Battle for Azeroth Warmode and PvP

10h Feedback: New Arenas With this thread, we're requesting targeted feedback on the new Arenas: Mugambala (Zuldazar) Hook Point (Kul Tiras) At this time, the Arena queue in the Battle for Azeroth Beta should only offer these two maps. Thank you very much!Kaivax37 10h
13m [Bug] Winning BGs doesn't give items Not only do we have to deal with PvE carebears riding on their higher item level, set bonuses and PvE trinkets now that the patch is live, but we also get nothing out of winning in PvP. No items. Just the box with marks of honor. Real fair game, Blizz. Not that it matters since it'd probably reward ilevel 150 or some other disappointing nonsense when there's PvE players in 240+ destroying everybody else in BGs right now...Lina0 13m
19m Gear scaling is breaking instanced PvP Soo, with the pre-patch going live it seems like templates are gone entirely. ONCE MORE raiders are overrunning battlegrounds and arenas with their much higher item level & pve trinkets USABLE IN INSTANCED PVP, destroying anyone that has gear from PvP with very little chance to fight back... Making matters worse are healing specs that become even more immortal with the new gear scaling. I wouldn't mind gear having an actual effect on PvP -IF- the difference between freshly-gearing 110 / PvP geared player and a heroic / mythic raider wasn't upwards of OVER 200% in output. At this point PvP is getting a bit ridiculous. There's also a bug where even when you win a battleground you get no items, so good job on that blizzard. I really love those marks of honor, but I'd really like something that increases my PvP power as reward for winning against people with more than double my power level. It's a disaster.Lina3 19m
1h PVP is not balanced at all! I just enter Bgs to test my warlock. however as soon the fight start melee warmongers delete my character in 2 seconds, where is the balance on that, fury warriors and arms warrior are totally out of context, is that or warlocks tankyness is zero, nada, nothing. No matter what CD i use you just get deleted without having a chance to do any. Not only warriors are OP, all melee in general are destroying range classes, is this how this will be in BFA again?, legion was a melee dominance expansion without range having a chance, if this is the balance we will get in BFA there is no point on doing pvp at all as range.Ojoverde8 1h
1h Low level rbgs/arenas What happened to the scaling in rbgs and arenas? It felt actually decent compared to this new system, where people just buy best in slot gear and rush in on new characters to one shot people? Is this what was intended? I hope not, I really enjoy rbgs and arena's, now it feels terrible. I personally disliked it so much that I posted on the forums for the first time about it.Arobor0 1h
1h Golly wish I could find players in War Mode Almost like flying mounts weren't a good idea for world pvp. Did find one guy though, he got salty and phased out when I was about to kill him. What's the dealio? Dead on arrival like this.Johncownnor2 1h
1h Nerf rogues nerfs getting dished out left and right since beta started. WW monks especially got SHAFTED. now 2 weeks left and the most broken class in pvp is magically untouched with no nerfs at all. warmode is gonna be so much fun honestly cant wait.Deezkicks38 1h
2h Not able to blacklist bgs? Bring back battleground que blacklist button please!Murdernova3 2h
2h Dispersion without the heal Dispersion is in sort of an odd position without the healing, it's often a bad idea to disperse unless sitting in a hard CC because it stops your damage nearly 100% but still allows the enemy 40% and gives them the opportunity to freely refresh debuffs or generate resource.Holyoctopus0 2h
2h WW monk = trash why would you guys remove FOF stun from WW? not even an explanation of the direction of the class because all i can see is the lidl version of arms warrior. if i wanted to play a warrior i would have done it in mop. i get it its cause of the warmode being always on now but after the paralysis nerf to 45 secs WW is starting to feel completely lack luster. dull, pruned and boring pvp gameplay. inb4 " but fof is now a peel you guys will be fine" comments.../sighSankei103 2h
4h BFA WW role in pvp Class balance in world if warcraft pvp is complex. Some classes are squishy while others tanky. Some rely more on spammable CC (rogue) while others rely on burst or cleave damage/high sustain damage to whittle down opponents over time. In legion windwalker depended on two massive aoe stuns with leg sweep and fist of fury. it also had a short cd on incapacitate. These tools, combined with WW high mobility, allowed WW to have a hit-n-run playstyle that focused on controlling the battlefield through CC rather than just nuking down opponents. WW could kite melee and peel for teammates to set up burst windows. Frankly, I think many would agree WW had too many stuns and the fact that they were aoe was also kind of ridiculous. Yet, at the same time, the controlling components of WW are largely what defined the specs playstyle. One of the primary changes bfa is focusing on is the removal of aoe stuns which are extremely too effective in m+ and pvp. I believe this vision for the game conflicts with legion WW which is why FOF stun was outright removed and leg sweep nerfed as well. I am absolutley 100% sure WW could be balanced without stuns and control tools, but i believe this would largely conflict with the class fantasy and controlling playstyle WW has traditionally had. Class fantasy wise... when i think of a monk fighting i imagine them relying on technique