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Oct 2 Note: Communities and the Code of Conduct Hey all, With the influx of discussion around Communities on the forums, we've decided to set up a new forum dedicated to the feature itself. On that forum, feel free to search for a Community that's of interest to you, or advertise for a Community you've already created! Players are encouraged to form groups around their interests, both in- and out-of-game. While we recognize that those interests are largely varied across our community, all posts in this forum and Communities themselves must uphold the World of Warcraft Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. Please be mindful that your forum post does not breach the Code of Conduct. This includes bumping of threads, harassment, trolling, etc. We look forward to seeing the Communities that are created as we head into Battle for Azeroth!Ornyx14 Oct 2
Jul 20 Community Advertising Template Wanting to advertise about your Community? Here's a couple of simple example template to include in your post to make sure you're reaching the right audience! -- Community Name: Space Goats Only Description: A chat for tea-loving goats Faction: Alliance Community Link: pretendthisisacommuntylink Group: pretendthisisabattlenetlink Extra Information: Ornyx only!!? No H0rDe AlloWeD -- Community Name: World of Peacecraft Description: A cross-faction-collective of peace-loving Azeroth citizens Alliance Link: pretendthisisacommuntylink Horde Link: pretendthisisanothercommunitylink Extra Information: Taking the "war" out of Warcraft one post at a time! --Ornyx0 Jul 20
Jul 20 Welcome: Please Read! Welcome to the Communities Recruitment forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can find a Community to join, or recruit members to your Communities. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct: Getting the Most Out of the Forums: Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community.Ornyx2 Jul 20
54m Raidsense - Raiding for all levels Hi all! I'd like to present the Raidsense community. This community is present on both factions. We have a guild and community set up on both factions and a community website/discord as well. This post is specifically for the communities however. If you wish to read more about the guilds and community as a whole, visit the website. Website: Invite codes for both: Alliance: VqVW2CP5V Horde: k5kgjFMyr These communities serve the same purpose - provide a place for for new players, returning players, or players who are just wanting to try to improve their raiding game, to get some more hands on help from more veteran raiders who don't mind volunteering their time now and then. Several of the players founding this/joining initially are players who have raided at fairly high levels at some point in the last few years, minimally in the top 100 US raiding ranks, many of which in the top 20-50 US ranks recently. My hope is to get a healthy mix of players from high ranking guilds who don't mind joining the community and now and then answering questions, volunteering to be a guest mentor in our learning runs, which take place on Thursdays at 8:30pm-11:30pm PST for the Alliance and Saturdays 8pm-Midnight for the horde. These runs will primarily be normal or heroic. Eventually I hope to grow and have runs at other times as well so this becomes a more accessible community and will help grow the raiding scene even further. The main reason I've decided to start this is that the raid scene as a whole can be a bit intimidating, or flat out unwelcoming to those that aren't as familiar or experienced in it. While not everyone is cut out to be a world class raider, that doesn't mean they shouldn't get to experience the fun of raiding at lower difficulties, or be limited to just LFR or impatient PUG groups. Feel free to join either community above, please be respectful and friendly. Those who aren't will be removed. If you're interested in being a mentor and have a solid raid history of either mythic or heroic content in the recent tiers, feel free to contact me. This is open to all players of all skill levels and experience levels. From never touched a raid, to world class. Balto#1148Bâlto10 54m
1h LF Alliance Heroic+ raiding community My main (Deyvial) is 8/8N and 6/8H. I'm looking for a weekly raiding community to make progress.Deyfial1 1h
2h Heroes Õf Azeroth Guild Recruiting Community Hello everyone, since the pre patch came out last Tuesday for communities I decided to make my own community and its called Heroes Õf Azeroth Guild recruiting community and its horde one only.This is were all servers can join and players who want to join us and talk to me and my officers.If you like talking to us and want to tranfer to Quel'dorei / Sen'jin to join guild feel free to join.We like to do raid,PvP RBGS and transmog / achievements.We are going to be raiding in BFA and do mythic plus keystones for gearing up.Typ this code to join and we will see you there.R9yjK7jsranShadowmoocow230 2h
