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Mar 23, 2011 Oceanic General Forum Posting Guidelines This forum has been created to give players who hail from Australia and New Zealand a place to discuss issues relevant to their community. This is a valuable resource, and a unique opportunity to discuss World of Warcraft in the context of regional interests and issues. Please note that discussions pertaining to World of Warcraft are welcome, but as there is now an Oceanic specific guild recruitment forum (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1011641/), guild recruitment posts, as well as any other post or thread which violates the forum code of conduct, are prohibited.Daxxarri0 Mar 23, 2011
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Feb 12 Australian Servers and FAQ We are pleased to announce that the upcoming deployment of Australian World of Warcraft game servers ahead of the games next expansion, Warlords of Draenor. This new infrastructure will support Australia and New Zealand and should provide a significant smoother gameplay experience for players in the region. Players currently on an Oceanic realm—Barthilas, Frostmourne, Thaurissan, Saurfang, Caelestrasz, Jubei'Thos, Khaz'goroth, Aman'Thul, Nagrand, Dath'Remar, Dreadmaul, and Gundrak—should automatically experience improved latency once the new game servers go live. To help those currently adventuring on North American realms, such as Blackrock and Proudmoore, optional free character and guild master realm transfers will be offered for a limited time. Q: What benefits will local game servers have for Australian and New Zealand World of Warcraft players? A: The introduction of World of Warcraft game servers hosted in Australia, which will support the Oceanic realms, should provide local Australian and New Zealand players with reduced latency, which should provide an improved gameplay experience as a result. Q: Where will the servers be physically located? A: The game servers will be hosted within an Australian data centre, ensuring Australian and New Zealand players receive the best possible latency. Q: Will I still be able to play with my friends who are on U.S. servers? A: Yes! Because the new Australian World of Warcraft game servers will continue to communicate with the existing North American hardware, players will still be able to play with friends on U.S game servers, just as they can today. They’ll still be able to use their Battle.net friends list to easily group up and chat, regardless of where they are playing. Q: Will the new game servers have any impact on my current characters? A: No! Because the local World of Warcraft game servers will replace the existing U.S.-based hardware which currently hosts the Oceanic realms, all individual characters, gold, and guilds already on an Oceanic realm will be unaffected. The introduction of Australian game servers will be completely invisible to players in the region, with the immediate benefit of providing greatly reduced latency; resulting in a smoother, more responsive gameplay experience. Q: When will local game servers be available? A: We’re aiming to have the new local World of Warcraft game servers available ahead of the release of the upcoming expansion, Warlords of Draenor, which will go on sale in Australia and New Zealand on November 13, 2014. An extended maintenance to the current Oceanic realms will be required in order to migrate player data to the new hardware. Servers will be taken offline on Tuesday October 28 with normal scheduled maintenance and we will have the new game servers online as soon as possible. Q: Will the new local game servers only be available to players who purchase World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, or will they also work for players without the expansion? A: While we’re excited for players to take on the Iron Horde and help repel the invasion of Azeroth in World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Warlords of Draenor, all players will be able to take advantage of the introduction of the new local game servers straight away. Optional character transfers will be made available for a limited time for those players who wish to play on the new Australian game servers, but who are not currently part of an Oceanic realm. Q: How will the character transfer process work? A: Once the new regional hardware comes online, players who are already on an Oceanic realm will not be required to take any action to move to an Australian server. Players who are currently on Oceanic or North American realms will be offered a two-week window to transfer their characters to one of the existing Oceanic realms. While players will be required to purchase a paid Character Transfer service for each character they wish to relocate, full refunds for each toon moved will be automatically processed and returned within 72 hours. This process will begin from 6:01PM AEDT Oct 29, 2014 and end at 6:59PM AEDT Nov 13, 2014. Players will still be able to transfer characters to Oceanic realms after this time, but associated server transfer costs will not be reimbursed. Please note that while Character Transfers and Guild Master Realm Transfers will be offered without charge, bundling additional services, such as a Faction Change to a Character Transfer or Guild Master Realm Transfer will mean the bundle is no longer eligible for refund. To ensure the cost of your Character Transfer service is returned, first move your character to an Oceanic realm and then initiate a separate faction, race or name change as desired.Watcher1198 Feb 12
