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6d Note: Communities and the Code of Conduct Hey all, With the influx of discussion around Communities on the forums, we've decided to set up a new forum dedicated to the feature itself. On that forum, feel free to search for a Community that's of interest to you, or advertise for a Community you've already created! Players are encouraged to form groups around their interests, both in- and out-of-game. While we recognize that those interests are largely varied across our community, all posts in this forum and Communities themselves must uphold the World of Warcraft Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. Please be mindful that your forum post does not breach the Code of Conduct. This includes bumping of threads, harassment, trolling, etc. We look forward to seeing the Communities that are created as we head into Battle for Azeroth!Ornyx11 6d
Jul 20 Community Advertising Template Wanting to advertise about your Community? Here's a couple of simple example template to include in your post to make sure you're reaching the right audience! -- Community Name: Space Goats Only Description: A chat for tea-loving goats Faction: Alliance Community Link: pretendthisisacommuntylink Group: pretendthisisabattlenetlink Extra Information: Ornyx only!!? No H0rDe AlloWeD -- Community Name: World of Peacecraft Description: A cross-faction-collective of peace-loving Azeroth citizens Alliance Link: pretendthisisacommuntylink Horde Link: pretendthisisanothercommunitylink Extra Information: Taking the "war" out of Warcraft one post at a time! --Ornyx0 Jul 20
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1h CT Community of Gamers Hello, Wanted to create this to see if there was an interest. This going to be a community that is for gamers in the state of Connecticut. Growing up in this state i realized how difficult it is to find community of gamer in CT and would have to drive to NY to find them. I am curious if there fellow gamers like me that feel that something more local would greatly appreciated! Lets see if people are interested in this and would consider this a successful community if we can bring people across CT to play games together and perhaps events in the future. The goal for this is to unite CT gamers but i wont turn away anyone that wants to be part of a community to build friendships with similar hobbies ! Community Name: Connecticut Gamers United Description: If you live in CT and would like to be part of a community of gamers that play blizzard games or have similar gaming hobbies, this is the spot for you. LINK: Extra Information: If you like Blizzard games and would like to be introduced to local gamers that have similar hobbies and enjoy playing the same games. This is the goal for this community, to bring people together and build lasting experiences. First time doing this, i cant fully imagine this will be a success but if you have tips or would like to help run something like this, would enjoy the help!Withrevenge1 1h
2h [A] LF Casual Community for BFA Content Greetings! Wife and I are looking for a community (ideally oceanic) on the Alliance where we can find fellow casual players for various BFA content. We hope to find people who are patient and aren't worried about wiping. Please let us know if you know of a community like that! Thank you!Zifáng0 2h
3h [A] Mage's Library: Mage Community A place for Mages of all specs to gather, study, learn, and grow. Let's pool our knowledge and make our magic more potent. I made this because i did not see an Alliance mage community.Wobblayhugh1 3h
4h [A] Calling All Hunters New & Old Hi there, Thank you very much for clicking this topic. First of all, I would like to try to start up a community for the Hunter class specifically. A place for new and old hunters a like, to hang out, talk about that hard find/tame rare, or share knowledge of the class rotation and gear management to help everybody who might have questions. With that being said i am by no means the most knowledgeable and still have questions from more experienced hunters from time to time. I hope that with this place we can all gather and share information about all things hunter related. Here is a link to the community. I hope to see all, if not a lot of hunters take interest in this, because as you know Hunters do take their share of ridicule. Hopefully this place will be above that. Edit: This link should not expire.Jarans31 4h
5h [H]<The Night Shift> PvE/PvP Community! Community Name: The Night Shift Description: Late night/Weekend All content community! Faction: Horde Community Discord: Community Link: We are a decent sized group of players who all have the same NightOwl tendencies! Mythic+, Scheduled and unscheduled raid, as well as organized Wpvp and Rated PvP. We will be hitting the ground running in BFA, recruiting all members! If you are interested in our raid team, Tues/Fri 2AM-5AM EST, Hop in, and get with me via game or Btag Chance#1935. I look forward to seeing you all there!Støne9 5h