2h LF a Solid, Chill, M+ Group to git gud with WTFisCancer#1622 Add me, I'm chill, LF a group of cool broskis that want to git gud together. Pretty comfortable at 7 keystones, done a couple 8s, haven't passed a 9 in time yet. The sort of group I want to play with has good comms (discord), is serious about winning and improving their game, and doesn't let !@#$ get to their head. We're probably going to %^-* up early on, it might take a little while for the group to start jiving, or maybe we'll skyrocket straight to +18s, who knows. Point is, patience is key when you're building a long-term, effective group. Constructive criticism is fine, even encouraged, but ragers =/= welcome. Treats losses like a learning experience, not like losses. And ofc, lets have a good time.Docfaustus0 2h
4h LF Casual Friendly M+ Community I'm looking for a casual friendly m+ community, or consistent group, to just play through content with. I dont even necessarily want to "push keys" consistently, just work towards better gear in a comfortable environment. A lot of the M+ communities I've found here seem focused on pushing high keys or elite playstyle, or, on the other end, are just M0 groups. I'm looking to find something in between. At the point I'm at right now, I love playing for gear progression and raiding is great, but gear is scarce. M+ would be a great place to fill that void, but I'm easily embarrassed or made anxious by underperformance or lack of knowledge of the fights, so group finder is usually a real luck of the draw place for me. I would love a community of like-minded people that want to play for fun and for shiny loot rather than perfect numbers. More generally, a casual friendly community that can take the time to learn fights and encounters together in a low-pressure environment.Sylanorra8 4h
9h Looking for casual community I just started playing WoW and want a community to play in so I can learn the ropes.Talaric7 9h
9h Need people Kinda new just need some people to play with I have a mic and discordBalstadin3 9h
9h LF Relaxed Leveling Community Hi, everybody! I'm returning to WoW after a 10-year leave of absence. It would be great to find a community for slow-paced leveling and dungeons. I enjoy all of the game content and I don't just want to race to the end game. Is there anybody else out there who wants to run quests and classic dungeons at a relaxed pace? If such a community already exists, please let me know. I saw some posts on here for communities that looked like they would fit the bill but the communities have since been deleted. Or, if no such community exists and is active, let me know if you are also interested and I'll create one.Malone5 9h
10h Returning Player (Healer/Tank) Hi, Looking for a community that is active on weekend (preferably Fri through Sun). Just got back into the game after taking a break for 2 years. Can only be active on Friday and Sunday (Will be online other days for only 1-2 hours). Have Mythic raiding experience from WoD (Clearing mythic content, when its current). But with reduced playing time, looking for community that runs Mythic Dungeons, Achieves etc over the weekend. Since, I just got back into the game, and starting from scratch, looking for a community, open to new players. I can do Mythic Dungeons on weekdays (if planned in advance, since I have less playing time). Ready to Heal or Tank (Have Shaman and Monk at 120, will have a DK and DH soon at 120). Contact - Arvad#1507Manariir2 10h
10h [H] LF Social adult community I've scoured the community forums and not found any communities just intended to make friends for hanging out. I'd love to find friends as many of mine have left the game and am looking for an adult based community on horde. Anyone have suggestions? I'd be appreciative!Laerwin7 10h
