Tides of Vengeance PTR Bug Report

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Nov 16 PTR Not Responding Hello! I was wondering, if you try to press the back button, on Character Creation screen, does your client stop responding, to the point where you have to Ctrl+Alt+Delete out and use the Task Manager to close the PTR client? I have to, and each and every time I bring up the Task Manager, next to the PTR client icon, it says: Not Responding Is there a way to work around this issue I am having?Jaheira20 Nov 16
Nov 15 Ride of the Zandalari - Rakeera Bugged Hello there, was on the PTR not too long ago and this bug is still present. When you take on the quest "Ride of the Zandalari" there's 2 bugs present. Firstly, signaling the boats plays a cutscene that causes the game to crash. Now when I do manage to relog and get past this, the next part asks you to talk to Rakeera. But as I approach the area on the map, Rakeera falls out of the sky. Literally. When she lands I can't talk to her to continue the quest. It's been like this since yesterday. Is there something I'm missing?Makarya5 Nov 15
Nov 15 Reputation tracker not acctwide This is probably not actually news, but the reputation achievements (10 Exalted Reputations, 90 Exalted Reputations, 100 Exalted Reputations etc.) are not currently tracking account-wide. My shaman (Delenda-Skywall/Delenda-Lycanthoth) has 93/100 on her tracker for 100 Exalted; logging into my demon hunter (Basanti-Skywall/Basanti-Lycanthoth) has 18/100 listed. They share 12 reps in common; if the tracker was working account-wide, the total should be 99/100. (This is build 28085)Basanti4 Nov 15
Nov 15 Game client critically locks up constantly. Game client constantly lcoks up after a few minutes of play. It does this on both my computers (Alienware 17R4 laptop and Asus i7 dual Nvidia SLI desktop) Things that might cause this 1. Turning too quickly 2. Pressing the "back" button in the character selection UI 3. Logging out 4. Attempting the exit the game normally. The game then completely hangs requiring Windows task manager to close the game. In short: major issue, game unusable. Note: the standard 8.01 game is installed on the same computers and is fine.Furyfire8 Nov 15
Nov 15 Oh no, Belf Golden Eye glow is gone ;-; Don't do this pls, It's best thing customization we recieved! Without glow, it looks so bland and dull :(Dawnsong2 Nov 15
Nov 15 Spirit mend Bugged? I accidentally posted this on the General PTR forums but i meant to post it here. So i go on ptr to see how MM has changed but before i have a chance to i noticed spirit mend (which is unchanged from live) only healed me for 1.6k and then 1000 more every second. i was thinking they nerfed it at first but then i did a comparison of the data-mined spell on live which is [0 + ((Ranged attack power * 0.6) * 3 * 1.0504)] plus an additional [0 + ((Ranged attack power * 0.6) * 2 * 1.0504)] over 10 sec. and i found that it is the exact same on ptr. so either you didn't change the formula to nerf it, or this is not intended.Arline0 Nov 15
Nov 14 Equine Retrieval - quest unfinishable Hello, I'd like to report, that one of Tiragarde Sound storyline quests is broken and impossible to finish. I'm talking about equine retrieval, quest, where you have to retrieve horse for Lord Norwington. After mounting his horse on the top of the hill and skipping, or watching cutscene, Norwington's horse is mounted by player, but without it's abilities, and impossible to return to Lord Norwington. Please fix it quickly, this quest leads to unlocking main storyline later in game, so it's not some sort of side quest without bigger impact on game.Egamus462FD11 Nov 14
Nov 14 Darshore scenario bug It's impossible to complete the scenario now because arriving on the beach for the fight with Nathanos disconnected me.Moonweaver1 Nov 14
Nov 14 Severe Stuttering: Workaround I've found a workaround for the severe stuttering. I only have a Dual Core system and i'm sure if you are having the severe stuttering you also have a Dual Core system as my significantly weaker cpu quad core laptop did not have any stuttering. The workaround is to set wowT.exe to Below Normal thread priority in the task manager. It would seem that wow has gotten too good at multi core utilization with this patch and isn't leaving enough cpu time for input polling in windows. You can test this in reverse, set it to Above Normal and the game will become unplayabley stuttery.Shippujinlai0 Nov 14
