BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids

22h Mythic+ Dungeon Feedback Mythic+ Keystone Dungeons are now available for testing. After completing a Mythic dungeon, you should receive a random keystone. Please use this thread for any Mythic+ feedback that you have.Skordyn172 22h
Jun 12 Raid Testing Schedule - June 14th-18th On Thursday, June 14th we will be conducting raid tests of Uldir. If testing goes well, the majority of Normal mode will remain available over the weekend. Thursday, June 14th Mythrax - Heroic Uldir 13:00 PDT (16:00 EDT, 22:00 CEST) G'huun - Heroic Uldir 14:00 PDT (17:00 EDT, 23:00 CEST) Thursday, June 14th - Monday, June 18th Normal Uldir As always, this testing schedule is very fluid and subject to the realities of a Beta environment. We might have to change the time of a testing session, change the bosses being tested, or cancel a test entirely, due to bugs, server hardware issues, etc. Keep an eye on this forum for the latest information, and thank you in advance for testing and providing feedback. Q: How do I get into the raid zone? A: In Zuldazar, Boralus, Dalaran, Orgrimmar, or Stormwind, you may speak to Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade III in order to teleport into the raid zone while it is open for testing. (The option to teleport into a zone will not be available when the zone is not open for testing.) Q: What character should I use to test the raid? A: Whichever you prefer. We will be scaling players' effective level to 120 for raid testing, and their item level to an appropriate threshold for the encounter(s) being tested. Q: How long does testing last? A: The primary purpose of testing is to give us the information we need to balance the encounters, evaluate how mechanics are playing out in practice, and identify bugs. Once we're satisfied that we've received that information for a given boss, we'll be shutting down testing. Usually this takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, but there are no guarantees.Skordyn0 Jun 12
2d Feedback: Island Expeditions A new Battle for Azeroth feature, Island Expeditions, is now available for testing for characters that complete a the "Island Expedition" tutorial quest at level 116. Once unlocked, Normal Island Expeditions can be completed by characters of level 110-120. This unlock is account-wide. Heroic, Mythic, and PvP Island Expeditions become available at level 120. Alliance players can queue from the Expedition table in Boralus Harbor, near the Tradewinds Market. Look for the green ship occupying the second slip. Horde players can queue from the Expedition table in Zuldazar Harbor, at the Port of Zandalar, on the west side. Look for the red ship. What is the goal of an Island Expedition? The goal of an Island Expedition is to collect Azerite. The first team to 6000 Azerite wins. A group of NPCs from the opposing faction (or players, if PvP) will also be present, competing with you for the Azerite. Many things on the Island reward Azerite: chests, Azerite crystals, powerful creatures, friendly NPCs in need of aid, killing enemy NPCs, and more. You’ll find things you can interact with, scattered all across the Island to help you. Thank you for testing, and we’re looking forward to your feedback!Muffinus175 2d
6d Feedback: The MOTHERLODE!! Hi all, A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – The MOTHERLODE!! - is now available for testing on the Beta. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like: The overall flow of the dungeon Visuals, including creatures and environment Boss encounters and their mechanics Overall difficulty Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered Any other general thoughts about the dungeon Thanks!Skordyn122 6d
May 8 Consolidated Dungeon Feedback Threads Freehold: Tol Dagor: Atal'Dazar: The MOTHERLODE!!: Shrine of the Storm: The Underrot: Temple of Sethraliss: Waycrest Manor: Kings' Rest: Siege of Boralus: May 8
40m Avatar of Sethraliss & Mouseover Macros I'd really like to hear from my fellow players who've healed this boss fight; what is your ability setup? All of my healers use this mouseover macro for healing/utility abilities: #showtooltip Flash of Light /use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player] Flash of Light The unfortunate part of this boss fight is that this macro won't work on the avatar and instead all my abilities just default to healing me. I've tried both setting the avatar as focus and mousing over her character yet it won't work. I end up opening my spell book and just spam whichever fast heal I have to get through the encounter. Overall it's a fun encounter but my enjoyment would be much higher if my macro (or any mouseover macro) would work on the avatar. Any help would be appreciated.Astela0 40m
1h Northrend Engineering BUG Mechanized Snow Goggles... +26 stam +7 crit +14 vers Frag Belt... 1min CD that inflicts 500 damage to all enemies Sonic Booster Trinkets... +31 stam +84 AP 10 secs ALL obtainable at lvl 10-100 The goggles when compared to BoA Heirlooms and available blue dungeon gear is MASSIVE and must have been overlooked. These stat values are not in sync with legit every other available item to "twinks". The same for the trinkets and belt enchant... These items are ruining players gaming experience and need to be fixed. Heres a 19 twink for proof -- the frag belt does not appear but it's on his belt, just doesn't show! 1h
