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2d PTR Build Update - 7/2/2018 Afternoon All, A few minutes ago PTR builds were brought down for an update. Currently, I don't have an ETA on when these realms will be back up but know that we are working on getting these realms up as soon as possible. I'll leave this thread open for discussion as long as conversations remain civil and adhere to forum guidelines. Thanks for your patience everyone!Itzali28 2d
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2h Questions I'm dying for answers... 1. Why has the BfA class design team accomplished so very little compared to previous expansions? The amount of work on classes for BfA falls so so so short of that of previous expansions. 2. Is this very low level of class development something we can.come to expect in the future? 3. Why did we get, No new talent row? No new abilities? And, our talent trees are still crowded with awful/useless talents? 4. Did the entire Class design team quit? What happened? 5. Why is it ok to show so little effort from the most important Dev team (class design) for a new expansion you are charging $50 for? 6. With near non-existent class design BfA, feels like something you'd buy in a black market stall in some sweaty, third-world country? Where is the management? I'm dying to o know the answers to these questions.Stormskull7 2h
3h Personal loot makes me puke\\mounts. Same with the guldan mount. My guild recently, within a month or so, killed Mythic Argus. Since then we've had some roster issues. People taking a break for the rest of expansion or people just not showing up. We've still been re-clearing and everything and have been able to kill Argus 1 other time. But now with the way that our roster issues have been, people that finally decide to show and kill just Argus actually have a chance at getting the mount. I understand where in the majority of situations this is going to be a positive thing. But for a guild like ours, which doesn't abuse loot council anyways, when we kill Argus again after patch, people that haven't been attending raid for the past month will have the chance to get the mount. People that haven't been putting in the same effort as the rest or any effort at all. Personally I don't agree with the sentiment that all effort is equal, and I for one and HUGELY against the forced personal loot change. Our current method of handing out the mount from Argus is to do a /roll. And while some could liken that to a random drop it most definitely is not. Initially when we started farming the Gul'dan mount we were having lower turn out than we would have liked. We eventually started keeping tally on peoples attendance and giving out the mounts based on that. Insuring that people that wanted it wouldn't just show up once and get lucky, but continue showing up and building up towards getting it. All of this is irrelevant now, I just wanted to voice my opinion and express how disheartened I am with the change to personal loot. Edit: hit enter for crit guyLeebot5 3h
3h Karazhan "fixed" in prepatch Seriously? The only thing that made leveling somewhat barable will be gone now and there goes most of my motivation to level.. Hope i dont die of boredom in the snows of northrend.Eloni37 3h
3h Bear Tartare Nerf I understand Blizzard doesnt want ppl to go running around BfA content that fast and I totally agree with it but... Why not simply allow the item to work everywhere else but BfA content? Is it too hard to code or something similar? I dont see the downside of a change like this. Unless Blizzard is thinking about creating a BfA version of this but doesnt seem to be the case, at least not yet. Maybe its just me but I dont like the idea of having something fun like Bear Tartare only to have it taken away 2 years later, but thats just my opinion of course.Xwn2 3h
3h BFA prepatch - The day WoW changes in a way no one expected. 1. Class changes that do not make sense. 2. Transmog rules that do not make sense. 3. Scaling that does not make sense. 4. Item squish that does not make sense. 5. GCD changes that does not make sense. etc, etc, etc. Thank you to all of you that have contributed feedback to the PTR/alpha/beta for BFA. You all have tried to provide feedback to stem this tide of unwarranted changes to WoW which categorically makes the base live game worse. Only thing we can now do is watch from a distance as the carnage unfolds on the forums as the general public learns the real truth about prepatch BFA/ BFA expansion. The truth about prepatch BFA/BFA expansion is that it is not a product ready to launch to the live client. Thank you to all of you as you have been valued members of the community. Don't be discouraged as this is merely the start and not the end. But I have to admit it is disappointing to see this (BFA) hit live servers in this current state.Mafic58 3h
