Tides of Vengeance PTR General Discussion

Nov 8, 2018 Mythic+ Azerite Armor Improvements Throughout the discussions regarding Azerite Armor, there’s been a lot of talk about how you earn Azerite pieces from Mythic+ dungeons. Players have told us – and we agree – that the process of earning Azerite Armor through Mythic+ feels overly based on luck, and that there isn’t enough control in the players’ hands. Even with our bad luck protection systems in place, the sheer number of potential Azerite pieces you can get from the weekly chest means that trying to get ahold of a specific piece feels hopeless. That’s a problem we want to solve, and give you some control over the Azerite gear you earn through Mythic+. So here’s what we’re working on for Tides of Vengeance: First, we’re adding a new (as yet unnamed) currency, which you’ll earn from your weekly Mythic+ chest as well as from scrapping (or disenchanting) epic-quality Azerite Armor. This currency is rewarded in addition to the item in the chest (which can no longer be an Azerite piece), and the amount you earn will scale up based on the highest level Keystone you’ve completed. For example, completing a level 10 Keystone will reward you with about three times as much as clearing a level 7. Similarly, scrapping higher-item-level Azerite pieces will give you significantly higher amounts of this currency than lower-level pieces. To spend that currency, we’re bringing back an old friend: Thaumaturge Vashreen. He’ll have two main types of items for sale. The first are caches that reward a random dungeon Azerite Armor piece for a given slot (helm, shoulders, or chest). They’ll be separated out by item level as well (at 355, 370, and 385), with higher item level caches requiring significantly more currency to purchase. But we recognize that with six or more options per slot, this may still not be enough control for high-end players who want to be able to work towards a specific piece that perfectly complements their build. Thus, Vashreen will also offer Item Level 385 versions of the specific dungeon Azerite Armor pieces for each class, sold at a premium. We’re still nailing down the exact numbers, but our goal for tuning this new currency is that you’ll be able to purchase one of the Azerite caches that lines up roughly with the item level of the gear you’re getting from your Mythic+ runs every two or three weeks, with the specific 385 pieces as long-term goals for top players. Overall, we believe that this change will improve things in a lot of different ways: Mythic+ players of all skill levels will now have a clear path to upgrading their Azerite slots High-end Mythic+ players will have a way to target specific Azerite pieces to optimize their setups Duplicate or unwanted Azerite pieces from other sources (such as raiding) now have some additional value The piece of gear in your weekly chest will have a more reliable item level You should see all of this hitting the Tides of Vengeance PTR sometime in the next week or so. We really do appreciate your feedback, and believe that this, in addition to the new traits and other improvements coming to the Azerite system in Tides of Vengeance, will help ease a lot of the concerns about Azerite Armor in Mythic+ and as a whole.Lore523 Nov 8, 2018
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Nov 15, 2018 Turning into enemy faction is THE WORST IDEA The Battle for Dazar'Alor raid sound, in theory, pretty awesome. It may have the best fighting mechanics ever and be remembered as one of the best raids of the game. However, there is one thing this raid is doing completely wrong - making people turn into characters of the opposing faction for a few fights. In an expansion pack all about faction identity, faction pride, defending your faction's colors, having us turn into the opposing faction to kill members of OUR faction is outrageous. This is something that goes completely against the core concept of this expansion pack. It's just like if in Legion we turned into demons to kill people in Dalaran for a few fights. The Jadefire Masters fight is a good example on how to make the fight feel different for each faction. The horde is killing some Kul Tirans while the alliance is killing an orc and a blood elf. They will look different, but play exactly the same. Maybe not all of the fights could work like that due to how their stories will play out, though. I'm a main horde player, so I don't want to turn into a gnome and kill Zandalari trolls defending our current home. I'm gonna feel like I'm betraying my faction. I'm not gonna be excited we took those bosses down, I'm not gonna be cheering with my guild when we defeat them. Just like alliance players will have to face Jaina at the end of the raid. After fighting to rescue her, doing everything to unite Kul Tiras and having her fighting the horde at our sides, it's gonna feel really !@#$ty to have to punch her in the face. How will alliance players feel satisfied they finished the raid if they're a bunch of orcs kicking their hero's %^-? I know keeping the raid well balanced for both factions can be difficult when you have such different fights, but, to be honest, Blizzard doesn't need to do that. Since they decided to make the story on this raid different for both factions, they should have had the courage to actually make them different. If players want to experience the other faction's story, they can - anyone can make characters on both factions. And screw "balance", the raid doesn't need to be perfect balanced and long as both can enjoy it. "What about world's first race?" What about it? First of all, this is an unofficial, fan-based event. Not something sponsored by Blizzard. So they have absolutely no obligation to make this 100% fair for both factions. Secondly, with Hall of Fame, it doesn't matter if the horde version is easier or harder, 'cause even if 100 horde guilds make it to the hall of fame, there's still 100 spots for alliance guilds. Besides that, I don't want to sound rude for those who take mythic raiding