Battle for Azeroth Items and Classes

Nov 11 Dear Devs: Why did you kill off ranged SV? It's been two years, and I'm still wondering. It was one of the most consistent, solid, and enjoyable builds for nearly eight years, and with every expansion pack since WOTLK, it cemented itself as the ranged mobile PVE spec. It was good for newbies because it had simple gameplay in LNL, and it was good for elite players because it had simple gameplay and a deluge of CC abilities. The only real weakness it had was poor PVP capability, but that was only because of Beast Cleave and MM's superior ST DPS ability. However, SV players weren't complaining. Nobody complained when SV breezed through yet another expansion with minimal changes: LNL no longer triggers from Serpent Sting, but Cobra Shot refreshes Serpent Sting, and we get Aspect of the Fox? OK. We lose Aspect of the Hawk AND Aspect of the Fox so we lose our damage bonuses but we're fully mobile, and we lose Kill Shot but we can spread Serpent Sting through Multi-Shot? Hell, yeah, I'll take that trade off coming into MOP, just don't nerf us. No base changes going into WOD? Eh, we're okay with this. Coming into Legion...WTF just happened? It was a solid, consistent build with an easy gameplay mechanic with just enough tricks that it was easy to tell good players from bad ones, and then one day, someone decided to kill it off by nerfing it to oblivion, then deleting the spec altogether. And the funny thing is, maybe I had blinders on, but I don't know anyone who actively hated SV, but I know a lot of players who hate the most recent models of MM - you know, the spec that was expected to fill in some very large (if old) shoes. It's been two years, and the devs have yet to make a satisfactory replacement for it or the old MM spec. So I ask: why'd you kill this off again? I really want to know the logic behind this decision. Did someone on the dev team just really hate Ghostcrawler, or what?Kabbie26 Nov 11
Nov 11 Alliance Medical Coverage? I was wondering what plan the Alliance is on currently, as many know the Orcs switched to the new "Sylvanicare" and as a result were able to finally see the Chiropractor like Thrall did way back when and got their whole back situation fixed. In essence, my question to the devs is: Can the Alliance get a similar option for the Worgen? Our rework has been in development since, like, 2015ish and you tease us with Greymane?! Gimmie dat straight back!Worgandonor0 Nov 11
Nov 11 We Need to Discuss the Q&A Answer on RNG From Blizzcon ( ...Now let me preface this by saying I am not here to personally attack or roast a developer and let's try to keep this civil. I feel like this statement shows a huge amount of disconnect with the playerbase. Nothing is fun about receiving a random warforge drop. Exciting? Maybe for like a few seconds as you get that cheap slot machine dopamine rush. You know what is fun, feels good, and doesn't only feel good for 5-10 seconds? Grinding out arena games until you're good enough to get that badass looking elite set. Pushing MoP challenge modes for hours until we finally nailed the runs and received our unique transmog sets. Hitting those Legion mage towers until you finally nailed it down to perfect execution and received your awesome weapon appearance.Right now there is nothing you can push for that makes you feel like you really earned it. Everything in BfA is entirely up to random chance no matter what you accomplish or how good you push to become. Nothing makes you feel accomplished. What we need isn't stuff that's calendar gated through long tedious quests (maybe one or two items per expansion is okay). We don't need or want this stupid slot machine stuff. What we need is awesome looking transmogs, mounts, and gear with fun effects on them that we can work for and show off to other players. When I look at somebody in awesome end game armor I never go "no fair I should have that too" I go "oh my god that looks awesome, where and how do I get that?"Crypticcross43 Nov 11
Nov 11 Flameshock and Froshock maelstrom generation. Flameshock and Frostshock need to generate maelstrom baseline.Shoots3 Nov 11
Nov 11 Talent tweaks fix nothing. Tweaking a few talents will not fix the gaping hole you left with ripping out artifacts and their baseline artifact abilities+gold traits (which themselves replaced previous baseline stuff you pruned, look at warlock from WOD to Legion). You guys are doing the equivalent of a drop in the ocean in terms of necessary class work. Stop doing the bare minimum. Do the work for classes already.Tinieblas3 Nov 11
Nov 10 Kul Tiran Thin Human? I might be VERY late to the party here, but I was wondering what you all think about the chances of these Thin Humans being a customization option when 8.1.5 drops? I saw that during the presentation we only saw the Thicker version. Much love, to everyone <3Wonkie0 Nov 10
Nov 10 An odd thought on class balance Would people be complaining like they are if mythic + did not exist?Sybille11 Nov 10
Nov 10 Retribution Aura, why? Why are talents like Retribution Aura still a thing? They are clearly garbage, and have been garbage for an entire expansion pack going all the way back to Warlords. At no point has any sane paladin ever said to themselves "Gee, I think I'd like to do a pathetic amount of damage to melee and only melee attackers over anything else available to me." Why have useless talents like this never been touched?Triumphofman32 Nov 10
Nov 10 Can Paladins get some Communication Blizz can we please have some communication with you on whether or not you plan on addressing Ret Paladin as well as Holy and Prot in regards to whether you plan on fixing the issues with our specs. For ret Is there where you plan on keeping ret paladins at the bottom with rotational gap issues and wheelchair missing a wheel mobility or do you have something in the works????? Would really like to know before 8.1 so i can decide if it is going to be a waste of time waiting for info Hoping my class/spec will be fixed so i can buy BFA and resub or should i ditch the game permanently along with other classes/specs having similar problems not being addressed. There are plenty of posts out there discussion our issues. Please and thanksAzareel27 Nov 10