Nov 14 Adventure Guide - 2 typos In the Adventure Guide section for Lady Jaina Proudmoore, Overview subsection, Paragraph 3: "Dwindeling" should be "Dwindling". King Rastakhan, Overview section, paragraph 3: "empowers" should be "empower".Wain0 Nov 14
Nov 14 Keep Getting D/C'd at Nathanos When I got to the confrontation with Nathanos Blightcaller, I got DC'd (WOW51900319) and I keep getting DC'd every time I log in to that spot in the scenario. On a side note, it also killed my in game sound.Marniia3 Nov 14
Nov 14 Druid Bugs Enraged Maul from Heart of the wild : does no dmg Leader of the Pack : does not heal, and dont give crit: it shows as DEBUFF on enemy? King of the jungle: buff dont get refreshed when RIP is refreshed with Ferocious Bite (Sabertooth talent)Eumaster2 Nov 14
Nov 14 Blood Elf Gold Eyes Not Glowing Bug The Blood Elf gold eyes faces are bugged in that they are missing the glow that they have on live and on the green eye face options. On PTR build 28440, this bug results in the gold eyes looking very dull and dark.Albricksen0 Nov 14
Nov 14 [macos] Build 28440 Good news: The Mac OS client is working. Bad news: The colors get sometimes garbled on the character selection screen and the login screen (screenshot https://imgur.com/73P2ESh).Katherine0 Nov 14
Nov 14 Z to draw weapons doesn't appear to work I can't tell if I'm the only one experiencing this but on all of my characters, pressing Z to draw my weapons doesn't work.Zushiba16 Nov 14
Nov 14 cant install ptr? says im not invited yet when i try to install the launcher, ive signed up for beta as well if that counts?Cmonbruhlul2 Nov 14
Nov 13 Titan Residuum You are supposed to be able to obtain this new currency by scrapping or DE'ing gear. I've tried both scrapping and DE'ing gear (including Azerite Gear) and have not gotten any Titan Residuum.Timetrvlr0 Nov 13
Nov 13 Could we get a Mac OS binary please? Since the last update the Mac OS binary has been AWOL, and it's caused Mac OS users to miss out on the latest round of testing, including the raid testing. And this is after having a whole update where we couldn't login at all as all the servers were offline -- so two updates with no Mac OS testing. Please fix.Sagerremeseb2 Nov 13
Nov 13 Client hangs in Aszuna The client often locks up in the demon hunter area of Aszuna. That seems different from hanging upon exit, as the client loads two cores at 100%.Sejni0 Nov 13
Nov 13 PTR out of date, wont launch my ptr on my account isn't up to date and i've contacted support and deleted it twice and created a new one but each time its for path 7 instead of 8.1Norizas1 Nov 13
Nov 13 Ritual Rampage completely impossible The Quest for the Zandalar Incursion: Ritual Rampage is impossible to complete. When entering the vehicle you cannot get to the quest location without getting the message: "The ritual is becoming unstable, turn back now". No matter which path we take to the quest zone we get kicked out of the vehicle and sent back to the location where we entered it. There is no consistency in where or when it happens either, some people get further than me and get kicked out, and I get the message at seemingly random points.Gretele0 Nov 13
Nov 12 Client hanging randomly.. Anyone have the issue of the PTR client freezing up randomly? Sometimes I can get past the loading screen and it will randomly freeze while standing still in a city or just running around , and other times I cant even get past the character selection screen before the client freezes. The client doesn't crit error, is just freezes and has to be closed via the task manager. This has been happening since the newest build was released right before Blizzcon.Filthydesire2 Nov 12
Nov 12 Horse Dies During "Save Krennan Aranas" During the Worgen starting zone quest "Save Krennan Aranas", the horse will always die to the Worgen, making it impossible to complete the quest without dying to the Worgen enemies. Either the horse's health pool should be buffed, the damage from the Worgen in the quest nerfed, or both. It really ruins the feel of the questline when you are forced to die in order to progress, and it's not good for new players or players who have otherwise not experienced the Worgen starting zone before.Albricksen8 Nov 12
