War Mode and World PvP

Nov 8 FIX THIS TRASH I am SO SICK of this biased piece of crap. Usually I just ignore it but when you're giving Horde a free 10% buff that is bull shi. Either scale the reward based on which faction is at a disadvantage, or delete this pathetic failure from the game in 8.1Tempujto44 Nov 8
Nov 8 How does Call to Arms Work with Group Joining BFA a little late and was not sure how the Premade Groups work with respect to Call to Arms. I joined a group of a dozen or so. We killed a lot of players but I didn't get credit for the quest. I understand a raid group excludes you from credit but there are a lot of groups with more than 5. Is there a part I am missing? Thanks in advance for setting me straight.Disavowd1 Nov 8
Nov 7 Dueler's Guild Community Hi guys, i've found myself wanting to do the dueler's guild for the rewards and such but not many people are ever around, they seem to still stack outside of org. I created this little community for the horde and i'll drop it here in case peeps want to get together and duel there <3 https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/XNGLRwvF5q9?region=US&faction=Horde Hope to duel you in the future!Arivok0 Nov 7
Nov 7 Is Ashran coming back? I was told in Q&A that Ashran is temporary retired - but will come back - Then i read this http://www.wowhead.com/forums&topic=285673 WTH - i didn't do Ashran after hearing Q&A that they are revamping - but now everything related to it (Title and mount) is removed - Like.......Jerliz15 Nov 7
Nov 7 WPvP Objectives Coming to Naz’jatar Source: https://www.wowhead.com/news=288433/blizzcon-2018-mamytwink-battle-for-azeroth-interview-with-jeremy-feasel-and-tina ... ... Interesting stuff coming to warmode. Also wintergrasp as an epic bg. WoooooSpamslol8 Nov 7
Nov 6 Anything above zone level, farming low levels It's absolutely ret***ed that players in WM are able to go into any zone, to kill questers. Example. Any character above level 61>, inside of redridge, should not be able to be in the same 'realm' as players <60. I should not be getting farmed, by 120's when I'm questing in legion as a level 100. Much like how WM players can't see Non-WM players, level 120 players in WM should not be able to see 100-110 in Legion zones. Level 120 players, IN GENERAL, should not be in the same realm zone as any other level, ASIDE FROM THEIR OWN LEVEL. This whole WPvP is trash, because of this. I absolutely love WM, and love fighting other players, MY FU***NG LEVEL. Not getting farmed by 120's because they're trash at PvP so they have to make themselves look good by killing low levels. Fix this dumb s**t.Feriond11 Nov 6
Nov 6 Azerite traits are irrelevants for PvP. The concept is quite nice, the result is at best : "Meh". For all the armor part available, i tried lots of differents combinaisons, and the result isn't even noticeable if you change your gear. Maybe 10-15% of all the traits have a real impact. All others are either : Worthless number bonus. (+450 heal on a 18500 heal? It's like nothing. Heal/Absorb by 2500 when stun? On a 135k hp?) Stat bonus, but most of them are "You have a chance of." So absolutely not controlable. The only one that i really like is the one similar to the mage talent, which increase your intellect by X every second, then decrease. Repeating. Damage bonus, but once again, either worthless by number or/and random proc. That makes the whole concept a complete lottery of random good and worthless buffs and debuff, hardly trackable by other players, sometimes some Lightning effect procs, some other time it's a pool of azerite (But nice looking, for this trait). And it gives you the illusion of choice because, and i don't understand why, but the "good" traits are on the first ring… which are spec limited. So you have 2 choices (3 if you share a spell with another spec, like wings.), your spec trait, or a generic azerite trait. And the more azerite trait you unlock, the less powerful they are. (?) The rare trait that i really feel which made a difference, for example as holy pal, is the light of dawn one (Increase Healing by a miserable number and the range by 40y) The underlined part is what we need on this system : the trait changed my gameplay. It transformed a close-range spell into a long range one, so it makes the button usable and really useful. (It heals for a fair amount - 10k - compared to Legion). I can pick any other traits, it won't change, and nobody will notice a difference. If i don't pick this one, i will lose a part of my toolkit. I'm not the only one i think who like to "choose" stats on my gear, it feels good to have this system again. (Well, on beta at least). Suggestion : Make a full warmode-only set of traits to enhance gameplay and customization. I have no idea of the ratio stat/%age of secondary stat in bfa. So let's imagine 200 rating = 1% First ring of Azerite Trait : 4 choices. Each one increase one secondary stat by 600. (So 3% of crit or mastery or haste or versa, you have 3 gear pieces, so you can build your spec and try different things) Second ring of Azerite Traits : 3 choices. All of them are spec related. So 3 traits for your spec. All of them gave you numerical bonus on one spec ability and a special and interesting effect which affect your gameplay, or make a button usable. Like the Light of dawn one, anything that can make a "meh" spell without cooldown good Baseline. Everything that can make a difference between players. WW who deal more damage each time they do a different ability, buffs to manage and look out, abilities to combo to deal more damage, whatever makes a difference between players management of spells, and whatever changes the meta to "good damage with cooldowns, laughable without". Frost mage for example, one trait could increase the damage by frostbolt by 20% everytime you cast it on the same target, stackable - no idea how much damage it does, but you get the idea - Third ring of Azerite Traits : 2 primal choices for your spec and or role that makes you said "Damn it, both are good, and both have advantages/disavantages compared to the other one." On healer for example, let's us choose between Vim and Vigor and Defender of the weak. Between making holy shock always crit with 2s more cd or freedom being undispellable with 50% less duration… etc etc.. And all of numerical traits and spell values increasing by gear level of course. So having a better pvp gear give you more stat customization. A blue gear could have 3% (600) more stat while a full rank one guy could have like 5.5% (1100). Vim could be at 10% Baseline, and 15% with the best gear. One trait could increase Light of dawn healing by 10% Baseline, and 20% with the best gear) What's your thoughts? For the amount of arenas i did, i really feel healers are how it should be, everyone has huge heals all the time (Even hpal, surprinsingly), but dps lack of constant damage and have way too powerful cooldown, which makes 3v3 a huge cooldown trading game (Like before…).Jìmjim16 Nov 6