Nov 10 Casters vs Melees I wanted to highlight the dramatic issue of how melees are prioritized by Blizzard. You can say that casters are way more desired for pve. And exactly that led us to the point where melees are so mobile it is impossible to play vs them in pvp. Pve buffs to melee specs made them too strong in pvp. Moreover, we have 9 caster specs (hunter is not counted), where 6 are mage and warlock. There is 13 melee dps specs. Mobility is severely "pruned" on casters this xpack - to make them feel more casterish... But both pve encounters and pvp environment is getting more mechanics where mobility is essential! I feel like blizz balance team is blindfolded and cannot see the connections between multiple aspects of this game. I know it is hard to balance such complicated organism Wow became, but how in the world have you achieved a regression on such extreme scale??Ptrreports20 Nov 10
Nov 10 Where does Ret shine? Not in RBG's. I'd sooner play 9v10 than replace a Moonkin with two Rets. Ret doesn't really work in 2's for a variety of reasons. In 3's, Ret is currently somewhere between tier 1 and tier 2. It's not a bad place to be, but the comps that can be run successfully are limited. Personally I don't enjoy raiding, but I hear Uldir has been quite bad for Ret. Ret has no chance to excel in mythic+ when its weaknesses include AoE, cleave, and mobility. Overpowered WoG isn't enough to carry the dead weight, and Ret doesn't crush ST damage the way one would expect it to considering these glaring weaknesses. So, Ret is not "meta" anywhere and in some cases it is actively excluded. This is not a player perception problem. I would like to hear Blizzard's thoughts on this: are there any plans in 8.1 and beyond to design Ret so that its strengths are effective and its weaknesses are not crippling?Churchmouse15 Nov 10
Nov 10 Class Abilities I have played WoW on and off since BC and watched as classes have become less and less complex and exciting. The recent class pruning and reduction in amount of abilities in BFA and gradually over the past few years has gotten to a point where classes are just not that fun anymore. I understand Blizzard’s desire to make classes feel unique again and bring the amount of abilities that are rarely used down, but I feel as though classes are just plain boring as a result. My main was a destro warlock all through Legion and even since legion the class has had so many abilities removed or moved to a talent that you literally have like 3-4 abilities that you need to use on a regular rotation plus CD’s every 2-3 mins. That is a very stale rotation plus the GCD changes made the few amount of abilities we have feel much clunkier. I just wish every class had 5-6 abilities to incorporate into regular rotations plus a couple situational abilities that were not talents. This to me is the biggest issue in BFA. This is coming from someone that still plays actively and enjoys many aspects of the game. But constantly in the back of my mind I just feel so limited and lose interest in my class because it is so basic compared to the past.Animûs3 Nov 10
Nov 10 Tank balance & representation, 9 weeks in Updated numbers after 9 weeks of raiding/M+ (8 weeks of Mythic raiding) are here: Updated numbers after 8 weeks of raiding/M+ (7 weeks of Mythic raiding) are here: Updated numbers after 7 weeks of raiding/M+ (6 weeks of Mythic raiding) are here: Updated numbers after 5 weeks of raiding/M+ (4 weeks of Mythic raiding) are here: Numbers after 4 weeks of raiding/M+ (3 weeks of Mythic raiding) are here: Numbers from 3 weeks of raiding/M+ (2 weeks of Mythic raiding) are here: Tank representation is important because it's a broad indicator of how tanks are doing. Players aren't stupid, and will always want people in jobs who are the best available for doing those jobs. Particularly at higher Mythic+ keys, and in Mythic raiding, people are going to bring the best class & spec on each fight. So here's how tanks are represented after 2 weeks of Mythic+ and raiding. Mythic Uldir 2756 Monk 2577 Death Knight 1358 Paladin 1044 Druid 928 Demon Hunter 526 Warrior Now let's remove the Mythic Taloc parses since, honestly, Mythic Taloc is a pushover. There are more Mythic Taloc kills than there are Heroic Mythrax or G'huun kills. Here is the tank representation on harder fights in Mythic Uldir: 1023 Monk 857 Death Knight 399 Paladin 310 Druid 273 Demon Hunter 142 Warrior On the actually difficult fights, there is a MASSIVE disparity between the top tanks (Monk+Death Knight) and everybody else. With Warriors down at rock bottom. Warriors need massive buffs in raid tanking. Druids & Demon Hunters (and to a smaller extend Paladins) need lots of help, too. Now let's turn to Mythic+. Mythic +10 to +14 keys: 12,888 Death Knight 7,546 Demon Hunter 6,964 Paladin 6,488 Brewmaster 3,513 Druid 2,761 Warrior Again, a massive imbalance. Almost 5 times as many Death Knights as Warriors are doing 10-14 keys. There are Death Knights, there's the middle of the pack (DH/Pal/Monk), and then there's Druids and Warriors bringing up the rear. Now let's go a step higher. Mythic +15 and up keys. 78 Death Knights 39 Demon Hunters 26 Monks 13 Paladins 4 Warriors 2 Druids Small sample? Yes. Ridiculously imbalanced? Yes. What's really discouraging is that Blizzard has made ZERO adjustments to tanks so far this expansion. Do you need more data? Do you REALLY need more data that Warriors & Druids are in the toilet in Mythic+ and in raiding? That Demon Hunters and Paladins are way behind Death Knights & Monks in raiding? How much data do you need, Blizzard? Do something.Tewa112 Nov 10