6h Hip Hop Alliance Chat... Like Hip-Hop and Rap music??? Come join the group I just created and discuss new and old hip-hop while playing the best game in the world! Invite Link: 6h
7h Raidsense - Community for all levels Hi all! I'd like to present the Raidsense community. This community is present on both factions. We have a guild and community set up on both factions and a community website/discord as well. This post is specifically for the communities however. If you wish to read more about the guilds and community as a whole, visit the website. Website: Invite codes for both: Alliance: VqVW2CP5V Horde: k5kgjFMyr These communities serve the same purpose - provide a place for for new players, returning players, or players who are just wanting to try to improve their raiding game, to get some more hands on help from more veteran raiders who don't mind volunteering their time now and then. Several of the players founding this/joining initially are players who have raided at fairly high levels at some point in the last few years, minimally in the top 100 US raiding ranks, many of which in the top 20-50 US ranks recently. My hope is to get a healthy mix of players from high ranking guilds who don't mind joining the community and now and then answering questions, volunteering to be a guest mentor in our learning runs, which take place on Mondays at 8:30pm-11:30pm PST for the Alliance and Saturdays 7:30pm-Midnight for the horde. These runs will primarily be normal or heroic. Eventually I hope to grow and have runs at other times as well so this becomes a more accessible community and will help grow the raiding scene even further. The main reason I've decided to start this is that the raid scene as a whole can be a bit intimidating, or flat out unwelcoming to those that aren't as familiar or experienced in it. While not everyone is cut out to be a world class raider, that doesn't mean they shouldn't get to experience the fun of raiding at lower difficulties, or be limited to just LFR or impatient PUG groups. Feel free to join either community above, please be respectful and friendly. Those who aren't will be removed. If you're interested in being a mentor and have a solid raid history of either mythic or heroic content in the recent tiers, feel free to contact me. This is open to all players of all skill levels and experience levels. From never touched a raid, to world class. Balto#1148Bâlto5 7h
9h LFM for Mythic/+ Progression! Hello all! Two seasoned players lfm for a reliable mythic/mythic+ farming team. We're a rogue and a hunter for now, recruiting Rdps and tank&heals. We work days and play each evening, usually starting around 7cst. We will be grinding mythics/+ daily (when released) and would love a solid group to grind with. Not looking to form a carry group, just a solid group of 5 to progress quickly with! Thanks, Hope to see you in Azeroth!Pzéky3 9h
9h You got the skills, but not the time You remember a time when the armor you wore and the weapon hanging on your back was a sign of prestige and an instant indicator of your and your guild's accomplishments. You proudly wore your hideous pink and orange armor. You were a raider. Not a hardcore raider or casual raider... a raider... there was only one kind. Maybe you even lead your own raiding guild. You enjoyed the thrill of fighting for server first kills. The thought of wiping on same boss for hours didn't bother you as long as everyone was pulling their weight and you were making progress as a team. Maybe you even dabbled in PVP. Maybe you did more than dabble and were notorious on your server, running organized groups every day, with people on waiting lists hours long. Or perhaps you enjoyed the thrill of the arena. But as the game aged, so did you. Raiding schedules were replaced with meeting schedules. Evening raids were replaced by bed time stories. You had to put down your axe and pick up a diaper. One by one, all your friends disappeared, but you're still here, feeling nostalgic... and lonely. Tired of running with PUGs and praying to get decent players? Lack the time and flexibility to commit to a schedule anymore that any serious guild rightfully expects, but you still have the desire and skills to run high end content with other quality players? If any of the above resonates with you, <Retired Elitists> might be the community for you. The purpose of this community is to act as a resource pool of skilled players for any high end content. Perhaps even rekindle some of those old feelings of running things with a tight nit group of like minded people. Our focus is quality over quantity. The way we see it, what is the point of a community for grouping if the quality of players it offers is no better or less random than what you can find in group finder? Message Okamakiri#1936 or Kireina26#1208 on Battlenet, or look for us on our Discord server ( about joining.Blackburn0 9h
