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1h Warmode Faction Imbalance Solution! Levelling up, I got camped by lvl 120 gank squads without any help. Bitterness made me start hating the game, and I almost hung it up. Being a partially geared 120 isn’t a lot better. Talking through the problem with my brother while lamenting the imbalance, I had a realization. Treat it like it's actually war- strategy and psychology included. I immediately noticed my enjoyment of the game skyrocketed when I adopted the mindset laid out below. In warfare what matters most are coordination, situational advantage, skill / training, supplies, gear, and morale. Supplies are irrelevant, skill gap narrows quickly in practice, and the gear gap will narrow as well. That leaves morale, situational advantage, and coordination Below are the things you can and should do to change the landscape of Warmode: Always join allies in fights. I even stay for up to an hour (usually stealthed) after doing a World Quest just for the opportunity to punish Horde who would prey upon allies, and to help them in their questing. It's very satisfying to counter-gank and watch allies stand a little taller and be a little bolder while at the same time letting them know they have a team. Always seek any advantage you can. This means level disparities, gear disparities, terrain, numbers, etc. I have taken to roaming Zandalar looking for lowbies. Hit that macro that broadcasts location and willingness to group any time (I usually do at minimum whenever I am traveling anywhere). Whether you're in a fight, or looking for one. You wouldn't think so, but it's incredible how many people ask for help when you broadcast your willingness to do so. Camp them until they stop resisting. And then keep killing them until they turn off Warmode. Especially attack them if they don't appear to be a threat (seem to be AFK, low level / gear, or are paying attention to story / talking to an NPC). When you accumulate a bounty, shed it by dying any other way than in PvP. With a bounty on your head it will be harder to gank because you will be easy to avoid / easy to hunt via the map. If you suspect reinforcements are on their way, finish your gank and bug out. Deny them the satisfaction, and know that you've pulled Horde from whatever they were doing (potentially hunting allies!) to walk around aimlessly trying to AOE you out of stealth for the next half hour... Meanwhile you're in another zone camping lowbies. The exception is any situation where Alliance morale would be negatively affected. If you're at any disadvantage, or you’ve been killed twice or more, disengage. Don't do damage to yourself, your allies, or the Alliance as a whole by allowing the Horde to psychologically manipulate your morale. Leave the situation and go find some weak loners. In summary, Warmode has actually, truly become about warfare strategy and psychology. I take no pleasure in it... I actually really like the idea of honorable fights.. But they didn't and won't give that to us and we must deliver our answer to the horde swiftly and consistently. By whatever means necessary, deny them any and all positive experience and replace it with only bitterness and frustration. Such is the key to war. The only way we can meaningfully have an impact on Warmode in World of Warcraft is to manipulate morale. I'm not asking you to do anything they don't already do. Use guerilla warfare strategy and help each other. Reach out with aid, and ask for assistance. Only fight with the advantage, and deny them bounty. Crush their spirits relentlessly and force them to turn off Warmode. Only when this happens enough will the world be such that we can have honorable and meaningful PvP.Mutare15 1h
1h 111 Twinks vastly more powerful in war mode Just wanted to point this out again, cause I bet its been brought up before. But the level 111 twink scene in war mode is the most unbalanced thing I have ever seen. A max geared 120 stands NO chance against a 111 twink with legendaries in full effect and scaling on. It seems so odd that you get weaker in world by leveling and the main reason I came back was war mode, so if I want to compete just going to pause my xp bar on my druid and try and play on a level playing field with the people 1 level into the expac. TL:DR Want to win in war mode every time, keep a character at 111 with legiondaries and you will never lose in world.Raikiel0 1h
2h horde 1v1 run away 1v5 ZUG ZUG FOR THE HORDE This is why warmode is being turned off because no one enjoys being 1v10'd at a worldquest some scrub hunter started ''oh get more allies'' great i gathered 5 guildies and a skirmish turned into 5v30 oh get a raid group great i started raid group and we phased out of the people we was fighting/ or we win and they run away after 1 kill and come back 5mins later( no one wants to spend all day getting rid of a band of 30 trolls who aren't even good unless outnumbering people) No one wants to spend 5 hours a day clearing out a bunch of bad easy kill players who wont leaveNânâ5 2h
