Battle for Azeroth Items and Classes

1h PvP Balance Tuning September 24 We’re working on a round of PvP balance adjustments, to be applied the morning of Monday, September 24. Here are the changes we have planned: Items Big Red Button’s damage reduced by 25% against enemy players. Death Knight Unholy Last Surprise (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 35% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Druid The healing of Rejuvenation, Swiftmend, and Wild Growth provided by Restoration Affinity is reduced by 30% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Regrowth healing reduced by 25% for non-Restoration Druids when engaged in combat with enemy players. Feral Raking Ferocity (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 50% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Restoration Grove Tending (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 25% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Focused Growth (PvP Talent) reduces the mana cost of Lifebloom by 15% (was 40%). Focused Growth (PvP Talent) increases the healing of Lifebloom by 15% (was 25%). All Restoration Druid healing reduced by 10% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Hunter Beast Mastery Damage done by the Hunter’s pet reduced by 18% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Survival Latent Poison (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 30% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Monk Mistweaver Mana regeneration reduced by 20% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 30%). Paladin Holy Mana regeneration reduced by 20% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 30%). Priest Discipline Mana regeneration reduced by 20% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 30%). Focused Will decreases damage taken by 10% per stack when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 20%). Shaman Restoration Surging Tide (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 25% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Spirit Link (PvP Talent) mana cost increased by 50%. Spirit Link (PvP Talent) now has a 1.5 second cast time. Spirit Link (PvP Talent) redistributes 25% damage, down from 35%. Rippling Waters (PvP Talent) healing reduced by 33%. Riptide healing reduced by 15% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Elemental Lava Shock (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 35% when engaged in combat with enemy players. Warrior Arms Lord of War (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 55% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 40%). Defensive Stance reduces damage dealt by 20% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 10%). Note that we’re planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight).Lore253 1h
4h Azerite Trait Tuning - September 25 With scheduled maintenance next week, we intend to make some targeted adjustments to Azerite Traits for tanks and healers. Here's what that currently looks like: Blessed Sanctuary bonus increased by 10%. Burst of Life healing increased by 20%. Craggy Bark bonus increased by 15%. Dauntless Divinity block increased by 20%. Depth of the Shadows healing increased by 20%. Ephemeral Recovery mana increased by 15%. Gory Regeneration healing increase increased by 15%. Judicious Defense absorption increased by 10%. Masterful Instincts bonuses increased by 10%. Permeating Glow bonus increased by 15%. Reinforced Plating Strength increased by 10%. Revel in Pain absorption increased by 20%. Savior trigger threshold increased to 50% health (was 35%). Soothing Waters healing increased by 10%. You'll see the final adjustments in our hotfixes update post on Tuesday.Kaivax37 4h
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2m The state of Marksmanship This thread is intended to address, in a comprehensive manner, the current position of Marksmanship in BfA. Since Blizzard has repeatedly said that tuning passes have not yet been done, I'll be specifically focusing on mechanical issues and features, along with proposals to fix them (derived from several of the very long MM threads here and in the Class Development section), though I will also be noting significant tuning issues as well. I'll be modeling this after some of the higher quality feedback posts made recently for other classes/specs. Core Issues The baseline rotation works reasonably well. However, it has some issues. Aimed Shot's cast time. Many players feel the base cast time is too long, and causes the entire rotation to feel slow. Unbonused Arcane Shot damage. It feels low, and makes steady/arcane filler feel unrewarding. Rapid Fire as a generator. This prevents it from scaling with mastery, making it fall behind as gear improves, and causes very weird playstyles with focus management, especially with talents. Lack of a power-feeling signature shot. Rapid Fire is arguably the closest to that, but it doesn't have the same powerful feel as a true signature shot (Chimera Shot or Windburst, for example). Precise Shots feels weird in AoE situations. Multi-Shot doesn't consume it, meaning you either have to waste the buff, or weave in single-target Arcane Shot casts during AoE. Sustained AoE feels problematic. Aimed does a LOT of damage with Trick Shot, but once you're out of charges, you're basically reduced to spamming low-damage Multi-Shot. Trick Shots requires 3 targets to activate, but the Rapid Fire effect is clearly intended for 2-target cleave. The limited AoE range on Multi-Shot can at times make triggering Trick Shots an issue even in AoE situations. The RNG in the base rotation is extremely low. The only RNG is the number of Precise Shots charges you gain from Aimed Shot, and that's of very limited impact. Talents that add RNG have extremely low proc rates or no rotational changes associated with them. Many talents in general feel very low impact, either because their effects aren't terribly noticeable or because they have extremely low proc rates. We also have AoE talents competing with ST talents. Our primary cooldown, Trueshot, doesn't feel as impactful as other class CDs, and requires a very specific set of conditions in order to use properly (no Aimed Shot charges, enough time and focus to cast Aimed Shot before you get another charge, RF not coming off cooldown before you get off that first AiS cast). The benefit of Haste feels low. It doesn't affect the cooldown time on Aimed Shot or Rapid Fire (a departure compared to most classes), meaning that increased haste simply increases the percentage of our time filling with Steady and unbonused Arcane. This leaves haste as being pretty darn terrible for us. Lone Wolf is currently not worth using due to damage balance and pet utility Moving between targets while soloing can involve a lot of waiting because our passive focus regen is so slow. Detailed Analysis Aimed Shot The cast time on Aimed Shot is easily one of the most commonly complained about elements of MM in BfA. Players often assert that it makes the rotation feel slow, and leaves the hunter vulnerable to necessary movement (and a loss of the entire cast time so far) for significant length of time. Aimed Shot currently represents the longest non-talented hardcast ability in any DPS rotation in BfA. Chaos Bolt has the same base cast time, but is almost always cast with the 30% reduction from Backdraft. The only two talents that provide similar or longer hardcasts (Destruction's Soul Fire, 4.0s cast, and Fire's Pyroclasm, 4.5s cast) involve intentional talent choices and only occur once every 30-45 seconds in normal gameplay. Marksmanship uses AiS an average of once every 12 seconds. This cast time, along with the dominance of AiS casts and AiS-based effects (Precise Shots, Trick Shots) in both our single-target and AoE rotation, is a very commonly cited source of MM feeling "slow" in BfA. A common recommendation is to drop the base cast time to 2.5s and adjust Arcane Shot damage to compensate for the slight increase in filler GCDs per minute.Kaedys1072 2m