Nov 10 Try listening to feedback for once Based on recent changes to specs like shadow, enh and demo, you guys are clearly not reading or bothering listening to the valid feedback given. Sure, there’s a bunch of “my class sucks, fix it” which is pretty useless and not constructive... I can’t speak for the other classes but some of Demonologies biggest problems are the terrible ramp up time, too many shard spenders, spells with Cooldowns that are too long (nether portal, Bilescourge... the shards and cooldown doesn’t justify the use of any of these), not enough instant casts, Doom being a talent.... okay obviously listing the problems and giving solutions to them isn’t making a difference since you guys are just doing whatever the hell you want anyway. I know making this thread is pointless and won’t go anywhere. Just my QQ. Continue making changes nobody wanted as you will anyway.Draboe2 Nov 10
Nov 10 IP off GCD is Hotfix Material why wait 8.1? The lack luster QoL Prot changes for 8.1 could be hotfixed by one person leisurely on a sunday afternoon. It isn't hard to take IP off GCD and buff a few things. This is hotfix material not class redesign that Prot needs in 8.1 So why wait? Just Hotfix these changes then give us new talents and abilities in 8.1. Lets go Devs!! PS- Yes everything has a condenscending tone because been waiting a few years for Prot to be fun and awesome again. To say Prot warrior are super annoyed would be an understatement!Abombanation8 Nov 10
Nov 10 Feral/Guardian Weapons Hi Bliz, I don't know if I have just had bad luck, or if weapons for feral and guardian are really that limited (there appears to be five drops). It's gotten so bad I'm rolling tokens on high keys and offering a little prayer when I open a cache or kill the boss in Uldir. Nothing seems to work. I thought, maybe, though, that the real answer here is just to allow druids to duel wield and use daggers and fist weapons. In theory, we used them all through Legion, and it'd just make things a little less of a hassle. It's not a big change, I don't think, but I'd appreciate it, and surely others would too.Ayera3 Nov 10
Nov 10 The problem with most specs isn't DPS It's that they're not fun to play. Taking away tools, and therefore options, even if other classes have similar ones, isn't fun. Taking away iconic spells isn't fun. Removing any semblance of complexity from a rotation isn't fun. Having no utility, barely any spells, iconic abilities and fixes to a spec's problems as talents, isn't fun.Zalgo8 Nov 10
Nov 10 DH Vs Shadow Priest DH: Best Cleave in game Huge Mobility Strong Single Target Strong M+ utility (Low CD aoe stun) Spriest: Mediocre cleave No mobility Weak Single Target Very niche Utility Blizzard: "I see no problems here"Lucksniipe20 Nov 10
Nov 10 It's time to give shamans an answer Blizzard, you've been dodging this question for 4 years now and it's about time you gave the shaman community an answer. I'm going to lay it out plain and simple: What are the niches of the DPS shaman specs supposed to be? Why would anyone want a shaman over another DPS?Superlurker0 Nov 10
Nov 10 Holy Paladins need a change right now holy paladins do not fill our class fantasy of being a healer in the thick of things bringing utility and buffs to a fight. Most of our problems come from the lvl 60 talent line and our mastery both of which I strongly believe need to change. My proposal is bring back auras as a stance that you cannot change in combat locking us into 1 aura for a fight but giving us the option to change between fights like we used to be able to do, with that our mastery should do 1 of two things either increase the range or potency of our active aura getting your mastery high enough to have devotion on more than 1 person would feel great. Now to the vacant lvl 60 talent line this should be a row of talents that enable more of the battle cleric vibe a talent row that offers a boost to our damage output or tie in healing with damage, some thoughts would be crusader strike buffing our next holy shocks healing and damage, a talent that lets light of dawn be used as an attack as well as a heal, Concecrate having a 20s cooldown but leaves behind a healing zone after the damage ends just my thoughts on a class i have loved since TBC but recently feels really bad to playAcanis5 Nov 10
Nov 10 Theme Warriors as Two Handed Weapon class Okay here me out with this simple idea to pretty much make part of the feel for warriors feel so unique. Give Protection Warriors instead hold a two handed weapon as their main weapon with their shield (no one handed anymore). Yes there would be reinventing to make it work, but can you see how the Warrior class would be rounded into a central theme? Warriors would instead be defined by the use of two handed weapons in all specs. Fury Warriors are unique because of the duel wielding two handed weapons, many are attracted to this look and the play style that is given with it. Protection Warriors personally are pretty bland and standard in all aspects. Specially right now in BFA. How about bring the uniqueness of Fury into the Prot spec? I at least think this would look and feel better for me while playing the spec. Arms Warriors would feel like they are left out and there possibly is something that could be done for the look and feel of playing Arms in the future. I do enjoy the burst style of the class. But any ideas for them? Yes, this is only a slight change but I think it would bring some interest to the Protection spec. Just some thoughts, could give the Warriors a slightly different definition and overall theme.Cutthroatt5 Nov 10