2h Ummm how? 375 from a Steel Strongbox? So my friend did a Call to Arms: Drustvar today and got a 375 out of a Steel Strongbox (titanforged)...WTF? How is that even possible? The highest I can seem to get out of them is a 330, which occasionally gets warforged/titanforged into a 335/340. How did he get something with such a high ilvl? Anyone else gotten a similarly huge ilvl item from one of those boxes?Lemonpoison4 2h
2h The Horde Declares Victory ATTN: Everyone Since nothing can be done about the current Horde dominance, I can only assume this is an intended feature of the Battle for Azeroth expansion. Although it wasn't explicitly mentioned, one side was clearly meant to beat the other into submission and reap the 10% reward bonus with unchallenged impunity. I like when developers hide features in the game for players to discover. With that said, I declare the Horde as the winners of Battle for Azeroth. I would also like to thank the Alliance for their participation. Can we get an in-game cinematic showing the Horde has won? It should be something like one Alliance human trying to do a WQ, but then the camera pans out and there are 40 Horde right behind him. They stun him, he trinkets, gets stunned again and dies in the stunlock. Afterwards, the Horde does rude and stupid things to his corpse using an assortment of in-game toys. To make it easier, you can just record this happening in-game. ThanksZertbreztok22 2h
2h Remove Opt-Out option for WARMODE! Trying to play alliance alts is about as fun as drinking acid. ( Rant part done heres some helpfulness). What is the point in having warmode if atleast 60% of the alliance faction opt out or just purely dont have the numbers? Horde sit on world quests of any merit and just camp them. Alliance CONSTANTLY report 8v1 instances every time they go outside a main city. I mean honestly, is this fun content? The answer is no. There should be NO OPTION, PERIOD. To opt out of warmode, we need pvp servers for a reason... Now i think you are seeing why. Without a no opt-out warmode, alliance might aswell stop playing for world pvp at all. Its 100% unfair and unbalanced and thats comming from a main horde.. Blizzard, we see atleast 10 of these types of posts in any given day. Why wont you respond? This lack of communication is what is putting you in such hot water to need an emergency AMA like this.. You have to report sub numbers to share holders soon im sure. LETS MAKE IT A GOOD ONE! We want to enjoy this game, please just let us..Take off the train tracks and stop shoving us into little ghettos of content. Make this game truly OPEN world and free flowing like we all want im sure.. Wotlk was a god send, this is his train ride home. Whats going on here?Ilovelampqt13 2h
4h Too many guards Please remove all guards when warmode is enabled. Fighting 20+ guards isn't fun.Shiyoakemi7 4h
4h How long till players are immune to pet dmg? Kind of feel like that's the direction we're headed at this rateLokomachine14 4h
4h Warmode party + feedback / ideas I'm sure many of you are having the same issue my guild is having with warmode: you can't intetact each other when you're doing non-pvp activities. My guild is pretty split when it comes to Warmode and it has become quite the nuisance. So I just wanted to provide some feedback and suggestions. 1) Allow for groups to follow the leaders Warmode setting when joining a group or raid. You can add a "this user has/does not have Warmode enabled. Do you wish to toggle Warmode?" toggle. Honestly this would remove many of the other issues tied to Warmode, but read on if you find this too intrusive for other players. 2) Allow specific interactions between non Warmodes. For summoning stones/portals, allow the other player see the portal. For trades, allow for trades between players based on a proximity check since you know where they are on both instances. 3) Alternatively, you can allow more cities or sanctuary places were swapping is allowed. Perhaps anywhere there is no pvp or when rested? I love the idea of Warmode, but the "can only be set in Orgrimmar" rule takes away from the spontaneity and fun factor. It also becomes a nuisance for players to run pve with their pvp-loving friends.Vodkadin1 4h
7h DH or Surv Hunter I'm looking for a fun class for open world pvp. Kind of narrowed it down to DH or Surv Hunter. Anyone have any suggestions? I've played both and find them both fun, my hunter is already 120 but DH is sitting at 110. I wouldn't mind leveling him as my hunter's gear is pretty crap anyway. Surv Hunter seems like the damage is pretty decent, and I don't really mind the other two specs as well. DH I love the mobility (double jump/glide ftw) I could also get into tanking if I wanted to. So, which do you think would fare best in WPVP?Valnath0 7h
