BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids

1d Increasing Islands Rewards - Sept. 14 Thank you all for your feedback on Island Expeditions. We’ve been monitoring the rate of rewards from Islands so far, and while we believe we hit the mark with the Azerite rewards, we’re not happy with the drop rates for the various bonus rewards (such as transmog items, pets, quest starters, etc.) We’re currently working on a hotfix that will substantially increase the rate of these rewards. Once it’s live, you should start to see more of these items dropping for you (and your group members) on future Island Expeditions. While we don’t have a firm timeframe for this hotfix, we’re hoping to push it out later today. Again, thank you for your constructive feedback, and we look forward to seeing you on more Island Expeditions!Kaivax145 1d
5d Feedback: Island Expeditions A new Battle for Azeroth feature, Island Expeditions, is now available for testing for characters that complete a the "Island Expedition" tutorial quest at level 116. Once unlocked, Normal Island Expeditions can be completed by characters of level 110-120. This unlock is account-wide. Heroic, Mythic, and PvP Island Expeditions become available at level 120. Alliance players can queue from the Expedition table in Boralus Harbor, near the Tradewinds Market. Look for the green ship occupying the second slip. Horde players can queue from the Expedition table in Zuldazar Harbor, at the Port of Zandalar, on the west side. Look for the red ship. What is the goal of an Island Expedition? The goal of an Island Expedition is to collect Azerite. The first team to 6000 Azerite wins. A group of NPCs from the opposing faction (or players, if PvP) will also be present, competing with you for the Azerite. Many things on the Island reward Azerite: chests, Azerite crystals, powerful creatures, friendly NPCs in need of aid, killing enemy NPCs, and more. You’ll find things you can interact with, scattered all across the Island to help you. Thank you for testing, and we’re looking forward to your feedback!Muffinus252 5d
56m Island Expeditions - Collection Feedback First off I'm the kind of player that enjoys making it a goal to collect as many pets, mounts, toys and transmogs as I can. This post is through that lens. I appreciate a lot of people have issues with the playability or power rewards of Islands, but this topic is meant to be constructive criticism on the collectables that are meant to be obtained via Islands. I know players like me who want to install All The Things and slowly check entire zones off are in the minority, but for every one of us there are hundreds of more casual collectors who will, to a degree, be as affected by the Island's low drop rate and design as us - people who only want a specific item but have to deal with the same % chance of getting it as anyone is of getting any item. I see this system as being as flawed as Prestige was in Legion, and since Prestige eventually became account-wide, I'm hoping for a shake-up in how Island rewards work by the end of the expansion (or at least at the end of it, to make going back a more rewarding experience). So: Drop Rate Is Too Low I've done perhaps 20 islands so far - many players have done more - and I have obtained one pet. Despite my initial hopes for the system as something for collectors to enjoy, I find myself considering that lucky. I got my pet before Muffinus tweeted what appeared to be a sign that the drop rate was buffed, but in the course of doing more than half of those islands AFTER that tweet, I have received no other special reward - not even extra AP or a rep token, which to be honest I don't really care about. Based on some posts I've seen around the internet, many players don't even KNOW there are toys, mounts, pets and mogs to collect - they ask for Islands to be spruced up with such rewards, apparently unaware they already exist because they've never seen a drop in their party. Too Many Drops From Same Source Using All The Things, which admittedly is not perfect, I get the number 319 in regards to unique rewards - mogs, toys, pets and mounts. In perhaps a first for the game in its entire history, from everything players know this staggering number of items all drop in the same way, with no deviation: win an Island. Players can complain when an item they want drops off a boss that drops 10 other items they don't want, but that's relatively tame. In that situation, you have a 1 in 10 chance of getting what you want per kill. In this situation, if you want one specific item you have a CHANCE at getting a 1/319 chance of getting what you want. Anecdotally, a <10% chance at getting a 1/319 chance. If you want to