instead of explosive damage. If i wanted explosive damage i would play my shaman who throws fire and lightning or my warrior who wields massive swords to break his opponents. I personally enjoy WW pvp as a controlly spec. i recognize having 9 seconds of aoe stuns in legion was ridiculous, but maybe WW FOF stun can become single target instead. I think this go well the changes to FOF already: non primary targets only take half damage in bfa. I would also suggest lowering incap CD from 45 to something lower but also reduce the range on it. currently in legion the cd is so low and range so high that it can be used as an interrupt or gap closer. Please keep WW pvp more focused on control rather than cleav/sustain damage. Thanks again for providing players with tools to provide feedback, no matter how many people whine (including myself) on these forums.Alethkar67 4h
4h Remove Scaling from PvP Currently on Beta you can remove all of your gear except your Azerite Gear, Weapons, and Trinkets. You somehow still keep your ilvl and you hit like a truck despite losing some HP. This system is flawed in many ways. This removes the incentive for me to be gearing up the rest of my character and still having a significant advantage over others. This is an MMORPG, where you want a sense of progression. I understand you want scaling so you are not significantly behind someone when you are leveling and getting farmed. However, I should be wanting to gain a sense of achievement through gearing. If I am getting farmed, I'll go turn off World PvP, therefore War Mode and Scaling kind of contradict each other rather than work side-by-side. If you want a catch-up system, it has been suggested to simply bring back Conquest and Honor Vendors. Also, can you imagine just watching the Arena E-Sports with half naked people? This would be an embarrassment to WoW.Teug26 4h
5h [PvP] Aff Lock Glaring Problems As this is both about class and PvP this is a duplicate of Disclaimer: I know this is beta, I know things change, feedback based on current state – that is aftercall the entire purpose of beta testing. I know affliction has historically done well in arena, possibly too well at times. This feedback is purely about class survivability and sensical gameplay, if you have issues with afflictions offensive potential that would be a different thread. I used the exact amount of words I thought were needed to convey the information I wanted to, that is their purpose. If you feel my post is too long you are in no way obligated to read it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 OF 3 The information below is based on level 110 premade’s and the current numbers on the PTR. Feedback centers around Affliction from a PvP perspective specifically and, in a nutshell I feel the class has two core problems in that regard: Cleanse Protection Survivability Cleanse Protection A snippet from Blizzard: “When we started to go down that road, we got some difficult to ignore feedback that Unstable Affliction being able to stack up multiple times on the same target was good uniqueness and flexibility, and that flexibility provided power in a way that was special to Affliction. For much of the spec’s history, it wasn’t good at burst damage or single-target damage, and being able to stack up to 5 Unstable Afflictions on the same target was actually a decent way to fix that.” This issue was already addressed, and in an unquestionably superior way – Haunt. Unstable Affliction was cleanse protection while Haunt allowed us to either frontload burst damage into a single target or cleave across the entire team, trading single target burst for more dot pressure via the haunt debuff. Also, we had to decide between using our shards offensively or defensively. Soulburn summoning circle could save your life, five haunts could end someone else’s. Why would we take a system that is richer and deeper, and best of all - makes logical sense, and trade it for the current model? Our cleanse protection is no longer cleanse protection, it is an incentive to cleanse! It was the same in Legion and BfA is making the exact same mistake. Why would a healer not want to cleanse all my UAs AND all my other debuffs, including a 10% increased damage debuff? Not cleansing UA means not cleansing the rest of my debuffs, not cleansing UA means empowering me to do MORE damage. If anyone at Blizzard feels healers are too scared of a 4 second silence and would rather their team take considerably more damage then I have some bad news, healers never got that message. So why is the conversation “How do we make UA dangerous to dispel but dangerous to leave up without it being unbalanced?” The conversation should be, and should have always been “Why would we take a soul shard spending burst tool, and a cleanse protection tool, and try to merge them together?” Haunt is so clearly the answer to this problem, and I can say that with confidence because haunt… used to be the answer to this problem! I mean just think about it: Option A: Haunt, does damage, has cast time, costs soul shard. Option B: Make cleanse protection cost a very finite resource, now our cleanse protection has far and away the lowest uptime out of all the debuffs its intended to protect, woops? Also make a target take more damage when they have your cleanse protection on them. Oh, and also make cleanse protection our highest most bursty spell. Great, now it does three things! Except well, it doesn’t do the first thing anymore, and since it doesn’t do the first thing anymore it can’t reliably do the other two things, so more often than not it does zero of the things. If only we had eggs we could have ham and eggs, if only we had ham. Also, Endless Affliction is a wasted talent slot, the last thing a Warlock would want in an arena is for UA to do the same amount of damage but take longer to do it. This talent would be great if the healer, for some baffling reason, wasn’t cleansing our dots on cooldown, or we got the old UA, the actual cleanse protection UA, back. As neither of those are the case presently, this is a useless talent. It makes our cleanse protection (I shake my head every time I have to type that) not only do less damage before it’s removed, but also makes UA even more enticing to cleanse, as a longer UA means a longer damage increase debuff. So, a talent that makes my UA do less damage and even further increases the reward to cleanse it? Thanks, but no thanks.Ganaanaa169 5h