seriously and race for that first spot, but even all the 200 guilds that make it to the hall of fame still represent a really low percentage of the total players in the game, so a raid shouldn't be tuned for such a small number of players.Hakan38 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Why Fight Jaina? Why are we (Alliance) going to fight Jaina as an end raid boss?Demmonhunter47 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Why not fix classes? Okay, so with all the effort going into fixing things like Azerite Armor (which, by the way is an unfixable mess), island expeditions, warfronts, etc., why are classes being totally ingored? I think class design and balance are the most dislike things about BfA, and have been since Alpha. Yet, we see minor changes that fail to fix glaring problems with specs and a repeated failure to balance classes. Did the MDI show you nothing?!? All the people I know that are unsubbing have cited that classes not being fun as either their main reason or one of their top two. Annecdotal? Sure, but one look at the class forums should tell you a whole lot about how unhappy people are. Move some of your top devs off of mobile and into WoW, please. The press conference where you said most of your top devs were on mobile projects sure explains a lot.Majyka44 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Another outer ring on Azerite? A while back Blizzard said they were adding another ring to Azerite pieces... Is this still going to happen?Nhaakhet17 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Remastered WSG: Night Elf Banner is Wrong I'm not sure why but the new banner is being constantly used everywhere including WSG Remastered. I don't think it's intentional and must be fixed. Old WSG Nelf Banner (Correct one): https://i.imgur.com/cRXjDHQ.jpg Remastered WSG Nelf Banner: https://i.imgur.com/ewdTYYx.pngDawnsong0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Please give BM a hard cast ability Please give BM hunters a hard cast ability that is essential to their rotation. Being the most mobile ranged spa spec, to continue moving and dosing unhindered is a HUGE advantage. This needs to be taken away by giving their rotation a core hardcasted ability, preferably their only means of generating focus. Thanks.Monkeymagick8 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 NightWarrior's humiliating, lost will to play I shouldn't have to struggle to figure out a way to play that isn't emotionally draining. I used to use this game as a safe haven against my OCD, and now it's literally a source of stress. I can't even reroll to a race that feels less like it's a punching bag because I'm a druid. As long as I sit here and look at my Night Elf's back, I'm just thinking about the next time I'm going to get creamed. I have no hope for the future. I know this isn't intended, but this patch legitimately feels like targeted humiliation. The fact that we were literally victims of genocide last patch, and now cannot even manage to run in, grab a couple corpses before they are violated, and get out is disgusting. We aren't even allowed to care for our dead. Do you realize how bad that is? We are being denied the most basic form of dignity. It is such a small win we're asking for, Blizzard. Just the smallest balm to our wounds. Am I supposed to feel good about this? Am I supposed to feel cool doing this, like anyone playing a game like this should? What's the purpose of playing a fantasy game if it only serves to make me feel bad? Not only feel bad, but feel bad for the entire breadth of this expansion so far alongside what comes in the future with 8.1? The genocide of the Night Elven people should have been the end. That is PLENTY horribleness to go around. And now you think we need even more losses? There's such a thing as tragedy fatigue. Maybe your writers should learn about it. There's only so much kicks in the teeth the human mind can take before it stops being compelling and starts being abuse, and we're forced to put the book down and read something else. When I first heard about the new Night Warrior scenario and eyes, I jumped at the change to roll a Night Elf Priest. Now that I've learned all that NW accomplishes, that's it's little more than a wet noodle palette update, I've lost the desire. Even when I'm supposed to win, I lose. As cool as the eyes look, they are now a symbol for failure. Even trying to play Horde feels like garbage. I don't think you guys realize genocide isn't something we can just muscle through and forget about... The Blood Elf Outlaw I spent the entirety of Legion maining is in the dust right now because I can't bear to play her under Sylvanas. I'm being pushed out of this game, Blizzard. And you need to do something about it.Kaleesh312 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Night Elf fans: What do we actually want? Let me start by what this thread is NOT. If you believe that Night Elf fans can never be pleased, you are being absurd. If you believe that Night Elf fans have nothing to complain about, I suggest you find a substance abuse therapist. If you believe that Night Elf fans are only upset because of BfA, you are either new or you haven't been paying attention. If you believe that the recent changes to 8.1 completely fix its problems, then I have a bridge in Darkshore to sell you. The negativity on display now is the inevitable result of eight years of mistreatment, and a dev team that has often seemed hostile to the idea that Night Elf fans should derive any sort of enjoyment out of their narrative. Darkshore on balance is contributing to this problem. It remains one step forward and two steps back, and that's not acceptable anymore - the community is disillusioned, cynical, and outraged. 