7m Fix MM Hunters! Hello I'm an MM hunter, and like many of us, I'm sick and tired of being forced to go BM on any fight with more then one target. Here is what I will cover in this post; > Utility and pets. (Using a pet drops our damage, and we need a pet for utility), (Lone wolf is punishing when switching between pet and no pet) (Having a pet out reduces AoE by 10%) > AoE (Our AoE is capped, and our AoE talents suck). (Barrage is lackluster and Explosive shot is buggy). (The lack of cleave is horrible, 3 but less then 6 for effective AoE) > Cool-down (Trueshot is the worst CD in the game). > rotation (Our rotation ends up skipping most abilities). (Also tends to feel horrible). >Talents (MM is locked into ST or Multi-target via Talents) (ST build cannot cleave two targets Or AoE more then 6) MM feels like a failed Experiment. We need fixing, in more ways then one.Venestalker20 7m
10m State of Shadow, 8.1 Edition Hello! With 8.1 having gone live, we of Warcraftpriests decided it would be a good idea to write a document that summarizes Shadow’s biggest problems right now and to create a forum thread for discussion to go with it. If you wish to contribute to the discussion, please do so in a constructive way. Thanks in advance for reading! EU forum link: Summary of what’s discussed in more detail in the doc: Shadow doesn’t have enough strengths to make up for the weaknesses it has. Execute and multidotting aren’t nearly as strong for us anymore, and our weaknesses from previous expansions (such as single-target or AoE) haven’t been improved enough to compensate. Shadow Word: Death becoming a talent was a mistake. Too much of our AoE comes from our talents, and they do not synergize with our kit well at all. Baseline AoE is weak, boring, and unintuitive. Mind Sear keeps you in Voidform longer which goes against the goal of getting out more Void Eruptions; the problem is that Void Eruption is tied to entering Voidform. Shadow’s mobility is quite bad right now, with our only mobility options coming from our talents. We don’t really have anything meaningful to offset our weak mobility, either. Shadow’s survivability is not in a good spot right now. Losing our artifact made Dispersion too weak considering the downsides it has. Shadow Word: Void fixes Mind Blast and Void Bolt coming off cooldown at the same time, but we have to invest a talent point to fix it when Fury and Beast Mastery have had this fixed baseline. Void Torrent made sense in Legion, but is in a bad state right now. It needs to be designed with Battle for Azeroth Shadow in mind.Publik27 10m
10m The AoE Problem [Ret Paladin Feedback] Hello, I'm Mb from the Paladin discord server Hammer of Wrath and I've decided to go ahead and make a thread on the forums to express what many others including myself feel and discussing on discord, about the current state of Ret, primarily with the focus being on AoE. Going into the expansion with having our dev actually come into the discord to discuss with us the plans going forward with the expansion we knew what to expect being told that ret is going to have focus on single target but have respectable aoe and for the larger part of beta I kind of felt that way seeing ret do fairly well on ST and some AoE scenarios that wake enabled, but going into live things sort of change and I think a big TL;DR I can offer as to how to describe Ret in its current state is that the class jack of some trades but a master of none. Were a hard middle of the pack when it comes to single target and our AoE is nothing comparable to some of the other classes right now, we bring big utility in m+ with WoG (which comes at a dps loss) but nothing really seems to justify bringing a paladin when you see plenty of guilds class stacking Rogues, bringing DH and Warrior for buffs, using Warriors for Execute or DK for cleave and priority add damage. We seem to do some things okay, but there is always a better job than we can period. Referring back to my TL;DR earlier, I mention "Some trades" as opposed to all because I strongly feel at the moment we have nothing to offer in the department of AoE and 2-target cleave. I'd also like to state that while I do believe Ret should have 2-target viability, I'm 100% fine with not having it as long as we actually excel at what we were originally targeted for. Our AoE seems sort of abysmal at the moment, the only moment of joy I really find in AoE scenarios is when I have my wake button up every 45 seconds because the ability hits like an absolute truck on multiple mobs and gives 5 holy power to invest into the spinning pool noodles known as divine storm. Frankly speaking divine storm doesn't feel like it does enough, but I wouldn't say it's just that the ability doesn't hit hard enough (which it sort of doesn't) but there is no longer anything interesting in our AoE kit. Over the last few expansions we've lost HotR, Seals (granted I hated seals but they offered ST/AoE options), my favorite proc in the world which is Divine Crusader, FV weaving, the ability to have DP baseline through a legendary, divine storm echoes, divine tempest with bowling ball divine storms, and even judgment cleaving onto targets (and spreading debuffs) allowing judgment to have an active part in our AoE. What we seem to be left with now is a Divine Storm that requires a (currently bugged) talent to become at least a little bit exciting, Consecration which in all honesty I feel needs BIG quality of life changes at least in the mobility department to even consider as competition in it's tier, and Wake which is actually an all around great talent. I'd like to see not just flat buffs to Divine Storm, I want to see the Ret Paladin AoE experience actually become exciting again, past just a 45 second window, possibly bring back some of the stuff that spiced up divine storm? Maybe introduce fillers having a direct impact on our AoE or allowing them to supplement our Divine Storm in ways that aren't just making them build our resource to use the ability. Having played classes like DK, Warrior, Monk. Monk crane stacks were pretty cool, having to apply a dot on multiple targets to buff the SCK, Rime/Killing Machine on Frostscythe was great for making Frost's fun, even looking at Warriors Whirlwind allowing various abilities to cleave. Looking at all of those and comparing them to Ret now kind of makes me sad, especially considering what we had in the past. I listed a bunch of stuff talking about how Ret seems underwhelming right now because we don't do enough damage or bring anything to the table, and of course I'd love to see my class be complete bonkers, but more so what I'd like to see is for the class to actually become fun again, not entirely through numbers but through playstyle.Mb3 10m
11m Quartermaster's Coin Where are They? I went to Hook's Point and joined the Duelers Guild. there's a Weekly blue ? where if you turn in Quartermaster's coins. However, no one seems to know how or where you obtain such coins in the game. Please Tell me How/Where I find said Coins to complete this weekly quest. Thank you. Maria akaReeahElledeath4 11m
14m DPS DK Mostly going to focus on Unholy. Unholy/Frost: - Rune recharge system from Wrath. Instantly fixes downtime. -Increase the value of armor by 20%. Minimum. -AMS increased to 100% from 30%. -IBF CD lowered to 1.5-2 minutes. Unholy: -Buff Scourge Strike, Clawing Shadows, Death Coil. Leave the cost of DC as is. -Festering Strike becomes pure shadow damage, applies 3x festering wounds base line to main target. Any target affected by VP within 20 yards of the target hit by FeS has 1-2 wounds applied. -Risen Skulker now benefits from Dark Xform. -Dark Xfrom cd reduced to 30s. -Remove Death Pact heal absorb. -Lichbourne added back to the spell book (not talent tree) -Death Coil is now able to heal ghoul; refunds 20 RP when used to heal the ghoul. -Revert the nerfs to PvP talents made in pre patch. Barely touched Frost, since I dropped the class entirely over a week ago (not interested in repeating Legion with regards to Unholy), but downtime on that spec really stood out, along with horrid Obliterate damage. Not interested in swapping Frost either with all the downtime.Raziael8 14m