Nov 10 Enh changes WHERE You guys adressed the issue months ago. You know how bad enh is right now. Nothing was said on the blizzcon panels/ any Q n A afterwards....Why are we being ignored? We are THE spec that mostly needed changes. We haven't even had any discussion ideas to feedback on. Seriously tell us something about what talents are changing for the better instead of w.e % tuning changes.Kalgromash3 Nov 10
Nov 9 Are we back to 1 balance patch per raid? Whatever happened to "constantly monitoring performance"? There was one balance patch at the start of Uldir, and... that's about it. Is it just laziness or does Blizzard actually believe that class balance is in a good place right now? Blizzard needs to be much more aggressive with class balance hotfixes. It's not a good feeling going into week 2 of a new raid after the first round of hotfixes knowing your class won't be tuned until the next raid tier.PlayerKZVLQH9 Nov 9
Nov 9 Put Combustion on the GCD Please After letting BlizzCon pass and reading dev interviews and watching the panels, I'm pleased with Blizzard's choice to take some movement abilities back off of the GCD. I am not a fan of offensive CDs being on the GCD, but if this is the world we live in now, then fine, that's the game we'll be playing for the time being. With that said, a little cleaning up with consistency across DPS specs would go a long way toward closing the gap between different specs within classes and between classes. Particularly for classes that have 3 DPS specs (Mage is a primary example here). As a Mage, it's certainly frustrating to have Arcane Power and Icy Veins on the GCD, but Combustion is the exception with it being off the GCD. In some ways I can understand why the design choice was initially made regarding leaving Combustion off the GCD, however given Blizzard's choice in 8.1 to tighten things up and close the gap between the average performing specs and some of the lesser performing specs, I think a little attention should be paid to higher performing specs as well. I'm looking at you, Fire Mages. Fire Mages enjoy a clear and unparalleled advantage, compared to Arcane and Frost Mages, by having Combustion off the GCD. Even if there are design reasons behind this choice, it's inconsistent with Arcane and Frost Mages who would similarly enjoy the benefits of having their CDs off the GCD, but for some reason don't get that benefit. I propose that since Blizzard is doubling down on having offensive CDs on the GCD, that Combustion be looked at again and be put onto the GCD to bring a better balance between all three Mage specs. Some will argue with this, which is fair, and I'm sure people will post their disagreements here. Despite that, in my view it's pretty clear Blizzard wants offensive CDs on the GCD and isn't going to change that any time soon. Given that fact, the least we can ask for is parity between the different Mage specs until such a time that offensive CDs might be once again taken off the GCD for all classes/specs (back to how it was in Legion).Ilmx18 Nov 9
Nov 9 State of Shadow 8.1 v2.0 First post reached the 500 post limit before any kind of response so creating a new post for additional responses and to keep shadow priests' psychic voice alive. All credit goes to Publik/Isentropy qnd the warcraftpriests team. Hello! With 8.1 having gone live, we of Warcraftpriests decided it would be a good idea to write a document that summarizes Shadow’s biggest problems right now and to create a forum thread for discussion to go with it. If you wish to contribute to the discussion, please do so in a constructive way. Thanks in advance for reading! EU forum link: Summary of what’s discussed in more detail in the doc: Shadow doesn’t have enough strengths to make up for the weaknesses it has. Execute and multidotting aren’t nearly as strong for us anymore, and our weaknesses from previous expansions (such as single-target or AoE) haven’t been improved enough to compensate. Shadow Word: Death becoming a talent was a mistake. Too much of our AoE comes from our talents, and they do not synergize with our kit well at all. Baseline AoE is weak, boring, and unintuitive. Mind Sear keeps you in Voidform longer which goes against the goal of getting out more Void Eruptions; the problem is that Void Eruption is tied to entering Voidform. Shadow’s mobility is quite bad right now, with our only mobility options coming from our talents. We don’t really have anything meaningful to offset our weak mobility, either. Shadow’s survivability is not in a good spot right now. Losing our artifact made Dispersion too weak considering the downsides it has. Shadow Word: Void fixes Mind Blast and Void Bolt coming off cooldown at the same time, but we have to invest a talent point to fix it when Fury and Beast Mastery have had this fixed baseline. Void Torrent made sense in Legion, but is in a bad state right now. It needs to be designed with Battle for Azeroth Shadow in mind.Aimou35 Nov 9
Nov 9 Is it True BDK will no longer be top tank ? I heard 8.1 Death knights wont be top tank anymore and that it will be Warrior and Demon hunters who are the top.... Still no word really on good old Druids being OP top tank again....Atiog10 Nov 9