5h Tuning! Pally is buffed!? Demo Nerf?! So we've all experienced the LOL clown class of RET paladins.. And with history repeating itself: When the community generally observes a spec to be a bit too Strong, Blizzard trolls us all in BUFFING that class even further. Here's the latest from today! (Mind Blown) This is a very "wtf, are we playing the same game???" form of "Balance". Is there some delicate Blizzard Family child that plays paladins, that the entire class is built for. It's soo hard not to become fully cynical when you read things like the above "balance" adjustments. Meanwhile other classes whom ... perhaps actually DO need more damage ... get nerfed even further, for reasons we shall never fathom. Why the demonology nerfs? Unbelievable. It's Cruel. Like i've said before, if warcraft-1994 wasn't linked to my heart, I'd have nothing to do with their games and their absolutely absurd way of doing things. I'd love to hear them give some kind of explanation, but that won't happen. @Krenna -- Heroe's of the STorm and WowClassic/Starcraft2 ain't lookin that bad ... Furthermore -- I've heard the "Troll Balance for Revenue cycling" model in the past, and dismissed it ... but times like this i'm really starting to wonder if this helps their longterm subs. People periodically changing classes to keep things trucking.. * Frik I need a drink of some really hard 40 right now.Heavyfire18 5h
5h War Mode Clarifications Please I'd love to get some feedback as to what's going on with the following: 1. War Mode in SW/ORG 1a. With War Mode enabled, why do you still have to /pvp to engage enemies in SW/ORG? Why does War Mode not immediately flag for PVP? 1b. Even while self-flagged in SW/ORG, why do I not have access to PVP talents while War Mode is on? 1c. Does the opposite faction have the advantage with talents while attacking? e.g. Horde have talents while attacking SW, but Alliance do not while defending? 2. War Mode and PVP Outside of SW/ORG 2a. If I enter ORG as Alliance, is War Mode automatically activated since it's an enemy city or am I only flagged for PVP with no talent benefits? 3a. If I attack a PVP flagged NPC, does War Mode activate or am I only flagged for PVP with no talent benefits? 4a. If in the above instances I'm only flagged for PVP with no War Mode benefits, am I still immediately sharded with players who have War Mode activated and/or are flagged for PVP? 3. PVP Portraits 3a. Have PVP portraits been retired (I see only the classic human/orc ones)? 4. War Mode and RP Servers 4a. With War Mode activated, at what point will players on an RP server begin to see players outside their own server? (e.g. Never, In Capital Cities, Max Level Zones, etc.) 5. WPVP and Stats 5a. Is there any in-depth information about how ilevel/gear affects PVP stats? I understand a positive benefit is stated to exist, but hearing some numbers would be more informative, even if it's subject to change later.Helvas0 5h
5h Feedback - 40v40 Your 40v40 epic battlegrounds AV/IOC will be a fail with long queue times, unless you allow premades to queue as raid in these battlegrounds. Second option is to add SSVTM, Ashran, Winter, TB to 40v40 and you will be amazed to see the 40v40 epic battleground results with lower queue times and people truly enjoying 40v40s. Sometimes a drag is fine, keeping people wait so they can play good content, but not all the time, this will fail terribly if you do not take this serious. A suggestion from a player who truly loves world of Warcraft! *Crosses fingers*Cryptids4 5h
8h MeleeCraft Explosion of Rage this week I'm calling it now When the wider playing Audience gets a taste of what's coming this week. Oh man... The Avocados & Rotten Fruit are gonna fly. It's gonna be nuts. Lots of Casters are gonna be really really angry soon. Personally I'm grieving for Demo Spec. Tragedy. Such a lovely design, nerfed into the ground. There's gonna be a lot of Caster-to-Melee Rerolls to exacerbate the problem even more. *Exception being idiot BoomTurkey's going LOL 15k Moonpeen spams weeee weeee weeeeeeeee till possibly nerfed in February next year... *rolls eyesHeavyfire5 8h
8h Make Uhmerica WW Again Remember when WW was America. It was so much better when it was Merica. Uhmerica WW was great. Great was Umerica with WW. Merica + WW = Make Erica Great Again. Erica was highschool sweet heart. Still heart ache from Erica like WW too.Witcomovich3 8h
10h how's dh now with damage buffs? any tried it out? big buffs on the latest build. gladiator sanctum is down but wondering if anyone tried it in warmode?Taiwanlegend12 10h