4h PVE player FORCED TO PVP I like nice relaxing questing , I don’t pvp i find it too stressful. But now I will be forced into war mode or forced to play a nerfed version of my class and also get les rewards. I HATE the concept of being ganked while questing or while fighting mobs but now I will be forced into this negative toxic dynamic. Why not leave us fuzzy pve players alone ?Nectanebo276 4h
4h Why would blizz get rid of fullscreen I ran WoW super smooth with true full screen. The new fullscreen (windowed) version of bfa makes the game stutter and not as good experience to play. I already bought bfa so I guess im stuck with it. I hope they just listen to people and try to fix it to make it a bit more smooth. I feel like people with not as good computers will not be able to play the game if they do not fix it which i will hate to see with such a small mistake. -_-Zacharygames30 4h
5h How smooth will launch be? I've heard some of the previous WoW expansions worked well during launch, while others didn't even let you log in the first day cause of how flooded the servers were. What are the odds of BfA working well during day 1? I'm coming back from a business trip on 13 August and thought about taking 14 August off just cause I'll be jet lagged anyway, was wondering if I might be able to play BfA as well lol.Khoden21 5h
5h ART OF LEGION A+++++ Seriously give these guys a raise. rng of legion F-Beezlebubba0 5h
6h New Faction Idea so if battel for azeroth is a war expansion I would make the undead its own fac and have an undead for every race because there start/lore is they where corrupted to hate both facs so why make them only horde I fell like it would be cool to play un undead goblin I can see making wargan and panda undead a little strange but it would still be coolAnistril0 6h
7h Staying competitive: Pve Hello! I'd consider myself to be a somewhat competitive PvE player. In legion I mained an Enh shaman through the good and bad. However, in this upcoming xpac I'm looking to reroll my class. As I don't have beta access I'd like some input as to what I should reroll to. Currently I'm considering monk, dk, and warrior as they all have a dps and tank spec which makes dungeon Q's much faster. Things to consider: 1) Fluid rotation 2) Dps output in dungeon setting 3) Dps output in raid setting 4) Strength of tank spec. Thank you for the feedback!Martenluther8 7h
7h No Fullscreen option? Hey all. So I'm noticing there's no more full screen option? just windowed and windowed full screen? I have horrible graphical tearing when it's not running true fullscreen. I play at 1440p, on a 27inch gsync monitor powered by an nvidia 1080 Ti. On live, everything is peachy, I set my frame cap to 120 and have zero tearing, when in full screen. Tearing only happens on live when im not fullscreen, so it's also happening in the beta now. I'm concerned about BfA , since the beta appears to have removed true full screen. Is this by design? Why on earth would they want to remove it? =(Emerus34 7h
7h Can new characters in 8.0 get artifacts? Say I create a brand new character in 8.0, would I be able to aqcuire new artifacts with that character when I level up to 110? I know it would not be useful, but I still want to collect them for the look.Donirix2 7h
7h Will first aid items turn to junk? What Blizzard fails to tell players or uses the cop out "Go Check Wowhead" and other sites is what items they will turn into junk with profession and other patch changes. Will the bandages, splints, field packs, and salve turn to junk when first aid goes away? Should I sell it all now to make 11 gold for the field packs and splint or log in tomorrow and find out they are now worth 11 copper? Will I need to have a tailor make all new bandages before heading out to die with my 5306 K health now 530 health? And what other 8 gold items will turn to 5 copper junk with the changes? This is never included in the patch notes! However, if you know you are going to change something you sure as heck know the economic impact of your changes and should inform your paying customers.Boneshocker1 7h
7h Races easier to get after 8.0? I'm a returning player that missed argus pretty much (almost no open world there), and I would have already pre-ordered if I didn't need Argussian rep for Void Elves. I already hate rep grinds, and I'm not even started on that one, I can just wait until release if I must. I was wondering if there's been any talk of whether those rep restrictions will be lifted so I can make a Void Elf as soon as pre-patch drops (and I do the quest of course). This makes all the difference as to whether I pre-order next week, any knowledge would be helpful. Thanks!Alice53 7h