10h [A][H][Cross-Realm] Seeking more friends! <RainbowCupcakeCrusaders> Is the name of our community. We are very small and close-knit but want to expand to many more, and make new friends. We are about making lifelong friends. We are seeking people who want a permanent home. Those who don't want to play alone and enjoy the company of new friends! We like those who are active in discord and show up to our events! People who want to join us cross-realm are accepted as well. Invite link to community: All are accepted to the community. Although to get into the guilds you need to app. Thank you. <RainbowCupcakeCrusaders> is an alliance guild on US Stormrage. Right now the guild is more social and casual. We do warfronts together, Mythic+'s and World Quests and the occasional WPVP and battlegrounds. We would like to raid but need more raiders to complete our group! Websites for more info:<Sign Of the Emissary> is our horde RP guild on US Moon Guard. We have a themed guild with a unique story-line. We are currently all leveling up, and running low level dungeons together and Role playing our characters getting to know each other. We intend to eventually be doing arena's and rated battlegrounds together. Websites for more info:<Sign of the Emissary> Will also be a guild, in classic. On a pvp realm to be determined. We will be a raid progression guild. Websites for more info: any of this sounds interesting to you. Please don't hesitate to contact, or fill out an app. ID: Noxshade#11897 Discord ID: Luxastra#2294Xirasti1 10h
13h LF late night raiding. I work 2nd shift and am usually on 11:30p.m to about 3 a.m. CST. Ilvl 342 MM hunter looking to find a team to consistently play with that can save me from pug hell. blizz tag is Ludawg#1473. Please HAAAALP!Ggritz0 13h
15h [A] Prosapia Raiding/M+ Community Prosapia – Cenarius is looking for players to join our team in BfA! Prosapia is a heroic raid guild that clears all heroic content while it is current. We are a group of older players (25-45) who have been playing together for 10+ years, and play mostly on the weekend. Our raids are Sunday 6-9pm and Monday 6:30-9pm PST. We have multiple M+ groups that run Saturday evening and on Sunday before the raid. We are looking for players who are working adults with jobs and lives but who still enjoy slaying internet dragons on the weekend, or mythic raiders who are tired of pugs and would like a consistent, fun group to gear up an alt. Prosapia is a task-oriented group. We log on to do dungeons and raids, and maybe an hour or two in the evenings to knock out some world quests. If you are someone who is on all day, every day and needs constant attention, we’re not the community for you. While WoW may be moving away from “bring the player, not the class” we think who you are is more important than what you play. We are looking for players, who play when we do and will mesh well with our group. That being said, we would really like a DH, one more mage and one more warlock. If you think you may be interested in joining Prosapia, add Andarieal #1514 or Nocks #11825 and tell us about yourself. You can join our wow community And check out what a typical raid night is like on youtube: 15h
19h North/South Carolina Based Community! If you were currently or previously from the Carolina's then come on home! Welcome to your neighborhood community. Combined Horde/Alliance community (Main Community) For ease of grouping for PvE and PvP content we have faction specific communities. Alliance Horde Thanks for reading.Rhetoricus6 19h
21h [A] Chronic Relapse (5/8H) recruiting. <Chronic Relapse> is a laid-back guild LF like-minded folks to join for N/H raids, PvP, M+, & more! Not on Bloodhoof/Duskwood? No problem: Join our Raid Community as a satellite raider! Raid times are Fri/Sat 9p-12a EST. Reply here or PST Mendelia, Celerynn or Mistea for more info.Mendelia1 21h
23h [A] Veritas RP/Social: Mid Life RPers, Unite! Are you someone who cut your gaming teeth on things like MUDs, MUSHs, and NWN? Do you know what a THAC0 is? Can you quote Strong Bad or Arrested Development by heart? Do you want to school someone when they talk about Constantine stealing Castiel's outfit and then chase them off your lawn? AKA, have you just gotten to that point in life where you still love gaming and role-playing, but just don't have the time between work, kids, spouse, all that crap on Netflix you still want to watch, and everything else that multiple days per week of mythic raiding is probably in your rearview mirror? If yes, come hang out and make new friends who are right there with you! Veritas (as a guild) is a group of mostly mid-life gamers who have been together since July 2007, and we're looking to open our community to other folks in that “old enough to have many life obligations but young enough to still want to game and RP” place in life. Our guild is on the Moon Guard server, but the community is open to any like-minded Alliance people who are looking for other folks that get that whole work/life/gaming balance thing. Our chat has both an OOC and an RP channel, and we keep it family friendly/PG 13 (we maintain an age limit of 22+, but this is less for talking “adult” and more just to give us a break from the high school/college crowd). The best way to join us is to drop in a brief application at our website,, or you can send a tell to Isral, Elenistyar, or Shinnorah (Shinnorah#1801). We do have a raiding alliance for those interested in that content, and we also run dungeons as needed, plus we host regular RP activities and events, posted in the in-game community calendar and our forums. We'd love to have you join our gaming and RPing community (or guild too if it floats your boat), so please look us up for fun RP shenanigans and low-drama socializing!Shinnorah0 23h