2h Old Raid Stat Squish Megathread This threads purpose is for those whom have tested the older raids with the new stat squish (mount farmers, mog farmers, anyone really) As with stat squishes these things tend to break for what ever reason so its up to us lovelies to test it. if applicable please list any of the following Level Ilvl Name of Raid Any issues (trash overtuned, raid mechanics environment wise anything general pertaining to the raid) Any Unsoloable bosses (list boss name and issue with mechanic or problem) Any other concernsManales19 2h
7h Feedback: Freehold Hi all, A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – Freehold - is now available for testing on the Beta. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like: The overall flow of the dungeon Visuals, including creatures and environment Boss encounters and their mechanics Overall difficulty Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered Any other general thoughts about the dungeon Thanks!Skordyn84 7h
16h Warfronts vs. Dungeons/Raids Hi, I'm planning on making Warfront-related content as a focus for my guild. This seemed like the place to ask questions about it. How difficult are they compared to dungeons and raids? Do they fall somewhere in the middle? Are they trivially easy and near impossible to fail? Do they require a full roster of 20 players to complete or can they be completed with less people?Dayon0 16h
1d Dungeons are WAY too easy Bosses are a joke, have too few/not punishing enough mechanics, and just fall over instantly. It's kind of disappointing to just walk through dungeons like you own the place with little effort at all. I'd honestly double or even triple the health of bosses, increase their damage output, and make their mechanics far more punishing. Increase the damage of trash mobs by a good 50% and their health as well. Also personal loot sucks, just thought I'd throw that out there. Make it an option, not the only way to go.Cryoblast12 1d
1d Feedback: Temple of Sethraliss Hi all, A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – Temple of Sethraliss - is now available for testing on the Beta. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like: The overall flow of the dungeon Visuals, including creatures and environment Boss encounters and their mechanics Overall difficulty Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered Any other general thoughts about the dungeon Thanks!Skordyn65 1d
1d Legacy Loot Mode "Legacy Loot Mode Now, when you enter an instance at 10 levels or more above the maximum level of the content, Legacy Loot rules will be automatically enabled. Under Legacy Loot rules, drops will include a chance for all items that would drop for a full party or raid at the instance’s level." I'm a little confused. wasn't this always the case? or is just for when set to personal loot meaning that you wont get spec specific loot and could get something you can't use..Maliçe2 1d
2d Why Guild Master Loot should not be removed ...Personal loot puts players at the mercy of the RNG system, often in ways that aren't fair. It lets players go for the item they want rather than what the game decides to give them. If I get an item that's poorly started for me (that I'm not even going to use) but is an item level upgrade, I can't give it to my guildmate for whom it is well statted. This is even worse when you're talking about trinkets, often a trinket that's good for one class is terrible for another. With ML, we can ensure that people only get trinkets that are useful to them, making everyone happier in the long run. ...Yes, it disconnects the reward from killing the boss but it connects you to your guild mates (when done right) as you divvy up the spoils. It gives a sense of group accomplishment. ...But the actual kill is only part of the story. Progression bosses require effort to get into a killable state. A kill is a culmination of all that effort. A core raider of a guild and the trial who just joined haven't necessarily put in equal amounts of effort. Heck, it's not unusual for a trial that hasn't seen the fight before to die early on and contribute next to nothing to the kill and they're deserving of the same loot as the rest of the players who have put in the time and energy? Let's compare it to a real world example. Say a company is giving out bonuses because they had record profits. Is it fair to give all employees an equal share of the bonuses? Including that guy Joe that just joined this week and isn't even fully trained yet? Of course not, you give out the bonus money based on some measure of merit. People are still going to be trading loot quite often, the big difference being instead of the loot all being in one place, we have to go around and determine who doesn't need their item, figure out who does need the item and who it should go to. Master loot simplifies this by combining the first and second steps. Finally, you're also going to run into guilds that enforce master loot style rules anyhow. While a player might be free to refuse to give the item to another player, the raid leader is also free to remove them from the raid (and/or guild). There's nothing you can do to stop this behavior short of making loot non-tradable. Now there might be less guilds that do this than currently use master loot, but I'd bet quite a few will still use something akin to master loot.Lolaan79 2d
3d Arena/PvE tank Hey all; My guild needs me to be a tank for PvE raids; however, I want to be as successful as possible in arenas. Looking forward, which class would accomplish this best? I don’t care if I heal or dps in arena (I have experience with both), but I need a class that also has a tank spec. Thank you ahead of time for any advice you can give.Dedslink2 3d