10h MW is both over- and underpowered MW is both over- and underpowered at the same time. One the one hand, it has the best heal in the game by a factor of two or three, on the other hand it has next to no utility, and both its CC and mobility have been nerfed considerably. The Surging Mist pvp talent is nuts. It heals for 15k baseline, up to 31k once it is fully stacked. It has a low mana cost and can be cast even faster than the regular 1.3s while channeling Soothing Mist. For comparison, a Resto Shaman's direct heals (the second best spammable direct heals) heal for 13-14k (Healing Wave heals for a bit more but has a much longer cast time). MWs can top people off RIDICULOUSLY FAST. On the other hand, the spec has zero survivability against anything with sufficient mobility, zero utility unless it's playing with double melee (you have a 5% physical damage buff) and it is SO EASY to CC. Monks were already the most CC-able spec in the game, but now that Paralysis has gone from a 15sec CD to 45sec and Teleport has gone from 25 to 45, this is far worse. Perhaps those nerfs were merited - but the class has nothing else to fall back on. In other words: as long as nobody bothers you, you are a GOD. Easily the best healer. Against anyone who is smart enough to CC or kill you, it's the worst healer. Basically, I expect this spec to excel up to 2k rating, and after that it will be non-existent.Xrc1 10h
10h Casters vs Melee ... AKA World of MeleeCraft The degree of melee Chaos + Dominence, I feel is going to get worse as we progress further into 8.0 ... and i can only wonder if 8.1 will ease, and give some tuning. Part of this problem also is that it actually leads to BORING combat. If casters were a pinch better, we'd have far more interesting, enjoyable, satisfying combat. The player-experience is gradually declining as a result of too much melee. Even for the melee themselves. I don't want to discuss this point in scope of arena, or 3v3, because while that does represent a very competitive, and intelligent group of players, that's still a very small %part of the much larger playerbase. I'm looking at this in a broad general scope. The larger % playing pie, that are not arena-masters, and who are playing casters are having a crappy experience in WARmode, outdoor pvp, or any "smaller battleground". The player experience for a caster presently seems related to the size of a battleground. The Larger the battleground, usually means better for Caster experience. Why? Well because casters have more opportunity to essentially avoid direct combat and freely cast. THIS* is ok, in the context of that larger battleground. But when Casters are exposed to a smaller combat-theatre ~ 10v10, 5v5, 1v1 .. Casters are at a big disadvantage. Giving casters more damage isn't the answer, rather giving them more melee denials, cc and such would help somewhat. Case in point, all melee, generally can interrupt every 15sec. Where do casters have the "Knock weapon, Melee does 25% less dmg for 8sec" 25sec cools spell/skill? I will say that some casters are far better equipped than others. However the idea of just Paper-Bag-Tank + take that damage for Casters is a miserable experience for some casters. There's several key problems, without discussing specific classes. Melee haven't lost that much CC (excluding monks..) Melee have gradually gained mobility. Melee damage is usually powerful. Melee usually have some good defensives The melee meta today is : Casters will not get away, they will be caught and killed. In comparison -*Pruning*- :) :) :) Casters have been loosing CC Casters have been loosing good mobility/denials Casters defensive's have been gradually weakened Casters Damage shutsDown when hammered down by melee The caster meta today is : That melee is busy attacking the other guy, I can cast now OR -- Burning crappy PVE defensives, being pinned, and being killed. The great Irony for me, is Blizzard has spoken a great deal about pruning over the years, and I feel that pruning has hurt Casters far more than it has hurt Melee. Furthermore. Mana?! What even is mana anymore? (outside of arcane mage) Casters are flat-out running out of mana casting only a series of a few spells. And those mana pools are so small now. Blizzard seems intent to eventually mostly rid themselves of mana. Casters mana systems have been slowly reduced + simplified Mana already feels like a quirky Energy System. Warlocks don't even have Life Tap anymore (class fantasy .. *poof* ) And Finally a different perspective -- Melee Experience vs Casters. As a melee, chopping down paper-bag casters, with little Counterplay is downright boring after awhile. Initially it's a rush, but gradually most casters become forgettable corpses. I'm not calling for a Resurgence of Caster dominance or anything like that. I'm not asking for 50/50 Caster/Melee parity, as it will never happen. But What I think should happen, is Casters should have a little bit more Counterplay, a little bit more denial, a little bit more survival. STRESS on the [LITTLE-MORE] part. And if Melee can interrupt every 15sec a spellcast, or even put casters in a Spell-Denial situtation where the caster literally is useless for a long period of time, I feel casters should have some basic "Knock-Weapon" Counterplay, to momentarily goof-Up melee the way ALL melee can interrupt casters. And make that 25sec cools, baseline all casters. ** NOTE... Exclusion of the untuned, OP Moonfire Spam(boomers), and Arcane Tuning presently**Heavyfire42 10h
