Battle for Azeroth Warmode and PvP

21m Casters and PVP I'll be honest, I've tried for years to want to play casters in PVP. It's about the most frustrating thing to deal with. With such a focus on World PVP and pvp in general, I really hope Blizzard could pull out some last minute stops to make casting not such a joke. I'm tired of everything being about mongo melee because there's next to no draw backs to having everything instant. I say this, by the way, as a hopeful caster. I've made it work, but it's just simply not a fun model currently. Nothing is fun about being CC chained and kicked to the point that most of the game you're not really playing, while everything is just instantly done against you, and often times with better defensive capabilities. Even warlock, the slow tanky Caster, isn't exactly tanky anymore, and still has no mobility and each has their primary set of damage tied up in a single school of magic. Please actively rework things. Make the combat actually enjoyable. I'm sort of sick of relying on hunter to enjoy playing ranged even the slightest.Shyja41 21m
27m We need a Solo Que The new features that you guys are adding are great but only partially fill the problem. Arenas are the most fun aspect of the game for many, but it is REALLY difficult to use LFG. Arena Skirmishes are wonderful but don't reward you and has people skipping/joining and leaving to reset cool downs. Solo que will be the middle ground with moderate rewards and ability to play at your leisure. It would be really great because finding partners is amazingly difficult in 2018. Thanks for your hard work!Goldplatinum2 27m
58m WARMODE and WorldDefenseChannel I know that some Blizzard developers are looking into it...yada yada yada...but if we are going to have WARMODE, an assassin buff, bounties, etc...we need to have a WorldDefenseChannel again. In response to the concerns of flying in WARMODE, Blizzard put in the Net-O-Matic 5000. I hope that they continue to add/make improvements to WPVP and the WorldDefenseChannel would be one of the easiest to implement and one of the most useful features in WARMODE.Beleriend2 58m
1h Curses: Warlock Honor Talent Feedback With the new War Mode system giving players only three choices for honor talents, unfortunately curse of weakness and curse of tongues are lackluster when compared to the other talent options. My suggestion is to rework curse of weakness into curse of exhaustion and curse of tongues into a brand new movement enhancing ability. Changing these curses would give warlock some additional counter-play opportunity vs melee. As honor talents, these would give warlocks a much needed way to slow down melee, move faster, and fill the gap created by losing things such as Doomgaurd and it's cripple spell. With so many melee classes having high mobility it is important casters have basic tools to be competitive in world pvp and casual pvp.Pawful1 1h
2h Spell Reflect & Grounding Totem These spells were unecessarily simplified into 3 second auras that reflects all spells for 3 seconds, this change removed any counterplay around them. They need to return to the pre-legion versions of only reflecting 1 spell. Also, spells that are reflected by the Warrior's spell reflect should actually deal damage back to the caster, it hasn't done that for all of legion (arms/fury version). Why is it that Prot has the old version of Spell Reflect, while Arms/Fury have the simplified 3 second aura version? Prot reflects 1 spell with a 5 sec duration, thats the spell reflect that should be the baseline for every spec. Grounding Totem's old version of consuming 1 spell (15 sec duration) was much better. Grounding being available to ele/enhance again is good, but it just feels wrong NOT having it baseline, you've already reduced the number of honor talent slots to 3, and spells like grounding/spell reflect/shiv/smoke bomb are mandatory not just for the gameplay they provide but for the classes to feel more complete.Chritznl13 2h
2h Get rid of enemy name tags in warmode. The game would feel more dangerous/exciting. Everyone could use bushes and terrain to hide for ambushes and whatnot. It would be soo much more fun.Roargathor7 2h
2h BFA Sub Rogue Class Design Just giving on some feedback on what i'm excited for and what I feel might be clunky or what I believe could feel more impactful. General Changes: --- Prey on the weak being a debuff feels much smoother. Very good change makes dealing with orcs or relentless much less frustrating, also adds decision making instead of being a spam stunbot. --- Was happy to see Marked for Death on Vigor/Stratagem tier and DFA stay on the 100 tier, but now it's missing and the 100 tier is 2 blank talents. Really miss being able to have access to marked for death and Death from above at the same time. Being able to time DFA to chase a blink/port is fun and exciting. ***DFA honor talent now. --- Feint being 15 second cooldown seems worrisome if not gaining defense elsewhere since we don't have the self peels / slipperiness we had in past. -If the issue with feint is PvE related untalented version could have longer CD and could remove aoe reduction from talented version. -If the issue is spam related make its CD 6-10 seconds instead of 15 and or lower its duration to 4 seconds. This adds counter-play by being able to bait feint then bursting as it ends, but is still on cooldown. --- Would be nice to see more abilities designed to interact with one another like: gouge->berserker rage->shiv->fear, Bladestorm -> Disarm, DK unholy frenzy to break CC -> shiv. Hibernate wars between ferals etc. --- No way to tell how I feel about 2 minute cloak since can't play 120 htalent number tuned arenas yet, but as long as it happens to other classes as well longer defensive CD's is good for the game to break the scripted flowchart of defensive cd rotations and promote swaps more. GCD Changes: --- I'm thankful shadow dance isn't on it since there are often split decision utility plays with sap that wouldn't be possible if it was. --- I don't mind the GCD changes even though I feel they are a bandaid fix for adding counter-play to scripted goes. I think the bigger issue is the homogenization of 1 Minute Defensive Cooldowns and overly simplistic rotations than just delaying damage after a CD. *I.E needing slice and dice / rupture up is a much bigger delay without the loss of smoothness than the current plan band-aid delaying burst through GCD. --- Using symbols of death and shadow blades before a dance feels really clunky investing 2 globals and neither of symbols or shadow