9h Heroes Õf Azeroth Guild Recruiting Community Hello everyone, since the pre patch came out last Tuesday for communities I decided to make my own community and its called Heroes Õf Azeroth Guild recruiting community and its horde one only.This is were all servers can join and players who want to join us and talk to me and my officers.If you like talking to us and want to tranfer to Quel'dorei / Sen'jin to join guild feel free to join.We like to do raid,PvP RBGS and transmog / achievements.We are going to be raiding in BFA and do mythic plus keystones for gearing up.Typ this code to join and we will see you there.R9yjK7jsranShadowmoocow80 9h
10h Leather Workers Community Hello, Kirun from Kil'Jaeden, This is the first time I have ever decided to try and do something like this. I hope the end result of this attempt is a community filled with players that are willing to help each other out in a respectful atmosphere. The private loot system has opportunity that is heavily wasted in some aspects, I am looking to take advantage of that system and build a community of leather wearing classes that are able to trade loot away to other players that is not an upgrade for them, or that they just dont want. Having the option to PvP is also very nice, fully stealthable groups with druids and rogues is a fantastic way to have some fun. If this eventually becomes a larger community I wouldn't mind setting up a discord and website to support the cause. Lets start with small things and see where this goes! Click this link to join our community, Remember this is a community and not a guild. You can be apart of both! All Monks, Druids, Rogues and Demon hunters are welcome to join! 10h
12h Rainbow Cupcake Crusader's Community Rainbow Cupcake Crusader's is a community formed for making friends. We are for you if: You are sick of playing alone. You are lonely and want a group of friends who will accept you from the start. You want people to play wow with. You like to laugh. You don't mind mature joking. Want an active community with people constantly playing. We are an anti-fascist community. We accept everyone equally. - Have community events! [Mythic +'s, Transmog/Mount/Pet Runs, Leveling Alts, BG's, World Pvp, Eventually warfronts and islands, Raids.] We have a discord, and communities in other games as well. This community is also made to help the twitch channel grow. Join now: 12h
12h [H] WoW LGBT Community Hey friends! We have a growing horde lgbt community if anyone is looking to chat with super awesome and like-minded peeps. Also searching for some solid moderators =)! Come check us out! Only requirement is that you be a friend <3. No hate is tolerated. xx 12h
12h Oceanic Sunday Raiding Community. Ebriosi (Guild/Community) has been built on the foundations of Friendship, Trust and Alcohol (Mostly Alcohol). Normal/Heroic Raiding, No mythic We raid for the fun of it, and understand that real life and family comes first, and as such have no hard requirement for attendance, however it is expected that if you are available you'll make the effort to play, Just keep us posted when things come up if you wish to have a permanent raiding spot. Social Players are always welcome however. If you know how to play your class well, have a sense of humor, a small (or large) drink, We hope you will find a great home here. With the Warcraft Communities we no longer require joining the "actual guild', However those who don't will be required to make sure to have the standard Food/Flasks ready for raid :) Alliance - Nagrand/Cael Community : Discord : Recruitment DPS/Heals - If you can show up and play above average, we welcome you. TANK - Tank spots are not easily offered. Join the community run things with us, see how you fit in with the team and other tanks. Main Raid time Sunday only- (GMT+ 8) 4:30pm - 9pm (GMT+8 Daylight Savings) 3:30pm - 8pm (GMT+10) 6:30pm - 11pm (GMT+12) 8:30pm - 1am (PDT) 1:30am - 6amTipsayé2 12h
13h [A] Singapore Community Just wanna create a Singapore Community to social and play together! :D come come 13h
15h [H] East Coast Raiders cross server community Arrogance is welcoming players interested in raiding and mythic + dungeons who play primarily east coast hours (7pm-12am EDT or similar). We are a small group that likes to play hard and are looking for others to play with! If you want to read more about our history I have a write up here for those that are interested in our core of players Open your guild panel > Click "Join or Create Community" and enter xMZzWAAipRx and click Join.Ivina70 15h