8h Tank threat nerf way too much at low levels Long story short, ran a dungeon last night at level 20 and the healer's big heals were enough to rip enemies off of me, even with consecrate and righteous hammer flying around. The only way to maintain threat was enemies being hit by a full dps rotation. I don't know if the multipliers are off, but this will be a huge issue for anyone leveling in a dungeon come 8.0.Wracklust180 8h
9h A Quality of Life Fix for Survival Dual wield? Hunter class fantasy for me has always been dual wielding axes. Rexxar, the OG, been dual wielding since Warcraft 3 and even his return in Legion sees the return of his axes!!! Now if you don't want hunters to return to, what I see, a natural state than could you please at least put two hand swords and axes on our loot tables? Thanks!Fìrehawk6 9h
9h Incompatible Server Status Does that mean that the PTR is shut down now, since the Prepatch drops in less than 24 hours?Vereesuh3 9h
10h Holy Paladin vs Holy Priest Boost For BFA I would like to be a healing class and be helpful in raids and dungeons. Im having trouble picking between Holy Paladin and Holy Priest. Any suggestions on what one would be the best to boost? Thank you.Pandorrable10 10h
11h Official release date Have we actually gotten official confirmation that 8.0 is tomorrow? I have googled and searched forums and have not seen it. Only place I have not checked is the launcher.Glowball4 11h
12h Instance farming in prepatch Out of curiosity will I not be allowed to farm icc anymore and pray to rng every Tuesday for a mount dropGingerreaper1 12h
12h Mage tower appearances account-wide? So I was playing around with artifact transmog and found out that the mage tower appearances aren't account-wide like the others. Is this a bug?Requielm13 12h
13h Stat squish question I know the stat squish is coming but for example. if we have 35% haste now, will it still be 35% after the stat squish? or will it be broken terribly like time walking stat squish?Gnomerpiles16 13h
13h How is this new UI going Live? Well looks like were getting this new UI shoved on us. I don't get it. It's horrible. I defy someone to explain how this: https://imgur.com/m21kLi0 Is objectively better than this: https://imgur.com/IIBYN6I It in no way decreases the number of buttons, it just moves them over to the corner. Breaking the symmetry of the screen, and if you have rebound some of those buttons like me, it forces you to move your mouse further to open the character screen and such. I can't conceive of how this is an improvement. When you turn on ALL action bars like I do, the problem is even worse. Compare this live version: https://imgur.com/qU83O5S To the new version: https://imgur.com/cZ5WaTP Notice the missing action button? There is literally a missing action button!! My bags and UI controls are way over in the corner cluttering it up. The arrangement of "Bottom Right Bar" makes absolutely no sense as it is divided vertically, while "Bottom Left Bar" remains unchanged. Who thought this was a good idea??? Who agreed and signed off on this????Sultriss28 13h
13h ww monk self sustain overnerf? are ww monks self heals being nerfed to much in bfa? a slight nerf makes sense don't get me wrong, but why are they nerfing it this heavily? without using touch of karma as a shield/heal i get the following ratio's 39.5% healing winds (transcendence transfer, the artifact trait heal) removed 3.6% infusion of light (nether light crucible) removed 15.2% chaotic darkness (nether light crucible) removed 18.5% healing elixer removed 23.3% chi wave will be replaced with chi burst (provides chi, so it's a required skll pickup), which is substantially less over time (170k per cast on live vs chi wave 240k per cast and 1/2 the cooldown) if i use touch of karma, it becomes a large portion only if timed, and for a very limited duration (also losing it's artifact trait heal, while minor is useful. We're being drawn down to nearly 1/10th of our sustain on live. that just seems like a bit too much if you ask me. just making a baseline heal of transcendence transfer at 25% hp on usage would be a nice consolidation (and with it's cd nerfed to 45 seconds, it keeps even that really low). edit: hopefully it's not enough to keep them out of upper m+ with the sheer lack of personal survivability. it'll already put them in a position where some quest elites will become problematic. and if they have something like argus again, even the small minibosses could become impossible without heavily overgearing or bringing a pocket healer (and who wants to heal quests, makes them take to long)Kamellia6 13h