18m BfA Feral Feedback (cont'd) First one reached its limit. Wouldn't let me quote. Here's a popular post. Posted by Gontier First and foremost I'd like to say that for the past six years I've been a Blizzard Entertainment Forum MVP over at the European region*, so I'm quite knowledgeable about how your communication works, I'm well aware of how to communicate with our fellow players with a "Blizzard mindset", so to speak, etc. I'm also a feral druid, obviously. Every Voice Matters. Commit To Quality. These words.. they're part of what you call your "company core values" that you so proudly claim to hold on to, the points that you aspire to meet when creating new games and/or new content. Today you failed us at both these points. You've had plenty of time to listen to our feedback, our voices that you claim matter and respond accordingly. You've had alpha, beta, PTR, pre-patch, and now even on live. You know what's even worse? Not once during this time did we receive a post from one of your Community Managers/Developers explaining your thoughts about feral, no matter the sheer value of constructive criticism we gave you, but finally when we're worthy of your attention and get it, you gave us hope with the promise of a "tuning package" which turned out to be a flat damage increase to three abilities, two if you consider that one of said abilities nullifies the other. Not to mention that these fixes does not rectify any of the true, real concerns that we have and want, and even need, fixed first and foremost. Our energy regen, our ST and AoE, our lack of burst, our lack of effective DPS cooldown and how Berserk is almost a dps loss to use due to the GCD (can you just remove Berserk and replace it with Incarnation already, an actual DPS cooldown, please?). How Feral is still the least changed specialization throughout World of Warcraft's history. We're practically the same as we were back in The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, while most other classes have received substantial updates and big class changes that make them easier live up to today's version of World of Warcraft. We do not. You took what, most Community Managers would call, a "constructive and well-thought through thread" and didn't treat it with the attention and care that it deserved. It's a good, well explained thread that describes some of our current issues that we, feral players, experience with your game. If you don't find this thread particularly interesting there's plenty of others both on this forum and other social media that we know you take feedback from as well, not to mention the in-game feedback and suggestion tools. "Takes on the form of a great cat to deal damage with bleeds and bites." That's your definition of the feral specialization in the game and I fail to see where we live up to this anywhere. We're not great, we certainly don't have the bleed damage nor the teeth to have an effective bite. Hell, I'm not sure we can be considered to have claws. With the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch you removed the artifact and with it everything that made feral even viable and competitive to begin with. Everything that made feral work. I'd like to strongly ask you to review Legion's patch notes for the feral specialization and see that it took almost an entire expansion for you to make us viable in Legion, and that is not okay a second time around. Learn and Grow is one of your other company core values. Please take that to heart and learn and grow when it comes to feral and what needs to be changed. We really can't bother with band-aid fixes every expansion. Q&A EDIT: Ion specifically said that we, feral, should not triumph on Aoe, not every specialization is supposed to be superior in every area of the game(hey, I can buy that), but the problem is also that we don't triumph on single target either, nor utility or bring anything "wow" to the table when it comes to raids or Mythic Plus. There's still plenty of fixes we need to see for a long term solution instead of band-aid fixes. *The MVP program is held by the Blizzard Community Team on their forums, Blizzard Forum MVPs are NOT employees of Blizzard Entertainment. Can Blizzard please please remove our +50% haste then do a tuning pass around that?Carbonaceous796 18m
21m Unlocking Races.... For the last time. I love WoW. I've played WoW for a decade, but I won't buy another expansion that I have to unlock races in! I'm a casual player. I've got a full time job, a spouse and kids. I don't have time to grind 60 hours to unlock a race in an expansion I've already freakin' paid for. Blizz, pull your head out of your !@# and realize that a lot of your player base has changed. We've stuck with you through the years, and just as the game has changed, so have we. But you are asking too much now. A game will always lose out to the demands of family and responsibilities.Yulona18 21m
22m SHAMAN BUFFS, ALL SPECS So as I'm looking at current logs. Elemental and Enhancement both are in the bottom 4 dps in Uldir. I main a resto shaman. Resto shamans are the bottom healer in Uldir for Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. How can you all ignore this. Give shamans some HUGE buffs. I consider myself a pretty good resto shaman with a pretty decent ilvl, over 360. I can't even get invites to normal Mythrax / G'huun groups OR get invites to mythic+ keys. I finally got an invite to a +7 Waycrest Manor the other day and as soon as I joined the group the leader said, "I invited you despite being a shaman, for charity." You know how bad that makes me feel, how frustrated, and angry at your game blizzard. PLEASE BUFF SHAMANS, all around, every spec.Apollovc18 22m
25m It's Not Too Late to Save Zandalari Druid Please make the Zandalari feral dps form a raptor instead of a sabertusk. This is your big opportunity to completely break the mold and do something incredible for the druid class. Leaving the cat form as a sabertusk would be the single greatest missed opportunity this class has ever seen. Don't leave it like that, Blizzard. Don't leave us forever wondering what might have been. The reasoning you gave for not going through with it was that making it a raptor would break immersion because the Feral abilities were made with cats in mind, but here's the thing: that's completely a non-issue. You designed Guardian with bears in mind, yet you still decided to make the Zandalari bear form a Koopa. They don't have fur, yet they will still be using an ability called Ironfur. The thing is that we don't care. It won't break immersion because we understand that Zandalari are a more dinosaur-inspired take on druids, and that's fine. If you're going to go through with making their bear form an ankylodon, do the same for Feral; make their cat form a raptor. Make the Zandalari feral form a raptor and we'll throw money at our screens.Skurne7 25m
25m Buff Resto Shaman FFS either buff resto shaman or nerf all other healers... at the moment we are way way way behind other classes heal wise just look at the logs for healers ..shaman bottom.. come on.. we have nothing to do now except raid and mythic + and guess what no-one wants to take a shaman i tried for 4 hours to get even a mythic +4 and noone would except me even being 355 item level if they don't get buffed soon i'll be quiting as i shouldn't have to play another toon to see content, my shaman is my favourite, i already had to change guilds because my last one wouldn't even take me on normal raid let alone anything else... Buff resto shaman or nerf the rest,priests are op and monks are just heal stealers topping meters while apparently druids were going to suck yet the top of heals aswell.... you have totally screwed a whole class in the game to not being wanted, i even found this poll in want players avoid playing with and guess what.. it's shaman.. do something blizzardVanquish23 25m