15h Hunter Tames Made a community for hunters to share info about tamable pets, etc. It's on Horde, will make one for Alliance within the next couple of days. 15h
16h Itty Bitty Committee - Home for the friendly! Hi all! Itty here with an awesome offer for all of you! I have a few questions for you: Are you sick of playing this game alone? Are you looking for people to explore and enjoy all aspects of the game with? Have you joined a guild in hope of making friends but no one talks? Do you want to extend your friendship circle outside of your guild? Do you want to befriend an awesome little Gnome? If you answered yes to any of these questions, do I have the community for you! Itty Bitty Community is a fun-loving, social, friendly, family-like, positive gathering of like minded people that strive to create an environment of healthy chat and potential for making new friends online. We also emphasise grouping up for all sorts of content whether it be Warmode (World) PvP, Dungeons, Levelling Alts, Mythic+, Raiding, Fishing Buddies, and so on. Community Information: Community Name: Itty Bitty Community Description: A friendly, social, family-like community of like minded people from all areas of the game. This community allows you to socialise with awesome people while remaining in your own guild and server! Faction: Alliance Community Link: Extra Information: All are welcome! Looking forward to meeting you in game :) Take care, IttyItty9 16h
16h Ultra casual - Horde Community Name: Face Down in the Muck Description: We are a small ultra casual group of mature adult players Faction: Horde! Community Link: Extra Information: <Face Down in the Muck> is the community extension of the <Out of our Element> guild on Zul'jin horde ( We are a small group of mature adults that enjoys grouping up and knocking out content! We have 2-3 events per week from 8-10 PM EST (mythic plus night, raid night, PVP night, and occasionally others). Our community might be a good fit for you if: you don't have a lot of time to commit to the game but still like knocking out content you are new to raiding or dislike the stress or time commitment of heroic/mythic progression you would like to join a casual group of players without leaving your current realm or guildUnaka8 16h
16h [H] New Chars/Leveling Community? Interested to see if there's a community for socializing/partying together while leveling in earlier progression. I'm brand new so it'd be cool to group up or just have a place to talk while I mindlessly grind the scrub away to get good.Bowners0 16h
17h DH communities? Haven't been able to find any DH communities, anyone got one going?Milthran0 17h
17h [H] Old and Confused - PUG Community Are you old? Like, you were excited about the Windows XP launch old? Do you suck? Like, you have abilities you don't even put on your action bars suck? Are you frequently late to raids or go AFK during boss fights because your pain in the butt kids or significant other don't have any respect for your gaming addiction? If any of these things describe you, then you've found the perfect Community! Old and Confused (Horde) is a community of older, working adults that like to run end-game content, but who don't have the time or desire to commit to a set play schedule. We generally play in the evenings and on weekends, but we're often unsure when we'll be able to log on, may have to leave unexpectedly, and take frequent breaks from the game when life happens. This behavior has previously relegated us to Group Finder if we want to tackle any challenging content, but with the advent of Communities in BfA we're trying a different approach. The targeted level of content is heroic raiding and/or medium-to-high M+ keys, with maybe a little pvp thrown in for fun. The stretch goal will be some mythic raiding after cross-realm is enabled near the end of a tier. Ideally OAC will have enough members that on a typical evening we will be able to get a solid group going (with fill-ins from Group Finder, if needed), but stay small enough that over time we will see the same players over and over and develop that sense of community that is sorely lacking when just using Group Finder. There is a very TL;DR list of rules, because nerds love nothing more than making rules for things that don't matter, but the gist is no toxic behavior, no belittling or insta-kicking fellow members, and no politics. You can read more on our Discord link, and come join us in-game if you're interested. 17h