14h Scaling broken Scaling is entirely broken. I was trying to level in WoD and it takes considerable time to kill one monster. And if I pull more than one (even 2) its death. They have waaay too much hp and are hitting for 600-1k dmg. These are normal monsters not elites and not named monsters. They have close to 15k hp while Argus monsters have 5k? That doesnt make any sense. You do considerably more dmg at 110 than you do at 90 why would the level 90 mobs have 4X the hp of the level 110 mobs?Rävén17 14h
14h Warmode and heirlooms Does the xp bonus from each stack? At work ATM or I would login to check. Just thinking about the route I want to take for my next toon. I plan to play in Warmode regardless of the ability to stack. Thanks!Solanthus7 14h
14h Sylvanas has become like arthas In my mind Sylvanas has become just as evil as arthas Spoilers. If you haven't read the new book I suggest you read it, but after reading it, it shows me how much control she wants on her people she wants to control them rule them where they don't have a choice but to follow her which was the exact thing she was fighting against was Tree for people where they had a choice they had a say. But I don't what do you guys think?Goldans13 14h
15h Disappointed with BFA expansion? I've been looking forward to getting a new expansion for awhile, but this new one that's coming out just looks meh. I mean the last three expansion's the game felt new and different. We got new races, and classes. Yeah the garrison kind of sucked after a bit, but not at first. After fighting the Legion shouldn't we fight the old gods or something? Why are we going back to horde vs. alliance? What is this classic? Maybe it's just me, but I'm on a fence about buying the expansion. Hell I was offered a beta spot and passed it up cause why do I want to fight the horde again? If we could actually wipe out one side or another, great. But you know the expansion after this one will be some threat that we have to join forces again... And don't get me started on the the "NEW" races. I hate it when company's take the easy way out and just reskin a model. Why Ogres, or murlocks or even dragon-kin? Anyways all I seem to see is everyone getting excited for what I think will be a crappy expansion. Anyone think it's going to suck?Dumatin104 15h
17h 110 boost question Does the 110 boost come immediately, with prelaunch patch, or with expansion release?Xsarec1 17h
18h Expectations for War Mode? I don't like PvP, and I enjoy leveling different characters from start peacefully in my PvE server. But now Blizzard gave me a serious problem: should I play new alts with War Mode on or off? lol I say this is a problem because there are some PvP talents that are way too good for leveling, such as Frostbite for Frost Mage. Man, I remember playing my Mage with this talent a long time ago, and it was great! I can even say this talent alone pretty much "fixes" the spec for leveling, especially at lower levels. So. What you guys expect from War Mode in neutral zones (level 60+)? You think some leveling peace will still be possible? Or we can expect too many assassins or higher lvl players just stalking lower zones? TL;DR: I have that strange feeling that I'll fall in love with some PvP talents, and then find out that War Mode is unplayable. That kind of weird feeling when you can have something nice, but at the same time you know you shouldn't :) Edit: The main issue seems to be some talents that help way too much when leveling. Frostbite makes Frost Mage's leveling experience simply amazing. Dire Beast: Hawk grants a strong AoE cooldown to a spec that has a hard time to AoE otherwise. And so on.Voidmor105 18h
19h Hunter (and other) Artifact Transmog I feel like it would be a nice feature to have both Beast-Mastery and Marksman spec artifact appearances available, regardless of which spec you are in, entering BFA. There are some appearances, namely Thas'dorah and 'Designs of the Grand Architect' that have some exceedingly unique appearances found on no other bows, namely a Quiver and being a fully mechanical bow, respectively. I see no real reason to prevent transmog of artifact weapons ~within~ a class. If someone wants to wear the shadow priest artifact on their holy priest; why not? Please give us this freedom of customization.Samhiru0 19h