7h Warmode but all alone? So... I've had War Mode back off since like week 2. During the time i had it off, i had nothing but WM allies crawling around everywhere near WQs. There were TONS of them. Now that WM is back on, I've only found one single WM ally in the entire time I've played today. Is that just a really odd coincidence or is there something i'm missing?Gromph12 7h
8h Its time to stop! Nerf Priests please! Okay so here is what I just witnessed happen: Fresh level 120 priest with 92k health (including fort so you know this guy is fresh) had a duel with 120 rogue with 367ilvl and 2k arena rating go for 4min. In the end, the priest forced the rogue to cloak and vanish away from the fight without even going oom. In what world is this balanced? In arena setting they get dampening so okay fine, they can be OP but still killable. In world pvp they are unstoppable. At this point we need a little group finder icon next to any disc priest so we can find a group of 5 to kill them.Chknmasala38 8h
9h What is an "Alliance Officer"? I just saw a retribution paladin in Vol'dun with what seemed to be a bodyguard named "Alliance Officer." It did about 3,000 to 4,000 damage a hit. As far as I could tell, it followed him around passively, like a warlock or hunter pet.Lopez41 9h
9h New PvP Realm "Gladiators Sanctum" Anyone else notice this? It's a 3rd realm that was just posted today on realm list, but it's offline. 120 PvP Premades hopefully?Hauly5 9h
18h Arms Warrior Nerf Wow, Arms is already garbage in 1v1. Horrible survivability. Horrible in 2s without a healer because of survivability. So let's nerf defensive stance. I guess math isn't used in balancing. Getting tired of the lack of balance in this game.Warsinger1 18h
21h War Mode rewards should scale With pop imbalance. Yeah, not even close to worth it as Alliance unless you are grouping specifically to farm Horde and run.Rodruun0 21h
23h Alliance, please stop being selfish... Turn on warmode. Think of all the poor horde players out there whom just want to get the "Alliance slayer" achievement. Those horde players are finding it rarer and rarer to come across alliance players now adays and many of them are unable to get the alliance kills they need for their achievements. So please, do your part to make us horde players happyDrusillia73 23h
1d Fix Horde Mode Population balance way off. Every world quest camped by large group of horde.When a bunch leave another shows up. As of now bliz is just giving it to horde as ali is turning WM off. Because there is fewer and fewer ali more horde are turning it on.Paulayork1 1d
1d Easy Solution to WM fraction imbalance The easiest solution to WM imbalance is to recreate that one item from timeless isle that let you kill your own faction. This way, horde will be in danger, alliance will be in danger. Nobody will be safe in WM, like it should be. You will still have the Alliance QQ about Horde ganking, but now, the Horde will also QQ about Horde ganking. Horde doesn't need Alliance to turn on WM to have people to fight against. Nobody will be safe. Nobody will get easy 10% bonus. MAKE IT HAPPEN, BLIZZARD.Darlinga2 1d
1d Blizzard tricks realized Yeah alliance is getting raped.. not that it's not expected, look at all content, FFS the entire realm of azaroth is shanked and dying for good. alliance getting raped so bad I bet they never won anything, they think we are stupid, in the wow movie the orcs only took a few of their horde and almost whooped all of azaroths !@#. Then in the bfa cinematic we "have them cornered" then you get into the game and realize blizzard is just making fun of the people stupid enough to pick alliance. The horde would not be considered cornered in wow by a blind boy with downs. Blizzard tricks have been realized. After this observation I think blizzard should end the game and just have the alliance lose. If you did the math, and got real with what actually happening in the game you can only come to the horde winning as a conclusion. I like being the underdog but this is laughable, the horde is fiddly diddlying the alliance so bad that to get serious about the WOW universe is impossible.. idk if this is a joke or they are just being aholes but I can see through it.Musclemass0 1d
1d BfA is bad for World PvP As someone who has played and been very involved in world PvP in every expansion since Burning Crusade I want to iterate that I am in no way exaggerating when I say BfA is the worst expansion for World PvP to date. Due to "Warmode Sharding" half the time I can't even see my friends or rivals even though we are both in Warmode and in the same zone etc. Please, do something.Blom17 1d