12h PVP Gearing - Don't let it go live. Help. So, if you're having fun on the Gladiator Sanctum realm at the moment, part of it is being able to pick the gear you want with the stats you want, this is not the reality of the system in place. We're 44 days away from BFA launch and we have to try now to change it or it's going live. We'll have to deal with predetermined pieces of gear with no way of choosing the off/bonus stats. Just bring back vendors, the choice is what players want, we don't want RNG gear that could be totally useless one week if we already have a good piece in that slot that doesn't need an upgrade. What's wrong with bringing back vendors, we want them, we want choice and our own customization. The excitement of buying a piece every week that we saved for, specifically. Please Phalanx, can you address this or is there is some work around to controlling the stats on our gear like reforging in place. Thanks.Hannahbakèr153 12h
13h Low levels fighting 120s - Good job blizzard! So I was leveling as a resto shaman, a120 DK and warlock decided that it was a good idea to come gank me both of them were 120, I was level 113. I killed them both 1v1, the scaling seemed somewhat balanced, I felt if those two players were good at their classes or had a better idea about pvp combat I would have died for sure. Warmode PvP is excellent, very much enjoying leveling because of warmode. Edit: This has allowed lowbies to level with a safety net if people decide ganking is fun, it allows them to fight back of course this fun is jus temporary as no one will stay low level forever everyone will reach 120. Finally an end to lowbie ganking/camping for jokes and giggles. Some real progress is taking place. : )Cryptids60 13h
14h PVP ONLY Version of WoW I'm talking login - choose character - queue for BG/RBG/Arena. That is all. No level, no gear, just fun. Enter a large arena where you can run around and/or duel people while you wait for your queue. -Cosmetic gear/weapons, or mounts can be purchased or earned. -Perhaps only 1 class can be played for free, but can pay to unlock capability to play other classes (perhaps unlocked for free when reaching a certain XP level from playing) - XP of course only for veteran status and to earn cosmetics or mounts or unlock ability to play another class. There's PVE players, which is great, and then there's PVP only players, many of which enjoy WoW PVP so much that they endure the hours of tedious grinding that they don't enjoy or want to do ever, and makes them question playing the game at all, and causes them to stop playing altogether if not just take a break from the game for awhile... Other people and their friends who'd love to play, but don't even consider it because they don't have the time or even if they do, don't want to spend the required time grinding just in order to get to the point where they could only then start playing/doing what they actually want to do. (Don't tell me just play another quickplay game if that's what they want, such as OW, COD, FN, etc if they just want to jump in a game)... -Those games aren't WoW. It's a totally different game-gameplay, that can be very fun, but it sucks and severely limits the number of people that could and would play due to the outrageous amount of required time to be spent doing things you don't want to do just to do what you want to do. People just want to login and be able to do what they want, which is have some PVP fun. I'm sure many will down this, but not interested in those thoughts. I'm sure there are many people who would love to play WoW PVP without having to grind at all or commit any time in order to do so. The huge time commitment keeps many people away and prevents them from even trying while pushing others who do play to stop playing or take a break. Please, can there be some side-WoW PVP only game that eliminates any need to level/PVE so players can choose to only do what they want to do and not forced to do anything they don't. Nothing needs to change to the core WoW itself and all the people who want to PVE and Dungeon and Raid can continue to play normal WoW. This would be like a side mini-game. It's sad. WoW is a great game and has some solid gameplay, but mostly limited to those who have excessive time to commit to it and/or who like leveling and PVE. PVP has mostly taken a sideseat in the world of WoW, why not just separate that part and make it its own thing? Instead of trying to incorporate some pvp into the PVE world of WoW and trying to make leveling not take as long to please the pvpers more by lessening the grind, but then displeasing the PVErs and no one is happy. PVE WoW. PVP WoW. Just make them 2 separate entities. Sigh, this will never happenMaximmus46 14h
14h Make Melee America Again Melee on BETA is pretty strong right now. I propose that Melee should be buffed to do more damage, and that casters are pruned even more because its annoying when they're far away and casting and not dying yet. Recently I saw a warlock actually finish casting a spell!!! I couldn't believe it! -- This casting needs to stop. 'MuricaDoozlebabbit6 14h
15h WW Monk WW Monk PVP? Like.. for real? Are there any plans, changes coming up or, is this it?Bròóklyn9 15h
18h Honor Combined I know it was said about combining honor across toons. Does this mean only completed levels or will it add say my levels in between full ones to complete new full ones.Keres2 18h
19h Conquest points Ive seen there are no more vicious saddles and those mounts will be be rewards for reaching 40k CP each season. Anyone knows how many CP we get from each activity?Xwn0 19h