blades scream iconic/exciting. Could maybe just combine both of them into 1 major offensive CD. ***symbols / cold blood are once again off GCD now. Utility vs class fantasy: --- The whole Assassination =poison, sub = shadow fantasy, outlaw/combat = more toe to toe fantasy really makes all 3 specs feel incomplete and not well rounded. There should be a fine line between strengths and weaknesses, but most other classes don't have this missing backbone ultimatum. *Imagine how bad it would feel if: -only affliction had curses/dots -only demo had a pet -destro was revamped around a RNG "Burn the offering" roulette wheel of blessings to rip off roll the bones. or -only Survival had traps/flare -only BM pet abilities like roar of sacrifice. -only Marksman had other situational CC's like binding shot/wyvern. It would just feel clunky or wrong and that is how it feels as a rogue looking back to wrath/cata/mop/even wod then playing legion/bfa with: -only outlaw has gouge / disarm (dismantle if it's still an honor talent), tricks of the trade damage boost for that niche of control+support class. -only assassination has garrote silence / poisons (mortal strike is very important for PvP) -only Sub having smoke bomb in legion (all 3 specs have as honor talent in bfa) If you are set in stone with this class fantasy then at least spread the CC across all 3 specs at the cost of damage/mobility if need be and give Outlaw/Sub mortal strike effects tied elsewhere in the rotation. For, Sub could have the old talented waylay slow on Backstab / Shadowstrike and have Nightblade be our mortal strike effect. Utility: --- Decision making with disarm, garrote, gouge, shiv, stuns, tricks of the trade damage buff on teammates was the backbone of the class. --- The multiple dance/multiple shadowstep model doesn't feel nearly as impactful as the old 1 shadowstep, 1minute burst dance, prep model. Since it's too available, not as much damage, less utility without garrote. --- If prep is too strong defensively or you feel like rogues evasion offensively because they want to prep, you could instead just add a second charge to vanish somehow instead of the current legion theifs bargain 45sec vanish. --- If sub having gouge was too oppressive when used as pseudo interrupt then raising the cooldown / energy costs are better solutions than pruning and removing decision making/options. --- If garrote went baseline stealth only for sub/outlaw with a CD. Assa could maintain its out of stealth/no cd from stealth niche.Nahj76 2h
2h Arena movement lag Currently skirmishes feel a lot like the arenas in legion before the arena movement hotfix. Melee characters can spam an ability and the animation plays but the attack never connects. Hopefully that hotfix wasn't reverted because it helped arenas on live tremendously.Vansham2 2h
3h Clarification please. BfA - Honor Rewards Can you please clarify that in BfA, I will have to grind our Honor and get zero reward for it until I get through all the ranks that I already have the reward for? Or will I start at an honor level that is comparable to my current prestige level? If it's the former, it seems like a punishment in BfA for gaining prestige in legion.Aranthera3 3h
3h Flying and Warmode -- any good solution? Just wondering if anyone has worked out a way to handle Flying with Warmode enabled. Obviously, flying destroys the entire wPvP experience and renders it basically moot... but disabling flying puts War Mode players at a big disadvantage. Anyone have any good ideas to fix this?Urukhaii44 3h
3h Anyone else worried about PvP Looking like legion with stat squish and offensives on gcd haven't really played too much arena because there are no 120 premades yet. LmkChilishake4 3h
5h 120 premade server make it happen already blizz this build today coming up hopefully should have itCutîepie0 5h
5h Please make gladiator mounts purchasable I feel very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very upset that there is mounts like that you can't obtain. What about those of us who aren't good enough to get them? What about those of us who wants a demented looking protodrake. Please help the not so good pvpers get glad mounts for like IDK 5000 marks of honor. :)Bonfìre139 5h
6h Conversation on new mechs/incomparables The question is why, in the name of class fantasy and identity and so forth: have abilities been pruned and toned back instead of new or unique mechanics being attached to them. Pruning has been hugely negative in the pvp community and i don't think anyone would complain about abilities functioning in a new/unique way. Plus when abilities function uniquely it becomes tougher to compare them directly to similar abilities, they start having different strengths depending on the context. A great example would be for mobility spells. At the moment it's either a reticle-placed portal or a blink with varying cooldowns. I'm aware a warriors charge doesn't function in exactly the same way as blink but the differences are negligible as is proven in the dead arena of duels where things are more scissors paper rock than they have been since vanilla. Ziqo's suggestion would be that every class has only one standard, short cooldown mobility spell with longer CDs for some classes. I think that would help with pacing and it would be a nice change from what we have now but we'd eventually arrive at the same point. I'd like to see spells that have unique functionality and frankly i wouldn't mind randomness involved to some degree for example a destro warlock might spawn a dimensional rift at random which they can step through. I'd love to see something other than the reticle as well, that way you can use directional limitations as a form of flavour or balance. My opinion is that class identity was a cop out in order to reduce the resource demands of running the game through pruning, if there was real love here we'd see more moba styled introductions, more variance on functionality. Thoughts below.Manbewby0 6h
