8.0 PTR Bug Report

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22m Realms incompatible My PTR just did a quick update and now all the realms are red and labelled as "incompatible". Fix please.Wayoverpwrd6 22m
48m Earth Shield is too strong on low level mobs Some troggs in loch modan have it and they're nearly unkillable for many low level specs. Every other hit on them instantly heals them back up to full health. It's almost like fighting an Argus elite at level 20 with how much you have to hit them...Baarff3 48m
58m Garrisons still broken There have been a few updates to my PTR client over the last week, but Warlords of Draenor Garrisons are still broken on all my characters. I even tried leveling an alt up to 90 so I could start WoD content fresh and see if that worked, but it's still broken. As soon as I build my garrison, the NPCs don't load and I get Transfer Aborted: instance not found. All I could do is hearth out (which still took a few minutes before it went through).Billyzane4 58m
2h Spell Z-fighting on Terrain Geometry https://imgur.com/7ZAZWpP A short video clip of it in action. Again, it seems to only happen on terrain geometry. I posted this over in the beta forums, but this also happens on the PTR as well and will be going live like this today. I'm trying to get more attention to the problem. Windows 10, Nvidia 540m, I've tried all sorts of drivers, happens on the lowest and highest settings, video card is not overheating, does NOT happen if I run the game with the Intel HD.Requion0 2h
11h Avatar is missing from Prot Warr Simply not in the spellbook. I don't think it's meant to be removed as there are still talents that interact with it and it's listed as a new spell for prot in the pre patch 'patch notes'.Volitar1 11h
13h Shadow's in 8.0 Please allow us to turn down our shadows to low, some people just don't like having shadows at all and some people PCs cant run with all the shadow's around them. This is a big problem but doesn't seem to be getting addressed at all. Edit: I wont be able to play BFA if i cant turn the shadow's down to low. So pretty much just lost alot of money buying the xpac.Bénji7 13h
13h Still can't choose 2nd artifact Still can't enter WoD garrisons, either.Baarff4 13h
14h Mac OS X build 27075 is zero bytes This is true of the Beta build 27075 too. See the bug report on the Beta forums: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20765876850Gnomity5 14h
21h DX12, manually switching GPU freezes the game Switching the GPU from Auto detect to your current card makes the game freeze with sound running on the background. Alt F4 is required to close it. Happens in DX12Adlian5 21h
1d DH eyebeam broken with demonic DH eyebeam animation only shows half second of actual eyebeam spell animation when using demonic talent. When using eyebeam without demonic is shows full length of spell eyebeam animation (green beam).Chopfelsan0 1d
1d PTR not recognizing my BFA license Not sure if it is related to the issue in the title but I also don't have access to copying over existing characters even though I've been able to do this in the past.Boofstick1 1d
1d Difficulty contacting support from Mac I was unable to create a web support or a text chat support from my Mac. It would try to connect for maybe 30 seconds before being told that it could not, without any explanation for why it could not connect. I tried four or five times. I began to suspect that the mandatory support file from the Mac, "iMac.spx", was too large at 5MB, and was causing the failure to connect. I edited the file drastically to reduce it to 168 KB, and then I was able to create a web support ticket.Hawksy0 1d
1d Quest "The Speaker Calls" is unavailable I've completed "Sizing Up The Competition". Turalyon has nothing. Only quest I have available anywhere on Argus is the wranglers "Remnants of Darkfall Ridge"Baarff2 1d
1d Questing Mobs in 90-100 Bracket are overtuned i hear this brought up quite a lot. but Draenor Questing Mobs are quite heavily overtuned and it is causing issues for a lot of players who are trying to level their characters from 90 to 100. just normal open world trash has 15,000 or more health not counting the further increased health that elites and rares have. DPS players are doing 200 to 300 damage at that level. those same mobs are wrecking the survivability of tank specialization players, and DPS and healer specs can't survive. draenor mobs need to be examined and retuned.Umbrie2 1d
