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Nov 28, 2015 LF CM Group - Weekend Looking for a CM group to complete all dungeons with. Aus weekend times preferred. PST in game or reply, thanks!Mhurmur0 Nov 28, 2015
Nov 27, 2015 [Rant]Anyone else sick of cesspool guilds? Ever since my old guild fell apart, I've been looking for another guild to join to do some raiding, but whenever I look at the recruitment forum it's pretty much all cesspool guilds or guilds looking for mythic level raiders. I'm in no way close to a mythic raider (plus I don't have the ilvl) so I don't bother applying for them. So I'm left with cesspool guilds with 900+ members that rarely talk to each other. I would start my own guild but have no idea how to run one or if I can even find people to join it. What am I supposed to do?Asämi4 Nov 27, 2015
Nov 26, 2015 Where is everyone?!! has everyone gone Horde in the Oceanic servers or something??Vallas3 Nov 26, 2015
Nov 25, 2015 looking for highmaul raids for legendary ring im looking for a guild / raid group to do highmaul weekly for my legendary ring quest and also because I missed all the prior raid content. im in a guild at the moment but they all just came back to wow and apparently wont be raid ready for another week....or maybe never even lol also keen to do weekly citadel raidsDefader1 Nov 25, 2015
Nov 24, 2015 Are warrior Tanks! Broken? For as long as I can remember the warrior tank has been the best class! Now it seems that we can't hold agro worth a sh*t and all it takes is one attack from anyone else in the party and I spend half the fight running around trying to gather them up again. What do you think peoples? any hints or tips? or do you believe like me that Blizzard has done something to the agro generation of warrior tanks and we are simply Broken Cheers SensoSensô4 Nov 24, 2015
Nov 24, 2015 DH Playthrough - Legion Alpha (Vid) Hey everyone, I was lucky enough to get an invite to Legion Alpha, thought I'd share my gameplay with those of you missing out. Check out the link below :) https://youtu.be/SketV9EidP4Amayzed0 Nov 24, 2015
Nov 22, 2015 Most active Horde server So I'm looking to start playing Horde. Where to? Which oceanic server has the most active/friendly Horde population?Noctanimas6 Nov 22, 2015
Nov 21, 2015 [A] CM gold price check So with the advent of gnome hunters the time has come to consider a viable replacement for that god-awful artefact BM is getting. One such replacement is the gaudy and bizarre CM weapon (plus possible Xmog changes makes having cm gear available a good idea) To that end I'm looking for a group capable of Carrying me to a full gold set. I'm not looking to earn this under my own power I don't want to pull my weight I want to run in, get killed and afk until the next one Naturally I'll be doing this on my hunter, and while I'm willing to faction change, or server hop to make this happen please keep in mind the possible delay in wow token sales as I don't believe they can be traded. I can be reached at Spiral#1414Morrin0 Nov 21, 2015
Nov 20, 2015 Patch lag?! Is immense.Thunderfall0 Nov 20, 2015
Nov 20, 2015 Patch lag?! Is immense. Thunderfall0 Nov 20, 2015
Nov 20, 2015 Salvage yard plans missing Hey guys/gals. Anyone know where to buy salvage yard plans 1? I did the quest but cant seem to find where to get them. If its from kimzee pinchwhisle i have her as a follower now and all she wants to do is patrol please send halpKîttykat2 Nov 20, 2015
Nov 20, 2015 anyone else been getting stupid lag over the last couple of weeks?Shivins1 Nov 20, 2015
Nov 18, 2015 WTS Gloomshroud Selling Gloomshroud on Frostmourne server, rare as f**k BiS twink armor. For any die hard twink fans, this is the chest for you. Cheers.Coldeth0 Nov 18, 2015
Nov 17, 2015 About the Downtime... Thank you for having it tolerable for Aussies for once. Everyone always complains when the downtime screws us over, so I figured I'll at least thank you for this time, since it's a lot more tolerable for us this time.Wolveine1 Nov 17, 2015