1d Unholy nerfed into inviability When the best unholy DK in the world says the class is trash you over nerfed. Thanks so much Blizz.Mêphiston33 1d
1d instant drop the combat? Is there a bug, or item that drops your combat in world PvP? I was chasing down a snake of a feral druid Lyko was it's name, well it was messing up Crossroads right good. I confront the bugger twice, and each time the slimy snail gone done dropped combat, and gone crowed off like David Bowie when the dare tugger bit off more then he can chew.Torpick2 1d
1d Marks of Honor in 8.0 I haven’t seen any Marks of Honor in the Broken Isles PvP World Quests since Pre-Patch dropped, and I can’t seem to find any updated information on them. Does anybody know if they’re still available through the WQ from time to time, or am I just going to have to bite the bullet and start doing Battlegrounds?Windu24 1d
1d Assassin - HOWTO I'm trying to find info on how to get Assassin buff and Bounty debuff, and having been in a group with one person getting it while others didn't get it, I did some reading to try to find out what the rules are. I couldn't find an official article on it, just some anecdotes (except one blue post). If anyone has a link to a good article please post. Here's what I've gathered: Once you have Assassin, the zone selects one assassin w/a high kill streak at random to place a bounty on. (blue post) https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20766686634#post-6 You must land the killing blow for it to count towards your streak of 10 to gain the assassin buff (this was from a comment I read on a wowhead article). - Which means you can't let mobs finish them for dura hit, or allow them to suicide by jumping off a cliff. - Which also explains why only 1 of our group of 3 got the buff last night. Once someone in your group gets the quest to kill 10 enemies when they have the Assassin buff, that quest is shareable! Please add any verified info you have and I'll update this OP.Daa0 1d
1d More BM Hunter nerfs plz I like the direction Blizzard is going with yesterdays hotfixes/ptr notes. I think we can do a little better though. Still no mention of spirit beast. Lets get this fixed in 8.1 as well.Nuclearman3 1d
1d War mode is fun Yes. War mode is fun. Thank god blizzard did something good for once to shake up their stale game. I enjoy getting together with friends to run the world and look for hoard to kill. I enjoy as a rogue killing them just out of sight of their friends and vanishing before they know what happened. I especially enjoy dropping all my toys on their corpses and having a good laugh as he rage quits and the body vanishes altogether. If you are having trouble with war mode might I suggest a fundamental shift in your perception of what is fair. I see many posts talking about 1v5 and 1v10 and other such odds. Consider this. These hoard are grouping up and running WQs as a group and you're not. Try and stop playing wow as a solo while in WPvP mode and find some friends to run around with.Tanj40 1d
1d Unsolved Mystery Maybe someone can explain something that happened to me just a little while ago. I was in Drustvar in the Crimson Forrest talking to what appeared to be a faction neutral goblin npc. A group of 3-4 level 120 Horde players show up and start attacking me. I make a run for it. All of a sudden, something shoots me straight up into the air (really high). As I descend, a parachute deploys. To make use of this most fortuitous event, I activate the goblin glider on my cloak and glide far far away to safety. What was it that tossed me into the air? Was there an Alliance player somewhere with some item that helped to save me? Was it something the Horde used on me to stop me from running in hopes that I'd just ride the parachute more or less straight back down into their waiting arms?Osirok2 1d
1d Warmode Faction Imbalance Has blizzard mentioned or acknowledged the horrible faction imbalance in war mode? I love the fact that PvP has returned to the outdoor world however it is nearly impossible to play as alliance currently on my server. Consistently have 5x the horde ganking alliance near WQ spawn points.Demonicksz21 1d