4d Please consider making a Scroll of Battle Rez As M+ content continues to attract more players, I think it's important to recognize the restrictions a 5 man party has, and how best to encourage class diversity within such a limited membership space. Blizzard recognized this with Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp ("B/H/TW") and made this powerful buff a group resource a long time ago, giving it to 3 classes and not allowing them to overlap - you get one use per 10 minutes. Part way through Legion, Battle Rezes were also made a group resource in M+ content (as it is in raids), with certain classes being allowed to access that pooled resource to powerful effect. However, while there has long existed a profession-based option for an ~87% effectiveness B/H/TW ("Drums of x") available to all classes to access that shared resource, no such option exists for other classes to access the shared Battle Rez resource. This makes having at least 1, preferably 2 Battle Rez classes a near requirement for any group looking to try difficult M+ content. With the reduction of classes with a Battle Rez from 4 to 3 in BfA, that severely limits class diversity in these 5 man dungeons. I believe a way to fix this would be to implement a "Scroll of Battle Resurrection" item which could be used by any class. It could also be a different crafted item (I picked Inscription because it felt so overlooked in Legion), or it could even be several different items, each created by a profession and only usable by those skilled in that profession. Like the Drums option, this Scroll would be reduced in effectiveness compared to the "natural" option. Some possible ways to do this: Shorter range Longer cast time Lower health/mana restored to the resurrected player Reduced STR/AGI/INT stat for the resurrected player for some period of time Ideally this item would only be usable within instanced content (M+, possibly raids), but I'm not sure if this is achievable. Even if not, it would be like Drums items which can be used out in the open world and trigger the same cooldowns as a natural B/H/TW. Having a class with a Battle Rez should be a marked improvement for a group over having to use a backup item, but groups that don't have a natural Battle Rez should still have an option to tap into this shared group resource, albeit with reduced effectiveness. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this.Toludin0 4d
4d M+ Going to kill BFA End Game? My question is: with the M+ system and the decision of blizz removing Tier bonuses in BFA wont end game raiding become useless? What incentive do i have smashing my face on raid bosses to get loot when i can easily just grind out M+ for Ilvl? If the answer is "well there is the story to enjoy" I'm gonna lose my sh** in BFA because I'm a Mythic Raider with CE and i pay my sub to raid high level content with my guild.Vylanthorin15 4d
4d M+ better then Mythic raiding? I hate the M+ will be giving you Mythic raiding level gear. People are going to get all the gear they think they need from M+ and then go into a Mythic without having even done the fight on Heroic. IMO M+ gear should be locked at Mythic level gear i.e. Mythic raid drops 350, M+ should only go up to 350 and no higher. What is the point of having this top tier raid if the gear isn't as good as what you get out of a weekly chest.Haulana30 4d
4d Feedback: Shrine of the Storm Hi all, A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – Shrine of the Storm - is now available for testing on the Beta. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like: The overall flow of the dungeon Visuals, including creatures and environment Boss encounters and their mechanics Overall difficulty Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered Any other general thoughts about the dungeon Thanks!Skordyn31 4d
4d Dungeon "Edge Running:" Gaps in Terrain There's a sort-of trend in BFA beta dungeon content where players have taken to what I suppose I'd like to call "edge running." Especially in M+0 runs, a vast majority of trash packs can be entirely skipped by exploiting the small gaps on the edges of open encounter rooms, allowing a vast majority of that trash to be entirely bypassed. Even with the Mythic+ trash requirements in place, I feel like the level design team should probably take a look at the terrain in some of these cases, the opening stages of Freehold standing exemplary; because, in my experience, the entirety of the trash packs prior to the first boss are, by convention, being skipped by most groups (at least in +0 groups). It doesn't feel appropriate, because I know a lot of effort went into designing and scripting that engagement area, and I feel like it is and should feel like an integral part of the dungeon. I'm sure throughout the spectrum of dungeons thus far implemented, there are cases to be found where the terrain needs to be sured up with some impassible walls to ensure against players taking advantage of openings such as this one to circumvent more trash than feels wholesome.Trousers8 4d