Nov 17, 2015 bliz has failed with gear Is reforging needed It was asked at blizcon if reforging would come back. the answer was quickly given [NO] I can't see any other way of fixing the stat problem. im having a problem with the fact a legendary ring that take's a long time to finish and is held as a trophy to most and it does not maximize your character SAY WHAAAT..in fact gearing with the right stats is a frustrating endeavor. Best in slot is a dream.Im hoping someone's pride does not get in the way of this being put back in the game. It would fix so much. on top of I truly enjoyed playing around with my stats. Lets not even talk about a 100.000 gold mount I purchased just for reforging.Mojozen0 Nov 17, 2015
Nov 17, 2015 WTS Frostmourne Replica Sword Old nerd calling it a day and moving on from all things Warcraft. I'm wanting to part with my beloved, the original Frostmourne replica sword. Original from Epicweapons.com and can no longer be obtained from that source and are limited in numbers around the world. Only a limited number of them were ever produced and each one has it's own unique chip in built with a serial number. Same sword as this dude was once giving away, see below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrCFJNkBgNE http://i.imgur.com/A76wq0E.jpg Weighs like 9kg from memory and is almost 4 foot long and looks absolutely badass hanging on the wall. It's still in the original cardboard box and the sword it's self is immaculate almost never used its spent most of it's life in the cardboard box I never got around to actually displaying it due to never being home and working interstate a lot. I'm now living back in Melbourne but would be happy to mail/post interstate for a serious buyer. I have a few weeks left on my subscription but for any interested buyer I can exchange details for you to contact me directly. If you are a collector this is as good as it gets. It's a one of a kind collectors item. Anyone who may be interested just respond in thread and I'll organize a time to chat. CheersZugthug20 Nov 17, 2015
Nov 14, 2015 My new PvP Video. Enjoy!! Hope you guys enjoy! More action, fun and commentary. Have fun! https://youtu.be/zSo2tzHoyLIRougaroux1 Nov 14, 2015
Nov 13, 2015 Timber mill not working Upon building timber mill I had no quest to do & cannot harvest wood or place orders. When attempting to harvest I get message I need a timber mill.Shambills2 Nov 13, 2015
Nov 12, 2015 Failing at DPS as assassination rogue. HELP!! Hey guys, i have looked all over the net to try and improve my DPS. I have tried macros different rotations even tried other specs to compare. I watch other rogues and they double my DPS. Either i really suck which could be possible and no doubt some people will say it. Or i missing something in my rotations or got something wrong. I have gone to the icy veins rotations link and tried it to no avail. at the moment my rotation is open with mutilate. get 4-5 CP Rupture. Build up 9-10 CP (with anticipation). Use Vendetta and shadow reflection. I will usually get 3 envenoms in there while the reflection is watching. then keep Rupture up and envenom with 5 cp. my DPS sits on around 30k average. I see Other rogues with similar gear and spec doing double that. If you can help i would appreciate it. If not thanks for reading this far.Bouncingdan1 Nov 12, 2015
Nov 11, 2015 NA Ping on Oceanic Servers I was just wondering if any NA players play on the oceanic servers, and what your ping/ms is? I live in NA but am often on during oceanic prime time so if the lag isn't too bad I was thinking I might try an oceanic server. Thanks!Korillo4 Nov 11, 2015
Nov 11, 2015 Saurfang or Khaz'Goroth Hi guys. I just returned to WoW after a long hiatus (Cata). I last played and raided in Khaz'Goroth and back then the server seems semi-dead especially horde side. Some of my friend have moved to Saurfang although they are not very conscious of population etc atm. Because of realm system I can stay in Khaz and still group up with them so I can choose to stay khaz if there is a decent population of horde in khaz still for me to join a fun and friendly horde guild. If not I'll risk it and make a new character in Saurfang hoping there is a lot of fun and friendly horde guild there :) Thanks for any input guys will really appreciate it because I want to slowly play and update myself for the coming legion xpac next year if it turns out ok to buy :)Ziegfried0 Nov 11, 2015