1d Alliance vs Horde numbers in warmode Okay. We all know there is an issue here. That's not open to discussion. Now, I just want to know, what is happening? Wasn't shards supposed to work on trying to somewhat fix this? And what I mean by fixing is: I don't know the technical terminology, but let's say there is 500 horde and 100 alliance and 5 different 'shards'. 1. One shard is going to have 100 horde and 100 alliance. 2. Four shards is going to have 100 horde players. At least is what it was said to us by a blue post irc. So, how are we still having this issue? And is not unfortunate series of events. I've spent yesterday a dozens of minutes trying to kill a single mob for a WQ. I saw 63 Horde players and 3 Alliances. Yeah, maybe there was more Alliance that showed up and ran away after seeing that much horde together that I didn't saw, so that '3' must be higher. But c'mon. Today the same thing. Only I stoped couting on 35 Horde, and not a single alliance players to be found. And It was that one in a cave to Kill Aclhemist Pitts. So, I don't think I missed an alliance this time. So I went down to the only solution that I can see. Turning off Warmode and making the situation even worse. But I can blame me, or any other players that does that and keeps the cycling going. Now, we all know some people may say 'crybaby' or other things, but we all know there is an issue here. Horde players have a WAY easier time with the warmode on. Even with the shards working as intended. And 10% is a lot on the long run. That 10% on AP, gold, war resources. And more important: the fun. Alliance players is nearly out of fun with the warmode. At each passing day I see more and more Alliance players turning it off. And with no Alliance players, Horde won't even have anything to kill. So we'll end up with 2 separate instances. One full of hordes. One full of alliances. Only the first will get 10% more out of anything. EDIT: Some screenshots of yesterday and today: https://imgur.com/a/mAkPMQ9 EDIT2: I saw the community saying there should be a floating % based bonus. So a faction will get more bonus if they lack people on warmode. Although I think that might have been a good idea at the launch, I doubt that will work now. Think like this vaccine, not as a medication.Seupeçanha28 1d
1d Free faction changes for alliance title pretty dumb war mode is this lopsided when advertised one of the prominent features of the xpac free faction changes need to be allowed for any and all alliance if they don't want to provide some sort of wintergrasp buff or fix their crappy sharding techMage17 1d
1d (Yet another) Turning off WM Dual-faction player here, I really enjoy both factions and lots of variety in races. I love playing my horde chars, as well as my alliance. I think I am one of many that regularly play both. Unfortunately the rate at which I find myself in areas that are completely swarming with horde make using WM untenable. I look forward to a creative solution from Blizzard which makes WM rewarding for Horde (no PvP deserts) and Alliance (not a murder-fest with no real competition).Larsadin39 1d
1d Thanks blizz For making it so DK multi-boxers don't have to worry about lag and can murder you just by walking near you. Thanks again. Real fun to allow people to play like this.Swîne3 1d
2d Buff war mode bonus for Horde ... on RP shards please. We need more Horde to kill, especially the ones who are in it for the PVE bonus.Yarrow0 2d
2d No incentive for WQ All the WQ rewards are always downgrades. Like whats the point of going out there and doing those quests if they give gear thats way worse than what i already got? I thought it was supposed to scale so u can always get side grades at least? Its like I did WQ for 2 days and then i already outgrew them because th gear rewards suck so bad. IDK.. they r boring to me because I dont care for downgrades and i dont care for doing a quest for 1 percent XP of azerite power.Broggar2 2d
2d War Mode Needs Level Brackets I understand war mode is supposed to engage cross-faction pvp, but getting one-shotted by a 120 over and over who's trolling an Eastern Kingdoms zone isn't fun. It's just cyber bullying. Please consider employing a level min/max players can attack. For example, a 120 can attack other players only 110 and higher. Any character 109 and lower is untargetable. This way, a level 32 doesn't spotaneously see "You have died." on their screen. There's nothing the lowbie can do. Yes, I know I can turn war mode off, but I'm in it for the exp bonus. If unwilling to make level requirements for attacking in war mode, please add gem sockets to heirlooms! I'm an altaholic that's sobering up. 120 levels is one heck of a grind.Sekiro14 2d
2d How does Horde RP war mode feel? Just finished leading a 2-4 person emissaries group, and also led a tour of duty group yesterday. While my spies report that there are still more people on Horde RP servers than Alliance RP servers with war mode on, out in the wild, it felt like there were more Alliance, and we certainly won most of our fights. One of the things I noticed was that many of the Alliance were not from RP realms - also true of my groups, I was kind of running them as a service to friends from Normal realms - while most of the Horde were from RP realms, at least until I got a bounty on me, when large numbers of Horde from Normal servers showed up. So possibly the actual population balance on these shards is favorable to Alliance because we have more Normal server folks visiting? On the other hand, it might just have been that the addition of our group to any given area was enough to change the balance. So, I have a question for Horde from RP servers with war mode on: how does it feel to you? Does it feel like there are more Alliance than Horde, does it feel fairly even, or do you see more Horde?Yarrow0 2d
