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Nov 15 Australian Servers and FAQ We are pleased to announce that the upcoming deployment of Australian World of Warcraft game servers ahead of the games next expansion, Warlords of Draenor. This new infrastructure will support Australia and New Zealand and should provide a significant smoother gameplay experience for players in the region. Players currently on an Oceanic realm—Barthilas, Frostmourne, Thaurissan, Saurfang, Caelestrasz, Jubei'Thos, Khaz'goroth, Aman'Thul, Nagrand, Dath'Remar, Dreadmaul, and Gundrak—should automatically experience improved latency once the new game servers go live. To help those currently adventuring on North American realms, such as Blackrock and Proudmoore, optional free character and guild master realm transfers will be offered for a limited time. Q: What benefits will local game servers have for Australian and New Zealand World of Warcraft players? A: The introduction of World of Warcraft game servers hosted in Australia, which will support the Oceanic realms, should provide local Australian and New Zealand players with reduced latency, which should provide an improved gameplay experience as a result. Q: Where will the servers be physically located? A: The game servers will be hosted within an Australian data centre, ensuring Australian and New Zealand players receive the best possible latency. Q: Will I still be able to play with my friends who are on U.S. servers? A: Yes! Because the new Australian World of Warcraft game servers will continue to communicate with the existing North American hardware, players will still be able to play with friends on U.S game servers, just as they can today. They’ll still be able to use their Battle.net friends list to easily group up and chat, regardless of where they are playing. Q: Will the new game servers have any impact on my current characters? A: No! Because the local World of Warcraft game servers will replace the existing U.S.-based hardware which currently hosts the Oceanic realms, all individual characters, gold, and guilds already on an Oceanic realm will be unaffected. The introduction of Australian game servers will be completely invisible to players in the region, with the immediate benefit of providing greatly reduced latency; resulting in a smoother, more responsive gameplay experience. Q: When will local game servers be available? A: We’re aiming to have the new local World of Warcraft game servers available ahead of the release of the upcoming expansion, Warlords of Draenor, which will go on sale in Australia and New Zealand on November 13, 2014. An extended maintenance to the current Oceanic realms will be required in order to migrate player data to the new hardware. Servers will be taken offline on Tuesday October 28 with normal scheduled maintenance and we will have the new game servers online as soon as possible. Q: Will the new local game servers only be available to players who purchase World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, or will they also work for players without the expansion? A: While we’re excited for players to take on the Iron Horde and help repel the invasion of Azeroth in World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Warlords of Draenor, all players will be able to take advantage of the introduction of the new local game servers straight away. Optional character transfers will be made available for a limited time for those players who wish to play on the new Australian game servers, but who are not currently part of an Oceanic realm. Q: How will the character transfer process work? A: Once the new regional hardware comes online, players who are already on an Oceanic realm will not be required to take any action to move to an Australian server. Players who are currently on Oceanic or North American realms will be offered a two-week window to transfer their characters to one of the existing Oceanic realms. While players will be required to purchase a paid Character Transfer service for each character they wish to relocate, full refunds for each toon moved will be automatically processed and returned within 72 hours. This process will begin from 6:01PM AEDT Oct 29, 2014 and end at 6:59PM AEDT Nov 13, 2014. Players will still be able to transfer characters to Oceanic realms after this time, but associated server transfer costs will not be reimbursed. Please note that while Character Transfers and Guild Master Realm Transfers will be offered without charge, bundling additional services, such as a Faction Change to a Character Transfer or Guild Master Realm Transfer will mean the bundle is no longer eligible for refund. To ensure the cost of your Character Transfer service is returned, first move your character to an Oceanic realm and then initiate a separate faction, race or name change as desired.Watcher1196 Nov 15