Nov 6 Call to Arms -- 0 Ally to Kill How come I can't see any Ally on my realm in Zuldazar? I've even had a friend log onto both of her Ally toons on my realm and come to the same spot, yet we can't se each other. How am I supposed to finish this quest? I've wasted HOURS camping the Champions and Tortollan WQ and the Dark Iron camp, yet 0 Ally show up.Griefs17 Nov 6
Nov 6 Love WPvP - The Dark Lady Needs You Are you horde through and through? Do you play this game primarily for World PvP? Looking for select Horde members to join a private community who WPvPs all the time and can't get enough. Yes, there are other Horde WPvP Communities out there - we will support them, but also do World PvP on our own. We aim to help each other and build a close Horde team, rather than occasional WPvPers. We are looking to fill slots for each class/spec. Do you have what it takes? You don't have to be the best at PvP - we look for smart players though. What we are looking for : •Follows raid lead •Smart Players •Max Level - decent gear •Able to travel - don't expect summons 100% of time •Able to adjust strategy •Works in group •Leave no active Horde behind •Responsive •Help us recruit peers in your class/spec What we are NOT looking for: •Impatient players •Bullheaded - "I'm the hero types" •Constantly AFK in battle •"Let's Kill the King - sorry not PvE" •Never wanting to help out group •Immediately quit after wipes •Popping Lust before called for... •/train ... enough said If you are interested, send a private message to "Recruiter" in Discord https://discord.gg/HwXA33s We'll get in touch and chat. Why secretive? If you have been WPvP in BfA, you probably know why. We are actually pretty chill once you get to know us. :)Slaynenemy1 Nov 6
Nov 6 Getting DC'ed after every gank I'm leveling an alt here for the DMF, trying to min/max with the heirlooms, rested and DMF buff and warmode. I've consistently gotten ganked while in Darkshire by 120s which immediately gets followed by 6 minutes of constant reloading and back to back disconnects until the eventual timer goes out and I get auto released to the graveyard. It's happened 3 times now over the course of about an hour and half now and I can't figure out why. Along with wasting time going back to get the DMF buff. Warmode is Warmode, but it should only flag you and shard you with people your level and if theres none then put me in a shard by myself not with 120s. In before the "turn warmode off"s and "thats WPvP deal with it". They is no reason, whatsoever that a 120 horde should be in Darkshire other than to be a complete and utter nuisance and grief players, let alone getting DCed constantly after getting ganked is ridiculous.Thödak1 Nov 6
Nov 5 Please add more progression to Bounty Hello! So yesterday finnally I got my Slayer of the Alliance Title by killing 10 players while in a party and with bounty on me. The first time I got killed in 10 seconds but the second time I was constantly moving and positioning myself with the help of some npc guards and party buddies. As a first time experience it was great and we had a great time, but once you have the title, there is no more progression, no more reward, only the power to lure alliance towards you and help others take the title, which also is not optimal because in order for you or your partners to complete quest and kill count you must be on party group and enemies will come in raid group. But since you yield a very nice reward if someone kills you, I think this feature will benefit from having a little more progression next patch. Also maybe it's a good idea to not be able to loot bounty reward if u are in raid group, or be able to only if the bounty is also on a raid. Some ideas: Once you kill 10 players with bounty on you: 1. Each new player killed should yield a reward (and also increasing your own bounty). 2. You are suggested to join form a raid group and get a reward from killing enemy npc 3. you must survive XX amount of time in a zone for a reward 4. I think ideas and posibilites are endless, just keep this great feature growing!.Alfredd2 Nov 5
Nov 5 Invisibilty and Bountied Would like them to implement something that prevents a rogue or druid from going stealth when bountied. Since its extremely difficult to reveal one and trying to aoe the area where the "assassin" mark it cause it takes the mini map to "update" to their location and even then they moved to another one.Throkgar27 Nov 5
Nov 5 Factionless PVP servers I was wondering how a server like this would work... 1) No factions, the only alliance you have is to your Guild. 2) You are a target 24/7 to those who are not of your Guild or Allies of the Guild 3) Dalaran, Gadgetzan and Booty Bay are Neutral cities 4) Controlling a Zone gives a guild AND its Allies bonuses to Rep, Gold, Vendor and crafting . 5) Controlling particular zones with given bonuses to related BGS and allow additional access or additional rewards when running instances in those Zones Thoughts or additional ideas?Bokuden9 Nov 5
Nov 5 Reminder: This is War Mode and WPvP Forums I know a lot of people are passionate about the game, but coming into threads with the purpose of derailing it is silly. I get most people get frustrated about the topic but if you're interested in battlegrounds or arenas there are forums for that too. Glad you're whatever rank you are in arenas or whatever else you feel is more important than this forums topics, but keep it on topic. Lets keep WPvP great.Zenretsu2 Nov 5