collect all these collectables - again, a minority - you need to get lucky 319 times to collect everything. Arguably, it gets worse as you go; at the start you have a 100% chance of getting SOMETHING you want, but as you fill out the collection your chance of getting a non-duplicate item shrinks, and shrinks, until eventually you're at a 1/319 chance for the last thing you want. Strangely, this creates the feel that as you get closer to completing your goal, you're getting less effective at it. Boring Math So, let's say there are 319 items, and that Islands take an average of 15 minutes to complete. I'll make a few assumptions, hopefully to highlight how ridiculous the current system is for a collector looking to collect everything - but, again, keep in mind the same could easily be true for a person who just wants one specific item and keeps getting stuff they don't want, or doesn't get anything at all (RNG, right?) So I'll assume every Island drops an item, every third island, every fifth island and every tenth island. Again, I'm currently at 1/20 islands giving a reward, and I'm pretty sure we can get duplicate items. The following calculations are assuming it's IMPOSSIBLE to get duplicates - this is a best case, short-test case scenario. Every Island: 15 x 1 x 319 = 4,785 minutes = 79.75 hours Every 3rd Island: 15 x 3 x 319 = 14,355 minutes = 239. 25 hours Every 5th Island: 15 x 5 x 319 = 23,925 = 398.75 hours Every 10th Island: 15 x 10 x 319 = 47,850 minutes = 797.5 hours To clarify, if we were guaranteed a unique reward every 10th island, it would take 33 in-game playtime days to collect everything. We aren't guaranteed a reward any X number of islands, and we can get duplicate rewards, not even counting the AP rewards or reputation tokens.Soeroah27 56m
1h Fortified, quaking, and teeming <3 Buckle up, healers.Ethearia7 1h
1h New M+ game mode A new rated game mode, similar to MDI where two teams race through a single key/queue for it. Idc how the loot works, or if there needs to be two keys. But this would be a perfectly reasonable way to incorporate multiple items from the mythic plus cache at the beginning of the week, and you could make a rated system, similar to or just the pvp rating.Huntoriouse1 1h
1h Teeming + Fortified + Infested? Wat? Blizzard, can we talk about this? Teeming this week is insanity. Mob packs that were usually 4 to 5 have doubled in size. Mobs that are already difficult or cannot be CCed are repeated multiple times in packs. The difficulty increases above a +10 to include adds which CANNOT BE CCed are now infested. For example, the Colossal Tentacle in Shrine of Storms right before Lord Stormsong is now Infested AFTER spawning. Was this really intended? These specific adds cannot be CCed, cannot be moved, and without the most finely tuned group comp would be nearly impossible. And this is just what we have seen so far. Dungeons that were easily completed in time above a +10 are now a major struggle to get through with a regular team all coordinating each pull. Please take a look at what is happening with this combination of affixes. I enjoy Keystones and have been consistently running them since they were released, but this week might just be the one I don't bother trying to push higher than a 9. Thank you.Nuvaex36 1h
1h Anchor Weed needs fixed now How anchor weed spawns is absolutely ridiculous. Does Blizzard expect us to spend 8 hrs a day TRYING to farm one herb? Blizzard, please fix how this herb spawns.Zombiedog16 1h
1h Mythic+ Underrot Teeming Does anyone have trouble even getting to the first boss?Fendris13 1h
1h Azerite Arena Farm but not Mythic+? So in the Reddit Q&A y'all said that you "didn't want raiders to feel bad if you could farm Azerite in Mythic+" but at the moment their is the potential to "farm" 355+ Azerite gear from Arena/RBGs. How is this not supposed to make the Raiders & Mythic+ people feel bad, or even worse, feeling forced into PvP to gear for PvE as has already been the case? Am I misunderstanding something? I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate some clarification here... Personal loot has also made gearing a pain, especially for people pushing the harder content, but that's a whole different beast of a thread... The Mythic+ System could still be reasonable under a decent design: Mythic +2, +3, +4 drops 340 Azerite Gear Mythic +5, +6, +7, +8, +9 drops 355 Azerite Gear Mythic +10 and above drops 370+ Azerite GearNihillo6 1h