Oct 5 ANZ Streamers & Content Creators We’re looking for talent from the ANZ region! Are you an avid WoW streamer or video creator from Australia or New Zealand? Looking to grow your community or just raise awareness about what you do? Then this thread is the place to share your details! Post links to your channel in this thread, along with a few reasons why people should drop by to check it out. Think about including some of the following details in your post: Type of content (Streamer/Pre-recorded content) If you’re a streamer, what are your usual play times? Level of experience (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) Preferred class/spec A bit about yourselfTakralus23 Oct 5
Sep 7 Share Your Stories and Experiences! Do you have an interesting World of Warcraft-related real life story to share? Did you meet your partner through the game? Did WoW inspire you to head down a different career path? Did you make life-long friends on the other side of the world, or even in your own backyard? Share your stories and experiences with the community in this thread, and tell us how WoW changed your life.Takralus14 Sep 7
10h An Oceanic Rp server? I'm an RPer. I go on moonguard to RP sometimes, but every time I do RP it's night time server side because I live in Australia. Most people are in bed at 2 in the morning so I have hardly anyone to really RP with unless I stay up really late in the night. So I ask if it's possible to have an RP server for the Oceanic realms? It'd make my RP experience so much better.Theirn43 10h
14h High ping in battlegrounds only When I'm not in bgs I get around 30-40 ms but If i join a bg the world ping starts to rise to about 500 and it effects my home ping, causing a 1 second delay on all my actions. I know joining a bg connects to the US server because of the crossrelm system but is there anyway around this? It's really frustrating and I love pvp.Verak12 14h
14h Getting put in east coast US BGs Going from a home server 35ms to a BG with 600ms is not cool, and 100% server management issue. Can this be fixed?Pasza4 14h
16h Oceanic servers lagging real bad? Any of you guys from Oceani server lagging really bad for the past week? I'm from Jubeithos server and live in Singapore. Usual, average home/game latency is 100-108ms. For the past week I have been constantly getting anywhere from 300+ to 2k+ game latency during dungeons and raids. What's going on?! It has become IMPOSSIBLE to raid and dungeon with these 1-3 sec delay! I hope Blizzard knows about this and doing something fast?!Andree9 16h
1d Average Age of Oceanic Players. Hi, I was curious as to what the Average age for an Oceanic WoW player was. So I have decided to start a thread where you can post your honest age and hopefully we can get a rough answer for this. I think it would be quite exciting to see what age group is playing WoW more. ThanksDahovikain491 1d
1d Day and Night are Backwards I noticed this a long time ago and I'm sure you guys have too, but I'm just now making the complaint because I'm sick of nighttime in WoW. Daytime and nighttime in WoW are essentially the opposite of us in Australia. So when we play during the day, afternoon, and early night, it's always nighttime. I'm so over seeing nighttime constantly. The only way we get to see day is if we were to play between midnight and 6am. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume every server and realm go by one universal day/night cycle?, and that it's calibrated to mimic America? That's nice for you guys, but I would like to see day for once. Can we please get out own separate day and night cycle to suit us Oceanic players?Stabriel102 1d
2d - -Resko17 2d
3d Alliance Insomniacs Unite! Hey hey! I recently switched games (die-hard Aion and GW2 fan; don't judge, the PvP is great!) and am looking for some friends playing on the dark side - yup, that's right, Alliance! So, a little about myself: I recently switched from Horde to Alliance (Nagrand) after figuiring out that *spoiler alert* Alliance are evil as dicks. From those evil blue space goats to the humans screwing everything over in the name of, well... No f**ks given really. I'm located in QLD. Again, don't judge me, I swear I'm not your typical banana bendin', sister lovin' QLDr facist, but when it comes to rugby, well, yanno how it goes. I am a massive dog lover. I will stop mid tracks to pet a dog, snarling or not. I have a puppy who is currently in his teething phase. I've replaced