Nov 9 Stagheart Hatchet Stagheart Hatchet Epic Warforged Item Level 345 +113 Agility +181 Stamina +54 Versatity +48 Mastery This does not have Intelligence on it like most axes do. Was this intended? Also wondering if the Agility is to low. Or maybe it just has the wrong iLevel.Zimpha0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Soul Fire is boring, change idea Right now Soul Fire is a pretty boring spell, just another mediocre damage on a cooldown with an imp's firebolt animation (lol). Why not make it more interesting? Make it interact with the warlock's rotation somehow? For example, make it finish Immolate and immediately deal the remaining Immolate's damage in addition to Soul Fire's own damage, as well as having its cooldown reduced by spending soui shards.Mortis2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Problems of BFA gear (Opinion) 1. Multi-spec classes are punished with azerite gear. I find myself carrying a full bag of different azerite gear to be able to bounce from spec to spec. It seems like long ago in an expansion far away... the class set pieces were made so that they changed when you changed spec. The philosophy that azerite gear should not do the same is confounding to me and many other players. Even the glyph system did the same, but it seems like we get the same response of "no, no, no, the players don't want that and your playing your class wrong if you think that". 2. Raid-specific model gear instead of class-specific. Meaning all plate wearers look the same, as do mail, leather, and cloth sets. Blizzard's art team is hands down the most impressive part of the WoW experience. Please give them the chance to make my class look cooler than a wimpy hybrid warrior (talking about rets). But honestly, why should a warlock's gear look the exact same as a priests. I get the "we want players to look like they got gear from a troll raid", but then make each class in that way. Additionally, the pvp sets also look the same between X-wearing classes which doesn't fit into that argument. Being a little critical because I miss the unique looks, but it seems like the reason is less work/effort required to only make 4 sets of gear vs 12 sets. =( I have a few other things I'm not too happy about with BFA. I unsubbed last month hoping for changes, but I keep my hopes up for next patch.Blomus0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Can we have a serious dialogue, Blizzard? A long while ago we were told all the pruning and class redesigning and such would be good for the long term health of the game. We are now many years past that and the complaints and angry rant threads and just general number of people I see who are dissatisfied with the direction of class design have only grown. Whenever we do manage to get a question snuck into a Q&A about pruning or how a class feels to play we usually get a response along the lines of "Posting x class sucks isn't helpful feedback, be more specific". But I have personally seen hundreds upon hundreds of threads go into excruciating detail on these subjects since WoD. It isn't hard to find a thread with serious feedback in it at all. Even all the #revertToMoP type threads that keep popping up must be useful to some extent. The support behind those threads is colossal and should at least let the dev team know that the philosophy behind previous class design iterations was much more appealing to a lot of players than what we have now. Obviously not everything posted on the forums or on reddit is constructive or useful. But as it stands right now, either our feedback isn't being properly relayed or you guys just choose to ignore it and do your own thing. This seems to have grown a lot of hostility between the class devs and the community and it won't get better by continuing to ignore it. It would be super refreshing if we could have some sort of serious, cool headed conversation about the direction of class design since MoP between the community and class devs. I know it seems like almost every thread you see on the forums can be interpreted as a blizzard hate post, but the truth is we just want to work with you guys to make the game better. Edit/PS: I know were all angry/fed up/etc right now but remember that we're all humans on the other side of that computer screen (CMs too). DO be vocal about your opinions but also try not to be crude (not saying any of you guys are, just a reminder <3). The last thing we need is for honest threads to be mistaken as hate threads and disregarded.Cyllinix29 Nov 9
Nov 9 Vengeance Mobility Changes I don't think the change to Demonic Trample is going to do much to diminish Vengeance as the king of flag carry. Demonic Trample already has reduced effectiveness while carrying a flag or cart. Infernal Strike and Abyssal Strike are what need adjustment. That being said, I believe having Infernal Strike and Demonic Trample share a cooldown presents an interesting opportunity to make Demonic Trample a baseline ability for Vengeance. The mobility is what makes the spec so fun, but that mobility needs to be gated behind aggression to prevent the spec from being able to leave enemies in the dust with no contention. Suggested Changes Make Demonic Trample baseline. Get rid of the second charge of Infernal Strike and Demonic Trample, but give them a 12 second shared cooldown. Change Abyssal Strike so that each enemy struck by Infernal Strike deals 5% less damage to you for 4 seconds and reduces the cooldown of Infernal Strike by 2 seconds. Change the Demonic Trample PVP talent slot to Vengeful Momentum - Each enemy knocked down by Demonic Trample increases its duration by 1 second and you gain a stack of Vengeful Momentum, increasing your physical damage by 3%. When Demonic Trample ends, Vengeful Momentum lasts for the duration of that Demonic Trample. These changes allow the spec to retain that very fun, highly mobile feel, but gate that mobility behind combat. Bringing Demonic Trample baseline creates a smoother experience for the player by allowing the spec to play much more similar when transitioning between PVP and PVE, and is made much more reasonable by a 3 second duration on a single charge with a shared cooldown with Infernal Strike. Instead of double leaping away from all enemies, the player will have to choose between leaping away from all enemies and waiting 12 seconds to leap again, or leaping to enemies for a quicker return on the next leap. Vengeful Momentum creates a mini game similar to the Fire Rings in Darkmoon Faire where you're seeking out fresh targets to extend the duration as long as you can so you can build up as much physical power as you can.Photonfervor0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Every comp has a blood DK, DH and a rogue When you turn the pages on the comps that completed the keys, it's just pages and pages of blood DKs, havoc demon hunters and rogues. Every single page. Same pattern. And yet blizzard STILL needs more data?Ashenan0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Are guardian druids that bad in BFA? I asked on trade chat if I was a masochist for playing guardian druid on BFA(I mostly wanna play it because I kinda grew attached to Elthunis here and I'm to lazy to level again, also, love tanking) and a guy in chat just answered "Yes, enjoy your aggro loss and being refused for M+", I mean, is it that bad? I kinda want to have a decent experience when tanking and leveling with my friends and doing content, so, if it is as bad as they are saying, I hope Blizzard fix it in 8.1.Elthunis96 Nov 9