Oct 5 ANZ Streamers & Content Creators We’re looking for talent from the ANZ region! Are you an avid WoW streamer or video creator from Australia or New Zealand? Looking to grow your community or just raise awareness about what you do? Then this thread is the place to share your details! Post links to your channel in this thread, along with a few reasons why people should drop by to check it out. Think about including some of the following details in your post: Type of content (Streamer/Pre-recorded content) If you’re a streamer, what are your usual play times? Level of experience (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) Preferred class/spec A bit about yourselfTakralus23 Oct 5
Sep 7 Share Your Stories and Experiences! Do you have an interesting World of Warcraft-related real life story to share? Did you meet your partner through the game? Did WoW inspire you to head down a different career path? Did you make life-long friends on the other side of the world, or even in your own backyard? Share your stories and experiences with the community in this thread, and tell us how WoW changed your life.Takralus14 Sep 7
4h Level Scaling I really don't like that enemies scale to your level. Just an opinion though.Vaersammal1 4h
8h Lag when linking to US servers. Perfect 20ms on home servers but when i xrealm to any US server i get massive packet loss(it feels), or 1000+ms, with 5-10sec delay every few seconds. only started todayFubsy216 8h
10h This is the End. Legion has been great for the most part. I can look past trade chat trolls, constant grinding for AP and the mandatory deaths that come with being a non pvp player in pvp zones while doing progression questing, but I used to like alts and the change of playstyle that comes with it. Now it seems that the length of time required to make an alt viable takes longer than ever. It took me 3 months of gameplay to make a hunter raid ready and I enjoy it alot. So I joined a raid guild and started to enjoy the harder content of the game in a group environment which is what MMO's are all about. Then the guild split up. I have quests to complete in Emerald Nightmare which cannot be completed now. Furthermore to PuG EN I need AoTC achievement to even be considered. So for a little over 2 weeks now I've been spamming trade at various times during the day to find another guild that raids in my chosen time slot. It's not happening and so my game progression is stalled. Seems I'm not a class that's in demand at the moment which is unfortunate. This is my last ditch effort to find a guild that raids at 9pm weekdays on Oceanic Dath'remar/Khaz'gorath before I hang up my boots for good.Quigley0 10h
10h Average Age of Oceanic Players. Hi, I was curious as to what the Average age for an Oceanic WoW player was. So I have decided to start a thread where you can post your honest age and hopefully we can get a rough answer for this. I think it would be quite exciting to see what age group is playing WoW more. ThanksDahovikain473 10h
23h Frostmourne... yeah sucks to be horde There is no fun in 20 vs. 1 world PVP, and having 3min+ respawn timers doing world content just to finish one world quest is beyond a joke. If any other horde are in the same boat and sick to hell of the faction imbalance of this server (70/30 last check in favor of alliance, although it feels like 95/5 most the time) and are hoping for some free transfers to open up to make life happier again i have some bad news. I only post this because most times i am at a world quest i end up having a conversation with another solitary horde who is feeling the same and just over it, maybe this info will help others wondering what the deal is according to a GM. Conversation with GM > http://imgur.com/gallery/kP1Pv Key notes from this discussion - Bliz only monitor population, not faction balance - this means that even if a server was 100% one faction they wouldn't be worried. - We will never get free transfers off as horde, rather they will offer any horde stupid enough to leave their current server a free transfer to our hell. (or offer alliance a transfer off what must be pure bliss for them.. why would they leave?) - Unless we pay money for server changes (x10 toons.. not happening) or a faction change (yuck) our only FREE option for a chance at enjoying the content on a PVP server with a good population split is re-rolling on a different server. So either i spend more money on this game then i have already over the past 10 years or i just call it quits, I will be going with the latter unless things miraculously improve before the end of this moths sub.Sharteal72 23h