32m DK PvP Megathread [BfA Season 1] Hey, putting together a thread for Death Knight in PvP. Here are the main issues with DK in PvP atm (Frost/Unholy) General Low Damage, DK simply cannot to as much damage in PvP as other specs. It can win in a duel, but only with a large gear advantage, and has to try very hard to do so Low Survivability, unless specifically talented (at the cost of mobility) General lack of CC. While we don't have none (Asphyxiate is basically staple), we definitely have less than other classes that have an advantage over us in damage alone, widening the gap regarding toolkit/utility/counterplay Low Mobility if we choose to play Defensively (Wraith walk vs. Death pact vs. (other defensive)) To actually win, you have to hope the other person makes a mistake Frost Losing Mirror ball really sucks. While it likely caused many problems (tuning/balance wise), it created the most interesting/unique counterplay for/against Frost to date. Frost really doesn't have a good strategy other than praying it can burst the opponent down. This becomes a problem against hard immunities (Ice Block, Paladin Bubble), since its sustained DPS is quite low. Unholy Apocalypse isn't a reliable cooldown due to its range. It is incredibly hard to activate this ability without having the opponent locked down/stunned, which is hard to do solo when we only have one stun. While the damage is better than Frost, Unholy has arguably severe survivability issues, leading to cases where Unholy just dies before it can do anything. With the PvP Season starting, now is as good as time ever to leave some feedback! What do you guys think? Do you agree/disagree with these points made? Do you have any good examples of these issues taking place in game?Banterdk26 32m
35m No mm hunter changes in the ptr? I just read the notes and I see no mm changes. This is a prank right? Blizzard is punking us? They said classes weren't finished or won't be until 8.1. You guys better not be insinuating that mm is a polished spec. Let's continue to ignore the fact that every hunter hates the spec and the hunter forums aren't on fire about it lately. What we need: Single chimera shot Serpent sting built into our kit Kill shot A non garbage aimed shot mechanic Scatter off trap Dr (like hello?) It's been off DR for majority of this games life Honestly, y'all really really missed the mark here. This class is complete cheeks to play right now and it needs to be addressed.Barrybondz0 35m
41m Unholy DK Feedback First i have to say that unholy feels very good in general and all that the spec needs are some minor tweaks in damage and talents. To begin with, single target damage seems very low, specialy compared to rogues, dhs, palladins , warriors, ww monks AND enh shamans. A buff to Scourge Strike, Wounds and Death Coil would solve this. Wounds and Death Coil seems like the way to go, right now it doesnt feel that much impactful to stack wounds or not, specialy in pvp, and Death Coil damage is very concerning, its Emerald Nightmare all over again where it hits for nothing. Death Grip on the gcd is the one ability in the whole class that does not belong on the GCD at all. Not being able to instantly grip no matter how fast your reaction is, for an interrupt or blink/leap feels terrible. I always felt like Death Grip was a fast reaction ability to get that person quickly back on range, now is just bleh. And now the issue with some talents: 1. All Will Serve was stated before as underwhelming and that changes would be comming to it. Still nothing has changed. 2. Unholy Blight has no place in any build right now. The damage is good but being on a 45 sec cd AND on the GCD makes it not worth taking ever specialy compared to Ebon Fever on that row that can do better and is passive. The worst part is having it on the GCD. If you spec into Unholy Frenzy/Gargoyle its 3 GCDs with Dark Transformation + Unholy Blight that you are not doing damage just preparing to do damage. It doesnt feel good. In dungeons it would never be picked up since stuff would be dead long before you ramp up your damage. 3. Summon Gargoyle even tho its a good ST burst, 3 min cd is just too much to be worth taking. Unholy Frenzy will always be the choice here since it smooth out and speed up the rotation on a 1.3 min cd and with wounds application makes it the best option for single target and aoe. As an extra tought can we not have our class balanced around Army of the Dead please? That doesnt feel good at all doing 30 secs of decent damage then crap for the rest of the fight is not ok.Gurthäng207 41m
45m Demand: Please change conquest rewards weekly Please change the conquest rewards you get every week EVEN if you havent finished the cap. The way Blizz designed it was so that: if you never capped 500 conquest from week 1, that same item will be your reward for week 2, 3, etc.. until you ultimately complete it. This week's conquest reward for me is a 355 gloves that has no purpose of obtaining since gloves and waists can craftable to 370-385. That's running Heroic Uldir to obtain enough sanguine cell, as well as farming gold/mats/expulum. Within that same week, if I refuse to bother capping 500 conquest for each character for this week, I will be stuck with the same reward (355 ilvl gloves) for next week, and so on and so forth until I complete it. This reward system needs a good look. Why am I being forced to spent time for an item that I dont need? And why am I being punished for not capping conquest? Apprently Blizzard's philosophy for this was to let other players "catch up", letting players who don't Pvp for the next 3 months, get the week 1 conquest item (as everyone else did). In paper that sounds fine but since we have that for real, you are literally forced to cap that 500 conquest regardless if that item is an upgrade or not. That's not just random BGs since you only get conquest daily. It's ranked arena, where you lose ranking for each loss, and you only get conquest for winning. This wouldn't be a problem if we didn't have high tier 1800-2000 mmr against a low ranking 1100-1400s to battle against. The inherent design of the Arena matching makingsystem that allows stuff like this to happen, is another factor to why this very unbalanced. Just please let the weeky conquest items change every week so players can decide whether or not it worth the time to farm that item for the week. Instead, you have removed the personal option to choose what we want to work for that week because if we don't cap the conquest for that week, we get punished for having that same item for next week's reward.Whenlambo3 45m
52m Pally or DH What's a better choice, I like both classes but only wanna play 1, I wanna mostly mythic+/pvp.....I wanna swap from tank and dps....what would be the best choice? I do not raid btwSimms0 52m
53m Prot warriors in 8.1? Shamans got a blue; Here's to hoping Warriors get one. I won't make a massive OP, there's been tomes written on how broken prot was since earliest stages of BfA beta. It's common knowledge that warriors make up for under 5% of all tank representation after 2 weeks of Uldir, in ALL types of content; They're weak, they lack a niche, their kit has been massively hurt by the GCD change, and they need a lot of love to become viable. Like. Without exaggeration, it's easier to heal a shadow priest who pulls aggro in a dungeon, than a prot warrior in that same dungeon... Blizzard? Are you doing this one class at a time, or can prots hope for some love as well? Cause it honestly feels really bad when the most iconic tank in the game is just so far behind it's not even worth using any more...Lina146 53m
55m Taunt Changes in 8.1? With the recent PTR, its been noted that "Taunts no longer increase the threat against the target for a short window of time." Can the tank community get an explanation of why this necessitates a change? Exactly what does this change even serve?Naros37 55m
1h I have a hunter suggestion Please give us back quivers for class immersion. Not for a bonus to stats, or use ammunition, just for the look and feel of the hunter. If you could have different models for sale, like currently for the war harness, we could buy them and activate/equip the model of quiver we want with our characters look. Thank you.Sunglao0 1h
