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Dec 14 Australian Servers and FAQ We are pleased to announce that the upcoming deployment of Australian World of Warcraft game servers ahead of the games next expansion, Warlords of Draenor. This new infrastructure will support Australia and New Zealand and should provide a significant smoother gameplay experience for players in the region. Players currently on an Oceanic realm—Barthilas, Frostmourne, Thaurissan, Saurfang, Caelestrasz, Jubei'Thos, Khaz'goroth, Aman'Thul, Nagrand, Dath'Remar, Dreadmaul, and Gundrak—should automatically experience improved latency once the new game servers go live. To help those currently adventuring on North American realms, such as Blackrock and Proudmoore, optional free character and guild master realm transfers will be offered for a limited time. Q: What benefits will local game servers have for Australian and New Zealand World of Warcraft players? A: The introduction of World of Warcraft game servers hosted in Australia, which will support the Oceanic realms, should provide local Australian and New Zealand players with reduced latency, which should provide an improved gameplay experience as a result. Q: Where will the servers be physically located? A: The game servers will be hosted within an Australian data centre, ensuring Australian and New Zealand players receive the best possible latency. Q: Will I still be able to play with my friends who are on U.S. servers? A: Yes! Because the new Australian World of Warcraft game servers will continue to communicate with the existing North American hardware, players will still be able to play with friends on U.S game servers, just as they can today. They’ll still be able to use their Battle.net friends list to easily group up and chat, regardless of where they are playing. Q: Will the new game servers have any impact on my current characters? A: No! Because the local World of Warcraft game servers will replace the existing U.S.-based hardware which currently hosts the Oceanic realms, all individual characters, gold, and guilds already on an Oceanic realm will be unaffected. The introduction of Australian game servers will be completely invisible to players in the region, with the immediate benefit of providing greatly reduced latency; resulting in a smoother, more responsive gameplay experience. Q: When will local game servers be available? A: We’re aiming to have the new local World of Warcraft game servers available ahead of the release of the upcoming expansion, Warlords of Draenor, which will go on sale in Australia and New Zealand on November 13, 2014. An extended maintenance to the current Oceanic realms will be required in order to migrate player data to the new hardware. Servers will be taken offline on Tuesday October 28 with normal scheduled maintenance and we will have the new game servers online as soon as possible. Q: Will the new local game servers only be available to players who purchase World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, or will they also work for players without the expansion? A: While we’re excited for players to take on the Iron Horde and help repel the invasion of Azeroth in World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Warlords of Draenor, all players will be able to take advantage of the introduction of the new local game servers straight away. Optional character transfers will be made available for a limited time for those players who wish to play on the new Australian game servers, but who are not currently part of an Oceanic realm. Q: How will the character transfer process work? A: Once the new regional hardware comes online, players who are already on an Oceanic realm will not be required to take any action to move to an Australian server. Players who are currently on Oceanic or North American realms will be offered a two-week window to transfer their characters to one of the existing Oceanic realms. While players will be required to purchase a paid Character Transfer service for each character they wish to relocate, full refunds for each toon moved will be automatically processed and returned within 72 hours. This process will begin from 6:01PM AEDT Oct 29, 2014 and end at 6:59PM AEDT Nov 13, 2014. Players will still be able to transfer characters to Oceanic realms after this time, but associated server transfer costs will not be reimbursed. Please note that while Character Transfers and Guild Master Realm Transfers will be offered without charge, bundling additional services, such as a Faction Change to a Character Transfer or Guild Master Realm Transfer will mean the bundle is no longer eligible for refund. To ensure the cost of your Character Transfer service is returned, first move your character to an Oceanic realm and then initiate a separate faction, race or name change as desired.Watcher1197 Dec 14