1d Internet provider Hey all, i have been trying to get broadband at my residence and having alot of issues. I've tried with optus, they setup my phoneline and sent me a modem but alas when i tried to activate it over the phone they tell me they cant provide me with a service anymore... Soo i called internode and they tell me they can but they tell me im 15km from the closest exchange and will only peak at 1.5mb/s. I'm confused as i've had broadband out here before and it ran well (had phone service disconnected). Im from central vic, anyone else had these problems?Gringrot1 1d
1d [A]<Ambition> 4/7M 2/3H is Recruiting! <Ambition> is an ex-mythic raiding guild Established in Frostmourne - US, currently in the need of reliable and skilled raiders for its 20-man mythic team. Several members are currently 4/7 M and 2/3 Heroic ToV experience. - What we are looking for - - We are looking for Player's with good knowledge of their Class / Spec. - being able to handle Mythic boss Mechanics well. - You are expected to push your Classes to it's max Potential. - Raid Times - - Wednesday 7pm - 10pm ST - Thursday 7pm - 10pm ST - Currently recruiting - - Tank (Must be able to make nearly 100% of the Nights) - Healers (Shaman/Druid/Paladin/Disc Priest) - Ranged DPS (Mage/Hunter/Spriest/Warlock) If interested contact one of the following Resky - Twinz#1454 Rcrs - Aertheas#6104 Hoccult - Hoc#1682 Thaleraz - Varrine#1810 Gurtrudactyl - Gurtzz#1970 ElaseaResky5 1d
1d Stop putting us on US east coast! I'm so over it, i'll take longer wait times, i don't care, it's better then dealing with US east coast.Deiny0 1d
2d WTS [Long-Forgotten Hippogryph] Barthalis Hi there, I'm selling The Long-Forgotten Hippogryph to Horde players on Barthalis. To get this mount may take upward of 4 hours, depending on the crystal locations and other factors. Time people simply do not have. Further this is only when the crystals are up, which is rare, and on Barthalis, its extremely competitive, making it very unlikely you will be lucky, even if you have invested multiple hours. For this reason, I'm saving players the hard work and countless hours of searching, by selling the mount. I do all the searching, and will simply message you when i have found all five of the crystals, i will take you to all the locations, and you will get the mount. Taking you less than 5 minutes. I'm selling this service for 200,000 WoW in-game gold. If you would like to talk further, add my Battle tag: Val#1939 or add my curse: Val96 and we can discuss details.Valdarus0 2d
2d LFM to start a levelling group just looking to start a full group to start fresh in legion any new zone. grouping up is the quickest way to level. add me if you are instrested: dingolord#11962Kirkadin1 2d
2d To all these guilds wanting to do Mythic... but can't get the 20 required for it, which seems to be happening all over the place. I see your posts, trade chat spam saying LFM but never get anywhere. Why don't people consider merging and starting to see those hopes and dreams of mythic content come alive? I think people need to realise that our population isn't getting any stronger then it already is, it's healthy I think but there's too many of these small guilds trying to battle it out. Can't imagine how it is for the horde side. rip. Stop being all high and mighty about being in power, do the merge. good things could happenAndaprune1 2d
2d Loading taking forever in the last 2 or so weeks with Hotfixes and such, I've gone from near instantaneous loading screens between areas to now having to wait up to 5 mins just to load from Suramar to Dalaran. All other Games on my PC are still loading the same speed as ever so I've excluded my PC from being the main culprit and I tried disabling all add-ons as well to no avail. Anyone else suffering this at the moment?Khathor1 2d
3d An Oceanic Rp server? I'm an RPer. I go on moonguard to RP sometimes, but every time I do RP it's night time server side because I live in Australia. Most people are in bed at 2 in the morning so I have hardly anyone to really RP with unless I stay up really late in the night. So I ask if it's possible to have an RP server for the Oceanic realms? It'd make my RP experience so much better.Theirn33 3d
3d BGS IN MIST COMPARED TO WOD AND LEGION Just wondering why the ms went from 200ms average in mists to 300 plus ms average in wod and still in legion, never seen an explanation to this and it has made bgs almost unplayable for people playing on an oceanic server. tyJozs1 3d