1d 1700+ LF RBG TEAM! Well, Title is pretty self explanatory. I'm looking/seeking to join a stable/regular Rated battle ground team around the 1700 ratings. Seeking to push further. Might even consider transferring if it's a stable match! *wink* Mistweaver / Alliance Akiak#1997 over and out!Akumiho0 1d
1d <SRC> Heroic+Mythic Raiding Community [US] [A] <Sanctuary Raiding Community> (Darkspear) Heroic+ Raiding Community aiming for AOTC and Mythic Raid Progression Raid Times: Fri/Sat 7pm - 1030pm - Currently 7/8H Progressed, getting ready for Patch 8.1. Will be jumping immediately into new raid once released on Normal Current Recruiting: Looking for all roles and levels of experience for our community! About Us: Brand new raiding community based out of Darkspear. Many of us have raided together for a while in guilds/groups. Current raid leaders have AOTC experience on multiple tiers, and many of our raiders have been high end raiding since BC/Wrath. We currently have our own community Discord, and are always willing to teach new people who are trying to raid! Normal Raids - 340+ iL please Heroic Raids - 350+ iL please If you're at all interested, or would like further info or to check us out please message/add me at my Battle Tag - Trima#1902. Thanks, and cheers!Trima0 1d
1d LF Raiding Community Group of 5 guys in our own guild looking to join a community for progression (raids or mythic+). Currently have: Blood DK - 367 Prot Warrior - 350 (still gearing) Disc Priest - 366 Rogue - 361 Mage - 367 All on the server VashjImadk0 1d
1d You got the skills, but not the time You remember a time when the armor you wore and the weapon hanging on your back was a sign of prestige and an instant indicator of your and your guild's accomplishments. You proudly wore your hideous pink and orange armor. You were a raider. Not a hardcore raider or casual raider... a raider... there was only one kind. Maybe you even lead your own raiding guild. You enjoyed the thrill of fighting for server first kills. The thought of wiping on same boss for hours didn't bother you as long as everyone was pulling their weight and you were making progress as a team. Maybe you even dabbled in PVP. Maybe you did more than dabble and were notorious on your server, running organized groups every day, with people on waiting lists hours long. Or perhaps you enjoyed the thrill of the arena. But as the game aged, so did you. Raiding schedules were replaced with meeting schedules. Evening raids were replaced by bed time stories. You had to put down your axe and pick up a diaper. One by one, all your friends disappeared, but you're still here, feeling nostalgic... and lonely. Tired of running with PUGs and praying to get decent players? Lack the time and flexibility to commit to a schedule anymore that any serious guild rightfully expects, but you still have the desire and skills to run high end content with other quality players? If any of the above resonates with you, <Retired Elitists> might be the community for you. About: This is a guild-like community for players seeking to do high end WoW content (primarily PVE) but lack the ability or will to commit to a regular schedule that any high end guild rightfully expects. Our recruitment focus is quality over quantity, though our members' skill and experience range from casual to former Mythic raiders. Faction: Both. We have a Battlenet community for all members, and faction specific sub-communities for grouping, calendar, etc. Rules: 1. Don't suck, as a player and as a person. As we're trying to keep this a quality collection of players so nobody's time is being wasted, people who the community feels are not pulling their weight (in terms of skill) will be removed. 2. There are no attendance requirements or expectations, but for more difficult content, preference will be given based on skill, gear and consistency. Raiding Schedule: Horde: Fri/Sat 10pm-2am EST Alliance: TBD Raiding Progress: Horde: 7/8 Heroic Uldir Alliance: N/A If you're interested in joining, message an admin or mod on our Discord server ( Note that our Discord automatically removes non-members after they disconnect, so if you're waiting for a response, make sure to stay connected to server, otherwise we will not be able to reply to you (unless you've explicitly allowed messages from everyone).Blackburn74 1d