Nov 5 The Art of WPvP // Here is just a rough draft, help me edit and clean it up and organize it to the parameters mentioned as a cross faction community project // The Art of WPvP 58 - 62 pages 13 Chapters less then 60 mins to read Introduction I. Calculating: Detailed Assessment and Planning II. The Challenge: Waging War III. Offense:The Plan of Strategic Attack IV. Positioning: Disposition of the Army V. Strategy: Directing your Forces VI. Defense: Identifying Weaknesses and Strengths VII. Military Maneuvers: Maneuvering your Army VIII. Evolution: Variations and Adaptability IX. LFG: Movement and Development X. Location: Classification of Terrain XI.Battlegrounds: Virtual and Social XII. Turn-Coat: Intelligence and Espionage Conclusion ///////////// Introduction. I: Calculating: Detailed Assessment and Planning Players who are not versed in World Player vs Player (WPvP) format may have preconceived notions of what it is or how it is conducted. Most of the information is tribal knowledge or hearsay, propagated by either side in order to justify why it is not engaging, difficult or sustainable as a game format. And while some of the information may have varying degrees of truth, the fact of the matter is there are Multiple grades of wpvp formats, each with varying degrees of challenge and organization Different types of WPvP Multiple Raids - Highly organized and willing to follow leaders to multiple wipes, small timeframe with objectives and goals for group Full 40 - highly organized but needs constant refilling, mobile yet understanding that not all 40 may be present, easily outnumbered but can take on multiple raids 20 - 40 - good for scouting and riling up opponents for counter raids Less than 20 - holding small zones, flight paths, defending cities with randoms, bolstering smaller groups Small Scale, gank squads, hunting priority targets, warmode questing Solo - basically suicide or scouting missions II: The Challenge: Waging War Study your enemy, what habits do they enjoy? Posting on the forums, streaming, twitter banter, role playing, school, work, ect. Know the area you want to battle, Open world, new content, quest zones, world bosses, raid meeting stones, b Northend - Lichking PvP combat including base defenses. Battle for Storm Peaks Battle for Howling Fjord Battle for Sholazar Basin Burning Crusade - Outlands PvP combat with objectives Halaa Zangermash Terrokkar Forest Hellfire Additional older maps: Hillsbrad Foothills Tarren mill vs Southshore AshenVale Moonglade Tiragarde sound Stormsong Drustvar Voldun Nazmir Zuldazar Subject to Dispute: What servers should you attack, compiled history of world pvp in Warcraft locations by expansion. Vanilla, Burning Crusade - (Goldshire, Darkshire, Karazhan) Gurubashi Arena Major guilds and leaders of the time (*cite) Downfall of Hydra Ruin Gaming Warsong Batallion, Ironsword Regimen, Division VII and faction swapping / Merc mode Dedicated PvP and the Rise of Cryptids League III: Offense: The Plan of Strategic Attack When does enemy guild raid What servers should you attack Pushing flight points Pushing wq areas IV: Positioning: Disposition of the Army Healers Tanks DPS Scouts Other: Specialization Morale during lulls V: Strategy: Directing your Forces Usage of RW and common calls Keeping group alert Understanding what types of engagements your group can handle VI: Defense: Identifying Weaknesses and Strengths Better to hold a point Moving to set waypoints staying within boundary VII: Military Maneuvers: Maneuvering your Army RW usage Server Hoping Baiting your opponent VIII: Evolution: Variations and Adaptability Learning on the fly Adjusting to your teams composition and playstyle What may work in one situation not in all situations Analyzing losses IX: LFG: Movement and Development Server Hoping safely Filling raids X: Location: Classification of Terrain Water Hilly Large cliff / edges flat graveyard / spawn points XI: Battlegrounds: Virtual and Social Online presence recruitment positive & respectful led your battlefield actions dictate your groups reputation XII: Turn-Coat: Intelligence and Espionage Spies in chat, discord, twitter, social media Spies in game (Stealth) Spies in game (in communities) Spies: How and when to address to teammates ConclusionSpaventoso20 Nov 5
Nov 5 World PVP - 2 classes Which between the 2 is better for the world PVP or "dueling" aspect of the game? Ret. Paladin or BM Hunter?Orphii9 Nov 5
Nov 5 Ret/BM/Surv You're out in the open world or about to duel. Which of these 3 specs "worries" you the most. Not worry maybe, but which is the better dueling spec? Paladins have massive utility. Survival seems the strongest Hunter spec at the moment. BM was God-like until the nerfs, but what about now. Which, between the 3, is the best 1v1 spec? Thank you for your time.Orfeos3 Nov 5
Nov 5 Turning Off Warmode 120 no longer need it. Does it put you in a different instance of the game with only people with it turned off?Crookedmán3 Nov 5
Nov 5 Kul'tiran and Zandalari racials What do you all think about them?Unklesam5 Nov 5
Nov 4 Stop with OP classes Stop with the OP classes ..#1 reason for people quiting the game .. I started with 4 friends and a family member..they have all stopped logging on because of OP classes. Just stop this non senseMyloo11 Nov 4
Nov 4 Enjoying WM thanks Blizzard, Loving WM. Getting honor stacks all day long. Thank you blizz for this. Only would add to enable Timeless island rules to WM, so I can *%!%@!@% Horde players just the same.... with the bonus of watching chat blow up from triggered players. Cant wait for WM 2.0Reptîle0 Nov 4
Nov 4 Dismounting Anyone have a items/tips on how to dismount/slow mounted people in WPVP?Piermo8 Nov 4
Nov 4 War mode made griefing way, way worse. So, let me get this straight. You guys seriously thought that not fixing lowbie camping (why is this even a thing anymore? Why is that not a dishonor kill? SOME kind of punishment for killing someone who has no chance of getting away, no chance of defending themselves has no consequence), and instead making a system where ONLY griefers and lowbies would be PvP flagged was a good idea? Seriously whoever thought of war mode should be fired. It made the world PvP problem stupidly broken. Worse than it ever was. The difference now is we get punished for turning war mode on by griefers, and we get punished by turning it off by a significantly slower leveling experience. This was a stupid, stupid design decision.Zevorigt55 Nov 4