3d delete deleteJayarj0 3d
3d Horde[US] [H] [Jubei Thos] <We have girls> Hey guys as the title says we are looking for heal's and dps for mythic progression we are currently 0/7 mythic but we are sure we can 3/7 with the appropriate dps and heals, We raid 10:30 st Thursday, Sat, Sun and sometimes Friday if we want to proceed with progression, We are a Singaporean and Australian guild.Juanmorecone0 3d
3d awesome pet name Is it bad I named my core hound pet OneNation? I'm only using it for <Ancient Hysteria>Nonseq2 3d
3d LGBT Guilds on Frostmourne Looking for one. Please let me know if you are part of, or know any :) Thanks!Iavana34 3d
4d Any aussie raid or mythic key dungeon groups? I am sick of being a pug. My guild, with 200 or so listed members doesn't raid or do high key dungeons. My ilvl is only 874 but I want to get better it's just a rare hit amongst so many misses when you join as a pug. I have only played this game from about 1 month before legion came out so any info on how I can progress would be most welcome. It's disheartening to be at the mercy of players that DGAF.Goregorie1 4d
5d To many 7/7H guilds not enough players So my guild is having the problem of finding the last like 3 raiders for our mythic team, we cleared heroic in the first 2 weeks and have been farming ever since. The problem. To many guilds 7/7H taking up players with 10 man heroic teams! Are any other servers having this problem? it feels like there are just not enough players on our server now days. it never used to be a problem to find raiders but this xpack it has been impossible to fill our ranks! What can we do to fix this problem? it may only be my servers problem.Rumraisin1 5d
5d resto/balance lf weekend prog guild 868 resto/balance druid lf weekend progression raiding guild currently have 7/7H but need to find a guild that progresses on weekends due to work sched during weeks.. Also currently have a mate who is 877 fire mage who is looking for the exactly the same thing.Auzzïemade0 5d
5d <PRISM> LGBT guild. Good people. Gay people. <PRISM> is an established LGBT+ guild on Khaz'Goroth. Good people. Gay People. Our culture is what makes us fantastic. Everyone's pretty damn fabulous. Our biggest motivation in this game is having fun and enjoying each other's company, so social/casual members are very welcome. We also run 2 raid teams. On Mondays we run a social raid where all are welcome so long as they have the most basic gear together. It's fun. Drinks are recommended. On Thursdays we run our progression team, currently 7/7 H EN (on farm) and 3/4 N TOV. On both nights, raid time is 7.30-10.30pm Melbourne/Sydney time. All colours of the rainbow are invited. Gay, lesbian, bi, trans or any other letter/colour of your choosing. Some of our members are even !@#$%^. Our players come from all over Australia & NZ. If you're interested, pop on over to Khaz'Goroth an /who PRISM. Anyone can drop you an invite. Or send in-game mail to either Rhysana or ßjørn.ßjørn0 5d
5d Oceanic Servers go Boom! Incompatible Servers - All Red I just did a full scan/repair as suggested in the customer support forum and it hasn't resolved the issue. US & Latin servers are fine ... but Oceanic servers are kaput. 1pm Saturday local time - please fix this or I may have to go outside and play under that giant yellow thing in the sky that my friends keep telling me about!!!!Nextgèn5 5d
5d incompatible fix from blizz incompatible fix worked for me http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/15006811285Murmandamus0 5d
5d Incompatible Realm Just had a minor update to the Launcher, now all Oceanic realms are listed as incompatible??? Anyone else seeing this?Vakh15 5d
5d Oceanic server have Gandalf on the gate You shall not pass!Tinyranger0 5d
5d All Oceanic servers incompatible after patch All Oceanic servers incompatible after patch forced down from client. sigh. I can log in Blackrock though from US.Zhugetank4 5d
5d Most lag tolerant class? So I moved to Asia and I'm playing now with a 250ms ping, on a good day. My WW dps took a dump compared to what it was in the US. I tried to roll a mage, but it seems worse. Any thoughts on the best dps class for a high ping?Eatmorbabiez1 5d
5d All Oceanic Servers Incompatible - Please Fix 1pm on a Saturday and all Oceanic Servers Incompatible. Wonderful timing... Hopefully Blizzard are aware and a fix is in soon.Megaa2 5d
6d Stuck on the loading screen Trouble logging - different characters in different zones (one in VoW M2, another in Stormheim hearthing to Dal, another in Dal) and unable to log in (character selected > 90% load > that's it). DDoS? Anyone else having this issue?Shnookie11 6d