2d missing npc drustvar, corlaine there is no NPC to turn in the quest, "remembering the fallen", have waited for days for him to show. Is he there for anyone else?Trinket0 2d
2d Genn Greymane has gone blind https://i.imgur.com/TbwSTsl.jpgBaarff0 2d
2d No character copy button PTR 8.0.1 i log in to the PTR and there is no character copy button anywhere to be found? is there some step that i have not taken to cause this to take place?Afflixion189 2d
2d Roll the Bones Animation Stutter Whenever I cast Roll the Bones, I get a momentary stutter in the game. This is NOT happening on live, but it happens on both PTR and Beta. It happens on both DX11 and 12. It will go away after a few times casting it, but there is definitely a stutter.Salestria0 2d
3d bugs on build 1. on Scaled to smaller sized worldmap, gives wrong coordination on mouse cursor. 2. Hunter's 1st Legendary weapon quest is not working. 3. some characters can't go on the quest to get into Mac'aree. (I can just running around Krokuun and Antoran Wastes) 4. after update to build, Horrible glitching graphics on projected surface. 5. can't learn Legend Cooking ( npc Nomi is not in Dalaran)Kiriam2 3d
3d Light's Judgement has the wrong effect It's supposed to deal massive AOE damage and stun. Instead it teleports the player to the nearest teleport beacon.Baarff0 3d
3d #Monk Brewmaster Cinematic Broken# The Cinematic quest where we absorb the power from Sargaras' sword is broken for the Brewmaster pandaren monk. It is unable to be viewed properly due to the weapon bouncing to multiple different spots. This could be a Real Risk for people with Epilepsy due to the frequency of the screen movement.Onebunglung0 3d
3d "Fish Frenzy" scenario does not work Says instance not foundBaarff1 3d
3d Phoenix flames orb There is no way to display the phoenix flames orbs on the beta/PTR. They are hidden by default and Archmage Melis does not give the option to hide or display the fire mage orbs anymore, even when having Felo'melorn transmogged and/or phoenix flames as a chosen talent.Shailu1 3d
3d No level requirement for WotLK engineering On BfA PTR, Northrend Engineering currently lacks a character level requirement. Consequently, low level characters can learn this skill from the engineering profession trainer in old Dalaran. All other primary professions have a level requirement of 58 for the WotLK variants. If left unchanged, this would allow players in low level PvP brackets (including 10-19) to acquire items intended for level 60+ characters. Leveling in such brackets would be hellish due to locked-XP characters abusing these items.Mirstinne0 3d
4d Restriction on Stag/Flight Form transition In Legion there was a change implemented to prevent powershifting (the ability to remove snares and roots without leaving your current form). This basically made it so you couldn't shift from Cat Form to Cat Form, Bear Form to Bear Form, etc. It seems that an unintended consequence of this is a global lockout on the transition from Stag Form to Travel Form (i.e. leaving Stag Form causes a global lockout on Travel Form, and vice versa). Note that you CAN switch from GROUND Travel Form to FLIGHT Travel Form using /cast !Travel Form (the old powershifting macro interestingly enough). In short: - Travel Form (Ground) -> Travel Form (Flight) has no powershift lockout. - Stag Form -> Travel Form (Flight) has a powershifting lockout (and probably shouldn't) My guess is that this was implemented to prevent what is essentially powershifting by swapping between Stag Form and Travel Form (Ground) while in combat, but I'd wager there is a fix for this that will still allow the instant transition from Stag Form to Flight Form out of combat.Anoraya1 4d
4d Chaos Bolt Bug 8/10 times I use Chaos Bolt it crashes with error 132.Corvinn10 4d
4d hunter pets losing their unique looks my Ghost Saber on live is transparent but on ptr it is no longer transparent its just a white spotted cat on ptr :( all of my hunter pets that had unique models are now changed to the lame versions of the pet.. I hope i didnt spend all this time getting rare pet models only to have them stripped away from meMithyo4 4d