7h Flying and Warmode I think an elegant solution would be to add three things: 1 Disable auto dismount while mounted in the air and activating an ability. 1a Normally you can tick this box so that you can activate abilities mid air and start falling. Turning this off would prevent dive bombing. 2 Disable manual dismounting while off the ground, or force a silencing parachute if you do. 2a Normally you can manually dismount and you fall, but can cast instant casts. This way you’d have to land fully and dismount by clicking an ability, or be punished for attempting to dive-bomb someone from the air. 3 Enable a PvP debuff that prevents flying for 5 seconds after engaging in PvP combat. 3a This would prevent people from simply running away as easily. They could still mount a ground mount, under normal conditions, but this gives both sides a chance to actually finish the fight, while not preventing clever escapes entirely. Combining these wouldn’t stop aerial attackers, but it would hinder them from engaging early from the air. They’d have to start on your level, even if they had the bonus of landing on you at a bad time. They also couldn’t just rush in, decide to vanish, shadowmeld, feign death, etc, and fly away from behind a tree. Note that all of these should apply to the person flying. Being dismounted by someone else shouldn’t carry a penalty, outside of what you’d expect from being forcible dismounted.Narmorcence1 7h
8h Start the honor grind early? From what I understand, prestige will be converted into an account wide honor level, meaning the prestige of all chars will be added together. If prestige 25 will be the equivalent to honor level 250, and the cap in BfA will be 500, can I grind out a 2nd char to prestige 25 now and have them add up to get the cap of 500 on release day?Pallysenpai2 8h
8h What CC is your class/spec missing in bfa? Rogue - Gouge and garrote baseline for every spec again - Crippling poison for every spec, I don't feel like a rogue without these iconic tools. Hunter - Scatter shot baseline for MM and doesn't replace bursting shot, also it shouldn't DR with freezing trap. - Scare beast is also missed Warrior - Charge stun baseline, the root is meaningless. Death Knight - Strangulate baseline for every spec Warlock - Mortal coil and demonic circle to be available at the same time, one of these should go baseline. I'd suggest making demonic circle baseline (instead of gateway?), and put howl of terror in its place. - Shadowfury reduced to 0.5 sec cast - Demonic breath slow for every spec Druid - Cyclone baseline for every spec, including ferals, its what sets feral apart from other melees. - Nature's Grasp Shaman - Bind elemental - Frost shock Priest - CC is solid, every spec has fear again and shadow can once again can pick psychic horror. Paladin - Instant 1min repentance for rets, their CC row haven't changed since MoP.. - Turn evil is also missed. Monk - CC is solid with legsweep baseline, though the paralysis nerf is excessive. Mage - Deep freeze for frost mages, maybe replacing ice ward if not baseline. - Cone of cold slow for every spec. Anything else?Chritznl15 8h
9h ETA on a Damage Pass Can we get a rough estimate on when to expect damage to be *mostly* balanced? It's very difficult to give meaningful feedback on a lot of things right now with damage being so out of whack.Hexxes13 9h
9h Class #s imbalance, unless... I’m afraid warmode will bring a massive class numbers imbalance, with everyone playing stealth/invis classes. So here’s a thought: at a minimum, give every class a stealth or a stealth detection honor talent. Stealth/invis would remain baseline for those classes who already have it; those who don’t would have to give up a precious honor talent for what will no doubt be an enormously valuable ability in warmode. I’ll be honest: I’m not sure if this is a good idea. But I thought I’d put it out there. I am concerned that it will destroy some class fantasy… But as things stand right now, I’m seriously considering not playing my shaman in BFA given the appeal of warmode, and I suspect that many others are wrestling with the same dilemma. An honor talent stealth option would help mitigate that worry. I don’t think the talent should offer a stealth option that is as powerful as the current stealth classes, but please, give me something! The cost to me would be high, but not so high that I would join in a flood of new stealth toons. Thoughts?Zaclinric16 9h
10h ETA on 120 premade server Blizz pls I’m dying to test out max level characters with some actual Azerite gearJuanislove0 10h
10h Horde Assassian There is a horde assassain in Stormsong apparently I went to the area and didn't see anything, I flared multiple times. nothing. I don't know if someone is hiding in a mountain where its not intended to be or what.Sixprcntsalt3 10h
10h Duelers Guild ? Hello, I have a few questions about the duelers guild. First of all is this just a qued duel thing, that gives no pvp rewards for example .. Conquest ? I originally thought at first it was going to be a 1v1 arena event, which I would love .. when you don't have partners on to get conquest in 2s and 3s for the week. But I heard its just a duel. And also is it available yet for the Alliance side ? ThanksHopsnbarly0 10h
12h Parity between "Elite" PvP and PvE I'd be curious to see everyone's opinion on this, but it just seems something is off here. It's obviously too late to change anything for Legion and S7, but going forward into BFA, I have some concerns about the system. I am NOT looking for a free handout. In fact, my main question is why the PVE stuff is so easy to get by comparison. For Mythic Transmog, you can go back at any point in the future and collect the appearances. This content becomes continuously nerfed by inflated ilvls as tiers and expansions progress. For the mounts, after a certain point, you only get a 1% chance to get it to drop, but you still have a chance. You can still earn titles, too. Nothing is gated behind the "elite" check of Mythic Raiding, which is the "Cutting Edge" feat except for the feat itself. For PVP, however, you MUST complete the content within the timeframe. After the season ends, you will never have a chance to earn that ever again. This applies to mounts, transmog, tabards, titles, weapon enchants... everything. This is a particular pain point for me, because I've gotten glad twice (granted, with a truly mongo comp back in WOTLK), but in general I find PvP frustrating because I feel like I spend more time CC'd then actually playing. I just don't enjoy it, but I don't want to screw people over that do. But looking at this expac, Mythic DK transmog is a boring flat blue, while PVE gets these cool multi-colored sets... which I have to subject myself to PvP to get. There was one (and a half) time we had time limited transmog in PvE: challenge modes. I say and a half, because the WOD CM's had half-baked weapons which didn't really match anything, most of which looked bad. For some reason, though, this system was scrapped, but there is still no parity on the PVE side. PvP is hard. I'm not going to argue that. I wanted a civil discussion about the discrepancy. I'm just curious why these two systems are treating rewards completely differently. Most PvP players will say PvE is a joke, and in a lot of ways, it is easier. So what would be wrong with gating PVE Mythic transmog, mounts, and titles behind Cutting Edge so they are equal? Conversely, what would it ruin for PvP players if people could earn the elite appearances via some other means (or with reduced requirements) at a later date... even if it's an expansion later. If you still get to keep the acheivement or feat of strength that proves you did it when it was current, what do you lose that a PVE player doesn't when people walk around in old mythic gear, or fly around on old "elite" PvE stuff like Invincible, Yogg 0 mount, etc. I can go back and get the 1% mount off garrosh (granted, with a lot of effort) or mythic gear (including mannoroth shoulders)... but I still have 0 chance of getting Elite Glad gear from MOP (I don't want it, I'm just illustrating a point).Xyrmortus26 12h