Nov 4 War Mode and the Rule of Cool The first group to have a raid of nothing but gnomes on bee mounts wins the expac.Idun2 Nov 4
Nov 4 HOW TO FIX WARMODE take out the 10% bonus aspect of it, every day alliance are getting spanked in kul'tiras i see people talking about how they only have warmode on because of that bonus. maybe if there was no bonus, you'd have people in warmode who actually want to pvp. tired of spineless playersStephenharve5 Nov 4
Nov 4 I'm really trying here... Come on man. I'm trying to get into some World PvP here but this is ridiculous. The imbalance is a joke. My cowardly alliance have all clicked off world PvP slowly, and now there's only ever a handful of us left. I'm not getting killed 1v1, i'm getting killed 20v1 in every zone. Something NEEDS to be done about the faction imbalance in World PvP. General chat is zones are a joke. There's more Horde in Kul'Tiras than there are Alliance. I understand you can't force people to play PvP, but could we at least get a buff? SOMETHING? Maybe a 10% damage increase per enemy within 40 yards? Literally anything, because at this rate World PvP on my server will be dead by January.Tibbelbert2 Nov 4
Nov 3 War Mode is a huge failure. I got three terrible horde players killing all the guards in Fort Victory, Nazmir and I can't get any alliance to help kill them. War Mode needs to be fixed.Oxystab24 Nov 3
Nov 3 Warmode Assassin upgrade criteria ? According to the "Soldier of the Horde" buff you have to get 10 kills without dying to upgrade to an Assassin for a 15% damage & healing buff. Then if you continue killing people you get a bounty on you. Is there a time limit ? Do i need to get the 10 kills in a set time frame ? Do I need to get the killing blows or just help kill them ? Do environment kills count (knockback & dismount falling damage or npc stealing the killing blow) ? Does the counter reset on changing zones ? Doing Darkshore Warmode Pvp, died twice early on then went on to kill 25-30 people before finally dying but never upgraded to an assassin. During this time 3 Alliance bounties were announced and killed so the system is obviously working just wondering what the specifics of it are.Bennz22 Nov 3
Nov 2 Nerf Warriors When should we expect the Warriors Nerfs? They are busted AF in PVP.Bodypillow44 Nov 2
Nov 1 What is a good server for group PVP have seem lots of people claiming that Warmode enabled world PVP again. My server (Area52) is totally PVE oriented. I have a 110 boost available but I wanted to roll a toon on a server where there are PVP groups/guilds that promote PVP encounters. Suggestions on server and class?Danada26 Nov 1
Nov 1 Guards being able to guard So it seems like every single guard in this expansion is excessively weak. Guards are supposed to..guard, but the averaged geared player can take on 3-4 guards at a time without too much issue. Same thing goes for flight masters - they should be able to defend themselves at the very least. In previous expansions the guards were something to be feared. Do you guys remember the constructs on the Isle of Quel'danas? As much as I loved pvp I wouldn't dare get to close to one of those while pvp'n otherwise I'd take 2-3 shot. Today Horde have had a 50+ man crew camping Seekers Vista the entire day. The turtle guards spawn, hit one person for about 5% of their hp, and die almost instantly. I'm a fan of world pvp, but camping a neutral flightpath for 10+ hours with guards that can't do a damn thing to defend themselves, let alone aggressors in neutral territory, isn't fun design. Either A) Make guards something to be feared again. e.g. bring back Isle of Quel'Danas level guards B) Reduce rep for every neutral guard you kill. This was a thing in previous expansions. If you go the Cenarion Refuge and start killing guards there you will quickly lose rep. If guards are going to be complete pushovers at least give a negative consequence for killing them. Otherwise whats the point of even having guards. ~Dune~Duneheim7 Nov 1
Nov 1 Really struggling here... Due to the incredible imbalance, I tried guerilla tactics, which worked great for a while. Now the relative Horde population is so high, I don't find any Horde by themselves. And they aren't partied either because they go separate ways. Sometimes I see a loner, but there are a couple of rogues hanging out in the area. Which, to be honest, is pretty cool once in a while. I should get ganked by rogues hanging around bait once in a while. Following someone who ran off to their next objective doesn't work because three people will find us fighting between destinations and slap me down. - Game is only fun and meaningful with WPvP. - I'll never switch off Warmode. - There is now no way to meaningfully engage in WPvP. - Hands are tied. I won't play this game if I don't find meaning in it. What you need to do with the shards: - Set them up to balance Warmode Alliance and Warmode Horde man-for-man. - Any leftovers get to be in shards without anyone from the opposing faction. - Set up server rules such that beyond certain densities, players are shifted into other shards. That way you don't have 20 Horde at a WQ who are "not in a group so it's cool". - This will encourage the faction transfers you need for your shareholders, and satisfy your playerbase. (Except for 85% of WPvPers who find themselves with no one to fight, but we're counting on them faction changing anway). Full disclosure I told a friend I would help him get started in this expansion a few weeks ago and he downloaded it yesterday. If I hadn't made that commitment this post wouldn't be here and neither would I.Mutare19 Nov 1