6d (H) Barthilas <Asperity> 4/7M 2/3HC Hey Guys, Raid Times are as follows : ( All times are AEDT Sydney) Wednesday/Sunday/Monday - 7pm - 10pm We are currently recruiting :- Ranged DPS + Exceptional Melee DPS Healer - Priest/Rdruid any exceptional raiders will be accepted. We are currently supplying Flasks/repairs for raid. Everything else is expected to be brought yourself Contact myself or Aizlin Or visit our website : http://asperity-nagrand.com/ << soon to be changed for quick applications feel free to apply at the website ( 4 questions ) very short. Barrowwind#1537 Aizlyn#1254 Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNBNL8yZgEy4TyNXrDNBmVwBarrowwind0 6d
6d Bad lat? Logged in this morning, world ping is rising by the min, everything is fine my end, ISP, speed etc, whats going on?Fallenknight3 6d
Dec 1 Lead-Soled Seabed Striders This may only be me, but the Lead-Soled Seabed Striders ( LFR ) look alot like someone forgot to finish rendering them. I got the full transmog set from the item in LFR trial of valor, and after transmogrifying my gear to it, the boots make it look like my toon didn't finish loading properly. I'm going to have to transmogrify my gear again, because it really is annoying me.Neurosurgeon0 Dec 1
Dec 1 Day and Night are Backwards I noticed this a long time ago and I'm sure you guys have too, but I'm just now making the complaint because I'm sick of nighttime in WoW. Daytime and nighttime in WoW are essentially the opposite of us in Australia. So when we play during the day, afternoon, and early night, it's always nighttime. I'm so over seeing nighttime constantly. The only way we get to see day is if we were to play between midnight and 6am. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume every server and realm go by one universal day/night cycle?, and that it's calibrated to mimic America? That's nice for you guys, but I would like to see day for once. Can we please get out own separate day and night cycle to suit us Oceanic players?Stabriel89 Dec 1
Nov 30 Guild i can make friends in? Hey guys, im looking for friendly/casual guilds that i can join. I am trying to get my interest back in the game and find it way better to play with friends. You can add me at Zackslay3r#1191 I play Ally on Frostmourne and Horde on Barth. Thanks.Zackslayer0 Nov 30
Nov 30 LAG Pvp only 43ms to 400ms So I have been playing world of Warcraft for over 6 years and decided to re sub for legion a little over a week ago . The problem I am facing is that every single time I que for a random bg my MS/LAG goes for 43 to 400-500 plus almost every single bg . I have an NBN connection and I have checked the speed of it while idling in SW and while in a random bg and nothing changes , But every single time I que for a random bg my lag goes threw the roof . I originally played world of Warcraft on a Dongle and was at a steady 150 ms no spikes nothing this was from wotlk threw till the end of wod . And now when I try to do bgs and even skirmishes my MS goes threw the roof i have opened my firewalls ports up cleaned my computer reinstalled world of Warcraft and nothing seems to fix this issue . I am mainly a pvper so at the moment the only thing i enjoying doing i cannot do anymore . Does anyone have any answers because i am starting to loss my cool as i said i had not one single issue for 6 years playing a dongle/hotspot . The only thing i can think of is 1. i am either being targeted by a ddos which happened a few times while streaming so i gave up streaming . 2 the south American servers do not like my I.P anyways any advice or fixes is much appreciate . thanks kæyKæy2 Nov 30
Nov 30 7.1.5 Rogues Blizzard, ive been a rogue main since WoD, why does legion Blizzard hate us?-these nerfs are spitefully unnecessary. Did you get 6 rolled on in PvP?-if youre gonna do anything to OtL specremove Adrenalin rush, I didnt know I had it coming into legion and didnt need it for a month before I got told we had AR still and jizzed my leather. !@#$ AR off, leave all else the same. Stop trying to make the flavour of the month rogues reroll, youre killing mains and your rogue team are STUPID. Go check the Rogue Community out, we are on Discord Channel ''Ravenholdt'' I know you dont know this, otherwise you wouldnt be making such radically !@#$ed up changesSplitmatter0 Nov 30