20h The truth about BFA's GCD There is nothing wrong with the new GCD. It is neither good nor bad. The problem is it is different, and people FEAR change. They have an egotistical view of themselves due to the hours spent playing their legion builds that they are good at this game and can run their character from muscle memory barely looking at the taskbar. Now they are forced to change, forced to adapt, and they have to relearn their attack priority list. This change scares them, and the fear drives them to anger, and then they get on social media spouting how severe the change is. So, people, the GCD isn't the problem, your fears and views of the situation are. Put on your big boy/girl pants, embrace the change as a challenge and a chance to be better than you were and start learning the new gameplay.Kelgorre26 20h
20h Horde V Alliance needs to stop this whole story arc of us versus them needs to die a quick death. The whole premise of this xpac seems to forget almost all of what happened to the horde in mop. for them to regain the strength after what u can only describe as a genocide from garrosh. And yet here we are. I know it will likely lead into a Void story arc cause lets face it it will neither faction will "win".Rocketcatcha35 20h
21h PVE New Talents & Class Changes Hey are we all getting the new pve talents which include all of the new and changed class abilities and or talents in the pre-patch this Tuesday?Dungrough1 21h
22h Mage Tower Appearances Ok, so I'm getting conflicting info on how this is working. One says the MT is up till BfA releases and there's another stating it ends at Pre-patch 8.0. I know people will say My wife and I have had over a year, however, with our commitment to duty aka deployments we have not been on as much as we liked to and would hope it is at BfA launch not here tomorrow. Is there official word on when the MT appearances are going away forever? My wife wants her druid skins and I want my Demo skins so with that said is this a lost cause or no?Gwaun3 22h
1d Shadow Priests So near the end of the expansion I started running a shadow priest just to try a different class and to push mythic + with, and after playing it for nearly a month I have found it to be the most enjoyable and rewarding class I have experienced in my time playing Wow. With all the changes in BFA, I'm just wondering what other shadow priests think about all the changes and such. I feel as though the slow pace will take away from the fun quick action that I currently get to feel. I have heard BFA was going to bring some positive improvements to the class but I'm curious to if it makes up for what we lose.Cdew9 1d
1d Aman'Thul's and the Essense Vendor As a suggestion for the legendary vendor for the pre-patch, I think it would be good to add Aman'Thul's Vision to the vendor. I know many people like me who have run Antorus for months now and still not seen a drop from Argus for the trinket, just pantheon's trinkets and blessings. This late in the expansion, many people also have all the legendaries for their mains as well, so they have nothing to spend essenses on besides the lottery item for different classes. I also don't see any issues with finally giving it out as part of the reason behind the essense vendor is to help beat bad RNG. Thank you for any consideration of this suggestion.Doçtor4 1d
1d Can't turn shadows on low. Turning shadows on low is grayed out. Is it getting removed or just not enabled for ptr/beta? Wish there were separate options for player and environmental shadows.Zuuki9 1d
1d Trouble picking a ranged dps It's between three classes: Lock Mage Shammy I Like all three but i really wanna focus on 1.Mainispank12 1d
1d DRUIDS UNITE I stand before you now as a Feral Druid who has read the way our Feral and Bear forms will work come BFA. I know I am not alone in my disappointment and anger. For an entire expansion we have dealt with the fact we are stuck to one weapon. Have glanced over the annoyance of how we have no control over the color because we enjoy the form it gives. Have been relied a bit by the ability to transmog over this uncontrollable appearance, BUT NOW Now we can no longer ignore this. Now Blizzard has gone TOO FAR. For the Druids who read this who are unaware. Come BFA we can use our hard gotten forms yes, but only by placing the transmog of the weapon it came from OVER our new weapon.Your character will now appear as if it was holding the Fangs of Ashamane or Claws of Ursoc, even if you are currently holding a two-handed weapon. This is horrible. It was bad enough we were stuck to a single weapon in Legion, we dealt with it cause of the forms and the fact everyone else was also stuck. Now though, only we, and only two of our four specs, are being forced use the weapons to enjoy our forms. I say NAY This removes our chance to enjoy the new weapons we will earn but NOW we can not even transmog OVER the appearance we've had for TWO YEARS. Stand