14h OldSchool AV Any Interest? Yay or Nay please I like the larger battlegrounds having there own queue as I enjoy those bgs over others at certain times so being able to queue for those makes it definitely more fun. In saying that if you want to make large BGS more fun why did you remove all the quest related and NPC blocks from oldschool AV I am talking about the 3 day AVS where to make a push the group had to collectively gather resources for mines for commandoes or armor upgrades and you had to tell the npc to release them at the RIGHT time to enable a push this made AV exciting and interesting even though it was days long when you won, you knew why you won! Because you used strategy and you used pvp and killed each other to no end in choke points on the map IE alliance got choked out down frostwolf hill and Horde were choked out on the bridge....the bridge might be too good of a choke point to be honest if oldschool came back. Ivus and the Treedude and guarding the druids to get the safely down to that part of the map for a summons meant something. I am not expecting a 3day AVS to ever come back even if I enjoyed leaving waking up the next day and feeling like some pvp and the same match was slogging out. But longer even if an hour or so long match that involved greater pvp instead of running past each other to the boss would be much more enjoyable. Bring back the npc quests & the fighting of actual players. Damn mid field used to be a slogfest even. Plus to make it viable, make it rewarding as in some sort of time invested or quests done = greater rewards even if its just cosmetic transmogs...give people incentives other then killing each other if they need it to stand out in a large match. Maybe I am just ancient oldschool and to old and no one remembers any of this or liked it :) :) :) (No I am not a bring back Vanilla fan boy just pvp on an interesting scale.)Park31 14h
17h Battle for Azeroth Beta - Prestige Rewards I was reading this post in mmo champion about people getting the same prestige rewards than the ones we already have in legion in the new reward system in BFA. so basically people that already got them in legion have no incentive to do pvp in BFA since we dont get new rewards? comon we need something that keep us going!Ojoverde10 17h
18h Rogue CC Sin rogues have crazy control over casters, 6 second garrote into a full kidney? id like to play my character thanksDistinguishe50 18h
20h BFA Glad title clarification please Reposting this from the arena forums to here. So it appears obtaining glad title/mount in BFA will only require you to win 50 matches while over 2.4k rating. Can we get a definite yes/no on this? And if this is happening would you please change the reward to a new title/rank? Gladiator should remain top 0.5%. Why not add a brand new title and instead of giving the glad mount you can give the glad mount without armor for winning 50 games over 2.4?Shwergen11 20h
20h PvP Tier System? Obligatory disclaimer, yes I know it's datamined stuff without much context, etc etc. Basing feedback off assumptions and none of this may actually be applicable as things get hooked up. -- MMO-champ's datamining revealed PvP-tiers for 2's, 3's, and RBGs that are set ratings attached to the existing PvP titles. It's unclear whether or not these are going to replace or be awarded alongside the current method of awarding seasonal titles. Personally, I'm not a fan - the competitive ladder has awarded the top X% of players with their appropriate titles and due to that system, ratings to achieve those rewards fluctuate throughout the season as more and more players fight and the better players rise. The thrill of competition and pride in achieving "top X%" suffers when you are given set goalposts. It becomes less about being among the top and more about pushing until you reach the threshold you're happy with and sitting. I believe Elite sets already serve the guaranteed, nonfluctuating reward need already, at least how it was handled in Legion. Achieving 2k guarantees you a set of unique armor once the gear set rotates out, regardless of all other factors in the ladder, and those who want to continue to push for glory have that option. If anything, I believe there should be another 1-2 reward thresholds for the lower end of the bracket, because it's hard to tell someone that they get nothing worthwhile for their time unless they are among the best capable of reaching 2k or higher. A seasonal "Challenger" title isn't very compelling; there needs to be tangible rewards earlier to encourage participation at the low end. This, in turn, could bring people interested but otherwise unmotivated to try to improve their skill into the pool of arena regulars, so that they too might see themselves among the higher tiers one day. It's very hard to convince someone to spend hours and hours of time researching, practicing, and enduring the frustrations of learning how to PvP when they won't have anything to show for it unless they're among the best... 20% I think is about what the 2k ratings are at for Elite gear? Slap on a seasonal pet or something at the 1650-1700 area and the average player will have a reasonable goal to strive for, with enough commitment involved to decide if arenas are right for them going forward. ALL THIS ASIDE, if the system is going to replace the current title distribution system, please re-evaluate the rating requirements. ... Rival starting at 1800 is extremely low, as the cutoff recently has been upwards of 1900-2000 and thus Duelist is also too low. I'm of the opinion that 1550 should be the starting point for rewards. It's the very first rating achievement you get, even!Ezkanji77 20h