1d High M+ Key Community I’m looking to start a community for high key pushing(11+). I’m sick of finding people I think are good and turns out it’s the exact opposite. I’m looking to push 13+ keys this week. I currently have 5 ppl in the community, and looking to grow to about 20. Requirements are simple. See below. 1k+ io Active m+ runner 370(prefer 375+) ilvl. Also if you yourself have a community, I am open to joining it as well granted you meet be criteria above. Here is my profile. I’m 378 ilvl blood dk and should have 1.1k+ io tonight. Leave you’re profile below, or add me on bnet @Maliciouz94#1169Tycrix0 1d
1d [A] Heroic Raid/Mythic+ Community 8/8N 6/8H [US] [A] <Mischief Management> [Dalaran] Heroic Raid/Mythic+ Community/Guild with the goal of AOTC each raid tier. Raid Times: Tue/Thursday 9-11:30 EST – Currently 8/8N 6/8H Current Recruiting: LF RDPS – but most are welcome to join. About Us: Since WoD we’ve been running pug groups with the goal of AOTC each tier – our focus is on progression in a fun, constructive, and helpful environment – taking the time to explain fights and figure out strategies that work for everyone while having a laugh about it. Unfortunately the nature of pugs is there are nights we end up not raiding when Comp takes too long to put together etc. so we’re looking to recruit for a more consistent team. Many of our members have been playing together since Vanilla and a few before that. We gave up the progression race for a more laid back approach to WoW (Read as Got Jobs/Had Kids), focusing on smaller raid sizes after having server first progression from Vanilla through WotLK including pre-WotLK Sunwell Clears. If anything you’ve read so far has you interested – feel free to message me at: Sol#12761 on BnetSôlis11 1d
1d H - Gurubashi Arena Company - pvp trinket Let's combine forces in Gurubashi Arena to unlock Defending Champion pvp heirloom trinket for members - all interested Horde welcome to join 1d
1d Battle Net PvP Community EDIT!! What is "PvP Community"? PvP Community was made by a group of individuals that were seeking to breath new life into the PvP scene. We focus on helping players to better themselves as individuals and team players in an encouraging and toxic free environment. Our goal is to help players connect with others, learn new strategies and tips to guide them, and to overall bring back more competition into PvP. New players are often discouraged or afraid of starting PvP. Here, we encourage it and we are eager to lend you a helping hand! We have class discussion channels that talk about talents, set-ups, and tips for your particular class. We have advisors that are willing to give tips in arenas and RBGs. We have RBG leaders that are willing to lead different XP brackets that they are comfortable with on either faction. And we have an outstanding staff that is open-minded and ready to help players feel welcome in the PvP Community. Want to join us or just check us out? Go to the Discord link below and please read #welcome to get your appropriate roles. Hope to see you all around! Cheers! Discord link: Battle Net Community link: Horde Community Link #1: (FULL) Horde Community Link #2: (FULL) Horde Battle Net Community Link #3: Alliance link: 1d
1d {A} Island Expeditions Community. (2) Our first Island Expedition Community is CAPPED out at 1,000 members, while we are waiting on a response from Blizzard to see if the maximum capacity would be raised up in 8.1. Until then we have started a second Island Expedition community in the meantime. This is an Alliance USA only Community Island Expedition 2: Code: amYdNVWi54b If you would like to check back with us every now and then to see if we have dropped under 1,000 members, here is the link for our first Island Expedition 1. Code: YeBzeRlskWmFenril5 1d
1d [H-RP] Horde RP Community - HaH For the past six years, Wyrmrest Accord has been the home of an RP chat channel known as Hearth and Homestead, or HaH. It has been my pleasure to moderate the chatroom as its founder for 4 of those 6 years. During the time I have been leading the RP effort for the chat, I have had a lot of experiences. Mostly positive experiences, but I admit, there were some frustrating moments that I'm glad are behind me. The chat has seen its ups and downs, but I’ve always been proud to know that whenever we’ve been creating RP events for the chat, we’ve been able to create an inclusive experience that almost all participants have enjoyed. However, there have always been limitations as to how far the chat could go. In-game mechanics often made moderation