Nov 10, 2015 Maybe Moving To An Oceanic Realm In 2016 Posted in guild recruitment, came here for more exposure. Well the time is nearing where I may have to change my raiding schedule and say good bye to my American guild and raid team. This move will likely happen February and I will be bringing my Paladin to an Oceanic realm so I can continue raiding. Currently just do Normal raids, its a very laid back casual guild and we only raid for fun but I am willing and prepared to step up my game into Heroics if needed. So can any one offer any suggestions as to which PVE server I should move to? I get that people raid and have active guilds on Frostmourne and such but I have done my time on a PvP server and have no interest in going back. I raid Alliance as well but if I absolutely had to I would take the plunge and go dark side.Bullbag6 Nov 10, 2015
Nov 10, 2015 Curse Voice problems. So when I got home from work today I started having trouble connecting to curse voice servers. I closed curse and when i reopened it, it told me ESET security was stopping it from running. ESET has long since been activated on my computer so I just removed it entirely. I tried loading up curse again but this time it failed the Internet Connection attempt. I reinstalled Curse voice, but again it failed to connect to the internet. My computer was left on all day from the last time I used curse so I can't think of anything that has changed. Has any got any ideas?Desdemoaner0 Nov 10, 2015
Nov 10, 2015 Kebab Meetup in Sydney Who is keen?Stozza0 Nov 10, 2015
Nov 8, 2015 Thank you for Blizzcon heya Blizzard, I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing weekend. My housemate and I shared a virtual ticket and we watch the whole weekend from our lounge room. It was amazing to watch all the eSports championships live as well as get super excited for all the Legion hype and all the panels that delved into the development of all the games was awesome too!! We loved every part!! Thank you so much!!Krusk0 Nov 8, 2015
Nov 7, 2015 FOR AZEROTH Hark the words of the High king. FOR AZEROTH!!!Zawolko0 Nov 7, 2015
Nov 7, 2015 'Lostralia' [Noun]: a country that constantly loses to new zealandLygo6 Nov 7, 2015
Nov 7, 2015 Misplaced Artifcats Help Required - Nagrand Greetings WOW Community, First time post so I will try and be brief and apologise for the noobness.. I have a WOD treasure chests add-on that gives me their location and out of the whole of Draenor, I have one (1) yes one (1) treasure to find and it's called misplaced artifacts. I have searched Google, Wowhead and just about anything else I can think of but I am unable to find or get a location as to where this is. Does anyone know where this is actually or is it part of a quest chain or something else that needs to be done for it to show up?. Any help would be appreciated as this is the last thing out of all of Draenor that I need to fond. Cheers, Plugmeister (Saurfang)Plugmeister0 Nov 7, 2015
Nov 7, 2015 The number of alliance... Is too DAMM high! (on frostmourne) LF a team of 4/9 to roll 5 man and 10 man contents in legion. Not looking for a large guild because there is no community there. I'm rolling over from thaurissan and starting fresh on frostmourne. PST if interested! Thank you!Gladtidings1 Nov 7, 2015
Nov 5, 2015 Australia BG server What has happened to the Australian bg servers can't seam to get on them at all anymore There is a difference between 280 ping and 39. getting lag killed a lot is not funRathbain17 Nov 5, 2015
Nov 5, 2015 A little something i made :) Thought i might share it to see what you guys might think :) http://imgur.com/o52QdZc Done in photoshop :)Gforce0 Nov 5, 2015
Nov 4, 2015 Lag after the recent restart Anybody felt it in instanced pvp? Arena is unplayable at this point..Swaglordmlg2 Nov 4, 2015
Nov 4, 2015 Wrong realm queue... So I go to log in and it's placed me in a queue for Nagrand. I have never had a character on Nagrand, all my toons are on Saurfang. Looking at a 4k queue for a server Im not even on? And yes I've tried realm change and it's blank.Chromgar6 Nov 4, 2015
Nov 3, 2015 Blizzcon What time day etc does this crap start?Nbksham2 Nov 3, 2015