Oct 5 ANZ Streamers & Content Creators We’re looking for talent from the ANZ region! Are you an avid WoW streamer or video creator from Australia or New Zealand? Looking to grow your community or just raise awareness about what you do? Then this thread is the place to share your details! Post links to your channel in this thread, along with a few reasons why people should drop by to check it out. Think about including some of the following details in your post: Type of content (Streamer/Pre-recorded content) If you’re a streamer, what are your usual play times? Level of experience (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) Preferred class/spec A bit about yourselfTakralus23 Oct 5
Sep 7 Share Your Stories and Experiences! Do you have an interesting World of Warcraft-related real life story to share? Did you meet your partner through the game? Did WoW inspire you to head down a different career path? Did you make life-long friends on the other side of the world, or even in your own backyard? Share your stories and experiences with the community in this thread, and tell us how WoW changed your life.Takralus14 Sep 7
11m Frostmourne... yeah sucks to be horde There is no fun in 20 vs. 1 world PVP, and having 3min+ respawn timers doing world content just to finish one world quest is beyond a joke. If any other horde are in the same boat and sick to hell of the faction imbalance of this server (70/30 last check in favor of alliance, although it feels like 95/5 most the time) and are hoping for some free transfers to open up to make life happier again i have some bad news. I only post this because most times i am at a world quest i end up having a conversation with another solitary horde who is feeling the same and just over it, maybe this info will help others wondering what the deal is according to a GM. Conversation with GM > http://imgur.com/gallery/kP1Pv Key notes from this discussion - Bliz only monitor population, not faction balance - this means that even if a server was 100% one faction they wouldn't be worried. - We will never get free transfers off as horde, rather they will offer any horde stupid enough to leave their current server a free transfer to our hell. (or offer alliance a transfer off what must be pure bliss for them.. why would they leave?) - Unless we pay money for server changes (x10 toons.. not happening) or a faction change (yuck) our only FREE option for a chance at enjoying the content on a PVP server with a good population split is re-rolling on a different server. So either i spend more money on this game then i have already over the past 10 years or i just call it quits, I will be going with the latter unless things miraculously improve before the end of this moths sub.Sharteal88 11m
4h [H] <Too Fat to Kiss> LFM for Mythic Prog <Too Fat to Kiss> (Barthilas) is a Saturday & Sunday Raiding Guild with a very active player base, usually pushing Mythic +'s when we are not raiding. We have a core of highly experienced and active players and are welcoming Raiders, Social Members and even people who just want to practice and learn their class. We are currently looking to bolster our raid roster for pushing through Nighthold and Mythic Raiding. [Progression] 7/7H Emerald Nightmare 2/3H Trial of Valor [Raid Times] Saturday – 7:45pm SVT to 11pm SVT Sunday – 7:45pm SVT to 11pm SVT [Recruiting] -Tanks- High Priority: Closed Low Priority: Closed -Healers- High Priority: Closed Low Priority: Closed -Ranger DPS- High Priority: Mage, Warlock, Elemental Shaman, Hunter Low Priority: Shadow Priest -Melee DPS- High Priority: Retribution Paladin, Rogue, Havoc Demon Hunter, Enhance Shaman Low Priority: Closed [Raider Expectations] 1. 75% attendance over 4 weeks 2. Be Prepared (Flasks/Food/Gems/Enchantments, willingness to watch videos on fight beforehand) 3. Know your Class/Spec 4.You must be open to constructive criticism [Trial Period] Trial will be over a 4 raid period (2 weeks) [Contacts] Megaelixir - Mega#11721 Valkane - Varlkargus#1660 Apply at http://tftk.enjin.com/recruitmentMegaelixir3 4h
12h Phone line issue for TECH SUPPORT HOTLINE apparently your phone lines are open, and when i fill out the help options you give me this: Phone Support We've detected that you are in Australia, and as such here is the number for Customer Support in this region. 1-800-041-378 Average wait time: 3 minutes Yet the phone lines all say "we are currently closed, please call back between ......" Whats going on?Hamedren5 12h
1d Maintenance time affecting GMT +8 players Hey blizz, You adjusted the maintenance times an hour later to suit the GMT+10 players but now you're screwing over the GMT+8 players. You do it at 9pm GMT+8, a prime time for working adults all over. Since you listened to the feedback to push it down, I thought i'd try this. I saw a couple of comments in other threads standing up for the GMT +8 players but I thought i'd do this for visibility sake. Accommodate GMT+10 raiders and screwing over GMT+8 raiders is not the solution. You should either push back your maintenance times (which i've read in several other threads by support staff that it's not very feasible), or you could at least alternate your times between 8pm and 9pm GMT+8 to at least make it an even playing field.Dtboltudown0 1d