difficult. The switch to Phasing meant there would sometimes be moments were groups would be split, even if they shared a party. Plus, not having a cross-server in game communication method meant that hopeful participants were unable to see our discussions if they weren't on WrA. Thankfully, the addition of Communities has solved a large part of that problem, which has lead to Hearth and Homestead transitioning into a Horde RP Community! No longer a simple in-game chat, this new Horde RP Community has already gathered over 100 members. With several RP meetups and events already finished, HaH is officially back and more effective than ever! The new Community is a great place to advertise for RP guilds and events. It's also a prime environment for character and story building, with a lot of open-minded feedback! Thanks to Communities having multiple chats, discussions are much less chaotic than a standard chat channel. With an OOC, IC, and Advertising chat, the Community is able to keep from each conversation overlapping with the others! The chat does have two rules, however. First off, no derogatory slurs of any kind will be permitted. This is not because of my personal opinion on the subject, but because the Community is designed to be as inclusive as possible. Second, don't spam the chat. That's it. Those are the rules. If you are interested in joining, please whisper either Rudaba or Ymmir Horde-side. Both characters are on the Wyrmrest Accord server, so cross-server folks should keep that in mind. We already have over 160 members, with around 40-50 members on each night! Let's all work together to foster a stronger RP community here on WoW!Rudaba1 1d
1d Cross Faction Conservative Community Not sure what happened to the last one, it was fairly active. I have created a new one to keep the fun going! Join us here: 1d
1d <A> Reflection of Aincrad (SAO fan community) Hello, everyone! I've decided to start a Sword Art Online community, mostly since I'm all hyped for the anime adaptation of the Alicization Arc. So, I invite anyone interested in the series to join Reflection of Aincrad on their Alliance characters to chat about all things SAO and whatever else! This is a community that doesn't take itself all that seriously; it exists just so we can share some of our common interests. If you're interested please click the link below! 1d
1d [H]<AEM> LF Mage Heroic Raiding <Animus Ex Machina> is a heroic-focused but laid-back guild. started up at the beginning of Nighthold from a team that raided together in Wrath, and quickly established a strong track record for Nighthold, Tomb of Sargeras, and Antorus - often despite attendance/roster issues. We "merged" forces with small, cross-realm guilds in similar straits during TOS, and our community has grown into a great team since then. Currently, we are 8/8 N Uldir and 5/8 H Uldir. Our most prominent gap right now is a mage! We need your sweet, sweet Arcane Intellect buffs, Time Warps, and winning personality. We raid Tues/Wed 8 pm to 10:30 pm ET (5 pm to 7:30 pm PT). If you love raiding but hate the gamble of PUGing, and our raid times work for you, come check us out! You can either message me directly on discord (Dauth#2745) or join the in-game recruitment channel (code NKxk4VwTJpj). Please make sure to include your in-game character's name & server, or your battle tag, if you message me outside of the game. As GM, I am proud of our supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Most of our core are adults in their 20s-40s with jobs, so we understand raid-life balance and flexibility. While our language is not always "kid safe", most of our jokes are. I would consider us safe for women and other demographics that are looking for communities where they can talk on mic without worrying about harassment.Tarisk0 1d
2d LF {H} community for leveling alts etc Gonna speed level my alts was wondering if there is a community for this with tips/tricks/dungeon runs etc?Grulmash0 2d
2d ..... Marginally Sufficient> is looking to complete our weekend progression team. We have a very active guild and Discord with many members that love to run Mythic + dungeons, pvp and anything else that comes up. This is an adult only guild only 18+ members. We play this game to raid and have a good time doing it. Our raids are elitism free, while still making steady progress. We will clear Heroic and move into Mythic when the time comes. We also welcome casual guild members to come do Mythic plus runs and pvp with at. Our current progression stands at 7/8H 1/8M Uldir. Current Recruiting Needs: Heals: - Paladin - Shaman DPS: - DK (Off-spec Blood) - Warlock (Aff) - Ele Shaman Raid Times - Friday and Saturday evening, 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST - You must be able to attend at least 86.3% of all raids. - We use Discord for all communications. - We require a minimal ilvl of 350, and level 21 HOA to attend raids. If you are interested, please message me in game or add my add Battle Tag: Trepetow#1543Trepetow0 2d