Nov 9 Turrets aren't Fun!!! Just thought I'd send a bit of a message to Blizzard. Title says it all. In a game where mechanics of pretty much every boss in the game require movement, being rooted in place just feels awful. Sure, you can argue "learn the fights", but you will still have to move. This is also why melee seem to dominate the damage meters - they can move. This also creates a balancing nightmare. If you balance a caster on a no-movement patchwerk fight, then they will be too low on dps for most content. However, if you boost the dps to account for high movement, then they do too much damage if they can stand still. Just give mobility tools back to us. With a couple of exceptions, like Affliction, every caster in the game is hindered by inability to move and slow casting spells that may be interrupted by movement or other mechanics. It is just annoying. The game is supposed to be fun, maybe think about how you design caster specs and think about how not fun it is to be rooted in place or do little to no damage.Moonshayde37 Nov 9
Nov 9 Can enhance get some communication? There hasn't been any information on enhance changes in patch 8.1 whatsoever, and people are anticipating them since it was said there would be changes. Can we please get some communication as to at least whether they are working on changes or not?Usutu22 Nov 9
Nov 9 Fury warriors in 8.1? Prots get a blue, Shaman get a blue, what about Fury? Or are we supposed to just be expected to be arms as we are currently one of the least represented specs in the game currently? (sitting next to fire mages)Juggalo31 Nov 9
Nov 9 Treat Class Mechanics More Like Player Models Dear Class Devs, Learn to treat WoW class mechanics more like the art team treats player models. Learn to preserve the most popular, familiar, balanceable past iterations of class mechanics regardless of any modern, experimental, fresh class design decisions you make. Do that, and the vast majority of the current player outrage over class design disappears. QUICKLY. Then they, including myself, will come back and give you money for your game. That is all. Sincerely, Roujeaux #RIPMoPWoDDestroRoujeaux1 Nov 9
Nov 9 Kul Tirans are mostly normal sized humans. EDIT: Done with all Tiragarde Sound NPC's, yes I know I typo'd Tirigarde Sound but it's consistent across the entire spreadsheet... link and data at the bottom of this post ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've began a spreadsheet from wowhead data of all NPCs in Tirigarde Sound. The data I'm compiling is NAME ZONE BODY TYPE MALE/FEMALE I'm sorting out ONLY human NPCs, and only NPCs that are native to Kul Tiras so no 7th legion , etc. For body type male has 3 options, normal, large, skinny. Female only has the option of normal or large, no skinny female option currently. What I'm finding is an overwhelming trend that Kul Tirans are mostly normal sized humans, identical to the size the playable humans currently are. As of today it's 73% on all Kul Tirans are normal sized, I'll update the post when I have all of Tirisgarde Sound (includes Boralis) in the spreadsheet and post a link to the data so others can see it. With blizzard introducing the option to have playable Kul Tirans my hope is we're not locked into ONLY large Kul Tirans, the only two major characters I remember that used the large body style we're Inquisitor Cleardawn in Drustvar and the guy in Boralis from the start of the game. (Excluding unique models such as Priscilla). Flynn Fairwind, Lord Stormsong and Brother Pike, Lucille Waycrest all use the normal human model. I would like to see blizzard give us the option for either body type when creating a Kul Tiran playable, especially since the overwhelming majority of NPCs and main characters do NOT use the large body model. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Here is a link to the spreadsheet in For folks who don't like data and pictures here are the values that I ended up with. Overall body type: Normal 67.8% Large 26.0% Skinny 6.2% Males by body type Normal 62.8% Large 27.6% Skinny 9.7% Female by body type Normal 76.7% Large 23.3% As I suspected the NORMAL body type is by far the most common, therefor it makes sense for playable Kul Tirans to have the option of both normal/large, or preferrably all 3 body types.Thalerion20 Nov 9