8.1 may very well be Blizzard's last chance to win us back. I also want them to be able to do that, because as I've indicated in other threads, following the abysmal first draft of the Night Warrior scenario, they made significant strides to show that they do care about whether Night Elf fans actually enjoy their narrative experience with things like the Terror of Darkshore scenario, and the Night Warrior changes. Is it enough to make Darkshore a good development on balance? Not yet, but the scale of these changes indicates that progress can be made. …..and that IS what this thread is about, because I want to see Blizzard succeed in turning this around. I want them to be able to earn my subscription back. So I'm inviting Night Elf fans to use this purely as a suggestion board. I don't want to see expressions of cynicism or claims that things will never get better. I want to see what everyone thinks needs to happen in order to truly make 8.1 a success. I will post my own thoughts later on. In the meantime - have at it!Kyalin83 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 The Sentinel's Moonglaive A month ago, Blizzard released a long-awaited night elf weapon to the PTR: https://ptr.wowhead.com/item=165635/sentinels-moonglaive&bonus=5124:1472 Known as a moonglaive, this blade has served as THE signature night elf weapon since Warcraft III, wielded primarily by Sentinel huntresses and warriors. A staple of the kaldorei military, it’s even emblazoned onto their coat of arms. Sadly, it seems Blizzard has other plans for the moonglaive. The fact they took this historic weapon and restricted its use to night elf demon hunters is an EXTREMELY disappointing revelation after 10+ years of waiting for a weapon that should have otherwise been baseline for night elf players from the start. What’s worse, the devs seemingly have no plans to change course on this decision, instead musing on a potential "fix" that not only fails to recognize the core issue, but may never really come to pass: https://youtu.be/jBN_sRPAH_Y?t=199 While offering an alternative weapon with a similar silhouette to the Sentinel's Moonglaive would be nice, it does nothing to address the fact non-DH night elf players will be quite literally restricted from using the signature weapon of their people. Now, a complaint post would be nothing without a set of proposed solutions, so here are some ideas: Remove the restrictions on warglaives, allowing non-DH classes such as rogues and warriors to wield them too. Allow warglaives to drop for non-DHs, removing the transmog restrictions on them so that they can be used for other 1H appearances. Create a new warglaive model that demon hunters can use while changing the Sentinel's Moonglaive to another weapon type. Here is a concept made from other night elf weapons in the Darkshore warfront that could serve as a cool replacement (credit goes to /u/JackJumpingjack on Reddit): https://i.imgur.com/IC2ThR9.jpg Offer the same weapon model to non-DHs through other means, such as a World Quest reward or rare drop.We only have a month before the Darkshore Warfront and its rewards are released to live, so I sincerely hope Blizzard is listening and takes our concerns to heart. Night elves will never again get a weapon that is so emblematic and characteristic of their culture; it is the standard weapon used by their military, for crying out loud.Grimsworth7 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Really ? This is "tank balance" ? Why bother to acknowledge how badly they are balanced if this is your idea of "balancing" ? Blood gets a tiny nerf and a buff to armour ?????? They out heal healers in high keys , how Is this ok ? Brewmaster again negligeble changes that wont effect good players. Prot changes are nice but completely underwhelming. Why does a holy pally have more armour than a VDH without AM up ? Guardian looks alot better but good enough ? Probably not. Cool, you made dungeons for MDI and mythic plus around that , how did you manage to overlook how poorly certain tank classes perform in said content , these affixes do not work at high levels unless a tank has the self sustain of a blood DK. Literally 98 out of 100 keys in lfg of any decent size only take blood DK . Why even have other classes?Trëë7 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Holy Priest nerfed in mythic+? Holy Priest sucks in Mythic+ already and the latest from the PTR seems to be making it even worse: ... That's down from 40% on live. Even with the 4% buff to all healing that's still a big nerf to Holy Priest mythic+ healing and we can't even take solace with Binding Heal instead because it's nerfed as well with increases to mana cost and lowered spell power coefficient. Holy Priest sucks right now in Mythic+ and these nerfs seem completely unnecessary considering no one was taking Trail of Light for raiding anything series. It's role was to help in Mythic+. I wish all patch notes came with explanations. It seems so random. I think Holy Priest really needs some help in Mythic+ not a nerf. They have nothing that makes them stand out that isn't brought by disc or other healers.Wasselin14 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Lightning Shield PTR feedback -Lightning Shield will no longer generate any bonus Maelstrom when the Lightning Shield overcharges. Taking a jackhammer to a problem that only needed a chisel. This talent felt so good, I could either use the extra maelstrom for dmg or healing. It felt great to choose what to spend the extra maelstrom on, and also predict when it would happen. All that was needed was a reduction in maelstrom, or reduce the rate at which we gain the maelstrom. The trait feels dead without the maelstrom regeneration.Feroxele1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Kul'Tiran Body Size Would be nice to finally be able to play a regular-looking Human Shaman. Just saying. Kind of annoying to have to choose between Space fridge Mini fridge Furry fridge Obese fridge for every single Shaman race available on the Alliance. Please, just allow Kul'Tirans to choose between regular "Stormwind"-sized humans and "Drust"-sized Kul'Tirans in the barber shop, like Orcs get their upright stance. I find it hard to believe that the Kul'Tirans as a people are joining the Alliance, but only the biggest and