2d Legacy Farm Raids -Horde/Alliance Legacy Farm Raids -Horde/Alliance A brand new community since I haven't found one yet. I run old Raids, dungeons, farming MOG, Mounts, and Achievements. Need help want to run an alt for a tier set thru a raid you can solo? I am on weekly. just want company while farming, join me! Link: 2d
2d Drunk and Casual Community WoW community for social drinkers/partakers of things. No time limit/unlimited usage of code: 2d
2d [A] New and Returning Players A community for new, returning players or players that want to help out others. The goal of this community is to be a place to find answers to questions you may have and to start/get back into wow without being overwhelmed. Use the link to join. Edit: fixed the link so it should work unlimited now.Auntyseptic7 2d
2d Join: Trade Chat Have you ever wanted the excitement of Trade Chat w/ Voice chat?! Now you can have it!!!! Join us in Trade Chat and make sure to turn on the voice chat. You'll never EVER regret it!$Gjoni1 2d
3d Brasil - Horda (Comunidade) Comunidade para jogadores brasileiros de WoW. Pela Horda! Sem Restrições; PvP e PvE. Vamos nos unir! 3d
3d Casual raiding community Community Name: Casual raiding and mythic plus Description: Chill hang out doing some questing, raiding or mythic plus Faction: Horde Community Link: dyavKYrIELa Extra Information: Raiding will start once BFA is out and raids are open, they will be on Saturday & Sunday 12pm to 2pm PST. mythic plus groups will be run thru out the week and weekend.Toolfan14 3d
3d [H] Casual Plus Hi Guys, I have made this mythic plus community to accommodate the group of individuals that want to get along and have fun doing M+s in a laid back environment. Everyone is welcome to join! Invitation Link: Update: So the community has grown. We are in current need of tanks and healers to help create more groups to run M+. Anyone is welcome to join if they are interested in M+ in a relaxed environment. Feel free to contact me if you have anymore questions.Jestorel4 3d
3d Priest Community The previous priest community has become neglected. I am creating a new one with the hopes to make this community grow. Where Priest can come and talk about what is going on with our class. Tips about what you have found helpful, and experiences you've learned from playing Priest. It's easy to focus on the negative and vent about frustrations, but this will be more helpful for us if we focus on how we can improve. Talk about talents you've never tried, and asking people who use them how they work. It would be cool to find a good community who loves playing Priest and refuses to change classes. Use this link to join: 3d
3d [A] Be afraid, ok a little afraid Guild of non-politically correct players looking for other guilds and players to join our community to expand our aura of crudeness. We take everything with a grain of salt, have fun doing it. So if you are thinned skinned, don't bother you'll just get upset and maybe even cry. Getting offended is a possibility, especially if the most racy thing you listen to is Kids BoP. We are mainly east coast guild, looking for other guilds and players to join our community to do every day gaming with. Be it WoW or others. The guild I hail from currently has a Progession Raid team (Tues/Thurs 730-930pm), Push the Key night (Friday Night 730pm - ?) and Happy Hour Raid (Saturday 730pm-??). Generally we have something going at other times as well as if the community grows so will the fun. Click the link below to join. 3d
3d Over The Hill Gaming Community We welcome all like-minded older adult players with a mature outlook in life to join us. We maintain a clean and respectful culture of friendliness. We're provides a comfortable environment for mature players. If you're looking for a community with NO bad language, NO dirty non-sense, NO offensive silly chats, NO swearing, NO childish drama ... this is your place! Home for adult players from a variety of countries and cultures. (parents, older adults, couples, guys & gals, family etc.) Community Name : Over The Hill Gaming Community Description : older adult gaming community Faction : Alliance Community Link : Invite code : LGvpo0LUgWE Group : Over The Hill Gaming Community (BN:Cloudling#1865) Extra Information : If you are looking to join our community or guild please <read-agreed> our guild & community policy on our website before