20h The Bounty System, Thoughts So within one of the recent posts on Warmode we got some more information on Bounties and the value of them. Personally this is one of the systems I am most hyped for, I was always a big fan of bounties in games like GTAV and the idea sounds like a ton of fun. I do personally have some opinions/concerns and ideas on the subject, and while I know that very few details have been discussed yet I kinda wanted to get my two cents on the matter out. Please keep in mind this is just my personal opinion/feelings/feedback on what I would personally like to see and just my side of discussion :) Duration/Removal One of the things that we do not have official confirmation on yet is how long bounties last -or- if there is even a duration to them. Personally, I feel that bounties should last until killed or have a compounding duration that does not tick away while offline or in safe zones. If the former I feel it should be removed upon death and if the latter I feel each death should reduce the duration until drained away (The idea of building up and breaking down, garnering more infamy if you will) Another thing I was thinking of was the idea of being able to spend gold to remove your bounty with an ever increasing price point akin to how old talent respecs worked. Starting out at something manageable like 200-500g but quickly building up with each reset with the price lowering back down over time so frequent use is discouraged while occasional use in a situation where you really need it gone you can get rid of it. The reason I even bring up the ability to remove bounty with gold is based on my following opinions on the system. Warmode Toggling I do not believe that while you have an active bounty that you should be allowed to toggle Warmode off! Until you lose your bounty you should be forced to stay in Warmode. Considering that getting a bounty placed upon you in the first place comes from killing enough players to trigger it, it would seem silly if when you got a bounty you could just go back to town and toggle Warmode off casually then return to your general open world shenanigans knowing that no one can claim your bounty. I think that until the bounty is claimed or cleared in some way, upon receiving a bounty you should be locked into Warmode. Hearthing/Teleportation/Portals One of the issues I see with the bounty system is a situation where a player gets a bounty then decides to retreat back to a safe zone immediately. If you are actively out and about killing other players to the point of getting a bounty you should be forced to commit. I believe that for as long as you have a bounty you should be unable to (or at least severely hindered such as massive cast/use times) hearth, use teleportation items that are not quest specific, take player portals, ect. In the event that you are, it should take a large amount of time, such as a hearth stone taking 2 minutes to cast thus making it a risky move. I do however feel that Flight Points and other fast travel npcs should not be affected thus giving bounty targets a chance to make their way across the map to a Flight master or such and giving opportunity for pursuit.Byucknah41 20h
22h Arms Warrior PvP (and General Class) Feedback General Class Changes -The new baseline rotation captures some of the positives of the FR gameplay (sizable MS hits, bigger burst) and allows mortal strike to feel more meaningful because we aren't hitting it (potentially) every other GCD -Revamped sweeping strikes allows for more skill expression and is considerably more interesting than the Legion iteration of sweeping strikes -The absence of recklessness/battle cry makes critical strike a more meaningful secondary stat for arms warriors and creates the possibility for a spec built around sustained pressure (similar to TBC/WoTLK/Cata) "Overpowered"/Defaulted Talents Sharpen Blade: Sharpen Blade currently suffers from "echo slam" syndrome where it is the best in slot talent for the row (on live, and best among all the PvP talents on beta) and completely eliminates a choice slot because of how powerful it is as both a damage and pressure tool. In an ideal world it would either be made baseline, removed or changed to be more situational. I think that idea behind the talent is fine (as warriors were the original "king" of healing reduction debuffs) but the current implementation is not - either design warriors around always having the talent or remove/rework it (imo) Defensive Stance: In PvP, defensive stance is a default talent - I can count the number of times I have seen or used bounding strides or second wind during Legion (in instanced PvP) using one hand. At this point I think that it might be better to make the talent baseline and add a different defensive option to the talent row (some old, removed or PvP options are shield barrier, spell reflect or blood craze). Underpowered/Underutilized Talents Second Wind: I think this talent might actually be the poster boy for least useful defensive talents - the only time I've used it (or seen it used) in Legion has been for leveling. In both PvP and PvE the talent is almost universally unused beyond leveling content because it either never procs, or if it can, someone will already be there to top you up (in PvP you're almost always dotted or under fire in some way, permanently disabling the talent and in PvE you have a healer or incoming damage is usually consistent and disables the talent i.e. Aggramar) Suggestions for change: Bring back some form of WoTLK/Cata second wind where being stunned/rooted generates a small amount of healing and rage (i.e. 5-10%, reduced by healing debuffs). If it is too situational for PvE you could also add a conditional proc at 35% health (which seems to be the common threshold for similar talents) with a 30s (or higher) ICD Other Potential Changes -Consider modernizing hamstring either through a refreshing mechanic (i.e. hitting a target with slam or mortal strike refreshes the duration of hamstring by 1-2s) or reducing the GCD triggered by hamstring. Alternatively, you could return imp. hamstring with an ICD (similar to Cataclysm). It is by far the worst slow applied by a melee character (not auto applied, no secondary effect i.e. root/refresh mechanic/short GCD) -Slightly revamping talent rows at level 30/60 Level 30 might be something like double time, bounding stride, warbringer (similar to the prot version, but nerfed to a more reasonable duration) Level 60 could look like (revamped) Second