1d Maintenance 1hr l8r pls? You screw +8 players Like the title says, please Blizzard, can you start maintenance an hour (or preferably 2 hours) later. Aussies, NZ and SE Asia are all used to not doing much on a Tuesday night due to the server shutdowns, but it seems like every other week you're doing additional maintenance and this is messing with raid nights. Its especially bad after a patch when you run maintenance almost every night. Probably doesn't impact the east coast raiders as much, but everyone on +8/late night raid guilds feel it. Surely the US can handle missing out on the odd early morning fix? I'm sure your engineers will love starting work an hour later too.Retbullwings8 1d
1d [H][Barthilas] <Potato> LFM for Mythic Prog! <Potato> Horde - Barthilas 13/13M HFC - 3/7 M EN - 7/7 H EN - 3/3 H Trial We are much more than your average guild and you too could be part of our team. We are now recruiting all exceptional players, who demonstrate knowledge of their class and more importantly have a strong commitment to a guild and a positive attitude. Our desire and capability to push content is fueled by the quality of our people. We all have high personal expectations of performance and come to raid with a positive attitude. Each of us make an effort to constantly improve and interact with the members of our guild. Our expectations of you are that you simply do the same. Our purpose We define ourselves as a social raiding guild, for like-minded individuals who seek a semi-casual raiding experience from the game. Most of our members have been playing for well over 5 years and boast a wealth of experience and knowledge. With the majority of long standing members having a background in hardcore raiding, we experience solid progression and wrap the progression of a hardcore guild into a two day schedule. We are persistent, positive players that don't shy away from a challenge.We are also extremely friendly and have players of all ages and different backgrounds. We look to emphasis guild activities whether that be groups/raids/achievements and other events regularly. The enjoyment of raids and all activities is put above all. We encourage our members to get to know each other and recommend you collaborate with those in the guild. It's particularly important that you make an effort with those in the same role, to gain a better understanding of your class. Raiding Raiding occurs 2 nights per week, currently Wednesday and Monday between 7:30pm-10:30pm server time. Item level isn't a huge priority, (though we do expect some level of effort in providing yourself gear) so we are very happy to take on new players and those who want to gear up / learn and begin raiding. We pride ourselves on providing a great environment & entertainment for all players. High Priority Classes: Any DPS (No room for shadow priests) with high priority on Ret, Warriors and Mages Any questions on recruitment or if you are interested in joining please contact me at Skytro#1236 or an officer Morborus#1691 and Malteeza#1470 on battle.net. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with any Potato member to learn more about who we are! Best of luck in Legion :) .Veliani5 1d
2d How to find mature social guild? How does one find a mature social guild these days? I am a social, somewhat casual player. I like to chat and have fun while playing. I can raid, when I get better gear, but it isn't my main priority, but if I commit to a group I'll always be there. But I like to wander around, catch pets, go fishing, as well as all the other things people do. Why is it so hard to find a fun mature social guild these days? I am more than happy to transfer servers if required. I like to talk, and I like to be replied to!! What happened to all the fun grown ups? Did they all take raiding too seriously? I can be serious when required, but just want like minded people to talk to while I run around after critters!!!Vicereine3 2d
2d Character transfer not showing toon? Try this I've been seeing a lot of people who are having issues with the character transfer process not showing your characters. This is a known issue and Blizzard are working on it but in the mean time you can try the following. Please note that the character transfer process is being used by a lot of people currently so it can take upto 72 hours to transfer your toon and then process your refund. During this time your character is locked and trying to log into that character will cause the transfer to fail. 1. Login to your account on battle.net and select the WoW account your characters are on then go to character transfer: http://i.imgur.com/gurAev6.jpg 2. If your server is not showing your characters select "Can't find your realm?" http://i.imgur.com/3ZSUSL2.jpg (If you get the character transfer is in maintenance message try again later, this occurs when it is overloaded and Blizzard are working on fixing it ASAP) 3. Click the "View all realms" option: http://i.imgur.com/DEn9aGx.jpg 4. Type your realm and press filter, this will then show the old realm and the new ANZ version, the new version will have US9 after it. http://i.imgur.com/XYfXLrK.jpg 5. Select the US9 realm and this page will show, then press "Check Realm". http://i.imgur.com/1zUzFLz.jpg 6. Your characters should now show and you can server transfer them. http://i.imgur.com/GgXBjSE.jpg Credit to Hashtagfrost for finding this out originally. If you have any questions regarding server transfers please read the FAQ posted by Blizzard. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14996569538 As the FAQ says the refund process is automatic and can take upto 72 hours to process, your money will be refunded to whatever method you used to pay (credit card back to credit card, paypal to paypal etc). ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP & Heroes fan. There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull10 2d
3d Need a new server and guild Sup guys, going to be in japan for the next 3 years and im looking for a new server to move to. Something with good pvp (arenas, WPVP, low bg ques), and a good selection of PVE raiding guilds. Staying horde so any names/info y'all could give me would be greatly appreciated thanks.Fayht0 3d
3d LF friend group Cael/Nag Hey potential pals. The last couple of months I've been playing alone because my friend group never came back to legion from WoD or RL stuff got in the way, you know how it is. I'm not really enjoying my time playing legion much anymore, but really want to and I know friends make everything much more fun. I don't really mind what we do, raids, dungeons, transmog runs or even world quests, I don't mind at all. I'm not doing anything hardcore at the moment (PvP or raiding wise) so I'm pretty available. And before people come in swinging saying "why not join a guild" I've tried, really I have.. since the realms merged I feel like most guilds are very impersonal, besides I'd rather have a group of 3-4 people on Skype or discord instead of a lobby full of 10 people on teamspeak/vent. If any of this sounds like something you'd enjoy hit me up on my battle tag redmagic#6253 or whisper me in game on this character I'm posting under. If you want to advertise you guild you may, but you'll probably need to convince me, sorry. Anyway thanks for reading and hope to talk to some of you soon.Gijon0 3d
3d Upe point update I Contacted upper deck entertainment and was informed that the ude point's and the system came along with the card game when blizzard purchased it,So we were left SOL with a bunch of points just because some say the name ude(which seems like a bunk reason to me) other says because the system isn't blizzard's but now we know its not true maybe some at blizzard didn't know i mean its a big ladder some where on that ladder whether it be bottom middle or top kept that to themselves or maybe they just never got around to it. But why then are the blue post's attacking anyone asking what they were gonna do? well here is my guess. You see tcg item sellers are making thousands upon thousands selling the ude point taberds at 100 plus dollars when they cost 120 140 ude points.I wonder what percentage of that profit is quietly going into someones pocket at blizzard. If you remember every point card came with 100 points per card that is quite a mark up of it. Because they're so rare your telling me they still have them for sale this long after the website went down? bull they know how to cash in points and sell them at a high $ and control how many get sold to keep prices there the taberds are in game now look at your taberd window and look through the ones you don't own. i say make it so we can use our ude points. rename them if thats the issue. blizzard tcg website redemption window wont let you because ude point cards numbers aren't as long as other item codes and even if it did were would we spend the points the taberds are blizzard property. make them in game drops something its about time for fix on this long ongoing issue. Im sure i'll recieve a lot of negative comments on this, and there will be people trying to make little or disprove what im saying. Contact the UDE website yourselves and let them tell you the same they told me. They have no control over that system, it was sold to blizzard along with the game, despite the ude points having their name, those points came along with the system AND the card game when they sold to blizzard.Fathermayi0 3d
4d Is there a strong PVE scene on Frost? As the title says. I'd like to move to OCE for ping reasons however I dont really want to play on an empty server or a pvp only server. I understand that Frostmourne is a pvp server however are their still plenty of active pve -eers?Sybile2 4d
5d Best oceanic server for pve? Well I am asian and I am currently playing on stormrage. I get some pretty high pings so i wanted to transfer onto an oceanic server, so was just wondering which is the the best pve realm I could transfer on?Borattlol4 5d