20h PvP Tier System? Obligatory disclaimer, yes I know it's datamined stuff without much context, etc etc. Basing feedback off assumptions and none of this may actually be applicable as things get hooked up. -- MMO-champ's datamining revealed PvP-tiers for 2's, 3's, and RBGs that are set ratings attached to the existing PvP titles. It's unclear whether or not these are going to replace or be awarded alongside the current method of awarding seasonal titles. Personally, I'm not a fan - the competitive ladder has awarded the top X% of players with their appropriate titles and due to that system, ratings to achieve those rewards fluctuate throughout the season as more and more players fight and the better players rise. The thrill of competition and pride in achieving "top X%" suffers when you are given set goalposts. It becomes less about being among the top and more about pushing until you reach the threshold you're happy with and sitting. I believe Elite sets already serve the guaranteed, nonfluctuating reward need already, at least how it was handled in Legion. Achieving 2k guarantees you a set of unique armor once the gear set rotates out, regardless of all other factors in the ladder, and those who want to continue to push for glory have that option. If anything, I believe there should be another 1-2 reward thresholds for the lower end of the bracket, because it's hard to tell someone that they get nothing worthwhile for their time unless they are among the best capable of reaching 2k or higher. A seasonal "Challenger" title isn't very compelling; there needs to be tangible rewards earlier to encourage participation at the low end. This, in turn, could bring people interested but otherwise unmotivated to try to improve their skill into the pool of arena regulars, so that they too might see themselves among the higher tiers one day. It's very hard to convince someone to spend hours and hours of time researching, practicing, and enduring the frustrations of learning how to PvP when they won't have anything to show for it unless they're among the best... 20% I think is about what the 2k ratings are at for Elite gear? Slap on a seasonal pet or something at the 1650-1700 area and the average player will have a reasonable goal to strive for, with enough commitment involved to decide if arenas are right for them going forward. ALL THIS ASIDE, if the system is going to replace the current title distribution system, please re-evaluate the rating requirements. ... Rival starting at 1800 is extremely low, as the cutoff recently has been upwards of 1900-2000 and thus Duelist is also too low. I'm of the opinion that 1550 should be the starting point for rewards. It's the very first rating achievement you get, even!Ezkanji81 20h
23h Tooltip inconsistency Outside of warmode, concentrated coolness reads it increases orbs damage by 100% but inside warmode, and in arena concentrated coolness reads that it only increases orbs damage by 30%. Why not just have the tooltip tell you what it actually does since this is a pvp talent?Daaky0 23h
1d Pvp Gear Progression System There have been countless ideas thrown around and the consensus is that people want WoD gearing back. It took no time to gear, there were no goals, and thus there was no reason to push rating. My suggestion is to combine the best elements of both Wotlk and WoD. I propose we have 4 Sets in total, the final only being aesthetic for transmog purposes. Welfare Gear: ilvl 300ish This gear would be acquired easily upon reaching lvl 120, this is entry level gear to get people started with dungeons or with pvp as it should be equal in ilvl to quest blues. Purchasable from a vendor for low cost, gold/honor or even free. Entry Level Gear: ilvl 340ish This set of gear would be acquired from vendors and through the RNG loot system with the crates and such. You'd purchase it for HONOR, and it would be easily farmable via Skirmishes/BGs. This set would be equal to Heroic Dungeons in ilvl as the pieces would match the effort vs. reward of that tier of equipment. Arena Gear: ilvl 370ish This is the bread and butter of a pvp season. This gear would require certain ranks to "unlock" the ability to purchase the gear from the vendors. It would be purchasable for honor PLUS a weekly token, more on those later. This set would be equal to Heroic Raid tier gear. Weekly Tokens: One of the issues in Wotlk was that higher ranked players were not just rewarded with better gear for being higher ranked, but they also acquired that gear at 3x the pace of your everyday player climbing the ladder. This made the early season feel quite lopsided. To counteract this, I feel a weekly token granted by a quest for winning 10-20 ranked arena matches (simple) would be adequate to keep everyone progressing through the early gearing stages at the same pace. Catchup Tokens: To compensate for lost time, if you join a season late, it always feels terrible. In most cases it will completely ruin the experience for you. To fight this I'd say something like being granted 0.8-1 token(s) per week into the season for your first weekly quest reward would be fair. This is similar to the catchup conquest that we had in the past. Adding Rating Reqs To Gear Again: Here's the controversial issue. People say they want gear to not matter, but what happens when you remove all forms of rewards and progression from pvp? It dies. By adding these requirements you give incremental goals and rewards, something pvpers haven't had in a long time. The increase from the Honor gear to the Arena gear would be from ilvl 340ish to ilvl 370ish. Now if you are progressing, and you are stuck fighting someone at 1895, and you're trying to break that 1900 barrier to get your helm that enemy will only have an advantage of 186 main stat (and a little bit of stam/sec stats that are negligible). At any point in the fight, if you and the enemy were to throw the same attack at each other over and over, it would be RNG that chooses the victor, not gear. Rating