Nov 29 Looking for lgbt-friendly guild Just like the title says. Let me explain. I am from the US and unless I can travel thru time, I'm never going to find a server here with a guild that runs stuff during the daytime here. I work from 3am til noon EST, and no matter what I do or try, I can never find a guild willing to schedule something during the day, even on my off days. I go to bed about 6pm EST and my guild is just starting to log in. I miss everything :( And to make it worse, I am an officer! Anyways, I heard from a friend that he used to play on Oceanic servers as loved it because their night time is my day time! So I thought I'd give it a try. Now the reason I am looking for an LGBT-friendly guild is except for this last guild I am in now, every guild I've ever been in, I have a great time, and then someone finds out I'm gey and they immediately start harassing and degrading me. I would like to find a guild that is OKAY with someone because they know how to play their toon, not because of who they like. I'm a mature, grounded person. I work hard, and I love WoW. I tend to mother hen my guildies a bit, ie - keep it light and social ( I don't tolerate drama), try to help with crafting or mats if someone needs it, and I really want to get back into raiding once or twice a week. I have not been able to for YEARS because of my work schedule. Any help, thoughts, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Happy Gaming!Ödÿn6 Nov 29
Nov 29 Instance not found instance aborted Bg's was doing battle grounds random battlegrounds .keeps saying now instance not found ,instance aborted all random battlegrounds :(Helterskeltr1 Nov 29
Nov 29 [A]<Ambition> 4/7M 2/3H is Recruiting! <Ambition> is an ex-mythic raiding guild Established in Frostmourne - US, currently in the need of reliable and skilled raiders for its 20-man mythic team. Several members are currently 4/7 M and 2/3 Heroic ToV experience. - What we are looking for - - We are looking for Player's with good knowledge of their Class / Spec. - being able to handle Mythic boss Mechanics well. - You are expected to push your Classes to it's max Potential. - Raid Times - - Wednesday 7pm - 10pm ST - Thursday 7pm - 10pm ST - Currently recruiting - - Tank (Must be able to make nearly 100% of the Nights) - Healers (Shaman/Druid/Paladin/Disc Priest) - Ranged DPS (Mage/Hunter/Spriest/Warlock) If interested contact one of the following Resky - Twinz#1454 Rcrs - Aertheas#6104 Hoccult - Hoc#1682 Thaleraz - Varrine#1810 Gurtrudactyl - Gurtzz#1970 ElaseaResky0 Nov 29
Nov 29 Suggested PvP WQ - Azeroth Rules Football All you need is: an arena type venue a ball that is a vehicle and makes you extra tough (so everyone has the same abilities) goalposts The idea is that holding the ball flags you as hostile to all factions and you have to reach a set of goalposts getting 'killed' doesn't result in death, just lobs the ball randomly for the next person to pick up While holding the ball players should be xmogged like they have really tight pants on maybe a 'kick' ability for partial creditQuoth2 Nov 29
Nov 29 Philippines based guild? Anybody from Phils want to start from 1-90? Have fun turbo levelling our chars? Gimme a shout, let's choose a server and rule!Celinee15 Nov 29
Nov 28 Oceanic RP server? Any chance of an Oceanic RP or RP-PVP server? It's a bit irritating that my latency is so high on a US-based RP server, and the time difference can be an absolute nightmare. Get on it Blizz. Make it happen.Totusgnarus4 Nov 28
Nov 28 (H) - Barthilas 7/7H | 2/3N Oceanic guild Hi everyone, Fissure is currently looking for more to join it's ranks. We are a focused 2 night a week casual raiding guild with raids scheduled between 8pm - 11pm ST Monday and Wednesday. We are a motivated guild who like to get things done. Currently we are recruiting reliable raiders who can be prepare for progression raids. Fissure currently require the following to fill out it's ranks as we move into Heroic ToV. 1 x Mistweaver 1 x Boomkin 1 x Mage We are a mature friendly guild who are looking for like minded raiders, if you believe you would be a good fit please contact me directly Nodokaine#1402 for a chat.Nemm1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Sick of Being Forced Into Oceanic Instances As a NA player, I really hate being forced to run with 200+ ping. With the introduction of Mythic+, I'm running more pugs than ever. The game becomes virtually unplayable as a melee with high haste, as you're effectively a GCD behind on your rotation and positioning. Another problem is the instability that comes with such a long distance connection; Oceanic instances have a much higher chance of intermittent lag compared to local instance servers. Is there an addon that flags Oceanic players, so I can kick or avoid them? Is there a workaround to guarantee a NA-based instance server? We tried passing party lead to a NA player, but were still stuck with an Oceanic instance.Breadfast43 Nov 28