my ethernet cord several times already. The chili oil is working though MWAHAHAHA! Seriously, he's lucky he's cute as dicks or I'd have used him as yabbie bait already. I game to prevent my brain from melting. I have a zero tolerance to drama and will walk if it becomes tiresome. I'll treat you with respect and expect it back in kind. I don't pay a sub to be involved in online whatsit. I'm newish to WoW but not to gaming. I pick things up rather quickly and down for absolutely anything (given I meet iLvl prerequisites etc.). That's pretty much it really, I don't want to turn it into some weird tinder profile. If you like what you read hit me up. I main a mage and SPriest; props to those who can heal, I can't. I'll throw bandages at you and run. I'm in a pretty decent guild and not looking to change it up yet. Silence#1308 is my BTag. Oh! Also looking to run with folks in HotS for that flame mount. It's ugly as but it's freeeeeeee!Manapause0 3d
3d Fun classes? Which healer class do you guys find fun? im debating on rolling a new toon as i am finding ret paladin a bit boring. what healer classes are fun for PvE/PvP? Thanks.Zackslayer2 3d
3d WoW is $3 per month in Brazil Are you serious? Im not saying that oceania is expensive or anything but why rip us off based on geographical location?Hyunjatime3 3d
3d Australia's NBN? So I moved to Canberra in the ACT from the states to be with my wife. Beautiful place but I'm a heavy internet gamer too... Lol what is going on here? I can get by sometimes on WoW but now I gotta wait until 2019 for NBN to come through and even still I'm hearing bad things about it. Can an Aussie give me some hope because damn lol this internet is something else.Dessious20 3d
3d Premade phasing bug? Or it's just me Do you guys get a roughly 5 seconds of delay when you phase into NA realms? I do. Ever since the day our premade merge with NA's. Not sure if this is because im from GMT+8 And did you guys get to phased out upon leaving the party? I always stucked with the leader's realm. Relogging won't phase me backNao0 3d
3d Anyone want a guild to stay in GWAM - 10/10 N 3/10 Heroic Raid times : wed / thurs 8-11pm server time (based on sydney time) Realm : Jubei'thos / Gundrak merged realms We are looking for like minded people who want to clear content together 2 nights per week. We run mythic + outside of raid times / pvp and chase around battle pets We are sometimes chatty, and sometimes busy. You shouldn't be a stage 5 clinger, you shouldn't be easily offended. Think "barrens chat" and trade chat combined together.. thats sometimes what our guild chat looks like, and sometimes there is tumbleweed blowin through guild chat as we are all busy avoiding volcanic affix We are fair with our loot, and we are pretty laid back with wipes / ppl fallin off cliffs during raid. All we want is for you to try your best and work on your toon outside of raid times. By work i mean run a mythic + for a box, get AP, watch a video on the boss we are progressing on, its not hard and you dont need to commit your soul to it. You should like belonging to a guild, so that when we do down content you are excited to see that achievement ding, its like another aspect to wow and another layer of your toon to participate in guild achieves Our guild has many people who don't raid with us and just hang out, lots of random characters who make wow fun. The peeps we raid with now all started out as the people we had banter with while we lone wolfed this game, i think thats a solid foundation because we already know we can exist for years as a guild without a raid team, imagine what we could do together with some focused peeps! Msg me at Stranger#6450 if you wanna get some NO xp required, just be eager to learn and commited to showing up weekly churssss ^ also we arent strictly pve. wouldnt mind doing guild RBGS! FOR THE HORDEHypernerd0 3d
5d Vanilla WoW I want to be able to expirence the old WoW I am a very new player started about 2 weeks ago and I in my search of WoW videos on YouTube found the rant about Nastalrius being shut down and how it was a Vanilla WoW server,I would like to know if there is any way to expirence the Vanilla WoW every one says is so great. Any replies would be helpful Thank youTrisenissa2 5d
5d Looking For Friends Hi there! I'm looking to find some new friends. So a little about me: I main Alliance - no problem with horde but never really got to levelling one so can't do anything together. I am guild master of my guild and we've been pottering along for six years now. I raid two nights a week (Mon/Thurs) and play on other random days through the week. I only have the disc weapon on my priest and the brew weapon on my monk. I talk a lot and like to share my life with others. Some people find this oversharing. I'd love for someone who wants to share their goings on with me as well. I love animals but specifically dogs. My partner and I have two and I frequently talk about their hijinks. For those wondering, seven year old black Labrador named Bailey and a nine year old small Border Collie cross named Lilly. I'm from South Australia and I am in my mid twenties. I hold high value in treating others like you would like to be treated. I play on a quiet, low population unbalanced PvP server. I am on the wrong side of the faction imbalance I'm looking for some new friends that recognise that life happens while you're busy making other plans and that'll be keen to do a mixture of things with me like mythic+, world quests or maybe some PvP (and maybe some of my guildies) through the week if we're both available etcLlamms7 5d