Wind, Impending Victory and an additional talent in the slot like Shield Barrier or another basic defensive passive/active -Consider making disarm a baseline ability, not necessarily for PvP (though warriors are lacking in control/utility outside of PvP talents) but for general gameplay utility The overall gameplay of arms is, in my opinion, a decent improvement over Legion from a rotational perspective but there isn't much room from a utility perspective for warriors to go above and beyond both in mythic dungeons and PvP. Returning things like charge stun (but making it much shorter, like .5s or .75s) or mechanics like unrelenting assault (from WoTLK, but modified to be on an ability like pummel) might be ways in which you can create a space where warriors can do something other than deal damage. General PvP talent feedback 3 choices (outside of trinket) is too restrictive, 4 choices creates a lot more potentially viable talent combinations and allows players to have a little more creative/personal expression with their talent choicesGiant13 22h
1d Lack of class balancing in Warmode Classes feel very unbalanced in Warmode and it might make fewer players play in this manner. What do you think?Zombiedog19 1d
1d Dueler's Guild My first Dueler's Guild Experience, >Excitement building! >Found the Bouncer after some trouble, had to use a macro! >With trembling hands I press que! >The Sun starts to come up. >End up going to bed. It's cool idea, I've only have gotten to do a few matches. Not sure everyone knows about it yet, I que arena skirms from there atm. Definitely will try to get all the achievements / rewards for it once live launches. In the future could it be possible that the Dueler's Guild would be linked cross faction / server / shards or will you only be able to fight people who qued at the same location that you did? Currently with the proximity restriction and being limited to the players queuing at your location its hard to say where participation will be. I think this feature will get a lot more use if it is instance based, like dungeons or skirms. Maybe another way around making it instanced if participation is low is after reaching a certain rank in the DG you can unlock a pass that allows you to que for all the DGs and teleports you to them when its your turn.Herbertaplum15 1d
1d 5v5 May we have 5v5 back please? I do not understand why it was removed from the game entirely. I mean when you took titles from 2s at least you left the bracket and ladder to que on.... (not arguing that titles should be back for 2s) A ranked 5v5 arena with no titles would be nice. Or better yet. Bring titles back to 2s and 5s and just, oh I don’t know, maybe actively balance them?Shwergen0 1d
1d Cross faction que’ing Since there was record breakingly low arena participation in legion, would you be able to allow people to team up cross faction via a NPC (similar to how Mercinary BG’ing worked in the past) Oh wait, I forgot you won’t make money off of everyone switching factions when you buff/nerf every expac. Oh well. If you change ur minds and decide to go back to designing for what’s good for the game and not what’s “profitable” then consider itShwergen0 1d
1d Sap bug addressed yet? Will you be fixing the sap bug this expac or nah?Shwergen2 1d
1d Still no Level 120 premade-chars Guys why does it takes so long for implementing them? In earlier tests you brought them very early in, so that we can test PvP long and detailed enough. BfA is around the corner <.<Drownlord11 1d
1d [Windwalker] Tiger Eye Brew Originally I had reported it as a bug because it looked DPS neutral and I thought something wasn't working but now I understand why. Your Rising Sun Kick hit Dungeoneer's Training Dummy 7,021 Physical Your Rising Sun Kick hit Dungeoneer's Training Dummy 7,163 Nature Your Rising Sun Kick hit Adolescent Direhorn 7,391 Physical Your Rising Sun Kick hit Adolescent Direhorn 7,400 Nature Mystic Touch adds 5% physical damage Tiger Eye Brew is currently a -25% damage done penalty and causes all damage you deal to be nature damage. If you hit for 100 damage on a mob that has 15% armor, what my windwalker has, then your final damage value will be 89 damage dealt. During Tiger Eye Brew you will deal 85 damage. Equal level creatures out in the world have 29% armor. Dungeoneer's Training Dummy has 32% (as should bosses ). So on an NPC you would hit for 75 damage during TEB and 74 damage without it. On a boss you would hit for 71. I use these numbers because they're easily testable but in pvp you start with cloth DPS having armor values close to 11% , to leather being around 15%, and plate having around 30% as a DPS and 47% as a tank. These vary obviously but for example that means that a hit will deal roughly: 100 damage to a Shadow Priest with 11% armor and -10% physical damage taken during shadow form - 84 damage normally and 75 with Tiger Eye Brew. 100 damage dealt to an Arms warrior with 30% armor 73 damage normally and 75 during Tigers Eye Brew. However during Defensive Stance you will deal 58 damage normally and 60 during Tiger Eye Brew. -25% damage done is a harsh penalty for an ability that should be a beneficial damage increase.Talbyy1 1d
1d Arms warrior Self heals Hey guys im trying to provide feed back as far as arms warriors go for pvp. Right now as it stands impedending victory is NOT enough to keep warriors alive with Wpvp or even Bgs. I would like to see the artifact trait lambs of the slaughter be baseline for arms warriors to help with the healing that we dont have. i know everything isnt tuned at the moment, but right now as it stands arms is dead in the water.Kllth20 1d
1d any good dh bfa pvp content for some reason it's impossible to find dh bfa pvp contents on youtube... anyone got any streamers who have tried dh pvp either in warmode or duels?Taiwanlegend3 1d
1d PVP Healers? Any healers out there gotten into BGs or Arena? Or even wPvP? I'm wondering what class to re-roll.. I'm sure Priest will be good as always but I've always played Priest and need something new. I'm thinking of Paladin since Ret is always a decent DPS spec (I think?) in PVP and I think Prot would be kind of fun as well after I saw some of the PVP talents. Also the idea of playing a melee healer would be cool (the talent to change wings and the tier 1 to reduce CD of shock with every strike). I was thinking of Druid as well but Moonkin offspec will be another caster and I heard in Legion it was really tough for casters and idk how much that'll change. Never tried Feral but always read "meh". I'm just worried about being able to stand up to melee and survivability - being able to either kite back to my time or survive an onslaught till my team comes back. What do you guys think are the best or going to be the best healers in PVP? RANDOM BGs and warmode/Wpvp (is it the same?) mainly.Hoarvar0 1d