2d Increase the war mode WQ bonus for Alliance There is nothing wrong with war mode as a system. The structure that's required for a quality WPvP experience is already in place, and it's vastly better than the old system of total and irreversible imbalance on all realms that weren't RP-PvP. At least now Blizzard can adjust the war mode faction ratio by tweaking numbers, something that used to require character transfers. The war mode bonus rewards for world quests just need to be much higher than 10% for Alliance. Keep it at 10% for Horde and maybe start with 30% for Alliance and see what happens. If Horde still has an advantage, move it to 40%. Keep going higher until there are just as many Alliance using war mode as there are Horde. What you don't want is for PvE players to feel compelled to turn on war mode just for the increased rewards, even though they're not interested in PvP. The number just needs to be high enough to at least convince the PvP players to turn war mode back on. You might think that unequal war mode bonus values between the factions would give Alliance an advantage, but that's not true. Currently the numbers are equal (10% for both factions), yet Horde clearly has the advantage due to outnumbering Alliance and being able to complete world quests much faster. Giving the Alliance an advantage in the war mode bonus would offset their disadvantage in the number of war mode players they have relative to Horde.Ramitdown1 2d
2d Frustrated with the Anduin Knights raid group Is there no horde guild that can counter them or what? These guys ride on gryphons they have been realm hopping and almost smashing every realm in all bfa zones my realm was attacked the other day in different zones and city then I saw them on ED realm causing lag and completely destroying everything. While I dont mind warmode but surely where are all the horde guilds and groups? this alliance group the cryptids league they ride as anduin knights on gryphons needs to be tackled. I personally feel like alliance is still dominating even after the expansion when they decide to group up that is.... something needs to be done horde!Zapey50 2d
2d How do I gear up in PvP? I just got my alt to 120 and have most of the aspirant pieces except helm, chest and shoulders. After doing lots of bgs, and world PvP when I can. How do I get PvP Azerite gear? Do they actually drop in BG rewards or do I have to find War Caches? (Wherever they are...)Reznok2 2d
2d Packet interference Hi all as of late I have been seeing a number of Horde closing the distance to me super quick AND running around me and chasing after me in a jagged fashion like the server is catching up to the sent 'location' packets for that toon and it is p*ssing me off!! before you ask latency, can confirm anywhere between 25MS to 40MS are there a fair number of people out there using third party programs to give false location packets to get a speed advantage on players escaping? and if so will reporting them work? cause I reported and I want to see if it will have an effect on the toon in question also, seems to be a lot of the time it is rogues.... and yes i realize the irony posting from my rogue toonLarsolana0 2d
2d Bounty Hunting Achievement Troubles Having trouble even getting started because: 1. I can't find any bounties. Is anyone even PvP'ing in warmode? 2. The groups that I find for bounties either have bounties that disappear or have a raid group protecting them. 3. When a bounty is managed to be killed only 5 people can loot it, so multiple groups converging on a bounty won't get credit. I think the bounty requirements for Conqueror of Azeroth need to be looked at. I don't mind the achieve being hard, but at this rate it's almost impossible to even start progress on it.Jiping8 2d
2d "Most Wanted" and "the Bounty Hunter" titles Come on, Blizzard, give us "Most Wanted" and "the Bounty Hunter" titles "Most Wanted" - after you have 100 bounties placed on your head "the Bounty Hunter" - after you looted 100 bounties Pick a number, 100 or 1000, I don't care if it's ridiculously high, just give us these two titles to go with the new bounty system in WM.Darlinga0 2d
2d ban disc priests from all forms of pvp it's necessary at this pointVara7 2d