fattest are allowed to be playable.Noraver13 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Play with the Blues - Nov 8 We're planning another testing session for the new Darkshore Warfront coming in Tides of Vengeance, and would love for you to join us! Tomorrow, November 8, beginning at 4 PM Pacific time (7 PM Eastern), we'll be queuing for the new Warfront. As with previous tests, we'll be making a couple PTR-only changes: there will be special queuing tables set up in Orgrimmar and Zandalar, and any character level 110 or higher will be able to participate. Additionally, there are a couple of changes to the Darkshore zone that we've enabled for testing purposes which we'd like to clarify. All of the Darkshore World Quests are currently active on PTR, and both factions are able to loot the treasures scattered around the zone. After release, only the faction that currently holds the zone will be able to loot the treasures, and only a handful of the World Quests will be enabled at any one time. We hope to see you tomorrow evening!Lore24 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 BUFF BM For the love of baby HEY ZUS Everyone in the entire game, and I mean EVERYONE knows you over nerfed BM in pvp.. Please buff them to correct it.Colvín53 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Anything Good for Horde in 8.1? This is something I am mainly just curious about. Aside from those who greatly desire to join Saurfangs rebellion, is there anything to look forward to in 8.1 if you are a Horde fan? This isn't completely intended to be a passive aggressive critique, I am genuinely curious what others may be looking forward to in 8.1. Primarily from a story perspective, although you can add in other perspectives if you desire. For me, there is nothing story wise to look forward to at all, and honestly I find that very disappointing, and it is probably why I have been whining about it more than usual, lol. For gameplay, I am interested in getting the forsaken warfront armor, but other than that there isn't much that interests me on that front either. This thread is primarily aimed at Horde players and fans, but feel free to chime in regardless. Just please try to keep derailing to a minimum :P.Verlius17 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Island Expedition loot option. Why can't we loot what needs to be looted when the target dies or we open some kind of chest. I don't like waiting to the end and get ...... N O T H I N G. All you are doing is playing with our heads with us not knowing 100% when, where, what or how something is obtained.Fenril4 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Never bring back Master Loot It's only for elitists and ninja looters. The heck with that noise. Personal Loot is SO MUCH BETTER! It's never going back to ML, so get over yourselvesPiselie15 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 How goes the multithreading? Have they improved it even more?Moccoo1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 New Auberdine ... nicely done Blizz Given all we have lost as night elves thus far in BfA this may seem like a small thing, but the new pier in Auberdine has made me feel better about our chances of recovery than even the Terror of Darkshore. It is beautiful, it is substantial and it returns to us something that had been loved and lost. I didn't start playing until after its destruction, but all my rp friends said Auberdine was one of their favorite places to hang out. The artist have outdone themselves with some of the detail work. The basic architecture is typically night elf but everything seems more highly defined. Even more so than usual the nelf connection to nature is front and center. I also think its presence is a message from the devs that the Darkshore warfront is not a minor incursion on the part of the night elves. "We're back and we're here to stay." Nicely done Blizz. Kudos.Metsästäjä8 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Spirit mend Bugged? So i go on ptr to see how MM has changed but before i have a chance to i noticed spirit mend (which is unchanged from live) only healed me for 1.6k and then 1000 more every second. i was thinking they nerfed it at first but then i did a comparison of the data-mined spell on live which is [0 + ((Ranged attack power * 0.6) * 3 * 1.0504)] plus an additional [0 + ((Ranged attack power * 0.6) * 2 * 1.0504)] over 10 sec. and i found that it is the exact same on ptr. so either you didn't change the formula to nerf it, or this is not intended. edit: whoops i though this was the Bug report Fourm. welpArline0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 8.1 Feral is Garbage -Double nerf to rip (5 point rip in live does more damage than 5 point rip in ptr and the removal of our "hidden" haste = double nerf while also nerfing rake and lunar inspiration with nothing to compensate. Rip, what should be our top damage in both single target and cleave, is a distant 5th on single target again making it likely that rip will be useless to cast on anything that lasts under 45 seconds). -Removal of our execute phase is the absolute single worst change in YEARS (would've been better to remove the !