5d BMAH updates on 8.0? With all the changes coming to 8.0 announced? I still havent seen any updates to the BMAH since pandaria days. There still lots of retired mounts that could be added like the Warlord's Deathwheel, Crusader's Black Warhorse, Crusader's White Warhorse, Brawler's Burly Mushan Beast, Primal Flamesaber, Grove Warden, Kor'kron War Wolf, Tyrael's Charger, Spectral Wind Rider, Original Amani War Bear, Black Qiraji Battle Tank, etc... Adding draenor rare mounts and raid could also be a good thing to increase randomness on the BMAH. Other things that can be added are previous challenge mode gear and mounts from previous expansions as well. The rest of the tcg mounts is also a good thing to bring to 8.0. Retired gear and weapon missing till at least legion should have also a option here to get back into the game. With addon like "all the things" there are lots of people trying to collect everything in the game that can be possible. this being updated will bring a chance for people to get those today.Shiryu1 5d
5d When did we become the problem? A little confused, I thought we were on team blizzard. You know, for the Horde, for the Alliance, a unified excitement about the game. But then I find out we have been stealing loot from trials, stacking cooldowns in an unhealthy way and now we are damaging the integrity of mythic plus by changing gear. It’s like one minute everything is cool and the next you can’t do anything right. So, when did it happen, when did the hardcore raiding, pvp and mythic plus community become the problem, when did we become the bad guy? Maybe Ion can give another hollow statement like ‘trials deserve loot too’. That was fun, being labelled as greedy then having that flow through the forum community, thrashed about by players that barely even touched the format if even that, all backed by WOW’s Game Director. That was super fun. And I suppose we do have to take some of the blame for the high key Mythic plus community. We ran with it and embraced what made it unique. Clearly it needs to be brought more in to line with hardcore raiding because that is an area of the game that is clearly expanding and high keys Mythic plus clearly dying. Anyways back to point. When did the way we play the game become unhealthy for the future of the game? When did we become the problem?Dottie34 5d
5d Loot feels unsatisfying Consistently getting pieces that are untradeable downgrades in Mythic dungeons. 1) Azerite armor with worse traits 2) Warforges with bad stat priority 3) Warforges that are minor upgrades for me but major 40+ ilvl upgrades for someone else. 4) Helping on alts and unable to trade loot to peoples mains who will actually get use from it. 5) Items that arent upgrades because my lower ilvl has a socket This system feels really weird. Getting an item thats an upgrade for noone in your group is fine. You DE it and move on. With the current system group members instead of being able to help eachother out and get stronger together, must watch as other players are forced to DE loot that is a major upgrade for them. or equip (what seems selfishly) the smallest of upgrade pieces when its a huge upgrade for someone else. Over the last week of mythics probably 20% of our loot gets DE'd is an upgrade for someone else. I will keep track this coming lockout week.Faildead14 5d
5d Never stopped moving I did my 1st bfa dungeon today at level 112. It was a joke...literally. We never stopped moving. It was easy to the point of being mindless. I realize it may be different at level 120 however, what then is the point of doing any dungeons until then? They are ripping this game apart. So sadUdl6 5d
6d Punishing Mechanics One of my pet peeves of mechanics in WoW is that mechanics that do not kill the player who fails, the healer is the one who has to "pay". I'm in favor of more mechanics that punish the person who fails it. Take for example, Darkheart Thicket. Players know how nightmare bolt and growing Paranoia work, even on a normal dungeon level, because its a punishing mechanic to those who fail it, regardless of difficulty. Most other dungeon mechanics just damage the player, and they don't seem to learn to avoid it. There seems to be a bit of this in BfA dungeon design. Atal Dazar: Priestess has a mechanic where you deal 30% less damage if hit by it. Rezan fears you (unable to attack) if you don't line of sight him. Theres blinding sand from Merektha (Snake Boss) in Temple, and the Sand Queen (Tol Dagor) stunning the player for stepping in a sand pile. I think sprinkling in a bit more DPS punishing mechanics would make things more interesting. Stuns, haste reductions, silences, all things that work.Nich13 6d
6d BFA Tanking Feedback [Primarily for M+] Background: Mythic raider for several years, took a 6 month break and came back to pretty much devote all my time to BFA Beta. I'm a huge fan of pushing high end keys and find M+ to be some of the most challenging/engaging content on a personal level. In Legion I actively played and tanked with all of the tank classes as a side project. On every tank I pushed reasonably high keys and cleared heroic raids. Time has not permitted me to level all of the BFA tanks but a friend of mine has done so and we’ve had lengthy discussions regarding BFA tanking. I have technically tested all of the tanks to an extent, but only my BrM, Guardian, and DK at 120. This is a write-up for my BFA tank feedback. Similar to my DPS thread I’m going to try and explain some of the issues I’m seeing with tank classes or mechanics as a whole. Self-Healing & Absorbs Tank healing has been scaled back across the board. While I understand they want them to be reliant on healers, it currently feels over exasperated on Brewmasters and Prot Warriors. It’s pretty clear that Ignore Pain hasn’t been tuned at all and