5d Don't bother farming Sky Shards for Alani Farming since MoP on and off. Eventually finish it off yesterday and decide to treat a bunch of friends to go get the mount. I use my crystal and someone out of group taunts and dies or something moving him to a different shard. This causes him to despawn as I watch all my time just fade away. The best part is the GM response saying the cyrstal served its purpose and tough luck. So unless you have the ability to teleport at whim to an unkown shard, don't waste your time.Heimraki2 5d
6d LF guild or friends Hello, My name is Katierose or AKA katie. I am a 882 holy priests whos down for just about anything in the game. Raiding or pvp. helping out others when they need healing etc. I find myself without a guild or without friends who play on a daily bases now and it gets really lonely when you need someone to help you and have to wait for so long for someone to come. I am after a guild on the alliance side of nag/cael or some battlenet friends to hang with :-) My battlenet tag is Cupcakes4u#11513 Yes an i am a chick and i do play wow thanks katieKätierose2 6d
6d Highest populated Oceanic server I am looking to play the auction house, I currently have a number of toons on Aman'thul but finding it hard to sell. I don't think my server has a high population to support active auction house buy and sell. I have tried looking at a few different sites to get a grasp of oceanic server numbers but they all vary.Zebanker2 6d
Feb 12 Frostmourne... yeah sucks to be horde There is no fun in 20 vs. 1 world PVP, and having 3min+ respawn timers doing world content just to finish one world quest is beyond a joke. If any other horde are in the same boat and sick to hell of the faction imbalance of this server (70/30 last check in favor of alliance, although it feels like 95/5 most the time) and are hoping for some free transfers to open up to make life happier again i have some bad news. I only post this because most times i am at a world quest i end up having a conversation with another solitary horde who is feeling the same and just over it, maybe this info will help others wondering what the deal is according to a GM. Conversation with GM > http://imgur.com/gallery/kP1Pv Key notes from this discussion - Bliz only monitor population, not faction balance - this means that even if a server was 100% one faction they wouldn't be worried. - We will never get free transfers off as horde, rather they will offer any horde stupid enough to leave their current server a free transfer to our hell. (or offer alliance a transfer off what must be pure bliss for them.. why would they leave?) - Unless we pay money for server changes (x10 toons.. not happening) or a faction change (yuck) our only FREE option for a chance at enjoying the content on a PVP server with a good population split is re-rolling on a different server. So either i spend more money on this game then i have already over the past 10 years or i just call it quits, I will be going with the latter unless things miraculously improve before the end of this moths sub.Sharteal91 Feb 12
Feb 10 [A]<Unlimited> Frostmourne 1/10M Unlimited Semi-hardcore raiding guild on Frostmourne (PVP) Oceanic Server. Unlimited are primarily Malaysian and Singaporean players (GMT +8). We are a guild that focusing on progression and are not interested in committing the excessive hours required to achieve progression kills. Instead we stick strictly to a raiding schedule that allows for and encourages a balanced and sustainable approach to high end progression raiding. We've been achieved a few top tier end boss raiding experiences in all patches. •Recruitment We are currently recruiting players to progress Mythic bosses 1/10 M NH and prepare up for others legion raid with a solid team/players. Trialing period will be up to a maximum of 1 month. Open for any exceptional players with good attitude, attendance and performance. Welcome casual raiders too if u have too much commitment in real life. • What do we expect from you? ★Commitment- We require you to be committed and able to put in the work required for the guild to maintain its rank and its competitiveness. You're required to maintain focus a positive attitude during raids and to be able maximize and perform at a high level in all your characters. We will also expect you to match our requirements when it comes to alts or mixed raids. ★Attendance- Attendance is the key to our stability. We