not can I at least have a key so i can prepare for the next month too?Autreestic4 Jul 6
Jul 5 Dazar'alor, the problem, and the fix Any Horde player who has explored the main hub of Zuldazar, the Dalaran, -THE- place to be if you're a red-flag-waving player who isn't dungeoneering or WQing, you may have noticed how very, very spaced out everything is. At the top, you have city portals, the bank, one inn, and a few profession trainers and vendors. This feels like it would be where you hang out, since the story more or less starts right here, making it feel like home, but that is it very wrong. A walk outside and to the right gets you to the flight path master. Let's pay her a gold and some silver to go to the -actual- hub, the Port of Zandalar! Away we go, in a flight that lasts about 30 seconds. That's enough time to tab out and refresh mmo-champ! Woo! Anyway, down here, at the docks, we have...everything else. The main ship with the mission tables, the transmog/reroll vendors, another inn (hooray, a better hearthstone!) the island adventure NPC, and aaaallll of the fun warfront enemies. (*pant, pant...did I miss anyone?) This feels like it should be the hub, but doesn't it just feel out of the way? Doesn't it feel like a small part of a bigger city? Well, I think that was the idea, but it's...inconvenient. That's the key word here. The city is fine aesthetically if you like troll stuff, but everything is so spaced out! Let's back up a moment. Lets go to the tip-top to the flight path master again. Let's not go to the docks, and instead take a mostly-fatal plunge down three-hundred flights of stairs to the west to visit the profession vendors! We need to come here often to learn how to make ilvl 300 shields that'll last all of half an hour (and, well, potions and stuff too, but blacksmithing rules). Now we're in the corner of the world, and our best way out is either a looong trek, or a flightmaster whistle once we're 120. Again, how inconvenient. Don't even get me started on the distant and mysterious land of the Horde pvp hub. Okay, so Horde has a big city where everything isn't packed together. What does the Alliance have? Well, if you stand at the inn in the middle of the hub, THE place where you're asked to set your hearthstone, you can run over to -everything- you need in half a minute. Bank? Hop down there. Professions? They're out back. Mission table? Island expeditions? Warfront npcs? A quick skip and a hop over there! You can even see the pvp hub if you take a tiny stroll over to the ONLY flight path master, who is also the only one you need in such a small space! Obviously, Alliance have it better as far as convenience goes, and it would take a miracle to ask Blizz to revamp Dazar'alor before the games goes live just to fix this. But! BUT...there is something that the Horde has that Allies don't. Totems! Finishing a small quest chain lets you choose either Pa'ku or Gonk. Pa'ku has totems in places you'll either never visit, or that lead to places you don't need to go, unless saying "hi" to an empty throne is worth that totem-click. Gonk gives you runspeed that doesn't stack with mounts (I think? I haven't tried it, Pa'ku for life I guess) for a few seconds!...!!!! Ahm.... That's underwhelming, and by now I know you're tired of reading, so I'll cut to the chase, the TLDR of this essay. I propose this change: pick Pa'ku, and you have totems in all of the useful areas of the city (the top with the banks, the docks, the professions) that let you fly about the city charge-free in the blink of an eye. Gonk's totems would increase your movement speed by a whole bunch (maybe even more if you run over more totems places along the steps leading from the docks to the top) and makes you immune to fall damage as long as you're in the city. There! The painful vertical nature of this behemoth temple of ours can now be traversed in a way that fits with the theme of the temple, so long as you do one short quest chain. Thoughts? Comments? I can't be the only one who's sick of paying a gold every time I want to go from the so-called "hub" and the actual, cozy place with the bank and portals. The Alliance don't have this inconvenience or minor gold sink, so why should we? Thanks! (plan B: remove the gold cost from the flight path masters in Dazar'alor. That's the easier of these two easy fixes, but MAN is it boring.)Korgara3 Jul 5
Jul 5 Leveling in BFA. I've sacrificed everything! Leveling in BFA with these character copies leaves much to be desired with this experience. There are some major underlying concerns I have that may well affect the game and the games population once we reach 120. To give a little bit of context, my DH in vengeance gear is ilvl 972 before the Ilvl squish which put him to 251 with the Heart of Azeroth in beta. As we level up in beta, we lose a lot more then we gain and the only thing we are working towards is level 120. By the time I've hit level 115, I've lost 30% crit, 10% haste and 9% versatility (I can't gauge mastery since it's been re-evaluated). Why does this suck? Because every single level my character is growing vertically but I'm still losing all of my power. Now this is obviously the same in every expansion, and it has to be, but the major difference that makes this a bad experience is that we aren't working towards any sort of new power. In WoD we had a whole new row of talents and every 2 levels we gained a trait that enhanced one of our spells. In Legion, even though we didn't get a new talent row, it didn't feel as bad because the stats were over calculated as could be seen with secondary stat nerf at the end of EN (plus we got these awesome OP weapons). In my honest opinion, I think it would be best if Blizzard added WoD style traits every 2 or so levels. It's easier to balance then a talent row if they are static changes. P.S. Hopefully this isn't a dupe post. My DH doesn't seem to be able to post to the forums.Rektified13 Jul 5
Jul 5 Blizzard did not resolve my issue The other day, I sent in a ticket because beta was just showing a black screen when I logged in. I checked that ticket this morning to see of what information they had for me. I sent it in, because I needed to know of if it was a problem on my end or their end and what was going on. When I tried to check the ticket, I seen that they just deleted it without telling me anything. I got no word on if it was happening to other people, if I was the only one, or anything. I'm really mad at Blizzard just because they would not tell me anything on what was going on.Thginkxx1 Jul 5