Celestial Fortune + healing orbs are RNG reliant or high maintenance. As a result, both of these tanks are requiring healer babysitting on middle/higher keys, even at 340+ ilvl. Ignore Pain as a damage smoothing ability will need to be revisited. If it’s intended to stay weak, it honestly should be removed from the GCD. As for BrM, I think they require just a little too much attention from the healer. I know they spend a lot of time under 100% hp and it’s not about that. It’s more that they have 0 self sustain right now and just tick themselves to death since Healing Elixir is competing with better talents and self healing was nerfed. Active Mitigation I do and don’t want to mention Prot Warrior here because they are still missing half their mitigation toolkit. I would appreciate some more tuning for IP so it can be tested. My problems with AM across all the classes are actually pretty minor and likely better addressed in the class discussion threads so I won’t bother too much here. Tank DPS Profiles & Threat Threat is the bigger point of this section. I’ve seen a lot of meme posting regarding this but I want to make a valid, historically proven, point. DPS scaling in expansions and power creep has always existed in wow and this expansion will be no different. The problem is as burst DPS scales very quickly, the tank threat generation model increases linearly with gear. This means that undergeared tanks will have difficulty tanking against over-geared players, poorly optimized tanks/offspecs will suffer, and eventually tanks will simply have to have their threat generation increased to handle DPS burst threat. In fact, this exact reason is why the Vengeance mechanic made it into the game. In case anyone has forgotten, it was blizzard’s solution to this problem. I think the threat change was to discourage burst classes and increase the utility value of Tricks, Misdirect, Earth Ele, Treants but it makes the tanking role feel like a footnote in these situations. Not to mention, if Skittish isn’t removed, it will be a nightmare. I would also like to draw attention to the fact that roughly half of the tanks have DPS CDs and half do not. They should all have some version of a DPS CD baseline (and re-balanced if necessary) if this threat change is going to stay. Additionally, geared tanks with some kind of burst DPS profile will dominate the M+ key meta. Currently, DH fills that role.Roary9 6d
6d Feedback: Waycrest Manor Hi all, A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – Waycrest Manor - is now available for testing on the Beta. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like: The overall flow of the dungeon Visuals, including creatures and environment Boss encounters and their mechanics Overall difficulty Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered Any other general thoughts about the dungeon Thanks!Skordyn58 6d
6d Can't do Expeditions, unsure if bug I've hit 120, I've done the three zones full stories, I've unlocked the three warfronts and the WQ on the other continent, and I've done the solo scenario introducing me to expeditions. There is no option to queue up for them, no one for me to talk to, nothing.Gritar2 6d
6d Avatar of Sethraliss Avatar of Sethraliss I have had problem of boss resetting many times, this eventually causes mana problems on my monk I am healing with. Have had easy time on dungeon until this happens. I Am I doing something wrong? Would appreciate imput.Amberkill6 6d
Jul 11 Feedback: The Underrot Hi all, A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – The Underrot - is now available for testing on the Beta. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like: The overall flow of the dungeon Visuals, including creatures and environment Boss encounters and their mechanics Overall difficulty Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered Any other general thoughts about the dungeon Thanks!Skordyn75 Jul 11
Jul 11 Feedback: Siege of Boralus Hi all, A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – Siege of Boralus - is now available for testing on the Beta. This dungeon is only available on Mythic difficulty. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like: The overall flow of the dungeon Visuals, including creatures and environment Boss encounters and their mechanics Overall difficulty Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered Any other general thoughts about the dungeon Thanks!Skordyn21 Jul 11
Jul 11 Are Alliance dungeons harder? I'm leveling Horde and Alliance holy pallies on beta at the moment and it's bonkers how different the dungeon experience has been. Horde, I mostly just DPS and nobody goes below 90%. Alliance, I have to use cooldowns on trash. I copied the same pally from live twice so there's no difference there.Noxyna3 Jul 11
Jul 11 Revert Gear Swapping Seriously blizz? M+ was one of the only things keeping legion going for most people. This change is just going to make things infuriating for higher keys. You need to be able to adapt to the fight as it's coming, like getting defenses for one shot mechanics, or aoe for cleave, or speciality trinkets for unique situations. Making people to either run out to swap gear or force groups to have a lock is going to ruin it for high keys. Or you might make it so once someone leaves they can't return to prevent this, so you literally make m+ into gear checks. Horrible idea, and honestly makes me consider looking into other games since m+ is all that wow has any more.Boromet24 Jul 11
