Battle for Azeroth Beta Zones and Leveling

3h not enough breadcrumb quests While going through the leveling process, a common problem I have been coming across is the lack of breadcrumb quests. There aren't enough quests that lead to this questing area or from this questing area to another. This is just a QOL improvement. Not anything required.Kettlebelly10 3h
3h Alliance Feedback: Kul'Tiras Start Oh boy. Been through both opening lines a few times. As the bottleneck that all Alliance players are destined to go through at one point or another, I felt necessary to post some feedback on the current outlook of this one. Goes without saying; THE FOLLOWING POST WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. Lets run through it. Scene; We have just returned from getting our necklace from Magni, and are off to meet with Anduin for a war council. Quest: <Tides of War> So we meet up with the council to discuss next moves. This meeting is only for Anduin, Genn, SI:7 guy, Jaina and you. Other leaders are absent. This team meeting thing doesn't seem to be a thing for Alliance leadership. So, to start off, we hear about the horde making a mockery of our prison system and guards. again. And then to find out what happened, supposedly get to see the horde kick our !@#. again. Now in an "AWESOME CUTSCENE." Not much to say about this quest except that currently... nothing happens. Doesn't sound like things are going well over here in alliance town though. and this is before the trolls join the horde. Whew. hard time to be a Stormwind Guard, huh. But we are setting up narrative for later. So let's move on. Quest: <The Nation of Kul Tirias> Don't get to see anything yet. Cutscenes aren't in yet. Rocked up to KT on a boat. Jaina doesn't like me looking around a bit. Fair enough I guess. We aren't yet ticked off by immigration. Quest: <Daughter of the Sea> Wait... she hasn't been home before now? Where did she get this kick $%^ flagship with Kul Tiran sails?? Okay. Its the night after and now we do the walk of shame. Exposition! Everyone thinks Jaina is a dreadlord. I blame the community for this one. Clearly a lot of this is leading to a further story arc. Can't tell much of what happens because of cutscenes missing. Should all be going well though, right? This town is awesome. So pretty. Art team are amazing Things are looking up!~ I'm in prison. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Gone from being leader of the mighty silver hand, face tanker of planets, to emissary of Stormwind, now no more than common cut throat. Mum won't be happy. Flynn over there looks mighty eager for me to drop the soap. That and the fifty other alliance emissaries in here. The door is already open. That's handy. I can just walk out. without talking to anyone. Guards outside don't look too happy that I did that though. Would see how far I could get without worrying about Flynn, but getting past Silithus stuff took forever and I don't want to break it right now - may do that later. Okay, lets go back to Flynn. "Hope you had a nice nap. You're gonna need your strength." Flynn, please be gentle. I'm new to this prison stuff.Cuddlestime2 3h
10h Quest Log Does Not Refresh My quests will not refresh when I pick up or turn in a quest. This also happens with World Quests. Every time I pick up or turn in a quest I have to /console reloadui so that I can see it in my quest log and in my map. I have leveled 3 characters to 120 so far. The first one had this exact same issue but fell through the world and I was unable to get him back. My second character got deleted when alpha became beta. And now on my 3rd character again I am having this issue. It is very annoying to have to refresh every time I update my quest log. If this happened to me twice already I know that I'm not the only one with this issue. Has anyone experienced this before? Is there a fix? Blizzard please fix this before the game goes live because it's super annoying. If I remember correctly I think this happened during a war campaign. Don't quote me on that though as I could be wrong.Sïnyk0 10h
11h Can't Unlock Third Outpost So I unlocked 1 outpost while leveling, skipped the second one when I saw the quest during leveling later on. Then when I hit 120 a quest showed "Final Outpost" or something along those lines. I unlocked my second (and I guess what the game is counting as third) and I am now unable to unlock the third outpost. This is a major issue as world quests are locked behind this content. Did anyone else have this issue or a similar and find a fix?Vendír6 11h
13h dmg scaling once you hit 120 I've just hit 120 on a spriest and I have to say I'm getting smashed, I'm trying to finish off Drustvar quest line off and I went from being able to pre 120 pulling 3-4 mobs at a time, to almost dying to 1 mob at 120, something seems way off, I know your stats drop with every lvl up but this makes my priest almost unplayable. The mob scaling is way to punishing atmSoulyouth39 13h