1h Elemental in 8.1 Hey all, so I’ve heard many people talking about how they’re really hopeful for the changes coming to ele in 8.1. As such, I wanted to start a thread and discuss what kinds of things people are looking for - what is it that you feel the current Elemental is missing? Just to start it off, here’s my own list of changes I’d like to see. Note that I don’t think current ele really needs a massive redesign, just some fine tuning to make it as fun as it has been in the past. Core Rotation Just for a quick summary of what I’d like to see with the core rotation is: Make Lava Burst a fundamental part of the Ele toolkit – move echo baseline and make LvB directly interact with other abilities in your rotation. Additionally, add Lava Burst into the AoE rotation to create some more interesting gameplay. 1) Echo of the Elements going baseline: Lava Burst is one of the most iconic abilities of the spec (the only thing that could really compete with it is Chain Lightning). Pretty much all of my suggestions here will be focused around Lava Burst, and as such I think it is really time to make the ability have the modern design that having two stacks of an ability gives. 2) Master of the Elements going baseline and fire spells added (nature, frost, or fire): This would introduce the idea of “lava burst weaving”. That is, we’ll want to try our best to cast lava burst before every high priority spell (earthquake, earth shock, flame shock). Obviously, that won’t always be possible, but it would introduce some high-level gameplay for stronger players to min-max. Master of the Elements would be very similar in design to the old Elemental Focus, but would some distinct advantages: You only gain one stack instead of two – forcing the player to really think about what the best spell to buff would be whenever LvB is up. You gain the buff on-cast, instead of on-hit. With a lot of our highest priority spells being instant casted, this is an important difference that improves playability.Note: There’s also currently a bug with MotE where it does not work with Earthquake, despite it being a Nature school spell. 3) Introduce Lava Burst to the AoE rotation: Our current AoE rotation is a very dull build/spend rotation between CL and EQ – losing Lightning Rod removed an interesting proc that I think needs to be compensated for. Introducing Lava Burst to AoE would add a ton of new mechanics to play around, by bringing them over from single target. We’d get to play with lava surge procs, get to weave with master of the elements, and mastery scaling would benefit from adding a new builder that could scale in a more linear fashion (compared to Chain Lightning, where you get a new overload chance with each new target). To do this, I’d suggest something like the following: Lava Burst explodes upon hitting its target, hitting all nearby targets for 60%(?) damage and maelstrom gain. 4) Remove the Flame Shock Dependency for LvB's Guaranteed Crit: Flame Shock is already plenty high priority to stand on its own, between the damage and it triggering lava surge. Removing the crit allows us to Lava Burst targets that do not have flame shock on them, which would help the spec feel better when swapping targets. We’d then be able to decide whether or not to apply this DoT based on how long we expect the target to live, instead of it acting as a barrier for even casting LvB (e.g. if the target will survive about 5 seconds, it probably isn’t worth it, but if it will survive closer to 12 opening with a flame shock would be great – because flame shock already is a good ability). This was already a change we had expected to get in BfA, because it was there for almost the entirety of beta. It feels good to have, and hopefully we can get it reintroduced.Omajarn502 1h
1h more upcoming unholy DK nerfs? ... Does it mean that there will be more nerfs? I personally haven't seen Unholy DK receive a Buff since MoP so I think blizz will nerf the (by far) worst class in the game even further and while they're at it.. buff assa rogues maybe?Drnrz2 1h
1h Shadow Priest 8.1 Possible Changes Thread Well because I can't get into many groups on my character atm anyways and class balance has been all I could think about lately, I decided to make a shadow feedback/idea thread of my own. I've seen a couple of these threads around but not many that address the main problem with the spec, more just wild stuff being thrown out in hopes it could be crazy enough to fix the spec. Just trying to be helpful to the devs whom I'm sure have a lot on their plate right now. If you guys still haven't started yet, don't worry i'm not mad, (understandable we all procrastinate). The good news is you get to have all the work done for you from someone who is too passionately attached to this spec to re roll (even if it would be for my own good). First off, the obvious problem, take a good look at that talent tree. Currently we have to spend all our talent points to put together more or less a bare bones legion shadow priest with acceptable aoe. Sw: d was baseline, void torrent was baseline, lingering insanity was baseline, and why is surrender to madness even still here? half the tree is filled with newly implemented, high functioning talents that were added to help shadow in mythic plus, and obviously those are good talents that don't need to be touched. The problem is the rest of the talents are still tuned to work off the old way shadow worked in legion so we're forced to take all the "current expansion" talents in an attempt to stay on par with damage (full aoe builds to pad dmg aren't fun). The way haste stacks up half as fast as well as the dramatically faster shift out of voidform make tools in our talent tree that center around staying in voidform never worth taking, as a result, our single target dps is some of the lowest, least variety filled dps in the game. Buffing dot damage was nice, and it LOOKED like it would help a lot to devs and players that don't play spriest, but we were already passable in spots with multiple targets because of those new talents, the hotfix kinda addressed the only problem we didn't have. But I have some good solutions for you guys that if properly tuned numbers wise I promise can make this spec both fun and balanced.Lucksniipe9 1h
1h GCD Change - Supremely Unfun This is still one of the worst changes of BfA for me. Yes, even including the bugs and what have you. The only thing that disappoints me more than this change is the Azerite System. As a prot warrior having my mobility conflict not only with my normal rotation (which I have to use to generate rage so I can survive, not to mention hold threat), conflicts with Ignore Pain, which conflicts with being able to use Charge to try and get new mobs in the first place. Which then also conflicts with Demo Shout as one of my survival cooldowns which conflicts with Avatar as both a survival and offense cooldown (depending on talents) The interruption and frustration caused by this is masssive, and most easily referenced from a tanking point of view, but it is just as frustrating and interrupting as a dps as well. Can't get to new mobs while performing my rotation, rallying cry interrupting my normal gameplay, sitting afk for a global while I activate Recklessness and can't do anything. This change is not fun. It does not promote any meaningful choices. It only causes frustration and interruption. I hate this change, and it would instantly make all my class gampelay more enjoyable if it was reverted.Varrow0 1h
2h pvp destroyed Blizzard you keep taking spells/abilities from classes because for some reason you think it helps but it doesn't it takes away the skill who some people have put the time in to master their class and to get better so you ruin it for everyone by making everyone play like 3 classes you made over powered so now you force everyone to either main the class that is op or just quit the game in general or to never pvp in mist every class was hard and op in its own way so if you were good and mastered your class it would feel like you were op but you weren't you just put the time and hard work in to master your class but now I can play a class for the first time and easily master the class in less then a week that is not fun!!Occullis1 2h