4d Bug/Question: Legion Tier set bonuses? One of the first things that hit me when I managed to copy characters over to the PTR is that several of them have Tier sets from Legion that have not been changed, despite the abilities/mechanics they are built around having been removed or changed significantly. The two that stuck out to me were Arms Warrior T19 2p (CS lowers the CD of Bladestorm by 2s. Assuming it even works, this will only occur once per Bladestorm CD) and both of SV hunter's T18 set bonuses (since they are based on Flanking Strike & Mongoose Bite mechanics that no longer exist). Is this intended? Will they be updated somehow? Should we just expect them to remain useless & therefore should farm some higher ilvl gear, if available? I don't remember current-xpac gear sets being rendered useless in a pre-patch before, so IDK what to expect. But it would seem if they are going to be given new effects, there's not really enough time left before pre-patch launch to implement them... Edit: I logged in to check after I thought about it, and really all of SV hunter's Legion tier is rendered useless by the changes. T18 based on old FS/MB mechanics, T19 based on Lacerate, T20 based on old Flanking Strike & MB buffing RS, which is maybe possible to use for the first effect, but impossible for the 2nd...Lorandor3 4d
4d Quest after The Siege of Lordaeron I'm not sure if its something I'm doing wrong or not. After I turn in the quest after the battle of lordaeron, no other quests shows up. From what I have read, after you turn it in, your suppose to be given the quest a dying world. No other quest shows up though. Ive tried it on the alliance side, same thing. Any advice?Naraydra0 4d
5d Ascendance should work with pvp talents Please fix enhancement shaman pvp talents ride the lightning and static shock to work with ascendance.Zezu0 5d
5d ILVL Requirement for BFA Normal Dungeons So is it intended that BFA normal dungeons require you to be 270 to queue for them? I really hope this is some sort of bug because this is just a down right stupid change if it is correct. https://gyazo.com/d704927fe92f42cc80ff31ff24c0d00d Edit: Apparently I'm dumb though, this was meant for the beta bug section not the ptr one.Ronäld1 5d
5d Greymane's Gambit scenario bugged The deck cannons display as "Unknown" and despite having an interactable cursor when hovered over, do nothing when clicked on.Baarff1 5d
5d Legacy Loot inconsistency There is an inconsistency between old raids on how much loot you receive through the Legacy Loot system. First, Immerseus. He dropped 4 pieces of gear. (25-Heroic) Second, Marrowgar. He dropped 3 pieces of gear. (25-Heroic) Third, Beth'tilac. She dropped 6 pieces of gear. (25-Heroic) I'm unsure if whether this is a bug with how the Legacy Loot system works, or a bug leftover from live. ICC-25H on live also only rewards 3 pieces of gear. Even if this is a leftover bug from live, shouldn't the amount of loot you receive be the same across all raids using the Legacy Loot system? Either way, I've sent a bug report in-game, but I thought I might also post it here for a dev to see.Oxik0 5d
5d City Fishing Dailies not giving Skill Ups Noticed this horde side, so checked ally side too, City (UC, Org, SW, Dar, etc) daily fishing quests are no longer rewarding the fishing skill ups they say they do. The cooking quests seem to still work as intended, but the fishing ones don't. The toons I checked this on were all still in the "classic", sub 300, skill range.Selina3 5d
5d Really loud ambient sounds in Stockades noticed this last night in Stormwind Stockades. The sleeping prisoners (or guards, whatever) in the nurses room snoring and heartbeat sounds were drowning everything else out when you were anywhere near there. Been in that dungeon hundreds of times and never heard it like that before. Anyone else notice this? just wondering if it could be my gaming potato, or maybe some settings I need to change.Depardeau2 5d
6d Crash when Azeroth get worship Crash when reputation warriors of Azeroth get worship, and keep crashing everytime I log in. Need fixed badly! thx!!!Alpshu2 6d
6d Animal Companion, 2nd Pet, Still not showing. I don't see the 2nd pet anywhere. I've dismissed pets and waited, called different pets, still no 2nd pet. Maybe I'm just missing something, but I don't see it, and it's not showing on damage meters either.Krik1 6d
6d Can't finish quest in Uther's Tomb In Western Plaguelands, there is a quest you must bring an offering to Uther's statue. They had recently updated Uther's Tomb visuals for BFA. Guess what? The quest can't be completed now. When you try to put down the offering, you always get "Must place this in Uther's Tomb". The quest simply can't find Uther's Tomb anymore.Darkmor1 6d
6d Mailbox not working anybody else having issues with their mailbox? I've got days of mail that I can't retrieve attachments from, or open, from the auction house. Hundreds of thousands of gold I can't get. If you press the "open mail" button, it just hangs for an eternity at the "opening mail" and never opens anything. No, I am not running any addons of any kind.Marbleslab0 6d