13h Difficulty increases with Level Currently playing around on a prot pally lvl120 (285ilvl). I've noticed that as I gained levels I became weaker and weaker until 120 its amplified. The best way t describe this would be tanking 5 mans (normal). As a fresh character, I was pulling massive trash packs with no worries, at 120 2 trash packs is a near death experience. maybe its because of the order i quested in Tris Sound > Stormsong > Drust my gear was just really low ilvl but my guild mates have also noticed that upon hitting 120 everything got a lot harder. Judging from other 120s tanking that have around 305 ilvl it seems to balance back out again. another example i can give is there is a trash pack in Shrine of the Storms that does AOE damage. in the group were me and 2 other 120's and the other 2 there 111-114. The aoe damage near killed us 120's while the lower level group members lost not even half their hp. I also noticed that i earned a lot more shields (the item slot) in the other zones than in durst which lead to be having a horrible shield for a while.Deltaria15 13h
17h Feedback: Drustvar Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Skordyn114 17h
18h Can only do 2/3 foothold quests in Kul Tiras With the War Campaign, there are missions from Nathanos to setup footholds in each territory of Kul Tiras. I was able to complete the Drustvar and Stormsong Valley starting scenarios, but I didn't get an option from Nathanos to complete Tiragarde Sound. Is this a bug? Or is there more content I need to run to unlock all 3 areas? I am currently 120 on Horde, and the only War Campaign quest I have is for Island Expeditions.Aratis0 18h
19h I sure hope Boralus isn't finished <--- banker just standing in the middle of nothing <--- the most popular inn in Kul Tiras, which is apparently locked forever <--- the docks of a seafaring nation, where no one works <--- unmanned walls of proudmoore keep, and parts of the walls just not there LARGE parts of the city are devoid of NPCs outside the occasional guard patrol, and the first two images I linked scream unfinished areas. Not only can you not enter the inn, but the bartender is apparently serving drinks from a doorway and the banker doesn't even have a table. A couple areas seem to be closer to what you'd expect a finished area to have but on the whole the city seems dead and empty. Normally I'd assume things will be added, but I've got a bad feeling about this.Maevara46 19h
19h World scaling not working after all the dcs Yesterday the world scaling was working for me on my warlock I've been playing. Then the disconnects started. I finally got logged back in and the creatures in the Tiragarde Sound and Drustvar where I had been exploring and questing were all 120. I hearthed back to Zandalar and the three zones there, the mobs were still 114, my level. I have now leveled to 115, the mobs in Kul'Tiras are still 120 and the mobs in Zandalar are still 114. Anyone else having this issue?Arterion6 19h
19h [Art Feedback] BfA lacking in contrast? This has been mentioned a couple times on the forums but I wanted to start a proper discussion thread. I'm not sure if it's just the new art style they're using in BfA, or if the lighting effects haven't been properly implemented yet, but I'm finding that the new zones are looking a bit dull. They're beautiful, don't get me wrong, but it feels like there's not a lot of contrast and a lack of vibrancy. In some areas it feels very washed out and I can't help wondering if this has something to do with lighting? Something that seems to hint at that to me is the blood elf character select screen. The skybox is much darker than it should be, so clearly there's something going on with the lighting there, and perhaps that's also what's happening in the zones? Example of blood elf background: And as stunning as the scenery is in Zandalar, I also feel that there's this brownish-yellow tint overcasting everything. Has anyone else noticed the beta seeming darker than it should? It's hard to tell since the zones are new and we're not familiar with them. Zandalar screenshots: Again, I think the environments are gorgeous, but they feel so flat and washed out. It's a shame. :( I'm hoping that improves before launch.Vephriel2 19h
19h Feedback: Tiragarde Sound Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Skordyn145 19h
22h Quest: Righteous Retribution After having fixed my DC issues in and around Vigil Hill, I got to the quest chains they were added to Vigil Hill. A couple quests in I run into a quest called Righteous Retribution. It's not showing on the map where to go, and the minimap isn't helping much either. I figured out that I needed to run South into the pirate area below, and discovered I needed to go to the boat that had previous issues with an older build quest with the sails not having hot boxes and found the bomb I needed to blow it up. I then ran east to find the 2nd ship I needed to blow up and the landing boat i needed to ride on just north of that ship so I could blow up the 2nd ship. This is where I'm stuck at now... after the landing boat puts me on land, I'm suppose to find Galeheart and ride him. He is nowhere to be seen. Has anyone figured out where to go to find him? Is he just missing from this area still? I found him back inside Vigil Hill but of course I couldn't ride him (I'm assuming that would have been where I'd be landing if I found in during the quest).Forestspirit35 22h