rely on a small number of players and for our raids to be sustainable, we require most of our members to have a close to 100% attendance. We are available to deal with the occasional sign out providing we have the time to prepare for it. Once progress is finished and we can deal with it, attendance requirements will usually lighten up. ★Communication- Being able to communicate with your team mates is an absolute requirement. We expect you to be able to write, speak and understand fluent sing English and we will require you to use Discord to speak and listen during raids and use our Facebook page or Whatsapp for both encounter strategy and general planning/scheduling. •RAID SCHEDULE Wednesday, Thurs, Sunday (Mythic) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Fri/Sat (heroic) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Mon (normal) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) * Free guild repair 24/7 for all raiders •Do not hesitate to contact us in game or Via Bnet ID Honey#1274,Ellapise1 Feb 10
Feb 10 Exchange Rate Hi all. I'm just wondering how much bnet balance do you get from a token? Thing is, I believe it is $15 as demonstrated in the video but I've also heard reports saying it's $17. The problem is, as far as I know, shop items/services are listed for AUD. Ie faction change is $33 AUD but it's $25 or something USD for american players? So I'm curious, how does it work for Australian players? More importantly, how many tokens do I need to buy for a faction change on my alt? 2 would suffice if it's $17 but I would need 3 if it's $15. So what is it? I'm sure some Aussie has already done this. ThanksNamalsk1 Feb 10
Feb 7 hord vsborg hord vsborgeho do u think would win and yRonondex0 Feb 7
Feb 7 please prevent q's with servers too far away As the title states: Need a barrier that prevents being q'd with servers too far away for oce. I'd appreciate not being put into a battleground with BR / East US players. One out of the two parties is going to suffer a 1000+ ping. West US fine. 120 ping no problem.Miagi1 Feb 7
Feb 6 Geared Tank/DPS/Heals lf m8s Coming back from my NH casual start. Looking for likeminded, decently geared, people to clear some content with. Im in a new guild, just looking for solo players to queue up with for dungeons/raids etc.. Top lad Swipe right for me Futhermocka#1417Jimee0 Feb 6
Feb 5 can australians play with americans? im a australian and play on australian servers, can i play with americans that play on american servers? i know i can with instanced content but does it work out in the world if we are in a party?Ultimobenjio2 Feb 5
Feb 5 <Nostalgic> (7/7M, 3/3H, 9/10H) Recruiting Does any of this sound familiar? "People only log on during raid times.." "There are fifty people online and no green text.." "The voice server is a ghost town.." "We're not raiding this week because there's not enough people.." "I can't tell a joke because I might offend a special flower.." The list goes on and on. We've all experienced it and thought to ourselves, surely there is somewhere for me. A place I can call home. Well look no further, because this post is for you! ABOUT US <Nostalgic> is a semi-hardcore guild on Barthilas [Horde] formed by veteran players with a plethora of experience dating back to Vanilla. Our guild maintains a successful mythic raid team that consistently looks to challenge the server's competitive raid scene, while also focusing on maintaining a strong community that caters to an array of player interests. RAIDING Raid Times: 8.30pm - 11.30pm (SVT/GMT +10) Wed, Thurs, Sun As a semi-hardcore guild we aim to raid competitively, completing content at a reasonable pace and having fun doing it! Beginning with a small group of dedicated players in EN, we have grown into a consistent team of mythic capable raiders (as seen in our current NH progress) and are looking for a few players to finalise our Nighthold mythic team ASAP! High Priority: Mage Shadow Priest Balance Druid Medium Priority: Warlock Holy Paladin Other classes will happily be considered and we are always on the lookout for dedicated and reliable players! COMMUNITY While raiding is an essential part of the guild, we have created an environment that is inclusive of all players. Outside of mythic raiding, we run a variety of guild activities to promote and continually foster the communal elements such as; - Daily mythic plus - PvP (Mainly Arenas and World PvP) - Old content runs for achievements and xmog - Social Events (i.e. Discord trivia nights) - Alt runs (For those that like to raid on multiple characters or those that can't commit to a regular raid schedule) - Normal and Heroic carry runs - Crossover communities in other games (i.e. Overwatch, Diablo, Hearthstone, LoL and Runescape just to name a few) Whether you're a strong raider looking for a stable and well-structured mythic team, a casual player who just wants to experience the content without being charged gold for it, an achievement king or queen looking for like-minded people, or just someone who wants to have a good laugh in guild chat while questing, we are the family you've been looking for, so stop reading this ridiculously long thread and head to our website or add us today! Btag: Odin#6980 Katurn#2218 Choronzon#1421 Website: http://nostalgic-barthilas.enjin.com/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX_zsemTjbc8QbGY1DN45nATauroki2 Feb 5