Nov 3, 2015 Does anyone actually enjoy the talent system? Hello everyone, I'm going to have a bit of a rant and I'm sure I will be trolled but for those that can take a discussion seriously, please post your thoughts. So ever since Blizzard made talent trees "simple" and streamlined. I'm not sure if it was Cata or MoP where they introduced the dumbo tiered- talent system that gives you a choice of a talent out of 3 every 15 or so levels. I think this has killed the game. The old WoTLK talent system made everybody an INDIVIDUAL, you could spend your "talent points" how YOU wanted. Sure there was a lot of morrons in the wrong talents but it made the game more fun. you had a CHOICE on your play style, how you wanted to play, whether it'd be pvp or pve. Nowadays every class and spec depending on whether they're pvping or pveing dictates what talents you should get. What I'm trying to say is that most PVPers or PVEers of a specific class and spec will have the exact same talents. Yes there may be the special one out there that has one talent different from the rest of the community but its so generic. It's almost as if Blizzard said "nah lets make them all sheep, everybody will be the same" and that's what I've found it boils down to. I'm currently leveling my 10th toon or something and HAVING to do the garrison quest chains is just a waste of time. You kind of can't really get around it. What the hell is the garrison good for now anyway? Sure at the beginning of the xpac it was great, but I don't really see benefits from it now unless you spend hours and days on followers and missions and by that time Legion will be out. Makes me wish Blizzard had lvl 70 wotlk capped servers.Shaydi8 Nov 3, 2015
Nov 3, 2015 Gnome Priest Seeks RL Friend for Blizzcon At the risk of sounding like a skeezy craigslist add... OK, Here it goes, this isn't a joke. Perhaps I'm just a random person who enjoys life, including all the random events that happen. Like now, my guild mate recently gifted me one Blizzcon ticket! Only one ticket though, this means going to the event alone. That's cool right? I'll do that. BUT wouldn't it be more fun to meet a friend Netflix and chill? JK JK But really, lets smoke out go to blizzcon walk around talk !@#$ and gag over everything blizzcon. Is anyone in a similar situation? The following is to let you know I am not a creep: I'm male, I'm %^-*!@#$%^, I smoke pot, college educated, dog lover. "I'll trade you a grilled cheese for my t-shirt!" -Stewie 30 years of age. Questions? Just ask... hey! no funny business! just LF a friend to hang with at blizzcon.Adro0 Nov 3, 2015
Nov 1, 2015 Pax Aus where's Blizzard? ;Look at this ... Bethesda will be launching Fallout 4 and making their name heard at Pax Aus. They are branching out and starting to get their foot into the Oceanic market. Bethesda has already stated that they are keen to increase their presence on this region. Wheres Blizzard? Aust alone has a 2 BILLION dollar games market, and all their games are sold here...so where's their staff? Wheres their Overwatch launch booth? Why isnt Blizzard there as well?Aehl8 Nov 1, 2015
Nov 1, 2015 Weekly HFC run (Japan/Korea based players?) Hi all, For the last few weeks I have been running a fun HFC run on Thursday evenings from 10pm server (8pm JP/Korea time). We have a core group of 9-10 players and we have gone to 12/13. We are looking for a couple more players to join us. Would love to get a mage and a shadow/disc priest, or an Elemental/Restro shaman. If you are new to raiding that is fine as long as you are willing to learn and put the effort into continued improvement. If you are keen and want to learn more please feel free to contact me in game on this toon or Milkyplague on Saurfang or you can add me on Bnet. Meadowfresh#1794 Cheers.Milkyshield0 Nov 1, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Night Elf Male model fix Hello Blizzard Developers and WoW Community. I've been very pleased with the updated player models since the launch of WoD. I notice during the press conference on the Expansion revealed about the Demon Hunter class and the races for that class, there were new facial hair options being added to Night elf males. One of the features I saw, if you refer to link at the bottom, was that on the night elf with the gray hair is clean shaven but he has his eyebrows attached to his face with no problem. I mentioned in earlier post that we as players were promised by developers that the issue of night elf males losing their eyebrows if their given clean shaven faces would be fixed where night elf males will keep eyebrows if they're given clean shaven looks. Will this issue be finally addressed and fixed during WoD? or would we have to wait when Legion launches sometime next year? Please give feedback and respond. http://wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screenshots/normal/477761.jpg --LionstrikeLionstrike0 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 30, 2015 Poundfist camping groups? Just as the title says, are there any Poundfist camp groups camping for him?Travkin1 Oct 30, 2015