1d Stuck: Unlocking World Quests Hi All, So I just hit 120 on BETA and I can't seem to unlock World Quests. The below is what I have completed 1) Friendly with all the reputations required 2) Handed in my 100 War Resources and completed the War Campaigns in all horde zones 3) Completed an Island Expedition Is there something I'm missing here? Some people have said you need to complete the quests in every zone for the Loremaster achievements but other have said that's not required so I'm a little confused. Any help is appreciated. ThanksMenc0 1d
1d Allied Races DK / DH (ideas) I understand the reasoning behind not allowing the allied races to be demon hunters or death knights, but I think the decision was made hastily. Aside from lore, their other concerns could be easily avoided with some imaginative problem solving. One of these ideas was even inspired by what they usually do when it comes to the two hero classes: level-gating. For instance, Blizzard could require players to hit max level with the allied race before being able to make a DH/DK on that race. Similar to how they required someone to have a character at level 55 before being able to make a death knight. This could not only ensure the sanctity of the allied race experience, but even enhance it. Another way to accomplish this is just by having DH/DKs not count towards gaining heritage armor (although I think this is the less desirable of the two ideas, and is less imaginative.) I hope these ideas will be considered, because it would be really enjoyable to be able to play a dark iron DK, and other race / class combinations.Kamiro0 1d
2d Leveling Feedback, Alliance rogue So I leveled a dark iron dwarf rogue on beta to 120, giving my feedback on the experience as a whole (tldr at the bottom). Spoilers throughout for those who don't want to see them yet. To start off, I reached 120 by doing all the quests in Tiragarde, then everything in Stormsong, and finally hit 120 maybe 1/3 through Drustvar. The pacing of leveling itself seems a little bit faster than past expansions, but that may just be due to the fact you only go through 3 zones to do it as opposed to the 4 in legion. For the zones themselves: On a visual standpoint everything was pretty phenomenal. There were a few visual bugs/glitches along the way as to be expected with a beta, but the overall quality was great. The art team has done an amazing job, the new zones and models/monsters visual effects and even weather are all very high quality and amazing. Story-wise, it was hit and miss. For Tiragarde it felt very unfinished and open, you followed the trail of going after the Ashvane company. Finding out they're using azerite to boost their firepower. However by the end of it you never actually see lady Ashvane at all or have some kind of closure. It just seems to end abruptly and send you off to the next zone. I did all of the optional side area quests except for the ones on the island in the Southwest because it was fraught with d/c issues. So maybe something happens there, but if that's the case I don't see why it would be optional and not part of the main story-line quests. Stormsong however was very good, my favorite of the three. it lead through a good build up and ending. with very cool themes and areas to explore. I'm sure its a little bias on my end liking the old gods stuff, but even still it was very well put together and left of at a good end leading you into the dungeon. Drustvar, as i said before i only did a bout 1/3 of before i hit max level. However the stuff I did do I quite enjoyed, more so than Tiragarde. The witch story-lines, and wiccan themes were good. Seeing as I did not finish it I can not comment on the whole story. Leveling itself seems like kind of a secondary mechanic here to give you an excuse do do the quests and experience the story-lines. There's no real benefit to gaining a level at all. Nothing to look forward to, like a new spell or talent to choose. It's more of a chore to get done so you can get to the endgame. Even just leveling up itself felt more like a punishment than in increase in player power due to the way all enemies scale with your level. Throughout the experience the higher level i got, yes my damage and health went up. However the rate at which enemies got theirs went up much faster. So it felt like rather than gaining power by leveling, you lost it. Enemies took longer to kill, and did much more damage. Leading you to have to pull less, or have to wait for cooldowns to kill rares or larger quest mobs, and even waiting longer to heal in between fighting things. Overall