Feb 5 [A]<Vindicated> Frostmourne 9/10H We are a pretty Chill 2 night Mythic guild. Raid Time are : Wed/Thursday 7.30pm-10.30pm (AEST) With Friday been optional Heroic Farm Add MatyD#6881 or Fill in a APP @ http://vindicatedfrostmou.wixsite.com/vindicated REQUIREMENTS: -We are looking for recruits to at minimum be 7/7M Preferably, but will ultimately look much better on your application considering. We are looking for our recruits to be around the 885ilvl area. -Logs: You must be able to provide us with logs of your raiding experience. -Trial: Our trial period is very simple. It will last as long or as short as we see fit.(Average is around 2-3 weeks) Interested? apply at http://vindicatedfrostmou.wixsite.com/vindicatedHekz0 Feb 5
Feb 5 Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza I've shown up at 2pm realm time and there's nothing here. I know its region based now so am In right in presuming that it starts at 9am Monday for AEST?Fassbender0 Feb 5
Feb 4 Blizzard Maintenance hurts OCE players So yeah, we get you're doing server maintenance for a reason, and we love and respect you game and understand stuff needs to get shutdown to be fixed. But it's genuinely hurting the OCE based players. We all understand and prep for the Tuesday Night Shutdown (Guild pub nights anyone?) but to have them on other nights is really giving a giant middle finger to all of us, be we from OCE based servers or not. We get that your servers are experiencing issues or you need to hotfix something, but we also just want more communication on it. The battle.net app didn't show the shutdown warning at all for me and I came back from making dinner to find I now get my third WoWless night in a row. It's extremely discouraging for prime evening play times, and especially for the +9:30 or +10 timezone based guilds. How many hours of progression for late night players have been interrupted this far? How many people who run the late work shift who wake up now to get in some Order Hall time before their shift can't get their research all sorted, or who are just getting home and looking to unwind now can't access their favourite game for an hour or more? Can you give us more warning please? Can we get a reason why the shut down is happening so we all don't feel so frustrated and shafted to one side by it all? Can we maybe get a region difference in shutdown? US at your regular maintenance times and OCE at like, 5am +8GMT or something? Just something please. It's incredibly frustrating as a paying customer to not get the service that you signed up for. :(Allowyn24 Feb 4
Feb 3 Frostmourne[A]Rising Darkness 7/7M 10/10H LFM <Rising Darkness> is a Semi-Hardcore guild looking to further our mythic progression in legion and are looking for a few more ranged dps to Bolster our core team. We will consider all other melee dps. We are currently 7/7M 3/3H 10/10H. We take progression seriously and when it's time to get down to serious business we get things done. But we know when to relax and make fun of the guy who ate the cleave/breath/fell off the platform. We're aiming for constant, and swift improvement from our members and it shows in our performance, every night we see a noticeable increase in the quality of play from the team. We want excellent people to raid with, both in execution/skill and as quality people to spend our time with. If you're looking for a guild who will get things done quickly in a fun environment and is always striving to improve then Rising Darkness is the place for you. Willing to give any skilled dps a trial. Recruiting: Ranged DPS High Priority - Shadow Priest/Mage/Hunter Medium Priority - Boomkin /all melee Raid Times Wednesday/Thursday/Monday 8:00-11:00 Server Time Contact Redmicrowave - Redmicrowave#2739 Angryzz - Angryzz#1710 Ropegang - Choonz#1211Angryzz10 Feb 3
Feb 2 Well geared tank looking to push high M+ Heya guys and girls. i'm a pretty well geared prot pally and am looking for some other dps/ healers that are looking to push high level mythic+ content. Usually I am stuck grouping with Americans and the latency sucks while tanking. If your group of friends/ guildies is looking for an easy going tank that is willing to stick it out with you through learning high level mechanics and strategies, then please feel free to give me a yell!. I'm very patient, have access to discord and love enjoying this game with others. (side note), my current schedule is very flexible as I work from home. Available most hours. Contact me at AsherKidd#1519 All the very best, ScryedScryed0 Feb 2