Nov 1 BfA is Good for WPvP Change is a funny thing. One day you can be praising the game for its decisions and then when those things go away all of a sudden you're a pessimist for wanting it back. Well that just makes it all the more important to be vocal about what works while it works to make sure that doesn't happen. So that's what I'm here to do, and that's what I invite anyone else to come in and do. But by all means, if you think what I have to say is wrong, explain why. The Conquerer's Scythemaw: First off, I think that having a mount for WPvP is an excellent idea, especially one that is as unique as the Scythemaw. I'm serious about that last part, too. One of the things holding me back from saying that this expansion is as bad as WoD is the more intelligent allocation of actual unique mounts, as opposed to reskins. Right now the Scythemaw only shares a model with the Glory of the Hero mount, which sits just fine with me, I'd say they're roughly comparable in terms of difficulty, so job well done. And on the first try, too! ...Just don't add another Krolusk mount. Conqueror of Azeroth: The Scythemaw alone would have sold me on the achivement, but this is totally icing on the cake. I don't know if there should be a title like this for every expansion given how lofty "Conqueror of Azeroth" is, but hey, we had "Warlord of Draenor" already so maybe whatever comes later on will have a unique title to compete with. Just keep the standards high, I don't want things to start feeling cheap. A lot of work for an awesome title is how things should be. The Alliance Slayer: This is a title that has no equivalent from previous expansions, and even though this is clearly a feature that will be just as relevant to earn next expansion as it is this one, it's still something that BfA can claim credit for and makes the list. Who doesn't think that this is a cool idea for an achievement/title? Bounties: Another home run. This is both a reward and a punishment and in all the right ways for both. Whoever came up with this deserves a gold star on his resume for coming up with good ideas for the excitement that it has generated in WPvP. Sure, it's rarer on imbalanced servers, but population imbalance is a separate issue from this. Supply Drops: Yeah, yeah, Fortnite, PUBG, I know. Blizzard just-so-happened to acquire an achievement system right after Warhammer Online launched with one as its main selling point back in the day, they've been doing this sort of thing for a while. But hey, if it's good for the game, it's good for the game. Supply drops are spontaneous, fun, and have only added to the game---it hasn't damaged or upset anything. Call to Arms Quests: Turning WPvP into a weekly objective is great. I didn't play much Legion so I'm not 100% sure if this is something from Legion, but I couldn't find anything saying it was so I'm pretty sure this is just another good, fulfilling part of what BfA has brought to the table in terms of WPvP. Tour of Duty: What? You thought that was included in Conqueror? Think again. Tour of Duty was a great idea, it pairs as an expansion to Call to Arms for the enthusiasts like me, while not being "just an achievement" leading in to Conqueror. I think that they're sitting perfectly where they are, but even more than the excellent system design I want to point out what I honestly found to be the most compelling aspect of BfA: World PvP Actually Isn't Easy: Even if you're Horde. There's a trade off to being the dominant faction, you know. You're starved for opponents. It's like you're sent out into a small pond that's overcrowded with fishermen, but if you find a fish you actually feel special, because they're really REALLY hard to come by in this pond. I imagine if I was Alliance, the benefit would be having such a target rich environment, and while Horde might win on numbers, if you just have a group of 5 roaming around taking heads, then the fact that they outnumber you means that you can just keep going and going and going. And the way that honor works, if you ARE doing it in a group of 5 the entire time, Tour of Duty/Conqueror of Azeroth is going to take WAY less time because each kill is giving you several times more honor. So even though it may not seem like it, Alliance do possess an advantage in this, they just need to capitalize on it. I won't deny that population imbalance isn't fun, and that thing would be more fun with better server balance, but the new achievements, quests, systems, and rewards that BfA has brought has been like CPR to a hospital patient that everyone thought was dead. Things could still improve, but damn if World PvP didn't get the long end of the stick when BfA came along. I have defended it since launch and I will continue to defend it.Juxu5 Nov 1
Nov 1 HORDE HEROES: ARE YOU DOING YOUR PART? Formed pre-launch BFA, HORDE HEROES is a booming PVP conclave of like minded players that all follow the banner of The HORDE! JOIN TODAY IF YOU ENJOY: -Killing Alliance -Queuing Battlegrounds -Rated PvP - A 1500+ player community Discord Link: https://discord.gg/nSwQU7 Say Hello! PST AXELION-MAL'GANIS FOR MORE INFORMATION, TUES, WED, THURS, 4PM pst - 7PM pstAxelion12 Nov 1
Nov 1 ⚔️ BfA is bad for World PvP/Unsubbed ⚔️ As someone who has played and been very involved in world PvP in every expansion since Burning Crusade I want to iterate that I am in no way exaggerating when I say BfA is the worst expansion for World PvP to date. Due to "Warmode Sharding" half the time I can't even see my friends or rivals even though we are both in Warmode and in the same zone etc. Please, do something. Update: I have unsubscribed from WoW and I am disbanding my five year old PvP guild due to Warmode sharding. Blom95 Nov 1
Oct 31 111 T winking questions. Hey guys, I had this DH from Legion and noticed how the secondary stats were insane at 111 so I decided to turn xp off and try it. I was wondering if there is a difference in secondary stats at 111, to 112,113,114,115 ect.... at this point you wouldn't want to go further since Legion Legendary's get turned off. Just curious what your guys thoughts are. I have been doing Normal BFA Dungeons / Island Expos and face rolling stuff farming rares and easy gold in Dungeons. How is world pvp and is there a purpose to go to 115 vs 111? Do the stats get squished?Zerged0 Oct 31
Oct 31 30+ Alliance Raid Groups TL;DR: If you are in the "Anduin's Knights" or any of the other guilds, please uninstall the game. Oh boy, where do I begin? First of all, I have to ask you, what enjoyment do you get out of curbstomping a 3-10 man group who is usually below 340 ilvl and wants to get their Call To Arms quests done? It's not at all fun, and it takes away the last bit of enjoyment I had left in this game. I dread going into any WPVP group, because I know it'll get dismantled as soon as all 70 of your honorable gryphon riders phase in and destroy any of my will to play this game. It's not fair for anyone. If you want to be the only people left in warmode, surviving on picking off lowbies "like us", please continue. If you're going to do this, please; at least make your groups smaller so we have a little bit of a fighting chance. This is Battle for Azeroth, not Alliance for Azeroth. Sincerely, Salty Horde Main Also INB4 "BUT YOU KEEL DA LOWBEES :(((("Eikarhu38 Oct 31