it feels like a very unrewarding experience, more of a chore you just have to do. I understand the point of view of not wanting to add more abilities every expansion to help more in the long run, but for now it feels very unrewarding, and unexciting. To summarize The positives: - Art across the board, from the zones to enemies, spell effects, and weather. - Most of the story-lines, Stormsong in particular. - The pacing of leveling feels pretty good, as well as direction on where to go or what you can do. The negatives: - Open ended/unfinished story in Tiragarde. No real closure or sense of finishing anything at all. - Leveling up is very unrewarding, and feels more of a mandatory chore. In fact in most cases leveling up makes you feel less powerful because of mob scaling. - No sense of exploration in the game at all, as everything you would normally do it for is posted on the map or mini-map, such as rares, treasure chest, or even quest area. Overall, it looks amazing and some stories are very good. But it feels unrewarding, more of an excuse to push you through the zones and know the story. Legion to BFA makes your character feel less than they were.Nightsmoke1 2d
2d Quest: No Price Too High Help! My searching found no solutions. I've hit an impasse on this second quest for a Horde foothold in Stormsong Valley. Rexxar instructs us to go meet him, but does not say where. Then he walks out of Warfang Hold and vanishes. I have no quest indicators to find him. There is no quest in my log to abandon and retake. I've run around the valley trying to target Rexxar, Lilian Voss, or Tidesage Zelling to no avail.Valkyrie0 2d
2d BMAH unfair to alliance players. I previously made a topic about this on the alpha forums but now the situation is even worse. For horde players getting to the Black market auction house is just a simple stroll around the corner near the zuldizar docks. For alliance previously you had to level to 112 and do the war campaign, go through a series of quests just to get near where the BMAH is. Near not being the best term since the boat that takes you from the dark ion camp takes you to cast away camp. Now all the mobs you encounter are 120. I had to run past murlocks and crabs and trolls all insta killing me only to be greeted by Bwamsandi over and over as I ran halfway across the coast of the island. Why are you punishing alliance players this hard? If you don't want to hear cries of horde favoritism, stop doing things like this. I don't even use the BMAH but this is a moral issue I am taking a stance on.Shenhua3 2d
2d The Speaker's Perspective The turn in is not there - just a ton of battles going on around the area. Is this a glitch? I abandoned the quest and reaccepted - same thing. Looks like I am not alone. Lots of toons just standing around waiting for him to show up.Promethus0 2d
2d Ally vs. Horde Intro Scenarios Unbalanced I timed Ally and Horde intro scenarios, the horde break out of Stormwind and the alliance breakout of jail. Horde takes almost 20 minutes from end to end. Alliance takes 4. That seems messed up. Won't matter if they become skippable after the first time, but still it will be a huge discrepancy for people with lots of alts.Eek5 2d
2d Nowington Equestrian event I am concerned about this. Currently to advance the War Campaign I need to finish a zone story. Since I chose Tiragarde first I now find that I must complete the Nowington Estate as one of the steps. To do that I must get 150 points on the equestrian event. Sadly I cannot seem to do this. 250ms+ lat doesn't help. This bit of gating might be a roadblock for others as well? There's an achievement for getting 600 points also!Phillias37 2d
3d Infusing the heart for the horde is broken Hello Blizzard.I went inside of the chamber with Magni with the Maghar orc I just created, Magni gave me the Heart of Azeroth, but I wasn't absorbing any azerite, then I abandoned the quest in order to restart it, but still wasn't working. Then I went outside the chamber trying to fix the problem and now I can not re enter the chamber, therefore I can not complete the quest. Blizzard help please! Thanks for your time reading this.Walkather0 3d
3d Level 120 boost? If there's anything that requires you to be level 120 to do -- and I thought island expeditions were such a thing, for example -- could we please get the ability to roll a premade 120? One, I'd prefer not to spoil all the questing zones for myself, and two, if the leveling I did do in alpha is any indication, it's going to take a while to get to 120. People joke about WoW being a second job that you have to pay for, but if the choice is "oodles of leveling on beta which will be wiped, just to test the 120 content" and "go solo old content on live for mounts and mog", I know what I'm going to do. If 120 is just more different dungeons/raids, that's one thing. If it's entirely new mechanics like expeditions, we really ought to be able to jump in and give you guys all the bug reports we can in a timely fashion.Malaprop17 3d