2h Can't find tank for mythics I was queued in 3 different Mythic 0 groups from 8pm PST - 9pm PST on a Monday night. I was a dps, and in every case we quickly found a healer and had a full group of dps players. We couldn't find a tank for the life of us. I don't like the mythic system being strictly informal, ad hoc groups. A lame new blocker in BfA is hydrocore only being available in mythics. They are soul bound also, so if I played my druid and tanked instead, there wouldn't be a way to share these items with my preferred dps main. My main is currently item level 331, and is hitting the limit of what can be achieved outside of mythic content. I can't squeeze more item levels out of my toon to be attractive to a wider set of mythic groups (I can't successfully get into a mythic zero group!). These are really lame restrictions that work against players. If you refuse to support a LFG mode for mythics, which wasn't necessary in Legion, but seems to be now due to loot restrictions, you need to find a reasonable path for players to get access to mythic content. Bring hydrocore to heroics. Then you can provide tank and healer incentive caches in LFG to help a broader range of players access to mythic and eventually raid progression.Spookatron32 2h
2h mythic+ dungeon tab how does this tab keep tally of our best runs? I thought I knew but lately it has been behaving strangely.. it shows many of my highest completed keys as only 2 or 3 (even with some failed timers in there because I was running with undergeared peeps trying to help them out). but I have actually completed all dungeons for at least level 4 keys (some did not record in io but that's another convo). how does the mythic+ tab determine what is my season best for that key? just stuff like I have no idea how it computes that my best run for say the waycrest manor is a +2.. when my highest for that dungeon I have double chested a 4. is this just bugged or glitching in some way? or perhaps by "season best" does it actually mean "weekly best"? I'm trying to improve every week by pushing into higher keys than the week before and it makes it trickier to focus on the dungeons I need to work the most on when the in-game display doesn't show my actual key progression.Lilywind0 2h
4h Can't queue as a raid for Warfronts Warfronts at first glance seem to be something you can do with a group of friends or your guild. However I tried to queue with a raid group and it turns out we can't queue in raids, you're limited to a five-man party. Any word as to if this is a glitch or why Blizzard has it like this?Sethoril10 4h
4h Mythic + timer expired prematurely Just wondered if anyone else experienced this? Last night I did a Siege +4 and mid first boss our timer just expired (and no we did not die however many times it would take to run 30 minutes out). We completed the dungeon anyway and my key was still upgraded, but it was definitely strange (and anxiety inducing!)Ayaan0 4h
4h New Proving Grounds I've seen plenty of low keystones failed because of party members making simple mistakes that I think a new proving grounds could easily teach. Lessons could include... - Careful pathing - Chaining crowd control - Managing long duration cc like poly/incap/blind - Line of sight - Interrupting - Space management - Cleave positioning I would be wholly more willing to invite players who have some kind of badge for concepts they are aware of and prepared for instead of taking a too often punishing leap of faith. This could even patch up some of the rough spots can cause, possibly relegating the addon to only vetting higher keystone runs. What do other's think?Inpo0 4h
5h Depressed just thinking about weekly island Then I decided spending an hour doing something as unfun as killing 5 islands full of trash for no reward other than inching my azerite score a little wasn't worth my time. Then I felt better... - PPahbi0 5h
6h Underrot keystone sucks I have the keystone for underrot and it sucks... if i delete the keystone and get it for third time im gonna cry. Something needs to be done as in a fix for this place!Zarnia12 6h
7h Leveling in Island Expeditions I will start off by saying props to you for boosting the experience gain per Island ran, after leveling 4 toons to 120 through questing this was a welcome change of pace. The only real issue I ran into is there is no gear drop for leveling toons, so when I first started Islands on my rogue in my end game Legion gear I was a solid 80% of the damage and it was hilarious destroying bosses that my 120 needed 3 people to kill, in about 5 seconds on a 110. Is there any chance we could get a "restored" type of gear that you guys used to put on hacked accounts that had everything vendored? It was basic green gear that vendored for 5 copper and couldn't be disenchanted so it was not something you could profit off of, but would help the scenario I'm currently stuck in, level 118 in level 110 gear and now everything kills me in a few seconds and my dps is lower than the healers lol. Side note: After running enough to hit 118 which I believe is around 35 islands I have received only a single pet. 2 BoE weapons, 3 BoE transmog greens. Zero toys zero mounts. This is all after the "boosted" rates and that was about 8hrs nonstop island running.Wavefist0 7h