2d No flying in Warmode No flying in warmode blizz. It ruins wpvp and the carebears are only gonna use warmode till they hit 120 and it'll just be the pvpers in warmode. The new bounty system sounds cool, but with flying it will ruin it and the feature will be irrelevant cause if someone has the bounty all they have to do is fly away and no one will be able to catch them.Thetankhomie6 2d
2d PvP Testing - WarGames Interested in setting up some times to que 3v3 wargames to test. Its hard to get valuable pvp testing on beta atm. We assume some pvp talents being adjusted / perhaps new ones for some specs. Dmg tuning / resource tuning etc. I do think we can still test pvp out at 120. Im gearing my toons to a decent ilvl and want to get some consistent wargames set up. My current main team dps partner is on beta and 120. Our healer doesnt have access yet so we would be looking for healers to que up with to test. We are 2400cr atm on live. Dont think we need crazy exp to just grind out games and see how it feels but decent healers and other 3s teams to play with could go a long way. Its hard to give feedback on the stat of ele personally or what feels diff without playing much 3v3. Whos interested in getting wargames going? VenomsEgo#1508 - add me on beta to get some ques going and set up times to play vs other teams.Stickirikii0 2d
2d Where are the insta 120s? Why no insta 120 chars still? Oh right because pvp is an afterthought. Sorry for bothering you guys. Disregard this post just like you disregard the entire pvp community.Shwergen2 2d
2d Warmode and the future of wPvP: Incentives I had mixed feelings regarding scaling and gear considering WoW is still an MMORPG, but I'll ignore that for now to analyze the possible positives of Warmode. So, with Warmode we're getting scaling, which will make it much harder to faceroll players with lower gear. This evens the playing field for everyone, making fights actually fair. If you give players a reason to fight each other, wPvP will happen. We need a way to make the player experience from Normal / Warmode very distinct from each other: 1) Incentivize wPvP encounters: Now more than ever, make honorable kills in wPvP matter. Make them count. It's not about gear / player level anymore. Make it feel like a high risk / high reward situation: kill or be killed. Questing has a current issue right now, which is that it's very easy to succeed and hard to fail. Buff their honor up, make them give experience while leveling, make it fun. Make tokens that you can exchange for cosmetics, conquest, gear, etc. It's time to give honorable kills in wPvP some love. With scaling coming to wPvP, there shouldn't be a reason not to fight in the open world. 2) Reward the risk and negatives of being flagged for wPvP: Some might disagree here, but for wPvP to happen, I believe that flying mounts should be disabled. Flying mounts make engages and escapes way, way too easy. Escaping and engaging should be done by the player (hiding, ccing and running); not by a mount. Flying trivalizes wPvP and the threat that comes with it. This would inevitably make questing slower, so I believe some sort of numerical buff to experience, quest rewards and resources acquired during warmode will be necessary. 3) Make content around wPvP: ...Avoid Warden Tower type quests; make us fight players or go into zones where interaction between players must happen. Attack / defend targets, zones, etc. --- I believe that if done correctly, we can have something very, very good going with wPvP. It's not just "wPvP" anymore; it's called Warmode for a reason. Make it live up to its name. It's on Blizzard to give this side of the game some love.Geddaba185 2d
2d War Mode flagging and RP servers Hello all! As it currently stands, RP servers will not be sharding with War Mode like the rest of the servers will be. Instead, we will be remain our own servers with no sharding seeing both flagged and unflagged players alike. This raises the question if we could receive a mildly different flagging rule set as well. First, just a bit of context as to why it would be needed/requested. RP servers are very much, if not entirely, community driven. We police ourselves, make events happen, create what can be described as 'open world battle grounds', tend to actually know each other, and a whole host of other things. We also have to deal with what we call 'griefers', those who do not RP and instead actively hinder or harass players while doing so. Normally toy spamming, chat spamming, large mount spamming, or camping. Emerald Dream, the only real active RP-PvP server since about Cata/MoP, tends to attract the camping type as opposed to the others because we were forcefully flagged (thats a good thing) out in the world. We could normally kill them ourselves as they were those who think RPers are 'easy pickings'. We have quite some experience with this and why I bring us up explicitly compared to the others. With War Mode, and needing to manually flag in Org or SW (or is it any capital city?) runs the risk of a half flagged/half not group of RPers out in the world. Obviously we could coordinate, but that is a bit of an extra step as well as needing to go all the way from A, back to B, to go to C to do the thing, or even A>B>C to flag/unflag>B>D>E to actually do what we want. Different, obviously, to current RP and PvE realms where you can flag and unflag anywhere to make a uniform group. So what happens if we have a group of 10, 1 is flagged and 9 are not? If the one is getting killed/camped, the other 9 need to go all the way back to Org, just to come back and help the 1 out. Conversely the 1 needs to escape, get to Org, and came back. Each causing great disruption to whatever is going on. What I'm suggesting is that in our already special case, can we make to where we can flag at rest areas, Inns and Cities, but can only unflag in capital cities as to prevent people from exploiting the point of war mode, to WPvP, and unflag when things become undesirable. Hell, add it to all other servers too why not? Thoughts? Corrections on my information? A blue post saying we'll take this into consideration?Abrahof4 2d