@#$ty-%^- Sabertooth talent NOT Blood Scent). -Nothing was done to improve our instant AoE damage - Brutal Slash is still laughable when compared with ANY OTHER MELEE'S instant AoE damage. -Primage Wrath introduces unneeded complexity by adding yet another finisher (5 now). It's instant damage is pitiful and NO CLASSS EVER in the history of WoW should waste resources applying a dot/bleed on targets that will die within 10-15 seconds (especially a bleed as hilariously week as rip). -The ONLY single target modifier on the t90 talent row is Brutal Slash. Would've been better to completely remove Thrash and Swipe and make Brutal Slash turn all of our abilities into cleave like so many other melee classes have. -Savage Roar competing with Incarnation feels horrible. The energy regeneration from Savage Roar is not noticeable - like AT ALL and Incarnation's buff to shred is just to powerful (I'm sure Blizzard answer to this will be to nerf Incarnation). -The removal of our "hidden" haste makes energy regeneration a real problem where even with 3 stacks of Flesh Rending, our melee hit will be near top dps on single target. -NOTHING has been done to address raid utility. No buff's, immunities, md's - simply returning Symbiosis would've solved this issue. Somehow a plate wearing two handed wielding warrior is still twice as mobile. -No communication or modification to obvious issues from Blizzard. I guess if they think if they keep saying "improving communication" it will just magically happen without them actually doing it. This is it - 8.1 will go live with these changes and feral will need to be hot fixed till 8.2.5 - no thanks. Here's a big F-U Blizzard. On single target raiding dummy for 4 minutes, I'm a SOLID 3k lower dps on the PTR. That's using my best combination of talents and traits. I feel so horrible saying this and have tried my best to curb my emotion because feral has been my favorite class for a very long time now - but I'm done.Acken11 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Proposed changes to forums Blizzard, Please remove all unsubbed accounts ability to post on any forum except general discussion. People that are not currently playing the game are cluttering the forums, especially PTR forums with their vitriol when it should only be for paying players who actually test the game. Please make this change happen ASAP. ONLY subbed accounts should be able to post on forums that aren’t general discussion.Monkeymagick12 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Heritage armor question If I leveled a nelf to 85 and deleted him would I still be able to get heritage if I restored and leveled him up?Cascrow1 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 I can't play this game anymore. You guys have failed on every front for PVP, class design, game philosophies, and game systems. I cannot find any avenue in this game to bring me enjoyment being a primarily pvp oriented player. From class design choices with any class I choose. I just find them all extremely boring. From talents that do not make the class more interesting to talents feeling like they should be baseline to casters getting utterly slaughtered in PVP. My main a warlock is no longer playable in my eyes. Destruction being a frustrating experience, with lack of meaningful changes, and abilities that should be base line, lack of tankiness outside of Demonology. I just can't play this game anymore. I will eagerly await classic while I find a private server to enjoy this game again. This is Cretus signing off. /waveCretus6 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Bringing Back Polish and Flavor First and foremost what I mean by polish and flavor, I am referencing the little things in games. I am talking about those times in games where doing a seemingly pointless self-directed exploration of an area ends in some sort of nod by the dev team acknowledging you for your efforts. Something I think WoW lacks in. While leveling.... if I stumble upon a cave in WoW, I avoid it entirely. As I know either a quest will take me there later, or a bunch of mobs are waiting for me in there that will be a pain for no reward. Skippable personal story: A most recent personal example of flavor in a game is during my play through of Super Mario Odyssey. There are numerous instances where exploring the world and getting into insanely hard to reach areas surprisingly reward you with a stack of coins just waiting for you. Sure coins don't mean much but it puts a smile on your face that the Dev's acknowledged that someone would eventually reach this remote area of the map and left a small prize there for them. In my recent downtime of WoW I have begun to start a mini expedition on experiencing a little bit of every class and race. During my roll as a rogue, I noticed they get a seemingly useless ability like "Pickpocket." I have no clue if this is used more extensively in end-game content, but I found this little ability fun as hell to use and wished for more in-game use of it. TLDR: Just read from here on. This got me thinking. I really wish all classes would receive a flavorful ability like this in some sort of way, and would hope that Blizz would acknowledge this and provide some use or secrets to say using a combination of these abilities in a raid or dungeon, or even in normal exploration of zones to access a secret boss or area that has say a chest that can drop a specific once per character item that isn't garbage. I just feel like now more than ever WoW is literally all about Mythic +, PvP, and raiding. All of which are steadily declining in activity from the looks of it. It is times like these where I begin to long for that old rpg flavor part of games; rewarding adventuring, exploration, and other activities aside from end game gear-ups.Gnovia4 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Polygon on 8.1 Tides of Vengeance Interesting article, worth a read; https://www.polygon.com/2018/11/14/18095325/world-of-warcraft-battle-for-azeroth-night-elves-darkshoreScyion1 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 New Ghost models I am all for new models! I think they are good but I would like to make a suggestion. Lower to Opacity to like 20% or lower so we can hardly see them. Then when they are aggroed they up up to 75ish% Opacity with a glow. I am including a rough editing job I did to show what I'm talking about: https://i.imgur.com/jCbfds8.png Have a nice day!Grouchysmerf7 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 The Issue with Trick Shots (MM) Could we please get the trick shots proc to occur from 2+ targets rather than 3+? MM has no other way to generate any 2-target cleave otherwise aside from the laughable serpent sting (which in and of itself could use a significant tweaking, but that is neither here nor there). I cannot currently fathom the reasoning for locking the proc