8h Kicked from IE, Deserter Debuff? I joined an island expedition and after the first 2 minutes of fighting with 1 player afk the whole time. I asked the afk person to start helping. Next thing I know im back in town and now I have the deserter debuff. I didnt do anything wrong and I really dont like having to wait 30 minutes to queue up again just for asking someone to help out.Ultrin4 8h
9h Warfronts kicking It's completely garbage that I can go into a warfront and people can kick you for no reason, and then I get a 30 minute deserter debuff. The warfront had literally started 10 seconds before and then I was booted out. This is going to get abused and needs a fix.Allodar7 9h
9h Kicked out before the last boss of a mythic 0 I got kicked before the last boss of the mythic because the group leader didn't like how I /ignored him. Before this happened, he was treating the tank and healer unfairly. He was pulling before the tank and blames the healer every time he dies. During this one boss fight, he died and right after the fight was over, he immediately demanded a rezz and told the tank to stop apologizing/typing. Because I was part of the group and that I had to witness all of this, I wanted him to stop being so rude. This was probably my first mistake and told him in party chat to "relax". I literally said one word. Then he threw a fit and started mouthing me that I should relax. My response (and my second mistake) was to /shrug him cause we were in a middle of the fight and I did not have time to reply back. Then he went on to whisper me, telling me that I sucked because I am from Moon Guard and that I don't know how to RP. I have no idea why needs to bring up RP and how me being from Moon Guard makes me a bad player (I don't even RP, I play on this realm cause my friends are here). Anyway, That's when I decided to /ignore him. Then before the last boss, he booted me out of the group. I guess he doesn't like it when people ignore him when he still wants to degrade them. I didn't need anything from the last boss and that the bosses previously did not drop something I wanted so in the end he was doing me a favor. But I did not like how rude and obnoxious he was and that he just had the power to just boot me without the group's vote (it was a PUG group). Of course that can't happen cause it was a pre-made group. And I did not say a single mean thing to anyone in the group. I tried my absolute best to finish the mythic as efficiently as I can. I guess what I am trying to say is that is there a way I can report him? Can this person be reported with the things he did to me? And should Blizzard implement a system where when in a pre-made group there is a voting system like in dungeon finder? I don't want this to happen again.Kyndor2 9h
14h Best Class for Expeditions? So, let's say hypothetically, since I'm sure NOBODY is actually like this... but let's say you, or I, or whoever, wants to farm Island Expeditions as quickly as possible. We're going to exclude the use of the OP items like siege tank, or that nuke thing... as this week we don't have any such item we can use. So in your opinion, what is the best class to farm the island expeditions with? Warlock so you can put Absolute Corruption on everything as you run by? Brewmaster Monk? What class, what spec, and why?Opheliàh5 14h
14h dungeon loot drops horrible These drop rates are pathetic. I've gotten zero loot in 3 of 4 dungeons now and the one time I did get a piece it was garbage and not even a upgrade. This is beyond absurd how many times you get zero loot.Blood54 14h
15h Kings Rest M+ Tuning Kings Rest is in desperate need of tuning on mythic +. Specifically the Shadow of Zul mob. This one mob is way above anything else because of the magic dmg it deals, magic dmg that tanks can't mitigate at all anymore. Even on fortified weeks for a single mob to cause so many issues and be harder then tyrannical bosses is poor balancing. Just to note this from a +10 perspective, I can only imagine the hell Shadow of Zul is at higher keys than that.Marakurta5 15h