Oct 30, 2015 BG LATENCYS this really needs to be addressed i spent the last 3 days doing bgs and every single one of them were at american latency 240-250+ its quite obvious that we do not get put into ocianic games first then when there's none we get pooled into the american latency games its just straight into the american games either make us a independent battlegroup or jsut get rid of the servers in Australia and revert things back to how they were in mist of pandaria i would rather a constant 170-180 latency then a unplayable 250+ latency this is bull!@#$ a lot of the american players are like this lag thoe and there only at what 80ms you kidding me if they are crying about that imagine what its like playing at 250 its time for a change to happen which wont course the ocianic player base doesn't matterMeanmaorii1 Oct 30, 2015
Oct 30, 2015 @Deathlist-frostmourne :)<3 Lol i'm casually playing with my 2300 exp monk mate his very undergeared, come up againts this fire mage/ feral lol that says im botting and then spits on me, i dont care about emoting. But if you are going to call me a cheater atleast have some proof dude. It's sad.... the 1550's :( Here's some SS's from deathlist saying "I'm not but rekt and raging" :) http://imgur.com/a/RpBZK Love you babe <3Starship2 Oct 30, 2015
Oct 29, 2015 Furah's reaction to Wizards beating Clash Furah's reaction to Wizards beating Clash to realm first Just for laughs, enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IaeA0pGXPUTroxfu0 Oct 29, 2015
Oct 28, 2015 Arena realms.... So this season has been terrible for me as there is not enough oceanic players so that our arena realm matches are hosted on the oceanic servers. I am then forced to vs people on the American servers with 150ms or so playing a melee class it makes it quite hard to keep on a target like this. This is most likely going to lead to me stopping to play the game as it's no fun to lag in pvp. How many other people find it frustrating that we can't compete at any high level pvp just based on our real life location?Crepuscule1 Oct 28, 2015
Oct 27, 2015 Is it me or has OCE servers been lagging I recently made a caster alt and I didn't really notice it till now, but my cast bars are showing at least 250+ MS whenever I'm casting and it fluctuates a lot. I also notice huge delays in the world for eg. when accepting a quest or taking on a quest as well so it's definitely lag. My internet is fine though, in raids everything is fine but in the world it feels like !@#$. I'm playing on Khaz'goroth as well, so it is an OCE server. Anyone else been lagging recently?Elskriim2 Oct 27, 2015
Oct 27, 2015 My YouTube Channel. PvP Vids. I started a channel with videos by an average player for average players. I show both wins and losses and uncut matches so you get to see what I think most people experience in Warcraft gameplay. Fun commentary and HD resolution If you have time I would like you guys to check out my vids (4 right now) and tell me what you think. I am constantly trying to improve the layout and presentation. The last video I think is edited just right to keep the action going. But I would like your opinions. If you enjoy them, please give me a like. I will be publishing more each week to include Battlefront 3 when its out. Thank you. My Channel: www.tinyurl.com/darougarouxchannelRougaroux0 Oct 27, 2015
Oct 27, 2015 Skinning Relatively new to this game so want to level my professions quick, anyone know of any good spots to farm the Skinning skill?Kistara5 Oct 27, 2015
Oct 27, 2015 battlenet chat down also? Hey guys is battle.net chat down also? When is this coming back up?Grimrippaa0 Oct 27, 2015
Oct 27, 2015 Server's down already? Are the servers down already?Brarlo1 Oct 27, 2015
Oct 27, 2015 The ship/zeplin harpoon Can we please have an item in game that hooks us up to the zeplin/boats we're about to miss? I dunno.. have it tow us quickly up to vehicle like the harpoon in the tanaan opening quests It's heart breaking having fly after them like children running after their parents sedan not realizing we're left behind on purpose...Chaosfalls0 Oct 27, 2015