behind having a 3rd target. If there are no plans to correct what is hopefully just an oversight, an explanation of this requirement would be equally appreciated.Yjjial4 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Kul Tiran Shaman TOTEMS Hello friends! I havent seen any totem models for the Kul Tiran Shaman totems yet. However, I DO see the opportunity for something perfect. The Kul Tiran Shaman Grounding Totem needs to be an Anchor. Just an Anchor. It needs to happen. So appropriate. So perfect. Anchor is love. Anchor is life.Bdj7 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Enhancement Shammy "Rework" Slap a couple number increases and BAM!. These really couldn't have been done at launch?Synah6 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Thanks for giving Demo some hope..... And then taking it away. Clowns. I guess I'll just have to go back to God Mode Affliction instead of playing what I enjoy. Already seeing a significant DPS loss with the "fix" to pets and haste. Now you go and nerf Sac Souls just so people use your worthless idea of Nether Portal? Don't you understand that we won't take it because we are already too damn stationary? Holy hell, bring back Xelnath FFS.Soulprison0 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 is multicore threading stable? i've seen in a video not by asmongold but by some british fellow who showed off multicore threading in the ptr. it'd be nice now if the game wasn't such a memory hogVehrjin0 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 The "Masterplan" For Sylvanas (Interview) https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2018-11-08-world-of-warcraft-and-the-masterplan-for-sylvanas Well I guess I can give up hope for the story being repaired in my eyes. Seems the story will continue to be written purely for the enjoyment of Sylvanas fans, while everyone else gets the trollface.jpg and has to just suck it up. Almost a confirmed Kerrigan 2.0 at this point, she's going to get away with EVERYTHING, not only that but that line about there being a "right & wrong choice" implies the people standing against her are going to face some sort of consequences. I just find the line about her not being killed off as a raid boss, because of being a "fan favourite" to be rather silly, when many fan favourite characters are killed off as raid bosses all the time. To quote a poster from another forum ... Thoughts about this interview? I was taken aback a bit by the "the wrathgate was under sylvanas' orders" comment, wondering if he misspoke here or if there's a retcon going on.Berronax83 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Don't have Belmont run a literal Deathcamp Seriously Blizz, just have Tyrande kill some generic evil forsaken there. Let Belmont at least remain Some shade lighter than 'happily running a DEATHCAMP evil"Skytotem141 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 8.1 Disc PvP Feedback This is an x-post from the Priest forums, for visibility, and the last thread I am making on the subject. Hope this gets some attention. or starts some discussion. Original: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769579529 Wanted to give a little feedback in regards to disc in 8.1. I have been reading the notes for every patch and every time it feels like disc is getting more and more nerfed. my initial thoughts, alongside big WoW community's priest names like Hydramist was that discipline priest will be completely unviable come 8.1, and after that there hasn't been much discussion about it other than a "let's wait maybe they revert some of these things" which obviously hasn't happened this far, so I wanted to discuss everything here individually instead and give my full feedback (2900MMR 3v3 multi-priest gladiator) on everything Discipline 8.1. Let's start with the obvious: -16% damage from smite, pain(and PTW) and some other nerfs to Solace and Schism - These I don't think is something we, as discipline Priests, should worry much about. 3v3-wise Discipline Priest heals a lot more than deals damage, and you're usually only doing damage to help your team when going for the kill. That said, this can easily be handled if compensated by a buff to Attonement healing. I don't think Discipline Healing is currently very strong in 3v3 situations, it ooms too fast (especially if forced to spam heals) and doesn't have a particularly strong throughput outside of (traited)Radiance burst. That said, a massive damage nerf makes it so Discipline stays further behind in healing done. And now things get ugly: Attonement nerfed by 9.2% (from 60 to 55) - This hurts. I understand the PvE need for this, as Discipline Priests are overperforming in Mythic raid (and mythic raiding alone). This combined with the damage nerf makes it so Disc will be forced to heal more, going oom even faster than the current 2 to 3 minutes avarage. Weakened Soul - This was strictly a PvP nerf. Now Priests can't spam shield themselves when getting trained. This was probably thought about during the early days of 8.0 when everyone was low ilvl and Disc was 1v1ing people in world PvP. I don't think the game gains much from this, especially since Plea doesn't exist anymore. Spamming shield is already not the best strategy since the priest itself will go oom fast and the Absorb is neglectable, but its still needed especially when getting trained by melee. I'd suggest the return of Plea or a PW:S absorb Buff if weakened soul is to be kept as-is. PW:S mana increased by 8% - Another massive nerf but I see where they're going here. This is a PvE nerf for sure to make it so Disc Priests don't spam shield too much. I wouldn't really see a problem here, but as mentioned before Discipline's mana in a 3v3 enviroment is already horrible, and this adds insult to injury. Focused Will nerf - Another "insult to injury" nerf. Discipline Priests are the only healers that don't have an escape in the entire game, but we also don't have a way of "tanking damage", much like Monks, but unlike monks, we don't have escapes, so