18h Expats in Thailand? Join us today! Are you a WOW player, who is an expat living in Thailand? Join us please! Here is the link to our community: What we look for: - WOW players who are expats in Thailand - A group of like minded matures who want to enjoy a fun community, stress free! - Use of English language both spoken and written. (Use Discord for raids, we use english) Who are we? - Bunch of old dudes/ longtimers coming back together for BFA ~ Think 30 years old + average median age. - Working personnel / family person - Casual, but still want company and progression in normal flex raids. - Extremely patient, forgiving and fun group What do we usually do in WOW? - Level and grind, farm for gear pre-raid, world quests and normal flex raids. If the group is committed and want to try more, we can always go further. Our Guild? - Alliance Guild called First Crusade. @Frostmourne Oceanic server! Why this particular community target? I'm a WOW player who is an expat in Thailand currently too. Therefore the specific interest in this group, so we can play WOW and talk about Amazing Thailand! Contact Us By: 1) Joining the link above to our community which we will get back to you in-game 2) Contact us at Hoping to hear from you soon. Cheers!Alrador0 18h
19h [B] <Dungeon Walkers> Come Take it Easy! I'm having trouble finding other people who enjoy experiencing content at a slower pace, people who like to take their time in dungeons/raids/etc. and enjoy the show. Instead of whinging about it, I've decided to start a community for like minded individuals! I'm sure it'll take a while to grow our ranks, but every community has to start somewhere - so I'm pleased to invite everyone to join the Dungeon Walkers community!ïs0 19h
19h *WoW Québec* *WoW Québec* [A] Groupe & communautés. Equipe RatedBG, Arena, War Mode et plus. Raids, Donjons, Mythic+ et plus. Ayez une bonne connaissance de votre classe et un micro. Basé sur le respect. Lien qui sera utilisé comme voice chat mais aussi pour vous tenir au courant des nouveautés: Lien communauté PvP en jeu: Lien communauté PvE en jeu: PvP: Maryjeane#21790 MissNobody#11975 PvE: Herumort#2114 jolistev#1269 Discord Wowqc: 19h
20h Horde LFG / WQ Community Horde LFG Community! I couldn't find a link to join a community for easy groups for World Quests or Dungeons. Community Name: Horde LFG Description: A chat to find a group for various activities Faction: Horde Community Link: 20h
21h [A] Prosapia Raiding/M+ Community Prosapia – Cenarius is looking for players to join our team in BfA! Prosapia is a heroic raid guild that clears all heroic content while it is current. We are a group of older players (25-45) who have been playing together for 10+ years, and play mostly on the weekend. Our raids are Sunday 6-9pm and Monday 6:30-9pm PST. We have a few different M+ groups that run Saturday and Sunday mornings and on Sunday afternoons before the raid. We are looking for players who are working adults with jobs and lives but who still enjoy slaying internet dragons on the weekend, or mythic raiders who are tired of pugs and would like a consistent, fun group to gear up an alt. Prosapia is a task-oriented group. We log on to do dungeons and raids, and maybe an hour or two in the evenings to knock out some world quests. If you are someone who is on all day, every day and needs constant attention, we’re not the guild for you. While WoW may be moving away from “bring the player, not the class” we think who you are is more important than what you play. We are looking for players, who play when we do and will mesh well with our group. That being said, we don’t have a dps warrior, spriest or boomkin, and we can always use more ranged dps. If you think you may be interested in joining Prosapia, add Nocks #11825 or Andarieal #1514 and tell us about yourself. You can join our wow community And check out what a typical raid night is like on youtube: 21h
22h Black Gaming Community Group Don't see any of these going around so i decided to create a community for the black gamers of Blizzard. Come get to know and talk to people just like you and me! Created new link since people were saying there were issues. Doesn't expire and has 100 uses.Nagasis195 22h
23h Any communities for depression/anxiety? Yeah.. so I know this sounds strange to most. But from someone who suffers from social anxiety in the real world I'd love to be able to talk to other like minded people in game as its easy for me to talk without face to face interaction. I'm not trying to start any issues, so please don't be mad, but I'd love to just join people who get me, and maybe talk about dogs and what not.Valithera4 23h
23h Old Timers Community [H] Old Timers Community [H] is for players 40+ years old to group up for dungeons, raids, etc. Any of us that played through Vanilla, BC, WoTLK, all enjoyed those days when a guild was more of a community than it is now. We had online friends that we only knew from the game but enjoyed playing the game alongside. This community will hopefully bring back together the older demographic that has more things in common. We all have jobs, kids, careers, vacations, marriages, mortgages, etc. We do not understand Trance music, Post Malone, or putting our entire lives on social media. Here we can be old and content. 23h