6d [A]<Ambition> 5/7M 2/3H is Recruiting! <Ambition> is an ex-mythic raiding guild Established in Frostmourne - US, currently in the need of reliable and skilled raiders for its 20-man mythic team. Several members are currently 7/7 M and 3/3 Heroic ToV experience. - What we are looking for - - We are looking for Player's with good knowledge of their Class / Spec. - being able to handle Mythic boss Mechanics well. - You are expected to push your Classes to it's max Potential. - Raid Times - - Wednesday 7pm - 10pm ST - Thursday 7pm - 10pm ST - Currently recruiting - - Healers (Druid/MW Monk/Disc Priest) - Ranged DPS (Ele Sham/Hunter/Spriest) If interested contact one of the following Resky - Twinz#1454 Rcrs - Aertheas#6104Resky14 6d
Jan 12 An attempted solution to the bg lag So a lot of people, I've noticed, like myself are getting horrendous lag when we're in American instanced pvp (and pve etc). Let's face it, we're probably not gonna see a fix any time soon, so I've been trying to think of a solution. When we get oceanic hosted battlegrounds, we get normal latency, and it's playable and fun, so, in order to try force more oceanic players into the bg, im thinking maybe start to queing in groups of 5. So, I'm looking for people to que bgs with horde side, oceanic, generally evenings during the week and whatever time on weekends, but during the day sometimes too, so looking for people who play any times and I'll set a group up (if there's more than 5, I'll start a group, get it full and hop and start a next etc). So yeah, idc about gear, or ilvl, or experience, or any elitist shiz, I just want people from oceanic realms who regularly que. Holla. cybergrind#1701Cybergrind1 Jan 12
Jan 12 Guild Herald of the Titans Hey guys, My guild is doing a herald of the titans run this week or next (depending on how long it takes us to fill the last few spots). We have about 7 of us. Require 2-3 dps and possibly 1 healer. Add my ID to discuss, sinzz#1496.Lanthaelans1 Jan 12
Jan 11 Looking For Friends Hi there! I'm looking to find some new friends. So a little about me: I main Alliance - no problem with horde but never really got to levelling one so can't do anything together. I am guild master of my guild and we've been pottering along for six years now. I raid two nights a week (Mon/Thurs) and play on other random days through the week. I only have the disc weapon on my priest and the brew weapon on my monk. I talk a lot and like to share my life with others. Some people find this oversharing. I'd love for someone who wants to share their goings on with me as well. I love animals but specifically dogs. My partner and I have two and I frequently talk about their hijinks. For those wondering, seven year old black Labrador named Bailey and a nine year old small Border Collie cross named Lilly. I'm from South Australia and I am in my mid twenties. I hold high value in treating others like you would like to be treated. I play on a quiet, low population unbalanced PvP server. I am on the wrong side of the faction imbalance I'm looking for some new friends that recognise that life happens while you're busy making other plans and that'll be keen to do a mixture of things with me like mythic+, world quests or maybe some PvP (and maybe some of my guildies) through the week if we're both available etcLlamms5 Jan 11
Jan 11 Day and Night are Backwards I noticed this a long time ago and I'm sure you guys have too, but I'm just now making the complaint because I'm sick of nighttime in WoW. Daytime and nighttime in WoW are essentially the opposite of us in Australia. So when we play during the day, afternoon, and early night, it's always nighttime. I'm so over seeing nighttime constantly. The only way we get to see day is if we were to play between midnight and 6am. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume every server and realm go by one universal day/night cycle?, and that it's calibrated to mimic America? That's nice for you guys, but I would like to see day for once. Can we please get out own separate day and night cycle to suit us Oceanic players?Stabriel96 Jan 11
Jan 11 Astral Recall to Class Order Hall I can't be the only one who has thought about this? I mean, Druids have Dreamwalk, Mages have their port etc. I don't even use my hearthstone anymore seeing as I have the Dalaran Hearthstone. I don't see any other reason to have Astral Recall other than to port to my class order hall, rather than sit through two loading screens and Dalaran lag.Odinson0 Jan 11
Jan 11 Australia's NBN? So I moved to Canberra in the ACT from the states to be with my wife. Beautiful place but I'm a heavy internet gamer too... Lol what is going on here? I can get by sometimes on WoW but now I gotta wait until 2019 for NBN to come through and even still I'm hearing bad things about it. Can an Aussie give me some hope because damn lol this internet is something else.Dessious9 Jan 11
Jan 11 Fix PVP Healing! Fix PVP Healing!Flashofsmite0 Jan 11