Requirements: These are just my personal feelings, obviously just rough estimates. I wanted to keep most of the off set pvp pieces low, this gives people more pieces much quicker through their progression system, but keeps the mid season pushing for better rewards. Rings: 1500 (I would add neck here as well, but we have an artifact) Cloak: 1525 Bracers: 1550 Boots: 1575 Belt: 1600 Gloves: 1650 Trinkets: 1700 Legs: 1750 Chest: 1800 Helmet: 1900 Shoulders: 2000 Weapon: 2200 Transmog Set: 2200 PvE Scaling: Finding a balance between PvP gear and PvE gear seems to be a struggle, from ideas like stat templates, resilience, pvp power, etc. I feel it's as easy as just limiting the max ilvl of PvP gear so it cannot outshine Mythic Raid gear in PvE and scaling DOWN PvE gear to the second tier (ilvl 340ish) of PvP gear. This allows PvE players to bypass the honor grind and go straight into acquiring proper PvP gear without being at any sort of advantage OR disadvantage. PvP gear remains best in slot for PvP, and PvE gear remains best in slot for PvE. World PvP: With the addition of War Mode, I feel world pvp will see a LOT more action. The PvPer in me wants to say to just scale down PvE gear and disable Legendary effects with this enabled, but that would defeat the purpose of acquiring those items for world questing, etc. Making certain items disable while in combat with a player would be an option. We don't need Legendaries walking all over Players. Let me know what you think, positive or negative. Let's have a real discussion of how to BETTER the system, not just reminisce on how good it was for WoD or Wotlk or whatever else.Diconius81 1d
1d Flying in warmode Disable flying in warmode. How are we suppose to fight eachother if we are all flying around? It also gives the dragon slayers a reason to not feel forced to turn warmode on for the massive overpowered 10% xp boost they keep crying about.Kìlljøy7 1d
1d Ashran, WG, and TB improvements Ion Hazz. said in the last last dev interview Q&A that they intend for ashran to be retired for now (when BFA launches) but they plan on bringing it back with relevancy and into the random epic battleground queue. What I want to suggest for ashran is a few things: Updating the rewards is good but some things need improvement. The faction boss leaders are in dire need of a buff. At this point in Legion, the faction bosses and gladiator guards are so weak and trivial that most people don’t even capture the flags to kill the boss. They rush in main bridge or backdoor and kill boss in less than 10 seconds. Increase their health and damage they do so groups must capture the flags on the Road of Glory. Also you only get 50 honor for beating the boss. I’d rather that be Conquest instead. 50 Conquest should suffice. Event victories should continue to reward honor but give us BFA combatant gear out of those ashmaul boxes. As for the quests, Ashran Dominance and Slay then all: these quests take time so these should reward Conquest instead of honor. These quests should also contain a box of gear that has a chance to contain a piece of gladiator gear. Also consider putting a long cap timer on ashran and remove the not enough players rule that kicks everyone out. For those familiar with GW2’s WvW, it’s a bigger version of ashran and ioc. They put a time limit on them but it’s very long. Like 12 hours or something close. If Blizz puts a similar time limit then they don’t need to have that 20v20 minimum player rule.Meirá50 1d
1d Is Gladiator's Sanctum down? it says "incompatible" ?Gomita18 1d
1d Yeah, not subbing for this again. Warmode for casters is just terrible. Once again all the PvP heroes and gankers are melee with 100% up time. Affliction has no mobility again. Our self healing is in shambles and "tankiness" is non-existent. No fun. Nothing but a frustrating experience with absolutely nothing to look forward to other than graveyard trips. No thanks. #sickofmeleecraftRougaroux53 1d
1d Predicting Season 1 BFA Blizzard is going to release the game with the current PVP gearing system while ignoring everyone's complaints about lack of choice. When it's live, the outcry will be much larger since it's beyond just the beta community. Blizzard will bring in vendors in season 2 or 3 with a patch to fix a problem that's easily preventable had they just listened to beta feedback. Anyone have their own predictions?Felryn21 1d
1d State of Hunters Is it just me or are hunters destroying everyone in pvp. They seem to be far above other classes, with a very low skill cap. The pet damage alone is absurd. BM hunters seem to be the biggest culprit here. It seems they are the set it and forget it PVP spec. Just sick your pet on someone, go afk, and win. I'm sure this wont go live, but you never know.Bodypillow11 1d
1d Delete Subterfuge This training wheels talent has no place in PvP. Would go a long way to balancing Rogues without actually changing anything about the class. Oh, and it would bring back actual counterplay and increase the skillcap. Or you can keep it how it is, where I can just sprint through a flare and sap one target and open on another, lul.Kaindeh4 1d
1d nerf bm too much dmg and pet soloes u while u cant even touch themAntisocialx252 1d
1d Remember when... ... Glad they listened to us! LOLBoringclassx0 1d