1d [A] Raid Community is Recruiting <Chronic Relapse Raiding Co> is looking for Raiders and other active members for BFA! In Legion, we were able to clear and farm Normal Antorus, despite the Guild forming very late in the expansion. In BFA, we will look to build on a good foundation and become a Heroic progession focused Community, while maintaining a laid-back atmosphere. Raids are Friday/Saturday from 9pm – 12am EST. We are currently recruiting Tanks and DPS; being able and willing to play an off-spec is a plus. If Raiding isn’t your thing, we also remain active during the week, and enjoy running Mythics, BGs, and other activities together. We have a great Community of people who are fun to play with and always happy to help! Disclaimer – If you have virgin ears or are offended easily by certain language, Chronic Relapse Raiding Co. is probably not a good fit for you. For more information, or an invite, message a Community Leader today!!!... Seriously, do it…. Do it.. LadyKeidra#1258 Tinge#11729 Tuboski#1103 yougotmerked#1977Stormsurjes0 1d
1d Calling all Gnomes! [Gnomeregan Pride] Interested in joining a growing Gnomish Community for BFA? Wanting to play with fellow Gnomes, but not many in your guild or realm? This is the place for you! Community Name: Gnomeregan Pride Description: We may have lost our original home, but Operation: Gnomeregan was a success and we've established New Tinkertown as our base of operations. Now let's rally together and show the Alliance and Horde what we're made of in the coming Battle for Azeroth! Faction: Alliance Community Link: Extra Information: Community by Gnomes, for Gnomes. Gather here and meet your peers for any cross-realm chat, RP, PVE & PVP. Prerequisite: Be a Gnome. No disrespect to any of our Allied Races, but there are plenty of other great communities out there looking for your membership and support. Don't worry, you'll still be seeing us Gnomes on the front lines in game! Made this Community because there aren't many Gnomes on an individual realm basis, but I know there are plenty out there in the greater WoW community! Hoping to organize and participate in some full Gnome parties, dungeons and raids. Looking forward to gaming with you all! If you're not sure what to do, simply click on the link in this post and copy/paste the code into the join community tab in game (J).Ragebomb14 1d
1d [A] Lookin For Group (LFG) Gday Guys, Community Name: Lookin For Group (Because "Looking" is apparently a mature word??) Short Name: LFG Description: Are you short a party member? Are your random queue times horrid? This is the place to look and fill those gaps. No strings attached. Faction: Alliance Community Link: (Does Not expire) - Discord also available to members. Extra Information: We are looking to build a large pool of players that can be called upon to group with. If you need to fill a spot in your party or are simply looking to run around with someone on an old school gear or mount run you can do that here. If you need help killing a foe we can do that as well. PVP, PVE and WM are all on the table.Pinkbits4 1d
1d Oklahoma Stormblessed Have not seen a group around for Sooners yet. Let's get some Storm Brew and get this started! 1d
1d [A] Community for Warriors: The Warrior's Den Thank you for taking the time to give this a read. Trying to make a community for Warriors to gather and discuss all things warrior related for all specs. As we have gone through many changes in the past. It would benefit the class to gather and pool our knowledge to help all warriors be the best they can be. Hope you all have a good day and hope to see you on the front lines. 1d
1d [H] Little Orgrimmar Lil Org is a nondescript Horde community focused around populating your quick join tab. Queue for a battleground, some heroics, or LFR when applicable. Its a pretty quiet group, just trying to expand your potential teammates for whatever it is you'd like to do, got ~50 members currently. 1d
1d LGBTQ+ WOW original post for LGBTQ+ community when communities went live link is here: The following links are for LGBTQ+ and friends....mods will remove you if you are not Discord Web: App: Facebook: Invite link Horde Original : WEB: Ingame: BNET GROUP VOTE FOR US AT also Everyone is welcome to join one of these communities. However, as Community Manager Ornyx put it on first lgbtq post, "Pro tips for the future: If you don't like a group, you don't have to join it." ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- Alliance: LGBT Alliance Community: Alliance Gaymers: LGBT+ Chat Community: GayStralia: LGBT Alliance Frens Chat: 1d