with me, Ferals Stand with me, Bear Even you who heal and cast. Stand with me for one day you too may change spec and be forced use these appearance should you grow bored of the base skin. E-mail. Call. Tweet. Re-post this post or make one of you own. Just get Blizzard's attention and let them know we are unhappy. YELL IT LOUD. DO NOT FORCE THE WEAPON APPEARANCE ON US JUST TO USE THE SKIN. The only way to change this is to let Blizzard know. If we don't make them listen, nothing will change. And for all the other classes. For those who think this is silly to care about since we'll "be in our forms". Please consider the fact we are people who enjoy transmog too. We are not always in form and want to enjoy our appearance as much as anyone else. We have no control over the color of the weapon, unlike every other class. If I want to use a particular form, my weapon picks a color. Any attempt to change that color will change my form. Our only way around this was transmog, and now that is removed. Just imagine if you have no control over you weapon appearance. That even if you have the most epic looking weapon in the game, it HAS to look like a stick because you want to enjoy something else you earned.Redcub86 1d
1d Character Copy What's the status of the character copy feature?Corvex2 1d
1d BFA GCD- My 2 cents "In endgame raid and dungeon situations, stacking all possible cooldowns has an outsized impact on someone’s total performance…” this is why its fun... popping your CDs to go superhero for 20 seconds is one of the greater joys this game has to offer these days. i don't understand why your want to take that awesome feeling away from your players. putting CDs on the GCD is like stopping a marathon runner on the last stretch and right before they cross the finish line, you stop them and say "hey wait a second... okay now go ahead and finish." this change essentially ruins the exciting impact of popping CDs and turns it into the same routine rotation you always do. i don't understand why you HAVE to do this but in terms of gameplay flow, you're taking something that is very exciting and interesting and turning it into a routine, robotic function... you're taking all the adrenaline out of popping CDs! please reconsider...Nek8 1d
1d So about old raid scaling/stat squish Apparently with the stat squish old raids haven't been properly scaled on the PTR. Are we supposed to expect this till BFA and 120? If so that's pretty inexcusable and needs to be addressed. Many of us have mogs to farm and losing out on several weeks of it because nobody could be bothered to scale the old content would be pretty annoying.Steelgaze19 1d
1d getting mad!!! PTR still no character copy Day 2 and not one announcement or help. When the ptr launches it tells me to upgrade. I paid for and have my account upgraded to BFA Digital Deluxe. I don't need to upgrade anything. WTF is wrong with the program. someone help this is making me really mad.Kelgorre8 1d
1d Are Raid Vanity mounts tradeable or not? http://www.wowhead.com/news=285346/battle-for-azeroth-8-0-pre-patch-coming-july-17th#loot-distribution The Raid Mount is given to a random member of the raid who does not already have the mount. With the Mythic Gul'dan mount ( Fiendish Hellfire Core), you can trade it with PL. However, this currently does NOT work with the Argus mount ( Shackled Ur'zul). For guilds who are selling the Argus mount, it's important to make sure that every person in the raid already owns the mount. I am confused - As of PTR - it seems that only the Mythic Argus mount is not tradeable - but Guldan mount is - What is Blizzard Stance on this? Do you allow the winner to trade? or is it like after x period of time, a mount from the previous tier becomes tradeable Can a blue verify please?Relanza0 1d
1d Mage tower question Hey guys - does anyone knows if mage tower appearance that I have acquired on my blood elf paladin could be used on all of my paladins(even alliance ones) all over the other realms. I have searched about that but no one is clarifying about that particular case. Thanks in advance for you help.Besen1 1d
2d Changes to hulon (timeless isles) So I was trying to get the "Thundering onyx cloud serpent" with me and about 30 other players on my server today, We sat together for about 2 hours. Which is fine waiting for mounts is not an issue my problem was that of the 30 people waiting for the mount only one person got the drop. This happened because unlike all of the other bosses in pandaria hulon is able to be one shot when he spawns. I think that it would be a great change to make it so that hulon is now unkillable for a few seconds after he spawns. Thanks for your time.Fishez8 2d