2d Bonus to war/titanforge with warmode Yay, or nay? I've got this guy on my Facebook group absolutely convinced that warmode increases the bonus of war/titan-forging by 10%. I tried to convince him otherwise, but Blizzard has been a tad bit vague about it. They specifically state: +10% World Quest reward bonuses at max level. Now I know better than to assume this affects war/titanforging in any way, especially since hovering over a WQ displays the exact bonus you get with warmode on (been that way since end of Legion). Not to mention that this would add a whole nother dynamic to leaving war mode on after 120, but I digress... Anyone got an official link to a Blizzard post on this. Guy cant be convinced otherwise and i'm about to give up and let him remain convinced of his delusion.Mithrödin1 2d
2d Racially Inspired Pennants My suggestion is that players be able to unlock a racially inspired pennant for their characters! They would be the exact models or similar to that of those currently used on each of the Vicious War Saddle Mounts, so you wouldn’t need to do too much in order to add these assets to the game. My PC is getting tired of this ugly wooden stick because it totally clashes with my sexy-sweet transmog, ya dig? I’ve suggested this in the suggestion box in-game TOO MANY TIMES. Let’s DISCUSS. -Zaldin SunglimmerZaldin4 2d
2d Ganking and Imbalance War mode is fun, half done capping my alts thank goodness. I don't know what is worse being stuck trying to avoid 120s trying to gank you or just the sheer number of them in lowbie questing areas. Already can't fight back in a 1v1 in a significant way 9/10 times but it is hardly ever a 1v1 even when they 10 levels higher than you lmao. Game starts at 120, gg lowbies? After so many years we going to do this in the worse possible some more. In a setting where lower levels don't even interact and all you get to do is World PvP against are capped players who will rofl stomp you, how is this good X'ing out lower level players in world pvp or rather rendering it non-existent outside of getting ganked? At least in PvP zones before it was separated by level which only helped people who were actually questing and leveling up in the area or capped players if they were rep farming doing quest which meant far less of them in the area. And it also assured lowbies get to fight against people their own level who they actually have a chance against. Now they take over questing areas, WQs, Rares and generally make life miserable just trying to to cap. They should really see about changes some things so everyone can enjoy World PvP not just capped players. I have quite a few capped toons so its no biggie to jump on a alt and fight the good fight outnumbered while begging to get help that rarely comes, im from a Realm where the joke was their are more belfs then entire Alliance there, imagine that lol. Plenty fun days, so im well accustomed to being outgunned a lot of times and I stayed there since day 1. This is more so about other players who might not be so used to this, and also about fairness. War Mode in my opinion should be something "everyone" should be able to do and enjoy. They should have made NPC level scale even on opposite faction island, with questing options aplenty for lowbies, so they at least have the option to engage people their own levels or buff guards so they not getting laid out in groups against 120s with 80k hp smh. Probably to late for a lot of full on heavy changes but it would be nice if they could do something to make War mode some kind of fun for lower level players. hate to say it but original scaling where 110s could fight 120s easier needs to be brought back or to some degree within that same range. Alliance side is way to outnumbered and there is never enough 120s soldiers so at least give the lowbie farmers a sword to fight with cause they all alone against these guys. And getting help rarely comes, and hardly matter cause of imbalance.Mcfaceroller0 2d
3d No more blacklisting? Please modify Strand! With 40 man BG's in their own queue, apparently blacklisting is gone. This will make Strand of the Ancients the least popular battleground in the regular queue. Whenever you queue with friends, everyone will groan when you get SotA. That's the bad news. The good is I don't think it's irredeemable. The worst part about SotA, imo, is having to run back to jump into a vehicle which reduces your character to two abilities and two movement directions. Why not just have these controlled by NPC's?Churchmouse190 3d
3d Conquest - skip reward quest? I've been researching something that I can't find . If I don't use my conquest points on the current item listed for the week (gloves this week). Can I just not turn in the quest and save my conquest points for next week's reward? ...or will gloves still be my next option?Vsho1 3d