1d Seriously Disable Legendaries in BFA(Warmode) So at 120 my Prot decided to duel a 112 Prot warrior and I have decent gear a couple 310 items and I can't win no matter what. The Legendary bracers and synergy had me dead while he was at full health. How is this healthy? Why aren't all Legendaries disabled in BFA? If I am a max lvl at 120 with great gear I have to run for my life from a 112 because it isn't a winnable fight because of Legendaries! All the assassins in Warmode are going to be 111 Twinks because they are godly and can't be beaten by a 120. So I should use my boost to make a Twink for Warmode only in BFA and just skip max level play. I mean that is an option if you don't disable Legendaries. The new incentive is to have a 111 Twink to grief Max lvls lol! Just do the right thing Blizzard we didn't like Legendaries active in PvP to start so just disable them and lets move on into BFA on a clean state. There is no reason to need them and can't be justified to be active. I lvled just fine to 120 with no Legendaries and only quest items on Beta. Please fix this issue. This problem can't go live!!Abombanation76 1d
1d Fists of Fury To be honest, I almost sort of like taking the stun away from fists of fury. While rare, it was sort of annoying not being able to use one of our major damage abilities because an opponent was on a stun DR and we didn’t want to reset it. I also think the new PvP talent that reduces the opponents damage is sort of an interesting peel Mechanic that isn’t just another stun. That said, the current state of WW with having classes just run away from our fists of fury on Beta is literally interfuriating. I think there are a couple of things Blizzard could do that would help. 1. Have Fists of Fury stun only first target hit or the one we are targeting. 2. Have some sort of PvP talent on a 30 second CD that empowers our rising sun kick (or something like that) to stun the target for four seconds or something. 3. Have Fists of Fury root the target or reduce the targets movement speed by like 70-90%. I get that Blizzard wants to move away from just like homogenized “stuns for all” arena gameplay, but after playing WW on Beta quite extensively I feel WW feels quite unsatiafying because almost every class have a pretty easy ability to get out of my fists or fury while I channel it. Thanks for reading BlizzWitcomovich3 1d
1d Feedback: Dev Interaction Has it changed compared to the past?Shwergen4 1d
1d Veng DH and FCing So can someone tell me if they gutted this simpleton FC class? Or does the sh!tshow that is veng DH still have unlimited OP mobilty and disgusting healing/DMG? Would absolutely LOVE for a blue to come in and say that this spec is "working as intended" in FC mapsKeres6 1d
1d Brewmaster Rated Bgs I haven't been on the beta, but it seems that we will be losing our passive artifact trait "swift as a coursing river". This ability has synergy with light brewing allowing us to stack and hold 30% movement speed. It's basically essential for flag carrying on live and I'm wondering if anyone has tested this. Either way it would be nice to keep this passive. ThanksFigurines5 1d
1d Make Melee, Melee Again Anybody else sort of feel like Blizzard needs to take a long hard look at melee and their massive amount of ranged attacks and ccs. To give an example, I don't really think that WW's incap was the issue, I think having a long range on the incap was. Dh's shouldn't be able to interrupt from ranged. Pala's shouldn't be able to HoJ from a distance. Anyway, there's an insane amount of melee abilities and cc's that are ranged now. If Blizzard just made melee moves be melee again I think it would help a lot of this "World of MeleeCraft" discussions we see roaming around.Witcomovich13 1d
1d Possible Kill Command bug/glitch. Encountered some weird glitch on Gladiator server last night. First one. Was in a bg and a hunter was somehow able to get his kill commands to hit about 15-20 times in 4-5 seconds. More you can't see outside scroll range. You can see my leech ticks inside the damage.Simey47 1d
2d Please hire devs that play casters in PVP It's getting ridiculous how unbalanced melee vs. casters is in any pvp situation. Casters can't get away for more than 2 seconds from melee because every one of them has double and triple leaps, rushes, stuns, etc... Since WoD they've been prunning caster mobility and survival, yet given melee even more tools to make sure they sit in melee range 99% of the time. So as someone who plays casters, please force your developers to test them in pvp and stop testing stuff only for their warriors, rogues and dhs. Thank you.Worghasm37 2d
2d Legion ARMS warrior Healing, SAVE IT. ARMS BFA- 2nd-Wind is a deadWeight talent. When are we not damaged? We need something robust, and real, serviceable, that works while we fight. Lets preserve Legions Artifact Heal Passives: Soul of the Slaughter "Spending Rage has a 1.00% chance per Rage spent to heal you for (1500% of Attack power)." And / OR Mannoroth's Bloodletting Manacles "Equip: You heal 1% of maximum health for every 10 Rage you spend." Either of these two, or both would make all of us ARMS warriors very happy, and put us at ease. B.Bommshakka21 2d
2d Scaling ilvl in battlegrounds? I understand it's to put everyone at a equal playing field but i feel like the feeling of any sort of progression is dead due to the fact that when you earn a pvp item it will do little to no change or effect your character in a way.... when you see someone nude pvping with azerite gear only doing it for the lolz it kills the vibe lmao. it makes it into a joke. please stop scaling and let people bring their own well earned gear into battlegrounds and stop scaling. i understand in arenas somewhat tho the reason behind it. i miss back then when you had to earn a 4 set pvp bonus and earn great pvp rewards that'd make a difference and the feeling of doing extra dmg because you've earned enough tokens.Chibininja40 2d