18h How to stop people leaving Mythic+ ? Hello everyone I am a DH Tank trying to work on getting freehold mythic 2 done but if we wipe just once or die a good chunk of people instantly give up and leave... I dont understand this attiude and I seen this alot in normal Mythics why are people like this Mythics and Mythic plus are end game where you put all your effort in sure you might wipe a few times but reward is worth it and even if keystone runs out still reward at end..... How can I stop people leaving.... ???? (You would think they would stay with a tank especially the dpsers since they get such long ques and rejected from premade groups alot)Lizzyon20 18h
18h Off Hand Weapon Bug I have ran approximately 50 mythic dungeons and 10 M+ dungeons along with prolly 100 arena games (70% win ratio) and i have yet to see a 330+ off hand weapon drop. I have 3 350+ one hand weapons and I am forced to use a 340 staff because I only have a 300 ilvl offhand. The only mythic + dunegons I run are the few that have a chance at an offhand drop and still nothing. I suppose it's just bad luck with RNG but I'm really getting frustrated. I'm all for having to work for what you want in an MMO but apparently hard work won't even get me an offhand weapon. Had to vent sorry lads.Hydrofoil2 18h
19h Let's talk numbers - Island Expeditions Drops Dear Blizzard, Taking at look at the large number of items that can possibly drop from island expeditions, the current rate at which they drop is way, WAY too low. Let's look at the numbers: Mounts: 5 Toys: 8 Pets: 28 Tmog Weapons: 87 Tmog Hats: 3 Tmog Shoulders: 4 Outfits: 18 Total Rewards: 153 If we were guaranteed 1 new item every single week, it would take 3 years to collect everything. However, almost 6 weeks into the expansion I've never seen a single item drop for me or anyone I have grouped with. I'm sorry to say but that is crazy! As it stands it will be nearly impossible to ever finish collecting everything the expeditions have to offer. Suggestion: 1) Please give us 1 guaranteed item as part of our weekly expedition reward. It can be random item where I can sell duplicates, a guaranteed new item, or weighted however you wish but at least I know that in 3 years I would be close to done. 2) In order to finish the collection in this expansion, please increase the drop rate. Even a 10% chance to get a brand new item I don't have yet would mean I would have to do at least 1530 island expeditions which is crazy. I believe that a combination of solutions 1 and 2 needs to be implemented in order to make the rewards worth trying to earn and allow a reasonable completion time. If no solution is made, this will indeed become the biggest and worst grind ever implemented into this game. 20 expeditions into the grind so far without a single drop makes the possible rewards from expeditions not worthy of the grind it would take to get them. Thanks for taking time to read. IgnorantIgnorant0 19h
20h LF a steady m+ team To learn and grow with! Please reply if youre looking for the same ThanksCoumadin2 20h
20h Thoughs on improving island expeditions 1) make a pvp leaderboards 2) make a 8-10 man pvp version. 3) make them more rewarding (e.g chance to get gear at end based on rating). 4) in 8-10 man version tune the most valuable sources of Azerite to need a tank and healer (but not take forever to kill so it's still rewarding and worth the risk to engage) 5) thin out the mobs a little bit and add leashing (or some way to get out of combat) to improve mobility a bit so teams could move across the map. I could see various strategy in IEs if you had more people and could have teams focused on getting Aerite or harassing the enemy, etc. Spreading out vs. Zerging strats, etc. This could be a very fun way to compete similar to RBGs, but with a mix of pve elements. Right now with only 3 people you pretty much always stay in a single group the whole time.Sachidu3 20h
22h Raider IO Limitations So let me get this straight. Raider IO pulls from the WOW leader boards, and those only hold the top 100 runs for the week. So unless you run early or are ahead of the of the curve a lot of your accomplishments are never recorded. Are they ever going to fix this? Maybe expand the run board to 1000? This seems kinda screwed up for the player that finished a +7 on time on a Sunday and gets no score. It's even I dare say, unethical, to run this platform like this. :/Goldfire11 22h
23h Feedback: Mythrax Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!Skordyn23 23h
23h Island Expedition matching multiple healers When I solo queue Island Expeditions (heroic) as a healer, more often than not I get matched with other healers. This makes the game feel dreadfully slow. Please limit matches to one healer before I go crazy.Fadeleafz5 23h
1d Island Expedtions mount question can u get the mounts from heroic or just from mythic/pvpYveltäl2 1d