Jan 10 WTB Alani Service I have about 30k Gold left and would like to buy Alani service from anyone who has a Sky Crystal ready, since it's confirmed that party that tagged Alani would get mount drop.Leonardies0 Jan 10
Jan 8 Cross Realm Mythic+ with NA/OCE Issues Hello, I have a friend who is on an OCE and first off, thanks blizz for letting me play with him. He usually parties with me and my moites from NA and (mostly because being an RDruid) deals with the lag. He says its ~150ms. However, lately while doing M+ (which we have done a lot of together), once the key goes in the instance server becomes located on OCE servers somewhere. This results in latency of 200+ for everyone and 300+ for me. No idea why this happening. Variables we've tried to alter: * Different Keys * Different Zones * Different Instances * Different Times of Day * Different Party Formations * Different Groups * Instance Order of Entry It's just bizzare for so many reasons. Why do we have more lag than he would in reverse? Why is it switching the location? Are we the only group this is happening to? For 100% of these instances 4 of the 5 have been from NA and he is the only OCE. Thanks for reading, if there is a better spot for me to stick this I will be happy to move. I am just hoping someone else has some insight into some dumb thing we are doing wrong or if we are not alone. TLDR; Lag.Matlocked2 Jan 8
Jan 8 Is Legion worth playing? Ok first of all it tells you to go to Dalaran and when you get there there is nothing. So I have to find out of the forum that they created a new 'Dalaran' accessible via Stormwind but the system does not tell you that! So then you get to the New Dalaran (called Dalaran) and eventually some buy comes and tells you to go to Moonglade. From there you transfer to a 'Dreamway' where a Centaur fires magic onto sticks blocking a bridge. Telling you to kill the bad seed around. You cannot help getting rid of the sticks on the bridge. OK no bad guys around so I stand and wait. I waited twenty minutes, (getting a coffee etc) and then decided, I paid $70 bucks Australian for this. Now is this the game 'Legion">?????Lionara5 Jan 8
Jan 8 Does anyone want do Recruit-A-Friend?? Hi, id like to do RAF on oceanic servers mainly Frostmourne or Barthilas. i can play horde or ally. i can provide you with a free battle chest. i can play from 1:30pm - 9pm Western Australia Perth time (UTC + 08:00) add me on skype if you have more questions skype name: qqbot88 i want to level at least 3-4 chars i have bought the battle chest at the shop... so i can give the key code over skype.Sillyone0 Jan 8
Jan 7 Average Age of Oceanic Players. Hi, I was curious as to what the Average age for an Oceanic WoW player was. So I have decided to start a thread where you can post your honest age and hopefully we can get a rough answer for this. I think it would be quite exciting to see what age group is playing WoW more. ThanksDahovikain484 Jan 7
Jan 5 rest shaman vs mk healer Hi guy, I got question the maybe can get in answer, I play as rest shaman in have a lot problem vs mk healer any advice will be appreciated the team the I play is 2 s warrior and rshaman vs healer monk and dk any advice .Eldiabloo0 Jan 5
Jan 5 Best Server for Asian players? What is the best Server for Asian players in Oceanic?Beefinblack2 Jan 5
Jan 5 5 Blood DK's running Mythic+? So the latest trend with running mythic + is running with 1 tank and 4 DPS. Obviously the easiest tank to do this with is a blood DK. As I'm a warrior I haven't tried it (plus I'm probably under geared for it), but I keep seeing these videos of people running this group set up without any sort of off healing class. So I'm beginning to wonder if you just got 5 blood DK's (with good enough gear for the level of +) in a mythic + could you just steam roll the the entire dungeon? I would love to give it a try but I wont have time over the next few weeks to level and gear a DK to a decent ilvl. Just wanted to hear other peoples opinion on the matter as i might be missing something obvious. Food for thought.Thedeadtank3 Jan 5
Jan 4 New to the Oceanic Server! I want so bad to make a LVL 1 toon on an Oceanic Server to find a laid back guild that has the following raiding, mythics, dungeon runs and progression at these specific times... Greenwich Mean Time -- 5:30 AM - 11 AM. Australian Western Standard Time -- 1 AM - 7 AM. Australian Central Standard Time -- 2:30 PM - 8:30 PM. Australian Eastern Standard Time -- 3:30 AM -- 9 AM. If I can find this I will gladly transfer this toon - Spikepower to one of the following servers.... Aman'thul -- Normal Caelestrasz -- Normal Dath'Remar -- Normal Khaz'goroth -- Normal Nagrand -- Normal Saurfang -- NormalSpikepower0 Jan 4