this means we're a stationary healer. This focused will nerf was surely something thought out during the early days of BFA world PvP and are completely unwarranted. The simple fact Discipline Priests will run oom before 2 minutes when getting trained by melee is already getting massively worst with the changes, this makes it so we take more damage, have to heal more and in turn go oom even faster. All this without any kind of compensation at all. PvE is indeed geting a compensation in the form of the (probably) now mandatory Depth of the Shadows trait, but I don't think that will be able to make up for PvP discipline priests at all. The mana nerf to PW:S could be made better if Shadow Mend's mana cost was reduced to the exact same cost (2.7% of the mana base instead of 3%) and the focused will nerf still just feels completely unwarranted, especially for the only healer in the game without an escape. I understand the 2v2 situation as well, but keep in mind Discipline Priests, in 2v2, already get trained in every melee matchup. By doing less damage and healing less through attonement, there is absolutely no reason why Focused Will stays in 1 charge instead of 2, since in theory we'll be casting heals a lot more instead of smites, and even if we smite, we won't be doing as much damage. If anything, I am certain that having focused will be fully reverted to 15% with 2 charges is the ideal point in which Discipline Priests should be come 8.1. I think I can talk for all Discipline Priest lovers when I say this:Please, don't delete our spec. There are a lot of other discipline Priests like myself and Hydra who love the spec and have been playing it forever - we don't want to be forced to drop it like we currently will be in 8.1Nüba11 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 So why was BM hunter nerfed again? https://www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/19#class=Hunter&dataset=95&timespan=60 One of the worst scaling class. Now bottom half of the logs and going further down as more people get geared. Why were we nerfed at the start of raids again? Our mobility is such an advantage in that in even heavy movement fights almost all classes have 98%+ uptime specially melee and are outscaling and outdamaging us by a larger and larger margin.Videre48 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Realm Status Page? Where can you check PTR realm status?Okotondan0 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Rokhan vs Telaamon For those who aren't aware there is a portion of the War Campaign where the Horde has to fight off an Alliance assault on Zulduzar. During the early stages we are sent to rescue Rokhan who has been defeated by Blademaster Telaamon. Now don't get me wrong I'm happy to see minor characters like Telaamon getting some love in his final moments, but he shouldn't defeat Rokhan, who is the most important/powerful Darkspear we have at the moment. Instead we should still go to help Rokhan and find him already engaged with Telaamon. From there we simply help him clean up. Don't do Rokhan dirty like this.Azighan21 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 My guild would like ML back please After using PL for Uldir, we've given it a go and found it lacking in a number of ways. Firstly, it feels pretty bad when there is a specific item that everyone wants and someone gets a version of it that they can't trade. Circumstances that could result in this could be a niche spec for whom the item isn't actually that good, but they can't trade it, or perhaps you get the item from the boss then bonus roll, get a second version of the item but you're unable to trade the first one you originally looted. Secondly, it's quite frustrating not to be able to target specific players with items. If someone rerolls for the guild, we'd like to be able to catch them up quickly by funneling them loot. Or if we need a certain class for a fight (like rogues or warlocks this tier) then it'd be nice to make sure they get the items they need (eg. mastery gear for rogues). Thirdly, getting offspec loot is much more difficult, and in some circumstances feels punishing. For example, as a warrior if I want to get a shield so I can tank from Uldir then I have to set my lootspec to protection on Vectis. Vectis also drops a really good trinket that I need for dps. Even though I already have this trinket, I'd be taking away the chance - although a small chance - to get a nice titanforge or socket etc on that item. Even though it's a small chance, the 'what if' aspect makes it feel really bad. Since it's very difficult to target specific items in m+ it means that it's been very hard for the players in my guild to collect offspec items that could be useful to us and help our raid group. In short, my guild found forced PL was an unsatisfying experience and even though ML wasn't perfect, we consider it to be the superior option. I hope Blizzard can factor in this feedback, along with a plethora of other feedbacks already provided on this topic, and re-implement ML to world of warcraft.Hamurabi7 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 The true problem with the story of WoW Some or all of the writers are obsessed with the Wrynns to such a degree its a detriment to even the alliance. Horde is made evil so the Wrynns can stay noblebright Anduin must be the one to stir Saurfang to action Wolfheart was about Varian saving the night elves A little patience used Tyrande to prop up Varian The bell was stolen from Teldrassil in part to set up Anduin confronting Garrosh The night elves failed to protect the vale because Garrosh needed the heart to become a raid boss, which while not directly related to a wrynn loops back to the horde being made evil point The night elves were fridged to serve as the horde's version of Anduin's march on Undercity You have Genn, who's been king long enough to be Terenas' peer, referring to Anduin as "our king" Not even joking, I would not be surprised if Anduin ends up soothing Tyrande's bloodlust in some