2h Addressing Enhancement 8.1 - Some ideas Addressing Enhancement 8.1 - Some ideas Enhancement shaman are in a very bad spot right now. We used to identify as a melee class that brought the best melee buffs, damage raid buff, and utility to a raid. I'd really like to see enhancement shaman bring back their namesake and be seen as a valuable raid spot rather than a joke. We aren't top DPS, we don't bring a unique or valuable buff, and our AOE is also bad. Here are some changes I think that would help bring enhancement back on track. AOE Shaman AOE is subpar at the moment and I think it would be great to see another ability added to our toolkit. Magma totem was one of my favorites from TBC and I think it would be a great addition to our toolkit since we need to be in melee range for magma totem to be successful. It makes more sense for enhancement to use magma totem over any of the other three specs. Single target DPS As far as tuning enhancement single target DPS the damage rotation seems very poor outside of our cooldown window and it would be nice to see some changes to stormstrike in order for the rotation to feel less RNG based. Trading stormbringer for a shorter cooldown of stormstrike would certainly help address this change as well as tuning stormstrike to be a bigger burst so the damage can be more consistent. It would also be nice to see lava lash changed a bit to apply a stacking dot that would make it feel like less of a maelstrom dump and more of a valuable part of our rotation. This would work well in addressing the loss of damage enhancement faces when they are forced to move away from mobs as we lose a significant amount of damage when we are not stationary on a boss. As many raiders would agree - uptime is a difficult thing to manage as melee this expansion. Raid Utility Mages and Hunters gaining the ability to Blood Lust / Heroism took away a large part of the shaman identity. Our totems have been almost completely deleted. We don't bring any unique utility to a raid. Blizzard has given unique raid buffs to almost EVERY class except shaman. I think it's time to address the raid utility of Shaman as well as addressing their damage.Na8 2h
2h Guardian Druid Feedback Just got the game downloaded since I have crappy internet. Haven't done much testing yet on Guardian Druid but if anyone has feedback/thoughts on the class feel free to post it here, since I went through 4 pages and didn't see a thread for Guardian Druid Feedback. The few things I noticed was Lunar Beam is still lackluster compared to Rend and Tear, Ironfur I got 2 stacks ( almost 3 stacks) but it still felt like the duration was too short and the Frenzied Regeneration feels weird now with longer CD and less heal-output.Caféaulait783 2h
2h BM PVP "Balance Tuning" Let's see if a a blue responds to this, however I doubt it as there's no logic they can apply. SV Hunters are currently higher ranked in every arena bracket than BM hunters are, what was the justification or the basis of this additional 18% nerf ? Is it just easier to nerf BM than to fix your broken MM class design ? You have double demon hunter comps roflstomping arenas (including the championship you recently hosted) yet BM was the required nerf of 18 % ? I'll wait.Itsleviohsa0 2h
2h Nerf Blood DK They are the most represented tank in both high M+ and mythic raiding and have been for a while now. Seriously, no king rules forever and it's time to remove them from their spot as the master tank class in 8.1. If they are your favorite tank Blizz, then give the tanks a free 120 that's 20 ilvls below and half the overall AP of our main. Nerfing Death Strike to 20% of damage taken in the last 5 seconds and blanket nerfing all other self heals by 50% should put them in line.Hutta10 2h
2h Please do not forget about druids. We sure don't have as much crippling issues anymore when comparing to poor shadow priests and those lost souls that used to be shamans but we have issues of our own, i am by no means a hardcore player nor do i wish to be but i do mid level keys 5-7, i just started doing +7 today and i have to say that the lack of flavor and utility of bear tanks when compared to my lvl 115 DH tank is appalling, demon hunters have so much utility that makes me crazy jealous from simple aoe silence to a sigil that pull everything to one neat spot, to just a crazy good amount of kiting potential, self heals and nice line up of CD's with the right talents, meanwhile bears bring a 2 min CD speed buff to the table and nothing wonder that in M+ DH are so popular. To add up we are supposed to be this really good meat shield that can survive against the odds but in reality we are forced to kite when its fortified week. There is also the issue of how many of our talents are niche with very few situations that will see them picked or outright very under tuned, take for example Lunar Beam the lvl 100 talent, that is a VERY situational talent that is super under tuned and apart from 1 or 2 situations that don't come up often is not a picked talent as Pulverize is by far the strongest defensive talent in that tier,or Earthwarden talent from the lvl 90 tier that is by far the most inferior out of the three so it doesn't see any use, to finish we have the lvl 45 talents, the affinity row which all of the skills provided by said talents used to be just baseline druid skills until you removed them from off specs and made them into the affinity talent tier which i don't know about other druids but i personally despise that tier, it feels like a waste of a tier for skills that should be baseline in their respective shape-shift forms. All in all yes, there is classes with bigger problems than druids but that by no means lessens the problems we face as tanks, there is many threads out there about feral so i'm sure devs are aware of that, there for not gonna touch on that. I hope i am not the only bear tank that feels this way.Rastakahn6 2h
2h Any information about Shadow changes? Hoping for a blue to shed some light on future plans for Shadow, like they've done for Elemental and other specs. I think Shadow has even more issues than Elemental, quite honestly, and is possibly the most broken spec in WoW at the moment in terms of gameplay (not damage, though that is also not great). Some insights on this would be very helpful to choose a main character before we spend the next few months grinding out Azerite and Champs rep. I'd like to know if my investment will be worth it or if rerolling is the best option for this expansion.Waywithwords14 2h
2h Why blizzard allow disc priest do top dps? Wondering this cause in m+ in some pulls disc priest is doing more damage than the dpsers in the group, you basically have an inmortal healer with really good damage, where is the balance of that?Ojoverde9 2h
3h Upcoming Allied Races and Classes Hi everyone, How many more allied races are planned for or in the works for WoW? I know we have human and troll in the works for 8.1, but how about gnome, goblin, worgen, pandaren, and undead? In the past I have used one unique race for one unique class (not counting demon hunter or death knight). So if you were to make two characters of the same class, which would it be and why? I'm leaning towards druid because they are pretty versatile, but would like to get your take on this too. Also, does Blizzard have plans for more classes? It would solve this issue for me rather nicely. :) Cheers,Àvidrunner7 3h
3h When can we get information regarding Worgen? So, we've been promised an overhaul for quite some time, and have been waiting and waiting, last Blizzcon we were promised we would get a Worgen rework "sometime" in BFA. I was wondering how far a long this is? What it's looking like? While I'm happy other races are getting more customization options, I can't lie, I also get pretty salty every time some new customization option (usually for elves) comes out and we're still sitting over without any communication period. Why couldn't Worgen have gone to the chiropractor the same time the orcs did and straighten our backs? Or is that Horde only technology and the alliance just is SOL? I could be wrong, but last time I checked the race played statistics worgen is pretty close to the bottom; do you think this could possibly have anything to do with how bad our models are? I ended up making my warrior way back when a human because I hate how 2h's and shields turn baby sized in a worgens hand, seriously, a vast amount of otherwise bigass shields look like glorified wrist protectors on worgen. TL;DR can we have some communication? It's great all these elves are getting new customizations but we would like to hear SOMETHING, one might say you could... throw us a bone!Worgandonor0 3h