Nov 12 Client bugs Get dc'd often, crit errored. Minimizing while game is on loading bar instantly freezes it and must be manually closed with task manager. Jumping often causes crit errors. Raiding seems stable for me?....Faildead6 Nov 12
Nov 11 Character Invisible and Game crashes So I'm currently having issues with the PTR, and I've tried reinstalling it 2 times already. My character is all but invisible except the bottom half of his helmet. I also crash upon attacking a rare, or doing a WQ. If I try to change race at the character screen it also freezes up and crashes. I'm not sure what is going on and this has been happening since the last PTR update. So it might possibly be something that is new to a line of code? I'm not sure. Included are the links to some images I had to host on imgur so you all could see what I'm seeing, maybe you've experienced it as well. If not at least maybe one of you blues can squash this bug. Pun intended. https://imgur.com/gallery/LVQmnYnHonös1 Nov 11
Nov 11 Video Settings Crashing The Game Each time I try to adjust video settings the game will freeze. My video drivers are current so that's not a problem. Switching from DX12 to DX11 in the video settings I get the same result. This is only with the PTR part of the client and not the retailNákiya1 Nov 11
Nov 11 Champions of the Light - Normal Went in to test this evening, people crashing on pull and at random times shortly into the fight. Not everyone would DC, but as the group was small it was impossible to come back from.Torpyj1 Nov 11
Nov 11 Bug : Shaman 8.1 simple tuning Hi guys, https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769719552 I ran into this thread and it seems like there was a bug when Nimox posted. The rework and rotation fixes that were promised in July don't appear and we can only some small numbers changes that could have been done in a simple hotfix at the release or at least before Uldir. Surely, asking us to wait for 5 months to give us a simple hotfix that doesn't address anything has to be a bug. I hope you can correct it so we can finally see what you prepared to fix the issues that we've been reporting for about 8 months now. Thank you in advance.Searus0 Nov 11
Nov 10 Master shapeshifter and nourish bug Master shapeshifter is not giving the 30% haste bonus when going in to moonkin form. I did not test the other affinities. Also, nourish is not being affected by mastery and neither is revitalize.Nikdruid0 Nov 10
Nov 10 Ww monk pvp talents The WW monk new pvp talents aren't working. The FoF snare and avoidance isn't working. Expel harm isn't doing the % damage to anyone in the 5 yard range. And the new tiger palm isnt granting the hasteHolim2 Nov 10
Nov 10 *Mistake Post* Apologies, I have made a mistake on this post, please ignore this.Meowoof0 Nov 10
Nov 9 Greater Heal broken w/ Everlasting Light Scales hilariously wrong running 3x Everlasting Light. Heals for 700k+ on players with only 5% mana missing. When completely OOM, GHeal heals for 10M+ on players.Eggsd0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Client hangs upon exit When exiting the client, either via menus or Alt+F4, it hangs, and has to be terminated via the Task Manager. (Windows 7, Intel i3)Sejni3 Nov 9
Nov 9 Missing Hairstyle I copied the following character to the PTR: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/doomhammer/Tiphaine Upon copy completion, her hair looked like this: https://imgur.com/l1FnqSz That is not the hairstyle I chose when I created her back in BC. I went to the barber shop, and every other hairstyle was there and looked the way it should, but the hairstyle I prefer to use for this character was not. In fact, I am pretty sure that this "hairstyle" is actually what our hair is changed to when we wear a hat that covers our head. As seen in this screenshot, the hairstyle I use is one of the default hairstyles available to female blood elves at character creation: https://imgur.com/RySQ2YHMahatma2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Female nightborne face geometry So this has nothing to do with the eyes debate. It's nice to see that the female nightborne have had their floating belt issue fixed quite a bit but the nightborne still have the problem of all but 2 of their faces (the first 2 in char selection) missing the face geometry that is in the files. Due to this most the faces only change texture.Fehnris0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Escape from Tol Dagor cannot be restarted After I aborted the scenario after a bug, I cannot redo it. The Valtrois and the Rexxar are just standing near the water at the phase 1, no illusion is active, and all the guards and the warden are hostile.Sejni0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Character Copy Failure I keep getting a fail state when trying to copy over any of my lvl 120 characters. Any idea as to why this is, or how to fix it?Salmonsock3 Nov 9