1d Island enemy team respawn time I am enjoying Islands but it gets really annoying when the enemy team keeps coming to attack you. We have managed to kill them all easily and without dying, but they respawn so quickly we are constantly in combat with them and because they just respawned they're only worth like ~20 azerite. Can their respawn time please be extended, or can it be extended by 300% if you wipe the whole team?Kyux0 1d
1d My Thoughts: Removed/Locked Challenge Rewards I apologize for the lengthy post ahead of time! So with the title not being very specific I first want to point out that I'm just giving food for thought with a topic that can be touchy depending on who you talk too and how seriously they take this video game and the items earned within it. I've also not played for quite a few years and have come back a few months ago running into these things that have sparked the thoughts I'm going to share. But am just giving my thoughts and ideas on content I feel that can be made available instead of removed and viable with the challenge still being there. So my first thought I'd like to touch on is Elite Gladiator PvP gear that can only be earned within a season after earning a 2k arena rating. I have not always been able to play WoW because of real life, and have missed opportunities to get various arena prestige sets. Now that's my own fault and I'm in no way saying this justifies what I'm about to suggest. I'm merely being matter of fact and know this is the case for a LOT of players who don't prioritize this game to the top of their "to do list" in life. I would love to see a token system like that with the Vicious War Mounts that are earned after winning 100 arena matches or 30 rated BG's. But with the Elite Gladiator set's you would need to reach that 2k rating then you'd be given a Elite/Prestige token where you can buy any of the Elite gear available. Reaching 2k now or reaching 2k 2 years ago does not change the fact you hit the prestigious mark and being able to still EARN those sets would be a treat. Another thought I've been puzzled by is why is all Elite Skinned Gear since they've been introduced locked behind that rating and that specific season wall, but Mythic Raids gear is not? I mean Blizzard... If you're trying to set a "You are special" standard for earning challenging gear and achievements that can only be earned when they are currently relevant, why is it being cherry picked? I could care less either way honestly it's just confusing to me, seeing as blizzard is usually very on point with these kinds of things haha... My last thought has been since the introduction of Time Walking Dungeons, you've introduced the ability to scale us players down to old content o enjoy a challenge that gives us awesome nostalgia and fun! But this brings up a very good point, and that is why cant you do this with the Prestige Challenges (Like Mythic Raids, Mage Tower, and other difficult challenges that have been introduced then removed)? Scaling the challenges like those I mentioned to the player no matter the current content would gives players old and new alike the ability to complete them and still have the challenge be viable (to REALLY Give us a sense of Pride and Accomplishment). I'm not going to speak for anyone else but those I've talked to in game and friends that play in person, but I know I'm not the only one who can see this being a great way to keep content and still have it be malleable for us to dive into and have a challenge and EARN the rewards that have been removed, which really is taking a wonderful chunk of content out of the game that's been paid for by the subscribers of the game! In conclusion I see opportunities like those I've mentioned to allow prestigious items to still be obtainable and the challenge to get them still intact. I don't understand why some are favored more then others where content is removed that is challenging but others remain (And those that do end up remaining become easy to get which defeats your purpose of removing only 'some' prestigious items in the first place..?) but would love to get feedback from players who read this or actual Blizzard Forum's staff members who would give us an opportunity to listen to a reply, a reply that isn't dodging any questions brought up here with rational reasons as to why the setup is the way it is right now. I'm not sure how to Tag Game Devs of these forums if there is a way to do that, if anyone knows how to feel free to do it or let me know! Thank you for reading and hope your WoW experiences in BFA so far have been as enjoyable as mine!Ðrîzzt1 1d
1d 10-15 Man Tuning. When? 2 expacs in a row, this is getting ridiculous.Yam3 1d
1d Feedback: Vectis Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!Skordyn21 1d