Jul 9 DC'D in Arena/NEED GM HELP unable to log on. I need a GM help. I have dc'd in beta during an arena match, logged back on immediately, only to find the "WORLD SERVER" is down. This is the 3rd time now this has happened. Can a GM please unstuck my character from that arena???????Djdivine0 Jul 9
Jul 9 Green Screen - Super large When I log into PTR, I get a green horrible looking screen, and the game doesn't fit. I have a 1080, freshly updated, and play on a 4K screen in fullscreen. What's odd is that if I alt-tab and leave wow, it goes back to normal until I click into the game. Anyone found a solution for this, other than going windowed mode? I also have a two screen setup, but never had this issue before.Divïde3 Jul 9
Jul 9 DC Anybody else have problems with dc while using dungon finder today seems to be first day this has happened .Mystified0 Jul 9
Jul 9 WOW51900319 loggin into Trueshot lodge When trying to log into either of my hunters on the PTR I get the following error. My first hunter is alliance side and logged out in the hunter order hall, from the last time I logged into the game. Every time I attempt to log into him I get disconnected after the loading screen goes to about 75% and I get the error code in the title. To test so see if it's an issue with the order hall, I copied the same character but on Horde side and I was able to log in. I then zoned to Dalaran and tried to portal into the hunter order hall. The loading screen got to 75% and then booted me with the same error. I tried to log back in and was able to, however I was back in Dalaran. I then attempted to fly to the order hall. Everything was fine until I actually transitioned to the Hunters lodge, once I did, there were no NPC's, no players, I could not interact with anything. I then attempted to fly out of the hunters lodge back into highmountain, but again there were no NPC's and I could not interact with anything. Shortly after flying back into highmountain, I was disconnected with the same error. The game thinks my hunter is in Trueshot lodge still and I cannot log into him now either. Copying my hunter and doing it again nets the exact same results.Tagg1 Jul 9
Jul 9 [BUG] SpellBookFrame.lua I've installed !BugGrabber and Bugsack to work out what I'd broken in an addon config I help with and found a blizzard error! With only !BugGrabber and Bugsack loaded I get this error: 1x FrameXML\SpellBookFrame.lua:1348: Found 4 skills for Alchemy the max is 2: (Elixir Master) (Alchemy) (Potion Master) (Transmutation Master) [C]: in function `assert' FrameXML\SpellBookFrame.lua:1348: in function `FormatProfession' FrameXML\SpellBookFrame.lua:1370: in function `SpellBook_UpdateProfTab' FrameXML\SpellBookFrame.lua:158: in function <FrameXML\SpellBookFrame.lua:132> Locals: (*temporary) = false (*temporary) = "Found 4 skills for Alchemy the max is 2: (Elixir Master) (Alchemy) (Potion Master) (Transmutation Master)" Over the years my character has changed professions and alchemy specialisations a few times, I guess something has got left behind?Cluey1 Jul 9
Jul 9 Can't log in on one character Have a level 73 orc hunter in Borean Tundra, it hangs on the loading screen at about 80% complete, then disconnects. Have a 75 panda rogue in the same zone who can get in fine.Baarff0 Jul 9
Jul 9 Can't get main account to show in PTR? So I've pre ordered BFA and just decided to try out the PTR. I went into my account settings, selected my account, and activated the PTR service. I downloaded the client, and it shows in my launcher. However, when I log into the PTR, my Account name doesn't show in the drop down, only "WoW1" or "WoW2", which show up as starter accounts on my accounts page. Those obviously don't have access to the new content, and every time I get on a boat to go to the new areas, I get kicked off and it tells me I need to have BFA before I can complete the trip. Weird thing is, it was able to copy my 110 Character over just fine. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?Uralsen1 Jul 9
Jul 9 BFA Intro Quest button greyed out After copying characters over to the beta my button to start the intro missions is greyed out, and unaccessible leaving me unable to start any of the new content as there doesn't appear to be anywhere else to begin the quest in SW or Boralus.Whisporwill7 Jul 9
Jul 8 A Threat from the North malfurion not sponing in Lor'danelFiiremoon0 Jul 8