1d Mature. Quiet. Calm. Oldies. Alliance side Alliance side... Somewhere back in 2000, Everquest Ruins of Kunark was released. It was amazing. That is to date me. In EQ, I had an amazing guild that ran top tier content without sacrificing our personal lives on a server that your reputation mattered. We weren't the first to clear things but we laughed through the entire experience . Long have I waited for a similar community in WoW. I'm hoping this is the start of that because I'm sure we're scattered out there, quietly going about our gaming've got jobs, kids, bills, great marriages, second marriages, mortgages, terrible bosses, car pools, day care, nanny's, health issues.. We're loud, we're quiet, introverts, extroverts..who cares. But we collectively don't have a clue what trap music is. We game as an escape and we don't need your nonsense. Doesn't mean we cant clear current content. Doesn't mean we can't run mythic whatever. Now. Get off my lawn! Try this "never expires link" instead of the old "never expires link" /shakes fist at blizzard 1d
1d Mature. Introverts. Quiet types. OG's. H Somewhere back in 2000, Everquest Ruins of Kunark was released. It was amazing. That is to date me. In EQ, I had an amazing guild that ran top tier content without sacrificing our personal lives on a server that your reputation mattered. We weren't the first to clear things but we laughed through the entire experience . Long have I waited for a similar community in WoW. I'm hoping this is the start of that because I'm sure we're scattered out there, quietly going about our gaming've got jobs, kids, bills, great marriages, second marriages, mortgages, terrible bosses, car pools, day care, nanny's, health issues.. We're loud, we're quiet, introverts, extroverts..who cares. But we collectively don't have a clue what trap music is. We game as an escape and we don't need your nonsense. Doesn't mean we cant clear current content. Doesn't mean we can't run mythic whatever. Oldies! FRESH LINK: 1d
1d [H] Doom Raiders - a pugging community With the release of the xpac shortly upon us I thought it might be useful to make a community for pugging. This is for BFA mostly, but if you want to use it for current content why not? Raid leaders are more than welcome as are guild recruiters. Please try to keep it as drama free as possible. Link should work, please let me know if it does not as I am new to using communities. Edit: We now have a discord. Edit 2: New link because the old one expired.Elicia28 1d
1d [A]Adopt me :3Envs4 1d
1d [H] Tank/dps LF competitive M+ Looking for a guild or group of people that are interested in running M+. I'm a top player in multiple games (SC, HotS, LoL) and did all the gold WoD challenges a few weeks after the expansion release. I didn't play much during Legion so don't really have any achievements for it. For now I'm playing this BM monk. I'm leveling my warrior next and after that a druid. Could also raid with a guild that starts at 10 pm CST or after. Gorejaws#1592Zealyia0 1d
1d <Sylvanas Explains It All> HORDE Sylvanas Explains It All is a new xrealm horde community/guild of mature Horde players. We are looking to build up our numbers for X-Realm raiding and mythic+: Raiding 2x per week Tues & Wed nights @ 8pm-11pm EST Run Mythic Dungies together nightly Do Some PvP and World PVP Group leveling with Warmode We are in medium-high need of the following for our raiding core: Priest (DPS) Warlock Mage Ele Shaman Hunter MM or BM Please connect with me on Bnet @ Wolfrick#1541Tedruxpin2 1d
1d [H] Calling all Anime fans! Welcome to the Anime Community! This is a group for all Anime fans! Come chat and play together as a community. If you'd like to join please go to Or if it's expired add my Battletag Villein#11571Kawaii0 1d
1d [H]Pug Life PUG Life is Open! We are a social community, open to anyone that's wants to participate in a cross realm community. We provide a friendly atmosphere when you need others players to help out with questing, dungeons, achievements or even raiding. Maybe you're looking for some friendly players to hang out with and socialize. Come join us! We have no requirements to be or remain a member of our community. So if you wish to join us please click the link! This is an in-game Community which provides calendar, friends and quick join supportLanfeer3 1d
1d Trucking Industry Rollers I know of quite a few players that live and work on the road in the trucking industry. Let's get the community connected! 1d
1d Amateur Radio Players I did not see a group yet for those of us in the Ham Radio community. I know there is a lot of us, so lets grow a community. It is what we do well right? 1d