Jan 3 Blizzard Maintenance hurts OCE players So yeah, we get you're doing server maintenance for a reason, and we love and respect you game and understand stuff needs to get shutdown to be fixed. But it's genuinely hurting the OCE based players. We all understand and prep for the Tuesday Night Shutdown (Guild pub nights anyone?) but to have them on other nights is really giving a giant middle finger to all of us, be we from OCE based servers or not. We get that your servers are experiencing issues or you need to hotfix something, but we also just want more communication on it. The battle.net app didn't show the shutdown warning at all for me and I came back from making dinner to find I now get my third WoWless night in a row. It's extremely discouraging for prime evening play times, and especially for the +9:30 or +10 timezone based guilds. How many hours of progression for late night players have been interrupted this far? How many people who run the late work shift who wake up now to get in some Order Hall time before their shift can't get their research all sorted, or who are just getting home and looking to unwind now can't access their favourite game for an hour or more? Can you give us more warning please? Can we get a reason why the shut down is happening so we all don't feel so frustrated and shafted to one side by it all? Can we maybe get a region difference in shutdown? US at your regular maintenance times and OCE at like, 5am +8GMT or something? Just something please. It's incredibly frustrating as a paying customer to not get the service that you signed up for. :(Allowyn14 Jan 3
Jan 3 How can I remove name above enemy? How to remove the name above the enemy, I know pressing V removes the healthbar, but for RP purposes I want to remove the name. Also being able to remove the name on critters. If there is any addons I could help http://i65.tinypic.com/2cn8c5f.jpgVegivegi4 Jan 3
Jan 3 diablo anniversary anyone know when or even what is going to be in game from diablo anniversaryRadenth2 Jan 3
Jan 2 just a few questions i have just purchased the game as you can see im not very high level yet. so i need to some advice on how to get a guild invite, i would have thought that a levelling guild woyld at least give me a look. I want to raid and do dungeons. What level should i be before applying to a guild. If anyone knows of a raiding /levellling guild that would take me please drop me a line. i play most days really like the game i can see it becomming my primary mmo. Any tips you give a wow beginner but not mmo newb would be helpful.Nephron2 Jan 2
Jan 2 Killshot Engage Guild Recruitment Hello, Due to recent roster shuffles, people leaving for IRL things or moving along we are now recruiting all classes. We are a pretty laid back bunch that are currently 3/7 M EN 7/7 H EN 3/3 N TOV but moving into heroic TOV and wanting to further our Mythic EN. Raid times are being re discussed to become more Australian friendly. Previously they were 8.30pm Weds/ Fri/ Sunday New Zealand Time. We run mythic +s, do carries and help gear up people in the guild. Almost certain you will atleast get a +12 and 885 gear in your weekly chest. People are always in our guild discord and more than willing to help out with pretty much anything. If you are interested in joining, Please contact us friendly peeps below. Myself RealID: Bobdibuilder#1308 - joe blog guy in the guild. Co GM: zayv#1974 Officer: Mordbreygon#1321 Dont hesitate to contact any of us, come along for any raids / mythic runs. CheersMussthejáke0 Jan 2
Jan 2 Hearthstone Card Game in WOW? I know this is a dream of mine but I really think people would enjoy the card game "Hearthstone" even more if it was a mini type game like the pets are in WOW. Just an idea, thank you and Happy New Year!!! Woohooo For AzzerrrrooottttThhhH!! -MorkmyreMorkmyre1 Jan 2
Jan 2 885 WW (H) Monk LF late night raiding Able to raid around midnight EST start times, any days, however many days. Current progression is 7/7M, 3/3H. Normally parse around 75-85. Have 37 trait in WWSëlwyn0 Jan 2
Jan 2 Lead-Soled Seabed Striders This may only be me, but the Lead-Soled Seabed Striders ( LFR ) look alot like someone forgot to finish rendering them. I got the full transmog set from the item in LFR trial of valor, and after transmogrifying my gear to it, the boots make it look like my toon didn't finish loading properly. I'm going to have to transmogrify my gear again, because it really is annoying me.Neurosurgeon1 Jan 2
Jan 2 The Cod Squad: Dungeon running for all! Good day all, My name is Cod and I am a part of the Convert to Raid community on Aerie Peak. I have created a dungeon running community to help people experience dungeons in a positive and helpful environment. Who we are: The Cod Squad is a group / dungeon running team that will be running in Legion and beyond. Our team is based off of a couple of principles: This group is for everyone. From “beginners” to “experts” Horde and Alliance We will wipe, we will try again, we will win Positivity and friendships are required This group is not just about completing Mythics and Mythic+ dungeons. This group is about enjoying dungeons, group content and other activities with friends. Nothing is as awesome as killing internet dragons with your friends. Nothing feels as empty as joining a random dungeon and having a great run…but then just looting the last boss and