Nov 9 Highmountain Moonkin Incarnation Incarnation is still using the old model for Moonkin instead of the new Highmountain version.Tanorak0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Soul Fire and Demonbolt (Green) Warlocks do not have green fire versions of the spells Soul Fire, and Demonbolt from Codex of XerrathTanorak0 Nov 9
Nov 8 So Basically Darkshore Is A Broken Mess The Black Moon Rising quest is bugged to high hell, Darkshore has no functioning general chat (it keeps defaulting to Nazmir, for some ridiculous reason), and trying to communicate via /yell to other players in the zone treats it as though /yell isn't a real command. What the actual heck, Blizz? =/Rhazeki0 Nov 8
Nov 8 PTR Still Currently Unplayable For Some As I doubt I'm the ONLY player in existence experiencing this problem (or similar ones), I figured I'd make this thread for others in the same boat to chime in and let Blizz know what's going on. Even though the PTR is supposed to be back up again now that Blizzcon is over, it remains unplayable for me. I can make it as far as the character select screen but the moment I click Enter World (on ANY character), the client stops responding as soon as the loading screen appears. It never even has the chance to start loading. The progress bar is always empty when it stops working. If others have experienced this, have you found workarounds? Or are we SoL until Blizz gets around to fixing the issue? Would LIKE to participate in the Darkshore warfront testing today, but looks like that ain't gonna happen. =/Shawson0 Nov 8
Nov 8 how do i boost a toon on ptr i wanted to try out a subtlety rouge on ptr instead of playing outlaw so much so when i made a void elf rouge its started me out at lvl 20 can someone help me with thisDougdimadad2 Nov 8
Nov 8 Error #109 at every loading screen The latest build, 28048, has solved the Error #132 Fatal Exception I was getting before that kept me from even getting to the login screen! Hooray, progress! However, I'm now experiencing yet another new error that is keeping me from getting much done. I get Error #109 (aka "A thread has become unresponsive") every time I hit a loading screen after loading my character for the first time. My Demon Hunter is in Stormwind at the moment, and he seems to be stuck there until this error is fixed or I find a way around it. I've tried going to a few different zones, and whether it's a Cata zone, Legion zone, BFA zone, it all results in a freeze and I get the Error #109 message and have to close the game. Here's the pastebin of the entire error log: https://pastebin.com/DCSCKQBnBillyzane2 Nov 8
Nov 8 Magus of the Dead (Unholy DK Azerite trait) The minion summoned by this trait is suddenly meleeing for most of its duration. It is only supposed to cast spells.Rothulian0 Nov 8
Nov 8 Mobs regaining health I'm on quest Stopping the Sappers and I encountered an issue where the Goblin Sappers at Krakenbane Cove kept regenerating health to max while I was fighting them but then someone else came along and killed them and they seemed to die like normal when they fought them.Zidko0 Nov 8
Nov 8 Mac OS Client The Mac OS client in the _ptr_ folder has zero bytes. The Mac OS client in the main folder crashes at start.Katherine5 Nov 8
Nov 7 Game froze during Darkshore scenario I was having issues sheathing my weapons throughout this scenario and then this happened as soon as Sira Moonwarden says "Where.... is she... ?" https://imgur.com/a/yqXDfHo It froze up a couple of times when I tried to log in initially tooZidko0 Nov 7