3h Zandalari Paladin for Horde Ally Ratio With the addition of the allied races the Alliance has risen to 6 race options for paladins while the Horde still only has 2 options for paladins. The Horde has 6 shamans I believe but the alliance has 3 shaman options. I believe Zandalari Paladin would be a good addition to allow for a new Horde paladin and balance between the Alliance and Horde Paladin and Shaman Ratios. Zandalari Paladins are present in lore as freethinkers and would be a great addition to the game. I am assuming part of the issue is that the Zandalari may share a skeleton with night elves. Which none of the night elf skeletons have been animated for paladins. There may be examples where they may have animated skeletons to fit new classes this expansion but I cannot think of any off the top of my head. It may depend on what skeleton the kill Tiran human shares with. The skinny kul tiran is undead likely. Overall Zandalari Paladins would make for a great addition to the hordes options for Paladin races, which has remained unchanged since cataclysm.Titanpaladin0 3h
4h Azerite has failed, for now I was excited for this system, in many ways I still am. But right now it's a massive failure. And there has been TONS of feedback on what I'm about to say. I am one voice of many, but as usual Blizzard has ignored the feedback that has been given, so we're left with this failure for now. But anyway, let's talk about Azerite. Tuning & Balance This is the biggest issue with the system right now. SO. MANY. spec traits are just tuned like a rat's bum of fel poo. If you have 5 spec traits, and only one of them is don't have choice anymore. I have to take those 1-2 traits that are 150-300% better than all the others. There has been so much feedback on these traits, and on the ones that are poor I have to wonder wtf the people are doing that work on these. Let me give a few examples. Crushing Assault - Speeds up gameplay, interacts with the Fervor for Battle talent in a very nice feeling way (especially in dungeons), it can dynamically shift some ability priority. It's a fine trait in idea. But it's tuned terribly, both in the frequency of procs and the damage it adds. It's a non-option, and there's no reason it shouldn't be an option. Gathering Storm & Seismic Wave - Again, fine traits. They interact with different abilities for AoE and cleaving. Seismic Wave has a cool interaction with Sweeping Strikes, it interacts with the Dreadnaught talent. Gathering Storm mimics the old Arms Legendary helm. I'm going to be a broken record here, but the ideas ARE FINE. The tuning is SH*T. Simmering Rage - Rage refund and more rampage damage. Emphasizing Rampage. Fury Warriors like all of that. But...AGAIN (xD) it's tuned like hot garbage lol. Infinite Fury, Bloodcraze, and Trample the Weak are the same. I think you get the point. Many of the ideas are out there and are fine, but if they aren't tuned to be worth a damn they are also not a choice. It's the communication age. There are guides, sim sites, discords. Everyone has access to what is good and what's not. If the traits were tuned worth a damn, there's a lot of choice here. But for now it's nothing but a failure. Availability of Azerite Armor I'm glad the weekly chest does not drop 1-3 items, that would have been retarded. However, that leaves us with no even mediocre reliable way to get Azerite Armor. Many of the best traits or combos are not in the raid, and they shouldn't all have to be, but we do need a way to actually get the armor lol. I think the chest should drop two items. One azerite, one non azerite. No 1-3 RNG bull!@#$, just 2 items. The current ilvl scaling associated with M+ dungeons is fine, but the loot needs to be accessible. It's a combo of them being tuned terribly, or not being able to even get the trait you want at a competitive ilvl to begin with. It reminds a lot like Legendaries until basically Antorus. The options and choices of that system were a great idea, but you had to actually have the damn pieces to make those choices. We couldn't get legendaries in a reasonable way in early Legion, we can't get Azerite in a reasonable way now in BfA.Varrow160 4h
5h Nerf Locks and Mages. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Locks and mages offer a ton of utility and are the best caster DPS specs and are always prioritized over other casters. Meanwhile melee doesn't suffer from this issue. Sure, rogues are strong but so is every other melee spec (except feral and maybe enhancement). #BALANCEGrimmwolfe11 5h
5h Shaman - thx for feedback. Bliz doesnt care Simply put, this is a post to attempt to: at worst, keep bringing attention to the lack of blizzard community outreach for shaman, and at best, elicit a response. The shaman community is marvelous. Earthshrine and SEL, bloodmallet (shaman community member) is practically required for people, and the general community has given hundreds if not thousands of suggestions, yet blizzard in the past few months is not only ignoring all of our feedback but actively dismissing it without even saying "we heard you, but we disagree". Let's start with the feedback given during beta. Ignored. And with the 8.1 "updates"... still ignored. Let's again link the letter from a valued member of our community who quit because blizzard doesn't have 5 minutes to let us know they've even seen any of our feedback. Ion's AMA was basically another slap in the face. Vague, non-committal, said the changes have to be addressed in a patch (which now we know are just talent adjustments, and moving our spender dmg into more sustain, aka almost no difference on dmg). Also this quote So when we receive feedback that a less mobile spec wishes they were more mobile, frankly, that's working as intended. But that only really works if you feel like you have offsetting strengths, envied by other classes, that justify the reduced mobility The community en masse then asked what our strengths are, and in 1 week we haven't received a reply. Right, it's valid criticism that DPS spec shamans don't feel like they have sufficient offsetting strengths right now. I wasn't saying that they do Shaman have no offsetting strengths, too bad. Silence since then It was even mentioned we should see a hotfix to make us more viable in the "near future". No communication since then. Here's the current thread with many great ideas: Not a single point of feedback from all of this has been acknowledged, addressed, or implemented. This is a complete an utter failure of community customer service. We're asking for these changes because lots of people extremely passionate and knowledgeable about shaman have put lots of time and effort into coming up with fair, balanced, solutions. And you, Blizzard, have ignored us in an impressive manner. I'm not asking you to implement our changes, I'm not asking to take our feedback as the best solution, I'm simply asking you to acknowledge our feedback, and take 5-10 minutes to even broadly respond to us. "We heard you, we disagree" "Lots of good ideas here, we're going to try some" I would prefer responses like this, but that might be asking too much: "We feel like echo baseline is too powerful, we gave flameshock a cooldown because x, your mobility is bad and we envision your offsetting strength to be y, we understand it isn't, but this is our vision for your class" You can change our opinion by just letting us know you hear us. And that 15 minutes of your time would have a huge impact on thousands of shaman players. And we would appreciate and applaud you. Instead our community and evidently the WoW community as a whole believes your opinion on shaman is thus: "We heard you, but we don't care"Bandagio48 5h
6h Kul Tiran Moonkin form is a disgrace @blizz I was looking forward to being something other than a moonkin I am normally not one to complain but WTF is this garbage you call a balance form its so disgusting you should be ashamed of this design.Sailrmoonkin3 6h