Oct 31 Encourage more Wpvp Maybe a currency per kill to be used to purchase mats, gear, transmogs etc. Titles like we have in arenas and BG's. And yes you will see war raids and war party's.. that's how Wpvp works but it will encourage more from both factions as well as small scale PvP.. What made Wpvp legendary was the South shore/tauran mill war raids and getting ganked while questing etc. This isn't Angy birds stop asking for your hands to be held and stop cry about being ganked or demolished by a war raid. participate and form your own war party's and get in on it . Blizzard have rewards and titles gear etc.Myloo9 Oct 31
Oct 30 War Mode and Player Freedom I have to say that I like the idea of war mode. I think that it is in line with the ideas of this expansion, but I also feel like war mode is punishing anyone who doesn't like world pvp. Honestly, I enjoy hopping into pvp when I'm in that mood, but I enjoy it for the challenge. World pvp sometimes has a challenge, but mostly it just seems to be five to twenty people grouping up to hunt down any members of the other faction they catch alone. That isn't fun for me. I hate being the target. I also don't like being in the group, because it is really easy to gank someone when you outnumber them so much. There isn't any satisfaction for me in doing something so easy, but that's what world pvp encourages, by making it more tangibly rewarding to do what is easy. I'm not against people who like it. Play how you want to play, but I find the dynamics of world pvp to suck the fun out of it. But not activating war mode, even in pve, is just shooting yourself in the foot. The rewards are just too good. Like on my fire mage alt, I can get enhanced pyroblast, which is a separate ability to does 35% of the target's health. That's a three hit kill on practically anything, even if it is a long cast time (though exactly the same as normal pyroblast). There isn't anything quite that ridiculous on my monk, but the talents are still to the point where it is actively hurting my ability to pve if I don't take these talents connected to world pvp. On top of that, there is the 10% bonus rewards from world quests. All of that is so good that it's worth getting ganked every so often. I hate it, but I'm basically getting payed in the game for making someone else's time more fun. But is that really how the game should be? Ideally, we should be rewarded for playing the game how we enjoy playing it. We shouldn't be weighing whether having less fun is worth the rewards. We should be rewarded for the way that we play. And yes, I could switch it off. It is technically a choice, but it's the choice between war mode and being less powerful in the game. It puts anyone who doesn't activate it at a lower level of play. So, it is a choice, but it's it's like offering you the choice between eating steamed peas, if you really hate steamed peas, or go hungry. Either you do something you don't like or you are punished for it. Most people are going to eat their steamed peas. But I can say, after a couple times today just trying to be friendly with a group of horde while I world quest, only to be ganked and have my corpse camped until they get tired of trolling me, I am fricking tired of these steamed peas. This isn't to insult those of you who do like war mode. I know a lot of you out there do, and I'm happy that you can be rewarded for doing what you like. I just don't think I should be discouraged from how I like to play. There is more than one type of player that enjoys WoW. For all of that, I don't really have an idea on how to fix it. I don't think it needs to be done away with, but I don't like the way it works now. For that, I think it needs the input of a number of different types of players, so it can satisfy everyone (or as close as possible).Shajia6 Oct 30
Oct 30 Aff PvP-Thread ignored for over 5 MONTHS! As this is both about class and PvP this is a duplicate of https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20764456768?page=1 Disclaimer: I know this is beta, I know things change, feedback based on current state – that is aftercall the entire purpose of beta testing. I know affliction has historically done well in arena, possibly too well at times. This feedback is purely about class survivability and sensical gameplay, if you have issues with afflictions offensive potential that would be a different thread. I used the exact amount of words I thought were needed to convey the information I wanted to, that is their purpose. If you feel my post is too long you are in no way obligated to read it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 OF 3 The information below is based on level 110 premade’s and the current numbers on the PTR. Feedback centers around Affliction from a PvP perspective specifically and, in a nutshell I feel the class has two core problems in that regard: Cleanse Protection Survivability Cleanse Protection A snippet from Blizzard: “When we started to go down that road, we got some difficult to ignore feedback that Unstable Affliction being able to stack up multiple times on the same target was good uniqueness and flexibility, and that flexibility provided power in a way that was special to Affliction. For much of the spec’s history, it wasn’t good at burst damage or single-target damage, and being able to stack up to 5 Unstable Afflictions on the same target was actually a decent way to fix that.” This issue was already addressed, and in an unquestionably superior way – Haunt. Unstable Affliction was cleanse protection while Haunt allowed us to either frontload burst damage into a single target or cleave across the entire team, trading single target burst for more dot pressure via the haunt debuff. Also, we had to decide between using our shards offensively or defensively. Soulburn summoning circle could save your life, five haunts could end someone else’s. Why would