you join. thank you! Guild Over The Hill : to join guild please contact us for an interview (BN:Cloudling#1865, BN:Vodichian#1885) Guild & Community wedsite : Over The Hill Guild Over The Hill is an ally PVE based guild located on US-Oceanic Frostmourne server (since 2009). We are an older guild with mature players. Our players come from a large variety of countries and cultures. (parents, older adults, couples, guys & gals, family etc.) We have laid back raids for casual players (relaxed and slow but serious and no drama). As well as serious progression raids for players searching for end game content without the hardcore nonsense and pressure. Currently recruiting more committed raiders (Healers + DPS) for our [Heroic-Mythic] committed progression raids. Also recruiting more casual players and laid back raiders (Healer and DPS) for our casual [Normal] raid (No raiding experience required). >>> Raid time: WED-THU (committed) SAT (casual), 7pm-10pm, SVT, fixed schedule every week since 2011 (We're using our server time which is Australia Sydney GMT+10 time base) .[Committed Raid on Wednesday night at 7pm-10pm Realm Time (Australia Sydney time - Oceanic)] (Committed team) .[Committed Raid on Thursday night at 7:00pm-10:00pm Realm Time (Australia Sydney time - Oceanic)] (Committed team) .[Casual Raid on Saturday nights at 7:00pm-10:00pm Realm Time (Australia Sydney time - Oceanic)] (Casual-Alt-Trial) To Apply: Preferred, please contact us in-game for an interview, Battle Net: CLOUDLING#1865, BN:Vodichian#1885. Or join our community to get in touch with us for an interview: Over The Hill Gaming Community Link: Invite code: LGvpo0LUgWE Please check guild rules and raid policy on our guild website: Raid time estimate for other zones: > For Australian players: 7pm-10pm (Sydney time base) > For New Zealand players: 9pm-12pm > For USA-Canada players: 2am-5am (LA time base) > For Singapore players: 5pm-8pm (or 4pm-7pm, depending on daylight saving time on server) > For Southeast Asia players: 3pm-6pm (or 4pm-7pm, depending on daylight saving time on server)Mccloudlee8 3d
3d [A] Mythic + community. Hi All, This is a mythic plus community for Alliance that is focused on running high keys. I am currently looking for skilled players. This community was created in the oceanic area however does not need to remain this way, having the availability of all hours from all over will only assist to drive the community. I am looking to expand this roster with competent and able people are focused on pushing mythic +. Feel free to add me on Bnet or accept the invite link below. Kirito#114815 Community invite: I look forward to meeting you all in game.Nutsu6 3d
3d WoW furry community: [A] Anthro Harmony A furry community created for those interested in playing what the game has to offer with others of the anthropomorphic culture of the internet. So feel free to join us, have a look around, and stomp some WQs or dungeons with us. OwO ALLIANCE LINK: Anthroic Harmony (unlimited and unexpirable) 3d
3d PVP Communities? Are there any PVP communitites?Deeboss0 3d
3d [A] Trans-inclusive raiding community Dungeon Damsels -About Us- We are a newly-forming, trans-lead, raiding guild and community. Our guild is located on the US-Ravenholdt/Twisting Nether server. We are also utilizing a community for those of you who wish to join us cross-server. Dungeon Damsels was envisioned as a casual, friends and family style, raiding guild. While our primary goal is to create a welcoming environment for transgender gamers, we are open to any who are willing to follow our rules. -Raid Times- Once we're up and running, we're looking at Thursdays at 10pm est as our official raid night (with the option to continue on another night). However, members are welcome to organize runs any night of the week. Our goal is to start out with normal raiding and grow from there. -Recruitment Needs- Currently recruiting for all roles. Contact us through Discord to apply: 3d
3d Tauren Only Whisper me in game to join the best community in the game, TAUREN ONLY. Both mulgore and highmountain tauren are welcome. MOOOO.Galadamodred0 3d
3d {H} Island Expeditions Community USA Hello Everyone. On the alliance side I own two communities for Island Expeditions because the first community was capped out at 1,000 members and the second at the moment has over 320+ I have been getting a LOT of requests for a HORDE side Island Expedition Community and I am now starting one. If you are a USA HORDE and would like to join the Island Expedition Community for Premade groups, leveling up toons from 110+ or just running for rares to get your Mounts, Pets, Toys or Transmorg Gear this is the link to join. Code: bLx0DLGfzDXFenril0 3d