6h Gear is just bad atm With constant nerfing to traits on a nearly weekly basis it "balancing" which is only trying to make them basically the same thing, what is actually the point of Azerite traits at all? Somethings doing well or great its nerfed into the ground so players have to swap to a new trait or if that trait was the only thing that made the spec good its now time to swap spec or re-roll all together. It seems this newest system has only complicated gearing as a whole more so then its ever been. Was it really worth removing gear sets for 40+ Azerite traits per character and to Nerf and balance them CONSTANTLY? It truly seems the carrots on an even longer stick and it actually driven to to pet battle more to pass the boredom of not even trying to farm more mythic s for more Azerite gear its just not worth it when the next good trait will just be nerfed 30-80% Blizzard this system is a headache most players cannot figure out this mess of gearing that is current. If a trait is super great as anyone with a right mind will sim to the best making 40+ traits the exact same makes this Azerite system totally and completely foobar. In simple terms just bring sets back for the love of Metzen. This Azerite armor is only making gearing more of a mess how the crap can anyone really figure out what works and what doesn't, and once they do why does it matter? It just keeps getting hot fixed to junk. Ok rant over but in all seriousness this is frustrating beyond anything I've experienced since BC.Hachi1 6h
6h Why do traits stack? A lot of problems on the azerite armor system would really not exist if traits could not stack. You wouldn't feel bad when you drop something that is not your BIS trait if you already had it on another piece. You could do stuff like - supposing you already have your BIS trait on a chest - storing shoulder piece with your BIS trait and lower ilvl, just in case you drop a chest that is a huge upgrade, giving the PLAYER ways of counteracting some bad luck drops - and WOW really could use more decision making put into the players hands regarding gear. And, of course, traits would be tunned to be effective without having to put in mind the effects of stacking them. So you don't have to face situations where you could stack 3 high noons on a balance druid and one-button-spam all the way. You would also have 3 class-modifying pieces at the same time - compared to just one stacked 3 times like we current have in the moment. You could mix and match different azerite pieces to get more combos instead of simply stacking what is good. IDK, seems that making so traits don't stack is an easy solution to most problems the azerite system has that is not related to drop rates.Xoan9 6h
6h Why are we being quite about pallies Hello. I'm just wondering why nothing has been said about the state of holy paladins since pre patch. If you read the paladin forums there are so many people angry with holy and apparently prot too. Why is it Holy didn't receive a baseline like all other healers? Why aren't they reworking holy in general to make them more competitive... a few small changes to beacon of virtue making it hit more targets or get rid of the "cone heal" and change it to whoever is closest or better yet a smart heal for 5 targets. The melee heals concept isn't viable anymore either as it's been gimped pretty hard. Or hey we could reduce the cast time of light.... something has to give here.... it makes playing my paladin unbearable in mythic+ and raiding. Please do somethingMillerltezs15 6h
6h Resto Shamans In Here Please After seeing the proposed Elemental adjustments, I feel we now need to create yet another thread to clearly illustrate the direction we want our spec to go in. So please, voice your opinion on what needs to change. Here are the problems I see currently: Chain Heal is too expensive, too slow, and too weak In spread healing fights, we are enormously taxed. Healing Rain becomes useless and Chain Heal doesn't jump far enough. There are healing specs that do amazing stacked healing and amazing spread healing, and yet we only do well in one type Healing Wave and Healing Surge feel weak. Wave is incredibly slow, even with Tidal Waves. Back in Legion, I felt like a Healing Wave machine gun. Now I feel like I'm using dial up internet. In Mythic+ dungeons, because we can't deal with poisons & diseases, and because we have no tank cooldown, we're often overlooked and deemed "worst dungeon healer." The loss of Ancestral Guidance and yet nothing given in return has been too much of a hole in our toolkit. Too many former artifact traits are now talents. Coupled with the loss of one of our most vital healing tools (AG), we've taken too much of a nerf. Earth Shield is an iconic Resto shaman spell and should be ours exclusively and it should be baseline. Much like for Elemental, Echo of Elements also feels borderline necessary. Ascendance and Cloudburst Totem feel incredibly week. Ascendance needs its range increased and Cloudburst Totem should not replace Healing Stream Totem. Other Resto Shamans, please share your concerns.Darkani22 6h
7h Would you bring a Shadow Priest? I'm just curious. Let's assume a player has the same itemization and ability, you're not friends per se, but you know the players are reliable and are willing to "get it done". Would you bring a shadow priest to your keystone or progression raid? Keep in mind, you're not friends, all else is equal, and you have your pick from every other spec in the game. No. You wouldn't. Period. I wouldn't even take a shadow priest for M Zul, unless I am on the Alliance (blood elves can mass dispel). Pathetic job Blizzard. Truly. Pathetic. Shadow has garbage damage; bottom 3 single target, and mediocre cleave (and garbage on 'easier' content), and basically worthless utility. Thanks for reminding me you either don't care about balancing specs or just don't play the game you design.Grimmwolfe18 7h
8h Lol Shadow in 8.1 I hope I finally get to bind Void Eruption in PvP in 8.1. Might as well replace Void Eruption with Devouring Plague. Thoughts?Chorong4 8h
8h Affliction Warlock Feedback Now that we have switched over from Alpha to Beta, with new forums, it is time for fresh feedback threads. I am first going to go over the changes to Affliction so far, followed by talents and will offer a little feedback mixed in on things I feel should be worked on or changed. This post is not going to be about numbers or tuning, but more about how Affliction feels mechanically. I may discuss numbers briefly but it is not meant to imply any tuning changes. What has changed? Some active abilities and talents have been removed/replaced in the Affliction kit. Removed: Drain Soul Life Tap (Empowered Life Tap with it) Howl of Terror Summon Infernal Summon Doomguard (Grimoire of Supremacy along with these) Grimoire of Service (Imp, Voidwalker, Felhunter, Succubus utility) Reap Souls (Some specs kept their artifact abilities, this would have been useless) Added: Deathbolt (talent) Shadow Bolt Drain Life Shadowfury Overall, we are losing more active abilities than we are gaining, as is the case for many specs in the game. With these changes comes a big loss of utility for Affliction - no more Infernal stun, Cripple, optional Howl of Terror, or bonus Spell Lock, Seduce, Imp cleanse, or clutch Voidwalker taunt from Grimoire of Service. We got Shadowfury, which has a cast time and arguably does not feel like a good enough replacement for all of that. Also, along with most classes, all of the artifact passives for Affliction are gone. This includes things like Soul Flame, Sweet Souls, Wrath of Consumption, etc. We have gained Azerite Armor passives, but many of those have yet to be unveiled. Shadow Bolt/Drain Life vs. Drain Soul This is one of the big debates about Affliction so far. Drain Soul was removed and replaced by both Shadow Bolt and Drain Life. Shadow Bolt functions as the primary damage filler, while Drain Life serves as a high healing, but low damage channel. Drain Soul was one of the strongest fillers in the game in Legion. With all the artifact passives and damage modifiers it gave along with stackable Unstable Affliction, it did an insane amount of damage and healing. It does not particularly come as a surprise to me that Blizzard wanted to tone down the strength of Affliction, but I will say this: Shadow Bolt feels very empty. I liked having it in the past and I was sad to see it go when it did, but without having Nightfall selected (I will discuss this more in the talents section) it is very uninspired and does not feel good when combined with having to stack UA, in my humble opinion. Talents discussion below.Xoja1390 8h
8h You forgot Frost Mages They kinda sorta need to be nerfed by 50% minimum.Beastbashx12 8h
9h Elemental the Lightning Class? "Elemental Shaman is the only lightning based spell caster." Does this mean we will see more emphasis on lightning abilities in the future? Because that would be swell.Luneia16 9h