Jul 11 So this is what wow without tier sets is oof. Keep in mind this is the I guess "Placeholder" Unless these are final this is what your "Gear" drops will look like because tier set's were just oh so awful. Mmmm, yea no I'm still not feeling this I get that its hard to be creative and push out armor / weapon models every expansion but keep in mind it was only 4-6 raids each expansion unless you count WoD but no one does. It really does feel like they are having a hard time in the design team by just looking at these, unless this armor actually had like Unreal engine 4 armor / cloth physics on anything beside the cape I could see that but were talking about wow's engine here and basically still JPG's running around even that belt that may of had some physics is deleted even tho they added a few in Pandaria. Its like they know were just going to transmogrify to armor from 2006-2009. Or just mix and match stuff that kind of matches. And all of the current "Bonus"s from having the azurite or w,e armor are a far cry from tier sets in the past that had some impact, and no more legionaries more ability's lost every class still a 4 button rotation but slower GCD. Is this turning into FF14 but with less buttons? I sure hope not I would play FF14 if it wasn't so ungodly slow of pressing 1-2 buttons until level 30 with a 2 second GCD then the endgame is like an entire bottom screen full of buttons, but its still slow so its a deal breaker. Little off the rails but that is my concerns with how BFA is turning out, don't get me wrong back in BC and Wrath it wasn't that we had a bigger rotation it was we had a lot of misc stuff that made us all feel different Totems,Stances,Auras,Countless buffs of the old,Any kind of weird spell that was either not used or was just there for flavor you know the ones. Oh and a small peeve of mine Warlock armor and Spell stones being a warlock from BC to Wrath was the BEST, I really FELT like a warlock demon pets demon form first introduced in wrath, spell stones applied to your weapons even if it wasen't very engaging. Sigh was those things really fun or was it just glitter in my eyes I wont ever know because their all gone now. Just like the end of this post I have hopes for wow turning around yet again but this is just ech in my mouth.Masamune3 Jul 11
Jul 7 Normal Dungeon difficulty any idea if they are still tuning difficulty? I was in a normal pug before and our Healer disconnected on the second mob pack. We contained on and 4 maned the entire dungeon at a very quick chain pull pace without a healer, no one died or even had much of a drop in health. we were all 110. was kind of hoping the dungeons were going to bit slightly challenging ?Daemonia32 Jul 7
Jul 5 Feedback: Atal'Dazar Hi all, A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – Atal’dazar - is now available for testing on the Beta. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like: The overall flow of the dungeon Visuals, including creatures and environment Boss encounters and their mechanics Overall difficulty Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered Any other general thoughts about the dungeon Thanks!Skordyn64 Jul 5
Jul 4 M+ incentive past your chest for the week I love the idea behind M+, I really do, but I can't help but feel there's a huge problem with the lack of incentive to run it over and over if you run Mythic raids. Sure the first week it's available, that's a nice pool of loot getting near Heroic-equivalent gear (940 on live, ABT Heroic being 945 and Mythic being 960), but once you're decked out in that from either M+ or Heroic+ raiding, I don't see any real point to doing it outside of your one max-chest key for the week, much like I've been doing on live every week. I really do want this system to stick around and grow, but I'd love for there to be some real incentive past one-and-done for the week, and it's sounding like the BfA system will be a copy/paste system of Legion's, but making the incentive even worse since Titanforging will be much more rare now (and with TF not even existing on Weapons/Azerite pieces, making in-dungeon weapons/azerite pieces you find worthless since they'll ALWAYS be a downgrade compared to Heroic+ raiding). I'm not sure what the incentive could really be. Trade Goods (Primal Spirit from WoD/Blood of Sargeras from Legion trader system?), AP (but that's not a long-term reward, much like AP has lost its meaning on Legion forever now), higher chance to TF pieces the higher up you go? I don't know, but I really don't want to feel the same way I do on Live regarding M+. Hell, maybe even increasing the chance you get 2 or 3 pieces in your weekly chest, maybe if you do enough dungeons, you can pick a specific dungeon you want loot to drop from, or maybe even allowing you to choose the slot you really need an upgrade for and one of the pieces in the chest is extremely likely or even guaranteed to be that slot? Just something, ANYTHING other than calling it for the week after capping your chest, please.Frozenclaws4 Jul 4