3d Zone Quest and Dungeon Scaling This is in regards to pre-BFA leveling as it currently stands on main, which from what I can tell is going to continue directly into BFA. Because of scaling... Currently leveling up another toon, and what I've come to notice about leveling is: - it feels the same, no matter what level bracket/expansion you're in now, and because of this... it feels endless. - it feels like an even worse grind that it ever was before and I'm pretty sure it is since every mob, every quest, every dungeon, and every boss is now scaling to you individually. - i don't know how anyone could level without heirlooms at this point. I'd rather blow my brains out. There is no more out-leveling/gearing certain zones/quests/dungeons (intentionally or not) and coming back and blowing it up. There are no more elite quests (red), hard quests (orange), medium quests (yellow), and easy quests (green). They're ALL GREEN! They're all THE SAME now. And since everything feels the same now... it's monotony. Where as dungeons were setup for players with un-scaling gear levels, this meant those with heirlooms would just destroy the content zone or dungeon. I get why this was changed, but it honestly feels like the nob was turned entirely too far. I just did Stratholm and there was no way in heck a 45min baron run could be done via LFD (I dunno if dungeons still scale when you walk into them instead). It takes 10-15 mins just to kill a freaking dungeon boss, which makes you feel like you're hitting it with a wet noodle the whole time. It's incredibly demoralizing. What's even worse is when a sub 30 is in your party and you're 50+ and they are the same DPS class and they're out DPS'n you... because of scaling. Which is even more demoralizing. I don't have any solutions to suggest at this time. I completely get why the things scale and the problems you were trying to resolve, but my god, the experience just feels entirely worse. No I didn't like leveling in Legion. No I didn't like how all the zones scaled to your level and your personal power continually got even weaker than before as your stats go down since your gear can't influence them as much with each new level. But even with that we could stay in one of the starter zones until we got enough of the new gear, and then we'd push into one of the next two. Then as we geared from that one, we could hit one of the previous ones we didn't do as much and quickly burn thru it for less exp, but you'd feel... like you were improving. There isn't that now. It's all just... monotonous! I keep wondering what the point of having levels is now since everything scales. Didn't play WoD and came back for Legion (which has been a great expac outside of the leveling experience), but guys... WoW feels like Guildwars 1 now. All the levels/zones/areas/dungeons is the same just different textures. Mobs are all dying in the same amount of time. You see the pattern of what skill you're using when they die. It's like.. wow... really? I'm just entirely repeating myself on a whole new level, and it's not fun. You can literally do the same dungeon from 20-60 and it'll take you almost the exact same amount time to kill each mob and to clear the place. Levels in MMO's, to my knowledge, are supposed to make you feel like you were getting more and more powerful. That is NOT the experience scaling is giving to me. Instead its the complete opposite. Like why am I even leveling?Deathpony2 3d
3d Silithus Graveyards locations With the new War Mode I am really enjoying world PvP atm, especially in Silithus while doing the quest chain... However, Graveyard locations are kinda ridiculous and there is basically no way to get a quick revenge kill or to cheese someone. I was wondering if we could get another Graveyard, located a little closer to The Wound, please?Daay0 3d
3d Righteous Retrubution, no turn in Galeheart finally appeared , and i finished the quest, but no Taelia to turn in quest.Cozmogf1 3d
3d Quest: Shrine of the Storms: Whispers Below I have this completed but cannot find the turn in NPC. have looked all over the outdoor world shrine and in the instance with no luck.Beleriend9 3d
4d Feedback: Vol'dun Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Yad Sivart86 4d
4d Cave: Silverbark roost Fall thru Another spot that is a bit glitched. Entering the cave to kill Chrtusk there is a spot that if u don't jump over you will fall thru the world , dc (twice) and eventually get put back at Hatherford. You can actually SEE down thru the gap into another part of the world map.Slinkygreen0 4d