Nov 7 3D Armor Asset Set Bugs List All credit goes to Rulord-Wyrmrest Accord for putting this together. Most of these are 5 month old bugs that have yet to be fixed. Original: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769067658 Armor sets from Legion and BFA have been suffering bugs with broken or wrong textures, missing 3D armor geodes, and missing set pieces. These are sets that predominantly use the new 3D armor pieces introduced in Legion. Its my intention to catalog all of the issues with these armor sets in one thread instead of cluttering the board with multiple threads. LEGION SETS ___________________________________ Chi-Ji’s Battlegear (Monk Set) FIXED When equipped on nightborne males the handguards and kneeguards stay static and are not attached to the character, floating in place and clipping through arms and legs as the character moves and going above the head of the character, when mounted. ___________________________________ Dreadwyrm Battleplate & Vindictive Gladiator's Dreadplate Armor This bug only effects male undead. The special glow effect for the boots appear to be missing for them. https://imgur.com/a/Exee0Oc ___________________________________ Eagletalon Battlegear (Hunter Set) This issue seems effect only male orcs. The 3d gauntlet appears to be tied to the pants for the male orcs instead of the gloves right now. https://imgur.com/a/R6BGPvl ___________________________________ Regalia of the Skybreaker (Shaman Set) The waist plates for this set wont show due to a result of a change in how 3D armor pieces are displayed with overlapping armor pieces like robes. https://imgur.com/a/VpypA16 ___________________________________ Xuen's Battlegear (Monk Set) Quoting from the thread https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769029948?page=1#post-2: This issue has been reported on since a Beta build in June and made it to pre-patch, and the launch patch as well. The Tomb of Sargeras Monk Tier set Xuen's Battlegear's chest piece [Xuen's Tunic] or any variants such as the [Cruel Gladiator's Ironskin Tunic] are currently bugged and any equiped gloves cause the elbow guards at the back to become hidden. You can see the elbow guards return if you fully unequip anything on the glove slot. https://imgur.com/a/i0ju1m3 ___________________________________ Gravewarden's Armaments/Cruel Gladiator's Dreadplate (Death Knight Set) The eye colors for decorative skulls on the normal/pvp versions of this set for the gauntlets, chest, leggings, and boots appear to be missing. https://imgur.com/a/b8dvasG ___________________________________ Dreadwake Armor (Death Knight Set) This set has a few issues that still persist. The texture issues with the gauntlets were fixed though, so happy to see that. The armor gems found on the leg and boot armor are missing the 3D armor art assets. Seems the 3D gem models have been pretty much removed, and Im not sure if this was intended or not. Examples below are what was removed for the mythic set. Normal Set https://i.imgur.com/TJ3Uu1g.jpg?1 Elite/Mythic Set (preBFA) https://i.imgur.com/hRLpatE.jpg?1 The leg armor 3d piece only present on the Elite Fierce Gladiator Dreadplate Legguards (preBFA). https://i.imgur.com/mvOIT0I.jpg The helmet glow effect is also the improper color of blue instead of red for the elite set. https://i.imgur.com/1q5M8nV.jpg?1 __________________________________________ Regalia of the Dashing Scoundrel (Rogue Set) The only issue with this set is the matching shoes for this set is missing for the LFR, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties. https://imgur.com/a/OIXt6 _____________________________________ Juggernaught Battlegear/Fierce Gladiator's Plate Armor (Warrior Set) The hip plates for the belt have gone missing. This issue effects this gearset for all difficulties. On a side note, the gauntlets for upright orcs seem to be too small and need to be upsized a little bit. I have posted further feedback in the link below with screenshots of the issue. https://imgur.com/a/v90K6Q8 Overall, the majority of issues I reported have been largely fixed with these sets, and Im happy to see that. While I understand that other issues/bugs take a higher priority, I hope that these are fixed before the end of the Battle for Azeroth expansion. _______________________________________ World Defiler's Plate Set (Argus Set) The 3D armor piece for the boots of this set has disappeared with the release of BFA. https://imgur.com/a/uAtQy0t _______________________________________Keranos9 Nov 7