we take a system that is richer and deeper, and best of all - makes logical sense, and trade it for the current model? Our cleanse protection is no longer cleanse protection, it is an incentive to cleanse! It was the same in Legion and BfA is making the exact same mistake. Why would a healer not want to cleanse all my UAs AND all my other debuffs, including a 10% increased damage debuff? Not cleansing UA means not cleansing the rest of my debuffs, not cleansing UA means empowering me to do MORE damage. If anyone at Blizzard feels healers are too scared of a 4 second silence and would rather their team take considerably more damage then I have some bad news, healers never got that message. So why is the conversation “How do we make UA dangerous to dispel but dangerous to leave up without it being unbalanced?” The conversation should be, and should have always been “Why would we take a soul shard spending burst tool, and a cleanse protection tool, and try to merge them together?” Haunt is so clearly the answer to this problem, and I can say that with confidence because haunt… used to be the answer to this problem! I mean just think about it: Option A: Haunt, does damage, has cast time, costs soul shard. Option B: Make cleanse protection cost a very finite resource, now our cleanse protection has far and away the lowest uptime out of all the debuffs its intended to protect, woops? Also make a target take more damage when they have your cleanse protection on them. Oh, and also make cleanse protection our highest most bursty spell. Great, now it does three things! Except well, it doesn’t do the first thing anymore, and since it doesn’t do the first thing anymore it can’t reliably do the other two things, so more often than not it does zero of the things. If only we had eggs we could have ham and eggs, if only we had ham. Also, Endless Affliction is a wasted talent slot, the last thing a Warlock would want in an arena is for UA to do the same amount of damage but take longer to do it. This talent would be great if the healer, for some baffling reason, wasn’t cleansing our dots on cooldown, or we got the old UA, the actual cleanse protection UA, back. As neither of those are the case presently, this is a useless talent. It makes our cleanse protection (I shake my head every time I have to type that) not only do less damage before it’s removed, but also makes UA even more enticing to cleanse, as a longer UA means a longer damage increase debuff. So, a talent that makes my UA do less damage and even further increases the reward to cleanse it? Thanks, but no thanks.Ganaanaa186 Oct 30
Oct 30 Penalty i think should be added New penalty for camping and killing people who are leveling toons when your 10-100 levels higher … I think people should lose honor levels for this give them a reason they shouldn't just be out being a douch… and after so many make this dishonorable and have to gain it back like repRjforever7 Oct 30
Oct 30 Goblin Glide: Veiled Grotto into Dazar'alor Todays Alliance Lesson in Goblin Gliding is Dazar'alor While difficult and time consuming to run mounted from the docks to the Golden Throne, a 60 second Goblin Glide can put your raid right in the action. Video Attached: https://twitter.com/SpaventosoWoW/status/1057162541460267008 #BfA #BattleforAzeroth #Warcraft #ForTheAlliance!Spaventoso1 Oct 30
Oct 30 Killing Humans Killing humans is just so fun. NPCs, pvp, doesn't matter. I love to see them run and scream. Seeing them hit the ground. So so satifying. Reminds me of Kezan, only humans are a lot fleshier and frail than trolls are. I can kill them all day. But, alas, most goblin cartels have a lot of business with humans, so I limit my blood thirst to the Kul Tirans...Beamz8 Oct 30
Oct 30 How to get more people into PVP World PVP Currency: Simple.... for every kill you get in the open world.. you get a coin... you use these coins on consumables/mogs/upgrade tokens.. etc. This gives players actual incentive to kill others in WPVP. DeathMatch Mode: Simple.... most people join random BG just to kill things, but its kind of annoying because people who play objectives get frustrated when they are the only one on the team trying to get flag back. This will keep the bloodthirsty fellows in their own little lane. Allow more Qs: If people could Q for more than 2 things at once.. it would drastically reduce Q times for pvp.... which means people spend time playing the game instead of waiting around doing nothing. Exhibition Mode: Allow an exhibition mode where teams are 100% random (horde and alliance dont matter etc) this will drastically reduce Q times and will be great for players who dont care about faction but just want games. Solo Q for rated PVP: Sometimes its hard playing this game... you spend 35 minutes making a group... you unfortunately lose your first game (because hey... it happens.. nobody wins every single game.. its just life ... son) and then your team disbands because the playerbase is insanely toxic. Here you are.... spending more time putting together a team instead of actually playing the game.... /yawn... this will also help eliminate toxicity because if players get faster Qs they have less reason to cry/whine after a loss. Rating system re-vamp. The current system promotes toxicity. a 2700 player will not want to play with a 1500 player because his rating will tank. What if the 2700 rated players rating could no longer drop below 2700 once he reaches it? this would encourage people to be friendly and less toxic.. because the 2700 player already earned 2700... and since he knows he cant dip below 2700 he will be more inclined to play with noobs/randoms since theres no risk of losing what he already earned .Rayu7 Oct 30
Oct 30 Horde Humiliation TV / League WPvP Shalaator - MoonGuard has been doing an Amazing job of leading WPvP Raids all over Kul Tiras, Zandalar, Dazar'alor and Orgrimmar racking up HK's and PvP achievements. For those of you discouraged in Warmode so far, look for this group or others like it working on the Tour of Duty and other various WPvP Achievements in groupfinder. Remember, the Blue World Quests can still be completed in larger Warmode groups! #ForTheAlliance!Spaventoso6 Oct 30