4d Feedback: Leveling Pacing Greetings! So after last nights patch I feel I need to give some feedback on my opinion on the current state of 110-120 level pacing. I am not sure exaaaactly what's going on or where the line of thought on the current state of pacing is at but it feels way off base. My first toon I leveled it only took me 2 zones and a brief trip to the 3rd to hit 120 and that was just pure questing with 1 trip to a dungeon due to a quest leading me there. I hardly touched crafting at all as well. In the end this left me with nearly a full zone left to grind out after hitting max level which seems pretty odd. Flash foward to last night with the addition to warmode being added and it adding a whopping 15% exp increase... This means people are going to be hitting 120 well before they are even finished with the 2nd zone. This really doesnt seem right and way off pace. Thoughts/Opinions?Rhonjurah16 4d
4d Darker Nights would be very cool I've been enjoying beta and the levels I've seen are well detailed and eye pleasing, but the nights are just too bright, almost like the sun is always right under the horizon. I know for everyone's sake that the levels are well lit to make it easier to see, but what about an option we can toggle on or off to simulate a dark nighttime and early morning? I think it would be a very cool implementation of something that's been an ongoing topic over many expansions.Triezz9 4d
4d Shell Game is Shell Lame These just feel tedious and unfun. I prefer the barrel minigame over these, at least there was some element of paying attention instead of clicking 16 little boxes. I'd like a 3-shell-monte style game a lot more. I'm also disappointed so far in the lack of variety of world quests. WQs on Argus and Broken Shore had a bit of variety to them, these are almost all "Kill 10 guys" or "Kill the elite".Maurata6 4d
4d Leveling not feel rewarding enough? I am 114 right now and apart from HP increase, I feel nothing happening when I get a level. Lvl 120 players in game also confirmed that this does not change in the following levels. In legion at least we had artifact quests and new traits etc. that kept us somewhat engaging during leveling. But I see the Heart of Azeroth fails replace that engagement and since we have no new talents/skills etc. leveling feels not rewarding enough. Will this change throughout the beta? Are there things that are not in beta right now that will be on live to fill this spot?Iammyforum12 4d
5d Siege of Boralus If I can't get any quests/actually get the boat to goto Tirisgarde for Siege of Boralus, can I just solo it? I'm assuming I'm bugged somehow (I also didn't get any Zandalari rep, they're still yellow to me despite finishing all three zones as far as I can) Not sure if I should start a fresh beta character, or if there's a way to rescue this one?Pinkiepool0 5d
5d Quest: X Marks the Plat! This quest does not show a tracker. Anyone know the spot? This is a Mining quest.Carryout2 5d
5d [Questline] Max-Level The Great Sea For reference, I just posted all the bugs I came across over on the Bug Forums: However, this post will mostly be about the experience, which admittedly was hindered and ruined even more by the bugs I came across. I do think some things are meant to just be part of the questline, so I wanted to address that here. 1) The scuba gear not giving you a swim speed buff feels bad. It makes on sense that hopping on my Swift Red Wind Rider and cruising around the bottom of the ocean with my drowning mount should make me go faster than just using the scuba gear. A swim speed increase should absolutely added, and if they want us to use the ground terrain to help traverse the area, they should have us skip quickly across without the need for a mount like they do in other underwater zones. 2) I mentioned this briefly in the bug report forum, but this questline seems extremely unfriendly to visually impaired players. The mechanic of needing to keep your light off is an interesting one, but that leaves very little to no work around for players who simply cannot play in that environment because they simply cannot see well enough without the light on - or even with the light on, it's still relatively dark. Not sure anything can be done at this stage about it, though. 3) Having a map, the minimap working, and quest text will make this experience infinitely better, I know. But as it is, the entire thing was just extremely confusing, and left me wandering around blankly for over an hour as I slogged away from objective to objective. 4) There simply are not enough mobs to help with getting the kill count. And since you move slowly like through quicksand while swimming, trying to quickly get in range to attack other mobs someone else has already pulled is basically impossible. 5) When you accidentally come across any of the ships, the quest should automatically update. My quest waited until I got my kill count before having the quest "The Undersea Ledge" pop up, and I know I swam past that ship at least 5 times while looking for mobs. I didn't need to "Find the shipwreck on the ledge"; at that point, I just needed to find it again. 6) Without any frame of reference - due to not having a map - I simply couldn't find it again. So I decided to say adios to this questline and come back to it at a later date, except I had no idea how to get out of here, so I simply set my auto-swim to the west and waited to hit fatigue and die. I was just that done with the questline. I was working on it for over an hour, most of it spent randomly wandering around in circles, hoping to come across a mob. And now, I'm stuck with this stupid scuba buff on my character that I can't seem to get rid of. Overall, this quest is an absolute chore to do in its current iteration.Strawberrey2 5d