Jul 4 Weekly M+ Chest can get up to 3 loots I have been surprised to see very little posting on that topic in this portion of the forum. I am starting this post to understand how people actually see that change where we can now get 1 to 3 loots in the weekly mythic+ chest. I myself have various opinions on the matter. I have read the above posts and I feel like there is something missing in the possible options available with getting more loots in the weekly chest. To begin with, I see the reasoning with more loots because of the AG restriction that causes them to be available only in the weekly chest. With that said, the system that they implemented seem to forget how much rng is already in that weekly chest. I think that having a chance to get 1 to 3 loot a week in the chest is too far spread. Everyone seem to forget that having a weekly chest loot does not equal an upgrade. With Legion's Titanforging system and the massive loot pool of dungeons from which the weekly chest picks its loot, there is already lots of rng meaning that we can get no upgrade for months if we are unlucky. Now, imagine someone who gets 1 loot a week that is always a cloak and never procs titanforge against someone who gets 3 loots for 4 weeks in a row that were all upgrade(does not mean all titanforge, but minor to major upgrade). It would feel similar to someone getting legendaries vs someone who does not early in Legion. Also, Azerite gear "can" drop in the weekly chest from what I understand. It means that someone could run 100 mythic+ a week, get an 11 done every week and be stuck with mythic 0 azerite gear for months unless that person does his weekly raid as well. We also do not know if raiding traits will be the same as dungeons yet. If the plan is to give more loot in the weekly chest to reduce the gap in loot quality/quantity in between mythic raiding and mythic+ and to give more chance at getting Azerite Gear through weekly chest, then a few options could be better than what they are giving us for now. First thing is that I would change the amount of loots given in the weekly chest from 1-3 to 2-3. The RNG gap would be lowered, but still present for those who enjoy it. It still feels bad to get less loot than the other guy who does the same content, but this is also true for raiding, so 1 loot rng feels acceptable to me and way less damaging to the guy who is not lucky. Next would be the talk about the Azerite gear. I am still unsure of the specifics of the traits for different dungeons, but from what I have heard(I played beta, but did not farm mythic dungeons when I capped as I keep that content for live), the traits can differ from dungeon to dungeon. That means that there could be a very strong trait that you want from a specific piece of AG and need the rng to give you that one through weekly chest if you want it to be the highest ilvl it can be. This idea could be too good if implemented, but if we get 2 base loot in the weekly chest, we could get an azerite gear in one of those 2 base loots to make sure that we get them without having to wait months with a bad rng and be stuck with mythic 0 version of the loot. We would still not be able to choose which one we get which means that we could get copies of the same Azerite piece for weeks, but at the very least, we are sure that we can get a piece and might be lucky to get the one we really want. That could be too good if we compare to mythic raiding in which the rng could take longer to get good ones, but it feels way better than having an awful rng and not getting our AG for months if ever. I thought about the prospect of dropping the loot count to 1-2, but with the Azerite gear and the rng already in place with Titanforging and getting the loot that you actually want, it might not be good enough. I also plan to mostly do mythic + and complete the normal/heroic raid(at least heroic after normal does not give upgrades anymore) every week as it is pretty easy to do, but I do not plan to do mythic raiding this expansion which means that I have the point of view of someone who plans to complete very high keys without requiring mythic raiding gear. I hope that they change the loot count at 2-3 at the very least because that seems like 1 to many rng factor in our weekly chest with the addition of Azerite gear. Thanks for reading and have a good day.Liandryl0 Jul 4
Jul 3 Raid Traits (Uldir) I was curious if these traits are placeholder or filler? I see that the armor has been filled out with dungeon traits. Maybe we misinterpreted as a community but most of us were expecting raid traits to be different then dungeon traits, actually engaging, including extra button presses possibly, rotation changes, etc. Would be awesome to get some clarification on this. Is it only for the first tier? What is the special buff in Uldir that is activated? Are there no spec specific traits in Uldir on Azerite armor?Faildead4 Jul 3
Jul 3 Personal Loot suggestion. Is it possible to trade an item looted via person loot to another player in exchange for the drop that they may have gotten from the boss as well? or a boss within that same dungeon? If not, it could be a way to address SOME concerns drifting around personal loot while still leaving a more RNG aspect to loot. Let's say Player 1 and Player 2 both get item drops within the dungeon, but Player 1's loot piece is an upgrade for player 2 due to poor itemization or traits. Player 1 can't trade the item because of item level restrictions, but will otherwise just vendor the item. If player 2 can exchange the loot that they got with player 1 to achieve their upgrade, both players meet their goals, but Player 2 still had to give something up in exchange for the bigger upgrade and still retaining the RNG aspect that seems to be a focus while a bit more player friendly. Hopefully that made at least a bit of sense, heat waves and lack of sleep sometimes prevent that.Bearlymilked7 Jul 3