2d PvP Gearing System BFA Conquest Gear will still have random rewards, but also a structure that will award pieces at set timetables. .... A little worried about this personally. Being able to target gear and stats that you want for different builds is part of the fun of an MMO. In PVE you can target certain values for secondary stats for different talent choices and build gear differently for different personal play styles. Yes some builds become coookie cutter but I remember running into players that played the same class diff in pvp due to the gear / reforging choices they made. This brought flavor to the whole gearing process and allowed you to branch into certain builds u couldnt normally. Looking at ele so far and the relationship between mastery and their new talent Unlimited power. Forgoing stats in other areas to have a higher mastery build might be beneficial. This is something PVE players are going to be able to control and play around. Find haste / mastery / crit values and build their character around it. They have control of how it plays even tho the balancing and tuning is in the devs hands. Please please please remove any form of RNG gearing from pvp and allow us to choose our gear / stats on gear pieces. IDC if i unlock the helm slot if im going to roll a verse crit piece when i want mastery /haste etc. Stat templates were a mess and not very engaging in pvp. Nobody enjoys rng gearing in pvp. The rewards dont feel like rewards. Even in PVE you can target certain bosses or encounters aiming to get a certain drop with specific stats. You can use your roll to increase the chance to get said piece. Would like some sort of Dev comment and see if we can improve this before BFA launches.Stickirikii18 2d
2d Honor Talents are in! Just logged in to Beta servers, and honor talents are now available on the standard talent selection screen!Laotl66 2d
3d Mobility Is anyone else still hoping mobility across the board gets toned down? Or should I give up hope of blizz nerfing sub/ww/dh mobility/shimmer, which would then let them nerf aids instant caster damageJuanislove25 3d
3d Warmode Scaling Feedback This thread concerns player scaling in warmode and nothing else. Talk about flying mounts and "unfair" warmode bonuses elsewhere. I'd appreciate if you read the full post before commenting, thanks. Player scaling undermines the core philosophy of the game. Play the game, get stronger. Its a simple two step formula that has been the modus operandi of WoW since the very first day over a decade ago. If this formula ceases to be true the house of cards comes down. I can understand well enough the desire for an even playing field. But in legion we saw instanced pvp participation drop to new lows due to a lack of meaningful rewards. And it was all a product of the even playing field. I personally leveled this warrior solely to pvp with but quickly realized there was no point. While pvp is fun, I could spend that time on my main doing something more productive like M+ or grinding shards for a chance at an arcanocrystal. An easy way to drum up player engagement is with risk of missing out. Do a M+ or miss out on the cache. Fill your conquest bar or be behind a week of points. The condition here is the reward you might miss out on has to be something you know, you'll miss. Conquest gear is making a return but the only real power increase we get is choosing our secondaries. There will be an ilvl increase but due to scaling it will never amount to much. Unless you're a transmog fiend you won't feel pressure to cap. So where can a pvper go to get excited about their new upgrade? Warmode should be that place. A raider will instantly see the effects of a new weapon in and out of the uninstanced world. A pvper has to pve to feel the upgrade. You have a way to incentivise pvp gearing while maintaining a scaled and even rated pvp. Pvp gear should be king in warmode. Get rid of the ilvl and lvl scaling and tack on a WoD style ilvl boost to pvp gear in warmode. I think where some of the misunderstanding in the "fair fight" camp is due to WoW not being a single game per say with a single objective. In a fighter or fps balance and server connection are critical. It's to be expected that both players have an even chance and even footing with knowledge and skill being the only measurables separating the two and with no outside factors influencing the results. The game hinges on this as its the only way to play. Wow isn't purely one style of game. However, the core principle is that when you play the game and your character, not just you as a player become stronger. That core principle should carry through all parts of the game or else those activities lose meaning. The way I look at it, WoW wpvp is closer to a prize fight than a chess game. The fight starts long before the bell ever rings. You have two fighters with 6 months to train. Fighter A doesn't eat right, she works out half as much and doesn't even review footage of fighter B's past fights. As you could guess fighter B does all of those things correctly and then some. Who earned the win? Why should fighter B have to fight with one arm behind her back in the name of fairness? I don't mean to say throw balance out the window, so long as fighter A and B put roughly the same amount of work into their prep it should be a great match. Keeping with forum tradition, I had to throw in an analogy thats not exactly 1 for 1 and will be taken waaay too far. And yes, I know Chess players put in a lot of prep time before matches too but on turn 1 it's the definition of an even playing field.Kollision49 3d
3d Why do people run/hop/hearth from a fight? This isn't 100% coming from beta experience, but with Warmode being a thing I thought I'd ask. I'm not talking about hiding for a few to recoup and fight again, I'm talking about people straight up running away to never return if they're going to lose a fight. Isn't it frowned upon and laughable? When I get in a fight in the open world, I stick it out even if the odds are stacked against me. If I fail multiple times due to people having OP legendaries or something then yeah, I'll eventually mount up and find something else to do, but I've never ran away from a fight. The weird thing is that for some people they consider it as some kind of victory to run off like a coward. It's not. You're basically forfeiting, which is far more dishonorable than fighting and losing. I'm asking this of people who opt in to PvP to take part in it. Not people who are trying to avoid a fight because they don't like PvP. I'm fine with that. Do you guys run away as opposed to taking your beating like a man? If so, why? I'm genuinely interested in what feelings you get from doing it.Kirkwood19 3d