Nov 9 Legion Artifact Weapons Legion Artifact Weapons can't be Disenchanted, Destroyed, or Scrapped in BFA. Wouldn't it be great if they could be exchanged for useful BFA items? I would gladly trade my Legion Artifact Weapons for a Transmogrify and Bank added to my Mammoth, for example, or War Resources, or Gold.Solam0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Protection Warriors should be best tanks No matter what. I mean come on, that's what they ARE - meat shields! They should be the most buffed, up in your face tank class - i mean ever! just my opinion but I think they should be better at it than anyone else.Rizzaki2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Resto Shaman suggestions Disclaimer: my only Shaman experience is through leveling this guy up by healing dungeons. But here is some feedback: - I think Ascendance should be baseline. The spec feels like it lacks emergency cooldowns in general. - Healing Rain should have the cast time shortened or removed, and the cooldown lowered to about 3 seconds. Basically give it the same treatment Consecration (Pally ability) got moving into BfA. It's a fun move and keeping it refreshed on the group's current general location feels rewarding, but there's a lot of movement in current dungeons and right now it isn't uncommon to find that you never have a good chance to lay this thing down in a place where anyone's going to linger for more than a second or two. Bonus points: Make this ability visually stand out in a more positive way. I sometimes see people go out of their way to avoid stepping in the water ring and I wouldn't be at all surprised if they think it's a negative thing they need to dodge. It might help to add some type of graphic showing it flowing out of the Shaman's hands. - I would like to see a talent or Azurite trait that makes Riptide splash to a nearby party member or members. I feel like the spec has a lot of fun ability synergy already with Tidal Waves and other buffs increasing casting speed and crit chance and stuff, but it doesn't go far enough. This could buff that synergy with the talent that makes Chain Heal do +20% on targets that have Riptide or Healing Rain. Something I feel like I should be able to do but cant is to build to a point where a Chain Heal or two can heal the entire 5-man group to full, similar to the way a Paladin can use Blessing of Virtue and wings to brute-force the whole team back from the brink once every minute or two. The Resto toolkit is a lot of fun when things are going smoothly, but it can feel a bit lukewarm when heavy damage hits the whole group without warning. - Somewhat better personal defensive toolkit. To bring up Paladins yet again, Holy has access to BoP and bubble to essentially shrug off an entire ignored mechanic. The only thing I can do as an R-Shammy is hit my 40% damage reduction button and hope for the best, and usually it isn't enough. Other than that, I had a lot of fun healing dungeons up from level 20 and I think the spec is very close.Berugor1 Nov 9
Nov 9 [Warrior] Executioner's Precision Dear Blizzard, Please make this baseline with the imminent potential removal of the trait. EP is hands down the single most enjoyable trait in terms of how it improves the rotation. It single handed makes our execute phase have synergy, depth and it is the most fun iteration we probably have ever had since Vanilla. Since we got got EP in Legion I have been hooked and it is hands down the most enjoyable facet of playing Arms in PVE for me. I would use EP even if it was the absolute worse possible trait/talent/ability just because of how fun it makes our baseline rotation in the execute phase. Please please please consider making this baseline, at the beginning of BFA when I didn't have the trait I was drastically finding my Arms warrior less enjoyable to play (transitioning from Legion where I absolutely loved the play-style). You guys managed to fix a lot of the glaring issues from BFA however the one and only change that I implore you guys to consider is to make EP baseline which to me is an absolute necessity for the rotational prowess it brings to the table. It is to the point that I literally almost have no desire to play Arms without EP. I understand that it can pose potential tuning issues however I don't see that as being a blocker for removing something that is so enjoyable and fun. The vast majority of upper echelon warrior's that I have spoken too all share the same sentiment, that the execute phase without EP is basically no where near as enjoyable. Realistically speaking this one trait is single handed the only thing that keeps us remotely competitive in single target damage, when in straight ST situations Arms is lower tier. I would be perfectly fine doing lower tier ST damage as long as I can keep lining up juicy 2 EP 2 OP MS crits (inside CS windows). Those juicy MS crits nourish my soul! TDLR: Please make EP baseline, it adds depth, complexity and makes the rotation a billion times more fun and smooth to play.Palaceknight2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Blizzard, You Killed a Unicorn. WoW PvP has never been perfect, and likely cant ever be perfect, but it used to, at the very least, strive for the unobtainable. And when things were at their best they were good, really damn good. The gameplay had impressive, absolutely unrivaled depth, there was so much counterplay and strategy, outcomes were the sum total of countless micro decisions. WoW PvP dominated Twitch representation 24/7, spawned an army of celebrity players and class heroes, community tournaments, and clip reels where legends like Reckful would have to move frame by frame just so the viewer wouldn’t miss him CCing the entire enemy team simultaneously. And there you were, with this amazing, special thing that even to this day has never been replicated, and what did you do? Utterly and completely squander it. Years of flip-flopping between smothering and neglect have killed it, it’s gone. The class hero’s have been replaced by employees like Maldiva, stewing in disgust that Blizzard went so far out of it’s way too ensure his job feels like just that, a job. There’s no Vanguards 7 or Hydra 8 because why the hell would there be? Who wants to watch 15 minutes of mongo? Why couldn’t you just stop compressing it? Cease making everything so much faster and more simplistic? Chess has been around for 2,000 years, chess is good, you should be proud of people comparing your PvP to it! Did you know Arena Junkies is going offline? The de facto PvP community can no longer generate enough ad revenue to even justify its existence, that’s how bad things have become. Surely more than a handful of people will find it odd I’m so bothered by this, I mean it’s a mode in a game, not even the games entirety. The thing is though, it was something that made me happy, and it was absolutely undoubtedly wholly unique. The worst part is, it wasn’t even yours to ruin – a whole different dev team gave birth to it, we paid for it, we nurtured and fueled it, and then some “fresh faces” come in and just burn it all to the !