dropping group. I want to put back the feels into running dungeons. We also make some promises: We will never ask you to change your class or spec We will never link DPS logs in runs We will never link HPS logs in runs We will never say “You can’t” You will never get yelled at You will never be asked about your iLevel You will never be told you cannot go based on ranged / melee I promise you that if I hear of any of this happening…it will be stopped immediate and the member who violated to rule talked with. Requirements to join: Right now The Cod Squad is up in running on Aerie Peak server as a part of the Convert to Raid Guild. The best thing about my group is that you DO NOT have to server transfer. Everything can be run though using people’s Real ID’s. Here are the requirements to join: Have a max level toon Be willing to learn Be patient Have Discord (Mic recommended) That’s it. No silly ilevel requirements, no DPS requirements, heal requirements, etc. This group is for everyone! We want to help you with your group content needs! There are also no time requirements. You do not have to sign up for times to do activities. You are not obligated to do X amount of runs in Y time. We run when you need us. Now…that doesn’t mean we run 24/7….but we can usually get someone into runs pretty quickly. As we grow…so do the times we run. But I expect that after spending some time with us…you will want to keep doing things with us. How to Join: There are a couple of ways to get yourself into our great group…and it all starts with having a small conversation with me. Here are the many ways to get in touch with me: Real ID: Captcodfish#1784 (fills up quick so also add me on these...) Twitter: @gamingwithcod Discord: CaptainCodfish#4029 Every member of my team gets a one-on-one with me so I can make sure we are on the same page. I like talking with people and hearing people get excited about what we are doing. I like to keep this personal touch….I think it helps people feel like we are more friendly / more like a home than a group of randoms. At the end of the meeting I welcome you to our family. Cod Squad Goals: I have set some personal goals for our team. Some that are really hard and some that are pretty easy. For Legion here are a couple of major goals: To become your preferred method of finding Mythic and Mythic + dungeons To help people with any group content (WQ, Profession quest, Artifact, etc ) To help people get attuned for Karazhan To help people experience Karazhan in a positive environment Those are some of the major goals we are trying to complete. I also will spend as much time as I can recruiting, reaching out and talking with people who feel like they cannot find groups for dungeon content. I truly believe in leave no player behind. No…we may not be running +5 +6 +7 runs right now….but we will make sure that everyone has a chance to experience end game dungeon content. So. Raiders, non raiders, beginners, experts, anyone who wants to belong to a family style dungeon running group….we are here and we want to help. #leavenoplayerbehindCodcicle2 Jan 2
Jan 2 Is Disc unpopular in guilds? I am not liking druid and want to go back to my priest but I only wanna play Disc or Shadow and I am worried no1 wants these two specs because theres some bad Disc priests and Shadow needs S2M to be viable apparently. I dont wanna be stuck without a raid spot so should I look at another class?Getitoffme1 Jan 2
Jan 1 LF a PvP RBG guild Hi, I'm looking for a pvp guild that runs RBG's and Arena's regularly. I'm a fairly new on this character, but I'm good at adapting with strategy and focusing on objectives. If there is a guild that does this, I would love to get in touch with you for a trial run. I'm on the Oceanic Frostmourne server.Metalghost1 Jan 1
Dec 31 High ping in battlegrounds only When I'm not in bgs I get around 30-40 ms but If i join a bg the world ping starts to rise to about 500 and it effects my home ping, causing a 1 second delay on all my actions. I know joining a bg connects to the US server because of the crossrelm system but is there anyway around this? It's really frustrating and I love pvp.Verak10 Dec 31
Dec 31 Anti-Warrior Bias https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752217843?page=28#post-541 vs https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752377961?page=26#post-502 CM replies to WWmonk to say "extending, and we will read" but doesn't care enough about warriors to post about the extend despite the obvious extend. If y'all at Blizz just want to remove the warrior class, as is clear by the string of pointless changes and nerfs... a) just tell us, and b) give us a !@#$%^-ed free boost -.-Aliantonn0 Dec 31
Dec 30 frost mage lf oceanic arena partners frost mage lf oceanic based arena partners to play with regularly last season 2.2k+ , 2.4k+exp(good old days:P) nscneo#1754Sallyjunior1 Dec 30
Dec 29 BLIZZARD! PUT THIS IN THE GAME! Watch this video, sounds cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAq3oWrcy5AYunqisuen0 Dec 29