Oct 30 Solution: PVP without Incentives I'd like to propose a simple solution that probably requires minimal development and maintenance work to solve all PVP related problems. Now of coarse, there are some people that will probably argue that there are no problems, therefore, no solutions are required. Remove any and all incentives related to PVP activity. What does this mean? No loot, no currency, no items, no experience, no levels. What this also means is that all stats are static. They won't go up nor down. Here's what I think would happen, in no particular order. -AFK activity in PVP considerably reduced. -Twinks are now completely redundant. -PVP activity will increase significantly. There are no grinds of any kind. Create a character, load up your favorite UI settings and start playing. World PVP faction balance is a difficult nut to crack. The easiest solution to this issue is to make all other players of the same faction neutral to each other. In other words, friendly fire is always on when War Mode is active. What do you think?Eyeris12 Oct 30
Oct 29 350,000k+ views on Anduin's Knights Alliance raid Anduin's Knights one of the finest warmode raid groups on Alliance side in Battle for Azeroth with over 350,000+ views and growing on various different platforms Including Pcgamer, Reddit & YouTube. Cryptids League also known as Anduin's Knights who ride on the Snowy Gryphons we name our LFG listing as Anduin's Knights (WPVP) we have been featured on pcgamers.com as well. Visit the link to see one of our fun activities! https://www.pcgamer.com/watch-these-wow-players-pull-off-an-incredible-aerial-ambush-to-repel-a-horde-invasion/ Main raid view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtBXPJdHCK4&t=147s A new lethal Alliance raid was born while most of us are not new to the World PvP but this raid became active with the prepatch release making us one of the most active warmode groups on Alliance side. Turn on Warmode and join the war we have dismantled more than 2000+ Horde raids and with only 3 wipes this includes against random raid groups and guild raids since prepatch release. Turn on warmode Alliance! FOR THE ALLIANCE!Ispyn218 Oct 29
Oct 28 Hey Alliance - Join A Guild. I've had nothing but fun in war mode since BfA came out. The environments are target rich and every single night that we end up rolling out we end up farming easily twice our numbers or more with little to no friendly wipes in the process. I do not disagree that there is faction imbalance but that imbalance is all the more reason for you to join an active guild that has strong leadership and a desire to fight and win against superior numbers. The following videos are but two of many nights that we have done this. From small to large scale we get things done. https://youtu.be/4Rv9FrkTmYE https://youtu.be/JdGMJ2Hc38k We're taking applications for those interested. You can join up with us by going to www.enclaveoilrig.com and making an application. If you don't want to do that (you should) you can join our community by clicking on https://blizzard.com/invite/vXpBEF3xD and signing up! Ideally we'd like for you to eventually come to our server since that is where our guild is. We don't just do PvP either and have three active, running raid groups for PvE content. Again, I am not denying the issue with population imbalance is present but things can be done that will help to enjoy war mode and accomplish goals as a team. Turning it off while acceptable just isn't ideal.Horrigan45 Oct 28
Oct 28 Cant find pvp in world Where is everyone at? Playing Call of duty?Brà1 Oct 28
Oct 28 PvP Gears benefits over PvE Gears in BFA So here we go again in BFA with PvP Gears that clearly dont have an advantages over PvE Gears in PvP combat (since the removal of pvp power/resilience) How is this fair? What is the point of grinding out those PvP Gears, if in the end PvE Gears will do the same anyways. My opinion is, bring out back the PvP power/resilience. Why? Because : 1. Its not gonna unbalanced things out. Just enable PvP power in open world only and the problem solved. If some people still going to say pvpers with full pvp gears will stomp non-pvpers with pve gears then i say it makes logical sense considering how much effort and time those pvpers put in grinding out pvp gears in instanced pvp. Beside warmode is here, turn in warmode and you agree to engage in pvp combat. This way also makes those raiders that mainly do PvE, have to grind out pvp gears in instanced pvp (dont worry, its balanced) in order to be competitive in world pvp scene. Similar to how a pure pvpers with full pvp gears have to work on raids in order to stack secondary stats to get a nice looking damage on skada damage meter. Without pvp power/resilience, damn those raiders can just turn warmode on and still be competitive in world pvp scene due to their high ilvls. 2. PvP gears are made in order to enhance PvP combat, while PvE gears are made to enhance combat in general (particularly on mobs and npc environment). So it doesn't make sense if PvE gears are on equal footing with PvP gears IN PVP COMBAT. 3. Without pvp power/resilience, pvp gears technically server no purposes. In the nutshell, full set pve gears are sooooo much easier (compare to full set of rng elite pvp gears). So what is the point of grinding out those elite gears anyways? 4. A player with full elite gears who dedicates himself to pvp (even with those rng drops) will TECHNICALLY have an equal footing with a raider who dont pvp at all but has same ilvl of pve gears (though the raider will get stomped cause doesnt know how to pvp) stat-wise 5. Without PvP powers/resilience people might as well use PvE gears to engage in pvp thus eventually forcing everyone to do PvE just like in legion. 6. And the last thing, DAMN IT its not gonna ruin your ladder/rating/ranked pvp experience if pvp power only enables in open world only. And since those who want to pvp will eventually have pvp gears anyways, it is actually fair to turn on warmode and meet opposite factions wearing the same pvp gears. So against fellow pvpers, pvp power/resilience wont do that much of a thing, but it will against pve gear wearers. This is how it should be, so that those pve players have to work their !@# off in order to pvp. They can do instanced pvp where they balanced things out. Lets hear what you guys have in your minds!!Xyslasher12 Oct 28