5d Any portal to Legion Dalaran and Pandaria? Is there any way to go to Legion Dalaran or Pandaria maps? Trying to get some transmogs.Biruta0 5d
5d Quest-related items as ExtraActionButton basically if you target a creature or w/e then it would be a nice QoL change if you make an ExtraActionButton appear in case there's a quest-related item that has to be used on it. same goes for areas where you need to use items. ppl just don't like to look at objective tracker.Causese9 5d
6d Kul'Tiras: Aesthetic vs. Function It feels really dumb to jump off the dock and climb a rope ladder every time we want to join the war effort. The other option is to go through a building and dismount or go down the stairs, around the boat, up the ramp and back to where the new gangway is. Kul'Tiras and Zandalar are both full of design choices that can only possibly have been made to slow down player movement, then dressed up as design choices. Start with a basis of "where are they going to go from and to"; make a direct line between the two that is uninterrupted by dismounting terrain and interactables, and then design everything else around that. Please.Delekii1 6d
6d Capital city improvement suggestions Boralus While Boralus has been coming along nicely in terms of polish these last few builds (THANK YOU for giving the Snug Harbor Inn an interior), there's a few things I would like to see improved that don't fall strictly under the category of polishing up the city. 1. Expand the rested area to include the entire Tradewinds Market, and the Harbormaster's office, and perhaps the docks as well. Boralus is a city, and therefore at least the area with most of the city serivces should be restable. 2. The docks currently feel very closed off and you currently need to travel a very circuitous route between there and the city proper. I would recommend cutting a passageway in the wall between the docks and Hook Point. Doesn't have to be a big one, just enough to allow passage. 3. More portals! At least to Ironforge, the Exodar, Broken Isles Dalaran, potentially a few other places as well. Since the docks are where the main Alliance presence is, the portals should go there and the Stormwind portal should be moved out there. I know I can technically use my Dalaran hearthstone if I need to go anywhere other than Stormwind, but there's no reason for that extra step to be there. Zuldazar While the city is much better in terms of polish, and I haven't spent as much time there so I apologize if I'm missing anything, there are still a few improvements I would suggest. 1. An in-city teleportation network. Unlike Boralus where all the major city services are concentrated into a small corner of the city, in Zuldazar they are spread out across an enormous area. The Great Seal, the profession trainer area, and of course the docks all should all have nodes in this network. Traversing such a collosal city is going to get old quickly, and the FP between the Great Seal and the southern half of the city isn't enough. 2. Add a rested area around the docks and the profession trainer area in addition to the one that exists in the Great Seal. If there are city serivces there, it should be rested area.Falrinn5 6d
6d Feedback: Zuldazar Things are still in an early state and likely to go through a fair amount of iteration. Please feel free to post any feedback on the content or bugs you encounter.Skordyn69 6d
6d Feedback: Undercity and Stormwind Scenarios Hey, Decided to try out the beta finally, and so far I'm impressed with the work into it. Wanted to provide some feedback regarding the Undercity and Stormwind City Scenarios. Undercity Scenario Feedback: This scenario was interesting to say the least. Having to protect the city against the surge was fun as I got to play with other players in it. The cut-scenes were very well done. I liked the way it all blended together as you progressed through it. In the end it reminded me of the Battle for Undercity back in Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Which was later removed sadly. Hoping this time around it stays in-game permanently. It was very enjoyable to do this scenario. Additionally, This scenario was relatively easy to complete. I expected it to be a little difficult with the stats squish, But I managed to complete it without much damage happening to my character. So, I suggest making it a tad more difficult, But overall - Great job! Stormwind City Scenario Feedback: The Stormwind City Scenario was very fun to play. I liked the fact you had to save NPCs from The Stockade. The night-time atmosphere was amazing for one. Plus I liked the way that you had to sneak and fight your way back out of the city itself. Very easy scenario to complete as the NPCs you rescue help you get out of the city itself. Graphics were very well done as well. I enjoyed watching the cut-scenes for this scenario as well. Only thing I recommend that could be changed is to add more patrols to the scenario to fight. Reason I state this is because there is only (5) or so real mobs you fight and they go down relatively fast. Maybe perhaps add a 2nd mob that patrols and has the chance to be aggro by the mob you are fighting when they get close. :-) In the end: I enjoyed both scenarios equally, And I hope to see more like them as I test Battle for Azeroth. Xanlorash [The Insane] Follow me on Twitter: @XanlorashXanlorash2 6d