1d island expedition deserter so i sign for a normal island get in we start then suddenly im back in town a vote kick for nothing what ever so i try to sign up again deserter what now? for what?Smashergoat3 1d
1d FortfiedTeemingQuakingInfested is broken What in the world is goingon Blizz? +10's and 11's felt doable last week. Most dungeons this week feel impossible passed 8 or 9 with the exception of AD and FH(which are still over tuned). So whos testing these affixes? is that our job? well here I am. Reporting for duty. Game is broken, fix it pls.Zietrex5 1d
1d Heroic Dungeons & hydrocores The gear crafted should be an upgrade for a short while. Hydrocores should be a heroic dungeon drop because they are needed for engineer 340 helms. Mythic dungeons have no dungeon finder available. The hydrocores needed to craft the helms make them immediately inferior to dropped M+ helms. It would give a boost to the other crafters companion gear sales as well.Pallytbull4 1d
2d Mythic Zul/G'huun are heavily Horde favored Arcane Torrent kills the Minions of Zul and is uncapped, plus costs no resources. On Mythic, 10 minions spawn, meaning 1 Arcane Torrent does the work of two Mass dispels. So while Alliance have to spend tons and tons of healer mana and bring two priests to handle the adds, Horde have more healer mana to use AND a more flexible comp. Considering there is a ton of raid damage on this fight, that extra mana will mean a lot. Meanwhile on G'huun, Goblins and Highmountain allow easier solo orb running, and allow some classes such as Mage to be able to solo run the orb where before they couldn't.Nephelina22 2d
2d Request for Activities in BFA Posted in General Discussion, but it fell off the first page almost immediately. ...Siswai0 2d
2d Any advice on heroic Vectis Specifically for keeping multiples of Omega Vector from applying to one single person? For my group, it seems to always happen in the intermission phase, toward the end just before stacking back up. Even with debuff holders keeping themselves aware of each other and separated, somehow we still get multiple debuffs moved onto one person. Should I be sending all 3 omega vector holders to separate time outs? Any other ideas?Cozart1 2d
2d Island Expedition Format Ideas The current island expedition format seems very similar. Lots of random mobs, some rares, on the initial spawn. Little later, Azerite elementals spawn. Little later, random 3rd party comes to the island. I realize this would take a lot of extra programming, but here are my ideas to spice up the island expedition format: Island Domination – Using the recent mention from Ion of the Azerite extractor, players arrive on an island that is already being mined for Azerite, with extractors in random locations across the island, guarded by a random humanoid enemy. NPCs are worth some azerite, but the main idea of the island is capture/control (similar to Arathi Basin BG). Along with both factions fighting for extractors, you could also have random boats of the spawn island humanoid arrive to retake unguarded extractors. Island Collection – Players arrive on an island with one point of Azerite in the middle of the island. Each faction is provided a donkey/wagon cart that has to be driven by a team member. Around the middle point of Azerite is a river of liquid Azerite the donkey refuses to cross. Therefore, the only way to gather Azerite is have the players cross over the liquid part to a middle circle, which is gradually spawning various sized chucks of Azerite, and then carry these back to the cart. Larger chucks could also add a movement impairing affect. Players couldn't fight while carrying, so teams have to defend each other. Drive the cart back to your boat to unload. Players would have to do this multiple times to win. You could also add something like, an erupting volcano, so the boats can’t stay along the shore, meaning players call the boat once they reach the shore. This allows for more random paths from the middle of the island to the shore, instead of static routes. Island Mining – Each faction arrives with a goblin/gnome engineer that can build siege engines. The idea of this island is that Azerite is buried within the soil and you have to dig it out with a siege engine. The island contains wood/iron (similar to warfronts) that can be collected and used by the engineer to build an Azerite collecting siege engine. The island also contains random open locations that have to be dredged for Azerite. The siege engine can only dredge for Azerite, so you'll have to defend it from the opposing faction. If it gets destroyed your team will need to recollect resources to build a new siege engine. Dig up enough Azerite and your team wins.Yourhealer2 2d