@#$ing ground. And when you still had a chance to cull the flames, back when you actually tried to defend yourselves, the best we got was heavy-handed out of touch replies like; ... And when the community immediately calls you out, immediately corrects you, addresses your concerns, replies to your queries, what do you do? You flee back to the harbor of indifference and denial. If I wanted to play LoL and have four buttons then guess what, I would. What does me fel flaming a totem have to do with “LOL 2 MUCH CC LOL 2 MUCH BURST?!”. How ‘bout protecting my buffs with underwater breathing? Or rebuffing period for that matter? Keeping up Dark Pact on my team mattered, it was yet another thing I had to keep track of, another layer making the experience feel more like chess than checkers. Anyone remember juking spell reflect? Or consuming it with something trivial? Well too bad because now it’s just a three second buff. How does a community manager, a representative for the company, boil down the entire concept of WoW PvP to “burst and CC” and he himself not see a problem with that? “I see a lot of conflict here, some of you want more burst and CC and some of you want les… wait… oh my god… WoW PvP is presently a heaping pile of pure garbage we’ve distilled down to literally two components. I should probably send someone an email.” TLDR: You people ruined something that made a lot of people happy and hurt the legacy of your predecessors for no conceivable reason, no imaginable gain. You should be embarrassed and ashamed. ( - Bump for a thread I care about because why not)Apple41 Nov 9
Nov 9 8.1- Yeah it's gonna be a no from me, dawg I don't think you did nearly enough for class balance in 8.1. Guardian remains untouched and worthless compared to how it was in Legion. Same with enhance, shadow, and a myriad of other specs that are simply just way underwhelming. Unsubbed today. Sucks because I usually like to play an expansion out for 1-2 years. Given that you as a company have ignored loads of feedback, I am sure this too will get ignored. Here's to hoping 9.0 fixes this game, because after the fiasco that was Diablo Immortal at Blizzcon I have serious doubts about where WoW is heading...Catchmyleafs19 Nov 9
Nov 8 You guys see the new shaman changes this PTR? JK, they just reverted the nerfs to the overpowered burst AOE specs. Cause you know, that's more important right now.Xaval11 Nov 8
Nov 8 15 minutes with a Developer Say for a moment you had 15 minutes to talk to the Developer that designs and Balances your Class/Spec. What do you say?Shinrael51 Nov 8
Nov 8 Why Are Dev's Often Not Present In Discords? The frequents and ranked members of the Class Discords are often times a great sample of knowledgeable players. These Discords theorycraft, test, compare, analyze, and talk about everything their spec has to offer. Of course there's casual chatter but, If you go to any of these discords with the intent of starting a dialogue about your spec it will happen. Many months ago the Paladin Discord, more specifically the Retribution section, received a visit from our Dev. He was met with open arms (A kind man, Thete, even sent cookies) and thoughtful responses to his ideas regarding design philosophy as well as his questions on how people were liking the spec. Its been many moons since we have seen our god king, we miss him and the conversation. To properly state what I am trying to say: Class discords are full of people who know what they are talking about. We love talking to CMs and Devs, hearing their thoughts on a spec that we are equally passionate about is a good PR move. So I pose the question. What is stopping a Dev from popping in during their lunch break for a few minutes to see how their players are enjoying the spec? There are not lynch mobs waiting, only people who really enjoy conversations regarding something they love. This would also help break down the barrier between Dev and player.Volamena13 Nov 8
Nov 8 123123 1Ojoverde6 Nov 8
Nov 8 Please give us lifetime memberships! I'd happily pay $500 for it right now! :) I have renewed faith in youMilynde8 Nov 8
Nov 8 8.1 Shaman changes Elemental was the first spec to get a blue post when PTR testing began. It did contain some good changes and better talents. Since then shaman have gotten no other communication for any spec. I have been hoping that since Enhance and Elemental have been mentioned specifically almost every time class design has been brought up that there would be a lot more changes and focus on the class. Now we are about 4 weeks out from 8.1, around the same time that they said in beta that there was no more time for any class changes to be iterated on and tested. With a shift in leadership of Holinka being added onto the Combat Design team I understand how things can shift in focus and plan can change. Who knows what kinds of overall changes are coming to the combat of the game. If we have gotten all that we are getting for Shaman changes in 8.1 that's fine. Just tell us now. Are all class changes finished and it is just number tuning? Is there more larger sweeping changes coming to combat in 8.2, or will we not see anything drastic till the next xpac? I don't want to write out my ideas and thoughts on what should change or not. It has been done plenty and there are other threads full of that. I just want to know what to expect going forward and if I should stop hoping for more info on my favorite class and get something else ready to raid in 8.1.Thunn9 Nov 8