Feb 2 [A] <SPACEJAM> (10/10N 3/10H 2/7M) GMT +8 <SPACEJAM> - alliance @ Frostmourne A GMT+8 guild where members are from Australia (be it Perth to Melbourne) and Singapore. We're a tight bunch that raid, do mythic plus, the odd pvp runs together. We're looking for numbers to progress through heroic nighthold as that is the only thing we're lacking currently. A matured bunch we are although we might have a weird fella or two in our midst. Raid days : Wed/Thur/Sun and optional Mon Raid times : 7.30pm to 10.30pm GMT+8 (server time 10.30pm to 1.30am) Classes we are looking for specifically are as follow (if your class isn't listed below and you are interested, do feel free to approach any of the officer in game) - Healer: Paladin (high demand), Druid - Melee DPS: Death Knight (high demand), Rogue - Range DPS: Mage (high demand), Hunter - BM/MM, Ele Sham, Requirements: Discord - use to communicate Flask and consumables ready before raid invites ilvl - 870 (if you have the right mentality, attitude and mechincally good with your class/spec, we can gear you) Loot rules: we are using EPGP In game Contact: Starlöck, BarneeBrown, Õlu, Selendel, KrwindjrKrwindjr4 Feb 2
Feb 1 Looking for a relaxed, mature, social guild. Hiya :) I am kinda late to Legion and so far have been enjoying the expansion. I have been playing since vanilla with some breaks here and there but have mainly been a solo player since the end of Wotlk. I'm just looking for a chilled, no pressure playing environment and a guild to call home again. Its been so long! I have done casual raiding in vanilla, BC and wotlk and that was a fun experience in some pretty laid back guilds which is what I prefer. I've done my fair share of pugging and over time have avoided that area of the game, it's not that I don't like dungeons or raids, I would just prefer to do them with guildies in a chilled environment. In fact, I have not touched a single dungeon on any of my characters this expansion! So I feel a little left behind and assume most pugs wouldn't have the patience to put up with me learning new content and that's cool I understand that. I am a father of 4 so I don't have 8+ hours a day to play anymore but I am active and will make the time to help out fellow players if they are in need. I'm not sure if there is a guild out there with my requirements but I'd thought I'd give it a shot. Either Alliance or Horde as I have characters on both. Cheers!Orcanize4 Feb 1
Feb 1 What makes of an elite hardcore Through some random check on Armory of elite players to learn how they do their stats, gearing, talents, etc. I found out that until 01/02/2017, 2 weeks after NH opens, a player/guild has done all bosses in Heroic NH for 11 times, Normal NH 6 times. Could be split raiding, but I speculate that they were more practising mechanics to prepare for Mythic Racing. No wonder they are hardcore and now I feel I am not even a semi-hardcore but rather a casual. I wish they are rewarded for the effort/hard work put in and I really admire such dedication and commitment. All the best to you guys, go beat the EUs!Amynizer0 Feb 1
Jan 31 How to find mature social guild? How does one find a mature social guild these days? I am a social, somewhat casual player. I like to chat and have fun while playing. I can raid, when I get better gear, but it isn't my main priority, but if I commit to a group I'll always be there. But I like to wander around, catch pets, go fishing, as well as all the other things people do. Why is it so hard to find a fun mature social guild these days? I am more than happy to transfer servers if required. I like to talk, and I like to be replied to!! What happened to all the fun grown ups? Did they all take raiding too seriously? I can be serious when required, but just want like minded people to talk to while I run around after critters!!!Vicereine4 Jan 31
Jan 31 Returning player looking for casual guild Returning player looking for casual guild, played back in Wotlk and Cata. Not sure if any of my old guildies still around from Dath'remar days, NV, Esoteric etc. Currently rebuilding my druid on frostmourne alliancePraggie1 Jan 31
Jan 31 <Dark Apocalypse> Saurfang Recruiting <Dark Apocalypse> Saurfang (Oceanic) LF 875+ players 7/7H 3/3H 10/10 N 3/10H Raid Times: Wed- Normal NH (optional) Sat & Sun 7-10:30PM server time Heroic NH (progression). We have a core raid team of around 23 and are looking to expand it to 25, we would like to move into mythic when we have the consitent numbers. We aren't hardcore, but we are a 2-3 nights a week guild looking to progress from heroic to mythic raiding. We are looking for players who can consitently make raid nights, know what it means to be guild focused and be a team player. We use discord and it is an expectation that players are prepared and ontime for raids, with all consumables, having researched the fights prior. The culture of our guild is relaxed, social and fun, but we do aim to have an organised raiding experience for all. To apply feel free to talk to me in game my bnet is ubre#6236Übre0 Jan 31