2d Feedback: Vectis Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!Skordyn30 2d
2d Missing Keystone Opened m+ chest expecting a 9 key, got no key. What do?Judiciary1 2d
2d The unannounced new LFR boss mechanic I'm loving the new raid mechanic Blizz introduced for LFR. > Your teammates will actively try to kill you and wipe the raid. Nice one guys!Hiperion4 2d
2d PSA: You can use Infested for cells in TD+10 If your team lacks a rogue, you can abuse Infested mobs in order to pull mobs out of the prison cells, to make the Howlis fight easier. My group discovered this yesterday doing +10, and we had no rogue. When we killed one of the Infested, one of the worms got away into the cell before we could kill it. It infested the mob inside, who then immediately aggroed and ran out of the cell. We were then able to do this for the entire block, pulling every one out of the cell by allowing them to be infested. Unsure if this is a bug or not, but helpful in the meantime for those groups without a rogue.Shiraxi2 2d
2d Hunter pet getting stuck in Uldir My pet, Bugsbotty - mechanical rabbit, gets caught on the threshold of the doorway to Taloc. He won't cross it at all. I have to dismiss him and resummon him after I cross into the room. Also, on the platform for Zul, during trash pulls, Bugsbotty is getting hung up on the stairs and stuck. I've had to dismiss and resummon him several times. This happens when the trash is pulled onto the stairs. Additionally, after a wipe on Zul, if I summon him before using the shortcut jump, he stays on the upper area and doesn't jump down with me. Finally, Bugsbotty will not jump down to Mythrax. I've had to summon him after I make the jump. I haven't tried these areas with any other pets yet. Will research tonight and follow up post.Tìk5 2d
2d LFR gear trading Ok, so I got an ilvl 350 wand from lfr tonight...but i don't have an offhand and i'm currently using an ilvl 345 staff, not much of a difference even if i DID have an offhand...anyways, since i DON'T have an offhand to match the wand...why the heck can't i trade it??? it's not an upgrade! am i the only one feeling the frustration on this kind of thing???Ramuhprime2 2d
2d How You Should Have Awarded IE Pets Pets being 100% RNG drops, and exceptionally infrequent drops, from AP Grinding Expeditions is unbelievably cancerous design. But then that's a theme for this expansion, isn't it? Nothing is earned, everything is a 0.1% luck drop. Nope, not satisfying. Which you would have realized instantly had your design team had two brain cells to rub together between the lot of them. Here's how you should have done it: Tied them to achievements. Let's be real, there are only maybe 4-5 proper pets among the 30 or so garbage filler ones you put in to bloat the miserably stingy loot table. There's the pirate crab, Poro, Inky, and a few other pets that aren't just lazy recolours of pets you can already obtain through pet battles and other means. Those are the ones you should have awarded. Do you see all those IE achievements? What's my incentive to go after them? None. Sold them for doubloons. I get these damned doubloons all the time and there's nothing to spend them on. "Hmm players receive this currency, and we have these pets... nah let's not tie the two together. Let's just throw them out 100% randomly totally failing to respect how much work the player has put in trying to obtain them." RNG drops are NOT satisfying, working toward a clear goal IS satisfying. You people, assuming you are people and not drunken monkeys escaped from the zoo, need that tattooed onto the insides of your goddam eyelids. Similarly for the transmogs, those should've been tied to achievements as well. Complete an achievement, get the ensemble appropriate for your class. None of this poisonous RNG nonsense. With all due respect, which, after suffering through a month of this unsatisfying and maddeningly frustrating garbage expansion, you aren't due much of, go back to scrubbing toilets at the truck stop. Because game design isn't something any of you are good at worth a damn. ~ And before someone makes the asinine comment that I should buy them from the AH - No. I've run over 30 heroic island expeditions and I have sweet FA to show for it but one unsaleable leather transmog chest, one unsaleable plate transmog set of pants, and one pink crab that I could've gone to the Dread Wastes to capture a better looking version of in about 20 minutes. I'm not paying someone for something I've done enough work to have earned already. I run 20 expeditions, some dingus runs 5 and gets two Poros. One of those is rightfully mine and I am not paying said dingus 50k of my hard earned gold for something he doesn't deserve.Sterly2 2d