way. Anduin desperately needs to take a step back. If for no other reason than to avoid a third iteration of this plotline the next time they want to put the war back in Warcraft.Shippyship1 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 The Horde story is unsalvageable. The Horde is a cool theme that attracts a lot of people for a multitude of reasons, though one of the core themes was always that the Horde are more than they appear and they aren't complete monsters. BfA tries to use this to cause a divide in the Horde and this divide would be a fun theme to explore... if there was one. While there's a divide forming in 8.1, it should've existed far prior in the pre-patch during Teldrassil or even during 8.0. As it stands, until 8.1, the Horde is 100% complicit in doing atrocity after atrocity in the name of Sylvanas. Her rule is unquestionable. The only character who speaks out against Sylvanas is Saurfang, who speaks out alone and then gives up when nobody listens to him. Now Saurfang in 8.1 is starting a revolution to overthrow Sylvanas and the player--who might legitimately want to side with him and desires the Horde they initially were promised when joining WoW--is given the option to side with someone who is a traitor that didn't mind if Horde soldiers died at Lordaeron to bring an honorable Horde that literally nobody asked for throughout 8.0. The alternative is siding with a genocidal narcissist that commits war crime after war crime and goes against most of the core Horde themes, though appeal to a certain demographic of the Horde. Whether they be Forsaken, Blood Elf or desire to be evil for whatever reason. Due to this, no matter what, someone will be upset because there isn't going to be any middle ground. Any middle ground means forgiving both for their atrocities, eliminating both won't fix the underlying issues with the Horde and replacing one or the other with alienate that group of people. The Horde cannot be saved.Pewdee124 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 LF 8.1class changes. Is there a place to see class changes for 8.1? I cant seem to find them.Miycah12 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 No flying until June '19? So it turns out Pathfinder part II isn't even present in 8.1. That means it will be added in 8.2, which will be released, assuming 11 week cycle (albeit 8.1 is already lagging behind by 6 weeks) in the middle of May, and it is safe to assume it will be locked behind a reputation-gated story progress which adds at least 4 more weeks. So it is about a year on the ground, which kills any interest in this game for me.Sejni51 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Blood Elf Heritage Armor Feedback I'd like to create this thread to give feedback on the Blood Elf heritage armor recently datamined. https://www.wowhead.com/news=287980/patch-8-1-ptr-build-28151-blood-elf-heritage-armor I really like this set, but I have some thoughts: 1) From the waist down (Robe and non-robe), it's a bit bland. Here's hoping for more 3D assets in the place where it counts. 2) I sure hope those boots aren't final for the non-robed version. I assume they're bugged since they don't look like the robed ones.Vertigo39 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Forsaken: How to Restore their Roots? The Forsaken have been going through very tumultuous times in terms of story development since about Cata. They have been being used primarily as a replacement for the Scourge in the story, and it has had drastically negative effects on the lore, stories, and themes of the race. As of Before the Storm, these problems got even worse, as that book involved a series of severe retcons towards the themes and lore of the race, as well as further villainizing their leader. During this expansion, the Forsaken have continued to become more and more similar to the Scourge, and still do not realize or notice this fact. This is compounded by the Forsaken being put in a major role for the Horde. They have become such villains in the current plot that many players wish the race could just be killed off like a villainous group, such as the Burning Legion or the Twilight Hammer. The Forsaken were originally sold as a race of outcasts, of people that were turned into monsters against their own will, and shunned upon regaining themselves. They were always dark, but they retained a sense of who they were. They didn't exist solely to cause death and destruction, they wanted revenge on the man who turned them into monsters, and to fight for their right to exist in a world that despised them for who they were. I would really like the Forsaken race to become more like what they were when I became a fan of them, and without losing all their notable characters and locations in the process. What I would like to discuss here is... What should be done with the forsaken going forward? Is there anything you believe should be changed to better help their story? How would you reccommend blizzard go about restoring the forsaken to what they were supposed to be about?Verlius8 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Can't log in to Beta Can't log into PTR? So this may or may not count as a bug but I'll first chalk it up to user error/incompetence. I tried to log in to the Beta but right after it says "Retrieving Realm Lists" it goes to "You have been disconnected from the server. (WOW51900319)". I've looked up the error and it seems it concerns normal connection problem errors. Well that would make sense except that normal WoW signs in fine with no errors of the sort. Could my connection somehow be causing problems ONLY with the Beta? Is the Beta not up right now and I'm just a fool? Something else I'm missing? In any case any help is appreciated and apologize if this is in the wrong forum.Bentrie1 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Vengeance getting Eye Beam? In the latest mined PTR build notes up on mmo-champion it lists changes to Eye Beam for Vengeance. Is this a thing or just a mistake?Wyg4 Nov 13, 2018