6d Favorite Quests/NPCs While it is understandable that we are testing for bugs and generally things that are broken or bad with BFA at the moment, I wanted to make a thread to discuss a few things we thought Blizzard has done really well so far in the questing experience. With this feedback in mind, perhaps they can see what players enjoyed and would like to more of in future patches or just generally see what is really working so far. With dev time being fairly long, it's never too early to make note of some things for 8.1 and beyond so they can get an early start! I just finished the quests in Zuldazar with Witch Doctor Jangalar and Cala Cruzpot. I absolutely love their banter! The quest itself was pretty silly and funny, and their back-and-forth reminded me quite a bit of the Tehd Shoemaker quests in Legion. I would love to see more of them in the future trying to settle the Voodoo Vs. Science debate in various areas! Very much a highlight amid so much criticism of the "big" story elements of BFA so far. What have been your favorite quests and NPCs of BFA so far? What would you like to see Blizzard do more of in the future? What is working and positive so far?Serph1 6d
6d Ritualistic Preparations This mining quest wants me to get some bars blessed by a sea priest, but it does not say where to find the specific sea priest I need and the quest is not being tracked on the map.Reignac7 6d
6d Shout out for how spooky Drustvar is! I just started leveling through Drustvar and I gotta say, as someone who loves Gothic horror and places with Halloween-esque vibes, Drustvar is probably my new favorite zone in all of WoW and I don't see that ever changing! The music alone is breathtaking and really gives you chills! I think they absolutely nailed it with the environment and feel of the zone!Decatre2 6d
May 14 Delayed Deathification I am sure everyone is having this issue or almost everyone, but for the war campaign, this quest won't allow me to bury bombs. Always tells me "can't open that". Is there a fix in the near future for any or all bugged quests? I really want to progress in the campaign to see more of what could happen.Rokuogan2 May 14
May 14 World Quests I am not able to open world quests. What were the prerequesits. I have done the quest for Nazmir but do not have the other 2. how do i get them?Tabes5 May 14
May 14 What Boralus needs is quests Boralus has really gotten more added to it in the last few builds. New interiors, the inn is open, more NPCs. It's getting livelier. But what I really think the city needs is quests. I don't even mean long questlines, just small individual quests. Zuldazar has some of these: for example, a quest where you chase orphans to find the man leading them in a very Oliver Twist kind of way. Boralus is a beautiful city, and it needs a reason to go into its streets and make it feel alive.Reignac0 May 14
May 13 Voldun sandstorms=flashing red light My friend and I, while questing on the horde continent, started in Voldun. After we unlocked Meerah's wagon to ride from one point to another, the sand blowing in the wind started to show as random flashes of red across my screen-to the point that I had to quit playing in that zone it bothered my eyes so badly (they still feel a bit strained today from it all, le sigh). I play on a 2018 iMac, with my graphics set to the recommended setting of 5. I have not spotted any other visual glitches while playing the beta yet, but this one felt to be a very bad one. Changing my graphics setting did not fix the problem. Submitted a bug in game, curious to see if anyone else saw this problem? My friend who plays on a 2015 acer predator with a very nicely updated graphics card, did not see this graphical glitch.Shadé0 May 13
May 13 Unlock World Quests How do you unlock world quests as alliance? I'm 120 and have completed Drustvar and Tiragarde Sound (although the achievement did not unlock for tiragarde) and have done the Zuldazar foothold. I'm unable to do the other footholds and there were no more quests available after the first island expedition. I can keep going and finish the small amount of Stormsong I have left but I was under the impression that zone can not be completed either if not done first. Unsure of how to progress the war campaign now. ThanksManvswild15 May 13