Jul 3 BFA Beta Dungeon Healing Just wondering if it is working as intended in dungeons where I am a level 110 healer struggling to keep the 116+ players up and alive including tanks and/or dps. Anyone my level 110-112 is a lot easier to keep up. Thanks.Vipur28 Jul 3
Jul 2 Shrines and Dubloon Items Still not a huge fan of these two implementations. They have the effect of de-naturalizing core combat mechanics in Island Expeditions; in ways that, I argue, are likely to be unhealthy for them.Trousers0 Jul 2
Jul 2 Honest question Would anyone want enjoy Mythic Plus raiding? Raiding with affixes and a timer. Cap size at 10manMeará3 Jul 2
Jul 1 PvP island expeditions premade only?? In the latest build, PvP islands got changed to 3 people premade only... Why does blizzard hate the idea of giving PvPers relevant content with a solo queue system? "Woohoo, no one play arena and PvP is dying because people are tired of sitting in premade groups for HOURS just to find a decent groups for some games... You know what!? Let's make PvP islands premade too!!! THAT'S GENIUS ISN'T IT?!" Sorry, I'm a little salty. You get the idea.Vindecaytor1 Jul 1
Jun 30 Waycrest Manor Teeming Week The floor in Soulbound Goliath's room is paper thin and at certain camera angles, you will be able to see the name plates of mobs in the basement. Boomkins and fire mages will have the potential to pull unwanted mobs via aoe, but even when they are aren't using their aoe spells, mobs can and will agro through the floor.Notdoossy1 Jun 30
Jun 30 M+ Cache Loot - How Many Items? What is the intended amount of loot to get from the M+ weekly cache? I got a pair of gloves and an azerite chest. One friend only got a belt and no azerite piece. Another friend got an azerite piece and 2 other non-azerite pieces. We all did a +2. Do you get more loot with difficulty, and we saw a wide variance because the low key had low chances of extra items?Stormaker14 Jun 30
Jun 29 Warfront Commander Encounter(s) It's only a month and a half until launch, so I more than understand if we're not in the market to be making any mechanical changes to Warfronts, out of respect for the amount of time we have to complete and debug them. Deadline's fast approaching -- I just wanted to make a suggestion. Fighting the commander in Warfronts is a little bit... busy. My experience is having played the Horde version, exclusively -- but the area in which the encounter takes place is really cramped. It would be really cool if the Town Hall/castle interior were large enough to encompass an encounter area. Maybe when the Commander becomes active/attackable, all summoned units de-spawn and maybe only the players enter to face the commander? At the phase change, it could spawn an army of cheering horde or alliance soldiers outside the keep walls. It's a lot to ask. Creating new or altering pre-existing assets (scale mostly), manipulating terrain, scripting a bunch of !@#$. It just seems like each commander could be an offering of a more mechanically complex encounter than what we have on Beta currently -- maybe a bit more like a raid-boss. The player cap is pretty high -- the large number of players, the cramped encounter space, and the numerous NPC character models all compile to create an experience that feels like it could be improved upon by eliminating some of the unnecessary noise. Muradin, for instance (who... isn't dead? Apparently?), could have like a random single-target stormbolt that hurts like a mother!@#$er, a 2-3 second cast thunderclap that the melee need to avoid, the same ability he has now which calls down thunderbolts all round the place and, of course, avatar which he cast at like... 35% which make all these things more deadly and reduce his damage took by 30% for 1-2 minute. All of this in a boss room with just the players, I think, would really be the icing on the cake -- maybe there's a couple of powerful adds that spawn with him that you wanna take out asap just for fun. Maybe they cast some !@#$ or something, i dunno. Trollbane could do like... spinning weapons all 'bout the place and u wanna kinda dance around them and take him out before they fill the room, while avoiding a frontal cleave or something. It sounds like a lot of work; but I think it would vastly improve that part of warfront content.Mcjaggernaut2 Jun 29
Jun 29 Epeditions Every single time i try one, i am stuck on the boat, i cant leave itKillstheweak0 Jun 29
Jun 29 Feedback: Tol Dagor Hi all, A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – Tol Dagor - is now available for testing on the Beta. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like: The overall flow of the dungeon Visuals, including creatures and environment Boss encounters and their mechanics Overall difficulty Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered Any other general thoughts about the dungeon Thanks!Skordyn52 Jun 29
Jun 28 Dungeon boss armor buffed? I just got out of a Freehold 8 where the final boss, Harlan Sweete, took an absurdly low amount of damage compared to the usual I see. I typically see a melee dps do a little more damage, but today was a tuning pass so I assumed it was the patch. Then I went through details and the rogue's dispatch spell was hitting for roughly 1.1k damage before the final burn phase. On average for trash, the rogue's dispatch would hit for 8.5k according to details. Is this supposed to be a tweak to up the difficulty? I can understand adjusting the numbers if dps looks to be a little out of hand but this much of a disparity between in the damage feels a little abnormal.Notdoossy3 Jun 28