Jan 30 Did they merge all realms into one? There is horde everywhere on frostmourne from different oceanic realms What is going onNayze5 Jan 30
Jan 29 Whitehand Dath'remar is recruiting Whitehand is a guild of members who have been raiding together for many years, created from the first week of vanilla, we have adapted with changes, and welcomed members along the way, which has kept the guild environment stable and consistent. We foster a happy, fun and caring environment in our guild with mature family orientated people (18+). If this sounds like you and would like to be with likeminded people who want to progress and see end game content, please visit our website at www.whitehandguild.net for further information. Will consider all classes if genuinely interested in joining Whitehand. We are currently looking for: Range dps Healers...We want you!! Raid times Australian EST Sunday 8.15 invite, 8.30pm raid start to 10.30pm Monday 8.15 Invite , 8.30pm raid start to 10.30pm Previous Progression NH Just started 5/10 N ToV 3/3 Norm 3/3 Heroic EN 7/7 Norm 7/7 Heroic HFC 13/13 Norm 13/13 Heroic Some Mythic bosses were achieved on individual basis If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in game or on forums: Ferse, Janalah or Najar. www.whitehandguild.net Cheers JanJanalah1 Jan 29
Jan 27 WTS: Super Rare Plans: Persuader Aman'thul WTS: Super Rare Plans: Persuader sever aman'thul http://www.wowhead.com/item=22390/plans-persuaderSwänx0 Jan 27
Jan 26 [H] <Too Fat to Kiss> LFM for Mythic Prog <Too Fat to Kiss> (Barthilas) is a Saturday & Sunday Raiding Guild with a very active player base, usually pushing Mythic +'s when we are not raiding. We have a core of highly experienced and active players and are welcoming Raiders, Social Members and even people who just want to practice and learn their class. We are currently looking to bolster our raid roster for pushing through Nighthold and Mythic Raiding. [Progression] 7/7H Emerald Nightmare 2/3H Trial of Valor [Raid Times] Saturday – 7:45pm SVT to 11pm SVT Sunday – 7:45pm SVT to 11pm SVT [Recruiting] -Tanks- High Priority: Closed Low Priority: Closed -Healers- High Priority: Closed Low Priority: Closed -Ranger DPS- High Priority: Mage, Warlock, Elemental Shaman, Hunter Low Priority: Shadow Priest -Melee DPS- High Priority: Retribution Paladin, Rogue, Havoc Demon Hunter, Enhance Shaman Low Priority: Closed [Raider Expectations] 1. 75% attendance over 4 weeks 2. Be Prepared (Flasks/Food/Gems/Enchantments, willingness to watch videos on fight beforehand) 3. Know your Class/Spec 4.You must be open to constructive criticism [Trial Period] Trial will be over a 4 raid period (2 weeks) [Contacts] Megaelixir - Mega#11721 Valkane - Varlkargus#1660 Apply at http://tftk.enjin.com/recruitmentMegaelixir4 Jan 26
Jan 26 Maintenance time affecting GMT +8 players Hey blizz, You adjusted the maintenance times an hour later to suit the GMT+10 players but now you're screwing over the GMT+8 players. You do it at 9pm GMT+8, a prime time for working adults all over. Since you listened to the feedback to push it down, I thought i'd try this. I saw a couple of comments in other threads standing up for the GMT +8 players but I thought i'd do this for visibility sake. Accommodate GMT+10 raiders and screwing over GMT+8 raiders is not the solution. You should either push back your maintenance times (which i've read in several other threads by support staff that it's not very feasible), or you could at least alternate your times between 8pm and 9pm GMT+8 to at least make it an even playing field.Dtboltudown4 Jan 26
Jan 25 <Dark Apocalypse> Saurfang (Oceanic) LF dps <Dark Apocalypse> Saurfang (Oceanic) LF 875+ dps 7/7H 3/3H 7/10 N 3/10H Raid Times: Sat & Sun 7-10:30PM server time. (progression). Mid week Wed raid for EN and TOV, but totally optional. We have a core raid team of around 17-20 and are looking to expand it to 25, we would like to move into mythic when we have the consitent numbers. We aren't hardcore, but we are a 2 night a week guild looking to progress from heroic to mythic raiding. We are looking for dps who can consitently make raid nights, know what it means to be guild focused and be a team player. We use discord and it is an expectation that players are prepared and ontime for raids, with all consumables, having researched the fights prior. We currently have more melee than ranged and would prefer ranged, but are still accepting melee. At this time we have 4-5 healers and 3-4 tanks (counting players with viable offspecs) and so aren't actively recruiting them, however healers or tanks that have a solid dps offspec are encouranged to apply (It never hurts to have a back up). To apply feel free to talk to me in game my bnet is ubre#6236Übre2 Jan 25
Jan 25 Looking for guild Hey guys i am looking for a guild for my level 100 Blood ElF paladin that i am leveling to 110.i am looking for a friendly guild that has active guild chat I am on Dath'Remar add my btag if you have one that is recruiting-Clanash#1801Clanash0 Jan 25
Jan 24 No reset? Ugh, no reset upon the server restart?Shadowyz0 Jan 24